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a Comparison Between Niji, Koi, Pentel and Yasutomo

What are a water brushes, you ask? It’s simply a paintbrush with a water reservoir in the handle, eliminating the need for a cup of water while you work.

With just a gentle squeeze of the handle you can force water down the nib and through the bristles. Then with just a paper towel, you can clean your brush with just a few swipes or add a few drops into your watercolors.

Water brushes are wonderful to use with watercolor paints, water-based markers, water-soluable pencils, and Perfect Pearls. I literally “don’t leave home without them,” as there is always a water brush in my travel craft kit. For the purposes of this article, I’ll be comparing four different different brands so that you can decide which one may be the best for you!

The four brands of water brushes are Koi, Pentel, Niji, and Yakutome. Each one has certain advantages and disadvantages- some have more sophisticated water-delivery systems, some are meant for traveling, and some hold more water in the handle than others.

From top: Yasutomo, Niji, Pentel Aquash, and Koi travel size.

The first I’ll cover is the most basic and least expensive of the bunch, the Yasutomo water brush. It’s also the one I’m most familiar with- I bought a set of them at our local scrapbooking store and have used them for years!

I’ve owned and used this waterbrush for years!

The Yasutomo water brushes come in small, medium, and large size brushes (the water reservoir is the same on each size, by the way) and has the most basic system for filtering the water from the reservoir into the brush tip- just a small hole. The handle is a smooth and pliable plastic that’s easy to squeeze to coax a few drops of water into the brush. However, since the water-delivery system is so primitive, it’s hard to regulate the water flow.

Now as I mentioned, the brushes I’ve had I’ve used for years- mostly because I didn’t think much about it. So on one hand, I can say that they are durable, but the brushes themselves aren’t great quality. As you can see in the photo above, the water brush bristles are a little frayed and doesn’t really have a tip anymore. I only use this brush for “washes” of color- it’s not really good for detail work.

I found the Yasutomo water brushes for  between $5-8 USD, depending on the size of the brush and are available at some local stores. I couldn’t even find them online- maybe this version is discontinued?

Next up…. Aquash Water Brushes by Pentel!

The Aquash water brushes are a little more sophisticated- as you can see, there is an extra nib inside the brush mechanism, that allows the water to wick up from the handle to brush tip, much the way a fountain pen draws ink to the nib.  The Aquash water brush also has really nice nylon bristles that are tapered to a fine tip. The one I used for this review was the medium brush tip, yet it was so finely tapered I was able to do some very fine work.

Sample made using Twinkling h3O’s,  and the Aquash water brush.

The other advantage to the Pentel Aquash water brush is the handle shape. First of all, the handle is slightly flattened on one side to prevent your water brush from rolling away from you! Secondly, there is a bulb in the middle of the handle that a) fits nicely into the hand ergonomically and b) holds extra water! A gentle squeeze of the bulb forces extra water up through the nib when you want to wet your paints or clean out your brush. Love this feature! These water brushes by Pentel are available on their site and retail for $5.90 USD for the fine tip, the $6.50USD for the medium tip, and $7.90USD for the large brush tip. All hold the same amount of water, by the way, and all feature that fine tapered tip I mentioned. Sweet! But don’t rule out finding these on other websites for less- shop around!

Next, let’s talk about the Niji Water Brush, made by Yasutomo. I have a feeling that these are the new version of my tried-and-true waterbrushes.

This brush also has nice tapered tip made with nylon bristles.

It has a plastic tube to aid the water flow from the handle into the tip, but it doesn’t wick as readily as the Pentel version. The handle is made of soft, easy-to-squeeze plastic and holds a nice amount of liquid. I tried it out by dipping the brush directly into a pot of Perfect Pearls and painting on paper:

I also used this waterbrush with my water-based marker set- I scribbled some marker on a piece of deli-wrap, then used the Niji water brush to pick up the color and use it like a watercolor paint on this Zentagle I’m working on:

It really is a wonderful way to control the intensity of a marker- and the water brush is the key!  I liked the tip and felt the water flow was good when I cleaned off the tip. The medium-tipped brush runs between $6.00 and $8.00 USD on various websites, so it’s comparable to the Aquash.

Lastly I thought I’d try the “mini” version of a water brush – the Koi Travel water brush made by Sakura of America.

This Koi Water Brush by Sakura is made for crafting-on-the-go!

This little dynamo has nylon bristles in a very tight taper. Just by feel, these seemed to be the highest-quality brush tip- the bristles were very tightly packed and the tip very pointy- perfect for detail work! This tip also features the same high-quality nib that I mentioned that you’ll find in a fountain pen.

Since this is meant for traveling, there is a small plastic plug to screw into the handle- then the nib has a cap so that you can carry your brush in two parts, and it’s only 3 inches worth of space.  By the way, even the travel water brushes come in small, medium, and large brush sizes.

I used some Pearl Ex Watercolors for this one.

Even the the barrel is small, it held enough water to complete the above project with water left over. So if you are pressed for space, this one is a gem! The one I demonstrated with is a medium tip, which retails from $5-7 USD, depending on where you can find it.

I have to say, I think the Koi is the highest-quality water brush- so if you aren’t put off my re-filling, this may be a great option.

Overall, though, I have to say the Pentel Aquash is my personal favorite- the handle holds extra water, the nib and bristles are great, and the bulb feels great in the hand.

No matter which one you pick, though, I recommend you have at least ONE waterbrush on your work table. My crafty friend Jen also reminded me that you can fill a water brush with Ranger Blending Solution to use with your alcohol inks- isn’t that a great idea? She demonstrates how she does it here. (Just don’t leave it in there long term, it will damage the waterbrush.)

I’d love to hear from you about the brand of water brush you use, or other ways you use it…. feel free to leave a comment below!

UPDATE 7/12/2012: I’ve had a few recent comments about travel watercolor kits, and I’d like to remind you all that I did a comparison of “reasonably priced” travel kits here:


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Waterbrush Comparison: Which is the Best?

Here’s a comparison of various popular waterbrushes that artists use.

What are waterbrush good for?

A waterbrush is actually a brush with a water reservoir behind. It’s a very convenient tool for artists on the go, especially those use sketchbooks. You have the best of both worlds with the versatility of using a brush without having to bring a separate water supply.

Waterbrushes are best used on smaller pieces of work, and for me that would be smaller than A4. For A4 and larger, I prefer normal brushes because they can control washes more easily. For example, to make a large even wash, with a normal brush, you can use reload with the pre-mixed colours and can be sure that each stroke is of the same intensity. With a waterbrush, even if you pre-mix and reload, water inside the reservoir will continue to flow, affecting the intensity.

One of the main challenges of using the waterbrush controlling the water flow. Getting a flat or gradated wash is certainly possible with a waterbrush but it requires practise.

The other challenge is cleaning the waterbrush when you can to switch colour. This involves wiping the bristles with tissue to get the paint out. Usually I will wipe, then squeeze some water, and wipe again until the bristles are relatively clean. Cleaning a normal brush of course is as easy as cleaning it in a container of water but you have to have bring a container.

The waterbrushes compared

The waterbrushes that I’ll compare are in the photo above, from left to right, we have

I’ve put two pocket brushes to compare the size. They are actually all pretty small and can fit into a pencil case without any trouble. The Holbein one might feel a bit tight because it’s long. None of the waterbrushes can fit into the 12 half pan watercolour box except for the Da Vinci Maestro pocket brush.

By the way, the “large”, “medium” and “small” refers to the size of the brush tip and not the size of the brush.

These waterbrushes all use synthetic bristles. There are actually waterbrushes that use a mixture of synthetic and animal hair, but I found them to be of poor quality because the hair keeps falling out, and they leak.

Among the waterbrushes I have, Holben’s the only one that use white coloured bristles, the rest are transparent bristles. I prefer white bristles compared to transparent ones because they look and feel more artificial although in terms of performance there’s not much difference.

The bristles all taper to a point. For detail work, the transparent bristles are sharper while the Holbein is more difficult to control, relatively speaking.

The largest brush, Holbein in this case, is about size 6 of a normal brush. The normal brush has more of a belly shape to hold water.

Let’s go through them one by one listing the pro and cons in point form.

Derwent waterbrush
+ Brush tip comes in three sizes: small, medium and chisel
+ Waterbrushes are numbered so that you can identify the brush tip to pick
+ The squarish cap base prevents the waterbrush from rolling around on the table
+ The body holds a decent amount of water
+ Nice sharp point
– Body a bit tough to squeeze
– No breather holes in the ferrule. Pigment will get pulled back into the ink reservoir

+ Brush tip comes in three sizes: small, medium and large
+ Cap is transparent so you can see the brush tip inside
+ 9ml model holds a decent amount of water
+ Nice sharp point
– 4ml model is too short, awkward to hold, like a short pencil
– 4ml model does not hold a lot of water.
– No breather holes in the ferrule. Pigment will get pulled back into the ink reservoir

Niji – Recommended
+ Brush tip comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and flat
+ Cap is transparent so you can see the brush tip inside
+ Body holds a decent amount of water
+ Nice sharp point
– Small cap inside the body makes it inconvenient to refill water from running tap.

Niji is actually made by Kuretake Japan, the company that makes the popular brush pens.

By the way, this is a waterbrush that’s commonly rebranded and sold. Meaning, I’ve bought a few other waterbrushes under other brands and they all turn out to be Kuretake. You can identify Niji/Kuretake brushes easily by the useless clip they stick on the cap.

This is the filter cap you’ll see when you unscrew the Niji body. The major downside is that small black-coloured filter cap that acts a filter to the body. There’s a tiny hole that provides and control water when you squeeze the body.

If you want to refill from a running tap, you’ll have to remove that filter cap, a task for those with longer finger nails. You can still refill without removing that cap but it involves dipping the opening into water and squeezing the body to suck water up, and that’s not easy to refill the entire body.

And you cannot use the waterbrush without that filter cap because when you screw the body to the grip, that connection is not airtight, squeezing the body will cause the water to leak from the threads.

I usually bring a few Niji waterbrushes out because of the inconvenience of refilling. Actually, I usually bring spare waterbrushes out for other brands as well so as not to refill water while I’m outdoors.

Notice those clips on the cap? They are stuck to the cap and you can’t actually use them as normal pen clips. Peculiar design choice.

Holbein – Recommended
+ Brush tip comes in two sizes: medium and large
+ Cap is transparent so you can see the brush tip inside
+ Body holds a decent amount of water. More than other brands
+ White coloured bristles feel less artificial than transparent ones
– Bristles are thick and not easy to use for detail work
– Gets worn out quite fast
– Not easy to find in western countries

Holbein is my favourite waterbrush because of the white bristles even though it has quite a few disadvantage. My next favourite would be Pentel waterbrushes.

Pentel – Recommended
+ Brush tip comes in three sizes: small, medium and large
+ Different coloured caps differentiates the brush sizes
+ The body holds a decent amount of water
+ Nice sharp point
– Medium-size does not have breather holes

This is a stopper you see in some of the waterbrushes capped to the body. It’s useless and you can throw it away.

For some waterbrushes, water might come out from the ferrule that holds the bristles rather than out from the bristles. Shown above is the Sakura waterbrush. Quite a few waterbrushes do that so take note.

Be careful not to squeeze the waterbrush too hard or the water will drop at unexpected places, affecting your artwork.

I normally use waterbrushes with watersoluble media such as coloured pencils, watersoluble graphite. For watercolours, I prefer normal brushes even if I have to be inconvenienced by bring a separate container of water for washing the brush. For sketchbooks, waterbrushes are great.

In the photo above, I’ve fitted a Da Vinci Maestro pocket brush inside the watercolour box.

Video review

Here’s the video review to see the waterbrushes in action.

Waterbrushes offer the convenience of normal brushes with a built-in water supply. They perform more or less the same. Main difference is just design of the body and bristles.

In order of preference, I would go with Holbein first. Then it’s a mix between Pentel, Sakura and Derwent. Then Niji because of its refilling system.

If you do detail work, I recommend Pentel or Sakura.


All links below are direct links to the items on Amazon.

Pentel Aquash waterbrush (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES | JP)

Sakura waterbrush (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES | JP)

Derwent waterbrush (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES | JP)

Niji waterbrush (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES | JP)

Holbein waterbrush – Difficult to find, even on eBay.

Search Jackson’s Art Supplies (UK) and Utrecht Art Supplies (USA) too.

UPC 031248518712 – Yasutomo Niji Waterbrush, Large

UPC 031248518712

UPC 031248518712 is associated with Yasutomo Niji Waterbrush, Large

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UPC 031248518712 has following Product Name Variations:

  1. Yasutomo Niji Water Brush with 15mm Tip, Large
  2. Yasutomo Niji Water Brush with 15mm Tip, Large (KWB15)
  3. Yasutomo & Co. Kwb15 Niji Waterbrush Large Round
  4. Waterbrush large
  5. Yasutomo Niji Waterbrush, Large
  6. Yasutomo KWB Niji Waterbrush, Choose from 5 Tip Sizes
  7. Yasutomo Waterbrush large
  8. Niji Waterbrush Large
  9. Yasutomo KWB15 7” Long Large Waterbrush with a 15mm Tip
  10. Yasutomo Niji Large Waterbrush
  11. Niji Waterbrush Large-
  12. Yasutomo KWB15 7 Long Large Waterbrush with a 15mm Tip
  13. Yasutomo Plastic Niji Waterbrush Large-15 Mm Tip
  14. Niji Waterbrush Large Point-15mm Tip

– more –

More Info

UPC-A:0 31248 51871 2
EAN-13:0 031248 518712
Country of Registration:United States
Brand: Yasutomo
Model #:0003124851871
Weight:6. 8 kg
Product Dimension:3.5 X 0.7 X 6.7 inches1.8 X 9.2
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Products with UPC 031248518712 were listed on the following websites. Product prices are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.

Stores Product Info Price Last Updated
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eBay US Used Yasutomo Niji Water Brush with 15mm Tip, Large (KWB15) $6. 99 2021-07-20 06:37:17
Sears Yasutomo Niji Water Brush with 15mm Tip, Large $8.66 2016-12-07 05:32:58 Waterbrush large $9.69 2021-04-29 03:31:00 Yasutomo Niji Waterbrush, Large $9.93 2018-09-09 18:13:03 Yasutomo KWB Niji Waterbrush, Choose from 5 Tip Sizes $11.12 2021-07-20 06:37:17
Rakuten( Yasutomo Waterbrush large $11.50 2017-08-30 16:05:24
DollarDays Niji Waterbrush Large $12. 34 2015-07-03 18:13:28 Yasutomo Niji Large Waterbrush $13.79 2019-03-08 01:14:31 Niji Waterbrush Large- $15.63 2016-11-15 14:40:41 Yasutomo KWB15 7 Long Large Waterbrush with a 15mm Tip $16.24 2018-07-02 10:43:27
eBay UK Yasutomo Plastic Niji Waterbrush Large-15 Mm Tip ₤18.10 2017-03-21 04:44:34 Niji Waterbrush Large Point-15mm Tip $26.39 2017-01-20 10:38:01
Newegg Canada Niji Waterbrush Large- CAD55. 96 2019-06-10 23:38:51

KWB15 Yasutomo Niji Water Brush with 15mm Tip Large Pointed-Round Paintbrushes Arts, Crafts & Sewing

KWB15 Yasutomo Niji Water Brush with 15mm Tip Large

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KWB15 Yasutomo Niji Water Brush with 15mm Tip Large

90,000 Udin Church Historical truth has finally triumphed. Semyon Kastryulin

Long negotiations on my participation in the opening of the Orthodox Church of the ancient Albanians – Udins were crowned with success. The next morning I was given a seat in the car of Ofil Ismayilov, a representative of the Catholic Church in Azerbaijan.

Morning chill found me near the Center of Russian Culture, where they were supposed to take me as a travel companion to the distant village of Nidzh. At exactly 7 am gray Zhigulis arrived.We got to know each other. At the wheel was a thin, slender man – Ofil, next to him in jeans, a somewhat prominent artist Elchin Akhmedov. It is necessary to take two more fellow travelers somewhere on the Shemakha road, near the bridge.

They called again until they lost their pulse, again went somewhere and again they were not found. Finally we met, explained and got nervous.

My conversation with Ofil Ismailov opened up new facets of the character of one of the former Soviet intellectuals. To support his family, he worked as an economist and trainer in international drafts and even as a trade union worker.

An active social life finally brought him into the fold of the Catholic Church. In a leisurely conversation, we did not notice how we stopped at a teahouse in the forest, somewhere in the area between Shamakha and Ismayilli.

Fresh air blew our gassed lungs, and tea from a samovar in a forest glade, brought good thoughts about life. We discussed the next route. Whether to go along a good road, following the Akhsu pass, or along another, short one. We agreed on the best option. Not without humor.They whispered to me that after tea I quickly retreat to pay for the tea Seyid Abbasov. For some reason, the audience decided to “punish” Seyid, who always found a way out of the situation for the benefit of himself. But here he was “caught”. They laughed, Seid promised to retaliate.

Lulled by the measured movement of the car, we continued our conversation until the names of the settlements appeared on the road signs: Aydin-Gyshlak, the villages of Zaragan, Vandam, Mirzabeyli, which flooded the Devebatanchay river.So, having slipped through Ismaily, we went deeper into the Gabala region. To the right, somewhere on the horizon, on a green field stood out the colossus of the Gabala radar station, which, as I later found out from the deputy head of the radar station Andrei Krasnovsky, provides work for hundreds of residents of the Gabala region.

The long-awaited village of Nidzh. Coarse gravel and clay pavement. We nearly punctured the wheel and punctured the crankcase roof on the engine. Again I had to ask, now about the location of the rebuilt church.On the way here, I have accumulated a lot of not warm words both to the road workers and those who are responsible for setting up signs indicating the direction of travel. There are few such plates on the track and their absence affected our return journey.

And here is the church. The police, invited by the head of the district executive power, indicated the parking place.

I separated from my group, wanting to get closer to the church, where red rugs and carpets were laid, microphones were installed.As a result, he found himself in a compressed crowd, next to a man with a colonel’s shoulder straps and Slavic features.

As it turned out, it was Andrei Krasnovsky, deputy commander of the Russian radar station, invited to the holiday, who came with his six-year-old daughter Vika. We met, talked about friendship between peoples and how important it is to strengthen friendly and economic ties. Our conversation did not suit his daughter, she kept trying to stand up on tiptoe to see what was happening.

And there were a lot of guests.Deputy of the Azerbaijani Milli Majlis Fattah Heydarov, professor of history Farida Mammadova, Vladyka of the Baku Orthodox Church Father Alexander, head of the Norwegian humanitarian organization Rolf Kzhode, chairman of the Christian community of Udin-Albanians in Azerbaijan Robert Mobili made speeches. They emphasized the main thing that brought us here, to the stone walls of the once storage for grain and hazelnuts, and now the second restored Udi church in Azerbaijan.

While we were listening to the speeches of the speakers, florid and not very, little Vika climbed into the first rows of spectators and looked at the stone gravestones of the burials of the first priests of the church.A temple on a green lawn, giant thirty-meter plane trees invited the girl to run, but there were so many adults … ..

The sun has moved, it has become very hot and, it seemed, there would be no end to the performances. But it all ended as suddenly as it began. Then the eminent guests were invited to the openwork wooden doors of the church. Waving my service card, a dictaphone and a camera in front of the police and bodyguards, I managed to delve into the coolness of a large semi-dark hall with an altar and lighted candles.

The church was full of people, as were the media. Blitz flashed, and Vladyka Alexander walked around the room with a church attribute in his hand, resembling a little paint brush, and sprinkled holy water on the walls of the restored church monastery. Somewhere in the background, clergymen were singing in an impromptu choir. Norwegians crowded the walls and around the supporting columns supporting the vault, interspersed with representatives of the district government. They graciously listened to the church singing and did not notice that, leaning on the columns, they stain their backs.To an elderly Norwegian woman, I pointed to her chalk-white cape. She thanked her, and I thought about what would have happened if the famous researcher Thor Heyerdahl, who visited Azerbaijan, did not suggest that the fire-worshipers of Azerbaijan were the ancestors of the Vikings. Surely the restoration of Albanian churches would be postponed indefinitely.

I spoke with one of the Udins in the village, now an entrepreneur from Kazakhstan, Voroshil Makarov. He left here in 1968, but every year he came, providing assistance to his fellow villagers as he could, promoting the history of his people in Aktau.Today, of course, he could not help coming to the opening of the ancient Udi church.

Many generations have been waiting for this event for a long time. But the historical truth came true, the intrigues of the representatives of the Armenian Church, which dreamed of subordinating the Udins to its influence, were destroyed, and people regained the spiritual heritage of their grandfathers and fathers. When Makarov left to serve in the army, the population of the village of Nij was 8 thousand people, today about 7 thousand. Vladyka finally finished the tiresome procedure for many, and we left the halls of the church into the air.As if by magic, they began to set tables on the open lawn. Tender bread, cheese, herbs appeared.

In the meantime, swallowing saliva, I’m interviewing the head of the Norwegian humanitarian mission, Rolf Kjode. He turned out to be extremely talkative and gave me the “secret” of the cost of restoring the object and the time spent on it. The beautiful translator Samira briskly translated the information for me. It turned out that $ 150,000 had been allocated for the restoration for three years of work. The restoration was carried out by employees of the Azerbaijan Institute of Architecture and Construction under the leadership of Gulchohra Mammadova and local builders according to God knows where the sketches were found.In the future, the Norwegians hope for interesting projects that Udin representatives will offer them.

Called to the table. I sat down next to the Norwegians, Vladyka. Adult men with sinewy hands served steaming dishes in deep bowls: boiled yahni meat. Then they served “siyoh” – boiled rice porridge with pieces of meat. The Norwegian woman who was sitting opposite, who had come two days ago to her husband, stabbed with a fork incredulously at this not very attractive-looking food dump, and asked the translator something.Samira, having tasted some porridge, convinced the foreigner that the dish was tasty and could be eaten with a large spoon.

Looking sideways at the foreign women, somewhat disgustedly glancing at the food, I broke the cake and began to work vigorously with a spoon. To moisten the throat heated in the sun, the organizers of the feast offered along with the Khirdalan bottled cola, the Gakh mineral water and home-made rose wine. My fellow travelers, who happened to be nearby, pressing hard on the wine, turned pink.

Through the historian-ethnographer, pensioner Georgy Kochaari, I “went” to the representative of the executive power of the Gabala region in the village. Nij Vidadi Mahmudova. Naturally, I asked about this village and its people.

6470 people live in Nija in 1403 yards. With work, as in all regions, there is tension here. Farms are mainly developing. The region has recently opened the largest cannery in the South Caucasus for processing nuts. Many walnut trees grow in the farmsteads of the villagers, giving residents the opportunity to live and even repair their homes.

I was still unable to speak with the main initiators of the restoration of the Albanian church in Nija, Robert Mobili. He all met and saw off someone. Finally he sat down on a plastic chair and asked for tea. Tea was brought by a big guy named Sergei, who was selling books at the church gatehouse about the history of the Udis and the Albanian church.

I sat closer to Robert. A conversation ensued. He, despite the fact that he has long lived in Baku and teaches at the university, like other Udis, is a patriot of his village and faith.He considers the former patriarchate to be the next stage in the rallying of the Udins. After all, the Udins once obeyed their main confessors-patriarchs – the Albanian Orthodox Church, ranging from Viro to Sergius YY. Robert recalled with regret the ill-fated decree of Tsar Nicholas in 1836, which abolished the Albanian church, which predetermined the transfer of its flock under the auspices of the Armenian church. With this decree, according to Robert, the Udins did not agree. They have always refused to attend the Armenian church.

Times have changed.The Udis now have the opportunity to return to the fold of their church. Now we need to resolve the issue with a priest, who must come from the Udi community. From this moment, the rapprochement of the Udins will begin, and then their cohesion.

Ofil offered to show me a village school, which is 150 years old. In order not to get lost in the thickets that surrounded the village, a young guy named Denis was assigned to us as a guide. He worked in a car service and dreamed of the time when he would leave his native village and move to Russia.

He was already there. Manili Udin-Denis Russian girls, disco and freedom, which I have not seen in my native village. The desire of Robert and other Udins does not coincide with the desire of young people who dream of improving the infrastructure of their native village at least at the level of the Molokan village of Nikitovka, with its computer class and a large dance club.

On my way to school, I looked at the udin households hidden in the back of the gardens. In the center of the village of Nij was a restored church.The five schools located nearby (in three teaching in Russian, in two in Azerbaijani) did not differ in external splendor – the lack of funds affected. The complete picture of a not very prosperous village was completed by the cemetery outside it.

For a builder and an architect of special interest, if they find themselves in Nidja, they will present houses. At first, the Udins built their dwellings from adobe bricks. Straw and clay kept the rooms warm in winter and cool in summer. But there are few such houses left.More and more solid houses made of building blocks with a galvanized metal roof peered out through the thickets of yew, blackberry, hazel. But the fences are more modest, residents use red bricks mixed with cobblestones.

While we were making our way through natural and artificial thorns, all the time we were afraid to crush the hogs and piglets scurrying almost under the wheels.

But here, and the courtyard of the headmaster’s house. Large house with two entrances, veranda with dark lacquered stair railings.The utility rooms with the domestic liveliness there are also not small.

Everything here said that the headmaster, Sergei Dallari, was a well-to-do owner. While we, as usual, were seated around the varnished table, the hostess offered milk dishes.

I was interested in the name of the dishes. We were served “nak”, reminiscent of ayran, cottage cheese (shor). The meal was supposed to be “mucha nak”, a kind of fermented milk porridge, but we refused. While the hostess, an elementary school teacher, laid out the plates of food, the owner talked about his sons working in Russia.Didn’t forget about school affairs.

The school, despite the small salaries of teachers, occupies a leading place in the region, and many of its graduates easily become university students. Sergei muallim did not forget to mention the church bell, which migrated from the school yard to the bell tower. And much earlier he was hanged in the schoolyard, removed from the ragged church. Now the school needs a new bell. The electric bell, due to the irregular supply of light, has long been forgotten here.

I expressed a good idea that the bell can be purchased from the Caspian Shipping Company.Surely there will be some kind of bell from the ship.

We said goodbye to the hospitable small family of the headmaster and went to the school. The building looks much younger than its retirement age. Children played football in the schoolyard. When they saw us, they stopped playing and came closer. Everyone speaks Russian well, Sergey muallim takes them to Baku every year on vacation. The guys showed good knowledge of new computer equipment and technology, which has not yet made it into their home school. Many promised that if they became businessmen, they would definitely flood the school with computers, dish antennas and power generators. The boy, who identified himself as Ahmed, promised to become a doctor and provide the currently empty hospital complex with new equipment.

Returned to the church. In the courtyard, tired guests were drinking tea and staring at a large glass photograph. It was filmed back in 1916. In the background is a church that barely resembles today. Ahead of her, some lying, some standing, are the grandfathers of today’s Udins.The photographer, apparently, forced people to look closely into the lens, so the expressions on their faces remained tense. Even twisted like those of Marshal Budyonny (a tribute to the pre-revolutionary fashion) could not soften the features of the Udins that had gone into oblivion.

But even in such an unfavorable angle for the filming, the current Udins recognized their relatives from the recollections of their fathers and mothers.

One of them – Chotari owned the courtyard where the church was located. The owner has been gone for a long time, but his descendant Sergei sells books and looks into tomorrow with optimism.While I was thinking about it, a young couple appeared in the yard. The husband is a military man at the Gabala radar station, his features betrayed a Slav. The latter could be attributed to his wife, holding the child tightly in her arms. They went into the church, prayed there, putting money in the donation box. Then, having relieved the soul, they began to question Sergei, who happened to be nearby about the graves of priests located on the territory of the church.

I read a kind of confusion on the woman’s face that I could not explain. As it turned out, the woman praying in the church did not know whether, according to the custom of the Russians, the church had been sprinkled with holy water.And if the sacrament of the ceremony was performed, who performed it. I explained it to her in a nutshell, and the woman’s face changed instantly. Tears appeared in my eyes. In a word, those who came from the radar left with the hope that they too had a small window for revelation with God in the person of this Udi church.

We also said goodbye to the Udins, getting ready for a long journey. Suddenly the wind rustled in the dense foliage of the plane tree, which, according to the villagers’ belief, is 200 years old. He also said goodbye to us. Perhaps the old giant wanted to tell us something secret, and long forgotten …….

Newspaper “BIRZHA Plus”. No. 21, dated May 26, 2006.

“One dope: love for Russia”

“One dope: love for Russia”

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In the year of the 77th anniversary of the end of the Battle of Stalingrad, Vladikavkaz was visited by members of the Public Chamber of the city of Vladikavkaz. Volgograd. A large delegation from the hero-city visited North Ossetia, which included a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Sergey BURLAKOV, Chairman of the Council of Elders of the Volgograd House of Friendship Arsen DAUROV, heads of the All-Union State Public Organization “Union” Kalmykia-Volgograd “Gennady KOSHELEV, Tajik Association of Volgograd Akram AZIMDZHONOV Udin community “Nij” Professor Richard DANAKARI, Chairman of the Board of the House of Friendship in Volgograd Kazbek FARNIEV, Vice-rector for educational and social work of the Volga State University Tatyana KUZNETSOVA.

The guests laid flowers at the Vladikavkaz – City of Military Glory stele and the monument to the soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War. Ruslan Marzoev, head of the culture department of the Vladikavkaz AMC, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech: “Today, on such an important day not only for Volgograd, but for the whole country, we are glad to welcome guests from this hero-city here in Vladikavkaz. The memory of the deeds that our common ancestors performed is imperishable. ”

The delegates also visited the memorial complex “Barbashovo Pole”. With great interest they examined the equipment of the Great Patriotic War and got acquainted with the history of the feat of the Hero of the Soviet Union Pyotr Barbashov.

On the same day, a presentation of a film about fighter pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Maresyev took place at the Gorsky State Agrarian University. One of the authors of the picture was a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, a member of the Public Council under the Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights Sergei Burlakov.He knows firsthand about the difficult fate of Alexei Maresyev, and one can even say that firsthand, because Burlakov has a great friendship with the son of the legendary pilot.

After watching the film, a presentation of the methodological textbook “Sons and Daughters of Ossetia in the Battle of Stalingrad: Brotherly Nations in the Fight Against Fascism” took place. The publication has been specially designed and prepared for teachers, schoolchildren and university students. The author of the textbook was journalist and publicist Mikhail Serenko, who, unfortunately, could not come to Ossetia.

And the very next day a meeting with Sergei Burlakov took place in the Public Chamber of the North Ossetia-A. The famous Paralympic athlete was greeted with applause, the dialogue took place in an informal stop.

It is worth reminding readers that Sergei Burlakov lost both hands and feet of both legs in an accident. But the tragedy did not break him. Having survived 7 injuries incompatible with life, he survived. Today Sergey is a master of sports in swimming and athletics, more than 40 times champion of Russia in these sports, a record holder of Russia and the world in athletics and shooting.Winner of the marathon and race “5 miles” in New York (2002, 2003, 2004), participant of the cycling marathon “Moscow-Taganrog” (2006) Repeatedly recognized as “Person of the Year”, “Person of the planet” (2003) , the holder of the title “Real Hero” (2006), the Guinness Book of Records record holder – “the first man on the planet Earth who, with a four-time amputation, lifted an aircraft into the air.

Chairman of the Public Chamber of North Ossetia Nina Chiplakova, addressing Sergei Burlakov, said: “We are very pleased with our meeting today and the opportunity to express our sincere admiration to you vis-a-vis.Perhaps it is difficult to find a greater optimist than you and a greater patriot of Russia. You are doing a lot for the patriotic education of young people, for the correct understanding of the world in which we live. By your own example you motivate people with disabilities. And it deserves the highest appreciation and gratitude. ”

Another interesting event was Sergei Burlakov’s master class “About Love” for the semifinalists of the Leaders of Russia competition. A member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation shared his personal life experience, talked about how love forms a person, reveals his unlimited life potential in a person, helps to overcome difficulties and makes it possible to develop the brightest and strongest sides of the human personality.

“It is quite understandable why Sergei Burlakov’s speech is included in the program of the semi-final of the Leaders of Russia competition, which is the main project of the presidential platform” Russia – a country of opportunities. Because Sergey is a real leader. First of all – for yourself. He is an impeccable example of how to set goals and achieve them, winning the most important battle every day – with yourself. And such an example motivates no less than the stories of successful entrepreneurs or top managers, “Nina Chiplakova emphasized.

Sergei Burlakov himself, in turn, admitted that he fell in love with Ossetia after last year’s arrival: “Here are people who are close to me in spirit, whom I call brothers. Here is a small Russian Switzerland. … Ossetia. Here I will prepare for the competition and come back here with a victory. I am often asked about doping. For me, only one doping is love for Russia, and Russia is you. ”

Circumstances developed in such a way that Sergei Burlakov got to a meeting of the Council of the Public Chamber of North Ossetia, at which, after wide public hearings that took place the day before, amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation were discussed.

A member of the Public Chamber of Russia shared his opinion on the amendments with his regional colleagues. It was about the indexation of benefits for people with disabilities, as well as people who have a long work record, enshrined in the work book, about compensation for travel expenses accompanying people with disabilities, about the limited access of foreign capital to the country’s natural resources, about the fact that patriotism and dogma should be the only acceptable ideology. that a person and his rights are the highest value of the state.

Towards the end of the meeting, Nina Chiplakova presented Sergei Burlakov with a literary and historical chronology “Alans: the eternal road of war” and an exclusive calendar for 2020 with factual archival data, specially released for the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

90,000 Udins and Azerbaijan.

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Udins attending a divine service in a church in the village of Nij, Gabala region of Azerbaijan. The icons, as you can see, are Orthodox. The Udins are a small people living in Azerbaijan (their historical homeland), as well as in Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and many other countries. Their number is about 10,000 people. They are descendants of the inhabitants of one of the most ancient states of the Transcaucasus – Caucasian Albania (Alvania, Aluanka, not to be confused with European Albania in the Balkans), which geographically occupied the territory of Northern Azerbaijan and Southern Dagestan.In their historical homeland, they now live mainly in the large village of Nij, Gabala region, Azerbaijan.

The Udins themselves are descendants of the ancient population (tribe of the Utians) of the historical region of Utic, known by the ancient authors as Otena or Sakasena, from about the 2nd century BC. which was one of the gavars (districts) of Greater Armenia, and in 387 after the partition of Armenia between the Roman and Persian empires, which became part of the vassal of the Persian Sassanids of Caucasian Albania.

I would like to tell you separately about the religious affiliation of the Udins.Caucasian Albania is one of the first Christian states in the world, for a minute – one of the first Christian states in the world (after the Assyrian , and Armenia were established) and the first Christian state on the territory of present-day Russia, as a part of Caucasian Albania, like me already wrote above, included the lands of modern southern Dagestan together with the city of Derbent.

According to the ancient legend recorded by the historian Moses Kalakantuatsi (Kalakantuysky), Christianity in the lands of Caucasian Albania was first preached by Saint Elisha, a disciple of the Apostle St.Thaddeus, and founded a church in the village of Kish (now the Sheki region of Azerbaijan).

Church in the village of Kish. Once upon a time, the Udins lived there, but since the 19th century the village has been inhabited by the Transcaucasian Turks (Azerbaijanis). Alvanian king Urnayr was baptized by Saint Gregory the Illuminator. The Church of Caucasian Albania was in canonical unity with the Armenian Apostolic Church. Together with the Armenians, the Alvanians rejected the Council of Chalcedon – at the Vagharshapat (491) and Dvina (527) church councils. True, among the Alvanian clergy there were attempts (under the influence of the Greeks and Georgians) to abandon unity with the AAC and to accept Chalcedonism.The last such attempt was undertaken by the Alvanian Catholicos Nerses I Bakur (688-704), who inclined Queen Sparam, some priests and aristocrats to Greco-Orthodoxy. In response, the Alvanian clergy, who remained faithful to the Myafizitism, snitched on Bakur and the queen to the Arab Caliph, from whom the Caucasian Alvania was in vassal dependence, they say the Catholicos “sold out to the Romans. ” By order of the Caliph, Nerses and Spram were chained and sent into exile. And the Alvanian miaphisites, assembled a council, to which they invited the Armenian Catholicos, once again cursed the “heresies of the Greeks and Ivers” and decided that henceforth, in order to avoid relapses of Chalcedonism, the Catholicos of the Alvan Church would be ordained by the Catholicos of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Read more about these rehearsals from the Albanian historian Moses Kalakantuatsi (Kalakantuysky) in the “History of the Aluank Country” (Book III, Chapter 3-9)

Later, under the influence of first Arabs and then Turks, most of the Alvanians converted to Islam and assimilated , thus taking part in the ethnogenesis of modern Azerbaijanis. Of those who remained faithful to Christianity, many were Armenized. This was facilitated by the fact that since the time of Armenia’s loss of independence, the AAC has become a purely ethno-confessional community.Accordingly, the written and liturgical language of the Alvan katalikosat was the Armenian language (the Alvan script invented by St. Mesrop Mashtots was safely forgotten).

And only a very small group of Alvanians managed to simultaneously remain faithful to Christ and not dissolve in the Armenians. These were the Udins. It should be noted that since the 11th century, during the period of Georgia’s relative political power, active proselytism began among the Udis on the part of the Georgian Orthodox Church, and some part of the Udins in the Middle Ages nevertheless became Chalcedonites.

The last blow to their relative religious identity was struck after the destruction by the authorities of Tsarist Russia (demotion to the status of metropolitanate under Alexander I and the abolition of the Alvan Catalikosate during the reign of Alexander I), in whose jurisdiction the Udins were. Why relative? Yes, because this Catholicosate itself was by that time a long time ago Armenian in the liturgical language (the Albanian writing was safely forgotten in the early Middle Ages) and the nationality of the flock, and even had its center in the Gandzasar monastery in the Armenian Artsakh (Khachen principality). But nevertheless …

At present, due to the Armenian-Azerbaijani war, for obvious reasons, all church-religious ties of the Udis with the Armenian Apostolic Church were interrupted. But they did not undergo Islamization. Firstly, because modern Azerbaijan is a secular state, and the majority of Azerbaijanis are alien to Islamic fanaticism (as opposed to nationalistic fanaticism), and secondly, the Azerbaijani authorities and ideologists and propagandists serving its interests are worried about the idea of ​​”re-creating the Church of Caucasian Albania”, which, as it seems to them, will make it even more convincing to substantiate their claims to Karabakh, which, as I said above, was the center of the Alvan Catholicosate, which was abolished in the 19th century.And it’s okay that the Udins speak the language of the Nakh-Dagestan language group (close to the Lezgin language), and not the language of the Transcaucasian Oghuz Turks, who have lived in the territory of present-day Azerbaijan and the former Caucasian Albania since the time of the dinosaurs and Lemuria.

Unlike the Udins, residents of Vartashen (present-day Oguz), for the most part, together with the Armenians who survived the pogroms and exile, the residents of the village of Nij, Gabala region, the authorities of Azerbaijan were mercifully allowed to live in an ethnographic reserve and even restored a village church for them ( along the way, destroying all the inscriptions on the walls on the grabar there), although in the same unfortunate Vartashen-Oguz Albanian churches lie in ruins and (or) serve as cattle corrals. 90 100

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How Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka and other athletes become fashion influencers :: Things :: RBK Style

Luxury goods manufacturers love working with professional athletes.Embodying the masculinity, strength, endurance and courage with which the vast majority of brands want to associate, tennis and basketball players appear in advertising campaigns, occupy the front row of fashion shows and even produce joint products. In the last year alone, a dozen such precedents have accumulated: freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy became the ambassador of the Prada Linea Rossa sports line, basketball player of the Milwaukee Bucks P. J. Tucker presented a collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana, footballers of Paris Saint Germain Gianluigi Donnarumma and Neymar tried on suits which Dior Men created for the club, and the “rising titan of tennis” Andrei Rublev – the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo watch.

Andrey Rublev in the Bvlgari advertising campaign, May 2021

© press service

Gus Kenworthy for Prada Linea Rossa, November 2020

© press service

Gianluigi Donnarumma and Neymar in a joint shoot of Dior Men and Paris Saint-Germain, September 2021

© press service

Kyle Kuzma for Tiffany & Co. , October 2021

© press service

Nija Houston filming Savage X Fenty, October 2021

© press service

Novak Djokovic in Montblanc Advertising Campaign, September 2021

© press service

Raheem Sterling in the third issue of the digital magazine Bottega Veneta, October 2021

© press service

This trend has been going on since 2010: Louis Vuitton filmed Zinedine Zidane, Diego Maradona and Pele (and also Muhammad Ali, who posed for Annie Leibovitz with his three-year-old grandson), Emporio Armani – David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, Givenchy – the star and Acne Studios, Los Angeles Lakers playmaker Russell Westbrook.

However, there was no need to talk about the long-term and passionate love of luxury brands for women. Yes, athletes have always collaborated with Nike, Puma, adidas and other companies that were directly related to their activities, while high fashion limited the circle of ambassadors to pretty actresses, bloggers and singers. Broad shoulders, muscular legs and pronounced abs did not correspond to the ideas of the brands about beauty, as well as strength and power – the idea of ​​a woman in general.However, with the entry into the era of new ethics, the situation has changed dramatically.

In 2019, the legendary tennis player Serena Williams appeared on the cover of the American Harper’s Bazaar. The photograph in a golden dress and with bare buttocks, which the athlete forbade retouching, was followed by an essay – the same unadorned and frank. In it, Williams talked about the conflict with the judges of the US Open tournament in the match against Naomi Osaka (the referee fined the American three times for her coach’s gestures, regarded as prompts, and aggressive behavior), after which she had to turn to a psychotherapist.

Serena Williams on the cover of American Harper’s Bazaar, August 2019

© press service

“Despite how difficult this experience was for me, it showed that thousands of women working in completely different fields face discrimination every day. We cannot show emotions, we cannot be impulsive.We need to sit still and, frankly, I’m not going to put up with that. It’s a shame that society punishes women for showing themselves as they are, ”the athlete wrote.

A resonant essay showed that it is unfair to treat female athletes as performance-oriented robots: first of all, they are women who have a right to emotions, opinions and values. Not providing a platform for expressing this opinion has become as embarrassing as ignoring the existence of black actresses, plus-size models or female directors.

Therefore, a year later, along with Serena Williams, who posed for the cover of Vogue in a white dress that symbolized the white flag, the gloss was captured by other athletes: from the American gymnast Simona Biles (with the stem “She gets up and speaks”) to the Somali boxer Ramla Ali (“ Unstoppable, unshakable, invincible “).

Naomi Osaka on the cover of Vogue Hong Kong, Aug 2021

© press service

Megan Rapino on the cover of American Harper’s Bazaar, June 2021

© press service

Ramla Ali on the cover of British Elle, September 2021

© press service

Serena Williams on the cover of British Vogue, November 2020

© press service

Simone Biles on the cover of American Vogue, August 2020

© press service

The case was not limited to covers: Serena Williams starred in an advertising campaign for Gucci, Naomi Osaka – Louis Vuitton, Ramla Ali – Coach, and American football player Megan Rapino – Loewe. In addition, athletes have become frequent guests of fashion shows and events. Indicative was the September Met Gala, where the organizer of the ball, the editor-in-chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour invited almost all the most discussed athletes today: in addition to Williams, Biles, Rapino and Osaka (she, by the way, became the co-chair of the Met Gala along with Timothy Chalamet, Billy Eilish and poet Amanda Gorman), American gymnast Nia Dennis, famous for her performances on Beyoncé tracks, Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova and Emma Radukanu, the only athlete who was able to win the Grand Slam singles tournament, starting with qualifications.

Emma Radukanu at the Met Gala, September 2021

© Instagram

Serena Williams at the Met Gala, September 2021

© Instagram

Simone Biles at the Met Gala, September 2021

© Instagram

Megan Rapino at the Met Gala, September 2021

© Instagram

Naomi Osaka at the Met Gala, September 2021

© Instagram

Maria Sharapova at the Met Gala, September 2021

© Instagram

Nia Dennis at the Met Gala, September 2021

© Instagram

The aim of designers at athletes is explained not only by the era of new ethics, but also by business benefits. Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson has repeatedly expressed the opinion that consumers today need more than just clothes. By cooperating with those who, in addition to career heights and a large number of subscribers, also have moral values ​​and an active citizenship, brands increase customer loyalty. Commenting on Rapino’s choice as Loewe Ambassador, Anderson explained that he saw the athlete on the morning news and was impressed by her speech (the footballer supports numerous LGBTQ + organizations and is the founder of the gender-neutral lifestyle brand re-inc).To focus on the personality of the athlete, not a single Loewe product was placed in the frame: only Rapino’s grimace, which she depicts on the field in case of victories.

Megan Rapino at Loewe ad campaign, January 2020

© press service

Naomi Osaka for Louis Vuitton campaign, January 2021

© press service

Ramla Ali in Coach ad campaign

© press service

Serena Williams for Stuart Weitzman ad campaign, May 2020

© press service

Serena Williams for Gucci campaign, April 2021

© press service

Together with female athletes, brands gain access to their audience – not only large, but also devoted. Lack of investment in women’s sports is affecting the infrequent broadcast of competitions and matches, so fans have to work hard to find information about their idols. In addition, this audience is characterized by constancy: if the number of actresses’ subscribers is often directly proportional to film premieres, then fans of athletes support them regardless of performances, defeats and victories. This is confirmed by Anako Maeda, founder and creative director of the Adeam brand, who launched a collaboration with Naomi Osaka in September 2020.According to her, site traffic and sales figures were the same both since the announcement of the cooperation with the tennis player and today, a year later.

What does all this give to the athletes themselves, in addition to the areas for speaking? First, the opportunity to feel like a woman. “I am passionate about fashion, style and art. But I’ve spent my whole life chasing yellow balls and sweating. What could be more opposite to hairstyles, makeup and catwalks? But in fact, we are more than we seem at first glance, and we can be whoever we want, ”wrote tennis player and sister of Serena Williams Venus, whom the Givenchy namesake entrusted to present the debut collection on social networks under his leadership. In addition to being a fashion influencer, Venus has her own sportswear brand, Eleven, and interior design firm V Starr, while continuing to hit the court (albeit not very well).

Venus Williams at the Louis Vuitton show, October 2021

© press service

Dina Asher-Smith at the Prada show, September 2021

© press service

Ramla Ali at the Dior show, September 2021

© press service

Secondly, by working with fashion brands, athletes receive direct investments in their own projects or in organizations that they support. Before agreeing to go to the Met Gala in an Area X Athleta gown, Simone Biles convinced Athleta to donate $ 50,000 to The Power Of She, an empowering charity for girls and women.

In turn, Ramla Ali, not only the winner of the England boxing competition among amateurs, but also a professional model of the IMG agency, in between filming invites partners to sponsor their own fighting “Sisters’ Club”.Starting with free boxing lessons for Muslim women and hijab-wearing women, today he also teaches self-defense for those facing domestic violence. However, Ali calls the main goal of his modeling activity to draw attention to women’s sports as such.

“More people should be watching the fights,” she says. – Our labor is paid in accordance with our commercial value. If 11 million people turn on Anthony Joshua’s fight, he will make huge profits. Fewer people will watch the women’s fight, but we will still be paid according to demand. “

Naomi Osaka wearing a mask bearing the name of Elijah McClain, a dark-haired student who died after collision with police, September 2020

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According to Anusha Cuttigan, chief fashion analyst at research firm Kantar, friendships with Louis Vuitton, Dior and other luxury brands really highlight the performance of female athletes. However, this will continue only as long as this friendship seems unusual to us. This is best reflected in Megan Rapino’s monologue for CNN: “I love doing new things and being provocative. In the sense that I provoke people to think. If you are a stereotypical Sports Illustrated reader, when you see my photo on the pages, you will probably think, “What is she doing here?” Maybe you read the annotation, maybe you read the article, maybe you think you don’t like me at all, or maybe you want to turn on the game. “

The loss of the effect of novelty in the case of foreign athletes may open doors for Russian athletes, who so far cooperate exclusively with Nike, Puma and adidas. However, for this they need to have not only career achievements, media weight, beauty and charisma, but also the ability to freely express their own opinion, without reminders from coaches.

Yusuf Ali (Hapyskhorly) – Kyrymlynyn nidas (“Kechken kunler” destans akynda of the Tyushunjeller base)

Yusuf Ali (Hapyskhorly)

Kyrymlynyn nidas

“Kechken kunler” destans akkynda of the tyushunjeller base

Kechenlerde change qadimiy dostum Enver Ozenbashli “Yusuf ojag’a beriniz” dep, chalishkan department (Kyrym Muendislik-Pedagogy of the University) bir kitap qaldyryp ketken. Kitapnyn Serlevasy “Kechken Kunler. Destan “. Muellifi Sadikh Aji-Selimov …

Deycegim, Ikindi Maali Evge Kelip Chyktym. Aksham emeginden son chantamdan kitapny chykaryp, Enver dostuma, alen olsa yes, teshekkurler seylee-seilee destanny saifeledim, yani eser il tanyshyp bashladym. Kysk’a bir vakyt icherisinde, kitapnyn sonki saifesine kelip chykkanymny bile duymay kaldym.

Boyle olg’any sebep, eser akyikatta destan tilinde – destan usulynda yaratylgan olup, oh em yash okuydzhig’a, em de uyken nesil okuydzhysyna gayet anlayishly bir usulda – tertipte kurulg’an.Merakly eri daa shunda ki, mezkur destan karamany folklore destanlary karamanlary kibi, nidzhe-nidzhe muskul ag’yr vazietlerge tushe, olyumlerge rastkele, velyakin olarnyn er birini ixyr’e-e, a

Folklore destans’ve mezkyur “Kechko kunler” destans arasyndaki ferk yalynyz Shunda ki, folklore destanynda tasvirlenilgen vakialar kechmishte – bellisiz bir devirlerde Sadyr olgan Ohls, “Kechko kunler” destanyndaki vakialar bu kunlerde, yani yakyn etmish Yıl etrafynda yashagan totalitarian rehearse devirinde olup ketch.

Destanda tasvirlenilgen addiy bir kyrymlynyn images ile andy ep kechmishke dalyp barg’an qadimiy seiyaremizdeki ilki ve sonki vakhshiy kurum – kurum councilor, communist kurumynyn sakat yuzu acyla. Bu kurum kyrymlynyn yalynyz degil, yalynyyz balkarnyn i da kalmykynyn degil, yalynyyz ingushnyn i da Chechennin degil … – adviser of the empire of icherisindeki butyun khalklarny bashyna dzheviz parlad Soylemek istegenim, “Kechken kunler” destanynda tasvirlenilgen bir ushutli kyrymlynyn takdiri, butyun empire kyrshavynda bulungan millionlerle adamnyn takdiridir.Ebet, councillernin – communistlernin ejel degirmeninde elyak olg’an adsyz-esapsiz qurbanlarnyn arasynda mujize esnasynda tesadyufen sag qalqanlar da oldu. Ich bir olchu ile olchenilmeydzhek mukyaddes Vetan sevgisi bu insanlarny edzhel kyrshavyndan kurtardy. Yan, boile ilay Vetan sevgisile silyalangan “Kechken kunler” destans qaramans sag kaldy.

Zanymyzdzha, destans okugan er bir kyrimly, yes, bu totalitarian memleketi icherisinde bulungan er bir shahs anda kendi aksini tapa bile.

Tarikhiy destan:

Bala edim Vetanymdan surgun olup ketkend,

K’ar yagadyryp this sachka keldim andy kormmege …

kibi satyrlarle bashlay. Akyikatta, deshetli, misli yok fajia tolu satyrlar! Mezkur eki satyr vastasy ile, communist kurum bitmez tyukenmez musibetler ile tolu bir kurum ekenine shaat olasyn. Bir bakkanda sade koryungen ve ayny zamanda duneviy mana tashigan bu satyrlarny yurekten anlamak ichyun, onyn g’ayet teren tyubune dalmak ichyun azachyk olsa yes, bu aziz toprak’a – Vetang’a nislyken sydjaklem.Vetang’a nisbeten sydzhaklykiny ise, yalynyz shu aziz toprak – Vetan dogurgan aenkli Kyrym tilini janyndan ziyade sevip-sayip, urmet etip ve shu dulber tilde konushkan takdirde and makrishedkesin i makrishe. Aks alda, bu bir tamam sade koryungen satyrlarnyn teren manasyna ich bir vakyt baryp olamasyn. Boo da akykat!

Bugun de – bugun bu fany dunyada analarnyn anasy esap ethylgen Vetan sevgisinden de qudretli Sevgi yok esapta. Hak Taalya boile sevgi saibine ise, misli yok k’uvet, irade bagyshlay.Ishte boile kuvetke, iradege malik olg’an destan qaramany ilyai maksadina irishe – kendi beshigine kaytyp kele. Yarym asyrdan ziyade devam etken bu tarikhiy kaytuv jeryany, insaniyet akylyna igmayadzhak nidzhe-nidzhe son vlardan kechile. Bu sonavlarnyn episi er bir destan satyryndan yanardag kibi fyshkyryp chykkan kyrymlynyn yurek nidasinda aks olun. Elbette bu nidalar muellifnin fyrchysy astyndan chykkan renkli tasvirlerinde de kendi aksini tapa. Albu Ise, destanny bediyligine daa ziyade bediilik kosha.

Bu erde bir sheyni seilep kechmeli ki, Kyrym takhtynda bulungan khanlar tasvirine kelgene olarny olgany kibi, yani akyikiy ukyumdarlar syfatynda – the image of kosterilse, ishdiyadekolse daqalvili. Chunki ukyumdar – khan, sultan, kral, padisha … oh, yes, bu khalkynyn timsali, temsildzhisi esap ethile. Khalk oz ukyumdaryndan magurlana, um magururlanmak da lyazim. Bashk’a millet vekilleri bile kitapkaa kirsetilgen hannyn uydurma tasvirini korip, kalberinde, kyrymlylarny olgany shu eken, degen bir tamam yanlysh fikir doga bile. Chunki olar, yany gairy millet vekilleri ich bir erde kendi ukyumdarlaryns boile tasvirde kormediler em de kormezler. Bundan ghayry destanda Osmanli emperorlygyy – Porta dogurgan ve khalk arasynda yangyyratkan anlamg’a (conceptg’a) – masalg’a esaslanyp Shain Geray Khan alchak’lana, onyn bashyndirke asfagyyo Albu Ise, bir tamam yanlysh fikir. Avropada talim alyp k’aytkan Shain Geray Khan, kyrymlylarnyn ayat seviesini den’ishtirmek – Avropa seviesine yakynlashtyrmag’a areket ete. Velyakin about devird bun’a benzegen islahatlar yapmak muskul edi.Sebebi, birinjiden khalk dzhelet kyrshavynda bulunsa, ekinjiden, St. Petersburg ve Istanbul bun’a dogurudan-doguru mania aldular …

Bundan ghayry, eger de bir de bir khalk kendi kechmishine – padishasyna urmetsizlikle yanashsa, ony satkyng’a chykarsa, oile khalkynyn not buguni, not de keledzhegi bar. Boo da akykat!

Ebet, “Kechken Kunler” destanyndan er algan boile uygunsyzlyklar bile eser qaramanynyn ichki dunyasyny daa ziyade achmag’a yardim ete. Albu Ise, muellifnin elde etken muwafakietidir …

Qadimiy dostum Enver Ozenbashlynyn muarrirligi altynda chykkan mezkur destan, akyikatta qudretli Vetan Sevgisine malik Kyrym milletinin, khalkyynyn tarikhyndan bir kysyjyyyet ysertik eterek orek


addiy – simple; ordinary

aklen – mentally

aks olmak – reflected

aks alda – otherwise

alchaklatmak – humiliate

belliciz – unknown; unnamed

beshik – cradle

vekil – representative, envoy, authorized, delegate

dalmak – to plunge; dive; dive

jealet – ignorance

jeryan – current, stream; current, direction

Ikindi – time between noon and sunset

islahat – reform

qadimiy – ancient, ancient, old

kral – king

kyrshav – vice; hoop

malik – possessing, owning

mana – meaning

mania – stumbling block; block; reason

maksadka irishmek – reach the goal

misli yok – incomparable; unmatched

moirrir – editor

muvafyk – according to, in accordance, accordingly, suitable, corresponding to

mujize – miracle

muqaddes – sacred, holy

musibet – misfortune, trouble, hardships

muskul – heavy; difficult (very)

muellif – by

muendislik – engineering, engineering sciences

nida – exclamation; exclamation; interjection

nisbethen – in relation, in comparison; relatively, relatively

sade – simple, uncomplicated; simple-minded

sadyr olmak – happen, happen

sakat – disabled person; cripple

sons – testing, approbation; pass, test, exam

takdir – fate, rock

tasvir – description, image

ottoman – throne; throne

temsilji – representative

tertype – order, routine; compilation

tesadjufen – randomly

timsal – symbol; impersonation

uydurma – fiction; fiction (approximately)

uiken – senior

usul – method, method, reception

ukyumdar – ruler; overlord

uskutli – a person originally from Uskiut – a village on the southern coast of Crimea

usul – style; method; way

fajia – misfortune, tragedy, drama

ferk – difference; difference; difference

fyrchy – brush (artist)

chirkef – wash; dirty water after washing

shaheser – masterpiece

esna – time

90,000 Udis celebrate Easter in Gabala – REPORT VIDEO – AZERTAC

Gabala, May 2, Rashad Turkoglu, AZERTAC

Udins, living in the village of Nij Gabala, celebrate Easter.Speakers at the ceremony organized at the Jotari Church in the village of Nij, the head of the Albanian-Udi religious community, the priest of the church and members of the community spoke about the essence of the Easter holiday, the conditions created for the administration of religious rites, the attention and care of the state, and congratulated people on the holiday.

According to AZERTAC, the Udis note that they do not face any fact of discrimination in the region; the overhaul of the church in Nij is an excellent example of the tolerance existing in the country.Unlike in past years, this year, due to the pandemic, candles were lit not in the church, but around it, prayers were read. The chairman of the Albanian-Udi Christian religious community, Robert Mobili, noted that modern Azerbaijan is the center of not only intercultural and interfaith, but also interreligious dialogue. The Udins in their historical homeland, located at the junction of Europe and Asia, were able to preserve their language, religion, ancient customs and traditions. Robert Mobili regarded the creation of the Azerbaijani-Udi hearth in the village as an important step towards the further development of multiculturalism.

Deputy Chairman of the Albanian-Udi Christian Community Rafik Danakari noted that during the Soviet period the Udins were forbidden to celebrate their holidays. However, after the restoration of independence by Azerbaijan, they, as an ethnic minority, began to widely celebrate their holidays, observe customs and traditions.

Noting that the overhaul of the Albanian Jotari Church is an excellent example of tolerance, Rafik Danakari said that the village of Nij, where Muslims and Christians live in an atmosphere of friendship, is a small model of tolerance.In addition, last year one of the oldest churches in the village of Nij, which was last renovated in the 12th century, was capitally restored by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and transferred to the use of the Udins.

At present, there are 3 churches and two mosques in the Nij village. There are 5-6 sanctuaries in each block, which are visited by Muslims and Christians. 3,700 Udins live in the village with a population of 6,000. In the elementary grades of schools in Nija, the Udi language is taught, and religious rites in the church are conducted in their native language.

The urban-type settlement of Nij is the only settlement in the world with compact populations of Udins. At present, Azerbaijanis, Lezgins and representatives of other peoples live here in an atmosphere of good-neighborliness, mutual respect for customs and traditions, culture of each other. In Azerbaijan, important measures are being taken to preserve and develop the culture, customs and traditions of the Udis, as well as all national minorities.

AZERTAG.AZ : Udis celebrate Easter in Gabala – VIDEO REPORT

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