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Season 4 Quotes – One Tree Hill

4.01 || Same Deep Water As You

Lucas: My name is Lucas Scott. I’m a senior at Tree Hill High School. I play basketball — at least I used to. I have a girlfriend — at least I used to. And I have a best friend. Tree Hill is just a place somewhere in the world. Maybe it’s a lot like your world, maybe it’s nothing like it. But if you look closer, you might see someone like you. Someone trying to find their way. Someone trying to find their place. Someone trying to find their self. Sometimes it seems like you are the only one in the world who’s struggling, who’s frustrated, or unsatisfied, or barely getting by. But that feeling’s a lie. And if you just hold on, just find the courage to face it all for another day, someone or something will find you and make it all okay. Because we all need a little help sometimes. Someone to help us hear the music in the world, to remind us that it won’t always be this way. That someone is out there. And that someone will find you.

Rachel: Do you think people can change, Brooke? I mean, truly change.
Brooke: Well, I’d like to say yes. But, honestly I don’t really think people can change. You know at the end of the day you are who you are, and it’s probably who you’ve always been.
Rachel: But, what if who you’ve been is pretty horrible?
Brooke: I brought you back your house keys. It’s a very nice house – big rooms, no parents. I used to have one of those.

Lucas: Brooke kind of found out that I kissed Peyton, again.

Skills: Well, it’s a good thing you’re in a hospital; ’cause your sorry ass in bad shape bro.

Karen: We need to talk about this pregnancy.
Lucas: Keith would be so happy. I mean I can’t believe you’re having his baby.
Karen: I’m not talking about that pregnancy. Whose test did you find at the reception? Was it Brooke’s?
Lucas: I’m not sure yet.
Karen: I’m your mother Lucas, and considering that I was pregnant at 17. I just want to know if history is repeating itself with my son and his girlfriend.

Peyton: Luke, I’ll get those CD’s later … thanks for the sex.

Police Officer: (to Rachel) I understand you were inebriated.

Several witnesses say you made a bit of a scene at the reception, said you were pretty upset with him. Now, when you’re up to it, we’re gonna need to take your statement about what happened on that bridge. I’m especially interested to hear how a professional driver could just lose control of a vehicle like that. I mean, I have my theory, but, for your sake, you better hope he wakes up and tells me that I’m wrong.

Rachel: Slut.
Brooke: Bitch.
Rachel: Whore… Well, I know I’m not in heaven ’cause they’d never let Brooke Davis’ skanky ass through the gates.
Brooke: And your ass wouldn’t fit. At least not the old one.

Lucas: Peyton Sawyer is a good friend. Brooke Davis is my girlfriend. At least, for now she is.

Lucas: Things that take 14 minutes – boiling an ostrich egg, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. It also takes 14 minutes to get from the Melina bridge to Tree Hill hospital.

Lucas: My name is Lucas Scott. I’m a senior at Tree Hill High School. Tree Hill is just a place somewhere in the world. Maybe it’s a lot like your world. Maybe it’s nothing like it. But if you look closer, you might see someone like you. Or someone like my best friend, Haley. If you’re married, a senior in high school, and not sure if your husband is still alive, then I’d say your world is a lot like Haley’s. Today was supposed to be the best day of her life. But it’s amazing how things can change in the blink of an eye. Or, in this case, in 29 minutes.

4.02 || Things I Forgot At Birth

Haley : I found your ball at home.
Nathan: I was kind of hoping you would.
Haley: I need you to talk to me.
Nathan: Haley, I’m not trying to shut you out okay. I just don’t understand it enough to let you in yet.
Haley: Whatever it is, we’re going to get through it together. I’m right here Nathan. I’m not going anywhere.

Peyton: Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. You know, it’s the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person.

Who’s standing next to you?
Lucas: Umm, Kate Bosworth.
Peyton: Luke, come on, it could be anybody you know. Your mom, Haley…
Skills: Your boy Skills.
Peyton: Who’s it gonna be?
Lucas: Brooke.
Peyton: Alright, if that’s what you really want, then I have a way for you to get her back.

Lucas: I love Brooke, Skills.
Skills: I know you love her. So what, you gonna try and get her back?
Lucas: Yeah.

Skills: Hmm… I’m not too sure that’s the way to do it, but hey. (to Peyton): Wassup home wrecker!?

Skills: So, Brooke just broke up with ya?
Lucas: Yup.
Skills: Man, that’s cold dawg.
Lucas: Oh yeah.
Skills: Although you did kiss Peyton.
Lucas: You want me to get you a tryout with the Ravens, or what?
Skills: Yes I do. But, that still don’t mean you didn’t kiss Peyton.

Brooke: Happy Birthday Brooke, welcome to 18. You’ve certainly made a mess of it.

Lucas: Because it’s only when you’re tested that you truly discover who you are. And it’s only when you’re tested that you discover who you can be. The person that you want to be does exist, somewhere in the other side of hard work and faith, and belief and beyond the HEARTACHE and fear of what life has.

Lucas: But once in a while people push on to something better. Something found just beyond the pain of going it alone and just beyond the bravery and courage it takes to let someone in. Or to give someone a second chance. Something beyond the quite persistence of a dream.

Lucas: There are moments in our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroad, afraid, confused, without a road map. The choices we make in those moments can define the rest of our days. Of course when faced with the unknown, most of us prefer to turn around and go back.

4.03 || Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Mouth: ‘Cause every time you tell a girl you like her, she says what a great friend you are, right? Oh wait, that’s me. You’re the guy they all throw themselves at. Brooke, Rachel, Peyton… probably even New Guy!
Lucas: How many of those have you had?
Mouth: Counting this one? One.

Lucas: What’s up Mouth?
Mouth: Sup Mouth? Sup Mouth? That’s all you ever say.
Lucas: You been drinking?
Mouth: This party sucks.
Lucas: Yeah, I know what you mean.
Mouth: Yeah, I’m sure you do.

Lucas: Brooke, you got a second?
Brooke: This kind of feels like deja vu.
Lucas: Not really. You told me to fight for you and I did. But, you never fought for me.
Brooke: And I’m not going to.
Lucas: Okay, then I guess I was wrong. I’m not the guy for you Brooke Davis.

Haley: Brooke told me that you kissed Peyton, again. Luke, that’s the dumbest thing you’ve done since the first time you kissed her, what the hell were you thinking?!
Lucas: I was thinking that she was dying. She’s lying in my arm, blood is pouring out of her leg and she kissed me. And anyway, you know.. Do you really wanna go there?
Haley: What does that mean?
Lucas: What leg were you shot in when you kissed Chris Keller?

Bevin (to Skills): Okay big news, but keep it on the BLT. Brooke– broke up – with Lucas!
Lucas: Thanks Bevin.

Peyton: What the hell are you doing?
Brooke: What?
Peyton: Kissing Derek.
Brooke: Oh I’m sorry Peyton, I can’t help who I like. New boyfriend?
Peyton: He’s my brother.
Brooke: You have a brother?
Peyton: Yeah.
Brooke: Oh then I guess your mom slept around even more than you do.

Brooke: Welcome to my house. Did you come to steal it?
Peyton: Uh, it’s Rachel’s house, and I’m pretty sure you stole it from her.

Lucas: Remember my first day as a Raven?
Skills: Yeah, you played like crap. I remember walking around for a whole week talking ’bout “man, I gotta take me a Lucas.”

Nathan: I need to be tutored, I think I’m failing marriage.
Haley: You try sleeping with the teacher?

Brooke: What are you laughing at? Your “I love you”‘s send people to their grave.
Peyton: Well in that case, I love you, Brooke.

Haley: Stay the hell away from my husband.
Rachel: I was just giving him a proper thank you.
Haley: Please, your thank you’s send people to the free clinic.

Lucas: You ever look a picture of yourself, and see a stranger in the background? It makes you wonder how many strangers have pictures of you. How many moments of other peoples life have we been in. Were we a part of someone’s life when their dream came true or were we there when their dream died. Did we keep trying to get in? As if we were somehow destined to be there or did the shot take us by surprise. Just think, you could be a big part of someone elses life, and not even know it.

Rachel: If you’re looking for Nathan… he’s in my bedroom.
Haley: If you’re looking for a black eye, it’s in my fist.

4.04 || Can’t Stop This Thing We’ve Started

Lucas: (voiceover) … There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment who will you be? Will you let down your defenses and find solace in someone unexpected? Will you reach out? Will you face your greatest fears bravely or move forward with faith? Or will you succumb to the darkness in your soul?

Haley: Stay away from him! For all I care you can go to hell, but I won’t let you take Nathan with you.
Deb: Talk to me in a few years Haley, when your dreams are dead, and your child betrays you. Then we’ll see what kind of mother you’ll be.
Haley: No, no, I will never, ever be like you Deb.
Deb: Pretty soon Nathan’s going to realize playing college basketball is a lot more fun than playing house. I’ll save you some pills.
Haley: Who are you kidding Deb? Junkies don’t save pills.

Deb: Nathan.
Nathan: Mom, what are you doing here?
Deb: You have something that belongs to me.
Nathan: Mom, I’m not doing this.
Deb: I want my pills. I’m not leaving here until I get my damn pills.
Nathan: Ok. Go ahead, take them, but I’m warning you it’s either the pills or me.

Dan: Everything we say in this room is confidential, right? I killed my brother.
Therapist: You say you killed your brother. Can you explain that?

Deb: Shove it up your ass; I know I’m an addict. Live a week with these people and you will be too.

Peyton: Hey, did you talk to Brooke? Is it true?
Lucas: I don’t know yet. .. listen, what did Derek exactly say to you about me and Brooke?
Peyton: That’s … so not important
Lucas: No no no, I need to know.
Peyton: He said he heard you say you would cut me out of your life if she would take you back – and it’s fine, Luke, I get it, I get it! Okay?!
Lucas: Oh, my God, Peyton! I would never say that- I would never cut you out of my life.

Lucas: There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment you must choose your direction. Will you fight to stay on the path while others tell you who you are? Or will you label yourself? Will you be honored by your choice? Or will you embrace your new path? Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up.

4.05 || I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness

Lucas: When life comes at you out of the darkness, who will you choose to face it with? Will they be wise? Will their love for you help them to lead you to the light, or will they lose their way in the darkness? Will they make noble choices, or will that person be someone untested, someone new? Life comes rushing at you from out of the darkness. And when it does, is there someone you can depend on when it does?

Lucas: Kinda dark, isn’t it?
Peyton: I love you, Luke, but I’ve chosen darkness.

Whitey: You must be proud of your son, the way he acted, Danny.
Dan: He acted like a child.
Whitey: No, Danny! He acted like a man.

Nathan: You know, I thought it was a miracle that I survived that accident. And I guess I never really felt worthy of it. Now I know that miracle wasn’t for me. It was for us. All three of us!

Nathan: As many of you know, I called this press conference today to announce where I’m planning to play basketball in college. I got a lot of great offers but its always been my dream to play in Duke University, so ah… that’s where I plan to go but… You know, my father said that today will be the greatest day of my life, and you’re right dad, it is. But it’s not because of basketball. You see, today I learned that my wife Haley is pregnant. It’s an absolute honor to be recruited by Duke University. I guess what I have to say to you today is this: where I play basketball, if I play basketball, is no longer a decision for me to make alone. It’s a decision that I make with my wife and my family’s best interests at heart, and when I do I’ll let you all know. My wife couldn’t be here today so, I just wanted to say one thing to her: Haley, no matters what happens, we face it together. I promise you, I’ve never been happier. Everything is gonna be okay. I love you. Thank you.

Karen: Welcome to my history, Haley James Scott.

Detective: Lucas Scott.
Lucas: Yes sir.
Detective: Detective Wilcox. We’ve met before, haven’t we?
Lucas: Yeah, after the school shooting.
Detective: I thought so. Listen, they filled me in on this whole long lost brother scenario. What else can you give me?
Lucas: Unfortunately, not much. I just have a really bad feeling about this guy and I’m worried about my friend Peyton.
Detective: You carried her out…. Peyton Sawyer. You are the one who carried her out of the school.
Lucas: Yeah.
Detective: Okay. We’ll bring him in.
Lucas: So you believe me. You don’t think this sounds crazy?
Detective: I didn’t say it didn’t sound crazy. But that look in your eye tells me that you believe it.

Haley: I’m pregnant … we’re pregnant, at least just tell me how you feel about that?
Nathan: I feel like you should’ve told me a few weeks ago… that’s how I feel.

Karen: Lucas, you know you don’t have to come to every check up with me.
Lucas: It’s okay, mom, I want to.
Karen: Lucas, why are you coming to every check up with me?
Lucas: Would Keith be at every checkup?
Karen: Probably, yeah.
Lucas: Well then, there’s your answer.

4.06 || Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Lucas: This morning I asked Whitey if I could play again.
Peyton: That’s great Luke.
Lucas: Yeah, but with my heart condition, it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s scary.
Peyton: Well, then why are you playing?
Lucas: ‘Cause it’s who I am – and you need to be who you are.
Peyton: I’m out of here.
Lucas: Wait! Peyton, if you let this change you… he wins.
Peyton: Well, maybe he wins.

Lucas: Well, protect you.
Peyton: I can take care of myself.
Lucas: Hey! I know that…but, it’s okay to be afraid from time to time.
Peyton: Really, what are you afraid of?

Lucas: Thanks for almost branding me with the keys. Wow, umm… it’s bright.
Peyton: Yeah, well, ‘Psycho Derek’ is still out there – I really haven’t been able to sleep for 48 hours. Thought maybe I’d try to paint the shadows away.

Lucas: Skills, this is Peyton’s brother, Derek.
Skills: Damn… who would’ve guessed that Peyton’s brother… was a brother.
Derek: Lance Corporal Sommers.
Skills: Big Daddy Skills.

Skills: So let me get this straight, you and Peyton just friends right?
Lucas: Uh-huh.
Skills (holds up pair of ladies underwear): I wish I had friends like that.

Whitey (to Lucas): You know, it took every ounce of strength your mother has to come in here and ask me to take you back. She loves you that much, enough to put your dreams ahead of her fears. You’ve got fifteen minutes a game to make her proud… and a lifetime to make them both proud.

Lucas: This is Keith’s number.
Whitey: Yup, and I’m pretty sure he’d want you to have it.

4.07 || All These Things That I’ve Done

Nathan: I wanna say thanks. I know how hard it was for you to throw those points away. Look, I’ll make it up to you and the team at State okay? Point shaving was just a one time thing… it’s over now.
Lucas: Nathan… you know I’ll always be there for you. But, never again.

Hayley: You’ve been so supportive of me and my dream for music, so I just wanna be supportive of you and your dream for playing at Duke. So I wanna do this for us, okay?
Nathan: How did I get so lucky?
Haley: It helps that you’re hot.

Nathan: Hey! Come on… (Nathan pulls her down.)
Hayley: Hey! I was getting that.
Nathan: You shouldn’t be straining yourself. You can’t risk falling and stuff.
Haley: Relax, I’m pregnant, not elderly.

4.08 || Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye

Lucas: Listen I just wanted to say I’m sorry that we didn’t get to spend more time together tonight.
Peyton: How’d it go with Brooke?
Lucas: I realized tonight that it’s over between me and Brooke and she realized it, too.
Peyton: I love you Lucas.
Lucas: I love you too Peyton.
Peyton: You don’t understand. I’ve been holding this in for a really long time… I just need you to know. I love you… I’m in love with you.
Lucas: Oh.

Haley: Rachel. Asked me. To tutor her.
Lucas: You’re tutoring Rachel?
Haley: Hell no, I said she asked me.

Lucas: Regret comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are small , like when we do a bad thing, for a good reason. Some are bigger, like when we let down a friend. Some of us escape the pains of regret by making the right choice. Some of us have little time for regret, because we’re looking forward to the future. Sometimes we have to fight to come to terms with the past. And sometimes we bury our regret, by promising to change our ways. But our biggest regrets are not for the things we did… but the things we didn’t do. The things we didn’t say that could save someone we care about. Especially when we can see the dark storm that’s headed their way.

4.09 || Some You Give Away

Whitey: You have made a hell of a comeback. You played as team. Even if we lose this thing, it’s still a damn fine moral victory. Now, maybe that’s okay with you. Maybe you want to look back and tell your grandkids about the state championship you almost won.
Nathan: No way. We’re winning this game, right, Luke?
Lucas: You tell me.
Nathan: We’re winning this game.

Nathan: I need to ask you a question. If I don’t go to Duke, if I don’t play college basketball – I mean if today is the best it ever gets for me, will that be enough?
Haley: Of course! Nathan, as long as you are a good husband and a good father to your son.
Nathan: What?
Haley: It’s a boy Nathan. You’re gonna have a son! Although I have to tell you, someday he’s gonna tease his father for playing like crap at the state championship. You might wanna change that.

Nurse: I know you cheerleaders expect special treatment, but I never liked the cheerleaders at my school.
Rachel: Its probably because you looked like that.

Peyton: Our friend here is pregnant and in a lot of pain and this bitch is about to get her ass kicked.
Doctor: Calm down I’ll look at her. You go wait in the lobby and cheer about something.

Peyton: Bitch.
Rachel: Slut.
Brooke: Whore.
Bevin: Thank you.

Brooke: Peyton here. I like to steal boys but I’m afraid to tell them how I feel.
Peyton: Speaking of stealing, hi I’m Brooke I stole my friend Peyton’s artwork for my designs and didn’t bother to say thank you!
Brooke: Okay. Peyton here again. Did I mention that if you love me you’re probably gonna die soon? See mothers 1 and 2.
Haley: Brooke!
Bevin: My name’s Rachel and I have red hair!
Brooke and Peyton: Aah!
Haley and Rachel: Hey!

Rachel: You guys really need to work it out. When I was in fat girl thearpy. Role play.
Haley: Okay I’ll go first. Hi my name’s Rachel and I’m a dumb ass who’s failing calculus and really likes to hit on married guys.
Rachel: Good kinda like when I slept with Nathan. Damn that was good.

Brooke: I can’t believe Whitey wouldn’t let us ride the bus. And thanks to Haley having to pee every other mile, we’re gonna be late. This sucks.
Haley: Brooke, I’m pregnant and I don’t feel very well.
Brooke: That’s not why it sucks. It sucks because Peyton’s here.

Lucas: Look, you know what Skills? For a long time I thought that maybe we’d be something more. It just never seemed to work out, you know? So, at a certan point you just gotta face the fact that it’s not meant to be.
Skills: Even if she wants more?
Lucas: She’s just a little confused. She’s had a hard year and I happened to be her rescuer a few times.
Skills: So maybe you the one who’s confused! Cause you didn’t just happen to rescue her a few times. You didn’t just happen to run into the school that day or save her from Pscyho-Derek. Peyton happened to be there, but you chose to be there. So, maybe you gotta think about that.

Skills: You said “Oh!”? Hold on. Peyton says “I’m in love with you” and you say “Oh”? Nice work player!
Lucas: She caught me by surprise, what was I supposed to say, huh?
Skills: Not “Oh”. Ok, what else did you say?
Lucas: Uh… I mumbled something about us being friends and then I left.
Skills: And you believe that? That you and P. Sawyer are just friends!?

Lucas: Would you like to have it exclusively?
Peyton: Sure, with who? (they kiss)

Lucas: Can I talk to you? (kisses her)
Peyton: I’m liking this conversation.

Lucas: How is my little nephew?
Haley: Fine, how’s his uncle’s heart?
Lucas: Oh, it’s fine.
Peyton: How are you feeling, Haley?
Lucas: Hales, you know my girlfriend Peyton, right?
Peyton: Oh, God.
Haley: What? Since when?
Lucas: Since now, I hope! I’ll let you know.

Mouth: You know, say what you will about the ravages of sports in this corporate age where overpaid athletes expect prima donna treatment, but there’s still something som unifying about sporting in it’s purest form, when athletes rise above themselves and touch greatness, and in doing so remind us all that we all have greatness inside of us.

Dante: [to Dan] I didn’t pick Nathan because he was the star of the team. I picked him because he’s Dan Scott’s son. But it turns out the kid actually has a soul. I never would have bet on that.

Lucas: Peyton! It’s you.
Peyton: What?
Lucas: When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me. It’s you. It’s you Peyton.

4.10 || Songs To Love And Die By

Lucas: I have to go back.
Keith: Are you sure?
Lucas: I never told Peyton I love her. I wanna go back.
Keith: Ok. Well, I guess this is the hard part…

Lucas: Keith…
Keith: Luke, you know I love you. And I always will… but I’m afraid it’s time for me to go.
Lucas: But I don’t want you to go!
Keith: Luke, it’s ok.
Lucas: God, I am going to miss you so much.
Keith: But why? I’m with you every day. I’m with you every day. Besides, we’ll see each other again.
Lucas: We will?
Keith: You believe that. Now uh, this is gonna hurt a little bit. I love ya kid. It’s okay Lucas, just breathe. It’s gonna be okay.

Peyton: You’ve saved me so many times. Please let me find a way to save you.

Keith (to Lucas): It’s a special thing, saying ‘I love you’ to people you love. Because you never know when you’ll lose them, or when they’ll lose you.

Keith: It’s okay Nathan.
Nathan: Why’d you have save me Keith?! Huh? If I would have died, then there’s no Daunte, and there’s no accident, and Haley and the baby are fine. C’mon Keith, you can save me but you can’t answer me? Thanks for nothing.
Lucas: So it was you?
Keith: No, it was him. Most people are stronger than they know… they just, forget to believe in it sometimes.
Lucas: This is my fault. I wanted to win the state championship, I could have let him lose that game. I should have been more supportive of him and Haley!
Keith: Right. We’ll let’s take another look at that world, you know, where you’re a lesser guy.

Nathan: I know I did a horrible thing, okay. But I deserve to e punished for that, not Haley! She’s a good person and she’d be a great mother if… Look I know it must suck how people are always asking for things and never giving anything back and I know that Keith saved me at that bridge, but Haley saved me long before the accident. There has to be a miracle left for her, please, please, don’t take her from me, don’t take our child from her.

Peyton: Can we be friends again?
Brooke: Sure.
Peyton: Like before?
Brooke: I don’t think so, like before is gone, Peyton.

Keith: Just breathe, Lucas. It’s all gonna be okay.

Lucas: Have you ever wondered what marks our time here? If one life can really make an impact on the world. .. or if the choices we make matter? I believe they do. And I believe that one man can change many lives. For better… or worse.

4.11 || Everything In It’s Right Place

Brooke: I’m not book smart, I’m Brooke smart and there is a big difference.

Shelly: Well, the door’s always open.
Brooke: Just like Rachel’s legs.

Brooke: A little late for a Clean Teen meeting, don’t you think?
Rachel: What else does virgins have to do at night?

Haley: Why is it that it’s so much easier to forgive a stranger than someone you love?

Peyton: Sorry I was being a weirdo earlier.
Lucas: You mean when you didn’t kiss me on the quad or when you said dreams are e-mails from ghosts.
Peyton: Both.
Lucas: What’s wrong Peyton?
Peyton: I wanna kiss you you Luke. I do. I just don’t want to lose you.
Lucas: Hey, what makes you think you think you’re gonna lose me?

Deb: I don’t belong here, I’m a good person. So I pop pills, I haven’t killed anybody. Sure maybe I started a fire once, and I did discharge a firearm recently, but it was an accident. The bottom line is… I don’t need this place.
Counselor: Deb, I’ve been in your shoes.
Deb: Gucci? I don’t think so.

Lucas: Hey, I’ve been waiting for you
Peyton: I think we’ve waited long enough.

Lucas: Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real when you woke up you didn’t know what to believe? What would you do if what you thought was true wasn’t, and what you thought wasn’t true was. Would you retreat into your dreams with the hope of finding a more perfect reality? Sometimes life is stranger than a dream, and the only way to wake up is to face what lies are hidden in your soul. And you can only hope that in those moments of dark reflection, that you are not alone.

4.12 || Resolve

Brooke: Did you do something slutty?
Rachel: Let’s just say I started the morning off with a bang.

Brooke: What do virgins talk about?
Mouth: Oh, we like rainbows and kittens!

Peyton: So what do you guys need this music for anyway?
Skills: Well, me and Nathan. .. Let’s just say we entered a dance contest.
Peyton: Wait.. Nathan Scott? No way! What aren’t you telling me?
Skills: Let’s just say you gotta show some skin to win.
Peyton: You guys are stripping?! Shut up! Please can I tell Lucas?
Skills: Better than that.. Why don’t you tell some girls, because the way he move we’re gonna need all the home cooking we can get.

Chase: So, I was thinking since you said you can tutor me in calculus?
Brooke: I did. But what’s in it for me?
Chase: Well, I can feed you.
Brooke: Like a monkey in a cage?
Chase: Feed you like a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant.
Brooke: That sounds nice too.
Chase: How about tonight?
Brooke: Yeah.

Chase: Wow! Good grade. I have the toughest time with Calculus.
Brooke: Yeah, most people do.
Chase: Maybe you could tutor me?
Brooke: Yeah, sure. Anytime. (whispers to Rachel) Check me out! I’m a smart virgin!
Rachel: Great! You’re the new Mouth!

Rachel: Nathan looked good tonight, no wonder you’re pregnant.

Nathan: So how naked do we have to get?
Skills: See, I knew you would come around.

Teacher: Well, well, passing notes Mr. Scott? How about we share this with the class?
Lucas: I’d be happy to. Umm, it just says, Peyton you look amazing. And I can’t wait until class is over so I can look at those green eyes and kiss your perfect lips. Did I miss anything?
Teacher: No, that, that pretty much covers it. Peyton, care to respond? (Peyton leans over, kisses Lucas) Oh, young love. At least you’ll be together in detention.
Peyton: So worth it.

4.13 || Pictures Of You

Glenda: But we walked out of the doctor’s, and my mom handed me the prescription, and she turns and say “Well, I don’t know who would sleep with you, but here you go.”
Lucas: That’s terrible…
Glenda: Well see, then I turned and said “Well I don’t know you would sleep with you, but here I am.”

Glenda: So I’ve been thinking about your manuscript. You need to give it to someone who won’t go easy with you, someone who’s gonna tell you the truth. ..
Lucas: Someone like you?
Glenda: I haven’t actually been that truthful, I mean not about school. The truth is I’m gonna miss this place. And it’s all my fault. I just wish I would have tried harder, and I just didn’t wanna look like an idiot.
Lucas: I think everybody feels that way sometimes. You know like people don’t see them for who they really are. It’s not just you.
Glenda: You would have made a great goth you know? A little tortured, a bit of a loner, but kind.

Nathan: You see this? The summer I decided to really dedicate myself to basketball, my dad said I was way too skinny to ever be a great player. He said I wasn’t tough enough, that I wasn’t strong enough. So to prove him wrong, I spent every single day in this training room. It was like a thousand degrees in it, but I wasn’t gonna let him be right.
Peyton: Anger’s motivation.
Nathan: Anger and inspiration. Every time I benched another ten pounds, I scratched two letters, under the plate.
Peyton: What does it say? PS?
Nathan: It was the same summer we started dating. We were pretty good together weren’t we?
Peyton: Gimme your hand. Ok, I want you to feel this.
Nathan: Geeze what happened?
Peyton: I broke that knuckle punching something after we’ve broken up for like the twentieth time! We were horrible together!
Nathan: Yeah, I know, I was kinda hoping you forgot.
Peyton: No.

Peyton: So I guess I was right about the partial nudity thing. Boys locker room?
Nathan: Just following the assignment.

4.14 || Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers

Skills: Don’t look now, Mouth, but Shelly all up in here right now.
Mouth: Where?
Skills: 12 o’clock and closing fast.
Mouth: Okay, on the count of three we’re out of here. ready? Three.

Haley: Uhm, have you guys seen Rachel?
Chase: She was holding court in the living room.
Haley: Clothed or unclothed?
Brooke: Clothed, but it was about 10 minutes ago, so you never know.

Skills: Damn, Nate mom like the alcoholic Easter bunny.

Peyton: Your mom is gonna come in any second.
Lucas: She’s working at the cafe, nobody’s gonna walk in.
Brooke: Okay, my discomfort meter is pretty much pegged.

Dan: You don’t wanna be the guy looking back at blue ruffles.
Lucas: Ah, good point. So what’d you wear to prom?
Dan: Blue ruffles.

Lucas: I thought you said you wanted to wait.
Peyton: Do you remember what you said the last time we were here? You said you wanted it all and… I walked away. I made a big mistake that night because all I wanted was sex.
Lucas: What do you want now?
Peyton: Now I want what you wanted. I want everything with you.

Lucas: If you could go back and just change one thing about your life, would you? And if you did, would that change make your life better? Or would that change ultimately break your heart? Or break the heart of another? Would you choose an entirely different path? Or would you change just one thing? Just one moment. One moment that you’ve always wanted back.

Haley: (throws drink in Rachel’s face, then backhands her) That is for getting me fired. And that is for trying to sleep with my husband.
Rachel: Bitch, you’re lucky you’re pregnant!
Haley: Honey, YOU’RE lucky that I’m pregnant!! I think its time you get your insecure, cheating, skank ass out of this house RIGHT NOW!
Skills: Yo ma I think it’s time for you to leave.

Haley: How did you do it?
Rachel: Do what?
Haley: Don’t play dumb ass with me girlie you stole those test, and I wanna know how you did it. Did you steal my keys while I was in the hospital. Yeah I bet you did, didn’t you. You know I could have spent my time tutoring someone that actually needed it, but now I’m not gonna have that opportunity again thanks to you.
Rachel: Whatever.

Nathan: Haley! I heard you were fighting Rachel. You punched her?
Haley: It was more of a bitch slap.

Nathan: Luke, you gotta help me find some booze, man, or it’s going to get ugly down there. You gotta let this go man. Keith’s gone, Luke. Jimmy’s gone. Nothing’s going to bring them back. But you got a ton of people that love you out there and in a few months, most of those people are gonna go their separate ways. So what do you say big brother? Let’s have some fun.

4.15 || Prom Night At Hater High

Brooke: I have a lot of skeletons in my closet, and apparently half of them are naked.

Lucas: Hi.
Peyton: Hi.
Lucas: Can we just put this whole thing behind us, and have a good time at prom?
Peyton: I’m not going.
Lucas: Why? Did something else happen?
Peyton: No, I just don’t care about prom.
Lucas: Peyton. We don’t have to see Brooke. It’ll be fun. I promise you that.
Peyton: It’s not about Brooke I just really don’t wanna go anymore. You can still go if you want.
Lucas: Look I think you’re going to regret not going. I know that I’ll regret not going with you.
Peyton: I just can’t. I’m sorry.
Lucas: Oh I really hope you change your mind, because I’m coming back later and I’m picking you up. And if you open that door, I know that you’re gonna look beautiful, and that we’re gonna have a great night. And if not I guess I’m going alone.

Peyton: You made fun of my mom’s death, Brooke. You knew her, you cried with me when she died and now you use her as a punchline in a joke to hurt me. It hurt, it did, but not anymore cause you and me, we’re done. You’re right, she’s dead and as far as I’m concerned so are you!

Brooke: I’m the one with no prom dress, no boyfriend and a black eye, you get to go to prom with the boy you love, so you win. Why do you even care anymore?
Peyton: Why do I care? Brooke this has been one of the worst years of my life, and I needed my best friend now more then ever, but you, you cut me out of your life because I was honest with you, when you were never ever honest with me!

Haley: How am I supposed to compete with all the girls that you’ve been with?
Nathan: You don’t have to compete with all the girls.
Haley: All the girls?! How many girls have you slept with? Fabio!

Rachel: (to Brooke, re: Peyton) Didn’t you F her BF when you two were still BFF?

4. 16 || You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love

Brooke: I guess now it’s hoes over psychos.

Haley: You know after everything we’ve been through in the past year your mom taking us to prom feels pretty good.
Nathan: Kinda like we’re kids again.
Haley: Yeah, like you know maybe tonight we don’t have to be married and pregnant. We can just be teenagers.
Nathan: Well, in that case what’s your curfew.

Rachel: You know I lied to you when I told you my flight was late. The truth is that I just wasn’t ready to get on it.
Mouth: Why not?
Rachel: Because I wanted us to have our last dance.
Mouth: Let’s have it.
Rachel: You’re gonna break a lot of hearts Mouth McFadden.

Rachel: Quit talking about Shelly.
Mouth: Yeah, I know. I’m boring you.
Rachel: No, you’re making me jealous.

Peyton: Why did you come?
Brooke: We’ve been talking about senior prom since we are 8. I knew something was wrong.
Peyton: So you told someone you were coming?
Brooke: No, at least I came!
Peyton: You should have told
Brooke: That is your problem, you are so ungrateful.
Peyton: You’re an idiot!
Brooke: Don’t call me an idiot, bitch!

Lucas: She told me she loved me. I just figured it was because she lost a lot of blood. But at some level I knew it was true. I was just too afraid to admit it because, it would’ve hurt Brooke.
Glenda: You ever think maybe that’s why you have trouble writing about that day? Maybe you block things out because you’re afraid if you face the truth, it could hurt the other people you love.

Peyton: Are you ready for this Brooke Davis?
Brooke: Welcome to prom, P. Sawyer.

4.17 || It Gets The Worst At Night

Lucas: William Blake once wrote: “There are things that are known and things that are unknown. And in between, there are doors”

Peyton: Lucas Scott, will you go to prom with me?

Haley: Tell me a secret.
Nathan: Risky, okay. For the past few months I’ve been pretty freaked out about being a dad, but lately I… I know it’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be great actually.
Haley: You are so sexy when you talk like that.

Brooke: I live with my friend Rachel, she is so funny and she had all this plastic surgery and she just got suspended and now… she is kind of… missing.

Chris Keller: You’re looking a little plump, Hales. What the hell, I’ve had bigger trunk in my bunk.
Haley: I’m pregnant, you idiot!
Chris: Oh. Dude! Totally not mine!

Chris Keller: Let’s see here: (looks at Brooke) slept with you, (looks at Haley) kissed you, (looks at Peyton) got slapped by you. Just like any other night on Chris Keller’s tour bus.

Peyton: And Lucas admit it, you wanted to see the “Elvis” sandwich too, didn’t you?
Lucas: Fine! I wanted to see the “Elvis” sandwich okay? But that still doesn’t change the fact that we haven’t a single car pass by since we stopped.
Brooke: Eh… um…
Lucas: Until now.
Nathan: It’s a bus.
Brooke: It’s a tour bus.
Peyton: Oh please be the Foo Fighters!
Skills: Please be Kanye.

Lucas: I don’t know, it’s all electronic I can’t figure it out.
Brooke: Sorry.
Lucas: But I do know, we should’ve stuck to the interstate and not taken the back road just so Haley could see this sandwich shaped like Elvis.
Haley: Hey!

Mouth: Hiya guys, I’m Mouth.
Jail Guys: Mouth, eh?
Mouth: I mean, Marvin. Look, I really don’t want any trouble. I mean… I like girls.

Haley: Why won’t we just try to let go of all the pain on this trip and really focus on the good things in our lives. Okay, who’s with me?
Peyton: Hooray for that.
Brooke: Definitely.
Haley: Okay Luke? Lucas… Lucas?
Lucas: Yeah… sure.

Haley: Okay Brooke, freshman year… Lance Bass? Really?
Brooke: He was cute, okay?

Haley: Okay, Karen and I made sandwiches and I got chips and drinks and we’re all set.
Skills: I brought red vines, you can’t have a road trip without red vines.
Lucas: I brought some old yearbooks, thought it might give us a laugh. What’d you bring Nate?
Nathan: I brought Haley, who brought the food. Brooke?
Brooke: I brought my hot body and Rachel’s Denali. She might have left but at least we got her car.
Haley: You sure it’s not stolen? Oh, wait that’s only calculus exams.
Nathan: My girl’s not a big Rachel fan. Peyton, what did you bring?
Peyton: Road mix.

Peyton: (reading text message) Honey Grove, Texas. Need ass.
Brooke: I don’t get it; he left with Rachel, why would he need ass?
Lucas, Nathan and Skills: ASSISTANCE!

4.18 || The Runaway Found

Psycho Derek: (to Peyton and Brooke) Well, if it isn’t Tease 1 and Tease 2.

Brooke: Oh my God, his girlfriend looks just like you, if you…
Peyton: If I what?
Brooke: If you were dead.

Lucas: Truth is still absolute. Believe that. Even when that truth is hard and cold, and more painful than you’ve ever imagined. And even when truth is more cruel than any lie.

Karen: Dan…
Dan: I have done some horrible things, unforgivable things. Lucas didn’t need a father, he had one. He had the person who helped him bridge the shame of my cowardice. Everything I’ve touched has diminished: Deb’s life, Nathan’s talent. Keith-
Karen Roe: Come here. You’re not without redemption. I’ve seen it, I see it!
Dan Scott:: That’s not true, it’s not true. I just wanna…wanna go back, you know. I just wanna go back. I… I wanna take that little kid that I used to be and just grab him and shake him and say you stop, stop, JUST STOP! I wanna wake up from this nightmare, you know, I wanna breathe again. I wanna, I wanna breathe again, Karen. Can you help me breathe? Can you help me quite these voices in my head that tell me that I’ve lost you? ‘Cause I know I have… If only I would’ve stayed with you.

Lucas: Sometimes I wonder if anything’s absolute anymore. Is There Still right and wrong? Good and bad? Truth and lies? Or is everything negotiable, left to interpretation, grey. Sometimes we’re forced to bend the truth, transform it, cause we’re faced with things that are not of our own making. And sometimes things simply catch up to us.

4.19 || Ashes Of Dreams You Let Die

Peyton: (after Lucas kisses her) Excuse me, I have a boyfriend.
Lucas: Really? Where is he?
Peyton: Good question I’ve been wondering that myself for two days.
Lucas: Yeah, I guess I deserve that.
Peyton: Makes a girl feel cheap. Give it up in Honey Grove and then poof vanishing boyfriend.
Lucas: Poof?
Peyton: Poof!

Chase Adams: Everything you wrote to me, I feel it too. I just didn’t know how to put it in words.
Brooke: You just did.

Peyton: Maybe you should have opted for that ‘skateboarders are cool’ version.
Brooke: This is not funny. You know what this means don’t you? I can never show my face at the school again.
Peyton: Yea. It’s a good thing high school’s almost over.
Brooke: Shut up.

Dan: Karen?!
Dan: She could be having a miscarriage!
Dan: Lucas!!!

Karen: Lucas!
Lucas: You know that text message Dan just got? I sent it. I pretended to be Abby. You know, the girl who watched him murder Keith?!
Dan: Don’t listen to him Karen, he’s delusional.

Dan: What are you doing, Lucas?
Lucas: Protecting my mother. (pulls out a gun, points it at Dan)
Dan: You’re gonna shoot me?
Lucas: Yes, I am. Just like you shot my uncle Keith.
Karen: Lucas, put that down!
Lucas: I can’t.

Nathan: Do you have a wife, Principal Turner? Isn’t she the best part of you? Would you want her to pay for your mistakes? We all make mistakes. And, believe me, I’m paying for mine, but – Haley is a good person. She’s worked for four years to be valedictorian. She deserves to be recognized.

Whitey: When somebody says you can’t do something you fight back. You prove them wrong.
Nathan: They took away my scholarship coach, they don’t want me anymore.
Whitey: Then find somebody who does. Nathan, where is the fire that made you the best player I ever coached?. Show me it’s still there. If it’s not, put down that ball and walk home. People love a guy who rises from the ashes. Remember that.

4.20 || The Birth and Death of the Day

Brooke: Hey.
Peyton: Hey! What’s wrong?
Brooke: Nothing…
Peyton: Oh come on! We’re gonna be graduating soon! We all know graduating plus partying equals Brooke Davis minus her clothes.

Lucas: I wish we never left that hotel room in Honey Grove, ’cause you’re perfect, and we’re perfect, and that night was perfect.
Peyton: Well saying that just earned you another one.
Lucas: I have to get back to the hospital.
Peyton: Can I come with you?
Lucas: Sure, Just let me hold you for a few more minutes. That’s what’s gonna fix me.

Bevin: My boyfriend’s black.
Mr. Taylor: That’s okay, honey. My son’s black too. We deal with it.

Haley: My best friend recently reminded me of a quote, by William Shakespeare,that seems appropriate. “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound up in sorrows and in miseries. On such a full sea, are we now afloat, and we must take the current when it serves or lose our ventures.” I think that what that quote means is that life is short and, opportunities are rare, and we have to be vigilant in protecting them. And, not only the opportunities to succeed but, the opportunity to laugh, to see the enchantment in the world, and…to live, because life doesn’t owe us anything. As a matter of fact, I think we owe something to the world. And, if we can just believe.. I’m sorry, I have more, I just, think I’m having my baby.

4.21 || All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

Rachel: (flicks Haley in the back of the head)
Haley: Oww!
Rachel: That was for soaking me at the last party. The bitch slap I deserved.
Haley: (throws drink on Rachel) That was for flicking me in the back of the head.
Rachel: I’m gonna miss this.

Nathan: You sure you’re up for this old man?
Lucas: I could do this forever, little brother.

Random Boy: Name?
Brooke: Brooke Davis.
Random Boy: I’m Sorry. I’ve got strict orders not to admit Brooke Davis.
Brooke: Excuse me? Whose stupid party is this anyway?
Rachel: It’s mine, bitch. And your fat ass isn’t invited.
Brooke: Ahh! Oh my god!

Peyton: Hey, you, what have you been up too?
Brooke: Flirting with Lucas.
Peyton: Oh, yeah? How’d that turn out?
Brooke: Eh, so so. You know love triangles are so high school.
Peyton: Seriously.
Brooke: We made it, didn’t we? Through all the tragedy and jealousy and confusion. We made it.
Peyton: Yea, hoes over bros, right?
Brooke: I love you, P. Sawyer.
Peyton: I love you too, B. Davis.

Peyton: All right, let me see that baby. (Nathan takes out picture of Jamie) Oh God.
Nathan: Not bad huh?
Peyton: Good work buddy.
Nathan: I made that.

Skills: (singing) If u wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends …(Lucas gives him a look) What? It’s catchy

Skills: Drink baby, drink.
Bevin: I don’t want to drink. I just wanted to be upside down.

Haley: Okay, we’ll have fun. I’m just saying maybe I should give Deb one quick call just to check in.
Nathan: Hales, come on. I miss the boy too but we’re not going to be those crazy obsessive parents, alright?

Lucas: I want you to stay but I won’t let you. Do you know why? Because I told you before… You’re destined for greatness and it starts tomorrow morning.
Peyton: It doesn’t whether I stay or I go. I’m gonna love you forever Lucas Scott.

Lucas: Whitey offered me an assistant coaching job. I’m gonna take it.
Nathan: What? When did you decide this?
Lucas: About the same time I found out I was a godfather.
Nathan: That’s great, man. We’ll do it together.
Lucas: By the way, make sure you play well on December 9. If Skills beats us, we’re never gonna hear the end of it.

Lucas: I say we move on. Let’s never go see Dan… ever.
Nathan: You know, this may sound kind of mean, but I’m okay with that. I mean, I got a great wife, I got a beautiful baby son, and I got a hell of a brother.
Lucas: Yeah, a hell of a brother who’s gonna be your coach.




[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. But omitted, and the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, and we must take the current when it serves — or lose the ventures before us.” — William Shakespeare,Julius Ceaser”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swaps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it’s yours.”
Ayn Rand, “Atlas Shrugged”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“E.E. Cummings once wrote; ‘To be nobody-but-yourself – in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else – means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.'”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“John Steinbeck once wrote; ‘It seems to me that if you or I must choose between two courses of thought or action, we should remember our dying and try so to live that our death brings no pleasure on the world.'”

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment. And then the moment was gone.”

“As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment. Then gradually time awakened again and moved sluggishly on.” — John Steinbeck, “Of Mice And Men”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“What A frightening thing is the human, a mass of gages, and dials, and registers, but we can read only a few and those perhaps not accurately.” — John Steinbeck

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“And the little prince said to the man, ‘Grownups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always explaining things to them.'” — Antoine de Saint-Exupry

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Some people believe that ravens guide travelers to their destinations. Others believe that the sight of a solitary raven is considered good luck. While a group of ravens predicts trouble ahead. And a raven right before battle promises victory.”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“T.H. White said; perhaps we all give the best of our hearts uncriticallyto those who hardly think about us in return.”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Katherine Anne Porter once said; ‘There seems to be a kind of order in the universein the movement of the stars and the turning of the Earth and the changing of the seasons. But human life is almost pure chaos. Everyone takes his stance, asserts his own right and feelings, mistaking the motives of others, and his own.'”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Oliver Wendell Holmes once said: Many people die with their music still IN them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live…Before they know it…time runs out.”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Brooke ]

“Someone once said; ‘Its the good girls who keep diaries. The bad girls never have the time. Me I just wanna live a life Im gonna remember. Even if I dont write it down.'”

That ‘someone’ was Tallulah Bankhead.

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Nathanial Hawthorne once wrote: No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself — and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Tennessee Williams once wrote; When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Octavio Paz once wrote; Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone.”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Kahlil Gibran once wrote; ‘You’re reason and your passion are the rudder.. and the sails of your seafaring soul. If either be broken, you can but toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill in mid-seas. For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burn to its own destruction.'”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Charles Bukowski once wrote; ‘There will always be something to ruin our lives. It all depends on what or which finds us first. You’re always ripe and ready to be taken.'”

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“Joseph Conrad once wrote: ‘Who knows what true happiness is, not the conventional word.. but the naked terror. To the lonely themselves, that wears a mask, the most miserable outcast hugs some memory.. or some illusion.'”

“Stephen King once wrote: ‘Time takes it all, whether you want it to or not. Time takes it all, time bears it away.. and in the end.. there is only darkness. Sometimes we find others in that darkness, and sometime we lose them there again.'”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Nathan ]

“Douglas Adams once wrote: ‘He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream, and he sometimes wondered whose it was, and whether they were enjoying it.'”


“And Hansel said to Gretel, ‘Let us drop these breadcrumbs… so that together we find our way home. Because losing our way would be the most cruel of things.’ This year.. I lost my way.”
[ Voiceover Done By: Lucas ]

“And losing your way on a journey is unfortunate. But, losing your reason for the journey… is a fate more cruel.” [ Voiceover Done By: Nathan ]

“The journey lasted eight months. Sometimes I traveled alone, sometimes, there were others who took the wheel — and took my heart. But when the destination was reached, it wasnt me who arrived…it wasn’t me at all.” [ Voiceover Done By: Peyton ]

“And once you lose yourself, you have two choices: find the person you used to be… or lose that person completely.” [ Voiceover Done By: Brooke ]
“Because, sometimes, you have to step outside of the person you’ve been. And remember the person you were meant to be. The person you wanted to be. The person you are.”
[ Voice Over Done By: Mouth ]

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Tennessee Williams once wrote; ‘We all live in a house of fire. No fire department to call. No way out. Just the upstairs window to look out of while the fire burns the house down with us trapped, locked in it.'”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Peyton ]

“At this moment, there are 6 billion, 4 hundred, 71 million, 8 hundred, 18 thousand, 6 hundred, 71 people in the world. Some are running scared.. some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day.. others are just now facing the truth. Some are evil men at war with good, and some are good.. struggling with evil. 6 billion people in the world, 6 billion souls — and sometimes.. all you need is 1.”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Henry David Thoreau once wrote: ‘Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit and resign yourself to the influences of each.'”

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote: ‘All are architects of fate… living in these walls of time.'”

“Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote: ‘All are architects of fate… so look not mournfully into the past. It comes not back again.'”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Out of the night that covers me, black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeoninga of chance my head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears looms but the horror of the shade, and yet the menace of the years finds, shall find, me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” — Invictus

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Robert Louis Stevenson wrote: ‘you can not run away from weakness; you must fight it out… or perish. And if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?'”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“IDA Scott Taylor wrote: ‘Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone, and do not be troubled about the future, for it has yet to come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.'”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats.”


“I read a poem once about a girl who had a crush on a guy who died. She imagined him up in heaven with all the beautiful angels, and she was jealous. Ellie is gone, I imagine her with the bad ass angels now. Hanging out with them in their black leather jackets, causing trouble. But, I’m not jealous, I just miss her.” [ Voiceover Done By: Peyton ]

“Most of our life is a series of images. They pass us by like towns on the highway. But sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens. And we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live on forever.'”
[ Voiceover Done By: Lucas ]

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“Does this darkness have a name? This cruelty, this hatred. How did it find us? Did it steal into our lives or did we seek it out and embrace it? What happened to us? That we now send our children into the world like we send young men into war, hoping for their safe return. But knowing that some will be lost along the way. When did we lose our way? Consumed by the shadows, swallowed whole by the darkness. Does this darkness have a name? Is it your name?”

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“Henry James once wrote: ‘Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.'”

“John Steinbeck once wrote: ‘Change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn, and it comes like the stealthy perfume of wildflowers hidden in the grass.'”

[ Voiceover Done By:
Lucas ]

“George Eliot once wrote: ‘There is no despair so absolute as that which comes with the first moments of our first great sorrow, when we have not yet known what it is to have suffered and healed, to have despaired and have recovered hope.'”

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Nathan ]

“Stepping up. It’s a simple concept. It basically means to rise above yourself; to do a little more, to show you something special. Something like this. Lucas is gone, but that doesn’t mean the season is over. As a matter of fact, I say it’s just beginning. You might want to stay out of my way for a while. Life’s funny sometimes; can push pretty hard like when you fall in love with someone but they forget to love you back, like when your best friend and your boyfriend leave you alone, like when you pull the trigger or light the flame and you can’t take it back. Like I said, in sports they call this ‘stepping up’. In life, I call it ‘pushing back”.’

“You know it’s been said that we just don’t recognize the significant moments of our lives while they’re happening. We grow complacent with ideas, or things or people and we take them for granted and it’s usually not until that thing is about to be taken away from you that you’ve realized how wrong you’ve been that you realized how much you need it, how much you love it. God, I love this game.”

“You ever heard the expression ‘The best things in live are free.’ Well that expression is true.’ Every once in a while, people step up they rise above themselves sometimes they surprise you and sometimes they fall short. Life is funny sometimes. It can push pretty hard but if you look close enough, you can find hope in the words of children, in the bars of the song and in the eyes of someone you love. And if you’re lucky, if you’re the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back.”

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Jake ]

“Once upon a time there was a Princess who lived in a kingdom far, far away; and in that kingdom there also lived a boy and the Princess loved that boy and, so the two decided to marry.”

“Now in this kingdom all was not well…”

“So the princess and the boy were set to be wed and because she was a Princess, a call went out for a beautiful dress.”

“Now as the wedding day approached, the Princess worried about the evil King. Because, although he had not always been this way his heart had grown dark and his kingdom had grown to fear and despise him.”

“In the days before the wedding the king surprised the Princess and gave his blessing to the marriage. But, the Princess was still torn for even though she had found her true love it meant she would have to faithful handmaiden behind forever.”

“On the eve of the Princess’s wedding a lavish feast was arranged. Friends and royalty were summoned from lands far away to join the happy couple for a night of laughter and magic.”

“As the night wore on a calm fell upon the land and all was right in the land, if only for a moment.”

“But the people had their struggles as all people do and they had grown to fear and despise the King, whose heart had grown dark.”

“But in the end the love between the Princess and the boy was undeniable and true. And, over time that love would see them through anything. Magical things happened to them, things they couldnt explain, much like love its self. And, like most fairy tales the Princess and the boy lived happily ever after… at least I hope they do.”

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“At this moment there are six billion, five hundred and two million, eight hundred and sixty seven thousand, one hundred and twenty people in the world, give or take a few and sometimes all you need is one. For better or for worse.”

“William Shakespeare wrote; ‘Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds. It is an ever fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken. Love alters not with times brief hours and weeks, but bears it out even to the edge of doom.'”


[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“My name is Lucas Scott I’m a senior at Tree Hill High School. Tree Hill is just a place somewhere in the world, maybe it’s a lot like your world; maybe it’s nothing like it. But, if you look closer, you might see someone like you; or, someone like my best friend Haley. If you’re married, a senior in high school, and not sure if your husband is still alive, your world is a lot like Haley’s. Today was supposed to be the best day of her life. But, it’s amazing how things can change in a blink of an eye, or in this case, in about 29 minutes.”

“The things that take 14 minutes: boiling an ostrich egg, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video, it also takes 14 minutes to get from the Melina Bridge to Tree Hill Hospital. In those 14 minutes, three lives hung in the balance. For the rest of us there was nothing to do but wait. I guess thats why they call in the waiting room.”

‘Someone should call Dan.’ Dan Scott is many things: the mayor of Tree Hill, the once great high school baseball player, and Nathans father. He’s also my father, but he never claimed me. Believe it or not, I got the better end of the deal. I was instead raised by my mom with the help of my Uncle Keith, until Keiths life was taken.”

“Peyton Sawyer is a good friend. Brooke Davis is my girlfriend, at least for now she is.”

“I guess I should have said something, anything. I mean for a guy who wants to be a writer, it suddenly seemed like no words had ever been written, but when someone tells you that they somehow stopped missing you, you’re pretty much screwed no matter what you say. See, but there had to be something, right? Something that no one had ever said in the history of the world, something that could change this. That wasn’t it.” [ During his break-up with Brooke ]

“My name is Lucas Scott; I am a senior at Tree Hill High School. I play basketball, at least I used to. I have a girlfriend, at least I used to. And, I have a best friend. Tree Hill is just a place somewhere in the world. Maybe it’s a lot like your world. Maybe it’s nothing like it. But, if you look closely you might see someone like you. Someone trying to find their way; someone trying to find their place; someone trying to find their self. Sometimes its easy to feel like youre the only one in the world who’s struggling, whos frustrated, or unsatisfied at barely getting by. But, that feeling is a lie and if you just hold on; just find the courage to face it all for another day, someone or something will find the way and make it all okay. Because we all need a little help sometimes, someone to help us hear the music in the world. To remind us that it wont always be this way. That someone is out there, and that someone will find you.”

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“There are moments in our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroads. The choices we make in those moments can define the rest of our days.”

“And, of course when faced with the unknown, most of us prefer to turn around and go back.”

“There are moments in our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroads.”

“But, once in a while, people push onto something better. Something found just beyond the pain of going it alone. And just beyond the bravery and courage it takes to let someone in.”

“Or to give someone a second chance.”

“Something beyond the quiet persistence of a dream.”

“Because, it’s only when youre tested that you truly discover who you are.”

“And, it’s only when you’re tested that you discover who you can be.”

“The person you want to be does exist; somewhere on the other side of hard work and faith and belief. And, beyond the heartache and fear of what lies ahead.”

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“You ever look at a picture of yourself and see a stranger in the background? It makes you wonder how many strangers have pictures of you, how many moments of other peoples lives have we been in, we’re we a part of someone’s life when their dreams came true, or were we there when their dreams died. Did we keep trying to get in, as if we were somehow destined to be there, or did the shot take us by surprise. Just think, you could be a big part of someone else’s life, and not even know it.”


[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment, you must choose your direction. Will you fight to stay on path? Will others tell you who you are? Or will you label yourself? Will you be haunted by your choice? Or will you embrace your new path? Each morning you choose to move forward or simply give up.”

“There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment who will you be? Will you let down your defenses, and find solace in someone unexpected? Will you reach out? Will you face your greatest fear bravely? And move forward with faith. Or will you succumb to the darkness in your soul?”


[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“Life comes at us from out of the darkness. And at times we can struggle to find the courage to face it.”

“When life comes rushing at you from our of the darkness, who will you choose to face it with? Will it be someone you trust? Will they be wise? And will their love for you help them to guide you to the light? Or will they lose their way in the darkness? Will they make noble choices? Or will that person be someone untested, someone new? Life comes rushing at you from out of the darkness, when it does — is there someone in your life you can count on? Someone who will watch over you when you stumble and fall? And in that moment, give you the strength to face your fears alone?”


[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“Regret comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are small like when we do a bad thing for a good reason. Some are bigger like when you let down a friend.

Some of us escape the pain of regret by making the right choice. Some of us have little time for regret because we’re looking forward to the future. Sometimes we have to fight to come to terms with the past, and sometimes we bury our regret by promising to change your own ways.

But, our biggest regrets are not for the things we did — but, for the things we didn’t do. Things we didn’t say that could’ve save someone that we care about. Especially when we can see the dark storm that’s headed their way.”


[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“Have you ever wondered what marks our timing? If one life can really make an impact on the world? Or if the choices we make matter? Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to go back. In this case, just a few minutes.”

“Have you ever wondered what marks our timing? If one life can really make an impact on the world? Or if the choices we make matter? I believe they do. And I believe that one man can change many lives… for better, or worse.”


[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“Do you ever wonder how long it takes to change your life? What measure of time is enough to be life altering? Is it four years like high school? One year? An eight week rock tour? Can your life change in a month, or a week, or a single day? We’re always in a hurray to grow up, to go places, to get ahead. And when you’re young, one hour can change everything.”

“I wish I would have hung out with Glenda before today. Something tells me she could have been a great friend. But it’s good to know there is still a little time left to do that. And I also learned her last name. And I learned, that one hour, can change everything.”


[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“Do you ever wonder if we make the moments in our lives or if the moments in our lives make us?”

“If you could go back and change one thing about your life, would you? And if you did, would that change make your life better? Or would that change ultimately break your heart? Or break the heart of another? Or would you choose an entirely different path? Or would you change just one thing, just one moment? One moment, that you’ve always wanted back.”



[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]


William Blake once wrote; “There are things that are known and thing that are unknown, and in between, there are doors.

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“Sometimes I wonder if anything is absolute anymore. Is there still right and wrong? Good and bad? Truth and lies? Or is everything negotiable, left to interpretation, gray? Sometimes were forced to bend the truth? to transform it because we are faced with things that are not of our own making. And sometimes, things simply catch up with us.”



[ Voiceovers Done By:
Haley ]

“You can choose to blame your circumstances on fate or bad luck or bad choices. Or you can fight back.”

“Things arent always going to be fair in the real world. Thats just the way it is. But for the most part, you get what you give. Rest of your life is being shaped right now. With the dreams you chase.The choices you make.and the person you decide to be. The rest of your life is a long time. And the rest of your life starts right now.”

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Lucas ]

“Much as some of us fight it, our parents have a mystical hold over us, the power to affect our thoughts and emotions the way only they can. It’s a bond that changes over time, but doesn’t diminish, even if they’re half a world away, or in another world entirely. It’s a power we never fully understand. We’re left only to wonder that when our time comes, what kind of hold will we have on our children?”

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Mouth ]

“There was a high school basketball game tonight somewhere in America. A team won and a team lost. That’s not the real story. The real story is about fathers and sons. It’s about life and time and change. Girls and boys went to the game. They dressed and hoped to fit in. Some did. Some didn’t. It’s a story that has history and chapters yet to be written. There was a high school basketball game tonight somewhere in America. Reporters will report. They’ll tell you who the high scorer was and what the keys to the game were. But that’s not the real story. As a matter of fact, that’s not the story at all.”

[ Voiceovers Done By:
Peyton, Lucas, Brooke, Nathan and Haley ]

Peyton: “Name a wish, place it in your heart. Anything you want, everything you want.

Lucas: “Do you have it? Good. Now believe it can come true.
             You never know when the next miracle can come from, the next smile, the next wish com true.”

Peyton: “But if you believe that it right around the corner.
              And you open your heart and mind to the possibility of it, to the serenity of it.”

Brooke: “You just may get the thing your are wishing for.”

“The world is full of magic you just have to believe it.
               So make your wish. Do you have it?”

Haley: “Good. Now believe in it with all you heart.”

Hilarie Burton Morgan Reveals the Quote Fans Say to Her the Most

It’s now been nearly a decade since One Tree Hill ended, but the CW series’ fans have continued to rewatch and discuss their favorite moments. Even One Tree Hill‘s leading ladies, Hilarie Burton Morgan, Sophia Bush, and Bethany Joy Lenz, have jumped into binge watching the show.

As one can likely imagine, the popular teen drama’s nine seasons have provided plenty of memorable quotes that fans have carried with them all these years. But, according to Burton, there’s one particular quote that One Tree Hill lovers have said to her over and over again. To hear the famous line, fans will have to head all the way back to season 1 episode 2.

Hilarie Burton at the “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime” Holiday Party | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

What happened in ‘One Tree Hill’ Season 1 Episode 2?

In One Tree Hill‘s pilot episode, Lucas (played by Chad Michael Murray) went from playing basketball on the River Court to joining the Tree Hill Ravens. The second episode showed Lucas during his first game on the team, but unfortunately, he didn’t play so well. Lucas faced scrutiny from his teammates, including his half-brother Nathan (James Lafferty), who didn’t want him on the team in the first place.

Meanwhile, the episode explored Peyton’s (Burton) artistic talent as she drew a comic strip to submit to a local magazine. However, like Lucas, she felt insecure about her abilities and chose not to submit the work after all. Lucas saw her sketchbook and decided to turn in the artwork behind Peyton’s back because he believed in her work, but the invasion of privacy angered her.

In the end, the magazine loved Peyton’s work and offered her a freelance role creating a comic strip series. Lucas and Peyton both pushed past their insecurities to keep doing what they loved without the fear of failure.

Hilarie Burton Morgan most often hears ‘your art matters’ from fans

As Lucas entered the Tree Hill High basketball court for his second Ravens game, he turned to Peyton and said, “Your art matters. It’s what got me here.” Fans heard this quote once more in season 5, when Peyton repeated the phrase to Lucas after he revealed that he had trouble writing his second novel.

According to Burton, to this day, she hears “your art matters” from fans more than any other One Tree Hill quote. She spoke about that special line with Bush and Lenz during a July 2021 episode of their One Tree Hill rewatch podcast, Drama Queens.

“That line is the line fans say to me more than any other one,” Burton explained. “It is engrained…I have it embroidered from a fan hanging up on a wall in my house. To watch [the episode] back is so weird because it’s such a small moment and it made such a big impact.”

Here’s why that ‘One Tree Hill’ quote resonates with fans, according to Burton, Bush, and Lenz

That quote, and its One Tree Hill episode as a whole, felt so powerful to Burton, Lenz, and Bush that they all cried while watching, as they revealed on the podcast. Lenz, who played Haley, said that she thinks the vulnerability of the characters has made the show so intriguing to its fans.

“It’s just one small vulnerable moment. He just says that one thing to you, ‘your art matters…’ He didn’t have to say that, but it was vulnerable,” the actor said. “And it’s exactly what every teenage girl wants: a cute boy to turn and say something vulnerable and meaningful to her.”

Bush, who played Brooke, added that she thinks the craving for vulnerability never goes away, which is why people have continued to watch One Tree Hill.

“At the root of it, it gave a bunch of people permission to be scared, to be vulnerable, to feel feelings…They had a place to come and feel vulnerable and feel like they could take risks,” Bush said.

Those who want to hear more behind-the-scenes One Tree Hill gossip can check out the Drama Queens podcast on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

RELATED: ‘One Tree Hill’: 4 Questions Hilarie Burton Morgan, Bethany Joy Lenz, and Sophia Bush Should Answer on ‘Drama Queens’

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The One Thing You Never Noticed About “The Big Lebowski”

So everyone has seen the classic comedy

The Big Lebowski, right?

And everyone has their favorite lines of dialogue that they love to quote endlessly, right?

But have you ever noticed that most of The Dude’s famous lines are actually lifted (*cough* stolen) from other characters in the movie?

Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski is referred to as one of the laziest men in the world, so it stands to reason that a person that lazy couldn’t be bothered to think too hard for themselves…

So, purposefully or subconsciously, why wouldn’t he just regurgitate something he heard previously?

Let’s take a look at all the times The Dude ~borrowed~ his thoughts from someone else.

Sometimes he repeats something he heard on TV:

Sometimes Lebowski steals from Lebowski:

Sometimes it’s just one word:

Sometimes he doesn’t quite use it correctly:

Sometimes he repurposes a threat:

Sometimes it is for reassurance:

Sometimes the line comes from a friend:

Sometimes he answers in the form of a question:

Sometimes the line is so nice that he says it twice:

Sometimes he repeats something that he probably doesn’t even understand:

But in the end, however The Dude decides to say something is OK with us.

Have you ever noticed this detail before? If so, did we miss any?

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THEN AND NOW: Cast of ‘American Horror Story: Murder House’

Connie Britton played Vivien Harmon in season one of “American Horror Story.”

Connie Britton in 2011. Amy Graves/Getty Images

Britton played Vivien, the matriarch of the small Harmon family. Vivien moves to Los Angeles with her husband and daughter in an attempt to put their past troubles behind them. After dealing with her husband’s marital affair, she becomes pregnant with twins.

Britton was nominated for an Emmy Award for playing Vivien. 

She had been working in TV for 15 years but, at the time, was known for her role in “Friday Night Lights,” which also earned her an Emmy nomination.

After “Murder House,” Britton starred in several top-rated shows including “Nashville” and “Dirty John.”

Connie Britton in 2021. Amy Sussman/Getty Images

After the first season of “American Horror Story,” Britton landed the role of Rayna Jaymes in the hit series “Nashville.” She earned another Emmy nomination for the role. 

After that, she took a part in “9-1-1,” another series by “American Horror Story” creator Ryan Murphy. In 2018, she starred in “Dirty John” and returned to the “American Horror Story” franchise to reprise her role as Vivien in season eight, “Apocalypse.”

Most recently, she starred in HBO’s acclaimed series “The White Lotus” in 2021.

Dylan McDermott played her husband, Dr. Ben Harmon, in “Murder House.”

Dylan McDermott in 2011. Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

At the beginning of the season, Dr. Ben Harmon, a psychiatrist, moves his small family to Los Angeles after cheating on his wife, Vivien. His world starts to unravel when he finds out his wife and his mistress are pregnant at the same time. 

In 2011, McDermott was known for his role in “The Practice” — for which he earned an Emmy nomination and won a Golden Globe — before taking the part of Ben. 

After season one of “American Horror Story,” McDermott took roles on several TV shows.

Dylan McDermott in 2021. NBC/Getty Images

In 2013, he played Duncan Carlisle in “Hostages” and then Jack Larsen in “Stalker” in 2014. He has returned to the “American Horror Story” universe several times, reprising his role as Dr. Ben Harmon but also playing other characters like Johnny Morgan and Bruce. 

He continued working with Ryan Murphy, getting a role in “The Politician” in 2019 and another in “Hollywood” in 2020. He earned an Emmy nomination for the latter. 

Most recently, he has been in “Law and Order: Organized Crime.”

Evan Peters went from child star to celebrity when he took the role of Tate in “Murder House.”

Evan Peters in 2011. Young Hollywood/Getty Images

In the first season of “American Horror Story,” Tate is a teenage sociopath whom Dr. Harmon is treating. He quickly infiltrates the family and starts dating the daughter, Violet. 

Before taking on the role of murderous Tate, Peters was seen in the Disney Channel’s “Phil of the Future” and “One Tree Hill.”

Peters is now the longest-serving actor on “American Horror Story.”

Evan Peters in 2019. Rich Polk/Getty Images

Peters has worked closely with Ryan Murphy through the years. For starters, the actor has appeared in eight seasons of “American Horror Story,” playing various roles like the ghost of a serial killer, a cult leader, and even a hairdresser. Peters also played Stan Bowes in Murphy’s series “Pose.”

Outside of Murphy’s universe, Peters played Peter Maximoff in the “X-Men” series and appeared in the hit series “WandaVision.” Most recently, he starred alongside Kate Winslet in HBO’s “Mare of Easttown” and earned himself his first Emmy nomination.

He’s expected to return to the “American Horror Story” franchise in season 10, titled “Double Feature.”

Taissa Farmiga was a relative unknown before taking the part of Violet in 2011.

Taissa Farmiga in 2011. John Shearer/Getty Images

Farmiga plays Violet, the angsty teenage daughter in “Murder House” who becomes entangled with the dangerous Tate. 

It was her first major TV role.

After the show, Farmiga largely left TV acting to focus on her movie career.

Taissa Farmiga in 2019. Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Farmiga starred in movies like “The Bling Ring” in 2013, “6 Years” in 2015, and “The Nun” in 2018. 

The actress returned to “American Horror Story” a few times, playing Zoe Benson in “Coven” and Sophie Green in “Roanoke.”

Jessica Lange was a highly accomplished actress when she joined the cast of “Murder House” as Constance Langdon.

Jessica Lange in 2011. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Constance is the Harmons’ nosy next-door neighbor who once lived in the house. During the season, she vows to take one of Vivien’s twins because she has lost all four of her children. Lange brought the character to life so well that she earned an Emmy for the role. 

Lange was no stranger to awards, however. Before the series, she already had another Emmy Award — for best actress for “Grey Gardens” in 2009 — and two nominations under her belt. She also had two Academy Awards and six nominations dating back to 1983 — she won best supporting actress for “Tootsie” in 1983 and best actress for “Blue Sky” in 1995.

Lange has returned to the “American Horror Story” franchise several times and continues working with Ryan Murphy.

Jessica Lange in 2019. NBC/Getty Images

After “Murder House,” she returned for season two to play an evil nun in “Asylum” and a witch in “Coven” in season three. She earned an Emmy nomination for the first and won an Emmy for the latter. She was nominated again for roles in other seasons titled “Freak Show” and “Apocalypse.”

Lange also starred in Murphy’s other series “Feud,” playing Joan Crawford, and earned two Emmy nominations as actress and producer. 

Most recently, she appeared in Murphy’s “The Politician” in 2019.

Denis O’Hare played Larry Harvey, a man with burn scars on his face, in season one.

Denis O’Hare in 2011. Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Larry Harvey is another previous owner of the Harmon house and claims he earned his scars by setting his wife and children on fire. He’s also in love with Constance Langdon and would do anything for her. 

O’Hare earned an Emmy nomination for playing Larry in 2012. 

Prior to the show, the actor played bit roles in several TV shows and movies. But he was most well-known for his parts in “Brothers and Sisters” and “True Blood.”

O’Hare is another actor who has returned to the “American Horror Story” universe several times.

Denis O’hare in 2020. VALERY HACHE/Getty Images

Since season one, O’Hare has played a butler in “Coven,” a transgender employee in “Hotel,” and a troubled actor in “Roanoke.” The actor earned another Emmy nomination when he played a con artist in the third season.

He’s also currently appearing in HBO’s new witch-focused series, “The Nevers.” He will also appear in the upcoming 10th season of “American Horror Story.”

Kate Mara appears in “Murder House” as Hayden McClaine, the mistress of Dr. Ben Harmon.

Kate Mara in 2011. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

At the beginning of the season, Mara is introduced as Hayden, the unstable former student Ben had an affair with before moving to Los Angeles. She quickly reveals she is pregnant with his baby and intends on keeping it. 

At that time, Mara was known for various roles in TV shows and movies, including “24” and “Entourage.” 

Since 2011, Mara has become a successful TV actress, appearing in several notable series.

Kate Mara in 2021. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In 2013, Mara took on a career-defining role as political reporter Zoe Barnes in Netflix ‘s “House of Cards.” She was nominated for an Emmy for that role. 

After that, she switched to movies and then returned to TV in 2018 for Ryan Murphy’s series “Pose.” Most recently, she starred in Hulu ‘s “A Teacher,” playing a teacher who has an affair with her student. 

Frances Conroy joined the cast as a maid named Moira O’Hara.

Frances Conroy in 2011. Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Once Constance’s maid and now a ghost of the house, Moira continues taking care of the Harmon family. However, she is shown as an elderly woman when women see her and a beautiful, younger woman in the eyes of men. 

The actress earned an Emmy nomination for the role. 

At the time, Conroy was best known for her part as Ruth Fisher in “Six Feet Under,” for which she earned four Emmy nominations and won a Golden Globe.

Conroy has continued acting in the “American Horror Story” universe.

Frances Conroy in 2019. Rich Fury/Getty Images

Since season one, Conroy has taken on several other roles in TV shows, including “Castle Rock,” “Casual,” and “How I Met Your Mother.” 

But the actress always made sure to return to “American Horror Story,” playing the angel of death in “Asylum,” a wealthy woman in “Freak Show,” and a cult member in “Apocalypse.” Most notably, she played Myrtle Snow in “Coven,” which earned her yet another Emmy nomination. 

Conroy is set to appear in the 10th season of “American Horror Story.”

Breckenridge now stars in the hit Netflix series “Virgin River.”

Alexandra Breckenridge in 2020. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

After 2011, Breckenridge went on to act in “The Walking Dead,” “Family Guy,” and “This Is Us.” 

In 2019, she took on the lead role in Netflix’s “Virgin River,” which just premiered its third season.

After “Murder House,” Rabe became a big part of the “American Horror Story” universe.

Lily Rabe in 2019. Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Rabe has become a star in the “American Horror Story” universe, playing a shy nun in “Asylum,” a witch in “Coven,” and another ghost in “1984.” 

The actress was most recently seen in HBO’s “The Undoing” opposite Nicole Kidman. She also starred in Amazon’s “Tell Me Your Secrets.”

She will return to the “American Horror Story” universe in “Double Feature.”

Brewer has continued acting in several other “American Horror Story” seasons.

Jamie Brewer in 2019. Liliane Lathan/Getty Images

She played a witch in “Coven,” a ventriloquist in “Freak Show,” and a cult member in “Apocalypse.”

She’s appeared in other projects too, such as ABC’s “Station 19” and the Tom Holland-led movie “Cherry.”

Sarah Paulson played the small role of Billie Jean Howard.

Sarah Paulson in 2011. Jordan Strauss/Getty Images

Billie Jean Howard is a medium who only appears in a few episodes of season one and works closely with Constance and Violet. 

Before “Murder House,” Paulson appeared in many TV shows and movies, including “Jack & Jill,” “What Women Want,” “Deadwood,” and “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.”

After season one, Paulson became one of the most recognizable faces of the franchise and a bonafide star.

Sarah Paulson in 2019. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Paulson returned for season two, playing a journalist who gets trapped in a mental-health facility in “Asylum.” She earned an Emmy nomination for the role. 

From there, Paulson took on the largest roles in the following seasons, playing a witch in “Coven,” a woman with two heads in “Freak Show,” and an addict in “Hotel.” She earned four more Emmy nominations for her work on the series.

Beyond “American Horror Story,” Paulson worked closely with Ryan Murphy on another series, “American Crime Story,” playing Marcia Clark in “The People v. O.J. Simpson.” She won an Emmy for that role. 

Paulson also appeared in a few blockbuster movies including “Ocean’s 8,” “Bird Box,” and “Glass.” Additionally, she starred in Netflix’s “Ratched” and Hulu’s “Mrs. America.”

This year, she will return to “American Crime Story” — this time about President Bill Clinton’s impeachment — to play Linda Tripp.

90,000 Quotes from the TV series One Tree Hill
=""> There's a day when you realize that you're not just a survivor, you're a warrior. You're tougher than anything life throws your way.

              Life sometimes hits us, this, of course, is very unpleasant, but the day will come when you will understand that you are not a victim, but a fighter, that you will cope with all your troubles. 
=""> Most people are stronger than they know. They just forget to believe in it sometimes.

              Most people are much stronger than they think, they just forget to believe it sometimes.
=""> It's hard when you miss people. But you know if you miss them, that means you’re lucky. It means you had someone special in your life, someone worth missing.

              It's hard when you miss someone! But if you miss them, then you're in luck! You've had special people in your life! 
=""> Happiness comes in many forms-in the company of good friends, in the feeling you get when you make someone elses dream come true, or in the promise of hope renewed. Its okay to let yourself be happy because you never know how fleeting that happiness might be.Happiness is different. Sometimes when you are with your best friends. Sometimes when your dream comes true, or when you make someone's dream come true. Sometimes when you are waiting for a new hope. It's okay to be happy, because you never know how fleeting that happiness can be. 
=""> The longer you wait, the more days you will lose forever. 
=""> I thought about this state of happiness, and it seems to me that people get lost when they think of happiness as the ultimate goal.We always think that one day we will be happy: we will buy this car or get this job ... or a person will appear in our life who will change everything. But happiness is a mood, a state, and not an end goal. It's like being tired or hungry ... it doesn't last forever, it comes and goes, and that's okay. And in my opinion, if people understood this, they would experience happiness more often. 
=""> I deal with other people's problems, and collect mine. 
=""> At this moment there are approximately 6470818671 people in the world.Some are scared, some return home, some lie to make it through the day, others don't want to face the truth. Good fights against evil. Six billion people, six billion souls.
But sometimes ... all you need is just one. 
=""> It is very important to talk about your feelings to the one you love, because you never know when they can be lost, or when they will lose you. 
=""> Perhaps we give our heart to the one who cares least of all. 
=""> Falling in love is easy, but loving all your life is already a miracle... 
=""> The heart has reasons that the mind cannot understand ... 
=""> - What is happening to us? Why do we become so unhappy?
- We fall in love. But for some reason, the people we love forget to love us back. 
=""> When I look into your eyes, I see my rest of my life in them, I see him with you. 
=""> Love finds you, not you. 
=""> I believe that love conquers everything. And this does not mean that there will not be difficult times, or difficult things that need to be dealt with, because they will be.But find that person who will help you, and know that this person also loves you ...
It simplifies everything! 
=""> Those who think that you cannot cope with this are not the people that you need in your life. 
=""> When you see a stranger in the background in your photo, have you ever wondered how many strangers have your photo? 
=""> Sometimes people write words they cannot say. 
=""> Have you ever wondered how important our life is? Can one person affect the whole world? How important are our decisions? I think they are important and I think that one person can change the lives of many for the better or for the worse.
=""> People are disappointing. I know. I even expect it. But what if one day I realize that I myself disappoint others .. 
=""> I lose everyone to whom I attach. Every time I open up to a person, he leaves my life, or dies, or moves, or he is sent to Iraq ... 
=""> It doesn't matter what you do, it matters who you are. 
=""> People who are destined to be together always find each other! 
=""> People always leave, you know ... 
=""> Some people look different and some just different.I think it's great !!! 
=""> You need to start a new life with those who are really dear to you. 
=""> Do not be afraid to make mistakes, stumble and fall, most often the greatest reward comes from the thing that scares us the most. Maybe you will achieve everything you want, or maybe even more than you imagined. Who knows where life will lead you, the path is long, and in the end the journey itself is the goal. 
=""> There will always be reasons in life to give up, but this cannot be done.
=""> Someone once said that death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies in us when we live ... 
=""> Sooner or later, everyone chooses his own path, sometimes you don’t look back, and sometimes life makes you look back. 
=""> Good girls keep a diary, but bad girls don't have time for that. I just want to live so that I can remember it later. 
=""> You can't hide from life. It must be lived. 
=""> How long does it take to change your life? How long does it take to change yourself? Is 4 years of school enough? 1 year? 8 weeks? Can you change your life for a month? A week or 1 day? We are always in a hurry to grow, achieve success, succeed, but at 18 o'clock one hour can change everything ... 
=""> This is the oldest story in the world.You are seventeen, and you plan for the future, and then, completely unexpectedly for yourself, realize that the future is today, and the past is behind. And this is your life. 
=""> Tragedies happen!
And then what to do? To give up? Throw everything? No! ... You have to try your best to make sure you're still alive. As for the pain ... This is life! Confusion and fear should remind you that something better exists somewhere. Something worth fighting for! 
=""> When someone says they have learned to live without you.You're already a fool, no matter what you say. 
=""> I don’t know why it’s so easy for me to bare my body, but not my soul. 
=""> - How do I look?
- Is there a correct answer to this question? 
=""> When you overcome difficulties with willpower and diligence, you learn much more. 

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One Tree Hill – “Have you ever wondered how long it takes to change your life? »

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by! 😘

9 seasons I watched a group of teenagers change their lives.And together with these teenagers, I wanted to be inspired and change my life for the better. For me, this is more than just a TV show. I lived life together with with them. I was happy and crying, proud and disappointed in the heroes of Tree Hill. Today I finished watching the last season and am ready to share my impressions with you.

The series is far from new, but still I think that it will be interesting both for a teenager and for the older generation at this time. The last season took place in 2012.

What is the series about?

Lucas and Neuthen are young guys who are seriously into basketball. Neuthen grew up in a wealthy family, he knows his own worth, is self-confident and ambitious. The guy plays for the school basketball team, and thanks to this he is popular among girls and respected by his classmates.
Lucas is raised by one mother. He is withdrawn, a little unsure of himself. The main characters are completely opposite in character and belong to different social strata.But one day they will have to meet and play for the same team. They do not know the main secret connecting them – the guys have the same father. Will they reveal this secret of many years, and how will it affect their lives? Will Nathen and Lucas get closer to each other, or will the distance between them become even greater?

Basketball is the main theme of this series. Especially in the first 4 seasons. It is played by almost all the guys in the series, thanks to the game they assert themselves between each other. But then for a couple of seasons basketball fades into the background, the only one who is fond of it professionally is Neyton.And in the last season, there was no basketball at all, which upset me.

Lucas Scott. At first he was my favorite hero. The guy of dreams. A prince on a white horse.

Lucas (Season 1)

He is such a correct, gallant, gentle hero who reads books, so that in every episode we hear Lucas’s inspiring quotes or quotes from the next book he read. I’m sure a huge number of people saw them in social media.networks, but did not know where they came from. Thanks to this hero, I myself had a diary in which I wrote down quotes that touched me and believe me, there are a lot of them.

I’ll insert a couple of favorite quotes:

– Have you looked at your photo? Have you noticed a stranger in the background? It makes you wonder how many people have your photos, how many moments in other people’s lives we took part, were we a part of someone’s life when their dreams came true, or we were there when they were destroyed.Have we tried to hit them? As if we were destined to be on them, or the flash took us by surprise. Just think. You can be an important part of someone’s life without even knowing it.

How long does it take to change your life? How long does it take to change yourself? Is 4 years of school enough? 1 year? 8 weeks? Is it possible to change your life in a month? A week or 1 day? We are always in a hurry to grow, achieve success, succeed, but at 18, one hour can change everything…

Regret comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, as if we are doing something bad with the best of intentions. Some are more like failing a friend. Some of us avoid the pain of regret by making the right choices. Some of us don’t have time to regret because we are looking to the future. Sometimes we have to grapple with the consequences of the past, and sometimes we hide our regret behind a promise to change our lives. But most of all, we regret not what we did, but the things we did not do.About words that we did not say that could save someone dear to us. Especially when we see the dark clouds gathering over their heads.

Already in the first season, I sometimes liked Lucas, sometimes not very much. He changed, and so did his behavior. Initially, I was madly impressed by the relationship between Peyton Sawyer and Lucas and I hoped that they would be together, but since during the filming Sophia Bush (Brooke) began dating Chad Murray (Lucas), the writers decided to change Lucas’s love line and make a couple of Lucas and Brooke …And then Lucas did not meet with anyone. But the worst thing for me was that with what loud words he rushed about his feelings for Brooke, and I had already accepted this couple and resigned myself. But … here there is a separation between the actors and the writers suddenly decide to return the pair of Peyton and Lucas. And then he spoke with the same strong words about his love for Peyton, and I began to get the impression that he was an idle talker. And then there will be another love line and the same loud words. It’s not his fault that he loved many, but still I’m glad that Peyton and Lucas remained the main couple.It is a pity that these characters were later removed, but the series remained no less interesting.

Peyton Lucas:
– Crooked hands!
In response:
– Beautiful legs!


Second main character Neuton Scott .


The first thing I thought of him was, “He doesn’t fit the role at all.” It seemed to me that in the role of Newton there should be a very cool courageous guy, and also a crazy handsome man.And the actor, well, very nice boy. A couple of episodes and took off as if by hand. He showed himself well, and doubts about his game disappeared. And after a couple of seasons, when the guy matured, I could not take my eyes off at all. This is the hero who really changed, fought with himself and became an excellent friend, brother, husband and father! I can safely say Neuton is my favorite character. And the pair of Neyton and Haley is one of the most revealing for me. What just did not happen in their life for 9 seasons. They are so strong and resilient. And their love is so sincere that you yourself dream of it.


They say hell is endless. They say our worst nightmare is the darkness within us. But whatever it is, whatever it is, I’m sure hell is empty … And all the devils are here.

Most of our life is a series of pictures. They fly by like cities on a highway, but sometimes the moment overwhelms us and we understand that this moment is not just a passing picture. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live forever.

Peyton Sawyer. Peyton was such an unusual hero to me. Deep. Throughout the first season, you get to know her and do not always understand her behavior. This is how I really liked her. And also the music … what she listened, spoke, made seemed so cool. And their friendship with Brooke is so complicated, but it clings to your senses ..

I sincerely missed her in recent seasons and I was waiting for her to appear at least in the last episodes.It was a pity that Lucas was shown at the end, but Peyton is not, because she is also such an important part of the story ..

At this moment there are approximately 6470818671 people in the world. Some are scared, some return home, some lie to make it through the day, others don’t want to face the truth. Good fights against evil. Six billion people, six billion souls.
But sometimes … all you need is just one.

Brooke Davis. I remember her at the beginning and I think what a bitch and frivolous girl she was and what a wonderful woman, wife and mother she became. Her fate was difficult and in such a situation she changed for the better, although many would have changed for the worse. Undoubtedly an interesting character, for 9 seasons I managed to hate her, and then love her.


Brooke Davis

Hayley James. Lucas’s best friend, and the girl who cheated on Newton.I will not write much about her, but it is simply impossible not to love her. And as she sings, in my playlist now her songs and thanks to the series for that.

Haley and Deb

There are a huge number of characters in the series, also no less important are:

Dan Scott. (Lucas and Newton’s dad)

The main villain in the series.


Keith Scott. (Uncle of Neton and Lucas)

A wonderful person who treats Lucas like his own son.His story on the show is pretty touching. And the relationship between Karen and Keith is no less exciting and confusing than that of the young heroes of the series.


Deb Scott (Newton’s mom)

Also not the most positive character, all thanks to her marriage to Dan.

Karen. (Lucas’s mom) strong woman, great mother.


Clay Evans and Queen Jame (Sister Haley).

Heroes that appear after the departure of the pair Peyton and Lucas. No less interesting characters, especially Clay. At the end of the series, you will be very surprised at the situations in their lives.

Clay and Queen

Julian Baker. (Brooke’s husband)


Skills and Miles are Lucas’ best friends .



And these are not all the main characters.But the most important thing is that this series is diverse. You will be able to see both the life of adolescents and already adult heroes, their adult life. This series teaches to value family values, motivate for success and achieve their goals, teach to understand and forgive. All 9 seasons are a breeze, and the last episode is creepy. And I know that I will definitely revise it.

I recommend and hope it will evoke the same emotions as mine.

Quotes about wood

I want the grasses to be red and the trees blue.Nature has no imagination.

Charles Baudelaire

Sunset takes with it the golden rays scattered through the forest, leaving a light muslin of milky white fog on the branches of the trees.

Feng Jicai. Flight of the Soul

We are urban, all plague,
For us, forests are different worlds,
We do not understand how trees become:
What do they remind us,
Where the peaks direct
And what are they trying to say.

Alexander Timofeevsky

It doesn’t have to be that way.Artists, scientists, poets – all of them find it difficult at the age of 17. But that must pass.

One Tree Hill

A person who does not change is like a tree that cannot move. No matter how triumphant the tree is with flowers, leaves, fruits, no matter how waving its branches, to see what is there, around the bend, it is not given.

You never dreamed of. The door to someone else’s life. Desperate Fall

The moon flooded the night with endless light, and the hills were shrouded in white moon dust.Trees and earth froze, withered by the moonlight, silent and dead.

John Steinbeck. East of Eden

The tree may still seem beautiful, but when you notice that it is infected with pests and the tips of the branches have dried up from the disease, it seems that the tree itself loses its former beauty.

Arthur Golden. Memoirs of a Geisha

Water changes shape and flows around objects, finds secret paths that no one knows about – a tiny gap in the roof or in the bottom of the box.Although it is the most volatile of the elements, it can erode the ground, extinguish a fire, or move a piece of metal. Even a tree supplementing water cannot survive without moisture.

Arthur Golden. Memoirs of a Geisha

Time heals everything, whether you like it or not. Time takes everything, leaving only darkness in the end. Sometimes in this darkness we meet each other, sometimes we lose them there again ..

One Tree Hill

Many do not see that we live in a web of miracles, connected by silver threads of accidents and circumstances.I knew it would be so. And that’s what I think we are starting to understand magic. We are born with whirlwinds, fires and comets within us. We are born to sing like birds, read the patterns of clouds and see fate in a grain of sand, and then, drying our souls, we lose this magic. We distance ourselves from her, scold her, expel her, become so correct, rational and responsible. They say you behave yourself. And do you know why they say that? Those who say this are afraid of our looseness, because, having abandoned magic, they feel shame and sadness that they themselves have lost it.Once you get far from her, you cannot get her back. Only moments are possible, to realize and remember.

One Tree Hill

But the worst is autumn! The sky sobs, pouring rain on the world, which has turned into a solid swamp. When you look at the leaden abomination above your head, at the bare trees flying around and the stinking dirt under your feet – you want to immediately strangle yourself. Making a fire is a feat, drying his clothes is a miracle. Sergey Lukyanenko

When I look into your eyes, I see my rest of my life in them, I see him with you.

One Tree Hill

Do all the songs end sometime, but does the music really get any worse? ..

One Tree Hill

– Look how beautiful it is! – Abomination … – Well, how? Look what the sky is! Trees! And the clouds – in general !!! – That’s it! Separately, everything is fine, but together – rubbish.

Oleg Tishchenkov

Bushes and trees fall again, Bronchitis sky is watering again, And summer residents, abandoning damp nomad camps, Run, crazy, backwards.Again, having rebuilt both the soul and the body (Flowers and the summer sun – alas!), We create an urban, unnecessary business Until the new spring grass. The beginning of the season. No light, no colors, Like ghosts, shadows of people rush .. Again, the same gray masks From genius to horses. Sasha Black

It has long been the custom that a girl was waiting for the serviceman. It’s hard to be faithful for 25 years. If a girl was waiting for a soldier, they cast a cannon, if not, they planted a tree. Look around – how much forest, and the Tsar-cannon is left alone.

My grandmother had so many lovers that she was depicted as a hollow on the family tree!

“Trees in the forest,” she repeated.- So, in your opinion, there is no difference between a stupid and an intelligent person, between good and evil?
– No, there is: as between the sick and the healthy. The lungs of a consumptive are not in the same position as with you and me, although they are arranged in the same way, we approximately know why bodily ailments occur; and moral illnesses stem from bad upbringing, from all sorts of trifles with which from childhood they stuff people’s heads, from the ugly state of society, in a word. Correct society, and there will be no disease.

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev.Fathers and Sons

Life without love is like a tree without color and fruit.

Gibran Khalil Gibran

Love is like a tree on an island … First you need to make an effort, give the tree moisture and sun … and then it will reward a hundredfold with fruits …

Climbing the tree of life, bypass the bitches and do not listen to woodpeckers

The girl sat silently next to me; light and shadows, penetrating through the glass, glided over her face. Sometimes I looked at her; I remembered again the evening when I first saw her.Her face became more serious, it seemed to me more alien than at dinner, but very beautiful; this face amazed me even then and did not give me peace anymore. There was in him something of the mysterious silence that is characteristic of nature – trees, clouds, animals – and sometimes a woman.

Erich Maria Remarque. Three comrades

Life without love is like a tree without flowers and fruits.

Khalil Gibran

Man and Motherland are like a tree and the Earth. The more roots there are, the stronger their connection.And woe to the enemies who encroached on the Fatherland.

Maria Semyonova. Swan road.

There are five billion trees in the world. And under every tree there is a shadow, right? So where does the night come from? And here’s where: five billion trees – and a shadow creeps out from under each tree. Can you imagine? If only I could find a way to keep them all under the trees and not let them go – then there is no need to go to bed, because there would be no night at all!

Ray Bradbury. Dandelion Wine

– Christmas present? You know I don’t like Christmas!
– What’s wrong with Christmas?
– I don’t even know where to start.Indoor trees, the overuse of the word “cotton beard”, and this absurd one-toed tradition. Everyone knows that socks exist in pairs. Who wears one sock?
– One-legged pirate.
– And this is a thought. Thank you, I’m feeling better.

The Big Bang Theory

If you see at least one singing bird on the tree, put the ax down.

“Valeriu Butulescu”

Her heart was beating – the bird of her soul in the green branches of the tree of her life.

Woodpeckers are the most superstitious birds: they constantly knock on wood.

We were sick less often in childhood than our children do now … I think what was curative: resin from trees, green apricots, tar or sour ants’ ass?

The same thing happens to a person as to a tree. The more he strives upward, towards the light, the deeper his roots go into the earth, down, into darkness and depth – towards evil.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

If you want to hide a tree, hide it in the forest.


There is nothing original.Steal anything that inspires you or feeds your imagination. Grab old movies, new movies, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, casual conversations, architecture, bridges, road signs, trees, clouds, water, lights and shadows. For robbery, choose only that which directly touches your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is not valuable; originality does not exist. You don’t even have to worry about hiding the theft – celebrate it if you succeed.In any case, remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It doesn’t matter where you get it from, it matters where.”

Jim Jarmusch

Above the trees flashed, and the first drops fell from the sky. They were small, autumnal, and very much like my future old age.

If you don’t know how to hold an ax in your hand, you can’t eat a tree, and if you don’t know the language well, it’s beautiful and understandable to everyone, you can’t write it.

M. Gorky

Character is like a tree, and reputation is its shadow.We care about the shadow, but we really have to think about the tree.

Abraham Lincoln

A thunderstorm hits a tall tree. To whom much has been given, much will be demanded from that.

Where the tree leans, there it will be dumped.

The eagle was sitting in a tree, resting and doing nothing. The little rabbit saw an eagle and asked: “Can I also sit like you and do nothing?”
“Of course, why not,” he replied.
The rabbit sat down under a tree and began to rest. Suddenly a fox appeared, grabbed a rabbit and ate it.
Moral of the story: To sit and do nothing, you have to sit very, very high.


We parted, without a word, in a small public garden, where the sun painted the slowly dying trees the color of coffee; parted, just exchanging a glance, as if they wanted to stay in each other forever.

Lawrence Darrell. Justine

… there are adults who see only trees, but never the forest.

Stephen King. Hearts in Atlantis

A person grows, but the rain remains on the branches of trees that will live after us.And it’s good that there is rain. He cleans everything. Sadness goes away with him. And the streets are so washed after the rain that you want to dance.

Basketball Diary

In every man, even if he is not aware of it, even if there are no such thoughts, there is an image of a woman whom he is destined to love. From what her image is woven – from all the melodies that sounded in his life, from all the trees, from childhood friends – no one dares to say for sure. Whose eyes she has: is it not his own mother, whose chin? Is it not his cousin who swam with him in the lake a quarter of a century ago? No one is given to know this.But honor, every man, carries this portrait with him, like a medallion, like a mother-of-pearl cameo, but rarely brings it to light, and after the wedding does not even touch it to avoid comparisons. Not everyone happens to meet their betrothed, unless she flashes in the darkness of a cinema, on the pages of a book or somewhere on the street. And even then after midnight, when the city is already asleep, and the pillow is cold. This portrait is woven from all dreams, from all women, from all moonlit nights since creation.

Ray Bradbury.Summer morning, summer night

A sprout does not immediately become a tree, it needs to take root. You threw the seed. A year goes by – the tree has not grown, two – there is also no result. And in the fifth year, you look – the tree has become so strong that it can no longer be broken.

Vince Vaughn

Of all the people I know, only trees like this kind of hug. You know, those where you squeeze very hard. Really strong. I mean very, very, very, very strong. So that the ears turn red. This is a hug.Only trees like to hug me like that.

Klaus Joule. Messenger

It was an ordinary October morning: fluffy clouds were running across the blue sky, it smelled of rotten needles, damp earth and morning freshness.
In the park, in an old stone fountain, yellow boats of leaves floated on the transparent cold water. On the ground, more green grass was making its way through the multicolored carpet. With every breath I took, the yellow leaf was torn from the branch and, slowly circling, sank to the ground.Smoky sunlight gleamed on the old tree trunks, but there was shadow in the deep folds of the bark. It was quiet, only timid birdsong was heard.
Sometimes little birds sat on the stone paths of the park. I stood and was afraid to breathe, I was afraid to scare away the leaves, the rays of the sun through the crown, scare away this silence.
The sky, trees, air – everything was permeated with dim light, everything was so captivating and peaceful that I wanted to become this quiet autumn. There were drops of sadness in her, but in her peaceful decay there was its own triumph.A celebration of the last beauty of falling asleep nature.

From windows and basements, from squares and scanty squares, from the crowns of trees and the sky, hung with washcloths of clouds, from cat’s eyes and from women’s handbags, from exhaust pipes of cars, from store price tags and still burnt noses of summer residents – from everywhere, rubbing yellow carrot palms, looked very young, recently born October.

The tree falls in the direction of its branches. Be careful with your inclinations.


I remembered what we were then, after returning from the war – young and devoid of faith, like miners from a collapsed mine. We wanted to fight against everything that determined our past – against lies and selfishness, self-interest and heartlessness; we became hardened and did not trust anyone except the closest comrade, did not believe in anything except such forces that had never deceived us like heaven, tobacco, trees, bread and earth; but what came of it? Everything collapsed, falsified and forgotten.And those who did not know how to forget were left with only powerlessness, despair, indifference and vodka. The time of great human courageous dreams has passed. Businessmen triumphed. Venality. Poverty.

The Tree of Liberty must be bathed in the blood of patriots from time to time.

Autumn is like an exquisite disease: at first you admire the change of colors, grab the leaves with your hands, but already you begin to feel some kind of unearthly sadness and imbued with quiet tenderness for your loved ones and loved ones, as if tomorrow they would disappear with the last leaf that fell on the asphalt.But time goes on and the poetic veil subsides in the fall, exposing bare trees, cold, cloudy slush and the first wet snow, which quickly turns into mud under the feet of cold-faced people with sullen faces.

Al Quotion

The grain is invisible in the ground, but only from it a huge tree grows. Thought is also imperceptible, and only from thought the greatest events of human life arise.

When we are in pain, it seems to us that even the trees swaying in the wind sympathize with us.

Arthur Golden. Memoirs of a Geisha

Women’s gossip is when a blind man who sees an armless man climbing trees tells about it to a dumb man so that he can tell the deaf one.

When my children began to ask me why I am not like others, and why I do not have a normal job, I decided to tell them a story. I told them: “In one forest there was a crooked tree and a normal, straight tree. And every day this straight tree spoke to a crooked one: look at me, I am tall, mighty, straight, correct, beautiful; and you are gnarled and bent in half so that no one even wants to look at you.So they grew up in the forest nearby, until one day the woodcutters came to the forest. They looked at a straight tree and looked at a crooked one, and then they said: let’s cut down that straight tree and those straight trees, and let all the curves grow. And they chopped down all the straight and tall trees, transferred them to planks, toothpicks and toilet paper. And the crooked tree is still in the forest – it becomes stronger and stranger every day. ”

Tom Waits

Memories are the only paradise from which we cannot be expelled.Pleasure is a flower that will soon wither, and memory is the smell of a flower that lasts for a long time. Memories last longer than anything else in life. For many years I remember the tree at the time of flowering, but not its fruits.

Bruce Lee

Hemp is a tree, it just isn’t allowed to grow.

Prosperity without roots, people rush with themselves in the frantic rhythm of the city along the asphalt melted from the heat, without growing a single tree by many years of labor. The nation that killed John Lennon and believes that it will get away with it too …

Elena Viktorovna Kotova.Provocation. Novel with Notes

There is such a moon in the sky,
As if a tree had been cut down at the root:
A fresh cut is whitening.

We planted trees in the garden.
Quiet, quiet, to cheer them up,
Autumn rain whispers.

Matsuo Basho

And it seems – in the world, as before, there are countries,
Where no human foot has stepped,
Where giants live in sunny groves
And pearls shine in the transparent water. Fragrant resins flow from the trees,
Patterned leaves babble: “Hurry,
Here bees soar of red gold,
Here roses are redder than the purple of kings!” And dwarfs with birds argue for nests,
And the profile of the face of the girls is gentle …
As if not all the stars are counted,
As if our world is not open to the end!

Nikolay Stepanovich Gumilev

In the restless turmoil
in the evening, when people
sigh, and the head of the trees
is splitting from birds,
turn off your heart and
to the broad oars of the sunset.

Federico Garcia Lorca

When a fierce wind blows and pouring rain pours, animals and birds are uncomfortable. When the sun shines brightly and a gentle breeze blows, trees and herbs breathe cheerfulness. But one must understand: there is no day when there is no harmony in the life of nature; there is never a day when a person’s heart is not filled with joy.

Hong Zicheng

Remember, even the sturdiest tree is easier to break than bamboo or willow shoots bending in the wind.

It is worth looking at these normal guys and this slightly crazy lady, and I immediately want to bump my head on the nearest tree a couple of times, to be completely sure that no one will ever cure me, because our madness is a great thing

Max Fry. Exo Labyrinths

You can’t love wild animals: the more you love them, the stronger they become. And when they gain strength, they run away into the forest. Or fly up a tree. Then a higher tree. Then to the sky … If you allow yourself to fall in love with a wild creature, you will end up looking at the sky.

– Assuming an intelligent giant beaver rules the world, what food item is removed from consumption?
– Oh … Maybe beaver sandwiches?
– Leonard, pull yourself together, we have a serious game.
– Well, I’ll figure it out now. Beavers eat the bark of trees, but humans only eat one type of bark, cinnamon, so my answer is cinnamon.
– Wrong. The obvious answer is Danish cheesecake.
– Why?
– In a world ruled by a giant beaver, humanity builds many dams to please its ruler.Low lying Copenhagen is flooded. The victims are in the thousands. Grief-stricken Danes have no time for baking! (to Sheldon) Isn’t that obvious ?!

The Big Bang Theory

The relationship between means and purpose is the same as between a grain and a tree growing out of it.

Ladies’ gossip is when a blind person, noticing an armless person climbing a tree, speaks about it to the silent one, so that he, in turn, would tell the deaf person.

I would liken fate to a stormy river, which, raging, floods the banks, knocks down trees, destroys dwellings, washes and washes the earth: everyone runs away from it, everyone retreats before its pressure, powerless to hold it back.But even so, does this prevent people from taking precautions in a quiet time, that is, erecting barriers and dams so that, after overflowing the banks, the river either rushes into the canals or stops its unrestrained and dangerous run?

Trees bared their shoulders, the yellow ball hides the masks,
Whoever says that time heals, he never knew love …

– Sorry, I’m late. I filmed disabled children from a tall tree, and …
– Nope.
– Okay. I was swinging with a dude in tights.It turned out that his mother’s name is also Martha.

Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

The best defense against negativity is, first of all, a positive in the soul and in relation to the world around you. Just as weeds do not grow in a well-groomed flower bed, keep your soul clean and tidy. Sow the seeds of love there … It won’t take much time, and you will grow a tree, whose crown will shelter you from any hardships in life and make you happy …

Vitaly Gibert

It is worth looking at these normal guys and this slightly crazy lady, and I immediately want to bump my head on the nearest tree a couple of times, to be completely sure that no one will ever cure me, because our madness is a great thing


And to chase two hares – to catch a tree with a muzzle.

Learn, fall in love … kill yourself?

The closer the New Year is, the faster time flies. It seems that not so long ago there was a warm sunny summer and quite recently autumn – rains, trees dressed in gold, the quiet rustling of leaves. But they did not even have time to look back – the leaves fell off, the day became shorter and gloomy dark November reigned. And soon, somehow imperceptibly, quietly, gradually it was replaced by December and began to count down its short days faster and faster … And although December is no less gloomy and dark than November, but with his arrival something around has changed, shone, played, shimmered in the early twilight, shimmering with a magical brilliance – these were multi-colored Christmas trees lit up in shop windows, in the windows of restaurants, in squares and intersections.And instantly the mood changed, despite the gloom and bad weather, my soul became somehow joyful and festive, and the air smelled of tangerines, pine needles and something else elusive, most likely the long-awaited New Year.

Oleg Roy

The longer you wait, the more days you will lose forever.

One Tree Hill

Sooner or later, everyone chooses their own path, sometimes you don’t look back, and sometimes life makes you look back.

One Tree Hill

Happiness is not so easy: otherwise everyone in the world would smile!

One Tree Hill

Forgiving is always difficult, getting angry is easy, hating too, but forgiving is the hardest thing.
Sometimes people do not say what they think or make mistakes, sometimes we ourselves make mistakes. This is how we calm ourselves to relieve the pain …

One Tree Hill

Someone said that the saddest thing a person encounters is what should have been. But what if a person is confronted with what was? Or which may never happen, or which will never happen again. Choosing the right path is never easy. We make this decision only at the behest of our hearts.But sometimes we find our way to do something better. Sometimes we struggle with regret and remorse for our mistakes … our anger, and the jealousy and shame we feel when we are not the people we should be. And then we find our way to something better … or something better finds its way to us.

One Tree Hill

From a distance, all the answers are obvious.

One Tree Hill

The truth is still perfect.Believe it. Even when the truth is cruel and cold and so painful that you couldn’t even imagine. And even when the truth is … more ruthless than any lie.

One Tree Hill

We are who we are: we are liars, we are thieves, we are addicts, we do not value our happiness until we harm ourselves or someone else … We regret, and, realizing our mistakes, we remake the past, remake ourselves, at least we try … We are proud, lustful, far from perfect … and as a result, our shortcomings take over us.

One Tree Hill

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and it’s unfair … Sometimes bad things happen to good people … I think you are a good person, something bad happened to you, but you are smart and have found a way out. I don’t think you wanted it … You were scared, you were in despair and confusion. Maybe someone tricked you, took advantage of you, or the fact that you were a good person didn’t give you anything.

One Tree Hill

– Could you turn off your cell phone at the church?
– Could it be God?

One Tree Hill

Do not believe that you will be able to deceive, you may think that you will get away with it, perhaps they will not reveal you, for a while, but life is determined by your choices and decisions.A miserable choice is a miserable life; bad decisions are a bad life.

One Tree Hill

Yes, I saw Nathan in the shower. Now it’s clear why you left him …

One Tree Hill

I gave you my heart, I have nothing more to give you, if this is not enough for you, then you need another.

One Tree Hill

Someone once said that death is not the greatest loss in life.The greatest loss is that which dies in us when we live …

One Tree Hill

I believe that love conquers everything. And this does not mean that there will not be difficult times, or difficult things that need to be dealt with, because they will be. But to find that person who will help you, and to know that this person also loves you …
This makes it all easier!

One Tree Hill

So instead of thinking about what we don’t have, we’ll think about what we have?

One Tree Hill

Everyone says we are too young to know what true love is, and I say we love each other as much as we know how.

One Tree Hill

The future is shaped by the present. The dreams you follow … The decisions you make … And the person you choose to be.
The rest of your life is a long time. And it starts right now!

One Tree Hill

The only possible mistake is not to love and not to believe in anything.

One Tree Hill

We all choose different paths and different things.It seems to me, in the end, we learn to define happiness for ourselves in our own words.

One Tree Hill

– We are all fighting. This is part of life, part of survival. Do you have someone who can support you as you fight?
– No. And this is the worst thing. Loneliness is an overwhelming feeling, because of which I feel as if there is no magic left in the world …
– I know that the future is scary and the world can bring trouble, but you should know that when it seems to you that you are in despair, to someone will definitely come to you.Help is somewhere nearby and remember, you are not alone.

One Tree Hill

You know, it’s generally accepted that heartache actually heals wounds. It’s not, it’s just heartache. Do you know which is better? Love. Only love. When you start to think that love is overrated, you start to be delusional.

One Tree Hill

We finally became adults. Now we can fulfill all our dreams, because there are so many opportunities around.It’s time to become what we have always dreamed of being. This is our world and we.

One Tree Hill

Bad guys lie to get into your bed, good guys lie to get into your soul. What’s worse … I don’t know …

One Tree Hill

I don’t know why it’s so easy for me to bare my body, but not my soul.

One Tree Hill

In marriage, you love a person for who they are.And you forgive him for his mistakes.

One Tree Hill

– We need to do this more often.
– What?
– Be friends.
– We are friends.
– Don’t forget about it.

One Tree Hill

Let us not try to find those to blame in the past, but take our own responsibility for the future.

One Tree Hill

I wanted you to fight for me, I wanted to hear that you only want to be with me, and if not with me, then with no one else, I wanted that old Lucas to tell the whole world that he was born to be with me.

One Tree Hill

When you are lost, you have a choice: either to find yourself again, or to lose yourself forever.

One Tree Hill

Remember when I said what girls want? Girls want someone to want them again, at least me.

One Tree Hill

Why, for example, does the smell of incense set people up mystically, while ambergris kindles passions? Why does the scent of violets awaken memories of dead love, musk fogs the brain, and champak brings back the imagination? Dreaming of creating a science about the psychological influence of odors, Dorian studied the action of various odorous roots and herbs, fragrant flowers during the ripening of their pollen, aromatic balms, rare varieties of fragrant wood, backgammon, which relaxes, hovenie, from the smell of which you can go mad, aloe, which, it is said to heal the soul from melancholy.

Oscar Wilde

Inscriptions on T-shirts:
1. Tip or Life!
2. Catina is also white meat.
3. Tourist season – shooting of tourists is allowed.
4. Do you know what your trouble is? You are a dunduk.
5. On the surf – naked.
6. Orgasm donor. Request a free sample.
7. Save the tree – eat the beaver.
8. Selling crack to the CIA.
9. You can read!

Funny Quotes

For the sake of ridicule, someone asked the philosopher: “If I burn a thousand mines of wood, how many mines of smoke will there be?”
– Suspended ash, – said the Demonact, – everything else is the weight of smoke.


In winter, he is especially beautiful. And in March it all depends on the time of day. When you least expect it, suddenly the fog falls … A white shroud hangs over the street lamps, covering everything with a milky film … Magical … He crawls into houses without asking, wraps the trees … Domes of St. Louis’s Cathedral disappear, and people passing by have their heads straight from the neck … Everything dissolves … You see how headless bodies are walking across the square and talking: “Hello, honey, how are you? How are mom and the others? ” Too bad it doesn’t last long …


– Oops! I didn’t know that cats are so smart.I thought that they only know how to scream in the trees.
– Just think, I can also embroider … and on a typewriter too …

cat Matroskin, mother of Uncle Fedor

An elderly man with a 25-year-old son entered the train carriage and took their seats. The young man sat down by the window.

As soon as the train started, he put his hand out the window to feel the air flow and suddenly shouted with admiration:
– Dad, you see, all the trees are going back!
The older man smiled back.
A married couple was sitting next to a young man.They were a little embarrassed that a 25 year old man was acting like a small child.
Suddenly the young man shouted again in delight:
– “Dad, you see, the lake and the animals … The clouds are going along with the train!”

Just imagine now that a tree is already growing somewhere, from which your coffin will be hammered!

Dmitry Bushuev

– Do you know how the universe came to be?
– No.
– Imagine you have a bath. Large round bath.Ebony. Conical shape.
– Why tapered?
– Shh, shut up. Conical bath. You fill it with fine sand. Or sugar. And then you take out the plug – are you listening to me?
– I’m listening.
– You take out the cork and the whole thing goes through the drain.
– Got it.
– You don’t understand a damn thing. I haven’t gotten to the point yet. Do you want to hear the essence?
– I want to.
– So listen. Imagine that you are making a film about how this happens. How sugar goes away. You have a camera and you shoot.
– Is this the essence?
– Not yet. And then you put the film through the projector – back. This is the point.
– Back?
– Yes. Reverse is exactly the point. And you sit and watch as the sand flows in through the drain and fills the bathtub. Clear?
– Are you saying that this is how the universe began?
– No. I want to say that this is a great way to relax.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

A person, like a resilient tree, will straighten, unless, of course, he is bent beyond the limit.

trees, power, man, people

You must use your chances and believe in their realization, even if life does not give you reason to believe …

One Tree Hill

– Do you have bananas in your garden?
– Yes, we had bananas and a tree from where bananas and apples grow ..
– Tell me, how many white children are there in this kindergarten besides you?

Ivan Urgant

When I look into your eyes, I see my rest of my life in them, I see him with you.

One Tree Hill

I deal with other people’s problems, and collect mine.

One Tree Hill

I am a dog, I yawn, tears are rolling down my cheeks, I can feel them flowing. I am a tree, the wind rustles in my branches, shakes them slightly. I am a fly, I crawl on the glass, I slide, I crawl up again. Sometimes I feel like a caress, the movement of time, sometimes – more often – I feel like time stands still. Trembling minutes crumble, burying me, agonizing for an infinitely long time, they have withered, but are still alive, they are being swept away, replaced by others, fresher, but equally sterile; this longing is called happiness … I never think about my loneliness – firstly, I don’t know what it’s called, and secondly, I don’t notice it, I’m always in public.But this is the fabric of my life, the basis of my thoughts, the ducks of my joys.


And then the day comes when you hear apples falling one after another all around the apple trees. First one, then somewhere not far away another, and then three at once, then four, nine, twenty, and finally the apples begin to pour like rain, gently knocking on the wet, darkening grass, like horse hooves, and you are the last apple on the apple tree, and you are waiting for the wind to slowly swing you and tear you away from your support in the sky, and you fall all down, down … And long before you fall into the grass, you will already forget that there was a tree in the world, other apples, summer and green grass under apple tree.You will fall into darkness …

Ray Bradbury

Sometimes I think that in this world is still absolute? Are there good and evil? Good and bad? Truth and lie? Or is everything relative? Does everyone have their own? Really?

One Tree Hill

After all, all trees seem the same only to those who do not know how the heart can mark and remember one single tree in the endless forests.

Beautiful Quotes

Happy hearts can be won, but they should never be broken.

One Tree Hill

Being human means being able to admit your mistakes.

One Tree Hill

A clever monkey won’t get into a fight. She sits in a tree and watches as two tigers below fight until complete mutual destruction.

Valera Garanin

– She left in her underwear?
– She’s a stripper. I think that’s how it is with them.

One Tree Hill

An ancient forest … It is found in almost every old fairy tale, legend or fictional saga.Such a forest covered Middle-earth, a Narnian lantern burned in it, and the great Merlin was forever imprisoned in one of its trees. But still, the roots of the magical forests go back to man. All magic is from there. From the soul.

Nadia Yasminska

Each has its own reserved forest inside. There, new, tender sprouts of feelings and expectations stretch to the sky, there is an unshakable maturity of trunks and crowns, but there are always dead, moss-covered trees – and it is not known when the winds and rains will scatter, dissolve them.Elves, ghostly and beautiful, live there, and at the same time monsters live, which from time to time crawl out of their holes. And people, other people, like no one change this forest.

Nadia Yasminska

Listen, the couple is breaking up because people blinded by passion are not completely honest with themselves.

One Tree Hill

If you do not love people, you are afraid of them, do not feel your unity with them, you are unhappy and alien to the world. But as soon as you fall in love with people, the situation changes instantly.The branch is alive only as long as it is part of the tree. In any other case, it quickly becomes a dead piece of wood.

Dmitry Emets

He killed his feelings, he killed memories, he eluded his I in thousands of alien images, was an animal, carrion, stone, tree, water, but every time – the sun shone or the moon – he returned to his I and, carried away by the cycle, felt thirst, overcome thirst, felt new thirst.

Hermann Hesse

God loved birds and created trees.Man fell in love with birds and created cages.

Jacques Deval

The heart has reasons that the mind cannot understand …

One Tree Hill

Have you ever wondered how important our life is? Can one person affect the whole world? How important are our decisions? I think they are important and I think that one person can change the lives of many for the better or for the worse.

One Tree Hill

Pain is sometimes part of our life.And we think that it will always be, because we do not remember life without pain. But one day, suddenly something changes, a strange, unusual feeling arises. And at such a moment we understand that we are happy.

One Tree Hill

Truth is invincible. Trust in it. Even when this truth is more painful and more terrible than expected, when the truth is worse than any lie.

One Tree Hill

How long does it take to change your life? How long does it take to change yourself? Is 4 years of school enough? 1 year? 8 weeks? Can you change your life for a month? A week or 1 day? We are always in a hurry to grow up, achieve success, succeed, but at 18 o’clock one hour can change everything …

One Tree Hill

The personality must grow.How trees grow, how mountains grow, how grass grows, how cities grow, how a person grows, feeling the happiness and pain of growing up from his early immaturity. How does a personality grow? After all, it is not measured in centimeters, grams, high wages, expensive watches, honors or other earthly benefits. No, a person’s personality grows, embracing everything around. At the very beginning of this journey, you are a baby. All you have are chubby awkward arms and legs, which you are just learning to control, the voice and smell of your mother, the taste of warm milk and a blur of colors, from which reality slowly begins to take shape.But you grow and your personality grows, embracing more and more, you throw into this growth the understanding of your father, grandmother, who gives you candy and knits an endless sweater, and your favorite toy, and your favorite book, and many other little things. Your world grows with you. It grows out of things, sounds, smells, feelings and thoughts. And then you will outline your world around a handful of people close to you, build an indestructible wall and … go blind. Your world, your personality will stop growing.

Wise Quotes

… do you want me like Jackson Polak to drive into a tree? You will not wait! I do not have a car!

Klava, come on! (Less Than Perfect)

At night, trees ask each other: how do they live without roots?

Method (2015)

Being among the trees, I notice that my breathing becomes smoother, I begin to feel the beating of my own heart, to realize in what harmony the world around me moves, to hear the voices of the oceans, although I have never seen them and probably will never see them.

Joanne Harris

It’s better to be alone in places like this, right? And when the crowd, as if something is desecrated, that is, it is not about us and not about someone personally … but in these trees there is such a sad charm that it seems as if you can offend them by shouting or even just talking.

Jack Kerouac

Long ago, trees and people were friends.

My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro)

I don’t really believe in omens, but I regularly invent them, on occasion I retell to my friends, cheating for persuasiveness – they say, I heard this cart from a nice old man on the train, and this mother’s second cousin from India brought it, and I’m throwing it out of my head.And my inventions are gradually spreading over the acquaintances of friends, the friends of these unknown acquaintances and the great-uncles of their colleagues. Sometimes they come back to me like a kind boomerang, and every time I am surprised – wow, another one has taken root. Good omens are what will remain after me instead of houses, trees and sons, and it pleasantly tickles that heel of my soul, in which vanity dwells. If you trust the sensations, the left one.

Max Fry

– Far, far beyond the pine forest, there is a small garden.There is thick and tall grass, there are big, white hemlock stars, and the nightingale sings all night, and the cold crystal moon looks from above, and the yew tree stretches out its gigantic arms over the sleeping ones.
– Are you talking about the Garden of Death?
– Yes, Death. Death should be beautiful. To lie in the soft dark earth, so that the grasses sway overhead, and listen to the silence! Know neither yesterday nor tomorrow. Forget time, forgive life, know peace. It is in your power to help me. It is easy for you to open the gates of Death, for Love is with you, and Love is stronger than Death.

Oscar Wilde

You can’t see the forest and the trees, don’t get lost in the three pines …

Jack Reacher

There will always be devastating wars on earth … And death will often be the lot of all the fighting parties. With boundless malice, these savages will destroy many trees in the forests of the planet, and then turn their rage on everything that is still alive around, bringing him pain and destruction, suffering and death. Nothing will be left untouched and undamaged neither on the ground, nor underground, nor under water.The wind will blow the land devoid of vegetation around the world and sprinkle it on the remains of creatures that once filled different countries with life.

Leonardo da Vinci

– But I always had a list of what I would like to have in the house.
– I know. A tree house for the twins to play there. Look, this is the perfect tree for this. And the lawn, there is a great spot on the other side of the house. And, of course, the white fence that you dreamed of so much.
– Wait! I never said anything about the white fence!
– She said on our first date.You said you dream of a white fence.
– It can’t be that I said that on the first date.
– She said I remember. Because as soon as you said that, I saw the image of us sitting on the porch, watching our children play, drinking lemonade and looking into the distance over our white fence.

Desperate Housewives

– Another time Athena and Poseidon competed – who should be the patron saint of Athens. As a gift, your dad opened some kind of salt water spring there, and my mom grew an olive tree.People saw that her gift was better, so they named the city in her honor.
– Probably just because they liked olives.
– Get off.
– Now, if she invented pizza – I understand that!

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

There are so many writers out there, I like to use the analogy with architects and gardeners. There are architectural writers, they plan everything, draw the most detailed drawings, and even before the first nail is driven in, they know what the house will look like, where the cabinets will be, how the pipes will be laid, and the architect will capture all this in the drawing long before any work begins.And there are gardeners who dig a hole and put a seed in it, water it with their blood and watch what grows, what shape it takes. They know what kind of tree they are growing – oak or elm, horror story or science fiction – but they don’t know how big it will grow or what shape it will take. I am a real gardener, not an architect.

writers, quotes about myself

The most delicious hang on the top of the tree. Men do not want to climb a tree for delicious apples, because they are afraid of falling and hitting.Instead, they pick fallen apples from the ground, which are not as good as they are available.
Therefore, the apples on top of the head think that something is wrong with them, when in fact they are great. They just need to wait for the person who is not afraid to climb the top of the tree ..

– … Do you understand any of what I just said?
“No,” Clary replied. – Your strategy is probably awesome, but your drawing skills are terrible; The dark ones are like trees, and the fortress looks like a frog.Try to explain it in some other way.

Cassandra Clare

Getting back in the ring isn’t easy, especially with the one who knocked you out.

One Tree Hill

When the pain lets go, life seems great, even without money, without friends, without grandiose plans. You just breathe easily, you walk yourself without any spasms and cramps. And the swans are incredibly beautiful. And the trees too. And even cars. Life rolls by on roller skates.The earth is full of wonders and is unearthing more and more magnetic fields in space.

pain, life, sensations

If the fire is not extinguished, the tree will burn. Therefore, the fire, loving the tree, must go away. Even if leaving for the fire means losing food and dying. I leave you because I love you. And I will love forever …

Dmitry Emets

One day, the Grand Master of the Order of the Water Raven, Loiso Pondohwa, went outside with two Junior Masters of his Order. There was a strong wind, and the branches of a tree in front of the residence were stirring.
“The tree is moving,” said one of the Masters.
“No, it’s the wind moving,” said the second.
Grand Master Loiso killed both of them, incinerated the tree, pacified the wind and continued on his way. He hated idle chatter.

Let’s say we saw in a dream or imagined all this: trees, grass, sun, stars and even Aslan. But then fiction is better and more important than reality. Let’s say this dark place is the only world. Then he is no good. We may be kids playing a silly game, but four kids have created a toy world that is better than your real pit.I will not betray the toy world. I will stay with Aslan even if Aslan is not there. I will live like a Narnian, even if there is no Narnia.


– This tree remembers a lot, ellie?
– Of course. I drove past an oak tree as I headed towards you. Have you forgotten the day we spent under it?
– No.
– Do you often remember?
– Sometimes. When I work nearby. I bought this site.
– Bought ?!
– I just couldn’t afford that one day someone cut down our oak tree and made kitchen cabinets out of it.

Nicholas Sparks

I’m turning into a bureaucrat, a politician! If our hairy ancestors knew that we would become politicians, they would climb down from the tree and cancel evolution.

John Sheridan

– What were you arguing about?
– If I win, Nathan stays on the team.
– Why?
– Because the last thing in the world he wants.

One Tree Hill

I just feel like the rain has ended.As if dodge poured and poured and then suddenly ended. And everything smells like that, and the trees still play with all shades of greenery.
Amazing business with girls!
At first they are not there, and everything around is dreary. And suddenly, out of nowhere, they are right there, and everything immediately cheers up. And with incredible speed. It took only a few seconds, and now everything is amusing.

Life Quotes

– How do you understand that it’s over?
– For a very long time, when we met with her, after breaking up, she said that she missed me.And I looked into her eyes and saw that it was true. And then one day … She stopped saying it. And I realized … It’s over.

One Tree Hill

Someone is resting in the shade today because someone planted a tree many years ago.

Motivating Quotes

Delicate charm of autumn pleases and delights. It cannot be hidden either under a dense veil of predawn mists, or under silver threads unraveling from a ball of rain.
Autumn as a timid hope filled with light sadness.It is during this period that we often indulge in melancholy, concealing our insecurity and vulnerability.
The wind gallantly whirls its autumn partner in a silk dress in a dance. Bare trees, having parted with their variegated robes, look shyly at them.

The autumn air is still wrapped in a warm cloud, like a scarf. This life energy is concentrated in the heart of its permanent owner – the glowing disc before sunset. The sun will set, and with it the warmth that warms everything around will go away.
Daytime sounds, noisy and ringing, will fall asleep, giving way to their nocturnal sisters, insinuating and quiet. The moon will come out, followed by her friends-stars. Faithful keepers of the dark firmament and earthly secrets, they cannot hide from you either a demanding look, a stinging lip, or a burning kiss.

It is impossible to forget you. What a pity that everything goes away. And the most important words, once thrown to the wind, cannot be returned. They fly away with the last key of warm-blooded creatures, something similar to us, striving to find their home, safe and secure.Find and test yourself on this long journey from home to home.

Rivers and lakes are ice-bound, but under the motionless gray layer is running water – alive, clean, courageous. She does not give up either before the winter frosts, or before other trials through which she will have to go. And so, year after year, season after season.
You can challenge by breaking established laws, but it is pointless to resist the laws of nature. Wise water freezes, waiting for the arrival of its spring.
And we will freeze, embracing goodbye.None of us are to blame. It’s just autumn. It’s just autumn in our senses.

Beautiful Quotes

I realized a long time ago that influence is, for the most part, a product of patience. That sorcerer, having achieved his goal, threw me out into the street to die. But I chose life. To his evil. I begged, sold those parts of the body that remained with me. I became an excellent thief and soon realized that other people’s letters are much more valuable than other people’s wallets. Step by step, one nasty business after another, I made my way out of the slums of the world into the Small Council Hall.Influence grows like a tree. I grew mine patiently, until its roots reached the Red Castle, to the farthest end of the world, where I managed to twine them around something special.

Game of Thrones

I live in anticipation of a miracle, like a Mauser in a holster.
Like a spider in a web,
Like a tree in the desert,
Like a black fox in a hole.


I also want to reveal an ancient secret. I was told by the rain drumming on the windowpane.If you are really waiting for someone, you wait so hard that life begins to seem like a dream, you need to look at the horizon, at the tops of trees, at the stars, at the rain gauze. And just believe that your loved one will come. Do you hear? The rain is starting! Go meet …

Prisoners of Twilight. Metamorphosis

If you are lost in the forest, then you need not panic, but look from which side the moss grows on the trees. They say the sight of moss is soothing.

Falling in love is easy, but loving all your life is already a miracle …

One Tree Hill

… When we quarreled with your dad (and we quarreled mainly because it seemed to me that he did not correctly solve my whimsical charades, which means – oh, horror! acute lack of words.And I wrapped my arms around you over the belly ball and sadly complained that, behold, they do not understand us, they do not love us, and we are left alone, but we will not abandon each other, never, and will always understand without further ado … Your dad came back, put in front of us a blooming branch of cherry plum, and said his meek “forgive me.” He very quickly convinced himself that he was to blame. Even when I didn’t understand what. This is our Man. Precious. Then there were twigs with cherry flowers, then cherry, apple twigs. The entire flowering order of the fruit trees of the South was presented in the propitiation of the Goddess of Imaginary Pain.Ah, this luxury of quarrels about nothing! This is the sweet madness of risk: all or nothing! How not afraid I was then to pretend to be simply guessed. Without words. Because what else is love if not this infallibility of understanding each other? So I thought then. Now … never mind.

Lara Gaal

– Christmas present? You know I don’t like Christmas!
– What’s wrong with Christmas?
– I don’t even know where to start. Trees indoors, overuse of the words “cotton beard”, and this absurd one-toed tradition.Everyone knows that socks exist in pairs. Who wears one sock?
– One-legged pirate.
– And this is a thought. Thank you, I’m feeling better.

The Big Bang Theory

And to chase two hares – to catch a tree with a muzzle.

Galina Goncharova

Branches of trees, striving for light,
Weave patterns from leaves …
And the sun, admiring,
It gives them warmth, its smile and comfort.
While striving for beauty, do not forget that there is always
There is darkness along with light.
And our fangs are not visible in it,
She hides found her eyes …
Hunter from the forest, rather run away,
Since night is our time.

Mikan Noyamano

If you chase two hares, you will fall into a tree with your muzzle.

Three from the forest

True, I am a forest full of darkness from dark trees, but whoever is not afraid of my darkness will also find bushes of roses under the shade of my cypress trees.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

The people who make these shoes must have seen many winds sweeping through the foliage of the trees, and hundreds of rivers that rush into the lakes.And it was all in shoes, and it was all summer.

Ray Bradbury

It’s hard when you miss someone! But if you miss them, then you’re in luck! You’ve had special people in your life!

One Tree Hill

This is the oldest story in the world. You are seventeen, and you plan for the future, and then, completely unexpectedly for yourself, realize that the future is today, and the past is behind. And this is your life.

One Tree Hill

They say hell is endless.They say our worst nightmare is the darkness within us. But whatever it is, whatever it may be, I am sure that hell is empty … And all the devils are here.

One Tree Hill

Everyone steps forward at some point. Becomes higher than himself. Sometimes they surprise you. And sometimes they fail. Life is sometimes funny. She can push very hard. But if you look closer, you may be able to find hope … in the words of the child … in the song … and in the eyes of the one you love.And if you are happy, I mean, the happiest person in the world … The person you love will love you back.

One Tree Hill

We are all insane, just some hide it better than others.

One Tree Hill

There are people who do not strive for their dreams and do not dream at all. Some never find their calling. And if they find and lose what they love, should it be considered a tragedy? No, it’s a tragedy – if you don’t sleep at night and think, could it be otherwise?

One Tree Hill

– A couple of years ago I knocked out my hand and played again after a month and a half.
– What’s the secret?
– He’s not there, you just start to quit and endure the pain, at some point you will feel better.

One Tree Hill

The moonlight trembled in her hair, glided over the flowers, the night was fabulously blue and magically deep. She was like a stranger from another world, as if she had ceased to be a man, became related to trees and flowers. She felt the stars were near and the blue night sky kissed her forehead. A thrill of the presence of the Divine pervaded her, and for a moment she closed her eyes.All the trees seemed to her old acquaintances, all the stars were dear, nature was her, and she was nature.

Beautiful Quotes

A person, like a resilient tree, will straighten, unless, of course, he is bent beyond the limit.

Valkyrie (The One I’m Always Waiting For)

Talking Trees? What should trees talk about? Is that about how the squirrels shit.


It is important to have roots … A tree will not stand if it does not sit deep in the ground. And every person, like a tree, must have a solid support.

O Clone

If there really is only one paradise – the one that is lost – I know what to call that elusive, tender, inhuman that overwhelms me today. The Drifter returns to his homeland. And I – I indulge in memories. Mockery, stubbornness – everything falls silent, and here I am again at home. I will not repeat about happiness. Everything is much simpler and easier. Because among the hours that I return from the depths of oblivion, the memory of a genuine feeling, of just one moment, which will not be lost in eternity, is most preserved.Only this is real in me, and I realized it too late. We love the flexibility of movement, the kind of tree that grows right where it needs to be. And to resurrect this love, just a little is enough, be it the air of a room that has not been opened for too long, or familiar steps on the road. So it is with me. And if then I loved self-forgetfulness, then I was true to myself, because only love returns us to ourselves.

Life by the sea. This is the best thing – to hear its noise day and night, inhale its smell, walk along the coast and look beyond the horizon, where the earth is rounded … To be aware that there, in the depths, so many things are happening that we will never see or know.As if some great secret immediately begins behind your doorstep … And also storms. When the waves crash over the breakwater, the wind bends the trees like grass, and you watch all this, sitting in a house where it is warm, dry and cozy …

Jojo Moyes

There will always be reasons in life to give up, but you can’t.

One Tree Hill

Do you know when the world falls apart? When you take it down.

One Tree Hill

– What a lovely rainy day.
She asked what a rainy day could be wonderful: he listed all the shades of the sky, trees and roofs that they would see during a walk, spoke about the power of the ocean beyond the control of man, what would be revealed to them, about an umbrella under which it was so cool to walk, closely hugging each other, about the joy with which they hide here to drink hot tea, about clothes drying near the fire, about how they, indulging in sweet languor, will make love, again and again, about how they will talk heart to heart, like children hiding in a tent in the middle of a raging nature …

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

– I just broke up with my boyfriend and now I’m back with my parents.
– A-ah, I’m sorry.
– No, nothing. It’s better without it. He said I was getting fat.
– I beg your pardon?
– He said that my legs were as thick as wood. It’s cute, isn’t it? Highly.
– Ahhh … I am the prime minister, and I can order him to be killed.
– Thank you sir, I’ll think about it.
– Think. The special forces are reliable guys. I just have to pick up the phone …

Love Actually

The best is free.

One Tree Hill

It is only the storytellers who think childhood is the perfect time.Shushu-mumu in syrup! “Don’t tear the leaflet! A leaf is a finger of a tree! ” You don’t tear a piece of paper and feel sorry for everyone, but some Vasya in the sandbox puts a shovel in your nose, puts a bucket on your head and asks sympathetically: “Is it painful?” But this is still a joke with him! Vasya will wet his pants, roar, and they will drag him home by the ear. But you can’t go anywhere from school. You’re trapped here. Never in a person’s life is he more bullied than in some seventh-eighth-ninth grade. And who? Not some freaks who hang cats, but quite normal people, who then in their entire life will not even remember about it.

childhood, cruelty, school

I want to tell you about a man and his dream. This was an ordinary person living on planet Earth. And his dream was ordinary, simple, someone else would not have considered it a dream … a cozy house, a small car, his beloved wife and nice kids. A person knew how not only to dream, but also to work. He built his own house, and the house didn’t even come out too small. Met a girl whom he fell in love with and she fell in love with him. The man bought a car so that he could travel and return home faster.He even bought another car – for his wife, so that she would not be too bored without him. They had children: not one, not two, but four beautiful, intelligent children who loved their parents. And so, when a man’s dream came true, he suddenly became lonely. His wife loved him, his children adored him, the house was cozy, and all the roads of the world were open to him. But something was missing. And one day, on a dark autumn night, when the cold wind tore off the last leaves from the trees, a man went out onto the balcony of his house and looked around.He was looking for his dream, without which it became so hard to live. But the dream of a home turned into brick walls and ceased to be a dream. All the roads lay in front of him, and the car was nothing but pieces of painted iron welded together. Even the woman who slept in his bed was an ordinary woman, not a dream of love. Even the children he loved became ordinary children, not a dream of children. And the man thought that it would be very good to leave his beautiful house, kick a luxurious car in the wing, wave his hand to his wife, kiss the children and leave forever … He went down to the bedroom, lay down next to his wife and fell asleep.Not immediately, but still fell asleep. And he tried not to leave the house anymore when the autumn wind plays with the fallen leaves. A person has comprehended what some learn in childhood, but many do not understand even in old age. He realized that one cannot dream of the attainable. Since then, he tried to come up with a new dream, a real one. Of course it didn’t work out. But then he lived a dream about a real dream.


When the last tree is cut down, when the last river is poisoned, when the last bird is caught – only then will you understand that you cannot eat money.

Indian Proverbs and Sayings

One thing is important: do not get embittered by disappointments, learn to forget about the past and admit that not every day will be sunny. And when you are lost in the darkness of despair, remember that only in the darkness of the night are the stars visible, and these stars will lead you home. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, stumble and fall. Most often, the greatest reward comes from the thing that scares us the most …

One Tree Hill

I’ll tell you what … When my wife died, the whole world was plunged into darkness.Nobody … nobody could communicate with me. But then one of my players, the worst basketball player I’ve ever coached, broke through the darkness and brought me back to life. His name was Keith Scott … He said, “Coach, I know you are looking for an answer, but there is no right answer. It’s just life, just life … just life. ”

One Tree Hill

A tree without fruit is firewood, clouds without rain are smoke, and a man without a mind is an animal.

Wise Quotes

90,000 Quotes and Sayings – The Story of My Friend


Most of our life is a series of pictures.They fly by like cities on a highway, but sometimes the moment overwhelms us and we understand that this moment is not just a passing picture. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live forever.


You can survive anything – even the most terrible pain. Only you need something to distract you.

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Happy is the one who, to the last beat of his heart, tries to do everything to turn every inhalation and exhalation of at least close people around him into happiness that will more and more ignite their love of life and capture their spirit, imprinted with a kind smile in their souls on eternal bright memory.


– You will become better if you live your dream.


I have never allowed school to interfere with my education.


Don’t be afraid of perfection.You cannot achieve it.


There is such a theory: the universe and time are infinite, which means that any event is inevitable, even impossible.

It’s fun to fool people. Try it.

DOCTOR IHALIAKALA HUE LIN You will always be surrounded by beautiful, pure, high and beneficial for you when you follow the path. own “I”.
To follow this path means to consciously live a perfect life, filled with divine thoughts, intentions and actions.
And on the contrary, putting your sinful thoughts first, you choose with your own hands an imperfect life filled with disease, confusion, resentment, oppression, condemnation and poverty. [go to discussion]


Probably, each of us gives our heart to someone who hardly thinks about him.

Most people are much stronger than they think, they just forget to believe it sometimes.

It is very important to talk about your feelings to the one you love, because you never know when they can be lost, or when they will lose you


For us, human beings, it is primarily our subjective inner perception of the world that matters.
However, we know relatively little about how our conscious desires arise and how they force us to act.[go to discussion]


The one who looks outside himself is asleep, the one who begins to look inside himself wakes up. [go to discussion]


Don’t judge a person by their friends. Judas had them flawless . [go to discussion]


The one who has nothing to say speaks the most. [go to discussion]


There are only two infinite things: the universe and stupidity. I’m not sure about the universe though. [go to discussion] I do not know what kind of weapon the third world war will be fought with, but the fourth – with sticks and stones


One look can kill love, one look can resurrect it.


-I just want to be needed by someone. Necessary and necessary.

I need someone to whom I can give all of myself – all my free time, all my attention and care.

Someone addicted to me. Mutual dependence.

-You can survive everything – even the most terrible pain.

Only you need something to distract you.

– We see what we want.We see only ourselves.

– Everything in the world by itself is nothing.

– Do what scares you the most.

– Laughter and music eat away thoughts.

– This is how you should look at God. As if everything is fine.

– Wrong thoughts can take root and grow within you.

– Look at the stars and you’re gone.

– Go ahead, you can cry if you have anything.

– You wake up, and be happy with it.

– For life to get better, it must first get worse.

– I don’t need heaven. Silence is a welcome reward.


Never ask for anything!

Never and nothing, and especially with those who are stronger than you.

Themselves will offer and they will give everything!


You can bloom and dry up with her
She will devour you like a plant louse,
But it’s still better to die like that,
Than never loving anyone …


– True love will never die.

– The only deadly sin is to surrender.

– An ungrateful child is worse than a poisonous snake.

– You can bring a horse to a watering hole, but you cannot make it drink.

– Bad thoughts have to be paid for.

– Pain is the greatest power of love.

– When your house collapsed, you need to build a new one, not glue the rubble.


Love is like a butterfly: squeeze too hard – crush it, let it go – and it will fly away.

Sometimes the moment you’ve been waiting for comes at the wrong time …


Perhaps God wants us to meet the wrong people before we meet that one person. So that when this happens, we will be grateful.


You are talking to God – you are a believer, God is talking to you – you are mentally ill.

There is nothing worse than loving someone who will never stop disappointing you.


The family replaces everything. Therefore, before starting it, you should think about what is more important to you: everything or family.


– Look down at me – and you will see a fool.

Look at me from the bottom up – and you will see the master.

Look me straight in the face – and you will see yourself!

– I am the king in my kingdom, even if it is the kingdom of cesspools.

– Your society is so perverted that a normal person in it will appear as a madman.

– People for the most part are already dead in their fears, doubts and confusion permeated by the maternal consciousness.

– I remained a stupid child watching the world in which you lived developed.

– Don’t treat dogs like humans. Treat dogs like dogs. They are better than humans.

– I am what you made me, and if you call me a mad dog, devil, killer, then consider that I am a mirror image of your society.

– It’s high time you looked back at yourself. You only live for money. But your end is near. You are killing yourself.


But only loneliness teaches us to love.


– To go into the future, you need to get rid of the past.

– I may not be very smart, but I know what love is.

– I ran because I had to run. I didn’t think about where this would lead me.

– Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what’s inside.

– It’s funny how we remember what is happening: I do not remember how I was born, what I received as a gift for the first Christmas, and how I first went to a picnic, but I remember the first time I heard the most beautiful voice in the world.


– You cannot see the most important thing with your eyes.

– Rivers flowing into the sea find peace.

– War is not an adventure. War is a disease. Like typhoid.

– Never lose patience – this is the last key that unlocks the doors.

– This is not to say that water is necessary for life: it is life.

– I am not a grass, ”the flower remarked quietly.

– there is logic in reasoning, but there is no truth….

– The one who is low himself humiliates.

– There is so little true friendship, affection, love in life, the loss of which would leave indelible marks.

– And people lack imagination. They only repeat what you tell them.


– … never, never, never again will you find yourself funny in the eyes of a woman if you do something for her sake.

Even if it is the stupidest farce.

Do whatever you want – stand on your head, carry nonsense, brag like a peacock, sing under her window.

Don’t do just one thing – don’t be rational with her.

-Just don’t take anything to heart. After all, you want to keep what you accept, but you can’t hold anything.


– A loving person will never hurt a loved one; each of us is responsible for the feelings that we experience, and we have no right to blame the other for this.

– The loss of those with whom I fell in love, before hurt my soul.

Now I am convinced that no one can lose anyone, because no one belongs to anyone.

– Here it is, true freedom – to have what is most dear to you, but not to own it

– The great goal of every human being is to realize love.

Love is not in another, but in ourselves, and we awaken it in ourselves.

– But in order to awaken her, this other is needed.

– The universe makes sense only if we have someone to share our feelings with.

– The great goal of every human being is to realize love.

Love is not in another, but in ourselves, and we awaken it in ourselves.

But in order to awaken her, this other is needed.

The universe only makes sense if we have someone to share our feelings with.

– When you really want something, the whole Universe will help to make your wish come true.

– It doesn’t matter what others think – as they will think something anyway.So take it easy.

– It sometimes happens that life divorces two people just to show both how important they are to each other.


– Love is always patient and kind.

She’s never jealous.

Love is never boastful and vain, rude and selfish; it does not take offense or offend.


– People sometimes want to leave in order to be able to yearn, wait and be happy to return.


– You can erase love from memory. Throwing it out of the heart is another story.

– Today is a holiday that greeting card companies have invented to make people feel lousy.


– Be attentive to your thoughts, they are the beginning of actions.


– A beautiful woman likes the eyes, but is kind to the heart; one is a beautiful thing, and the other is a treasure.


– I have no strength to tear myself away from you.
– And don’t …

Vanilla Sky

– One day you will learn what true love is, it is both bitter and sweet; I think bitterness in order to better appreciate the sweetness.

– Shh … Your eyes are better off asking for forgiveness

Bernard Werber. Empire of Angels

– To find out the price of a year, ask the student who failed the exam.
To find out the price of a month, ask the mother who gave birth prematurely.
For the price of a week, ask the weekly editor.
To find out the price of an hour, ask a lover who is waiting for his beloved.
To find out the price of a minute, ask the person who missed the train.
To find out the price of a second, ask someone who lost a loved one in a car accident.
For the price of one thousandth of a second, ask the Olympic silver medalist.

– When a true genius appears in this low world, he can be recognized by the sign that all fools unite against him.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

– You need to run as fast just to stay in place, but to get somewhere, you need to run at least twice as fast!

– Everyone is crazy in our world.

– You can always take more than nothing.

“If everything in the world is meaningless,” said Alice, “what prevents you from inventing any meaning?

Dean Koontz.

Love is a force that can move mountains.

The same Munchausen

– I understand what your trouble is.You are too serious.

All the stupid things on earth are done with this facial expression …

Smile, gentlemen … Smile …


– What we are today is a consequence of our yesterday’s thoughts, and today’s thoughts create tomorrow’s life.

Life is a product of our mind.

Sex and the City

– Some women are not meant to be tamed.They are created to be free until they meet someone like that, to be free together.

Gabriel García Márquez

– If you love something, let it go. If it’s yours, it will return.

Fall in love with me if you dare

– Maybe we shouldn’t start all over again?
– If you dump me once a week, you’d better get a season ticket.

If you love – let go, the weakling said it, and other weaklings just repeat.

Freddie Mercury

– In fact, my kind of loneliness is the hardest to survive.

Loneliness does not mean that you are locked alone in your room.

– You can be in a crowded place and still feel like the loneliest person, because you don’t really belong to anyone.


George Bernard Shaw

– I lived for two days without seeing you, and by this I proved that I was able to endure everything.

Oscar Wilde

– I do not want to know what is being said behind my back – I already have a high enough opinion of myself.

– Be yourself. Other roles have already been taken.

Jared Leto

– If you feel that you are giving up, remember why you held on before.

John Fowles.

– I know what it is like when they leave.

You die for a week, it just hurts for a week, then you start to forget, and then it seems that nothing happened, that was not with you, and now you spit on everything.

And you say to yourself: dingo, this is life, that’s how it works.

This is how this stupid life works.

As if she hadn’t lost something forever.

Max Fry

Fate is not stupid, it won’t bring people together in vain …

Alfred de Musset

The woman is your shadow: when you follow her, she runs away from you; when you leave her, she runs after you.

Marlene Dietrich

If a woman has already forgiven a man, she should not remind him of his sins at breakfast.

Coco Chanel

If you want to have what you never had, you have to do what you never did.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

A woman understands children better than a man, but a man is more of a child than a woman.


If I knew when I last saw you that this was the last time, I would try to remember your face, your walk, everything connected with you.

And if I knew the last time I kissed you that this was the last time, I would never stop.

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

All women are charming, and the love of men gives them beauty.

The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button

You can be angry for a long time at how everything turned out, you can swear and curse fate, but at the end of the path you need to forgive …

Mark Twain

Summer is a time of the year when it is very hot, so it was very cold to do things that you do in winter.

I have never allowed school to interfere with my education.

Marilyn Monroe

We women only have two weapons … Mascara and tears, but we cannot use both at the same time.

Valentine’s Day

If you ever meet a girl you don’t deserve, take her as your wife.

Heath Ledger

Never give up what makes you smile.

The Dark Knight

The only way to live in this world is to live without rules.


The rain cannot last forever.

When death steals our loved ones, do not stop loving them, and they will live forever. Houses are burning, people are dying, but true love is forever.

There are no trifles.

– Don’t move, or you’re dead! – And I am already a corpse. And I’m moving!

Childhood ends when you realize that you will die.

And the devil was embarrassed, and saw how awfully good …

Mother is the name of the Lord in the heart of every child.

All power is in the eyes, sometimes they are more useful than their masters.

Once upon a time, people thought that when someone dies, a raven takes his soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes … only sometimes … The raven brings this soul back to restore the order of things.

Houses burn in fire, only ash remains. I thought so with everyone else – families, friends, feelings … But now I know that sometimes, if love is real and two are destined to be together, nothing can separate them.

Amelie (Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain)

All women dream of falling asleep on the shoulder of a loved one.

Stanislav Jerzy Lec

People are lonely, because instead of bridges they build walls.

Sweet November

We must stay with our loved ones as long as possible. To end.

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In the second half of the 20th century, the appearance of children with a meaningful expression of the eyes from birth became more frequent, which usually does not happen in newborns.Psychics noted that violet colors dominate in the aura of such children, which was the reason for calling them “indigo children” in Western literature. However, understanding the essence of the Universe as the Fiery World, such children should be called children of Light. For the sake of fairness, it must be said that the children of the Light appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. This is what the Living Ethics says about it: “They are in vain surprised at the many appearances of children who remember their past. It is now that many such manifest mediators with the Subtle World are being born.They also remember about their stay between earthly lives ”; “It cannot be rejected when children assert about their past life”; “This is how the two worlds converge, and this circumstance precedes great events”; “You’ve heard of some children who can see through solids.”
Children of the Light grow up early, if only the concept of “growing up” is applicable to them. Moreover, unlike gifted children who can operate with complex categories (but only those that they were taught), the children of Light use categories and make judgments that, it would seem, they had nowhere to learn.And this fact is fundamentally important, proving that the children of the Light are not just gifted children, but this is a new phenomenon in the human environment. It is no coincidence that Helena Roerich, the Mother of Agni Yoga, wrote: “Science can receive valuable data from children.” These are the harbingers of a new race, the race of the Aquarian age.
However, as it happens quite often, human society both in the West and in the East turned out to be not ready for the appearance of the children of the Light. They are initially inherent in a higher level of intelligence compared to ordinary children, but in kindergartens and schools they should be in groups of children of their own age.The environment of adults is also alien to them, for most of whom spirituality and morality are simply absent. These contradictions are often the cause of depression in the children of Light, and sometimes the propensity for suicide, for leaving this poisoned and defiled earthly world.
It is obvious that such a situation is abnormal neither in the pedagogical nor in the socio-social sense. One of the first lines of contact, undoubtedly, lies in the mainstream of pedagogy. But the existing pedagogy is focused on working with ordinary, at best, gifted children.
For all teachers, the appearance of the children of Light should be a convincing proof of the validity of the words of the Living Ethics of the Cosmos: “The teacher must prepare the spirit for the most ardent perceptions. Only with the constant affirmation of the paths of the future can warriors of the spirit be prepared. ” In the face of the Children of Light, we see precisely the warriors of the Spirit.
Even if the methods of working with the children of Light had already existed, the second serious problem would remain – the organization of the environment, which would be adequate to the psychology of behavior of the children of Light, their inner world and their perception of the outer world.As a first approximation, as we have already noted, these are two problems – the environment of children and the environment of adults. Both have some positive basis.
The fact that the adult environment of our planet is alien to the children of the Light should not be perceived too categorically. Ordinary people, united on the basis of the Living Ethics of the Cosmos, are open to the children of Light. It remains only to regret that children of Light are often born not only to people of Light, but also to people living according to the laws of the jungle of the Western world. These people are not able to understand that they have unusual children who require special treatment.
The appearance of the children of Light makes us once again turn to the Teaching of Light.
Helena Roerich wrote: “… the great Teaching of Light is aimed at the correct growth of the human spirit.” “… After all, spirituality is, first of all, consciousness. Consciousness lies at the foundation of the universe. ” “… Future races will improve and refine in forms as spirituality grows. For this secret knowledge and action, the Great Brotherhood will come to the aid of humanity. ” The appearance of the Children of Light is the help of the Great Brotherhood to earthly humanity.This is especially important in our time. As Helena Roerich warned, “now humanity has come to a turning point, when spirituality must triumph, otherwise the planet is threatened with destruction”. The very fact of the existence of the children of the Light, according to Helena Roerich, testifies that “the dawn of the New Epoch of the recognition of the Spirit is on.”
Children of Light are the first rays of this dawn of the New Epoch.
The appearance of the children of Light suggests that young people should become the “bearers of the spirit”: “… in the future schools of Russia,” the Living Ethics says, “the ways of growth of the spirit will be taught by those who have learned the whole path.”Children of Light help to cognize this path. Children see the difficulties of life and try to help adults.

An example from the practice of V.G. Nioradze, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, confirming that children are always ready to help people.
“Once, after the students had listened to the story about the sixth feat of Hercules, connected with the Augean stables, I turned to the children:
– Guys, be teachers and ask questions to the text.
Anya asked:
– Why did King Eurystheus not want to make friends with Hercules, but sent him to such a dirty job?
The children immediately answered:
– Because he was evil, he hated Hercules and envied him.
And I added:
– Anya, you are so kind that it is difficult for you to imagine how you can live with such aggression in your soul …
We have already moved on to the next question, when suddenly the girl at the first desk, restrained and almost imperceptibly raised her hand:
– I do not want to answer this question, I generally want to say.
But she said “I want to say” so that I stopped.
– What do you want to say, Lerochka?
And she began:
– People don’t understand that children are smarter. Why are there only adults in government? It is necessary to create a children’s committee so that they can advise adults.There would be no wars if the child sat down in front of the camera and was given the floor on the air!
She began to speak while sitting, but she was so tense, trying to express her thoughts, that she began to rise. She even had the veins in her neck swollen from the exertion. Pose, face, with all her appearance, she expressed indignation: “Why is there so much injustice around ?!” In this cry of a child’s soul, there was a confidence that children will be able to overcome difficulties and thereby help adults.

The Fiery World emphasizes that “spiritual enlightenment is given only when the heart is open”.Many, the so-called. “Adults” do not even realize that the children of Light come to us with open hearts – hearts open for Cosmic Love. Unfortunately, the arrogance of earthlings, with whom the children of Light have to deal, with their openness makes the children of Light defenseless. It also speaks of how important it is to treat the children of the Light correctly and carefully, to try to protect them from anything that can disturb the inner harmony of such children.

Children do not hide their attitude – positive or negative – to the world around them and show it in different situations.
Another example from the practice of V.G. Nioradze.
“Nikita appeared in our school in the 4th grade, final, graduation. Next year he will have to look for another school. I am always glad to see a new face in the classroom, and I am not stingy with kind words: “How good that you came! We’ve been waiting for you! ” According to the written speech, Nikita, of course, could not do anything – the first three years were missed, how will he get involved in the work? Nikita listens with interest, tries to be active, but …
Once the class teacher told me: “Imagine, before our school Nikita changed three schools.”I was alarmed: why couldn’t the child get along in any school? And the memory surfaced: “Madame Margarita” – an interesting play and an amazing performance. Brazilian author Roberto Ataida wrote this play when he was 21 years old. Remembering and, obviously, having gone through many bitter minutes over the years of study and having managed to change seven schools, in his play he draws a generalized image of a soulless, authoritarian teacher who does not love children – Madame Margarita.
I summon Nikita and ask: “Nikita, why did you leave one school, and then – from another, from a third?” And he frankly and openly confesses: “Oh, there was no life for me there… “There was no life for the boy! I ask him to clarify: “How is it -” there was no life “?” Nikita answers briefly and clearly: “There was no life, because the teachers are bad.” These are exactly those teachers who are fixated on knowledge, skills and abilities, and then they do not notice the child or see the person. In a word, “Madame Margarita”. So the attitude towards them is appropriate. “And here, – I ask, – do you have a life?” “Yes, yes, there are, the teachers are good, kind, but I haven’t had time to make friends with the guys yet,” and added: “And the guys were good there”.

And another example of the manifestation of intransigence to injustice.
A boy in the first grade, suffers from dysgraphia, and the teacher is angry with him, constantly angry: “You spoil the picture of the whole class! Everyone writes, how they draw, but why are you misbehaving ?! ” The boy’s handwriting is quivering, slipping from the first line to the last. After all, this is a disease! In higher pedagogical educational institutions, all future teachers study physiology, where it is written in black and white that dysgraphia is not a fault, but a child’s misfortune.
Two and a half months have passed since the beginning of the school year, and the child’s suffering never ends. And one day, when mom wakes him up to take him to school, he says: “Mom, I won’t go to school anymore!” Mom is at a loss: “How can you not go ?! Everyone is studying, and you … What happened, Misha? ” And the boy calmly replies: “I am so upset with my teacher that I don’t want to do this anymore.” How much nobility the seven-year-old child showed towards his evil teacher! Then my mother decided to find a school where the teacher would not terrorize the child.So he got to our school, and I was lucky to meet him.
But we managed to bring him to us only by cunning; For two and a half hours our director Marina Igorevna Shishova patiently told, showed, persuaded and at the end asked: “Well, how, Misha, will you come to us?” And Misha: “I’ll think a little more.” He thought for a week, and then he came.
By March 8, he handed me a sheet of paper folded in half: “This is my poem, I dedicated it to you; I dictated, and my mother wrote. ”
At the end of the first grade, he already dedicated a poem to school, which ends like this: “It was difficult for me, but I overcame it.I got my emerald of destiny. ” And I felt a poetic gift in him. Since then he has been creating and creating. And now he is a high school student and says that he is writing a novel, but does not show it to anyone.
These are the talents hidden in children. And always, talking about Misha, I ask the teachers: “What would have happened to this child if he had not shown his character, had not been outraged by the injustice and cruelty of an adult and stayed in the same school?”
What would it be? The inferiority complex and the ruined fate of the boy.But Misha performed a miracle and saved the school from himself and himself from such a school, from many years of suffering in the midst of a heartless school life.
The unusual qualities of the children of the Light, if studied and understood, could give a lot to all people, and possibly become an important civilizational factor. However, science, to put it mildly, tries to ignore this problem. As noted in the book “Supermundane” (Living Ethics), “unfortunately, subtle organisms are not investigated, and thus the opportunity for scientific observations is lost.” At best, they refer to the lack of the necessary equipment.But this is not the case.
There are many published materials on the study of unusual phenomena of consciousness with equipment for brain mapping using electroencephalograms. The technique and mobile equipment for assessing the dynamic state of the brain by spatial registration of the centers of dipole activity, which have been used for several years by Ph.D. OI Koyokina, including in work with children. Thus, foresight begins to come true: “… soon auras will be removed, thoughts will be measured, there will be apparatuses that determine emanations.”
Helena Roerich’s words are of fundamental importance: “True achievements are affirmed by striving to cognize the will of the Supreme Reason. It is difficult to accept the cosmic direction without understanding the will of the Supreme Reason. ”
Since we believe that everything that happens is a consequence of the will of the Higher Reason, it means that the appearance of the children of Light could not occur without the manifestation of this will. From these positions, the appearance of such children should be considered as an important stage in the evolution of mankind.
A new situation is emerging when education and upbringing cannot remain the same as they were up to now.The knowledge possessed by the children of the Light is significantly ahead of the content of modern school textbooks, in which even the modern level of science and technology is very poorly represented. Most of the training material is from the distant past. “… All truths must be revised before the face of science, – so say scientists, and they are right,” Helena Roerich wrote in the book “Supermundane”. Education must be directed to the Future. School graduates should be ready to meet him, they should know what awaits them there, how they should live there and what their mission is.
It is important to realize not only the need to acquire true spirituality, but also a deep understanding that it is it that should become the dominant of the inner world already in childhood, become the main guideline in relation to life. Indeed, in the future it is impossible to imagine any other civilization except the spiritual one, but it must be created already in the present. Today, when in most schools, where spirituality is not only forgotten, but the very understanding of spirituality is lacking, schools of Humane pedagogy are being created throughout Russia, thousands of teachers work, whose whole way of life, their spiritual world is the World of Living Ethics.
The book of the Teaching “Fiery World” speaks of the need to direct the consciousness into the Fiery Future. Children of Light are messengers from the Cosmic Future into our imperfect carnal evidence. And arguing about whether our bazaar-machine civilization will be able to survive or not, it is worth remembering the words of the Italian teacher M. Montessori: “If something will save us, then only children.” Children of Light by their appearance seem to remind that the fate of earthlings is in the hands of unusual Children, who should become the main concern of humanity.

The attitude towards modern youth is controversial: on the one hand, it is accused of lack of spirituality, excessive practicality and commercialism, orientation towards material values, loss of interests inherent in young people of previous generations, such as reading, theater, visiting museums, etc. On the other hand, in recent years there has been talk of the emergence of new children, characterized by such personal and spiritual qualities that children of previous generations did not have. How to deal with such conflicting opinions?
In connection with the problem of the Indigo Children, let us outline a few questions.
… First, there is no clear definition (definition) of this concept. In the first book devoted to this topic, “Indigo Children” by Lee Carroll and Jen Tober, the listing of the characteristics of such children is given “separated by commas” and has an eclectic (chaos, incompatibility) character. Most researchers of this problem do not single out the pivotal points that distinguish Indigo Children from the rest, but name a variety of qualities, a number of which are features inherent in the modern generation of children as a whole. In modern psychology, it is recognized that the psyche of a child is largely formed under the influence of the environment.Until the 20th century, changes in the world around the child took place extremely slowly, and people differed among themselves not so much in the characteristics inherent in their generation, as in their typological and individual traits. In the 19th-20th centuries, in order to somehow streamline the diversity of individuals, many different classifications of personality types were proposed. Since the end of the 20th century, as a result of scientific and technological progress and social transformations, rapid changes in the external conditions of human life have been taking place with an ever-increasing speed.As a result, the differences between generations begin to become sharply defined. Nancy Tapp describes indigo children as follows: “They are technologically oriented children. At the age of three or four, these children understand the computer in a way that other adults at 65 cannot. ” This characteristic applies not only to indigo children, but in general is a feature of the modern generation of children in large cities. As a product of a civilization that has entered the technocratic stage of its development, modern children are doomed to be technologically oriented.A number of researchers, whose observations are collected in the book of Carroll and Tober, call neglect of authority, stubborn defense of their own opinion, as one of the features of the Indigo Children. These qualities are inherent in many modern children, who have become much freer in expressing and defending their position, they are more critical: they do not blindly believe in what they are told, but show a certain, in some cases very solid, share of skepticism. Unlike previous generations, they treat their parents and teachers not as people with indisputable authority, provided by seniority, but as an equal partner in a common cause.This is due to the processes of democratization that have been taking place in society in recent years.
… Secondly, it is necessary to clearly distinguish the features inherent in simply gifted and creative individuals and indigo children. Both of them, for example, are distinguished by such qualities as disregard for rules and patterns, the need to be able to make a choice, insisting on one’s own. But not all creative children are indigo children.
… Thirdly, you must not mix difficult children and indigo children. Very often, in the descriptions of the latter, difficulties associated with their behavior come to the fore, which in some cases generally manifests itself as deviant (behavior that contradicts legal, moral, social and other norms accepted in a given society and is considered by most members of society as reprehensible and invalid).So, N. Tapp points out: “All the children who killed their schoolmates or parents, whom I observed in one way or another, were of the indigo population.” The authors of the book clarify that it is the awareness of their destiny, their high mission, when an obstacle arises to its implementation, that pushes such children to such actions. And the clairvoyant confirms: “They have no fear, because they know who they are.” Such a statement evokes a protest: is it possible to go towards a lofty goal by any means? You can understand the feelings of parents who have gone through so many difficulties in raising an unusual child, and their need to share their experiences with others.But this is not the main thing in indigo children.
It is important to emphasize precisely those features of new children that distinguish them from modern ones: creative, difficult and simply those who feel different, unlike the rest. Children who felt like “white crows” have always been, but at the same time they were not always children of a new consciousness. For the latter, the defining qualities are high spirituality and connection with the Upper, Divine world. This connection can be expressed in the fact that such children remember their previous incarnations, and in the fact that they know who they are, and in the fact that they feel the Upper World, live in it.
Here is a quote from a book not dedicated to Indigo Children: “I invariably ask the participants of my seminars the same question:“ How many of you feel that our spiritual evolution is accelerating – that the Spirit is asking us to quickly learn our lessons in order to prepare for some important shift? ” The audience is almost unanimous. More and more people openly and naturally say that they have always felt a connection with their “guide angel” and every day they trust him more and more willingly. The veil between the two worlds is definitely getting thinner. “
Among the features of Indigo children, they also call high intuition, as well as the gift of healing, which they can use even unconsciously, without knowing it.
New children differ from each other in the same way as all other children: each of them has its own personality. We do not call to make of them angels endowed with only positive traits. Entering our human world can lead to alienation, isolation, protest and other features in their behavior.We are impressed by the point of view of those psychologists and teachers who believe that with their difficult behavior these children, as it were, put a mirror in front of adults, helping them to see and realize their own problems, which provoke such behavior of children. And yet, when it comes to the Children of the New Consciousness, the main ones should be the characteristics of this particular consciousness, and not the peculiarities of their behavior.
Indigo writes:
“I keep thinking: why do not people learn in any way, that the most important thing in life is Love, for people, for animals.Not money, not power, and not always being first. Why don’t they live the way a person would, knowing that he comes to this Earth again and again? How can people hurt others when we all have a common background? We are in the form of beings, consisting entirely of energy, where there is no good and evil. There we all know each other and agree that in the next life we ​​will accumulate experience and learn together! Time passes, but people thoughtlessly go with the flow, not delving into the essence of things. The remedy has become a goal for them, and they have forgotten the original intention! ”
Through the children of Light, we get the opportunity to ascend to the next stage of ascent.It is only necessary to carefully and with gratitude to the Great Teachers accept this help and use it correctly.

The Cosmic Teacher in the “Faces of Agni Yoga” says: “… The strong have concern about how to raise humanity as a whole. The strong have a path only forward, upward, to new, useful and necessary achievements for all people. Caring for the world, for everyone, is a sign of a person of a new race. And is it not wonderful to see how the sparks of cosmic consciousness penetrate into the hearts of many. And Leading in front, showing the cosmic nature of her planetary beginnings.Darkness, on the other hand, limits itself to itself and the selfhood of sterility, separating itself from the World. All, all are called under their roof, who are not with darkness. The universal and universal is growing, shaking the foundations of the old world and destroying its foundation. Therefore, victory is inscribed on Our shield, for those who walk with Us are walking with the Light. Leading generously We give from the treasury of the accumulated knowledge. Fieryly We feed her (Russia). Space is saturated with them, and the ready-made takes as much as it can hold. Trumpet Victory much, for the New World has won.Do not expect victory in ordinary measures, but measure its field more broadly. The New World is invincible, although it is not in top hats and dress coats, for simplicity is also a sign of the New World. Beauty and Simplicity. Expressing simply all the complexity of life is possible only synthetically. Synthesis is life’s solution. Just as an infinite number of representations of homogeneous objects fit into one concept and is expressed by it, so the complexity of life phenomena is embraced by a synthetic understanding. It is from the Light. Synthesis means unification. Cosmic consciousness is synthetic consciousness, when the infinity of the manifested Universe merges into one single world in the great and eternal Space now and here, when even the greatness of the future is affirmed now, now in our consciousness by the affairs of the day, for now it is created by the hand and foot of a human.(Facets of Agni Yoga, vol. 1, 26/1).
“Thinking about the Distant Worlds, people come from the Earth. The point of departure is correct, but the mistake is that its present state is considered as if it were constant and motionless in its forms, while the refinement of matter itself and the rarefaction of its density in the course of evolution is completely overlooked and not taken into account. Refinement and rarefaction of matter, which occurs due to the fact that matter passes the path of transmutation through plant, animal and human forms, slowly but persistently and steadily increases its plasticity and mobility.Once upon a time, not only human bodies, but also the matter of the planet, will become a condensed astral, then the whole world around a person, thanks to its increased plasticity and rarefaction of matter, will more easily and freely obey the design of thought. It will no longer be possible by hands and machines, but by the power of thought, to build those forms that today cannot be built without hands and the application of muscular and mechanical force. Oil, coal, gas, wood are the energy resources of the planet available to people at the moment, in the absence of others, the best.The methods of obtaining atomic energy are also crude and imperfect. But the time is already near when higher and more perfect types of energies will be at the service of man. These energies exist, they are, they just need to be found and mastered. Neither oil, nor gas, nor smoke, nor gasoline will poison the health of people, but one must seek, one must think, one must send creative thoughts into Space and one must know what to look for. The more clear and definite the thought, the closer the inevitability of the decision. Thought pierces Space and magnetically attracts elements that are in tune with it.Thought from the Far Worlds can touch the planet. And these new types of energies have long been applied to them. Thoughts directed to distant stars are not so aimless as it might seem to someone who does not know that there are no distances for thought. It should be firmly grasped that if the Light requires some, sometimes very long, time to cut through the world space, then no time is required for the flight of thought. Thought is a phenomenon of higher dimensions and is not subject to the laws of the dense world. Time and Space for thought do not exist.On other planets, the time is already different, and in Space there is neither up nor down. Thus, in the world Space, the most ordinary and deep-rooted ideas about time and the world of three dimensions are violated. Thought reigns over everything, and over thought is the consciousness that has taken possession of it. (Facets of Agni Yoga, Vol. 2, 367. (MAJ)
“The planet and humanity inhabiting it are one indissoluble whole. Spiritualization and refinement of the matter of which the planet is composed largely depends on psycho – the spiritual state of people.The planet can be improved, the planet can be degraded and brought to such an imbalance that it ends up in an explosion. The latter concerns only the Earth, where dark forces delay its evolution and upset the cosmic balance of its energies. The planet is the Cosmic Home of humanity. It took many millions of years for each living form to adapt to the conditions of life on Earth and to be able to evolve. This is especially true for humans. If the Earth ended its existence with an explosion, then humanity would find itself in Space without a refuge, and how long it would take again for people to be able to go through this long process of adaptation again.The earthly organism, that is, the earth’s body, reacts sharply to the impact of those energies that are generated by the human body. Even the physical body is violently affected by thought, causing illness or, conversely, strengthening health. But the action of the collective thought of all mankind on the body of the planet is powerfully extraordinary. Storms, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters are the result of the influence of thoughts (people) corresponding to these imbalances. When peace is established on Earth, peace and balance in the human heart, all these symptoms of the disease of the planet will disappear.A man can decorate his earthly garden; deserts – this shame of humanity – to green up; the exhausted forces of the planet to restore and create completely different living conditions on Earth. Destruction of flora and fauna: wild animals, birds and the destruction of forests have a particularly painful effect on the health of the Earth. Namely – the destruction of virgin forests is not useful, because the harmonious combination of the energies of the plant world is disturbed. The artificially planted park and the natural growth of the forest are different in their psychic nature and consonance of energy tonality.The predatory plunder of the earth’s interior is also destructive. Metals in their natural state serve as conductors of planetary currents, and by breaking them, people bring disharmony into the order of these phenomena. Inexhaustible sources of receiving cosmic energies will soon be discovered, and the plundering of planetary wealth will be suspended to some extent. The second danger is the intensification of the space around the Earth, or its aura, by various types of energies already known to people. Space is literally torn apart by them, but most of all by the imbalance of human thoughts.Man is the originator of powerful energies. He directs his strength more towards destruction than towards creation, and reaps the fruits of what he sowed. The planet can be healed only with love for everything and everyone, and then the energy of the spirit will be creative and constructive, and bringing the body of the planet into harmony. Responsibility for the Earth lies with man, and he must be aware of it, otherwise his earthly home will not be put in order, and life on Earth will not be arranged. Monstrous ignorance and irresponsibility give rise to a number of monstrous consequences. The human spirit is deeply troubled by the suffocating consequences of its own deeds and will rush about until it realizes that he himself has generated everything that surrounds him.He himself gave birth, he himself redeems, and he himself can create other conditions of life. (Facets of Agni Yoga, Vol. 2, 369. (MAI)

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