One stripe pants: Where to Buy Dope Side-Stripe Pants


Where to Buy Dope Side-Stripe Pants

With spring in full bloom, you may be wanting a quick outfit refresh. One of the most popular — and easy to wear — trends that’s doing the rounds on the menswear circuit these days is the side-stripe pant.

The style also harks back to old-school navy trousers, although most of the affordable versions out there come from sportswear brands. Don’t let that deter you though — sporty pants are perfect for spring and summer thanks to their breathable fabrics, easy-to-wear styling and ease of use.

What’s more, the standout side stripe adds a bit of flair to your getup, and allows for some dope sideways shots for the ’Gram.

Here’s some of the best side-stripe trousers out there, from wallet-friendly options through to mega-luxe statement pieces.

There’s a selection of 10 pieces below, but head over to Highsnobiety‘s dedicated shopping channel, What Drops Now, to shop the collection in full.

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Where it all started. Pledge your allegiance to the Three Stripes with adidas’s never-gonna-go-out-of-style track pants.

Fancy something a little less sporty? Palm Angels comes through with the chino vibes.

Here’s a crisp white version of the sporty classic. Just watch out for coffee stains.

Up-and-coming London designer Wales Bonner comes through with some outrageously lush trousers, with an outrageously lush price tag.

Feeling something more colorful? These Kappa tings come with a standout royal blue colorway, with one of the greatest logos of all time repeated down the side.

Want to get in on the side-stripe action, but are more of a Swoosh kinda guy/gal than adi? Say no more.

Take it old-school with some mega-baggy (and mega, mega-expensive) vibes courtesy of Stella McCartney.

adidas clashes sporty styling with traditional menswear steez — these pants come with athletic side stripes, but a traditional trouser silhouette, so you can still stunt in your favorite belt.

Shopping on a budget? Topman has your back. These pants are not only wallet-friendly, they’re also brand-neutral, so you don’t need to worry about your pants clashing with whatever brand is on your feet.

Some army-style olive options here, with a comfy drawstring waist and a less-sporty, more-classic cotton twill fabric.

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The 23 Best Track Pants to Wear Right Now

We’re now several years deep into the Track Pant Era, which means we thankfully won’t need to waste our breath here trying to convince you that the best track pants are actually worth your time and money. By this point, you should be well aware of their inherent value: they’re as comfortable as your pajamas, as versatile as your jeans and chinos, and deliver a playful, carefree attitude that’s tough to beat. And these days, there are more kinds of track pants available to you than ever before. Throwback pairs that look right out of a 1977 sports documentary. Cyberpunk-y pairs that look like they’re here to terminate John Connor. Dressy ones you could wear to work, fancy ones you could wear to a ball, and low-key ones that are just right for a weekend spent planted on the couch. Whether you’re looking to pair some with a matching jacket or use them to anchor all the wildest things in your closet, this is the perfect time to expand your track pant horizons. To help you find the perfect pair (or three) to live in while you’re still sheltering in place, we’ve painstakingly assembled the 23 best track pants on the planet to buy right now.

Adidas Firebird track pants

Cut a little roomier than Adidas’s more standard Superstar model, which makes them all the more perfect for 2020.

Polo Sport track pant

Nineties Wu-Tang video energy.

Wales Bonner Palms crochet stripe track pants

If you still think it’s nuts to describe track pants as “elegant,” allow us to introduce Wales Bonner’s artful take, with delicate bands of crochet running down the sides.

Nike Sportswear Windrunner woven pants

Needles narrow track pant (was $480, 30% off)

Birdwell Beach Britches track pant

Straight outta the ’70s.


Birdwell Beach Britches

Todd Snyder + Champion Japanese side stripe trackpants (was $198, 50% off)

Give your WFH wardrobe a much-needed shot of vitamin D.

Reebok Classics vector tape track pants

Because you can’t wear Adidas pants with your new Club Cs.

Aries ombré dyed windcheater pants

Not quite ready to commit to a neon pink dye job? Try these loud and proud Aries bottoms on for size instead.

Random Identities grey dressy track pants (was $235, 32% off)

Leave it to Stefano Pilati to make track pants that look and feel like a slouchy, drapey, perfect pair of trousers.

Kappa 222 Banda Astoria slim joggers

Tracksmith Stadium pants

Forest green is the thinking man’s navy blue.

Acne Studios Phoenix track pants (was $300, 41% off)

Crinkly, caramelly, perfect.

Ami de Coeur track pants

The quarcore version of white jeans.

John Elliott “Tomba” Himalayan pants (was $448, 25% off)

Waxed like your Barbour jacket, which means they’ll look damn near incredible after a couple years of heavy wear.

Nike Sportswear pants

These ones are made for tucking in your tee and yanking up as high as possible.

Pleasures Wonder track pant

Gucci loose striped jogging pant

If youreally want to splurge on designer track pants, Gucci is still the way to go.

Converse x A-Cold-Wall* track pant

You can zip these off at the knees to turn ’em into equally wavy shorts.

Neighborhood Waves / N-PT track pant

Baggy like a killer pair of army fatigues.

Rhude Traxedo track pants

Is “Traxedo” kind of a silly portmanteau? Absolutely. Are these pants fly enough that we’re willing to overlook it? Most definitely

Casablanca Apres Mer track pants

The luggage from The Darjeeling Limited, only make it track pants.

Martine Rose pink twist track pants

These are great on their own, but paired with the matching assymetrical jacket they’re straight-up transcendent.

How to Rock Side-Stripe Pants

Ladies, start your engines and get ready to rock one of the hottest trends this spring, Women’s side-stripe pants.

Whether you call them racing stripe pants, side stripe track pants, or striped joggers, trousers with a stripe down the side are everywhere. This leg-lengthening look is good news for fashionistas, regardless of your age. Oh, and did I mention they’re youthful?

If you’re ready to give it a whirl, here are my picks along with some tips on how to wear this trend at any age.

Side-striped pants are part of the athleisure trend we’ve seen the last couple of years. The thing I like about them for us mature gals is that they’re both comfy and chic. You don’t see too many trends come along that cover both those bases and that gets me excited.

Ease Into It with a Classic Sporty Look

Side-striped pants are showing up in stores in all sorts of lengths, cuts, and colors. You’ll find everything from cigarette pants to straight cut and bootleg styles.

If you like the trend, but you’re worried about looking like mutton dressed as lamb, then I recommend you ease into it with a classic pair like these black pants with a white stripe down the side.

Think about these pants as an updated version of your go-to LBPs (Little Black or Navy Blue Pants).

My advice would be to keep the rest of the look clean and classy with a fresh white t-shirt and ultra-on-trend white trainers, so you don’t distract from the sporty stripe. If like like a more funky look, I have seen these styled with a brightly colored, vertical striped cotton button-down shirt. It’s really different!  

Do a Stylish Take on White Jeans

If you haven’t tried them, I strongly encourage you to give white jeans a go. (And yes, you can absolutely wear white pants without looking heavy.) If you have tried them and now you’re looking ways to update this wardrobe staple, a pair of white with a side-stripe is the perfect solution.

Not only do they give you all the benefits of white jeans – a fresh summer look, a perfect canvas for brights and neutrals, a go-with-everything wardrobe item – a dark stripe down the side is super slimming. This pair has a raw, step hem finish which makes them a touch edgier.

You can wear them with a black top and casual canvas shoe to keep the black and white vibe going, or wear them with a bright top.

Look Chic with Polished Shoes and Accessories

While styling side-striped pants for a sporty look is a no-brainer, it’s equally easy to dress them up a little to go out for drinks with the girls or Saturday brunch with the family.

It’s as simple as sticking with a slim trouser cut like that of the pair featured above (they also come in black with a white stripe too, but I love this gorgeous cobalt blue shade) and upscaling it by adding a chic sandal, great bag and some sophisticated earrings.

What do you think of side-stripe pants? Is this something you can see yourself giving a try?

Shop more side-stripe pants here:

Top Row: Left | Middle | Right

Bottom Row: Left | Middle | Right

The Best Side Stripe Trousers To Buy In 2021

Fashion moves fast and you’ll have to do the same if you want to keep up with it. With that in mind, why not think about adding some go-faster stripes to your legwear rotation? It’s a sure-fire way to ensure you’re bang up to speed.

Side-stripe trousers have been the menswear elite’s bottoms of choice for a couple of years, which should alleviate any fears you may have had about it being a fleeting fashion trend.

It looks like these unlikely hybrids of joggers and dress pants are in for the long haul, meaning now’s as good a time as any to get yourself involved. Earn your sartorial stripes with our edit of the best on the market.


One of the high street’s leading names when it comes to up-to-the-moment menswear, Topman is virtually unparalleled in terms of sheer variety and value for money.

The British retailer is always quick off the mark with new trends, meaning it’s already well clued up on side-stripe trousers and stocked accordingly with styles that are cropped at the ankle or offer a pop of colour.

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If you want side-stripe trousers that’ll still be in one piece after several hours of beast mode in the gym, Nike is one of your best bets.

The sportswear giant makes champion-grade tracksuit bottoms and they’re just as functional as they are bang on trend.

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In its own words, Spanish brand Mango prides itself on ‘dressing the modern, urban woman for her daily needs’. Now, that’s not much use to us, but thankfully its menswear offering just keeps getting better.

With a focus on quality and a keen eye on the trends – for the latest fashion at sensible prices, you’d be a bit of a lemon not grab a pair of trousers from Mango.

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If budget isn’t a concern for you, why not opt for one of the labels that kicked the side-stripe thing into gear in the first place?

Gucci’s trousers are some of the most luxurious around, so if the thought of dropping nearly two months’ rent on what is essentially a pair of trackies doesn’t leave you involuntarily clenching your buttocks in shock, then you could do a lot worse than a pair from Italy’s finest.

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One company that’s quickly gaining traction as one of the web’s premier destinations for trend-led menswear at affordable prices is boohooMAN, an online-only label that counts Hollywood A-Listers and thrifty sartorialists alike among its ever-expanding customer base.

For a pair of side-stripe trousers that won’t leave you fishing down the side of the sofa for loose change until payday, this is the place to go.

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Adidas has been putting stripes on the sides of its trousers long before it was cool. Its three stripes motif is instantly recognisable, making the brand’s offering in this market some of the oldest around.

If you want to rock the trend while staying prepped for looking good at the gym, Adidas is the brand to spot you.

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With its highly responsive supply chain, Zara is always one step ahead of the competition and ready to pounce on new trends the second there’s as much as a sniff of their emergence.

Because of this, the Spanish retailer has become one of the most popular names on the high street and a surefire winner for the latest fashion – side-stripe trousers being no exception.

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Buy all the latest gear at wallet-friendly prices and try it on at home. Don’t like it? Send it back free of charge.

With customer service like this, it’s no wonder ASOS has completely dominated the men’s retail arena, leaving its competitors limping away with their tails between their legs. With that in mind, where better to grab a pair of side-stripe trousers?

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Like your trousers to have street appeal? Then look no further than legendary California streetwear label Stussy.

Shawn Stussy’s eponymous brand is the physical embodiment of urban cool, so if you want to inject a dose of street style into your legwear game this is the perfect way to do it.

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Swedish high-street favourite H&M is always a safe bet when you need simple, quality clothing that’s current and affordable in equal measures.

With well-made products and plenty of Scandi minimalism going around, pick up your side-stripe trousers from here and you know you won’t go wrong.

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River Island

Boasting one of the high street’s largest design teams, River Island prides itself on being able to provide shoppers with everything they need to keep their wardrobes stocked stylishly, season after season.

Expect a streetwear-tinged aesthetic, without having to queue around the block, or max out your credit card.

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12 side stripe trousers that’ll make legs look longer

It’s a style that works for every body shape and fashion taste and it instantly adds a cool vibe to every outfit, whether you’re into investment dressing or you’re a trendwatcher. Here’s why everyone needs a ‘side stripe’ in their wardrobe

It’s probably the simplest, cleanest detail possible to add to a pair of trousers – a vertical stripe down the leg in a contrasting colour, print or fabric. And yet, for such a literally straightforward design element, it can be transformative. We’ll let early adopter of the side stripe trouser and founder of intelligent style brand Me+Em Clare Hornby take the floor here. Along with her team of designers she first added a side stripe to a luxe jogger in 2010 and the style has evolved into capsule edit of iconic side stripe trousers that adapt to every scenario. It’s become an aesthetic the brand are known for and it’s a surprisingly powerful look according to Clare:

“They’re a really simple device that actually have a great impact. Running from waistband to hem, they’re something of an optical illusion that serves to elongate the leg.”

It’s not just the ‘legs eleven’ effect that makes them a sartorial no-brainer either – Clare highlights that a side stripe not only suits everyone, but sits beautifully on every frame:

“Stripes tend to work on all body shapes, as they are so slimming and elongating. With everything that we design, we like to do all the work for the customer, so we’ll rigorously test our designs and fit them on three models with different body shapes to make sure that they are as flattering as possible. That way you can just pick you favourite style and go.”

That said, side stripes don’t work with every single pair of trousers, as Clare highlights:

“While we use side stripes across a number of styles, from wide-leg to tailored slim crop trousers, they tend to work less well on balloon shapes.”

Otherwise, from a style POV, side stripes get the green light for in terms of a chic fashion move that’ll also make it far easier to get dressed in the morning:

“A side stripe breaks up a plain block colour to add interest to a look without requiring any effort. It’s also an easy way to access trends: taking a key colour and featuring it in a side stripe offers a subtle nod to the trend without requiring a full commitment.”

They’re timeless, not too try-hard and they don’t just bring a ‘go faster’ sporty feel to your work or weekend wardrobe – the side stripe trouser has a lot more to give beyond the athleisure trend:

“Now we’re focusing on how flattering and functional side stripes are, rather than the sporty, street style influence that we’re all familiar with. That includes tonal side stripes and playing with contrasting textures that are very subtle but offer a luxe finish.”

Ready to earn your stripes? Here are 12 pairs of side stripe trousers we love.

Me + Em AM-PM Cigarette Trouser, £139

We’re starting on the super subtle side stripe end of things – these tailored, tux-inspired trousers have black satin piping down each leg to create an elegant finish, and you can add or subtract the silk waist belt as you see fit. They’re high waisted and can be easily shortened, have a central seam for structure and look equally polished whether you’re wearing trainers or heels.

Buy it now

ASOS Tapered Trouser with Camel Contrast Side Panel, £30

Formal yet comfy, these were made for long meetings or throwing on when a degree of smartness is required. They’re cut looser around the thigh the taper towards the ankle for a crisp finish.

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Mint Velvet Stephanie Leopard Print Capri, £79

Fashion’s animal print infatuation is going nowhere, but these slightly ‘out there’ trousers offer a refreshingly different take on the trend. First, they’re in an oddly wearable forest green, and secondly the side stripe adds a sharp contrast to the wild print. Add a simple white shirt and heels for an evening out.

Buy it now

ASOS Design Curve Jersey Peg Trousers with animal print contrast bind, £18

More leopard print love, but understated this time. Leopard print piping down the legs and around the pockets adds interest to these everyday high waisted trousers and the soft jersey fabric means that they feel like your pjs.

Buy it now

Zara Jogging Trousers with Side Stripes, £25.99

The perfect contrast of jazzy and casual (jazzual?). On first glance these sleek grey trousers look low key, then you clock the gold metallic stripe down the leg and it all goes a bit disco.

Buy it now

Me + Em Side Panel Palazzo Pant, £79

Wide legged trousers have been fashion catnip for quite some time and as trends go it’s a supremely comfortable one so we predict that it’s going nowhere. This merlot/cream pair won’t bag around the waist or swing at the ankle and the waistband can be lengthened or shortened to fit your shape and style preference.

Buy it now

Hush Side Stripe Joggers, £55

Our Head of Business Development Kully spends her weekends in these – they’re basically incredibly soft joggers that you’ll proudly turn up to brunch/lunch in, with a taste of the rainbow for fun, because that’s what weekends are for. The elasticated waistband will be appreciated after you’ve faceplanted the pancakes.

Buy it now

M&S Side Stripe Tapered Leg Trousers, £35

Functional but more fashion forward than a plain pair of joggers, the cut of these trousers prevents them from veering into frumpy territory and the sizing is second to none – they’re available in petite, regular and long from a size 6 to 24. Side stripes for all.

Buy it now

& Other Stories High Waisted Workwear Trousers, £59

Another subtle seam style side stripe, these versatile wide leg trousers are made of organic cotton and look crisp and cool whether you team them with a t-shirt, chunky knit or a blazer.

Buy it now

H&M Wide Satin Trousers, £29.99

The anti-minimalist side stripe, these silky, swishy, paisley pants are not for the faint hearted, granted, but if you’re into your prints they’d look as wonderful at weddings as they would at work. Team with sandals, heels or trainers depending on the occasion and hit multiple trends as you go about your business.

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Boden Black Bristol ⅞ Side Stripe Trousers, £32

With a shot of lemon yellow in the side stripe panel (very SS19), these tailored black trousers are a basic with a twist – the v-cut hem makes them look especially snappy with heels. They’re very Parisienne, but also dry clean only, so a higher maintenance choice.

Buy it now

Lululemon Cover Your Tracks Pant, £118

Preppy and loose without being shapeless, these trackpants are stretchy and sweat-wicking so the most genuinely sporty of the bunch. Ideal if you need to sprint for the bus but also not out of place in a professional context.

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The simple energising fashion trick that Trinny Woodall swears by

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How To Wear Them Plus The Coolest Pairs

Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? It was a crazy one for us with a lot of errands and trying to get things done around the house. But something exciting, we changed up our editing for our photos! Switching it up a lot, but we’re loving it. That’s the best thing about editing, you can always change it when you want something new.

One of our latest obsessions: side stripe pants. What we LOVE about women’s side stripe pants is that it takes a plain pair of pants and dresses them up/gives that little extra flare.

How To Style Side Stripe Pants

Graphic tee/sweatshirt:

As you can see we both styled our pants with graphic sweatshirts. The perfect effortless look that’s comfy and stylish! Our three favorite places right now for sweatshirts: Zara, Bershka, & Mango.


One of our favorites, blazers! You’ll be seeing a few blog posts featuring blazers in the next few weeks 😉 Another easy look that you can throw on, but looks like you really thought out the whole outfit. There are so many comfy blazers as well, we loving getting them at H&M.

Style with a belt:

Do your side-striped pants have belt loops? Styling with a belt is a great way to accessorize your trousers. Free People has some REALLY cute belts right now, heart eyes for sure.

Denim jacket:

Oh, denim jackets, how we love you so! You can find us wearing our denim jacket almost every week. They’re great for throwing on when it’s chilly and just for that added touch to your outfit. We like getting our denim jackets from Asos and H&M.

Basic Tee:

You can never go wrong with a basic tee, seriously! Tuck a tee into your trousers, throw on some sneakers and you’re set. Aerie has the comfiest tees for such a great price.

Stylish Pants With A Side Stripe Down The Side

So obviously, we need to share where to get stylish striped trousers since we just shared how to wear side stripe pants. You honestly can find them just about anywhere with all different price ranges.

Another reason to jump on board with side stripe pants, you’re never going to want to wear anything else, haha! But for real, you can find them in sweatpants, joggers, culottes, wide leg, leggings, and jeans. SO now let’s talk our favorites from Forever 21, Asos, H&M, and SHEIN. All very affordable that’s not going to break the bank. And like we mentioned above, they come in all different styles from each place.

Shop Our Looks

Katie’s outfit: cropped hoodie with ruffles (small), jogging trousers with side stripes (xs), vinyl tote with interior bag, & sneakers (similar)

Lydia’s outfit: printed sweatshirt (small), joggers with side stripes (small), & Adidas gazelle sneaker (size down)








Mens striped dress pants, flat front pant for men

Striped Dress Pant

Stripes are one of the oldest known patterns in menswear and one of the very few patterns that men feel comfortable to wear. In the olden times the stripes were mostly used on formal garments like suits and blazers being associated with bankers. But in recent times stripes are everywhere starting from suits to shorts. Thus it is time that we venture out with striped garments like striped dress pants instead of restricting ourselves to striped suits and blazers. In this article we discuss about striped dress pants and tips on styling them right.

Truth be told most men tend to hesitate when going with lower patterned garments like striped dress pants. While they are comfortable with patterned top garments like striped blazers and shirts the striped dress pants is still considered to be an overdo by most. This is because of the fact that it is considered to be relatively hard to pull off. But the key lies in selecting the right type of striped dress pants and then styling them right with appropriate garments.

The first thing that you will have to note while purchasing the striped dress pants is the visibility of the striped on the garment. Some linen pants will have stripes that are barely visible since they are thin lines and placed closely together. These types of striped dress pants will look like a solid garment when you look at it from a distance. If you are a person who is trying out the striped dress pants for the first time can start out with this subtle style of pinstriped dress pants so that you will not be self conscious about the wearing the style. Once you feel comfortable with the style you can start to go with bold patterns of striped dress shirts which have the stripes in thicker style and places far apart. This will make the stripes to be more visible even from a distance.

The next thing that you will have to note is the material from which the plaid dress pants are made from. For example if you need a formal garment try to go with wool striped dress pants. The fabric drapes well and thus gives you a sleek and sharp look. Men who like to go with lighter styles can try out the cotton striped dress pants. For semi formal and casual styles linen striped dress pants are recommended. Silk striped dress pants are the ones recommended when you need a dressy style that is sure to turn heads.

Color of the striped dress pants play a major role in the look that you project. Dark colored striped dress pants are recommended for formal use while the light and bright colors are recommended for casual use. Also consider the climate at which you are styling the striped dress pants. For winter go with dark colored black pinstripe pants that come with subtle pattern since bold and bright colors will stand out too much in gloomy seasons. For warmer months like summer and spring you can go with brighter colors of striped dress pants with bold stripes.

As for styling the striped dress pants here are some recommendations that we think will help you in the process.
black dress pants paired with charcoal striped vest, light blue dress shirt and a red striped tie is a great patterned look for any formal atmosphere. While pairing the patterned garments make sure that you select the garments that have the stripes matching in the thickness and space between them. Pairing a pinstriped vest with a chalk striped dress pants will be messy and can create an undesirable look that is best to avoid. In the same way when you match the striped dress pants with other patterned garments make sure that they do not clash with each other. If you are not sure about the pairing it is best to stick with solid garments or the same patterned garments as that of the striped dress pants.

For a smart casual look you can pair the light gray striped dress pants with a light gray vest and a black dress shirt that has the top two buttons left open. You can complete the look by adding a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. Black striped dress pants paired with horizontal striped long sleeve t-shirt and a navy double breasted blazer is a good addition to a functional man’s wardrobe. You can add a tan scarf and a pair of black leather casual boots to upgrade your outfit.

linen pants paired with white dress shirt, blue double breasted blazer and a navy tie is a perfectly balanced outfit. You can add a pair of dark brown leather loafers to finish off the outfit in style. For a classy look you can pair the white striped dress pants with a white dress shirt, black tie and navy overcoat. Contrast the look with a pair of burgundy leather Oxford shoes worn with brown socks. For a distinct look that stands out you can pair the navy striped dress pants with navy striped vest, black turtleneck and navy polka dot blazer.

For a smart casual look you can pair the silver dress pants with white knit wool turtleneck and dark green blazer. For a subtle yet stylish look you can pair the dark green striped dress pants with dark brown crew neck sweater and a tobacco overcoat. Contrast the dark look of the outfit by adding a pair of white leather low top sneakers to the mix.

As for the fit of the striped dress pants it is best to go with slimmer styles for formal look. Slim fit striped dress pants are the ones that are most recommended. For a versatile pick you can try out the modern fit striped dress pants. If you need a garment that you can wear comfortably the whole day, go with roomier fits like classic fit striped dress pants.

90,000 Fighting cockerels This fashion came from men’s prisons. Now even girls go like this: Style: Values:

Jeans or trousers hanging on the hips, a sticking out elastic band from panties – this is sagging. Born in the midst of blacks out in prison, this fashion has now finally become the mainstream among everyone. Although you can still sit down for sagging in the wrong place. “” figured out the history of lowered pants.

There are no disputes about where sagging originated and never has been. As well as not argue about what caused the birth of such an unusual fashion.In the 1980s, most US prisons banned waist belts because inmates could use them as weapons or as a suicide weapon. As for the prison robe, it was available in only a few sizes, and quite large. In this case, the prisoners, as a rule, were given pants not by their figure, but by a couple of sizes larger. As a result, many of the inmates’ trousers dangled on their hips, gathered in baggy folds along the entire length of the trousers and almost fell off when moving quickly.

In the early 1990s, many young African Americans and Hispanics continued to wear lowered trousers upon their return to freedom, emphasizing their status as ex-inmates and, therefore, their own authority in the harsh world of the ghetto. Quite quickly, those who had not yet been in prison, but led the life of a street gangster, began to imitate them.

The first half of the 1990s was the heyday of gangsta rap with its stories of crimes committed in the lyrics, indispensable photographs with pistols in their hands and external copying of gang members.Stars like Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg didn’t even shy away from dressing like the Bloods and Crips members, so sagging quickly became commonplace for them. Naturally, rap lovers all over America began to copy idols pretty quickly. It doesn’t matter that you are from a middle-class family, but your mother forbids you to enter the ghetto, if you lower your pants, and already a gangster.

Against this background, the second legend about the origin of sagging appeared. Say, in American prisons, only those inmates who were either ready for sexual relations with other inmates, or were already “lowered”, lowered their pants.And the beautiful legend about sagging as a symbol of the coolness of the prisoner was invented already at large as a cover. One way or another, but in the second half of the 90s, pop stars, rappers, young students, and harsh men from the ghetto shone with rubber bands from panties.

In the first advent of sagging, chinos, sweatpants, shorts and Bermuda shorts were usually lowered. In African American culture, the pants were lowered so much that almost all of the buttocks were visible, but the mainstream sagging lovers preferred only to light up the wide elastic band from the underwear.By the early 2000s, the sagging craze in pop culture had faded away, but rappers continued to lower their pants for a while during their performances. However, this concerned more performers of the new wave, like Ludacris and Nelly, who introduced a fashion among rappers for tracksuits, the pants of which hung on the hips.

By the end of the 2000s, the sagging finally shrank to the level of the ghetto. The prisoners continued to lower their pants, but those who did not sit, did not dress like that. Everything was changed by a teenager who did not sit and was not going to the zone, but really wanted to get rid of the image of a sweet boy and become a real brutal.His name was Justin Bieber. Having successfully passed puberty and earned tens of millions of sugary songs about teenage love, Bieber in 2010 decided to radically change his image and become cool.

The Canadian perfectly caught the general trend of turning R’n’B, and then rap into the fashionable mainstream, and, at least visually, became a real successor of the 2Pac and Ludacris business. A cap with a flat visor turned back to front, a tattooed naked torso, a massive chain around the neck, pants hanging on the hips that did not seem to cover the panties at all – to be a black rapper, Bieber lacked only skin color and rap.

The only exception to the classic sagging that the Canadian has allowed himself is the replacement of chinos and baggy pants with skinny jeans. Since the return of lowered pants did not happen from below, but from above, the new fashion again spread faster than in its first run. In addition, in the 2010s, girls became interested in sagging. Initially, in African American culture, sagging was an exclusively male fashion phenomenon, and even with its transition to the mainstream in the 1990s, there were few female saggers.

The most striking examples are No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani and Destiny’s Child members Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Moreover, the latter entered into an advertising contract with Tommy Hilfiger and appeared at various events in the brand’s sportswear – the elastic of the panties stuck out from under the pants, and the bra was visible thanks to the unzipped denim or sports jacket.

During the second wave of sagging, singers, actresses and models began to lower their pants, showing everyone the elasticity of their panties.And not just African American ones. Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Poppy Delevingne and many others were seen for sagging. Naturally, it was not without the interest of lingerie manufacturers. If during the first wave of sagging, Tommi Hilfiger was its main supporter, then during the second wave, Calvin Klein took over the championship. It is the linen of this American brand that the majority of celebrities have shone. A little later, Supreme joined the trend, not hesitating to demonstrate sagging in their advertising shoots.

However, most of the mainstream stars limited themselves only to demonstrating the elastic of their sports underwear, especially since models with wide white, black or red elastic bands with the brand name written on them in large letters appeared in the range of almost all lingerie manufacturers. “Tru-saggers”, barely not barely not all panties entirely, were still only rappers. Rappers and Justin Bieber.

The vast majority of modern fans to lower their pants not only did not sit, but also tries to distance themselves as much as possible from any associations with crime.However, in some US states, for the very fact of sagging, you can run into problems with the law and even go to jail.

Virginia legislators began to fight saggers, where in February 2005 a bill was proposed, according to which the appearance in a public place in trousers, lowered in a lewd or indecent manner, was to be punished with a fine of $ 50. But the Senate commission rejected the bill. The lawmakers in Albany, Alabama have been far more successful. According to the adopted city law, there should be no more than three inches between the edge of trousers or skirts and the hips.The first violation of the law was punishable by a fine of $ 25, the second and subsequent ones – a fine of $ 250. In the first year of the law, 187 citizens were fined, and the total amount of fines was $ 3,916.

In 2011, sagging was banned from all schools in Florida, and in Fort Worth, Texas, saggers were banned from using city buses. Moreover, the inspectors drove more than 50 people out of the buses. A number of airlines stopped letting saggers on board, even if those saggers were stars and millionaires.So, in the U.S. Airways barred University of New Mexico football star Deshawn Merman and Southwest Airlines singer Billie Joe Armstrong.

Then the landing began. In 2012, in Alabama, 20-year-old offender Lamarcus Ramsay went to jail for three days for going to court with his pants down. In 2013, the Black Mental Health Alliance, a nonprofit organization in Massachusetts, lobbied for a public disorder law amendment to send saggers to jail for three years.Fortunately, the matter did not go beyond a PR campaign and a loud discussion in the local media.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to go to jail for a decent amount of time for wearing pants down in the United States. In the town of Ocala, Florida, appearing in a public place in lowered trousers, from under which you can see underwear, is punishable by a $ 500 fine or imprisonment for up to six months. Similar fines apply in Wildwood, New Jersey. So it’s better to study the local legislation before letting go.

How to iron trousers with and without arrows

What to do before ironing

1. Check the label

Make sure the trousers can be ironed.

The product can be ironed

The product must not be ironed

The product must not be steamed

2. Wash trousers

They must be clean, because under the influence of high temperature any stain can stick into the fabric and it will be impossible to remove it.

3. Prepare a spray bottle of water

To smooth out creases, they must be sprayed.

4. Take a clean towel

After ironing, a shine may appear on the trousers, which should not be. To avoid this, place a damp towel between the product and the iron. It can also help get rid of stubborn wrinkles if you don’t have a spray bottle.

5. Put on the ironing board

It is best to iron your trousers on it.

Which temperature to choose

As a rule, there is a label on any product with a care requirement. A special symbol will tell you how much you need to heat the iron so as not to spoil anything.

Iron at low temperature (up to 110 ° C)

Iron at medium temperature (up to 150 ° C)

Iron at high temperature (up to 200 ° C)

If there is no label, consider the type of fabric:

  • Cotton – 180-220 ° C;
  • Linen – 215-240 ° C;
  • Viscose – 150–180 ° C;
  • Wool – 160-170 ° C;
  • Polyester – 140-155 ° C;
  • Silk – 140-165 ° C;
  • Mixed – select the temperature for the type of fabric for which it is lower.

How to iron

Set the ironing board comfortably. Fill the water tank in the iron (you may need steam), select the desired temperature, and leave the iron to heat up.

Start with pockets

Pockets can be made of fine fabric, which requires a lower temperature. Turn them inside out and place them on the board so that the pant leg out of the way.

Gently iron the trouser pockets until the creases disappear. This will help avoid new wrinkles on the fabric later on.

Go to the belt

With the pockets turned inside out, pull the pant leg over the ironing board with the belt facing you. Pressing with the iron, but not moving it back and forth, walk over the belt area from all sides, gradually scrolling the trouser leg on the board.

Hold the iron on the fabric for a few seconds, but be careful not to burn it. If unwanted folds appear, straighten them and iron them again.

Repeat with the second leg.

Further actions depend on whether your trousers are with or without arrows.

Iron the legs without arrows

Straighten one leg at the seams and place it face up along the board. Smooth out any small folds with your hands.

Start ironing from the top of your trousers. Press down on the iron and smoothly move to the bottom, moving from one seam to the next.

If the creases do not give way, turn on the steamer function and bring the iron to problem areas or use a spray bottle.

Iron the other side and repeat on the second leg.

Make arrows

Take one leg of the trousers and fold so that the outside and inside seams are aligned. Place the inseam down on the ironing board. Secure with pins or clamps: there should be no wrinkles or unevenness.

Spray with water or place a damp towel on top and start ironing. Press down on the iron and move it smoothly to avoid wrinkling.

Walk along the fold lines – your future hands – again, pressing them with the iron for a few seconds and turning on the steam at that moment.

Iron the other side and repeat on the second leg.

Do not bring the arrow to the waist, leave 7-10 cm indent, unless the model of trousers suggests otherwise.

Life hack: hands will last longer if you rub them with bar soap before ironing.

Let the trousers cool

Do not put on or put in the closet freshly ironed trousers. Let them cool down for a few minutes.

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