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Free pattern: scrubs – The Craft of Clothes

Folks, there’s a shortage of hospital scrubs in the world.

There’s a shortage in Australia, in the UK, and no doubt in other countries too.

This week I attempted to make a zero waste scrubs pattern. (The full pattern is at the end of this post – beset by technical difficulties, the only way I could put it in here is as a series of images, for now. Sorry.)

UPDATE: download a pdf pattern here.

UPDATE: having problems sewing the trousers gusset? Look in the comments for a solution.

I confess that I failed on the zero waste part; after a solid week’s work I metaphorically collapsed into an armchair and conceded that it’s a low waste pattern instead.

It could be zero waste if you cut out multiple garments across multiple sizes – since the pattern pieces are all rectangles – so it has potential. Where I have failed, zero waste-wise, you may succeed.

This is a free, open-source pattern which can be freely shared, adapted, improved upon, emailed to a friend or published elsewhere.

There are no pattern pieces to print out and tape together – the pattern is contained within the instructions, in the same format as Zero Waste Sewing.

USA friends rejoice, it’s in imperial measurements as well as metric. (Liberian and Myanmar friends can also rejoice.)

The trousers are adapted from the diamond gusset trousers pattern described here. I’ve made the gusset far easier to sew and eliminated the stress point at the gusset’s apex. I’ve also added pockets and a deeper hem.

The top is essentially a T shape, with the easiest V neck ever.

It might be helpful to tell you what size I’m wearing. My measurements are bust 87cm (34″) and hips/seat 99cm (39″). I’m 168cm (5″6″) tall. I’m wearing a size 8 top. The trousers are cut for 99cm hips and are the “average” length specified in the pattern.

Here is my husband, who has a 99cm (39″) chest and 105.5cm (41 1/2″) hips/seat. He is 180cm (5′ 11″) tall. He’s wearing a top cut for a 97cm (38″) chest – ie it’s technically half a size too small for him, but it looks ok and he’s got enough movement.
The trousers are the same ones I was wearing, and I’m slightly more than one size smaller than him, however, the seat, leg length and crotch depth are all ok.

The trousers have in-seam pockets in the sides and patch pockets on the legs.

Since we only have one pair of trousers between us, I’m wearing an ancestor of the scrub trousers – the diamond gusset trousers.
The headscarf I’m wearing is a free pattern on this blog. It wasn’t designed as a surgical cap (I wear it for renovating), but there are some links to free medical hats here. If you’re in Australia and would like to make hats for nurses, here’s a facebook group that will help you.

I’m not the first patternmaker to do zero waste scrubs in response to covid-19. Danielle Elsener of DECODECODECODE in London also has an open source pattern (and she nailed the zero waste). She has some neat ideas in her layout and suggests cutting masks at the same time if there’s space. Her pattern is tiled to print out and the instructions are succinct. UPDATE: I made the scrub top from this pattern here.

If you’re wanting to sew scrubs, join with a facebook group such as The Scrubs Co-op, Spotlight Crafts for a Cause or Rona Scrubs in Australia, For the Love of Scrubs – Our NHS needs you in the UK, or connect with a hospital, local GP or health care worker directly, if you know someone.

Please feel free to share my pattern. If you have any feedback, if you’ve found a typo, easier method or have a good idea, please leave a comment below. You can also send a comment marked private and I’ll read it and reply privately.

Keep safe and well.


PS Cecilia Digenis, here’s a picture of the end of the trousers gusset:

Easy Surgical Scrub Top Pattern – Make And Donate It

This easy surgical scrub top pattern is the final project in the surgical scrub outfit.   After we published the Unisex Scrubs Pants Pattern last week, many readers asked for the matching scrubs top.  So here it is!

The complete set is made for at-home use (in case you need to care for an infectious family member), or to be donated to healthcare workers.  This is my little way to help in this terrible pandemic.  You can find links to all the other patterns at the bottom of this article.

People that can sew are in a very unique position to help.  I hope that after we pull through this, more people out there will realize the special benefits that come with this great skill of sewing.


  • 1 yard of 100% cotton 60 inches wide.  See my recommendations below.
  • Thread to match
  • 2″ Bias tape (make your own)


Fabric Recommendations

Experience Level:  Beginner

To be able to use this easy surgical scrub top pattern and to make the top you need to read this tutorial first.

Easy way to apply bias tape to a v-neck tutorial

How To Download Your PDF Pattern

We’re going to continue to use the new PayHip Webstore to distribute our patterns. As most readers know, Craftsy (Bluprint now) is changing a lot and they have stopped designers like us from publishing new patterns on their site, so we’ve had to move to another service.

Our patterns are still free, but now you now have the option of making a small contribution if you like our work! We’d really appreciate it and it will help is keep going with new and fun designs like this. Even a dollar or two really goes a long way.  Maybe you don’t know it takes an average of 26 hours of work to make a post and that does not include a video.

Thanks so much in advance for helping us out.  You can use any credit card and you don’t need a PayPal account, although you can use one if you have one.

Pattern Download

Download Pattern HERE

How To Print And Assemble Your Unisex Scrubs Top Pattern

Please use Adobe Reader which is a free program.   This is all you need.  Print the pattern in Landscape mode and do not Scale.

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Pattern Layout

Fitting:  These easy surgical scrub top pattern will be loose fitting and boxy and on the longer side.  Make the appropriate adjustments to elongate the top, make a full bust adjustment or add a dart to the torso.

Size Chart

Size Bust Hips Length Sleeves
S 39 42 24 1/2 8 1/2
M 41 44 25 1/4 9 1/4
L 43 46 26 10 3/4
XL 45 48 26 3/4 11 1/2
2XL 47 50 27  1/2 12 1/4

How To sew Your Easy Surgical Scrub Top

Attach the pockets

Turn the top of the pocket 1/2″, then a full inch.   Following the pattern place the pockets on the front of the top.  Pin the pockets and sew a double stitch around them, starting on the left side of the pocket and ending on the left.

Print sides together, sew the front and back at the shoulders, then serge the seam allowance reducing it to 1/4″.

Sew the sides.  Start sewing from the hemline to the armhole but stop 3″ from the armhole.  Serge the sides leaving the seam allowance open.

Attach The Sleeves

Make two rows of large stitches around the cap of the sleeve.  Pull the thread and round the sleeve.

Pull the thread and round the cap.

Pin the sleeve around the armhole.

Sew the sleeve and serge the seam allowance open.

Next, sew the side gap you left open before and pin the sleeve to the armhole.

Then, sew the sleeve around the armhole.

Sewing The V-Neck

Sewing bias tape on a V-neck is very easy, all you have to do is to measure the neckline and add 1/2″ of  seam allowance.

Easy way to apply bias tape to a v-neck tutorial

Sew the bias tape to make a loop and align the seam to the shoulder seam.

Sew the tape at 1/4″.  Clean the seam using the serger, do not cut the seam allowance.

Topstitch the neckline.

To make the V on the neckline sew at the tip of the bias tape.

Sewing The Hem

Fold the hem 1/2″ then another 1/2″, then sew.  Repeat on the sleeves.

That’s All

I hope you can use this easy surgical scrub top pattern to help your local health care community continue to fight this terrible pandemic.

In case you missed it, you can complete this set with the tutorials below:

Super Simple Face Mask Pattern For Adults And Kids

Super Simple Face Mask Pattern For Adults And Kids

Easy Surgical Scrub Cap Pattern

Easy Surgical Scrub Cap Pattern – Make It And Donate It

Unisex Scrub Pants Pattern

Unisex Scrubs Pants Pattern – Making Scrubs Quick & Easy

I hope you are all continuing to stay safe and healthy.   Until Next Time, Happy Sewing.

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How to Make Scrubs Fit Better? – Step by Step Guide

The prime duty of a nurse is keeping her surrounding people safe, healthy and happy during her stay at the hospital.

When a nurse can do these obligations successfully while keeping her personal style up, she starts enjoying every second of her duty.

A good fitting scrub can make a nurse looks fashionable and let her be confident all over the day.

A nursing scrub is the newest edition of nursing uniform history. A nurse can do her job smoothly wearing this dress. But when this scrub is too loose or too tight, she feels awkward and can’t walk, sit or move with her natural posture. As a result, she does not enjoy her time at the hospital.

If you are a nurse, you don’t need a scrub that is thicker and taller than you or even thinner and shorter than you. In the following sections, we have discussed some strategies that can help you make your scrub fit better, and a special tip on how you can fold your scrub for storing or traveling.

Fit Scrubs

How You Make Scrubs Fit Better?

To get perfectly fit scrub for your official duty, the shortest way is to buy the right size from the shop. You can also place an order to your tailor to make a scrub for yourself within a given time.

If you make you scrub following either of those two ways, hope you will get the right fit scrub. Even if accidentally you do not find your scrub fit, you can apply the following three methods for perfectly fitting.

Good Fitting Scrubs

  1. Make a scrub top by yourself.
  2. Alter your scrub top and pant.
  3. Shrink your scrub.
  4. Making A Nursing Scrub Top by Yourself

Scrubs Shape

When you are making your own nursing uniform, you will have complete control and freedom to every detail measurement. As a result, your scrub will be nothing but a perfect fit. Let’s know the step by step process of making a scrub by yourself.

 Step-1: Find A Scrub Top Pattern

Scrub Top Pattern

Find a scrub top pattern. Either you buy it from a shop, it just costs a few dollars; or if you know your friend or colleague already has one, you can borrow it from her. Also, there are a good number of websites where you will get various types of scrub pattern.

However, while choosing the pattern, you are free to choose anything that you will feel comfortable to wear and easy to make as well.

Step-2: Choose the Fabric

Scrubs Fabric

Comfortability of your scrub depends on the softness and the nature of the fabric. So, you should choose a type of fabric that is comfortable to wear and the one you can spend all of your working hours wearing.

For color selection, choose one that you like and won’t make you out of the pack at your hospital. In this regard, you can choose the hospital friendly colors that convey the messages of caring. One important fact you have to remember is if your hospital follows a specific color for a certain group or a particular rank doctor or nurse, you must choose your color according to that guideline.

Finally, choose a fashionable yet standard shade or design. You can go for any design that makes you unique, good and trendy without violating the dress code of your workplace.

Step-3: Shaping the Scrub

Now use the scrub top pattern to cut out appropriate shapes from the fabric. After the initial cutting, you should have the following pieces: the front with a V-neck, the back with a classic circle neck, the front of each sleeve and the back of each sleeve.

When you cut the shapes from the fabric, take a slight extra part of each shape to avoid any shortage during the sewing.

Step-4: Connecting the Shaping

It’s time to connect all the shapes to get a complete scrub. Start your sewing with the front piece and back piece, place the shapes inside out next to each other. Now sew them together along the seams.  After that, when you turn the top right side out, you’ll see that the seams are perfectly hidden inside.

Once you finished this initial sewing, keep the garment inside out for now, sew together the front and back of right/left sleeve and then the other. Finally, sew both sleeves onto the main part of the scrub.

By the time you finish all the steps properly, you will have a complete scrub top. During the sewing, you can also try it to make sure it fits perfectly. This trialing amid of sewing also makes your work even more flawless.

  1. Altering the Scrubs Top and Pant

Measurement of Scrubs

Altering is another effective way of making scrub fit better. Altering means minimizing the width or length of clothes by sewing.  It takes just a few minutes. Here you will get to know how you can alter your scrub top and scrub pant.

a) Altering Scrub Top

Follow the steps to alter your scrub top from the side to make a baggy fitted.

  1. Lay down your buggy scrub on the surface.
  2. Keep your old best-fitted dress on the baggy top to get the measurement.
  3. Mark the area with pin or chalk.
  4. Now start sewing the scrub along the marked lines.
  5. Finally, cut out the extra fabrics from both sides.
b) Altering the Pant

If your pant needs to be altered, follow these steps.

Step-1: Determination

At first, determine where your scrub pant needs to be altered. In most cases, they need to be altered in the waist or legs.

Step-2: Pin the Excess Material

Stand in front of a mirror wearing your pant. If you find the waistline is too large, do not stretch, simply pinch both the right and left sides inside of the waistline. Make sure that you have pinched equal amount of excess material on both sides.

Now insert a sewing pin/needle/safety pin through each of the pinched sides in a vertical direction placing it close to your finger. Make sure that the pins you pinched have gone through the material perfectly on both sides.

Step-3: Pin Placing

If your pant legs are too long, cuff the extra material of your pants under, until you have got your desired leg length. Now, place pins at the top of the cuff following a horizontal manner, and make sure that those pins completely penetrate all of the layers of the material.

Step-4: Needle and Thread Preparation

Turn your pant inside out. Take a needle and 10-inch thread. Now run the threads through the needle, and knot down the back of double layers of the thread.  Choose a thread color that is the exact or nearly exact match to your pant color.

Step-5: Sewing

Sew the pinched material around the waistline and cuffed material around the legs. You can effectively do this by pushing the needle through the material and up through the underside. Keep doing this, until you have sewn horizontally around the full cuffed pant leg, as well as vertically along the pinched material inside the pant waistline.

Step-6: Get It Ready

When you are done with sewing, try it to be confirmed that you have done your job correctly. If you find it perfect, iron the cuffed and pinched areas so that they lie flat.

  1. How to Make Scrub Smaller by Shrinking

If your scrub is a little large, shrinking it using washing machine and dryer is a quick way to bring the size down. In this case, 100% cotton made scrub shrinks faster than other partial cotton or polyester made scrubs.

Step-1:  Placing the Scrub

Place your scrub in the washing machine. Make sure that you are going to wash your scrub with other clothes that will not emit any extra color during washing. Because, mixing light color with white or colorful clothing with white may cause the clothing dye to bleed, as a result, the original color of the cloth will be lost!

Step-2: Setting

Change the setting of your washing machine to Regular/Heavy in warm to hot water. Now switch on the machine. Washing scrub in this method usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour, so wait for it.

Step-3: Drying

When the washing will be finished, take the scrub from the machine and put it into a machine dryer. Set the dryer to a medium to very hot setting. Also, if you wish, you can use a fabric softener dryer sheet during drying.

Step-4: Take a trial

Finally, get the scrub out of the dryer and check the size. If it is still too loose, you can attempt for further shrinking. If it is too small, you can try to stretch it to fit with your body by regular wearing.

How to Fold Your Scrub Top?

Folding scrub top in right way is important to keep your scrub always in a good shape. If you know how to fold scrub, you can take your scrub top in your travel bag without harming its good shape and flat outlook.  To learn how you can fold your nursing scrub top follow the steps.

Step-1: Washing

To fold your scrub for storing or traveling, first, you need to be sure that you have washed it. If you fold an unwashed or sweaty top, it will be full of odor when you unfold it to wear.

Step-2:  The Folding

Lay your scrub on the floor keeping the face side down. Then fold the scrub half from any side. At this stage, both sleeves will be one on another. Now fold the sleeves on the opposite side of their faces. If you can do those steps properly, your scrub will be in a rectangular shape. Finally, fold the scrub top again from the front end.

This is the standard style of storing the scrub for future use. But if you want to minimize the size for packing while traveling, you can do another folding in the middle.

Summing Up

A perfect fit scrub is always expected.

Most of the time, a nurse has to be conscious about her ready-made bought scrub as order scrub almost always comes in good measurement.

However, even if you do not get the perfect fit or want your old buggy scrub to fit again, you can ensure the perfect fit for yourself following any of our three strategies.

7 Tips on How to Look Great in Your Nursing Scrubs

Who says that fashion and style are only tied up to a certain profession? Well, broaden your thoughts and think over again! Even if you are in the medical field, fashion speaks louder than your usual worn out garments and oldie style.

Nurses spend most of their time wearing their scrubs. In fact, they even start and end the day with it. And when invited by some friends after work, they already have the feeling of being tired to dress and party. Nurses embrace the reality that they are trapped in a profession where they have very little time to enjoy the nicer options of life such as fashion. This site will spill the secrets to a BETTER and NEW you with these ideas on how to stay in touch with the sense of FASHION and STYLE!

Think you’ve got what it takes for a nurse to make it in fashion? Here are several tips on how to easily and inexpensively look awesome in your scrubs every day, and experience a little of the color and fashion that’s missing in your life.

1. Choose the Scrub That Suits Your Body Type

Deep V-necks and open collar neck scrubs for the light and heavy type. Image via: Cherokee

No worries dudes and gals if you are either the light or the heavy type! You can equip yourself with deep V-necks, open collar neck scrub tops in dark solid colors if you are top heavy and narrow at the hips. These will narrow your upper portion. On the other way, if you are bottom heavy, wear long tops that skim over your hips. This will cover up multitude of sins. Avoid wearing wide pants if you are heavy on the hips. And if you are the slim type of nurse (for females), it will be good to wear ruffled, smocked, and gathered tops to add some volume to your body. Layer your scrub top, camisole and jacket for a more substantial look as well. These ideas will ensure that no matter what your body type, you will look awesome in your scrub.

2. Choose the Right Size Scrubs

Comfortable, well-fitting scrubs. Image via: Cherokee

One of the most important things to consider is choosing the right size of scrubs, and yet it is often overlooked. For males, scrubs are either too wide or too fit. While most female nurses don’t know their actual measurements. As a result, nurses tend to buy outfits that don’t fit them as well as they should. When you buy scrubs, choose the right size for a good, comfortable fit. When you wear well-fitting scrubs, you’ll feel more comfortable and more confident, and walk tall. And if nothing matches your measurements, it would be best to seek help from the best tailors and seamstresses in your place. This will allow your own self to guarantee repairs and adjustments as well.

3. Wear Complimentary Colors

Images via: Cherokee | Scrubs

Consider the right color scrubs that match your skin tone. To find out if a color suits your complexion or not, hold the scrub up close to your face. If the scrub color gives your face a warm tone, then the color is right for you. If your face looks drawn, pale, or tired next to the scrub’s color, then the color isn’t best for you. The idea is to choose colors that brighten your face. If you are not good in judging yourself, don’t forget to consider the opinion of your CLOSEST friends. They will surely give you the most honest remark!

4. Match Your Tops and Pants

Printed scrubs. Images via: Koi | Cherokee

Though most scrubs come in pair, buy several sets in prints and bold colors and then match up the separates. Bring out the best can come up with creative matches and keep shifting your sets. Wearing a new look every day may add excitement and start your day just right. However, when you mix scrubs, ensure that when you wear a printed item, you downplay the effect using a solid color item. For example, you can wear a printed bottom with a solid top, which reflects one of the main colors in your bottom’s print.

You can also mix prints, if they’re of the same family. Mostly for females, mix florals with florals, and animal prints with animal prints. If your bottom has large prints, ensure that your top has small prints. You can also mix florals or prints with solid colors. For males, wearing solid colors is much better, from lighter tops matched with darker pants and vice versa. Over time, you’ll learn how to efficiently mix and match, creating new looks for yourself.

5. Do Some Personal Touch on Your Scrubs

Scrubs with embroidery. Images via: Med Couture

Even if you buy your scrubs from a shop, there’s no reason why you cannot put your own unique stamp on it. Though this idea may seem familiar to some institutions, try getting your name embroidered on the side of your top, for a very unique look. You can also choose to put your embroidered nickname or initials on one side of the sleeve in an alternative color. On a solid color top, equip it with your favorite pin to pop the solid color. It doesn’t matter if the pin has nothing to do with the profession as long as it matches your personality. You can think of many ways to personalize your scrub. Just make sure that the idea you are trying to consider is not against the institution’s specific rules.

6. Use Minimal yet Fetching Accessories

Image via: Fancy Scrubs

Female nurses can use jewelry to accessorize their scrubs, while taking care to keep it subtle. Wear a delicate pair of earrings, a simple hairpiece, and a slender necklace and so on. Your jewelry should bring out the colors of your scrub. Go ahead and wear skinny belts to give yourself an hourglass look. For both, you probably only have a few watches you wear regularly. That said, try to stay true to your style and pick the design that fits your scrub for a certain day. Remember not to wear too much accessories that will steal much attention than your scrub.

7. Wear Your Scrubs with the Right Attitude

Image via: Educational Star

Lastly, no matter how pleasant your scrub is, wearing it with the right attitude is always a must. A positive attitude helps you cope more easily from the stresses of the job. Moreover, being confident about yourself will also bring constructive changes into your job, it will make you happier, brighter and more successful.

Always remember, a positive frame of mind helps in a lot of ways. Believing in yourself and in your abilities will show more self-esteem and confidence that will reflect on your entire look and getup.

What’s in a Blend? A Scrubs Fabric Guide

Finding the perfect fabric for your workwear

Here at The Uniform Outlet we answer a lot of questions about scrubs. One of the things people often wonder about is fabric. When purchasing a new pair of scrubs it’s important to know how the scrubs feel, how they will hold up over time, and how they move. Just knowing what kind of fabric your scrubs are made from can answer a lot of those questions.

Unfortunately, people often don’t know how to interpret information about fabric and fabric blends. That’s why we’re creating this handy scrubs fabric guide. After reading our guide you should have a much clearer idea of how the scrubs fabric will affect the feel of the scrubs. This expert knowledge will give you newfound confidence about what you’re adding to your online cart.

Cotton: The traditional scrubs fabric

Pure cotton is a soft, breathable, absorbant and natural choice. It’s easy to launder and takes well to ironing, which is good for sanitizing hospital garments. It’s also durable and won’t build up static electricity. Because of its many good points, cotton remains popular as a traditional choice for scrubs fabric.

However, there are some things that customers can find frustrating about 100% cotton scrubs. For one, the material wrinkles easily in the wash, and so even if you weren’t planning to iron you may have to anyway. Cheap cottons can also shrink with laundering, so make sure you’re purchasing your scrubs from a trusted provider. Any kind of cotton will also fade more quickly than synthetic fibers in the wash.

Polyester: scrubs go high tech

A synthetic fiber made from coal, air, water and petroleum, polyester is a high-tech fabric. It resists stains and wrinkles, it is highly durable, and it does not stretch or shrink. Polyester does not take heat well, and so should only ever be ironed on an appropriately low setting. However, it is less likely to need ironing for aesthetic reasons, since it dries quickly and stays smooth.

Polyester is less comfortable on the skin than cotton. It can feel a bit rough and it builds static easily. Still, the colors in polyester fabric are exceptionally long-lasting and the material easy to care for, as well as being generally cheaper than cotton. This makes it a popular choice for scrubs fabric.

Spandex: scrubs fabric that gives you some stretch

Another synthetic fiber, Spandex shares some of Polyester’s excellent properties. It does not stretch or shrink, it takes dyes well, and has an attractive price point. It also resists perspiration and stains. When it is blended with other fibers Spandex also adds some movement to the fabric without bagging or sagging. It’s what gives your favorite yoga pants their stretch.

Stretchy fabrics usually have between 2% and 7% Spandex blended with some other material. Activewear may have an even higher percentage. However, when a fabric blend is made with more than 10% Spandex it does not wear as well, nor is it very breathable. This means that it’s unusual to see fabric made with a very high percentage of Spandex.

Rayon: Cotton’s absorbency with polyester’s price

Rayon is a man-made fiber, but it is more similar to linen or cotton than other manufactured fibers. That’s because it is made from the regenerated cellulose fiber found in wood pulp, which can be made to mimic the properties of natural fibers like silk, wool and cotton. It’s soft and absorbent, unlike polyester or spandex, but it wrinkles easily and can stretch when wet. Rayon can give blends some of the properties of cotton at a lower price-point.

The science of scrubs fabric blends

When your scrubs or other garments are produced using a fabric blend, the manufacturer is trying to balance the positive and negative aspects of different fibers for an optimal result. For instance, this Sanibel scrubs top is made with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This way the fabric has the softness and breathability of cotton, but the added polyester makes it wrinkle-resistant, unlikely to fade, and quick drying. It’s also less expensive than a pure cotton item would be.

Finding the perfect scrubs fabric blend is a matter of taste, but The Uniform Outlet has something for every buyer. If you’re looking to try something new this week shop our sale on Cherokee Workwear. The whole line is 20% off until August 9th. And remember, if you have questions about your scrubs fabric or anything else our friendly representatives are here to help you find the right fit.

Look 10 pounds slimmer in your scrubs – Scrubs

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to rethink your medical scrubs so you can look your best. It’s not always easy to find figure-flattering scrubs that are also comfortable, durable, and breathable. However, some of the most popular scrubs brands, including Cherokee, Heartsoul, Dickies Medical, and Scrubstar, are renowned for these very features.

If you’re fed up with wearing a medical uniform that is less than figure-flattering, or you’re tired of choosing between comfort and style, read on. From v-neck scrub tops to straight-leg pants, certain styles, cuts, and colors can serve as the most flattering scrubs you’ll ever wear, and you’ll never go back to your old sets of scrubs again!

Here are our top tips for looking 10 pounds slimmer in your scrubs, without sacrificing durability or fashion to do so:

1. Say yes to monochrome

Dressing in a monochrome set of scrubs is the first and most important step to help create a longer, leaner line. Dressing in one color gives the illusion of changing the wearer’s body shape to look thinner because it doesn’t break up the vertical line like wearing two different colors can.

Another way to accentuate your body and camouflage those trouble areas is to wear dark colors. Colors like black, brown, navy, charcoal, burgundy, deep green and purple are slimming. Always wear the styles that compliment your body type. The feminine scoop neck scrub top is a great way to wear the monochromatic color combinations. The black, brown and navy are excellent choices for any medical professional, from the travel nurse to the CRNA and everyone in between.

The Round Neck Tuck-in Top from Heartsoul is tucked in and on-trend, available in black, navy, and pewter.

2. Get rid of anything too snug or too big

Don’t wear anything that is too tight—doesn’t matter if it’s your mock wrap scrub top or your straight leg pants. Nothing will make you appear more apple-shaped than wearing something that is too snug. On the other hand, oversized scrubs will also end up giving you a larger look. Although it’s tempting to try to hide in a long, bulky sweater or squeeze into something that’s too tight, neither of these strategies works when you’re trying to look thinner. This applies to everyone. Even actresses.

The other night, I was watching a TV show in which a beautiful actress with a great body walked into the scene. She always looks great on the show, but in that particular episode she wore a top that was too tight. The buttons across her chest were pulling so much they looked like they would pop open any second. If she was playing the part of Wonder Woman and needed to suddenly pull apart her shirt to reveal her costume underneath, I would understand. The ill-fitting blouse was so distracting that it took away from her acting and her beauty—not to mention it added 10 pounds to her. I don’t want you to make the same mistake!

3. Choose strategic detailing

A medical uniform with some embroidery brings the focus front and center. A forgiving cut, like a tunic-style top, gives you the look that is more figure-friendly, which creates a slimming and flattering look. Another way to look thinner is to wear a V-neck scrub top, which creates a nice vertical line and a leaner, longer look. The top scrub brands offer scrubs in a wide variety of options for strategic detailing. For example, check out this great v-neck scrubs top with knit side panels from Cherokee:

Cherokee’s v-neck knit panel top offers a modern classic fit with slimming stretchy side panels.

4. Get the perfect-fitting pants

Looking for scrub pants that can make you look trimmer? Make sure they really fit. If you find the right scrubs, they can slenderize certain problem parts of the body such as the butt, hips and thighs. Try wearing bottoms that have no pockets or pleats. If you can’t live without your pockets, make sure the pockets are small enough and placement on the pant doesn’t add any extra bulk. A flat-front pant will create a line that subtracts pounds. Make sure your scrub leg pants extend all the way to your shoe tops to give your legs a longer look.

Sporty meets classic design in the Mid-Rise Moderate Flare Leg Pull-On Pant from Dickies Medical.

5. Choose the right prints

If you’re attached to your prints and can’t see yourself in solid colors, be sure to watch the patterns. Choosing the right print can make all the difference in looking thinner. Big and loud patterns by some scrub brands can make you look bigger than you actually are.

This women’s mock wrap top from Scrubstar offers a beautiful print that isn’t too big or too loud, lending a slimming look for any medical pro.

Remember these fashion tricks of the trade; keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, fashion, or durability in order to look slimmer when you go with the top scrubs brands. Designing with you in mind, every brand featured above offers scrubs that provide premium styles, useful features, flattering designs, and an exceptional array of colors. Before you know it, your coworkers will be asking you if you’ve lost 10 pounds. Just smile and say, “Thank you, I do feel great!”

This article is mentioned in the Spring 2010 print edition of Scrubs Magazine, which can be found at uniform retail stores nationwide or purchased online. Go to for a peek inside and to find out where you can get your copy!

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easy bouffant scrub cap pattern

easy scrub flat top mop 3m . Floral printed pattern adds the stylish tone for you, you will be more attractive wearing it. Scrub Caps Printable Pattern and How To DIY Tutorial (version 2) – Learn To Sew A Surgeon Scrub Cap 1. Zipper Small Purse Wallets Geometric Pattern: Clothing. ). Banded Bouffant Medical Scrub Caps are designed & manufactured in the USA and are one of our best-selling medical cap styles. If you have trouble printing it, make sure you are printing from a computer, not a phone or tablet. Feel free to share the link to this blog anywhere you like for people to find it, but please don’t share/post the pattern file itself. So Sew Easy Surgical Scrub Cap: Has a good picture tutorial for assembly. Once the pattern is printed then cut out the top, head, and tail of the pattern. This project is an easy surgical scrub cap pattern. The hat has a tapered elastic-free front band and a full crown that accommodates most hair lengths. No matter why you need this pattern, you can download it for free. A zero-waste scrub pattern by Decode. Convertible Scrub Cap: A headband with buttons to attached a mask to converts into a scrub cap pattern, Professor Pincushion made a great YouTube tutorial of this pattern. This hummingbird scrub hat pattern has elastic in the back. Bouffant Surgical Cap Make sure you print the pattern pieces at 100% for adult size. The pattern is free, but please consider donating to to help them send pulse oximeters (critical for monitoring COVID-19 patients!) Simply print them on paper, glue them together and follow the instructions to start sewing. The pattern for the brim is located in the description. Well, here we are again with another Covid oriented post. Beloved by many, the streamlined design and unparalleled comfort of the EURO® make this scrub cap the number one choice for a large number of medical professionals around the world. [Easy Care]: After a long day of caring for other people, you don’t need to be stressed about special care for your nursing cap! One size fits most if you have short hair. The EURO has everything you need, ease of use, style and comfort. To order by phone, inquire about an order, or request an exchange/refund, call: 1-800-653-7301. All Roads Express, scrub cap pattern. (If you use Windows 10, make sure you open the file in Adobe Acrobat. A low-waste scrubs sewing pattern by Liz Haywood. Big Hair Medical Scrub Caps have a flat front and tailored back that can be worn two different ways. Just drafted a pattern as I needed to make one for a doctor friend and, as usual, since I did the work and digitised the pattern, I also took photos of the process and I’m sharing it all here. Doodabug also has a free bouffant surgical cap pattern available to those who sign up for their newsletter. Every one of the 82 hat patterns below has a tutorial or instructions so you can make a hip and funky or a practical hat for everyone. #bouffantscrubcap #scrubs #nurselife #surgicalnurse #surgicaltechnologist #scrubhathair #curlyhair #curlyhairedgirl #scrubhatsewing #etsysellersofinstagram #etsyshop #adesignbyangie #sewingtutorial #sewingpatterns #surgicalhat #hathairdontcare #scrubhatpatterns As with all my other scrub hat patterns the instructions are packed with easy to follow pictures and written instructions to take you through the whole process step by step. Download The DIY Scrub Cap Pattern. Want to learn to sew a bouffant hat for yourself? They are breathable and comfortable. … A Scrub Cap As Hardworking As You Are! The slim-fitting cap is tied in a simple knot at the nape of the neck, with enough room to tuck in any stray hair. The pattern for the brim is located in the description. This cap is easy to sew. DIY Surgical/Scrub Hat: Working in the OR, I always see doctors and nurses walking around wearing cute scrub hats. Download the pattern here. Luv your pattern for the scrub cap with ponytail Do you have a pattern for the face mask Thanks. They give you … This sewing project requires less than one yard of … Spotlight on the Bouffant Scrub Cap sewing pattern. Easy to Sew Hat Patterns. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Poppy scrub hats are a bouffant style for women with more or thicker hair that won’t fit in a regular pony scrub hat ( see video ). So not wanting to wear those stupid looking blue disposable ones, I looked into purchasing a few. Free 2-day shipping. BUT, to have access you will need a PASSWORD. Visit my Etsy shop A Design By Angie to download your patternor pick up a copy of my newest book Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings and More at your local Barnes and Noble. Apply for all head types and hair types of men and woman in different industries. is an online community for crafts and DIY projects where you can find loads of ideas, advice, and inspiration. This is the 3rd scrub cap pattern I’ve used since March. Find the latest in trends and styles by perusing this large group of hats and caps, in many shapes and sizes. From shop SwanFamilyPatterns. Measure and cut fabric 0:47 (If making multiple, 1 yard of fabric will give you 6 cap tops and 2 cap bands or 3 cap bands) a. Use the free scrub cap pattern to make a reversible, bouffant style scrub hat. Patterns in full size with allowance. It is very easy even for a beginner. Karen, I am glad I could help! It is for protecting your family, and for donating to the health workers who are having a hard time fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Easy Bouffant Scrub Cap Tutorial with Free Pattern. Scrub hat Bouffant scrub hats Surgical cap Surgical Hat Scrub Cap OR hat Pink Women’s Surgical Scrub Hat. The Bouffant Style scrub hats are handcrafted from high quality 100% cotton fabrics. Floating Flower Pots $ 15. Scrubs Pattern Scrub Hat Patterns Hat Patterns To Sew Sewing Patterns Free Nurse Hat Bonnet Pattern Surgical Caps Scrub Caps View Source. Scrub hat sewing PATTERN PDF. Coronavirus is causing a lot of troubles for health workers all around the world. Highest Quality Professional Print That Is Soft To Touch. Not to mention if you know someone having chemotherapy, this kind of hat is pretty. DIY Surgical Scrub Cap Free Sewing Pattern. for all you scrub hat wearers. She works with COVID-19 patients at a local hospital and takes PPE protection very seriously for the sake of all. Reversible Scrub hat 4 styles. We’ve also included a scrub cap in the file. *** Purchase this pattern today and download it right after payment, by following instructions in listing photos. Scrub Hat Sewing Pattern tutorial DIY 7 surgical scrub cap sewing instructions pdf Instant DOWNLOAD ONLY #dpapp7. The more involved bouffant cap is constructed of multiple pieces of fabric. Bouffant Scrub Hat. Said she paid around $20 a a scrub uniform shop online. Cricut Scrub Cap Pattern Supplies. Connect the other open side to the opposite side. I’ve refined this pattern from these two Youtube videos: DIY Scrub Cap by Lea Goes Green and Scrub Cap by Larissa Fontenot . 15:22 26 Oct 19. You’ll love this new fashionable way to wear your ponytail in th… Hey there!!! You’ll love this new fashionable way to wear your ponytail in th… Cap Scrub GUOER 100% Cotton Reusable Nurse Cap Scrub Hat Bouffant Scrub Cap 1 Size Multi Color US $7.98 – $9.98 / Piece Inside you’ll find LOTS of gifts and goodies just for you because I truly love to share. All Roads Express. Hat Sewing Patterns Baseball Cap Pattern Sewing Google Search Diy Sewing Sewing. free printable pumpkin carving The patterns are sent via regular mail or as an email attachment. I’m really enjoying making some beautiful scrub caps for some of my friends in healthcare. The pattern you’re bidding on is one I’ve devised through trial and error, with simple, easy to understand instructions. Chemo Caps Sewing Patterns Golden Unicorns Bouffant Scrub Hat Surgical Cap Chemo Cap. Download The DIY Scrub Cap Pattern. printable surgical scrub cap pattern. It is tight fitting with ties in the back. Adjustable Strap: Ties at the back,easy adjustable to fits all head types and hair types. Big Hair Medical Scrub … This is the style that my local health care workers want…. Moving in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. The tie-back scrub cap pattern and instructions, designed by Katy Nicholson, is found on the website. nurses’ scrub cap pattern pg. 3/8” sa already included cb c d scrub cap top pattern piece join with When wearing our bouffant-like cap, you can expect all-day comfort. Simply print them on paper, glue them together and follow the A scrub cap prevents ‘ear fatigue’ by attaching the elastic on your mask to two buttons sewn to the scrub cap. If you are tired of looking for the perfect scrub hat, the good news is that you can stop looking. See instructions for Hummingbird Scrab Hat Pattern here.. If your stitch is a bit too gathered when you go to turn the hem, clip a … Surgeon’s Scrub Cap – DIY Step By Step Tutorial (Want a digital copy of a pattern to scale so you can print it & cut out? Uncategorized; $9.99 Scrub Hats. Gingerbread Kid’s Pillowcase. 131. Working Cap Sweatband Bouffant Turban Hat Buttons Tie Back Adjustable . May 3, 2020 – #withme #stayhome #bouffantscrubcap #scrubcaptutorial #sewingtutorial #youtubetutorial Welcome to Meghan Grace DIY! Package Includes: 1 X Scrub Cap . This video celebrates the over 3,500 volunteers who came together to sew, volunteer and deliver over 85,000 masks, gowns and scrub caps to front line and essential workers during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chemo Caps Sewing Patterns What Is A Crochet Chemo Cap For Cancer. Seller: smartybuy (394) 99.4%, Location: North Highlands, California, Ships to: Americas & many other countries, Item: 353063623327 Surgical Bouffant Scrub Cap Medical Doctor Ponytail Hats 100% Cotton. Made of high quality cotton material, the hat is skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable to wear. This is the download for the free Bouffant Surgical Cap. If you are looking for a scrub hat sewing pattern, scroll down the page to print the PDF file and instructions.. Hummingbird Scrub Hat Pattern. Bouffant Scrub Hat Sewing Pattern copyright 2007 by A. Herbertson Note:You can get two hats out of one yard of 44 inch wide fabric and there are special instructions just for that at the end. Apr 11, 2020 – Tutorial and patterns for sewing a scrub cap style#1 The manual includes a detailed step-by-step description. Other websites offer free patterns for scrub hats, or give thorough do it yourself . Now connect the remaining front/back section to the open piece of … nathkelley says. BOUFFANT-STYLE SURGICAL SCRUB CAP Pattern: Make the pattern for the circle as a half-circle, or you can also make it a quarter circle by folding the fabric and marking an arc that is 10.5″. These patterns are quite easy and I do believe that even if you are not a good seamstress you will manage with them. 4. This free pattern features scrubs, with the option to lengthen the top to make surgical gowns. The manual includes a detailed step-by-step description. Our Price: $10.98 0 out of 5 Customer Rating. Here is a little tutorial on how to make a surgical scrub cap for long hair or a ponytail. Adjustable Strap: Ties at the back,easy adjustable to fits all head types and hair types. Convertible Scrub Cap: A headband with buttons to attached a mask to converts into a scrub cap pattern, Professor Pincushion made a great YouTube tutorial of this pattern. Make your pretty Scrub hat by using this simple-to-use sewing pattern. Scrub cap, Room for your bun is a PDF sewing pattern for instant download. So, make sure you have it before you start to make it. This cap is easy to sew and its without elastic. Strongly associating with other confused twenty somethings, I’m always trying to find new ways to have fun & dress well. More information… More like this This time it’s scrub hats. leopard bouffant ponytail cotton scrub cap cancer hat. Of course, the little surgeon needed an assistant so, I sew a surgeon set for myself as well. Sew Your Own – An Easy Shower Cap Tutorial. Reply. My New ponytail bouffant style ponytail hat pattern. Hat Sewing Patterns George Flat Cap Pdf Sewing Pattern The Tailoress. SUPERMAN Surgical Scrub Hat Cap Bouffant Women Ladies Medical Vet OR, suitable for people who pursue the latest trend in life.

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90,000 Why a sugar body scrub is good for you and why it will make you candy

Most girls are focused on facial care, while the body is left with mere crumbs. Dermatologists say: the body, like the face, needs high-quality exfoliation, hydration and nutrition in order to be smooth, soft and healthy. If your daily body care is limited to a washcloth and shower gel, it’s time to increase your self-love. UniLook sugar body scrubs will help you with this.What kind of beauty products are these and what benefits they bring to your body, we will tell you further in our article.

What is skin exfoliation and why you need a sugar body scrub

Sugar scrubbing is designed to remove a layer of dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis. When your skin produces new cells, it naturally gets rid of dead cells every 30 days. Very often, the stratum corneum settles on the epidermis, resulting in clogged pores and dry scaly patches.A layer of dead cells prevents cosmetic products from penetrating deep into the dermis. Because of this, the cream either rolls on the skin or remains on it in the form of a film. The pores become clogged, resulting in blackheads and breakouts. The hairs cannot break through the thick layer of keratinized cells, which causes the follicles to become inflamed, and ingrown hairs and inflamed red spots appear on the legs more and more often. Skin color becomes dull and earthy. Sugar scrubbing helps to get rid of dead cells, cleanse the epidermis qualitatively and solve all of the above problems.

How Sugar Scrub Works

Exfoliation is the process of removing a layer of dead cells from the surface of the epidermis by chemical or physical means. Chemical exfoliation is carried out using acids – glycolic, salicylic or lactic. They cleanse pores, even out skin tone, make it incredibly smooth and vibrant. Physical exfoliation is done with scrubs, which are made up of tiny granules. Small abrasive particles cleanse the epidermis from dead skin cells and stimulate the production of new ones, improve blood circulation, skin color and relief.Good helpers in the anti-cellulite program and the fight against sagging. Fans of exotic fragrances will love the UniLook Almond Sugar Scrubs, which can be purchased with a coconut body cream. A heavenly delight for every woman.

Can I use a sugar facial scrub

Dr. Joshua Ross of West Hollywood says sugar scrub is contraindicated for the face. Its granules can easily scratch or damage sensitive skin and cause irritation.For the face, scrubs with the finest granules are best. Moreover, scrubbing is recommended for oily and normal skin. If you have dry or sensitive skin, it is better to use a gentle peeling roll. It gently cleanses the face of dead cells without any negative consequences.

Benefits of a sugar body scrub

Sugar scrub is not only completely safe, but also very beneficial for the body. It perfectly copes with the process of exfoliation of keratinized cells, thereby exposing new healthy cells.What does it mean? Moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging ingredients are better absorbed by the dermis, which leads to an improvement in its general condition. Scrubbing with granulated sugar improves circulation and even helps get rid of orange peel and stretch marks. The skin becomes taut, smooth, pleasing with a healthy glow.

Which body scrub to buy?

Every girl dreams of getting first-class body care without unnecessary overpayments. It is these two advantages that UniLook cosmetics combine.The brand produces several body scrubs and creams. Strawberry Sugar Scrub and Banana Body Cream are available.

8 Benefits of Sugar Body Scrub

# 1. Healthy and beautiful skin. Cleans the epidermis from dead cells, making your skin healthy and beautiful.

# 2. Luxurious tan. Helps to obtain an even tan – natural or artificial.Keratinized cells create irregularities on the epidermis that do not allow the tan to lie flat. In addition, if you then remove this dead layer, then your tan will go away with it. Before going to the beach or tanning bed, do a sugar scrub to help keep your tan flat and last longer.

# 3. Provides hydration. Typically, beauty products contain nourishing natural oils and vitamins that moisturize and nourish the epidermis.

# 4.While ingrown hairs. The best time for a sugar scrub is the day before epilation or shaving. The granules unclog pores and remove the top layer of skin that is blocking hairs from breaking through. This will prevent the problem of ingrown hairs, inflammation and the appearance of pustules.

# 5. Evens out texture and improves color. “Sweet” granules smooth the skin, brighten it, remove dull and earthy color. The body begins to shine with health and beauty.

# 6. Accelerates the elimination of toxins. You can eat right and play sports, but there are always external factors that negatively affect your body – pesticides, ultraviolet light, polluted air in the metropolis. All this provokes premature aging. Self-massage with a scrub improves blood flow and movement of lymph, which accelerates the elimination of toxins from the body.

# 7. Can be used for lips. Yes, yes, and this is not a myth.Dermatologists recommend that you gently cleanse your lips with a sugar scrub to get rid of dryness and flaking caused by chapping and frost.

# 8. Helps fight cellulite. Self-massage with sugar granules improves blood circulation, provides a lifting effect, and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

If your skin has become dull and rough, this is a direct sign that it’s time to buy sugar body scrubs.With age, the natural renewal of the epidermis slows down, which leads to the formation of a thick layer of dead cells on its surface. Sugar scrubbing will help get rid of it and release the soft and smooth skin like a baby.

Which is better salt or sugar scrub

Most exfoliating products are made with salt or sugar. Each of them has its own undeniable advantages.

Sugar Scrub has less abrasive and rounder granules than salt and is therefore considered a gentle beauty product.Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, which effectively breaks down the stratum corneum and smoothes the skin surface. It accelerates the replenishment of moisture loss in the dermis, keeping it hydrated and healthy. It is the best solution for dry and dehydrated skin.

Salt scrub has more granular granules that effectively smooth out irregularities – remove flaking on the elbows and cleanse the feet efficiently. Salt is a natural cleanser that effectively unclogs pores and flushes out toxins.It has a good invigorating effect, stimulates cell renewal and blood circulation.

What is better salt or sugar scrub? Sugar scrub can be performed up to 4 times a week as it is gentle and suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Salt scrub is tougher, and therefore recommended once a week. However, both products are effective at exfoliating. Just consider your skin type when choosing.

How to properly use a sugar body scrub

  1. Take a hot shower or bath.It is important that the skin is steamed for 5-10 minutes and softened well.
  2. Apply in a circular motion, but do not rub too hard to avoid scratching or damage. Too much effort can lead to irritation.
  3. Massage to cleanse the skin and improve blood and lymph circulation in the body.
  4. Rinse the beauty product thoroughly with water and do not rush to dry your body with a towel.
  5. Apply your favorite body oil or lotion to damp skin.
  6. Enjoy the shiny, smooth results you’ve been dreaming of.

How often you can use sugar body scrubs

Dermatologists recommend scrubbing after taking a bath. Dry your body with a towel and apply the scrub with your hands in a circular motion. Self-massage improves blood circulation, improves tone, reduces anxiety and stress. Exfoliation should be done 1-2 times a week for sensitive, 2-3 times a week for normal and every other day for oily skin.

Notes for girls:
• What should be in a girl’s makeup bag in 2021? Putting together a basic cosmetic bag
• Are the brushes useful for washing? Benefits how to use
• What is a gua sha scraper and how a jade facial massager brings back youth

Body scrub – contraindications

  1. During pregnancy and lactation, exfoliation procedures are contraindicated as women’s skin becomes super-sensitive during this period.
  2. If sunburned, skip scrubbing to avoid spotting and hyperpigmentation.
  3. Refuse the beauty procedure if there are injuries and wounds on the body.
  4. Scrubbing is prohibited in the presence of vein problems, as well as spider veins and venous nodes.

Prepare your sled in summer and start exfoliating in winter for a perfect body and incredibly smooth, radiant skin for spring and summer.With UniLook, personal care becomes a real magic. Try it yourself.

Home scrub: home scrub recipes

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Every woman knows that the skin needs hydration every day. However, this beauty ritual is not the only care she needs. Many people forget about scrubs, although they are just as important to beauty as moisturizers.

Of course, all kinds of funds can be found on store shelves.But sometimes it’s more interesting to make a natural scrub with your own hands. It will turn out the way you want it. Plus, it’s fun to cook. You can get your friends and do it together. The key is to find good homemade recipes.

If you do not have time to experiment, use the berry body scrub from the brand “One Hundred Recipes for Beauty”. It gently cleanses the skin and nourishes it with natural antioxidants. The texture of the scrub with raspberries, cream and oatmeal will give you the feeling that you made this product with your own hands.

What is a scrub for

Dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin, and it is impossible to completely get rid of them during basic water procedures, so home scrubs and peels come to the rescue. They help:

  • improve blood microcirculation;
  • to accelerate metabolic processes in the skin;
  • cleanse pores, smooth relief.

As a result, the skin becomes soft, smooth and rejuvenated.

Scrubs help prepare the skin for further care.After scrubbing, it becomes more receptive to moisturizing, nourishing and corrective agents. If you have normal to combination skin, you can use the scrub once or twice a week. And if you are the owner of dry skin, then it is better to use the product every 10-14 days.

What are the contraindications

At first glance, scrubs seem harmless. But any product that has a mechanical effect on the skin has a number of important contraindications.

  • If you have a rash, burns or irritation, scrubs are contraindicated. Otherwise, you additionally injure the already irritated skin with abrasive particles.
  • If a capillary mesh is visible on the skin, scrubs should be discarded, replacing them with products that break down rather than mechanically scrape off dead cells. For example, it can be peels or essences with AHA acids, but without exfoliant particles.
  • If you are going to do laser hair removal, do not injure your skin.There is a risk of age spots.
  • If you are allergic to the components of the product, do not try to endure irritation for the sake of an exfoliating effect (this applies to any cosmetic product).

How to make a body scrub

It is not difficult to prepare a body scrub at home. Among the many recipes, we have selected the simplest and most effective ones for you.

Coffee scrub

Particles of coffee have proven themselves well in cosmetology.They help keep problem areas of the body under control, including those prone to cellulite. Homemade coffee body scrub helps to reduce the appearance of the “orange peel”, makes the skin smooth and taut.

We write down the cooking method:

  • Grind 200 grams of coffee beans in a coffee grinder or take ground coffee. You can use coffee grounds;
  • add 5 drops of orange essential oil and a few tablespoons of olive oil to the resulting mass;
  • Cleanse and steam the skin;
  • Apply to problem areas, massage vigorously for 10 minutes.

Honey Salt Scrub

A duo of honey and salt is a popular option not only because of the availability of ingredients, but also because of its effectiveness. It has a pronounced detoxifying effect on the skin. To make such a scrub, you will need:

90 170 90 116 200 grams of salt;

  • 100 grams of liquid honey.
  • You can hardly find a homemade recipe easier.

    Apply the resulting product evenly to the skin of the body and begin the massage.Make an upward circular motion, gradually decreasing the radius and periodically changing the pressure. Leave the mixture on the skin for a couple of minutes to intensify the effect. This scrub should be applied after the sauna, but you can try it after taking a bath.

    Moisturizing scrub

    The best home scrub can only be made from banana and brown sugar. These two ingredients not only make a delicious dessert, but also soften the skin. Mix them up and start the procedure!

    There is another option for a natural moisturizing scrub.Combine a handful of chopped almonds with half an avocado and olive oil. The result is a gentle blend that effectively moisturizes your skin while exfoliating. Avocados are rich in vitamin E, and olive oil effectively fights dryness.

    Skin firming scrub

    Mix sugar with olive oil, add a drop of any essential oil there. Apply the mixture to damp skin while showering, then rinse thoroughly. Olive oil effectively nourishes the skin and helps it retain moisture.Due to this, it becomes more toned and elastic.

    Oatmeal scrub

    This homemade body scrub recipe is worth remembering for those with dry skin. To make it, you will need chopped oatmeal and some wheat flour.

    Take half a tablespoon of oatmeal and flour each. Add boiled water to the mixture until it turns into gruel. Add a few drops of lemon juice.

    You can change the recipe a little – mix half a tablespoon of ground rolled oats and the same amount of powdered milk.Then pour in a little hot milk and cover for 7 minutes. This scrub cleanses, moisturizes, nourishes and restores smoothness and comfort.

    Benefits of a body scrub. Myblackpearl

    expert tips

    What is a scrub?

    “Scrub” is a word derived from the English verb “rub, scrub”. The scrub cleanses our skin of impurities and dead cells, and also refreshes it, leaving it smooth, supple and radiant.This is due to improved blood supply and renewal of the epidermis.

    • Benefits of scrubs

      The scrub helps to renew body skin, fight cellulite and ingrown hairs. This is possible thanks to the hard abrasive particles in the composition, which unclog pores and massage the skin. Abrasives are natural: crushed apricot pits, coffee, salt, plant seeds, pumice – and synthetic. For example, granules made from cellulose derivatives can be classified as synthetic.Previously, exfoliant particles made of polyethylene were also actively used, but for reasons of reducing the environmental impact, cosmetics manufacturers are actively abandoning them, preferring scrubbing particles that decompose in the environment without plastic.

      Exfoliants are also classified according to hardness, particle size and shape. Each particle has its own pros and cons. For example, lovers of “clean to squeak” may feel that small and soft particles do not sufficiently cleanse the skin, while large and hard ones can be very stressful for it.

    • We use the scrub competently

      To achieve the desired effect from scrubbing and at the same time provide an opportunity for full recovery of the skin after it, it is necessary to use the scrub competently. Firstly, a scrub is a means of additional skin care; you cannot use it every day. The optimal frequency is 1-2 times a week.
      Also, you cannot use a scrub if your skin is damaged: there are cracks, cuts and inflammation, signs of irritation.
      Exfoliating the skin with a scrub is contraindicated after visiting a solarium or sunbathing.

      The delicate skin of the neck and décolleté must not be scrubbed, stretched or applied to excessive pressure. Instead, you should use caring creams and serums that will help maintain the beauty and elasticity of the skin of this delicate area for longer.

    A little more about the frequency of application

    It is important to know that the renewal cycle of skin cells is 28 days.During this month, skin cells gradually “mature”, rising to its surface, die off and exfoliate naturally, allowing the next generation of cells already formed under them to do the same way. The purpose of the scrub is to stimulate and support the natural renewal of the skin.

    For normal skin, applying a scrub once a week is enough to remove dead cells and activate metabolism.

    For oily skin, scrubbing the body is worth 2 times a week, and for dry skin one procedure in 7-10 days will be enough.

    The frequency of scrubbing also depends on the season: if in summer the scrub can be used regularly, then in cold weather it is worth doing less often than usual.

    If you have delicate or thin skin, then you should refuse the scrub so as not to provoke irritation.

    Terms of use

    Before using the scrub, you should cleanse the skin. Warm showers, baths, or bathing treatments can help dilate the pores. Under such conditions, dirt and dead cells are easier to exfoliate.

    It is recommended to apply the scrub in the evening, so that by the morning the possible redness after an active massage of the skin with a scrub has subsided, and the skin has time to return a feeling of comfort. Apply a scrub, for example “Perfect Skin” from the Black Pearl brand, in a circular motion, and massage intensively in the areas of cellulite formation in the direction of the lymph flow. After the massage, leave the product on the body for a few minutes so that the beneficial components of the composition are absorbed, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Then rinse it off with warm water, and then with comfortable cool water and be sure to apply a moisturizer.

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