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Meet the boss – Mr Nicholas Goh, Verztec Consulting

SMEs are branching out of home markets to stake new ground. We’ve invited Nicholas Goh, CEO of Verztec Consulting, to share and answer your questions on what companies should look out for as they translate their business content for local audiences.

As the world’s emerging markets progressively get connected to the Internet, companies are beginning to realise the value in reaching out to local users in foreign countries.

When Singaporean firm, Verztec started in 2000, it was a boutique Web development firm with just three people. It wasn’t till its first big break, a large-scale localisation project worth US$100,000, that it realised the demand overseas for local language content.

Today, Verztec has offices in seven locations around the world: Singapore, the US, UK, Japan, Thailand, China and Korea. It is, perhaps, no surprise that the majority of its offices is in Asia, given the nature of its work.

It offers translation to more than 60 languages, and it supports a third of the Fortune 500 corporations in their efforts to market to the non-English speaking world.

We speak to founder and CEO, Nicholas Goh, about what SMEs can do to leverage the power of localisation when they branch out from Singapore to neighbouring markets.

What should SMEs consider when taking their first steps out of their domestic market?

First, they have to recognise and understand the purpose of the expansion. Is it to serve existing customers better overseas or to explore new markets so as to increase company revenue and market share?

Second, companies should identify their target customers, depending on which industry they are.

Ask yourselves:

a. Who are our potential customers in the target market and how can we reach out effectively to them?

b. Who are our major competitors in the target market and how can we differentiate from them?

c. What are some of the areas we may need to culturally adapt and customise in our business so as to gain faster and more effective traction in achieving our ROI (return of investments) for the target market?

What are some things SMEs should look out for as they localise for their audience? What are objectives they should focus on?

There are 2 main objectives to focus on in terms of localisation. Firstly, localisation is not simply translation and turning your messages into the desired language of your target market. For that, it is definitely also not copying and pasting content into a machine translation software like Google Translate or Yahoo BabelFish, for example.

Localisation is a way to show your sincerity in doing business in a foreign country, and by respecting the culture of its people. So before we jump the gun and go directly into translation of our materials, we first need to have a good understanding of the cultural values of the target market, cultural taboos and nuances, as well as the local jargon and industry terminologies that are used.

With a good understanding of these areas, we can then effectively bring out the latent values of our communication messages, be it legal, marketing or training related, by emphasizing and tapping on them.

Also, we should not assume that two countries which speak the same language are homogenous and may have the same cultural values and nuances. An example would be Canada and France (where French is generally spoken but words are pronounced differently and sometimes phrased rather differently as well) and Taiwan and China (where Mandarin is spoken, but Simplified Chinese is used in China and Traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan in written form).

Localisation should always take into account the target readers/receivers of the messages. The tone and delivery of messages is important, depending who will be digesting the localised messages at the end of the day. For example, a website with marketing information of a company’s products and services should be written and localised in such a way that it is easy to read and also motivates the reader to connect with the company or submit an enquiry.  

Is there advice you can give SMEs on how to identify their target segments more accurately, in order to corner their markets?

Before investing large amounts of money and time in a new foreign market, SMEs may consider localising some of their communication materials for the target market, and specifically for the target customer segment as the prudent first step.

For example, SMEs may consider localising their website into the target market language(s) as well as marketing collaterals such as whitepapers and brochures.

By having the website in the target market language(s) would also mean that major search engines such Google, Yahoo, Baidu would be able to sprawl the localised sites and rank them accordingly for potential customers. With a localised website in the local target market language(s), SMEs may also be able to roll out more effective localised marketing

Do you have any examples of SMEs which have localised successfully for their audience?

I have two great examples. The first is a company called Zopim. Zopim is a Singapore software company that helps clients with customer service. Zopim started off providing only English as the main language of support to customers.

Eventually, it localised its entire website but also its entire system interface to suit the various language preferences of customers around the world. Zopim localised the website professionally into other foreign languages also as a means to reach out to those target markets and to have a good idea of the market demand before they invest in more on-the-ground support and sales efforts to reach more customers across various industries.

The second example is a company called Up! Your Service. This Singapore company focuses on building service cultures in organizations around the world. It works with a diverse clientele of businesses, associations and government agencies throughout the world.

Up! Your Service started off with rolling out their service education programmes in English and then eventually moved on to adapting the workshop materials, video and marketing collaterals into quite a number of languages.

This allowed the company to cater to the diverse cultures and languages of participants around the world.

How has technology affected your industry?

Has it been a catalyst in some ways, and what do you observe as a result of technology’s influence?

In recent years, we have seen much development in technology particularly in the area of translation of content for various languages. The technology advancements generally lie in two main areas – Machine Translation Software and CAT (Computer Aided Translation) Software.

Machine Translation Software such as Google Translate and Yahoo BabelFish is useful for people who wish to quickly do a copy-paste and find out what a lump of foreign language text may mean in English. It is also useful in many cases for short sentence or single word translations such as ‘Car’, ‘Bus’, ‘Lavatory’ or ‘Thank You’.

I have also seen some people use Machine Translation for the purpose of chatting in a foreign language on a casual basis with friends or on social media platforms.

Machine Translation can also be used for those of us who are picking up a new language and would like to have access to a quick reference tool.

However, we must understand that Machine Translation Software should preferably not be used in a professional context, such as the translation of legal materials, technical documents as well as marketing collaterals. 

In professional translation performed by human translation teams, a crucial part of the process includes two main points – 

a) proper contextual understanding of the source content and 

b) understanding the target audience which determines the choice of words to use in the translation process. For example, a technically-inclined audience would be more receptive to technical jargon and a ‘layman’ audience would prefer something that is easy to read and digest).

So Machine translation software would not be able to translate words such as ‘blind’ very well as it may mean ‘the person is blind’, or ‘we draw down the blind’ , and also ‘tear’ in sentences such as ‘tear gas was released’ or ‘I tear this paper’ – as in ripping the paper apart.

CAT (Computer Aided Translation) is what we’d recommend to help achieve a higher productivity output of the professional human translator and it is an approach that is most encouraged for the professional localisation industry. 

With more enhancement to CAT technology, the localisation industry as a whole would be able to provide better support with higher throughput volumes and at lower cost to the ever-growing needs for globalisation and adapting of products and services into various languages and markets.

This 35-year-old started a carpark rooftop farm in S’pore, sells 16K packs of veggies a month

Stare out into the distance when you are at Tampines and you might just see a strange plot of green on top of a multi-storey carpark.

Those vegetables that you consume on a daily basis — xiao bai cai, kailan, bayam — might just be grown from that carpark too.

About four tonnes or 4,000kg of vegetables, which equates to almost 16,000 packets of greens, is harvested from this “makeshift” farm every month.

It’s grown and managed by 35-year-old entrepreneur Nicholas Goh and his team at Nature’s International Commodity (NIC).

The farm is surrounded by HDB buildings in Tampines / Image Credit: Nicholas Goh

Nicholas supplies his vegetables to local distributors in Singapore. They are sold slightly cheaper than market price and NTUC FairPrice, he claims.

Since the farm started eight months ago, business has been good, having sold most of the vegetables they harvest.

Nicholas was one of the few who won the tender bid in May 2020 to create rooftop farms on public housing carparks. The move to find alternative farming space in land-constrained Singapore is part of the country’s strategy to meet its 30 by 30 goal, which is to produce 30 per cent of its nutritional needs locally by 2030.

The lush green vegetables from Nicholas’ urban farm Nature’s International Commodity / Image Credit: Nicholas Goh

He was a mango farmer in Cambodia

Unknown to many, Nicholas is actually an accomplished entrepreneur in Cambodia. He runs a 72-hectare farm land in Cambodia, which is almost the size of 140 football fields, that sells mainly mangoes.

“I also have a waste management factory that converts food waste into organic fertiliser. Covid-19 has affected almost every sector of business in the world. Although we are an essential service, we still faced issues like logistics, border closures, and raw material supplies shortage due to distribution channels blocked,” said Nicholas, explaining why he is currently based in Singapore.

Nicholas’ farm in Cambodia is about the size of 140 football fields / Image Credit: Nicholas Goh

The border controls impacted Nicholas from managing his Cambodian business last year, which prompted him to start the urban farming business NIC and pivot to serve local customers.

“We grew these vegetables due to the local consumption habits and requirements that Singapore Food Agency (SFA) laid out for all food producing farms. We harvest our vegetables on a weekly basis,” he said.

School dropout turned entrepreneur

Nicholas was a student from the Express stream, but quit his studies at 16.

He reasoned that he had a strong desire to help the disadvantaged and delinquents, while serving the youth ministry in church during mission trips to Cambodia.

“Even at that age, I had an innate passion for the disadvantaged and entrepreneurship continued to stir in my heart with the desire to search out solutions to make this world a better place through business.”

“But I soon realised that I had to return to school to finish my education if I want to have a better grasp of the business world.”

Nicholas quit school before returning after a path of self-discovery / Image Credit: Nicholas Goh

At the age of 18, Nicholas returned to Singapore to serve National Service and subsequently decided to continue his studies. He graduated with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering at Nanyang Polytechnic and dived back into his life’s mission soon after.

“Through the many school trips to Cambodia as a volunteer, my compassion for this land and the poor farmers grew. Eventually, I relocated to the country as a humble farmer at 26 years old. I lived and worked as a Khmer farmer, just like everyone else there.”

The carpark farm produces four tonnes of vegetables a month, or 16,000 packets of greens / Image Credit: Nicholas Goh

It was through the long hours of ploughing dirt and waste with his hands that Nicholas discovered a successful formula to create eco-friendly organic fertilisers — a key ingredient that gave him traction to develop his Cambodian TWIN Agritech business.

TWIN Agri is the largest supplier of organic fertilisers in Cambodia, serving up to 800 to 900 tonnes of fertilisers per month. It posted a 10-fold growth in the last four years.

He also claimed that this fertiliser acted as a “magic formula” to grow his crops in Tampines.

Farming in Singapore

The Tampines carpark farm grows vegetables like xiao bai cai, kailan and bayam to cater to the consumption habits of locals.

It also follows the requirements laid out by the SFA for all food-producing farms, such as maintaining the farm in clean and sanitary conditions at all times.

Urban farming uses soil technology and relies on sensors to identify problems / Image Credit: Nicholas Goh

According to Nicholas, urban farming methods differ from traditional farming. His business uses its soil technology — eco-friendly organic fertilisers — to grow the vegetables.

Nicholas also uses sensors to help identify potential crop problems, which he says helps him save time and money.

“I believe in a strategic farming solution, which is to do small, manage well and be strategically located. Urban farming defines that as a farm, as it supplies and supplements the needs of the residents,” he said.

When asked how he deals with the unexpected rains or flash floods in Singapore, Nicholas said that the rain in the country is actually relatively consistent. 

“Rain and shine is part of the farming process. We grow crawlers and creepers to block against the harsh sun and rain.”

Local expansion plans

Nicholas has plans to work on both his Singapore and Cambodia businesses once borders reopen, though it’s unlikely that this will happen anytime soon, given the resurgence of Covid-19 cases worldwide.

The farmer said that sales of local vegetables in Singapore have been good, with almost all being sold every month.

Spurred by the strong sales, he plans to gradually expand within the country, as the vegetables offer a competitive pricing to the local produce market.

“We do plan to expand, but there are constraints — mainly (in finding) people who are willing to toll under the sun. We will be expanding soon once we have tightened our model and business strategy.”

It is hard to find workers in Singapore who want to work in a farm / Image Credit: Nicholas Goh

In fact, it has not been a bed of roses being an urban farmer in Singapore, due to rooftop farming being a new concept.

“The issues are always about complaints which lead to actions by various government bodies. It’s hard to have the best of both worlds where on one hand, you have food security and food supply, but on the other hand, you are afraid of insects, smell, and dirt,” said Nicholas.

“Farming is not a clean business, and it is also not for the elderly because it is very strenuous.”

When asked if he would be interested in opening the farm to the public for viewing and as a public attraction, the proud farmer shakes his head as he is protective of his crops and also follows SFA guidelines strictly.

“We generally control the visitation of the public due to a few reasons — for biosecurity reasons, where we don’t want the public to carry in viruses that may lead to problems on our plants and also due to the recent Covid-19 restrictions.”

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Featured Image Credit: Nicholas Goh

Nick Goh’s email & phone

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Looking up emails for a targeted outreach was manual and enormously time consuming. When I tried RocketReach and to find business information about key people in seconds in an easy and seamless process, I was hooked! The tool reduced the time to connect with new prospects by close to 90%.

Alexandra Trusova leads Skate America after women’s short program

Despite not jumping her regular triple Axel, Russia’s Alexandra Trusova, the 2021 world bronze medallist, leads the women’s event at 2021 Skate America after Saturday’s (23 October) short program.

Three clean jumping passes – a double Axel, triple flip, and a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination – coupled with some fine artistry were enough to achieve the top score of 77.69, leading a Russian 1-2-3 finish as Daria Usacheva and Kseniia Sinitsyna joined her atop the standings.

That was Trusova’s personal best score in international competitions, with her previous high of 74.95 set at the 2020 European Championships.

Trusova’s participation at one point was in question this week, when the teen missed Friday practice after skating in Thursday’s session. But she showed up late for the Saturday morning practice session, making it clear she would compete after all.

The 1-2-3 finish for the three Russian women is a harbinger of what’s to come this Grand Prix season with as many as seven skaters chasing after three ROC team spots for Beijing 2022

Japan’s Sakamoto Kaori in fourth is the top non-Russian after the short at the opening ISU Figure Skating Grand Prix of the season in Las Vegas.

Earlier, in the rhythm dance, reigning American national champions Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue held off a spirited challenge from fellow U.S. dancers and training partners Madison Chock and Evan Bates.

Trusova charges in front; Glenn 7th

For the longest time, Usacheva – who like Trusova trains under Eteri Tutberidze – seemed like finishing the day in the lead.

Skating third of the 12 skaters to Never Enough from the Greatest Showman soundtrack, Usacheva was flawless on her technical elements – outscoring even Trusova – and watched on as none of those who followed were able to topple her, until Trusova who went last.

Trusova said about the decision to compete on Saturday: “Yes [I] was between… competing and withdrawing, [but] this morning I woke up and I decided to skate.”

She added: “I won’t give any more details… it’s a foot injury. … I skated clean, but I’m a little bit sad that I didn’t do my triple Axel, so hopefully I’m going to do it next time.

The U.S. charge on home soil was led by Amber Glenn, Audrey Shin, and Starr Andrews, who finished 7th, 9th, and 10th respectively.

“It’s very bizarre for me,” Glenn said of being the No.1 U.S. woman at Skate America after two-time national champion Bradie Tennell withdrew with a foot injury prior to the event. “It did give me a lot of confidence. I’ve felt great in practice. (But) this is my first big ISU event since Four Continents (2020), so we wanted to come in here and put out a performance that I was happy with and unfortunately I’m not very happy with how I did.”

Glenn opted not to do the triple Axel, which she had landed successfully in practice this week. She’ll look to use the jump in the free skate.

Republic of Korea skaters You Young and Kim Yelim were fifth and sixth, respectively, while Miyahara Satoko of Japan was eighth.

Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue skating during the rhythm dance at 2021 Skate America in Las Vegas.

Picture by Ethan Snead/Olympic Channel

Hubbell / Donohue lead dance as Montreal-based teams dominate

In dance, Hubbell and Donohue, skating to songs by Janet Jackson, were solid throughout their routine with only a few minor errors, such as Donohue breaking one of his twizzles. They were the only couple of the nine competing to score a level 3 for their Midnight Blues 1st Section, achieving three of the four required key points.

Their performance also scored highly, with the 2021 world silver medallists receiving the highest score for program components in addition to their technical elements for a total of 83.58 points.

Chock and Bates, who train with Hubbell and Donohue under Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon at the Ice Academy of Montreal, were just over a point behind on 82.55, competing to a routine set to music by Billie Eilish.

While their technical elements mostly matched their teammates’, they comparatively lost points on the Midnight Blues 1st Section, only receiving a level 2.

Canada’s Laurence Fournier Beaudry and Nikolaj Sorensen scored 75.33 and Olivia Smart and Adrian Diaz of Spain were fourth for a 1-2-3-4 finish for the Montreal-based teams.

Speaking at the press conference following the rhythm dance, Hubbell said of the judging and the levels awarded by the judges: “I would say that coming into this competition and seeing some of the levels that were given at Finlandia (Trophy), we were kind of expecting a very tough panel.

“Zach and I, going into this Skate America, there were a few things we wanted to use to our advantage, to our experience, one being that most of the (judging) panel are also going to be at the Olympics. We definitely left a lot of points on the table, we’re hoping that with those technical points we can get closer to 90, but today that was enough.”

Bates, who competed at the Finlandia Trophy Challenger Series event, added: “We were in Finland. Today we got a bit lower levels, but we felt we skated a little bit better. We were coming off ice not expecting the levels to be as low as what we saw on the screen backstage. We really attacked the program and felt it was a step up from Finland.”

On the subject of facing pressure, Hubbell responded: “You can’t deny that there’s nerves and some pressure, the way we deal with it is by communicating, opening up and saying our worst fears out loud.

“Looking at our whole season, we try to look at what would be most important to us at the end of the year when we retire, and when we look back.”

Alexandra Trusova opens Olympic season with Skate America victory

“In the future, I hope to do more quads.”

Despite being limited to “only” one quadruple jump and excluding her triple Axel, Russia’s Alexandra Trusova out-skated training mate Daria Usacheva and South Korea’s You Young to win the women’s singles at Skate America on Sunday (24 October) in Las Vegas.

“The program was very easy for me – I only did one quad today,” she told the crowd inside Orleans Arena after the win. “I was happy that I was able to skate clean, but… Right now I’m not in my best shape. I’m hoping to get back into my best shape and hopefully get to the Olympic Games.”

Trusova, who did not train Friday and showed up to Saturday practice late as she dealt with a foot injury, laid down a leading short program, and then toned down her regular quad-filled free skate (she’s done as many as five in the past), nailing a clean skate which, coupled with her short program lead, was enough to lead her to overall victory by over 15 points.

It was an immense women’s free skate, with the top six all performing their routines with aplomb and treating the fans in Las Vegas to a show.

Trusova, who is one of multiple skaters angling for one of three women’s Olympic figure skating berths on the ROC team, opened with a big quadruple Lutz and never looked back. Her technical program was the best of any of the skaters, and it nailed her a free skate score of 154.68 and a total of 232.37, some 15 points clear of Usacheva.

Skate America marked the first of six Grand Prix Series events this season, with Skate Canada set for next week (29 & 30 October). The Grand Prix Final in mid-December will feature the best six skaters or teams from each discipline, while national championships will be held in late Dec. and early January, after which national bodies will name their Olympic teams for Beijing 2022.

Thrilling women’s free: Usacheva finishes 2nd, You 3rd

The Republic of Korea’s You and Japan’s Sakamoto Kaori were both visibly delighted with their performances, with You nearly breaking down with emotion and Sakamoto virtually running off the ice to hug her coach.

Usacheva struggled towards the end of her program, stepping out of her a triple flip and being unable to get a planned triple toe loop into a combination with her second triple flip, settling for a double.

However, her considerable advantage over You from the short program was enough to hold on for second place and a total of 217. 31.

You – aided by a triple Axel, the only woman to perform the jump here – edged ahead of both Sakamoto and Russia’s Kseniia Sinitsyna, who had better short program scores.

The 17-year-old, who won Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games gold last January, scored a season’s best 146.24 points for a total of 216.97.

Ice dance: Hubbell/Donohue hold off Chock/ Bates

Earlier, Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue won the ice dance competition on their final Skate America appearance, their fourth straight win in the event, before a planned retirement at the end of the season.

The Americans, three-time defending champions, wowed with a brilliant free dance highlighted by a stunning straight line lift-rotational lift combination that received a high grade of execution score from the judging panel.

While their technical elements were scored just under those of fellow U.S. dancers and training partners Madison Chock and Evan Bates, Hubbell and Donohue’s artistry and performance scored them the highest Program Component Score (PCS).

Hubbell and Donohue, who went last by virtue of having the highest rhythm dance score, knew that they needed to score 124.66 or better to overtake their teammates, and did so with a score of 125.96 for a total of 209.54.

For their part, second-placed Chock and Bates were exquisite in their delivery of an alien and space-inspired free dance, set to music by Daft Punk.

They effectively matched Hubbell and Donohue in the free dance nearly element for element, finishing less than three-tenths of a point behind in the segment.

That was not enough to overcome a one-point deficit from the rhythm dance as they finished with a total of 208.23 points.

Canadians Laurence Fournier Beaudry and Nikolaj Sorensen (190.13) and Spain’s Olivia Smart and Adrian Diaz (189.69) made it a one-two-three-four finish for teams who train at the Ice Academy of Montreal.

American teams discuss ‘rivalry’

Hubbell said afterwards of her and Donohue’s relationship with Chock and Bates: “It’s funny to hear it described as ‘rivals. ‘ I started skating and discovered ice dance alongside Evan in Ann Arbor (in Michigan). We always had other people also to focus on and so what kind of stuck in my mind was the mutual respect and the friendship.

“We’ve certainly had a lot of inspiration and motivation to get ourselves in gear and it’s no different this year. It’s usually very close and we know that when they skate their best, we also have to skate our best. They didn’t make it easy and we expect it to be close until we retire.”

While Hubbell/Donohue have been clear that this is their final competitive scene, Chock/Bates have said that they have not made firm plans for what comes next for them after Beijing – and are open to continue competing.

“I feel like the word rivalry is used with a negative connotation too often,” added Evan Bates. “In this case, I feel like the rivalry has been great for both teams. Certainly for us, we’re so grateful for you guys (Hubbell and Donohue) especially since we moved to Montreal and they’ve shaped how we we work.

With the Olympic Games on the horizon, Donohue said: “In regards to the Olympics and the rest of the season, it’s impossible to predict. This is such a beautiful, fantastic sport for that reason and so I don’t want to put some expectation out there. We know what our goals are and we know what we’re pushing for and we’re going to keep pushing. Especially for us in our last season, we really want to take everything in.”

Nick Goh (DDISCORDD) – Chess Profile

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Nick Goh

Jul 4, 2018

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Pokemon Journeys Preview Teases Ash and Bea’s Big Rematch

Pokemon Journeys is teasing a big Ultra Class rematch between Ash and Bea with the preview for its next episode! Ash is continuing to climb his way through the ranks of the World Coronation Series, and his opponents in the Ultra Class have been tougher than ever. But there have a few that Ash has battled throughout the earlier ranks that were just as tough as well, and the biggest one of these early rivals was the Stow on Side Gym Leader Bea, who had defeated Ash pretty quickly in their first battle against one another. 

Ash managed to defeat Bea in their rematch, and the two of them then went their separate ways as they continued to make their way through the World Coronation Series. But the end of the most recent episode had revealed that Ash’s next opponent in the Ultra Class was actually Bea, and so Ash has to face one of his toughest rivals in their most important battle yet. This time, the two of them are bringing some major advantages to the battle that will surely make it a third and final match. Check out the preview for the episode below: 

Episode 85 of Pokemon Journeys is titled “The Rival Showdown! [Ash vs. Bea]!” and the synopsis teases their rematch as such, “[Ash] is going to battle [Bea], a rival he’s already had two fierce matches with before, in the [World Coronation Series]. When he goes with [Goh] to the Lateral Stadium where the match is going to be held, they suddenly run into [Bea] there. She and [Ash] are both really enthused about the next day’s battle and introduce each other to their Pokemon. It’s now time for [an Ultra Class] battle between [Ash], equipped with a Mega Glove, and [Bea], equipped with a [Dynamax Band], to begin.

With this third and likely final battle between the two of them meaning that only one of them will continue making their way up through the Ultra Class and on their way to the Master Class, the two of them will be pulling out all the stops. With the battle taking place in Galar, Bea will not only have access to her Dynamax abilities but thankfully Ash has brought along some Lucarionite to help Lucario survive the match as well. But what do you think? Excited to see Ash and Bea’s next battle? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

Nickname for cs go – RuGameNews

How to come up with a nickname for cs go? Let’s try to figure it out together.

Very often players ask themselves the question: “How to come up with a nickname for CS: GO?” Some people change their nicknames every day, and there are users who have not changed their nicknames for years. Although both of them had the same question in their heads. Of course, you can trivially write your name or a nickname that is derived from the name, but is this original?

Nickname for a guy in cs go

First, you should look at yourself, your strengths or tastes.This is what will help you create your own nickname. If the player is strong enough in his shooting, then you can experiment and the word “shooter” is translated into another language. Fortunately, today there are translators, and you can choose the language in which the nickname will sound beautiful. Absolutely any of your own can be translated or even a phrase. Or you can use a ready-made nickname from the list:

  • S_onY
  • YaRoon
  • Essence
  • ¤Argon¤
  • LLlaKaL
  • Artcross
  • Aksel33
  • Waiting Friday
  • SinRin Razzy
  • F11 teAQIYL
  • 900w OnFire OveRBanG
  • BaBuShkIn_ak-47
  • Helpless Sapphire
  • very opponent
  • Sga3uVou
  • D1xeR
  • Gabby
  • virtual Snivel
  • Apasniy_GoPnIK
  • CbIpOCTb_oT_HoCkA
  • Mandarin4ik
  • Mama_skazala_taschi
  • Gametris of the Daemons

These are the most appropriate nicknames for guys in cs: go.

Alias ​​for a girl in cs go

Girls do not ignore shooters, so they also probably wonder what kind of nickname to come up with for cs go. Of course, not all girls like to reveal their gender in order to avoid undue attention from guys, so this is the way with translators.

However, if you want to emphasize your feminine nature, you can beautifully design your own name with symbols. But even such girls are unlikely to be happy that a stranger called them by name.To do this, you can familiarize yourself with the list of proposed nicknames. Well, if none of them like it, then you can get inspired and come up with something of your own.

  • ! Pandora
  • ! Pinky Sky
  • Dr. Victoria
  • Anlige
  • Arima
  • Ask me why?
  • Ayan
  • BadFoxys
  • Cherry
  • Elidium
  • focus
  • heidaro
  • Hiya
  • hubba bubba
  • kataya
  • KissMeOnFire
  • Lamaada
  • Lamp
  • Lamp Lisi4ka
  • Lua
  • Luna
  • miss you
  • Mur
  • Nova
  • ponya
  • puse4ka
  • qma
  • Tea.
  • Tetora
  • Troyanskaya
  • without u
  • Pie with cherry
  • Shenley
  • lips
  • melon
  • lupichka
  • bench
  • Dandelion in the mouth

These are the most suitable for girls who are the most suitable in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

How to create a nickname for CS: GO with beautiful symbols

Tired of running around with the standard nickname used by dozens of players? Do you want to create something really unique and beautiful? In that case, welcome to the guide on creating really cool nicknames for CS GO.We will look at where to find symbols and icons for a nickname, how to put it together, and where to use it later. Ready? Forward!


  1. What to consider when creating a nickname
  2. How to make a beautiful nickname in CS GO
  • How to find symbols for the nickname
  • Nickname with hieroglyphs
  • We use third-party software
  • Where to insert nickname after creation
  1. What is the meaning of a beautiful nickname

What to consider when creating a nickname

Nickname is textual information that is used to identify the player. Therefore, it must be borne in mind that only text elements can be inserted into it – letters, icons, symbols, numbers and hieroglyphs.

In this case, the icons can be very different – asterisks, small drawings and others. But it is important that they are available on any computer. For this, standard character sets are used. Absolutely any computer or gaming service will digest them. Including Steam.

Therefore, do not experiment with encodings or unpopular fonts. There is a chance that then, instead of a nickname, some incomprehensible rubbish will be displayed without meaning or even a hint of beauty.

Important nuances that must not be forgotten in order to make a beautiful nickname:

  1. No need to copy nicknames of esports stars or popular video bloggers. They themselves never play under their own name. This can only make allies and rivals laugh;
  2. The same goes for popular nicknames – Player, Nagibator, Pro and so on. They do not make the profile unique, because there are millions of them!
  3. Nick should not be offensive, abusive or in any way offending anyone’s feelings – it will bring nothing but negative;
  4. The clan tag, if any, should not be put in the name – there is a special field for this in the settings.

Also, don’t make your nickname too long. In this case, it will be inconvenient when playing CS GO. For example, in case of murders or deaths, it will distract attention to itself or simply will not fit into the line provided by the developers for this.

How to make a cool nickname for CS GO

So, now we come to the most interesting part – how to make a really cool and beautiful nickname for the game. In the process, you can use anything – even just copy words from foreign forums and paste them into the appropriate section.We will describe how to make a beautiful nickname in CS: GO using programs and tools available to everyone.

And yes, they will indeed have symbols! And it will look really beautiful.

How to find symbols for nicknames

To make a nickname really beautiful, it is not enough to use only letters and numbers. Of course, 1337 is the traditional name of the player in its time, but now it is no longer relevant and not clear to everyone.

Therefore, we are looking for the Character Table in order to train from there the best icons and emoticons for our chic nickname.

To find it, you need to go to “Start”, then select “All Programs”, find the “Standard” section. It contains the “System” folder, where the “Symbol table” is located. We need it. On Windows 8 and 8.1, which do not have a Start button, just press the button combination Win + R and enter the code charmap.exe in the line that opens.

We recommend using symbols from the Webdings, Wingdings 1, 2 and 3 and Vrinda collections. They are guaranteed to appear in the game.You can find them in the “Font” drop-down list at the top of the new window. Collections are at the very end of the list.

And then everything is simple – select the icon or letter you like, then click on the “Select” button. And so on until the very end of the nickname. And then – to “Copy”. And we use it at our discretion.

Nickname with hieroglyphs

Japanese, Chinese and other characters are very beautiful. Therefore, they are very popular. They will never be found in standard character sets.But you want a bright nickname! Therefore, we will try to decorate it.

And you can use Google Translate to create it. It is enough to select Russian for input, and for translation – Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew or any other language with beautiful letters / hieroglyphs. And copy the resulting word (or a few especially beautiful icons from it) for yourself.

Well, if you can’t find it, you can just find the most popular hieroglyphs and use some of them.The main thing is not to get into the lobby of native speakers, otherwise they will be very surprised at the meaning of the nickname.

We use third-party software

If you are frankly lazy or have no time to look for the desired symbols, then copy them and arrange them in the necessary order, you can use special programs for this.

For example, the software called Sourse Nick 08 is considered quite convenient – the program allows you to create a nickname for any game. Initially, the program was intended for CSS, but later it attracted CS GO players as well.

Why is this program needed at all? It allows you to save yourself from a lot of unnecessary steps when manually composing a unique nickname:

  1. There is no need to search for icons in all existing tables and lists (where they are most often mixed up) – the program divides symbols into letters, for each of them there are many different symbols;
  2. There are built-in patterns and pictures for nicknames that can be edited;
  3. From the program window, you can copy the nickname you made to any place – even to your Steam profile, even to your favorite forum;
  4. All characters display correctly in Steam games, although they may not display in some browsers.

The program is very easy to use. You need to download it from available sources, and then launch it. A small window will immediately open. At the bottom there will be a line where the nickname will eventually appear. It can also be edited there.

In the upper part there are tabs with symbols. The first tab contains drawings of signs. On the next one there are separate icons for self-creation. And then – the letters of the English alphabet (except for Y and Z, but for them you can pick up a replacement from other categories).

For example, we mocked the most standard nickname – Player. Several interesting options turned out: © º ° ¨ÞĿλ۷ ΣŔ¨ ° º ©, ρŁẫ۷ėř, þĹÄųέŘ and so on. You can think of hundreds of options, even for such a banal pseudonym.

Once the nickname is ready, you can copy and paste it into the game. After a couple of minutes of creativity, you get a good name for any player.

Where to insert nickname after creation

Once the perfect nickname has been created, it must be transferred to the game.Since CS GO does not have a separate field for entering the player’s name, you will have to take small workarounds.

For licensed CS GO purchased on Steam, there are two ways to change the nickname:

  1. Change the complete profile name. To do this, go to the Steam client, go to the “Settings” – “Friends” path, and then change the nickname to the desired one;
  2. Change the nickname only in the game. You need to start CS GO, then open the console, having previously activated it, and register the command name Nickname (replace the second word with the previously created nickname).

But for the NoSteam versions (pirates) everything is a little more complicated. To change the nickname in an unlicensed CS GO game, you need to go into the game files. It is necessary to register the selected nickname in the rev.ini file. How to do it:

Go to the folder with the installed game;

  1. Looking for file rev.ini;
  2. Click on it with the right mouse button, in the “Properties” section, uncheck the “Read only” box, if it is there;
  3. Open the file with Notepad;
  4. Find the line PlayerName = “Player”;
  5. In quotes, instead of Player, write your own nickname;
  6. Save changes to the file;
  7. We return the “Read-only” checkbox to its place so that the game does not overwrite the data.

After that, you can safely go to the servers or to MM – the new nickname will proudly decorate its carrier and delight him with its beauty.

What is the meaning of a beautiful nickname

A nickname is the “face” of any gamer. On it, they will make the first impression of the player – even before the first frag or death. In CS GO, this is also a way to stand out from the crowd of Players and similar nicknames.

The better and more a person plays, the more famous he becomes. And if in the future he decides to stream or open his own YouTube channel (not to mention professional e-sports), then the nickname will become a brand! Perhaps in the future it will be your nickname that will be heard by all fans of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, as it is now – GuardiaN or GeT_RighT?

This is why the creation of the original name should not be neglected.It is worth making a nickname at the same time:

  • memorable;
  • unique;
  • beautiful;
  • is not vulgar.

A lot of jewelry is also bad. Therefore, the main thing is not to overdo it and achieve the perfect combination of icons, symbols, letters and more. Simple, beautiful and meaningful.

How to come up with a nickname for CS: GO

They are greeted by their clothes, escorted by their minds. Nicknames in Counter Strike: Global Offensive are the same story.It is unlikely that your teammates will be formed if their team includes a person with a nickname like GanGsta_ShkOlNik .

Therefore, once you can get confused and come up with cool and original. It is clear that because of the nickname, the level of the game will not increase. And even with a bad nickname, if you play well you will be remembered. For example, a professional player of the Espada team, Dima Bandurk, has the nickname Dima – a popular CIS player. Lots of examples when players with three-letter nicknames became stars, and millions of people do not even know their names, only nicknames. For example, AZR, NBK, RpK. These players put their own meaning in these letters. Nickname readability is important, especially if you get to the level of the game when you will be commented on. There is a player Vasily FANAT ROCKA Trusov. The pronunciation of his nickname broke their brains in English-speaking commentators. Nick is your brand.

Basic types of nicknames for CS: GO

  • nickname in English;
  • 90,011 nicknames in Russian;
  • nickname with non-standard fonts;
  • nickname in Russian or English with translation;
  • unique short phrase in English;
  • comic nicknames;
  • nicknames with unusual symbols.

What characters can I use?

It all depends on what you need a nickname for. There are two options, if for playing CS: GO in Match Making or on the Faceit platform, then there are no restrictions. Any symbols, any nicknames, even with an offensive message.

If you have serious intentions and you are going to play at some tournament, then 100% regulations will impose restrictions:

  • you must not violate the rules of the esports community;
  • undesirable nicknames using CAPS;
  • you cannot copy the nicknames of players registered for this tournament or other PRO players;
  • it is desirable that the nickname is not difficult to pronounce and contain up to 8 characters;
  • should not contradict religions or call for terrorism;
  • must not contain an insult to men or women;
  • obscene language is prohibited in nickname.

Such nicknames look stupid and it is better to use a positive nickname even in regular matchmaking, which will warm your soul for a long time.

A selection of nicknames for CS: GO

  1. – here you will find cool nicknames: funny, New Year’s, with various symbols, nicknames written in non-standard fonts.
  2. – on this site you can find nicknames for anything: social networks, games, nicknames by mood, in different languages.Search by alphabet, gender.
  3. is a very interesting service that generates a nickname for you, depending on the parameters set. You can select the number of letters, the first letter and the type of generator. When you have set the desired parameters, click generate until you find the alias you like. Write down the nicknames you like in a text document so that later it will be more convenient to choose the best option.


A nickname is an important part of the beginning of your journey as a player in this game .Check if your nickname is occupied by PRO-players on the website . It is important that your nickname does not evoke any ridiculous or stupid associations in other people. When you do choose a nickname, do not change it, because this is your business card. Someone may remember you, especially if you play at a semi-professional level. It should be readable and pronounceable. I do not advise you to use transliteration ( Boombl4, n0rb3r7, balblna ). This style has long been in the past, such nicknames are repulsive.

Do not invent a nickname with a different case of letters ( ZywOo ). This is also no longer fashionable, your nickname will not become cool or unique from a different case of letters. It is best to come up with a nickname from one or two English words and the shorter the better. In the game, the shorter your nickname sounds, the faster you will be asked to do something. And this can affect the outcome of the game. If you are at a loss with the choice, try using the services given above.


How to choose a nickname for yourself?

Think of some funny association or vice versa, a short nickname that will make sense for you.Everything is individual here.

Which is better – a nickname in Russian or English?

Better in English because it will be more versatile.

What if nothing fits?

Try to play with the layout, font, see what nicknames professional players have. Maybe this will nudge you towards your future gaming nickname.

How to change nickname in CS: GO?

To change your nickname, you need to go to Steam, then click on “My profile”, edit your profile, and write your nickname in the profile name column.

How to change nickname in CS: GO?

Greetings to all! We continue the series of guides on cs go, this time we will tell you about several simple and convenient ways to change your nickname in cs go. It is worth noting that the name in steam is your nickname in most of all licensed valve games, including cs go.

How to change nickname in cs go steam?

If you are the lucky owner of the licensed version of the Counter Strike Global Offensive game, then the process of changing your game name is much easier and more convenient.

Method 1 . We use the steam client. Instruction:

  1. In the top menu we find “ Friends “.
  2. Select “ Change alias “.

  1. Enter the required name in the input field.

In the same way, you can change the avatar in the game, you can learn more about this in article how to put an avatar in cs go.

Method 2 . Through the profile in the browser.Instruction:

  1. In the top menu, point to your current nickname and select “ profile “.
  2. Click on “ Edit profile

  1. In the column “ Profile name ” specify the desired alias.

Method 3 . Another convenient way to change your nickname in cs go is through the console. This method is no longer relevant with new updates. Instruction:

  1. Go to cs go
  2. By pressing “ ~ ” go to the console and write the following command: name nickname, where instead of the word nickname, specify a new nickname.

If the console does not open, then you need to activate it in the settings. To do this, you can read the article – how to enable the console in cs go

How to change nickname in cs go pirate?

We do not recommend anyone to use pirate, nevertheless, if you decide to try the game for acquaintance purposes, then we can tell you how to change nickname in pirate cs go .

If you are using CS: GO launcher, then just open it, and immediately in the window that opens, you will be able to edit the settings.If you are using a different version of cs go, then the process will be slightly different.


  1. Go to the root of the cs go folder and look for the rev.ini file. We open it with notepad.
  2. Depending on the version of the game, we are looking for a line with the command PlayerName or Name and change the nickname of cs go on the pirate. We save the file.

The author of passionate Old Testament alt-rock and chamberpop Nick Cave has always balanced between execution and mercy, violence and love.However, covid tenses require exceptionally frugal intonation. “Idiot Prayer” – Cave performance in a deserted hall of London’s “Alexander Palace” one-on-one with a piano and a film crew. The artist performs 22 songs created throughout his long career, including tracks from the latest, especially the enlightened album “Ghosteen”.

Travis Scott in Fortnite

Faced with problems entering the US market, the Chinese social network TikTok hosted a massive online concert with the star of the new R’n’B The Weeknd. Abel Tesfaye this year appeared in a new role of the tortured hero of neo-noir – his latest album “After Hours” is dedicated to this darker image. At the digital performance in tiktok, the audience saw a more cartoonish avatar of the artist – but surrounded by large-scale neon special effects.

Lil Nas X in Roblox

Lil Nas X was probably the loudest pop freshman of the past year – all thanks to the combination of rap with country and the open support of the LGBTQ community. Following Travis Scott, the artist staged a large-scale virtual show, only this time in the Roblox game – the players faced his giant digital simulacrum in a space of changing scenery and costumes: Lil Nas X managed to be both a cowboy and Santa Claus.

Post Malone with Nirvana tribute

Freak-charismatic Yungblud is now being turned into a new big star – the artist masterfully packs the rebellious spirit and imposing queerness into colorful eclectic hits. One of his obvious successes this year is an online gig at the very beginning of the lockdown. Amid mounting anxiety, his dynamic and empathic show has proven to be a significant source of support for thousands of viewers.The episodes feature rapper Machine Gun Kelly and singer Bella Thorne.

MTV Video Music Awards sample covid 2020

One of the brightest musical events of the year, the MTV Video Music Awards, took place online this year. The absence of guests and a strict attachment to the place even played into the hands of the awards: each performance was directed as a separate clip with a change in plans and scenery. One of the peak moments of the ceremony was a fiery extravaganza on the roof of a skyscraper from The Weeknd; BTS, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Machine Gun Kelly, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and others also performed their songs.

How to make an invisible (empty) nickname in incentive?

If you completely remove all characters from the field with a nickname, then it will give an error and nothing will come of it. You need to insert a special symbol that will not be visible, or will take up a minimum of space when displayed. The change will result in an empty nickname in any game played on Steam.

The developers consider this a bug and are constantly fixing or punishing.

There are several ways below.

How to change nickname – instruction

There are two ways to change the nickname – through the application and through the browser.Choose which one is more convenient for you.

Via Steam App

  1. Click on your nickname above.
  2. Profile.
  3. “Edit Profile” button.
  4. Main “> “ Profile Name ” – delete the contents of this field and insert an invisible character.

Via browser

Alternative method:

  1. Go to https://steamcommunity. com or https: //
  2. We log into your account.
  3. Top right click on the avatar.
  4. Button Edit profile.
  5. Delete the current profile name and insert an invisible symbol.

List of invisible symbols for Steam nickname

Try to copy characters between brackets in the nickname field ( you don’t need to copy the brackets ):

  • (᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌)
  • (ุ)
  • (๋)
  • (็)
  • (่)
  • (้)
  • (๊)
  • (์)
  • (๎)
  • (ฺ)
  • (ั)
  • (ํ)
  • (ิ)
  • (ู)
  • (ः)
  • (๋๋๋็็็็็็็)
  • (๋)

List of Alt-codes for invisible nickname

Alt-code are special characters that are invoked by the combination of the ALT key and the numeric code on the numeric keyboard.

Below is a list of codes and the symbols they create (in brackets). You can try to enter the code yourself, or just copy the contents in brackets, you don’t need to copy the brackets.

How to enter: we hold down the button ALT and then on the numeric keypad enter the numbers indicated in the list. For example ALT + 176 will give this symbol ░. You do not need to enter the + sign.

  • 9 (○)
  • 22 (▬)
  • 32 ()
  • 127 (⌂)
  • 176 (░)
  • 220 (▄)
  • 221 (▌)
  • 222 (▐)
  • 223 (▀)
  • 248 (°)
  • 249 (∙)
  • 250 ()
  • 254 (■)
  • 255 ()
  • 0127 ()
  • 0133 (…)
  • 0151 (-)
  • 0173 ()
  • 0176 (°)
  • 0160 ()
  • 0183 ()

Warning : not all alt codes create invisible nicknames, some of them can be used to decorate nicknames.

Invisible symbol for nickname

  1. Go here – https://pastebin. com/TSNB4tDV
  2. Click on the field RAW Paste Data .
  3. Press the combination CTRL + A (select all) and then CTRL + C to copy the invisible symbol.

In this case, it will visually seem that nothing has got out, but this is not so.

Now you can insert a symbol into the field with the nickname Steam and save your account settings.

To make sure that an empty nickname was copied in this method, paste the content into a notepad and see for yourself:

If everything was done correctly, a symbol will be displayed in the notebook, which will make the nickname invisible on Steam. Paste it into the nickname field for this.

How to make an invisible nickname in CS: GO?

Having changed the nickname of the Steam profile, it will also change in CS: GO. No further action is required.

However, if you play pirate, you can change your nickname in the game settings.

Pros and cons of invisible nickname


  • Nobody sees who committed the kill, misleads enemies.
  • The nickname is not visible on the replay, for example, you can demonstrate cheats.
  • Looks original.


  • In addition to enemies, it can also confuse allies, especially if there is not only one empty nickname.
  • Difficulty finding friends when there are many contacts.
  • The moderator or admin can issue a warning or ban such an invisible person.
  • 90,063 90,000 why Nick didn’t tell June about his marriage

    Episode 4 Episode 9 The Handmaid’s Tale , Progress, premiered on June 9 on Hulu. In this episode, June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) briefly reunites with her Gilead lover Nick Blaine (Max Minghella). They spend a few minutes with their little daughter Nicole. After June leaves for home, Nick puts on a wedding ring.During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Handmaid’s Tale writer Eric Tachman revealed why Nick chose not to reveal his marriage to June.

    [Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 9 Episode 4 The Handmaid’s Tale .]

    Elisabeth Moss and Max Minghella in The Handmaid’s Tale | Sophie Giraud / Hulu

    Nick and June had a limited time in The Handmaid’s Tale.

    Throughout The Handmaid’s Tale Nick and June were star lovers.Each season, the couple faces new obstacles and challenges. When they meet in Progress, June was living in Canada with her husband Luke Bankol (OT Fagbenle), but their relationship is strained.

    June does not mention Luke when meeting Nick, and Nick does not tell June that he recently got married. During their brief meeting, Nick provides information about June’s daughter, Hannah (Jordan Blake), and how they kiss before playing with Nicole.

    Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Tachman shared that Nick deliberately did not tell June about his new wife because he knew their meeting would be brief, saying:

    “He has been keeping this a secret since June because he has no intention of blame this revelation on her and spoil their very short meeting.And to me, the sequence with June and Nick should feel like a brief respite, a little refuge for them so that they can be with their little daughter like a family, away from the pressures and stress of everything that happens in their lives. And I think Elisabeth Moss, as a director, working with our director of photography Stuart Biddlecomb, and as an actress with Max, created such a beautiful and heartbreaking episode. ”

    RELATED: “The Handmaid’s Tale”: Elisabeth Moss believes June’s “connection” with Nick is more unique than her relationship with Luke

    How long has Nick been married?

    By the time June and Nick meet, June has been in Canada for several weeks.While Touchman did not reveal how long Nick has been married, he admitted that Nick got married somewhere between when he last saw June in season 4, episode 3, “Crossing” and “Progress.”

    “I cannot tell you exactly how long he has been married. It took a while, a few months from the end of Episode 3, when they last met, to Episode 9. I really hope people gasp a little when Nick puts on this engagement ring, ”he told Entertainment Weekly.

    Tukhman continued: “The point is, of course, he got married in Gilead. Nick is probably topping the list of the most suitable commanders. He is a strong player on the rise. He’s a handsome man of mystery. And Gilead demands its version of traditional family values. So, naturally, Nick couldn’t stay alone for very long. ”

    RELATED: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’: Elisabeth Moss thinks June and Luke will have a hard time getting back to their marriage

    Nick and June’s love is real in The Handmaid’s Tale

    Despite the circumstances of Nick and June’s relationship, their scene in “Progress” showed how much they are in love.Touchman confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that June and Nick’s love should be interpreted as something beautiful.

    “I just liked it. I thought this episode would really humanize their characters and their relationship.

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