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13 Malaysian Restaurants Around the World You Must Visit

Have you ever come back from holiday just craving for nasi lemak or roti canai?

What if you get that craving while STILL on your holiday? We’ve got you covered.

Do as the Romans do.

Or, eat as a Malaysian does. Because there’s only so long a true Malaysian can go without sambal belacan or petai.

So, as you plan the itinerary for your next holiday, why not include these Malaysian restaurants?



1. Melur (London)

Satisfy your cravings for Malaysian food when in London. Ayam Percik, Sambal Udang Petai, Nasi Itik and Hokkien Noodle are among the best selling menu items at Melur. This restaurant is well-known among Malaysians living in the UK and travellers alike, offering Malaysian and Indonesian delicacies.

Melur interior. SourceOne of the dishes at Melur. Source

Website: http://www.melurlondon.co.uk



2. Satay House (London)

Succulent beef, grilled to perfection, served with kuah kacang on a cold night in London is an absolute foodgasm for any Malaysian.

Forget the late night kebabs and chip shops. Make a visit to Satay House for a good serving of Malaysian favourites.

Rojak at Satay House. SourceSeating at Satay House. Source

Website: http://www.satay-house.co.uk



3. C&R Restaurant (London)

Prawn Satay, Fresh Seabass Steamed with Soybean Paste Sauce, Lobster with Dried Curry Sauce and Braised Spicy Sliced Beef (Szechuan Style) are among the dishes that you can find at C&R Restaurant.

Prawns at C&R. Source

Website: http://www.cnrrestaurant.com



4. Fatty Crab (New York)

Nasi Lemak with Sambal Ikan Bilis, Mee Jawa and Beef Rendang are some of the menu you’ll find alongside other famous dishes at Fatty Crab, New York. The restaurant is not related to the restaurant of the same name in Taman Megah, PJ, in case you were wondering.

Fatty Crab New York interior. SourceSignature dish. Source

Website: https://www.facebook.com/FattyCrab/?fref=ts




“Penang” (Washington)

If you are craving for Malaysian food like Roti Canai, Popiah Basah, Asam Laksa or Char Kuey Teow, get your fix here. Upon entering this restaurant, the classic Peranakan-inspired furniture will make you feel at home again.

Interior of Penang Restaurant, Bethesda. SourceOne of their signature dishes. Source

Website: http://www.penangmaryland.com



6. MAC: Malay Asian Cuisine (Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan)

This place offers over 50 dishes, including Nasi Goreng Kampung, Rendang Daging, Pulut Panggang, Otak-otak and Pisang Goreng.

Malay Asian Cuisine Shibuya interior. SourceHerbal soup in steamed apple. Source

Website:  http://www.malayasiancuisine.com



7. Serai (Heidelberg, Germany)

Serai’s authentic Malaysian cuisine includes Kari Ayam, Mee Goreng, Sayur Lodeh and Pulut Mangga. Previously operating as a full serviced restaurant, Serai is now a caterer that also provide cooking classes.

The team at Serai. SourceNasi lemak from Serai. Source

Website: https://www.facebook.com/serai.heidelberg



8. Wau (Amsterdam)

Who knew you could find a good plate of Pasembur, Sambal Petai or even Kangkung Belacan in Amsterdam? If you happen to be in this part of the world, look for this restaurant on your map.

Interior of Wau. Source

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/Malaysian-Restaurant-Wau-216825321671313/



9. Nasi Lemak Paris (Paris)

The classic nasi lemak bungkus can now be enjoyed alongside a portion of moules-frites. Served with the signature ingredients of spicy sambal, hard boiled egg, ikan bilis goreng and cucumber and wrapped in familiar brown paper, this is the brain child of three Malaysian guys who migrated to Paris.


Have a nasi lemak bungkus as you visit the Mona Lisa. Source



10. Belacan Paris (Paris)

Belacan Paris is a made-to-order food delivery service operating in Paris by Malaysians. Best-selling menu items include the Chicken Rice Set, Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng and Nasi Lemak Salmon.

Belacan Paris. Source

Website: https://www.facebook.com/belacanparis/



11. Masak Ku (Melbourne)

Spicy Tamarind Fish with okra and eggplant, Ma Po Tofu, Prawn Sambal and Smoked Duck are on the menu at Masak Ku. If you are searching for a proper Malaysian restaurant in Melbourne City, do pay a visit to Masak Ku in Bourke Road Camberwell.

Roti canai by Masak Ku. Source

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Masak-Ku-782395611855170



12. Hawker (Sydney)

As the name explains, Hawker serves various kinds of Malaysian hawker food. With menu items like Ikan Pari Bakar, Assam Laksa, Curry Laksa and Rojak Penang, all that’s missing is the illegal DVD seller.

Hawker dishes from Hawker, Sydney. Source

Website: hawker.com.au


13. Banana Leaf (Vancouver)

With 5 locations in Vancouver already, Banana Leaf has received multiple local “Best Asian Restaurant” awards. Try their Gulai Scallops, Beef Rendang, Mango Kerabu and finish it off with Goreng Pisang.

Banana Leaf Vancouver – Malaysian Restaurants in Vancouver. SourceInterior. Source

Website: www.bananaleaf-vancouver.com



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Featured image by Lyrical Lemongrass on Flickr

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Oversea receives takeover offer from Anzo MD Chai at 30 sen per share

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 6): Oversea Enterprise Bhd (OEB), which owns and operates the Chinese restaurant chain under the name Oversea, received a takeover offer from Datuk Chai Woon Chet, the managing director and substantial shareholder of Anzo Holdings Bhd. He is also a director of M3 Technologies (Asia) Bhd.

In an announcement, the company said Chai is offering 30 sen per share. He intends to maintain Oversea’s listing on the ACE market of Bursa Malaysia. 

The offer of 30 sen is a 4.76% discount to the 31.5 sen closing price or volume weighted average market price (VWAM) prior to the notice. However, it is a 24.07% premium to the three-month closing price or VWAM of Oversea shares. 

theedgemarkets.com had reported that Tan Sri Desmond Lim was previously one of the parties mulling the acquisition of an equity stake in OEB.

Lim is said to be on a shopping spree for attractive assets, such as food & beverage businesses.

When contacted about his interest in OEB, an officer at Lim’s personal office informed theedgemarkets.com that the tycoon declined to comment.

OEB’s director was also tight-lipped on the matter.

The Chinese restaurant operator’s earnings have not been stellar. It has been loss-making for the past three financial years ended March 31.

Falling into the red in FY2018 with a net loss of RM4.9 million from a net profit of RM459,000 in FY2017, OEB continued to bleed, registering RM4.5 million net loss in FY2019 and RM5.5 million net loss in FY2020. 

Revenue for the group has been on a downtrend for at least the past six years.

From RM62.4 million in FY2015, revenue dropped to RM61.1 million in FY2016, RM60 million (FY2017), RM58.5 million (FY2018), RM55.2 million (FY2019) and RM51.8 million (FY2020).

Its net asset per share stood at 20 sen as at March 31, 2020. 

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Desmond Lim to buy a stake in F&B chain Oversea Enterprise?

Overseas Restaurant @ Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur

Having celebrated dad’s birthday so many times, I soon realized that I have never paid his dinner once.

  Since I have started work, this spelt the perfect opportunity to treat him to his favourite food.  Chinese food.  While Malaysia is a heaven for foods of all sort, our Chinese food is easily one of the best in the world.  But as restaurants become overly popular, they become way too commercialized.  One such restaurant is Overseas Restaurant in Malaysia.  While I have tried so many of their branch restaurants before, I was never a fan of any.  Yet, the hype of this charming old spice continued in Malaysia.  So for this rare occasion, I decided to bring dad to Overseas first roots located along Jalan Imbi in the heart of the city center :)!


Calling some of dad’s favorites, I decided to start with a Chinese delicacy, the sharks fin soup!

While I am not a big fan, this one definitely blows your mind!


The next dish was the four season which is a large appetizer platter containing four types of dishes.  That night we had:

Sharks fin and crab meat Sang Choi Bao.   Very nicely prepared.  And for me, definitely a good variation of lettuce wrap compared to the overeaten duck Sang Choi Bao.


Braised bean curd stuff with fish paste.  Deliciously braised in a sauce which coated these tiny morsel nicely!


Crumbled prawns with fish paste.  Crispy on the outside soft on the inside!   Best eaten with the garlic-chili sauce!


Crumbled scallops drizzled with mayonnaise!   Another kid favourite but at this age, I could easily do with lesser fried foods lols.


Another house specialty at Overseas! 

Homemade tofu with hairy gourd!  Really yummy and more importantly, smooth on the inside!


Overseas Restaurant Roast Pork!  Crispy skinned delicacy!  Very lean but still pack that beautiful crunch!


Overseas’s Barbecued Pork is another highlight among it frequent customers.  But for the family, we have tasted better.    Then again, this is easily delicious when compared to most restaurants!


To finish the night, we also ordered a ginger steamed fish and a longevity noodles! While the noodles turned out fine, the fish was really salty.   Probably intended to be eaten with rice rather than on its own @@!  If more complains are needed from me, my only comment would be the slow service which could be due to us being seated in a private room on the 3rd floor @@!


Dad’s favourite cake is the classic butter cake with a butter icing made by an old aunty.  No fake cream or unnecessary additives.  Just plain honest butter cake from the olden days!  Pretty delish except for that after thought on how unhealthy each slice is!   lol much?


At the end of the day, this restaurant was pretty impressive.  I guess the original is always the best.  Never could I have understood why is it that parents have shun this place.  But when you see the effort required to reach this restaurant in the heart of the city, you will probably understand why @@!  This restaurant now span 4 floors above the ground which  is an impressive feat.  But when you learn that they have more than 6 branches around the state, their success is clear! 


For those who are concerned about cleanliness in dining in Malaysia, this restaurant definitely is the place to be!  But remember that booking is compulsory for most nights!  Specialty dishes like the sharks fin and barbecued meat are very popular and often finish early.   So always pre-order :)!   Also, do not expect this old school restaurant to be cheap!  By Malaysian standards a meal like this should only cost around $300 but for this restaurant, it was something closer to $550.  All in ringgit of course :)!



84 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone:+60 3-2144 9911




8 Chinese Restaurants With CNY Dinner Deliveries In Klang Valley

Traditional CNY dinner deliveries in Klang Valley

Many of us look forward to Chinese New Year for the abundance of food – especially festive CNY dishes such as poon choi and yee sang – that are served at family gatherings and reunion dinners. While dining out at restaurants is not possible due to the recent extension of the MCO, you don’t have to give up on your annual traditions with eateries that offer CNY dinner deliveries.

These 8 Chinese restaurants in Klang Valley are delivering everything – from CNY set menus to poon choi – to make reunion dinners safe and special, so you don’t even have to go through the hassle of cooking and cleaning up.

Note: You’ll want to place your order at least one day in advance at any of these restaurants to avoid disappointment.

1. Oversea Restaurant – 10 types of yee sang & complimentary wine

Yee sang is arguably the star of CNY meals, as everyone comes circling around the table whenever we hear our family members shouting lo sang or lo hei. This CNY, it’s best to do our lo hei at home, since shouting contributes to the spread of COVID-19. Oversea Restaurant has 10 types of yee sang for you to toss and toast to an auspicious new year at home.  

Image credit: Oversea 海外天

Choose from traditional yee sang with toppings of jellyfish (RM45) and sliced salmon fish (RM68), to extravagant ones with abalone and slices of truffle (RM130) or shredded roasted duck meat (RM73). For something a little different, consider their signature Oversea Fabulous Fruity Yee Sang (RM88) with slices of lemon, strawberry, oranges, and smoked salmon. 

Each yee sang is packed in a gift box with a parchment paper that has lo hei instructions as well as a QR code to scan and unlock an energetic MC who’ll guide you through your annual toss. 

Image credit: Oversea 海外天

Oversea Restaurant is operated by Oversea Enterprise Berhad, which runs a chain of Chinese restaurants under the same name in KL, Genting, and Ipoh. For extra huat this year, they are offering complimentary treats of wine and CNY snacks when you place an order for their Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot (RM638). The dish comes with 13 ingredients such as abalones, prawns, oysters, and sea cucumber that comfortably feeds up to 6. 

If you order the dish from their Sri Petaling or Jalan Imbi locations in KL, you’ll get a free bottle of red or white wine, as well as side dishes of Black Truffle Fried Rice, BBQ Pork and Roasted Pork Belly, and dessert of Double Boiled Lotus Seed with Lily Bulb with portions that’ll satisfy 2-3 in your group.  

Image credit: Oversea 海外天

Order from Oversea Restaurant on Gemspot, GrabFood, or Easi, or call or message the respective locations at the phone numbers listed below. You can also opt to pick your order up.

Oversea Restaurant @ Sri Petaling
Address: 62-66 Street 1/149 D, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 03-9057 9911 | 012-292 3170 (WhatsApp)

Oversea Restaurant @ Imbi
Address: 84-88, Imbi Road, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 03-2144 9911 | 012-928 3170 (WhatsApp)

Delivery fees: from RM12
Website | Facebook 

2. Paradise Dynasty – scrumptious CNY set meals for 2

Whenever you think of CNY reunion dinners, an image of a table full of elaborately cooked dishes that can feed an entire village comes to mind. But since we’re in the midst of a pandemic, it’s best to keep gatherings small and intimate. So if you’re planning a quiet dinner with bae, Paradise Dynasty has a Double Happiness Takeaway Set (RM139++) that serves 2. 

The set comes with yee sang with salmon and deep-fried papaya, the restaurant’s signature black truffle xiao long bao with gold leaf accent, chilled Japanese cucumber with deep-fried abalone, golden fried rice with bacon, and a dessert dish of snow fungus with peach resin.

Image adapted from: @paradisegrpmy and @paradisegrpmy

But fret not if you have more than 2 people in your family, as Paradise Dynasty has set meals that cater up to 10 people as well. The Lucky Takeaway Set (RM648++ for 5 pax, RM1,268++ for 10) comes with 3 side dishes, 2 desserts, and a Paradise Prosperous Fortune Pot (worth RM488++ a la carte).

The side dishes are yee sang, bao and Japanese cucumber – the same as the Double Happiness set – and the desserts are Red Bean Paste Pastry and Chilled Osmanthus Honey Jelly Fish. The star dish, Paradise Prosperous Fortune Pot, comes with 16 ingredients, such as New Zealand fish maw, sea cucumber, roasted pork knuckle, abalones, and Japanese scallops. 

Get the fortune pot on its own and add extra servings (RM90/pax), or get it as a set (RM499++) with the Paradise Auspicious Triple Luck Yee Sang that comes with smoked salmon, deep-fried papaya and abalone slices. 

Image credit: Paradise Dynasty 

Delivery is available in certain areas of Klang Valley. Find out if your address is covered here. You can also pick up your order at any of their 6 locations in Klang Valley, and get 10% off your entire order. Click here to see their full list of locations.

You’ll get RM20 off with the promo code “PD20” for orders over RM100 on their yee sang for online orders as well. But you’ll want to be quick with this, as there’s a limited number of redemptions daily. 

Order online here, or via FoodPanda, GrabFood, DeliverEat, or Hungry2U.  

Delivery fees: from RM8
Website | Facebook 

3. YU 御 – fun “ox” yee sang

Image credit: YU 御

Inject a little humour into your CNY reunion dinner this year with YU’s yee sang that has its ingredients arranged to look like an ox to mark the new year’s zodiac animal. Called Yu Signature ‘Yu’ Sang Exclusive 2021 (RM168), this fun yee sang with silver bait fish, salted egg yolk crispy fish skin, salmon, and black caviar.

Nin kuo shaped like koi fishes is included in the CNY Delicacies Package
Image credit: YU 御

YU’s CNY Delicacies Package (RM398) also comes with fun-looking dishes. There’s traditional yee sang with soft shell crab toppings, and side dishes of grilled Iberico pork or fried chicken, radish cake with dried scallops, and a pair of unique nin kuo in the shape of koi fishes. 

As this package aims to bring together all the delicacies of restaurants under Oriental Group – which operates several Chinese restaurants in Klang Valley – you’ll also find a complimentary gift box comprising 2 Teochew spicy sauces and a warmer bag to keep your food warm until your dinner starts. This package is only available for takeaways, and you’ll get 10% off if you’re opting to pick up your order instead of having it delivered to you.

Image credit: YU 御

For traditional poon choi, get the Celebration Pot (RM688+) that comes with ingredients such as abalones, sea cucumber, Japanese dried scallops, dried oyster, and roasted duck. The portion is big enough to feed 6, and your delivery fees will be waived when you buy this too. 

Image credit: YU 御

YU also has CNY set menus. The Set For 2 (RM258) has yee sang with silver bait fish, salmon and burdock root, chicken soup, roasted duck drumsticks, and seafood and chicken floss fried rice, while the Set For 6 (RM698) has dishes such as yee sang with salted egg yolk fish skin, deep-fried lychee with crab meat, steamed ocean garoupa, and gula melaka honeycomb cake for dessert.

The restaurant is also known for their colourful dumplings, so you’ll want to try out the CNY Dim Sum Set (RM268). This dim sum platter is perfect for 2, and has YU’s signature Ying Sang Black Garlic Siew Mai, as well as Beancurd Roll with Abalone Sauce, Crispy Mini Char Siew Bao, and Yam Puff.

YU currently only delivers to KL and Selangor. Order online with them here, or check out other restaurants under Oriental Group that’s closest to you for deliveries and takeaways for the same CNY Delicacies Package, Celebration Pot, and CNY set menus as well:

  • PJ: Oriental Pavilion, Noble Mansion, Tang Room, and Seafood World
  • KL: Oriental Treasure, Oriental Landmark, Oriental Star, The Han Room, and Ruyi

Note: CNY Dim Sum Set is only available from YU, while the rest of the dishes can be ordered from any of the restaurants listed above.

Delivery fees: from RM10

4. Restaurant Sek Yuen – 9 CNY set meals to choose from

Restaurant Sek Yuen’s physical location at Jalan Pudu
Image credit: @leoloh

Restaurant Sek Yuen has been around since 1948, and its prime location on Jalan Pudu is one of many reasons why many KL-ites have most likely spent at least one Chinese reunion dinner here. This year, they are delivering their well-known CNY set meals throughout Klang Valley for those who miss the tastes of their festive dishes.

Image credit: @emilykitchenkl

They have 9 CNY set meal options, with 6 to 8 dishes to feed 6 to 10 people. Every set meal also all comes with their customer-favourite Sek Yuen Prosperity Yee Sang, with generous portions of fish, coriander, shredded vegetables, and crackers.  

Their most affordable CNY set menu (RM283), with portions for 6, is a hearty meal comprising braised soup with tofu and crab meat, half roasted duck, steamed grass carp, stir-fried vegetables, and rice steamed with cured meat, mushrooms, and chicken. 

Fork out a little more for their CNY set menu for 10 (RM928) for “shark’s fin” soup – crab meat and fresh scallops are the only seafood you’ll find in this hearty soup – pork trotters, pan-fried butter shrimp, braised fish maw, and deep-fried grouper in sweet-and-sour sauce.  

Image credit: @jomlormakan

Order from Restaurant Sek Yuen here, place an order by calling them at 03-9222 9457, or send them a WhatsApp message at 016-4231313.

Delivery fees: from RM6

5. Purple Cane – vegetarian-friendly set meals & free delivery

Purple Cane is a pork-free Chinese restaurant with locations in KL and PJ that incorporate selections of tea into their comfort food dishes. This Chinese New Year, they’ve rolled out a CNY set menu, which includes a vegetarian-friendly Harmonious Celebration Set (RM488) that’ll feed up to 5 people.

Image credit: 紫藤茶原 Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

This set comes with 6 side dishes, as well as yee sang with ingredients such as fruit slices, shredded vegetables and a pear-and-passion fruit sauce infused with long jing tea, as well as a vegetable-filled poon choi with tea-based broth. Various side dishes you’ll get are deep-fried golden rice cake steeped with green tea, and oolong tea-infused vegetarian prawn with mee sua and cereal. Thrown into the set is Puer Tea Brown Rice and a small pack of Purple Cane’s Ripe Puer Tea that you can easily steep at home. 

Purple Cane’s yee sang comes with fresh sliced abalones, shredded vegetables and fruits without artificial colouring, and a pack of in-house special passion fruit tea-infused sauce.
Image credit: 紫藤茶原 Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

There are non-vegetarian options as well. The Joyful Happiness Set (RM368) for 3 comes with 6 side dishes, such as steamed kampung chicken with Oolong tea and sliced grouper steamed with Jasmine tea. Also included are abalone yee sang with the same fruity long jing tea sauce, Puer tea, Long Jing Green Tea Rice, and Sweetened Peach Resin with Longan and lychee black tea. 

Purple Cane offers free delivery within Klang Valley. For those in Shah Alam, Kajang, Sungai Buloh, and Klang, you’ll have delivery fees depending on which area you live in. If you’re opting to pick up your meals at their locations instead, you’ll get a RM50 voucher to use for your next visit.  

Order online through FoodPanda, GrabFood, or Hungry, or place your order by WhatsApp-ing their respective branches’ phone numbers listed below.

Bonus: Purple Cane also operates a shop that sells tea, teaware, and even Chinese New Year hampers that bundle up teas and tea-making equipment – great gifts for your loved ones who like to drink tea.  

Purple Cane Tea Cuisine @ Shaw Parade
Address: Lot L1-01, 1st Floor, Shaw Parade, Off Jalan Pudu, Changkat Thambi Dollah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 03-2145 3090 | 012-716 3090 (WhatsApp) 

Purple Cane Tea Cuisine @ Mid Valley:
Address: LG-011, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 03-2284 0322 | 012-719 3090 (WhatsApp) 

Purple Cane Signature Kitchen @ The KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
Address: No. 1, Jalan Maharajalela, 50150 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Sun – Fri 11AM-10.30PM | Sat 10AM-10PM
Telephone: 03-2283 6090 | 012-704 3090 (WhatsApp) 

Delivery fees: Free
Website | Facebook 

6. Yezi – steamboat with butler service

If your family’s CNY reunion dinner tradition is spending time huddled around a hot pot, check out Yezi at The Roof – a hub of restaurants in PJ – that has hot pot sets and yee sang deliveries to Klang Valley.

They also offer a special service called premium butler service (RM50), where a chef will sanitise your dining area, set up your hot pot meal, and even clean up after your meal so you can have a fuss-free reunion dinner at home. 

Image credit: @kenny_khee

Have your pick from 2 sets of hot pots with 11 ingredients to choose from with portions that feed up to 4 people. Additional portions per pax start from RM39, so you can order to suit your group size.   

There’ll be 4 broth options to choose from – Yezi Broth, a signature and customer-favourite broth of coconut and chicken that’s light and tasty, and rich and fragrant ones of ShaoXing Wine Crab Broth, Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Broth, and a sweet cabbage and Chinese bacon-based Imperial Canton Broth.

The Prosperity Set (RM238+) comes with ingredients such as pork slices, fried lobster balls, and beef or lamb slices, while the Ox Golden Set (RM288+) has Iberico pork, black truffle balls, and coriander squid balls. Both sets also include mala abalone as appetisers. You can opt to add to your sets a Live Canadian Lobster (RM30+/100g), Frozen Rock Lobster (RM150/800g), or 10-head premium abalone (RM9.90/pc).

Image credit: @yezi_steamboat

If you’re ordering yee sang together with your hot pot set, you’ll get a 20% discount on the former, with options of Salmon Tobiko Yee Sang (RM68+/small), Abalone Yee Sang With Salmon (RM168+/small), and Live Canadian Lobster Yee Sang (RM368+/small) to choose from.  

Order online at TableApp, place an order through their WhatsApp number, 012-981 7629, or call them at their telephone number, 03-8605 3388. 

Delivery fees: From RM15

7. Sin Choi Wah – over 60 CNY a la carte dishes

Chances are, those living around Bandar Sri Damansara or Kepong would have heard of Sin Choi Wah. This Chinese restaurant has been around since 1983, with several outlets in both areas that have become popular spots for celebrations as they have private dining rooms and banquet halls to accommodate large groups. 

While patrons won’t get to celebrate CNY at their restaurants this year, Sin Choi Wah is offering delivery services so we can feast on their annual CNY set menu and over-60 CNY a la carte Chinese dishes at home.

Image credit: @luff_liew

Their set meals can feed up to 10. For families of 4, Set A (RM298) comprises dishes such as Iberico pork ribs, crispy tiger grouper fillet, braised abalones, and Prosperity New Year Pastry. Large families of 10 will have set meals that come with 8 dishes to choose from instead. These include Set A (RM738) that come with dishes such as braised pig trotters, steamed hong wan fish, braised crab meat and scallop soup with fish maw, and baked prawns with salted egg yolk.

For those who prefer to have their reunion dinners dai chow-style, Sin Choi Wah has over 60 a la carte CNY dishes to choose from. The menu includes traditional CNY dishes that you can find in the set meals, as well as other dishes such as Deep Fried Pork Belly with Prawn Paste Sauce (RM35) and Pan Fried King Prawns (from RM18/100g). 

Image adapted from: @careen50

If you’re keeping celebrations low-key this year, there are CNY set menus for 2 people at Sin Choi Wah as well. Set A (RM188) comes with baked golden shrimp, braised abalones and sea cucumber, and ginseng chicken soup, while Set B (RM268) has dishes such as soft shell crabs, braised shark fin’s soup with crab meat, abalones, and Iberico pork ribs.

Cap off your meal with yee sang (from RM58), with 5 options of topping such as jellyfish and abalones to choose from. For extra huat, Prosperity Hakka Phoon Choy (RM668+) is packed with ingredients such as braised pork, sea cucumber, prawns, and abalones, and comes with free side dishes of Golden New Year Pastry (RM30), Hai Nam Mun Cheong Chicken Rice (RM130), and Top Shell Slices Yee Sang (RM78).

Sin Choi Wah offers free delivery to areas in Kepong, Bandar Sri Damansara, and Mont Kiara for orders over RM150. To see if your area is covered, check here. 

Phone in your order to 03-6277 3377 or 03-6277 1222, or WhatsApp them at 014-675 6338 or 010-372 6338.

Delivery fees: from RM8

8. Way Modern Chinois – customisable meals for CNY

Image credit: Way Modern Chinois

Way Modern Chinois offers 3 affordable set meal packages that lets picky eaters choose their own reunion dinner dishes. Called Sharing Sets, they feed 3 (RM88+), 4 (RM138+), or 5 (RM168+) people, with dishes classified into 3 categories that you’ll get to pick from. 

Category A comprises basic dishes such as kailan with garlic and braised salted fish eggplants, while Category B has slightly pricier dishes such as Dry Mala Sotong and Salted Egg Sotong. The highlights are in Category C, with “atas” dishes that include premium meat cuts and fish, such as Szechuan Beef Tenderloin and Vinegar Black Fungus Fish Fillet. 

Image adapted from: Way Modern Chinois and Way Modern Chinois

The restaurant also has 3-course CNY meals (from RM569) for 4, 6, or 10 people. They each come with a soup, side dishes, and desserts of Double Boiled Hasma with Osmanthus & Red Dates (RM20.50) and Golden Treasure Cake (RM18.50/3pcs).

Our Way To Happiness Set (RM569/4 pax) includes Scallop Soup Dumpling Soup and 4 dishes, such as Ginger Bean Paste Steamed and Braised Dried Oyster Fatt Choi with Black Moss, and Lotus Leaf Rice. On the other end is the Our Way To Longevity Set (RM1,499/10 pax), which has Crab Roe Seafood Soup with Black Caviar, and 5 side dishes that include Butter Cereal Ming Prawns, Truffle Roasted Duck, and HK Steamed Dragon Garoupa and Salmon Yee Sang to help you ring you in the new year. 

Image credit: Way Modern Chinois

They also have Abalone Treasure Pot with Truffle Oil (RM488), a poon choi dish that comes with 13 ingredients, such as abalones, dried oysters and scallops, and premium Chinese mushrooms. It also comes served with 6 portions of mango pomelo sago.

Like their set meal packages, you can order side dishes included in their set meals on their own, such as the Ginger Bean Paste Steamed Cod (RM138.50/300g), Crab Roe Seafood Soup with Black Caviar (RM42.50), and Butter Cereal Ming Prawns (RM88.50/8pcs). 

Order here, or via GrabFood or M2 Squared. You can also opt to pick up your order from their restaurant.

Address: G-1, Work @ Clearwater, Jalan Changkat Semantan, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur, 50490 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 11.30AM-8PM, Daily
Telephone: 03-2095 1118

Delivery fees: from RM10
Website | Facebook 

CNY reunion dinner deliveries in Klang Valley

Our traditional Chinese New Year reunion dinners with loved ones travelling from different parts of the country to gather is no longer feasible this CNY, with the MCO now extended to 18th February 2021. Nonetheless, let’s try to keep our spirits up and keep to the traditions of having a proper reunion dinner by ordering from one of these 8 restaurants with traditional CNY reunion dinner deliveries in Klang Valley, so you can usher in a fuss-free new year with filled bellies.

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Cover image adapted from: 紫藤茶原 Purple Cane Tea Restaurant & YU 御

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Anzo MD Chai Woon Chet takes 63% stake in Oversea Enterprise

KUALA LUMPUR: Anzo Holdings Bhd managing director Datuk Chai Woon Chet has made an unconditional mandatory takeover offer (MTO) for restaurant owner Oversea Enterprise Bhd after acquiring 63.37% of the company.

In the notice of the takeover offer issued to Oversea board on Thursday, Chai had entered into a sale and purchases of shares agreement with four parties to buy the stake, comprising 151.25 million shares, for RM45.37mil or 30 sen a share.

He acquired 73.04 million shares or 30.12% from the founder Yu Soo Chye @ Yee Soo Chye for RM21.91mil, 50.89 million shares or 20.99% from Lee Lim & Sons Sdn Bhd for RM15.27mil and 8.44% or 20.46 million shares from Yu Tack Teik for RM6.13mil.

The remaining stakes were acquired from Simple Angel Capital Sdn Bhd (0. 25%) and Khong Yik Kam (2.58%).

Following the acquisitions, Chai’s shareholding in Oversea, which owns restaurants, increased from nil to 151.25 million shares or 62.37%, and he is obliged to extend the MTO.

The offer price of 30 sen is 4.76% below the closing price of 31.5 sen on Wednesday and 8.95% below the five day volume weighted average price (VWAP) for five days of 32.95 sen.

On a one-month VWAP of 29.52 sen, the officer is higher by 1.63%.

However, the offer is up 24.07% from the three month VWAP of 24.18 sen and 28.15% above the six month VWAP of 23.41 sen.

Chai intends to maintain Oversea’s listing status on the ACE Market. He also does not intend to compulsorily acquire the remaining shares.

According to Oversea website, the group started out in 1970’s as a partnership business between Yu Soo Chye @ Yee Soo Chye and an independent third party.

They founded the first “Restoran Oversea” in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur. To date the Group’s operation of food service outlets entails a chain of five Chinese restaurants, three outlets in Klang Valley and two outlets in Ipoh offering home cooked Cantonese themed cuisines.

It was listed on the ACE Market on April 1,2010.

According to Anzo’s website, Chai was formerly the managing director of Lintasan Mayang Development Sdn Bhd, which is the developer for Sabah’s biggest integrated township, Alamesra, a 265 acre mixed development with gross development value of RM1.3bil.

Currently, Chai is a director in M3 Technologies (Asia) Bhd and also sits on the board of directors of various other private companies.

He is a major shareholder in Anzo through his interest held in Zenith City Investments Limited and Ocean Milestone Sdn Bhd, a major shareholder of the company.

Restoran Oversea (Hai Wai Tien) @ Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur

Restoran Oversea (Hai Wai Tien) is a contemporary Chinese restaurant offering Chinese cuisine, with special emphasis being placed on Cantonese dishes. Often times, they are better known to non Klang Valley folks for their signature mooncakes. 

Their first eatery is established along Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur and serve as a reminiscent place for many Klang Valley folks due to their toothsome cuisine. Although Jalan Imbi has underwent a massive transformation but Restoran Oversea still stood on where it was, dishing up exquisite dishes for the customers. Moreover, it is always full on the dinner hours especially on weekends. 

We were introduced to their Yuan Yang Cod Fish, whereby two preparation methods – steam and fried are used to prepare the codfish. It follows the market price tag and it cost RM 198 for this plate as codfish is never cheap.

The fish pieces are being soused with elusive soy sauce, rendering a very smooth mouth-feel to it regardless of the preparation method. On the steam codfish, the taste was amazingly toothsome while the I feel frying such a premium fish would be considered wastage, though the taste is great with crispy fish skin. On the other hand, the fish gelatin would be one of the precious content that one shall not waste. 

One shall not miss to order their specialty dish – Braised Sliced Pork Belly with Salted Fish in Claypot (RM 32. 59). The mixture between the pork belly and salted fish resulting a pleasant taste, while the dark sauce just yield fantastic mouth-feel when it goes along with the white rice.

Curry Prawn with Okra (RM 58.32) had some fresh prawns within and the curry was smooth and rich in coconut taste. Fret not if you are not a spicy eater as the curry was not spicy. 

I like the smoothness of the beancurd in the dish Braised Homemade Beancurd with Sponge Gourd (RM 24.72). Moreover, the sauce could go along well with plain rice. 

I forgot the name of the last dish but it was cabbages and vermicelli served in claypot (RM 28.30). Though look plain but the taste was actually quite nice.

Overall, all the dishes served in Restoran Oversea is awesome. I just run out of the word to describe them, but you can feel the sleekness in every dish. The flavour is cleverly crafted to match all the ingredients, and the kung fu in preparation of all the dishes play a vital role in churning out all these delicacies.  

One more thing, make sure you call to reserve a table shall you have a plan dining here. 

Restoran Oversea (Hai Wai Tien) @ Imbi

84-88, Jalan Imbi, Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Location map refers here.

Popular Chinese Cuisines Overseas | Lee Kum Kee Home

Chinese Food Culture

Popular Chinese Cuisines Overseas

Chinese cuisine has embraced different cultures in its overseas development, yet it always retains intrinsic Chinese flavors.

Chinese cuisine has embraced different cultures in its overseas development, yet it always retains intrinsic Chinese flavors. Some of the most popular Chinese dishes in restaurants overseas are shown below. Simply choose the best seasonal or local ingredients and match them with convenient and high-quality Lee Kum Kee sauces, and you can prepare a delicious Chinese meal at any time:


Asian Chicken Salad

Spring roll is one of the most favourite Chinese dim sums overseas. With a hot and moist stuffing wrapped inside the golden and crispy pastry, it can be enjoyed with any sauce of your choice, embracing a wonderful mix of crunchy and tender textures. Check out full recipehere


Beef with Black Bean Sauce

Beef with Black Bean Sauce is a Chinese takeaway favourite and an easy homemade dish. The succulent strips of marinated beef, tasty black beans and a delicious sauce make the dish greatly enjoyable. Check out full recipehere


Chow Mien (Fried Noodles)

When making Chow Mien, the taste of sauces and ingredients merges with the fragrance of the flour of the noodles through stir-frying in the Chinese wok. Check out recipehere


Fried Rice

The ingredients used in fried rice vary greatly, and may include eggs, vegetables, meat, sausages and seafood, etc. making it a very common and popular dish. Check out recipehere


Kung Pao Chicken

This famous traditional Chinese dish is also renowned overseas. It is prepared by frying diced pieces of chicken, dried chilli pepper and peanut. The fresh and tender chicken is a perfect match with the crunchy peanuts and, with the help of a delicious sauce, this dish can be served with an authentic local taste with relative ease. Check out full recipe here


Spring Rolls

Spring roll is one of the most favourite Chinese dim sums overseas. With a hot and moist stuffing wrapped inside the golden and crispy pastry, it can be enjoyed with any sauce of your choice, embracing a wonderful mix of crunchy and tender textures. Check out full recipehere


Sweet and Sour Pork

Many restaurants have once kept the delicate proportioning of ingredients for the sauce for this dish as a well-guarded secret. However, now the secret recipes have found their way into everyone’s home in the form of ready-to-use sauce packets. One can prepare it like a professional by following simple instructions on the package.  Check out full recipehere


Wonton Soup

Whether it is a shrimp wonton in a soup, a meat dumpling in a spicy sauce with vinegar, sesame oil and crushed garlic, or wontons served with braised noodles with oyster sauce, or even crispy deep-fried wonton served with sweet and sour sauce, all are equally delicious.Check out full recipehere



90,000 Expert of the Week: Malaysia is the true embodiment of all of Asia!

You can talk a lot about Southeast Asia, but if you want to get to know the kaleidoscope of Asian cultures better, start with Malaysia.

Malaysia is a wonderful holiday destination where everyone will find something to their liking. This is a land of warmth, smiles and diversity. Once in Malaysia and seeing colorful festivals, national customs, traditions of different nationalities, colorful clothes, trying seductive oriental cuisine, you will definitely understand that you are in Asia.

Climate in Malaysia:
The climate in Malaysia is equatorial and hot, which allows tourists from different countries to travel to the islands at any time of the year.
Average temperatures throughout the year are kept in the region of +27 C, reaching in some periods up to +32 C. Precipitation falls from 1500 mm. on the coast up to 5000 mm. in the mountains.
The rainy season on the east coast of Malacca, west Sarawak and northeast Sabah usually lasts from October-November to February. On the west coast of the country, the rainy season lasts from April to May and from October to December (slightly less rainy than the ‘spring’).

Capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur.
Staying in Kuala Lumpur, at first glance it is impossible to believe that you are in Asia: the city greets you with modern skyscrapers, clean streets, luxurious boutique windows.

The main attraction of Kuala Lumpur is the famous Petronas Twin Towers. The Petronas Towers are not only one of the tallest buildings in the world, they also have some kind of magical effect – you want to look at them and look at them, and from a height of 421 m.a fascinating view of the city opens up.

Only at first glance it seems that there is nothing much to do in Kuala Lumpur, and many of our tourists, not knowing anything about the capital of Malaysia, strive to get to the beach faster, missing the opportunity to admire this truly beautiful city full of colors and lights.

Be sure to stop in Kuala Lumpur for at least 2 nights. Trust me, it’s worth it! The transit program to Kuala Lumpur will brighten up your long flight, and someone will certainly want to come back here more than once!

Recommended to visit in Kuala Lumpur:

  • Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park (Subang)
  • National Zoo and Aquarium
  • City Sightseeing Tour (with a stop at Twin Towers)
  • Bird Park and Butterfly Park
  • Kuala Lumpur outskirts with visits to parks
  • New City Putra Jaya
  • Fun City – Genting Highlands
  • Sightseeing Tour of Kuala Lumpur After Sunset
  • Visit the famous China Town
  • Take a romantic dinner cruise on the lake, which will bring you a lot of positive emotions and pleasant impressions.
  • Dinner with national dances at the Saloma restaurant. Here you will be offered a rich selection of local, Chinese, Indian and European cuisines. While you are enjoying your dinner, a fascinating theatrical show with the performance of national dances of the peoples of Southeast Asia will unfold on the stage, in which you can participate yourself. At the end of the show, you will have the opportunity to take a colorful photo against the background of the dance troupe
  • And, of course, visit the souvenir market, where you can buy many different souvenirs.

You can see a detailed description of the excursions on our website www.midas-tour.ru


Malaysia consists of many different islands and each of them is beautiful and amazing in its own way. When offering a tour to one of the islands of Malaysia, you certainly need to know how the tourist would like to spend his vacation. In a quiet place? Far from the hustle and bustle? Or does the tourist prefer a more active vacation? And in order to make it easier for you and your clients to decide, as part of a week-long master class, I will tell you about several of the most popular islands in Malaysia.

Redang – An ideal place for a relaxing holiday and for diving enthusiasts .
Redang Island is located off the northeastern coast of peninsular Malaysia, 45 kilometers from the city of Kuala Terengganu.
The island is located on the east coast of the Malacca Peninsula. It has a reputation as a marine park with one of the most stunning beaches in Malaysia.
North of the island – calm waters of Teluk Dalam Kecil bay. With a snow-white beach and lush rainforests, Berjaya Redang Beach Resort is located in this amazing place.This place is ideal for a relaxing holiday, enjoying nature, silence and complete relaxation.
How to get there:
It’s easy to get to Redang Island – a short flight by plane from Kuala Lumpur to Trengganu, then by car to the pier, then by ferry (about 1.5 hours on the way) to the island and you are at the resort, where First-class comfort and traditional Malay hospitality await you. The ferry also runs from the coastal town of Merang (travel time takes 50 minutes).
Attractions of the island:
Of the coral formations of the island, Mushroom Coral is the most famous. It is the largest solitary coral in the world. Mushroom Coral has the shape of a mushroom 20 meters high and 300 meters in diameter.
The coastal waters of Redang are clean and clear, and are renowned for the diversity of marine life. This resort is considered one of the best scuba diving spots in the region. It is especially interesting to dive at night – there is a feeling that all the living creatures of the world’s oceans spend the night here.From August to September, the migration of giant shellless turtles takes place here. Around the island live hawk-billed and green turtles, shellless turtles, barracudas, stingrays, garupas, whale sharks, tiger sea urchins, lobsters, as well as black, red and white corals, gargonaria and sponges. Only you cannot fish within a radius of 3.2 km around the island … Water skiing and motorboating are also prohibited. But this has its advantages – the water here is unusually clean, and extraneous sounds do not disturb the peace and quiet of the inhabitants of the island.And, consequently, beach lovers will also enjoy their holidays on the island. The beauty of tropical vegetation and white beaches against the backdrop of azure sea water is simply mesmerizing!
Guests of the island have a choice of several accommodation options, ranging from first-class hotels to romantic bungalows – no frills, but very picturesque and, as a rule, standing at the very edge of the water.
In your free time from rest and diving, you can go canoeing, go hiking in the jungle, take an excursion to Kuala Terenggana or the neighboring islands.

Borneo Island.
Borneo Island (also called Kalimantan) is the third largest island in the world; the only island divided between three recognized states at once: Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. The island is located in the center of the Malay Archipelago in Southeast Asia.

The largest Indonesian part of the island is occupied by the administrative region of Kalimantan, which is divided into four provinces. The Malay part of the island is divided into the provinces of Sabah and Sarawak.

Those who go to Malaysia for real adventure will find them in Sabah, the easternmost state of the country.
Holidays on the island of Borneo are ideal for lovers of outdoor activities: from mountain biking and rafting to adrenaline safari through the dense jungle.
An unforgettable adventure will be climbing the highest peak of Southeast Asia, Mount Kinabalu, rafting, the opportunity to see a beautiful and rare flower – rafflesia, a river cruise in search of wild elephants and monkeys with sea turtles, many dives.centers and this is not all that this amazing region offers, where you want to return again and again!

And we offer you a few more options for excursions on the island of Borneo:

– Sightseeing tour of Kota Kinabalu;

– Kinabalu National Park;

– National Park and Hot Springs;

– cruise through the mango fields.

You can look at a detailed description of excursions on our website www.midas-tour.ru

You can get to Borneo by plane from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

Langkawi Island .
The island is buried in greenery in the Andaman Sea in the north-west of the country, near the border with Thailand. It is not for nothing that today Langkawi is one of the most popular islands for recreation among our Russian tourists.
There is everything here: a fairly developed infrastructure, excellent roads, magnificent beaches, a lot of entertainment and, most importantly, stunning, almost untouched nature.
It is on Langkawi that the largest and most popular hotel base in Malaysia.
Hotels for VIP tourists, hotels for families with children, hotels for those who prefer complete privacy, budget hotels.

The island is also rich in excursion offers that will not make you bored:

– Air Panas hot springs;

– the lake of the “pregnant maiden” – a fresh green lake in the jungle;

– a cave of spirits with thousands of bats;

– Payar Marine Reserve;

– butterfly park;

– mausoleum of princess Mahsuri;

– Underwater World Oceanarium.Once in a 15-meter glass tunnel, behind the transparent walls of which everyday underwater life goes on its own course, you can see more than 5 thousand species of fish, mollusks, corals and other marine life;

– crocodile farm. Here, on an area of ​​20 acres, you will see more than 1000 crocodiles of different species in nature, collected from all over the world. Here you can also see an entertaining performance with the participation of crocodile “stars”.

You can get to the island by plane from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

Descriptions of excursions are presented on our website www.midas-tour.ru

Penang Island. Warm sea, magnificent tropical nature, rich history, cultural diversity and delicious cuisine await you here. Penang Island is one of the most developed regions of Malaysia. The best place to swim in Penang is Batu Ferringhi. There are many souvenir shops, nightclubs and entertainment venues here. If you are looking for something exotic, there are numerous rickshaws at your service.If you would like to drive around the island, we can rent a motorbike or car. When choosing a place for lunch or dinner, we highly recommend paying attention to restaurants with Malay and Chinese cuisine, although you can find gastronomic restaurants and budget eateries in Penang. But it should be borne in mind that the assortment is more designed for Asian residents and will not always be understandable to a European.

Sipadan Island – a paradise for divers!

World renowned oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau has described the island of Sipadan as “an untouchable work of art,” and divers recognize it as one of the top five sites in the world.This only oceanic island in Malaysia is very small in area – only 12 hectares, and it can be walked around in just 15 minutes.
Sipadan rises from the seabed to 700 meters, attracting various living creatures from the dark depths. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, this diamond at the crown of nature is a true treasure trove of marine species. Diving around the tiny island almost certainly promises encounters with turtles, schools of sea pikes, parrotfish and barracuda. Here you can meet the Moorish idol, hawk fish, grouper, including their red-coral variety.Here you will also see whitetip and gray reef sharks roaming freely. An incredible abundance of fish, including unusual ones, hanging gardens of indescribably beautiful corals, believe me, will give even the most sophisticated diver an unforgettable experience.
Since 2007 the island of Sipadan is considered a nature reserve, so you can only stay on the neighboring islands, in particular on the island of Mabul. You can get to the island by plane from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau, then from Tawau by car to the port of Semporn, and from there in 40 minutes by boat to about.Mabul.
If you want to dive under water, you must have a certificate.
The most common certificate accepted in dive centers in Malaysia is PADI (CMAS and NAUI are also accepted).

How to get to Malaysia:

Malaysia is easily accessible by famous international airlines:
Emirates: Moscow – Dubai – Kuala Lumpur – Dubai – Moscow

Qatar Airways: Moscow – Doha – Kuala Lumpur – Doha – Moscow

Etihad: Moscow – Abu Dhabi – Kuala Lumpur – Abu Dhabi – Moscow

Singapore Airlines: Moscow – Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Singapore – Moscow

Domestic flights from Kuala Lumpur to the islands are operated by local airlines.

Since Malaysia can be flown by different airlines and has borders with many countries, we strongly recommend that you make a stopover in one of the neighboring countries. Firstly, it will brighten up your long flight, and secondly, you will have a wonderful opportunity to visit two or three countries at once in one tour, which will give you more unforgettable impressions.

Malaysia can also be combined with Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand.

Possible combinations of rounds :

Kuala Lumpur + Fr.Langkawi

Kuala Lumpur + Borneo

Kuala Lumpur + Timan Island

Kuala Lumpur + Redang Island

Kuala Lumpur + Terengganu

Kuala Lumpur + Bali (Indonesia)

Kuala Lumpur + Singapore

Kuala Lumpur + diving in Sipadan

On our website you will find several more options for combined tours, but that’s not all.

Festivals and celebrations:

Perhaps no other country in the world can boast of such rich events and festivals.Religious and national holidays, sports competitions – from Formula 1 to flying kites, colorful festivals and even a mega-carnival of sales – every month of the year offers events for every taste. Therefore, when going on vacation to Malaysia, be sure to plan a visit to the country on one of the most interesting holidays.
You can see detailed information about the holidays on our website www.midas-tour.ru


The cuisine of Malaysia, probably, should be recognized as one of the most interesting in Southeast Asia.The reason for this lies in the amazing variety of dishes that originate in Indian Chinese cuisine, in national traditions, the territorial proximity of Thailand and even in the traditions of the indigenous peoples of Borneo. Malaysian cuisine uses poultry, fish, lamb, beef, but not pork (pork is prohibited by Islam). An extremely interesting cuisine, in which Chinese, Portuguese and Malay influences are intertwined, can be tasted in Malacca. Many Malays believe that the best cuisine in the country is in the state of Kelantan.Terengganu and Sabah are famous for their seafood, while the central region is famous for its curries.
In the capital of the country, Kuala Lumpur, you can taste any cuisine – both regional and international.


Malaysia allows Russians to enter the country without a visa for a period of 1 month, which makes it attractive for Russian tourists.
You must have with you: a passport valid for at least 6 months, a document confirming guaranteed residence in Malaysia, a flight ticket from the country, a completed immigration card (handed out on board the aircraft).


You have already seen for yourself that wherever you decide to stay in Malaysia, you will not be bored anywhere. A wide range of excursion programs will help you get to know this wonderful and amazing country better. On our website you will find a description of excursions in Malaysia, but this is still an incomplete list of what we can offer you. Every year our Malaysian partners add to the list of excursions, which allows us to get to know better the culture, customs and peculiarities of the local people …

Dear friends and colleagues!
Get to know Malaysia – a country full of colors and diversity with its amazing, cordial and very hospitable people!
I hope you will love Malaysia as much as I love it during this one-week workshop.And for this, do not hesitate, ask any questions that interest you, to which I will answer with great pleasure, because our common goal is to fulfill the tourist’s dream, which can only be seen in pictures.

Malaysia White Coffee Products Malaysia Malaysia White Coffee Supplier

Winvision Marketing Sdn bhd. It is a Malaysian company run by people with experience in food technology for the food and beverage industry.

Company Profile

Winvision Marketing Sdn bhd. It is a Malaysian company run by people with experience in food technology for food and beverage. We are specialized in the development, production and marketing of various products. flavors & food and beverage series. In recent years, our company mainly focuses on powder beverage premixes such as chocolate, coffee, tea and concentrated syrup such as peppermint, chocolate, green tea.

Our Brand

“Well Food” is our brand for the whole product. Our marketing team will penetrate Malaysia and overseas market with our brand name. “Well Food” product is currently supplied to supermarket, food court, restaurant, wholesaler and dealers.

Our Service

Since we have a strong R&D team, our company also provided OEM service. Each product can be customized according to customer requirements for their own marketing and branding.Therefore, the client can produce his own product with his own unique point, but with less investment and good quality.

Our Vision

Malaysia is a country full of natural resources, our goal is to use local sources to produce a local product, giving a good quality product and a competitive price for the local and export market.

For more information, please feel free to contact us

Mr. Wong + 60-162033808

Type of product: Drink Alcohol Content (%): 0 Taste: bitter
certification: GMP, HACCP, ISO Age: All content: Malaysian local coffee
package: Bag, Box, Bulky, Sachet shelf life: 2 years place of origin: Malaysia
Brand Name: Well And Food

Holiday Features in Malaysia | Travellife

Now there are almost no pristine landscapes and virgin nature left on Earth – hotels with swimming pools are almost everywhere, music is thundering and cars are driving.

To retire in the bosom of nature and feel a real rest from civilization, you will have to go either to the impassable jungle (where, alas, there is no infrastructure and it is quite dangerous to be there), or to those rare corners of the world that are still relatively clean and untouched.

One such paradise is Malaysia, which combines the cleanest beaches, the most beautiful pristine views and good service.

[do action = “h3-2”] What’s in Malaysia [/ do]

In Malaysia there are chic hotels (along with inexpensive budget ones), and all the opportunities for diving, and delicious original cuisine and indescribable local flavor.

You can dine in Malaysia from 3 to 10 dollars per person, depending on the destination, so when ordering a tour to Malaysia, you can safely refuse meals at the hotel or take only breakfast.

But most of all, Malaysia is famous for its magnificent huge beaches with white, clean sand and clear water, where you can truly take a break from the hustle and bustle. If you want to fully enjoy the wonders of unspoiled nature, then pay attention to the rest in Malaysia.

Beaches Malaysia

[do action = “h3-2”] What’s missing in Malaysia [/ do]

Nightlife and club life is not developed here – youth disco entertainment can be found only in the capital.

Malaysia will appeal to lovers of a relaxing holiday, but active and hungry for entertainment young people can get bored there. Restaurants in Malaysia are open until 10 pm, so nightlife owls will be in trouble there too.

Long flight. Alas, getting to Malaysia from Ukraine is not so easy.The journey will take about 18 hours. Round-trip flights to Malaysia are not cheap – the cheapest options cost from 800 euros and you will have to fly with transfers. In various travel agencies, you can find tours to Malaysia from $ 800, but this price does not include a flight, so when looking for a tour to this country, be sure to see if the flight is included in the price of the tour package.

[do action = “h3-2”] What to do and what to see in Malaysia [/ do]

The main resorts of Malaysia: about Borneo (Kalimantan) and the islands of Langkawi, Penang, Pangkor, Tioman, Rawa.The capital of Malaysia is the city of Kuala Lumpur. All these places are worth visiting, and special attention should be paid to the national parks-reserves of Malaysia.

In Kuala Lumpur, be sure to take a sightseeing bus, visit the Bird Park, Little India area and admire the wonderful views at sunset.

Malaysia is located next to Thailand, therefore, while vacationing in Malaysia, you can make an excursion to Thailand.

You can rent bicycles or motorbikes, ride a cable car.

The cable car offers stunning views!

[do action = “h3-2”] Where to stay in Malaysia [/ do]

Hotels in Malaysia are passable, even those with one star. If you only need a hotel as an overnight stay, then you can take the cheapest ones. The service, of course, cannot be compared with the European one, but in general it is clean and comfortable there. Before choosing a hotel, read reviews about hotels in Malaysia – it will be much easier to navigate there.

[do action = “h3-2”] Climate of Malaysia [/ do]

In most of the country, the climate is equatorial and the weather is hot all year round, but without sharp seasonal changes – the proximity of the equator affects.But the air humidity in Malaysia is quite high, which is unusual for our compatriots. The sea in Malaysia is very clean, the water is clear, the beaches are large and not crowded.

Estimated budget for travel to Malaysia – 1800 euros for two weeks per person. There is no point in going there for less because of the long flight and the unusual climate (acclimatization is possible).

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EVA Consulting | University of Reading in Malaysia

University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) is the University of Reading’s first overseas campus.Optionally, UoRM students can take part of their program in England, making their education truly international. The programs, degrees and qualifications of the University of Reading are respected around the world. Reading is one of the 200 best universities in the world (QS international ranking).

Our graduates have excellent job prospects: 98% find a job within six months of graduation. In addition to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, we offer preparatory programs.

Our Malaysia campus is a finalist for the 2013 World Architecture Festival. The adjoining student village has shops, cafes and restaurants, and a first-class sports center with an Olympic-size swimming pool. UoRM’s current resources include cutting-edge research laboratories, a variety of educational support equipment, a solid library, and more.

We encourage students to participate in the many UoRM clubs and societies that span a wide range of interests, from sports teams to creative associations.Our students participate in local volunteer initiatives. As they work for those in need, they better understand the principles of social responsibility and develop useful skills and leadership qualities.

UoRM students enjoy comprehensive support. Everyone gets a personal tutor who will answer all questions related to their studies. If necessary, students seek confidential help from counseling psychologists. Students with disabilities also receive special support.

University of Reading or University of Reading is a public higher education institution in Great Britain. He began his academic activities at the University of Reading in 1892. The main building of the university is located in Reading.

University rating. The University of Reading regularly ranks high in the UK national rankings. The university is included in the 5% of the best higher educational institutions in the world, ranking 225. Strong areas of the university are: “Arts and Humanities”, “Engineering and Technology”, “Life Sciences and Medicine”, “Natural Sciences”, “Social Sciences and Management”.The university is considered one of the best educational institutions in terms of the quality of education and is included in the top 300 for this criterion. Due to the high quality of teaching, the university has a reputation among employers around the world, in particular in the UK.

Citizens of Uzbekistan who apply through the Eva-Consulting company receive a discount of up to 20%.

Language courses


Requirements: IELTS-5.5 (no element below 4.5)
1-year Foundation – $ 5.3003-years bachelor pragrams-9.500 per year

Requirements: IELTS-5.5 (no element below 4.5)
1-year Foundation – $ 5.3003-years bachelor pragrams-9.500 per year

Requirements: 6.5 overall, with no element below 6.0
Exclusively 2 + 2 programs. First 2 courses in Malaysia and 2 years at the main campus in the UK.

Requirements: IELTS-5.5 (no element below 4.5)
1-year Foundation – $ 5.3003-years bachelor pragrams-9.500 per year

Master (MBA)

Requirements: IELTS-6.5

Requirements: IELTS-6.5

List of awards and achievements.

  • Was awarded the Royal Prize for Higher Education multiple times in 1998, 2005, 2009 and 2011.
  • The 24th place of universities in the UK according to the Times Good University Guide for 2013.
  • # 32 UK universities in the Sunday Times University Guide 2009.
  • 32nd place in the ranking of universities in the UK according to the Complete University Guide for 2013.
  • Agriculture and food ranked # 1, art and design # 3, and archeology # 5 according to The Guardian University Guide 2013 rankings.

The University is justly proud of its graduates, whose names are known all over the world. Among them are Joan Smith – writer and journalist, Keith Bosley – former BBC announcer, award-winning poet and translator, Richard Holmes – renowned military historian and television personality, Jamie Callum – jazz pianist and singer, Hilary James – singer, double bass player, guitarist and bassist , Michael Cox is Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics and many others.

90,000 Our profession is to make guests happy!

“Our profession is to make guests happy”

Interview | Alexey Chun | №1 JANUARY 2019

Mega Palace Hotel is located on Sakhalin Island.Despite the great distance from the western part of the country, both in kilometers and in time zones, life is in full swing here. According to our feelings, the inhabitants of Sakhalin do not feel this remoteness the way we do. Tourism, hotels are actively developing here, and in the struggle for a guest they raise service standards. But where the guests come from, who they are, what attracts them to the island and how they are met, the Academy of Hospitality asked the general manager of the Mega Palace Hotel Alexei Chun

Alexey Chun,

General Manager, Mega Palace Hotel

Academy of Hospitality: Please tell us how you started your career in the hospitality business, what steps did you take to this position?

Alexey Chun: I have been working in the hotel business for over 12 years.After graduation, he worked in an entertainment complex, where he rose from a bartender’s assistant to a complex manager. At that time, the hotel industry in the region, and in Russia as a whole, was very poorly developed. Against the background of the development of oil and gas projects on Sakhalin, there is a need for high-quality catering and hotel services. Then I was invited to this area. Despite the fact that I already had experience in management positions, in the hotel industry I started from scratch, because, working with foreign management, I had to re-learn everything.Foreign experience in the hospitality industry helped me understand the service, and indeed the system of building relationships between people. A very difficult task was ahead: to instill the standards of international service for us, the Russians. Even now, as a GM, I constantly go through some steps.

AG: The hotel is quite representative. Who is it for and what is the portrait of a typical guest?

A.Ch .: During the period of activation of the hotel business, those hotels that were able to rebuild, and those that were just built, did not experience any difficulties.However, in subsequent years, when the main projects were launched, it was necessary to radically change the principles of work in order to successfully compete and be in demand. We succeed in doing this, we see the prospects for the development of tourism in the region. We are the initiators of some projects that can seriously increase the flow of tourists to the region. And these are not only business tourists. Alpine skiing tourism is developing very promisingly in the winter, ecological and health-improving. Guests from Korea, Japan and western Russia often visit the Sakhalin Region.

AG: What countries do the guests come from? What attracts them to your hotel and to your city?

A.Ch .: Most of our guests come from countries such as the Republic of Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and China. Of course, also from other regions of Russia. In our opinion, guests are attracted by the already established high reputation of our complex, the level of services provided. Mega Palace Hotel is not just a room stock. This is a complex of services in one building: 4 restaurants, a lobby bar, a nightclub, fitness, sauna, business center, dry cleaning with advanced Italian equipment.Our guest does not need to look for something and leave the complex. Everything you need is already inside the Mega Palace Hotel. The city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and the island as a whole attract with their nature and historical heritage. In addition to beauty, the Sakhalin Region is very actively developing in the field of business and tourism.

AG: What activities can you offer guests in the evening, during the day? Who are your partners in this regard?

A.Ch .: As already mentioned, the Mega Palace Hotel is a complex of services.In the daytime or in the evening, we can offer to visit one of three restaurants: “Bambu” – a Japanese restaurant, “Asia” – a Pan-Asian restaurant, “Grill in the Sky” – a Mediterranean and Serbian restaurant, or a lobby bar in the style of a French coffee house … In the daytime or in the evening, guests can enjoy fitness, oriental-style sauna or SPA services – massage, peeling, wrapping, scrubbing and various masks. At night, the Duke club with karaoke booths and a VIP zone is open for our guests.Moreover, together with the local tour operator Dream Tour, we have created such a service as Mega Tour. We offer our guests a huge variety of excursions around Sakhalin and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. A city tour was specially developed for our guests, which includes all the most interesting places in our city. We can also offer indoor events such as workshops or theme nights held at the restaurants of the complex and at the Duke Club.

AG: Does the hotel have loyalty programs for guests – who are they aimed at, what is their essence?

A.H .: Yes, we have a loyalty program for our guests. It is represented by several types of discount cards (silver – 10%, gold – 20%, Ladies Night – a card especially for women), which are provided to our regular guests. The discount applies to all services of the complex. With the Ladies Night card, girls can enter the nightclub for free, receive a discount on bar services, as well as a discount on fitness and sauna. In the near future, we will introduce an updated loyalty program, which will allow not only focusing on providing discounts, but taking into account many individual characteristics, on the basis of which proposals will be made.

AG: How many MICE events took place in 2018? What regions did the participants and organizers of the event come from?

A.Ch .: Every year we host a lot of MICE events, as the possibilities and capacity of our halls stand out from the rest. Among them we can single out a seminar on preparation for the winter games “Children of Asia” with the participation of representatives from Asian countries, a conference of Sberbank with the participation of German Gref and a corporate party of Gazprom.Many participants and organizers come from other regions of Russia and from other countries, but Sakhalin companies organize events quite often.

AG: Do you experience difficulties in recruiting, is there a staff turnover?

A.Ch .: Due to the insular position, we really have difficulties with the personnel market. Our staff turnover is also high, mainly for line personnel. But we are trying very hard to keep our employees by providing them with bonuses and opportunities to improve their qualifications.

AG: Do famous people stay with you and how much more troublesome their service than ordinary guests?

A.Ch .: We are very actively cooperating with companies organizing concerts of theater and show business stars. For example, Yegor Creed recently stayed with us. We usually prepare for a ride according to a rider who is provided to us in advance, so the stay of famous people usually goes smoothly. With ordinary guests it is more difficult and more troublesome, since you do not always know in advance what they want.

AG: Do guests eat in the hotel restaurant at lunchtime and in the evening? What surprises the guests in the kitchen for lunch and dinner?

A.Ch .: Guests almost always choose one of the hotel’s restaurants for lunch or dinner. The choice of gastronomy in the Mega Palace Hotel complex is quite diverse: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, European cuisine. At the Bambu restaurant, guests are very fond of ordering whole crabs, which can be selected there in the aquarium.Asia, with three themed rooms in the style of Japan, China and Korea, is famous for its huge selection of traditional Korean dishes. At the “Grill in the Sky” our guests can taste steaks aged in a dry chamber, which is unique for Sakhalin. In addition to guests, residents of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk are also very fond of our restaurants. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are full boarding days at all restaurants in the complex. The fourth restaurant “Marquis” is open exclusively for serving buffet breakfasts and banquets.Soon our guests will be able to taste the updated menu of Asia and Grill in the Sky: the chef of Asia Pavel Kim will present completely new Thai, Vietnamese and Korean dishes, while the chef of Grill in the Sky Alexander Kolovic will delight guests with traditional Serbian dishes, homemade pasta and new grilled dishes.

AG: What’s new in the hotel and on its territory over the past 3 years?

A.Ch .: Over the past 3 years we have opened two new restaurants – “Asia” and “Grill in the Sky”.We have equipped our laundry with state-of-the-art Italian dry cleaning (Union) and water cleaning (Lagoon) equipment. This equipment is unique for the Sakhalin Region. We have launched the Mega Tour service. In 2017, the lobby bar was completely renovated and updated. We expanded the hotel kitchen, completely renewed the equipment in production. We do not stop renovating and improving the rooms, we recently renovated the sauna area. Of course, we do not forget about the external appearance and interiors of the building itself: the facade was renovated and almost all communications were repaired.

AG: What, in your opinion, are the advantages of your hotel over competitors?

A.Ch .: First of all, these are service standards developed over the years, a high reputation among guests and residents of the Sakhalin Region, as well as the complexity and variety of services. Mega Palace Hotel is one of the few 4-star hotels in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. We also have an excellent location near the city park, the mountain-skiing complex “Mountain Air”, not far from the city center.The view from our windows is mesmerizing, and the terrace of the 10th floor pleasantly surprises with a panoramic view of the city. We have over a hundred rooms for every taste: from standard to presidential. By the way, the Mega Palace Hotel has the only presidential suite in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

AG: What do you plan to do in the hotel in the near future for even more comfortable stay of guests?

A.Ch .: Construction of a water-health complex and the second building of the hotel.By 2020, we plan to achieve a 5-star category. The hotel will become a complex uniting three major areas in the development of the Sakhalin Region: gastronomic, recreational and business tourism.

AG: It’s easy to run a hotel on the mainland. There, any service for the operation and maintenance of the hotel is at hand. On the island, everything is probably a little more complicated?

A.Ch .: The island has its own specifics of work. Undoubtedly, there are difficulties.For example, the logistics of products, equipment and other things we really need, the problem of staff shortages, the range of products. A lot of products have to be ordered from the mainland.

AG: How do you solve the problem of personnel training? Indeed, on the island there is no such abundance of courses, seminars, schools, as on the mainland. Do you train employees yourself?

A.Ch .: We train them. We have been working on this issue for a long time. At first, we invited foreign specialists to train personnel, but this, as it turned out, was not enough.At this stage, we have a specialist on staff who teaches employees basic skills, communication skills, organizes training on narrowly focused topics. But we did not completely abandon the involvement of foreign specialists. We still have a lot to learn from them when it comes to hotel service. Our next step is to create a system of employee appraisal and continuous assessment of the quality of services for our dear guests.

AG: What does your hotel value most?

A.HR: Of course, most of all we value our guests, their comfort and safety. Our motto is to make guests happy. This is the essence of our profession. We also value our team, employees of all departments, without exception. Without the team of professionals from the Mega Palace Hotel, our success would have been impossible. We value our reputation very much, which is why we constantly remind our employees of the standards, update the interior and revise the service standards.

Prepared by

Alexander Ganiev

90,000 Analysts: Tax Hike Will Not Affect Malaysian Casinos

20 October 2018, 12:48


The Malaysian government wants to revise the taxation, which was last changed in 1998 when the rate increased from 22% to 25%.

At least one casino operator, according to experts, will not be affected by the increase in the tax rate.

Two analysts Maybank Kim Eng Research and Nomura International said this week that Genting Malaysia is in a fairly strong position that the tax hike will not affect the operator’s bottom line.

However, after the news of the tax hike, Genting, which operates Resorts World Genting in Malaysia, felt the repercussions almost immediately: the company’s shares fell 9%.

Experts explained the drop in the share price by the fact that rumors of a possible tax hike did not take into account the company’s revenue growth potential.

In the meantime, Resorts World Genting is planning an expansion. During the first six months of 2019, the resort is expected to open two theme parks – 20th Century Fox World and Skytropolis. The project will showcase another 1,500 hotel rooms, as well as new recreational facilities and restaurants.

Analysts at Maybank agreed that price fluctuations were due to the announcement of a tax hike. Samuel Yin Shao Yang of Maybank stated:

“While this risk cannot be dismissed, we believe the market will withstand the onerous 8-10 percentage point tax hike in casinos.”

Recall that in January this year, Malaysia decided not to introduce a complete ban on the use of cryptocurrencies.

See also: What is gambling tax?

See also: What taxes should be paid on gambling activities in different countries?


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