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Kids and Cash (Pub. 5/17/2017) Donna Krug presenter – Barton Co. Extension [email protected]

Info on GMO’s for Consumers (Pub 5/12/2017) Londa Vanderwal Nwadike, PhD, KSU Specialist [email protected]

Food Safety for Farmers Market Vendors (Pub. 5/12/17) Linda Beech presenter – Ellis Co. Ext. [email protected]

Gluten (Pub. 4/20/2017) Ashley Svaty presenter Post Rock Ext Dt. [email protected]

Fixing Funky Foods (Pub. 4/20/17) Donna Krug presenter – Barton Co. Extension [email protected]

Liquid Assets (Pub. 3/20/2017) Ashley Svaty presenter Post Rock Ext Dt. [email protected]

Master of Memory (Pub. 3/20/2017) Sheryl Carson presenter Thomas Co. Extension [email protected]

Cut the Clutter (Pub. 2/28/2017)  Jamie Rathbun presenter – Midway Ext. Dt, [email protected]

 More Plants on the Plate (Pub. 2/21/2017) Donna Krug presenter – Barton Co. Extension [email protected]

Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pit Plate (Pub. 1/24/17) Erin Petersilie presenter -WCD Ext. [email protected]

Mindful Meditation with Dō -In  (Pub. 12/16/16) Donna Krug presenter – Barton Co. Extension [email protected]

Safe, Quantity Cooking  (Pub. 11/22/16) Linda Beech presenter – Ellis Co. Extension [email protected]

When Bigger Isn’t Better  (Pub. 11/22/16) Donna Krug presenter – Barton Co. Extension [email protected]

Cooking Venison  (Pub. 10/21/16) Anna Schremmer presenter – Phillips-Rooks Ext Dt. [email protected]

Saving For Christmas  (Pub. 10/21/16) Anna Schremmer presenter – Phillips-Rooks Ext Dt. [email protected]

Medicare Part D  (Pub. 9/15/16) Erin Petersilie presenter – Walnut Creek Ext Dt. [email protected]

Medicare Basics  (Pub 9/15/16) Erin Petersilie presenter – Walnut Creek Ext Dt. [email protected]

Managing Time Work & Family  (Pub. 8/31/16) Nora Rhoades presenter – Post Rock Ext Dt. [email protected]

Choosing Daycare  (Pub 8/31/16) Nora Rhoades presenter – Post Rock Ext Dt. [email protected]

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy  (Pub. 7/20/16) Donna Krug presenter – Barton Co. Extension [email protected]

Simple Seasonal Meals  (Pub. 7/19/16)Donna Krug presenter – Barton Co. Extension [email protected]

Prepare Kansas  (Pub. 6/28/16)Jamie Rathbun presenter – Midway Ext. Dt. [email protected]

Disaster Kits  (Pub. 6/28/16) Jamie Rathbun presenter – Midway Ext. Dt, [email protected]

Outsource Restaurant Payroll 🗃️ Restaurant Payroll Processing

The Amberley Black Horse is a little bit of a modern-day miracle because at a time when many traditional pubs are being forced to close, this delightful ‘pub with rooms’ continues to go from strength to strength. Recipients of the 2020 Travellers Choice Award from Trip Advisor, it was not that long ago that the […]

The Amberley Black Horse is a little bit of a modern-day miracle because at a time when many traditional pubs are being forced to close, this delightful ‘pub with rooms’ continues to go from strength to strength.

Recipients of the 2020 Travellers Choice Award from Trip Advisor, it was not that long ago that the outlook for the Grade II listed building was rather bleak. A community effort kept The Black Horse alive and in 2016 following a period of closure it was taken over by Emma and Johnnie Kennedy before reopening in 2018 having completed an extensive refurbishment.

Pay-Nex joined the story in the early days of the renaissance and it has been our pleasure to watch as the business at first consolidated, and then began to grow. The development has been exceptionally well-managed, with robust systems introduced and commercially sound, sustainable foundations laid.

Our involvement includes the provision of payroll and pension services for casual and salaried employees and it continues to be a privilege to help, even in some small way, a business that so clearly has an exceptionally bright future.

Dena and her team showed a genuine depth of knowledge in our industry and a keen interest in our business, knowing that they were keeping an eye on all things payroll related allowed us to get on with the business of running the Amberley Black Horse

Johnnie Kennedy, Owner


5 out of 5 stars


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Redirector/ at master · einaregilsson/Redirector · GitHub

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# signature
openssl sha1 -sha1 -binary -sign “$key” < “$zip” > “$sig”
# public key
openssl rsa -pubout -outform DER < “$key” > “$pub” 2>/dev/null
byte_swap () {
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echo “${1:6:2}${1:4:2}${1:2:2}${1:0:2}”
crmagic_hex=”4372 3234″ # Cr24
version_hex=”0200 0000″ # 2
pub_len_hex=$(byte_swap $(printf ‘%08x\n’ $(ls -l “$pub” | awk ‘{print $5}’)))
sig_len_hex=$(byte_swap $(printf ‘%08x\n’ $(ls -l “$sig” | awk ‘{print $5}’)))
echo “$crmagic_hex $version_hex $pub_len_hex $sig_len_hex” | xxd -r -p
cat “$pub” “$sig” “$zip”
) > “$nex”
echo “Wrote $nex”
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Druces advises NEX-listed Bruce Pubs Plc on its £20m bond issue

City-based law firm Druces has advised NEX-listed Bruce Pubs Plc on its £20m bond issue, which aims to raise up to £20 million through a 7.20% fixed-rate, secured Bond to expand its portfolio. The Bonds will be secured by the Company’s assets and any venues acquired through the proceeds of the Bonds.

The Bond was listed by way of a Bond programme, a first for the NEX Exchange, and paves the way for more issuers to list debt securities via this method.

Bruce Pubs Plc is part of the Bruce Group, which owns and/or operates 19 bars in Scotland on a tenanted or managed basis. The majority of the bars are located in Edinburgh, with the remainder located in Bathgate, Falkland, Stirling, and Glenrothes. The bars vary from traditional Scottish pubs to late night clubs. The proceeds from the bonds will be utilised to acquire new properties, develop existing properties and provide working capital.

Druces Capital Markets Partner David Smith led the Druces team, supported by Rebecca Pinder (Solicitor) and Jessica Wilson (trainee).

Kevan Fullerton, CEO of Bruce Pubs Plc, commented: “This innovative transaction is potentially transformational for Bruce Group, and for Bruce Pubs, and we were pleased to have the support of David Smith and his team at Druces throughout. We look forward to continuing to work with the firm as our business develops”

David Smith, Capital Markets Partner at Druces LLP commented: “We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Bruce Pubs on their £20 million bond issue. We offer our congratulations to Kevan and his team and wish them every success in continuing to build a successful business.


For more information contact:

Tracy Carlin, Head of Business Development.

Tel: 020 7216 5539

Mob: 07548 241054

Email: [email protected]

Welcome – PUB-DEV 9.2

Here you’ll find the information you need to get the most out of working with NexJ solutions.

NexJ’s Intelligent Customer Management Platform (ICM) provides intelligent products and solutions based on rich relationship, process, data, and AI services. These products specifically meet the needs of Wealth Management, Private Banking, Commercial Banking, Corporate Banking, Sales, Trading & Research, and Insurance. They include:

  • NexJ CRM – award-winning CRM functionality with vertical-specific capabilities designed to meet the exact needs of advisors, bankers, and agents. 
  • Nudge-AI Suite – a suite of digital assistants that leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to make intelligent investment recommendations, suggest next best actions, share relevant information, and analyze data for insights in order to help advisors better engage and service their clients.

Their capabilities include:

You can read more about these products at and how their capabilities can be extended with optional modules, including:

We use these products and modules to provide solutions that meet our customer’s specific business requirements. They are built to be flexible, extensible, scalable, and secure. This site provides you with all the information you need to build and maintain your solution. If you are a business user, we have training on how to use the functions and features of your solution.

If you are a developer, administrator, or deployment professional we have lots of information as well. It’s important to know that these solutions are composed of application services, which each have their own business logic, persistence, API/integration, and UI. These services are categorized into Relationship Management, Process Management, Data Management, and Artificial Intelligence services. 

Services can be created using any technology that produces appropriate APIs and UI interfaces that can work with our other services. That said, NexJ’s products, modules and services are typically written in and powered by NexJ’s enterprise application development platform – a platform that lets you declare “what” your application will do and not worry about the “how.”

Here, and at, you will find everything you need to know about our Products and Modules, Services, and Platform. In addition, we provide hands-on learning resources in the Learning Center.

Getting started depends on who you are and what you want to do. Regardless of your role, you likely want to start in the Learning Center with setting up for training and orientation.

From there we have the following materials that are somewhat role-focused. Feel free to do them all, or just the ones that match your needs and profile.


First get an overview of platform concepts and then set up your environment (see above). Information about important concepts and skills that developers need to extend product capabilities is provided at:


  • Setting up your environment – get ready…
  • Orientation – get to know your environment and important tools
  • UX fundamentals – explore the options for extending and presenting your application to end-users
  • Business model fundamentals – working with the data structure and behavior of your application
  • Integration fundamentals – details on how to connect your application to the outside world as well as make its functionality available to others


For information about using the NexJ Admin Console and NexJ System Admin Console for system configuration, see:

Deployment specialists

For information about how to deploy on-premise, see:

Deeper functional and technical skills

Beyond your specific role on a project, it is always helpful to understand what the applications you are delivering actually do. Check out the Products and Modules, Services, and Platform sections to get a deeper understanding of CRM, Process Management, and Reporting capabilities.

Resources – Nex Financial

Finding what you’re looking for on the internet can be quite a challenging task. We’ve made it a little easier by creating links to few sites frequently used in our industry. Be aware that you will leave our site by clicking on any of these links. NEX Financial Group, LLC doesn’t endorse or promote the content or services featured on any of these websites.

The Small Business Administration contains information regarding low-interest federal disaster loans for small businesses.

Downloadable tax forms and publications as well as a lot of great tax advice.

Get update regarding your tax refund.

Learn how the Social Security Administration can help with your retirement, Medicare, disability, survivorship and other benefit questions.

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue manages state taxes and child support.

I-9: All employees must complete this form at time of hire for the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

W-4: Use this form to determine employee’s federal income tax withholding.

Money Magazine online edition is a outstanding resource for tax, real estate, insurance and retirement information.

Learn how to best save for your children’s college education.

Inspired Learning Center offers year around tutoring sessions for students from grade 4 through college.

CPAs are financial professionals who has met strict educational and experience requirements, including the passing of a difficult examination called the Uniform CPA Examination. and

AVG Anti-Virus FREE Edition is a well-known anti-virus protection tool.

New England’s weather can be unpredictable. Don’t be surprised…track today’s weather forecast.

Investegate |Bruce Pubs PLC Announcements

Bruce Pubs plc

(the “Issuer”)

Publication of Base Admission Document and
Admission to the NEX Exchange Growth Market

Bruce Pubs plc (the “Issuer”) is pleased to announce that it has established a programme (the “Bond Programme”) to offer 7.20% fixed-rate, secured bonds of £1 nominal value each (the “Bonds”).

In connection with the Bond Programme, which is not anticipated to exceed an aggregate principal amount of £20 million, Bruce Pubs plc has applied for admission to trading of 10,000 Bonds, representing the first tranche of Bonds, on the NEX Exchange Growth Market (“NEX”), with effect from 8.00am on 10 January 2019 (“Admission”).

The Issuer expects to apply for admission to trade subsequent tranches of Bonds in a continuous or repeated manner, in accordance with its Base Admission Document dated 21 December 2018, which can be accessed on its website,, and which contains additional information required under Rule 75 of the NEX Rules for Issuers.

Additional Information about the Issuer is as follows:

Name and Trading Name

Bruce Pubs plc

Address and Telephone Number of Registered Office

Salisbury House
London Wall
London EC2M 5PS
Tel: 0131 226 1402

Names and Functions of Directors

Kevan Douglas Fullerton – Executive Director          

After graduating in mechanical engineering from Edinburgh University, Kevan began his career in sales, initially in the filtration industry and then in telecoms equipment before he established a telecom services business which was sold in 1997. Since then he has worked in the leisure industry with Scott Piatkowski which led to the establishment of the Bruce Group in 1999. Together with Scott Piatkowski, he has grown the Bruce Group to its current estate of 19 venues. Kevan has overall responsibility for the managing and directing the business including operations, marketing and finance.

Scott Fraser Piatkowski – Executive Director

Scott obtained a diploma in accounting from University of Abertay, Dundee and then moved into the licensed leisure industry in bar management across central Scotland, gaining a wide range of experience the sector. Since 1997 he has worked with Kevan Fullerton running pubs and bars, ultimately leading to the creation of the Bruce Group in 1999. Scott shares responsibility for overall management of the business with particular responsibility for managing and developing the properties.

Kenneth James Gribben (“Ken”) Hillen – Independent Non-executive Director

Following a degree in economics from The University of Edinburgh, Ken began his career in 1977 with Royal Bank of Scotland. He went on to hold a number of senior banking roles including senior corporate director at RBS, managing director for Scotland and Northern Ireland at Anglo Irish Bank and, until 2009, head of commercial and corporate banking for Scotland at Bank of Ireland. Ken is currently a non-executive director of SQN Secured Income Fund plc, an investment company listed on the Main Market of the LSE and of Salutem Healthcare, a private equity backed provider of specialist healthcare.

Simon Rankin – Operations Manager

Simon has worked in the Edinburgh licensed industry since starting at Napier University in 1996, and he began working with Kevan Fullerton and Scott Piatkowski in 1998. Having graduated with a degree in accountancy, he remained in the leisure industry and subsequently managed a number of Bruce Group outlets. Simon was appointed Operations Manager in 2005 and now oversees all the managed and leased sites reporting directly to Scott and Kevan.  

Sector Classification

Leisure; Food and Beverage

Company Profile

Bruce Pubs plc is a recently-formed, wholly-owned subsidiary of Bruce Group Scotland Limited (“Bruce Group”). Bruce Group is a holding company, established in 2002, that presently owns and/or operates 19 bars in Scotland on a tenanted or managed basis through its subsidiaries. In order to further expand the Bruce Group’s activities, Bruce Pubs plc will issue up to £20 million of Bonds to investors by way of a bond programme. The proceeds of the Bonds will be used to acquire further sites and will be secured on the venues that are acquired with the proceeds of the Bonds. The Bonds will attract interest at a rate of 7.20%, payable quarterly in arrears.

NEX Exchange Corporate Adviser

Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Limited

Number and Class of Securities being Admitted 

Bruce pubs plc has applied for admission to trading of 10,000 Bonds of £1 nominal value each representing the first tranche of Bonds, on the NEX Exchange Growth Market, with effect from 8.00am on 10 January 2019.


Bruce Pubs plc expects to apply to list additional tranches of Bonds in a continuous or repeated manner, in accordance with its Base Admission Document dated 21 December 2018.

Substantial Shareholdings

Bruce Pubs plc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bruce Group. The following individuals or entities (and no others) hold 3% or more of Bruce Group’s share capital:

Shareholder in Bruce Group

Number of issued ordinary shares in Project Imagine

% of issued ordinary shares in Bruce Group

Kevan Fullerton



Scott Piatkowski







Website Address



Expected Admission Date

10 January 2019


For Further information, please contact:

Kevan Fullerton
Executive Director
Bruce Pubs plc
Tel: 0131 226 1402
Email: [email protected]

Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Limited
NEX Corporate Advisor to Bruce Pubs plc
Attn: Jon Isaacs
Tel: +44 (0) 203 772 0021

TK ROSDOT front Daewoo Nexia FDK-NEX-005

Buy ROSDOT brake pads front Daewoo Nexia FDK-NEX-005

In our online store you can buy ROSDOT brake pads front Daewoo Nexia FDK-NEX-005 at a low price. If you find prices for ROSDOT brake pads front Daewoo Nexia FDK-NEX-005 lower than in our online store, you can get a discount. A discount on ROSDOT brake pads front Daewoo Nexia FDK-NEX-005 is provided provided that the product is currently in stock in our warehouse and in the competitor’s warehouse, the price is valid, and the competitor’s product is certified and has a manufacturer’s warranty in the Russian Federation.Also, you should take into account the cost of delivery of goods. However, we can always offer a price under the witness protection program lower than other online stores, provided that you pick up the goods yourself, i.e. self-pickup from our warehouses.


In our online store you can buy brake pads ROSDOT front Daewoo Nexia FDK-NEX-005 wholesale and retail. To register as a retail buyer, it is enough to fill in all the required fields of the registration form.After that, you will be sent an email confirming your registration. To register as a wholesale buyer, you must fill out the registration form for legal entities. Registration as a wholesale buyer of auto parts is possible if you are a representative of: a service station, auto shop, industrial or auto-enterprise of any scale. You can get the status of a wholesale client only after passing through moderation. Our staff will contact you and offer individual working conditions.


ROSDOT brake pads – respect for the brake disc. The friction material of ROSDOT brake pads is composed of mineral fibers, steel fibers and vegetable components, which makes braking more comfortable. The friction lining of the brake pad has the required disc-saving properties. The material contains no ingredients harmful to human health. ROSDOT brake pads have an extended service life.

What is PubMonitor.exe?

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance

The genuine PubMonitor.exe file is part of the Driver Booster software, developed by IObit .

Driver Booster is a driver management utility for Windows. PubMonitor.exe starts a background process that monitors the leftover files left over after uninstalling programs.It can be safely removed or disabled if not required. Driver Booster is a management tool to automatically find and update drivers required for Windows and any installed applications, including games. The program provides access to over 1 million drivers through its catalog.

IObit is an Egyptian company that develops small system utilities and security software products for the Windows platform. The company was founded in 2004 and currently claims to serve over 250 million customers with products in 40 different languages.This is well known for the development of Advanced System Care.

The .exe extension in the filename refers to the exe cutable file. Executable files can, in some cases, harm your computer. Therefore, please read below to decide for yourself whether PubMonitor.exe on your computer is a Trojan that you should delete, or if it is a file belonging to the Windows operating system or a trusted application.

PubMonitor.exe process in Windows Task Manager

The process known as UninstallMontior belongs to the software IObit Uninstaller or Advanced SystemCare (version 11, 10) or IObit Malware Fighter (version 6) by IObit (www.

Description: PubMonitor.exe is not essential for Windows and will often cause problems. PubMonitor.exe is located in a subfolder of C: \ Program Files (x86) or sometimes in a subfolder of C: \ Program Files (x86) \ IObit \ Driver Booster \ 5.2.0 \ Pub. \ or C: \ Program Files (x86) \ IObit \ Advanced SystemCare \ Pub \ ). Known file sizes in Windows 10/8/7 / XP are 1,753,872 bytes (26% of all cases), 1,751,824 bytes and 8 more variants.

PubMonitor.exe is a Verisign signed file. It is not a Windows file. The program has no visible window. PubMonitor.exe is digitally signed. PubMonitor.exe is able to record keyboard and mouse input, monitor applications, manipulate other programs and connect to the Internet. Therefore the technical security rating is 20% dangerous. but you should also compare this rating with user reviews.

Removing this option: If you have problems using PubMonitor.exe, you can completely uninstall Driver Booster 5 or Driver Booster (Control Panel ⇒ Uninstall a program).

Important: Some malware disguises itself as PubMonitor.exe. Thus, you should check the PubMonitor.exe file on your PC to make sure it is a threat. We recommend Security Task Manager to check the security of your computer. It was one of the 90,019 top boot options The Washington Post and PC World .

A clean and tidy computer is the key requirement for avoiding problems with PubMonitor. This means running a malware scan, wiping up the hard drive using 1 cleanmgr and 2 sfc / scannow, 3 uninstalling unnecessary programs, checking for auto-run programs (using 4 msconfig), and enabling Windows 5 automatic updates. Always remember to do periodic backups. copying or at least setting restore points.

If you have a real problem, try to remember the last thing you did or the last thing you installed before the problem first appeared. Use the 6 resmon command to identify the processes that are causing your problem. Even for serious problems, instead of reinstalling Windows, it is better to repair your installation or, for Windows 8 and later, run the command 7 DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth. This allows you to recover the operating system without losing data.

Security Task Manager shows all running Windows services, including embedded hidden applications (eg keyboard or browser monitoring, auto login). A unique security risk rating indicates the likelihood that a process is potential spyware, malware, or Trojan horse. B Malwarebytes Anti-Malware detects and removes sleeping spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, malware and trackers from your hard drive.

Associated file:

bcmsqlstartupsvc.exe boottime.exe systemsettingsbroker.exe PubMonitor.exe netupdsrv.exe pfc.sys sppextcomobj.exe mini_wmcore.exe vmonitor.exe wdman.exe etdservice.exe

90,000 Profile Nex – Discover Top Cases PUBG

Twitch Prime Boots




Bloody Sneakers

235 RUB

Camo Cap

486 RUB

Tank Top (Gray)


Punk Knuckle Gloves (Black)


Long-sleeved T-shirt (Red)


Gas Mask (Half)


School Shirt with Necktie


Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Black)


Zest Turtleneck (White)


Zest Bootcut Pants


Shirt (Black)


Shirt (White)


Patrol Cap (Gray)


Beanie (Brown)


Camo Cap

486 RUB

Twitch Prime Shirt


Coat (Gray)

876 RUB

Striped Shirt (Gray)


Long Sleeved T-shirt (Striped)


Velcro Trainers


Combat Pants (Black)


Padded Jacket (Gray)


Nex mufflers in moscow for foreign cars


Contact phone: tel. 2913048

Inform Mufflers nex in moscow for foreign cars that you found their contact details on our website.

E-Mail: [email protected]


Map of directions to Mufflers for foreign cars

To get to Silencers Kotlyakovsky build a route on the map to 119034, Moscow, Kursovoy lane., d. 17. For all questions, call tel. 2913048.

Nearest metro station: Kropotkinskaya, Park Kultury, Polyanka, Oktyabrskaya


If you have contacted the company Mufflers for foreign cars, you can leave a review on the website

See more …

  • Argo Kirovogradskaya st

    117519, Moscow, Kirovogradskaya st., Vlad. 22

  • Roos reel sh enthusiasts, 16,

    115419, Moscow, Shabolovka st., 44

  • Altek; showrooms 115533, Moscow, Andropova Avenue, 22/30

    115533, Moscow, Andropov Ave., 22/30

  • Michurinsky prospect auto show lada

    119192, Moscow, Michurinsky prospect, d. 30A

  • Mgsa number 33

    117405, Moscow, Road st., 19A

  • Social protection odintsovo street youth d 18 4th floor

    143000, Moscow region, Odintsovo, Govorova st., 18A


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