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Swegon – GLOBAL One-Piece Units

Robust units for small to medium air volumes (7.000 m³/h or 2.000 l/s) and built-in controls with touchscreen HMI.

The Swegon GLOBAL air handling units is a new series of efficient and robust units, developed for installers valuing simplicity, contractors that need to keep time and budget and end-users who want the right indoor climate at the right cost.

The GLOBAL range suits small to medium size projects such as retail shops, restaurants, offices, schools, hotels, residential buildings, fitness centers, day-care centers, gyms, theaters and public buildings.

  • Integrated TAC5 controls
  • Temperature efficiency, heat recovery up to 86%
  • Air flows up to 7 200 m³/h or 2 000 l/s
  • Cooling energy recovery
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Intuitive touchscreen HMI

A very intuitive touchscreen HMI is optionally available. The commissioning menu is automatically activated the first time the unit is turned on, rendering the commissioning brilliantly simple!

Brilliant Simplicity – in every step

Selection: Every unit has a straight forward article number; one for right-hand units and one for left-hand units. Other parts, like post-heating coils, dampers or outdoor mounting kits are easily selected as accessory for each unit.

Offer and Order: You can quickly get an offer for any of the GLOBAL air handling units from your local sales representative who will also assist you in taking care of your order.

Delivery: Units and accessories are delivered ex-works within 10-15 working days.

Start-up and commissioning: One piece units, no mechanical assembly besides accessories and duct work is required on site. Start-up and commissioning is done quickly, due to the build-in TAC5 control on board all the GLOBAL units that includes different running modes and time clocks

Usage and Service: Once commissioned the GLOBAL air-handling units do not require much attention. Since all fans are direct driven there are no pulleys and belts and standard maintenance procedures such as change of filters are indicated by a service alarm.

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Department of Health | Chapter 8: Infection control

8.1 Standard precautions

Following standard infection control precautions can minimise the risk of norovirus outbreaks caused by person-to-person transmission in any institution or group setting or by an infected food handler. This requires a basic level of hygiene measures that can be implemented in any setting, regardless of whether a person is infectious or not.

Standard precautions are work practices required to achieve a basic level of infection control. They include:

  • hand hygiene and cough etiquette
  • the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • the safe use and disposal of sharps
  • routine environmental cleaning
  • incorporation of safe practices for handling blood, body fluids and secretions as well as excretions [91].

Although standard infection control precautions are intended for use in healthcare settings, the principles can be applied to other institutional and group settings.

In order to reduce the risk of food handling related to norovirus infection and consequent outbreaks, it is essential to maintain food hygiene standards. These include:

  • attention to hand hygiene
  • prevention of gross contamination during food preparation
  • provision of adequate handwashing facilities for food handlers
  • ensuring that food handlers do not work while they have symptoms of gastroenteritis.

In addition to standard precautions for outbreak management, it is recommended that additional contact, droplet and air-borne precautions are adopted to minimise the dissemination of the infectious agent to other people, staff, visitors or volunteers. The use of infection control precautions in health settings and ACFs should be consistent with the Australian Guidelines for the prevention and control of infection in healthcare (2010) NHMRC.

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Person-to-person outbreaks in semi-closed environments are usually difficult to control because the infectious dose of norovirus
is small, infected people excrete large numbers of viable virus particles and widespread environmental contamination occurs [38, 92].

Norovirus outbreaks in institutional settings may generate public concern and media interest and may cause severe illness and even result in deaths where cases have severe underlying illnesses. There is limited published evidence to guide best practice in management of outbreaks in specific settings, other than ACFs, cruise ships and hospitals.

The public health action for different settings may vary but regardless of the type of outbreak setting, three important control measures should be applied in the management of all outbreaks:

  • cleaning and disinfection
  • regular handwashing
  • exclusion and cohorting of ill people.

The objective of public health management of norovirus outbreaks is to interrupt transmission and prevent further cases. In outbreaks that are spread from person-to-person, public health management will be needed to institute immediate infection control measures. Control measures are most effective if implemented within three days of identification of the initial case [63]. On the other hand, public health management of foodborne outbreaks will involve identifying and removing the potential food vehicle or source. In all cases of viral gastroenteritis it is important to provide public health advice to minimise secondary spread [93].

8.2 Key measures for controlling outbreaks

The most important generic measures to be implemented in an outbreak setting are described below. These are recommendations only and may need to be varied according to the circumstances and type of setting for each outbreak. Some settings, such as hospitals, are likely to have access to PPE, whereas other settings may not. Nevertheless, the basic principles which support these recommendations can be applied to the management of institutional and community based outbreaks.

8.2.1 Hand hygiene

Transmission of norovirus is usually person-to-person by the faecal-oral route and by contact with contaminated environmental surfaces [92]. Cross-contamination by hands can assist in further propagating norovirus in outbreak settings. Studies have shown that fingers contaminated with norovirus could sequentially transfer virus to up to seven clean surfaces as well as from contaminated cleaning cloths to clean hands and surfaces [38].

Hand hygiene is an effective means of preventing further cases of gastroenteritis [92]. Intervention studies have shown that effective handwashing can reduce absenteeism due to gastroenteritis and environmental contamination with norovirus [92]. Hands must be washed with soap and water wherever possible, or decontaminated using an alcohol-based hand rub or gel before and after contact with any person in an outbreak setting and after activities that may result in personal exposure to viruses.

Hand hygiene should be routinely carried out in healthcare facilities in accordance with Hand Hygiene Australia’s Five moments
for hand hygiene
(Hand Hygiene Australia:

  1. before touching a patient
  2. before a procedure
  3. after a procedure or body fluid exposure risk
  4. after touching a patient
  5. after touching a patient’s surroundings.

Where an outbreak has occurred, it is vital that there is a high level of compliance with this guidance. During outbreaks, staff members, visitors and patients should give additional attention to effective handwashing.

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Washing and drying

Hands should be washed systematically by rubbing all surfaces of lathered hands vigorously with a mild liquid handwash for 10-15 seconds under running water. A review by the World Health Organization (WHO) on hand hygiene found that water temperature does not appear to be a critical issue for handwashing. Although their review was based on limited evidence, it seems that time and friction when washing hands are more important aspects than temperature [94].

When washing is complete, thoroughly rinse hands under running water and then pat dry using a disposable paper towel, a single clean cloth towel or a fresh portion of a roller towel to prevent recontamination. If elbow or foot controls are not available a paper towel or the used towel should be used to turn taps off to prevent the risk of cross infection.

Alcohol-based preparations

Soap and water should be used wherever possible when washing hands during outbreaks. Skin disinfectants formulated for use without water (e.g. 70–80% alcohol-based solutions) can be used to decontaminate hands when handwashing facilities are not available. However, they do not replace the importance of handwashing with soap and water during outbreaks. Alcohol preparations are not useful if hands are visibly contaminated with body fluids, faeces or vomit. Hands should then be washed as soon as appropriate facilities are available.

Because norovirus cannot be cultured, the efficacy of alcohol-based preparations against this virus is difficult to determine. Studies have shown that alcohol-based hand rubs containing 60% alcohol can reduce the infectivity titres of three non-enveloped viruses (rotavirus, adenovirus and rhinovirus) by 3 to 4 logs. Other non-enveloped viruses, such as hepatitis A and enteroviruses require 70–80% alcohol to be reliably inactivated. The inactivation of non-enveloped viruses is influenced by temperature, the ratio of disinfectant to virus volume and protein load.

When various 70% alcohol solutions were tested against a surrogate of norovirus, ethanol with 30 minute exposure had demonstrably superior virucidal activity compared to the others. Solutions containing alcohol may be expressed as a percentage by weight, which is not affected by temperature or as a percentage by volume, which may be affected by temperature and other variables. Alcohol concentrations in antiseptic hand rubs are usually expressed as a percentage by volume. Alcohol solutions containing 60–80% alcohol are effective, with some studies reporting contradictory findings with higher concentrations being less potent [94]. Handwashing formulations that combine compounds such as ethanol with quaternary ammonium compounds and organic acids, may be more efficacious against these non-enveloped viruses [95].

Alcohol-based hand rubs should not be removed from clinical settings or patient care areas during an outbreak, rather hand washing should be promoted above the use of alcohol-based hand rubs during an outbreak.

8.2.2 Personal protective equipment

In outbreak settings, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used if possible in each setting of potential norovirus transmission to minimise infection risk. Splashing of faeces or aerosols from vomiting has the potential of suspending norovirus in the air and falling onto food or surfaces. Hand hygiene should be carried out at all times, particularly after removing PPE to minimise spread of viruses [96].


Disposable gloves should be worn if having direct contact with ill persons and when it is likely that hands will be contaminated with faeces or vomit. Hands must be washed before and after using disposable gloves, which should be single use only [96]. If gloves are not available, it is essential that hands be washed immediately after any contact with ill and well people during an outbreak.


Noroviruses are highly infectious and a small number of particles in aerosolised vomit can cause infection. A mask (surgical type, fluid repellent paper filter mask) should be worn when there is potential for aerosol dissemination. This may occur when attending a vomiting person or cleaning areas or surfaces that are visibly contaminated by vomit or faeces. Surgical face masks provide sufficient protection against droplet transmission of noroviruses. During outbreaks, staff attending vomiting patients or cleaning areas contaminated by vomit or faeces should use surgical masks or other respiratory protection to prevent infection, as this can significantly reduce subsequent illness in staff [63].


Protective, impermeable gowns or plastic aprons should be worn if potential exists for splashing, splattering or spraying of vomit or faeces. Impermeable gowns and plastic aprons will protect clothing and skin from contamination with faeces and vomit. Ideally, aprons will be single use that can be disposed of, although reusable plastic ones can be washed with detergent and water between uses. If the items have been visibly contaminated with faeces or vomit a bleach solution should be used to decontaminate (see section 8.2.3). Protective clothing contaminated with faeces or vomit should be removed as soon as possible and disposed of without generating aerosols (see section 8.2.5).


Protective eyewear such as face-shields or goggles should also be worn where the potential exists for splashing, splattering or spraying of vomit and faeces. Reusable goggles should be washed with detergent and water between uses. Visible contamination with faeces or vomit should first be washed off with soap and water, followed by cleaning with bleach solution (see section 8.2.4).

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8.2.3 Environmental cleaning

Prolonged outbreaks in semi-closed settings suggest that norovirus survives well in the environment and can spread via environmental surfaces. A continuation of outbreaks on consecutive cruise ship trips has demonstrated environmental persistence and led to recommending the need for extensive disinfection measures [97]. In another study on repeated outbreaks in cruise ships, illness was associated with sharing bathrooms and having a cabin mate who vomited. Contaminated shared bathrooms and environmental contamination were implicated in the transmission of infection. Subsequent outbreaks were prevented by frequent and thorough bathroom cleaning and rapid cleaning of contaminated rooms [98]. These reports confirm the need for a comprehensive and responsive cleaning and disinfection program during as well as at the end of an outbreak. This section details information on cleaning and disinfection during outbreaks of viral gastroenteritis, with further information contained in Appendix 4.

Chemical agents

There is no direct evidence to support the use of particular chemical agents for environmental disinfection as there is no viral culture system available for norovirus. Previous studies have used the feline calicivirus (FCV) as a surrogate for norovirus because of their relatedness. It is known that FCV is inactivated by heat at 60C and by sodium hypochlorite (bleach) at 1000 parts per million (ppm) (0.1%) but not by ethanol. A study found that FCV was completely inactivated when exposed to 1000 ppm freshly reconstituted granular hypochlorite (dichloroisocyanurate) or 5000 ppm hypochlorite solution. Quaternary ammonium product, detergent and ethanol did not completely inactivate the virus [99]. Quaternary ammonium compounds perform as low level disinfectants and are ineffective against norovirus because they act by disrupting viral envelopes, and norovirus are nonenveloped virus particles.

There has been debate on how well data on inactivation of FCV reflects efficacy against norovirus because of the different physiochemical properties between the two viruses. Nevertheless, as there is little data to support the efficacy of chemical agents and based on what is known about FCV, most local and international guidelines on norovirus recommend the use of hypochlorite at 1000 ppm. Household bleach comes in a variety of strengths ranging from 2–5% sodium hypochlorite solution as indicated on the product label.

Details for diluting bleach to obtain a 1000 ppm solution are in Appendix 4. In order for bleach to be effective at a concentration of 1000 ppm (0.1%) it needs:

  • sufficient time to kill the virus – at least 10 minutes contact time
  • environmental surfaces to be free of vomit or faeces or any other organic matter
  • dilution of bleach to made up fresh, just before using.
Cleaning equipment and agents

Bleach should be applied to hard, non-porous, environmental surfaces at a concentration of 1000 ppm. However, cleaning with bleach should be preceded where possible with a neutral detergent clean, the detergent providing a surfactant to release oils and bio-burden to enable penetration of the chemical. Detergents used for environmental cleaning should remove soil or dirt, suspending this in water, to be followed by rinsing the area free with little or no residue. Neutral pH detergents are best for environmental cleaning because they are less likely than acid or alkali detergents to damage metals such as stainless steel or to cause skin irritation [91].

Where possible, cleaning equipment such as cloths should be disposable and discarded immediately after use in each patient area in a leak proof plastic bag. Heat disinfection (pasteurisation to 60C) has been used successfully under laboratory conditions and may be useful for items that cannot withstand bleach. It is important in the process of terminal cleaning of an area for the cleaner to use PPE (gown, gloves and a surgical mask) to prevent the cleaner becoming infected with norovirus. Transfer of infection to the cleaner has been implicated when carpets have been steam cleaned. Public health agencies should advise agencies cleaning an affected facility to use appropriate PPE for cleaning.

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Environmental surfaces

To assist in preventing transmission in an outbreak setting, frequently touched environmental surfaces such as door handles, bathroom taps, lift buttons, washrooms, phones and tables should be cleaned more frequently than the routinely recommended daily cleaning. Particular attention should be paid to toilet seats, flush handles, wash-hand basin taps and toilet door handles. These should be cleaned at least twice a day as well as after any high usage times. Surfaces should be cleaned using detergent and warm water. A bleach solution diluted to 1000 ppm may be used to disinfect surfaces that are visibly soiled. The manufacturer’s recommendations for use and occupational health and safety instructions should be followed when using bleach.

Terminal cleaning of an affected area, unit or section should be carried out 72 hours after resolution of symptoms in the last case. This takes into account the period of maximal infectivity of 48 hours plus the average incubation period of 24 hours for any newly infected individuals [100]. However, it may be unrealistic to wait for return of formed stools in all cases. At minimum, terminal cleaning should not be carried out until at least 72 hours after onset in the last case and 72 hours since uncontrolled vomiting or diarrhoea with contamination of the surrounding environment. Terminal cleaning should involve cleaning of all surfaces, furniture, bedding, equipment and items in contact with ill persons with detergent and water, followed by wiping with a bleach solution. Alternatively a combined detergent/sodium hypochlorite solution can be used as a one-step terminal clean. Terminal cleaning should be carried out before an outbreak is declared ‘over’ (see section 7.5).

8.2.4 Cleaning up vomit or faeces

Vomit can produce aerosols suspended in the air and fall onto food or surfaces. If a person vomits in a public area, all people should be removed from the vicinity and the area cleaned immediately. Persons cleaning vomit or faeces should wear gloves, apron and a mask. Paper towels should be used to soak up excess vomit and faeces and disposed of in a leak proof plastic bag. The area should be cleaned with detergent and warm water using a disposable cloth, and discarded into a leak proof plastic bag. The area should be disinfected with bleach solution, if not subjected to damage by bleach.

Splash incidents

If there has been exposure to faeces or vomitus on body parts other than the hands, the area should be washed with soap and water if on the skin, with water if the eyes are splashed and if in the mouth, the body fluid should be spat out and the mouth rinsed several times with water [101].


Carpets that have been soiled by faeces or vomit are difficult to disinfect. Bleach is not generally recommended as prolonged contact is required and carpet is usually not bleach resistant. Soiled carpets should be cleaned with detergent and warm water and then steam cleaned. Vacuum cleaning carpets has the potential to recirculate norovirus and is not recommended. However, if necessary, the use of separate ducted systems or HEPA-filtered devices may be considered for each area. The cleaner should use PPE (gown, mask and gloves) to prevent norovirus infection. Repeated outbreaks of norovirus have occurred even when carpets have been steam cleaned.

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings that may be damaged by bleach should be cleaned with detergent and warm water and if possible steam cleaned. If mattresses have been contaminated they should also be steam cleaned. Contaminated pillows should be laundered in the same way as linen (see section 8.2.5). However, if they are covered with an impermeable cover, pillows should be cleaned with detergent and warm water followed by wiping with a bleach solution.

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8.2.5 Laundry

Gloves should be worn when handling soiled linen. PPE may be required if there is potential for contamination by way of splashing, spraying or splattering of faeces or vomit. Soiled linen or clothing should be removed immediately and placed in a collection bag or leak proof plastic bag. There should be minimal handling of soiled linen or clothing to prevent generating further aerosols. Contaminated linen, blankets or clothing should be washed as usual in detergent for the maximum washing cycle. Used non-disposable mop heads should be laundered in a hot wash. Exposed personal effects (e.g. wall hangings etc.) should preferably be hot-washed through the laundry and bleach cleaned where possible.

Where an outbreak becomes protracted or is difficult to contain, consideration should be given to outsourcing laundry services to allow high quality cleaning of the laundry. If an external laundry service is used by the institution they should be informed about the outbreak so they can take necessary precautions to avoid infection.

In an aged care or health care setting, linen should be placed in a leak proof bag or alginate bag at the point of generation. Soiled linen should not be left on the floor or in corridors. The practice of hosing off gross soiling from clothing and linen prior to laundering is not recommended.

8.2.6 Food

Only catering or kitchen staff should have access to the kitchen at any time; this is particularly important during an outbreak. Ill people should not take part in food handling duties and should not return to their usual food handling duties until 48 hours after their symptoms have ceased. All appliances, work benches and equipment need to be effectively sanitised (refer to manufacturer’s instruction). Communal dining areas should be closed during an outbreak. If this cannot be carried out, the areas need to be sanitised after each use. All utensils, cutlery, crockery and glassware are to be washed in the usual manner with detergent and hot water. Dispose of any exposed food, that is, food that has been handled by an infected person or food that may have been exposed to someone vomiting in close proximity.

8.2.7 Exclusion

Ill people should be sent home immediately and excluded from child care, preschool, school or work for 48 hours after all symptoms have stopped. Maximum viral shedding probably occurs 24–48 hours after exposure; therefore it is a reasonable and accepted recommendation that workers be excluded for 48 hours after symptoms have stopped. As viral excretion can persist for days it is not practical or of benefit to require clearance of norovirus from stools before a person returns to work.

There is very limited data about the how infectious the virus is during post-symptomatic shedding because of the lack of laboratory assays to measure norovirus infectivity [102]. However, the load shed in the post-symptomatic phase is lower than the load shed in acute illness, and the evidence for spread in these individuals is not as good as the evidence for spread during symptomatic illness [59]. Better information on the duration of viable viral shedding and of the incidence of asymptomatic shedding of viable virus would enable more evidence-based recommendations for exclusion of workers.

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8.2.8 Isolation and cohorting

An attempt should be made to separate ill people from well people (‘cohorting’), especially if the outbreak setting is in a semiclosed environment and people are required to live in a household-like situation sharing the same facilities. However, there should be limited moving around of norovirus-infected people. In such settings, common areas should be closed off in an outbreak situation. If this is not possible, unwell people should not use common areas. If unwell people must share a room with others, strict handwashing and PPE procedures should be in place for anyone entering that room. If possible, separate toilet facilities should be allocated for affected people. If possible, ill people should be restricted to their room and for 48 hours after resolution of symptoms. This measure is intended to prevent susceptible individuals from becoming infected as norovirus immunity is known to be strain specific and short-lived.

If the outbreak is confined to one area, people in that area should avoid contact with people in unaffected areas. There should be dedicated people to look after ill persons and they should not be involved in food preparation. If dedicated people are not available, they should observe strict handwashing and use of PPE procedures when moving between ill and well people or affected and unaffected areas.

8.2.9 Visitor restriction and signage

In an attempt to limit the further spread of infection, visiting affected areas should be restricted during the period of an outbreak. Whether restrictions to visiting pertain only to the affected area, or to the whole facility, depends on whether affected and unaffected areas are separate enough to prevent further spread of infection. If limited visiting is permitted, visitors entering a facility where there is an outbreak should be made aware of the risk of transmission and infection; this may be done by placing signs at all entrances to the facility (see Appendix 5). Restriction of non-essential services to the institution should be recommended. Visitors should wash their hands on arrival and when leaving the facility. Visitors experiencing any symptoms of gastroenteritis should be advised not to visit the institution until 48 hours after cessation of symptoms. Consideration should be given to restricting visitors from bringing food into the facility.

8.2.10 Closure

In some outbreaks that are difficult to control and where there is significant ongoing risk of infection by periodic renewal of the susceptible population, such as cruise ships and camps, it may be necessary to close the facility until it can be cleaned and disinfected properly. However, this decision will have to be made on a local level in conjunction with the facility, the public health agency, local government and environmental health.

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8.3 Training

It would be beneficial for all institutions, community settings and food establishments at risk of norovirus outbreaks to provide a specific program of education and training for staff about management of such outbreaks. This could be incorporated in induction training programs and also be carried out at times of an outbreak occurring. Workplace education could include the following:

  • cleaning and disinfection procedures
  • isolation of affected persons
  • transfer of ill persons
  • exclusion of ill people
  • importance of correct hand hygiene covering all hand surfaces for adequate duration, using the appropriate product and carried out at appropriate times
  • personal hygiene, proper glove use and correct food handling practices for food handlers
  • transmission of viral gastroenteritis and infection control procedures.

Staff should be able to identify the early signs of an outbreak and be prepared and know how to manage the outbreak and also how to minimise the risk of infection to themselves. The local public health agency can provide advice to institutions that are experiencing an outbreak and arrange for assistance from EHO. Equipment, staff and resources must be identified and accessible at all times.

During an outbreak, regular promotion of hand washing is recommended. In order for people to wash their hands during an outbreak they must have access to water, handwash (preferably liquid, not cakes of soap) or alcohol-based hand rubs or gels and disposable paper towels or single cloth towel. Where possible, institutions need to have access to PPE and staff need to be trained in how and when to use them. Training on cleaning procedures is important. If a vomiting incident occurs in any public area, including restaurants, staff members need to know how to clean and disinfect the area correctly to prevent further transmission through environmental contamination and aerosolisation of vomit. Employers should ensure that employees are properly trained in food safety as it relates to their assigned duties.

Management should support the recommendation that staff should not return to work for 48 hours after diarrhoea or vomiting stops. Staff should not feel compelled to return to work earlier for fear of losing their employment or due to staff shortages. This is particularly important where staff have a role in handling or preparing food. Many foodborne outbreaks of norovirus are the result of people working while they have symptoms of gastroenteritis.

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    Vanitas no Carte VOSTFR

    Fin du 19e Siècle. La terreur plane sur Paris suite aux attaques des Vampires. Pourtant, la règle d’or de leur communauté est de ne pas s’en prendre aux humains mais un mal mystérieux semble ronger…


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    90,000 Arab-Israeli conflict. A parade of theories – Our Israel – LiveJournal

    nbsp; Winston Churchill once remarked that in the field of US foreign policy, they begin to act correctly only after going through all the other options. For all the complexity of the problem, let’s hope that the Arab-Israeli conflict will eventually become an exception to this rule.

    Arab-Israeli conflict.Parade of Theories

    Wednesday 13 May 2009

    The question of how to make countless peace declarations to resolve the Middle East conflict a reality has been on the world agenda for decades.

    It is generally accepted that the Arab-Israeli conflict is the most complex, confusing, controversial and probably the most difficult to resolve international conflict of our time. Many factors are intertwined here – historical, ethnic, religious, political, economic, geographical, etc.- without taking into account which it is impossible to act. Quite often, international experts reduce the whole cluster of problems to the formula: “this is a conflict between two peoples claiming one piece of land.” This formulation is periodically challenged, but nevertheless accepted by the majority of experts.

    Over the past decades, several dozen full-scale recipes for a peaceful settlement of this conflict have been proposed. The UN, the USA, the USSR (later Russia), Great Britain, Germany, the European Union, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and several other states created their plans.All current projects of this kind are based on the concept, which was formulated rather succinctly by former US President George W. Bush in 2002: “two neighboring states living in peace and security.” However, this logical scheme – based on resolution 181 of the UN General Assembly, adopted back in 1947 – has not yet become a reality.

    The now generally accepted recipe for conflict settlement is well known. Briefly, its components are as follows: Israel returns the occupied Arab territories; Arab states recognize Israel and abandon plans to destroy it; The Palestinian Authority is turning into a full-fledged state.This recipe was the result of long and tense negotiations. The United States took an active part in them from about the beginning of the 50s, and in the 60s Washington became one of the key players in this field. Since the administration of President Richard Nixon, all applicants for the White House at the stage of the pre-election struggle have proposed their plans for the settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict. At first, this conflict was perceived by Washington as an integral part of the US-Soviet confrontation, and later – as an independent “hot spot” that poses a threat to global security.For example, a few years ago, a popular point of view became popular in the United States, according to which the war in Iraq will be possible to stop only after the pacification of Israel and Palestine.

    New hypotheses and interpretations of the processes taking place in this region are constantly appearing in the United States.

    Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jimmy Carter is the only US President to have published a book on the subject. Carter can be considered one of the architects of the first breakthrough in solving the Middle East problem – in 1978, with his active mediation, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin signed an agreement at Camp David.This agreement, in particular, provided for the return to Egypt of the Sinai Peninsula, occupied by Israel, and the granting of limited autonomy to the Palestinians. It was the first full-fledged peace treaty between Israel and an Arab state and marked a major advance in the peace process.

    However, even the title of Carter’s book caused outrage in Israel – the book is called Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. According to Jimmy Carter, there are two main obstacles to achieving long-term peace: first, the position of those Israelis who consider the confiscation of Palestinian lands and the humiliation of Palestinians justified; and secondly, the position of those Palestinians who support terrorism.The former US president believes that the overwhelming majority of Israelis and Palestinians – unlike their elites – really strive for peace.

    In order to achieve peace, it is necessary that Israel return to its original borders, which were determined by the UN in 1947, all Israel’s neighbors and he himself recognized these borders, and that the Palestinians renounce terror – writes in his book Jimmy Carter …

    The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy) professor of political science at the University of Chicago, John Mearsheimer (John Mearsheimer) and professor at Harvard University Stephen Walt (Stephen Walt).

    An article outlining its main provisions appeared in the London Review of Books in 2006, a little later the book was published in the United States, and immediately caused a storm of contradictory assessments, often very emotional. The authors argue that relations with Israel have been central to American policy in the Middle East over the past decades.According to Mearsheimer and Walt, the almost unconditional support of this country and the resulting declarative readiness of the United States to democratize the entire Middle East region caused an extremely negative reaction from Muslim countries and endangered the security of the whole world. Such a willingness to identify the interests of another country, even a union one, with its own national interests simply has no analogues in the political history of the United States, and this phenomenon cannot be fully explained either by purely strategic considerations or even by moral imperatives, the authors of the mentioned publication believe.

    To understand it, it is necessary to take into account the factors of American domestic politics and, above all, the activity of those forces that Mearsheimer and Walt call the “Israeli lobby.” In their opinion, these forces were able to convince American public opinion that the interests of the United States and Israel not only have much in common, but are practically the same. The “Israeli lobby” is a rather loose coalition of individuals and organizations that is not governed by a common center and does not even have a coherent political ideology.In fact, its members are united only by the desire to orient American foreign policy towards stable and virtually unconditional support for Israel. In particular, according to the authors, the United States would never attack Iraq if the Israeli lobby were not interested in it.

    The authors of the book argue that in order to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine, four main tasks must be solved: 1) Washington must treat Israel as an ordinary and normal state, 2) Washington must actively insist on ending the conflict, 3) in the United States, it is necessary to carry out a reform that limits the influence of various lobbying groups on foreign policy, 4) in the United States there should be an open debate, within the framework of which it is necessary to determine: what are the true interests of the country in the Middle East.

    Michael Rydelnik, author of How to Understand the Arab-Israeli Conflict. What the Headlines Haven’t Told You (Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict: What the Headlines Haven’t Told You) is one of the many experts who argue that the essence of this conflict is the chronic anti-Semitism of Arabs. Arabs hate Jews and in the past agreed to tolerate them only as a subordinate minority, “second class” people, and this tradition continues to this day – says Michael Riedelnik.In his opinion, as long as the Arab society does not step over such stereotypes, all Arab-Israeli agreements will remain empty scraps of paper. Consequently, the settlement of the conflict will continue until the ideology of the bulk of the Arab people changes. Defense and justification of anti-Semitism should not become the basis of the foreign policy of any civilized country – the author of the above-mentioned book is convinced.

    The famous American orientalist Alan Dowty, in his book Israel / Palestine, analyzes the entire list of major contradictions that hinder peace in the region.These are disputes about the status of Jerusalem, which the Palestinians also claim (Jerusalem was originally supposed to have international status, but Israel made it its capital, which is not recognized by many states that have left their embassies in Tel Aviv), and the problem of Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories , and the right of Palestinian refugees to return, which Israel objects to, and much more.

    Doughty argues that the conflict can be resolved, and the winner is the side that first “realizes how much power it has when influencing the internal dynamics of the other side, and will be able to effectively use this power.”According to Doughty, peace is possible only through reaching small and large compromises, and unlike many other political scientists (including Riedelnik), he is convinced that religious and ethnic factors do not play a decisive role.

    Middle Eastern history scholar James Gelvin of the University of California, Los Angeles, in The Israel-Palestine Conflict : One Hundred Years of War) offers not only a slightly different interpretation of events, but also his own recipe for resolving the conflict.

    In his opinion, the conflict between Israel and the Arabs is a conflict of traditional nationalist ideologies of the 19th century. In the 20th century, the aggressive nationalism of European states led to two world wars. Lasting peace on this continent was achieved only after the European peoples and elites found the courage to step over nationalism. Jews and Arabs should act in a similar way, only in this case peace will be achievable, says James Gelvin, who is far from alone in such assessments.

    A logical continuation of this theory is a fairly small number of works by historians and political scientists who advocate the creation of a single Jewish-Arab state on the territory of Israel and Palestine. The most famous proponent of this idea is the historian and philosopher Tony Judt, who published an article on the subject in 2003 in the New York Review of Book supplement to the New York Times. Judt argues that Israel is trying to be a mono-ethnic state with little regard for the interests of the Arab minority.Only unification with Palestine will allow the creation of a truly democratic and peaceful state in which the rights of all citizens will be respected – this, in turn, will make it possible to achieve peace in the entire Middle East, Tony Judt said.

    In recent years, a number of books have been published, the authors of which develop Judt’s idea. These are, for example, the book One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse by Ali Abunimah and the book How to overcome Zionism: creating a united democratic overcoming Zionism: Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel / Palestine by Joel Kovel.

    The authors prove that similar experiments have already been carried out and have proven their viability – similar conflicts were observed in South Africa, Northern Ireland and Belgium, but they were resolved in this way.
    Yossef Bodansky, a well-known American analyst and expert on the problem of international terrorism, offers a completely different approach.

    In his famous book “The High Price of the World. How Washington’s Middle East Policy made the United States vulnerable to terrorism. ” and the rulers of the Arab states are de facto playing on the side of the terrorists.In this war, Israel actually takes on the first blows of the Islamists – if Israel is done away with, then the next victims will be the inhabitants of Europe and North America.

    At the same time, Yosef Bodanski believes, Israel is involved in a war in which it is unable to win. The analyst concludes: in order to achieve peace between Israel and the Arabs, the West (and the United States) should unconditionally support Israel: – once and for all, demonstrate to the Palestinians and Arabs that terrorism is futile and cannot be justified.After that, according to the author of the book, Palestine should be radically reformed, turning it from a pseudo-state into a genuine democratic society.

    Among the staunch opponents of Bodansky’s theory is the renowned American expert in the field of religious studies, John Esposito. Esposito is the leader of the academic movement, whose adherents argue that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the last colonial conflicts, in fact, a fragment of European colonialism.In this situation, Arabs and Palestinians act as fighters for national liberation and the sacred duty of the United States to support them in this struggle.

    Leon Hadar, expert at the Cato Institute, in the book Sandstorm. The failure of the Middle East policy ”(Sandstorm: Policy Failure in the Middle East) proves that active participation of the West and the United States in the settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict is perverse and counterproductive by definition, since it does not serve the interests of Israel, Palestine, the United States and the world.This region is too complex to come up with a single formula for pacification. Absolute and permanent peace is simply not possible – one should be content with small successes, since this is better than major failures. According to Khedar, peace will be possible only when Israelis and Palestinians find themselves facing each other, without intermediaries, and therefore they will sooner or later have to come to a compromise that suits both sides.

    In turn, the famous journalist David Aikman, author of the book “Mirage of the World.The Mirage of Peace: Why the Conflict in the Middle East Never Ends presents the exact opposite point of view. Peace in this region is a priori impossible. The war will be fought until either Israel or Palestine is destroyed. In this situation, the United States should support those forces that are pro-American – regardless of what program of action they are trying to implement and what results it can lead to, says David Aikman.

    Perhaps the list of these theories should be completed with a story about Martin Kramer’s book Towers on Sand: The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America. Kramer analyzed how often the predictions of American researchers in the Middle East came true and came to disappointing conclusions. Despite the fact that more than 120 universities and colleges are studying the problems of this region in the United States, and the number of titled experts in this area exceeds 2.6 thousand.Over the past 20 years, they have been unable to explain and reliably predict the emergence of new socio-political processes in this region. Kramer believes that something similar happened with American Sovietologists: none of them was able to predict the collapse of the USSR in 1991.

    Winston Churchill once remarked that in the field of foreign policy, the United States begins to act correctly only after going through all the other options. For all the complexity of the problem, let’s hope that the Arab-Israeli conflict will eventually become an exception to this rule.

    Photo-recipe “Sandwich with vodka” – The Power of Taste


    Creative originality:
    How is it evaluated?

    Votes: 13


    Date posted: Dec 8, 2009 07:56
    Category: Snacks :: Sandwiches

    Sofya / ***** Sofya
    Rating: 0
    Recipes: 559
    Source: Author’s idea
    For one sandwich:

    1 piece of brown bread (Borodinsky also works)

    1 egg, boiled hard

    4 pieces of herring fillet

    1 small boiled beetroot

    parsley or dill (green onion is also suitable)

    some butter

    some mayonnaise

    Grease a piece of black bread with a thin layer of butter and lay out in turn: a piece of herring (fillet), a boiled egg grated on a grater and mixed with mayonnaise, boiled beets grated on a fine grater on a grater, mixed with mayonnaise, herbs, finely chopped.
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    Users are concerned about the possible closure of Facebook and exchange contacts in other social networks

    Before September 1, 2015companies operators of personal data must transfer this information to Russian servers, Facebook refuses to do this, because does not consider information specified in user profiles as personal data (there may be fictitious names, etc.). Facebook users are preparing alternate airfields and exchanging contacts on other social networks. Vedomosti writes that, most likely, there will be no checks whether the company has complied with the requirements of the legislation until January 1, 2016

    Photo: Fotoimedia

    “Respect to Zuckerberg,” “they will seize tomatoes and soap,” users write in the Vedomosti newspaper account in the comments to this news.

    “Friends, if Facebook is closed on September 1, many will have to switch to other social networks, it is unlikely that people will start sitting here en masse through a VPN,” wrote Pyotr Shkumatov, coordinator of the Blue Buckets movement, posting a link to his VKontakte profile.

    “FB, in fact, is the only platform free for discussions remained, so this is the most tidbit for the KGB.”

    “What, we will win Facebook too? Products have already won, Persil and Fairy have won, which is the last victory I remember.”Is it Wikipedia and Facebook’s turn? “

    In the comments to the post by Peter Shkumatov, users share tips on how to act in case of Facebook blocking.

    1) The social network Facebook has opened an official mirror in Tor. The site is available at facebookcorewwwi.onion (opens with TorBrowser or add-ons for other browsers). When using this type of connection, the computer will directly connect to the Facebook servers.

    2) Almost any sites closed by Roskomnadzor are opened if at the beginning of the address bar you write not www, but www1 or www2.

    As a reminder, earlier Roskomnadzor intended to block Wikipedia for refusing to delete an article about the drug charas, but users have found an elegant solution. Members of Wikipedia transferred information about the drug charas to another URL, and placed a list of all meanings of the word “charas” on the page specified in the court’s decision (it was not there before). After some hesitation (and even a short-term blocking of the resource by individual operators), Roskomnadzor was forced to admit that the page was edited and, therefore, the court’s decision was carried out.The link has been removed from the register of prohibited information.

    Users post a caricature on the topic of the day:

    Also, users are outraged by an act of vandalism in St. Petersburg – August 26 on the street. Lakhtinskaya, 23, a sculpture was knocked down from the facade (this is AL Lishnevsky’s own apartment building in the Art Nouveau style. 1910-1911 – architect Lishnevsky Alexander Lvovich).

    Photo: Vadim F. Lurie

    “In St. Petersburg, vandals knocked down a sculpture from the facade of a house.The Hermitage must be closed. Just close it to the barn lock and that’s it, “- commented the writer Tatiana Tolstaya.

    “Ray Bradbury. The Smile Story. More and more,” users write.

    “I think that barbarism in St. Petersburg should irritate the cooperative. They love it in their own way and, to the best of their understanding, decorate and restore it. Morev, editor of

    90,000 Heart in the palms – Shelen, WTF DBH 2021 (WTF_Detroit_Become_Human_2021)

    – The days of anger are over.

    Marcus’s voice was muffled. Partly because it came from under a fully closed helmet, partly because Marcus is not human and is basically incapable of speaking. The endero race communicated with each other telepathically, natural-born psionics do not need a voice. Voice is for people. As a name, a humanoid corps, a peace treaty that was being concluded right now, under the gun of hundreds of cameras.

    However, Gavin was not listening. He was not looking at the leader of the Endero, whose impenetrable black body absorbed the flashes of the floating spotlights, but was searching the hall with his gaze. On the one hand, this is his job, he is a safe, and the peace treaty of the two races is a very important event that requires careful protection. On the other hand, Gavin Reed’s head was not busy with work.

    He was looking for one particular stranger and could not find in any way, although he broke all his eyes on their shiny hulls. On the orbiting space station “Detroit” there were not so many enderoes – a peaceful delegation, a leader and security, one could remember every alien by sight…

    If they had faces.

    Instead of bodies – matte or shiny bodies, instead of faces – the same smooth helmets, completely covering the head, instead of various voices – one and the same muffled low timbre and slow speech.

    Endero is not even close to being humanoids.

    Gavin – like everyone else who gathered at Detroit now – knew the vulnerabilities on the hull, knew how to slow down and target their super-maneuverable ships. He knew that the blue blood of strangers was not blood in reality: thyrium, a technical liquid that evaporates in the air and is dangerous to people.

    And Gavin had no idea how to find one specific figure among a couple of dozen figures. Which, disdaining the peace treaty and prohibitions, every night persistently burst into their brains.

    The negotiations lasted the fifth day and seemed to be nearing completion. The fifth day, some stubborn alien came to dreams. And Gavin still has not filed a report on the violation of his personal cranial space. I wanted to do this on the very first day, when I saw darkness in a dream, scattered only by luminous lines on the stranger’s body – and did not give it up.

    Perhaps if the endero had done anything else besides penetrating the head, he would have complained with a pure heart about the violation of agreements – but the darkness, barely dissipated by a faint glow, did not carry a threat. The alien did not move, did not speak, did nothing – he just looked, his gaze was almost tangible, all-pervading. Feels like a medical scanner.

    Gavin was sure that the endero saw through him not at all allegorically.

    And curiosity stirred in my soul.Before that, Gavin saw only their ships through the sight of his own fighter, then – at the parade structure in the spacious hangar of the station: they drove everyone they could to meet the peace delegation.

    And that same night he saw the endero up close. The sleek body could be seen in every detail, the illumination of the bluish lines was more than enough. He smelled like nothing. Didn’t say anything. He glared at him, but there was no hostility in the scanning pressure.

    If Endero had scared or threatened, he would have filed a report before breakfast.But in my soul curiosity stirred, the whole shift Gavin looked at the same helmets and wondered. What does the stranger want from him? Who is he? Which of them?

    On the second night, the endero was even closer. If Gavin wanted to, he could reach out and touch the fantastically smooth material from which the alien bodies were made, and this desire even tingled his fingers. Perhaps he would have been the first to touch a live endero at least in a dream. If, of course, the concept of “living” can be applied to them. Gavin was not a sophist, and the opportunity excited him.

    On the third night he broke down and touched it. The stranger turned out to be warm, very pleasantly tactile, Gavin would seriously like to touch him not only in his sleep, the feeling was as if he was stroking a living weapon, a thinking plasma cannon or a heated barrel under the body of his own fighter.

    The adrenaline gave me a slight stomach. Endero slowly tilted his head to the side. I allowed myself to be touched. His body was very roughly human – a tall, broad-shouldered silhouette, two arms, two legs. No nipples, no belly button, no genitals.The body, even for men, was rather conditional – too long and slender legs, too rounded outlines of narrow hips.

    He was handsome. Gavin was not a xenophobe: working in deep space on an orbital international station, it is somehow stupid to be afraid of all aliens, but he did not notice xenophilia either. However, the short remark that slipped through his head while he was feeling the warm smooth plates did not carry any overly enthusiastic message, and he did not dwell on it, noted – and threw it out of his head.

    But during the day he was notably puzzled, why the devil comes to Endero dreams and allows himself to be pawed. He carefully tried to find out from his colleagues whether strangers were walking into their heads too, but he never made bosom friends, and no one began to share such experience with him.

    The option that Endero is only to him was somehow too disturbing. Gavin decided that after the mission was over, he would definitely undergo a full examination, just in case. And at night, when Endero was next to him again, he realized that he had no idea whether the same stranger was walking into his head or not.Of the entire delegation, only the leader stood out, with a deliberately human name and a black body, and it was definitely not him. The warm, smooth metal at hand was off-white, almost gray – like all the other endero hulls.

    – Whom am I touching? Gavin asked, speaking for the first time to the intruder in his own mind. – I already broke my head, trying to figure you out somehow. I’m not at all sure that you are one and the same, and you do not arrange a pilgrimage to my dreams in turn.

    The air around him thickened and vibrated.Gavin was not frightened – the endero were not at all silent, their mechanical bodies made a lot of sounds, they creaked, clicked, made noise – white noise with occasional crackles – and he waited for the stranger to take a step now, or turn, or speak.

    Endero’s hull shattered in half with a crash.

    Gavin shied away – he did not have a chance to be in close combat, and he only knew from the three-dimensional holo pictures what the outside of the enclosure looked like from the inside. The live spectacle turned out to be much more disgusting.The open fracture oozed blue blood, the jumble of wires glistening wet. The inside of the endero was colored – the thirium was rapidly evaporating, revealing black and white panels.

    The eyes are not attached to them. Not to the ornate five-character branding on one of the panels. Not even to the interlacing of wires, similar to natural tripe, and not to the white skeleton of bones. With all his eyes, Gavin gazed at the pulsing, damp, circular thirium pump regulator, the heart of the mechanical body. A soul safely hidden in a mechanical shell.

    Then the dream was blurred. It seems he could not resist. He reached out and touched it, and the endero answered with a long, hoarse gasp-moan – and disappeared from his head.

    – We must build a common future …

    Under the muffled muttering of Marcus, Gavin stared at his guards. Whose heart did he touch yesterday?

    Despite the fog in my head, my fingers remembered warmth, smoothness, moisture. Light pulsation, as if an alien heart was really beating. Maybe the whole endero was made of wires and metal, but this particular part was definitely alive.

    Something disturbing prevented the full surrender of memories. Distracted.

    –… based on respect.

    Marcus held out his hand for the holographic contract. It was not interesting to look at him, Gavin threw his head up to the ceiling to stop rippling from the identical corps of his guards – and froze in an absurd pose.

    The soffits buzzed, fluttered … And little by little they lined up in a clear outline of the death star.

    – Get down! Gavin snapped, yanking the railgun off his shoulder, but he was too late.

    It banged so that the ears were blocked and darkened sharply in the eyes, thrown to the floor by a blast wave; he immediately tried to get to his feet, but the station trembled, the floor slabs heaved, and Gavin lost his balance, fell again, rode somewhere with his back down and slammed his whole body into the column.

    Blinked, groping for the butt – it seemed as if he had let go of it, but no, the weapon was nearby. He pulled the heavy barrel towards him and only then raised his head, looking around.

    The tribune, on which the entire composition of the Endero peace delegation was located, went somewhere up and to the side, Marcus was still standing on his pedestal, his arm outstretched.The holographic pact flickered a few centimeters from his black fingers. The nearest endero reached out to their leader, the rest were scattered around the hall, both people and non-people, people swore, rose, someone in panic even tried to shoot the edge of the star, Anderson swore in comm and demanded a ceasefire.

    The aliens did not move, froze in ridiculous positions, as if they were short-circuited at one moment.

    Then Gavin realized that he himself was not wounded and felt relatively well, which meant that the salvo of the Death Star was not tuned to a local exterminatus in the middle of a single station.They did not want to kill people.

    Marcus’s fingers moved. The already familiar blue lines slid across the black hull, its guards blinked with lights too, and they buzzed with displeasure from above.

    – Don’t move! – Gavin yelled, hoping to shout to the shell-shocked aliens. – The Death Star is holding you …

    Marcus wiggled his fingers again, twitched crookedly, awkwardly, terribly unlike the predatory and calibrated movements of all enderos, and rubbed his palm into the holographic agreement, confirming his conclusion.

    Buzzed again.

    Despite the fact that the radiation of the star did not harm people, a volley of such force shook the station again, almost rising Gavin again plopped on his ass and barely had time to pull his legs away – a massive slab fell from the ceiling, covered his face with dust and cut kernite crumbs. The comm in his ear choked with interference and fell silent, from above everything poured and poured smaller pieces, and he was afraid that now the ceiling would finally sink down, and it would simply fill up here.

    So he clenched his teeth and somehow pulled himself to his feet.The slab tightly blocked half of the showroom, almost crushing it, and Gavin struggled out of the stone trap, ripping off his sleeve. My ears were itchy, and dust creaked on my teeth. The first thing he did was look up – the death star was still spinning, a terrible, invulnerable weapon. Who controlled her? How?

    Luminous stripes flickered through the dust. Restless endero never encountered a weapon of this type and did not know that the most correct tactic was to pretend to be dead and not shine. It was useless to yell at them.Sensing a new volley, Gavin chose the safest niche for himself in advance, pressed his whole body into it and covered his head with his hands.

    Instead of the expected rumble, a growing ringing crashed into the ears, scratched the eardrums; it grew stronger and stronger, and when Gavin screamed at the pain screwing into his nerves, not hearing his own voice, everything was quiet.

    With a groan, he straightened up, shook his head. In the deathly silence that followed, he realized that he was deaf, winced, feeling a tickling drop of sweat creeping down his neck, and leaned out of the hiding place.

    Something fell right under your feet.

    Gavin swore soundlessly – he almost flew over the head – but then examined what had fallen, and the curse stuck somewhere in his throat. Until now, the death star was considered an invulnerable weapon, but one part of it definitely fell from the ceiling … Dead.

    He covered his eyes with his hand and ventured to look up. A clear black outline was guessed even through the raised dust and fell apart and fell. The eyelid involuntarily twitched – it was difficult to believe that the aliens had found a way to destroy the trump weapon.Well, at least they managed to make peace. Gavin sighed, winced at the tickling sensation in his ear and the distinct taste of dust on his lips, and strode towards the nearest exit. We must find our own.

    They found him first – Officer Chen, also covered in dust, literally fell out on him from a crack in the thick bulkheads, cleared her throat, grasped her sleeve tenaciously, showed a short stop on her fingers and leaned heavily on her railgun. Hearing slowly returned, the annoying itching in his ears subsided, he heard Chen coughing and parts of the death star falling to the floor with a soft thud.

    – We must go, – he pulled her along, but after a few steps he slowed down, and then stopped altogether.

    A large column split into pieces and covered the body of one of the Endero, which had burst in the center, with debris. Gavin stared at his lifelessly open chest and tried to figure out what had caught his attention. The comm cracked loudly, he winced, plucked it out of his ear – a sharp mechanical crack painfully scraped along the auditory nerve – and suddenly remembered where he could see these black and white panels and the five-digit symbol on one of them.

    Chen turned her head away – she definitely didn’t like the sight of the alien offal – and coughed again.

    – Are we going, or what? She hissed through her cough. – Why are you staring at him, let their own do them.

    Gavin silently shoved his railgun into her arms and kicked a large chunk of the column aside. He himself did not know what to answer her – he was very wary of the endero, but after one of them had been in his head, the wariness was dissolved in curiosity. And the sight of the lifelessly prostrate body did awaken some kind of altruistic impulses.

    “Diplomacy,” he muttered to Chen, rolling away another piece. “They’re unlikely to believe so quickly that it was not us who lured their leader into the trap.

    “I won’t dig it out.” Chen looked at the jumble of mechanical entrails again and turned a distinctly greenish color.

    – There is not much, I can handle it.

    – Let’s hurry. Allen is afraid that the station will depressurize and is going to isolate this sector. We have about eight minutes.

    Chen tapped emphatically on the comm.

    Gavin spat in annoyance, but accelerated, scraping his palms on the sharp edges, pulled the motionless body out from under the stones and shivered. The helmet covering the head was damaged, and the huge depression instead of the face was really frightening. With a soft-boiled skull, not a single person would have survived, and endero … Yes, hell knows, Lord, maybe he’s dead too.

    “Oh my god,” Chen sighed behind her. – I’ll go first, I can’t look at it.

    Shifting an unexpectedly light body on his shoulder, Gavin did not blame her – it was something else.He straightened his limp torso to keep the tirium from dripping onto his clothes, and walked towards the sound of Chen’s light footsteps. It didn’t take long to go to the border of the hexagonal sector, to which the entire station was drawn, voices were heard in the distance, Chen ran forward, and he turned into the nearest arch, unloaded the endero to the floor.

    The desire to find out whether he was carrying him, dead or alive, became completely unbearable, and Gavin put his hand on his open heart. Not right away, but caught a slight pulsation with skinned fingers and exhaled with relief – I didn’t want this particular endero to die.Unable to resist, he stroked the strange organ again, catching the increasing pulsation, pressed his palm tighter – and something hard and sore exploded in his ear. From the open body he was literally thrown away, Gavin, recovering, slowly licked the copper taste from his lips, raised his head.

    The case was closed. Endero, who had driven into his long-suffering ear, turned his head; the dent in the helmet looked just sickeningly threatening, and Gavin was nauseated, he hastily turned away, breathing deeply and evenly. Metal clattered behind him, then another.

    And then metal palms fell on his temples.

    “It’s forbidden,” Gavin breathed, and darkness fell on him from all sides, squeezed, took apart into molecules, skimmed through everything that Gavin Reid was, and put it back together. And scattered. The soft emergency lighting seemed too bright, sliced ​​through the retina, and he closed his eyes.

    – You saved me, – Endero croaked through his damaged throat.

    “Exactly, you fucking monster,” he croaked, fighting the nausea. – And now I can file a complaint against you for hitting, unauthorized entry into my head and reading memories.

    “It was self-defense,” endero disagreed. – You harassed me.

    – What ?! – Gavin was so stunned that both pain and nausea faded into the background, but his cheeks flashed brightly, feverishly. – You yourself substituted and opened the case!

    “You wanted to know who you were touching,” protested the endero in his squeaky, disgusting voice. – I showed. And then you were in no hurry to show yourself from within.

    – You could have called a name!

    They stared at each other tensely, and Gavin was again confused, he could not calmly look at this cracked helmet with a dent and thyrium streaks; He turned away, closed his eyes, feeling something tickling down his neck again, reached to brush it off, but was distracted – Chen hadn’t forgotten about him, and confident heavy footsteps were heard in the corridor.

    – Reed, – Anderson’s voice called out very close, and he turned his head towards the sound. – Oh, damn it, what’s going on here ?!

    Gavin decided to open one eye. Together with Anderson, an endero came, and they winked at the one he had saved, the glowing lines flickered chaotically, gave off pain in his temples, and he closed his eyes, erased, finally, what tickled down his neck, so strange, thick, warm that could not resist, looked.

    The fingers were covered in blood.

    Whiskey squeezed.Gavin thought that he would now shamefully faint, but the familiar darkness came from all sides, embraced him, there was some uncertain, fearful concern, soft regret and a confident promise of the next meeting.

    Gavin grinned and still passed out.

    Time in the medical unit passed slowly. He killed him as best he could – he watched news clips, fortunately, the network literally swarmed with them. The attack was planned by the head of security, Amanda Stern, after her removal, Elijah Kamski from a neighboring guild of scholars took a warm place, and the debate on this matter has not subsided for a week.

    No one from the endero diplomatic mission died, they received the deepest apologies and assurances that this would not happen again, and Marcus, who had his own far-reaching plans for cooperation with people, humbly accepted them. And in response, he assured that no one holds grudges on their part.

    Behind his back was some unknown mechanism of a dirty red color, in which the endero body was hardly guessed, and this mechanism looked so creepy that no one believed the words of Marcus, but just in case they pretended to believe.

    Gavin flipped through videos and articles and grinned briefly.

    The first joint project of scientists, security and endeavors was launched at the orbital space station “Detroit”. The volunteers were promised royal payments and fat social benefits. The gingerbread was flavored with a vague note “provided the required percentage of compatibility”, but what was hidden behind the impersonal definitions, Gavin guessed.

    One endero was on duty at the hospital block, although the walls and distance meant nothing to him.

    He embraced his consciousness with his darkness, as soon as he closed his eyes.

    He opened the body, allowed himself to be touched everywhere, whispered in a hundred voices at the same time:

    – This is me. My name is Rick. Do you hear? We want to understand how you feel and I chose you, Gavin, stay with me, show me, we have great compatibility, I like your hands, can you see me? Can you hear me? I’m always here.

    A hot alien heart beat hastily into the palm.

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