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15 Examples of Creative Paper Use in Web Design

The use of paper and card textures in website design gives a low-fi appearance with a rough cut-and-paste and unpolished style. This hand crafted look works wonders with web design, adding a personal and informal feeling to the design.

Check out this collection of 15 websites that use paper textures in their designs. Want some similar website designs for inspiration? Check out these retro style designs.

Sprocket House

This website has a very cluttered header with lots of realistic graphics and textures, for paper, photos, and more. It has a vintage design and a decorative, dark background.

Church on the rock

This is the presentation website of a church. It uses a vintage, sepia color palette and an overall aged-paper design style.

Team Fannypack

This is a really cool website design that perfectly uses realistic aged paper textures to create the look of an online newspaper.

Ernest Hemingway Collection

This website uses a more modern approach, by only overlaying an old, aged paper texture onto the slider image.


This is a fun website design with lots of cool, vector illustrations and paper textures of different types.

Philosophic Allies

This website uses a sepia-toned paper texture alongside some cool and creative illustrations. It has an overall handmade atmosphere.

Literary Bohemian

This is a great example of how to use paper textures in web design to create realistic websites. This website combines paper textures with other realistic illustrations for different objects.

Noel Design

This website design is very fun and unique. It uses paper textures differently and looks more like a kids online color book.

Peace River Excursion


Sibling Rivalry Wine

This is another modern example of how to use paper textures successfully in web design. Looks great!

This website seems a little bit too cluttered but it surely has a design you’ll remember!

Film review Friday

This is a simple website design with lots of paper-textured elements, from realistic vector illustrations, such as the movie tickets, to content blocks backgrounds.


Check out this example of a modern website that uses paper as a background for the content section of the site. It has shadows and textures, so it’s very realistic.

Fish marketing

This website design uses lots of different textures and realistic objects, such as this open book which serves as a small grid gallery.


50+ Beautiful and Creative Paper Logo Designs for Inspiration

Paper is used for writing and printing.

It is also widely used as a packaging material. Paper logos are often used in paper related industries, such as paper manufacturers/ sellers, book publishers, printers, toilet paper manufacturers, etc. Paper logo designs also can be very creatively using a paper fold or paper cut shape to represent the products or services of the company. For example, Just a simple paper folded orange fox can feature an eye-catching logo.

In this post we collected 50+ beautiful and creative paper logo designs for your inspiration. Take time to browse through these remarkable paper logos. They will surely freshen your creative juices.


This clever logo represents a sheet of paper forming the Tower of Babel. In this context, the Tower of Babel symbolizes the multi-ethnic culture and the diversity of mankind.

Paper Logo Source

Plain Paper

Paper Logo Source

Pirate Paper

This logo is designed for a paper company with falling paper resembling a ship.

Paper Logo Source

Diamond Paper

Paper Logo Source

Printer Company Logo Paper Fox

Paper Logo Source

Pink Paper

Paper Logo Source

Paper Tower Studios

Paper Logo Source


Paper Logo Source


Paper Logo Source


Paper Logo Source


This logo is designed for a blog concept where people can go to discuss the content of newspapers and magazines.

Paper Logo Source


This logo is designed for a company that sells boxes and moving kits. The mark is an x/opened box

Paper Logo Source

Seller Meller

Paper Logo Source

Royal News

Paper Logo Source

Dock Land

Paper Logo Source

Fly Paper

Paper Logo Source

Fokal Group

Paper Logo Source

GET Printing

Paper Logo Source

Water Paper

Paper Logo Source


Paper Logo Source


Paper Logo Source

True Wine

Wine bottle and papyrus merge in the logo for video blog about wines. Corkscrew is in the shape of letter T.

Paper Logo Source

Dragon Post

Paper Logo Source

Paper Green

Paper Logo Source

Paper People

Paper Logo Source

Leave Sheet

Paper Logo Source

Note Clip

Paper Logo Source

White Paper Wizards

Paper Logo Source

Wrapped Fish

Paper Logo Source


Paper Logo Source

Cat Folio

Paper Logo Source

Paper Castle

Paper Logo Source

IRA Stationery

Paper Logo Source


Paper Logo Source


Paper Logo Source

Paper Magic

Paper Logo Source

Exclusive Format

Paper Logo Source

EMR Partners

Paper Logo Source

Neat List

Paper Logo Source

Daily Jazz

Paper Logo Source

Print Team

Paper Logo Source

Paper Rocket

Paper Logo Source

Salt in Paper

Paper Logo Source

Capital Sales Agency

Paper Logo Source

Smile File

Paper Logo Source

Paper Strips

Paper Logo Source

Paper Gun

Paper Logo Source


Paper Logo Source

Paper Knot

Paper Logo Source

Swan Copy

Paper Logo Source

Step Printing

Paper Logo Source


Paper Logo Source

Kite String Studio

Paper Logo Source


Paper Logo Source


Paper Logo Source

Presentation Matters

Paper Logo Source

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17 Kraft Paper Packaging Designs | Dieline

Kraft paper is paperboard produced from chemical pulp made in the kraft process.

It’s a way for wood to get converted into a pulp consisting of the purest forms of cellulose fibers (also known as the main component of paper) that can lend heft and strength as a material.

Also, it’s essentially the purest form of paper that’s both durable and perfect for the aesthetics of packaging. The brown pigment can instantly intensify even the most simple designs by allowing the brand’s most refined side to shine through. Packaging designers often love introducing kraft paper to their works as it brings an element of unexpectedness and even makes a luxurious statement in some cases.

Here are some of our recent favorite packaging projects that incorporate that wondrous and tough pulpy thing.

1. PomPom Paddock Proves That Plant-Based Packaging Doesn’t Have To Be Bland

2. Yuan Fu Rice Field Anmi Has Swoon Worthy Packaging

3. KAI’s Disposable Paper Razor Gives Plastic A Close Shave

4. Canopy Ensures Self-Care Is In The Air

5. Hotel Arcadia Brings A Luxurious Twist To Their House Wine

6.  Zoomin Gets An Eco-Friendly Packaging Revamp


7. Mule Artisan Coffee: Where City Meets Desert

8. Rocketo: Packaging for a New Standard of Dog Food

9. Franklin Pet Food Meal Kits Get Rebranded

10. KAFFA Is Sustainable And Straight Forward Coffee Design

11. Procter & Gamble To Release A Plastic-Free Deodorant In A Paper Tube

12. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Malmö Chokladfabrik – MCF. LAB. SERIE

13. Airplane Food Never Looked So Good, Thanks to Scandinavian Airlines

14. Anagrama Creates A Casual Chic Look For Dutch C&A

15. Misshumasshu Has an international Japanese Look With Off the Shelf Packaging

16. CaliWoods Reusable Straws Can Be Business OR Pleasure

17. Widarto Impact Brings New Meaning To “Guilt Free” With Riesco Natural Iced Cream

60 Paper Cut Artworks to Enhance Your Creativity Muscle

Last Updated on July 1, 2020

People have been turning paper into beautiful works of art for centuries. Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is one such example.

But that’s not the only way for you to create exceptional works of art using paper. Add a pair of scissors into the equation, and you’ll open up an endless number of opportunities.

Paper cutting is another form of art that involves creating wonderful works of art using paper. Although you see a lot of modern designs, the art has actually been around since 4th century AD. It started in China, but has taken on different forms as the love for it spread to other places.

Today, a lot of other cultures have placed their own mark on paper cutting. It is called Kirigami in Japan, and Batik in Indonesia. The art is also applied to the Philippine tradition of making “parol” (a star-shaped lantern traditionally used during the Christmas season). There are also Indian, Jewish, Mexican, Swedish and Swiss versions of it.

And of course, there are artists who may use some of the elements of all these different versions of paper cutting and apply it to their own interpretation of it.

There are a number of notable paper cutting artists who inspire and awe us with their skills. Here are some that you should follow:

These artists, and a lot more, have their own approach and style. It’s interesting to see how their work vary from each other, yet have a few similarities here and there. Take a look at some of the best example of paper cutting you’ll find anywhere:

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Stoke Your Creative Side with Free Paper Toys

Being a graphic or web designer means having a bit of a whimsical side because sometimes you need to step outside the grid or box. Paper toys let a creative person share their work with flair. Whether you want to design a paper toy or just print out someone else’s for a bit of fun, there’s plenty of paper toys online for free. Let’s go through the geeky, whimsical, and outlandish paper toys can you make for your desk — and you’ll probably be inspired to design your own.

Each of these links is to a PDF and features a full-color paper toy to download, print and assemble. Best of all, they’re all available for free!


The beloved game Tetris came out in the 1980’s and is still going strong today. Get a taste of the nostalgia with the Tetris Party Deluxe paper foldable toy complete with those iconic blocks.

Assemble Finn, Jake and other favorites with Gus Santome’s Adventure Time papercraft toys.

Show your love of TV and pop culture with a TV Head paper toy made by Anneka Tran or download an iMac Bot from Prawnsoda.

Japanese paper engineer Tetsuya Watabe has made a whole slew of creative Japanese paper toy called ROMMY, each with their own design. Find your own favorite creature on the Rommy website.

A designer from the show Bob’s Burgers has made a paper craft for you to make your very own Bob’s food truck so you can have the Bob’s crew near you always.

Get a friendly smiling Tortoro from Paper Kawaii with this free origami printable of the creature.

PORGs are the hottest thing from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so make your own Porg to either thrill or annoy your fellow Star Wars nerds with a downloadable Porg template from FoldUpToys.


Love the curves and designs of certain buildings? Keep them on you desk with your own mini model. Consider the Kaminarimon Gate of Senso-ji Temple, Japan by paper toy website Creative Park.

What about gems? Yes, the gradiant beauty of these paper gems makes an eye-catching desk accessory. You’ll find them at Paper Kawaii, along with other great papercrafts for download.


Desktop Gremlins has a few free paper sculptures to attempt, including a grumpy octopus and the Ninja Arowana.

Create your own island or series of islands with these paper toys from Crowded Teeth. The toy is actually 6 individual cake slice-shaped islands that can come together and they even feature nooks and crannies.

Supercoloring features more than 4,000 papercraft toys, including a variety of video game characters. The Ninetails Unmasked Demon is cute but creepy, while the Orochi Eight Headed Serpent is a must-download.

This is just the beginning of all of the paper toys out there for download, so check DeviantArt, Pinterest and the links on the websites we’ve shared.


60 Unique Business Card Ideas for Professional Business Cards

In this digital age, the old-fashioned business card is still as necessary as it ever was.

Think of the last time you met with a potential client or business partner. Was it easier to take the time to input phone numbers and emails into your phone? Or simply exchange business cards? The latter of course!

A physical business card not only allows you to make a personal connection when you meet someone for the first time, it also makes your brand more memorable–if done right.

This is why we’ve put together a list of eye-catching business card examples to inspire your own and help you make a lasting impression.

RELATED: 50 Beautiful Color Combinations (And How to Apply Them to Your Designs)


60 Eye-Catching Business Card Design Ideas (Categorized)

Category #1: Modern Business Card Ideas

Category #2: Minimal Business Card Ideas

Category #3: Creative Business Card Ideas

Category #4: Elegant Business Card Ideas

Category #5: Vintage Business Card Ideas


Category #1: Modern Business Card Ideas

These modern business card ideas are fashionable and contemporary. That’s why they’re perfect for forward-thinking businesses who want to try something new to stand out.


Artsy and Fashionable

Via Behance

If you’re going for something equally fashionable but with a bit more decorative flair, there’s this web designer business card in a variety of styles, which can also be used for any other occupation. Modern and clean, it puts on display the designer’s eye for color and harmonious composition.


Sophisticated and Energetic

Via Dribbble

Those in search of something evocative of sophistication and elegance but also energy and optimism, there’s this beautifully designed vertical business card, which is a welcome departure from the traditional horizontal card.


Floral and Colorful

Via Dribbble

Most successful business cards incorporate elements that remind the viewer of its distinct product or service. In this case, this bright and colorful pattern is the perfect fit for a floral company.


Radiant and Stimulating

Via Dribbble

This creative web developer business card uses a unique pattern to catch your eye and then balances it with a very clean design on the opposite side.


Clean and Simple

Via Dribbble

This fun and clean business card design is effective due to the use of simple yet attractive icons and an eye-catching color scheme.


Bold and Professional

Via Behance

This two-color business card for a 3D design and animation studio effectively communicates the brand’s personality: forward-thinking, experimental and playful. The color purple and the drilled holes also help make it stand out from a pile of traditional cards.


Memorable and Unique

Via Behance

This eye-catching business card with raised spot gloss details features interesting patterns and color selections. As with all effective designs, it also conveys one key brand message: this is the point of origin of creativity of thought and uniqueness.


Transparent and Clear

Via Pinterest

Another trend that has been growing in popularity is the use of transparent or translucent business cards made of a special polymer plastic that diffuses light as it passes through. From semi-transparent cards to frosted ones, there’s something for every taste.


Dynamic and Striking

Via Pinterest

This business card for architects, engineers or designers is more than just a piece of paper–it’s an eye-catching mini structure that brings to mind values such as dynamism, creativity and boldness.


Effective and Noteworthy

Via Pinterest

Like other examples in this list, this guitar instruction business card makes the most of the small space allotted by reminding the potential customer of the service or product offered. In this case, the use of UV spots (the shiny layers) in the form of different chords is an ingenious example that can serve as inspiration for your own clever idea.


Stunning and Beautiful

Via Pinterest

This retro foil business card for Absolut is an absolute keeper. The vibrant colors, creative patterns and gold foil come together to create a brilliant retro look.


Square and Holographic

Via Pinterest

In a departure from the traditional, this square business card strays from the norm not only in its shape but also in the use of a holographic foil edge.


White on White

Via Pinterest

Another idea for a blind embossed business card, this example may inspire you to create your own white-on-white messages.


Edgy and Distinctive

Via Pinterest

The Ukrainian studio Tough Slate Design created this very unique and edgy design for the brand Woodstock Sawmill. Inspired by the topographic landscape of the sawmill’s region, this design is highly unique and distinctive.


Contemporary and Playful

Via Behance

IKEA is a brand known for its playful and colorful identity, so designer Joe Ling set out to create a business card that would reflect those values. Like the products IKEA is known for, the cards require interaction with other cards to assemble a final image, in this case, the IKEA logo.


Glow in the Dark

Via Behance

If you think some of these business card ideas are a little off-the-wall, then take a look at this glow-in-the-dark design. Printed using phosphorescent ink, this card effectively gets the point across that you can call them at any hour of the night or day.


Colorful Edge Painting

Via Dribbble

Another printing technique you can use to stand out is colorful edge painting. This business card for a social club, which was letterpressed on Muscletone French Paper, is unique in that the colors and materials work together to create a more memorable physical reminder of the brand.


Creative Flat Design

Via Behance

Flat design trends are also extending to business card design, reflected in this colorful rebranding project for a youth program. Exuberant and youthful, the design matches the company’s philosophy of motivating youth through dance, music and design.


Category #2: Minimal Business Card Ideas

If you believe that “less is more,” these minimal business card ideas are perfect for you. Designed with lots of white space, clean and simple lines, and soothing color schemes, these business cards make your company look just as uncluttered and professional.


Understated and Tasteful

Via Behance

Even when creating your own business cards, the design principle of “less is more” is still a good rule to follow.

Take a look at this understated yet memorable card for an interior design studio. The perfect selection of colors, fonts and generous use of white space immediately catches and pleases the eye.


Minimal and Geometric

Via Behance

Bright vivid colors and aesthetically pleasing geometric elements come together in this minimalist business card design, which is perfect for the budding graphic designer or artist.


Bright and Citrusy

Via Dribbble

This playful and citrus-colored card is ideal for those looking to project a youthful and vibrant image. The selection of colors and creative use of scale to make the brand name bleed off the page also communicate out-of-the-box thinking.


Simple Yet Daring

Via Dribbble

Like the brand it represents, this in-your-face modern business card design uses creative imagery, bold colors and a creative layout to grab your attention. Its expert use of white space and shadows also makes the design pop.


Colorful and Minimal

Via Dribbble

This geometric and minimal design effectively communicates values such as dynamism, productivity and progress.


Abstract and Sublime

Via Behance

As a business card design for a center which promotes the arts, this is a perfectly crafted example of effective branding and logo design. The different variations of shapes ingeniously communicate both the center’s mission and purpose while evoking the organization’s logo.


Minimal and Colorful

Image Source

This minimal business card combines illustration and color for a sleek, playful design. Featuring negative space and natural elements, they work hand in hand to produce an eye-catching and memorable business card.


Amusing and Smart

Via Pinterest

This unique business card immediately draws the eye as it entices viewers to pull out the card to discover something new. In just a single interaction, they are reminded of the need to take care of that pesky cavity and give the dentist a call.


Eco-Friendly and Natural

Via Pinterest

Another example of an eco-friendly kraft paper business card, this design stands out due to its clean, minimalist and natural look.


Simple Yet Intriguing

Via Behance

For those looking for a handcrafted and minimalist look, check out this stylish design for a Japanese restaurant. Its simple yet intriguing design is reflective of the elegance and mystery associated with the brand and Japanese culture.


A Hint of Orange

Via Dribbble

The judicious use of bright accent colors over muted backgrounds is popular in the design world nowadays. Just take a look at this minimalist card achieves just the right balance by splashing a little orange on one side.


Back to the Basics

Via Pinterest

If you’re looking for the simple corporate business card, no frills or colors, then this one’s for you. It sticks to the basics, including logo, stamp and contact information.


Category #3: Creative Business Card Ideas

If normal is not your thing, these creative business card ideas will definitely inspire you to create your own. That’s because these business cards are more than just plain pieces of paper.

Get inspired by vertical layouts, pop-ups, cut-outs, witty humor, optical illusions and other creative techniques used in the business card ideas below.


Texture and Vibrating Patterns

Via Dribbble

This creative letterpress business card combines black and metallic silver over a cream-colored paper. Using what’s called optical art which creates the illusion of movement and vibrating patterns, this design is sure to make it stand out from a pile of other ordinary business cards.


Witty and Humorous

Via Dribbble

The location-based social network Yik Yak created these memorable business cards that depart from the norm: Instead of the typical company information, they decided to create variations of cards with their favorite user quotes.


Effective Layout and Typography

Via Behance

This traditionally colored black-and-white card breaks the mold, nonetheless, by implementing a creative and strong layout. It expertly uses typography to achieve an eye-catching design that manages to make you look twice.


Creative and Noticeable

Via Pinterest

This black-and-white die cut business card stands out from a pile of 3.5 x 2 rectangles due not only to its vertical orientation but also its unique shape.


Functional and Original

Via Dribbble

One way to keep potential clients from throwing away your card is to make it functional and useful. This coaster in the form of a hexagon, for example, might just become a permanent part of someone’s office space or household, keeping your brand top-of-mind.


Playful and Relatable

Via Behance

Another creative way to make your business card memorable and functional is to transform it into a deck of playing cards. This way it is more likely to find its way into someone’s living room or dining table.


Clever and Imaginative

Via Pinterest

If you’re looking for another creative idea, here’s this fun 3D folding business card for a shipping company.


Relief Design and Cut-Outs

Via Pinterest

Resorting to alternative materials is another surefire way to stand out. Just take a look at this vertical card printed on custom thick paper. Laser-etched in custom relief design with cut-outs, this unique business card almost looks like a thin slab of rock.


Fun and Interactive

Via Pinterest

It’s hard not to remember this business card, which cleverly communicates a unique value proposition in an effective way. The fact that the viewer can interact with it, not knowing what to expect next, makes it especially memorable.


Cute and Informal

Credit: Dale Edwin Murray

In the right circumstances, you can also strike a cute and informal tone, as in this example of a business card with illustrations. The use of a vibrant color over a black-and-white photo also makes the design pop and stand out.


Delightful and Engaging

Credit: Ollibird

Another example of a winning marketing idea is this set of husband-and-wife business cards, which perfectly complement each other just like this pair of endearing business partners.


Heat Sensitive and Interactive

Via Pinterest

Yet another way to set yourself apart is to use heat-sensitive cards like the ones above, created for a photographer. These are particularly interactive and engaging as they allow customers to create their own images using the heat from their hands or face. The black turns to different shades of grey and finally white at body temperature.


Imaginative and Resourceful

Via Pinterest

This delightful die cut business card allows customers to actually make a small sculpture of a rabbit using the cut-out parts provided. This could be an effective idea for brands in the business of arts, crafts, and other hands-on hobbies.


Fun and Games

Via Pinterest

This 3D letterpress business card design for a furniture company is another example of how to make your card interactive and engaging.


Crafty and Metaphorical

Via Pinterest

If you’re looking for more ideas for a die cut 3D stand up business card, then this one for a creative agency might give you some much-needed inspiration. With different variations of messages related to uniqueness, this card strives to literally “stand out” from the pile of ordinary cards.


Using Borrowed Interest

Via Pinterest

One tried-and-true method for making connections with potential customers is to piggyback off of a name or interest that is more relatable to them. For example, the feeling of having in your hands a front-row seat ticket to a special event is bound to be more exciting than holding a plain business card.


Clever Illusion

Via Pinterest

This creative business card plays with perspective to get potential clients to do a double take. The lines and unconventional shape create the illusion of a 3D object which is actually two dimensional.


Category #4: Elegant Business Card Ideas

Create a business card that’s as sophisticated, luxurious and classy as your business. These elegant business card ideas are timeless, and work best for fashion brands, luxury cars, hotels and similar industries. Get inspired by your favorite elegant business card idea below.


Elegant and Bold

Via Dribbble

The right color scheme can go a long way in making the perfect first impression. Just take a look at the beautiful combination of blues and gold in this card for an aerial videography company.

In just 3.5 x 2 inches, it communicates the many facets of its brand: luxury, elegance and boldness.


Royal and Luxurious

Via Dribbble

If you’re looking for a particularly refined design, this expertly crafted embossed and gold foil business card is one of a kind. The combination of gold over a black background with elements that stand out in relief create a lasting impression.


Stylish and Sophisticated

Via Dribbble

This beautiful combination of turquoise and black with gold foil is a surefire hit. As a business card for a wedding and portrait photography studio, it perfectly communicates elegance and vibrance in a single design.


Beautiful Simplicity

Via Behance

This design keeps things nice and clean by using plenty of white space and making the logo stand out through a varnish finish, which is one of the most common printing techniques for business cards.


Tasteful and Stylish

Via Behance

A project for an interior design agency, this card brings together a stylish and tasteful combination of fonts and color schemes that is sure to serve as inspiration for your own. As a marketing tool for a company focused on aesthetics, this business card clearly exalts the values of beauty and elegant simplicity.


Ingenious and Slick

Via Pinterest

This self promotional card uses a clever invisible typography trick to get you to look twice: Using blind letterpress, it hides a message within a message and, in the process, gets you to look for a second or two longer.


Elegant Mint Color

Via Behance

This business card for an online retail store also uses blind letterpress printing and incorporates an elegant mint color that is in line with the brand’s identity and overall look and feel.


Category #5: Vintage Business Card Ideas

Looking for rustic, vintage business card ideas that take you back to the good ol’ times? Create nostalgic vibes around your brand with these vintage business card ideas. Below, you’ll find eco-friendly, retro, organic and similar themes to inspire your own business card design.


Rustic and Natural

Via Pinterest

For those looking for an eco-friendly vibe, this kraft paper business card does the trick. Its earth-colored design and textured paper perfectly communicates the idea of sustainability.


Worn and Antique

Via Dribbble

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without an example of a retro, vintage style business card, reminiscent of the Wild West.

Using blind letterpress, to create a subtle and classic look, on one side and screen printing on the other, this creative business card was hand sanded to give it a worn and antique look.


Retro and Vintage

Via Dribbble

This impressive black letterpress business card is sure to catch anyone’s eye. Its use of stylish and curvy typography in relief, which adds a nice dose of texture, over a black background makes for a wow-worthy design.


Vintage Typography

Via Pinterest

This vintage business card for an art gallery is an example of a unique letterpress design that brings to the fore the designer’s gift for brand and logo design.


Natural and Organic

Via Pinterest

This gold foiled business card for a produce supplier perfectly reflects the words that should come to mind when you think fruits and vegetables: fresh, clean and natural.


Ecological and Thrifty

Via Pinterest

For those looking to really stand out from the crowd, there’s this ecological business card stamp that can be printed on practically any type of paper or recycled material.

Note: This will not work for every type of business; only those that want to make a point of being very environmentally aware.


Now Over to You

Now that you’ve received plenty of inspiration for possible designs, you can create your own business card designs and mock-ups using a free online visual content creation tool called Visme. Get started with the business card creator today.

And if you have your own inspirational business card examples you would like to share, don’t hesitate to drop us a line below, and we’ll get back to you.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we’ve attempted to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding business cards and business card design. If you have any other queries not addressed below, feel free to reach out to us in the comments section.

Q1. What should be included on a business card?

A business card should include your full name, job title, company name and logo, website, phone number, email address and any other contact details, such as your social media handles.

Q2. What should you not put on a business card?

Don’t put outdated and unnecessary information on your business card, such as old phone numbers and physical addresses of online businesses. Also, make sure you don’t add too much text in the form of a bio — keep it simple and to-the-point.

Q3. How do you create a good business card?

A good business card effectively utilizes space and design principles so it can hold all the important information without looking cluttered and wordy.

You can create a great-looking business card with the help of professionally designed business card templates. Simply edit one by adding in your own information and you’re done.

Q4. What are the benefits of having a business card?

A business card is an inexpensive and affordable way to promote your business, increase brand awareness, and enable potential leads and customers to get in touch with you.

Business cards also offer a personal touch when handed over to a potential customer, which boosts your chances of getting contacted by them. The way you design your business card also helps build and strengthen your brand image.

Q5. Should you put a QR code on your business card?

Yes! Adding a QR code to your business card is a great way to drive traffic to your website, intrigue potential clients and convey more information by redirecting people to an online source, such as your website, landing page, about page or social media page.

Q6. What is the difference between a business card and a calling card?

The difference between a business card and a calling card is that a business card always represents a business, and may also have the name and contact details of the person handing it out.

A calling card, on the other hand, can be handed out by individuals not necessarily linked to a business, and always has the name and contact information of the person handing it out.

Q7. What is a business card’s purpose?

A business card can serve many purposes, from promoting your business and increasing brand awareness to building a brand image and enabling potential clients to get in touch.

Q8. How can you design your own business card?

You can easily design your own business card using Visme’s business card maker. Start from scratch or customize one of the many professionally designed business card templates.

Visme lets you access design assets like premium fonts, creative backgrounds, icons and shapes, QR codes and much more to create a unique and memorable business card.

Brochure Design Ideas & Inspiration for 2022

Almost every designer has created a brochure at some point. And there’s a strong possibility you’ll be asked to design another! Whether it’s for a client or to promote your own business, there’s an art to designing a brochure.

And then there’s an added challenge: brochure design isn’t just for print anymore. Digital brochures are just as popular as the hard-copy versions. It’s quite common for clients to request a printed brochure with a digital shareable file of the same design.

Don’t sweat this design challenge though. We’ve put together some classic and modern tips so you can create a brochure design that looks great, and is easy to read.

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Common Brochure Shapes and Sizes

The first step in creating a brochure design is to consider shape, size, medium, and folds. All these tactile properties of brochure printing contribute to the style of design you choose and how combining text, images and other elements comes together.

When it comes to creating brochures, common options include:

  • Tri-fold: Three panels on the front and back, stacked vertically or horizontally printed on common paper sizes such as 8.5 inches by 11 inches (or A4) or 11 inches by 17 inches (or A3).
  • Half-fold: This style works best for a mini-booklet style with a front, back and inside spread.
  • Die-cut: Brochures with cut out panels, shapes and styles are often printed on thick stock and come in almost any size. They are characterized by multiple cut elements so that at least some part of the brochure isn’t rectangular.
  • Multi-page: The more pages a brochure has, the more likely it is to become a booklet. These are almost always in a standard size (8.5 by 11 or A4) and include some binding.
  • Square: The shape has become popular thanks to usage online and square designs often include a custom paper size. It can be a little more expensive, but quite attractive.

Make sure to take into consideration print versus digital publishing. It is common that brochures live in both physical and online spaces. While some brochure styles don’t need adjustments other than converting a file to PDF, some print jobs don’t render well digitally. (Tri-fold brochures can look especially strange.)

When it comes to shifting a print brochure to digital, consider making each page or fold of the brochure a separate page in the digital version. Order them in the way content should be read. This will make the brochure easier to read regardless of format.

Creative Brochure Design Inspiration

What’s great about designing a brochure is that you can get creative with effects and textures.

  • Foil: Shiny lettering or feature for a certain portion of the design
  • Spot UV: A special gloss or matte finish on part of the design
  • Letterpress: Printing that makes an imprint on certain parts of the design, such as the brochure above)
  • Folds: Bi- and tri-folds aren’t the only option, interesting fold patterns can encourage user engagement
  • Paper: Paper types with different textures can set the tone of a project
  • Die Cuts: Cutting out parts of the design so something else shows through creates a send of mystery

Modern, Trendy Styles

Some trends in brochure design include using high-color options, plenty of sleek typography and simple images. Many of the same things that are popular in other areas of design apply to brochures as well.

Modern, trendy brochure design techniques that always look great include:

  • Creative use of whitespace, that’s not actually white, such as the Silkroad brochure (above) that’s printed on black
  • Elegant design themes that mix simple typography and great imagery with a few stunning effects, such as the Real Estate brochure (above)
  • Minimal aesthetics with plenty of white space, such as White (above)
  • High-color designs, including color blocking on alternating folds, pages or panels, like DIHK (above)
  • Use of oversized typography, that makes lettering a key element of the design, such Hamat Property Company (above)

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes can add a lot of pop to a brochure design, including the cover. The right combination of shapes can serve to lead the eye through the design, help create focus on key content, or serve as a primary visual device.

In some of the most trendy uses, geometric shapes are paired with a monotone color palette for a unified look and feel.

These brochure designs may or may not contain other image elements, and this style can be a preferred technique when you don’t have a lot of other images to work with. You can also opt for smaller or black and white images with geo shapes because they can help create enough visual interest to carry the design.

When working with geometric shapes in a brochure design, try to pick a consistent shape and use it throughout. Consider different variations such as filled shapes or outlines to add a little extra pizazz.

Landscape Orientation

Sometimes the most modern and trendy part of a print design is the paper, publishing techniques used, or orientation. While portrait-style brochures are the norm, using a landscape orientation can make your design stand out a little more.

It can also provide a totally different tactile experience for the person who gets the brochure.

Choose a landscape orientation for the design if it works with your content and images. While these brochures can look amazing, they get tricky if you force the concept with the wrong type of content.

Another bonus: Landscape orientations for print brochures can work exceptionally well as viewable PDF brochures in a digital format as well since each page mimics a desktop screen orientation.

Bold Color Choices

Color can play an important role in brochure design. It can also be complicated.

When it comes to bold color and bleeds, it takes just the right mix and printing to get a stellar outcome. Take particular care with folds and mixes to ensure that your design comes out right every time.

When it comes to actual color, neons and bright hues are popular styles. They can fun, engaging, and stand out. The goal of bold color choices in brochure design is to draw an audience to the printed product and keep them looking at it once it is picked up.

Portfolio as a Brochure

If you want to make an impact, consider turning your portfolio or website into a printed brochure.

There are different ways to do it – type foundries have been doing it for decades – but your main goal should be to create just the right impression. Showcase work and pieces that look great in a printed format. This tangible item can be a great leave-behind for networking events or job interviews.

Infographics with Flow

Infographics are a great brochure option because they can help explain what your messaging is about. Infographics are also highly visual and engaging.

There are two routes to take:

  • Detail, in-depth graphics, like the first two examples above)
  • Simple, graphics and images to convey meaning, such as the third example above

All are equally effective and can provide energy and understanding to content. Brochures can contain infographics that stand on their own or as a part of an overall design scheme.

Highly Visual, Image-Based Designs

When it comes to creating a brochure design, highly visual elements with images and color are trending. (These styles are especially popular for brochure designs that will only be shared digitally.)

High color, high image designs can work great and be quite impactful in print also. Just make sure to check with your printer to ensure that colors, images, and bleeds will work well with the paper and printing selections you have made and adjust if needed.

When it comes to brochure designs with a lot of color and imagery, look for visual elements that are easy to understand at the size displayed. Images shouldn’t be overly complicated and communicate a single message. (Note the Realcraft example above, which uses a lot of color and imagery, but the image is of a single element.)

Typography-Driven Brochure Design Ideas

A great way to handle a brochure design without a lot of images or other “designed” art elements is with big type. Fun oversized lettering can make a lot of impact and help users know exactly what the brochure is all about.

Get creative with type choices and the way you create words. Interesting word breaks for long words (such as on syllable per line), titling, color, and different alignments can add a lot of visual draw to lettering.

When choosing to design a brochure featuring only lettering, take care to include plenty of white space and a defined type hierarchy so that the eye travels easily through content.

Minimal Design is Great for Printing

When it comes to printed brochures, less is more.

Minimal design styles are popular with brochures because there’s less to worry about when it comes to printing and quality control. Avoid reverse type and you don’t have to worry about the readability of light text on dark backgrounds. Go for a white background or canvas and there’s less ink to worry about smear.

Minimal styles give you a little more choice with paper stock as well. You can actually use lighter weight paper when you don’t have as much happening with the overall print job.

Finally, minimal design styles are classic and modern. They never seem to go out of style.


Ready to get started? We’ve got even more tips to help you create a great brochure design. Or, if you’re short on time, consider starting with a brochure design template!

Brochure Templates

Learn how to design your own brochure templates, or browse collections of the best brochure templates to get started fast on your next brochure project!

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Paper garlands | Inspiration | WESTWING

Paper garlands – decorative ornaments , creating a festive atmosphere, sophistication and lightness in the interior. They give the room an individual and non-trivial look, embodying interesting ideas through creativity. With their help, the room is divided into functional zones, attention is focused on a certain interior item, a positive mood is created not only on holidays, but also in everyday life.

Paper garlands are easily made from scrap materials, in particular from napkins, newspapers, old postcards, advertising brochures, bright candy wrappers. The finest material is used for light, airy products that create a sense of airiness and spaciousness in the interior . At the slightest movement of air, they form a weightless wave of multi-colored, bright figures, rushing up or to the sides.

Interior decoration

Weightless tissue paper garlands sway beautifully in the space of the room and float easily with a light breeze of wind from an open window.With their help, it is easy to create a romantic atmosphere in a cozy bedroom. It is enough just to hang garlands of brightly colored paper roses next to the dressing table or bed, complementing the composition with red candles in tall wrought-iron candlesticks with openwork patterns.

Garlands of golden stars interspersed with the smallest rhinestones add a romantic mood to the living room. In the evening twilight, when the local lamps are turned on, creating the effect of semi-darkness, they shine beautifully and shimmer when soft rays of light hit them.

The hallway is stylishly decorated with garlands of paper umbrellas, bows , locks or miniature handbags. Extravagant decor in darker colors effectively stands out against the background of light walls and emphasizes the purpose of the room, where, in addition to clothes and shoes, important accessories and attributes are stored, including umbrellas, gloves, keys.

The garlands on the window fit effectively in the kitchen space. They are placed in one or two rows, cascading down to the windowsill.Matching in color to the surrounding objects, they are organically combined with indoor flowers in flowerpots and decorative figurines.

From simple paper techniques to elegant quilling and origami

A garland of paper strips is the easiest and fastest way to create a spectacular decoration for a room. A more laborious process involves mastering creative techniques that allow you to make bright and unforgettable decorative chains from ordinary sheets.

Volumetric garlands using quilling technique look unusual and interesting. They attract attention with an original idea in a simple embodiment. Indeed, in order to create a wonderful decoration in this way, you need to master paper-rolling, acquire a tool that allows you to twist thin strips into fancy patterns.

Garlands made in the best traditions of origami art excite the imagination and develop imagination. Simple and complex crafts, intertwining or connecting with ribbons, threads, form stylish decorations for the holidays. Making a garland with your own hands in this technique and giving it a special appeal is simple: you just need to arm yourself with instructions for creating chain elements and make the required number of them.

Christmas decoration

Paper garland for the New Year is an elegant and creative way to decorate not only living space, but also to give a special style to office premises. They, as the embodiment of the author’s work, radiate a special energy, the magic of wonderful and touching moments.

A paper garland of Christmas trees on the eve of the most anticipated holiday will fill the space with chic and the spirit of impending miracles. She can decorate not only a New Year’s beauty, but will also be appropriate as a decor for the ceiling, walls, mirrors and paintings. Another plus of such a paper miracle is independent production and involvement of children in the creative process.

With the help of a paper garland of balloons, an incredible festive atmosphere can be transferred to any room.Choose the simple version of the original chain , bring it to life and transform not only the space, but also your mood for the New Year!

Paper wedding decorations

Unique festive decorations will become an exquisite decor for a wedding celebration. Lovely and delicate paper garlands for weddings open up unlimited possibilities for creating an exceptional and romantic atmosphere. Registration with their help has a number of advantages:

  1. Paper festive decor is affordable, you can do it yourself.You will need colored paper or cardboard, glue, scissors and an irresistible desire to create.
  2. Stylish jewelry with soul will be a pleasant addition to the most long-awaited day in the life of the young.
  3. With the help of garlands, sustained in a single palette, you can set the main color of a festive event, they will help you to creatively and brightly decorate a themed wedding.
  4. Wedding garlands open up amazing opportunities for a flight of imagination and the embodiment of the most daring ideas of the author.The choice of patterns, the method of connecting elements allows you to create a unique decor filled with feelings and emotions.
  5. The garland can be used both indoors and outdoors, creating a unique airiness and lightness of festive decoration.

How to create a garland with your own hands

How to make a paper garland? To create a masterpiece, you will need various materials and tools. A serious and thorough approach will help bring extravagant and bold ideas to life.To do this you need:

  • Schemes for creating garlands. You can use both ready-made developments that are in the public domain of the global network, and try to create an individual image of a paper miracle. It all depends on the desire and experience with paper.
  • Stationery knife, scissors. While working on an author’s project, it is difficult to imagine that it will be possible to do without these accessories. With their help, it is easy to give the sheets the required shape, to arrange patterns on the finished product.
  • Glue. PVA glue or glue gun are mandatory attributes for connecting the elements of the garland, they will ensure the strength of the structure and long-term operation.
  • Paints, pencils, images, photographs. The individuality and special chic of the product can be given using various decorating methods using popular techniques. For a birthday, a banner with images of the birthday person and important events in his life will be quite appropriate. Also, such a design will transform wedding accessories, adding a touch of romance and quivering tenderness to the joyful moments from the fate of the young.

  • Paper. It is she who sets the tone for the entire product. Modern production allows you to play with amazing colors and density of the most important element for creativity. Various effects (aging, gilding, texture) allow you to achieve the desired result with minimal cost.
  • Threads, ropes, fishing line. They will become the basis of the garland.
  • Sewing machine. If it is planned to work on the creation of a large number of paper decorations , then it will significantly reduce the time of their manufacture.
  • Coil. Its importance should not be underestimated: if you carefully wrap a finished garland around it, it will easily ensure the preservation and original appearance of the product until the moment of the celebration.

Cute little things made of colored sheets of paper create a special mood. They are ready to take on the difficult and important task of decorating the space, decorating it for any celebration. A little naive and cute paper garlands will perfectly fit into the concept of any children’s party, will create a special atmosphere of a wedding celebration , will emphasize the agonizing expectation of New Year’s miracles.Get creative and take advantage of ideas from WESTWING, fill your life with a special chic!

How to Design a Presentation: 45 Ideas for Inspiration

A recipe for quality content – whether it be a presentation or an e-learning course – is a pleasant design and a confident storyteller with an interesting story. And if you add a little creativity to this mix, your material will “shoot” even more powerful.

To help you rock your audience – offline or online – we have compiled a list of creative ideas for presentations and eLearning.

1. Neon colors

With bright neon colors, the presentation looks energetic and keeps the audience’s attention. You can use neon as a background, or you can use it to highlight important elements in your presentation. The main thing is not to overdo it with contrast: you don’t need a neon rainbow, use color for accents.

2. Minimalism in design

A minimalist composition is a great way to stand out from other presentations. The trick is to leave only the most important thoughts and visual details on the slides.The minimalist design creates a sense of calm and confidence. The main thing is to be able to feel the line between minimalism and boredom.

3. Vertical slides

Horizontal presentations are a generally accepted standard, but with the growing popularity of Instagram, vertical stories have come to our lives. Why not start creating vertical presentations and eLearning courses? Vertical layout is just one of the techniques, you can combine it with other design ideas.

4. Duotone Effect

It is generally accepted that a duotone is two colors.It is more correct to say “two tones”, because the duotone effect is achieved by combining two contrasting tones of different shades. Duotone – in contrast to the two-tone design – looks more daring and modern. Depending on the chosen tones, the design can turn out to be calm and restrained, or active and bright. If there are photographs in your presentation or course, you should also apply a duotone effect to them.

5. Horizontal transitions

The same transitions between slides create a sense of cohesion and smoothness, and if you adjust the horizontal transitions, this effect will be even stronger.When all the slides are moving in the same direction, it not only looks great, but also works for engagement. It is not necessary to customize transitions for all slides; sometimes it is enough to add animation of the title or picture. The main thing is that all elements move in the same direction.

6. Color accent on a black and white background

When a color accent appears in a black and white presentation design, it attracts great attention. An accent color can be used in small portions to highlight important details, or in bright spots to “cheer up” a design and grab the viewer’s attention.The main thing is to maintain a balance between primary colors and a bright accent.

7. Full-screen video

Full-screen video is a powerful storytelling technique: it immerses the viewer into the topic of the presentation. The key to success is finding the right video. In the context of the presentation, the video should either independently tell the story you need, or harmoniously complement the content of the slide. If the video gets in the way of catching your message or throws it out of the story, it will be difficult for you to get the viewers’ attention back.

8. Monochrome palette

This palette is based on colors of the same tone, but different saturation. For example, you can take shades of blue or orange. The lightest shades can be used as backgrounds, and brighter shades can be used for headings and decorative elements, or vice versa. You can even apply your chosen tone to your photos to make your presentation look harmonious.

9. Personal Story

A great way to deepen your presentation is to tell a story from your life.It can be a touching background, a funny story, or just a couple of facts that happened to you personally.

Take Colin Strokes’ TED Talk about gender bias in cinema, for example. Colin approaches the topic of his speech through personal experience: first, he tells what films his daughter and son watch and how movie characters affect children, and then he smoothly moves on to the topic of the presentation itself.

Think of a good life story and tell it honestly and openly.Viewers will feel your mood and feel more deeply in the theme of the presentation.

10. Interesting framing for photos

There are a million ways to decorate pictures and photos in a presentation: from elementary circles and squares to triangular collages, torn paper effect, brush effect, etc. Depending on the idea of ​​your presentation, you can choose a more strict or, conversely, a playful frame for the photo. The main thing is that collages and frames do not distract the viewer from the information on the slide.

11.Bold, bold fonts

Large, wide fonts will draw attention to the heading. If you want to enhance the effect, you can position the labels vertically or push the title slightly off the edges of the slide. One tip: bold text itself is a strong accent, so don’t overload it with a bunch of embellishments and effects.

You can play with different types of fonts. Which suits you: angular and stern or rounded and cute? And remember, if you are using large, bold type, try to keep the text as short as possible.

12. Circles

The circle represents integrity and a natural sense of completeness. Circles can also mean eternity and constant movement. Circles can be used to make your presentation design more friendly and emotionally appealing. You can use circles for decoration or as photo frames, for example.

13. Sparks and sparkles against the background

Brilliant details will add a festive mood to your presentation or course. This idea works great for a clothing catalog or a label presentation.Thematic speeches and New Year’s summing-ups can also be arranged “with a twinkle”. Interesting shiny backgrounds and textures can be downloaded from Freepik.

14. Torn Paper Effect

Sometimes visual details are great for creating the right mood. Jagged edges, the effect of torn paper – all this creates the feeling that the presentation was made by hand. This technique is appropriate, perhaps, everywhere, except for the corporate style. You can download backgrounds and torn paper elements, or you can create them by hand and take photos.

15. Guiding transitions

Try to make the transitions in your presentation part of the story. Let pictures, shapes and text boxes appear from different directions, directing the viewer’s attention to the most important elements.

16. Motion Graphics

Animated objects on the slide will help illustrate and emphasize the main point. Motion graphics don’t have to tell a story. Rather, its task is to add movement to the presentation. For example, if you are talking about travel, somewhere on the slide, an airplane may be flying, or suitcases may be running along a conveyor belt.Alternatively, you can choose something more abstract: moving shapes or animated titles.

17. Quotes between slides

A quote can be a breath of fresh air between information-rich slides. You can insert a quote to logically separate presentation blocks from each other – or at the beginning of a new block. It is important that the quote is in the subject of the presentation and does not confuse the audience.

18. “Once Upon a Time”

If your presentation tells a story, why not start it off with the fabulous “a long time ago …”? Since this opening is not typical for presentations, it instantly grabs the audience’s attention.To enhance the effect, you can choose the appropriate design – the main thing is that it all matches the theme of your presentation.

19. Loud statement

“People don’t care about your brand” – if you saw such a phrase, you would probably be interested: how does the author intend to prove his point of view? This is a fairly effective method of attracting attention. First, you make a loud statement, and then you explain your position and propose solutions. Provocative and unexpected statements attract the audience and people will listen to you with curiosity.

20. Black and white photographs

Black and white photographs are a design classic. They always look elegant and sophisticated and perfectly complement even minimalist designs. You can use black and white photos or reduce the color of the usual ones.

21. Audio

Add voiceovers to your course or presentation. This will help turn a set of slides into a fun adventure. You can set up audio to sound automatically throughout your presentation, or add triggers to let viewers control the process.This, for example, was done in the Baltika company.

22. Space style

Most of Nasa’s photos are in the public domain, which means they can be freely used in the presentation. Even if your subject is far from space, bright, abstract photos of galaxies and nebulae will serve as a great backdrop.

23. Music

Even the most interesting lecture can get boring if you listen to it without interruption. Music will help to quickly shift the attention and mood of the audience.

Dean Burnett in his article for The Guardian explains why this happens: “Music creates an unobtrusive external noise and a pleasant feeling.It effectively neutralizes distractions that affect us on a subconscious level. ” In fact, music is entertainment, but when it sounds in the background, on the contrary, it helps us to concentrate on serious tasks.

Music in electronic courses is used by the international network of installation centers for the replacement and repair of auto glass AG Experts. For example, in the course “Personal Protective Equipment” they inserted an AC / DC track.

24. Graffiti Style

Bright, colorful graffiti is a great way to make your presentation more modern and energetic.Many pictures of the graffiti can be found on the Unsplash website. Street art can be used for more than just backgrounds – there are tons of cool graffiti fonts on the internet.

25. Polaroid style

The most popular way of decorating photos is using Polaroid pictures. You can use a Polaroid photo in a vintage design in the style of the 70s, or in a modern one – after all, Instagram is, in fact, the same Polaroid. Most importantly, these photos fit almost any topic.

26. Polka dots

Polka dots are a simple and versatile technique that looks original in the context of a presentation. The polka dot background will brighten up even the most boring data slide. In addition, polka dots can be used as a decorative element. The pattern can be shallow and pale to create depth, or large and bright to create accents. The design style will depend on your theme.

27. Metaphor

Visual metaphors help liven up a presentation, reinforce your point of view and entertain the audience.Metaphor always carries some kind of image and context, so it’s a great way to add depth to your words.

In his TED Talk, James Geary discusses the importance of metaphors:

28. Timeline

Timeline is a great way to visualize a sequence of events or a plan of action. You can place such a scale on a separate slide or run it through the entire presentation.

29. Data Visualization

If you have too many numbers on a slide, you risk overwhelming the viewer and losing their attention.How not to scare the viewer with numbers? Turn them into simple and straightforward diagrams.

In the presentation above, almost every slide is filled with data, but it is presented in clear graphs, each of which answers a specific question: for example, what days do brands tweet or blog on.

If you want to present the data even more interesting and clearer, you can draw an illustration or infographic.

30. Mind Maps

Mind Maps help you visualize complex concepts or concepts.This is another way to visualize data. There are many types of mind maps: pie chart, tree, flowchart, structure, process. Each type solves its own problems: for example, a “process” helps to visualize a step-by-step plan, and with the help of a “tree” you can show the structure of the department.

31. Contrasting colors

Due to the play of contrasting colors, important details just jump out of the slide – in a good way. To correctly choose contrasting shades, you need to know the laws of color combination.Do not confuse contrasting and conflicting colors. A tool like Adobe Color will help you choose a harmonious palette.

32. The whole presentation on one slide

Another cool idea for presentation design is to fit all the information “on one slide”. How to do this in practice? First, we create a final slide on which we place all the information in the form of a puzzle. Next, we create as many copies as there are parts in your presentation – and go from finish to start: gradually remove more and more information from the copies until we reach the first slide.Everything! All that remains is to make sure the slides are in the correct order and set up animations and transitions.

33. Tree structure

We have already mentioned tree structure as a type of mental map, but it is worth mentioning it separately. A tree diagram is a great way to classify and organize information. “Tree” implies that each next thought is a continuation of the previous one, and information similar in meaning can be grouped into “branches”. The tree structure can be used to visualize causal relationships or layered systems.

34. Personal diary

Another interesting design method is a handwritten diary. The idea is to make the slides look like the pages of a diary in which you tell your story. Depending on the topic of your presentation, this could be a botany lecture notes or a traveler’s notes. A paper background and handwritten font are enough to create a diary effect.

35. Chalk and Blackboard

Perhaps the most common associations with chalk and blackboard are in the classroom or bar menu.Nevertheless, it is a rather effective and flexible design style. A chalkboard background and beautiful handwritten font are all you need to create a harmonious design. By the way, there are fonts and shapes with a chalk texture effect. Stickers will also fit perfectly into this style.

36. Black background, white font, colored accents

On a black background, all colors look brighter – and this is to our advantage. White type will be perfectly readable, and bright colors will come in handy for placing accents. When choosing a color palette, make sure that the colors do not clash with each other and with the black background.To further highlight the color accents, add white and pastel colors to the composition.

37. Stripes

Stripes are a classic design pattern. They can be used both as an unobtrusive background texture and as a powerful accent. The strips are suitable for any topic – from corporate presentations to educational courses.

38. Social media post style

Another unusual approach to slide design is social media templates into which you can insert your own content.The most popular network is, of course, Instagram. The “interface” of Instagram can be found not only in presentations, but also at face-to-face events: in photo zones or on banners. To embody the style of Instagram in your presentation, you can use ready-made templates or just screenshots.

39. Storytelling

In most cases, a presentation is a story: you lead the audience along a path in which they learn more and more about your topic. Stories by their nature captivate us, especially if they are well-structured.One of the most famous storytelling techniques is The Hero’s Way. Try to find and highlight these stages in your presentation:

40. “Inbound” headings

A heading can statically “hang” on the slide from the very beginning, or it can appear original and attract the attention of the audience. For example, driving in for a steam locomotive, flying in for an airplane, or sailing in for a boat – it all depends on your topic. This effect is quite simple to implement using animations.

41. Bokeh Effect

Bokeh is an artistic blur of a photograph, where all light sources are transformed into bright shining spheres.Such abstract photographs look especially good as a background, since they do not distract the viewer from the contents of the slide. Backgrounds with bokeh effect can be found on stocks or you can make yourself.

42. Watercolor

Watercolor will add fresh flowers to the presentation. You can have a background with a watercolor effect or individual strokes, as if painted with paints. Watercolors are suitable for almost any theme – just choose the right color. Warm, light shades look gentle and feminine, while rich, vibrant strokes add creativity and energy to even the most boring presentation.

43. Bright, cheerful colors

If your theme allows, always choose bright colors. This technique is suitable for those who are ready to create, experiment and go beyond. The main thing is to choose a harmonious palette of 5-6 colors and paint shapes, blocks, fonts, frames with them – whatever your heart desires!

44. Arrows

Arrows represent the direction. They will be a great addition to your diagrams, charts and graphs. Arrows can even form the basis of your design.There are arrows and arrows: depending on color, size and thickness, they carry different messages. Choose a style that complements your presentation.

45. Brand colors

The last tip is the simplest: when choosing a palette for your presentation, do not forget about corporate colors. Of course, if this is a presentation about your brand. If you are creating a project for a client, use their proprietary palette. By the way, this applies not only to color: the corporate style also includes fonts, photographs, textures and shapes.

You have the floor!

You have read the abridged translation of 100+ Creative Presentation Ideas That Will Delight Your Audience.

Which idea did you like the most? Or maybe you have your own specialty? Share in the comments!

Inspiration from a designer. Boiler design.

Hello everyone! Anastasia Blonde with you.
First, let’s get acquainted. My name is Anastasia. Redhead blonde with green eyes. I am from the city of Krasnoyarsk. I love my family, car and scrapbooking.On maternity leave with 2 child. Before the decree, she worked as a manager. Co-founder of the handicraft volunteer charity project. In scrap I chose SteamPunk and Mixed Media for myself.
With these styles I have been experimenting with new shapes for a long time. I made Steampunk souvenirs, panels, and canvases. But the idea has long been ripe to apply this style in interior design. For a long time I looked at the condition of the boiler. The outer dumb plastic darkened and covered with stains from air fresheners. So I decided that I needed to try decorating it.First, I’ll show you what came of it and then I’ll tell you how I did it.

And so the photo Before and After.

Boiler Haier 45 liters. Accumulative type. Let’s take a look at its design in order to understand that the outer case, which is decorated, does not heat up. Because, there is an outer layer of plastic, and underneath is a thick layer of thermal insulation. And only under it is the enamelled tank itself.

Now I will tell you how I decorated it. My first weapon is texture paste.To reduce the cost, I began to use an acrylic putty from a hardware store instead of it. Essentially the same thing. The next weapon is stencils. Two of them are used here: “wall” and “clock”. Next are my favorite gears, which I often order from China. Let’s see what we got.

The next step is priming. I use regular black Sonnet primer.

And then I take pearlescent acrylic paints and begin to gently apply with a brush, highlighting only the upper part of the textured relief.Leaving the background black. To make the bricks contrast against the general background.

Now the fun begins. Painting the texture of watches and gears with paints. I always do it with my fingers. This is guaranteed to give a great result. And this is my relaxation and buzz. And so we got a colorful boiler. Which must be covered with acrylic varnish, so that later you can wash it with a damp cloth. By the way, while working on the boiler, I was simultaneously knocking out the old light grout of the tiles.And she applied a new one, the color “olive”. She’s so dark. It gave a good contrast and merged into the design of the boiler.

I was very glad to share my experience in interior design with you. We will definitely continue this section. I would like to hear comments or questions from you. I will be happy to answer them.

Create with us, create better than us.

Regards, your Anastasia Blonde.

90,000 33 examples for inspiration • Interior + Design

Jean de Just.Lavabo dos Encontros. A project by a French architect based in Rio de Janeiro. The highlight is a giant wooden screen-panel, created by the architect Noel Marinho. Project within the framework of the exhibition of decorators CasaCor São Paulo 2018.

Project by the Spanish decorator Javier Castilla. In the living room there is a 19th century Chinese screen.

Italian architect Carla Venosta’s apartment in Milan is a reflection of her life and career. The screen in the living room was designed by the hostess from the cabinet doors by R.Mongiardino, a friend of the family.

Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, Dimore Studio, constantly change the scenery of their Milan gallery apartment in via Solferino. The photo shows the 2018 version.

Designer and decorator Sasha Valkhof, art director at Christian Lacroix filled the Parisian apartment with art objects, creating an artistic and eclectic space.

Project by architect Nick Olsen as part of the 2017 Kips Bay Decorator Show House.Irakli Zaria created a pied-à-terre in London for Russian customers. The interior combines European vintage, Japanese antiques and modern art. In the living room there are custom-made Galerie Glustin screens.

Architect Ariana Ahmad designed the interior of an apartment of 126 sq. meters on the Patriarch’s Ponds. In the bedroom there is a Gervasoni screen.

Anastasia Komarova designed a country house for a young family in the village of “Belgian Village”. Screens in the bedroom are custom made.

Olga Amlinskaya has created an apartment for a married couple with two children. The object is located in the famous House on Mosfilmovskaya. The master bedroom has a Hamilton Conte screen.

The portable partition appeared in the 7th century in China as a protection from evil spirits. Once in Europe, it was considered a luxury item for many years. And today the screen is one of the most fashionable design items.

On the subject: Fashionable zoning: 45 solutions and 12 redevelopment methods

Paper or silk, wood or metal, glass or plastic, the screen is both functional and decorative.It is easy to fold, rearrange or even hang on the wall – transforming the space depending on your needs and mood.

An example of fashionable eclecticism was created in Paris by Antoine Simonan, Studio Asai. At the window in the bedroom there is a Kin screen made of washi paper, Garnier & Linker.

A screen can become not only a replacement for static partitions or racks for zoning a room, decorators know that a screen can be used to correct a lot, even the shape of a room.

The famous antique dealer and decorator Yves Gastou helped to write a new history of the old building in Paris Saint-Germain.The Maison Jansen screen from the 1950s (Galerie Jacques Hervouet) added a trendy jungle motif to the room.

For example, a corner screen will correct an ugly corner, a bright one will add an accent to the interior, a mirrored one will visually increase the volume of the room. It will become the headboard in the bedroom or provide a small space for reading, hide the cloakroom or separate the bath.

Ivana Sieberer designed a penthouse in London in Holland Park. In the master bedroom there is a French steel screen.XIX century. installed at the headboard.

Designer Didier Benderli renovated the 1200 sq. meters. Screen made by Maury atelier. Designer Virginia Gush, VG Living, designs residential, office and commercial spaces. The designer invited the guests of the Casa Decor Madrid 2018 exhibition to appreciate her extravagant, fantasy dining room.

Antwerp loft by designers Ninke Tinagel and Job Smets. A screen designed by Ninke separates the working area from the living area.

Designer Patricia Bustos de la Torre designed the interior of a temporary apartment for a family in Madrid.In the living-dining room, a brass and acrylic glass screen separates the sofa group from the dining room.

Decorator Anne-Sophie Payere took the viewer into the world of haute couture. She interpreted the interior as a jewelry case.

Reed and Delphine Krakoff have filled the Manhattan mansion with expensive art and collectible designs.

Auctioneer Rémy Le Fuhr has made his home artistic. There is a screen in the living room, diz. M. Jallo (30s).

A New York couple, a developer and his wife, have been collecting art for 30 years.They own two apartments, which they combined in order to compose the exhibition. In the bedroom there is an antique screen bought by the owners in Paris.

Design duo Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, Dimorestudio, regularly update the décor of Milan apartments, transforming the home into a contemporary design gallery. The combination of blue and green is the coloristic leitmotif of the interior. The sun screen, an invention of J. Prouvet for African schools (1958–1962), is harmoniously combined with the Dimorestudio screen.

French architect Jean Nouvel designed 24 suites in Rome’s Palazzo Rhinoceros. The experimental hotel project The Rooms of Rome was created at the initiative of Fondazione Alda Fendi – Esperimenti.

The Valois family is a loft in the center of Paris. Ruhlmann’s furniture coexists with the work of Saul LeWitt and Helmut Newton. Screen, diz. E. Gray. 1922.

In his home, cosmopolitan testmaker Stefan Hamel decided to create a rich holiday atmosphere with baroque motives.In the kitchen – a screen with a painting by R. Schwan-Reichman.

Nilufar Gallery: art & design apartment exhibition. The headboard is Martino Gamper’s screen. Contrasted with it are three pseudo-classical portraits of the Austrian Markus Schinwald.

Apartment in the center of Moscow – project by Garry Nureyev, Crosby Studios. A screen fences off a sleeping place. Arched screen finishes, rounded forms of furniture – all this opposes the rigid structure of the loft.

Tatiana and Dmitry Khoroshevs, Lighthouse architectural bureau, designed a family house near Moscow. The guest bedroom has an antique screen imported from Japan.

Dmitry Kuznetsov and Natalya Vorobyova, PropertyLab + art, created an interior for a Belgian gallery owner with Russian roots, Nadia Kotova-Massen. There is a screen in the living room, Ekaterina Rozhkova, pARTnerproject gallery.

Decorating an apartment in the center of Moscow, designer Kira Korotkova combined two favorite styles: Art Deco and Mid-century modern.

Tatiana Alenina designed an apartment for her family, the atmosphere of which resembles a country house. The co-author was Tatiana’s husband, Vladimir Krasilnikov. Holland & Sherry screens in the living room.

Designer Maria Vatolina designed a 67 sq. meters. In the bedroom there is a vintage Chinese screen.

Designer and decorator Olga Koscheeva, Studio 5.15, designed the interior of the office on the 43rd floor of the tower in Moscow City. The screen was custom made.According to the designer, on sunny days it creates a dynamic play of light and shadow.

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90,000 The future of fashion in Russia: meet the graduates of the British Higher School of Art and Design, which you should start following now

Every year, the British Higher School of Design graduates on average 30–35 people – someone leaves to work for a large brand, and someone creates your own.Among the students of the school there are those who went to the world catwalk and took part in New York Fashion Week, and someone even entered the list of LVMH Prize nominees. The 2020 edition, with its passion for Alexander McQueen, Anne Demelmeister and complex silhouettes, personally reassures us and makes us believe in the future of the Russian fashion industry, which is still very young and immature. This year’s graduation collections were held in video format. The director of the video, Maria Kogan, invited novice designers to present their collections in a limited time frame – according to the concept, the models in the things created by eleven students lived the same moment in life several times.So, before you are seven students of the British BA (Hons) Fashion Design program and its curator Claire Lopeman and four wards of Anna Chernykh and Vladimir Tilinin – curators of the Russian additional education program “Fashion Design”.

Alisa Lapycheva

The main source of inspiration for Alisa Lapycheva, who grew up in the town of Balashikha near Moscow, was the regions of Russia and their inhabitants. Before starting work on her debut collection with the playful name Hohma, she traveled to different cities and talked to the locals – their stories became the starting point.According to Alisa, these people do not follow trends and are guided only by their own preferences, and they have much more freedom than the same Muscovites. Broad shoulders and a fitted silhouette resemble the outfits of the heroines of “Intergirl”, but you can’t call them conservative for sure – Alice experiments with architectural cut, creating as if paper items from giant grocery stickers, receipts and announcements. Her outfits contain a declaration of love to Demna Gvasalia (“a revolutionary in the fashion world”), and her prints show homage to Richard Quinn and Charles Knowles.“If my collection were a person, it would be Andrei Bartenev,” muses Alice.

Hohma, Alisa Lapycheva

Anna Cheremushkina

22-year-old Anna Cheremushkina is inspired by the archives of Alexander McQueen, as well as the Maison Margiela and Schiaparelli Houses, advises us to pay attention to the Spanish conceptual designer Tiscar Espadas, and among the main skills that her chosen profession requires, she names the ability to work with cultural code. With her debut collection, The New Heritage, she reinterprets dandy with a modern twist.The main source of inspiration for her was the family archive, in particular, the biographies of great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers who owned printing houses in Moscow and Tula until 1917. The portraits that you will see on dresses and jackets are taken from her album – these photographs create a sense of the presence of Anna’s family. She calls her collection a man’s, but while studying the lookbook we caught ourselves thinking that we ourselves would gladly wear a jacket with a patchwork portrait on the back. Cheryomushkina’s debut is a vivid example of how fashion is freed from gender stereotypes.

The New Heritage, Anna Cheremushkina

Anastasia Pyatakova

“Combining the technological and craft worlds” – this is how Anastasia Pyatakova describes her eco-collection Neither or both?, Created from the remains of old clothes. “As a foreigner living in Russia, I can’t even imagine how many registration forms I have ruined, crumpled and torn over the years,” says Anastasia, who has lived most of her life in Tallinn. The designer was inspired by airports – the tight cut and sheer fabric, in which the designer’s sympathy for the Parisian brand Nensi Dojaka is guessed, became visual symbols of the invasion of personal space in the security zone, and the discontent of airport visitors and their weariness from formalities are expressed in disheveled edges and wrinkled textures.Speaking about modern fashion, the designer especially emphasizes the Chopova Lowena eco-brand of the Central St. Martins, combining folklore and sports in their collections. Anastasia herself, with the beginning of quarantine, was forced to return to Estonia to her parents, where she underwent an internship in one of the local ateliers that re-upholstery furniture. After practice, she has many pieces of fabric that she plans to use in future collections.

Neither or both ?, Anastasia Pyatakova

Maria Evstyukhina

Throughout her years of study at the British Higher School of Design, Maria Evstyukhina was fond of Japanese culture and concepts related to body acceptance.She adores Rick Owens and Craig Green for their view of the body as an object and Vivienne Westwood of the Sex Pistols for daring decisions. Her debut collection, Objectified Body, has a lot of nude, pastel tones similar to skin tones and ruffles that resemble crumpled fabric. “While working on the collection, I studied various body manipulations, from performances to BDSM practices, such as shibari,” says Maria. The goal of the Objectified Body collection was to convey in each image the relationship of objects with the body – for this Maria staged photo and video experiments with clay, vacuum, ropes, paint and even tactile interaction of two bodies.

Objectified Body, Maria Evstyukhina

Maria Bychkova

Occultism and witchcraft have long been important themes in the collections of many designers. For St. Petersburg woman Maria Bychkova, the culture of Russia is inextricably linked with mysticism, and the answer to questions about the Russian soul, in her opinion, must be sought in our folklore. The hypertrophied, voluminous, patchwork sleeves in her The Code collection are paired with gold brocade, reminiscent of the aesthetics of royal palaces. The fabrics from which the models are made resemble moss, stones and tree bark in their texture – to achieve this effect, Maria studied natural landscapes, so a significant part of her mood board was made up of photographs of forests.The designer learns about intricate cut from Thierry Mugler, and among young designers he singles out the Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu, “creating clothes for the wives of Count Dracula, if they lived in our time”.

The Code, Maria Bychkova

Lyudmila Leshikh

Fashion, like any art, reflects social changes and political moods. Lyudmila Leshikh’s Non-Resistance collection is her statement about Russia today. She combines broad shoulders and balaclavas with naive floral patterns reminiscent of Zhostovo’s designs and delicate boiling white chiffon.In our opinion, the outfits from her collection could easily become costumes for an acutely social play or opera.

Non-Resistance, Lyudmila Leshikh

Tatyana Kiryakova

Tatyana Kiryakova could easily work in Dion Lee’s team – the same love for lingerie corsets, suspenders and ultramini. With her Strings of the Soul collection, she explores contemporary femininity. In addition to curator Claire Lopeman, Tatiana considers Anne Demelmeister, Alexander McQueen, and Martin Margiela to be her teachers.The show of “Strings” was held in the format of a performative dance – in motion, intricately cut outfits “came to life” and entered into a dialogue with the models they were wearing. The architectural cut of things looks dynamic even in the pictures from the lookbook. According to the designer’s idea, this collection should help others to realize their identity, understand and accept themselves.

Strings of the Soul, Tatiana Kiryakova

Svetlana Syropaeva

Women – their nature, anatomy, mystery and strength – are the main object of study by Svetlana Syropaeva (by the way, she recently founded the X: 22 brand).With her Instant Charm collection, she explores the contradiction between Chinese and North American cultures, where minimalism and color block echo with colorful prints and fancy fabrics. Svetlana calls her native Moscow and the collections of Alexander McQueen, Schiaparelli, Maticevski, The Row, Stella McCartney, and also Kika Vargas (“I love her play with volumes and feminine images”) as the main sources of inspiration.

X: 22, Svetlana Syropaeva

Olesya Postevaya

In her debut Line collection, Olesya Postevaya shared a look at a universal wardrobe – it consists of minimalistic transformable things that will be appropriate both in the office and at a party.The collection was inspired by the 20th century and the way of thinking of the time, with its inherent love of experimentation and deviation from traditional patterns. “African primitives also helped me,” adds Olesya. – African culture has a powerful expression, structure – it is not in vain that it served as one of the main sources of inspiration for the same Pablo Picasso. During her studies, according to the designer, Charles James, Yohji Yamamoto, Yves Saint Laurent, Anne Demelmeister and Alexander McQueen played a special role for her.

Line, Olesya Postevaya

Irina Kirdyashkina

The 28-year-old graduate and founder of the brand 30:06 Irina Kirdyashkina was inspired to create the collection by Stephen Hawking’s book The Theory of Everything, which tells a short history of the emergence of the Universe. We could easily imagine futuristic patent leather boots and angular dresses on the main character of the movie “Gattaca”. Irina herself continues the mission of the “Antwerp Six”, which forced to look at clothes as a way of self-expression and an art object.She dedicated her debut collection to Generation Y. “We are always optimistic, we keenly feel the fragility of the world, the ephemerality of being and the value of the moment,” explains Irina. “We achieve our goal at all costs and strive to create a comfortable psychological climate around us.”

30:06, Irina Kirdyashkina

Ekaterina Korshunova

When creating the Dressed Rehearsal collection, Ekaterina Korshunova was inspired by the rehearsal costumes of dancers Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov, the palace interiors of France, the style of King Louis XIV and images of pop musicians.As a child, Ekaterina studied ballet and sewed costumes for performances for herself and for the entire dance group. Before connecting her life with fashion, she managed to live in London, graduate from a music college there, record an album, and then try herself in a corporate environment. “At some point I found myself in a state of severe depression, and fashion helped me to return to life,” says Ekaterina. “Today I hardly wear clothes from the shops, but only my products – they help me to reflect as much as possible what I feel.”

Dressed Rehearsal, Ekaterina Korshunova

90,000 Where to go on December 12, 2021 in St. Petersburg, where to go in St. Petersburg

What VsoHalloweenFilmy in prokateSpektakli in teatrahAvtosobytiyaAktsiiBalBalet, operaBlagotvoritelnostVecherinki and diskotekiVystavkiDen PobedyDen removal blokadyEvro 2020 Cup in SPbKinopokazyKonferentsiiKontsertyKrasota and modaLektsii, seminars and treningiLiteraturaMeropriyatiya in restoranahMeropriyatiya VOVOblastnye sobytiyaObschestvennye aktsiiPrazdniki and meropriyatiyaPrezentatsii and otkrytiyaPremiiRazvlekatelnye shouRazvlecheniya for deteyrekonstruktsiyaReligiyaSobytiya on ulitseSpektakliSportivnye events Creative vecheraFestivaliFK ZenitShkolnye kanikulyEkologicheskie sobytiyaEkskursiiYarmarki

Where EverywhereAdministrations of r-novCreative art establishmentsAmusement parks, children’s entertainment centersAnautical clubsBases, boarding houses, out-of-town recreation centersSaunas and bathsBarsPools and swimming schoolsReading halls and librariesPlaces where to play billiardsBowlingShops, boutiques, geysers, showrooms , rocks and heightsHotels HotelsPalacesYards-wells, entrancesCamps for recreation and development of childrenOther places of recreation and entertainmentAbroshki – buildings, camps, hotels and factoriesVeterinary clinics, nurseries, zoological hotelsHalls for performances, rent of halls for performances rental of halls and premises for parties Halls and premises for events, rental of halls and premises for events birthday buildings Halls and premises for corporate events, rent of halls and premises for corporate events Halls and premises for seminars, rental of halls and premises for seminars Halls and premises for training, rental of halls and premises for training Halls with a stage, rent of halls with a stage Contact zoos and parks with animalsTravel info centersYoga studiosKaraoke clubs and barsKarting centersIce skating rinks and slidesRestaurants, bars, cafesReality quests for children and adultsCurling playgroundsCinema centers and cinemasGeils and necropolisesWater polo.kayaks, yachting, sailing clubsCovorking centersConference halls and conference facilities, rental of conference rooms and conference facilitiesHorse ridesForts and castlesLofts for parties, rent of lofts for partiesLofts for birthdays, rent of a loft for birthdaysLofts for holidays, rent of a loft for celebrationsLofts for weddings, rent of lofts for weddingsClothing and food storesLighthouses and fortsMed clinics and clinicsChildren’s recreational areasDrawing, cable-stayed, historical bridgesMuseumsState Museum-Reserves (GMZ) Creative and cool housesNight bars and clubsBeaches, rivers and parks and parksMonuments and forestsPaintball and LasertagCatacombs and underground grottoesSpacesPlaces for master classes, rental of grounds for masterclasses Premises and conference halls for events, conferences, trainingsConcert hallsPiers, marinas, ports, parking hairdressing salonsOpen view roofs and platformsComplexes, arenas, stadiumsMen’s and women’s striptease girlsHalls and premises for online events, rental of halls and premises for online eventsDance schoolsHyper and supermarketsDK and theatersExcursion boats on the Neva, Lagoda and the Gulf of FinlandShopping and entertainment centers, Business centersUniversities, institutes, academies, collegesFitness centers, sports clubs and health centersSpaces for photo shoots and photographyCathedrals, temples and churches

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