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Happy Wednesday!

I hope you’re having a peaceful week so far. As for me, last week ended with a crash when my washing machine stopped working. I immediately became upset, not knowing what to do, because I’m so accustomed to my husband fixing everything. He was an amazing handyman and we hardly ever had to call for repairs. Only after he tried to fix something and couldn’t would he call for help. I loved that about him. I put out a distress call on Facebook, friends came to the rescue right away, and the machine was fixed the same day. God is amazing in His provisions.

On Sunday, I went shopping at JoAnn’s and had a blast buying lots of fabric during the 70% Off Doorbusters sale. I arrived home to a leaking water heater. I couldn’t believe it was happening. The same family came to the rescue again, and I have a new water heater with a five-year warranty. Peace of mind is priceless. I’m so very grateful. I’m learning to live in my new normal.

Well, I’m baring shoulders again this week. Is this dress adorable or what? This New Look 6512 – Off-the-Shoulder Dress caught my attention because of the button front and elastic casings at the shoulders. The pockets are a fun detail too. I just knew it would look fabulous in this linen blend that I picked up from JoAnn’s Fabric Store a while ago. I didn’t realize it when I purchased the pattern, but the buttons are not functional. GASP!!! Yep, it’s a faux button front. It’s fake! SCANDAL, I say!!! Hahaha! If you like the look of button front garments but aren’t comfortable with sewing buttonholes yet, you can accomplish this look without sewing a single buttonhole. WooHoo! However, once you get the hang of sewing buttonholes, you’ll love making button front garments, so don’t avoid them forever. If you missed last week’s post

HERE, I talked about a tool that I used for the first time to help make buttonhole and button placement much easier. I used the Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge again to arrange the placement of my buttons on the placket of this dress. I love learning about tools that make my sewing easier, quicker, and more enjoyable.

I plan to wear this dress very casual, with flat sandals or sneakers. I think it would also look great with a pair of wedges. The model on the front of the pattern envelope has it styled with a pair of ballerina-like slippers just like THESE from Forever 21. They look so awesome with this dress. I chose to style mine with these lace-up high heels because the color is right on.

The pattern instructions call for attaching the bow to the back band of the dress with snaps. I wasn’t sure if I would like the bow. Therefore, I attached it with pins temporarily to see if it would work for me. After viewing photos and seeing the back with the bow, I love it. I will now attach the bow to the dress with snaps.

We’re still experiencing very hot weather in my town, so I can wear this out to lunch, the movies, or run errands (with flat shoes, of course). I’m having lots of fun sewing now. My studio makes me happy again. We never got around to decorating it because after my husband retired, we started traveling, then he was ill. I’m planning to get started with the decorating pretty soon. That should be exciting.

Well, I’m still working on my photography. I’m learning that you must change the camera settings with each photo shoot. I just assumed if I captured good photos in one session and used the same settings for the next shoot in the same location, I would achieve the same results. That’s not the case. I got totally different results. It’s okay. I’m patient and will continue to practice.

Thanks for stopping by!

Remember: When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES!



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Maxi, midi, off-the-shoulder and floral styles

Summer dresses are a versatile and easy choice to wear all season long. All you have to do is throw on a fun and flirty style and hit the town!

Plus, that same dress you wore with flats during the day can instantly become a chic dinner outfit or pretty party look by switching your shoes to a wedge or heel.

Whatever your go-to style — maxi, midi, off-the-shoulder or floral — TODAY Style has got you covered! Check out the list below to find your favorite new frock.

Off-the-shoulder dresses

There’s a reason this subtly sexy style has become the biggest trend of the summer — it’s comfortable and fashion-forward. Pair it with a long necklace or dangling earrings to best complement the neckline.

1. NastyGal Neat as a Pinstripe Mini Dress, $58

Nasty Gal

2. Express Off-the-Shoulder Ladder and Lace Trim, $80


3. Nordstom Stripe Off-the-Shoulder Dress, $46


4. LOFT Eyelet Off-the-Shoulder Dress, $89.50


Floral dresses

Nothing screams summer more than a flow-y sundress with flowers. It’s an equally great option for casual weekend days or dressy night events — simply change your accessories to match the occasion.

5. Nasty Gal After Party Vintage Planet Bloom Floral Dress, $68

Nasty Gal

6. Nordstrom Floral Print Faux Wrap Dress, $52


7. The Limited Floral Print Dress, $100

The Limited

8. Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Flirty Open-Back Fit + Flare Dress, $69

Urban Outfitters

9. New York & Company V-Neck Midi Dress Floral, $75

New York & Company

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Brightly-colored dresses

Be bold this season with a sweet dress in a loud color. You’ll be sure to stand out in a crowd … in a good way!

10. Mango Flowy Dress, $30


11. ASOS Uttam Boutique Broderie Anglais Sun Dress, $89


12. GAP Silky scoop dress, $60


13. Old Navy Pintuck Plus Size Trapeze Dress, $45

Old Navy

Shirt dresses

Great for work or running errands, these shirt dresses will seamlessly transition into fall.

14. Gap Tencel Popover Dress, $70


15. Express White Sleeveless Fit and Flare Shirt Dress, $70


16. LOFT Sleeveless Tie Waist Shirt Dress, $60


17. The Limited Printed Sleeveless Ashton Shirtdress, $80

The Limited

18. ASOS New Look Plus Floral Sleeveless Shirt Dress, $41

Lace-up dresses

To add a youthful, trendy flair, try a lace-up version. It’ll add interest to even the most simple of dresses.

19. Kohls Women’s Chaps Lace-Up Tank Dress, $40


20. Bloomingdales Lace-up dress, $45


21. Lulus Wonderland Olive Green Lace-Up Swing Dress, $42


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Maxi dresses

This cozy style will quickly become your favorite summer dress. It’s comfortable, chic, stylish and flattering. What more could you want?

22. Tobi Spice Market Halter Maxi Dress, $120


23. Charlotte Russe Strapless Flounce Maxi Dress, $35

Charlotte Russe

24. Macy’s American Rag Plus Size Printed Maxi Dress, $70


25. Nordstrom Woven Maxi Dress, $98


26. GAP Double-strap print maxi dress, $80


Midi dresses

Named for it’s in-between length, this style is flattering and appropriate for women of all ages.

27. Lulus Elastic Heart Cream Print Midi Dress, $48


28. Target V-neck Ponte Pleated Mini Dress, $55


29. Nordstrom Floral Print Ruffle Cold Shoulder Wrap Midi Dress, $90


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The New Look: How Christian Dior revolutionized fashion 70 years ago | Lifestyle | DW

“It’s quite a revolution, dear Christian! Your dresses have such a new look!” Carmel Snow, the former editor-in-chief of the American edition of “Harper’s Bazaar,” said these words after Dior’s debut fashion show in Paris, on February 12, 1947. And the legend was born.

After the war period of utilitarian attires and vestiary austerity, perhaps nothing felt newer than Dior’s vision. His first collection rejected the modern course of dressing established in the 1920s and 30s, which intended to liberate women from the restrictive sculptural volumes and corsets of early 20th-century fashion. Instead, he presented an image of radical femininity, achieved by tight-fitting jackets with padded hips, petite waists, and A-line skirts.

Dior became the new star of the Parisian haute couture scene and almost instantly transformed the wardrobe of the contemporary woman. The “New Look,” the name by which Dior’s style eventually went down in history, appealed strongly to the nostalgic mood of the post-war society.

Dior didn’t want to create everyday clothes for the pragmatic woman of the fast-moving century but rather sell a dream of the good old days, when women could afford to be extravagant and deliberately glamorous. The New Look was a rediscovery of prosperity, and women across generations and social classes adopted it happily.

Feminists protested against it

Not everybody was thrilled by the hip padding, draperies, pleats, embellishments, and other exaggerations proposed by Dior, however. Those were, in fact, regressive ideas, and many criticized Dior righteously for taking away women’s newly attained independence by lacing them up in corsets and making them wear long skirts again.

“We abhor dresses to the floor! Women, join the fight for freedom in the manner of dress!” said the banners of the Little-Below-the-Knee Club who staged a protest against the New Look in Chicago.

American fashion designers, who embraced modest, sleek silhouettes and whose business was blossoming during the war, were also similarly appalled by Dior’s design. Coco Chanel, the star of the pre-war fashion, even mockingly remarked that “Dior doesn’t dress women, he upholsters them!”

Christian Dior placing a dress on US actress Jane Russell, in 1954

Fireworks to replace bombs

“What was heralded as a new style was merely the genuine, natural expression of the kind of fashion I wanted to see. It just so happened that my personal inclinations coincided with the general mood for the times and thus became the fashion watchword. It was as if Europe had tired of dropping bombs and now wanted to let off a few fireworks,” wrote once Dior.

Sociologists and historians who’ve analyzed the first post-World War II years agree. The long hems and petticoats made of yards of fabric were a sign of the end of the governmental restrictions on materials, while the comeback of corsets signalized the return of women from offices, hospitals, and munitions factories back to homes.

In the 30s, women of the middle and upper class would basically wear the same attires due to the Great Depression. In contrast, after World War II, Dior’s exclusive, lavish costumes offered a symbol of the new, divided society.

Christian Dior’s untimely death in 1957 heralded a different era, one that was obsessed with youth rebellion rather than bourgeois hauteur. By the early 60s, the New Look almost vanished from the collection of the house of Dior and his epigones.

Its revival came in the 90s, however, when a wave of young fashion designers decided to deconstruct fashion history and appropriate it for their times.

Nowadays, the New Look once again reigns on the runway: Thom Browne, Miuccia Prada, or J. W. Anderson are among the many names who have recently updated Dior’s signature style for the early 21st century.


This Is How You Should Wear The Off-The-Shoulder Trend

With a hint of the Bohemian about it, the current off-the-shoulder trend is one of the hottest looks this season and there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t join in. The off-the-shoulder design can be found in tops or in dresses, making it endlessly versatile and extremely popular.

Off-the-shoulder Dress Outfit Ideas

The off-the-shoulder look also looks fantastic in a dress. Hobo-style designs are hugely popular, especially in the mini-dress, and there’s lots to choose from. A pink mini-dress with elasticated neckline and long sleeves makes a very pretty summer choice, or a little ruffled dress in soft pink or aqua also looks great. White dresses also make an appearance, such as a deceptively plain white boho dress with scooped hemline or a textured frayed fabric dress with plain borders. The lacy look is also a wonderful choice, such as a white fitted summer mini-dress with flared skirt. For a burst of colour, choose a little red ruffle dress or longer retro-style design also in red. Or to ring the changes a little, opt for a sweeping floral maxi dress or petite floral jumpsuit.

Off-the-shoulder Tops Outfit Ideas

There’s a stunning range of off-the-shoulder tops, whether you’re looking for a little crop top, crisp sailor top or a variation on the standard tee. A nautical tee makes a great outfit when teamed with denim cut-offs, whilst a sleek black top worn with a striking black maxi skirt is the height of chic. A figure-hugging stretch top makes the perfect foil for a white denim mini-skirt, or consider a looser design in pale sky-blue to lift a black pencil skirt to new heights. If you prefer a looser look, try an understated chiffon off-the-shoulder top with narrow straps – an ideal companion for black skinny jeans. Or recreate some film star elegance with a shaped black top worn with a stiffly flared white eyelet skirt.

A sloppy-joe style top looks great when worn with denim shorts, and a pin-striped sailor top with flared sleeves looks equally as good with cut-offs. A khaki hobo-style blouse with elasticated neck teams well with faded skinny jeans or pair a shirt-style top with bow detailing and scooped hemline with skinny jeans for a lovely casual outfit. For the completely cool look, wear a lacy top with three-quarter sleeves with dazzling white skinny jeans, or take on the layered look with a scalloped off-the-shoulder crop top worn with a denim mini-skirt.

The featured photo: Combining the colour of the summer and the off the shoulder trend, this blush pink ruffle dress outfit exemplifies what you should wear this summer  Via Emilee Anne’s

Shops: Not Specified

Off the shoulder tops are absolutely in this year! Laetitia is wearing this fantastic orange piece with denim cut offs and sandals in a holiday style which will be perfect for any winter break!

Blouse : NA-KD, Shorts: Zara, Hat: ASOS, Bag: Michael Kors.

Ashley Torres emphasises her femininity in this super cute floral print dress, with an off-the-shoulder structure for heightened style. Wear this look with a straw hat to capture Ashley’s casual and carefree vibe.

Dress: Chicwish, Sandals: Steve Madden.

Arielle Nachami looks utterly stylish in this feminine off the shoulder top, worn simply with cropped black jeans and a pair of white statement stilettos. This is the perfect fall style, and can be worn with a coat or jacket for colder days!

Pants: J BRAND, Shoes: Aquazzura, Top: Caroline Consta, Bag: Valentino, Sunnies: Stella McCartney.

Federica L. is wearing a beautifully simple outfit here, consisting of an oversized off the shoulder blouse, frayed white denim shorts, and a pair of metallic decorated sandals. This style is perfect for any mid-winter vacation!

Blouse: Believe E, Shorts: Boohoo.

Talisa Sutton looks elegant and stylish in this off the shoulder blouse, paired with cropped denim jeans and a pair of black heels. Throw on some vintage style shades to capture Talisa’s cool girl vibes.

Top: THPSHOP, Jeans: The Fifth Label Denim Bag: Coach.

Leonie Sophie keeps it simple in a white bell sleeved off the shoulder top, paired with linen culottes and a pair of patterned sneakers. This style is perfect for eveningwear on holiday, or just a warm evening at home!

Trousers: Marc’o Polo, Bag: Chloé, Shoes: Chucks x Missoni, Top: Zara.

There are few trends more glamorous than the off the shoulder trend. This black top evokes the perfect mix of sexiness and sophistication, and paired with jeans and heels is an absolute look! Via Dawilda Gonzalez.

Outfit: Brands not specified.

Federica L. is killing it in this gorgeous off the shoulder top from H&M, paired casually with denim cut offs and a pair of super cute bobble sandals which serve to inject some vibrant colour into the look. We love this summer style!

Top: H&M, Sandals: Stradivarius.

The off the shoulder top is a must-have this summer! Not only does revealing your shoulders scream confidence and sexiness, the flowing nature of the design means you will look as cool as you feel. We love this look, via Annabelle Fleur.

Top: Viva Aviva, Jeans: M.I.H, Bag: Louis Vuitton.

Off the shoulder dresses are the perfect choice for a summer’s day, and Raquel Paiva is rocking it! Pair this look with gladiator sandals for an authentic style with a cool bohemian vibe.

Dress: Zaful, Sandals: Call it Spring, Choker: Lovely of Sweden.

Federica L. is demonstrating a cute and relaxed style here, wearing the classic blue and white striped pattern on a loose fitting off the shoulder dress, with a belt to clinch in the waist for a more defined silhouette. We love the simplicity of this off the shoulder style.

Dress: Zara, Espadrilles: Stradivarius.

Jacqueline Mikuta is looking gorgeously feminine in this bell sleeved off the shoulder blouse with cut away patterning. This look is sexy and summery, and perfect worn with a pair of ankle espadrilles and cut off denim shorts.

Blouse: Zara, Espadrilles: Manebí.

Why not try wearing an off the shoulder blouse like this one with a statement maxi skirt? Kayla Seah is rocking this look, pairing a simple white top with a vibrant asymmetrical skirt for an overall edgy and alternative look!

Skirt: Third Form, Top: Zara, Sandals: Isabel Marant, Bag: Gucci.

Barbora Ondrackova is looking super feminine in a gorgeous blush pink off the shoulder top, matched perfectly with a pair of ballet style ribbon-tie heels in the same shade. Try this look with denim skinny jeans to steal Barbora’s beautiful spring style.

Top: NA-KD, Jeans/Heels: Topshop, Bag: Chanel.

An off the shoulder top will look extra stylish paired with a tight mini skirt such as this piece worn by Nada Adelle. Providing the perfect contrast between loose and baggy, this outfit is striking and ultra effective!

Bodysuit/Bag/Sandals: Boohoo, Skirt: The Hut.

The off the shoulder trend is the best way to combine sexiness with sophistication. A flowing top like this one becomes endlessly more alluring when it is combined with off the shoulder detailing. Pair a similar piece with jeans and understated heels to steal Barbora Ondrackova’s gorgeous style.

Top: Asos, Jeans: Topshop, Pumps: Jimmy Choo.

An off the shoulder dress such as this is the perfect mix between sexy and sophisticated. Leonie Sophie looks glamorous and chilled out in this sleek black off the shoulder dress, paired with funky sandals and minimalistic accessories.

Top: MLM, Dress: Lala Berlin, Sandals: Uterque.

Off the shoulder dresses are the perfect choice for warm summer evenings. Whether you’re on holiday or just relaxing after work, a dress such as this is great for giving you that flirty evening feel which you crave! Via Annabelle Fleur.

Dress: Express.

Another way to wear the off the shoulder trend is in pastel colours, for a fresh and cute spring style.  Christine Andrew looks utterly summer-ready in this pastel coloured outfit consisting of blue distressed jeans and a blush pink off the shoulder top.

Top: Ily Couture, Jeans: Nordstrom, Heels: Old.

There is nothing more feminine than a bell-sleeved off the shoulder top! This style is perfect for summer, emphasising both your tan and your figure! Wear the look like Elizabeth Keene by choosing a statement pattered top and pairing it with simple white shorts and heels.

Top: Sheinside, Shorts: Heavenly Couture, Hat: Lack of Color, Bag: Marshalls, Shoes: Charlotte Russe.

Jessi Afshin is looking ultra glam in this statement white off the shoulder top; worn with skinny jeans and platforms this is simply the perfect style for summer!

Top: Topshop, Jeans: AG, Shoes: Steve Madden.

Kristin Sundberg is rocking the off-the-shoulder trend in a cute and casual black shoulderless dress, paired with a straw beach bag and strappy sandals. Everything about this look screams ‘summer’, and we love it!

Brands not specified.

An off the shoulder dress will always afford you a flirty and summery look, as demonstrated by Kim Le in this blush pink dress. Paired with a cute straw hat and a pair of orange wedges, this dress looks ultra feminine and fresh for summer.

Dress: ASOS, Bag: Madwell, Hat: Urban Outfitters.

A floaty and layered off the shoulder top will give you a gorgeous feminine look which is perfect for every day spring and summer wear. Match this style with patterned sandals to get Annabelle Fleur’s style.

Top: Mlm Label Maison, Jeans: Blank Denim, Sandals: Tabitha Simmons.

Lydia Lise Millen is wearing a classic off the shoulder blouse here, looking elegant and sophisticated in a monochrome style consisting of black cigarette trousers and black sandals.

Top: Boohoo, Trousers: Joseph, Bag: Dior, Shoes: Sophie Webster.

A loose fitting white dress such as this one worn by Rosanna van Billie-Rose is this year’s must have off the shoulder piece! Paired with sneakers and a stylish blush pink leather bag, this dress looks cute and elegant.

Dress: & Other Stories, Sneakers: Pinko.

Pandora Sykes has an absolutely golden glow in this cute off the shoulder dress by Caroline Constas Bardot. There really is no trend more summery!

Dress: Caroline Constas Bardot, Sneakers: Superga Ecru.

An off the shoulder cut can really accentuate your shape, and looks especially cute when worn on a statement print top such as this gingham blouse worn by Priscila Betancort. We love this cute and summery look!

Top: Chicwish, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Chanel, Bag: Prada.

Off the shoulder dresses really elongate the neck and show off your collar bones. Kenza Zouiten rocks this off the shoulder bodycon dress.

Dress: Chiquelle, Boots: ASOS.

Both the big black florals on a white canvas and the off the shoulder trend is on display here. Via Annabelle Fleur

Dress: Asos, ASOS, Sunglasses. Illesteva, Bag, Chanel, Shoes: Carvela. Off The Shoulder Dress Outfit

We love how Chriselle Lim has approached the off the shoulder trend in this gorgeous pink off the shoulder dress with black wedge heels.

Dress: Cynthia Rowley, Shoes: Isabel Marant

This cute little white off-the-shoulder boho dress with a fedora and lace up heels. Nada Adelle

Dress: New Look, Bag: Serengeti, Fedora Hat: Maasai, Hat: Stradivarius, Shoes: Tan Klam. Off-The-Shoulder Dress Outfit

Pair an off the shoulder maxi dress with a simple hat. The florals on the dark background really sets off this outfit. Via Janni Deler

Dress: Flynn Skye

Pay attention. This outfit may not look like much but actually two big trends are on show: The obvious fff-the-shoulder trend, and perhaps more subtle but just as important the frayed texture is coming up. This dress rocks. Via Kat Tanita

This off the shoulder ruffle dress is just what you need for days in the sun! Via Alexandra

Dress: Fashion Pills, Shoes: Oysho

Lace is great, and even better when it’s this off the shoulder white dress! Via Kim Le

Liz Cherkasova’s dress is a timeless classic – especially when matched with sandals and a purse!

Dress: Reformation, Shoes: Alexander Wang, Bag: Chloé

We love this adorable little red ruffle dress from Stephanie Sterjovski!

Dress: Chicwish, Shoes: Madewell, Hat: Urban Outfitters

This off the shoulder camisole looks cute and casual with jeans and tartan heels. Via Arielle Nachami.

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Jeans: J BRAND, Top: Tibi, Bag: Valentino.

Meet the off the shoulder trend head on with this bright pink shirt paired with distressed shorts. Via Annabelle Fleur

Shops: Not Specified

Brighten up the off the shoulder trend with these yellow shorts paired with a black and white print shirt. Via Danielle Bernstein

Shorts: Tome, Shirt: H&M

A floral off the shoulder shirt will never look bad with a pair of skinnies! Via Annabelle Fluer

Jeans: Joie, Blouse: Azzedine, Shoes: Aquazzura

Why not match a more plain white off the shoulder tee with patterned shorts? Via Kenza Zouiten

Top: Nelly, Shorts: Old

Josefin Ekström is looking fierce in red – a colour which really makes her outfit of an off the shoulder with black trousers!

Top: Chiquelle

Look effortlessly classic by combining this lace off the shoulder too with a black high waisted skirt! Via Sazan Barzani

Top: Chicwish, Skirt: Chicwish, Purse: BCBG

Off the shoulder tees can also be worn more casually with skinnies and heels! Via Annabelle Fleur 

Tee: Express, Jeans: One Eleven, Heels: Carvela

Quite possibly one of the outfits of the season captured with amazing detail by The Sartorialist. That black off the shoulder top and matching skirt with the brown sandals and bag… To die for

Angelica Blick demonstrates how to wear an off the shoulder top, with denim shorts and white sandals!

Top: H&M, Shorts: Levis, Shoes: Birkenstock

Wear a cute blue and white patterned off the shoulder top with your denim cut-offs and and an element of suede with a fringe bag and sandals. So cute. Via Kenza Zouiten

Top: Chicy, Shorts: H&M, Shoes: River Island, Bag: Spell

The simplest of outfits: Black off-the-shoulder top paired with a white denim skirt and black and white sneakers. Via  Laura Dittrich

Skirt: One Teaspoon, Top: Asos, Sneakers: Adidas Superstar II, Sunglasses: Céline, Bag: Proenza Schouler


Embrace the off the shoulder trend with this baby blue button up shirt, paired with a black slit skirt and heels! Via Jess A

Blouse: Sheinside, Skirt: H&M, Heels: Baldowski

We love the white eyelet skirt and those shoes too, but really, it is all about that black off the shoulder top. Via Annabelle Fleur

Top: Free People, Skirt: Club Monaco, Shoes: Aquazurra, Bag: Chanel.

As simple as it gets. White off the shoulder top with a pair of denim cut-offs and red sandals. Via Lisa D Cahue

Top: Tibi, Shorts: Levi’s, Shoes: Schutz, Bag: Celine

Stripes have never looked better than this off the shoulder shirt with distressed denim shorts! Via Sara Escudero

Top: Uterqüe, Shorts: Levis


Ripped jeans and a khaki off the shoulder top. Pam Hetlinger shows us what this summer is all about.

Top: Asos, Jeans: BlankNYC, Shoes: Saint Laurent, Sunglasses: Wonderland

We think you should take a page from Arielle Nachami’s book with this blue off the shoulder shirt with skinnies and heels!

Top: TIBI, Jeans: Rag & Bone, Shoes: Christian Louboutin


Team your white top with white jeans and let the bag and shoes do the talking. Via Arielle Nachami

Jeans: Rag & Bone, Top: Rebecca Taylor, Shoes: Charlotte Olympia, Bag: Celine, Sunglasses: Westward Leaning

If you’re wondering how to style the off the shoulder trend, why not take a leaf from Barbora Ondrackova and throw on a pair of black skinnies and heels!

Top: Topshop, Jeans: Topshop, Heels: ASOS

Pair your off the shoulder top wit a short denim skirt. It couldn’t be more on trend at the moment. Via Priscila Betancort

Top: Oxygene, Skirt:Zara, Bag: Chloé

Off-the-shoulder jumpsuit and playsuit outfit ideas

Always remember that it’s hard to go wrong with flowers – just take it from Angelica Blick in this wonderful floral off the shoulder jumpsuit!

Jumpsuit: ASOS, Hat: Monki, Shoes: Zara

New Look 25 per cent off dresses: 11 of the best to buy

Shopping may be restricted to sofa scrolling at the moment, but if you’re craving a little retail therapy, we’ve found a deal that might just add a little extra joy to your day. 

There are some great online promotions happening with our favourite retailers right now, and one such sale is this one from New Look, which is offering 25 per cent off all dresses. Yep, that’s one quarter off every single dress on the brand’s website. And as many of New Look’s dresses are already under the £25 mark, the discount marks the opportunity to pick up a serious bargain and get it delivered (safely) to your front door.  

From floaty floral tea dresses to midi smocks that are easy to throw on and go (and are super comfortable for working from home), there are so many lovely styles available to shop now for less. So whether you’re looking for something relaxed to buy now and wear immediately, or to invest in a special outfit for when social distancing limitations are finally lifted, here’s our pick of the best. Enjoy!

11 of the best New Look dresses to shop now

Blue Vanilla Black Floral Tiered Midi Dress, was £24, now £18, New Look

Blue Vanilla Off White Leaf Print Smock Dress, was £26, now £19.50, New Look

Pink Spot Long Sleeve Cuffed Midi Dress, was £27.99, now £20.99, New Look

Green Leopard Print Tiered Midi Smock Dress, was £25. 99, now £19.50, New Look

Black Organza Puff Sleeve Midi Dress, was £22.99, now £17.25, New Look

Black Spot Square Neck Belted Midi Dress, was £27.99, now £21, New Look

NA-KD Green Floral Puff Sleeve Midi Dress, was £48.95, now £36.72, New Look

Black Floral Wrap Midi Dress, was £17.99, now £13.50, New Look

Black Floral High Neck Tea Dress, was £25.99, now £19.50, New Look

Pink Spot Puff Sleeve Tea Dress, was £25.99, now £19.49, New Look

Black Spot Flutter Sleeve Midi Dress, was £27.99, now £20.99

The 16 Best Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

This season, one-shoulder dresses and tops seem to reign supreme; but returning to their timeless predecessor, the off-the-shoulder dress, is never a bad idea. And the season’s best off-the-shoulder dresses are anything but dated, thanks to styles that give the clavicle-baring silhouette an of-the-moment makeover with details like romantic flourishes, bold colors, and slinky, sheath-like fits.

Everyone loves a good puffed-sleeve moment these days, so don’t be surprised to find that many labels have incorporated the style into their off-the-shoulder designs. Even iterations of the cult-favorite Hill House Home Nap Dress, with its cottagecore aesthetic and voluminous sleeves, can be worn off the shoulder. The same can be said about the smocked fabric trend, which boasts the added distinction of feeling incredibly comfortable. Beyond that, you’ll find other trends like bright, joyful colors, vintage florals, and wedding-appropriate pastels. And because it’s such an effortless silhouette, most off-the-shoulder dresses are inherently versatile. Meaning, not only can you wear them both dressed up and down, but you’ll find that many styles can also be worn on the shoulder, strapless, or, yes, even one-shouldered.

Time to get shopping. Keep reading for 16 of the best off-the-shoulder dresses on the market right now, all conveniently available on Amazon Fashion.


This Prairie Dress That’s Similar To The Cult-Favorite Nap Dress

You’ve probably seen Hill House Home’s Nap Dress just about everywhere by now. So if you’re waiting for it to come back in stock, or want to add a few similar pieces to your collection, consider this prairie dress. Made of a breezy, Swiss dot-textured cotton blend, it has a lightweight, woven feel that stretches at the neckline, shoulders, cuffs, and bodice. Its puffed sleeves can be worn either on or off the shoulder, and it comes in nearly every dreamy pastel color you can imagine, in addition to timeless black.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 15


This Off-The-Shoulder Sheath Dress Made Of A Soft, Knit Material

Say hello to your new go-to fall/winter occasion dress. Complete with an elegant straight neckline, short sleeves, and a back slit, this form-fitting sheath looks way more expensive than it actually is. It doesn’t look like your typical sweater dress, but it’s made from a substantial, sweater-knit material that stretches just enough to skim your curves.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 3


An Off-The-Shoulder Party Dress With A Ruffled Neckline

And here’s your new go-to spring/summer cocktail dress. This swingy dress features an elastic neckline (with a ruffled overlay) that’s designed to stay off the shoulder without creeping up — in fact, several Amazon shoppers confirm that this is the only off-the-shoulder dress they’ve ever worn that actually stays off the shoulder. If you’re not into bright colors like orange (seen here), green, or yellow, you can also pick it up in black.

  • Available sizes: Large — 4X-Large
  • Available colors: 4


This Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Dress In A Ditsy Floral Print

Maxi dresses have long been a warm-weather staple, so this off-the-shoulder dress is worth making room for in your closet. Its smocked bodice and straight neckline hit all the trend-right notes, while its stretchy fabric and front slits keep things easy-breezy. You have plenty of floral prints to choose from, but if you want to get extra prairie-chic, you can also go with a gingham pattern. Take a cue from Ashley Greene and style this with Birkenstocks and a wide-brim hat for an effortless daytime look.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large Plus
  • Available colors/prints: 23


This Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress With A Sweet Ruffled Trim

Here’s another Nap Dress-like off-the-shoulder dress (because you can never have too many prairie dresses for the summer). Like the first pick, you can wear this one both off the shoulder and on, and it also has a lightweight, non-stretch finish. It’s accented with a tiered, ruffled neckline and sleeves, as well as a ruffled hem that moves beautifully with you.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors/prints: 10


A Chiffon Gown That’s Perfect For Summer Events

This floaty gown is ideal for those hundreds of summer weddings suddenly on your calendar. Made from layered chiffon, it has a ruffled, stretchy neckline with an ethereal drape, plus a thigh-high slit in the front. The front has a pin-tucked, belted look and empire waist for some structure, while the back is smocked for extra comfort.

  • Available sizes: 4 — 12; 14 — 26
  • Available colors: 13


This Playful Off-The-Shoulder Dress In A Bright Color

This dress is the epitome of spring/summer style. It embodies Trina Turk’s signature SoCal aesthetic, with its mango-colored floral lace, swingy A-line silhouette, and breathable organic cotton and polyamide construction. Plus, the ruffled trim at the neckline looks sweet worn both off the shoulder and on.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 1


An Off-The-Shoulder Dress You’ll Want To Wear Every Day

With a lightweight, breathable construction, this off-the-shoulder dress will become another summer staple. It’s rife with sweet (but sophisticated) details, like fluttery sleeves, eyelet detailing, a scalloped hem, and ruffled necklined. It comes in virtually every color you can conceive of too, from bold shades like cobalt blue and hot pink, to softer tones like pastel purple and baby blue.

  • Available sizes: X-Large — 4X
  • Available colors: 22


This Cocktail Dress With Over 12,000 Stellar Amazon Ratings

With over 12,000 perfect Amazon ratings, shoppers particularly love this dress because it looks and feels way more expensive than it is. Made from a cotton blend, the fabric is stretchy but substantial, and it’s cut in a modified skater silhouette with a high-low hem — a silhouette that lends itself equally well to formal or casual dressing, depending on your accessories. It comes in every classic color, but you can also opt for something bright like yellow or fuchsia to make a statement.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors: 11


This Tiered Dress With A Twirl-Worthy Silhouette

Doesn’t this dress make you want to dance? Its tiered, layered silhouette is made of pleated chiffon, but it’s surprisingly versatile — its natural home is at a party, but you can just as easily dress it down for daytime wear with flat sandals. It’s partially lined for extra coverage, whether you opt for a dark shade, pastel, tie-dye, or any other of the 20 colors and patterns. Depending on how this fits your particular frame, you can even pull the top layer down and wear it as a strapless dress.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors/prints: 20


A Comfortable Maxi Dress That Doubles As A Beach Cover-Up

There are so many ways to wear this maxi dress — like off the shoulder, on the shoulder, and strapless, just to get you started. It’s casual enough to wear while running errands, hanging out with friends, or even as a beach cover-up, but you could dress it up for date nights and summer parties, too. Its stretchy fabric and side slits offer comfortable, breathable wear, while convenient pockets ensure you’ll reach for this dress again and again.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors/prints: 20


This Off-The-Shoulder Shift Dress With Fluttery Bell Sleeves

This sheath dress makes an office-appropriate silhouette feel a little more daring. Fluttery bell sleeves add unexpected volume, while grippy silicone at the neckline holds the neckline in place. A color like this (or pastel pink, canary yellow, or cobalt blue) would be perfect at a summer wedding, but you could always get it in black to elevate your LBD collection.

  • Available sizes: 2 — 16
  • Available colors: 16


A Swingy Mini Dress With An Open Back

You can never have too many floral dresses (especially when they have on-trend puffed sleeves). This floral chiffon mini dress features a ruched bust and faux-belted front that create a textured look, while its smocked, open back makes it feel a little bit sultry, too. Wear it with white sneakers and a baseball cap for a low-key vibe, or elevate it with chunky jewelry and your favorite heels; you really can’t go wrong.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors/prints: 11


This Off-The-Shoulder Evening Gown Made From Stretchy Jersey

Norma Kamali is the queen of taking typically restrictive silhouettes and spinning them into something relaxed and understated, but still elevated. This off-the-shoulder dress takes notes from a classic fishtail evening gown, yet made comfortable with a stretchy jersey fabric. But don’t think you’ll look like you’re wearing a T-shirt dress — the textile is anything but casual. Plus, it’s pretty much a blank canvas for accessorizing — though if you wanted the dress to do the work for you, you could opt for this same silhouette in faux leather or velvet.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: 1


An Off-The-Shoulder Dress With A High-Low Hem & Button Detailing

This swingy dress is the perfect blend of retro and modern. Its decorative button detailing and belted waist harken back to ‘80s styling, but the high-low hem and off-the-shoulder neckline feel so current. The ruffled hem gives it a kicky feel, while a functional drawstring at the waist allows for a precise fit.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large
  • Available colors/prints: 12


A Faux-Wrap Dress With A Cold-Shoulder Silhouette

Admittedly, it’s not technically off the shoulder, but this cold-shoulder dress is too cute to leave out (plus, cold-shoulder styles are making a comeback — thanks, Dolly). With a faux-wrap silhouette, it has an elastic waistband, side ties, a front slit, and adjustable straps for a customizable fit. Choose from a range of floral and botanical prints — this one skews classic, but you can also find tropical prints that are ideal for beach vacations.

  • Available sizes: Large Plus — 3X-Large Plus
  • Available colors: 10


You Might Also Like: An Off-The-Shoulder Top With An Asymmetric, Midi-Length Hem

Ease your way into the dress-over-pants throwback trend in this twist-front off-the-shoulder top. With an asymmetric hem that hits mid-calf at its longest point and tunic-length at its shortest, it’s a great way for non-dress people to experiment with dresses — or to switch up your typical dress collection. Though it looks elegant, it’s made from a soft, T-shirt-like material that makes it super comfortable to wear.

  • Available sizes: XX-Small — 3X-Large
  • Available colors: 17

Fashion History- The New Look by Dior | by Kalyani Kala

“The war was over, the boys were home, the restrictions were lifted, and the economy was reviving. It was time.”

Striking words when I read these lines. Being an Indian who has always studied and associated the time till 1947 to be the time of National struggle, the existence of such eras is hard to relate to. But the fact that all this has played an important role in the growth of the world of fashion it can surely be seen as the silver lining for the readers.

Considering the fact that this article is about the looks that ruled the 1950’s, what can’t be ignored is The New Look by Christian Dior.

Christian Dior- The New Look

The Dior Look

Paris was a home to mostly all major design houses. One of the most reputed ones among them which is still remarkably making and changing fashion trends is- Christian Dior. Our association to Christian Dior may not directly be of the past but indirectly we are falling for the rich history that the fashion house inhabits. The innovations in design at the house of Christian Dior moved and attracted people which lead to its steady global expansion. It was the host of collections that infused magic to innovation. From Christian Dior himself, Yves Saint Laurent and now John Galliano, this label has never lacked genius. The kind of impact these names and their design language brings on the mindset of the buyers and the world of fashion is such that the name- Dior, automatically sketches an image of luxury, haute couture, and desire. An era defining force- Christian Dior.

The first postwar collection introduced was — Carolle Line, which was widely accepted and spoken about under dubbed name- “The New Look,” by famous American Magazines and journalists. The wartime fashion which, as the name suggests, was mainly around harsh utility clothes with more masculine feel was not the market identified by the Dior. Instead he used his lavishly soft, purposefully elegant line to give rise to a flood of radical changes that hovered the fashion industry. This radical was not just a change in trend and feel of the clothes but it was a wide attempt at restoring and reviving France’s internationally acclaimed fashion industry.

The New Look by Dior

Designed on two lines namely, ‘Corolle’ and ‘Huit’ the collection is said to be renamed after the famous, Harper’s Bazaar’s editor-in-chief, Carmel Snow, exclaimed “It’s such a new look!” The “New Look” of Christian Dior was an international success in the late 1940s. His designs were an up to date elegant look, which no one had seen before. It was after the launch of this collection that Christian Dior became one of the most famous people in the world of fashion.

Every look or trend is accepted by the masses because it’s key elements either cater to the needs and mindset of people or create a desired environment for people to fit in. In the case of the New Look, the latter stands true. It served to the desired womanly hourglass figure. This look incorporated a tiny waist with full hips and a plentiful bust. It showcased a curvy shape as it eradicated squared shoulders and gave a rather natural flow to the shape. Waist pinching jackets and darted dresses were a part of this look to accommodate the fabric increase from waist to chest and hips. Skirts were mid calf and full, flowing with layers of nylon petticoats. The freedom and grandeur of the skirts gave both a glamorous feeling and appearance. Variations on skirt line and length emerged as the decade progressed, and encompassed a great variety of styles. Women were adorned with hats, gloves, shoes, and purses; all the accessories to match.

War created the appeal and path for Dior’s New Look. Aesthetic appeal was a dead front in the time of war and crisis which made women repulsive to the on going fashion trends. The restrictive and oppressive clothes could not coexist with the New Look and rather paved a way into the hearts of buyers. A similar effect on the spending capacity and desires was seen as the economy held strong and meanwhile the American public learnt the beautiful art of spending money on themselves. This was a major aspect that led to the acceptance of the Dior Look as rightfully quoted by Dior himself, “Novelty is the very essence of the fashion trade.

The New Look- Aesthetic & elagant

The collection overall showcased more stereotypically feminine designs in contrast to the popular fashions of wartime, with full skirts, tight waists, and soft shoulders. Dior retained some of the masculine aspects as they continued to hold popularity through the early 1940s, but he also wanted to include more feminine style.

The Bar Suit is one of the iconic images from the collection as it encompasses the central themes of the style. The suit delicately displays the feminine body however the tailored jacket adds just the perfect touch of structure to the overall look. During this period, there was still a slightly sombre tone as the Western world tried to re-build itself economically and the New Look accounts for this as it has a mature feel, attempting to avoid frivolity and girlishness which may have been criticised as poor taste.

The New Look really did change fashion at the time and its influences are still prominent today. Even within this year’s designer collections, the basic principles of the iconic Bar Suit can clearly be seen on some catwalks — even Christian Dior’s! The striking silhouette of tiny waists with emphasis on the hourglass curves creating an almost caricature body shape has had a recent resurgence in popularity.

Recreating The Bar Look by Dior

The Evening dress by Dior is another trademark dress from the New Look period and now has become a staple style among formal wear, particularly among brides where it is can sometimes be pejoratively referred to as the ‘meringue’. However, it is also popular among the more eccentric designers and again it can be seen on catwalks as recently as this year.

New year – new look

The little black dress remains a must in our wardrobes, but every year it takes on a new shape.

The new look silhouette, classic for the Dior fashion house, has been considered the standard of femininity for more than half a century and the most versatile silhouette that can transform any figure.

What about leather?

In our opinion, this dress looks stylish and impressive. Thin leather straps leave the shoulders open to reveal the collarbones, while the curvy skirt hides the legs, allowing romantic ruffles to peek out from under the long hem.

This is what the feminine revolution is all about!

A feminine silhouette with a flared skirt and a narrow bodice, emphasizing the waist, sloping shoulders and long legs, has come into fashion, which later gave the name to the dress and skirt of the same silhouette, which became the fundamental pillars for all subsequent collections of the fashion house.

The ideal length for a New Look dress is about one palm below the knee. It is at this length that the figure seems thinner and more elongated.

The waistline of the dress should be slightly higher than the natural one (3-5 cm).This will not only visually lengthen the legs, but, if necessary, will help to hide wide hips.

The petticoat should be cut without puffy gathers at the waist, with flounces sewn onto the base.

The cut of the petticoat can help correct figure flaws by correctly distributing the gathers (for example, if you have curvy hips, there should be fewer folds and gathers on the sides).

A New Look style dress or skirt is recommended to be worn with small jackets or tops, cardigans made of fine knitwear, high-heeled shoes that fit the ankle.

The silhouette is most favorably emphasized by the hairstyle with the hair raised up.

Naked dress.

Feminine and airy Dior powder dress, later called “naked”, was first presented in the same debut collection of Maria Grazia Chiuri back in 2016. Despite the fact that the outfit was completely made of transparent tulle fabric, it did not look vulgar. A miniature bustier and “grandmother’s” white panties, decorated with the brand’s logo, added piquancy and retro romance to the image, while the model’s coarse high boots and straight bangs made the image at the same time daring and trendy.

Since then, transparent dresses have appeared in almost all fashion houses and have been presented in every mass market brand, not excluding ours. In the January collection, we again presented several options for a transparent dress, but we will tell you about the one that looks more like a lingerie combination. Or, more precisely, with what to wear it so that it does not remain to live within the confines of your bedroom.

What to do if you don’t dare to wear a transparent dress with retro linen or a bodysuit, but you want to wear a dress?

An everyday option – to wear our bustier top with messenger straps and leather leggings or your favorite black high-waisted jeans under the dress.Above – an elongated jacket.

Are you freezing? Then boldly put on a jumper to match the dress, and under the dress – a leather or knitted striped mini skirt.

Do you want to shock? Then for you the option with retro underwear, bodysuit or sports pants in a man’s cut, worn instead of shorts and a sleeveless blouse tied over a blouse.

A “naked” dress can become an excellent base for your different moods, the main thing is not to be shy!

Wedding look in New Look style

New Look – new look, new style, new look.As you know, the beginning of this style was laid by the famous fashion designer Christian Dior in the late 40s, in a difficult post-war time for all of Europe, when short haircuts were in fashion, and women stopped dressing beautifully and gracefully, preferring something more practical. convenient and non-marking.

Dior decided to make a woman beautiful again.And I must say, he succeeded.

“We have left behind us an era of war, uniforms, labor service for women with broad shoulders as a boxer. I drew women resembling flowers, gently convex shoulders, a rounded chest line, liana-like slender waists and wide skirts diverging downwards like flower cups ”, – wrote the designer.

This stylish wedding was organized by the Wedding Secrets Agency.

Perfect New Look at a ThatONE Event wedding.On the agency’s page there is a full photo report from this beautiful wedding.


which can be used to create a wedding look inspired by this theme:

  • Dresses and skirts are about palm-length below the knee or even longer, which allows the figure to appear slimmer.
  • Dresses and skirts are combined with tops, boleros, jackets and always with shoes with heels.
  • Sleeve narrow, elbow-length or short in the form of a flashlight or wings.
  • Slightly raised waistline, hiding full hips and making it visually taller and thinner.
  • All kinds of hats, veils, scarves must complement the image.
  • Hair carefully styled, curled, combed, neat and flawless hairstyle.Most often, the hair is raised up.
  • Gloves and wide belts at the waist are common.

In the photo – brides at weddings in retro style, organized by the Peony agency. More photos – on the agency’s page!

New look New look – Weekend – Kommersant

An exhibition of archival dresses and photographs, which opened in Granville, and a new remake of the movie “Pool”, due out next week in screens, are united by the name of Dior: many beautiful women in costumes of Christian Dior and his successors at the exhibition – and Tilda Swinton, dressed for the tape Luca Gaudagnho by Dior’s latest art director, Raf Simons.Together they show us the path that home has traveled: from triumphant femininity to intellectual, functional and independent.

Every May in Lower Normandy, in Granville, where Christian Dior was born in 1905, an exhibition of Dior’s diverse heritage opens at the Les Rhumbs family villa. Over the past ten years, we’ve been shown the years of Marc Bohan, Christian Dior’s artist friends, the relationship between Dior aesthetics and Impressionism, the Dior-cinema collaboration, and much more.And this year the theme of the exhibition was “Women in Dior – Sublime elegance d’un portrait” (Femmes en Dior – Sublime elegance d’un portrait). It was arranged by Florence Müller, the chief curator of Dior exhibitions around the world, which has been doing them in Granville for many years.

Actually, any of the exhibitions in the Dior Museum could be called “The Dior Woman”, because everything that was shown to us during these years in a villa standing on the steep bank of the English Channel with pine trees, a garden, Madame Dior’s rose garden (all 36 varieties roses restored), a pool with nymphs and a pergola, is the story of the blossoming femininity of Dior, the flower girls of Monsieur Dior and his corolla skirts.In the shadow of girls in bloom – this title of Proust, the most important figure in Dior’s beloved Belle Epoque, can become an epigraph to his entire legacy.

However, the current exhibition has its own specification – and it is quite relevant. At Dior, they say that designer drawing, couture workshops and the catwalk are only creating dresses – they are given life by clients who adapt them to their personality and their appearance, as well as, and this is important, to the world around them. This is the only way to view fashion now. But paradoxically, the exhibition rather tells about something that was not so at all before.

Florence Müller ends his introduction to the exhibition catalog with Dior’s famous phrase from his autobiography “Dior on Dior”: “When I opened my house, I told Monsieur Boussac that I want to dress only the most elegant women from the most elegant walks of life.” And now a gallery of these women passes in front of us – the Duchess of Windsor and Princess Soraya, Maria Callas and Olivia de Haviland, his friends and collaborators Mitz Bricard and Susan Lulen. And also modern stars – from Princess Diana to Rihanna.These are really “the most of the most”, fully meeting the strict Dior’s requirements. But in order to understand how much the same world around has changed, you need to figure out how it was before.

There is a persistent cliche – “New Look revolution” (this was even the theme of last year’s exhibition in Granville), implying that Dior revolutionized fashion on February 12, 1947 at his first show in a mansion on Avenue Montaigne. A revolution is always a liberation, and Dior really liberated the women of post-war France, and of the rest of Europe and America.From occupational restrictions, from male work and male responsibility, from the masculinity of military uniforms, from the inevitable narrow-mindedness of 1940s fashion, from the anti-bourgeois and cocky zaza girls, whom Dior found absolutely unfeminine and could not stand. That is, in fact, he freed them from liberation – equal rights with men, a variety of social opportunities, simplicity and functionality of clothing, everything that will later become the content of feminist slogans and from where fashion ideas will come, in particular, power women of the 1980s.In other words, the essence of the Dior revolution was rather conservative.

But her conservatism turned out to be the exact answer to a social request: Dior recalls how he dreamed of a maximum of three hundred clients and was amazed at the wildly popular new look and an avalanche of requests that rained down on him from all over the world. Wanting to revive historical couture, he created a defiantly contemporary image. Those without money for Dior sewed curtain crinolines and starch calico petticoats.

All Dior’s luxury – kilometers of fabric for crinolines, intricately arranged corsets, rich decorative techniques – really looked like a challenge in post-war France with its rationing system, and even in much richer but harsh post-war America (where women staged demonstrations against the insane waste of dresses new look).And for Dior, it was a completely deliberate challenge. Proust’s heroines, the Parisian light of Belle Epoque, the ladies from Boldini’s portraits – all of this produced a deafening effect after the great war. Dior offers elegance, very refined, but also very theatrical – extreme femininity that requires a lot of effort from a woman just to just put on such a dress. And here, of course, clothes shaped a woman much more in every sense of the word than a woman – clothes. It demanded an uncompromising striving for perfection, the perfection of all details – practically turning oneself into a work of decorative and applied art that required exhibiting.Or, following a formula from the exhibition’s annotation, “Dior fashion house helped women construct their social identity.”

This revolutionary-conservative elegance of Dior has become a signature feature of the Dior style and has always been preserved, with all the very different artistic directors of the house: the nervous Yves Saint Laurent, the noble Marc Bohan, the vital Gianfranco Ferret, to say nothing of John Galliano and his theater. She always responded to the need – socially constructed or deep, it does not matter – for femininity, in what is usually called the word “princess.”And whenever there was an obvious conceptual gap in fashion, the new look was right there.

With the arrival of Simons, everything began to change – his latest collection, which we now see in all stores, is unprecedented for Dior in its simplicity: scanty sweaters, shirt dresses, white pajama shorts and tops with a minimum of decor. And in it – the special significance of the short era of Simons in his history. And even a certain challenge that caused a discussion after its show last fall. But his real goodbye Simons sent us with the movie “Big Splash”, for which he drew the costumes of the main character, Marianne.And she was played by Tilda Swinton.

Tilda is the perfect model for Raf Simons, who he once wore in Jil Sander and from whom he has been separated for a long time. Their new meeting already in the Dior space is just a gift for all participants. But Tilda Swinton is not a princess as much as one can imagine: she built her own personality and her own image, starting from all the stamps of her social circle and all the accepted ideas about “good taste”. Swinton is absolutely exceptional – and at the same time a real role model of the modern woman in terms of personal history, career, and fashion.

Dior wrote: “Women instinctively realized that I dreamed of making them not only more beautiful, but also happier.” Do Tilda Swinton and her character need to make her more beautiful? It is unlikely: for her, clothes are not just a way to decorate themselves, but precisely to assert their personality in the world, and each thing worn on it does not change it, but changes itself. Happier? I don’t think the question is even formulated that way.

Almost all the costumes that Simons makes for her, with the exception of the stage ones (Marianne is a rock star), is a summer wardrobe of a rich bohemian vacationing: a striped linen dress with a closure on the side and a bare back, a perfect closed white swimsuit, a blue shirt, a white silk an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit, a black draped silk top again on the back and a white silk sun skirt.And here there is an almost classic black and white new look dress typical of the 1950s style – a short kimono sleeve, a neckline, a gathered bell skirt with side pockets.

And now she, in these outfits, fidgets on a plastic chair of a street South Italian cafe, sits on some stone steps, walks on the sofa, dances at a local party, rides in an open military jeep and generally almost walks in the mud (in which she, by the way, it really is lying around, however, without clothes).And it is going through quite extreme events.

Raf Simons is not only an intellectual designer, he not only understands everything about new femininity and new functionality, that is, he sees the present and feels the future of fashion. He is also good at feeling fragility and even vulnerability – and very modern to convey them. And Tilda Swinton in “The Big Splash” is not just a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown – but a strong woman at the moment of her greatest fragility and vulnerability.

At the same time, in Tilda Swinton and her heroine there is an abyss of the most real elegance – in her carelessness, rumpledness, disheveledness, confusion and emotionality.And the freedom with which she handles these haute couture clothes is the key to real elegance, which we somehow call “deliberate negligence”.

We are shown in this film that very adaptation of couture outfits to our own personality and the world around, which the curator of the exhibition “Femmes en Dior – Sublime elegance d’un portrait” speaks about. And this is precisely the task that Raf Simons and Tilda Swinton are doing well. They cope, I must say, more convincingly than ninety beautiful couture outfits at the Villa Les Rhumbs.

This is desperately important now, when the concept of femininity has become so complicated and expanded, when the role of personal style, individuality, originality – everything that is so convenient to call the capacious English word personality – has so strengthened in fashion and has become one of the main marketing tools. This was perfectly conveyed by Raf Simons in his latest collections for Dior, this is well understood in Dior itself and they are trying to convey to the world with their exhibition, and it turned out brilliantly when Dior, Raf Simons and Tilda Swinton met.Every modern woman can be both strong and fragile, and in a wrinkled shirt, and in a flying sun-flared skirt, one does not exclude the other, this is a deceptive choice, they say in the amazingly beautiful scenes of the movie “Big Splash”, directed by Luca Guadagnino. Couture does not exist by itself – it is determined by the clients who come not only to the red carpet in it, but also wear it in everyday life, not only experience public success, but also the most intimate moments, – the exhibition “Women in Dior – Refined elegance of a portrait “.Both are true.

Elena Stafieva

90,000 with frills, with elastic, hairstyle, black, long, red


Such dresses are an essential attribute of all feminine styles – romantic, boho, new look, etc. It has been known for a long time – a similar style was worn everywhere in the 18th and 19th centuries, especially when it came to balls and palace receptions.After its triumphant appearance in the collections of the high fashion meters of Christian Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga, the dress temporarily became an attribute of exclusively evening dresses and the red carpet, but this year designers are starting to introduce it into everyday looks.

How to choose

When choosing a dress of this style, you must take into account the characteristics of your figure.For girls with wide shoulders, it will not work, as it will visually increase this part of the body even more. On the contrary, for the owners of narrow shoulders and especially the type of “pear” figure, such a dress will be an excellent find. At the same time, for short and plump girls, it can do a disservice, creating a “barrel” effect (in this case, it is recommended to choose models with sleeves and a small neckline).

In addition, this dress has one more effect – it visually lengthens the neck and draws attention to it.However, in the presence of age-related skin imperfections, this can have a negative effect, so it is worth considering these individual characteristics.

Popular styles and models

With frills

Dress with ruffles below the shoulder line is one of the most modern models.She is distinguished by sophistication, some playfulness and absolute femininity. The longer the dress is, the more clearly there are associations with the “Turgenev young lady”. Hair styled in large curls, which will repeat the bends of the flounces, will help to enhance this effect.


This timeless piece can be a great choice for a boho look – especially when paired with leather and suede accessories.The sleeveless dress option will also allow you to decorate yourself with a variety of bracelets and baubles (in boho, excess is welcome!), And a dress with a cropped skirt will go well with cowboy-style boots.

There are many similar dresses, for example, from the popular Asian brand Artka, in whose stores you can also buy suitable shoes and jeans. The latter are also excellently combined with a chiffon dress of a similar style, for example, khaki.

With sleeves

Models of dresses with sleeves look very sophisticated – especially if the neckline is deep enough. At the same time, the choice towards a small neckline will allow an elderly woman to achieve the desired effect without emphasizing age-related skin imperfections on the neck and chest.Dolce & Gabbana, Barbara Casasola and others presented models with long sleeves this season.


A straight dress is an excellent solution for overweight women, as well as for figures of the “apple” type, whose waist is naturally weakly expressed and puts excess weight there in the first place.

Do not choose models above the knee – floor length dresses are more suitable for you, which visually lengthen the image.


Models like these create a truly romantic look. He will look good on a date and can turn his head. But do not forget to take into account your natural forms and color types – a lace dress in soft pink tones will not make you sophisticated and romantic at all if it contrasts with your “dramatic” appearance and rich natural colors.In this case, on the contrary, you risk looking ridiculous. In addition, such a dress can look very frivolous on an older woman.


Off-the-shoulder fitted dress is a traditional evening dress. It is quite versatile, however, it best suits the Kibby types: theatrical romantic, romantic, soft dramatic and dramatic. It is better for representatives of “natural” types to avoid such models and give preference to more free ones.


A dress with bare shoulders and straps intertwined or tied behind the neck is a very daring model. However, it is rightfully the trend of the season, because such an outfit looks very stylish and modern. But girls with broad shoulders should refrain from this style – of all the options for a dress with open shoulders, it emphasizes the shoulders most clearly.

At the same time, the vertical balance of symmetry, which is achieved by the straps, allows the use of such dresses for almost all types.

One shoulder

Another non-standard form of such a dress is a model with one open shoulder. It can be a godsend for those whom nature has endowed with wide shoulders and made traditional dress options inaccessible.This season, such a model was among the first in the collection of brands such as Gianfranco Ferre, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Lanvin, etc.



A long dress is a classic evening dress, and the off-shoulder cut will add even more regality and femininity to your image.

A long and very loose dress should definitely not be worn by girls of short stature, although this is a wonderful summer option.In your case, it is better to give preference to models of medium length or with a narrowed skirt to the floor (as an evening version), which visually lengthen the legs.


Medium length models look especially good on gamin and rectangle shape.

We can say that this length is universal, so it will also be appropriate for other types. Most importantly, do not forget to pay attention to the details of the cut and strive to ensure that they emphasize your merits, diverting attention from the shortcomings.


Above the knee length dress is perfect for everyday use.In addition, it can be used as a tunic and combined with jeans or trousers with a straight and tight cut.

The most common version of such a dress is a model with a straight cut.

Actual colors


With the light hand of designers, black has long gone beyond the framework of funeral dresses, having become a standard of elegance and style.However, do not forget that for the “spring” and “autumn” colors it, like white, may not be the best solution. But it is worth noting that a cape of a more suitable shade in this case will save the situation, especially since the black color is easy to combine with any others. For more effect, do not forget to choose shoes to match the cape and choose a clutch of the same color, or make the look more noticeable by adding additional shades.


Red is associated with passion and sensuality, so models with bare shoulders in this color are the choice of very daring women.If you do not want to look too aggressive (especially if the choice fell on a bright red dress to the floor), then do not forget to complement the image with accessories that will balance the catchiness of the red color. These can be trendy shades of the current season – riverside, sharkskin, warm taupe, or potter’s clay or their analogues.


If you want to look stylish and fashionable, choose a blue dress in muted shades.Especially careful is it to choose such a dress for girls with dark or tanned skin – bright blue will give a very strong contrast, and it must be “muffled” with accessories of neutral colors.


The yellow version is one of the most fashionable this season. Remember Belle from Beauty and the Beast? This color will transform you into a real princess and make the star of any party! It will be especially advantageous to look at such a yellow dress on a girl with dark skin or the owner of an “autumn” flavor.


This season, all fashionable shades tend to “gray”. However, this makes them quite versatile and suitable even for those color types for which cold colors are categorically contraindicated.


Of all shades of pink this season, the most popular are soft pink and bright cyclamen.When choosing between them, consider what mood your bow should convey. Cyclamen will become a hymn to your bright and creative nature, and the tenderness of the shade of rose petals will emphasize tenderness, sensitivity and youth.


Green is a tireless classic. Its various shades are appropriate always and everywhere (with the exception of a strict dress code, of course).Therefore, you can safely choose the one that suits you, taking into account personal preferences and your color type. Various variations of green with warm and cold undertones are present in the recommendations of absolutely all color types.


Off-shoulder dress with bright (especially black and white) stripes – greetings from the 1980s! Such a sheath dress, together with pumps and a small handbag, will create an image that will not go unnoticed.It is perfect for a stylized party or as a summer outfit, to which you can also add a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses in a classic black frame. Modern options for glasses are also suitable, but avoid narrow and round ones – they will simply get lost against the background of such a set.



A dress of any style with a lot of lace requires careful selection.It can give femininity and romance to the image, however, it will turn out to be grotesque and “puppet”, if you do not take into account personal characteristics. Such a dress is not recommended for older women – so you risk creating the effect of “artificial rejuvenation”, which will make you comical


Cotton is an excellent option for summer and warm countries, as it is a natural material that is perceived by the skin better than many synthetic counterparts.In addition, a cotton dress will be an excellent solution for those who, due to their age or personal preferences, cannot afford lace.


Chiffon – light, translucent fabric – will make your look light and airy soft. However, if you are the owner of a more restrained or even tough nature, a chiffon cape or shawl, which will best emphasize your individuality, will be an excellent addition to the look.


Tight-fitting models are most often sewn from knitwear, so, as mentioned above, this choice will not be successful for everyone. And this will definitely not be an evening dress – jersey simply will not give the necessary elegance to your image. But for everyday life, such a dress of medium and mini length will be a good choice, especially since it is quite versatile.

With what and how to wear

Accessories and jewelry

Off-the-shoulder dress is a style for which it is very difficult to find the right jewelry on the neck.But at the same time, he allows you to completely abandon them. Alternatively, you can complement the look with chunky earrings, a variety of bracelets, and a wide-brimmed hat that won’t leave your look empty.

An important addition to the outfit in this case is a cape or shawl made of light fabric. It can become not just a beautiful accessory that harmoniously fits a given style, but also a kind of salvation for those with wide shoulders.

What hairstyle to make

Long, loose hair looks great with this style (especially if you are natural, soft natural or flamboyant natural by Kibby typology).

For all other types, hair gathered in a hairstyle with a beautiful hairpin or an elegant hat will be more suitable (in the evening version, a small veil is quite appropriate here).

Festive and dressy looks

A dress made of lightweight fabric with a wrap on the bodice is perhaps the most feminine version of this look. Complement it with pearl or aquamarine jewelry and you will transform into a mermaid. Or complement it with a chunky floral-patterned necklace and comparisons with the beautiful forest nymph are guaranteed. Both a collected hairstyle with a bright hairpin and loose hair will be appropriate.You can also pull back and pin only part of your hair, revealing your face.

A dress with open shoulders and open back at the same time is a great option for an evening dress. However, keep in mind that such an image will look very defiant and choosing a dress of too “flashy” color for it will be superfluous. It is better to complement it with eye-catching earrings and bracelets with stones.

90,000 style features, who suits and what to wear (56 photos) Dress styles

February 1947, Paris.On Rue Montaigne in the Christian Dior Fashion House, a new collection is being demonstrated to the world, which the designer himself called “Corolla”, or “Corolla of a Flower”. In this show, ninety models of suits and dresses were presented to the gaze of the surprised audience, in which each model looked truly feminine and graceful. A fragile waist, a high and lush bust, small round shoulders and gentle curves of the hips – this is exactly what every woman of that time dreamed of seeing herself. But the war left its mark on the way of life and thinking of people, so it seemed that beauty had been forgotten for a long time.

The show ended with a thunderous ovation from the admiring audience. In just one week, such a volume of orders and profits was received, which the Fashion House expected to receive in a few months. Parisian women, tired of the bleak existence of recent years, accepted the collection, preferring true femininity. Thus, the New Look style appeared in the fashion world, which got its name thanks to Carmel Snow, the editor of the American Harper’s Bazaar.A style that revived romantic chic and sophistication in the feminine image of the era.

Until the early 60s, this style did not lose its popularity in the world of women’s fashion. But even today, the image created by the great master remains relevant and in demand among modern women.

Style features

The New Look style is well recognizable thanks to its unchanging features.The finished image of a woman dressed in a dress created by Dior should resemble the silhouette of the familiar hourglass.

This effect is achieved through the following features that distinguish this style from the rest:

  • rounded shoulder line;
  • high raised bust;
  • thinnest waist;
  • rounded thighs.

These details are a must for any New Look dress.Moreover, each product can be as original as the designer’s imagination allows, since this style allows you to create numerous variations of models.

It is important to note that the bottom of the dress can be not only fluffy and flared, but also have an oval or straight shape. There are also no strict recommendations regarding the neckline and the presence of sleeves. That is why modern fashion designers, when creating dresses in the New Look style, freely play with the style of the skirt, the length and shape of the sleeve, as well as the depth and shape of the neckline.

Also, when creating dresses in the style of New Look, fashion designers use several traditional guidelines to achieve ideal proportions. For example, the waistline should be above the natural at a distance of 3-5 cm. This technique visually makes the legs longer and, if necessary, corrects wide hips. The length of the skirt is also important, which should be on the palm of your hand below the kneecap.Thus, the female figure visually becomes more elongated and graceful.

Sewing the first New Look dresses required many meters of fabric, which made this process quite costly, and the dress itself was very heavy due to the large volume of material.Modern models are created from light flowing fabrics that should keep their shape well and should not stretch. If an evening version of the dress is created, then more refined fabrics are used for it: satin, silk, guipure and elegant lace fabric. And the bottom of such dresses can consist of two skirts: the lower, more luxuriant, sewn from the base material, and the upper – from translucent, for example, guipure fabric. This technique adds luxury to the dress and can turn it into a real work of art.

The colors of New Look dresses can be either monochromatic – from muted to bright and juicy shades, or using several colors, as well as all kinds of prints. Most often, you can find models in a medium-sized flower, with abstraction or geometric shapes. More than half a century ago, dresses were also decorated with polka dots, a cage or a pinstripe. But even today, such an outfit will look fresh and stylish.

Suitable for?

It is difficult to dispute the fact that the feminine image, created in the New Look style, radiates an attractive and fragile beauty. Therefore, many women dream of having a dress in this style in their wardrobe. But, before purchasing a ready-made dress or making an order in an atelier, a woman needs to determine the type of her figure and think over her image in detail.

  • So, if a woman has an “Apple” figure, then, unfortunately, a New Look dress is not a suitable option for her. It will only emphasize the absence of a waist, as well as excessive fullness and make a woman’s appearance awkward.
  • For a woman with a pear-shaped figure, the correct cut of the petticoat will serve as a camouflage for large hips. In this case, it is preferable to use as few folds and gathers on the sides as possible.And the right top of the outfit, on the contrary, will put the required emphasis on fragile shoulders.
  • For women whose physique resembles the “Inverted Triangle”, the features of the cut of the dress will help to achieve a balance of proportions, as it will add the missing volume to the hips. This will make the difference between narrow hips and wide shoulders less obvious.
  • A New Look dress will perfect the rectangle with a slim corset that accentuates the waist and sleeves with shoulder pads that accentuate and highlight the line of the shoulders.
  • Happy hourglass wearers can undoubtedly choose any New Look outfit. It will perfectly fit the figure and accentuate its flawless shape.

You can also focus on the desired part of a dress or a woman’s figure with the help of a special decor. The bow in this case is a classic element in the design of dresses.It can be of any size, from miniature to imposing. And its location depends on which part of the dress you want to emphasize. Therefore, the bow can take its rightful place both on the bodice of the dress and on the belt or directly on the skirt itself.

What to wear with?

Additional wardrobe items, if there is a need to complement the image with them, should be selected based on the characteristics of a particular New Look dress.It should be remembered that not every thing can make an ideal ensemble with it. One wrong step – and all the elegance and perfection of the image will disappear with the appearance of the wrong thing.

Dress in the style of the 50s can be easily combined with boleros and tops, cardigans made of light knitwear and fitted jackets. Such sets are considered classic and repeat the traditions of the time when the famous style was born.

Young ladies who prefer more daring fashion solutions can create a modern interpretation of the look in the style of New Look.For example, with the help of an interesting model of a denim jacket.

Conveniently, one and the same dress can look different when combined with different wardrobe items. The main rule that should be followed in this case is a competent combination of all elements. Only in this case can the image be called flawless.


The New Look style does not tolerate haste and negligence.Any defect can spoil the overall impression of the image and all efforts aimed at creating it will be in vain. We are talking not only about the dress itself, but also about other components: accessories, hairstyle and even manicure.

Accessories are an essential part of any toilet. They should emphasize the irresistibility of the image, and not distract from it. To create a harmonious composition, the New Look dress is usually complemented with a hat, gloves, for which the same material can be used as for the dress, and, of course, a handbag.A neat neckerchief will help to make the image even more romantic, and sunglasses will give a woman an attractive mystery.

Various belts are a stylish and unusual addition to the New Look dress. They will more clearly highlight the waistline due to a contrasting color or shape.

There are no strict prohibitions and restrictions in the choice of decorations for New Look dresses.Both jewelry and products made of precious stones and metals can be used here. It all depends on the preferences of the woman, her capabilities and the reason for which the dress is chosen.

Bulky beads or necklaces, earrings or clips will become an indisputable decoration of open shoulders and neckline. And the wrists, if desired, can be distinguished with bracelets. Models with sleeves should be complemented with jewelry of a more restrained nature. For example, pearls or rhinestones.


Shoes are the finishing touch to a New Look outfit.It must be flawless. It is not permissible to wear shoes that have lost their appearance, or, for example, shoes of obviously poor quality.

The same goes for the style of the pair of shoes that will adorn a woman’s leg. The ideal company for the New Look dress is mid-heeled shoes with a narrow, pointed or rounded toe. Such models visually slim a woman. With evening dresses in the style of New Look, chic sandals, correctly matched to the outfit, are perfectly combined.

But shoes without a heel can also be a worthy companion to a New Look dress. A tastefully selected pair of graceful ballet flats will allow women who prefer comfortable and comfortable shoes to dress in New Look dresses without the slightest damage to their appearance. Also, flat-soled shoes allow you to wear such dresses in everyday life: to work, study or for a walk in the park.


Hair styling also plays an important role in the creation of the New Look look.The right hairstyle will make a woman’s appearance flawless. An unsuitable styling option, on the contrary, can ruin the whole image. A New Look dress will be perfectly complemented by a hairstyle with high hair raised, giving the silhouette a stately and graceful look. And for women of short stature, she will help to visually stretch the silhouette.

The legendary New Look style, created by Christian Dior, awakens fragility, elegance and attractiveness in a woman.And in our time it is appreciated no less than 70 years ago.

new look clothes

If you want to show your own beauty and dignity in the ensemble, undoubtedly you need to rely on femininity. Clothes in the style of new bow – this is one of those options that will not hide from others the uniqueness of the weaker sex. From this article you will learn about how this style arose and what features are inherent in it.Perhaps you will not resist dressing in this way, unless of course you already use similar items in your sets.

How did the new bow style appear in clothing?

Women in the early twentieth century became active feminists. They began to wear men’s hairstyles, which were called “garcon”, rested in entertainment establishments, began to play sports, in general, began to do those things that were previously done only by men. Masculine suits, broad shoulders like boxing ones, love for work and their own career could not fail to interest the famous fashion designer in order to return women to their former beauty, which they began to gradually lose.

Dior saw a woman more feminine, graceful, graceful and compared her to a flower. Christian’s models had convex and delicate shoulders, a neat and rounded chest line, an incredibly thin creeper-like waist and wide, diverging skirt cups. All the outfits produced by the designer emphasized the fragility of the woman and the subtlety of her nature. The new look style was proposed by the designer in 1947.

The weight of ordinary everyday dresses from Christian’s collections reached 3-4 kilograms.Evening toilets weighed up to 30 kilograms. It could take from 9 to 72 meters of fabric to sew one outfit, for which the designer was considered wasteful.

Frankly speaking, the fashion designer has not revealed anything new to the world. He simply brought into fashion what was lost by women in time – outfits that demonstrate their femininity.

New look style or “new look”, as it is also called, was initially subject to criticism. He was considered wasteful by many. However, after the first showing of Dior, the direction received success.The style brought back into fashion lush elegant dresses, carefully matched hats, 7/8 and ¾ sleeves, which were complemented by elegant long gloves, bracelets and clips, jewelry, neckerchiefs, pointed sunglasses. The print in a cage, stripes, peas gained popularity. The actual colors were brown and white, gray and white, as well as red, pink, green. Many fashion houses began to work in the new look style, such as Nina Ricci, Lanvin, Givenchy, etc.

What is the basis of the new look style?

The new bow style is based on three types of silhouette – straight, flared and oval. When creating such silhouettes, the designer took into account three types of female figure – an oval (or apple), a pyramid (or a pear) and an hourglass. For the last option, fitted dresses and outfits with wide skirts, for example, sun-flared, are successful, for oval – pencil skirts and jackets with shoulders and sloping shoulders.

The new bow look implies small shoulders, a narrow waist that can be tightened with a corset and luxurious hips. The founder of the style, Christian Dior, suggested that women wear floor-length dresses, decorated with a deep cut in the neckline. Stockings with a seam and neat stiletto heels were obligatory. The designer often preferred to decorate the dress with a bow. Many of the ideas for the new bow style are taken from the era of romanticism. Accessories and shoes must be matched in the same color. The prints with stripes, polka dots, a cage, which we talked about earlier, were obligatory.

What is known about the modern style of new bow clothing?

In modern fashion, the length of the dress should cover the calves or be below the knee. The bodice must be close to the figure, highlighting the beautiful breasts. In the modern world, neo new bow is distinguished – a more comfortable feminine style, devoid of corsets and having a skirt slightly above the knees. For everyday life, fitted suits can be used, consisting of a narrow skirt decorated with a peplum and complemented by a jacket that emphasizes women’s shoulders. For evening looks, dresses in a romantic style are used, focusing on a thin waist and emphasizing the hips with a fluffy skirt.

The interest in prints in modern fashion has remained the same. This is a cage, peas and stripes in various variations. The dress may be devoid of a print, but then it must have a pattern in the form of flower petals, leaves or other fancy composition at the hem or at the waist. The handbag, shoes and straps can be colorful and in line with modern fashions.

How to create a new look look?

It is quite easy to create a new look look if you personify yourself with a flower.Remember what a flower looks like, remember your favorite flower and colors that match your color type. It can be a skirt or dress that can be fitted, like an unblown tulip bud. If you cannot boast of a thin waist, you can wear shapewear or a corset to emphasize the smoothness of women’s curves.

  • Be sure to complement your ensemble with a belt or belt . It can be a narrow strap that stands out favorably against the background of the whole ensemble, or a wide belt tied with a bow.You can choose a tight-fitting sweater or a feminine top with a deep V-neck for the skirt, visually stretching the silhouette. Graceful bustier dresses will allow you to highlight the shoulders, but make sure that in them your body does not resemble a caterpillar and there would be no extra folds in it. The skirt should emphasize the hips – it can be lush or tight-fitting and decorated with a peplum, a belt or an original pattern that accentuates the waist.
  • Draw attention to delicate and fragile hands by choosing dresses and blouses with ¾ sleeves.The sheath dress can be complemented with a blouse or short-sleeved cardigan. Long gloves made of noble material will be useful for evening dresses.
  • If we talk about the classics of the genre, then should be noted such colors as pink, black, gray, white and chocolate , which can be combined with each other in various ways. In practice, you can experiment slightly with other colors, such as green (associated with stems and leaves of color), lilac or purple (like petals), and other colors.
  • Among footwear you should wear shoes, sandals or stiletto ankle boots. The height of the stud must be up to 7 centimeters or higher.

New bow style in clothes is a return to femininity and a way to show the defenselessness of a woman’s nature, in which her strength is hidden.

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