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Perry Barr

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Greyhound Racing results- 12/03/12 | Other | Sport

HALL GREEN FANCIES 11. 03 Dunham Properly (2-1-5) 11.19 Workedtothebone (3-6-5) 11.34 Killishin Monty (Nap) (1-2-5) 11.48 Caribbean Jewel (1-2-3) 12.04 Rock It Henry (5-6-4) 12.18 Heavenly May (2-3-5) 12.32 Mohican Kewell (2-6-1) 12.47 Munsboro Top (6-1-4) 1.04 Cash For Chance (1-2-3) 1.19 Molly The Mink (1-4-2) 1.33 Fabulous Lizzie (6-5-2) 1.51 Moyvane Hawk (3-4-2)

MONMORE FANCIES 2.08 Oi Oi Heezacumin (1-4-5) 2.27 Cockney Jewel (2-3-5) 2.47 Splancs Double (4-3-6) 3.07 Bleak Outlook (3-2-1) 3.28 Miss Matiz (3-1-2) 3.48 Doobys Gone West (1-2-5) 4.08 Ballidrum Flash (1-5-2) 4.27 Manic Tuesday (2-6-4) 4.47 Express Tamara (2-4-3) 5.07 Cape Maldini (2-4-3) 5.22 Ardera Spitfire (2-4-6) 5.38 Gorbals Flight (Nap) (3-5-6) 5.56 Ardera Sonic (5-6-3) 6.11 Wombourne Bess (3-1-4)

SHEFFIELD FANCIES 11.11 Manilla Uno (1-3-5) 11.28 Stepaside Beatie (4-3-5) 11.42 Nats Choice (1-2-3) 11.57 Elusive Hero (5-4-2) 12.12 Farloe Bailey (6-3-5) 12.27 Donnas Charm (4-2-6) 12.42 Ballymac Ford (3-4-6) 12.58 Swampy (5-6-1) 1. 12 Demesne Lee (1-6-2) 1.27 Ballymackey Ace (5-6-1) 1.44 Baytown Boss (Nap) (5-3-4) 1.58 Scotchrath Flash (4-2-6)

SWINDON FANCIES 2.18 Ericks Blue (5-4-1) 2.37 Karma Trixie (Nap) (1-3-2) 2.57 Black Wings (2-6-3) 3.17 Ericks Voyager (5-1-3) 3.38 Professor Deejay (5-1-2) 3.58 I Know It (6-5-3) 4.18 Mirrors Best (1-4-3) 4.37 Greenhills Faye (3-5-2) 4.57 Droopys Alan (3-1-6) 5.17 Hazelgrove Girl (2-5-6) 5.33 Keeperhill Hawk (5-1-2) 5.47 Effernogue Load (6-3-4) 6.04 Lemon Angel (4-3-1) 6.18 Fishersmans Leah (5-3-1)


PERRY BARR: 11.19 Windy Maria 3-1 (6-4-3 BAGS F £18.72 TC £98.97). 11.34 Monkspath Merica 8-1 (6-5-4 £34.01 TC £112.24). 11.48 Nemos Baldy 9-4jf (4-3-5 £17.15 TC £36.56). 12.04 Glenske Frieda 7-1 (3-1-5 £38.92 TC £123.97). 12.18 Daisyfield Hope 9-4f (5-3-4 £15.12 TC £37.29). 12.32 Reagrove Dusty 4-1 (4-6-5 £28.37 TC £86.77). 12.47 Hey Mush 9-2 (6-3-1 £25.18 TC £54.98). 1.04 Droopys Eric 9-4 (2-3-6 £8.94 TC £17.36). 1.19 Farran Henry 7-2 (6-1-2 £19.50 TC £44. 93). 1.33 Corrin Maeve 2-1f (4-6-1 £17.27 TC £37.48). 1.51 Daisyfield Glory 2-1f (5-3-2 £14.59 TC £34.41). 2.06 Menomonee 3-1cf (3-1-6 £20.04 TC £54.23). Placer £1 stake (Races 1-6) £738.00, (Races 7-12) £130.00.

HOVE: 11.28 Woodmancote Star 4-1 (2-5-6 £20.73 TC £47.29). 11.43 Maybe Scooby 7-2 (5-3-2 £37.45 TC £80.66). 11.58 Monkstown Dave 5-2 (4-6-5 £9.06 TC £26.87). 12.13 Get On Daisy 7-4f (2-3-5 £12.22 TC £30.78). 12.27 DH 1st Farmers Lass 7-1 (1-6-5 £17.71 TC £54.95), Blakes My Boy 5-2 (6-1-5 £10.38 TC £32.35). 12.42 Karma Kylie 7-1 (4-6-3 £54.37 TC £144.07). 12.58 Clairkeith Poppy 2-1f (4-2-1 £9.42 TC £30.36). 1.12 Guinness Joker 4-1 (6-2-4 £25.47 TC £88.60). 1.27 Johns Not Rotton 7-2 (2-6-5 £17.06 TC £32.86). 1.44 Park Torino 9-2 (6-2-1 £27.92 TC £81.28). 1.58 Good Moves Nod 9-2 (6-5-2 £16.89 TC £51.77). 2.12 Droopys Lilo 3-1cf (6-4-3 £15.07 TC £38.05). Placer £1 stake (Races 1-6) £665.00, (Races 7-12) £148.00.

KINSLEY: 2.28 What A Bubble 4-1 (2-5-6 £46.75 TC £133.07). 2.44 Snipers Attack 4-1 (4-5-6 £22.76 TC £54.87). 2.58 Lotto Winner 7-2 (5-1-2 £23.38 TC £82.41). 3.13 Lady Lisna 6-1 (3-2-1 £27.24 TC £77.20). 3.27 Related Star 10-11f (2-6-4 £11.16 TC £23.98). 3.43 Fizzy Bella 7-2 (2-1-6 £15.51 TC £48.89). 3.59 Gurtnacrehy Bank 5-2f (2-5-1 £14.00 TC £56.12). 4.14 Bransa Steal 7-4f (3-4-6 £14.46 TC £54.20). 4.28 Beforeyourtime 2-1f (3-4-2 £10.57 TC £30.69). 4.46 Whatsinaname 5-1 (2-5-4 £23.03 TC £57.41). 5.04 Blacksmith Eddie 5-2 (4-6-1 £12.13 TC £42.50). 5.18 Lodgeview Beauty 5-2 (2-6-3 £17.15 TC £25.42). 5.33 Redhot Rachael 5-1 (5-1-2 £31.35 TC £79.63). 5.49 Papa John 3-1cf (6-1-4 £14.85 TC £39.30). Placer £1 stake (Races 1-6) £452.00, (Races 9-14) £104.00.

OXFORD: 2.21 Ardmayle Fizz 3-1 (1-6-5 £18.48 TC £55.07). 2.38 Arte Et Fortis 6-1 (2-4-3 £29.29 TC £67.63). 2.52 Here He Goes 4-1 (2-1-5 £20.90 TC £63.49). 3.06 Pennys Zac 9-4f (5-6-3 £13.52 TC £46.73). 3.22 Hondo County 7-2cf (2-6-1 £22.76 TC £64.92). 3.37 Darcys Revenge 2-1jf (3-4-1 £7.12 TC £16. 21). 3.53 Ballymac Gold 4-1 (3-2-5 £22.39 TC £44.06) NR T6 res ran. 4.08 Coolard Niki 4-1 (3-6-5 £78.08 TC £341.62). 4.22 Ballistic Mo 3-1jf (3-6-2 £22.36 TC £73.82). 4.37 Terrydrum Terry 5-1 (6-5-4 £36.64 TC £121.84). 4.54 Ballymac Tish 2-1f (1-4-2 £11.00 TC £36.91). 5.11 Westway Triangle 7-2 (6-4-1 £13.61 TC £49.43). 5.27 Rock It Luanchlo 7-4f (4-1-2 £19.85 TC £50.02). 5.44 Conduit 7-2 (2-4-5 £39.96 TC £98.22). Placer £1 stake (Races 1-6) £125.00, (Races 9-14) £596.00.

CIA fingers Russia, Newcastle caves to MBS

A message from Lockheed Martin:

Sizing up Army Future Vertical Lift aircraft: DEFIANT X™ is the best fit all-around.

The Sikorsky-Boeing DEFIANT X™ aircraft delivers JADO capability in a size similar to the BLACK HAWK. This means it can operate in the same spaces, both on the battlefield and at the airfield. Learn More

Bags of rubbish which have been collected from the celebrations from the previous night, are seen at St. James’ Park in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England Friday Oct. 8, 2021. English Premier League club Newcastle has been sold to Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund after a protracted takeover and legal fight. (AP Photo/Scott Heppell) | AP

With help from Daniel Lippman

Welcome to National Security Daily, your guide to the global events roiling Washington and keeping the administration up at night.

Programming Note: National Security Daily will not publish Monday, Oct. 11. We’ll be back on our normal schedule Tuesday, Oct. 12.

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It’s the Friday before a long weekend — and after a long week — so it’s time for NatSec Daily to go a little rogue and talk about the Saudi Arabia-led takeover of the Premier League club Newcastle.

In a deal worth just over $400 million, Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund (and others) bought the storied team, turning it into the world’s richest in the process. The agreement, in the works since 2017, was greeted cheerfully by fans desperate for some good news after years of woeful performances. As the New York Times’ RORY SMITH noted, the fan sign that most captured the fan’s despair was, “We don’t demand a team that wins, we demand a club that tries.”

More money means better players, so happy days might return to St. James’ Park once again.

Or maybe not — at least not off the field.

Critics say there’s just no way Riyadh’s Public Investment Fund is free from the control of Crown Prince MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN (MBS), the de facto Saudi ruler allegedly responsible for the murder of dissident JAMAL KHASHOGGI, the war in Yemen, and other egregious human rights violations. He chairs the supposedly “sovereign” fund, after all.

Buying a top-tier soccer club is an exercise in reputation-laundering, via the glitz and glamor of one of the world’s most prestigious leagues. “Saudi ownership of St. James’ Park was always as much about image management for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his government, as it was about football,” SACHA DESMUKH, CEO of Amnesty International U. K., said in a statement. “The Premier League needs to better understand the dynamic of sportswashing and tighten its ownership rules.”

The British government could’ve intervened. But for reasons that remain unclear and yet monumentally obvious, it chose not to: 10 Downing Street is refusing to release details of deliberations with the Premier League for fear of causing “harm” to its relationship with Riyadh. In June, MBS sent a text message to Prime Minister BORIS JOHNSON, warning him that U.K.-Saudi ties would be damaged if the Newcastle deal fell through. And British officials in the Sports and Foreign ministries kept hounding the Premier League throughout the process, asking for updates on its decision.

“The U.K. Government has never had a role at any point in the takeover of Newcastle United. This has been a commercial matter for the Premier League to assess under its owners’ and directors’ test,” a British official told NatSec Daily, referring to the rules that could prohibit an individual from owning a club due to violations such as “criminal convictions.

Now one of the world’s most brutal despots is inside the crown jewel of British sport. That might be a short-term win for the league and Newcastle, but a long-term loss for the United Kingdom’s own reputation — and the ongoing global tussle between democracies and autocracies.

“Saudi Arabia’s takeover of Newcastle United football team is an interesting example of the democracy versus autocracy clash of governance systems in action,” the Brookings Institution’s THOMAS WRIGHT tweeted. “Not only is [MBS] ‘sportswashing’ his reputation, he will also show that he is playing a constructive role in the revitalization of northern England, one of the so-called ‘left behind places’. Harder for UK politicians to criticize him then.”

Wright noted that prominent politicians like Labour leader KEIR STARMER have refused to criticize the takeover. “It’s not for me” to object to the deal, Starmer said. “It is for an independent regulator.”

As a fan of a team in rapid decline, NatSec Daily understands the allure of wanting a rich owner to make the club’s problems disappear. But now Newcastle supporters have a tough choice ahead: keep dressing up as MBS and welcoming the Saudis’ deep pockets to town, or make the moral choice and reject the new owners.

“It puts Newcastle fans in this tremendous bind,” NATE SCOTT, content director for USA Today’s “For the Win” sports blog, told us. “They can point out that the owners of clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea, or Paris Saint-Germain undoubtedly have their own dirty laundry, and why should they not be allowed to succeed as this is the state of the modern game, morality be damned. Or they can just not care at all, and celebrate when the big signings inevitably start coming in.”

CIA SUSPECTS “HAVANA SYNDROME” CAUSED BY DIRECTED-ENERGY ATTACKS: The CIA’s investigation into the mysterious illnesses impacting American personnel overseas and at home is turning up new evidence that the symptoms are the result of directed-energy attacks, five lawmakers and officials briefed on the matter told our own ANDREW DESIDERIO and LARA SELIGMAN.

And it looks like Russia might be to blame: “Behind closed doors, lawmakers are also growing increasingly confident that Russia or another hostile foreign government is behind the suspected attacks, based on regular briefings from administration officials — although there is still no smoking gun linking the incidents to Moscow,” they wrote.

If the investigation does determine that Russia is responsible for the attacks on U.S. personnel around the world, not only will relations plunge quickly, but the administration would have to respond in a major way.

In the meantime, President JOE BIDEN on Friday signed a bill to aid victims of the suspected attacks by expanding access to medical treatment. The legislation, introduced by Intelligence Committee leaders in the House and Senate, cleared both chambers unanimously.

“Addressing these incidents has been a top priority for my administration,” Biden said in a statement. “We are bringing to bear the full resources of the U. S. government to make available first-class medical care to those affected and to get to the bottom of these incidents, including to determine the cause and who is responsible.”

ATTACK AT KUNDUZ MOSQUE: About 50 people were killed in the bombing of a Shitte mosque in Kunduz province during Friday prayers, the deadliest attack in Afghanistan since U.S. and international troops departed the country. Over 100 people were also injured in the blast in Khanabad. It remains unclear who’s responsible for the attack, but terrorist groups like ISIS have claimed similar strikes in the past.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan tweeted “Today’s incident is part of a disturbing pattern of violence: 3rd deadly attack this week apparently targeting a religious institution.”

The spate of violence is problematic for the new rulers of Kabul. “Whatever legitimacy the Taliban enjoy is largely rooted in their promise to provide security,” ADAM WEINSTEIN, a research fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, told NatSec Daily. “So continued terrorist attacks present a real challenge to the Taliban’s authority, especially ones by Islamic State Khorasan.”

CHINA WANTS U.S. TROOPS OUT OF TAIWAN: News yesterday that a few dozen U.S. military trainers have been in Taiwan for at least a year earned a harsh rebuke from Beijing today, per the Washington Post’s CHRISTIAN SHEPHERD and MICHAEL E. MILLER.

The U.S. should understand the “high sensitivity” of the issue, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson ZHAO LIJIAN said, adding “China will take all necessary measures to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Taiwanese officials won’t comment on the reported deployment, and the Pentagon won’t confirm it — though U.S. defense officials won’t deny it, either. However, the Pentagon’s own personnel website indicates there are U.S. troops on the island. As of June 30, per the latest quarterly report, 23 Marines, two sailors, and five airmen were in Taiwan.

DRINKS WITH NATSEC DAILY: At the end of every long, hard week, we like to highlight how a prominent member of Washington’s national security scene prefers to unwind with a drink.

Today, we’re featuring Rep. MIKE WALTZ (R-Fla.), the first Green Beret in Congress and a House Armed Services Committee member. NatSec Daily fans will remember Waltz as the lawmaker who desperately pushed the Biden administration to recognize the leaders of the armed anti-Taliban movement as the real rulers of Afghanistan.

When he’s not calling for the U.S. government to fund and arm resistance fighters, Waltz said he enjoys “Horse Soldier bourbon and ginger ale consumed anywhere near the water. Florida beaches and bourbon made by veterans keeps my mind right.” Cheers, Congressman!

IT’S FRIDAY. WELCOME TO THE LONG WEEKEND: Thanks for tuning in to NatSec Daily. This space is reserved for the top U.S. and foreign officials, the lawmakers, the lobbyists, the experts and the people like you who care about how the natsec sausage gets made. Aim your tips and comments at [email protected] and [email protected], and follow us on Twitter at @alexbward and @QuintForgey.

While you’re at it, follow the rest of POLITICO’s national security team: @nahaltoosi, @woodruffbets, @politicoryan, @PhelimKine, @BryanDBender, @laraseligman, @connorobrienNH, @paulmccleary, @leehudson, @AndrewDesiderio and @JonnyCustodio.

SULLIVAN WARNS RUSSIA AGAINST EXPLOITING ENERGY CRISIS: National security adviser JAKE SULLIVAN urged Russia against using its natural gas supply to take advantage of Europe amid a worsening energy crisis on the continent — telling the BBC’s JAMES LANDALE “it would be a mistake” for Moscow “to try to exploit” the situation and warning: “I think that would ultimately backfire on them.”

“We have long been concerned about Russia using energy as a tool of coercion and a political weapon. We have seen it happen before, and we could see it happen again,” Sullivan said. He added: “I believe they should respond to the market demands for increased energy supplies to Europe.”

Sullivan’s remarks come after Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN said Wednesday “said that Russia could sell more gas to European spot buyers via his country’s domestic exchange,” but noted that “Russia’s state-controlled gas giant Gazprom also needs to fill its own stores to serve domestic needs in anticipation of winter,” per The Associated Press’ VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV.

Kremlin spokesperson DMITRY PESKOV also said yesterday that “there is a potential” for Russia’s existing gas transit routes to boost their supplies to Europe before the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline connecting Russia and Germany, Isachenkov reported.

RUSSIA HACKS MOST, U.S. MOST TARGETED: The United States was the country that suffered nearly half of all cyberattacks from July 2020 to June 2021, Microsoft detailed in a new Digital Defense Report.

The U.S. was the site of 46 percent of all cyberattacks that Microsoft tracked, followed far behind by Ukraine with 19 percent.

If you’re thinking “those two countries seem like Russian targets,” you’d be right. Russia was the origin site for 58 percent of cyberattacks in that one-year time period, trailed by North Korea at 23 percent. The other global actors, Iran and China, respectively accounted for only 11 percent and 8 percent of hacks, respectively.

The report comes as news breaks that Google stopped a Russian government phishing attack that targeted 14,000 users.

LAWMAKERS CALL FOR MARITIME CYBERSECURITY: Sen. ANGUS KING (I-Maine) and Rep. MIKE GALLAGHER (R-Wis.) co-wrote an op-ed for Cyberscoop arguing a successful cyberattack on the maritime transit system would be catastrophic to the global economy. As such, they argue it’s imperative that U.S. officials help those in the industry to protect themselves.

“One way the federal government can add value to these critical infrastructure owners and operators is through the sharing of critical cyber threat intelligence and information, a common request from nearly all critical infrastructure sectors, but one that the federal government has been slow to answer,” they wrote. “Now is the time for Congress and the executive branch to collaborate with one another and take the steps necessary to help manage the risk to the maritime sector.”

Both lawmakers are members of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, which King co-chairs.

A message from Lockheed Martin:

Sikorsky-Boeing Defiant X™ delivers combat power for Army Future Long-Range Assault mission.

Success for the Army Future Long-Range Assault (FLRAA) mission means getting troops and material to the right place, at the right time: at the X. The DEFIANT X™ weapon system is right for this mission. Learn More

“FIRST-EVER SYSTEM”: Our friends over at Morning Defense (for Pros!) report that the Army has delivered to a brigade the first prototype ground launch system for the Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon, one of its top modernization priorities.

“Delivering the ground hardware first will allow the soldiers to train on the equipment, create doctrine for this first-ever system, and develop tactics, techniques and procedures,” the Army said.

THE NEXT DRONE: Also from Morning D — General Atomics Aeronautical Systems is developing an updated Gray Eagle Extended Range drone to carry advanced payloads, communication equipment and AI, according to the company.

The original Gray Eagle doesn’t have the processing power needed to take advantage of AI and machine learning. The company plans to begin flight testing the new version in early 2022.

WHITE HOUSE HIGHLIGHTS CHINA’S RISE TO SELL BIDEN’S BILLS: Congressional Democrats should green-light the president’s legislative agenda because of its numerous provisions intended to counter China, top White House officials told lawmakers in a memo Wednesday — a copy of which was obtained by NBC News’ SAHIL KAPUR.

The five-page document disseminated to Senate Democrats — authored by White House economic adviser BRIAN DEESE, climate adviser GINA MCCARTHY and domestic policy adviser SUSAN RICE — makes 12 references to China and describes eight categories of competitiveness in Biden’s massive climate and social spending plan, as well as the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Kapur wrote.

The memo specifically mentions “policies to boost electric vehicles … investments in clean energy to combat China’s growing market share in making wind turbines … new child care and paid leave benefits to boost women’s participation in the labor force … universal pre-K to improve early childhood education … [and] cash payments for children to combat child poverty,” according to Kapur.

BACON SIZZLING: Two days ago, NatSec Daily asked House Armed Services Committee Rep. DON BACON (R-Neb.) how he felt about Defense Secretary LLOYD AUSTIN imploring Congress to lift the debt ceiling.

Bacon said he was traveling and so he missed our message. But once he saw it, he unloaded in an email while on the run.

“To answer your question it depends on details. I won’t vote for removing debt limit for 15 months and that’s what last two bills did. And, I won’t facilitate $5.2T in two partisan reconciliation bills that doesn’t garner a single GOP vote. For starters, the Dem leadership need to put a number on the wall to raise debt ceiling not a removal of debt ceiling that clears unlimited spending,” he wrote.

So, don’t count the former airman dazzled by the Pentagon chief.

FIRST IN NATSEC DAILY: KATRINA MULLIGAN will be the new principal deputy assistant secretary of Defense for special operations/low-intensity conflict, or the PDASD for SO/LIC. She’s currently the acting vice president for national security and international policy at the Center for American Progress. She begins on Nov. 8.

— FIRST IN NATSEC DAILY: Longtime Hill and DHS national security staffer ADAM STAHL has joined Avangrid, a national public utilities and renewable energy company, as chief of staff for its corporate security office. Stahl also will be supporting the company’s policy movements that intersect with supply chain, energy and cybersecurity issues. Stahl supported the most recent supply chain executive order efforts, and when he was deputy chief of staff in the DHS policy office, he led the development of the department’s first-ever China and Arctic strategies.

— ROBERT HOGUE is now acting assistant secretary of the Navy for manpower and reserve affairs. He most recently was the counsel for the commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) JOHN “JD” JOHNSON has joined GM Defense LLC, a subsidiary of General Motors, as vice president of business development. He served in the U.S. Army for more than 35 years and held numerous senior positions at the Pentagon, including director of the Defense Department’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization and commander of Eighth Army in the Republic of Korea.

— MEGAN K. STACK, The New Yorker: “The Inconsistency of American Feminism in the Muslim World”

— GREG MYRE and JOHN RUWITCH, NPR: “Is China a threat or an opportunity? Depends which Americans you ask”

— MONDIANT DOGON, Time: “The Invisible Tragedy Facing Refugees Like Me”

— The Middle East Institute, 9 a.m.: “The Middle East Futures Forum — with MOATAZ AL RIYAMI, MICHAEL BERKOWITZ, RAYA BIDSHAHRI, FRANCISCO BLANCH, JAMES-CHRISTIAN BLOCKWOOD and more”

— The Center for Strategic and International Studies, 2 p.m.: “Opening Doors: Embracing Diversity in National Security — with CATRINA DOXSEE and GRACE HWANG

— The Government Executive Media Group, 2 p. m.: “The Emerging Approach to Cyber Situation Awareness: Leveraging AI/ML for Actionable Intelligence — with DONNA S. BENNETT, DAVE KELLY, OKI MEK and DEEPINDER SINGH

— The Israel Policy Forum, 2 p.m.: “The New Normal: Arab-Israeli Normalization and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict — with SHIRA EFRON, EVAN GOTTESMAN and MICHAEL KOPLOW

— Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology, 4 p.m.: “Collaborative S&T Development: Creating a NATO Decision Advantage in AI — with MARGARITA KONAEV and BRYAN WELLS

Have a natsec-centric event coming up? Transitioning to a new defense-adjacent or foreign policy-focused gig? Shoot us an email at [email protected] or [email protected] to be featured in the next edition of the newsletter.

And thanks to our editor, Ben Pauker, who we want to remain the owner of this club.

Leicester vs Newcastle result: Jamie Vardy bags brace as five-goal Foxes thrash listless Magpies | The Independent

Jamie Vardy bagged a second-half brace as Leicester City climbed to third in the Premier League by crushing 10-man Newcastle 5-0 to turn up the heat on Steve Bruce.

The Foxes were on top from the moment Ricardo Pereira opened the scoring just after quarter of an hour Isaac Hayden’s red card on the stroke of half-time was the catalyst for the floodgates to open after the interval.

Vardy was the principle beneficiary as he found the net twice, either side of Paul Dummett’s unfortunate own goal, before Wilfred Ndidi struck late on as Leicester claimed their fourth win from their last five top-flight matches.

Leicester have been tipped to break into the top-six this season and, though stiffer tests await, they were ruthless against the only side to defeat them at home since Brendan Rodgers took charge in February.

Much has changed for Newcastle since a 1-0 win on their last visit to the King Power Stadium, not least that their goal-scorer in that fixture, Ayoze Perez, now plays for Leicester following a £30million summer switch.

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

Show all 54

1/542019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

Every Premier League 2019/20 kit ranked and rated

Forget the Premier League titles: this is the one every club wants to win. Every club. Every kit. A largely arbitrary ranking. Let’s go!


2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

51. Norwich away

Where to start with this absolute sad sack of a kit? The garish shade of nosebleed red? The Hummel knock-off shoulder chevrons? Or the cheap as soggy chips free app shirt sleeve sponsor? Crap, crap and crap again. Pass me that bumper bottle of Dettol, please, I need to bleach my poor bleeding eyeballs.

SCORE OUT OF 10: 0.03


2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

50. Southampton home

Southampton supporters wishing to buy this awful mess have encountered a problem ahead of the start of the new season: it’s impossible to buy one. Incredibly, rumour has it that a shipping container bringing the kits over to the UK from the US fell into the sea this summer. Genuinely. To be brutally honest the bottom of the Atlantic is probably the best place for this kit. It’s minging.

SCORE: 0.45


2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!


Southampton away

Unfortunately, this nauseating mix of plain Jane motorway grey and genetically modified banana skin yellow is available to buy. If you’re considering doing so, please seek professional help.

SCORE: 0.46

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

48. Leicester away

YAWN. About as exciting as listening to George Alagiah reading the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire e-book while you sit and eat a single slice of dry white bread and watch paint dry on a wall outside the Edinburgh Woollen Mill. A helpful note to all kit manufacturers: pack it in with the grey kits you overpaid charlatans.

SCORE: 0.83479

Leicester City via Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

47. Norwich City third

Hang on there just give me a moment to Ctrl C, Ctrl V the preview review…

YAWN. About as exciting as listening to George Alagiah reading the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire e-book while you sit and eat a single slice of dry white bread and watch paint dry on a wall outside the Edinburgh Woollen Mill. A helpful note to all kit manufacturers: pack it in with the grey kits you overpaid charlatans.

SCORE: 0.83479

Norwich City

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

46. Manchester City third

It looks like an ice lolly. An ice lolly I most definitely do not want to suck. Bin.

SCORE: 0.99

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

45. Aston Villa away

Like a David Foster Wallace novel or Andrei Tarkovsky film, there’s just far too much going on here. Asymmetrical pinstripes. A weird cut-away sleeve design. And approximately 43902132394 Kappa logos. It’s a wrong’un, alright.


Aston Villa FC via Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

44. Burnley away

About as cheap as Martin Lewis scratching around the discount aisle at your local Lidl. A deathly dull effort not in any way helped by a bizarre graphic that looks like a grease stain smeared across your iPhone screen.

SCORE: 1.4

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!


Aston Villa home

Marginally better than that awful away effort – but not by much. Unfortunately our CMS doesn’t permit the use of emojis, but if it did, I would include two nauseated faces, one see-no-evil monkey and three loudly crying faces.

SCORE: 1.8

Aston Villa FC via Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

42. Burnley third

In the words of the club: “For every ‘Evergreen’ shirt purchased, the club pledges to plant one tree to help offset those lost by the deforestation that continues to have a huge impact on the global climate crisis.” Which is great! S*** shirt though.

SCORE: 1.98765432


2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

41. Sheffield United away

Boring. Doesn’t deserve a write-up, to be honest. Instead, here’s the first paragraph Steve Bunce’s absolutely brilliant boxing column from last Monday: “In early 1993, in front of 132,247 paying fans as well as a thousand police with guns and dogs and every crooked mayor in Mexico, Mr T – wearing floral swimming trunks, flip flops and numerous gold chains – sat next to me to watch the greatest homecoming in sport. ” Read it – it’s great.


Action Images via Reuters

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

40. Southampton third

Look, if you’re a Southampton supporter and you’re desperate to treat yourself to a new kit, then get this one. It’s marginally better than the other two. Emphasis on marginally. Wear it outside and people are still going to point at you and laugh. Babies and small children are still going to burst into tears. And dogs will still bark at you before tucking their tails between their legs and running for the hills, whimpering as they go.

SCORE: 2.01


2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

39. Burnley home

Here’s an intriguing peak behind the grubby content creation curtain for you all: I haven’t written these silly little captions in order. I jumbled them up and attacked them in between different tasks. This – the staggeringly average Burnley home kit – is the last one I have left to write. And you know what? I don’t have the energy for this anymore. So, instead, here are the first ten words that popped in my head: Cake. Environment. Ally. Systematic. Banish. Buttocks. Owner. Anniversary. Brink. Lifestyle.

SCORE: 2.22

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

38. Bournemouth third

Every single season, a middle to lower ranking Premier League team squirts out an uninspired fluorescent third kit for only the most desperate of their supporters to purchase. Lo and behold: the 12th worst kit in the Premier League this season.


AFC Bournemouth via Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

37. Bournemouth away

I’m going to put in as much effort reviewing this kit as Umbro did designing it: dIAHD\m\e j023q9[3i2-94-mersd;weoaprk3 0[45rle ‘[rkowe4pq’4k,5oq5elpr.

SCORE: xsd


2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

36. Newcastle United home

Looks like something Castolo, Ximelez, Dodo and the crew would wear on Pro Evolution Soccer 5. That should be a positive – but the centralised badge and obnoxiously massive sponsor give it the look of something destined to clog up Sports Direct superstores the nation over.


Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

35. West Ham home

Pays tribute to the 1980 home kit, the season West Ham *checks notes* beat Arsenal 1-0 in the FA Cup final, wearing a white kit. Also has the rather unfortunate visual effect of making the club’s players look like they’re wearing a pair of crotch-decimating jack-up pantaloons.

SCORE: 3.4

CameraSport via Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

34. Everton home

Umbro say that the odd, seemingly Tetris-inspired print is “inspired by the distinctive criss-crossed steelwork from the upper tier of the Bullens Road stand, the work of legendary stadium architect Archibald Leitch”. Okay, lads. Nobody likes a try hard. You’re 31st. Deal with it.

SCORE: 3.76

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

33. Watford home

Another reasonably nice kit absolutely ruined by a massive betting company sponsor, with a couple of random Chinese characters thrown in to boot. NEXT.


Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

32. Brighton away

Clearly knocked up by time-pressed Nike scufflers at exactly 4.55pm on a Friday evening, as the rest of their swoosh sporting colleagues disappeared for the boozer.

Nike worker one: “Christ, we’re meant to be down the pub in five minutes and we still haven’t designed Brighton’s away kit!”

Nike worker two: “Black shirt. Black shorts. Black socks. Mine’s a Carling.”


Action Images via Reuters

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

31. Manchester United third

Look, if you’re determined to design an all-black away kit, this is how you do it: whack a subtle gradient pattern into the mix and get a bit of florescent piping on there. Is it still boring? Well, yes. Is it at least better than Burnley away? Also yes.


2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

30. Crystal Palace home

Average. Mediocre. Second-rate. Ordinary. Middle-of-the-road. Unexceptional. Indifferent. Humdrum.


Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

29. Liverpool third

Looks like the sort of thing worn by a bunch of socially awkward teenagers competing at an e-Sports tournament. It might be good enough for a motley crew of button-mashing, Twitch-watching, voice-breaking, cheesy Dorito-eating, Red Bull-sipping, pimple-popping professional Fortnite gamers. But it’s not good enough for the likes of Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Virgil van Dijk. Pass.

SCORE: 5.01

Action Plus via Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

28. Manchester City home

A relatively hard to dislike affair absolutely ruined by the large swathes of Tinky Winky magenta. A kit not befitting of Champions League quarter-finalists.

SCORE: 5.02

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

27. Watford away

HANDS UP: Completely forgot to include this until somebody on Twitter spotted it was missing. (Cheers, James!) Let’s be honest: you can kind of see why. Another Adidas template in a dreary North Sea blue. Not the worst. Not the best.

SCORE: 5.042382394893


2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

26. Newcastle United away

If this football kit was an alcoholic beverage, it would be a Peroni. Bang average. Will still sell well. You’ve seen the pic, read the silly caption, now be on your way.

SCORE: 5.5

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

25. Tottenham Hotspur away

On first glance, it’s just a simple, navy all over away kit, exactly the same as the 2017/18 campaign. Boring. Uninspired. Drab. BUT LOOK AGAIN! Do you see it now? An ever so subtle purple gradient pattern that would have looked absolutely outstanding on the chiselled torso of Paulo Dybala. (It’s not going to happen.) Sigh.

SCORE: 5.8

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

24. Sheffield United home

Take note, Southampton: THAT’s how you do a red-and-white striped home kit! Sheffield United may be destined to already be relegated by February with a points tally of 5 and goal difference of -123 – but at least they’re going to be dropping down in style.


Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

23. Chelsea home

There’s a lot going on here. From a distance, it looks like your standard Chelsea home kit, with a rather nice cut-away collar. Get up close, and it looks as though the Zodiac killer has been let loose at Nike HQ. Some will hate it. Some will love it. We’ll stick it slap bang in the middle of our prestigious yearly rankings, then.


Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

22. Norwich City home

The news that gradient fades are, like, soooooooooo 2018/19 clearly didn’t travel to Errea HQ. But, snark aside, this gets significant bonus points for that lovely, rich shade of Marks & Spencer green and we’re fans of that natty collar, too.

SCORE: 7.1

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

21. Bournemouth home

Some red stripes. Some black stripes. A pair of black shorts. A pair of black socks. Done.

SCORE: 7.3

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!


Newcastle United third

Wins some serious 2019/20 Premier League kits ranked and rated points for being louder than a pissed Brian Blessed singing the national anthem directly into your eardrum at 6am in the morning. Loses a few points for clashing quite spectacularly with Matty Longstaff’s violently auburn bonce.

SCORE: 7.5

Newcastle United

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

19. Wolves home

Yeah, it’s alright isn’t it, thanks for asking. Would probably be higher but for the fact it’s based on the Tiro 19 template, like pretty much every other Adidas kit in the world.

SCORE: 7.566

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

18. Tottenham Hotspur home

It’s a classic, innit. Very difficult to dislike. Even more difficult to muster up the enthusiasm to write more than three sentences.

SCORE: 7.7

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

17. Brighton home

Brighton have had a few boring home kits in recent seasons, but the darker shade of blue and subtle gradient pattern really help to elevate this effort towards the top of our rankings.

SCORE: 7.8

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

16. Liverpool home

Another season. Another solid if not especially remarkable classic looking Liverpool home kit. It’s not especially memorable, but really, what does that even matter? We all know how well it’s going to sell. Give it two weeks and around 20 per cent of the earth’s population will own one.

SCORE: 7.9


2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

15. Wolves away

Oooo. A laudably gothic effort from Wolves for their away kit this season. Think how wonderful this is going to look on the road in the Europa League, illuminated by flares on a threatening night in Besiktas.



2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

14. Leicester home

Classy AF. And significant – SIGNIFICANT – bonus points for how the crown of the King Power logo perfectly matches the gold accents on the sleeves. Take note: horrible sponsors of the Premier League. However, loses both points and probity for – essentially – being the exact same kit Chelsea wore during the 2012/13 season. Did you honestly think we wouldn’t notice, Adidas???

SCORE: 8.1

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!



2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

13. Manchester United away

Hang on, is that … PAUL POGBA … ARROGANTLY holding up his left arm and DEMANDING the ball … while wearing a MANCHESTER UNITED shirt sporting some kind of BIZARRO GIRAFFE SKIN GRAPHIC PRINT??? To be honest, it’s not great, but this strip practically comes with an iron-clad guarantee to wind up Yer Da’ and the rest of the gammon brigade, which means it automatically sneaks into our top ten.

SCORE: 8.5

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

12. Manchester City away

Wow. Would you look at that. Puma proudly boast that this naughtily asymmetrical little number was inspired by legendary Manchester nightclub The Hacienda. We think it looks more like something a background character might mooch around wearing in Blade Runner, probably while Harrison Ford stares moodily into the middle distance at a neon-lit noodle bar.

SCORE: 8.999

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

11. Liverpool away

Gorgeous. Somebody get Nike on the blower, quick, because that right there is what the next England kit should look like. Apparently “inspired by the iconic street signs around Anfield”. We’ll let New Balance off that one, considering how brilliant this is.

SCORE: 9.1

Liverpool FC via Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

10. Manchester United home

Yes, it’s got a devilishly sexy gold monochrome badge. Yes, the red Adidas stripes give it a nice minimalist look. And, yes, absolutely anything would have been better than last season’s gradient garbage. BUT CAN WE ALL PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE ADIDAS GOT THEIR MATHS WRONG? It commemorates the famous 1999 treble win – so shouldn’t they have released this last season? Please, write in, email in, abuse me on Twitter – whatever. I need answers.

SCORE: 9.25

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!


Chelsea away

Preppy. Oh, yes. Clean. Classy. Coquet. Looks like something Roger Federer would wear at Wimbledon. Just a pity the socks aren’t also white.

SCORE: 9.3

Chelsea FC via Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

8. Arsenal third

A late addition. But well worth the wait. Add Adidas x Arsenal to the list of all-time great combinations, alongside salt and vinegar, Lil Nas and Billy Ray Cyrus and The Independent and irreverent football kit reviews. Adidas describe this little worldie as a “dark blue kit with yellow detail featuring Climalite technology to keep you dry with mesh ventilation panels below the sleeves to help regulate body temperature”. Our description is better: HUBBA, HUBBA.

SCORE: 9.3888888888889888888888


2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

7. Crystal Palace away

Another dark, asymmetrical kit from Pupa with bold as brass accents. Another fat, fat W.

SCORE: 9.4

Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

BONUS! Manchester City heritage

The kit Manchester City wore to win the Community Shield (in association with McDonalds) against Liverpool. On another note: a round of applause, please, for David Silva’s Lazarus-like lid.


2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

6. Crystal Palace third

Sublime. We’re massive fans of that lesser spotted refracted sash. Squint a bit, and it almost looks like the cover of David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane. Not his best work. Definitely behind Low, Station to Station, Young Americans, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Blackstar, Heroes, Hunky Dory, Diamond Dogs, Let’s Dance, Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), The Next Day and the second side of The Man Who Sold The World. But ahead of the all others. Sorry, Lodger.

SCORE: 9.9

Crystal Palace

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

5. Arsenal home

Yup. That’s exactly what an Arsenal home kit should like. Red shirt. White sleeves n’ socks, with a bit of dark blue thrown in for good measure. Makes a welcome change for the Gunners after their miserable four-year partnership with Puma, whose kits always looked like they were designed only with the sole purpose of throttling your nipples.


Arsenal FC via Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

4. West Ham away

Brilliant all round: from the claret and blue cuffs to the Basset & Gold shirt sleeve sponsor – which somehow manages to be more quintessentially West Ham than the actual club badge itself.

SCORE: 10.5

West Ham

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

3. Everton away

Sure, it’s bold, but come on – how can you possibly dislike the classic hue of ‘living coral’? This is undoubtedly Umbro’s biggest win of the season, with the navy shorts offsetting the pink perfectly and the tonal diagonal stripe pattern adding even more class to proceedings. No wonder Moise Kean left one of the biggest clubs in Europe to rock up at Goodison Park. He just wanted to get his hands on this.


Everton FC via Getty Images

2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

2. Leicester third

Like, why has nobody done this before? Take the absolutely classic 1990 Germany World Cup kit pattern, and make it … PINK. And not just pastel pink, like Manchester United’s admittedly lovely away kit last season. No, full on, burning hot fuscia. Just look at James Maddison’s wee smile. He’s delighted. If you don’t like this, you’re either boring or old. Or both. Sorry. It’s the second best kit in the Premier League this season, behind only…

SCORE: 465


2019/20 kits RANKED and RATED!

1. Arsenal away

In the words of Mr James Hillier Blount, better known by his stage name James Blunt: “You’re beautiful / You’re beautiful / You’re beautiful, it’s true.” Takes an absolute classic of the kit genre – Arsenal’s endlessly iconic 1991 – 1993 ‘bruised banana’ – and puts a fun, funky twist on it. Wear it to five-a-side. Wear it on a date. Wear it to the Warehouse Project. Wear it even if you support Manchester United, or Chelsea, or Spurs. Just embrace it, whoever and wherever you are. Because that’s what football is all about, after all. Supporting one another, savouring the game and spreading the love. Thanks for reading. And if you want me, you’ll find me in a dark corner of the Arsenal megastore, breathing deeply.

SCORE: 43980439549058690

Arsenal FC via Getty Images

The forward made a bright start in the pouring rain and had a hand in Portuguese full-back Pereira’s opener, playing his part in Newcastle sinking to their fourth defeat in seven fixtures, keeping them second bottom in the standings and leading to further scrutiny of Bruce’s position.

Perez had an opportunity to silence the travelling supporters who jeered his name as the teams were announced but the Spaniard shot tamely at Martin Dubravka after a cut back from Harvey Barnes in the first couple of minutes.

However, after Yoshinori Muto got his legs in a tangle trying to make contact with Hayden’s cross-cum-shot in a rare sight at goal for Newcastle, Perez played a minor role in Leicester’s 16-minute opener.

Having exchanged passes with the summer signing on halfway, Pereira took advantage of Newcastle’s defence backing away to drive towards the edge of the area before drilling a low effort with his weaker left foot beyond Dubravka.

Isaac Hayden receives a straight red card for a dangerous tackle


Ben Chilwell could have doubled Leicester’s lead moments later but Dubravka got a hand to his attempted dink before the England full-back saw his follow-up cleared off the line by Newcastle captain Jamaal Lascelles.

Newcastle had beaten Leicester on their last two visits to the midlands but hopes of a hat-trick receded when Hayden was given a straight red card for a reckless follow through on Dennis Praet in a 50-50 challenge.

While the midfielder protested referee Craig Pawson’s decision, with Lascelles having to lead his team-mate down the tunnel, replays showed his contact with Praet’s standing leg was high despite winning the ball.

The dismissal prompted Newcastle head coach Steve Bruce to bring on midfielder Ki Sung-Yeung for Muto and the visitors retreated further into their shell.

They fell further behind in the 54th minute when Vardy’s first-time strike from an acute angle squeezed underneath Dubravka, who was beaten far too easily at his near post.

Jamie Vardy celebrates scoring his second goal


There was little the Newcastle goalkeeper could do for Leicester’s third three minutes later, wrong-footed after Praet’s attempted cross deflected off Dummett and trickled into the net.

Andy Carroll was introduced for his second appearance since rejoining Newcastle over the summer but the onslaught continued as Vardy grabbed his second from close range.

Left completely unmarked, Vardy was left with the simplest of headers from substitute Marc Albrighton’s inch-perfect left-wing cross to deepen Newcastle’s misery in the 64th minute.

Leicester seemed content not to rub further salt in the wound but Ndidi scored their fifth in the final minute, collecting the ball with his back to goal in the area before dispatching beyond Dubravka.


Quayside 5k Event Information For Runners

Quayside 5k 2021 Event Information For Runners


Address: Baltic Square, South Shore Road, Gateshead, NE8 3BA

What. 3.Words Address: ///palace.cover.waddle


Entry List has been sent to the chip timing company, any further amendemts can be made manually at Late Registration or after the event

Online Entries are still available all day, any entry after 11am – please show your email receipt to the Late Registration and you will be manually added to the list

Chris (Race Director)


  • Event Village and Finish in the Baltic and Baltic Square (toilets, late registration, post-race snack, water, race T’s, sanitiser station, baggage drop)
  • Start Area on Newcastle side in Bus Lane by Pitcher & Piano.
  • If you have your number already you can just show up and run.
  • If you would like to change from the A/B Race that is fine, just email me and I’ll make a note. Your chip and bib will not be affected by this but it will be a different colour.
  • MAKE SURE YOU WEAR YOUR CHIP!!! We have spares – Instructions below.
  • Please take a couple of minutes to fill out the brief runner Information form which can be found printed on the back of your bib, this will help us in the case of an emergency.
  • Check your information on the START LIST and email any amendments before race day to [email protected] or tell late registration of any necessary changes when you pick up your chip and race bib and results will be ammended after the event.
  • If you are missing from the results, email me as much info as possible including bib number, chip number, Strava link, known runners just ahead/behind and we will be able to find you using video & chip data.
  • Presentation for the Junior Quayside 3k and Quayside 5k A-Race will be at 7:35pm in Baltic Square with special guest, local running legend Jimmy Alder who will also be guest starter. Please be prompt as we need this to be finsihed before the B-Race winners beging to finish at 7:45pm or it will have to wait until after the finish of the event.
  • Prize winners from the B-Race will be emailed after the event.



  • In-line with Public Health guidance we are asking that you have the requirements of a covid pass: negative lateral flow test within 48hrs, double jabbed more than 14 days ago or positive PCR within 180days.
    Please note: We will NOT require you to demonstrate evidence of this.
  • We are asking (but not enforcing) for self-regulated social distancing in the start and finish area and mask wearing until the start line if you are willing to, in order to make others feel more comfortable in the start area. We have extended this area behind the Pitcher and Piano to allow this.
  • We will have some sanitiser fairies 🧚‍♀️ who will fly about the Event Village squirting sanitiser if you would like some.
  • Please follow government guidelines on self-isolation and do not come to the event if you are feeling unwell with covid-19 symptoms.
  • More Event Toilets have been added above Baltic Square in addition to the facilities of the Baltic to reduce gathering and queues. Pitcher and Piano are also allowing runners to use their facilities if necessary.
  • Most runners already have their number and chip; if you don’t (late entries after 30th July) or you need to make any changes whatsoever to runner information, including forgotten chips, name changes, age group changes etc; please go to the registration desk in the Baltic and pick up your race bib and chip or pick up a new one if necessary.
  • Race T’s are from RunThrough Kit and they look class. They will be ready alongside some snacks and water as a ‘pick up’ service to reduce contact after the finish.

Extra Vigilance

  • This is a KEEP RIGHT out & back course.
  • Artificial grass has been laid in the bus lane which has some creases in it – please try to avoid tripping over it! I’ll place some marshals next to the worst bits but its all in the first few 100m of the race.
  • The river path is in serious disrepair by the jetty soon before the turn-point and it is highly unlikely now that it will be fixed in time for the event. As in the 2016 event, we will have to divert the ‘out’ runners through the trees and back.
    I made this video at the time to explain and it will be the same mitigation this time around: Quayside 5k Jetty Diversion Video 2016


I know I’m going to be disappointing a few hardcore safety vid fans by rehashing the 2019 edition but I promise to up the production budget for a sequel in 2022!!!

This video shows everything you need to know, including the infamous bollards and street furniture and has a course time-lapse:

Quayside 5k Event Info, Safety & Time-Lapse Video


Event Times

6.30pm Junior Quayside Run (UKA u13, u15, u17)

7.00pm Quayside 5k A-Race (Sub 20mins Entry Standard)

7.30pm  Quayside 5k B-Race

UK Athletics Age Categories

Please check your date of birth against your declared Age Group:

Junior Race age groups for road racing are your age on 31st August in the year prior to competition. ie Age ON 31/08/2020

 U13  Born Between: 01/09/2007 – 31/08/2009
         U15  Born Between: 01/09/2005 – 31/08/2007
         U17  Born Between: 01/09/2003 – 31/08/2005

Senior 5k Race

U20 Born Between 01/09/2000 – 31/08/2003
Senior Born On or Before 31/08/2000

Masters Categories change on your birthday eg V45 is 45 or over on the day of the event.

Late Registration, Race Numbers & Chips

Race numbers and chips are collected from the registration desk at Race HQ Baltic from 5.00pm on race night. Any amendemts, lost chips, or late entries (after postal entries) are to be picked up here.

Registration Desks are set out by surname – Please ensure you have BOTH NUMBER AND CHIP with matching numbers and applied correctly. The Numbers have detachable baggage tags to put on your baggage before you put it in the baggage area.

PB Pacers in the B-Race

Pacers will be in a very obvious bright coloured race T-shirt with their pace time on their back. We have pacers for virtually every minute from 20mins to 45mins with very few gaps.


Toilet facilities are at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts, Baltic Square and Pitcher & Piano for the event with several other public toilets in the close vicinity.

Travel & Parking

The closest Metro Stations is Gateshead and train station Newcastle Central Station with several large public car parks on the Quayside – Mill Road is closed but Quarryfield Road Car Park will be available a short walk away.

Car Park Post Code: NE8 3BE

Water, T-Shirts & Goodie Bags

We have no official water station with the event being 5km, however there will be some limited water at the turn point of the course if needed and there will be water in all goodie bags once you have finished.

As you cross the finish line, please follow instruction from marshals to keep moving up the ramp to collect your water, goodie bags, race T-shirts and baggage.

*The T-Shirt size orders are submitted according to available entry data when ordered and scaled. If you have a T-Shirt issue on the night then leave your name and email address at the T-shirt desk on the night or email [email protected] after the event.

Flyers & Sponsors

To reduce paper waste we have decided to place sponsors flyers on the registration tables for you to pick up those that are of interest. The Will Guys using code QUAY5k will be down giving flyers and have set up a special offer for a free basic will package for all runners at the event.

Safety Briefing

Please watch the current safety video so you are aware of hazards. There are very few but if you are aware of them in advance you can anticipate and focus on getting those PB’s.

Some KEY safety points are highlighted below: Gateshead Millennium Bridge Bollards, Spray Painted Paving Stones, Turn Point (which is 180 degree turn so take care turning) along with the other street furniture shown in the safety video.

Race Route



Finally please read current NPCC Run.Hide.Tell. leaflet to familiarise yourself with current government advice and we advice all to download Citizen Aid App.

Keep Up to Date On Facebook and Instgram Below and any questions email me.

A huge thank you in advance to all of the event staff including all volunteers, officials, marshall, sponsors, pacers and contractors who all go the extra mile to make the event run smoothly.

See you Wednesday night. I hope you enjoy the event and have a great race, GOOD LUCK!!!

Chris Parr (Race Director)

Pre-Event Info Below:

Gateshead Harriers & AC are proud to announce the Start Fitness Quayside 5k Road Race event on Wednesday 11th August 2021. The race route is out and back on a very flat and fast course along the River Tyne from the Newcastle side of the Millennium Bridge to Newcastle Business Park, under the famous Tyne Bridge and returning to cross the iconic Gateshead Millennium Bridge to finish in Baltic Square.

This year’s event will be bigger and better….with even more PBs and big prize money incentives.

We will again have a 3 race program starting with the Junior Quayside 3km, along with two 5k races split by a sub-20min entry standard for the A-Race. The Junior Quayside 3k will be for U13, U15 & U17 athletes from 2021.

Quayside 5k A-Race (Sub 20min) – Based on SB and realistic target time of sub 20mins.

£1000 total CASH prize fund for the Top 6 Men and Women (£150, £100, £75, £50, £25 + £100 CR Bonus)

Men’s CR – Lewis Moses, Darlington Harriers & AC & Calum Johnson, Gateshead Harriers & AC: 14min34secs (2018 & 2019)
Women’s CR – Calli Thackery, Hallamshire Harriers & AC: 16min34secs (2018)

Quayside 5k B-Race – Featuring ‘Pacers for PB Chasers’ and a great atmosphere with tons of support for runners of all abilities.

Top 3 M/W in this race will be awarded Free Entry to next year’s event.

Free Entry to next years event to winners of each age category U13/U15/U17/U20/Senior/V35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70+ based on Chip Time from the combined race results.

£20 CASH to winners of U13/U15/U17/U20

The race will be used as the Gateshead Harriers & AC Club Road Championship and will be used as part of the selection process for the Northern 6-Stage Road Relays Championships with the first male and female Gateshead Harriers being awarded ‘The David Mount Cup‘ – named after our former Chairman & £50.

The event will be Chip Timed with Live Results provided by our partners

All finishers will receive a Race T-Shirt and a goodie bag provided from our friends at who we thank again for their ongoing support 🙂

Entries £17 England Athletics Affiliated / £19 Non-Affiliated

Junior Race Entries £12 England Athletics Affiliated / £14 Non-Affiliated


Any email enquiries to [email protected]

Chris Parr

Race Director

UK License – 2021-41547

Certificate of Course Accuracy – 14/010  Click HERE to view Course Accuracy Certificate

Entrants must be aged 11 or over on the 11/08/2021 and under 17 on 31 August 2020 for the Junior Quayside 3k Race.


Event Information Subject To Change.


TRANSFERS CHARGED £5 PER TRANSFER with code from Race Director.

This is necessary as all athlete information must be collected for safety reasons.

Please respect this as administration of changes is not manageable in the days leading into the event.

The organisers hold the rights to amend/cancel any event at late notice. This includes any aspect of the event such as race time, date, venue, fees or prizes. In the event of a cancellation that is beyond the control of the organisers, such as adverse weather conditions, attempts will be made to reschedule the event and entries will be automatically transferred. Where an event can not be rescheduled committed contractors will be paid and remaining funds will be offered as partial refunds or donated to charity. Where an event is not fully cancelled or rescheduled and the participant chooses not to race, they will not be entitled to a refund.


Rodriguez bags brace as Southampton thrash Newcastle

Jay Rodriguez scored two and fellow England stars Rickie Lambert and Adam Lallana grabbed one each as Southampton thrashed sorry Newcastle United 4-0.

Rodriguez scored just before the break from close range before Lambert made it 2-0 in the second half with a thumping finish. Lallana scored a stunning long-range strike and Rodriguez sealed the rout with his 17th goal of the season late on.

The Saints dominated the first period with Rodriguez spurning a one-on-one chance before guiding a header wide.

Premier League

Five players Newcastle could sign in January after takeover


Rodriguez was then denied by keeper Rob Elliott who parried his header and then produced an outstanding save to keep out the striker’s effort from three yards.

The home side broke the deadlock when Lambert squared the ball to Rodriguez, who tucked the ball home from four yards.

And the Saints doubled their lead at the start of the second half when Lallana’s dink into the box found Lambert, who smashed the ball into the net.

But the highlight of the game came when Lallana fired an unstoppable shot into the top corner before Rodriguez rifled in a low effort from a tight angle.

The win moves the Saints into eighth place while Alan Pardew’s side slip to ninth.


20’ – RODRIGUEZ CHANCE: Ball over the top to Rodriguez who pokes his shot into the side netting from a tight angle, he should have scored.

10’ – GOOD CHANCE: Great cross from Chambers and Rodriguez gets a header in at the far post but it goes wide.

12’ – DOUBLE CHANCE: Rodriguez gets in a low header from Lambert’s cross that Elliott parries. Ward-Prowse then rifles in a shot from the edge of the box that fizzes wide.

15’ – GOOD SAVE: Lambert is sent through on goal and his first-time shot is blocked by Elliott’s outstretched right hand.

17’ – LALLANA CHANCE: Lallana heads wide from Chambers’ tee-up across goal, he should have hit the target.

18’ – GILT-EDGED CHANCE: A corner is sent in and Lovrens with a free header from six yards out guides it way off target, what a chance.

22’ – ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY: Rodriguez threads the ball through to Lambert whose shot is parried for a corner. It all came from a suicidal pass from Gouffran.

27’ – RODRIGUEZ CHANCE: Shaw’s low cross into the box is flicked wide by Rodriguez, that wasn’t too far away.

42’ –GREAT SAVE: Lambert heads the ball down to Rodriguez who is three yards out but the keeper parries away his effort.

44’ – GOAL!Southampton 1-0 Newcastle – Rodriguez finally puts the ball into the net from close range from Lambert’s tee-up.

48’ – GOAL!Southampton 2-0 Newcastle – Lambert smashes the ball into the roof of the net after Lallana’s dink into the box.

70’ – GOAL! Southampton 3-0 Newcastle – Lallana makes it 3-0 with a belter from outside the box. Fantastic strike into the top corner!

74’ – DOUBLE CHANCE: A great chance for the Saints. Rodriguez hits the post, then Ward-Prowse’s shot is parried by Elliott.

83’ – GOOD SAVE: Rodriguez’s low shot from distance is palmed away for a corner by the impressive Elliott.

88’ – GOAL!Southampton 4-0 Newcastle – Rodriguez scores with a low finish from a tight angle, confident finish. Poor defending from the visitors.

Southampton’s English defender Calum Chambers (L) vies with Newcastle United’s French striker Yoan Gouffran (Getty)

Image credit: Getty Images


The Saints have lost just once in 21 games against Newcastle at home.

Jay Rodriguez has scored in each of his last four Premier League matches.

Newcastle have now lost their last three games.

TALKING POINT: Should Roy Hodgson take Rodriguez and Lambert to the World Cup? Rodriguez is in good form and has formed a deadly partnership with Lambert. The pair could be a good option for England to bring on late in a game if Wayne Rooney and Daniel Sturridge are not producing. Both Southampton strikers are scoring goals and Lambert looks to be a better bet than Andy Carroll.


Adam Lallana (Southampton): The playmaker set up Lambert’s goal and then scored a sensational strike to cap off a brilliant performance. His trickery caused the Newcastle defence problems all game and his decision making was brilliant on when to shoot and when to set up a team-mate.


Southampton: Boruc 5, Chambers 6, Fonte 5, Lovren 5, Shaw 6, Ward-Prowse 6, Davis 5, Cork 6, Lallana 9, Lambert 8, Rodriguez 8. Subs: Gazzaniga, Schneiderlin 5, Ramirez 5, Gallagher 5.

Newcastle United: Elliot 7, Yanga-Mbiwa 5, Williamson 5, Coloccini 5, Haidara 5, Anita 4, Tiote 6, Sissoko 5, Ben Arfa 4, Gouffran 5, Cisse 5. Subs: Alnwick, Santon 5, Dummett 6, De Jong 5.


Premier League

Conte in? Newcastle’s next manager contenders after Saudi-backed takeover


UEFA Nations League – Finals

Belgium’s golden generation miss another chance at silverware – The Warm-Up


Today’s tips, runners, results and stats for the meeting live on At The Races this Tuesday, March 27

RACING takes place at Newcastle today and we have you covered with all the latest runners, results, tips and going news.

Get yourself along to the racecourse or watch on tv as racing gets underway this afternoon.



Credit: PA

What time does racing start at Newcastle?

The first race is at 5.40pm.

There are six races on the card and the last race is due off at 8.10pm.

What TV channel is Newcastle on?

You can watch the racing at Newcastle on At The Races.

Attheraces is on Sky channel 415, Virgin channel 534, and UPC in Ireland on channel 418.

What is the going at the racecourse?

The going is currently Standard on the Tapeta surface.

Racecourse information with leading jockeys and trainers with runners today:

  • Left-handed AW Tapeta course with a 3f run-in. Races up to 1m run on the straight course.
  • DRAW: High numbers have a slight advantage over 5f. nLEADING TRAINERS (2013-2018): R Fahey 61-463, M Johnston 31-231, M Dods 29-234, J Goldie 29-254. THIS SEASON: J Goldie 6, R Fahey 5, J Gosden 5.
  • TOP JOCKEYS (2013-2018): J Fanning 45-266, P Mulrennan 44-414, G Lee 36-379, B Curtis 31-259. THIS SEASON: J Fanning 7, B Curtis 6, P Dennis 5.
  • LONGEST TRAVELLER: Volpone Jelois (5.40) trained at Ditcheat. Round trip of 654 miles.

Templegate’s tips for today’s meeting at Newcastle:

  • 5.40 Bal De Rio
  • 6.10 Theglasgowwarrior (treble)
  • 6.40 Ghostly Arc
  • 7.10 Amuletum
  • 7.40 Samharry
  • 8.10 Lucky Lucky Man

Today’s Newcastle racecards and results:

Templegate’s Treble

NAP 4.00 Southwell – Volatile: ‘Has blown his rivals apart on the last three starts and latest 5lb rise won’t stop him here’ (add to your betslip)

NEXT BEST 4.15 Hereford – Bridane Rebel: ‘Easily won  over three miles last time and has bags of stamina’ (add to your betslip)

TREBLE 6. 10 Newcastle – Theglasgowwarrior: ‘Is two from three here and has a fitness advantage over most’ (add to your betslip)



Racing Tips

Racing Tips

Racing Tips

Racing Tips

Which jockey fancied a cheerleader so much he had to have a selfie with her?
90,000 main events in European football – RT in Russian

Manchester City defeated Watford, which fired the head coach two rounds before the end of the season in the Premier League. Aston Villa defeated Arsenal and left the relegation zone. Atalanta became the first team in more than 60 years to score 95 goals in a season in the Italian championship, while Milan, thanks to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s double, beat Sassuolo. Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 50th goal in Serie A and set the tournament record, while also bringing Juventus a victory over Lazio.RT talks about the main events in European football.

Manchester City’s crushing victory and Arsenal’s defeat

Manchester City quickly recovered from their FA Cup elimination. In the away match of the 37th round of the Premier League, Josep Guardiola’s wards scored four unanswered goals to Watford and won their fourth consecutive victory in the Premier League with a total score of 16: 1.

The fate of Watford, struggling for survival, largely depended on this game. However, two days before the match, head coach Nigel Pearson was fired.He became the third mentor to be retired by the club owners in the 2019/20 season. In the last two rounds, the team was headed for the second time by Hayden Mullins, who was faced with the task of maintaining a three-point distance from the relegation zone.

But now Watford has nothing left. “Manchester City” in some way even felt sorry for the challenger, as in the first round the meeting between these teams ended with a score of 8: 0.

In the reporting match, Raheem Sterling scored a double in the first half, scoring both from the field and immediately after an unsuccessful penalty kick.“Watford” could not concede in any way, as the fate of the team, perhaps, will depend on the final difference between goals scored and conceded. However, after the break, Philip Foden and Emerick Laporte managed to excel.

Manchester City doubled the record for a two-round match between teams in a single Premier League season – 12: 0.

Soon after that game, Watford fans’ worst fears were realized. The team dropped into the relegation zone after Aston Villa beat Arsenal.The Birminghamians caught up on points with their direct competitors, but were higher in the standings precisely due to the best goal difference.

The meeting ended with a score of 1: 0. The only goal was scored by Mahmoud Hassan, who converted a corner in the 27th minute. The overly motivated players of the hosts did not allow the Londoners to strike at least one shot on target, so that Arsenal remained on the tenth line in the standings.

Mikel Arteta’s wards have secured the worst result in the Premier League over the past 25 years, since they will definitely not rise above eighth place.

Also in the 37th round of the Premier League, Wolverhampton on Monday became even closer to playing in the Europa League again. The team defeated Crystal Palace and retained a minimal lead over Tottenham in the sixth spot dispute.

Three points went to Wolverhampton not too difficult. Daniel Kastelu opened the scoring at the end of the first half. The midfielder, who transferred from Olympiacos in the winter, closed the pass to Matt Doherty with his head and scored his first goal in the team. After the break, defender Honny scored, scoring after turning around his axis in someone else’s penalty area.The guests checked the readiness of Rui Patriciu three times, but none of the blows became a problem for the goalkeeper. In addition to their sixth consecutive defeat, Crystal Palace lost defender Mamadou Sako due to injury.

Sheffield finally parted with the dream of playing in Europe. Chris Wilder’s team lost to Everton at home and were five points behind Wolverhampton. The Sheffield players have never managed to hit the opponents’ goal. The guests were not very active either, but they earned one goal.

Richarlison scored with a header after a free kick in the first minute of the second half. “Everton” interrupted a losing streak of four matches, but still will not be able to finish at the top of the standings.

Finally, in another game of the 37th round, Brighton & Hove Albion and Newcastle met. Television viewers never got a chance to see goals in this match. Brighton was happy with this draw – it was enough for the club to score one point to stay in the Premier League for the third consecutive season.The team managed to maintain their position in the elite with only eight victories in the tournament. It is so rare that Brighton has not won in the top division, but Graham Potter’s charges will still have a match with Burnley to improve the statistics. As for Newcastle, due to a five-game streak without victories, they will no longer rise above 13th place in the standings.

Ronaldo’s record and Atalanta’s achievement

On Monday, Juventus and Lazio completed the 34th round of the Italian Championship.Before the break in the tournament, these two teams were expected to fight for gold. The Romans lagged behind the leader for some time by only one point, but failed the entire summer part of the season and now they hardly even claim to be in the top three. Turintsy also had a hard time lately, but they managed to win their first victory in four matches.

Lazio did a decent job at Juventus only in the first half, which ended without goals scored. Right after the break, the hosts managed to achieve a comfortable advantage.Cristiano Ronaldo first punished Bashtus for playing with a hand in the penalty area, and then Luis Philippe for a loss in midfield.

The Portuguese has already scored 30 goals in the current Serie A draw and broke Andriy Shevchenko’s record in time, which took him 50 goals in the Italian championship. It took Ronaldo only 61 games.

This record was part of a bigger achievement: Ronaldo became the first footballer in history to score at least 50 league goals in England, Spain and Italy.

Returning to the reported match: Lazio leader Ciro Immobile converted a penalty in the 83rd minute and also scored for the 30th time in a season, becoming only the fifth Italian in history to show such an efficiency. But this goal was not enough for the Romans to take points away from Turin.

Juventus needed a win as Atalanta continues to pursue and pressure Maurizio Sarri’s charges. In the opening match of the 35th round of Serie A, the Bergamaski beat Bologna with a score of 1: 0 and again reduced the gap from the leader to six points.

The goal of substitute Luis Muriel turned out to be significant. After his accurate shot, Atalanta have scored 95 goals in a season. This milestone in the Italian championship has not been conquered by any team since 1959, when Fiorentina succeeded (18 teams participated in that competition).

Juventus scored 98 times in the 1951/52 season, so Atalanta have three more games to surpass this result.

Sassuolo and Milan have not lost eight matches in a row before meeting each other in the 35th round of Serie A.As a result, the streak was interrupted at a less titled club. Stefano Pioli’s wards won an away victory with a score of 2: 1 and moved up to an intermediate fifth place in the standings.

The hero of the match was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who scored a double. The Swedish striker opened the scoring in the 19th minute, and after Francesco Caputo equalized the score from the penalty spot, he scored a brace in the second stoppage minute of the first half. Before the break, Sassuolo midfielder Mehdi Burabya managed to get the second warning, so the hosts ended the match with ten men.

90,000 Dog racing bets

Bets on dog racing began to be made at the end of the 18th century – this is one of the oldest sports competitions after horse racing, where dogs, as a rule, Greyhounds and other greyhounds, chase at a great speed (up to 65 km / h) on a circular track of an artificial hare. The first dog to cross the finish line wins. A very exciting sight.

According to historical records, dog races were first held in the UK in 1776, where races were held on a straight treadmill, and live rabbits were used as a pursued object, but due to the fierce protests of animal advocates, the organizers of the competition had to come up with a mechanical bait.

Dog racing is currently the third largest betting industry in foggy Albion, second only to soccer and horse racing, a traditional British entertainment. Dog racing is most popular in Europe, the USA and Australia, both in terms of the number of spectators and the number of fans of betting on this sport.

In Russia, dog races have been held since the 30s of the last century, where Russian greyhounds participated in the races. After a while, this sport was forgotten for many years and only at the end of the USSR began to revive again, although without proper funding and media coverage, dog racing in Russia did not become popular, except that among dog breeders of greyhound lovers, organizing certified competitions without commercial basis.Therefore, for the majority of domestic players, betting on dogs is still exotic.

Get a 100% bonus in BC Leon up to 20,000 ₱!

Advantages of dog racing bets

Event set . Dog races are held all year round and almost daily, so they can be used as an alternative to football, for example, during the summer, when the top leagues have a break. English bookmakers offer a good line on dog racing, which allows you to bet on this sport all the time.

Race Time . The short duration of the race (about 1 minute) and the high frequency of races allow, with a competent approach, to increase your game bank relatively quickly.

The most honest sport . If in sports where people participate, there is always a place for corruption, because human nature is subject to temptations and desiccations, then a dog cannot be bribed or somehow intimidated, it is commanded exclusively by animal instincts and will run due to its capabilities and character.Therefore, there can be no match-fixing here, in principle.

High highs . The level of upper limits on maximum bets and winnings in dog racing is very high, sometimes not inferior to the limits of central football matches. For example, at BC William Hill, in the British BAGS competition (daytime dog races until 17:00 UK time), popular outcomes (race winner, combi bets, predictions, triple predictions) have a maximum winnings limit of £ 500,000!

Availability of video broadcasts . Each race is accompanied by a compulsory live broadcast. In the absence of video broadcasts, bets are subject to refund (the rule of many gambling operators). The overwhelming number of English bookmakers offer to watch online broadcasts of dog races, for this you need to make a minimum deposit.

Disadvantages of dog racing bets

Not available in all BC . Not all gambling companies offer bets on dog championships, they can mostly be found in Western European offices, in whose countries this sport is popular and is in good demand among players.

Poor painting . The volumes of additional bets, due to the specifics of the sport, are not rich, although the available types of bets are quite enough for the overwhelming number of lovers of dog bets, the main ones are:

– Race Winner;
– Direct forecast – the outcome for the first two prizes in the specified order. The selected dogs must take 1st and 2nd place in the exact sequence;
– Direct tricast – triple forecast for the first three places. The selected greyhounds must take 1-3 places in the order shown;
– Combined tricast – triple prediction for the first three places, where the selected dogs must take the prize positions (1-3) in any order;
– The best coach;
– other.

Low illumination in Runet . Due to the low popularity of dog racing in the CIS countries, this sport is poorly covered in the Russian-language press, so it is almost impossible to find fresh information about dog racing on the RuNet. To search for information important for forecasting, it is necessary to use English-language online sources. For example, the largest British edition of the Racing Post, where you can view the calendar of events of dog races, find the latest news, competition results, archived video broadcasts, analytics and much more.

Popular dog racing tournaments for bets

Bookmaker lines often display dog ​​races in Great Britain, Ireland and Australia.

It is best to choose the British and Irish dog racing with the most favorable conditions for betting:

90 100

Belle Vue Touchester
Montmore Perry Barr
Showfield Swindon
Crayford Hove
Newcastle Pool
Sheffield Wimbledon
Hall Green Kinsley
Nottingham Romford
Sunderland Yarmouth

In addition, you can find more fresh information about them, which is extremely important for a competent analysis and the right decision when choosing a bet.

How to bet on dog racing

Initially, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the rules of dog racing and competition regulations, which may differ. Examine all the conventions. And only after well understanding all the nuances, you can proceed to forecasting and choosing rates. The analysis of dog races is based on the following aspects:

The current form is . First of all, you should find out the current shape of the greyhounds, based on the statistics of the last races.This will give an understanding of the effectiveness of the dogs. Studying the video archives of the last races, pay attention to the speed of the greyhounds, their enthusiasm, which manifests itself in a stable pursuit of the object, endurance (in what physical form the greyhound came to the finish line) and intelligence – what position the dog usually takes in order to successfully overtake the bait.

Running track . Explore the treadmill as some hounds could take first places at short distances, while others, more resilient ones, at long distances. In total, there are over 10 classes of races with a distance of 210 to 1104 meters. Therefore, before the upcoming race, it is important to determine on which track the dogs showed themselves best – the distance of the track and its coverage (dirt or grass).

Booth number . Assess the starting position of the dogs on the track and find out which track the greyhounds perform best on – the outer circle, the inner circle, or the center lanes.

90 100

Get a 100% bonus in BC Leon up to 20,000 ₱!

Weather .Since dog races are mostly open-air, it is important to evaluate the weather forecast as weather conditions can seriously affect the results, for example, during precipitation on a wet soft track, the speed of the dogs will be slower than on a dry hard surface. In bad weather, it is better to refrain from betting on favorites, because their outcome will be much more difficult to predict; instead, you can try your luck by betting on promising outsiders.

Rest time . Find out when your dog is resting between the last race and the upcoming race.This is especially important before a short distance race where the greyhound needs to be well rested and recovered in order to demonstrate its maximum speed.

Where is the best bet on dog racing?

As already mentioned, it is best to place bets on dog races in British bookmakers, where you can always find this sports discipline with many events and with the most favorable conditions, which cannot be said about domestic gambling companies, which have become pay attention to this sport.

The largest European gambling operators William Hill, bet-at-home, Betfair, bet365 and others can offer a good line for dog racing. In English-speaking bookmakers, dog races are found under the heading “Greyhounds”.

Paramyxoviruses for Tumor-targeted Immunomodulation: Design and Evaluation Ex Vivo

Immunotherapy of oncolytic (i.e. , OVT in combination with immunomodulation) has great prospects for the treatment of cancer, requiring further development and optimization of oncolytic viruses encoding immunomodulatory proteins. This protocol describes methods for creating and validating such vectors for subsequent testing in appropriate preclinical models and potential future clinical translation of novel cancer therapy.

Numerous different oncolytic virus platforms with clear advantages are available 63 . In addition to cancer specificity, safety vector, requirements for production, efficacy in lysis of tumor cells and induction of an immune response, cloning potential is key for the successful vectorization of immunomodulators using a specific oncolytic.Unfortunately, direct comparisons of different OVs are currently lacking and should be carried out in order to identify the optimal treatments for individual patients. This can be facilitated by the rational development and testing of novel transgene coding vectors, an example here for MB-BTE. Given the beneficial properties of MV (i.e., , oncotropism, safety, fusogenicity, immunogenicity, potential for genetic modification), this protocol focuses on this oncolytic vector, which can be generalized to other OVs, especially Paramyxoviruses.

For the rational selection of potentially appropriate immunomodulators as candidate transgenes (step 1.1.1), a deep understanding of the cancer immunity cycle is essential, making the systematic research literature indispensable. In addition, large-scale screens, although expensive, can prove valuable for identifying new objects (eg, see Patel et al. 41 ).

For the development of recombinant OVs, the desired expression profiles should be considered. In the case of RNA viruses, gene expression at the RNA level is controlled by the corresponding polymerase.When designing a transgene cassette for insertion into MV genomes (step 1.1.2), avoiding sequences that resemble MV polymerase gene start / stop signals and RNA editing sites and following the rule of six is ​​critical to a successful developmental vector. In addition, the expression levels of the paramyxovirus gene correspond to the positioning in the genome resulting from the expression gradient of 43 . In general, positioning a transgene upstream increases expression at the expense of reduced replication.However, these parameters also depend on the size, structure and sequence of the corresponding transgene. Therefore, a limitation on the technique described in this protocol is necessary for empirical testing of new vector constructs. In specific cases, transgene sequence adjustments or positioning may be necessary to achieve the desired vector characteristics ( Fig. 2 ). A systematic comparison of various positions at checkpoint antibody inserts showed optimal results for H – ATU (unpublished data).As BTE inserts have comparable properties (size and immunoglobulin domains), MV-BTE vectors are cloned similarly to 38 .

Some designs to rescue infectious particles from the cDNA virus (step 2.1) may require several attempts. By adjusting the number of cells, you can optimize the cell density for syncytia formation. Although some density is required for efficient proliferation for cells and synthesis of cell membranes, inhibition of contact decreases viral replication. In addition, the number of infectious particles may not be sufficient to induce fusion of visible cells. However, as viruses can be present in the absence of syncytia, rescue samples can nevertheless be collected and donated to a fresh cell manufacturer for potential spread. Ineffective transfection due to poor DNA quality or inappropriate or degraded transfection reagents are typical problems that are relatively easy to evaluate and eliminate by creating new DNA preparations and testing various reagents, respectively.

The spread of a successful virus (step 2.2) is fundamentally dependent on the conditions governing viral replication and cell lysis. The use of a low-pass number of producer cells is recommended, and infected cells should be monitored regularly for progression of syncytia. Adjustments in cell number, temperature, and incubation times may need to balance viral spread against 90,254. proliferation.

An important limitation of the described virus production method is the preparation of virus suspensions from crude cell lysates. Researchers must be aware of the fact that the suspension virus contains cellular factors. Viral particles can be concentrated through density gradient / sucrose cushions by ultracentrifugation due to the total number of infectious particles and also potentially increasing the concentration of cell debris. The virus can also be concentrated from infected supernatants cells, increasing the purity but decreasing the yield. GMP and Large Scale Production Paramyxoviruses are usually carried out using multiple layers of producer cells seeded on filament clean in bioreactors to increase titer yield 63 .Accurate monitoring, continuous media exchange, serum free conditions and subsequent filtration steps ensure high purity of the produced virus.

Estimation of viral titers (steps 2.3 and 3.1) through described by syncytia scoring method is not accurate, but it is easy to perform and reasonably accurate when using the correct number of technical replicates. When evaluating OV-mediated cytotoxicity (step 3.2), the limitations of the available assays must be considered. Metabolic assays do not distinguish between the cytostatic and cytolytic effects of experimental treatment.To measure cytolysis, an LDH release assay can be performed. However, both types of assays can be affected by the content of virus preparations from crude cell lysates ( Fig. 6 ).

Isolation of proteins expressed by virus-infected cells (step 4.1) can vary greatly in yield and purity, depending on the respective transgene and virus used, as well as on technical accuracy. Thus, quality control of protein purification is critical for evaluating relevant experimental results.

As a comprehensive description of potential functional assays covering a wide range of possible immunomodulators is beyond the scope of this publication, this protocol focuses on an ex vivo methodology for measuring cellular cytotoxicity (step 4.3). Cellular cytotoxicity, especially by CD8 + T cells, is an important mediator of immunologic tumor management in successful immunotherapies 64 . This has important implications for current immunotherapy approaches using antibodies to enhance the anti-tumor immune response in general and the bispecific Ingager T cells in particular.Local expression of BTE by oncolytic vectors has shown promising results in several preclinical studies, including 38 RNA and DNA viruses 65 , , 66 67 , 68 .

Due to the complex interactions of tumor, virus, transgene product and host immune systems in living organisms, testing for immunomodulator encoding oncolytic vectors in cell culture as shown here is not sufficient to predict therapeutic outcomes.The main point of the proposed isolated evaluation of vector and immunomodulator functions, respectively, is important to confirm the concept, but does not describe potential synergistic factors and complex interactions within the tumor microenvironment. Testing for toxicity and efficacy in appropriate in vivo models is critical for the further development of novel recombinant vector constructs, but is not easily performed. Immunological safety is regularly monitored in non-human primates as macaques and mouse models are used for accumulation and efficacy analyzes 20 , 69 .However, many of these models have limitations regarding the expression of viral receptors in the host tissue and permissiveness of the host, and some alone do not sufficiently mimic the complex OV, tumor and immune microenvironment. Therefore, careful consideration of the respective models is imperative.

MV-BTE treatment has previously been evaluated in human xenograft and syngeneic mouse models. Non-BTE transgene products were detectable in sera from mice treated with BTE-coding MV 38 , indicating successful prevention of systemic exposure even without further attenuating the naturally oncotropic vaccine strain virus.Local expression is critical for OV-coded immunomodulators, which are toxic when administered systemically. If necessary, the specificity of the tumor can be increased due to the required surface area markers of choice 70 , , 71 72 and microRNA-based non-targeting for extended oncotropism ( 74 ) 73 , Ruiz and Russell – 75 ). Additional modifications can be made to optimize vectors for specific therapeutic uses (reviewed by Miest and Cattane- 76 ), including insertion of transgenes for diagnostic purposes 77 , 78 or prodrug conversion to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy 79 , 80 , the introduction of safety switches 81 and targeting the stromal or vascular tumor (eg via bispecific antibodies 82 ).

In addition to the genetic modification of the viral vector, a combination of treatment with chimeric antigen receptors (vehicle) T-cell transmission 83 , chemotherapy 84 , , 85 86 or radiotherapy 87 , 88 , 89 to further expand the OVT repertoire. As MV immunity is very common, strategies have been developed to bypass neutralization of antibodies, including envelope glycoprotein exchange for those corresponding Paramyxoviruses 90 , polymer-coated particles, via cell carriers to deliver viruses, and transient immunosuppression (reviewed by Russell et al. 6 ). Further development of advanced OV immunotherapy regimens requires testing the safety and therapeutic efficacy of appropriate animal models, with patient material and, ultimately, in controlled clinical trials.

Given the sheer number of possible combinations, complex testing is not feasible. Mathematical modeling can assist in prioritizing possible combinations of regimens, as well as their respective dosing and planning, predicting treatment outcomes in silico (reviewed by Santiago et al. 91 ). When testing a highly specialized novel, rationally designed vectors, sound accompanying translational research for a deeper understanding of the underlying virological and immunological processes. It is critical to create proper models, information on further possible goals and improvements in the area as a whole. In conclusion, a first-hand insight into the appropriate vector design techniques, generation and characterization in this line of work will accelerate the development and research support of novel therapy for future clinical translation.

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90,000 nuclear submarines may be resumed in the coming weeks

In the UK, they intend to resume sports competitions suspended due to the coronavirus epidemic within a few weeks. This will require a significant increase in the number of tests for COVID-19 and work out social distancing measures. There are also those who are against it.

The UK sports authorities continue to consider various options for replaying domestic sports, where the season was suspended due to an unfavorable epidemiological situation.Sport is the most important economic position for the country, and because of more than a month’s downtime, clubs are losing colossal money. For example, only the English Premier League (Premier League) will lose £ 1 billion if the season is not finished. At the same time, the losses of the largest teams of Foggy Albion reach £ 115 million each.

In this regard, the government plans to organize a series of regular meetings with the participation of health officials and the main sports team in order to move forward as quickly as possible on the resumption of the competition. According to the BBC, at best, the sport will return to the UK within the next few weeks, if progress is made. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already been notified of this.

Among the factors that will ensure the ideal development of events, the elaboration of the following points is called: an increase in the total number of tests for coronavirus, principles of social distancing, hygiene standards and a limit on the number of people who can get together.

In the UK, we recall that sports have been suspended at all levels due to the pandemic. The lower football divisions of Scotland, meanwhile, closed the season ahead of schedule. Other important events have been postponed but remain in plan: cricket in England and Wales, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the London Marathon, rugby, the Open Golf and, of course, the Premier League. In total, more than 144 thousand cases of infection with a dangerous infection have been recorded in the country, 19.5 thousand people have died.

Nevertheless, at government meetings, it was concluded that the resumption of the season is possible, despite popular belief to the contrary. At this stage, however, this can only be done without the presence of fans. Officials acknowledge that sport will give people the incentive they need to maintain morale in quarantine. At the same time, officials are worried that fans will begin to gather in large numbers outside the stadiums.

As part of the fight against this practice, the Premier League is considering the provision of free online match coverage. Some officials are against: they care about the commercial side of Sky and BT’s broadcast contracts and recognize the importance of the nationwide revenue they generate.

In other words, there are still too many questions to speak of a 100% return. According to The Times, it is highly likely that the season in the Premier League will play out in a tight schedule and only in a limited number of “approved” stadiums. This measure is aimed at reducing the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection. Some league clubs, one way or another, seriously fear that the next season will also start without spectators – this means financial losses from ticket sales and paraphernalia on the day of the games.

And several clubs, as it became known to The Guardian, even opposed the resumption of the season.

They fear that self-isolation measures may be too harsh. For example, if the players have to part with their families for some time. In addition, one of the teams complained about the too high average age of the players, which will certainly affect the results with a large number of matches in a short period. Among other things, the functionaries are aware that many tests will be needed, but this raises the question whether it is ethical to spend them on football players, while the tests are needed by doctors and other services.The top clubs shy away from open announcements about the resumption of the season, since then there will be talk that they do not care about the health and well-being of the nation. This explains the general silence – so far only West Ham United head coach David Moes has spoken out against the end of the championship.

It is also important that for some the fear of possible consequences still prevails over economic losses.

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