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10 best lunch boxes for adults going back to work

Katherine Robinson Do you have a cool adults’ lunch box sorted for your return to work? Whether you’re looking for a bento style, stainless steel or something best for soups or salads, breakfast jars or simple tupperware, we’ve gathered the best styles for both men and women

Are you preparing for a return to the office? Many of us are, and as well as sorting out our workwear and the new list of safety essentials and face masks we’ll need, we’ll need to think about what we’re going to do for lunch. Gone are the days of whipping up a quick something at home in the moment, now the best option for most will be to prepare a packed lunch to eat at your desk.

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If you’re in the packed lunch gang, you’ll want to make sure you have a lunch box that’s up to the job. We’ve gathered together the best adults lunch boxes that are not just practical, but stylish too – no reason why you can’t tick all the boxes, right? Whether you’re after a bento box style, a space-saving lunch box or something that’ll keep your food hot or cold all day long we’ve got you covered, just keep scrolling…

Best bento-style: Lékué LunchBox to go

Best stainless steel: Black + Blum reusable stainless-steel lunch box

Best space saver: Joseph Joseph GoEat space-saving lunch box

Best lunch pot: Mepal lunchpot ellipse

Best quirky: Alessi Food à Porter lunch box

Best budget: Winmax lunch cooler bag

Best breakfast jar: Kilner breakfast jar with spoon

Best for keeping food hot/cold: S’Well Teakwood Eats food bowl

Best for salads: Joe Wicks’ salad container

Best electric: Vovoir electric heating lunch box


Best bento box style lunch box

Capacity: 1l (500ml per recipient)

Size: 19 x 10 x 11cm

The lovely minimalist design of this one is sure to get some admiring looks in the office. It’s 100% airtight with a built-in valve so no messy spills and safe to use in the microwave. Comes in teal, coral pink or mint green and for an extra £3 you can customise it with your name.

LunchBox to go, £24.90, Lékué



Best stainless steel lunch box

Capacity: 600ml

Size: 6.5 x 15 x 20cm

No chance of yukky orange stains on this lunch box. Black and Blum’ sleek lunchtime offering is made of durable stainless steel and is oven and freezer safe and well as being leak-proof thanks to the silicone valve. The silicone band holds a handy stainless steel fork in place and there’s a slider to separate food. This one is on the smaller side for those thinking about portion control or wanting a handbag-ready compact design

Black + Blum reusable stainless-steel lunch box, £32, Selfridges



Best space saving lunch box

Capacity: 1200ml (top compartment 500ml, base compartment 700ml)

Size:  6 x 19 x 13. 5cm

Homeware expert Joseph Joseph’s cleverly designed space-saving lunchbox includes three different compartments to store the different elements of your lunch. Once you’re done eating, pack away the top compartment into the base and lock together and slip the compact package into your handbag. Neat!

Joseph Joseph GoEat space-saving lunch box, £14.99, Amazon



Best lunch pot

Capacity: 700ml

Size: 10.7 x 10.7 x 15.1cm

If you’re more a soup or curry or stew kinda person then you need yourself a lunch pot.  Mepal’s is easy to clean, is dishwasher safe and the main compartment can be heated up in the microwave. It opens with a twist and has a smaller compartment to store food such as croutons separate – you could even fill the main compartment with yoghurt and the top with museli for a delicious and healthy breakfast option.

Mepal lunchpot ellipse, £15.99, Amazon



Best quirky lunch box

Capacity: 1.25l

Size: 19.5 x 10 x 19cm

I guess you could call this cute little number a “lunch clutch”? It’s made from thermoplastic resin and is fairly roomy with three compartments that are fastened with its wide handles. Two with an airtight lid and a third central compartment.

Alessi Food à Porter lunch box, £45, John Lewis



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Best budget lunch box

Capacity: 6l

Size: 24 x 15.5 x 18cm

If you’re not looking for anything super fancy to transport your lunch to the office, this spacious insulated cooler bag does the job perfectly and is available in a number of pretty prints.

Winmax lunch cooler bag, £9.99, Amazon



Best breakfast jar

Size: 20 x 11 x 14cm

If you’re getting to work early, this is a must to kick start your day. Marks and Spencer’s pretty Kilner breakfast jar has a clip-on spoon, so it’s perfect for eating on the go. Matching jars are also available in a range of different sizes too for all your food storage needs.

Kilner breakfast jar with spoon, £9.99, Marks & Spencer



Best lunch box for keeping food hot/cold

Capacity: 620 ml

Size: 12.2 x 12.2. 11.1cm

Not only will this vacuum-insulated bowl keep your food hot for seven hours (or cold for 11) it looks absolutely gorgeous!

S’Well Teakwood eats, £24. 99, S’Well



Best lunch box for salads

Capacity: 950ml

Size: 16 x 16 x 10.2cm

If you’re taking a salad to work you don’t need anything high tech from your lunch box, you just need to make sure you keep your dressing separate until you eat to avoid soggy salad situations. The nation’s favourite PE teacher Joe Wicks has you covered with this budget option.

Joe Wicks salad lunch box, £5.49, Amazon



Best electric lunch box

Capacity: 1.05l

Size: 23.62 x 9.91 x 16.51 cm

This is a great option if you’re going back to a workplace with a no-kitchen rule enforced. Simply plug it in and heat up your lunch. Sorted!

Vovoir electric heating adult lunch box, 20. 91, Amazon



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21 Awesome Lunch Boxes To Get Your Adult On This Year

  1. Food

2016 is the year of the happy desk lunch.

1. Relive your childhood with this Lego set.

2. Use this stretchy container to keep your sandwiches from sliding apart.


Remind yourself to take an Instagram of your perfectly-packed snacks.

4. Talk yourself into eating your healthy lunch with a personalized lunchbox.

5. ~Your only hope~ for keeping your lunch hot or cold is this insulated R2D2.

6. Keep your carrots and hummus in a like-minded snack box.

7. Or opt for apples and ~caramel~ for a sweet afternoon treat.

8. Go full retro with a true classic.

9. Totorotally enjoy your lunch in this Studio Ghibli bento box.

10. Chill your food by keeping an ice pack in the belly of this gummy bear box.

11. Stash your brightly colored veggies in bold tins.

Or brightly colored cookies, either way is fine with me.

$10.50, Amazon.

12. Pack a smoothie and some nuts in this combo cup for a mid-morning boost.

13. Keep your salads in order in this cheery globe container.

14. Prevent thieving coworkers with this sneaky container.

15. Keep it futuristic with a tin robot case.

16. Trick prying eyes into thinking you brought a ~very~ healthy lunch in this box.


Make the lunch bell music to your ears with a guitar case.

It also comes with a pack of stickers to personalize it!

$26.95, Amazon.

18. Heat your leftovers directly in an updated lunch pail.

19. Go green with the reusable version of the classic brown bag.

20. Opt for a lunchbox that collapses neatly when your food has been eaten.

Just like your happiness when you take that last bite. 🙁

$12.99, Amazon.


Pack your brain food in this book-themed bento box.


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Lunchboxes & Lunch Bags for Kids, Adults

There’s one, all-important factor to think about when packing your daily lunch: your bag better be insulated! Unless you’ve got a short commute and a fridge waiting for you, an insulated lunch bag is the best way to make sure your midday meal is delicious and safe. We wouldn’t want any of your tasty treats to spoil! Check out these epic selections for a taste of what we carry for insulated lunch bags, boxes, and totes.

Insulated Lunch Sacks

Packing your lunch in a brown bag is the classic way to bring along your midday meal. But this old school method has a few pitfalls. The bag is not insulated. The thin paper is prone to breakage and getting wet. And it’s so boring! So, if you’ve been employing brown bags for lunch for way too long, we’d strongly suggest an upgrade. You should pick up an insulated lunch bag! These easy lunch bags make packing your daily lunch a breeze, and they’re insulated and moisture resistant to make sure your food is just right when you get to chowing down. And our selection of insulated bags come in a variety of fun styles that show off your favorite fandom! The Harry Potter lunch sack is the go-to choice for Potterheads. Complete with a Hogwarts H seal and Harry’s address “written” on the back, it looks like a classic brown sack. But it’s made of plastic to stand up to daily use, and of course, is insulated so you can pack a treacle tart along with your other lunch selections!

For manga fans, we’ve got a slick Naruto lunch sack. The character’s favorite joint in the famed comic and on the show is none other than Ichiraku Ramen Shop. And whether you pack ramen for lunch or are stuck with a ham sandwich, you can enjoy toting your meal along in the “official” ramen shop lunch tote! With printed graphics inspired by the series, it’s fully insulated to keep your lunch hot or cold. Fans of good, old-fashioned sitcom TV will be pleased to know we’ve got an insulated lunch bag right up their alley. With this Friends Central Perk lunch snack, it’ll be like you brought along a bite from Central Perk right after grabbing coffee with Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Monica! This insulated lunch tote features the classic brown bag style, complete with their favorite coffee joint’s logo on the front. Our last featured lunch sack is perhaps our favorite, because it’s for fans of space, science, and exploration! Whether for kids who’d like to blast off one day or for adults who cheer loudly every time NASA lands a probe, this insulated NASA lunch sack is a classic go-to. The orange lunch tote proudly features a large NASA logo and an American flag. It even has twin outer pockets so perhaps you can bring along some science gadgets to tinker with after you’ve finished eating!

23 Cool Lunch Boxes for Adults That Will Make Food Taste Better

Looking for a cool lunch box or bag for yourself or as a gift to someone? These are the best novelty lunch boxes that are as practical as they are unique.

Adults need to eat lunch too, and you need a lunch box to carry it. Then why not do it in style? Check out the selection for the coolest lunch box designs ever!

Here’s what you will find:

  1. Hamburger Lunch Bag
  2. WWE Women’s Money In The Bank White Lunch Box
  3. The Beatles Limited Edition Lunch Box
  4. Pac-Man Large Tin Lunch Box
  5. Han-Gry Lunch Box
  6. Scooby-Doo Lunch Box
  7. Darth Vadar Helmet Lunch Box
  8. Star Wars R2D2 Lunch Box
  9. Retro Boombox Radio Lunch Box
  10. Emergency Lunch Box
  11. Gameboy Lunch Box
  12. Today’s Menu Lunch Box
  13. Stainless Steel Lunch Box
  14. Kate Spade Out to Lunch Bag
  15. Trendy Lunch Bag
  16. Biohazard Lunch Box
  17. Meat Parade Metal Lunch Box
  18. Spam Lunch Box
  19. We Can Do It Lunch Box
  20. Bob Ross Happy Tree Lunch Box
  21. Amp Lunch Box
  22. Bigfoot Lunch Box
  23. E.M.T. Lunch Tote

1of 23

Hamburger Lunch Bag

You don’t have to stuff it with burgers, though.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

2of 23

WWE Women’s Money In The Bank White Lunch Box

Consider you’ve won this fair and square.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

3of 23

The Beatles Limited Edition Lunch Box

Unique classy tin lunch box.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

4of 23

Pac-Man Large Tin Lunch Box

From the Pac-Man inspired gift list.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

5of 23

Han-Gry Lunch Box

That’s what hangry means.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

6of 23

Scooby-Doo Lunch Box

Ride the nostalgy train.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

7of 23

Darth Vadar Helmet Lunch Box

For the Star War fan who has embraced the dark side.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

8of 23

Star Wars R2D2 Lunch Box

Your little fella will come to the aid come lunchtime.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

9of 23

Retro Boombox Radio Lunch Box

Retro tin tote that looks just like a retro boombox.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

10of 23

Emergency Lunch Box

Your aid in case of lunchtime emergency.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

11of 23

Gameboy Lunch Box

The 90s generation will appreciate this.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

12of 23

Today’s Menu Lunch Box

The lunch box with your menu.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

13of 23

Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Classy and neat stainless steel box for people who mean business.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

14of 23

Kate Spade Out to Lunch Bag

This cute lunch box is made of a coated linen cloth exterior in a black dot print with saying, “out to lunch”.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

15of 23

Trendy Lunch Bag

It’s reusable, it’s organic, it has “lunch” written on it – it’s all that a trendy lunch bag needs.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

16of 23

Biohazard Lunch Box

When what you eat is a biohazard.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

17of 23

Meat Parade Metal Lunch Box

Calling all carnivores, it’s time to march in the meat parade.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

18of 23

Spam Lunch Box

It’s the kind of spam you want.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

19of 23

We Can Do It Lunch Box

Women power!

Check on Amazon (#ad)

20of 23

Bob Ross Happy Tree Lunch Box

It’s not what you think. Or maybe it is.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

21of 23

Amp Lunch Box

For the musician.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

22of 23

Bigfoot Lunch Box

Great gift for the Sasquatch searcher in your life.

Check on Amazon (#ad)

23of 23

E.M.T. Lunch Tote

Fred’s E.M.T. insulated tote will keep your precious goods prepped, and ready to transplant right into your waiting stomach

Check on Amazon (#ad)

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Best kids lunch box 2021: Eco-friendly, bento and patterned boxes

The lunch box has a surprisingly rich history dating back to the 1880s when working men took their lunches to their jobs in metal containers.

Children’s lunch boxes followed shortly afterwards and by the 1930s were covered in popular icons of the time, like Mickey Mouse. Since then kids have been able to put their midday meal in boxes, tins and bags of seemly endless description – adorned with every pop culture moment including The Beatles, the Spice Girls and Peppa Pig.

Today kids’ lunch boxes are still in demand – for school and for weekend picnics. Many remain straightforward – a simple box and lid – while others are full of compartments, trays, draws and pockets.

We think the best lunch boxes for children need to tick a few boxes. They need to be generously proportioned without being too cumbersome to carry, secure so as to avoid leaks or spills and they need to be an object that children will want to use.

How we tested

We tested our lineup of boxes over the course of two to three weeks (before the summer holidays) – always with our classic school lunch of sandwich or wrap, chopped fruit, Babybel and some mini cheese biscuits. Our trusty testers were aged between four and 15 years old and didn’t hold back when it came to telling us what they thought.

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The best kids’ lunch boxes for 2021 are:

  • Best overall – Liewood arthur lunch box: £26,
  • Best for keeping food fresh – Frugi pack a snack lunch bag: £16,
  • Best bento box – Munchkin bento box: £21.50,
  • Best for smaller children – Sebra lunch box: £10.95,
  • Best budget buy – Rex London nine lives lunch box: £5.95,
  • Best unicorn lunch box – Sophie Allport unicorn lunch box: £10.50,
  • Best temperature control – M&S dinosaur print lunch box: £12,
  • Best designer option – Tommy Hilfiger red lunch box: £45,
  • Best for carrying a water bottle – Cath Kidston dinosaur jungle kids lunch bag: £18, Cathkidston.

Liewood arthur lunch box

Best: Overall

Rating: 9/10

This box is so simple but one of our favourites. It has a stainless steel base with three compartments – one large part, which can easily fit a sandwich (complete with crusts inside), and two other smaller parts for fruit, biscuits or cheese. There was no squashing or squeezing necessary and we felt that portions were in no way compromised.

The lid – made from silicone – is entirely detachable and seals everything in perfectly (not liquids, mind you), making the inside airtight. This can be washed in the dishwasher and feels solid, strong and built to last. A variety of pastel shade lids are also available.

Buy now £26, {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

Frugi pack a snack lunch bag


For keeping food fresh

Rating: 9/10

This lunch bag (21cm x 18cm x 7cm) is one of the best we looked at – not least because of its foil lining which helps regulate temperature and keep food fresh. There is plenty of room – you could easily fit two sandwiches in there and more. We really appreciated the little pocket on the front, perfect to separate the morning’s snack from the lunchtime feast. Best of all, you can give it a wipe after use and at the end of the week sling it in the washing machine.

Buy now £16, {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

Munchkin bento box

Best: Bento box

Rating: 7/10

This box really means business: not only is it a compartment lover’s dream, but it also contains stainless steel cutlery that has its own fixed space inside and a carry handle to boot. The cutlery means you aren’t limited to sandwiches – say hello to pasta, risotto or salads – and makes lunch a more grown-up experience.

Our seven-year-old tester was delighted with this and carried it rather like a briefcase, safe in the knowledge that nothing would leak out.

The only downside was the weight. Even when empty this is a heavy object which might be off-putting for children who have to walk to school.

Buy now £21.50, {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

    {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

Sebra lunch box

Best: For smaller children

Rating: 7/10

This beautiful little box (17.5cm x 16.5cm x 7.2cm) serves retro aesthetics as well as lunches. Inside there are two compartments and the lid clicks open and shut easily enough for very young children to master. This is ideal for small lunches or snacks – anyone with a hearty appetite might want something a little bigger.

Buy now £10.95, {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

    {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

Rex London nine lives lunch box

Best: Budget buy

Rating: 7/10

This is such a sweet little box (17cm x 7. 5cm x 13cm) for younger children. It’s bright, jolly and has an upper tray which proved endlessly exciting to our four-year-old tester, who was also delighted by the buckle. It’s dishwasher safe and easy to fit into any school bag.

Buy now £5.95, {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

Sophie Allport unicorn lunch box

Best: Unicorn lunch box

Rating: 7/10

A typically gorgeous design by Sophie Allport, this pretty bamboo box (18.5cm x 12.5cm x 6.5cm) is secured by a fabulous pink ribbon that fits snugly around the middle to keep the contents in place. There’s one singular compartment, which was fine for our five-year-old who doesn’t mind different foods not being separated, but if your youngster likes things just so this might pose a problem. The biggest hurdle for us is that our tester thinks this box is too good for sandwiches and wants it to be her jewellery box…

Buy now £10. 50, {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

M&S dinosaur print lunch box

Best: Temperature control

Rating: 9/10

This bag (19.5cm x 8cm x 26cm) is the best choice for hot days or classrooms – its insulation technology will keep food as fresh as possible throughout the morning, which means meat, yoghurt and cheese will all last until lunch. We tested it on two consecutive hot days – packing the lunch up at 8am and can confirm no sandwiches were spoiled by midday. This is roomy, cheery, practical and won’t break the bank.

Buy now £12, {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

Tommy Hilfiger red lunch box

Best: Designer option

Rating: 8/10

This lunch box, made from 100 per cent recycled polyester and complete with a logo shoulder strap is an ideal choice for image-conscious teenagers. Our 15-year-old tester plumped for this one, which has a thermal lining for keeping the contents fresh, not to mention a carry handle on the top. It can fit plenty in and will be really useful during the holidays for family picnics.

Buy now £45, {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

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  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

Cath Kidston dinosaur jungle kids lunch bag

Best: For carrying a water bottle

Rating: 9/10

Not many lunch boxes make space for drinks, which is why we were so delighted with this bag which boasts a generous mesh pocket for bottles – who doesn’t want their food and drink kept close together?

The inside has a foil lining to stop contents spoiling and the main compartment of the bag zips up cleanly and tightly to prevent spills. Our tester, age seven, loved carrying this as a shoulder bag and we have to say it having this long strap makes it easier to tote around and harder to leave lying around. Aside from all this, Cath Kidston’s prints just get lovelier and lovelier (even when they feature dinosaurs).

Buy now £18, {{#hasItems}}

Price comparison

    {{/hasItems}} {{#items}}
  • {{ merchant }} £{{ price }} Buy now
  • {{/items}} {{#hasItems}}

Verdict: Kids’ lunch boxes

We just loved the Liewood arthur box: no frills but beautifully made, pretty, practical and easy to care for. Our pick of the soft lunch boxes would be the Frugi while the Cath Kidston bag gets a big thumbs up for portability credentials.

Voucher codes

For the latest discount on kids’ back to school essentials, try the links below:

Get your little ones off on the right foot with our round-up of the best kids’ school shoes

IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

School packed lunch inspiration | BBC Good Food

Thinking of healthy and exciting packed lunch fillings can be a daily challenge – especially if you can’t envisage your child happily trotting off to school with a box of sprouting mung beans, and you’re not bowing to the crisp and chocolate demands. Here are some simple, fast and scrumptious ideas to bring new life to the dreaded lunchbox – and remember, the power of novelty is not to be underestimated.

Healthy and happy

According to NHS choices a balanced lunchbox should contain:

  • Starchy foods like bread, rice, potatoes or pasta
  • Protein foods like meat, fish, eggs or beans
  • A dairy item, like cheese or yogurt
  • Vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit

Try something new

Cheese and pickle is not to be knocked, but if your kids are tired with the same old sandwich fillings then why not try something new?

Omelette in a bun

Combine two lunchtime favourites for the ultimate mealtime mashup your kids will love. These hearty omelette rolls can either be served warm for a quick dinner or wrapped up for a satisfying veggie packed lunch the next day. Fill the omelettes with juicy cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta and spinach for a mouthwatering bite. You could add extra salad if you like, and older children may like a touch of salsa or pickle as well. 

You’re a star sarnies 

Use a star-shaped cutter to stamp out six bread stars from the wholemeal bread (freeze the off-cuts to make breadcrumbs). Swirl the red pesto through the cream cheese and spread onto both sides of the stars. Close the sandwich, wrap in cling film and chill in the fridge if making the night before.

Green club sandwich

Double decking bread just makes sandwiches more exciting – fact. But it also gives you license to squeeze in extra good stuff. This green club sandwich is high on energy, so kids should feel extra alert all the way through double maths. Lesley Water’s sandwich filler ideas are also a great way of adding extra variety by getting creative with simple ingredients.

Super salad wraps

Help your kids to pack in the veggies with these super tasty and colourful salad wraps. We’ve added lots of crunchy veg for texture, whilst cheddar cheese and hummus give a flavour hit. Alternatively, add tuna, chicken or egg.

For more tasty tortillas, try our carrot & hummus roll-ups or chicken roll-ups.

Cheese and apple 

Mix their favourite grated hard cheese with grated apple, chopped spring onions, a squeeze of lemon and a little mayonnaise. Delicious with wholemeal bread or rolls.

Creamy smoked mackerel

Skin and flake smoked mackerel fillets, then mix with a little mayonnaise and Greek yogurt. Spread onto thick wholemeal bread and top with crisp lettuce leaves.

Marmite, cheese and cucumber

Try Marmite, grated cheddar and sliced cucumber in a crusty baguette or ciabatta roll. They’ll either love it or hate it.

Sandwich swap 

Want to bin the sandwich altogether? There are plenty of carby options that kids should love and that can help add a bit of variety into your child’s diet.

Pasta perfection

Perk up their lunchboxes with a gorgeously creamy pesto pasta salad. Customise with cooked veg such as peas, green beans and courgettes, as well as an assortment of protein. Chicken, ham, prawns, hard-boiled egg or cheese are all good options, depending on dietary preference.

For more pasta inspiration, follow the ‘make it for kids’ swap on the store cupboard pasta salad; whip up a speedy Mediterranean-style tortellini with pesto & broccoli; or try this flavourful BLT pasta salad for a lighter version of a classic British sarnie.

Healthy bites

For something a little lighter yet still filling and flavoursome, make our speedy coronation chicken salad. This deliciously creamy recipe uses pre-cooked roast chicken pieces along with a grain pounch to save time. 

Our chicken taco salad and two-bean tuna salad also work really well in the summer months. If you’re worried about keeping your child’s lunchbox cool, why not freeze an extra bottle of water overnight to work as a cooler – it’ll give them a refreshing afternoon drink, too.

Discover plenty more healthy lunchbox ideas for kids.

Feasts in a flask

If your kids fancy something warm and comforting for lunch, why not stir them up a tasty soup, a veg-packed curry or even some Swedish-style meatballs. Pack them in a wide-necked thermos flask to take to school. With these super satisfying recipes, they’ll be the envy of the class on chilly winter days…

Big-batch chicken soup
Creamy lentil & veggie curry
Super-verstatile meatballs

Crisp and chocolate swaps

Cutting out foods that are high in salt and sugar is a huge step to creating a healthy lunch for your child. Simply swapping crisps, sweet biscuits and chocolate bars for foods like unsalted nuts, dried fruit, chunks of cheese or a low-sugar yogurt is a huge step forward. But if you want to get creative, we have plenty of interesting ideas for lunchbox snacks that kids should fall in love with…

Fruity sundae

A sweet and fruity treat for kids needing a boost at lunchtime – yogurt swirled with mashed strawberries and topped with berries.

Fruity sundae

Seeded oatcakes

These super easy and moreish oatmeal bites are not only bursting with wholesome flavour, but also only take 30 minutes to prep and bake. Your kids might never ask for shop-bought versions again…

Seeded oatcakes

Choco-dipped tangerines 

If your child is known for returning their fruit untouched in their lunchbox then this might be the answer. Who can resist a chocolate orange in fruity form? 

Choco-dipped tangerines

Sweet potato crisps

This super-simple veggie snack takes no time to make. Thinly slice a sweet potato and roast in olive oil – no added salt is needed. 

Sweet potato crisps

Spiced apple crisps

These spiced apple crisps take a bit of time to bake, but couldn’t be simpler to make. Try packing them in a paper bag to make them look more like sweets.

Spiced apple crisps

Chocolate-drizzled popcorn

If your child needs a sweet fix, then this quick and easy popcorn makes a great alternative to a chocolate snack bar.  

Chocolate-drizzled popcorn

Melon & crunchy bran pots

Fibre, yogurt and fruit make a winning combination in these scrumptious crunchy melon pots.

Melon & crunchy bran pots

Welsh rarebit muffins

Get the kids to help make up these yummy muffins, and they can show off the results to their friends at lunchtime.

Welsh rarebit muffins

Rhubarb & custard crunch

These are great for a Friday treat. Tuck shops might not be as popular as they once were, but this classic combination of rhubarb and custard never really went out of fashion.

Rhubarb & custard crunch

Chocolate flapjacks

These bars are packed full of slow-burning carbs that will happily see kids through an afternoon of running around the playground.

Chocolate flapjacks

New ways with fruit and veg

Creating a pick-and-mix effect can make fruit look much more attractive to kids, even if all it involves is a few extra minutes peeling and dicing an apple or adding in a couple of grapes. It sounds ridiculous, but securing fruit and cheese on a stick can really work wonders when it comes to getting kids to eat their 5-a-day, and it takes just minutes to prepare. Whizzing up healthy dips or homemade hummus to accompany vegetable sticks is another great trick, and so much easier than you might think. Here are some ideas…

Rainbow fruit skewers
Cheese & fruit sticks
Smashed bean dip
Frozen fruit sticks with passion fruit drizzle
Red lentil & sweet potato dip

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If you’ve got any ideas on what to pack in your child’s lunchbox we’d love to hear them – or let us know how you got on with our lunchbox recipes…

12 Best Lunch Boxes For Kids 2021

WHETHER it’s for summer family picnics, busy days at nursery or a special trip away, our line-up of the best lunch boxes for kids will ensure your little ones are packed and ready to go with tasty treats at all times.  

When it comes to keeping kids happy, the importance of snacks can never be overstated and getting organised ahead of a big day out or for your child’s first day of school or nursery can be the difference between a happy child and a total public meltdown. That’s why a good lunch box is worth its weight in gold.


Credit: Getty images

The choice and design of lunch boxes have come a long way in recent years and kids and parents are spoilt for choice with an array of options, from printed insulated bags and bamboo containers to intricate bento boxes made for miniature foodies. 

The best lunch boxes for kids are made from recycled materials or BPA-free plastic, so you have no safety worries. It should be a good size, easy to clean, leak-free, lightweight and, essentially, it needs to look cool enough to be seen on the arm or in the school bag of a trend-setting youngster. 

Our hand-picked line-up of 2021’s best lunch boxes for kids hits the spot on all points.  

This article and featured products have been independently chosen by Sun journalists. It contains links which are ads, and if you click a link and buy a product we will earn revenue.


Sistema Lunch Slimline Quaddie


Credit: Sistema
  1. (AD) Sistema Lunch Slimline Quaddie, £6.99 from Amazon – buy here

You’d be hard pushed to find a parent who doesn’t have a piece of Sistema kit in their kitchen cupboard; low-priced, brightly coloured and functional to the max, the New Zealand brand is a power player.

This BPA-free plastic lunch box is well-designed for packed-lunch prep with four different compartments of different sizes to squeeze in all of your child’s favourite lunch bites.

The different sections make it slightly harder to clean, although it’s dishwasher safe, and while it might not be the most exciting to look at in our edit, it’s one of the best value, so you won’t be too gutted if it gets left on a school trip.   


Smash Owl Insulated Bag


Credit: Smash
  1. (AD) Smash Owl Insulated Bag, £11.60 from Amazon – buy here 

For a toddler lunch setup that has it all, this owl number takes some beating.

Made by major brand Smash, this best-selling bag features a main zipped-up sandwich compartment that’s wipeable, antibacterial and insulated, a small front pouch, perfect for hiding mini treats, and a side drinks holder that even comes with its own mini twist-top water bottle, which our three-year-old tester claimed straight away.

The small carry handle is great for toddlers, but one of the main selling points is the four gorgeous characters to choose from, including a ladybird and a llama, which parents and kids can’t get enough of. 


Smiggle Galaxy Hardtop Curve Lunchbox


  • Smiggle Galaxy Unicorn Print Double Decker Lunchbox, £18 from Selfridges – buy here 

Saunter into the school dining hall with a new season Smiggle lunch box and playground kudos is pretty much guaranteed.

This cosmic unicorn creation delivers on many levels – it looks on point, naturally, but it’s certainly not all style over substance – its easily-cleaned two-tier design leaves plenty of room for lunch and snacks.

It’s rather bulky, but that may be a positive to pre-teens keen to show it off. 


Photo Upload Lunch Box


Credit: getting personal
  • Photo Upload Lunch Box, £17.99 from Getting Personal – buy here

Forget name labels, there’ll be no mistaking who this dinky lunch box belongs to after it’s personalised with a family snap or a sweet photo of your child.

It’s a super uncomplicated design that’s effortless to use even for the smallest of toddlers and its charm is undeniable – let’s face it, pop a special picture on almost anything and the “aawww” factor is guaranteed. 


Monbento MB Tresor


Credit: monbento
  • Monbento MB Tresor, £24. 90 from Monbento – buy here 

Combining the Japanese concept of a bento box – where bite-sized food is served up in multiple compartments – and the slick design of the French, this MB Tresor box is about as sophisticated and well-designed as kids’ lunch boxes come.

It has plenty of features too – it’s stackable with a larger bottom container that can be used for hot and cold food and two snack cups that slot in on top. It also has an airtight clip closure to keep food fresh, which, when combined with the assembly of the box, may be tricky for younger children.

It comes with a set of delightful illustration tags that can be used to customise the lid, which were a major winner with our 3-year-old and 6-year-old diners. It’s also BPA-free and freezer, dishwasher and microwave friendly. 


Lego Brick Lunch Box


Credit: lego
  1. (AD) Lego Lunch Box with Handle, £15.57 from Amazon – buy here

Lego fans, behold – this square lunch box shaped into a classic Lego brick is the ultimate lunchtime accessory.

While the box itself is pretty minimalist, the fuss-free design is exactly what makes it so striking.

It features a soft silicone handle, which our six-year-old tester enjoyed swinging confidently on his way into school, and the small clip that closes the lid is simple for kids to master, yet secure enough to keep lunch from spilling out.

It’s quite compact, so best for lighter lunches, but it’s dishwasher safe and most importantly, it’ll be the envy of all other Lego enthusiasts. 


Frugi The National Trust Pack a Snack Lunch Bag


Credit: frugi
  • The National Trust Pack a Snack Lunch Bag, £7.50 from Frugi – buy here

A hit with hip parents, frugi is a champion of organic, ethical children’s products and its range of Pack a Snack Lunch Bags come in a myriad of cute-as-can-be prints.

Each one is made from three plastic bottles, making them a winner on the eco front, and the large main pocket and mini front pocket are foil-lined, so they’ll keep your child’s lunch fresh.

We fell hook, line and sinker for the bag’s charming puffin print and our three-year-old tester enjoyed trying out the sturdy zips. Part of Frugi’s National Trust range which helps support the organisation, there are other coordinating products to match. 


Thermos Funtainer Food Flask 


Credit: thermos
  • Thermos Funtainer Food Flask, £14.28 from Thermos – buy here

Ok, so this smart Thermos product is less of a lunch box, more of a container, but its excellent ability to keep food both hot for five hours and cold for seven hours have earned it cult status amongst parents.

We used it on a family day out and it delivered on its promise to keep food fresh and in our case, hot, but it was also leak-proof and the super wide opening made it stress-free to eat from.

The flask’s quality and performance justify its slightly higher-than-average price tag, plus, it’s the type of lunch time kit that will be used day-in day-out for years.  

9. Prezzybox Dinosaur Lunch Box


Credit: Prezzybox
  • Dinosaur lunch box, £16.99 from Prezzybox — buy now

Just like school fashion is a great way to show off your personality, so is your lunchbox. Dinosaur fans will love this T-Rex head with its snappy jaws.

The lunchbox comes with a nifty handle that goes around the T-Rex’s mouth, making sure that no lunch escapes.

10. Retro Food Truck Lunchbox


Get into the swing of things with this retro lunchbox.Credit: Mzube
  • Retro food truck lunchbox, £19.99 on Mzube — buy now

Nothing says “cool” like a retro food truck and so this lunchbox is just what you need to get tongues wagging in the canteen.

This tin lunchbox is designed in the style of a classic food truck and comes with a front-opening lid, carry handle and a lot of space for a big packed lunch.

The lunch box is resistant to rust and corrosion and is made from high-quality tin.

11. IKEA SMASKA Lunchbox


There’s no hiding your love of dogs with this lunchbox.Credit: IKEA
  • SMASKA lunchbox, £3.75 from IKEA — buy now

Made from plastic, this lunchbox protects solid food like sandwiches, fruit and snacks without the worry of them ending up squished in the school bag. The lid is easy to open and close—you turn the ears (cute!)

It’s made from the same plastic used in baby bottles and is recommended for ages 3 years and above.

One reviewer, who gave the product a 5-star review, says: “What a crazy, great storage item for kids. Really sturdy.”


Bee Happy Lunch Bag


Credit: Sass & belle
  • Bee Happy Lunch Bag, £5 from Sass & Belle – buy here

If there’s a print that’s hit the big time this spring/summer it’s bees, and this dinky insulated lunch bag is packed with them, making it an instant hit on the trend front.

Compact enough to easily fit into a school or nursery bag, yet a decent size to hold a sandwich and a few other bites, it’s so pretty you’ll want to pinch it for yourself.

The insulated lining keeps food cool and fresh and it folds flat for slimline storage. Its zip closure and carry handles are good for little hands and it’s easy to wipe clean, and while the design is simple, it’s the lowest-priced option we tested, making it a top buy. 

What to put in my kid’s lunch box?

Children need to be getting a minimum of 1,600 calories a day and five portions of fruit. For lunch, you’re looking at around 500 – 700 calories to fill those tummies.

The NHS Change4Life website has suggestions for healthy lunchboxes as well as having a “make your own lunchbox” tool. It suggests having a main meal, a portion or fruit or salad, something else such as yoghurt or jelly and a drink.

What foods should be avoided in children’s lunch boxes?

Change4Life recommends that parents should cut back on crisps, spreads, sugar and cheeses. However, many nutritionists advise that everything in moderation is okay.

Cakes can be swapped for malt loaf, fruited teacakes, fruit bread or fruits not in syrup. Parents can also check for yoghurts that are low in fat and sugar to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

How to keep kids lunch boxes warm

If your lunch box isn’t thermal, then there are other options for keeping food warm.

Double-wrap warm food in cling film and foil to keep it from going soggy. You can also warm the lunch box in boiled water if it’s a steel lunchbox and line the bottom of it in paper towels.

It’s always best to use a Thermos lunch box for warm lunches. Pour boiling water into the Thermos and rinse it out—the heat from the water will help insulate the food being put into it.
Where to buy kids lunch boxes

Lunch boxes can be bought from supermarkets and specialised stores for kids. Stationers such as Paperchase are also known for stocking lunch boxes for children and adults alike.

Tescos normally stores lunch boxes alongside its kitchen utensil aisle, with a selection of own-brand and high-street brands on offer. Smiggle is known for its back-to-school offers of a backpack, pencil case and lunch box.
What is the best lunch box?

For the price, it has to be the IKEA SWASKA. Not only is it the cutest box we’ve ever seen but it comes under a fiver.

For keeping warm food hot and secure, we think Thermos is the way to go. However, it’s not one for those on a budget.

Smiggle often has the best back-to-school offers for kids, with matching sets of backpacks and lunch boxes.

Can you wash Smiggle lunch boxes?

Smiggle lunch boxes can be cleaned by using a damp cloth. A washing machine could damage the lining of the product and it isn’t recommended by the brand.

Other lunch boxes can be sterilised or rubbed down with a damp cloth. Many are dishwasher safe.

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We’re all about helping you find the best products at the best prices, so follow the link if you want to check out more of Sun Selects’ recommendations.

Here’s how to make the most of Amazon Prime Student.

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90,000 everything about containers and lunch boxes 24.06.2015

With the arrival of summer, lunches and other meals are increasingly carried over to nature, parks or country trips. So, all this needs to be transferred in some way. To this day, no better solution has been invented than a variety of containers and thermoses.

Here we will talk about them in this article, figuring out what and for what it is best to choose.

A bit of history

The first analogues of modern containers appeared in the 13th century in Japan: ordinary peasants used bamboo leaves for food, which they took with them in the field.Subsequently, this is how the famous Japanese bento – bamboo containers appeared. Subsequently, they were replaced by wooden lacquered boxes, which were used by the more prosperous Japanese. But traditional bento also remained in use for a very long time: among factory workers, office clerks and schoolchildren. Over time, bamboo stems and wood gave way to plastic, and this is how Japanese bento came to us.

As for the West, American lunch boxes appeared in the 19th century, in the form of metal chests converted from a toolbox.In the school version, these were all kinds of cookie and biscuit cans. The first lunch box for school breakfast was patented in 1902, and in 1954 aluminum replaced the tin box. In the 70s, at the initiative of the parents of schoolchildren, plastic began to be used instead of metal lunch boxes.

Finally, two traditions – Eastern and Western – have merged already in our century, when the French brand Monbento began to release its versions of Japanese lunch boxes in a modern way.

How to choose a container for food?

There is a great variety of different brands and models on the market today. The choice is huge: from disposable or just budget to unusual and modern. We will try to list the most important points when choosing a container. If you intend to carry food and drinks with you, first of all, you should take care of material . It must be, at the same time, durable, lightweight and heat-resistant – which is especially important for hot dishes.In this regard, modern food grade synthetic materials are ideal: polypropylene, silicone, etc. They withstand a wide range of temperatures, do not deform or overheat, and also do not emit toxic substances. Another plus of these containers is that they can be used to reheat food in the microwave or store in the refrigerator. In addition, they do not absorb odors and do not spoil the taste of food and drinks. The popular brands Black + Blum and Monbento are excellent containers made of polypropylene and silicone.They combine hygiene, heat resistance and environmental friendliness, and are surprisingly lightweight and durable. Equally important is the form factor . You can choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes of containers, depending on what food or drink you plan to store. So, in the Vazaro catalog you can find solutions for all occasions. For salads and dishes with a side dish, the simplest sealed containers from Black + Blum are suitable, and for a full lunch – Monbento lunch boxes, which provide space for 1-2 dishes, sauces, etc.A separate type is soup containers. For regular liquid soups, it is best to choose a large container-bowl with a lid, from which it is most convenient to eat. And mashed soups are convenient to eat from container-cups, or even drink. For hot drinks, thermo mugs with sealed lids are used.

Its capacity is also closely related to the shape of the container. For thermo mugs and tureens, on average, 200-300 ml is enough (depending on the usual number of servings).For hot meals and salads, the average capacity is about 400 ml. If the lunch box is intended for several dishes or portions, then the size can reach 800 ml and even more. Do not forget, at the same time, that the container should remain compact and easy to transport – in other words, fit into a bag and not cause inconvenience in transport. It may be more convenient for you to use 2-3 containers of different capacities instead of one large one. Moreover, some brands produce them with special mounts.

Its capacity is also closely related to the shape of the container. For thermo mugs and tureens, on average, 200-300 ml is enough (depending on the usual number of servings). For hot meals and salads, the average capacity is about 400 ml. If the lunch box is intended for several dishes or portions, then the size can reach 800 ml and even more. Do not forget, at the same time, that the container should remain compact and easy to transport – in other words, fit into a bag and not cause inconvenience in transport.It may be more convenient for you to use 2-3 containers of different capacities instead of one large one. Moreover, some brands produce them with special mounts.

In terms of functionality, we would recommend paying attention to stability (especially if you plan to carry the container in a bag) and tightness. The contents should not only spill and spill out, but also mix – a moment that is acutely relevant for hot dishes with a side dish. Make sure the cover fits snugly and easily locks and opens.With hot soup or drink, you run the risk of spilling it and getting burned.

Finally, the design of the deserves attention. Bright, stylish container with carefully thought-out ergonomics not only pleases the eye, but also motivates you to eat tasty and varied, wherever you are. The expressive design is especially important for children, who are much more attracted to such containers. This means that they will eat their lunch or breakfast with much more enthusiasm.

As additional options, we mention cutlery fixed on the lid, special containers for sauces and spices, fixing rubber bands for several containers and other pleasant bonuses. Modern brands offer more and more functional and ergonomic models with all kinds of details that can make their use much more comfortable and enjoyable.

News of medicine and health of Rostov and the Rostov region

By chronology By reading By discussion

“Old” coronavirus protects from “new”

A new study found that those who received natural immunity, having had a less dangerous coronavirus, are less likely to become victims SARS-CoV-2 or carry the disease much easier – without dangerous complications.

Disinfectants interfere with antibiotics

Specialists from Australia have found that certain substances in disinfectants reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics, and may even cause bacteria to become immune to drugs.

Children are increasingly ill with COVID-19

If earlier children were little susceptible to infection with coronavirus, then new strains of the virus behave more aggressively – children began to get sick.

How not to miss prostate cancer?

The Rostov Oncology Center prepared recommendations and made a memo that will help the early detection of this dangerous disease.

The wrong vitamins

This is what experts say they become when taken on a whim. So what’s the mistake?

Healthy sleep for a healthy heart

British scientists have named the best for a good condition of the cardiovascular system, the duration of a night’s sleep, and also suggested what time it is best to go to bed.

The tick is coming …

To date, several laboratory confirmed cases of the Crimean hemorrhagic fever have been registered in the Don.Unfortunately, there have been two deaths.

ARMIS knows everything

The pilot project, unique not only for the Rostov region, but, it seems, for the whole country, has started on the Don. Its task is to regularly monitor the well-being of students. Thanks to the innovative development of young scientists of the Southern Federal University, they will now know everything about the health of Don schoolchildren.

Quotas for treatment

We have already talked about the quota system for receiving specialized and high-tech medical care in the Regional Clinical Diagnostic Center. This system was created so that the residents of the region could receive the necessary consultations and treatment free of charge. Coupons-quotas are allocated at the preliminary request of the heads of medical and prophylactic institutions.

State of emergency: blind children …

Information that excited everyone: in Volgodonsk, several children who were born prematurely with low body weight (1300 – 1500 grams) were diagnosed with a difficult diagnosis – retinopathy of premature babies, blindness.

Did you order the head physician?

Two years ago, Dubovsky district was very lucky.In the neighboring Tsimlyansk region, after the election of the head, the power changed, and a professional appeared on the street – the head doctor of the Central Regional Hospital Irina Shpilevaya. How not to take advantage of such an opportunity? The head of the Dubovsky district, in which there were big problems with medicine, immediately invited her to work: a specialist directly “on order”! But the music did not play for long . .. In March 2012, a criminal case was opened against the chief physician under the article “abuse of office”.

“Bless you!”

When an advertisement for a “direct line” with the minister appeared in our newspaper, a flurry of calls fell upon the editorial office.Still, health cares about everyone. Moreover, our regular readers know that after talking on a “direct line” with T.Yu. Bykovskaya manages to settle the seemingly insoluble issues …

The horror of the “Spanish flu”

To this day, all new flu epidemics are usually compared with the “Spanish flu” pandemic that began in 1918.

Hippocratic Oath

… Irina, the daughter of Zinaida Sidorovna, was suddenly struck by a rare (where it comes from – an unsolved riddle) mental illness, proceeding with a high temperature.

Final diagnosis

– We do not need an influx of patients, there are so many of them, – says Dmitry Vladimirovich BURTSEV, head physician of the regional consultative and diagnostic center.

He loved the past tense verbs

Vladimir Ivanovich ORLOV from childhood dreamed of becoming a doctor and achieved his goal. In 1965, Vladimir Orlov graduated with honors from the Rostov State Medical Institute, then – 2 years of residency at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. And then medical practice began.

ARMIS knows everything

The pilot project, unique not only for the Rostov region, but, it seems, for the whole country, has started on the Don. Its task is to regularly monitor the well-being of students. Thanks to the innovative development of young scientists of the Southern Federal University, they will now know everything about the health of Don schoolchildren.

Quotas for treatment

We have already talked about the quota system for receiving specialized and high-tech medical care in the Regional Clinical Diagnostic Center.This system was created so that the residents of the region could receive the necessary consultations and treatment free of charge. Coupons-quotas are allocated at the preliminary request of the heads of medical and prophylactic institutions.

“Not fitness and not religion”

Incredibly ancient, yoga is back in fashion today. Entire specialized research institutions in this area have been established abroad: yoga research institutes in Bombay and Delhi, the International Yoga Institute in the USA, and the Yoga Academy in France.

The Ministry of Health answers

We continue to publish the answers to the questions asked within the “direct line” with the Minister of Health of the Rostov Region Tatyana Yuryevna Bykovskaya.

Childbirth as an extreme

A call was made from the village of the Samara Azov region, which was discussed in the recent publications of “NV” – “Childbirth in a closed maternity hospital” and “The maternity hospital could have been saved” (in numbers dated January 15 and 17): 90,000 antibacterial wipes Great Britain amazon prime

Work environment

Cooperation partner

Apple Daily News – 2019-07-17 – STATOPERATOR- antibacterial wipes uk amazon prime , Jul 17, 2019 Amazon Prime Day 2019 le migliori offerte su smartphone Apple e Android: 1: Dwie reklamy Apple nominowane do tegorocznych nagród Emmy: 1: Apple AirPods 2 – met draadloze oplaadcase – Wit: 1: Tech News -Apple Shows off New Emojis Coming to the iPhone This Fall: 1: Aktuelle Nachrichten zum Thema Apple muss Vertragsstrafe an Samsung zahlen: 1Russian Denver N46 / 779 by Russian Denver – IssuuDec 12, 2014 Russian Denver is a special English section of Colorado Russian Newspaper Gorizont. Established in 1995. Presented as 120 pages (77 in Russian and 43…

USA. Privatization, investments

China> Privatization, investments> russianhina.orgn, May 8, 2021> No. 3713962. About 70 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises, whose shares are listed in the NEEQ / China’s National Equities Exchange and Quotations / system, which is known as “the third new market … – a great option for decoupage…. Fortunately, Amazon Prime Day is likely to come somewhere in the middle …

All 2020 TV series list Russian: Russian TV series 2020 … 90,100

Roots 2020. Roots 2020 – release date / screenshot. Release date: March 10 (March 2 – More.TV) The series Roots is about a successful top manager from the Russian hinterland, who unexpectedly has to return to his native Zaleshchinsk to …

Why the violet leaves go down: The leaves bend around the pot and grow “down”.

Terry Pratchett – Russian-language international website

Terry Pratchett (full name – Terence David John Pratchett) is an English writer with a total circulation of more than 70 million books . ..

Hunger food with delivery: Fast food delivery service “Hunger …

Content food delivery in Moscow in 8 minutes – CMS MagazineConceptSolutionResultsService …

All TV series in 2020 list Russian: Russian TV series 2020 …

Roots 2020.Roots 2020 – release date / screenshot. Release date: March 10 (March 2 – More.TV) The series Roots is about a successful top manager from the Russian hinterland, who unexpectedly has to return to his native Zaleshchinsk to …

How to make money in the shortest possible time: How to make money in. ..

Cinema “Khudozhestvenny” cinema, playbill, movie poster, announcement, rating, news, cinema …

Why are the leaves of a violet going down: Leaves bending around …

Why are leaves of a violet going down: Leaves bending around a pot and grow “down”.

Militants of 2020 list: Militants of 2020 – new …

Militants of 2020 list: Militants of 2020 – new films already released on the screen

Anna Sattarova (artblagodat) – profile | Pinterest 90,100

Subscribers: 264, Following: 19, Pins: 14347. See what user Anna Sattarova (artblagodat) found on Pinterest, which brings together the best ideas from around the world.

Do-it-yourself armchair with a coach-tie: How to make …

Do-it-yourself armchair with a coach-tie: How to make a beautiful armchair in a coach-arm with your own hands

Interesting pillows: Do-it-yourself decorative pillows…

Apr 19, 2021 · IC Inrosstroy LLC 8 (863) 31-111-61 E-mail: [email protected] IC Inrosstroy LLC

The State Duma adopted an amendment on free meals in the initial .. 90,100

Feb 13, 2020 · The number of Amazon Prime streaming service subscribers has grown to 200 … Husband’s funeral has begun in the UK … In the range of glasses, plates, lunch boxes, napkins and tablecloths made of sugar …

The most Hot Selling Item on Market: Top 10 Selling Items … 90,100

Mar 20, 2019 Amazon’s Best of Prime 2018 listing reveals Fortnite, available on Twitch, was one of the top-rated video games during its two-day sale.

Top 10 best antibacterial wipes: how to choose …

Mar 24, 2020 · Mar 24, 2020 · Wet wipes appeared in the late 70s and were intended for baby skin care. They were made of cellulose, and they were similar in composition to paper ones – they dried quickly, easily torn …

Apartment Essen Holsterhausen, Essen – updated prices …

This bright, modern apartment is fully equipped and is waiting for you even with some extras like cable TV, WiFi, Netflix and Amazon Prime! Sleeping room is equipped with a large martial bed, and there is also a possibility to depart the sofa in the living room so you get more place to sleep!

Militants 2020 list: Militants 2020 – new … 90,100

Militants 2020 list: Militants 2020 – new films already released

How brands respond to coronavirus: timeline of events…

Mar 16, 2020 · Earlier, a similar measure was adopted in the European region. Other video services have introduced similar restrictions, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Aeroflot has reduced prices for Russian destinations

Scandals of the year: Jeffrey Star is against everyone and indecent …

Dec 26, 2019 · Jeffrey Star has already spoken about so-so-napkins. In addition, they are not environmentally friendly – they decompose for a long time, disintegrate into microplastics and pollute the environment. … Amazon Prime, not Priming… When I am active …

Wet wipes, antiseptic, antibacterial.

Medical antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral wipes …

Historical series list of the best foreign: …

Historical series list of the best foreign: Historical series – all the best TV series

How to make money in the shortest possible time: How to make money in …

Cinema “Khudozhestvenny” cinema, poster, cinema poster, announcement, rating, news, cinema…

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation denied the statement of the Americans about …

Jan 10, 2020 · Chemistry and gender // Ksenia Rozhdestvenskaya about the “Dangerous Element” Marjan Satrapi A biopic of Maria Sklodowska-Curie with Rosamund Pike in the title role was released on Amazon Prime filmed by Mardjan Satrapi, artist .

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