Paper daisy decorations: 4 Large 20 Inch Tissue Paper Daisy Flower Fan Decorations (Assorted Colors


DIY Easy Paper Daisy Chain to String up In Your Home

In Portland we’ve hit the season we regretfully call “False Spring.” Even though we are in the midst of March, rain clouds still abound and blue skies are but a mere fond memory. During this time we like to find any way we can to create a little sunshine. This paper daisy chain certainly does the trick. It’s such a lovely way to string up a little happiness in your home. Follow along with our steps below to decorate with daisies.

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  1. Gather the tools and materials.
  2. Cut out the paper pieces with the petals scored.
  3. Crease the daisy pieces along the score line down each petal slightly.
  4. Curl the yellow inner piece of the daisy inward.
  5. Stack two daisy pieces together and glue – stack the middle pieces together and glue with the smaller on top.
  6. Glue a length of baker’s twine to the middle of the daisy.
  7. Glue the daisy center on top.
  8. Glue the leaves to the backside of the daisy. Continue gluing on more daisies, about 4 inches apart.

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Crepe Paper Daisy Spring Party Backdrop

Happy spring, creative friends! I am working on some fun decorations for an Easter gathering this year, but wanted to share this fun floral backdrop that can be used for any spring soiree. It just takes a few simple supplies and involves some serious scissors time! Grab your favorite color of crepe paper and your favorite Netflix series, and let’s get to work. I promise this crepe paper daisy backdrop is worth the cutting time!

Crepe Paper Daisy Backdrop Supplies:

To get started with your crepe paper daisy backdrop, make 3″ pom-pom balls out of your yellow yarn, or color of your choice.

Next, cut your white cardstock into a six inch circle. Cut one for each flower.

Take your white crepe paper sheets, and cut large flower petals in various sizes. For each of my crepe paper daisy flowers, I cut eight large, eight medium, and eight small narrow petals. To make your flowers really full, I would suggest at least 24 petals for each flower.

After cutting your flower petals, glue them around your circle, stacking them with the widest on the bottom.

Keep stacking! The more petals, the fuller the flower.

When you have enough layers, use a large dab of hot glue to adhere a yarn pom-pom to the center.

That’s it! Totally worth cutting all of those petals, right?? 😉

My crepe paper daisy flowers ended up measuring about 15-18″ wide. Don’t you just love how big they are! I used Command Strips to attach my flowers to the wall, that way I can easily take them down or put them back up.

I made five flowers for my spring backdrop, but you can go crazy and make as many as you need! An entire wall filled with these would be so lovely.

Finish off your spring party look with a simple tablescape.

I can’t want to use my flower backdrop for Easter. I think I will leave it up all month so I can enjoy the flowers for spring too!

For another fun party decoration idea, check out this fringed DIY crepe paper backdrop.

Happy spring crafting!


Natalie is a wife and mom to four fabulous children. Well, except the last one. She’s a bit of a stinker. Natalie is a full time crafter, thrifter, blogger, photographer and creator of She has a studio in her home where she likes to hide from her children and watch Netflix on her iPad. I have done everything from being a power seller on eBay, to selling handmade goods and upcycled furniture at local boutiques and art fairs. In her free time, she volunteers for the Circle of Love Foundation and the Special Needs Youth Athletic Foundation, all in hopes of one day being forgiven for her constant use of profanity.

Delicate Paper Daisy Chain Pictorial DIY Decor

Daisy garlands bring to mind images of freedom,  fun and dancing in a summer field.  The design of these light paper daisies linked to form a delicate paper daisy chain hopefully evokes the same feelings, and can be made any time of the year.

The design is made from paper squares cut from sheets of tissue paper –   An ideal way of using up saved tissue paper from shoe boxes, gift bags or wrapping.

They are simple to make.   Follow the picture tutorial if you would like to make these yourself.

Delicate Paper Daisy Chain Tutorial:

You will need:

  • White and coloured sheets of tissue paper to cut into squares approximately 10 X 10cm
  • Wood glue to attach the coloured centre to the white petals
  • Strong cotton string to thread through the backs of the daisies to form a chain or garland.

Special notes:

  • The white paper squares are folded into 16ths before cutting the rounded petal shapes out.   The coloured paper squares are used for making the flower centres and are rolled in on themselves to form balls.
  • For the white petals, I used Cap tissue paper that I bought from a packaging supply company.  It was quite thin, so I used a double layer for each daisy.  White tissue paper bought from stationery supply shops is usually thicker – and a single layer of that would be fine.
  • When you attach the centre balls onto the white petals with wood glue, scrunch the centre of the circle around the ball and hold in position for a few seconds for the glue to set.
  • When finished making the daisies – turn them upside down and thread cotton string through a needle, and thread this through the backs of the daisies.

There are so many ways of using these delicate paper daisy chain delights:

  • A group wedding decor project with friends and family.
  • Make a garland for a friend’s birthday . (I made a chain of 50 for friend’s 50th recently)
  • Decorate a wall in a girl’s bedroom with looped chains
  • Make a small head garland to wear to a picnic.
  • Use as a window treatment.

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How to make Crepe Paper Daisies

Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to make crepe paper Daisies.

These daisies look so real that you will fall in love with them. Moreover they do not cost you much and also do not demand much care. So they are perfect for home decorations.

One of the most amazing thing about paper flowers is that – they give you an ability to display any flower in any season and fill the environment with its beauty.

Crepe paper daisy flowers are easy to make and are perfect for beginners who want to venture into the world of crepe paper flower making.

In this article

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If you want to try making a variety of paper flowers, check out any of the free paper flower tutorials below:

[pt_view id=”7bf942en6o”]

Now let us get back to the DIY handmade Crepe paper Daisy flowers tutorial. So here are step by step instructions (with pictures) on how you can make Daisies from crepe paper


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Materials needed to make Crepe paper Daisies

  • Crepe paper
  • Newspaper tubes or Sticks
  • Floral tape
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick/Fevicol
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Step by step process to make Daisies from Crepe paper

Step 1 – Cut Crepe Paper

To make a flower take 3 colored crepe papers and cut them as per the measurements given in pic below.

Note- I have used yellow and blue crepe paper to make the center of the flower and maroon crepe paper is used to make the petals of flower. You can use colours of your own choice.

Step 2 – Make cuts in paper to form petals

With the help of scissors make cuts (as shown below) at one side of the maroon crepe paper.

Step 3 – Sew the Flower together

Take the thread and needle and start sewing the flower as shown below. Keep doing the same until you have formed a Daisy flower like structure.

Note: For better results I have used the thread of the same colour as flower.


When you reach at the end of crepe paper then tie a small knot. Our basic Daisy flower shape is ready

Step 4 – Make the center of Daisy flower

Take a newspaper tube and wrap the blue crepe paper (cut above in step 1 and 2 ) around it. Then tie the end with the same colour thread.

Note – I have used newspaper tubes you can also use sticks.


Now wrap the yellow crepe paper around the stem and blue center formed above. Tie the flower firmly with a thread.

Step 5 – Put together the center with the Daisy flower structure (from step 3)

Insert the stem into the center of the Daisy flower. Gently pull it down and let it fix to form the center of Daisy flower.

Your Daisy crepe paper flower with beautiful multi-coloured center is ready.

Step 6 – Prepare stem of Daisy flower

Wrap the floral tape around the stick to give it a perfect look of stem.

Repeat the above steps to form more colorful Daisy flowers and arrange them in a bouquet.

Your beautiful Crepe Paper Daisies are ready.

Use it for home decoration, or gift it to some one on special days like Valentine’s day or birthdays.

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Where to buy Crepe paper and other supplies to make paper flowers

Many people ask me where do I buy material for doing crafts, I usually get them from local market or Amazon. So here is a carefully curated list of craft materials that you can use for this crepe paper flower making craft.

AM Sewing travel kit with all supplies
  • Sewing threads for every day use. This emergency travel kit has all sewing supplies. You do not need to worry if anything is left.
  • 24 different colors in a pack. A must own product for everybody. can easily carry anywhere
& Free shipping

Last update was on: 12th April 2021 9:47 pm

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How to Make an Easy Paper Daisy

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A field of daisies sounds wonderful to me, I could just sit and dream and wonder at the beauty. Daisies are my favorite flower and I have them all over my yard. I have daisies and lots of flowers that look like daisies. My husband knows the way to my heart is with daisies and wildflowers. Are you thinking about your favorite flower now? The sad truth is real flowers don’t last forever, but paper ones do. A paper daisy will last forever and you can use them in so many ways.

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Paper Daisies are Perfect For:

Cupcake Toppers
Gift Bags
Gift Tags

Let’s Learn How to Make an Easy Paper Daisy

Cricut Design Space™ has so many wonderful projects already made and you just have to hit “Make It.” I found these paper daisies under Projects- Flowers. If you are unsure where to start when making paper flowers, start with an already made project in Design Space. Many of the Cricut design inspriation are free with your Cricut Access Premium.

The other neat thing I found out is that Cricut has handbooks for each of the cartridges. The directions to put together this daisy is in the 3D Floral Home Decor Handbook. Here are the paper flower directions below. The pictures are great and easy to follow.

Let’s Make a Paper Daisy with the Cricut

Go into Design Space and find the paper daisy project. These paper daisies will be 4 inches wide by 4 inches high. This project makes 3 daisies- one large, one medium, and one small.

Supplies for Paper Daisy

White card stock
Yellow card stock
Standard Grip Mat
Cricut Maker
Double Sided Tape

Hit Make it!

Glue the flower pieces together. It has 3 large petals, 3 small petals and one center for each flower. It did make leaves, but I chose not to use them for my flowers.

Start with the large pieces first, then glue the small pieces together.

The last step is to glue the small center into the target petal and you have a paper daisy that will last forever!

Are you ready to make all kinds of flowers now? Just think of all the ways you can create and make with these paper daisies.

I added these fun pink paper straws to mine and put them in bottles on my shelf.

How to make large paper flowers from Weekend Craft
DIY Wedding Rehearsal Bouquet with your Cricut from Happily Ever After, etc
Cherry Blossom Centerpiece from Sustain My Craft Habit
Create 3D Art with Print, Cut and Draw Features of Cricut from Dragonfly & Lily Pads
Beautiful Patterned Paper Flowers from Upright and Caffeinated
Embroidery Hoop Sign With Felt Flowers from Our Crafty Mom
Paper Flowers Made with Cricut from Create & Babble
How to Make an Easy Paper Daisy from Cookies Coffee and Crafts


Fun, Simple and Unique: DIY Paper Decorations 

Decorating your home is one of the most enjoyable activities, especially if you are the one who makes all of the decorations by hand. In case you’re looking for simple, budget-friendly decorations you’ve come to the right place! You can make countless decorations from paper, all of which will give your home a very special look. Make them for a special occasion or just for your own personal amusement as you delve into the world of DIY paper decorations !

1. Paper Flower Wall Decor 


Flowers are a marvelous choice of wall decor and when they are made of paper they  can never wilt! You can make them in any color or size you wish, but we recommend you start with giant paper flowers by Maison de Pax in a charming white color!

2. Zig Zag Accordion Streamers


Big events call for celebrations and when the next one happens for you make sure your home looks the part! Hang some accordion streamers from your ceiling to give the room an extra festive look and be sure to choose paper in many different colors to create a lively ambiance! Get the instructions at Oh Happy Day!

3. Tissue Paper Pom Poms 


Pom poms bring joy into any room! Wherever you hang them, the space will instantly get an uplifting and celebratory spirit! Visit Exclusively Weddings and learn how you can make super-sized pom poms from tissue paper in your favorite bright color!

4. Flower Balls 


Maybe you wish to include flowers into your home decor but remain hesitant because you don’t want to take the conventional route. The House of Smiths can offer you a unique and exciting way to bring the florals into your home! Make paper flower balls in various bright colors and display them in any room that needs lightening up.

5. Tropical Paper Garland 


I think most of us wish we could live in a tropical climate where the feeling of summertime lasts all year long! If you can’t currently relocate, you can still bring a little of that tropical vibe into your home by making a paper garland with a tropical motive. Find the how-to at Studio DIY!

6. Rainbow Paper Fan Garland 


A colorful home is one that radiates happiness! When you’re decorating your house for a party, you want it to inspire joy and cheerfulness. That’s why your next party needs to include this paper fan garland by Ice Cream Off Paper Plates in all colors of the rainbow!

7. Paper Ice Cream Garland 


All paper decorations have a big factor of cuteness, but this ice cream garland by Oh Happy Day is an absolute winner! It’s the perfect paper decoration to be featured in your home throughout the summer or whenever you decide to host an ice cream party!

8. Paper Tassel Garland 


Tassels are a very popular choice of decoration and can sometimes be a bit predictable. Want to keep the tassels but achieve a surprise element nonetheless? Blue I Style will show you how to make a tassel garland from paper alone, which surely is an unexpected twist!

9. Paper Circle Garland 


If you’re in need of a modern and noticeable decor piece but don’t have much time to be super crafty, a simple paper circle garland is your best bet! Hang it near the window and the breeze will make the garland move and spin, making it come alive! Check out the tutorial at Fresh Crush!

10. Paper Fans 


Paper fans are a familiar choice of decor probably because they’re not just beautiful to look at, they’re also fun to make! This weekend invite your friends over and host a paper fan making party where you all get to create lovely fan decorations for your homes, following the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous!

11. Big Paper Daisy 


We couldn’t resist featuring another paper flower, especially a daisy! A big paper daisy by The House That Lars Built has potential to become your home’s most noticeable and captivating wall decoration, especially if you make more than one and cover the whole wall with them!

12. Tissue Paper Butterflies


As you can see, tissue paper is your loyal friend when it comes to paper decorations.  You can turn it into many diverse decor pieces and Country Hill Cottage‘s paper butterflies are a great example of that. Make them in a multitude of different colors and shapes, giving your home a romantic butterfly effect!

Easy Paper Daisy Craft – Our Kid Things

You can’t beat a colorful flower craft. It’s one of our favorite craft subjects this time of year. Especially when it’s as easy as cutting and folding paper like our Easy Paper Daisy Craft!

This Paper Daisy Craft uses only 3 supplies. You will need construction paper in your choice of colors plus green, glue, and scissors. Easy peasy and perfect for little hands!

In fact, this Paper Daisy Craft would be a great landing zone for our Accordion Fold Butterflies. Or, if you’re looking for even more flower crafts, there’s our Egg Carton Flowers, Craft Stick Sunflower, Milk Jug Flowers, Shimmery Flower Coasters, and Rainbow Flower Suncatcher Craft, just to name a few.

Easy Paper Daisy Craft

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Supplies needed:

Choose a color for the flower and cut a strip out of it. I used a 24 cm x 4 cm strip. Fold the strip into half lengthwise. Fold the strip into half lengthwise once again. Use scissors to create a zigzag edge along any one sides of the folded paper’s length. I did 6 zigzag cutouts along the edge of the folded paper.

Unfold the 2 folds previously done. We now have 24 zigzags along the edge of the strip. Since we need odd numbers of zigzags on the strip for the flower, trim any one zigzag from either side. Now neatly create accordion folds on the strips, using the zigzag edge as the guideline for the accordion folds. Continue to make accordion folds until reaching the other end of the strip.

Take the accordion folded paper and apply a small amount of glue on any one side. Bring the other side of the strip and join it with the glued part neatly. Place the accordion folded paper roll on a flat surface.

Cut out 2 circles from yellow craft paper and apply glue on them before flattening the paper. Press the top end of the accordion folded paper roll and push it towards the center. Place the glued circle on the center of the pressed accordion folded paper and carefully flip the pattern and glue the other glued circle on the other side of it. Hold and press the circles firmly for a few seconds until the glue is dried.

Cut out a stem and a leaf pattern from green cardstock paper. Glue the leaves onto the stem pattern and the flower on the top end of the stem.

Be sure to check out more of our spring craft and recipe ideas at Our Kid Things!

Paper flower chamomile. Do it yourself, step by step instructions + 300 photos

how to make daisies out of paper

Chamomile is the embodiment of simple beauty and sincere joy. In this article, you will learn how to make daisies out of paper with your own hands . These are very simple flowers with characteristic shapes, so their paper counterpart is also very easy to make.

Paper chamomile flower with a yellow center, surrounded by rays of white petals, brings sunshine to any floral arrangement or bouquet.Here are 12 simple examples with step-by-step photos. These are daisies from corrugated paper , several origami models and light variants of daisies from colored paper using templates.

Content :

  1. DIY paper chamomile
  2. DIY corrugated paper chamomile
  3. How to make a quick camomile out of paper
  4. Origami paper chamomile
  5. Chamomile Kusudama

Corrugated paper chamomile with candy

Here you will learn how to make a camomile from corrugated paper with candy with your own hands.We need white and yellow corrugated paper, one candy, and yellow velvet dust. It is also called flocking powder, which is used to create a velvet effect. First, tackle the center of the flower. To do this, make a blank of yellow corrugated paper 7 × 7 cm.Wrap a domed candy in it. Apply glue and yellow flocking powder as shown in the photo.

For chamomile petals, cut out a blank of white corrugated paper 18 × 8 cm. Wrap the candy in it.You will get a small tube that needs to be tied from the bottom with a thread. Then fold the edges of the white paper. Trim the chamomile petals carefully with nail scissors. The petals don’t have to be exactly the same, so you don’t have to try too hard. That’s it, your crepe paper chamomile is ready. Take a close look at the step-by-step photos and you can make such a flower very quickly.

Photo source:

How to make beautiful daisies out of paper

Today, paper flowers are very fashionable to use for home decor.Not only do they look beautiful, but they can be used for many things. Here we are going to make a beautiful chamomile flower out of paper, which can have many different uses. You can use it, for example, as a decoration for a photo frame, wall hanging or room decor – just place it in a vase and it will look amazing. You can also use it to decorate gift wrapping, it also looks very attractive. How to make daisies out of paper with your own hands read the instructions on the website.

Photo source:

How to make a daisy flower out of paper

Real chamomile flowers are beautiful but not durable. Fortunately, you can make realistic chamomile flowers out of paper with your own hands , which will delight you much longer if you take care of them. All that is needed is some paper, a stem, floral tape, and a styrofoam ball. When you learn to make paper chamomile , you will be able to make other paper flowers from this experience.Useful tips, detailed instructions, a list of materials – you can read all this in the article on the wikihow website, link under the gallery. And step-by-step photos can be seen below.

Photo source:

Chamomile made of paper and napkins

Here’s an easy way to make simple daisies out of paper and napkins. Cut a strip out of a yellow napkin, fold and make a fringe. Make small cuts for only 1/3 of the strip.Unfold the strip and wrap it around the thin wire. Squeeze the top edge, wrap the bottom with green floral tape. Then cut a strip of paper from the petals (here we used coffee filters instead of paper). Wrap the strip with petals around the disk of the flower. Before opening the petals, wrap the stem with floral tape. Uncover the petals. You can wrap it twice to make the paper chamomile more voluminous.

Photo source:

How to make daisies out of paper in stages

This walkthrough shows how to make daisies from colored paper using templates.

First download and cut the flowers to your template. Wrap the edges of the petals around the pencil to curl them down. Then cut and roll the yellow center of the flower. Attach the flower head to the stem. Stack the petals on top of each other to form a head. Insert the bottom of the stem into the middle hole of the green sepal, then guide until it rests against the bottom of the flower petals. Attach the leaf to the stem by wrapping green floral tape around the bottom of the stem.

How to make a camomile out of paper , shown in step by step photos. To remove all the questions, if you have any, you can watch the video on the site.

Photo source:

How to make a light daisy out of paper

To make a camomile out of paper with your own hands , you can use any paper, in this case, these are the pages of old magazines. Since cutting the sheets takes quite a long time, you can only use 3 different sizes, 2 each.each to make one flower. Of course, you can resize and make 5 or 6 different petal patterns to use the small petals in the center. How this chamomile flower was made is shown in the step-by-step photos below, descriptions of the process can be read on the website.

Photo source:

Chamomile made of paper fast

Here’s how to make simple daisies out of paper .It’s just a diagram, but very simple and straightforward. If you need to make a lot of flowers quickly, this is a great easy way.

You need a sheet of any paper, approximately 22 x 30 cm, glue, tape or stapler.

  1. Color the paper as you like before folding and cutting the paper.
  2. Fold a piece of paper in half lengthwise.
  3. Draw a line 3 cm from the edge along the width of the paper.
  4. Cut strips about 1.5 cm from the folded edge to the line.
  5. Fold the two uncut edges together and secure with glue or tape.

The paper chamomile is ready.

By Andrea Mulder-Slater
Photo Source:

DIY paper chamomile in stages

Watch a simple step-by-step master class, how to make daisies out of paper with your own hands .

This simple craft is suitable for both children and adults.Step-by-step photos are very detailed, so even for beginners, it won’t be difficult to make this daisy out of paper. Read the instructions and the list of materials on the website.

Author: Stepanyuk Olesya Alexandrovna
Photo source:

How to make origami chamomile

This is a step-by-step guide with detailed diagrams on how to make a paper flower DIY origami chamomile .Two ways are shown here. For this model, you need to make a hexagonal shape out of paper. You can read more about this in the next block, after the gallery with step-by-step photos of the second method, how to make an origami daisy. The distinguishing feature of this origami chamomile flower is that it has sixteen petals. The origami technique that is applied here is the basic folds of the valley and the mountain. Here I used 10cm x 10cm square paper of the same color for the front and back sides.But you can use single-sided paper without any problem.

Author: He An
Photo source:

Here is the second method, how to make an origami daisy . Very similar, but the structure of the petals is completely different.

Author: He An
Photo source:

How to make a regular hexagon from square paper

If you want to make a flower with sixteen petals, you need paper with the correct hexagon shape instead of the square .Here’s how to make a regular origami rectangle out of a hexagon. In this case, origami paper 15 x 15 cm was used. Of course, the folding method does not depend on the size of the paper.

Photo source:

Origami daisy made of paper

Here’s another interesting way, how to make an origami daisy out of paper with your own hands. This flower also has sixteen petals, so follow the instructions above on how to make a regular origami hexagon out of square paper.Although this model is slightly similar to the previous ones, a different origami technique is used here. You should know how to do back folds and collar folds. In fact, they are not complicated, a fold of a gate, they are two folds of a valley on square paper. The name “Gate” is used because the action is the same as closing a gate. The diagrams below show everything in great detail.

Author: He An
Photo source:

Chamomile Kusudama

Learn to make these beautiful daisies out of origami paper called Kusudama and present a bouquet of paper flowers to your loved one! First, learn how to make single flowers, and then you can combine them into a beautiful bouquet (you will need about 20 flowers). The great thing about this creative endeavor is that all you need is paper and a stick of glue. You can use pretty patterned paper or get creative and make a flower from yesterday’s newspaper. See the master class below for step by step photos. If you are not yet familiar with the origami technique, you should read the detailed instructions on the site.

Photo source:

Origami chamomile flowers

Many beautiful crafts can be made with origami… including a bouquet of daisies. These beautiful paper chamomile flowers are perfect for decoration. It takes very little time to fold these beautiful origami flowers and decorate your home.

Photo source:

Chamomile brooch made of paper

Paper flowers are not only bouquets and room decorations, they can also be used for other purposes, for example, to make a camomile brooch out of paper .Cute and original, and most importantly, very simple. This guide shows you how to make six daisy brooches, although you can only craft one if you don’t need that many. For crafts, you can use different materials – cardboard, Whatman paper, felt or something else like that. Long and detailed instructions can be found on the website, although the step-by-step photos show everything in some detail.

Photo source:

Daisies made of paper 50 photos

Daisies made of paper »Hand-made articles for children.Children’s site with crafts made of paper and felt.

Who among us does not know chamomile – a white wildflower with a yellow core. They look great in a bouquet creating a sunny, iridescent mood. But if it’s winter outside, you can create your own daisies out of paper and decorate the interior with them. There are a lot of options for creating daisies from paper, we will show several of them, and you just have to choose the option that suits you.

These simple paper daisies can be made with kids with their own hands.To do this, you need to cut out two circles of yellow paper with a diameter of 3 cm and several strips of white paper. The stripes are 10 cm long and 1.3 cm wide. 9 stripes are used for one such daisy. If you make such daisies with small children, then make the yellow core larger.

From the strips we make loops by gluing the ends and glue one by one in a circle to the core.
After gluing all the “petals” loops, glue the second yellow circle on top.
This is what a finished daisy made of paper looks like.

The second version of paper daisies. They are made a little more complicated than the previous ones, but they look more realistic.

A circle is cut out of white paper. With a pencil, place a dot in the center and draw lines dividing the circle into equal parts. If you want a larger chamomile, then it is common to make a larger circle and turn it around. Cut the circle along the lines you have drawn – these will be chamomile petals. To shape the petals, first cut on one side rounding the corners, then on the other side.
Press the center of the chamomile slightly with a blunt object so that the petals rise slightly.
And then we twist it a little.
For the core, cut the yellow corrugated paper into small squares and roll it into lumps. Lubricate the center of the chamomile and glue the lumps.
From such daisies, children can try to make a panel or a postcard for the holiday, decorating with handmade flowers.
You can complicate the flower a little by making another core. To do this, you need yellow thick paper, from which a strip is cut 30 cm long and 6-7 mm wide.A fringe is made on the strip along the entire length and screw it onto a toothpick. Glue the tip so that the fringed strip does not unwind. Next, you need to fluff up the middle, and spread it on the back with glue.
We glue the middle to the flower and the paper chamomile is ready.

Candy bouquet of daisies.

Surprise your friends and people close to you. Try to make an unusual bouquet of daisies with sweets as a gift. The process of making such daisies is so simple that even children of primary school age can do it.
If you are a creative person and like to create gifts with your own hands or just want to give an original gift, then this master class is for you.
We buy suitable sweets for a bouquet of daisies. Tape them to the bamboo sticks by the tail.
From crepe paper, cut in a circle for the center of the chamomile and cut in a circle into equal parts, leaving the middle intact. The more layers, the more luxuriant the core. We pierce in the middle and string on a bamboo stick with candy.
Cut out a circle from an ordinary sheet of white paper (the size of the diameter of the circle, as well as the core, depends on the size of the candy), fold it.
Draw the petals and cut them in.
Cut off a small tip, straighten the petals and also string on a wooden stick. If the white part of the chamomile falls, then glue it with a small piece of napkin.
Wrap the trunk of the chamomile with green crepe paper tape.
The result is a simple and at the same time beautiful bouquet of daisies with a sweet center of sweets.90,000 with your own hands, how to make and print a template and a stencil for cutting, voluminous flowers from A4 and corrugated paper

Making daisies out of paper is a great activity for younger children. This will not only enthrall them with a new occupation, but also delight them with the result. Such flowers can be given in honor of a holiday, they can decorate a summer cottage, weddings, or simply put in a vase at home. Bouquet arrangements look like real flowers. Doing one chamomile takes little time. The bouquet will take no more than an hour. Paper flowers will delight both adults and children.

How to print or make a stencil for cutting

Before starting the main work, you need to prepare stencils for cutting. They are made using a printout on a printer or draw on their own. If it is difficult to draw, but there is no printer at hand, then you can make a chamomile according to the scheme:

  1. Draw large circles on sheets of white paper.
  2. To keep the circles straight, use a compass or an object with a round bottom that you can trace around the contour.
  3. Cut out circles.
  4. Fold in half, then in quarter, then in half again. It turns out to be a thick cone.
  5. The top is rounded off with scissors and not completely cut in half.
  6. Expand.

The petals will look the same, but the daisies are slightly different. All steps are clearly visible in the photo.

If you need perfect precision, it is better to use stencils. They are:

  • only from the petals and the middle, which need to be glued;
  • ready-made flowers;
  • one-piece templates of different sizes.

Below are photos of possible patterns: daisies for cutting out of paper, a drawn pattern, petals.

From corrugated paper with candy

In order to please a loved one with a bouquet with candies inside, you should acquire certain materials and tools:

  • corrugated paper, white and green;
  • cling film;
  • drinking straws;
  • chocolate sweets;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • semolina;
  • yellow food coloring.

Make each flower separately. It is desirable to make a bouquet of an odd number:

  1. A long rectangle is cut out of white corrugated paper.
  2. Fold it in half several times.
  3. Then trimming is done with a semi-oval, a tape is obtained.
  4. A long strip 1 cm wide is cut out of the green material.
  5. The semolina is tinted with yellow dye.
  6. The candy is wrapped in cling film, attached to a tube, can be fixed with threads.
  7. Petals are wound around the candy, secured with glue and threads.
  8. The core is coated with glue and sprinkled with semolina.
  9. Green tape is wrapped around the tubing. Leaves are made from it and glued.
  10. The flower is ready.

Such a bouquet will delight not only a girl, but also an adult woman.

How to make a camomile from colored paper

How to make a camomile from colored paper? There is no need to invent anything supernatural here.For a stencil, you can use absolutely any option. If there is a desire to make the craft multi-colored, then several multi-colored layers are prepared and superimposed on each other.

  • To make a flower with petals of different order, a template with individual petals is printed on sheets of different colors. Cut each one out and glue it to the middle.
  • To create volume for the petals, scissors are drawn along them from the inside. The leaves begin to bend a little.Chamomile looks like real.

Below are photos with finished colored paper crafts.

Made of A4 paper

Office sheets are almost indistinguishable from children’s ornamental sheets. In the first case, the density is slightly lower, but this should not affect the quality of the craft. Blanks can be done quickly at work if you have a free minute:

  1. Draw identical circles on A4 sheet using an object that you can circle.
  2. The circle is cut and folded in half, then in half again. A third bend is made.
  3. Cut off the top, cut the cone in half not completely.
  4. It turns out a flower.
  5. Draw in the middle with a yellow marker or later glue a yellow circle of paper.

Outwardly, such flowers will not differ in any way from those made from a special material. It all depends on sleight of hand. For A4 sheets, you can print templates for any option.On the computer, on the petals, you can write wishes or tasks for the game.

Volumetric daisy using modular origami technique

Modular origami helps to recreate beautiful and three-dimensional pictures. At first glance, everything seems incredibly complicated. But it is worth learning how to do such a craft once and everything will become very easy. Many blocks of different sizes are prepared. They are obtained inside with pockets into which the elements are inserted. This results in volume.

To create the modules, you need a sheet of colored or white paper. It is drawn into 16 identical squares and cut out. Take an A4 sheet for this and print a stencil on it. If there is no printer nearby, draw yourself. You can make 8,16 or 32 squares from one sheet. The larger the slice, the larger the module.

After cutting out the individual parts, they begin to assemble the modules according to a certain scheme:

  1. One leaf is folded in half twice.
  2. Unfold with the fold up.
  3. According to the line, fold the corners to the center.
  4. Flip the square and fold the tabs up.
  5. The cuffs are then unbent again.
  6. Fold the protruding corners inward and fold back.
  7. Module ready.

Two pockets inside. One is larger, the other is smaller. They will be needed to assemble the composition. Below are photos, for clarity, an example of assembling modules.

Each module has two corners and two pockets.Blue arrows – corners, green arrows of a pocket. The modules are bonded using these elements. The corners are inserted into the pockets.

Modular daisies are very beautiful and lush. No glue is needed to make them. They are quickly assembled into a craft.

To assemble a flower, you need to prepare 20 modules of the first row and 10 pieces for the middle and 30 for the last row. They do everything according to the scheme:

  1. The modules of the first row are placed with the short side on the bottom and fastened to each other.
  2. Corners are inserted into the pockets.
  3. Then 10 modules for the middle are put on the finished circle.
  4. Turn over and make the petals another row of modules.
  5. At the end, attach a tube wrapped in green paper or electrical tape.

Below are photos of ready-made modular daisies.

Bouquet of daisies made of paper

It is easy to make a bouquet of daisies. Make a lot of paper flower. Fix each on a tube.All crafts are placed in gift wrapping. Tied with a ribbon, and a bouquet is obtained. Such a gift will delight both an adult and a child.

Chamomile applique

It is not necessary to make large flowers and attach them to a stick. If you attach several flowers to a sheet of thick cardboard. And next to them, glue green sticks to get an applique. It is suitable for a greeting card and a picture.

Making daisies with your own hands is useful not only for adults, but also for children.Spending time together for origami, fakes and appliqués brings people closer together. Such a beautiful flower or bouquet will always cheer you up.

Gallery of master classes in creating chamomile – 6 photos

Author: Elena L

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Volumetric applique “Chamomile” from colored paper: master class

How to bring spring closer and fill the house with solar heat? Collect a bouquet of wildflowers! Application “Chamomile” from colored paper – a simple master class, an excellent substitute for fresh flowers and a reason to spend time with your child for a useful activity. Lush hats of paper daisies do not fade, which means they will bring you joy for a long time.

Children’s appliques are the simplest and most favorite type of creativity among kids. Crafts become lovely gifts for mom and a source of pride for the child. Add a wonderful new painting to your home gallery!

Volumetric applique “Chamomile”: collecting a bouquet

To make an applique, you will need:

  • colored paper (plain and with ornaments)
  • scissors
  • PVA glue

STEP 1.Cut out circles from yellow paper – these are the future hearts of your daisies.

STEP 2. Cut a sheet of white paper into strips and glue the ends together to create voluminous petals.

STEP 3. Glue the petals to the back of the yellow circle. The flower crown is ready!

STEP 4. Repeat the same action with the rest of the colors.

STEP 5. Spread the daisies over a colored sheet and glue them behind a few petals. Let them look over the edge of the appliqué to make it more interesting.We used ornamented paper, but you can also decorate the background yourself. Add green stems.

STEP 6. Cut curly leaves out of the same green paper and bend slightly in the middle. Glue them to the sheet at the base to add extra volume to the appliqué.

STEP 7. It remains to decorate the bouquet with an elegant ribbon. To do this, cut a bow out of paper.

STEP 8. “Tie” the stems with a bow. The sunny bouquet is ready!

You can please your loved ones with a modest bouquet of wildflowers at any time of the year.Present them the Chamomile applique!

Paper chamomile

Paper flowers can decorate your home at any time of the year. Such crafts are considered the most versatile decor, so they will perfectly fit into any interior.

Today we offer you to make daisies out of paper with your own hands.

This is a simple craft and it is very easy to master the manufacture of these beautiful flowers.

So, let’s prepare all the necessary materials and tools:

– plain white paper;
– green colored paper;
– cardboard;
– yellow and green crepe or corrugated paper;
– thin wire;
– glue stick;
– scissors;
– pencil or pen.

Step 1

First we will make a pattern of chamomile petals by cutting a square out of cardboard.

And we will draw on it such a contour of the petals of a flower.

Step 2

Next, we must carefully cut it along the outer lines. The template is ready.

Step 3

The template is ready, now we will use it to prepare the required number of identical flowers.
To do this, you need to cut out the same square blanks from white paper.Then we translate the outline of the cardboard template into one such blank.

Step 4

Fold all the leaves so that the sheet with the outline is on top.

Step 5

Cut out the chamomile petals along the outlined lines. Then we lay out all the blanks.

Step 6

Now create the yellow center of the flower. Cut off a strip of yellow crepe paper and fold it four times.Stretch it to smooth out all the folds.

Step 7

Fold it in half again and make small cuts. You should have a blank like this.

Step 8

Apply glue to the tip of the tape and attach it to the tip of the wire. We wind it carefully so as not to damage the “fringe”. Fix the end of the tape with glue.

Step 9

Finish the stem with green crepe tape.

Step 10

Give each chamomile petal a natural shape by bending them in half.

Step 11

We make cuts in the center of each workpiece.

Step 12

Now you can start assembling the chamomile bud. We string the workpieces onto the stem, moving them to the base.

For one chamomile flower you need three or four such blanks.

Step 13

We process the lower part of the bud with green crepe tape.

Step 14

Cut a flower leaf out of colored paper. Fold a piece of paper in half, apply the required outline, and then cut it out.

You should get such a leaf of chamomile

Use the iron part of the scissors to give the leaf a curved shape. Then we glue it to the peduncle.

That’s all, a realistic paper daisy is ready.

A bouquet of charming daisies will undoubtedly become a worthy decoration for your interior.

Large paper daisies for hall decoration

Today I have collected several simple, but quite effective ways of decorating a hall (assembly, musical) for a children’s party.

The disadvantage of such an undertaking is that the creation of paper decorations takes a lot of time, therefore, when it comes to decorating a school hall, I advise you to conduct several master classes with children of middle and senior school age.This is the only way to get a lot of the same elements for your holiday decoration.

Large volumetric flowers and pom-poms

Pom-poms in different colors and sizes can be bought in online stores. They will be delivered folded, you just have to fluff them up.

If you have time and free working hands, you can do it yourself.

I will not repeat myself, I will just send it to my article, in which there are three examples of fairly large paper products. Just be careful, some flowers are made of corrugated paper, and hanging balls and floor flowers are made of thin tissue.

Follow the picture, there is a description:

How to decorate the hall with such flowers?

  • can be suspended from the ceiling
  • attach to the edge of the stage (as a rule, there is always something to cover up there :-))
  • Hang vertically on ribbons at the edges of the stage
  • put along the edges of the “carpet” path along which the graduates are solemnly walking

Corrugated paper flowers

Collective creativity is indispensable here.But! If you make a sketch 2-3 months before the event, you can do everything in time. Again I am sending to my article with 10 master classes on making such flowers and bouquets that will decorate not only the stage, but also festive tables (follow the picture):

By the way, ideas can be taken from newlyweds, whose tables are decorated with living plants. What a difference, actually! These are charming examples of flower arrangements that will look very festive even on paper!

Here I will also mention the “trees of happiness”.They are also made from corrugated paper or colored table napkins. It turns out smartly, there are a lot of master classes on the Internet, look!

How to decorate a hall with voluminous garlands

The bottom line is this: you need to make three-dimensional figures of paper, which are then strung at some distance from each other on threads, fishing lines or thin ribbons. Such garlands hanging from the ceiling will greatly decorate a music or assembly hall.

Here is my example – pigeons in the clouds: I print out a paper dove diagram (by the way, you can print out 20 more diagrams of different animals from here).For one garland, we need two such birds. Cut and fold along the folds, looking at the drawing in the right corner.

We will alternate doves with paper clouds like this. I do not give a scheme – we cut out the same parts from 2 sheets of A4 format at random, bend and fasten them in the center with a stapler. In the large figure, I cut out a small detail inside. This will also be a small cloud.

Everything! It remains to assemble our voluminous garland on a thread! I did this with a needle, fixing the details just with a “step back” seam so that they would not roll down.

How do you like my pigeons in the clouds? By the way, these garlands spin very beautifully from any movement of air. In the diagram, the pigeon has legs, but we do not need it to stand on the table, I just made a round at the bottom.

Cardboard letters

Inscriptions on the backdrop of the stage are a weak point almost always and everywhere. The letters are poorly colored, the letter spacing is not observed, everything, as a rule, looks unprofessional.

If possible, it is better not to do it at all :-).But there are times when inscriptions or numbers are required. For example, the anniversary of the school.

I suggest decorating large cardboard letters with small flowers from colored napkins. The work is painstaking, but the effect is quite interesting.

The most common small napkins. One flower needs 2 napkins. Put them folded one on top of the other, draw a circle with a saucer, cut out. In the center we fasten it with a stapler. What to do next can be seen from the figure. We fix the resulting flowers with glue on a cardboard blank with numbers or letters.

Wall decorations

In the picture on the left – charming flowers with voluminous petals. Cut out the hearts, fold them in half, glue one side. We made them quite large – one petal was from half of the album sheet. A noticeable decoration, do not hesitate! We fastened them to strips of plain blue wallpaper, decorated the backdrop of the stage.

On the right picture there is a “musical” wreath made of photocopies of music pages. It is easy to twist the buns, the result is amazing!

Ready-made three-dimensional paper decorations

Please appreciate my great work – articles with pictures that I have prepared for your convenience.I found the best design examples, gave advice on installation and assembly :-). All these elements are LARGE enough, perfect for the hall, the price is quite convenient.

I wish you a pleasant viewing (click on the red words):

Read more about accordion balls (many examples).

Here is everything about ready-made paper pom-poms with a link to the site.

Large volumetric stars (56 cm in diameter) – here with examples

Paper multicolored pom-poms-tassels are also a great decoration, look at the pictures

And here are the honeycomb balls.What a beauty, look!

Do you know what forfeits are? These are fans for decoration. Adore!

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  • Cross stitch (58)
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Sorry, but I’m showing you without giving me dimensions. Because I myself worked on an intuitive level. This is the shape of a petal. The ends of the petals can be pointed.

Marker shows the bending line or stiffener. It is better to draw it with a ballpoint pen without paste.

We work out the future stiffener with a paper knife, passing the paper half of its thickness. For inexperienced people it is better to take not a clerical knife, but a simple one. I sometimes use an ordinary needle.

We form the relief of the petal along the curvilinear notch.We press the lower sides to each other.

This is the wrong side. Form another stiffener, bending the centerline to half the petal.

The width of the petal base can be adjusted as you wish.

The heart is a circle with a circle inside.

We carry out a curvilinear notch.

Cut out a small sector. You can simply make an incision to the center of the circle.

Form the core. Bend the stiffener while joining the edges of the cut segment.

We attach the petals to the wrong side.

Like this, the further design decision is yours. I glued thick foam rubber to the inside, inserted a reinforced wire into it, glued green leaves of paper to the stems, and inserted flowers into the holes in the stand. These daisies are 9 years old. Today, perhaps, I would have made a different constructive solution to fix the flowers on the stem.

How to decorate the hall beautifully and in an original way for a wedding, graduation, children’s or other holiday? You can do this with paper flowers.Such decoration of the hall with flowers is easy to do with your own hands.

Advantages of paper flowers

Such decor is a great alternative to the beautiful, but familiar live flowers, balls and draperies.

  • Paper compositions do not fade or crumble.
  • Much cheaper than real bouquets bought at a flower shop.
  • No need to spend money on a florist, you can create decorations yourself.
  • The manufacturing process is simple, but interesting, you can connect children to it.
  • Easy to attach – requires pins, glue or tape.
  • Easy to clean up after a party.
  • You can make inflorescences of any size and type, including the most exotic and fantastic.

Which paper is best to use

A wide variety of papers and materials can be used to create flowers. If you show your imagination, then the case will go:

  • carton,
  • color,
  • white,
  • corrugated,
  • sheet music,
  • craft paper,
  • Toilet rolls,
  • disposable tableware,
  • starched fabric (silk, organza).

It is good to make such jewelry together with children. For example, for a holiday at school, students can not only do a large amount of work, but also enjoy it and realize their creative abilities.

It is also useful for adults to do this kind of creativity. Moreover, do-it-yourself paper flowers for the hall will cost several times cheaper than buying ready-made ones.

When choosing shades, one should keep in mind the general style of decoration of the room, the nature of the celebration, the main color in the room.

Also for creativity you will need glue, tape, threads and a needle, wire, pins, tinsel, beads, ribbons and other additional decor.

How to position

Usually, walls, curtains, curtains are decorated first of all. If there is a scene, then flowers are placed at the entrance and in the depths. They are also attached along the ramp, masking the equipment in parallel. You can arrange paper buds around the edges of the carpet.

Walls are decorated with voluminous or flat flowers of various shapes.You can create a composition of flowers of different sizes, leaves, ribbons, add drapery. It is better, of course, to keep them in the same style or color scheme. Paper buds can resemble peonies, roses, daisies, poppies, or have fantastic shapes. Sometimes large specimens have an island, and smaller ones are hung around. You can also cut a flock of butterflies from paper of similar colors.

Above the festive table, with the help of flower arrangements, the places where the heroes of the occasion sit are distinguished.The photo shows how you can decorate the place of the bride and groom at the wedding table. For wedding decor, paper butterflies or doves can be added to the flowers.

Small flowers can be scattered on the floor. Garlands are used to decorate the ceiling and walls. You can decorate furniture with giant flowers or arrange them in the corners of the room.

Letters and numbers can be formed from the buds, for example, to put them at the backdrop of the stage. To do this, the bases of the desired shape are cut out of thick cardboard, and then flowers are glued to them.You can make them from colored paper napkins.

The ceiling is decorated with individual flowers or flower garlands. You can hang flowers on threads of different lengths. Such decorations look especially good under high ceilings. The inflorescences, suspended on thin threads or scaffolds, appear to float and create a magical sensation. You can also hang them on ribbons. Such decor will be especially appropriate in a music or assembly hall.

The curtain or curtains can be decorated with flower arrangements, individual baskets or hawaiian-style garlands.They also decorate a photo zone or a backdrop screen. At the same time, it is not necessary to fill the entire wall with flowers, although this is also possible – sometimes a few large and small placers around are enough.

Giant Flowers

Large paper paper flowers for hall decoration look spectacular. To create them you will need:

The glue can be a glue gun or regular quality glue.

First, draw the petals. They should not be round, but slightly oblong.Petals need 9-10: 4 large, 3 medium, 2-3 small. Next, we cut them out and cut them. We glue the cut to make the petals three-dimensional.

Glue the 4 largest petals together. The edges need to be slightly bent, like a real flower. With the second row in the center we glue the petals of medium and small size, we also bend their edges.

To create the middle of the flower, one small petal, cut it to the middle, fold it and glue it. We glue the middle into the flower cup.These colors can be made in several different sizes and colors.


These large paper flowers can be made from many paper cones glued together. To do this, paper of different shades is cut into squares or rectangles, rolled up and fixed with glue. Glue the first (outer) row of cones to the cardboard base, and then gradually fills the middle of the bud.

Flowers with notes

If, instead of plain paper, you use paper with a printed score, you get an original decoration of the hall for a musical festival.In this case, the shape of the flowers can be the simplest.

From muffin tins

The paper muffin cups can be dyed in different colors and the flowers are almost ready. It is enough to add a bright center and green paper leaves.


To craft giant white lilies to decorate the hall, you will need two plates – a large one and a smaller one. The large one will measure the diameter of the flower, and the small one – the size of the petals.

Draw a circle around the large plate and then draw petals around the small one. We cut out the workpiece. There are three such blanks:

  • cut out two petals from one,
  • 90,021 from the second – one,
  • cut the third one along the petal.

Roll and glue all three shapes and wrap the petals to get a flower that looks like a natural one. We glue the blanks together, inserting the smaller ones into the larger ones. Glue the round base from below.


Very simple, but in their own way cute flowers for decorating the hall. To make daisies out of paper for decoration, cut the petals in the form of a drop. You can either glue them together with sharp ends, or fold each petal in half, then unfold and glue them like this.

The middle part of the chamomile is made separately. To do this, cut out a circle from paper of a contrasting color and cut it, not reaching the middle. These “petals” need to be fluffed so that the core of the flower is voluminous.It is glued to the center of the chamomile.

Corrugated paper

Corrugated paper produces voluminous and fluffy roses, peonies, carnations and exotic flowers.

  • Flowers can be made using the same technology as pom-poms – paper is folded into an accordion, tied in the middle, straightened. Pieces of paper or tinsel are glued to the middle.
  • Peonies do this: you need to cut out several circles of different shades of pink and different sizes.On the edges of some, waves are cut, others – teeth. Then the circles are sewn from largest to smallest to obtain a voluminous inflorescence. The flower is crumpled to give it more volume.
  • Bright tropical flowers are obtained from juicy paper tones. To do this, the sheets are rolled into tubes, tied together and straightened.
  • Ball flowers are made by folding several pieces of corrugated paper into a pile, then with an accordion. In the middle, the accordion is tied with wire, the edges of the stack are rounded off with scissors, and then the petals are straightened.It turns out a flower-ball, similar to a dandelion.

Corrugated paper is especially suitable for creating flowers for hall decoration. Thanks to its structure, it is easy to fluff it up, and it is possible to make volumetric buds similar to natural volumetric from it. In addition, it is light and airy, it is easy to make delicate flower petals from it. Heavier paper does not give this feeling of lightness, and flowers look less natural.

Craft paper

You can cut a wide spiral from such paper, and then roll a rose of an unusual color out of it.

From toilet paper rolls

A light and airy composition will be obtained from cut toilet paper rolls. To do this, they are cut into rings, folded, and then glued with ordinary PVA, securing with clothespins. Ready-made flowers or individual rings can be dyed. You can simply hang such flowers on the wall – for this you need to drive in a few carnations.


If you are preparing for a celebration, you need to start preparing jewelry in advance.Firstly, you will not be in a hurry, and secondly, practice and get your hand filled. It is especially worth practicing if you want to make origami flowers or some complex model. It is better to start preparing for a serious celebration in a couple of months.

Make a sketch first. Once you know what you want to get, it will be easier to pick up paper and put together the entire composition.

Designers do not recommend making large letters and numbers on their own. As a rule, the result is far from ideal.If you can’t do without them, then the letters made from paper flowers will look much better than just cut and painted ones.


Paper flowers for the decoration of the festive hall are often not inferior in beauty to the real ones. Such decorations are very original, and besides, they are inexpensive, because you can make them yourself.

Paper daisies (74 photos)

Original crafts in the form of daisies can be used not only at school exhibitions, but also as decorations, interesting paintings or applications, in the form of a bookmark in a book.And voluminous flowers on a metal frame can be put in a vase on a coffee table.

Materials for work

To create an original craft, we need the following materials:

  1. Corrugated paper.
  2. Colored paper, cardboard.
  3. Illustrated paper.
  4. Tapes.
  5. Adhesive.
  6. Paints, brushes.
  7. Scissors.
  8. Decor elements for decorating our bouquets.

As you can see, the set is small.However, even from this minimal set, it is easy to make real decorative bouquets of daisies.

Master classes on creating bouquets

Today you can find a huge number of models for creating crafts: video tutorials, step-by-step diagrams with detailed descriptions, photos of finished products are presented to the attention of needlewomen and craftsmen. It is quite easy to choose the suitable option. Before starting work, as always, it is necessary to prepare an organized place: a wide table, a source of lighting.Models with which we will work today:

  1. Bouquet of crepe daisies.
  2. Volumetric flowers from colored cardboard.
  3. Chamomile bookmark.
  4. Chamomile in quilling technology.
  5. A bouquet of flowers made of wire and colored paper.

Each method is quite original and has a purpose: crafts for an exhibition, home decoration, a practical idea for a school (bookmark).

Bouquet of crepe daisies

Corrugated paper is distinguished by its rich saturated color and texture, allows you to create original and realistic shapes.For the craft, we need to prepare the following materials:

  • Several sheets of multi-colored crepe.
  • Illustrated paper for packaging a bouquet.
  • Metal wire for stems.
  • Satin ribbon.
  • Strong adhesive.

This bouquet can be presented to mom on March 8th. When creating daisies, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Cut squares of white corrugated paper for the leaves.
  2. Make several blanks from yellow crepe.
  3. Heat all workpieces with a hot iron. While the blanks have not cooled down, they should be slightly bent around the edges and released to give a peculiar shape and contour.
  4. Glue chamomile leaves around the circle of yellow corrugated paper circles.
  5. We form a stem from the wire, wrap it with paper or tape, gluing the surface of the stem in places.
  6. Ready-made daisies must be packed: place a sheet of illustrated paper in the shape of a diamond in front of us.We spread a bouquet of flowers on it.
  7. Wrap the stems with paper, leaving the inflorescences at the top.

To decorate daisies, we additionally glue rhinestones or small beads on separate leaves. Using a satin ribbon, we form an original bow and fasten it with a stapler.

Volumetric flowers from colored cardboard

To create original daisies, you need a template for making leaves and a sheet of thick cardboard as a base.Step-by-step instructions for making crafts:

  • Cut out the leaves for chamomile and the central part of the flower along the contour.
  • Bend each petal at a slight angle.
  • We glue the round central part to the base, and the leaves around the circumference. We glue the leaves only in the lower third, leaving the bent part of the petal free.

You can use this craft to decorate a gift card.

Chamomile bookmark in a book

To make a durable and original bookmark for a book or textbook, you will need to prepare the following materials:

  • Thick cardboard.
  • Scissors.
  • Paints and brushes.
  • Adhesive.
  • Decor elements (beads or rhinestones).
  • Colored paper.
  • Clear varnish.

Having prepared the materials, you can start working. For convenience, use the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Using a schematic template, we will cut out a blank from cardboard and colored paper.
  2. Glue the colored part onto the cardboard base.
  3. On top we decorate the product with beads or a scattering of rhinestones.
  4. Finish the work by covering the entire craft with a layer of clear varnish.

After drying and shrinking, the product will acquire sufficient strength and serve for a long time.

Chamomile in quilling technology

The basis for quilling is curled parts made of colored ribbons in the form of thin stripes. For work we need:

  1. Special tools for folding tapes or a reel.
  2. Strips of colored paper.
  3. A sheet of thick cardboard.
  4. Adhesive.

The work begins with the creation of parts for the chamomile:

  • Having fastened a strip of paper on the spool, fold a white sheet. After folding, the shape is slightly squeezed from the edges to give the petal an elongated shape.
  • Having prepared enough parts, you can make the middle. To do this, a strip of yellow colored paper is harvested and twisted into a ring.
  • All parts are glued to the cardboard base. Decorate with beads or rhinestones.

Original daisies made in the quilling style can be decorated in a decorative frame and hung on the wall as an addition to the interior.

Bouquet of daisies made of wire and colored paper

This bouquet can be put in a vase and admired all year round, regardless of the season and weather outside the window. For work you will need:

  • Metal wire.
  • Colored paper.
  • Adhesive.

Step-by-step instructions for the master:

  1. Using a template, cut out the petals and the central part from colored paper.
  2. Fold the petals in half and open them again – the fold plays a decorative role.
  3. Glue the petals to the center piece along the fold line.

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