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Spotlight’s Top Tips To Buying Your Halloween Costume

At Spotlight, you can find many Halloween costumes and accessories, this includes options for adults as well as children. But how do you choose that perfect Halloween costume? You may have something in mind already, but have you thought about some of the external factors that could make your Halloween costume more or less than suitable? Read the expert tips from Spotlight below to ensure you get the best costume possible.

What Should I Check When I Buy A Premade Costume?

Premade costumes are great, but you must ensure it comes with all the accessories that you will need to pull the look off. At Spotlight, we sell both premade costumes and separate accessories, so you can find everything you need in the same spot.

To ensure you costume is perfect, always write down the things you will need beforehand. Will you solely go for a costume? Or do you want some accessories to make things even better? Of course, your budget will also play a role in this. Fortunately, Spotlight provides a lot of affordable options, enabling you to get just what you want.

What External Factors Are Important With Costume Selection?

Most people know exactly what they want to dress up for at Halloween, but they often forget one crucial aspect, more specifically the weather. Depending on your location, the weather can influence the suitability of a costume, especially if you are spending a little more time in the outdoors.

Evidently, the weather does not have to put a damper on things. If you are wearing a costume with a skirt during some colder weather, simply put on some tights to keep yourself warm. You can also layer your costume for added warmth if needed. If you are wearing your costume in warmer weather, simply make sure your costume is made from breathable materials.

Are Costume Sizes The Same Thing As Dress Sizes?

That depends on where you purchase your costume. Many stores will use an age range for children’s costumes. You can also encounter the one-size-fits-all for adults, which can make your selection a little harder. However, details on the size should always be on the product description page of that store. So, if you are unsure if a costume will fit, refer to the details of the online product.

Why Is It Beneficial To Buy Halloween Costumes Early?

Once you get to a week before Halloween, many people run to the store for their costume. While it is not really a problem to buy your costume a little later, you can certainly benefit from buying Halloween costumes several weeks early.

The first benefit of buying your Halloween costume early is that you usually have a lot more choice. The closer it gets to Halloween, the faster those costumes will sell. Therefore, you may encounter less of a choice than you thought you would have. If you buy early, it is less likely to be a problem.

Prices for Halloween costumes can increase around Halloween time, depending on the store you choose. So, buying early could save you some money too. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that at Spotlight, as we always offer our Halloween costumes and accessories for the sharpest prices.

When you purchase your costume a few months before Halloween, always remember to try it on a week before you have to wear it. Sometimes, it is possible to lose or gain a little weight during that time, which may cause problems with your costume. If you try it beforehand, you can make some alterations if they are needed.

How Can I Get Even More From My Costume?

Your costume and accessories make you look great, but you can also use makeup to transform into the character you envisioned. You can also use additional items such as coloured lenses to make everything come together.

Professional makeup artists at movie studios usually have some interesting products to work with. They can use it to create fake wounds, scars, or even make people look older. If you want to take your Halloween costume to the next level this year, why not check out some of the makeup products in our range to make your transformation complete?

No-Sew Costumes | Family Time

Having your own dress-up box loaded with kids’ costumes is a great way to keep your kids busy (and boost their imaginations), plus it’s also a great back up for dress-up parties, Halloween or school dress-up days.

Make your own no-sew dress-ups

Now, if you want to get crafty and create some beautiful homemade dress-ups, watch these videos for inspiration. They’ve all been road-tested, are relatively simple and do not involve any sewing.

Make a no-sew cape

This is a great basic cape idea. You can make a red one for super heroes or a black one for witches and vampires. We made a personalised magician’s cape.

How to make a no-sew cape

Make a no-sew witch hat

Again this one can be adapted for all sorts of other characters. For instance, to make a wizard’s hat, just make the cone shape and stick stars and moons on it.

How to make a witch’s hat

Make a no-sew tutu

Turn your little chid into a fairy princess with this easy tutu that can be worn over normal clothes. Watch this video to get the step-by-step instructions.

How to make a no-sew tutu

Make a no-sew fairy wand

This is not just any wand, it’s a flower fairy wand! This one requires a hot glue gun but is well worth the effort. Magical play is a wonderful way to show children that anything is possible.

How to make a no-sew fairy wand

Make a no-sew pirate costume

This video shows you the basics of how to dress like a pirate. No need to buy an elaborate costume, you’ve probably got the key pieces of a pirate costume lurking in your own wardrobe somewhere.

How to make a no-sew pirate costume

This article was written by Penny Flanagan for Kidspot. Sources include communicate, OneStepAhead and

Dress Ups / kids costumes

At Kidzstuffonline we have a huge range of dress ups from fairy dress to princess dress to animal and police, fireman and construction worker



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It’s play time! Adorable Ty fashion is ready for playtime or shopping excursion. Our quality pool…


It’s play time! Adorable Ty fashion is ready for playtime or shopping excursion. Our quality pool…


It’s play time! Adorable Ty fashion is ready for playtime or shopping excursion. Our quality pool…


It’s play time! Adorable Ty fashion is ready for playtime or shopping excursion. Our quality pool…


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Cosplay Costumes NZ – Anime Cosplay Costumes & Cosplay Gear

New Zealand Fancy-Dress & Anime Cosplay Costumes for Sale at Fantastic Prices at Hobby Zone

If you’re looking for jaw-dropping fancy-dress and anime cosplay costumes online, look no further than Hobby Zone. We’ve been in business for 8-years and counting and offer a wide selection of beautifully detailed items. We have everything you need for your next convention or fancy-dress party including masks, accessories, props, and swords in both metal and foam variants. For costumes and cosplay gear, we have everything from individual pieces to… Read More

New Zealand Fancy-Dress & Anime Cosplay Costumes for Sale at Fantastic Prices at Hobby Zone

If you’re looking for jaw-dropping fancy-dress and anime cosplay costumes online, look no further than Hobby Zone. We’ve been in business for 8-years and counting and offer a wide selection of beautifully detailed items. We have everything you need for your next convention or fancy-dress party including masks, accessories, props, and swords in both metal and foam variants. For costumes and cosplay gear, we have everything from individual pieces to a complete ensemble based on today’s popular pop culture and anime favourites.

Cosplay comes from the words “costume” and “play.” Basically, people dress as their favourite characters from films and/or television shows, particularly anime series. As these works tend to have a strong following the cosplay outfits must be as detailed and accurate as possible. We are very proud to offer items of this quality of cosplay costumes online. We have been in business for eight years and not only do we offer a vast range of anime merchandise for sale online in New Zealand but speedy shipping as well.

If you are a Sword Art Online fan, we have several options for you. With our cosplay outfits, you can become Yuna, Kirito, or Sinon. If your preference is Attack on Titan, we have survey corp jackets and cloaks for sale. For aspiring wizards, we offer Harry Potter costumes from all four houses of Hogwarts. You can put the finishing touches on your grand look with our selection of masks and accessories to capture a character to even the smallest detail. After all, you wouldn’t want to show up at a party or the Armageddon Expo missing your sword or watch.

Anime Cosplay Costumes

Become the 4th Hokage, test your metal in the world of Sword Art Online, and take down a titan in some of the best anime cosplay costumes available New Zealand wide. With hundreds of cosplay costumes online to choose from and more being added every day, finding your favourite cosplay gear is easier than ever at Hobby Zone.

Pop Culture Costumes

Ever wanted to become a real-life Iron Man, Alice in Wonderland, or dress up as a Minion to go on epic adventures alongside Gru? With our new partnership with Rubies Costumes, we have over 1000 pop culture costumes available in a range of sizes to choose from. With the best prices on fancy-dress and pop culture costumes New Zealand wide and lighting fast shipping, WOW your friends and family at your next fancy-dress or Halloween event.

Buy fancy-dress and cosplay costumes NZ wide and complete the look with our extensive range of cosplay accessories, cool foam swords and anime head gear. Become the mysterious Obito, eat the Gomu Gomu fruit and don Luffy’s iconic straw hat, and test your skills at archery by wielding Hanzo’s Bow as you take your fancy-dress and anime cosplay costumes to the next level.

Don’t attend that con alone or without the proper gear, browse our entire pop culture and cosplay costumes NZ range below and order today for Raikage level shipping New Zealand wide.

Have a special request? If you’re looking for cosplay gear or anime cosplay costumes that we don’t have in stock. Simply get in touch with our anime merch online team from Hobby Zone today and we’ll do our best to dive into Doraemon’s 4-dimensional pocket to find exactly what you need.

Read Less

How to dress your Pākehā child up as Maui or Moana without appropriating Pasifika culture

Disney’s Moana has been a smash hit in New Zealand. Children everywhere want to dress up as characters from the movie. So how do you let your child dress up as Maui without appropriating Pasifika culture? It’s easy – Emmaline Matagi, an indigenous Fijian born in Fiji, tells you how.

These holidays, Disney’s Moana graced the big screens all around the world. Around New Zealand, we sat in awe of the beauty of the Pacific, the strength of a young Polynesian woman, the magic of a strong, sometimes cocky, dry-humoured demi-god and the wonderful power of Polynesian voyagers. Moana has so far amassed US$4.4 million in New Zealand alone. It has been a huge hit in our corner of the world.

So, lets talk about something that could possibly be a point of contention for many New Zealand families this year.

What happens when your child asks to ‘dress up’ as Moana or Maui?

More specifically, what is the most appropriate response as a Pākehā parent when your child wants to dress up as a Polynesian heroine or hero?


Let me just put that out there first and in bold capital letters. Just don’t do it. It is wrong. Painting any fair-skinned child’s skin brown (regardless of their ethnic background) to dress them up as a brown character is never OK. We all are (hopefully) familiar with the term ‘blackface’. If you aren’t you can find a good summary here. I am in no way qualified to be explaining blackface as I am not a black American myself. However, I am going to discuss the reasoning behind why, as a Polynesian, this would be an offensive thing to do.

When you see our people in the media we are mostly one of two things: sportswomen or sportsmen or some sort of criminal living in poverty.

When people discuss Polynesian sportspeople in Aotearoa New Zealand doing something good, we are praised to the high heavens. We are looked at as heroes and our children idolise these people. However when our Polynesian sporting heroes do something wrong, we are put right back into our place, especially on social media. The “coconut” comments come out immediately, or my personal favourite: “send this one back to where they came from”.

When our people are portrayed in the media as struggling for housing or committing crimes we are vilified. No one bothers to consider the circumstances or how to best help the situation; we see comments like “dumb coconuts”, “typical over stayers”, “go back to where you came from” and other racist taunts.

The comments are usually made by a variety of people – including Polynesians themselves, which can be extremely hurtful (but that’s another piece of writing altogether, under the heading ‘Decolonise 2.0’). They are also mostly said by Pākehā.

Which is where we come back to why it is not OK to paint your child’s skin brown as part of a costume. Polynesians are intelligent, proud, beautiful and resilient people. We live every day within our skin. Our skin colour determines how we are treated in the media, the comment sections online, and in society in general.

We cannot take off our skin. We cannot change our skin colour.

So when people decide to paint their skin the colour of ours it is offensive. You can take off the paint and all of the negative connotations that come with it.

All of the horrible offensive comments that are thrown our way, the oppression that we feel from societal structures built for us to fail, surnames that prevent us from getting jobs, body types that put us in either the sportsperson category or the unhealthy poverty-stricken category, first names that people cannot pronounce and sometimes wilfully mispronounce – you can take all of that off and never have to deal with the emotion and violence behind it all.

We are in our skin forever.

All of the above is what we have to – in 2017 – deal with daily. Microaggressions because of the colour of our skin happen every day, yes even in little old Aotearoa. Especially in Aotearoa. Take for example the Auckland City Councillor whose family was directed away from the reserved seating because they were brown and the security people didn’t believe they were meant to be there.

Also lets quickly cover intent. Even if you have no malice behind your decision to paint your child’s skin brown it is still hurtful and offensive. Regardless of whether or not you mean to be, people will still be able to see your child ‘coloured in’ and will feel that same sense of oppression and pain.

#2 – Do not dress your child in Polynesian cultural attire or draw on tattoos

Do you understand the cultural significance of a Puletasi, Ta’ovala, Masi, Tabua, Salusalu, Lei, Valatao, Kiekie? No. OK then don’t wear them. It’s a slap in the face taking something so deeply loaded with cultural significance, chucking it on your child and letting them run around, jump in mud, and rip it to pieces. Our people have deep spiritual connections (even if they don’t understand them all of the time) with our cultural attire. Using it as a dress up costume for a fun party is not OK.

Tatau? Just don’t. Don’t attempt to draw a Taulima, Pe’a, Malu or Ta Moko tatau (tattoo). These too have deep cultural significance and are not up for grabs in the world of costume. Tatau have specific meanings dependent on specific patterns and these date back thousands of years to when our ancestors didn’t have a written language but had tatau and oral traditions. It is not OK to use something that our ancestors created as your entertainment.

Loving the Moana movie but when I asked the kids about the Maui costume that got canned they said: YUK who’d want to put on Maui’s dead skin

— 2Tapu (@2TAPU) January 10, 2017

This is called cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is, in basic terms, taking something from a culture which you don’t belong to and using it for a purpose which it is not made for, without knowing or understanding its cultural significance. It is turning it into an accessory for your own fun or entertainment and therefore changing the true meaning of the item.

I myself am guilty of cultural appropriation. Once I thought it would a good idea to dress up as a Native American woman and go to a sports event for the day. There was no ill intent on my behalf but it was still highly offensive and absolutely wrong. I cringe every time I think about it, but I read up about it, schooled myself and I learnt a lesson. Here’s a really good explanation – and it applies to all indigenous cultures.

#3 – It is OK to dress your child up in an official Disney/Warehouse/K-Mart/any other unofficial knock off Moana or Maui costume – minus the face paint, stick-on tattoos, and brown skin coloured bodysuit

DO IT! Buy that ridiculously overpriced piece of material and put it on them and take them to that Moana-themed birthday party or just let them run around singing “See the line where the sky meets the sea it calls meeeeee” or “You’re Welcome” or even “I just wanna be SHINAAAYYYYYY”.

#4 – Do it yourself! Make your own costume and keep it simple

Just have a red top and red sash and a yellow or sand-coloured wrap. Get a fake flower and put it in your child’s hair. They’ll love it. If you’re really feeling crafty, you could draw some hibiscus flowers. But don’t add extras – it’s not needed. Don’t try to do designs you think are “Polynesian”. Make it with your child.

While you’re at it, why not buy the movie’s soundtrack and support some Polynesian artists? Or better yet – buy some music from the actual band Te Vaka; you can find more about how awesome they are here.

If you’re Pākehā and feel uncomfortable doing something then it’s probably not OK to do it. The discomfort is your gut instinct telling you DOOOON’T DOOOO ITTTT! If you have to think twice about whether it would be OK, then it probably isn’t.

So I think it’s a good idea to teach your children how to respect different cultures and explain to them that whilst it may only be a store bought costume, it is important to be respectful and understanding of where the costume comes from. You could show them the Pacific on a map or look at some pictures online of traditional Polynesian attire. You could learn how to say hello in different Pacific languages together. Use it as an educational tool while also having fun with it.

Moana and Maui are characters in a Disney movie that our children absolutely adore, so it is only natural that like every other Disney character, they want to dress up as them. It is fine to let them do this – minus the body paint, tattoos, brown skin-coloured body suit and legitimate cultural attire.

Just remember our culture is not a costume.

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Lucy’s New Zealand – Kids’ Wedding Clothing


The Haka | 100% Pure New Zealand

What is the haka?

The haka is a type of ceremonial Māori dance or challenge. Haka are usually performed in a group and typically represent a display of a tribe’s pride, strength and unity.

Actions include foot-stamping, tongue protrusions and rhythmic body slapping to accompany a loud chant. The words of a haka often poetically describe ancestors and events in the tribe’s history.

When is the haka performed?

Traditionally, the haka was performed when two parties met as part of the customs around encounters. 

For example, the haka was used on the battlefield to prepare warriors mentally and physically for battle, but it was also performed when groups came together in peace. 

Today, haka are still used during Māori ceremonies and celebrations to honour guests and show the importance of the occasion. This includes family events, like birthdays and weddings.

Wedding haka

Haka dances can be performed at weddings as a show of respect, to show reverence for the couple and their guests or to mark the important milestone. 

At weddings, women may also join the haka performance. 

Rugby haka

Haka are also used to challenge opponents on the sports field. The New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks, perform the haka before each match in a stunning show of strength and physical prowess. 

The All Blacks use ‘Ka Mate’ as their haka, which was composed in the 1820s by the Maori chief Te Rauparaha. The words to this particular haka dance have become famous around the world since it became a part of the pregame ritual of the All Blacks.

The Black Ferns, New Zealand’s women’s rugby team, are also famous for performing rousing haka. The haka they perform before an international match is called ‘Ko Uhia Mai’ which means ‘Let it be known’ and was composed by Whetu Tipiwai.

Regular haka waiata sessions enable the Black Ferns to honour their cultural roots and traditions. 

Who can perform the haka?

One common misconception around haka is that it should only be performed by males.

While there are some haka that can only be performed by men, there are others that can be performed by anyone and even some women-only haka.

Many young Māori people perform in kapa haka groups which have local and national competitions. 

Non-Māori are welcome to learn the haka, however, it’s important that you respect the culture and traditions behind the dance. Learn the words and make sure you understand the meanings behind the chants, the significance of a particular haka and what you are trying to express when performing it.  

The origin of the haka

The Māori legend describing the origin of the haka paints it as a celebration of life.

The story goes that Tama-nui-te-ra, the sun god, and his wife Hine-raumati, who embodies summer, had a son named Tane-rore.

On hot summer days, Tane-rore would dance for his mother, causing the air to quiver. This light, rapid movement was the foundation of all haka.  

90,000 What’s the price in New Zealand?

If you went through all the stages of selection and enrollment in an educational institution in New Zealand, and also received the appropriate visa and even managed to book a ticket, then it’s time to plunge into the stage of collecting your suitcase. Do not take this event lightly, do not forget that you have to study and live for a long time in a distant country, in which you most likely have never been before. We will also present to your attention the average prices so that you know what to expect.

Prices in New Zealand

The cost of living in New Zealand is exactly different from your country of residence. Moreover, prices will vary depending on which New Zealand city you are flying to.

Below we give the average prices for Auckland:

Food and Beverage

Milk (2 L) – $ 3.50-4.50

Coffee in a cafe (flatwhite) – $ 4

Wine – $ 8- $ 30

Bread – $ 3- $ 4

Eggs (6 pcs) – $ 2.50 – $ 5

Stores where it is most convenient to make purchases PaknSave, Countdown, New World.You can see the prices for other food products by following the supermarket link. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that every week supermarket chains arrange special offers for a different range of goods. If you follow this, then you can make profitable purchases. In addition, some supermarkets have a loyalty program, such as the OneCard at the Countdown supermarket. This is a cumulative card, which, upon request, is given to you at the checkout absolutely free of charge.

Clothes and footwear

Jeans – $ 50- $ 160

Sneakers – $ 20- $ 200

Raincoat / raincoat – $ 40- $ 400

Shirt – $ 40- $ 120

Prices for clothing and footwear in New Zealand can vary greatly.

A number of major global apparel brands such as Zara, H & M, Topshop and Nike have stores in major cities. Explore popular stores to get an idea of ​​prices:

Economy Options – The Warehouse, Kmart, Cotton On, Number One Shoes

Average prices – Farmers, Glassons, Hallenstein Brothers, Hannahs


House per week – $ 500 (average)

Room per week – $ 200 (average)

You can find accommodation through Facebook groups “Flatmates wanted Auckland”, for example.Or on the TradeMe website.

Household accessories

If you are traveling as a student and plan to rent a room (which is the norm for a student of any age), there is a high probability that you will rent a room already furnished with all the necessary furniture.

But if you are traveling with your family and are planning to rent a house, then it is common here to rent the house empty.

You can view prices for household accessories and estimate your costs on the following sites:

New products – The Warehouse, Kmart, Noel Leeming, Briscoes, Harvey Norman, Smith City.

Used goods – TradeMe

Recreation and entertainment

Playing golf – $ 30- $ 100

Movie ticket – $ 10- $ 20.

Ski resort ticket – $ 80- $ 120 per day

But remember that New Zealand is a beautiful country with unique nature, surrounded by the ocean. Accordingly, you will have a lot of free entertainment in the form of relaxing on numerous beaches, national parks, etc.Running and biking trails can also be found in many places around the city.

Other costs

Bus fare – $ 2.50- $ 5

Haircut – $ 40- $ 150

Gym membership – $ 7- $ 25 (per week)

We remind you that if you are traveling as a student, then you will have discounts on certain types of entertainment and on public transport. And by purchasing a StudentCard (see the link for details), you can save even more on food, travel, clothing, etc.d.

(Information source: New Zealand Immigration)

What to take on the road?

And now, let’s try to figure out together what you need to take with you to study, what to worry about in advance, and what you shouldn’t take, because it will not be useful to you at all. We will try to give some practical tips for those who are going to study away from home for the first time. First, you need to remember about the restrictions on the weight of the carried baggage.Some airlines allow you to carry a maximum of 23 kg for each passenger for free, while some airlines allow you to carry up to 46 kg. Further, do not forget that New Zealand is a country that pays great attention to preserving the environment in its original form. Therefore, the customs rules are rather severe for goods that can harm the local ecology. These goods include: food and items of plant and animal origin, plant seeds, there are restrictions on the import of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages (for more details, see here).

What we take with us
  1. Medications : For the first time, it is better to take the necessary long-acting medications that you are used to. Although all known medicines are sold in New Zealand, your insurance will allow you to get a prescription from a doctor if needed. I would like to note that medications (antibiotic, antipyretic, cough sprays) prescribed for a child by a doctor are given out in a pharmacy free of charge.
  2. Warm clothes: New Zealand has a temperate climate, but we still recommend taking a certain set of warm – demi-season clothes with you, such as a jacket from strong winds, a jacket, a scarf and warm socks.In general, focus on comfortable, preferably waterproof clothing that can be worn in cool weather. Warm fur coats and fur hats, most likely, will not be useful to you. But still, do not forget about summer clothes, which you will wear for most of the year.
  3. Student Casual Wear: There are no specific requirements for students over 18. For guys, these are shorts with sneakers or jeans – if not hot, and a T-shirt. For girls, it can be shorts with a T-shirt, a sundress or dress, flip flops, shoes, etc.d.
  4. Laptop and tablet. In our opinion, you shouldn’t run to the store right before the trip and buy an expensive laptop or tablet, it is better to bring the current one. On the spot in New Zealand, you will buy an adapter to the mains and will be able to fully use them. If you still have both the means and the desire to buy a new product, then it is better to do this already in New Zealand and purchase a device with a guarantee and a connector adapted to the local power grid.Also, if your luggage allows you to put an extension cord there for several outlets, use this, it will allow you to do without unnecessary adapters for the first time.
  5. Crockery, blanket, pillows and bed linen. Everything is prosaic here. For the first time, a set of bed linen and the presence of a tea cup will not hurt, however, all student types of residence in New Zealand offer a complete household set from bed linen to a washing machine and an iron.
  6. Dresses, suits, shoes. Of course, it is worth taking with you a wardrobe intended for ceremonies and celebrations. It is worth preparing for the fact that you will not have to use it often, but there is no doubt that the presence of these things will come in handy.
  7. Cash. If you are carrying more than NZD10,000 cash or its equivalent in another currency, do not forget to fill out the appropriate declaration. In this matter, of course, it’s up to you to decide, but in New Zealand, the cash turnover is negligible, so the best way to come to with the amount of initial expenses in advance for a couple of weeks and first of all open a bank account to which your family can safely transport the amount you need.

We have tried to give you answers to the questions that are most often asked to our colleagues by arriving students. And I would like to add, traditionally on behalf of our company, that you really need to remember to bring with you to New Zealand:

So this is a good mood, a bright head and a desire to learn.

90,000 National traditions in New Zealand New Zealand is amazing, mysterious and sometimes even incomprehensible to a resident of Europe or the United States.However, what it is now, New Zealand culture has become due to the mixture of diametrically opposed cultures of the Maori tribe and Western Europeans, in particular – the British. For a long time, the colonies of Great Britain flourished on the territory of the islands, which was the reason why the state language here is English, and the inhabitants are dominated by Catholics, Anglicans and Presbyterians. Despite the fact that the unique nature of the country is considered the main asset of New Zealand, there are still some remarkable man-made …
Open In New Zealand, the enslavement of local residents by Europeans did not happen – largely due to this, such a peaceful mood exists in the country.In January 1840, the British and indigenous Maoritans signed an agreement on peaceful coexistence in the lands of New Zealand – the day went down in history as the Day of the Treaty of Waitangi and is now revered as one of the most beloved holidays. Nature is another important value in the life of a New Zealander, besides human relationships. So, if you come here, be so kind as to honor the natural resources of this marvelous land, do not violate the purity and do not damage nature. So you will certainly get the locals’ favor.Cheerfulness, kindness, incredible hospitality – these are the key concepts in the moral of a New Zealander. The locals are always ready to help, advise, and console. Their easy character is not devoid of self-irony, and they sometimes jokingly call each other “kiwi”. Modern New Zealanders inherited from the Maoritans a passion for tattoos, not only on the body, but also on the face. Each tattoo carries an important meaning. Do not be surprised if you see a person on the street, on whose face and body there is no living space – this is the norm here.As significant as tattoos, a tree and work with it becomes a phenomenon in the life of the islanders. Craftsmen make furniture, kitchen utensils, amulets and ritual masks. Copyright Not everyone knows that New Zealand is home to some of the most extreme, bizarre, and at the same time exhilarating forms of entertainment. However, those …
Open Among the traditions of the island state, it is also worth highlighting the haka dance – the heritage of the Maori.Tribal residents used it without fail before fighting the enemy. Men perform sharp, aggressive movements, sing battle songs, thereby warming themselves up before the battle. It is believed that the representatives of the stronger sex at the time of performing this dance ritual go into a trance. The dance has not outlived its usefulness over the centuries, and is now used by teams before football, volleyball and other ball games and in general any sports. From other unusual traditions of New Zealanders, the Maori greeting should be distinguished – touching with the tips of the noses.Interestingly, in New Zealand, there are three equivalent state languages ​​- English, Maori and the sign language of the deaf and dumb. New Zealanders have tea every day from 4:45 pm to 5:15 pm, and no one will be able to disturb them at that moment. It is customary to celebrate the most important events in the life of the islanders not inside the dwelling, but on the streets. Women and men have the same rights in all areas of life. Leaving public transport, you should thank the driver – this way you will observe the local tradition of goodwill.1. Since New Zealanders themselves are welcoming and friendly, they expect the same attitude and openness from tourists – justify them …
Open The family plays an important role in the life of a New Zealander. They take marriage especially seriously. A marriage must be contracted once and for all. The wedding ceremony is also curious, during which a noose of rope is hung around the neck of the young, which is a symbol of the eternal connection of their souls.This custom also came to the modern world from a Maori tribe. Lovers from all over the world come to New Zealand to have a Maori tribal wedding. New Zealanders love sports and all sorts of activities in general – this cannot be taken away from them. The national sport is rugby, and the current team is recognized as the strongest in the entire globe. Automobile sports, regattas, football, swimming – what New Zealanders do not do, and, moreover, they are extremely successful.And yet a real tradition among the locals – however, visitors are also not averse to tickling their nerves – is extreme. Climbing to the highest point in the Southern Hemisphere – a television tower – is weak? How about a ride on a New Zealand swing, which is located on a 40-meter crane? Indescribable feelings! Holidays in New Zealand with children of different ages are not only possible, but also a good choice. First, there is a mild, comfortable climate, similar to …
Open The taste preferences of New Zealand have their own, to put it mildly, special traditions.For example, huhu worms that live in wood are eaten here. The extraction of huhu is a laborious process, when the worms are taken out of the tree carefully so as not to disturb their delicate shell. They are fried with olive oil and local fern and served with toast. Here is such a shocking yummy! The ocean also plays an important role in the life of a New Zealander. The locals spend most of their time on the coast, and how not to spend it – there really is access to the sea from every point of the country! Fishing is done not only by men, but also by women, and both of them do it perfectly.This article about New Zealand traditions and culture is protected by the copyright law. Its use is encouraged, but only on condition that the source is indicated with a direct link to New Zealand – guide chapters one 2 3 four five 6 7 eight nine 10 eleven 12

Pro Halloween in New Zealand

Halloween in New Zealand is celebrated on October 31st.Over the past few years, it has gained popularity in this country. This is a great time for kids to dress up in costumes and walk door to door collecting sweets or money. This article will show you how Halloween is celebrated in New Zealand, as well as creepy places here.

1. Halloween in New Zealand

Halloween in New Zealand is not as common as in other Western countries. In the past, it was not usually celebrated here. However, Halloween is slowly gaining popularity.
In most Western countries, Halloween is not complete without costumes, black cats, pumpkins, monsters, vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts, scary tales, haunted houses. A lot of this is becoming more and more popular for Halloween in New Zealand.

In recent years, some retail stores have been actively promoting the sale of Halloween costumes. As soon as the children have a costume, they have to prove themselves. As a result, more and more children are participating in the Trick or Treat?Every year, more Halloween parties and other events appear in New Zealand. The films “Family of Monsters”, “House with a Clock on the Walls”, “Coraline and Bettlejuice” and others are in great demand at this time.

In New Zealand, Halloween critics never stop. Some believe that commercialization alone pushed the popularity of Halloween into an unofficial national holiday. However, it seems that resisting Halloween is a futile idea.

2.Best Halloween Events in New Zealand

The best Halloween events for kids and families can be found in major cities in New Zealand. Let’s stop at the Halloween celebrations in Oakland. On Halloween, the Trusts’ arena in Henderson, West Oakland will feature fantastic family entertainment ahead of darkness, followed by a spectacular Laser Show and Fireworks Show.
The Trust Arena car park will be transformed into a family fair with attractions and a large selection of food vendors for all tastes and itinerant entertainment.

Since everyone is encouraged to dress up in Halloween costume, this family event has something for everyone in a fun, friendly and safe environment.
Take your blanket and pillow with you, take a seat on the beach and enjoy the fun as the countdown begins to the stunning Laser Show and Fireworks.

A fun community event for families also takes place at Henderson Park. Children can walk, roll, or run along the Twin Streams Opanuku trail in the park.Families tour the trail on their own and end it with a Halloween-themed quiz. Upon returning, a Trick or Treat? Station is added. Children dress up and enjoy Halloween by bike, scooter or walking.

A Happy Halloween Day can be spent in Butterfly Creek (Henderson). Spooky artists here will be giving out great prizes for Halloween costumes. Here you can meet the “walking dinosaur”, “explore mythical creatures” and approach the creepy staff for free Halloween lollipops.

Young witches and sorcerers may travel to Gillies Hospital (40 Gillis Avenue, Auckland) to attend the High School of Witches and Wizards on Halloween. A day of magical mischief, fantastic fun and eerie creativity awaits them here. Kids can come in their finest magical attire and attend an advanced potion making class, make a wand, create their own house icon, and make the ultimate quest for magical creatures in Highwick’s grounds.With enough diligence, you can become a graduate of the prestigious Highwick School of Witches and Wizards.

Family fun and ghosts can be found at Lake House Arts Center (Takapuna). Face painting, creepy characters, disco, food, gifts, special guests await visitors.
A family friendly evening with spooky activities, fun and tricks or treats can be found in Hawick Village, East Auckland.

3. The most creepy places in New Zealand

New Zealand undoubtedly has its fair share of spooky places and ghost stories.With the increasing popularity of Halloween in this country, there are people who want to visit such places. Whether you are celebrating Halloween or just scaring yourself from time to time, you can visit places with a creepy atmosphere.

One such site is the former Kingsit Psychiatric Hospital in Karaka, south of Auckland, where more than 100 ghost and supernatural sightings have been reported. New Zealand Kingsit Psychiatric Hospital opened in 1932 and operated until 1999, when it was closed during a radical reform of the public mental health system.

Patients and staff alike regularly committed suicide here. They died within the hospital grounds. Many former patients have claimed to have witnessed or experienced abuse by staff. There have been over 100 (apparently unconfirmed) reports of ghost and supernatural sightings, the most famous of which is the “Gray Nurse.” Within the walls of the former hospital, a New Zealand director filmed a horror film called The Complex.It currently has a haunted ride and Halloween events.

A visit to Napier Prison (Bluff Hill) will make you think there is nothing more creepy. The Napier prison was built in 1862. There have been frequent reports of supernatural activity in the prison, which can now be explored with self-guided day trips and eerie night tours. Here you can visit death row, hanging yard, psychiatric wards and other places.

For some, Chateau Tongariro (Wakapapa Village, Mount Ruapehu) is a first-class historic hotel at the foot of New Zealand’s largest volcano. For others, it’s a creepy old hotel with stories to tell to friends. The hotel did not always serve afternoon tea and receive guests. Chateau Tongariro used to be a women’s shelter, which, according to some employees, a nurse named Charlotte was seen. She died here, as well as the patients who hanged themselves …

This is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in New Zealand, the Volcano Hotel (St. Batans, Otago).He is known to harbor the spirit of a vicious prostitute named Rose, who was murdered in a hotel room. Stories about male guests at the hotel who felt like they were being strangled or held back are creepy. Electric appliances that turn on independently, groans in the corridors will make visitors feel a genuine sense of fear.

New Zealand’s only castle, Larnach (Dunedin), wouldn’t be a very good place without a few haunting stories. Larnach Castle (on the Otago Peninsula) was built in 1887 for a politician named William Larnach.His first wife died in the castle at 38 after a stroke, his second wife died of blood poisoning at the same age, and his daughter died of typhus at 21. William committed suicide after learning that his son was having an affair with his third wife. In addition, the castle was a mental hospital during the World Wars. Unsurprisingly, two TV shows have visited this site in search of paranormal activity.

This is the information about Halloween in New Zealand! Read also:

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90,000 New Zealand Parliament Permits MPs to Ditch Ties at Maori Demand – Society

SYDNEY, Feb.11./ TASS /. The New Zealand Parliament has canceled the dress code for male MPs – to speak at meetings in a tie. This was announced on Thursday by the New Zealand edition of the New Zeland Herald.

Opening Thursday’s New Zealand parliamentary session, Speaker Trevor Mallard announced the end of a multi-year rule requiring male MPs to wear a tie before speaking. He noted that the majority of the members of the by-laws committee approved this change of dress code for male MPs. “As speaker [of parliament], I am guided by the opinion of the relevant committee, and therefore ties will no longer be considered a necessary element of a business suit,” said Mallard.

The speaker’s decision follows the scandal that happened on February 9th. Representative of the Maori Party Raviri Waititi, speaking in front of the deputies, instead of the obligatory tie, put on the traditional Maori amulet hei-tiki – a jade plate on a leather cord. The speaker asked Waititi to leave the conference room. The deputy complied, however, began a wide campaign in defense of his right to wear the amulet. In a speech on local television, he described it as “a compulsion to force indigenous people [New Zealand] to wear what is a colonial noose.”

The Maori position unexpectedly received widespread support from other parliamentarians, who drew attention to the fact that MPs were allowed to come to meetings in bow ties, hats, top hats and national costumes. “The tie symbolizes the fact that something is going wrong and removes from the agenda the problem of assimilation, which is still relevant for this country. Taking small steps to recognize our cultural identity in parliament, <...> we are moving towards the liberation of our people “- said the Maori Party in a message posted on Thursday on its Facebook page.

New Zealand’s unicameral parliament, the House of Representatives, is the country’s highest legislative body and is elected for a three-year term by secret ballot. It includes 120 deputies and a governor-general. After the general elections held in New Zealand in October 2020, 64 parliamentary mandates were received by the representatives of the Labor Party of the country, who formed the government, the Maori Party received two seats in the new parliament.

90,000 TOP-9 Attractions in New Zealand

Why go to New Zealand? It is so far away … To see New Zealand geysers, waterfalls, hills, glaciers, coves and capes, to appreciate all the natural beauty of the country! You can see all this in other countries, but you will have to visit not one or two, but about 10 countries!

We offer you TOP-9 unique places that a real tourist in New Zealand should set foot on!


Milford Sound was named by Kipling himself the 8th wonder of the world. When you get to the endless waters of the bay, framed by majestic rocks, you are delighted with children! It is in this place that fresh and sea water mixes, creating a unique ecosystem for the fjord. You can get to the famous bay from Dunedin by boat with a stop in Auckland and Wellington or by car along the Milford Road among the mountains.


Hobbiton Village is mega-popular thanks to the works of Tolkien from the “Lord of the Rings” series.Hobbiton is located near the city of Matamata. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year to see the legendary hobbit estate of 44 houses that have retained their believable dimensions. In addition to the scenery, a pub, bridge and mill were built here, gardens were laid out in the place of fields, and hedges are buried in loaches. You can get here from Auckland – the trip by car will take only 2 hours.


The Franz Josef Glacier is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, annually visited by about 250 thousand tourists.The glacier is 12 km long. There are excursions to it, and horse rides take place around the glacier. The glacier is located in the Westland National Park, a sanctuary of the local Maori aborigines.


The mountains of Waitomo are more than 2 million years old – here you will find an interweaving of countless tunnels and about 150 caves! There are unique fireflies that illuminate the caves with an amazing blue-green light. As usual, in such places, tourists can go sailing on the water, and on the night before Christmas listen to the acapella in the Cathedral Hall.


This is the highest waterfall in Oceania, falling from a height of 580 meters. The waterfall is located on the South Island, on the Arthur River, in the Fiordland National Park. He simply boggles the imagination with his power and strength. The rumble of the waterfall can be heard from several kilometers away, and the many colorful rainbows make the spectacle even more fantastic!


This park is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful places on Earth.It is known not only for the highest mountain in New Zealand, but also for its incredibly picturesque alpine landscapes, cloudless nights and sunny days. Mount Cook covers an area of ​​707 square meters. km. Glaciers account for about 40% of the park’s territory. The glaciers form five major valley systems: Godley, Murchison, Tasman, Hooker and Mueller. The most famous is the Tasman Glacier, which can be seen even from the entrance to the park. It is worth noting that the Tasman Glacier is the largest and longest glacier in New Zealand.Its length is 27 km, and the area is 101 sq. km.

Most of Mount Cook is located above the tree line, so the flora of the park is represented mainly by alpine plant species. Among them: the world’s largest buttercup, large mountain daisies and acyphylls. In total, about 400 species of unique plants grow on the territory of Mount Cook National Park. Also in Mount Cook Park, you can see 35-40 different species of birds, including such rare species as ice skates and kea.Among the animals that live in the park are chamois, deer and Himalayan tars.


This is the very first place on the planet where bungee jumping was organized. This is why extreme sportsmen from all over the world come here. The Kawaru Bridge is the only place where you can jump in tandem.


This is one of the main natural attractions in New Zealand. Huka Falls are located near Lake Taupo, so you can combine visiting them with relaxing in local resorts.Every second, the Hook waterfalls throw up to 220 thousand liters of water!


This city, three hours from Auckland, is a unique geothermal area with numerous mud baths. Rotorua is very popular with tourists who come here not only to improve their health, but also to get acquainted with the life of the Maori in the village of Tamaki, see the performance given twice a day and taste the Maori cuisine.


How Halloween is Celebrated: Costume Gallery

Every year, on the night of October 31 to November 1, on the eve of All Saints Day, Halloween is celebrated in the United States, Great Britain and many other countries around the world.This night is traditionally considered the only one in the year when the spirits of the dead can return to earth.

The main symbol of Halloween is the so-called Jack’s lamp – a pumpkin, from which a face with an ominous smile is carved: Jack is believed to ward off evil spirits from the house. The tradition of making lamp-pumpkins originated from the Celtic custom of making lanterns that help souls find their way to purgatory, and the Jack’s lamp acquired its modern look at the end of the 19th century.

It is believed that the tradition of dressing up in carnival costumes first arose in Scotland: children wearing monster masks went from house to house and collected candy in exchange for songs and entertainment.At the beginning of the twentieth century, the holiday became popular in America, Great Britain and Ireland, and not only children, but also adults began to wear costumes. Today, Halloween is celebrated on a grand scale throughout Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Carnival processions, costume balls and parties are organized on this night.

Among the most popular classic Halloween costumes are various evil spirits: vampires, werewolves, zombies, skeletons, witches. From comics culture to Halloween came superheroes – Superman, Catwoman, Spider-Man and many more.The costumes of pop culture characters and politicians, Hollywood movies and TV series are very popular.

One of the biggest Halloween fans, Heidi Klum, has thrown the loudest party in Hollywood for the past sixteen years and is transforming herself beyond recognition. Klum disguised herself as a giant butterfly, an old woman, Cleopatra, Lady Godiva, a gorilla, a robot, a crow, Jessica Rabbit and other characters.

Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit.

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez.

Halloween makeup tutorials