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Is it weird we have a bit of a fetish for pretty paper and cool lettering? We might
have thought so pre-Pinterest, but now we know the love is real. Here are some
of Perth’s best options to get your fix.


Whoddathunk so much prettiness could come from the humble sheet of paper? Annie P. Paperie’s founder, Bob Poolman, sure did, making his Claremont shop the go-to paper stop for Perthies for decades. We’re especially fond of the bird-shaped paper garlands and the wrapping paper that’s so beautiful it could be hung on the wall.
243 Stirling Highway (corner of Reserve Street), Claremont.


Leanne Aitken, the self-proclaimed gypsy behind this nomadic business, has the free spirit and sense of adventure to make her works truly special. We’re stoked the Sydney native has now based her custom business in Perth, so it’s easy to get things made up – like little passport invitations for destination weddings.


Annie P. Paperie.



Parisian-born, Fremantle-based Magali Dincher makes the sweetest notepads, party invitations and cards, decorated in her cute, childlike illustrations. J’adore.
458 William Street, Northbridge.


It’s chock-full of wedding stationery and vintage-inspired birthday cards, but we come here for the party props, like colourful lolly bags and straws, paper lanterns, and rustic-looking bamboo bowls and cutlery (much more eco-friendly than plastic!).
176 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn.


Best-known for wedding stationery, there’s more to this pink candy-striped shop than meets the eye. We love how it fully supports DIY efforts, offering free templates and helpful suggestions for people who want to flex their creative muscles.

225 Oxford Street, Leederville.


It’s not the paper itself but the added extras that get our hearts aflutter at Studio Bomba. Little ink pots, heart-shaped hole punchers, and special stickers will take your stationery to the next level.
324 Oxford Street, Leederville.

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Peterkin began in May 1996 with the idea to be a one stop wholesale merchant of gorgeous papers, card stock and embellishments to Paper Stores and Resellers, Wedding Professionals, Commercial Printers, Graphic Designers and Corporate Businesses.

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“I thought it was about time I wrote you a little note that you can use as a testimonial. Scrappindipity have been customers of Peterkin for 6 years now and I’ve now lost count of the times you guys have come through for us.From express orders to get me out of a jam when I’ve forgotten to add something essential for a customer job, to knowing that if I need to chase up the availability of a product, the person on the other end of the phone will know what’s going on. Peterkin is one of the few companies I know I can rely on to get what I need when I need it. The templates and info provided online for customers are a fantastic resource and it’s great to know I can confidently send them there without giving away ‘insider’ wholesale info. The new product releases are gorgeous, I want Christmas to hurry up and be over so that I can grab a minute to do something with them! A big thank you to all of you (particularly Alex, who we speak to the most), have a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing break. Looking forward to another year of happy customers” Bec – Scrappindipity, WA

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What Is Corrugated Fibreboard?

One of the most common types of cardboard you can encounter is so-called corrugated fibreboard. This type of cardboard is often used to ship packages around the world, but it also has numerous applications for crafting.

Corrugated fibreboard consists of three layers. The two outer layers of the material are smooth, while the layer in the middle is wavier, giving the cardboard its unique structure when it is cut.

There are various benefits to choose corrugated fibreboard in crafting. The material cuts easily and can be bend if required, so you can use this cardboard for construction-related projects.

When you use corrugated fibreboard, keep in mind that this cardboard can come in a thicker version as well. This is often referred to as five-ply corrugated cardboard. The latter is a little bit more difficult to cut and to bend, so if you are looking for the sturdier option, this will be the recommended cardboard for you.

What Is Paperboard?

If you want the easiest type of cardboard to cut, it is time to look at paperboard. As the name already suggests, paperboard is one of the thinnest types of cardboard out there. This also means it is incredibly easy to cut and to bend.

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90,000 Perth is the capital of the Australian territory. Perth city, Australia (Perth). Cathedral of St. Mary

The city of Perth arose on the Swan River (the aborigines call it Derbary-Yerrigan), which dries up in the summer and autumn months, 20 km from its confluence with the Indian Ocean. Gradually, the city grew on the Swan coastal plain stretched in the meridional direction, in the west Perth reaches the ocean coast, in the east it rests on the Darling Ridge.

In the center of this sandy and flat plain, which stretches along the ocean for hundreds of kilometers, is the city center and almost all the suburbs.
Most of the city grew up on drained lakes and marshes that were once even called the Great Lakes of Perth. This chain of natural freshwater bodies of water, marshes and flooded wastelands occupied a significant area of ​​the Swan Coastal Plain. When the settlement on the site of present-day Perth was first founded, the waterways were located to the north of it. Beginning in 1832, most of them were drained, and in their place were houses, parks and gardens.
Before the Europeans appeared in these places, the aborigines lived here for 40 thousand.years. The lakes were a source of food for them: they were rich in fish, waterfowl, crayfish and turtles. For the aborigines of the Nungar tribe, the shores of the lakes were also a place for corrobori – ritual male dances that played an important role in the culture of the people. It is clear that during the development of the territory, no one was interested in the opinion of the indigenous Australians.

Almost all lakes have disappeared, only a few survived – those that cannot be drained due to their location, size or depth. The largest is Lake Herdsman (Shepherd’s).
The history of the development of this section of Western Australia began in 1696, when three ships under the command of the Dutch navigator Willem de Vlaminck anchored off these shores. The natives greeted the newcomers extremely hostile, which Vlaminck noted in his diary.
Based on de Vlaminck’s experience, the British, colonizing this area of ​​Australia, acted in stages. First, in May 1829, Captain Charles Fremantle officially declared the western part of Australia a British colony and founded a coastal village, which he gave his own name without embarrassment.The village (later – the port) of Fremantle became a springboard for penetration into the interior of the territory.
In June of the same year, the British captain and colonial administrator, Scotsman James Stirling, disembarked from the ship Parmelia in the area of ​​the coastal cliff Darling, went east, crossed the Swan coastal plain and reached the Great Lakes.
He liked these places so much – picturesque, teeming with water, plants and animals, that he immediately founded Perth, which became the first village of the Swan River colony.The British colonial administration agreed with Stirling’s proposal to establish a colony, and Stirling himself was appointed governor.
Settlers from Great Britain poured here, the village grew rapidly, and in 1856 it received the status of a city by the decree of Queen Victoria. Relations with the aborigines were not easy, but there have been no significant clashes with them in the entire history of Perth.
The city was destined to be a convict prison (1850-1868) and survive the “gold rush” (1885-1895), which allowed the construction of the port of Fremantle, electricity and tramways.
In the XX century. An additional impetus to the development of the city was given by the discovery of deposits of diamonds, iron and natural gas, and now the pace of development of Perth is higher than that of other cities in Australia.
The future has shown that Captain Stirling has chosen an unusually successful place to lay the foundation for the city. Perth did not become a port, but it takes full advantage of its Fremantle outport. And from the east, roads from rich mineral deposits stretch to it.

Capital of Western Australia

For Australians, whose country is relatively young, Perth is an old city, if not quite ancient.Therefore, the attitude to it on the continent is careful, as to a national treasure.
Perth is a large city, the third most populous in Australia after Sydney and Melbourne. And Perth is home to two-thirds of the state’s population. At the same time, Perth remains one of the most isolated in the world: the nearest city with a population of over 100 thousand people. – Australian Adelaide, at a distance of more than 2 thousand km.
Perhaps that is why even the Australians themselves do not know everything exactly how to name the inhabitants of the city of Perth.Hence such a variety of options: Pertians, Perthits, Perthlings and Pertonians. The townspeople themselves seem to agree with everyone.
There are many descendants of convicts sent here from Great Britain in the middle of the 19th century among the inhabitants of the city. By the hands of convicts, they built except roads; also bridges and houses in Perth – mostly in the Gothic style, which then returned to fashion in England, many of them have survived to this day.
In the middle of the XX century. the population and its ethnic diversity have increased due to the large number of immigrants from Europe.This was explained by the fact that Fremantle was the first Australian city on the way of ships from Europe, and the immigrants were eager to set foot on solid ground and feel like Australians. There are especially many Italians, Greeks, Dutch, Germans, Croats, Bosnians, Serbs, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians, Ukrainians, Macedonians, Turks in the city. Until this century and a half, the city remained almost entirely Anglo-Celtic in terms of the ethnic composition of the townspeople.

In the 1980s-1990s. many Afrikaners and Anglo-Africans from South Africa moved to the city, dissatisfied with the authorities’ policy towards the white minority.At the same time, the phrase “to go to Perth” meant for these people an escape from South Africa to any country, not necessarily to this particular city.
Most of the immigrants became workers in numerous enterprises of the city: a petrochemical plant, in shipbuilding workshops, in factories where agricultural products (mainly cattle) are processed.
Perth is located away from the Indian Ocean, and its outer port is the city of Fremantle, through which agricultural and mining products are exported from Perth and its environs.Therefore, land-based Perth is considered a major port on the west coast of Australia.
The city has preserved many historical buildings built in the middle of the 19th century. The buildings are protected, restored, they are awarded the status of a national treasure of Australia. Some are still used today for their intended purpose: for example, the oldest operating mint in Australia on Hay Street, where gold, silver and platinum coins are still minted.
Several city parks, set up on the site of drained lakes, are striking in their size, especially King’s Park with an area of ​​4 km 2.
Perth is known in Australia and around the world for hosting several major festivals. The Perth International Arts Festival has been held since 1953, and there is also the Winter Arts Festival, the Music of the Future and Stereosonic music festivals, the International Comedy Festival, and the Sculptures by the Sea sand sculpture festival.
Australians love Perth, located on the opposite west coast of the mainland from Sydney. In Sydney, the sun rises from the sea, and in Perth, it plunges into the sea, and Australians come here specifically to admire the sea sunsets.

General information

Location : Southwest Australia
Administrative status : capital of the state of Western Australia.
Founded : 1829
Status of the city : since 1856
Language : English.
Ethnic composition : British 28. 6%, Australians 25.6%, Irish 6.2%, Scots 6.1%, Italians 4.5%, Chinese 2.9%, Aboriginal 0.2%, other – 25.9% (2006).
Religions : Christianity (Protestants – 28%, Catholics – 23%, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Personal Ordinariate of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Southern Cross), Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism.
Monetary unit : Australian dollar.
River : Swan.
Lakes : Herdsman, Monger, Brook, Smith, Hyde Park.
International Airport : Perth.


Area (with suburbs) : 6417.9 km 2.
Length (with suburbs) : from north to south – 125 km.
Population : 2,021,200 people (2014).
Population density : 315 people / km 2.
Distance : 3288 km west of Sydney.

Climate and Weather

Summers are hot and dry, winters are wet and cool.
Average January temperature : + 24 ° C.
Average temperature in July : + 13 ° C.
Average annual rainfall : 750 mm.
Relative humidity : 65-70%.


Industry : machine building (shipbuilding, car assembly, lifting and transport equipment), oil refining, cement, chemical, light (textile), woodworking, pulp and paper, food (meat canning).
Service industry : tourist, transport, trade, financial, telecommunication.



Swan River Valley, Kounu Koala Park Conservation Area, John Forrest (1957), Yanchep (1957) and Avon Valley (1970) National Parks, Sunset Coast.


Round House (Fremantle, 1830), Old Windmill (1835), Courthouse (1836), Train Station (1881), St. George’s Cathedral (1888), Mint ( 1899), Piccadilly Arcade (1938).


Main Street St. George Terrace, Hay and Murray Streets, Central Park High Rises (1992 – present)) and Brookfield Place (2012), the Perth Arena indoor sports complex (2012).


Kings Park (Botanical Gardens, War Memorial, Clock Tower, 1895), Hyde Park (1897-1899), Perth Zoo (1897), Firefighting History Museum (old fire station, 1900) ), Perth Cultural Center (Art Gallery of Western Australia, Museum of Western Australia, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art), Western Australia Theater Center, His Majesty’s Theater (1904)), West Australian Aquarium (1988).

Interesting facts

■ The fact that the aborigines lived in the area of ​​present-day Perth 40 thousand years ago is confirmed by the find of artifacts on the banks of the Swan River. Radiocarbon analysis of stone tools has established their age at 38 thousand years.
■ The Dutch explorer Willem de Vlaminck was the first European to explore the lower reaches of the Swan River at the point where it flows into the Indian Ocean and where the city of Perth stands. De Vlaminck gave her the name Swan, which means “Swan” in English.Indeed, de Vlaminck was amazed to see many black swans on the river, the existence of which the Europeans had never known before.
■ Captain Stirling initially wanted to name the main city after the Secretary of War and Colonial Affairs, George Murray, his fellow Scotsman. However, the Murray River has already been named after him. Not wanting to deviate from his plans, Stirling gave the new city the name Perth – in honor of the birthplace of the same Minister Murray – the Scottish city of Perth.
■ Fremantle Doctor (aka Freo-Doctor, or simply Doctor) – midday southwestern sea breeze that noticeably affects the weather in Perth.It manifests itself in the summer months. On such days, temperatures drop below 30 “C a few hours after the wind change. Named because, while in Perth, it seems that the wind that brought welcome relief from high summer temperatures came from the nearby city of Fremantle.
■ Great Lakes of Perth received a similar name with the Great Lakes of North America because they also represent serpentine – lakes connected by channels
■ Through the Corrobori dance, Australian aborigines communicate with the Time of Dreams – the era when everything that exists was created and which, in the minds of the aborigines, continues to be in the otherworldly reality …In European culture, this concept appeared thousands of years later and was called parallel reality. Corrobori is accompanied by individual and choral singing to the accompaniment of a drum, gong, bamboo trumpet or sea shell.
■ The letters of the governors of Perth, sent to London in the 19th century, contain requests to send to the city, in need of working hands, “not frail embezzlers and cheats, but strong robbers and burglars.” The governors also urged the sending of female convicts “of childbearing age” to Perth to create families with convicts.Thus, the colonial administration of Perth sought to avoid conflicts over ladies between convicts and settlers. For all the time, about 10 thousand convicts were exiled to Perth.

What do we know about Australia and its cities? Probably not very much. Indeed, due to the fact that this continent is very far from Russia, it is not one of the most popular places for recreation and travel among our compatriots. We are more accustomed to Europe, Thailand, the countries of North Africa.

However, in this country there are many interesting places that you should definitely know about and, perhaps, someday still visit them.One of these places is the city of Perth (Australia), founded back in 1829.

Capital of Western Australia

This wonderful city is known for the sun shining longer here than in any other settlement in the world. It is located near the coast of the Indian Ocean, in the western part of the continent, and is nothing more than the capital of a whole state called Western Australia. Perth is a fairly large city: after such well-known Australian settlements as Sydney and Melbourne, it is the third most populous.At the same time, it is also known as the most isolated city on the continent, because the nearest subject, in which more than 100 thousand people live, is more than 2 thousand kilometers away from Perth!

Due to this location (practically “on the outskirts” of the continent called Australia), Perth has the fame of a magnificent mysterious pearl, which not even everyone knows about. But all those who have an idea of ​​this place and find it, find real treasures in the form of stunning beaches, numerous parks and very beautiful nature, which you can enjoy endlessly.

Of course, as in any developed city, there are a large number of shops and restaurants, so guests will have something to do without sightseeing if they choose a country like Australia for their trip.

Perth and its catering establishments offer guests primarily Australian cuisine, but dishes from other countries can also be easily sampled here. You should definitely try local wines, because the surroundings of the Swan River, which flows in these parts, are one of the oldest regions of the continent where noble drinks are produced.

In local shops and malls, it is easy to find clothes and accessories not only from Australian designers, but also from world famous brands. For local vegetables, fruits and other edible goods, it is better to go to the city’s markets. You can also find homemade souvenirs on them.

How to get to Perth

It will be rather difficult for a traveler from Russia to get to such a distant continent as Australia. Perth and the rest of the cities located here, of course, are ready to receive tourists from various countries of our planet, but not all airlines fly here. And the duration of the flight itself will be more than 20 hours.

And this is without taking into account all kinds of connections and transfers, because there are no direct flights Moscow – Perth (Australia) today. You can fly here by Thai Airways with a change in Bangkok, by Emirates with a change in Dubai or by Singapore Airlines with a change in Singapore. Also, anyone can fly to this city using the services of Sydney’s domestic airlines.

The very same airport of Perth is located only 15 kilometers from the city limits and, according to tourists, it is arranged very thoughtfully.It has a terminal for international flights, two terminals for domestic flights and excellent transport links allowing you to easily get into the city itself.

Perth Attractions

Never miss your chance if you suddenly have an opportunity to visit such a distant city as Perth (Australia). The sights located here will delight absolutely any tourist.

Architecture lovers should definitely see the Swan Bal tower, which was erected in 2000. It is the tallest bell tower in the world made of glass. It has as many as 18 bells, some of which are a gift from one of the English churches. There is also an exposition in the tower that tells about the history of all the bells. And through a special glass floor on the second level, you can watch the bell ringers work.

Coin-addicted travelers will be delighted to visit the world’s oldest mint, which is still in operation.Platinum, silver and gold coins have been minted here since 1899, when it was just built. During the tour, visitors can see with their own eyes and even hold in their hands an ingot made of pure gold, the cost of which reaches 200 thousand dollars. Many tourists remember this building for a long time, because it is very different from other buildings of a similar purpose.

The city of Perth (Australia) also invites its guests to see many interesting architectural monuments that are located in the center.These include the City Hall, the Governor’s House, which is surrounded by beautiful gardens, the Parliament building and the Cathedral of St. George.

Enjoy parks and animals

Australia, Perth is a place where the most beautiful natural attractions are concentrated. There are four parks within the city: Kings Park, Allen Green Conservatory, Botanical Gardens and Burswood Park. Each of them captivates tourists with the freshest air and unique plants.In them you can have a picnic, just take a walk or sit comfortably right on the flat green lawns.

Tourists also admire the local zoo, where you can personally see more than 2 thousand animals belonging to 280 species. Moreover, most of them are representatives of the fauna of the Australian continent. You can watch wonderful wombats and mischievous kangaroos at Caversham Wildlife Park, while cute koalas can be found at a local park called Cohunu Wildlife.

Popular museums in Perth

Travelers interested in historical facts and all kinds of art will find places in Perth that they will definitely like. The Museum of Western Australia will tell about the impressive nature of this state, the history of its origin, about the Aboriginal people and even about a huge meteorite crater, which is located in the northern part of the state.

The Fine Arts Gallery of Western Australia is sure to appeal to anyone interested in all sorts of art.Here you can see the works of not only world famous masters and Australian figures, but also the masterpieces of the aborigines, which, although they look rather primitive, are interesting in their own way.

Wonderful beach holiday

Tourists are also delighted with the beaches that the city of Perth (Australia) pleases with. The photos of these places are literally mesmerizing at first sight. And if you take into account the fact that you can sunbathe and swim on them for most of the year, then they generally become one of the most attractive beaches in the world.

Attractions in the vicinity of Perth

No traveler visiting Western Australia ignores the town of Fremantle, which is part of Perth itself. Here everything seemed to have frozen in the already distant 19th century: there are no skyscrapers, only perfectly preserved buildings of those times.

Tourists have a special love for the island of Rottnest, which is located just 20 kilometers from Perth. It is very small, and only about 300 people inhabit it, but travelers increase this number many times over.After all, local snow-white beaches and the purest turquoise water cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Perth is a metropolis of Australia, which is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean and is the capital of the state of Western Australia. In the western part of the continent, it is the largest and most populous .

A huge desert separates Perth from other Australian cities. Developed, picturesque and pleasant in terms of weather conditions city attracts tourists and immigrants from all over the world!

Long before the arrival of Europeans in Perth, here for 40 90,156 90,155,000 years were inhabited by the Nungars, as evidenced by excavations near the Swan River.

The first Europeans who came to the shores of Perth and met with the aborigines named these lands Burlu .

For the first time, residents of European countries arrived here July 19, 1619 with the crew of Frederic de Houtmann.

But weather conditions did not allow for a full-fledged landing. Over the years other sailors tried to settle here, but the settlements in the then territory of Perth were not permanent.

A colony called Swan River founded by Captain James Sterling in 1829 .The first building that was built in Perth, the Round House, has survived to this day.

Already by the 32nd of the 19th century, the population of the colony was one and a half thousand people. And in 1939 convicts from England began to be exiled here. The heyday of Perth comes at a time when gold was found in the area of ​​the colony. . This provided not only economic growth for Swan River, but also provided a strong impetus for industrial growth.

From that moment on, the development of Perth was only incremental.And when is in the middle of the 20th century new gold deposits were found on the territory of Perth, the city again experienced a leap in economic development. Perth has become the world’s main center for the extraction and processing of this valuable metal.

Geography and Climate of Perth

The city of Perth is located in the southwest of Australia between the Darling Range lower coastal escarpment and the Indian Ocean. The outskirts of Perth are on the Swan River.

Specifically, the city of Perth, which cannot be said about the main part of Western Australia, is located in the Mediterranean temperate climate zone .

There is not much precipitation here , however, is enough to make the greens flourish.

Depends on temperature and weather Perth for the most part from where the wind blows. The air either brings dryness and heat from the continent, or moisture and coolness from the ocean.

Summer in Perth is hot . Sometimes the thermometer column shows +40 ° C. Lasts from December to March, and February is the hottest month of the year.

Winter in Perth is cool enough, but the temperature does not drop below 0 ° C, and if this happens, then this weather is considered abnormal.

Worth knowing! Perth experiences seasonal to moderate rainfall. Also, a sea breeze called Fremantle Doctor blows frequently from the southwest in summer. The temperature during this period drops below +30 ° C.

Perth’s climate is a traditional example of the Mediterranean climate. It’s warm and sunny here , and precipitation is moderate.

Population and transport of the city

As in other metropolitan areas of Australia, the city of Perth is home to 90,155 a large number of immigrants from all over the world.

One in 10 Perth is born in the UK. Perth is the city of Australia with the largest population of 90,155 British. than in other metropolitan areas of the Green Continent.

Also, the city is home to a large percentage 90,156 Indigenous Australians, Irish, Italians, Scots, Chinese and other ethnic groups.

Perth is the fourth most populous city in Australia. Lives in the capital of Western Australia more than two million people .

There are two airports within the city of Perth for domestic and international flights. You can freely move around the city in your own car, since the road system in Perth is excellent .

There are three freeways and nine highways here . Travel on the roads in the city is free. In terms of public transport, Perth is accessible by bus, train and ferry.

Flora and fauna of the city

The black swan is the symbol of the city .These birds have a special relationship in Perth. The image of a black swan is even present on the flag and coat of arms.

On the territory of the metropolis there are sculptures of this unique bird , and live black swans are found near the rivers and reservoirs of Perth.

The flora and fauna of Perth is unique . More than fifteen species of animals live here, which do not live anywhere else in the world.

You can look at the representatives of the fauna in the unique nature reserve of Perth, where on 14 hectares of land koalas live, which today are on the verge of extinction.

View rare exotic plants is available in King Park. Another feature of the natural world of Perth is that next to the metropolis there is a unique forest with ancient centuries-old trees called Curry.

Termite-built forest is another natural wonder located in the north of Perth. And, of course, it should be noted that vineyards grow in the vicinity of Perth, which are ideally suited to the Mediterranean climate of this region.

Perth is a city that beckons with its unique nature , surprisingly rare fauna and picturesque views. The city is developing, strengthening the economy and offering local residents and visitors good conditions for life and recreation.

In conclusion, we suggest you watch the video for the amazing city of Australia Perth:

Perth is the largest city and capital of the state of Western Australia, located in the southwest of Australia on the shores of the Indian Ocean.The population of the city is 1. 658 million people (2010). Perth is the fourth most populous city in Australia after Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Perth is home to about 75% of the population of the entire state of Western Australia. Coordinates: 31 ° 57′11 ″ S NS. 115 ° 51′32 ″ in. e. Time zone: UTC + 8, in summer UTC + 9.

Perth Map

History of Perth

Before the arrival of the Europeans, the Nungars lived on the lands of the present city. When the Europeans first encountered the local aborigines, they called these territories Burlu.In 1697, the team of Captain Willem D “Vlaming first set foot on these lands.

Perth was founded in June 1829 by James Stirling. From the moment of its foundation to the present day, the city has shown a strong tendency to development. In 1962, Perth was nicknamed the” City of Lights. “, As all residents turned on the lights when the spaceship Druzhba 7 flew over them. In the 60s, large deposits of gold were discovered, which gave the city’s economy a new impetus to development.

Perth today

Perth is a major port on the western coast of the continent.It is also an important railway junction. On the territory of the city are located: cement, oil refining and shipbuilding plants, enterprises of the textile, food and chemical industries. According to 2010 statistics, Perth was ranked eighth on the list of the best cities to live in.

The city has two airports. Public transport includes buses, trams and ferries.

Perth Attractions

A popular place is the Fine Arts Gallery of Western Australia, where you can admire not only the works of modern artists, but also the drawings of the aborigines.

The Museum of Western Australia will introduce you to the state’s nature, history and indigenous people.

The port of Fremantle is located 19 km from the city, where the Maritime Museum, Fremantle Fine Arts Center, Fremantle Dungeon, Round House are located.

Perth is the capital of the Western Australia region, one of the most isolated administrative centers of the world from a wider civilization. The position “on the outskirts” earned Perth the fame of a secret pearl in the Australian crown: not everyone can find it, but a stubborn seeker will be rewarded in full – kilometers of virgin beaches, a huge number of national parks within walking distance, beautiful nature, and all this, coupled with lifestyle – the joy and infectious carelessness of local residents more than compensate for possible inconveniences.

How to get to Perth

The route from Russia to Australia is long, there are no non-stop flights, so prepare to spend at least 20 hours in the air excluding connections. There are a lot of flight options: by Emirates via Dubai, Singapore Airlines via Singapore, not counting the possibility of flying to Sydney and from there to get to Perth with a domestic flight of the national air carrier Qantas or the low-cost Virgin Blue.

Perth International Airport is located 15 km from the city and consists of three terminals.Flights from abroad are served in Terminal 1, domestic flights – in Terminal 2 or Terminal 3. To get from the airport to the city center, you can use the shuttle service. Connect shuttles connect international and local terminals to Perth city center; departures from the airport from 6:20 am to 1 am. In Perth, the shuttle makes 5 stops in different parts of the city. Travel time to the first stop is about 20 minutes, the fare is USD 18 one way and USD 30 round trip. Another option (beneficial if you are traveling with a company) is to take a taxi.The trip will cost approximately 40 USD.

Search Flights to Sydney (nearest airport to Perth)

Transport in the city

Municipal Transperth operates public transportation in Perth. At the services of local residents and guests – city buses, suburban trains and a ferry connecting the banks of the Swan River, on which the city is located.

Perth has a large number of bus routes, the most popular of which are CAT buses. There are three lines within the city: Red CAT and Yellow CAT connect the eastern and western parts of the city (from 6 am to half-8 pm with an interval of 5/10 minutes), Blue CAT – north and south (from 7:00 to 19:30 , interval 8 minutes). In addition, circular routes No. 98 (clockwise) and 99 (in the opposite direction) are popular.

The fare is charged according to the number of crossed zones, there are nine of them in the city. The fare within one zone is USD 2.50, for two zones – USD 3.70, etc. The city center and the districts closest to it are within the same zone. A 24-hour pass costs 9 USD. Travel within the Perth Free Transit Zone (FTZ – Free Transit Zone) is free. Bus stops in this area are marked with a red FTZ sign.

In addition to tickets for travel, you can purchase SmartRider – an electronic card that must be pre-charged with money at Transperth offices. Attach SmartRider to the validator in public transport at the entrance and exit, and the required amount will be automatically deducted from the card balance.

You can gaze at the fantastic starry sky of the Southern Hemisphere at Scitech, the largest planetarium on the continent.

Commuter trains are a great way to quickly get to and from Perth’s suburbs. Popular destinations include North Clarkson and the towns of Fremantle and Midland. Trains leave from the city center on Wellington Street. The schedule is from half past six in the morning until midnight on weekdays and until two in the morning on weekends. Trains are also subject to the FTZ rule – free travel within the city.

Ferries provide quick and comfortable connections to the southern regions of Perth, for example to visit the zoo. Ships run every 20-30 minutes from 7 am to 7:30 pm on weekdays and from 8:00 to 21:00 during the weekend; travel time – 7 minutes.

For those who are physically active in Perth, there is an opportunity to rent a bike. There is an extensive network of bike paths, and all of them are practically maintained in perfect condition.

Popular hotels in Perth 90 015 90 014 Perth Cuisine and Restaurants

Perth has a huge number of bistros, pizzerias and restaurants with a wide variety of gastronomic traditions – from Indigenous Australian to American, Italian, Japanese, Mexican and Thai. The largest selection of establishments for every taste and budget in the Northbridge area. There are also bars, pubs and nightclubs, and after dark you can “continue the banquet” in them. Other dining areas are the neighborhoods of Barrack Street and Mend Street on the south bank of the Swan River (lunch can be combined with a short but romantic ferry trip).

Local specialties include Australian specialty grilled steaks and a variety of seafood, from shark meat to freshwater oysters.Perth is famous for lobsters, it is an entire industry with an impressive share of exports to the United States.

The Swan Valley is one of Australia’s oldest wine-growing regions, so don’t miss out on a glass or two of the local refreshing drink.

Italian cuisine is thriving in Fremantle, a town 20 minutes from Perth. In the 50s and 60s, thousands of pasta and lasagna adherents immigrated here, and since then it has not been difficult to find a place with excellent dishes here.

Shopping and shops

Perth’s major department stores, Hay Street Mall and Murray Street Mall, are located in the heart of the city. There are many shops of international mass brands of clothing, footwear and accessories, and several boutiques of local designers. King Street is another popular shopping artery in the city. It also makes sense to visit the Carillon City Arcade malls, the Carousel Shopping Center in the Cunnington area, the Harbor Town outlet in western Perth and the colorful Karrinyup Shopping Center – luxury boutiques here are interspersed with convenience stores with all sorts of things – bracelets, neckerchiefs and other accessories.

Soak up the local flavor and shop for food, head to Perth’s markets: Fremantle Markets (over 150 retail outlets in a historic 1897 building), Canning Vale (fruits and vegetables, flowers, second hand; open on Sundays), Gosnells Railway and E- Shed Markets.Large selection of souvenirs and handicrafts at Scarborough Fair Markets and Wanneroo Market (Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 5pm).

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Perth Attractions & Attractions

One of the main attractions of Perth is the ocean and the beach in all their diversity: from simple lying on the sand to flying in a two-seater plane over the surf line. The most comfortable and safe beaches are North Beach, Sorrento Beach and City Beach.Cottesloe Beach is also convenient for swimming, but here you need to watch out for underwater currents near the breakwaters. Scarborough and Trigg are ideal for surfers.

You can enjoy the charm of uninhabited beaches and observe the short-tailed wallaby kangaroos on Rottnest Island, located 19 km from Perth (about two hours by ferry). Private transport is prohibited here; the island has one bus route and several bike rentals. In the vicinity of Rottnest, divers can take a wreck dive.

The offshore position has earned Perth the fame of the secret pearl in the Australian crown.

Perth Zoo has more than 2000 animals of 280 species, mainly of the original fauna of the continent. Kangaroos and wombats can be seen at Caversham Wildlife Park, and numerous koalas inhabit Cohunu Wildlife Park. Lovers of cold-blooded people are advised to visit the Armadale Reptile Center and the huge Aquarium.

There are also several noteworthy landmarks in the center of Perth – the Governor’s House surrounded by beautiful gardens, the Houses of Parliament and the City Hall, St George’s Cathedral, and the Perth Mint, where precious metals are still processed today.

Get some fresh air within the city limits in one of four Perth parks: Allen Green Conservatory with a collection of tropical plants, Burswood Park, 400-hectare Kings Park or Botanical Gardens.

To gaze at the fantastic starry sky of the Southern Hemisphere, head to Scitech, the largest planetarium on the continent. You can fly over Perth and its surroundings in a hot air balloon, helicopter and a two-seater plane. And of course, don’t forget that Australia’s coastline is one of the best diving spots in the world.

90,000 Terry Pratchett fans tearfully greeted his latest novel

Photo author, Getty Images

Photo caption,

Terry Pratchet worked on the novel “Shepherd’s Crown” until his death

The last novel of the English writer Terry Pratchett’s “Shepherd’s Crown” went on sale six months after his death.

The 41st Discworld fantasy novel and the fifth, which depicts the young witch Tiffany Acking, hit the shelves of UK and Commonwealth bookstores at exactly midnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

In Britain, before the start of sales, fans of Pratchett’s work gathered at bookstores in London, Oxford and Newcastle. Many shops on Thursday opened earlier than usual.

The Shepherd’s Crown goes on sale September 1st in the USA.

For Pratchett fans around the world, the publication of his latest book was a very emotional experience.

For example, in Perth, Australia, in one of the bookstores, customers of the Shepherd’s Crown were given a bag of paper napkins free of charge to blot their tears, since the book became “a real goodbye to the author.”

Unfinished lot

Sir Terry died in March of this year at the age of 66, eight years after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Photo by BBC World Service

Photo caption,

The novel was the fifth book to describe the young witch Tiffany Aiching

He began writing his Discworld series as a good parody of the fiction of the time, which soon turned into satire on the topic of all modern life and won the writer many admirers.

At midnight at Waterstones in Piccadilly in central London, Pratchett’s friend Rob Wilkins read an excerpt from The Shepherd’s Crown to 200 ticket holders for the presentation of the novel.

“The work on the book went hard,” Wilkins told the BBC, “because Terry’s health took a turn for the worse last year. But he still enjoyed the process of writing the novel.”

According to Rob Wilkins, the book was 90% complete when illness forced Terry Pratchett to stop working.

“He was not able to polish it the way he would like, and there are still a few storylines that Terry would like to develop, but did not have time to do.

According to Wilkins, Terry Pratchett left “a huge amount” of unfinished works.

“Terry always started a new novel, while continuing to edit the previous one,” a friend of the writer told the BBC. “.

Perth Travel

For other places of the same name see Perth (dispersion).

Perth is the capital and largest city of Western Australia. It is separated from Adelaide (the nearest city with a population of more than one million) at a distance of 2,139 km, including the vast Nullarbor area.

Perth stretches along the flat coastal plain scattered by the Swan River and extends over the Darling Scarp to the east. The Indian Ocean coastline to the west is its only clear physical boundary.90,013 9,0002 Perth has a population of over 2 million (2018), making it the fourth largest city in Australia.


Official “City of Perth” is a small area on the north side of the Swan River, consisting only of the city center. However, the Perth metropolitan area is much larger, spreading in all directions except the ocean.

Map of the Perth District
Perth City
Where trade and culture mix
North Bridge
Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Cafes and Art

Historic port, now a place for food and entertainment
Swimming and other events
9046 9046

Wide range of attractions in the valley
Low-density residential areas of Perth

Outside the city

2 0 9015 3 Wine, trees, hills, parks and dams
Outer Perth
More distant cities and parks in the Perth region, usually 1 to 2 hours from the city center
Rottnest Island
Where locals love to relax



The Perth region has been home to the indigenous Nyungar people for at least the past 40,000 years.

British settlers established a free settler colony in 1829 within the Swan River Colony. The settlement was named “Perth” after the city of Perth, Scotland, the hometown of Sir George Murray, the British colonial secretary at the time.

A shortage of manpower hindered its development until 1850, when convicts were brought in, at a time when transport to other parts of Australia stopped. This increased the size of the colony and their labor helped shape the early architecture of the city as well as other infrastructure.Discovery of gold in the 1890s caused a boom that, with subsequent discoveries in mineral resources, was a major part of the state’s economy. Western Australia joined the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901, after which Perth became the capital of the state.

Once a small, isolated city, its population overtook Adelaide in the 1980s. Perth remains one of Australia’s fastest growing cities and has been transformed from a relatively laid-back city to a busy one.

The population of Perth has been growing faster since the beginning of the 21st century.The development hasn’t completely blown away the old parts of the city, and there are many parks and other green spaces in the immediate vicinity of the CBD.


Despite its isolation, Perth is surprisingly culturally diverse. Due to the high rate of migration to Perth, just under half of Perth’s residents were born outside Australia. The relative proximity to Southeast Asia and Africa has led to an influx of migrants from countries such as Malaysia, South Africa and Thailand, and this is reflected in the variety of cuisine available in Perth.If you want to experience a cosmopolitan culture without the hustle and bustle of big cities, perhaps Perth will be your cup of tea.


The city has a temperate Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are usually wet and mild. Average summer temperatures are 30 ° C (86 ° F) between November and April. Maximum summer temperatures can reach and sometimes exceed 40 ° C (104 ° F). Very hot days have very low humidity, making the conditions more bearable.

In Perth, near the city, in summer, temperatures rise rapidly during the morning, relieving in the afternoon when the Fremantle Doctor pushed inland to cool the city to 15 ° C.The doctor runs out of the puff before reaching 90,155 districts further inland 90,156 of the country, leaving the hills and beyond to weld before dusk.

Winter temperatures (Jun-Aug) are usually around 15 ° C per day and usually drop to 8-10 ° C at night. The minimum temperature is known to have dropped below 0 ° C on clear nights. Although Perth goes through prolonged dry spells, when it rains, it deteriorates. Past high wind storms sometimes hit the winter night, but they generally do not cause more damage than a torn tree or a razed fence.Heavy storms caused hail and caused more serious damage. Snow has never been known to fall in downtown Perth, although very light snacks are known to occur in the higher elevations of Perth Hills.

City Route from King’s Park

When to Visit

Spring (Saint-Nov) and Autumn (Mar-May) are ideal times to visit Perth. Spring (especially Oct / Nov) is arguably the best time, as after a decent winter rain, the famous wildflowers around King’s Park and the neighboring Avon Valley are in bloom.Urban areas and bushlands have many flowering species that often bloom in droves, so it is wise to purchase hay fever or antihistamines from your local chemist before heading out to see them. Beach lovers from colder climates may find the summer months too harsh, so it might be best to visit in March-April or October-November and bring a hat, sun lotion and sunglasses.

Locals tend to celebrate during the height of summer or winter to either get out of the climate or to celebrate it.In winter, Perthians often travel north to Broome or Bali to warm up, or in winter they stay in small chalets in the south and southwest to enjoy the cool, wet climate and seasonal food.

Although there are many public holidays in Western Australia , they are unlikely to cause much inconvenience to your travels. Most of the shops are still open, public transport is still running (up to reduced timetables), and the sky is still blue.The exceptions are Good Friday, Anzac Day (April 25) and Christmas (December 25), when most shops and restaurants are closed. As a rule, only offices, banks and government services are closed on the remaining 7 public holidays; New Years (January 1), Australia Day (January 26), Easter Monday, Labor Day (first Monday in March), Queen’s Day (last Monday in September), Day FOR (first Monday in June), and Boxing Day (26 December).



All scheduled international and domestic flights arrive and depart 1 Perth Airport ( PER IATA ). The airport has four terminals, which can be considered as two sections for land transport. T1 and T2 are located side by side east of the runway, while T3 and T4 are located side by side to the west. A free shuttle bus runs between the two sections, taking 15 minutes. Public transport is available, as well as taxis and car rental. Currently, a railway connection is under construction, which is scheduled to open in 2021.
Perth is the most important gateway to Australia and is not on the east coast.In addition to flights from Asia, there are direct flights from Johannesburg, Mauritius, Auckland and London Heathrow, which are the first non-stop scheduled service between Europe and Australia. There are domestic flights from major cities in Australia and regional flights from smaller airports in Western Australia. In 2012, Perth Airport was voted Australia’s largest airport by airlines, leading to modernization and renovation of the airport, making it the “Metropolitan City Airport of the Year” in 2016 and the best airport for quality of service in 2018.
( updated Oct 2018 )

By boat

This was once the only way to get to Perth and the rest of Australia, often in chains. Today, a dwindling number of cargo ships have passenger seats available to Fremantle from Southeast Asia, Los Angeles and US San Diego, and very rarely to all of Europe. Their premises are pretty basic and mundane, more like a bunkhouse hostel with the addition of seasickness than Conradian’s salty adventures.

For a luxury stay at a bargain price, come aboard one of the cruise ships that regularly call Fremantle, including Queen Maria 2 and Queen Victoria . They often offer one-way cruises to and from Fremantle, usually to other Australian cities, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Most often they swim in summer, rarely in winter. Check out the timetable here and you will need to book many months in advance.

By Train

See also: Across Australia by Train
Transva Train (displayed to prospect)

Most long-distance and regional trains leave for East Perth, 1 km NE of the city. It is part of the Public Transport Center, so many city buses and metro trains, and there are taxis there. Train Australind from Banbury arrives at platform 3 of Perth Station.

The Indian Pacific Transcontinental Railroad runs to Perth from Sydney via Kalgoorlie, Adelaide and Broken Hill. It’s not cheap, but this trip, which lasts four days and three nights, is one of the greatest journeys in the world. The train crosses the longest straight line in the world (478 km) as it passes through Nullarbor.

Regional rail service is operated by Transva. There are four routes:

  • Australind Team runs twice a day between Perth and Banbury.
  • On Mondays and Fridays the second train runs daily to Perth and Kalgoorlie.
  • AvonLink operates Monday through Friday between Northham and Midland.
  • MerredinLink operates between Perth and Merredin on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


The main operators of long distance and long distance coaches in Western Australia are State Coaches “Transva” and “Integrity Coaches”.

Buses on Transway operate from the public transportation hub in East Perth.They run north up the coast at night (both Brenda Highway 1 and Highway 60) to Dungara, Geraldton and Kalbarri. To go further north, use the conscientiousness trainer described below.

The Transva has three SE routes to Esperanza, and three SW routes (all via Bunbury) to Pemberton. Their Great South routes reach Albany, and one of them continues to Catanning.

Integrity Coaches travel from Midland Station, 10 kilometers east of downtown, to Wellington Street Perth opposite the Central Tube Station (vice versa on some routes).They run north two or three times a week on Brand 1 to Dungara and Geraldton, then Carnarvon, Coral Bay, Extraout, Port Hedland and Broome. At Broome, you can transfer to a Greyhound Australia coach in Darwin, from where coaches run to Alice Springs, Adelaide and Australia’s eastern cities.

Coach Southwest lines run from several cities including Busselton, Bunbury, Margaret, Manjimap, Collie and Dunsborough to Perth Airport and Elizabeth Cay CBD.

There is no regular bus service between Perth and Adelaide, but there are adventure-oriented excursions that include camping and excursions. The only one that operates on a regular basis is the Nulwork Traveler, which has 9/10 days of tours. They travel east from Perth on Sundays, west from Adelaide on Wednesdays, once a week in the summer (Nov-Jan) slowing down to once a month off-season rather than mid-winter. The tour costs about $ 1600 per person.

By car

Perth can be reached from Adelaide (2700 km) or Darwin (4100 km), as the road is good, there is fuel, food and accommodation on the main highways. But each journey takes the best part of the week – it’s a week of solid driving, with little time for sights or activities along the way. Locals would consider it a once-in-a-lifetime excursion, which is their typically understated Australian way of saying “Damn, never again, buddy!” It can end the life of your car if it’s old.

Take a Look

By Public Transportation

Perth Municipality has a reasonably reliable and inexpensive public transportation system operated by Transpert. Information about timetables, disruptions or service changes can be found on their website by calling 13 62 13 (home) or at “Transpert Infocentras” at the central station and a couple of branches in the city

By bus

A fairly reliable network of public buses serve the city center, suburbs and surroundings, with good connections between routes and metro rail links. Most routes run an hour off-peak and 30-20 minutes during peak hours, although the exact frequency varies depending on the route. Some routes only operate on weekdays, and some of them have a limited number of services per day. High frequency routes operate every 15 minutes, and some of these routes may be even more frequent. For example, the Superbus between Morley and UDJ operates every two minutes at its peak.

Buses also serve rural towns and villages near Perth.Several bus routes reach outlying areas such as Serpentine and Pinjarra. These routes only operate a few times a day, and some stops may end up in the middle of nowhere. Some bus routes can be very long. For example, CircleRoute takes four and a half hours to complete a full ride. There are no onboard toilets on commuter buses, so be prepared to come down mid-trip for a toilet break or hold on to it!

Transport buses at downtown Perth are free .This applies to all buses that are in the CBD free transit area. You don’t need permission or Smartrider, just stand up. In addition, there are free CAT buses throughout the route. There are four routes – red, blue, yellow, green – and some buses are color-coded, others will have a color written on the front and side signs. See the city center page for details.

Similar free bus schemes operate in Northbridge, Fremantle and Jundalap – seerelevant pages.

By Train

Transporter Train

The suburban rail network is very convenient for quick access to suburban areas. All services stop at Perth Central Station in the city en route to or from remote terminal stations. The network consists of five lines:

  • Fremantle Line serving west Perth to Fremantle.
  • Midland Line serving East Perth Midlands and offering regional and interstate rail services.
  • Armadale Line / Thornley, serving southeastern Perth to Armadale, with a whipping line to Thornley.
  • Joondalup Line serving northwest Perth to Butler (via Joondalup).
  • Mandura Line serving southern Perth to Mandurah

All rail lines converge at Perth station. Joondalup and Mandura Line services include the use of underground platforms at Perth Metro Station, which is directly connected to Perth Station, allowing shuttle transfers on foot to other lines.

All lines are connected to various bus services. Wellington Street Bus Station, which is in CBD, is a bus service that is directly connected to Perth Station. The Elizabet Quay Bus is another major bus destination in the CBD and is directly connected to Elizabet Quay Station on the Mandurah and Jundalap lines. Most stations across Perth have bus services that serve the more local part of the station.

Rail services operate every 5-10 minutes (depending on the line and station) during peak hours.Express services on the Fremant and Midland lines are being replaced by local trains, resulting in more frequent trains at many stations. During peak and most of the day on weekends, trains run every 15 minutes and 30 minutes after 19:00 and on weekends. The Armadale Line operates express rooms at all times except late nights.

During peak hours (07: 00-09: 00 and 16: 30-18: 30) the Midland (east) and Joondalup (northwest) lines can become extremely crowded. Avoid these lines at peak if possible.Bicycles are not allowed on trains heading to the city during the morning rush or out of town during the evening rush; they are also not allowed to enter or pass through Perth, Perth Underland or Elizabeth Cay stations during peak hours. Passengers with bicycles must use stations outside the CBD (City West, McIver, Canning Bridge or Leederville) at this time and then travel to their final destination from there.

Services start around 05:00 and end around midnight.

Remember to purchase a valid ticket or use your SmartRider card when traveling on the rail network.If you do not have a suitable ticket, then it may cost you $ 100, and the fine twice for each month is overdue. Not paying the fine at all, and you can end up paying up to $ 20,000 in fines and legal fees. A good tip to remember, if you have a SmartRider, is to use one of the red gate fares to enter the station, so you can also be sure that you are “tagged”. Do the same when you leave. Not all stations have these gates. If your station is not there, look for a green post with a SmartRider reader.

Late Night Service

Additional services are available on Saturdays and Sundays at 01:00 and 02:00. These services are for people returning home from nightclubs in Northbridge. These services operate in only one direction, traveling out of town. During this time, Armadale services are available at all stops; no late night service at Thornley.

Weekend trips

Weekend service frequency is 15 minutes on all routes.On weekends, road works can lead to partial line closures, and buses replace trains. It is rare for an entire line to be closed due to track work, but this happens at least twice a year on the Fremant and Midland lines.


Transfer Ferry

The Transperth Hotel operates a ferry service between the city of Elizabeth Quay and Mends Street Jetty in South Perth. The service often happens all day long and it is rare for the service to be canceled.The hotel is a seven-minute walk from Mends Street. The Blue Checkpoint connects to the ferry, and the Elizabeth Quay train station (formerly known as Perth Esplanade) is adjacent to the ferry terminal. Fares are part of the Transpert bus and rail system, with a 2-section fare required to cross a river, or it can be part of a multi-zone bus or train ticket if accepted within the time frame shown on the ticket.


For trains, buses and ferries, the Transpert system is divided into 9 concentric zones and a Free Transit Zone (city center and surroundings).The free transit zone on trains is available only to owners of smart readers (transport cards), passengers without a card need to buy a ticket. Tickets and passes are valid on all buses, ferries and trains within the zone. Tickets are valid for 2 hours and can be used on your trip.

Zone 2 extends to Fremantle and two zone tickets will be sufficient for most visitors. Single rides, cash tickets can be purchased from bus drivers or coin vending machines located in train stations.More convenient cards SmartRider automatically calculates your fare and deducts it from your card when you stumble and get out when boarding and disembarking buses and trains. SmartRiders can be purchased or recharged at Transpert Information Centers, major train and bus stations, and / or most Newagists. Bus drivers can also charge your smart card, however they will not provide changes. SmartRider cards have a 15% discount on cash payments.

Is $ 9.30 One-time passes are available after 09:00 most days. Family Rider Passes also cost $ 9.30 and allow two standard fare passengers plus up to (five?) Concession passengers unlimited travel – they are only available Monday through Thursday after 6:00 pm (3:00 pm on Fridays), and all day on weekends and school. This is a great value for couples and couples with children, as the standard one-time rate is $ 2. 70 in one zone, $ 4.00 in two zones, and $ 4.70 in three zones.

Passengers without SmartRider cards must present a paper ticket for security when entering and exiting Perth Station and selected commuter stations.

By Taxi

Black and White Taxi (Maxi)

The Perth taxi experience can range from painless to problematic. Long waiting times during peak periods (05: 00-09: 00 weekdays and weekends) are common, but outside of these times taxis abound. Booking a taxi is possible, but only recommended if your trip is likely to be above $ 25 or you are traveling to the airport.This is due to the confusing way in which the dispatcher services handle time reservations. If your journey is likely to be short, it’s best to just call a taxi as soon as you’re ready to leave, or hail a taxi if you’re in a busy area.

Three major taxi companies Swan Taxis (☏ 13 13 30 (domestic))) that send Swan, TriColor, 13CABS, yellow and coastal taxis, Chery Betaxi (111111113331131 008 (home)) and Maxi Taxi Perth, they specialize in taxi van with lift and wheelchair lift. They also accept all major cards, including taxi vouchers and taxi subsidy vouchers (TUSS vouchers). They highly recommend people to book online. There are many small companies operating mainly outside the Central Business District. Tariffs are regulated by the government and all dispatch companies charge the same fees. Damage is $ 3.90 on weekdays, up to $ 5.70 on nights and weekends. The cost per kilometer is $ 1.59 / km, added to the price of $ 0.10.Fees apply for certain holiday periods (New Years and Christmas) and weekends from midnight to 05:00. Jumping taxi drivers in Perth aren’t used to it, but adding a little tea ($ 1 or $ 2) in addition to the fare is common for exceptional service.

Catching a taxi from the entertainment section late on a Friday or Saturday night sees strawberries waiting for a taxi costs up to 2 hours to drive home. Drivers are known to avoid taking drunk visitors from outside pubs, clubs, or from the entrance to Perth Central Station. There have been sexual assaults on female passengers, so it is advisable to travel in groups. There are currently special “safe lines” where visitors can queue in (relative) security. Another option is the late night Transporter trains and buses, which operate specifically for brewers after a night out.

Services at Perth Airport are generally reliable, but outside office hours (01: 00-08: 00, prepare for potential waiting at the taxi station as waiting taxis crawl one by one.Frequency decreases at night, but there should still be a few cars waiting to meet incoming planes. A typical taxi ride from the domestic airport to the city is about $ 30 ($ 35 from the international). An airport tax of $ 2 is charged in addition to the fare.

For reservations made more than 24 hours in advance, you can ask to confirm your booking with the driver in advance for an additional cost of $ 9. If the taxi arrives later than ten minutes, the fee will be charged. Normal orders can be placed in 24 hours at no additional charge.

  • Uber
  • Didi
  • Ola Cubs
  • HOP

By bike

Perth is convenient to explore on foot or by bike, as Perth has one of the best bike and pedestrian facilities in Australia.

Perth Cycle Network has an ever-growing system of cycle / walking paths. System characteristics;

  • Main common tracks (high standard common tracks that run alongside every rail line and along major highways).
  • Cycle Routes (road routes and some suburban areas that run through parks) – These routes provide links to places such as schools, shopping centers and other recreational facilities.
  • Generalized Minor Works (projects include general improvement of cycling conditions in local areas such as road bike paths and locked shoulders).
  • Amenities to complete the trip (including U-Rails, Cora bike racks, bike lockers and change rooms).

Bike maps are available in most bike shops and on the transport map. The Department of Transportation provides a range of guides, maps and brochures for cyclists. If you have a scenic route, these brochures can take you to the coast, Kings Park, Armadale, and the Hills, or around the Swan River.

A favorite among experienced local cyclists is the journey along the north side of the Swan River between the city and the Nedlands. Allow 60 minutes to travel around the world on this route, as you may experience strong winds.

Bicycles are allowed on board Transpert trains, but not at rush hour, unless they can be folded.

By Car

Driving CBD and Northbridge in Perth would mean paying for parking, which can cost up to $ 40 per day on a weekday. There is also congestion on the roads leading to the KBR during peak hours. Another option is to park at the train station and take the train. Some stations have a small parking fee and 24-hour parking can be filled.Parked in the CBD, you can reach most places on foot or with the free shuttle bus.

Renting a car is an ideal means of transportation for traveling in and around the suburbs. Most of the major car rental companies have locations in or near Perth. Perth’s major motorways and motorways are toll-free, and you can surround the beautiful countryside in minutes.

Car rental is located at the airport and in the city.There are also some suppliers in the suburbs.

The speed limit in built-up areas is 50 km / h, unless road signs indicate otherwise.

Police are rarely seen on the roads, but CCTV cameras are very common. Driving even 5 km / h above the speed limit can be fine. If the speed exceeds 40 km / h, the car will be jailbroken for 28 days, even if it is not your car (the rental car does not apply).

Special Events Transit

Additional public transport will operate during special events, but can reach a lot of people quickly.Certain events can also lead to road closures. If you are attending one of these events, you should plan ahead.

Perth Stadium is served by dedicated bus and train stations. The stadium station is open on weekends, whether the event is taking place or not. Armadale road trains stop every 15-30 minutes. During special events, the station is served by additional trains to Armadala, Fremantle and Jundalup.Passengers on the Midland line should travel from East Perth whenever possible. If walking is not an option, transfer to Perth. Changing trains at McIever or Clisebrook is not an option, because trains heading to the stadium will already be too crowded to board or the stations will be closed. Mandura line passengers must change in Perth. Thornley line services are not available during stadium events. Buses run from many destinations throughout the city to the stadium, usually every 15 minutes.The Yellow CAT Hotel serves the East Perth Cemetery, which is a short walk from the Matagaup Bridge, which offers an alternative route.

Perth Arena Station and Perth Bus Port are served by the Yellow Checkpoint, which stops in front of the ticket office.

NIB is served by Claisebrook and East Perth stations. Joondalup Station serves the Joondalup Arena.

New Years and Australian are the most difficult events, as they include many auto locks and high demand for public transport.Plan ahead and prepare for long waiting times. On both days, trains between Elizabeth Quay and Perth Underground are suspended during events to prevent overcrowding, so you may need to walk between them to leave the city. At NYE, train and bus services run until 03:00 the next morning.


Most Popular Attractions in and around the City

  • Art Gallery WA and PICA, and Mint – see city center page, but WA Museum is closed until 2020
  • Royal Park and Botanic Gardens – seeCity Center Page
  • Fremantle Prison, Maritime Museum and Ship Gallery – see Fremantle page

Outside the metropolitan area, there are some unspoiled national parks, uninhabited coastlines and other interesting sites.


The zoo has a designated area for kangaroos where they can roam the visitors’ paths. Animals are used to humans, so you can see them very closely.

To see semi-wild kangaroos, visit the Pinnaru Valley Memorial Park (cemetery, but not European style).It is within walking distance of Whitfords Transpert Tube Station – just cross the freeway, exit the freeway and look for the entrance on the left. Since there is enough room for them, you can see them not only eating, but also jumping.

The Kangaroos Hotel is located in Whiteman Park, close to parking spaces in the park’s main tourist areas. Many golf courses, including the Vines Hotel and the Joondalup Resorts, are also frequently visited by the Kangaroo.

In addition, Mundaring Weir has a kangaroo that is sometimes found next to Mundaring Weir / Lake C Y O’Connor.

Sports Spectators

  • . Perth, like Melbourne, is angry at its mount . Every weekend from March to August, the newly opened Perth Stadium (known as Optus Stadium) now hosts either Est Coast Eagles, or Fremantle Dockers for Austral matches. Why not choose whose colors you like best and join in the fun? All games are sold two weeks before each game, most of the seats were sold to club members. However, some tickets are always available to opponents of the club members and then to the general public. The average attendance of the first season of the AFL in the new location (2018) was about 46,500 people. For a more intimate and accessible game, the West Australian Football League (WAFL) games are played at numerous venues around Perth during the same period. The crowd is only a few thousand, and you can even go to the field during breaks to have a kick, or to listen to the coach’s address of the team! Australian rules of football are difficult to understand at first, but quite exciting. ( Updated Oct 2018 )
  • Other professional sports are present in Perth:
    • Perth Glory – If you prefer association football (commonly known by Australians as “soccer”) and consider Australian football too confusing, then Perth Glory Football Club competes in the League, Australia’s top tier. The season runs during the summer from October to March, with the possibility of qualifying for the final series (playoffs) starting in April.They have a sister club, Perth Glory U-League, who plays in the women’s W-League. Both teams play at the Perth Oval, also known as HBF Park due to a sponsorship deal. The stadium is a 10-minute walk from the North Bridge or a 3-minute walk from Kleisebrook Train Station.
    • Western Warriors – Play cricket at Australia’s premier domestic competition – Sheffield Shield (“first class”; matches are played over four days), Ford Ranger Cup (one day cricket; corresponds to about 8 hours).Home land is WACA. In addition, WACA has previously hosted one of its summer test matches (more than five days) and at least one one-day international match against an international travel team, but some events are currently taking place at the new, larger Perth stadium.
    • Perth Scorchers – Play cricket at the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash (matches last about 3 hours), usually in the last few weeks of December. Matches are played on WACA, but it has been renamed Furniture to tie in with the Scorchers theme.
    • Western Force – Rugby union team in the National Rugby Championship, the country’s top purely domestic competition (albeit featuring a team from Fiji). The season starts from early September to late October. Western Force plays at HBF Park. The Australian Rugby Union team, The Wallabies, has also played in Perth for most of the years, now using Perth Stadium.
    • Perth Wildcats – Play in the National Basketball League. Home games at the Perth Arena.Join the Red Army!
    • Perth Lynx is played in the Women’s National Basketball League. Home Games Bendat Basketball Center, Floreat.
    • Perth Heat – Play in the Australian Baseball League. Home games at Baseball Park, Thornley.
    • West Coast Fever – Play Netball in Super Netball Super Netball. The home games are held at the RAC Arena (Perth Arena under corporate name rights) in the city center.


  • Cycle . Perth has beautiful bike paths and fantastic weather almost all year round, making it ideal for cycling. The paths that follow the Swan River are very scenic and mostly flat. You can rent your own bike, rent a bike from one of the bike suppliers located along the Swan River, or go on a guided tour with Pedal OZ. ( Oct 2018 Update )
  • Perth Parks are located in various areas of the city, from Kings Park , Bold Park and Lake Monger , to outer city parks such as John Forrest and Whiteman Park.
  • Watch movie . In addition to multiplexes featuring Hollywood blockbusters in most major shopping malls, there are also some independent or European cinemas, including Paradiso in Northbridge and The Luna cinemas in Leaderville or Fremantt. These cinemas showcase a variety of local, Bollywood, French and Italian productions, international film festivals and documentaries throughout the year. If visiting during the summer, visit one of the many open-air cinemas located at Kings Park , Burswood Films , Luna Leaderville and Mundering . There is even a rooftop cinema at the top of the multi-storey car park! Perth has one remaining disc-in located in Kingsley. ( updated Oct 2018 )
  • Get out . A day in Fremantle; is great for walking around without any specific goal in mind or for some light shopping or why not enjoy a meal or coffee and cake while getting wet in the atmosphere? Don’t miss Fremantle Markets. Popular attractions include Fremantle Prison, the Maritime Museum, the Round House and the Bon Scott statue from AC / DC. ( updated October 2018 )
  • Watch the concert. Perth has a huge traditional art scene. There are many world-class orchestras and opera companies, as well as theater and jazz. The Western Australian Symphony Orchestra is the main orchestra in Perth and mainly performs every few weeks at the Perth Concert Hall. Opera WA produces 4 to 6 operas a year, performing at His Majesty’s Theater. Ballet WA produces 4 ballets a year, most of the productions are owned by His Majesty.Ellington Jazz Club is renowned for its big promotions and local jazz in an intimate setting. Sets are played almost every day.
  • Wine tasting ( wine tourism services ) in Swan Valley . Known by locals and tourists alike, The Swan Valley in the hills boasts some of the best wineries and microbreweries in the country. While wine may not be as highly prized by manicured wine buffers as those produced in regions such as the Margaret River, the Swann Valley has the advantage of being close to the city. ( updated Sep 2016 )
Perth Bell Tower at Barak Square.
  • Take a day trip to . As with any place with a low density like Perth, you will spend a lot of time traveling between attractions. One of the best day trips in Perth is Rottnest Island, a nature reserve off the coast of Fremantle. There is a huge variety of wildlife to see (including the famous Quokka) and opportunities to see whales, dolphins and seals off the coast, but this will always depend on the season. Another (closer, cheaper but smaller) option to visit Penguin Island is the Little Penguins or Fairy Penguins home, located five minutes from the Rockingham coast, 45 minutes south of Perth. ( updated Oct 2018 )
  • Visit the Weekend Markets. You can sample local produce at the Perth markets on weekends. Many weekend markets have sprung up on demand from Perth’s locals for quality goods. Markets usually consist of 20-50 individual stalls operated by owners / producers / farmers and often specialize as farmers’ markets (fresh produce), Hawker’s markets (street food), general markets (handicrafts, clothing, music, gift) or combi. Since opening hours and locations are constantly changing, it is best to search the Internet. ( Updated Oct 2018 )
  • Fremantle Markets is a “Fremantle Institution” popular with tourists and locals alike for local crafts, fresh produce, food and entertainment.Opens Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Fremant Train Station is 8 minutes away.
  • Calamund Farmer Markets are open every Sunday morning at the central shopping center in Calamund, 30 minutes from the CBD. Parking is free and ample, with lots of local produce and produce for sale. Open from 08: 00-12: 00.
  • Manning Farmers Markets are popular with locals for fresh local produce, breakfast and coffee. It has over 50 kiosks and is very busy until 10:00.Open Saturday 07: 30-12: 30. Regular public transport to the bus station of the Curtin University (then a 15-minute walk through the uni territory).
  • The Perth City Farmers Market focuses on fresh organic and biodynamic products. Open Saturday 08: 00-12: 00. 3-minute walk from Kleisbroek Train Station.
  • Twillight Hawkers markets have over 50 food stalls in the city center. Open Friday night 16: 30-21: 30 from October to April.


Cottesloe Beach

Perth boasts some of Australia’s finest beaches along the coastline, which are ideal for swimming during the warmer months. Sunscreen is essential and insect repellent can come in handy during the evening. Since the beaches are on the open ocean, it is highly recommended that you only “float between the flags” on patrolled beaches. Cottesloe Beach is one of the most famous in Perth, and a favorite with locals and tourists alike.Scarborough Beach is also quite popular and affordable.


Perth is well known for its indie music scene in established locations such as Amp Bar, Rosemount, Fly By Night, Rocket Room and Mojos. Every year at the beginning of February is the Great Weekend Celebration. Visit YourGigs for upcoming concerts or Perth Indie Bands for a selection of good Perth bands.

  • Rave & Festival . If you love dance music, many top DJs and electronic musicians will tour Perth from October to March. Perth is known as the bass drum capital of the Drum ‘n’ Southern Hemisphere. Typically, there is a large artist by name (or at least a local artist by name) who should perform at least once a week. ( updated Oct 2018 )

Learn More

There are several universities in Perth, of which Western Australian University is part of the prestigious G8. All of these universities have the ability to enroll international students either through their programs or through exchange agreements with foreign universities.Other universities located in the Perth metropolitan area include Curtin University, Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University, and the University of Notre Dame.


The largest concentration of boutiques is in the city center, and the adjacent North Bridge is home to niche independent stores. The suburbs of Trendier such as Mount Lawley , Leaderville and Subiaco have a number of trendy shops.

Most high-end luxury brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton are located on or around King Street in CBD.

Large shopping malls located in the outer suburbs such as Morley (Galeria) , Cunnington (Carousel) , Midland (Midland Gate) , Jundalu , Brubo BruBruora (Boo) There are regular and Carrinugi Universities in Innaloo and chain stores.

Fremantle Markets offers in-house expertise with over 150 independent trays.


Shopping Hours in the Perth area to mid-size stores in large supermarkets / department stores:

  • 08: 00-21: 00 Monday to Friday
  • 09: 00-17: 00 Saturday
  • 11:00 -17: 00 Sunday and most public holidays

Even in large shopping malls, many small shops do not stay open until 21:00 every night, except Thursday, which is traditional and still busy, night for “late shops” at Perth. All shops must close on Good Friday, Christmas Day and ANZAC Day.

Small supermarkets such as IGA and other small stores may have more flexible shopping hours (some petrol stations and small corner shops are open 24 hours).

10% Tax on goods and services is included in the list of prices. WaterTown (formerly Harbourtown) is where manufacturers have their factory outlets; some good deals can be found there. It is within walking distance of downtown Perth or on the free Yellow CAT shuttle bus.

After Christmas, and also in June and July, many stores are sold at great discounts. Almost all shops are open on Boxing Day, but some are not. Boxing day draws in a massive crowd, so be prepared for long lines. Department stores like Mayer and David Jones can get very busy on sale days, and mall car parks reach capacity almost as soon as the doors open. Some retailers started offering Black Friday deals in November, but that’s not yet complete.


One of the drawbacks of Perth is that its people did not accept late night meal . Very few places will serve food after 10pm, even on Friday or Saturday nights. In most Perth restaurants, vegetarians and vegans do not fit , and if so, the range is very limited. If you’re looking for a place that includes vegetarian food, Fremantle is great.


Northbridge has a large selection of restaurants .You will find a large selection of restaurants in Southern Europe and Asia. Northbridge is very busy Friday and Saturday nights when Perth goes into party mode. we also have some good options for nearby Lowley Mountain and Highgate. Victoria Park has many restaurants along Albani Hwi, which is in a fairly stable location with the locals and has some high quality restaurants, albeit a lower key and more laid back one.

Fremantle – good choice of food.Known for its cappuccino- strip, lined up next to cafes popular with yuppies. On weekends, local traditions visit Fisherman’s Wharf on a warm sunny weekend evening for fish and chips. There are several options to choose from being close to the beach. Just follow your nose or the seagulls. Further research in Fremantle, or “Freo,” as it is locally known, could reveal many trendy, alternative restaurants that serve “discreet” heaters.If you want to know what it is you are eating (vegan, preservative, free trade, organic trade) try researching the Freo market or ask around, they are often not in the “tourist areas”. Little Creatures is a decent brewery, but also a yuppie pub.

If you are looking for a decent fish and chip or seafood dinner, it tends to be much more expensive on the coast (where tourists are), great seafood at a better price can be obtained in the central and eastern suburbs.

Hotel Subiaco is located a few kilometers from the city center. It is a trendy yet funky suburb with some great food and entertainment, although it can be quite expensive.

Claremont is a suburb on the Fremantle train line that also has good restaurants (including some authentic Italian), although again this can be quite expensive and there is a limited range.

In the Swan Valley, especially along the West Swan road, there are various wineries, food producers and restaurants with stunning views of the vineyards.Particularly good are Black Swan Café , Ukstein Brewery , Elmar Brewery and Mylard Duck Café .

Calamunda and other suburbs of the eastern hills offer hidden gems of cafes, small shops and food producers in beautiful countryside with stunning city views. Perthians used to hold picnics and festivals in these areas as early as the 19th and early 20th centuries; however, as this practice waned with the fashion leading to the coast, it is a great place to visit away from tourist spots for a calm or peaceful trip to the bush with great views and decent food not too far out of town.People often do DIY tours to local gardens, vineyards, cheesemakers, bakeries and other cottages, art and cafes as it is not very organized. It is generally best to visit during spring or shortly after rains when the forest is at its best.

Guildford has many antique shops (although, like all Australian antique markets, it is visited by many hundreds of tourists and locals, so real deals may be rare), but you can get decent morning teas and lunches at some lovely old architecture.The area has some of Perts’ oldest residential buildings and grandiose building museums and cafes. The old theater now houses a large Asian textile and art shop worth visiting, and an unusual taxidermy museum a few doors away. Alfreds Kitchen is a tiny but legendary burger bar for locals who gather in a large crowd that opens at night.

Delhi can be found scattered around the area.These small shops, sometimes located in converted homes, sell basic household items, magazines and fresh produce to order. The menus mostly revolve around fish and chips. Services are cheap but may be more than expected. Cooking times are often different from storage times, so check before hand.

Local Food

Large Western Rock Lobster (known locally by its former name of crustaceans). Most of the crayfish are exported to Asia and the United States for huge amounts of money. However, crayfish prices in Perth can be relatively cheap, especially during the good season in summer. An opportunity to try without breaking the bank.

Chilean mussels are a popular local specialty consisting of mussels cooked in tomato and chili juices available in various restaurants.

Truffles are grown around Mundaring and Manjimup and there are separate truffle festivals at different times of the year.

Wine Regions

The closest wine region to Perth is Swan Valley, which is home to many wineries, distillers and breweries. In addition to cellars where you can taste wines, many wineries also have restaurants or cafes for food. The second most famous region is the Margaret River (about three hours away), which is very popular for wine tasting, delicious chocolate and fresh local produce and produce. Less well-lit regions include the Porongurup region, which is internationally recognized for its Riesling, the Barker region also produces thin Riesling and Shiraz.



There are many Gloria Jeans , Miss Mauds and Dome stores in Perth, mainly in downtown and suburban shopping areas. Owners of independent European cafes line the trendy suburban streets around the city center. The most famous spot for a decent espresso is Cafe in Fremantle , followed by the Subiaco, Leaderville and South Perth districts. Despite the fact that the Perth culture has a high taste for coffee and demands very high standards in the product, Perth has the dubious honor of having some of the most expensive average coffee prices in the country.A normal coffee size is often around $ 4.

Pubs & Bars

Perth has bars scattered throughout the city, but most of the bars are in the CBD, Northbridge, Subiaco, Leaderville, Victoria Park, Mount Lawley and Fremant areas. Bars are usually busy after 5pm with a crowd after work, but most locals tend to go to bars on Friday and Saturday nights. CBD bars in particular are very busy on Friday nights, with many of the popular bars forming long entry lines. Most of the bars are open from 11:00 to midnight (22:00 on Sundays), a few bars have special extended alcohol sales hours until 01:00, 02:00 or 03:00.The number of small bars and bi has increased. in niche areas of the KBR. However, despite the good quality, they are usually expensive, so get around for a good value-added evening.


Perth has a small but strong dance music scene that revolves around drum and bass. Club nights and international concerts are held at various venues throughout the city center, North Bridge and outer suburbs (check out local street press magazines such as Xpress for guides and more information) for a complete guide).

Almost all clubs in Western Australia have strict identification rules and it is unlikely that you will enter a club unless you have a passport or Australian government issued ID (Australian driver’s license or proof of age card), even if you definitely look at age. In addition, most dance music bars / clubs close at 02:00 after Friday and Saturday nights and are subject to police force and lockdowns (like in Brisbane), so you will be stuck in one place after 03:00.


  • Drive Through Liquid Stores . They are usually open until fairly late. It’s nice to park your car on the street and walk on it if you are going to admire and take your time. Many Australians enjoy drinking in their own home or backyard as much as they enjoy drinking in their favorite pub. ( updated Oct 2018 )
  • The Fremantle and Subiaco have many pubs and clubs.(see Fremantle listings)


Hotels and Motels

Most of Perth’s hotels are concentrated in the city center, the neighboring East Perth suburb (between the city center and the Swan River) and the seaside suburb of Fremantle. A little further away, the coastal town of Mandurah, easily accessible by the Perth commuter rail system, is a popular getaway for Perthians, and has several hotels and beach resorts to take care of this crowd.

Hostels & Backpacks

Perth is very popular with tourists and there are a large number of tourist hostels located in the city, especially in the Northbridge area. Several hostels in Perth are in dire condition, so make sure you see your room or check the ratings online.

Caravan Parks

Caravan Parks are cost effective and often a good way of family living in Perth. Caravan parks are usually located some distance from the city, but some buses stop right at the front door. Caravan parks are generally clean and offer different types of accommodation.

Stay Safe

Western Australia Police Patrol


The main hazards facing an overseas visitor to Perth are sunburn and dehydration.Make sure you cover yourself with SPF 30+ sunscreen and a hat, and preferably a shirt. During warmer months, take care of dehydration in hot weather, and keep a bottle of water with you. An insect repellent such as Aeroguard will be useful on summer evenings if you are outdoors.


The police are generally friendly and approachable. To contact the police, ambulance or emergency fire brigade, call “000” in case of emergencies. 131 444 (domestic) ” is the recommended number for 24/7 police assistance and general investigations.


Trains are generally safe with transit guards moving in pairs, patrolling most trains scheduled after peak hours. All train stations have a time for the next train and an emergency button that can be used to call transit guards if needed. All stations are equipped with cameras monitored in real time and can be activated by simply pressing the emergency button.On the train, each carriage has “talk to driver” buttons, but some older trains don’t have them on every door. You can also call Transperth Security directly at 9220 999. Midland and Armadale lines have a higher crime rate than other lines, so be careful with these lines at all times, especially at night.

The bus network is generally safe, but after a few hours can be slightly more dangerous than the train network. Some bus routes have a limited number of patrols, and some routes have more than their share of antisocial behavior.

If you need to ride the bus at night, sit as close to the driver as possible and if the problem develops, tell the driver . Bus incidents often last much longer than they should because no one asks the bus driver for help.

Be careful when crossing the road at pedestrian crossings, following a path at entry / exit points in parking lots or crossing a street at a T intersection.

Although pedestrians have legal right of way, some motorists choose to ignore this rule.In the case of pedestrian crossings, cars should slow down for you, although caution is advised. If you do not notice that the car is slowing down, do not start the transition. It is generally best to follow the example of the locals and move as a group.

Likewise, if you are driving, you will often meet people crossing the road, at traffic lights that do not anticipate when the light will be in their favor, and who will cross the road when it seems like the most inopportune time.Take a closer look at the pedestrians in front of you when you have a green light.


Driving in Perth can be easy as its highways tend to connect at various junctions making navigation easy. However, avoid traveling during business rush hours (07: 00-09: 00 and 16: 00-18: 00), especially during summer or hot days. Many of Perth’s major roads were not designed for the volume of traffic it currently faces due to high population growth.Drivers from Perth are increasingly known for being inattentive to other drivers on the roads these days, which also leads to increased delays due to accidents.

Western Australia has several regulations to take care of while riding. When stopping at a railroad crossing, do not cross until the flashing lights stop, even if the boom gate is fully raised as fines are issued. There is a lower degree of tolerance for overspeeding, so even slightly exceeding the road limit can result in a violation and or a fine.This is optional or always respected, however it is polite to maintain clearance on an unmarked road that crosses it when it gets stuck in a traffic jam to allow access for turning vehicles. If you notice that the lane next to you is leaving a gap in these places, then it is polite to do the same. It is always wise to take great care when lanes merge, especially during rush hour (as per the above paragraph). Buses have the right to road when entering traffic and sometimes leave without warning.

Australians are allowed to bypass internal lanes.


  • China, st. Brown 45, East Perth, +61 8 92220333 , fax: +61 8 92216144 , [email protected]. ( updated October 2018 )
  • Greece, Level 9, 16 St. George’s Terrace , +61 8 9325-6608 , fax: +61 8 9325-2940 , [email protected].( updated October 2018 )
  • Indonesia, 134 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth , +61 8 9221 5858 , [email protected] ( updated, January 2018 )
  • USA, 16 St. Georges Terrace , +61 8 9202-1224 , fax: +61 8 9231-9444 . ( updated Oct 2018 )
  • India, 12 St Georges Terrace , +61 8 9221 4205 .( updated October 2018 )
  • UK, 251 Adelaide Terrace , +61 8 9224-4700 . ( updated October 2018 )
  • New Zealand, 1 Sleat Road, Appecross , +61 8 9364-1700 , [email protected] ( updated October 2018 )
  • Vietnam, Level 8, No. 16 St Georges Terrace , +61 8 9221-1158 , [email protected] ( updated October 2019 )


East of Perth:

  • Toodyay is a historic city on the Avon River with regular festivals. It is a favorite day and night trip destination from Perth, and was once the home of Bushranger Mundine Joe.
  • Hayden is the closest town to Wave Rock , a granite rock formation that looks like a big breakout wave.

Heading south, the Margaret River (three hours from Perth) has some of the finest wines in the world. Good food and pristine beaches make the Southwest Region a favorite. This is the perfect weekend.

Heading north, follow Shore Highway 60 to Pinnacle Desert in Nambung National Park.Other attractions include the Jurienne Bay, the Cervantes Park with its odd stromatalites, and the Lesueur National Park for sunflowers.

The Cervantes Hotel is located in North Perth. From here it becomes a road trip and there is a lot of Australia ahead of you. Dongara, Geraldton, Kalbarri National Park, Shark Bay and Monkey Mia, Carnarvon and Exmouth and Coral Bay for Ningalo Reef are all within a day. And yet the road stretches forward across this vast red continent.

Routes through Perth
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