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Night Dresses – Buy Night Dress & Nighty for Ladies & Girls Online

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The Importance of Night Dresses

Can you imagine slipping in your bed in a bodycon outfit? We are sure not. What you can picture in your mind is a loose, breathable & comfy nightdress that allows you to stretch and relax while you lay on your bed. Perfect idea for a bedtime bliss, isn’t it?

Thankfully, with our ladies night dress online, you can bring your dreamy indulgence to life. Our night dresses and night suits for women are the perfect combination of style and comfort, thus promising you an amazing bedtime routine all year round. Plus, we have a plethora of designs in each category that you will be spoilt for choice.

How to Pick the Right Night Dress for Women Online?

Choosing a nightwear can be a bit overwhelming at first and if you have no idea how to get started, we are here to your rescue. We have enlisted a few things that you can take into consideration while shopping in order to make the right purchase.

1. Fabric: The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the fabric. If you want to get a buttery smooth feel, pick satin. On the other hand, if you like your nightwear to be breathable, choose cotton or plush modal fabric.

2. Weather: The second important thing is the weather. In summer, you should stick to short night dresses crafted with premium cotton fabrics or the fabrics blended with cotton. On the other hand, in winters, you should go for heavier fabrics, like satin, twill or velour.

3. Mood: Not many women pay importance to this, but your mood has a significant impact on your choice. For instance, if you’re on honeymoon, you should look for lace night dresses and babydolls. Similarly, if you want to host a slumber party with your girls, comfy short styles will just be the right choice.

What are the types of Night Dresses?

The world of nightwear is huge, so we have narrowed down the list to some of the most common styles.

Type Purpose
Cotton Night Dresses For Indian ladies, these are a go-to pick. They are not only extremely stylish, but also super breathable, making a popular choice for hot & humid weather conditions.
Long Satin Nighty Nothing screams luxury louder than satin. Slipping into butter-soft night dresses after a hectic day and experiencing luxury like never before is an altogether different experience. Trust us, it feels no less than a paradise.
Cotton Nighties with Robe If you live in a conservative family, you might refrain from going out of your room in nighties. Here, cotton ladies night dresses with robe work as a great alternative. These night dresses provide the much needed comfort while the robe allows you to move around comfortably, so that you can do your daily chores with ease.
Satin Night Dresses with Robe Whether you spent a special night with your better half or simply want to pamper yourself, this is exactly what you need. It provides you utmost comfort and the robe wraps you around luxuriously, hiding your pretty little things.
Lace Night Dresses If you want to raise the temperature and look fabulous even when you’re sleeping, lace picks are definitely your thing. They show the right amount of skin while being super-sexy and feminine at the same time.
Short Nighty The most stylish slumber party approved picks are the short night dresses. These are literally every fashionista’s go-to pick when she wants to get dolled up for bed or have a sleepover with their girl gang.
Nightdresses Sets These are the best options for men who are not sure about what to give their lady love. These sets include multiple sultry pieces that are sure to make her feel special and sexy.

Nightdress Revamp with Clovia

The myriad collection of nighties in your collection will surely spoil you for choices and keep you high on the fashion and comfort game. Shop for the trendiest and comfortable nighties in a wide range of fabrics and prints and be ready to slay your nights. Clovia acts as a one-stop destination where you can get stylish and comfortable nightdresses and nighties at the most affordable price, coupled with great deals and offers. We have also enlisted a few frequently asked questions just in case!


Q1. What are the best nightdresses for my honeymoon?
A1. For occasions as special as a honeymoon, satin & sheer babydolls are the best pick as they keep the excitement going. Even better if they have sultry lace details and slits.

Q2. How often should you wash your night dresses?
A2. It depends on your usage. If you wear different nighties each night, wash them once in every week. On the other hand, if you slip into the same one both during day & night, you should probably wash them after every wear.

Q3. What is a night gown dress?
A3. A night gown is basically a long night dress usually crafted from cotton for utmost comfort & breathability. It is best suited for women who want higher coverage than the regular ones.

Q4. Why do ladies wear nighties?
A4.Like mentioned above, your regular clothes don’t allow you enough freedom to move or provide ample breathability. On the other hand, night dresses give you enough room and don’t stick to your body. These also keep a check on your body temperature, so that you can be at utmost ease.

Happy shopping!

Ladies Night Dresses & Nighties – Buy Nightwear for Women Online

Slumber Sleep with a Comfy Night Dress

Regardless of what you wear the entire day, nightwear is something that should be comfortable for any woman. Bedtime is the most peaceful time of the entire day, and no one would want to ruin it by wearing uncomfortable clothes. The night-suits for women bring out the most desirable form of comfort and help you wear out all the stress and tension and get that perfect sleep that you have been craving for. It is pretty much clear that nightwear is the most important wear of the entire day.

Different Choices for Comfort

Some women are comfortable wearing the nighty dress, while others need to wear pyjamas. While the night suits are the most preferred among young women, most enjoy sleeping in a lady’s nighty. Nevertheless, the ladies nightwear (महिलाओं नाइटविय) is a tough choice to make. Be it the shorts or capris, pyjamas or sleep shirts, not sure about which one to buy? Read on to find out

Type Purpose
Sleep Shirts/ Night Shirts This comfortable lady’s night dress comes to rescue on an extremely humid climate. These come in both short sleeves and long sleeves, with a super soft material that will give you a good sleep.
Bathrobes/ Robe Sets They are the most feminine forms of nightwear with a wide range of designs that is perfect for you. They are usually made of satin or lace to make you look and feel ultra-feminine at night.
Night Dress Inarguably the cutest among the list, the nightdress is the ultimate choice for hot weather. They suit all make you feel good and comfortable.
Nighties/ Night Gowns Most popular ones among the list, the women’s nighties are a favourite choice among most ladies. This nightdress for women comes in various prints and styles. They come in different material like satin, lace and others for ultimate comfort.
Pyjama Set If you are looking forward to getting yourself a cotton nightdress online, go for the pyjama sets. They come in different prints and styles, mostly made of cotton fabric, to give you the ultimate comfort that you have been craving for.
Shorts Set The Shorts sets are the ultimate cure for the lack of perfect sleep. They come in various cute prints and designs, giving you the ultimate comfort that you desire.
Capris Set A little extension to the short’s sets, these Capri sets come until your knees, giving you the same kind of comfort. The Capri Sets make sure you have a modest look.
Baby doll Last but not least, this laced nightwear is the perfect bridal wear. They will bring out the sensual side of yours and give an ultimate gorgeous look to your body.

Buy the perfect nightwear for women at the Paytm Mall

Paytm Mall offers a great range of nightwear that you can choose from. Be it nighties, sleep-shirts, jumpsuits, or pyjamas; you name it, and we have it. These nights suit for women online is the ultimate choice to get the best sleep that you can ask for. However, while purchasing a nightdress online, keep the fabric and style in mind. Should it be cotton or satin? Or should it be a nighty or Capri? Irrespective of your choice, Paytm Mall online store has all these varieties, making your job easier.

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9 Types of Nightwear Every Woman Should Try

Girls who eat, sleep and live for fashion will understand how rejuvenating they feel when they wear a fashionable nightwear to their sleep. It might sound absurd to many, but a fashion faithful lady will agree that during your bedtime you should look a class apart.


While many invest in a simple and comforting sleepwear, we ask you to take a look at collection and we bet you won’t sleep in simple nightwear anymore.

Also, we bring top 8 styles of nightwear that every woman must wear and look fashionable during her sleep.

9 Types of Nightwear for Women to Flaunt in Style

  1. Sleep Shirt/Night Shirt
  2. Bathrobes/Robe Sets
  3. Night Dress
  4. Playsuit/Jumpsuit
  5. Nightie/Nightgown
  6. Pyjama Set
  7. Shorts Set
  8. Capri Set
  9. Babydoll

1. Sleep Shirt/Night Shirt

For all those humid nights when you feel stuffy and uncomfortable, sleep shirt is at your rescue. It is super airy and you can pick from short sleeve, rolled up sleeve to long sleeve in funky prints and even floral prints.

2. Bathrobes/Robe Sets

If you are a bride to be then you ought to buy these seductive, stylish robe sets. Robe sets are feminine, modest and come in a plethora of designs, length appealing every woman. Try the satin robe set in lace or floral print and look ultra chic for the night.

3. Night Dress

Night dresses are overloaded with cuteness and we bet you will fall in love with them and buy more than one piece. The best thing about night dress is that it will suit every body shape and the right choice for the humid weathers.

4. Playsuit/Jumpsuit

Have a pyjama party with your gifts? Then do wear this pretty playsuit that will define the fashionable side of yours. Girls who like subtleties can opt for full-length jumpsuit whereas bombastic girls can definitely pick the short, printed playsuit- you are spoilt for choices.

5. Nightie/Nightgown

Old school looks never die, and nightgowns are every woman’s favorite. But we ask you to upgrade your plain looking nightie to stylish embroidery, printed, lace pattern nightie. Also newlyweds can invest in a sultry satin nightgown, that looks modest yet feminine.

6. Pyjama Set

It is impossible not to own pyjama set, they exhibit utmost comfort and style. There has been a huge evolution and nowadays pyjama sets have become funky with prints, colors, and patterns. Don’t forget to pair the super comfy night slippers with this amazing sleepwear.

7. Shorts Set

Make your nights even more comfortable and fashionable with this cute babies. Short sets are a fusion of allure and nonchalant look, especially if you opt for lace and printed shorts set. The coolest thing about shorts set is that be it tall or petite woman it complements everyone flawlessly.

8. Capri Set

If shorts aren’t your cup of tea, then worry not we ask you to pick this modest capri set. They are perfect sleepwear for the winter nights and a decent wear for those who live in joint families.

9. Babydoll

These were are top 9 nightwear styles that we suggest every woman to own. Shop with us and you will get the best deals from the best brands, and we bet you won’t be disappointed. What more, then you can upgrade your wardrobe with our voguish fashion clothes and look like a style icon wherever you go.

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Sleepshirts & Nighties – Buy branded Sleepshirts & Nighties online polyester, cotton, intimate wear, Sleepshirts & Nighties for Women at Limeroad.


Sleepshirts and Nighties are such apparels of women which she wears at night while sleeping.

In Sleepshirts, women feel much relaxed, comfortable and peaceful. Her whole day stress just get disappears after wearing this comfy outfit. Every person requires sound sleep at night for a fresh start. These sleepshirts and nighties is such things which provide the same. It is so mandatory to choose the right one which fulfills your whole need and provide the comfortable you needed. Earlier, women generally don’t used to wear nightwear for the shy factor. But now, it has become very common to wear these sleepwear.


You can even buy online on Limeroad by seeing different snaps available of a Sleepshirts and Nighties.



We all know that Cotton fabric is popular as a comfort giving fabric. It is the first choice of every people. Cotton Sleepshirts and nighties are chosen by women to have a good sleep at night because cotton is an innocent and perfect material for every type of skin. This sleep shirts are not full length but above knee which also gives a smart look. Also the color of it is available and gives a very cool look just by seeing one gets chill.

The fabric used in this sleep shirt and nighty is real silk. After wearing this, you feel silky and soft while touching definitely. V neck, thin lace, sleeveless and the knee pattern gives the wearer a wonderful look.This is also known as nightwear. Young ladies can use it while spending quality time with her husband.


Satin fabric is also much more comfortable and relaxing to wear at night. This night wears comes in a floral print and sleeve pattern also looks nice.  This outfit is short and stylish and those who love this satin fabric can have this. There also comes long length nighties in satin material. One of the features of Satin fabric is that it does not get tear easily so it is long lasting.

Transparent nighties or Sleepshirts is specially used by a lady on her first night. It comes in many varieties and designs.


Quotes, graphic and cartoons printed on t-shirts are the latest trends among young girls. These Quotes, graphic, printed and cartoons on nighties are also loved by ladies of all age. Long T-shirts with adorable cartoons on it, printed graphics and quotes look very trendy and awesome. Hence, this outfit is one of the best choices for daily and casual nightwear.



Many peoples may think why it is necessary to try different nighties or sleep shirts when you just have to sleep wearing it. But for a fashion freak who eats, sleeps, conscious and live for fashion can definitely understand how much it is important to use the right sleep shirt or nighty. Undoubtedly, ladies or girls choose the nighties that are relaxing, comfortable, soft and don’t stand as an obstacle with your good night sleep.


As the season changes, similarly we should change our nightwear so that it suits the climate with giving you proper relief, but also at the same time, it should be fashionable as well.

If it is summer then transparent, lace and cotton nighties are the most comfortable and usable ones. While during winters, you must wear warm fleece or winter wear nightwears for the cozy sleep. And if you are a would-be bride then the fashionable, and revealing nighties are the best pick for your first wedding night. But if you are confused which Sleepshirts or Nighties to pick for different seasons than just follow below as we are going to brief about the different types of nighties.



Long and full covered nighties are the most common and comfortable ones and basically for them who doesn’t wear short dresses. This nighty sometimes comes with front zip or buttons for extra comfort. They come in full, half or sleeveless designs and are available in the variety of colors, designs, vibrant prints and cotton or synthetic fabrics.


Fleece nighty is one of the most popular winter nighties which gives comfy and cozy at the time of sleeping. They are warm, comfortable and cozy. Actually, it is considered as the best for the winter season as the fabric keeps your body warm while sleeping. So, if your blanket slipped away during sleep, it doesn’t feel you cold while sleeping because your body is warmly wrapped in fleece nighty. Fleece nighties are available with different patterns and adorable designs. Pick one from our vast collection on Limeroad for this winter season to stay warm as well as fashionable


Lace imparts gives a feminine look to any piece of an outfit. It is no different for nighties. Lace winter nighty not only shows your impeccable taste for clothes and also makes a style statement. Lace nightwear contains Frills around the neck and at the bottom of the dress which makes it look very unique and stylish. What are you thinking then, go and buy a lace nighty for the coming winter season from Limeroad where you can get all the latest designs, colors and patterns.


Velvet is not much in fashion right now, but girls still opt for it to stay away from the fashion crowd. There is no need to mention that velvet nighty is very soft, comfortable and helps to keep you warm during terrible winter nights. Velvet nighties are mostly available with a robe which can be closed with a belt. It is also available in happy colors designs and prints. So, go for the velvet nighty or Sleep Shirts that suits your body and taste.


This is another stylish nightwear for ladies. If you want to look stylish and unique even in your bed then you must have a shirt style nighty. This nighty has the shirt like a collar with full buttoned till the end. The sleeves are long or short depends on the choice with buttoned up for a warm comfortable feel.


This is a full-length nightwear which provides all the comfort and warmth needed during even in the cold winter months. Available in soft and warm colors, it has a blouse style bodice. Having half or full sleeves with a pull string neck opening for and very easy to wear and removing. The front look is complemented by the buttoned blouse and the little waist cutouts. Overall, the design looks very eye-catching and beautifully fits the beauty of a women body.


Summer season is that time when we all want to stay as cool and comfortable as possible. And if we ask any woman about the dress in which they are most comfortable in summer?

The answer would be definitely nighties or Sleepshirts. As these nightwears are loose, airy and comfortable like no other attire. Summer nighties also come in a different pattern, style and fabric and styles.


Cotton is a natural and most comfortable and demanding fabric and best for the summer season as it is soft, airy, and suits the body temperature. Another best thing about cotton fabric nighty is that they are loose and free style. When you wear cotton nighty you don’t feel any burden of wearing a cloth and you feel very comfortable. They are available in many styles, colors and patterns.


One piece nighty not just looks very trendy but also at the same time, it is very comfortable. This one piece nightwear looks very attractive on young ladies. It looks different due to its length which is up to the knee. It feels very comfortable in this nightwear due to its short length and airy loose cut. Women try this attire to boost their feminine side.


First wedding night is special for every bride. Any bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding night and so it is very important to choose the right nightwear. Like bridal makeup, attire, and jewelry, bridal nightwear is also available in many varieties. From Sleepshirts to transparent nighty, there are some many options to choose from. Not only first wedding night but it also makes your honeymoon a memorable one with the attractive nighties. Just go through the Sleepshirts and nighties available on Limeroad, try those different types and pick the one that perfectly suits your body.


We all believe that white is a color of peace at the same time it is a color of romance when clubbed with lace motifs and wore during the night before sleep to get the relax and comfort.

White lace nighty will complement the romantic time. Go for it if you want to make your nightwear a classy and romantic one.


Split pajamas are not just a fashion for regular dresses but also for nighties.

They are quite comfortable as a nightwear for bed too. It is usually worn with a short top that fits perfectly to the body. These pajamas are available in soft silky and nylon fabrics which give a silky smooth feel to the wearer. If you are looking for something stylish and trendy as well, wear it to be comfortable. These splits pajama may be the best for you


Stripped Capri nighty is another great choice for casual nightwear. These striped Capri Nighties ae available in dark colors, pastel colors and prints. This outfit looks stylish and attractive.

Capri is the well-known comfortable attire for night wears and the comfort gets doubled when it is clubbed with a short sleeveless top. It may be with sleeves or sleeveless, available in both types. After all, it is your call which type of nighty you want to wear.


Browse the trending and comfortable collection of Nighty, Sleep Shirts and more from Limeroad on reasonable price.





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Women’s Nightwear | Cotton Pyjamas, Gowns, Camis

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I Love My Nighty | Organic Loungewear & Sleepwear


Worried you’re not ready to trade in your old comfy t-shirt for a nightgown? 

Let us help you transition from tee to Nighty with our most popular style, the Katie Lu! Women everywhere love this smooth jersey fabric which is most often described as feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all!

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this design. This mini-length tank style nighty features a slim fit and is the ideal option when you’re looking for something lightweight and effortless. It’s a perfect sleep-tee or beach cover-up. Great gift idea for bridal parties and girls weekend!

Luxuriously soft and silky, the lightweight jersey material is made from the eco-friendly, botanical fibers of TENCEL™, with just a bit of spandex stretch to ensure a flattering fit and cozy comfort. 


  • TENCEL™/Modal is an organic plant-based fiber developed in Austria using sustainably managed Beech and Eucalyptus tree pulp. Micro technology is a process used to make the fibers even softer and silkier.
  • Curved hem allows for ease of movement.
  • Kissed with red accent stitching to remind you about the love that goes into every garment.
  • Fabric knitting and garment sewing is made in America.

SIZING:  This is a semi-fitted nightgown. We use women’s standard sizing. Take a moment and measure yourself to help guide you to the correct size. 

We use TENCEL™ certified botanical fibers:

• TENCEL™ made from Eucalyptus tree cellulose

• TENCEL™ Modal with Micro Technology made from Beech tree cellulose 

• Luxuriously soft

• Silky smooth, beautiful drape, durable

• Breathable, keeps you cool and dry

• Won’t build up static

• Packs well for travel

• You LOVE your nighty so please handle with care: machine wash cold/delicate with like colors + air dry.

Not following care instructions may result in the delicate fabric stretching or pilling. (You’ve been warned, I Love My Nighty is not responsible for any damage from not washing properly)

Buy Ladies Nighty & Night Dresses For Women Online in India


Which of you loves sleeping? It is the dress that describes the version of sleep that you come across. So, we bring you the best collections of sleepwear that suit you in different occasions and fill your beauty immensely. The word nightwear(Nighty) itself explains to us the ideal detailing of the cloth and the purpose. Nightwear is a type of cloth specially designed to be worn while sleeping. They are also known as sleepwear, nighty, nightgown, nightdress, nightclothes, etc. According to the season and occasion, styles in nightdress vary., one of the leading lingerie sites in India brings you the best-quality nightwears in varying styles and types at an affordable range. Grab your favorite from the limitless selections of comfy wears.  


Are you doubted on choosing the perfect nightwear online in the match to your coziness? There is no doubt that nightwears can be worn by young, adults and elderly women. But suiting the right one is highlighting. You may find the types of sleepwear suiting on various occasions. Get your best-suited one in enviable pricings. Right from casual dressing to seductive wear, all are available in our store.


Babydoll is a short sexy sleeveless nightwear for women worn on special evenings and honeymoons. This wear is crafted with fine fabrics giving a sheer chic glance. Babydoll nightgowns are designed with rich lace, satin and mesh give the wearer a luxurious affair. You may come across color block collections of babydolls for a flattering charm. When you look at the stylings of babydoll wear, they are embellished with lace workings, floral subtle prints, racerback, halter-neck, sexy and transparent one giving the unmatched intimacy.  This type of dress is divided based on the length, as you may see full-length Arabian styled babydoll gowns trimmed with rich workings. The knee and Mid-length babydoll have amazing hem finishing giving the flirty mess. Enjoy wearing your favorite with a lovely G-string panty in the match to your nightgown.


A casual styled loose-fitting undergarment that is sleeveless and extended to the waistline. Camisole is fabricated of soft cotton, nylon giving comfort with the perfect silhouette. This camisole nightwear can be worn under your regular outfits or used as a nightdress with cotton panty for easy comfy. Create a fashion with passionate colorings with lace embellishments for an effortless beauty. The neckline of this wear is seamed and shaped in U and V. The straps are regular fitting or adjustable ones.


Tank top is a close or tight-fitting sleeveless garment that extends till waist and is suited as night dress or holiday wears giving the alluring charm. This clothing looks like a camisole but is worn as an outfit. The neckline is decored with fine lace and embroidery with ant glimpse. The delicate fabric mixture crafted in this suit leaves you all-day comfort. The fabric has the moisture-absorbent formulae. You can wear a soft cotton seamless bra beneath your tank top for the perfect stance.


Relax yourself roaming around the house wearing the Loungewear nightdress that is loose-fitting extended till the knee-length and mid-length giving a sassy touch of beauty. This full-coverage top is crafted with the soft delicate fabric of cotton, spandex, and polyamide leaving you with an exotic charm. The dress is designed with fine floral prints in vibrant hues and is sure to enhance your style appealingly. This is a perfect sleepwear, and the skater styled loungewear is going to make your party crazy. The sheath loungewear is a close-fitting elastic garment giving an ideal silhouette. Shyaway’s loungewear is going to make your day glorious.


Capri Sets are nightwears for a woman that comes in a top and calf-length pant set. This is gonna be a perfect nightwear for your wardrobe. Shyaway brings you elegant soft collections of nightdress at affordable prices. You can also go for full-length Pyjamas for the perfect delight in comfort. Trendy is the colors and designs of the dresses giving the alluring fashionista.

Enjoy shopping in our store and get attractive offers and deals on each purchase. Happy Shopping!


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Page not found ⋆ Fashion Muz-Tv



Artyom Chekalin managed not only to fulfill the dream of his wife, the popular and successful blogger Lerchek,



Jackets, coats and raincoats for women 2016 are rightly in the status of must have in



Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the activities of artists have been suspended.Many representatives of show business began to complain about financial



American actor Mark York, who starred in the comedy series “The Office”, died in a hospital



Actor Pyotr Mamonov has been on a ventilator for the fourth day already, told the Zvezda TV channel his


If you want to be loved, love yourself first.

Why not keep this thought in mind when choosing your nightwear? Putting on fashionable, beautiful and comfortable nightwear before going to bed, you will not only raise your own mood and give pleasant moments to your loved one, but also subconsciously give yourself a mindset for only good dreams that night.

How to choose women’s nightwear?


Indispensable in the cool season is soft and warm pajamas – a set of a bridge and a loose short or elongated blouse.In such a set, you can not only sleep soundly and serenely, but also spend the weekend at home, because the cut of the pajamas is close to sports. Pajamas made of fine silk are practically weightless and will allow your body to breathe in the heat. Slinky and translucent pajamas can be a great option for seduction. Do not forget about prints, the fashion for which is constantly changing, but floral and openwork patterns on night pajamas always remain relevant.


Gone are the days when a nightgown was associated with a shapeless robe made of ever-crumpled fabric with an indefinite pattern.If you are the owner of magnificent forms, then your appetizing will be emphasized by a short airy nightdress with gathers on the chest, trimmed with lace or embroidery. A slender woman will strike her other half on the spot in a night combination with a fitted silhouette made of flowing satin. Any woman looks unusually sexy in an open black or red night combination with high slits on the sides and a deep neckline on the back.

Night sets

Such sets most often consist of a top with spaghetti straps and shorts.When choosing a night set, pay attention to the absence of seams that can disturb you while sleeping, and the strength of the straps. For a visual accent on the chest, wear tops with a V-neck in the front and ruffles. It is recommended to give preference to nightwear made from natural fabrics – cotton or silk, with a slight presence of synthetic additives that allow you to keep your clothes in shape for a long time. Night sets of bright unexpected colors look interesting.

Whatever nightwear you choose, the main thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in it.And do not forget to choose a dressing gown or peignoir for evening and morning exercises, which will ideally match with nightwear and emphasize your impeccable taste in everything.

And to make your sleep truly sound, we suggest you pay attention to our natural latex pillows.

Nightwear TN VED codes (2020): 3303009000, 33049

, 6307000000

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cosmetic products, including in sets: 1.Compliment No problem 3 in 1 gel scrub mask with white charcoal 2. Compliment Vitanorm C + Energy Light make-up cream base 3. Compliment Vitanorm C + Energy Antioque night 33049

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Cosmetic products for skin care, including in sets: Green Tea face mask, Cereal face mask, White Milk night face mask, 33049

Cosmetic products for skin care, including the following sets: Green Tea face mask, Cereal face mask, White Milk night face mask, 33049

Sewing underwear for men and women: underpants, nightgowns, pajamas, underwear (undershirts and underpants) 6207110000

“Scabies – the first signs, treatment at home” – Yandex.Kew

Scabies is a parasitic skin infectious disease characterized by skin lesions with a scabies mite, or itching (Sarcoptes scabiei). The pathogen mite is distinguishable with the naked eye (upon close examination) as a point, white or yellowish, no larger than a poppy seed.

The high contagiousness of scabies in humans is explained by the short period of time during which the scabies mite is able to invade human skin. This period of time is 15-20 minutes.

At night, the female mite gnaws at the passages in the skin, and lays eggs in the first half of the day. The life cycle of an itch mite is 2-8 weeks. Then the causative agent of scabies dies and decomposes in the laid passages. Outside of humans, the tick dies quickly enough. The activity of the itch mite at night increases the risk of infection for the whole family if one bed is used.

In this article, we will look at what scabies looks like in humans, its symptoms and the first signs in the initial stage after infection with a tick.In addition, we will touch on the topic of how to treat scabies at home, and what medications can cope with the disease as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How can you get scabies, and what is it?

Let’s take a closer look at what it is. The causative agent of scabies in humans is a special scabies mite (a miniature insect that lives on the human skin), which easily tolerates low and high temperatures, is resistant to disinfection, and is hardy.Infection occurs in the process of personal contact with the patient, his belongings, in public places, sexually.

A female scabies mite acts as a carrier of infection. Settling under the skin, she begins to make subcutaneous passages and lay eggs there. After a few days, the eggs turn into larvae. In this form, they will stay for a week and a half, after which they turn into an adult.

The disease is extremely contagious, its incubation period lasts up to 14 days.A fleeting touch of the skin of a person affected by scabies is enough – and you can become infected, and the treatment of scabies is long and unpleasant.

First signs

Let’s note the first signs of scabies, which determine this ailment. If this symptom was found, any dermatologist with one hundred percent certainty will establish an accurate diagnosis:

The appearance of itch passages – they look like a small whitish strip up to 1 cm long. Most often, channels laid by ticks are located on the abdomen, buttocks, feet, in the armpit, on the palms and in the folds of the elbow.Disturbing itching, worse at night. This is due to the increased activity of the female in the evening. Rashes and characteristic itching appeared in other family members after direct contact with an infected person.

In children, scabies is much more severe than in adults. When diagnosed with scabies, treating a child often involves removing parasites from all areas of the skin, including the face and scalp.

Symptoms of scabies

The incubation period for scabies lasts 10-14 days.After this time, the tick larvae reach the state of adults and begin to reproduce. But when a person develops the first symptoms of scabies after infection, it is difficult to predict. This is influenced by the age of the ticks that have entered the body and the rate at which they spread over the skin.

Itching is characteristic of scabies, which intensifies at night, as well as paired nodular-vesicular rashes (see photo). Scabies passages outwardly resemble thin, slightly protruding above the surface of the skin, stripes that can run in a zigzag and rectilinear manner.Usually the scabies mite ends with a white and transparent bladder in which the body of the mite can be seen (white dot). In rare cases, itch moves cannot be detected (this is the so-called scabies without moves).

The most popular sites of scabies mite lesions are the interdigital space, abdomen, lateral parts of the body, elbows, mammary glands, buttocks, genitals, mainly in men.

What scabies looks like: photo

We offer detailed photos for viewing in order to know exactly what scabies looks like in humans, and what symptoms it leaves on the skin in the initial stage.


In principle, a simple visual examination is sufficient for an accurate diagnosis of scabies. However, sometimes microscopic confirmation is required that all symptoms are caused by the tick. For research, a drop of petroleum jelly is applied to the damaged area of ​​the skin and then scraped. When examining scrapings, either the parasites themselves or their waste products, eggs and excrement are found.

Treatment of scabies in humans

Spontaneous scabies never go away and can continue for many months and years, sometimes worsening.To cure a patient with scabies, it is enough to destroy the tick and its eggs, which is easily achieved by using local remedies. Do not self-medicate, and do not use folk remedies. Currently, a number of effective drugs have been developed to combat this disease. See a dermatologist and you will be prescribed adequate therapy.

In general, the following drugs are used to treat scabies at home:

  1. Benzyl benzoate. The skin is treated with an ointment or water-soap suspension for 2-5 days.
  2. Spreagel. The affected skin is treated with a spray for 3 days, if necessary, the course of treatment is repeated after 10 days.
  3. Sulfuric ointment. Once a day, before going to bed for 5-7 days, the ointment is rubbed into the affected skin.
  4. Permethrin. With the help of a cotton swab, the affected areas are lubricated, the duration of treatment is 3 days.
  5. Lindane. The whole skin is smeared with the lotion, the drug is left for 6 hours, it is applied once.
  6. Crotamiton. The affected surfaces are smeared with cream 2 times a day for two days.
  7. Ivermectin. Damaged skin areas are treated with ointment once, if necessary, the treatment is repeated after 14 days.

How to treat scabies effectively? Also, to achieve the best results at home, the following rules must be followed:

  1. When scabies is diagnosed, all members of the identified focus (family, children’s team) undergo treatment.
  2. During the treatment of scabies, patients should not wash or change bedding.
  3. Clothes and other items that the patient has come into contact with are disinfected.
  4. Scabies remedies are applied to the whole body, not just to the affected areas.

Scabies ointment should be rubbed into the skin with particular care, avoiding the face and scalp. More attention should be paid to the space between the fingers, hands. The greatest localization of ticks is located in these places. Scabies in children can develop into a purulent infection, so children are treated with both the face and scalp.Make sure that the scabies remedy does not get into the child’s mouth and eyes: this is important!

The prognosis for the treatment of scabies is favorable: if the disease is identified and therapy is organized on time, then 100% of patients are cured.


Aerosol preparations for the treatment of scabies are easier to use and their volume is sufficient to treat the patient and contact persons. Reviews of people about the disease of scabies claim that it is quite effectively treated with Spregal aerosol.It is sprayed 20-30 cm from the skin, leaving no free areas, after 12 hours, the body and the epididium are sanitized. One application is enough, but in case of complicated forms of scabies, it is recommended to repeat the procedure.

Benzyl benzoate

An effective, inexpensive and powerful remedy for scabies. The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor depending on the severity of the disease. The minimum course is 2-3 days, on the recommendation of a dermatologist, repeat the treatment.

Children need 10% drug, adults – 20% ointment. Wash well before applying the product, put on clean clothes. Before using the ointment, you should know that it causes a very strong burning sensation of the skin for 10-15 minutes, so do not apply too much of the drug at a time.

During pregnancy and lactation, the use of benzyl benzoate is prohibited.

Sulfuric ointment (5-10%).

Currently in developed countries it is no longer used due to unpleasant odor, staining of clothing, irritating effect on the skin and mucous membranes, transdermal absorption with potential effects on the kidneys.However, in Africa and the poorest countries of the South. In America, sulfuric ointment is still used due to its cheapness.

Until now, sulfuric ointment is prescribed in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Scheme of application: adults 20% concentration, children – 10%, rub the ointment all over the skin daily at night for 5-7 days. On the sixth or eighth day, the patient washes and changes underwear and bedding.

How do you know if you have scabies? My friend has a sister whose child allegedly fell ill with scabies, and now I can’t sleep well because it seems to me that I’ve got sick from them.Some blisters began to appear on my stomach and head. The hospital says it’s an allergy.

Benzyl benzoate really works very well against scabies. And it was an emulsion, not an ointment. If you follow the scheme in the instructions, it helps in just a few days, which has been tested for your whole family.

Material provided

How to get rid of fleas in the house: means, instructions

Fleas are some of the most annoying pests to deal with at home.Working with a pest control expert to figure out how to get rid of these insects

Photo: Unsplash

These small insects are most often remembered when it comes to domestic animals.But the main problem is that fleas are not limited to animal hair and willingly continue to master an apartment or house, even if the pet has already been washed and treated with special veterinary drugs. We figured out how to eliminate fleas and prevent their appearance in the apartment.

The material was commented by Petr Fisenko, disinfection specialist of the disinfection service Dez_Hunter

Where do fleas come from in the house

Fleas enter the premises:

  • on animals;
  • on shoes and outerwear;
  • from basements and attics;
  • through ventilation from neighbors.

First of all, fleas prefer to hide in the fur of cats and dogs, where they lay eggs and drink pet’s blood. So the easiest way to get into the house is on pet hair or on the owner’s clothes.

But that’s not the only option. Often, residents of the first and last floors suffer from an invasion of fleas – insects penetrate them through basements and attics, and sometimes also with house mice and rats. If insects are bred in neighbors, there is a high probability that they will move through windows and ventilation.

Insects pose a health hazard to both animals and humans, and it’s not just about the discomfort of painful bites. Fleas can be carriers of salmonellosis, which gets to them from basement rats and mice.

Photo: Shutterstock

Where do fleas live

Only 5% of fleas enter the home as adults.95% are larvae brought on the soles of shoes and with animals. In the apartment they can live in upholstered furniture, mattresses and carpets. Not all flea species remain in the apartment, being brought from the street, especially if hygiene measures are observed in the room and wet cleaning is carried out. Often the first signs of fleas are small, itchy red dots on the arms and legs, which a person finds in the morning: insects are especially active at night. Flea bites are very painful and difficult to miss.

Insects prefer warm climates and high humidity. The ideal temperature range is 23–33 ° C. Therefore, heated basements often become a habitat for fleas, especially if there are leaks in the pipes (or water enters through the basement windows). The life cycle of a flea depends on its environment. When conditions are favorable, an adult insect lives for 18-21 days, but flea larvae can remain dormant for several months, waiting for favorable conditions for growth. In the cold season, the female lays eggs about once a month, in the warm – every two to four days.

Fleas prefer secluded places and breed in closets, household waste, stuffed animals, crevices behind skirting boards or in the floor. An adult 2–2.5 mm long insect can be seen with the naked eye. In addition, the flea moves by jumping, so you will not confuse it with midges or ants. The situation is much more complicated with flea eggs, which look like small black specks and are almost indistinguishable on dark surfaces.

How to get rid of fleas in the house

Insects do not need any special conditions like constant darkness or high humidity to lay eggs – females leave offspring almost everywhere.Therefore, the fight against fleas implies an integrated approach. The sooner you take action to eliminate parasites, the higher the chances that you will be able to completely remove them.

If there are animals in the apartment, you need to pay attention to them first. You can seek advice from a veterinarian, wash your pet with a special flea shampoo, drip special preparations on the withers.

Photo: Shutterstock

When fleas are found, bed linen, covers, bedspreads and curtains – any textiles that could accommodate insect larvae – should be removed and washed at high temperatures.The main enemy of parasites is heat and soap. Ideally, if there is an opportunity to walk with a steamer on upholstered furniture, baseboards and the floor of the apartment. It is better to take the outer clothing to dry-cleaner, vacuum the rooms thoroughly (it is desirable that the dust collector is removable and can be thrown out immediately after cleaning).

Folk and professional remedies for fleas in the house

Wormwood and tansy

Freshly picked fragrant herbs are laid out on the floor, at the door and around the perimeter of the apartment.Fleas are discouraged by their smell, but plants will not help get rid of existing larvae.

Cedar shavings

Pet stores sell wood litter for pet litters. For some of them, cedar sawdust is used, which has a recognizable spruce smell and repels insects.

Lemon peels

Most citrus peels will work, you can use oranges or grapefruits. The essential oil with its strong scent repels insects, but it is also unpleasant for most pets.

Brewer’s yeast and garlic

Two to three tablespoons of yeast are mixed with chopped garlic and laid out in small portions in the apartment. Try pouring water over the garlic and sprinkling it over the area. Keep in mind that a specific smell lasts for a long time.

Salt, soda, ammonia

Household disinfectants are suitable for thorough cleaning of an apartment along with soap. Use water, baking soda and salt to wipe floors, walls and upholstered furniture.Do not use a solution for bathing animals: there may be many flea bite wounds on your pet’s skin.

Laundry and cleaning

This is a mandatory measure to get rid of parasites, but, unfortunately, it is not effective enough. Even with careful harvesting, live larvae can remain, after a month they will turn into adults.


If it is possible to leave the house for a couple of hours in winter, you can leave the windows wide open. Adult fleas will not stay indoors in temperatures below -20 ° C.But in case of severe frost, damage to pipes and equipment is possible.

Photo: Unsplash

Shop flea remedies

There are both local and universal remedies that will help remove not only fleas, but also most other insects.Some household aerosols, powders, and granules are hazardous to pets and their owners. Even an adult is better off spraying and spreading them out with gloves and a mask.

Professional pest control

The most effective method is to call a specialist in insect control. The disinsector uses a heat gun or chemicals. Before the arrival of the service, furniture must be moved away from the walls, textiles must be removed, food and cosmetic products, personal items must be removed from open surfaces.


The wool of cats and dogs that are on the street must be treated for fleas, even if no traces of their presence are visible in the apartment. The pet store or veterinary pharmacy sells anti-flea collars and drops to the withers. Thorough cleaning of corners, washing of door mats and textiles is also a working preventive measure. It is imperative to wash outdoor shoes and regularly wash outerwear, these simple actions will protect not only from insects, but also from infections that are found in public places and transport.

Expert comments

Petr Fisenko, disinfection specialist of the Dez_Hunter disinfection service:

– Essential oils are suitable for treating a room against fleas, but not all. It is best to use tea tree, lavender, citrus and conifer oils. They all have insect repellent properties, but are not toxic.It is not worth treating the hair of pets with them: pets can lick the substance with their tongue and get severe poisoning. Better to use special shampoos, drops and collars for dogs and cats.

When using any chemicals against fleas in the apartment, it is imperative to isolate children and pets. You cannot be sure that the product will not harm and completely safe, even if you do not experience discomfort from contact with it. First, harm can be hidden; secondly, you may not be aware of the predisposition in children and pets to allergies to some component in a particular drug used.You need to be careful and strictly follow what is indicated in the instructions for use.

If fleas are running towards you from common areas such as basements, chutes, and stairwells, contact your management company. According to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, it is the Criminal Code that is responsible for the sanitary and epidemiological conditions in the house and must ensure regular disinsection of common buildings from harmful insects.

It also happens that an independent fight against fleas in an apartment is a waste of not only time, but also money.If insects return all the time, it makes sense to call professional disinfectants who use strong drugs with a long-term effect – they destroy both adults and eggs and larvae. In this case, you can be sure that the entire insect population will be exterminated. But insects can return to the apartment if, for example, unsanitary conditions reign in the basement of the house.

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