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Sophisticated paint shirt new style In Elegant Styles New Selections Arrivals

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Pant Shirts – Upto 50% to 80% OFF on Pant Shirts Online

Formal Pant Shirt And More

Shopping is not an easy task. From finding a material that suits your style to getting it stitched, shopping can be a time-consuming task. Pick from an enticing range of apparels from online shopping websites and save the hassle of spending an entire day out to buy clothes. From simple shirt pant combinations to materials with patterns, you can find a pair that would suit your taste, online. You can shop for your entire family as you can pick from a large variety of waistcoats, t-shirts and apparel set for children, men and women.  

Formal Shirts and Pants Combination

Shopping for shirts and trousers separately can be a tiresome task. This is when the formal shirt and pant packages come in handy. The packs usually comprise of two materials for the shirt and pant that can be stitched to your liking. You can also pick from a range of formal shirt and trouser sets for children that would definitely look dapper on your kid. Popular brands like Raymond offer fine quality materials at an attractive price online. These materials come in simple colors like beige, brown, blue, cream and purple. Brands like Scott International also sell readymade t-shirts in packs of two or three. The materials that are made of cotton would be great for summers and they come in checkered patterns as well – a style that never goes out of fashion. 

Stylize Your Formal Pant Shirt Look

Every formal shirts pants combination comes with a style of its own. If the cloth material in your package is checkered then the pants that come with it would be plain. This is to ensure that the top and bottom wear have a different pattern and do not look monotonous. 

Apparels as a Gifting Option

Getting the perfect gift is often the most confusing thought that comes to one’s mind during the time of celebrations. Sometimes it so happens that you might not be sure about the recipient’s size. You can avoid this hassle by getting him or her a materials box. Popular brands like Raymond and Siyaram’s make gift boxes that include pants and shirts material inside a beautiful casing that can be given as a gift during weddings and get-togethers. 

Buy Formal Shirts and Pants Combination Online

Is a tight schedule leaving you with no time to shop? Just log on to your favorite online shopping portal and hit the search button to find a product of your choice. If you are looking forward to buying clothes, then be ready to be spoilt for choice with a wide variety of shirts and pants combination online. Raymond, Siyaram’s, Indiweaves, Men In Black, TSX, Arvind and Blossoms sell a range of clothes online at attractive prices. You can further save time by applying filters like the preferred size, color and type to get to the desired product. More so, you can compare and review various brands and make an informed choice in buying the right product. There are plenty of payment methods like cash on delivery and wallet pay as well on offer, that makes your shopping experience more convenient and hassle-free. 

Paint your clothes and redesign your t-shirts: revive your wardrobe with Fashion Revolution | Fashion

A week after lockdown began to ease in the UK, Fashion Revolution Week (FRW) kicks off today with a reminder that “back-to-normal” isn’t always best – especially when it comes to the fashion industry.

“Covid was like a giant magnifying lens that showed us very clearly where we keep going wrong as people on this planet,” says Orsola de Castro, founder and global creative director of Fashion Revolution, pointing to exploitation and abuse which, she says, “are rife” in supply chains.

The aim of Fashion Revolution – which de Castro established in 2013 in response to the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh – is to force the fashion industry to “value people and the planet over growth and profit” as well as educate consumers on the questions to ask about their clothes and how to shop sustainably. “Buying from small businesses and thinking of longevity when it comes to what we already own can make a long-term difference,” she adds.

To help steer people in the right direction, Fashion Open Studio (FOS) – the showcase and mentoring initiative set up by Fashion Revolution as an antidote to fashion week to show the nitty gritty reality of designers’ processes – is holding a series of talks, webinars and workshops over the next seven days. More than 60 designers from 20 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and South America are gearing up to shed light on their sustainable innovation, local heritage and regenerative business models.

“It’s so rare to have all these diverse voices talking about the impact of the climate crisis, how they are keeping local crafts alive or highlighting local indigenous materials,” says Tamsin Blanchard, curator of FOS. “This is a slice of a utopian planet fashion – an already existing version of the fashion industry that takes responsibility for its impact on the environment, works transparently and collaboratively and treats everyone in the supply chain with respect.

This week is, say de Castro and Blanchard, all about getting people involved. They want people to post pictures on their social media channels this week with the hashtag #whomademyfabric and to tag the brands whose clothes they are wearing. In addition, there is a raft of digital workshops you can join which will have you turning your shower mat into a handbag, remaking your old T-shirts and finger-knitting in no time.

“Much of the discussion around fashion and sustainability can be alienating to people and by bringing them into the world of the designer’s studio, we hope that they can engage with some big issues in a tangible way,” says Blanchard.

Here’s a rundown of what you can get involved with and when…

A cut above: an employee in About A Worker’s studio uses material from an old garment.

Who? About A Worker: Create your own linen pencil case

What? Paris-based creative factory About A Worker, whose work revolves around ensuring the voices of garment workers are heard, will show you how to make a pencil case – which could double up as a toiletry case – using European linen.

When and where? Monday 19 Apr, 10:00 – 17:00 CEST on Instagram @fash_rev_france

Register for the session here

Mix and match: give an old T-shirt new life

Who? Lydia Bolton: Remaking your T-shirts

What? The London-based designer, famed for unpicking second-hand clothes she finds in charity shops to make her new collections, will present a step-by-step class showing you how to make new tops from old T-shirts

When and where? Monday 19 Apr, 12:00 – 13:00 BST on Zoom

Register for the session here

Step change: remodel your bathmat into a handbag

Clara Chu: From bath mats to handbags – fashioning household objects

What? Have you got earplugs, old bath mats, baking sheets, pegs or cable ties hanging around? Designer Clara Chu makes super cool bags and accessories from things you think you’re finished with. In this session she shows you how.

When and where? Tuesday 20 Apr, 14:00 – 14:45 BST on Zoom

Register for the session here

Face time: lift old garments with a paintbrush

Who? Alice Dansey-Wright: Painting at home

What? Artist Alice Dansey-Wright started putting her paintbrush to her old clothes to give them a new lease of life when she couldn’t afford to buy new. In this class, she will show you how to upcycle your clothes – as well as cover stains – with hand-drawn designs to make them last a bit longer in your wardrobe.

When and where? Wednesday 21 Apr, 10:00 – 11:30 BST – Zoom

Register for the session here

Hang loose: turn waste fabric into tapestry

Who? Toktam Hemmati: Lovely waste

What? Fashion and textile designer Toktam Hemmati will show you how to turn left-over and waste fabric into a tapestry – which can also be worn as a dress. She will also showcase her new collection inspired by Iranian geometry with hand-woven fabrics from the eastern province of Khorasan.

When and where? Thursday 22 Apr, 18:00 – 21:35 on Instagram @aassttiinn and the website

Register for the session here

A stitch in time: A Jesse Lee look worn by his friend Nathan Sit

Who? Jesse Lee: DIY workshop with Jesse and his mom

What? Award-winning upcycling designer Jesse Lee has enlisted his mum to show you several stitching techniques that will help you to mend your own clothes as well as make new ones.

When and where? Friday 23 Apr, 15:00 – 22:05 GMT+8 on Instagram @leepocheung

Register for the session here

Leg work: make a tote bag from jeans

Who: ReJean: How to make the Coalesce Zero Tote Bag

What? Siobhan from ReJean, which makes gender-neutral clothes from 100% reclaimed fabrics, is going to show you how to make the brand’s sold-out Coalesce patchwork tote bag from scraps of material, which can be purchased online before the event if you don’t have your own.

When and where? Friday 23 Apr, 12:00 – 14:00 on Zoom

Register for the session here

Table wear: crochet your pre-loved clothes into accessories

Who? Sabinna: How to turn your pre-loved clothes into accessories

What? This conscious lifestyle brand, founded by Sabinna Rachimova, champions small-scale production and this session will show you how to make a crochet bag out of any garment you own by cutting it up and knotting strips together.

When and where? Friday 23 Apr, 17:00 – 17:45 BST on Zoom

Register for the session here

Fill your cup: a coaster made from bits and pieces

Who? Atelier M/A: Make your own recycled coaster

What? From their studio in Osaka, Atelier M/A designers Masato Koide and Azusa Koide, famed for their repurposed lifestyle goods, will show you how to make coasters by bonding cloth, peels, threads, plastic shopping bags, packing materials, paper, and plants.

When and where? Saturday 24 Apr, 10:00 – 16:30 GMT+9 on Zoom

Register for the session here

Dye hard: give your clothes a colour lift with beetroot

Who? Rahemur Rahman x Aranya: The home of a natural dyer

What? Designer Rahemur Rahman and an artisan from Fairtrade movement Aranya will give a live demonstration and guided workshop showing how to perfect madder dye technique and shibori patterns on an old T-shirt or garment you own. A package is available to pre-order or you can have fun with your own beetroot and red cabbage.

When? Sunday 25 Apr, 15:00 – 16:30 GMT+6 on Zoom

Register for the session here

Neck beauty: craft a reversable upcycled collier

Who? Michelle Lowe-Holder: Crafting a reversable upcycled collier

What? Upcycled accessories expert Michelle Lowe-Holder will show you how to make a collier – a cross between a necklace and a choker – from leftover ribbons, buttons, old fabrics and anything else floating around your sewing box.

When and where? Sunday 25 Apr, 11:00 – 12:00 BST on Zoom

Register for the session here

Hole new game: learn to repair using crochet

Who? Katie Jones: Patch it – making mini crochet sticker to repair your favourite piece!

What? Crochet designer Katie Jones, who runs her colourful crochet brand with her mum, Annie, gives a beginner’s guide to making crochet patches to cover up holes, stains, or simply to jazz up an existing garment. You will learn how to hook a hole as well as basic stitches.

When and where? Sunday 25 Apr, 12:00 – 13:00 BST on Zoom

Register for the session here

Handy tip: mend holes in a jumper with finger knitting

Who? Olivia Rubens: Repurposing, mending Your knits and finger knitting

What? You might know that yarn is used to make a T-shirt, but do you know how to use old T-shirts to get yarn? Award-winning responsible designer Olivia Rubens will show you how– as well as how to use your fingers to knit and how to fill holes in old jumpers to make them feel like new again.

When and where? Sunday 25 Apr, 16:00 – 20:00 BST on YouTube Live

Register for the session here

To sign up to Fashion Open Studio, visit

The Microbrand Menswear Movement That Wants to Paint Your Clothes

In a Sofia apartment, Jorj Simeonov flips his Facetime camera and rifles through a debris of illustrations and oil paintings. “Sorry, I’m pretty busy right now so it’s a little untidy,” he laughs, and places his smartphone within touching distance of his work: Hockney-coloured geometrics, and Dali-esque dreamscapes, and Cézanne-like observationals, and Sorayaman robotics. “This is just some of the stuff I’ve been working on, I’ve got a lot more in the back.” Splayed out on a table in a spare room, his portfolio could feel disparate. But altogether, it paints a picture of a cohesive menswear venture. It is called Ethereal Regalia.

Simeonov at home in Sofia, with a very nice cat

Ethereal Regalia

Just under three years ago, Simeonov quietly launched the label after picking up a paintbrush and hand-painting designs to T-shirts, hoodies and shorts. He is not alone. A creative form of start-up culture has permeated fashion, and encouraged dozens of DIY microbrands to make art of the stuff they wear. So in Ethereal Regalia’s instance, that means streetwear with a mystical, even slightly trippy edge.

“Two years ago, I just started painting on clothes,” he tells me over Zoom. “I have no professional or artistic training, or a background in fashion. I’ve dabbled, but not really anything serious.” Simeonov is, in fact, a psychology graduate. The lack of a formal arts qualification hasn’t kneecapped the brand, though. On the contrary, the 26-year-old sells almost 90 per cent of product within the first day of a new drop’s release.

In a marketplace that’s more crowded than ever, cutting through can seem almost impossible. But it’s this congestion that can partly explain Simeonov’s burgeoning success. With so much on offer, and with so many collabs, releases and raffles, punters want legitimate one-offs. What’s better than owning a limited edition piece? Owning the only piece.

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These homemade microbrands can offer just that. They can also play to preset fanbases that want merch no matter how unofficial. For Ethereal Regalia, that meant paying tribute to the altar of Kanye. “When I released the T-shirt with Kanye [West] running with the Daft Punk Helmets on, that went crazy,” he says. “That was the piece that put me in this position and got Ethereal Regalia on the radar.” Simeonov is quick to point out that this isn’t necessarily where the brand is dropping anchor, though. “But hey, I don’t want to do the same thing twice. Certain fans like Kanye’s really like my stuff, but I try not to create things specifically for them even though it’ll sell out. That just doesn’t seem like a good plan in the long term.”

The art of hand-painting menswear could be seen as an anomaly, but fashion’s artisanal wave has been swelling for quite some time. It’d be easy to assume the paper trail begins with Emily Bode, the American designer that has become the de facto mother superior of this scene. She launched her eponymous brand in 2016, and Bode’s fey reimagining of antique textiles does everything you want a relatively young brand to do. It is sustainable. It feels legitimately new. She too illustrates jackets and shirts by hand. But the painterly new school is a broad church, and technique is the only thing that unites Bode with the smaller box room microbrands. They feed more on grassroots hype and word-of-mouth endorsements than the glowing reviews of fashion critics.

A recent Ethereal Regalia drop

Ethereal Regalia

They also vary wildly in aesthetic. Kat Rose is a Portsmouth-based artist that decks denim and dresses in colourful, childlike drawings with kindly messages. This strain of feel good, blithe DIY fashion has amassed a moderate following that includes Dua Lipa, who dived around on Instagram in a pair of patchwork jeans peppered with smiley faces. Rose made them on her parents’ dining table. Then there’s Juliet Johnstone, who customises old pairs of Dickies and Carhartt trousers with paintings of flowers, ye olde worlde font and tropical butterflies. It undoubtedly errs on Ed Hardy territory, and Johnstone has found fans in both Hadid sisters. And it’d be remiss not to mention Small Talk Studio, an independent venture by artist Nick Williams that soups up white workwear with cosmic takes on Americana lore. Tangerine pick-up trucks sit by cacti, blistering hot dogs, wild horses and desert flowers. It looks pretty great.

All of these labels have something in common: a minute workforce. And, while the Goliaths of luxury fashion are staffed with hundreds if not thousands of employees, labels like Ethereal Regalia, and Small Talk Studio, and Kat Rose represent a small legion of Davids that are free from the perils of corporate sign off processes and stakeholder demands. Other than the intermittent assistance of a helpful girlfriend, Ethereal Regalia is still a one man operation.

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

The small-scaleness of it all means that these labels can design and release on their own terms. The drop system – in which batches of product are released at random and at will – serves Ethereal Regalia well. The industry calendar taps its watch, and these designers shrug. “Seasonal collections are going to start dying out more and more – or at least that’s my super-uneducated guess anyway,” he says. “I put myself in this position because it’s the best way for small brands to operate, and then you see fashion houses talk about abolishing this model. I don’t see how fashion is going to stick to seasons with the way everything’s going.”

Few pressures, then. Fewer overheads. No line manager. No fashion critic firing squad. But that’s not to say brands like Simeonov’s want to stay this small. And finances, always a perpetual worry for small business, seem to be acute for creative types. “I hope in the next year that I’ve got a small team to help me, but right now it’s about making a good brand and good stuff that people wanna buy, y’know?”

If the success of his peers is anything to go by, Ethereal Regalia is on a steady incline. A drop this weekend is set to vanish within hours. That’s because Simeonov knows what his customers want. He wants the same thing. “One thing I’ve always been inspired by is custom menswear. I wanted to wear that stuff, and I never saw other people around Bulgaria wearing that,” he says. “It’s sustainable, and it’s a little more ethical, and it just looks really cool. So that’s what I’m going to continue making: cool clothes that cool people want to wear.”

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50 T-shirt Design Ideas That Won’t Wear Out

T-shirts are a staple of our everyday wardrobe—probably because of how incredibly versatile they are. They can work as a blank canvas for artwork in a way other clothing can’t, and that means the possibilities for t-shirt design are endless.

We’ve just sent you your free t-shirt design ebook.

From businesses to basketball teams to bands to bachelorette parties, an awesome shirt can make a huge statement. Whatever message your t-shirt might be sending, you’ll need a design style to match if you want to be heard. To get you started, we’ve rounded up 50 t-shirt designs that will get you noticed.

T-shirts for startups and businesses

Beyond keeping us warm and not naked, clothing boosts confidence and self-image. Now imagine if that feeling was associated with your brand. This isn’t just important for the potential consumer but also for employees, the folks who work with your brand on a daily basis.

Creative t-shirt illustration by chocoboracer for underwater equipment company Backscatter.

One of the challenges associated with a t-shirt for a business is getting people to wear it. Unless the design is spot-on and exceptionally creative, you’re going to be hard pressed to find folks to put it on. Nobody wants to waste a fashion opportunity to be your walking billboard. One helpful tip: use imagery to tell the design story. Company names, slogans or any kind of corporate text tend to make a t-shirt design feel like an ad. If your company has a brand personality that lends itself to powerful imagery (and of course it does), drop the sales pitch and focus on the art.

>> See more business t-shirt design ideas

T-shirts for events and conferences

If you’re hosting a conference, you’ve already got an audience that’s invested enough to buy a ticket, so a t-shirt purchase should be a no-brainer. But beyond sales, an event shirt is a great way to create memorabilia that participants can look back on (and connect their experience your brand).

Take advantage of annually recurring events by developing a consistent design concept that “ups its ante” each year. A “new and improved” t-shirt design implies that every conference will be different and better than the last. And each t-shirt becomes a collector’s item for participants—both of which encourage repeat attendance.

>> See more event t-shirt design ideas

T-shirts for parties and celebrations

Ever regret that Friday night you sat on the couch watching Netflix with a bucket of ice cream, and you checked your social media feed only to witness the photo deluge of your friends enjoying that party you were currently too (*cough*) busy to attend? Yeah, me neither… Man, that FOMO feeling is killer. Now imagine if everyone was wearing the same t-shirt.

Mardis Gras t-shirt design by revoule for D Fresh.

The ultimate party shirt marks partygoers as members of an exclusive group, and it can also be badge of honor. After all, depending on how much alcohol is involved, epic parties need to be “survived.” While a t-shirt for your average house rager might be a little much, it works for milestone events like birthdays or for large-scale festivities like Christmas.

>> See more t-shirts designed for parties

T-shirts for sports and fitness

Nobody—not the coaches, not the commentators, not even the players themselves—is as passionate about sports as the fans. Just ask these people. When you’re trying to sell a t-shirt, a total and complete obsessive fandom is definitely a good thing. So, cater to it.

Hockey themed t-shirt illustration by XZEQUTEWORX™.

While sports enthusiasts might be willing pledge their allegiance with a t-shirt, that doesn’t mean you get to slack off by lazily slapping the team’s logo on it. Try reimagining your logo, like the vintage approach taken with the San Francisco Baseball design. If you are a retailer, take advantage of equipment and other common imagery for a creative illustration that will appeal to the entire community around a particular sport.

For fitness programs, participants are striving against the most challenging adversaries of all—their own body, genetics and plain willpower. So consider a t-shirt design that emphasizes the kind of strength and solidarity they will need to see the kind of results that they want.

>> See more sports t-shirts

T-shirts for bands and musicians

Your favorite shirt can be like your favorite song—something you go back to again and again and it never wears out. Great music is something special, and great music on a t-shirt is even better.

Heavy metal style t-shirt design by Black Arts 888 for Masters of Mayhem.

Band tees are staple at most concerts, and for good reason. Just like sports fans, music lovers want to identify themselves as fans and find others like them—especially if their favorite band isn’t very well known. T-shirts help promote musicians, but also build the fan community around them.

Band t-shirt illustration by Dudeowl for Hill Repeats.

Music is already art, so there are very few constraints on what a band t-shirt design can convey, though it should be more than your band logo or album artwork slapped onto it. But similar to the album cover, you’ll want something that evokes the mood or theme of the music itself, whether it’s computerized and abstract or a design that harkens back to 70s and 80s metal.

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T-shirts for schools and universities


Short of making a necklace out of your diploma, school apparel is the best way for students and alumni to express pride in their education. You’ve worked hard for it, so why not show it off?

We’ve just sent you your free t-shirt design ebook.

School pride and hometown pride often go hand-in-hand, and your design can pay homage to both with a clever illustration like California High School’s. And if you really want your students to take your wise words home with them, consider a t-shirt that dresses up your message with a custom typeface.

For younger kids, you’ve got a lot more creative leeway (and a lot more work to do to show them that school is more fun than the latest video game). Harrison Schmitt Elementary School, for example, turns their students into space explorers, and—who knows—someday they just might be.

>> See more t-shirt design ideas for schools

T-shirts for clubs and organizations

Clubs are filled with people that have similar interests and hobbies, and a sweet communal t-shirt can go a long way in reinforcing those social bonds—just like teammates wearing uniforms. Giving members cool threads to wear around town or the gym can also help spread the club’s word-of-mouth.

But beware: matching designs can be a hard sell, so make sure it’s a great one. Otherwise, a tacky group shirt is going to have your members feeling like this family.

T-shirt badge by Skilline.

Your t-shirt sets the tone for how you will be perceived. If your club is seen as a little nerdy, an awesome shirt is a great step towards building a cool image. Or maybe your club isn’t for the faint of heart. A “join-at-your-own-risk” style can actually inspire people to rise to the challenge.

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T-shirs for non-profits and charities

Occasionally, a t-shirt design should make more of a statement than a fashion one. While nobody wants to think about anything in their closet as capitalist advertising space, a design for a worthwhile non-profit cause is a different story.

Although a t-shirt isn’t going to solve the world’s problems, its central location on the chest makes it a great space for promoting awareness. And even if the subject matter is heavy, the design doesn’t have to be. Nonprofits are focused on helping others, and a cheerful design can emphasize that positivity.

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Graphic tees for retail

Graphic tees are what shirts were made for. Think about it. Pants, button-ups, jackets, you name it—they all tend to come either solid colored or patterned (and you just can’t show off artwork very well on a pant leg). T-shirts with awesome artwork are a great way to look simply unique and cool—and that’s the reason people look to fashion in the first place.

T-shirt design by Natalia Maca.

Important considerations to keep in mind for graphic tees are shape and placement. Round, organic shapes look much more natural than a square or a rectangle. Squares are for picture frames—not your body. Also, don’t feel constrained to keeping the design front and center like most shirts do—you’ve got that whole shirt, front and back, as your canvas. Depending on the way the illustration draws the eye, you can print it towards the bottom, in the upper right where a pocket square might be or just all over.

While the sky’s the limit with graphic tees, this is the single most popular t-shirt use case, so make your creativity count more than ever here.

>> See more graphic t-shirt designs

T-shirt design: One idea does not inspire all

T-shirts have so many different uses from professional to personal, but whatever t-shirt design need you have, make sure you give your consumers a tee just as cool as something they’d buy at the mall.

Need unique, custom t-shirt ideas?
Our designers can create shirts for any occasion.

This article was originally published in 2016. It has been updated with new information and examples.

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19 Styles That Prove Paint Splattering Is Spring’s Most Creative Trend

February blahs, come at us! In the midst of outrageous fishnet tights and the rise (or shall we say return) of ‘80s fashion, paint-splattered clothing and accessories (with a few bleach spots thrown in) are officially making the rounds. We’ve spotted one too many brush-stroke denim jackets and sweatshirts splashed with graffiti to be able to let this micro-trend fly under our radar. Keep scrolling for 19 statement pieces that will have you channel your inner Jackson Pollock or Robert Rauschenberg.

2. Mariana Guerrero Who the F Is Felicia Denim Jacket ($250): Is it just us or does this hand-painted denim jacket totally give off a don’t-mess-with-me-or-I’ll-mess-with-you back vibe? The bright blue fringe lining the sleeves won’t go unnoticed come festival season.

3. Holding Horses Painterly Buttondown ($118): If you told us you were an artist, then we’d believe you solely based upon the current status of your striped button-down. The painterly specks and slouchy fit are a perfect match for your beloved sun-washed chinos and backless mules.

5. Nasty Gal Matisse Graffiti Leather Boot ($198): A surefire way to add instant panache to every #OOTD? You’re looking at ‘em. These floral graffiti-covered leather mid-heel boots bring the Carrie Bradshaw charm minus the diva appeal.

Vintage Levi’s Paint Splattered Jean

never want to take these bad boys off. They’re just that versatile and utterly comfortable. Factor in the one-of-a-kind paint splattered design, and yeah, it’s practically a no-brainer.

8. Sundry Paint Splash Sweatshirt ($211): We’re all about anything-but-basic basics that make the right first impression. This huggable gray pullover featuring minimal paint splatters is just the thing for casual weekend errands or a quick sprint around the block.

10. ASOS Acid Wash Fanny Pack With Paint Splash ($23): A bold splash of color pushes this denim acid wash fanny pack into slay-worthy territory. Opt for casual streetwear basics — namely, a slouchy tee, ripped jeans and high-top kicks — for a getup that allows you to kick it both on and off-duty.

12. Vans Paint Splatter Sk8-Hi Reissue ($75): Snatch ‘em up while you still can — these limited edition paint splatter Vans were designed for the sk8ter girl in all of us. Just think how fly you’ll look attempting a kickflip at the skate park or hanging out with the bros?

14. Urban Renewal Recycled Levis Bleached Jean ($89): Your everyday Levis just got a makeover. Besides the perfectly broken-in fit, the bleached wash lends just the right amount of cool-girl edge. Cue the DGAF vibes with a slogan tee and Chuck Taylors.

Pretty Polly Paint Splatter Tights

not rock paint splattered tights to the boardroom? Complete the look with a metallic moto jacket and vampy heels for a getup that will take you from desk to drinks.

16. Zara Graffiti Sweatshirt ($70): ‘90s babes, unite! This army green graffiti sweatshirt flaunting a DIY aesthetic will make you look (and feel) like a total punk.

17. Free People Animal Print Leather Belt ($38): Totally unexpected, but we’ll take it. This western-inspired belt featuring prismatic paint splatters looks best dialed down with some high-waisted light wash jeans and cowgirl boots (what else?!).

18. Topshop Moto Paint Splatter Skirt ($65): We love the ‘90s and we la-la-love this paint splatter denim moto skirt even more. All it takes is a slouchy sweatshirt, an extra high pony-tail and white tennies for a retro look with RN appeal.

19. Mariana Guerrero Vintage Painted Denim Pants ($250): Channel peace, love and good vibes with these vintage mom jeans that straight-up slay. The rad patches and artful paint splatters won’t be flying under the radar at an upcoming women’s rights march. We promise you that.

90,000 With what to wear cycling shorts 2021: fashion PHOTOS, trends, tips

No matter how fashion critics tried to leave bicycles in the past, in 2021 we are seeing a hype comeback. Street stylers don’t want to part with bike shorts – they turned out to be too comfortable and versatile. We will discuss: how, with what and where to wear cycling shorts in order to look up-to-date.

What to wear with bicycles: the most fashionable images of 2021 (photo)

For the new season, stylists recommend purchasing a couple of models in basic shades.With them, it’s easy to create looks from sports to evening wear. In the wake of trends, sets of the same color: cycling shorts plus a top. Lady Dee-style blazers, trench coats and hoodies, loved by fashionistas, are back in fashion again. But bows with an oversized T-shirt tied with a long strap are anti-trend. If you really need to highlight the waist, throw on a jacket with a wide leather belt or tie a T-shirt in a knot. In 2021, cycling shorts are worn with any clothing – even with skirts and dresses. Watch hot ideas from Western fashionists, get inspired and surprise those around you with non-trivial style.

Fashionable images of bicycles with a T-shirt

What could be simpler – shorts plus a T-shirt. Who can be surprised by this … You can and how, if you place accents, choose the right shoes and accessories.

Source: Instagram @devon_alana

“This is rock, baby!” – Cheeky cropped cycling shorts are complemented by a printed black T-shirt, leather jacket, chain bag and metallic jewelry to match the rivets on the jacket.White sneakers make this look a bit lighter.

Source: Instagram @samjahiman

Color blocking reception is the best fit for the summer. A yellow cardigan, pink shorts and a white T-shirt – three accents create a luscious look.

Source: Instagram @

Trendy oversized lettering T-shirt, Dior shoulder bag, shorts and high socks – a simple and comfortable everyday look.

Summer is T-shirt time. When putting together your seasonal wardrobe, be sure to complete it with blanks in pastel shades and a couple of prints. Fashion designs: tie-dye, cartoon characters, band merch.

Fashionable images of bicycles with a jacket

Cycling shorts with a jacket are no longer bad manners. Bright experiments are welcome! Fashion bloggers are recommending acid-colored blazers this year.Natural fabrics, natural textures and pastels are also on the trend list. For an informal setting, cycling shorts under a jacket can be chosen in any color and texture. For office looks, options above the knee are better suited, without lycra, matte base tones.

Source: Instagram @vanessaevelinh

Walking look: cropped bicycles, a basic T-shirt tied at the waist and sneakers literally transforms an elongated nude blazer.The accents are set with a trendy yellow metal necklace, hoop earrings and horn-rimmed glasses.

Source: Instagram @gabrielareisgarcia

A strict outfit with a black blazer will be perfect for a date, a cultural event or an informal day at the office. Yellow clogs and an animal-print cross-body bag don’t let you get bored.

Source: Instagram @danireyesoficial

Barbie pink is the hit of the season.An acid blazer is surprisingly good for a sporty bike. The image proves once again: there is no need to be afraid of experiments.

Basic combinations with bicycles – jacket plus shirt, jacket plus T-shirt, jacket plus top. This season we create accents with the help of jewelry made of beads, pearls, chains, high socks or socks, belts. We supplement with frame mini-bags or bags on a chain. Mesh “string bags” and straws are in trend.

Fashionable images of bicycles with a shirt

In 2021, oversized shirts are worn outside, over crop tops, t-shirts and combine all this with bicycles.In the cold season, a jacket can replace a shirt. Layering continues to conquer the streets.

Source: Instagram @ kenzie.connell

This look literally exudes lightness: a set of bandeau tops and bicycles, a shirt made of natural fabrics on the shoulders, leather slippers with wide straps and a cross-body bag.

Source: Instagram @beth_bartram

In 2021, an oversized shirt is not tucked in completely – one floor is worn outside.You can throw on a beige jacket on top: the bow will only benefit from this.

Source: Instagram @

The basic set of black top and cycling shorts is complemented by a Hawaiian shirt with short sleeves and an abstract pattern, as if transported to today from the 90s. This round woven straw bag continues the beach theme.

This year we wear cycling shirts with elongated shirts, oversized and blouses with sleeves-lanterns.We hide classic fitted models for now until they return to trends. Fans of the bright can experiment with tropical prints, tie-dye and bright abstractions in the style of the 90s.

Fashionable images of bicycles with a hoodie

Saying bicycles and hoodies – remembering Princess Diana. It is not for nothing that many fashionists inherit Lady Dee in sports images. The Princess of Wales knew how to wear sportswear with a truly royal taste. She also set this trend, the return of which we are now seeing.

Source: Instagram @ honestly.hazel

An eclectic combination of trench coats and coats with sportswear is firmly established in the wardrobes of fashionistas. Notice how cropped bicycles and a long coat visually stretch the silhouette.

Source: Instagram @beth_bartram

Layering to the maximum: vest, sweatshirt, T-shirt plus cap.The minimalistic bottom in the form of short cycling shorts clearly relieves the image.

Source: Instagram @ceeceebeliveau

Almost Diana: a varsity sweatshirt, cocoa-colored cycling shorts, high socks, sneakers – the image is almost 1: 1 copies the famous bows of the Princess of Wales. He would have been incomplete bags and black glasses to hide from the paparazzi.

Hoodies, sweatshirts, hoodies have long since gotten rid of the sports-only clothing label.To wear them with bicycles and not look like you are out for a run, add a touch of casual style. Try one of these options: throw a trench coat over your shoulders, bring an elegant bag, wear a shirt under a sweatshirt, replace your sneakers with sandals, add jewelry.

Fashionable images of cycling shorts with top

Not everyone is comfortable in crop-top and cycling sets. Too open, it seems as if all imperfections are in sight.The first secret of confidence: choose clothes made of dense fabric with elastane, you can choose a rib. Such material fits well on any figure and hides skin irregularities. Second secret: wear a second layer – a shirt, jacket or jacket.

Source: Instagram @persephcueva

Stylish contrast: trendy pink ribbed set – cycling shorts with a high rise and a top with a vertical gather in the center, complemented by a rough leather jacket.

Source: Instagram @beth_bartram

Cycling shorts in a trendy reindeer shade complement the basic top and light jacket.The strip and rib on the fabric, the high fit of the bicycles, the elongated cut of the jacket, the diagonal arrangement of the strap of the bag visually slim.

Source: Instagram @devon_alana

Contrasting set – white top and black cycling shorts, complemented by a denim shirt with folds and a banana bag.

Cycling shorts with a wide belt and a high fit are most advantageously combined with tops.Low rise, has not yet returned to trends. Plus, in urban conditions, such clothes can look too revealing.

Fashionable images of cycling shorts with a T-shirt

For those who do not want to even partially open their belly, there is a more conservative set – bicycles plus a T-shirt. Sets of achromatic and pastel colors can serve as a base for any look: evening, business, everyday. In an informal setting, designers suggest wearing acid-printed models.

Source: Instagram @hickeyhardware

In the summer of 2021, a suit made of a T-shirt and bicycles in a bright shade with a print is a must-have for every urban fashionista.

Source: Instagram @mavence

An image of basic things in achromatic shades: shirt, T-shirt, cycling shorts – with an accent on the chain with large links and fashionable “daddy” Chanel sandals.

Source: Instagram @stylingby_jamie

Want to look your 100%? Put on black. A basic set of cycling shorts plus a tank top serves as a backdrop for a leather jacket with two rows of gold buttons and shoulder pads. Diluted total black with white sneakers and a pink handbag.

Fashionable images of bicycles with a skirt and a dress

What to wear under a skirt if the skirt is too mini? Two years ago, stellar trendsetters gave the answer.Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Amber Heard, Ellie Golding boldly put on skirts and translucent dresses with bicycles. In 2021, this option is still relevant: so far nothing more convenient has been invented. In addition, bicycles play the role of shapewear.

Source: Instagram @xoninakim

Sheer black dress with cycling shorts looks mega-stylish. A chunky sole and a baguette bag with chains add a hardcore vibe.

Source: Instagram @kristynahh

Tennis skirts left the courts in the city last summer. Put your bike shorts under them and forget about awkward situations.

You don’t have to hide cycling shorts under your dress. The model can be chosen to the knee, and the skirt can be shorter, quoting the popular images of the 2000s. The main thing is to observe the harmony of colors and style combinations.

Fashionable images of bicycles with a denim jacket

Classic denim suits literally everything, cycling shorts are no exception.The result is a comfortable, casual outfit. Burnt-out jeans, faux scuffs, raw hem, and vibrant colors are popular this season.

Source: Instagram @absolutelyairs

Outfit in pastel colors: a denim jacket that looks burnt out in the sun, a beige T-shirt plus white bicycles.

Source: Instagram @parrotinpink

Denim is not necessarily blue.An elongated jacket in a sunny lemon color sets the tone for the whole look.

Source: Instagram @katiewalklet

For a cool day: a hoodie, cycling shorts and white sneakers complemented by jeans with a fashionable raw edge.

How to combine colored bicycles in the image?

When composing images with colored bicycles, remember: in the postmodern era, adhering to strict rules is bad form.You can get inspiration for combinations in classic techniques:

  1. Full-body – neutral accessories are selected for basic clothing with a pattern.

  2. Print-block – a combination of colored and printed blocks in an image.

  3. Accent – an outfit of clothes without a pattern is complemented with accessories with a print.

  4. Print on print is a combination of different pictures.

  5. Color block – a combination of contrasting color blocks.

When using the color block technique, it is better to use no more than 3 primary colors. In total looks fashion – completely monochromatic images (or images from clothes of only one brand). For them, it is worth choosing models of the same color warmth.

What to wear with white cycling shorts

White is a neutral color.It is in harmony with any range of shades. In the summer of 2021, combinations of white cycling shorts with clothes in neon shades, with a refreshing menthol, fashionable pink look the most advantageous. You should not rest only on basic combinations with black, gray and pastel. Appreciate the beauty of vivid images!

Source: Instagram @ lifestyle_fashion68

Pink shirt paired with matching socks, cycling shorts and white sneakers, complemented by a contrasting gray bag.

Source: Instagram @cloegobsill

A menthol jacket refreshes this outfit as well as a sea breeze. The background is a white total bow: top, cycling shorts, sneakers. Accessories: baguette bag, chain with large links.

Source: Instagram @_laufindlay

SS 2021 has brought the world of cycling shorts with a honeycomb texture.In English-speaking sources, they are also called waffle shorts – waffle shorts. Such a model, even in white, will hide imperfections in the hip area.

What to wear with colored bicycles

Bright bicycles allow you to create sporty, trendy and romantic combinations. Thanks to the designers who have filled the market with new products of all possible shades. We have selected three diverse looks for your inspiration.

Source: Instagram @sophinabull

Total looks are on hold this summer. Sky blue accentuates the bronze tan and creates a light, airy look. As you can see, bicycles are not only about sports.

Source: Instagram @sophinabull

Cartoon print is one of the trends of the season. Add tangerine bicycles, orange sandals, and a mini crossbody bag to the orange hoodie and get admiring looks.

Source: Instagram @sagjenajafi

The trendy pink blazer contrasts with the animal print on the cycling shorts. Zebra on shorts is quoted by the bag. A blank neutral sweatshirt does not overwhelm the look.

With what to wear leopard cycling shorts

Are leopard bicycles bad taste? Try pairing them with clothes in neutral shades and you will change your mind.For those who are more daring, stylists offer experiments with total bows, contrasting blocks and combinations of prints.

Source: Instagram @samanthastyleblog

Leopard set dilutes a white sweater and neutral shoes, complements – a small LV handbag with a monogram and camel handles.

Source: Instagram @annazzon

Combining spotted cycling shorts and a vintage silk blouse, adding a belt with chains, narrow toe mules and oversized fashion glasses for a nostalgic 80s look.

Source: Instagram @ anita_taks36

Western fashion bloggers dispel the myth that bold prints are only for young girls. The combination with a nude top and a classic jacket is perfect for a date or a business meeting. So that the image is not bland, we add spices – accessories.

What shoes to wear bicycles

Not only with sneakers and trainers! Correct answer: with any that suits the image.Choose – birkenstock or dad’s sandals, boots, sandals, mules, boots and create fashion.

Source: Instagram @picknmixstyle_byj

Daddy’s sandals with socks complement the eclectic look perfectly with the classic straight blazer, printed T-shirt, hat and cycling shorts.

Source: Instagram @sagjenajafi

Changing the sneakers for boots in the classic “sports lady Dee” outfit, adding accessories and getting an outfit with a completely different mood.

Source: Instagram @sequinsandsales

Basic look for office and walking: top + cycling shorts + jacket. Sandals and a satchell bag set the tone.

How to remove hair dye from clothes

Any housewife will agree that removing hair dye from any fabric, be it clothes, tablecloth, rug or something else, is a small super task.In terms of their “durability” and “tenacity”, such stains can only be compared with blood stains, which are also very difficult to wash off. Many people immediately throw away the dirty thing, believing that it is easier to buy a new one than to tinker with the old one.

But you can still wash hair dye from clothes, especially if it’s your favorite clothes. There are several proven and at the same time relatively simple ways that will help to save your favorite thing, and with it your good mood!

General recommendations

  • ? As soon as the stain has appeared, it must be immediately blotted with a napkin in order to stop the paint from spreading as much as possible.
  • ? It is not recommended to use solvents or chlorine bleaches for denim or colored fabrics – they can corrode the paint and completely ruin a good thing, leaving a permanent white spot.
  • ? Hot water does not wash away the fresh stain, as many think, but encourages it to spread to other areas of the fabric.
  • ? Pay attention to the washing advice on the garment tag.

Fresh stains on white fabric

Method No. 1 .Pour some glycerin on the stain, wait 5-7 minutes, then pour over the stain with 5% table vinegar and sprinkle with salt on top. If the stain does not completely disappear, you need to drip ammonia on it and wash it.

Method No. 2 . Regular chlorine bleach or whiteness can help remove hair dye stains if you wash your item in it as directed.

Method No. 3 . Oxygenated bleach, which must be used according to the instructions, will also help remove the stain from the hair dye.

Fresh stains on colored fabric

Method No. 1 . Rinse the stain thoroughly under running cold water. Then spray hairspray over the stain and rub a little over the stained area so that the varnish is better absorbed. After that, the item can be washed using the recommended method for the fabric; the stain should disappear.

Method No. 2 . Wipe the stain with sunflower oil until the paint is completely dissolved, then wipe off the oil with dish soap and wash the item.

Method No. 3 . Mix equal proportions of regular toothpaste and baking soda, with a little water, to create a moderately thick substance. Rub the resulting product well into the stain, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water and wash the thing.

Old and dried stains

Method No. 1 . Dampen the stain well with 3% hydrogen peroxide or 9% table vinegar and leave for 30 minutes.Then soak the stain in cold water for another 30 minutes, then wash as usual. A homemade stain remover will work even better: add 1 tbsp of water to 0.5 liters of warm water. l. table vinegar and the same amount of any detergent.

Method No. 2 . Mix equal proportions of liquid soap and white vinegar, if available in the household. Soak the stain in this product for 15 minutes, and then soak it again, but this time in warm water, where the prepared product has been added (2 tbsp.l. 0.5 l). Leave on for a few hours, then rinse well under running cold water.

Method No. 3 . If the fabric allows, then you can soak the stain in gasoline or acetone for 30 minutes, and then wash the item.

Multipurpose tools

Method No. 1 . For 0.4 liters of water, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar and washing powder or detergent. Soak the stain in this product for about 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.Repeat the procedure if the marks from the stain are still visible.

Method No. 2 . Add 40 ml of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to a glass of water. Soak the stain in the product for 20 minutes and then rinse in warm water.

Method No. 3 . A simple shaving foam or gel will also help remove hair dye stains. Foam (gel) should be applied to the stain, wait 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water and wash the thing in the usual way.

A little advice as a conclusion

In most cases, it is really possible to remove hair dye stains accidentally left on clothes or other valuables.But it’s better not to tempt fate and save your nerves by taking the necessary precautions and hiding your favorite blouses, dresses, jeans, etc., if you are planning to dye your hair. So it will be both more reliable and calmer.

12 stunning looks with a classic white shirt

5 fall-winter trends that will make a man break his neck while looking at you

It is not a problem at all to look attractive with the onset of cold weather. We suggest making this fall hot – and wearing trends that will make you really hot.So, 5 hits of the season that will make a man break his neck looking at you. And this is far from mini!

Low-waisted jeans and short jacket

Low-waist trousers are again at their peak this season. And this is worth using with might and main. Because images with such jeans look more than seductive. Especially if you emphasize the perfect figure with a cropped sweater or jacket.

Igor, 35 years old, radio host: “I have always liked low-waisted jeans, I remember how they just came into fashion 10 years ago.I was very young then, and this style aroused not only interest in clothes, but also in its owner. The high waist always seemed old-fashioned to me. ”

Dmitry, 22 years old, lawyer: “I don’t perceive a girl in jeans with a high waist, I immediately turn away, but with a low waist – yes, if there’s also a short sweater and a figure, that’s a bomb”!

Long knitted dress

Long knitted dress on the figure – one of the most comfortable and fashionable solutions for the fall.It will definitely make you look damn attractive and collect a ton of compliments. Wear with a biker jacket, chunky puffy down jackets, and quilted jackets.

Maxim, 38 years old, journalist: “Of the two girls walking side by side, I will pay attention to the one that will be in a dress that fits. If only because she took the trouble to be a girl, and did not put on what was convenient or came to hand first ”.

Ilya, 19 years old, student: A long dress that fits exactly to the figure and emphasizes all the advantages is the easiest and, perhaps, the most effective way to strike me down, especially on the first date. “



Overalls are not just relevant today, they are the hottest fall hit. Moreover, not simple, to which we are accustomed, but too tight, like a second skin, reminiscent of a uniform for fitness. And they have a corresponding name – catsuit. Designers this season are simply obsessed with such knitwear and wool – it’s cold after all. No man can resist the seductive forms of a catwoman.

Vadim, 22 years old: Fitted jumpsuit is a very provocative form of clothing.So it attracts the eye. It makes beautiful ones even more beautiful, makes ordinary ones even more ordinary. Of course, the choice is not for everyone, but there is something to strive for ”.

Ivan, 30 years old: “A girl in tight clothes always attracts attention. It doesn’t matter what her physique is, because there is no dispute about tastes. ”

Leather shorts

Shorts in the fall, when many traditionally try to change into trousers, are in themselves a pleasant memory of summer. Leather shorts are a seduction game that is sure to resonate with the opposite sex.Wear it with dense matte tights, and choose a jacket or an aviator coat from outerwear – men curl their necks, looking after you.

Aleksey, 35 years old, entrepreneur: “Leather shorts – in my opinion, looks great, and for girls this is a way out – comfort and beauty in one bottle”.

Evgeniy, 39 years old, photographer: “I love shorts on girls more than mini-skirts, this is an interesting, worthy solution. Why not, if the figure allows ”?

Bright fur coat

A cropped bright fur coat thrown over your shoulders will make you a delicate and fragile fairy.And certainly a bright shade – this way you will definitely attract the attention of the opposite sex. As a reminder, Pantone insists on sunny yellow, bright blue and fiery red.

Igor, 32 years old, director of a communications salon: “A short fur coat is great. If also the color is so girlish, feminine, delicate. I certainly would not have passed by. ”

Ilya, 26 years old, graduate student: “A girl in a short fur coat looks very fragile, delicate and defenseless. I would like to meet you right away. ”

As you can see, in cold weather it is also quite easy to stay on the fashion wave and look attractive.

Vanity Fair – Newspaper Kommersant No. 49 (517) dated 19.03.1994

& nbsp Vanity Fair

Spring and summer 1994: slight negligence from beard to toe
Fashion has come to grips with men’s wardrobe. And in the coming spring-summer season, the appearance of the most conservative part of humanity plays a decisive role in the formation of a new style in a renewed world. Most reviewers of the leading fashion magazines notice that today every detail of the dress, coupled with every wrinkle on the face, matters, if it indicates individuality.The trendsetters of men’s fashion took their motto from Whitney Houston’s hit I Have Nothing. However, the designers were even more outspoken: “Nothing sleek, flat and clean!”

Perhaps the new fashion will seem too extravagant, because even in the office now it is necessary to appear in suits, to put it mildly, with impressive originality of details. However, all the seemingly “inappropriate” combinations of jackets, jackets, shirts, shirts and vests (an obvious tribute to the fashion for layering) are quite consistent with the casual lifestyle that attracts men so much.And if some layering seems sloppiness, others tend to see in it just another game with their own image. However, any, even the most harmless game requires compliance with certain rules.
In the spring and summer of 1994, clothes in the style of dandies, colonialists (this time Indochina ceded the leadership of India), workwear of the Americans and the British, as well as etnique motives borrowed from traditional North African costumes, are popular again. In colors – the advantage over white and its shades.No less fashionable are pure linen, muted ocher, as well as brown, beige and the spectrum of gray (from “Marengo” and gray-blue to gray with a pearl tint).
In a contrasting combination with white, the colors are aquamarine, “protective”, lilac, pink, as well as “mint” and “papaya”. In defiance of the premature forecasts regarding the oblivion of luminescent paints, the latter (following the return to decorative cosmetics of gloss and gloss) did not hesitate to reappear in the current color palette. Today yellow, red-orange and blue paints shine.
The hit of the season is considered to be linen, cotton and silk shirt-cut jackets with high fasteners, patch pockets, slots and not very wide lapels. Mandatory details of outerwear are decorative trim and spaghetti fringes. The vests that are still present in men’s fashion are abundantly decorated with contrasting stitching, edging, all kinds of ornaments and patterns. Summer fashion supports the desire of men to be in no way inferior to women: transparent and mesh fabrics, ruffles, flounces, pleats, seams, cuts, draperies and asymmetric details will finally take hold, as will the manner of wearing a la romantique shirts outside.
In the drawings, one can feel the return of the sports theme – the blocks of stripes (from narrow to wide “mattress” ones), as well as the influence of Afro-Asian traditions. Along with batik, mosaic borders, and abstract and cave paintings, numerous images of the sun, desert, sea and islands return. The once popular cowboy shirts have given way to shirts in the “notebook” and “kitchen” cage (drawing of towels), as well as “vichy” and “madras” cages.
Summer in men’s suits can not do without all kinds of “photo printing” on any topic.Its original version was offered by Jean-Paul Gaultier to those tattoo fans who are not inclined to undergo operations on their skin. Dragons, monsters and naiads are “impaled” directly on transparent turtlenecks from Gauthier and it remains only to determine how many “tattoos” you need.
Rings, chains and chains are another popular item in men’s suits. In the manner of Hindus and Indonesians today, they should be stretched from nose to upper lip or from eyebrow to ear. The true sign of style is a series of rings that “pin” the shirt to the body or effectively “hooked” to the nipples.All jewelry has special devices and is absolutely painlessly attached to the body.
Summer blazers have not escaped the influence of fashion on shirts. Therefore, along with narrow fitted models with stand-up collars, with a “blind” fastener and wide turn-down collars in the men’s wardrobe, there are wide blazers-shirts with a wrap and all kinds of decorative elements – patch pockets, stitched cuffs and numerous “zippers”. At the same time, it is believed that checkered jackets (usually from Vichy, Madras, Tartan and Prince of Wales checks) are best suited to the fashionable so-called goaty goatee.As in the winter season, in summer, jackets are worn casually buttoned on one, as a rule, the topmost button.
New trousers are characterized by extremes: either they are too wide or too narrow. Wide ankle-length trousers are often tied at the waist, decorated with patch pockets, sometimes from fabrics of different colors. Skinny trousers with pleats at the waist are usually slightly cropped and decorated with “arrows” or wide cuffs. Classic straight trousers are also offered in a pair with a jacket and a vest.
Fashion has prepared a lot of surprises for lovers of denim style. And above all, the return of the “originals” – Levi’s, Lee, and Wrangler jeans. This is partly caused by the dominance of the early 70s and “denim” (dense denim), but to a greater extent – by the constancy of tastes of movie and rock idols who once got into a certain “company” and did not want to change their habits. Contrary to the faded and worn jeans of the grunge era, the dark “denim” has a rather soft texture in the current fashion. Contrasting stitching and metal fittings add special appeal to classic denim.Nevertheless, the new denim shirts look quite sophisticated precisely because of the “worn” effect and “a touch of noble patina”.
Skeptics and those who have escaped the influence of denim fever are encouraged to buy these “work clothes” in boutiques. For example, in Loft stores in Paris, Muja in London and Tokyo, or Armani in New York and Milan.
As for the classic men’s suit, despite the absence of exaggerated details, certain elements nevertheless indicate certain weaknesses of fashion.And first of all, this applies to collars of a wide variety of shapes and volumes: the most relevant today are voluminous tab, kent and batton-doun collars, Italian pointed collars and starched collars of the era of romanticism. Detachable collars, usually reversible with a cuff or lined with denim, are fitted with a zip, buttons or buttons. The collar color itself may not match, and even contrast with the main color of the shirt.
Another fun of fashion designers can also be called summer versions of pockets – like “accordion”, with false flaps or cuffs, contrasting stitching or silk cord, on “zippers” and on rivets, with patchwork inserts and with cotton edging “like fur”.A new look at the colonialist uniform and etnique style clothing – decorative trimming of pockets with cotton or “straw” plait straps, applique a la “Inca” or embossing under the skin of a crocodile and a lizard.

90,000 What is a Goblinkor? Kikimorakor – a new trend in dark fashion – Knife

– A woman, a woman, a terrible woman took Dunka away …
And there was that woman, a kikimora, who steals children and puts a piece of wood in the cradle instead.
A. N. Tolstoy, “Kikimora”

The recently respected British newspaper The Guardian has revealed Goblinkcore , a style of clothing and lifestyle inspired by the aesthetics of the hideous in nature. As examples of this “disgusting” observer, he cites mushrooms, moss and, for some reason, toads, which, as you know, have been adored by the entire Internet for many years.

Goblinkor attracted the attention of a journalist by the fact that he went into tiktok trends.At the moment, the hashtag #goblincore on the social network for the most direct has more than 650 million views, and this figure continues to grow, and on reddit the corresponding community, as of November 2021, has 25 thousand members (this is seven thousand more than likes from meme about the 9/11 attack and the legalization of marijuana in New York state).

According to a study by The Guardian, goblinkorers prefer practical clothing with illustration prints taken from reference books by mycologists, botanists and amphibiologists.”Goblinkor is a cottage core for those who spend time in nature and know that nature is not wheat fields bathed in the sun’s rays, but forest snags and roaming animals,” says one of the newspaper’s interlocutors. Another unsightly brother of the cottage core is distinguished by a craving for occult symbolism.

In the same article, trend expert Amanda Brennan adds that the goblinkor has great emancipatory potential, and for its followers it is attractive, among other things, because scientists have counted more than 20 thousand sexes among some representatives of the mushroom kingdom.

However, in the same article the ethics of the term “goblinkor” is questioned, since, as experts note, the image of a goblin in Western European culture has clear anti-Semitic connotations. Instead, activists suggest using the more neutral mashrumkor and moskor .

@dortygoblinA boy? A MAN? A KING? yes indeed ## goblin ## goblincore ## ftm ## transgender ## comingout ♬ original sound – DortyGoblin

However, in this rather detailed material, for some reason, it is not mentioned that in Russia and neighboring countries, long before the goblinkor, their own subculture appeared, which has a lot in common with it, but also seriously differs from it.We, Lord Tritogenon, decided to fill this gap and tell about a unique phenomenon known as “kikimorakor” , whose adherents will give any goblinker a light for unity with nature and rebellion against the system.

Let us briefly describe the main components of the image and lifestyle of the supporters of this cultural and ideological movement.

Rocker T-shirt with Alik

Regardless of the season, the main attribute of kikimorakorikhikov of all genders is an incredibly beautiful T-shirt with the symbols of any transgressive musical group.The “transgressive” groups in this case include, for example, the following: KISS, Twisted Sister, Sweet, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bon Jovi, Blue Öyster Cult, etc. Ideally, the T-shirt should be bought from Aliexpress. “. When the package arrives, the new thing should be washed twice at the most extreme mode so that the paint sprinkles, and instead of a pattern, either an ugly stain or subtle contours of the print remains on the fabric.

This is important: If you can sing or whistle at least one song of the ensemble, in whose singed merch you are wearing, then you are not wearing kikimorakor.T-shirts with the logos of Burzum, Darkthrone and other bands of the second wave of black metal also have no place in Kikimorakor’s wardrobe. “Tishki” with the symbols of Soviet and post-Soviet punk bands (“Civil Defense”, “Gas Sector”, “Red Mold”, “The King and the Fool”) are not prohibited, but they are not considered desirable either.

Chinos – in winter, insulated vests – in summer

Adept or adept of the Kikimorakor always does not dress for the weather.

In the winter cold, it is considered special chin to wear chinos – preferably dark blue (read more about this below).If the kikimorakorschik or kikimorakorschitsa is frozen or freezing, then you can wear thermal underwear. Those around you, of course, will not notice, but there is no more kikimorakoric bodily sensation than the meeting of underpants with a thin cotton fabric.

In summer, it is recommended to wear warmer clothes; layering is strongly encouraged. A KISS T-shirt, flannel shirt and lightweight windbreaker are perfect for walking on the hot asphalt of the metropolis.

Painting with ballpoint pen

It is difficult to establish for certain which subculture from which the Kikimorakor expropriated this important element of style.Punks and rockers of the poor regions of the Soviet Union were also invented to paint clothes with an ordinary ballpoint pen, and in the 90s in the courtyards one could see spontaneous adherents of DIY culture who similarly applied the symbols of their favorite teams to simple white T-shirts.

However, the similarity is only visible. If Soviet rockers and their post-Soviet children were forced to engage in needlework in conditions of total shortage, then the kikimorakors, on the contrary, by the damage of textile products, are resolutely protesting against the crisis of overproduction.

Ink inscriptions and drawings applied to clothing should be as ugly and meaningless as possible. The most common paintings are of an occult and mystical nature: runes, swastikas, pentagrams, crosses deployed in all directions, as well as images of monsters from dilapidated grimoires and the hateful situationist slogans of May 1968.

Music of heavenly dungeons

Like any developed subculture, the kikimorakor has its own musical dress code.And it is extremely simple: kikimorakorschiki listen very loudly to the music that a mentally healthy person would be ashamed to turn on in public.

These can be authentic recordings of military marches, national anthems of third world countries, collections of German polka and much more. But dungeonsint is especially popular among adherents of the most extreme anti-consumer subculture. However, not everyone, but only the most unbearable. Here is an example of a reference kikimorakor dungeonsint:

Witch’s circle of reading

This is where the crucial difference between goblin and kikimorakoroshchiki is outlined.The former prefer the radical wing of modern humanism: feminist literature, gender studies, postcolonial subalter studies, etc. At Russian book fairs they can be seen storming the stands of Popcorn Books and No Kidding Press.

Kikimorakorshchiki, on the other hand, read literature with non-human optics. First of all, this is the Soviet transgressive animal painting: Mikhail Prishvin, Konstantin Paustovsky, Vitaly Bianki. They have a special love for the books in the Life of Remarkable People series about Ivan Barkov, Sukhovo-Kobylin and Viktor Muravlenko.They do not go to book fairs; they can be found in the district library for their favorite pastime.

This is important: Kikimorakorschiki treat Dmitry Alexandrovich Prigov with respect, but also with caution and even anxiety.

New naturalness

This term refers primarily to hairstyles. Kikimorakorschiki never cut their hair to achieve the most natural look. If the male kikimorakorschik becomes bald, it is allowed to shave the upper part of the head, leaving several patches of hair on the sides, like in Koshchei Bessmertny performed by Georgy Millyar.

Along with the new naturalness, many kikimorakorschik people profess the so-called “new spotting”. It consists in artificially applying various stains to clothes. To do this, use toothpaste or shaving foam, which leave characteristic repulsive marks. And to imitate swamp mud, water and gouache are used. (These nasty stains look especially good on chinos, which, we recall, should be worn in winter).

New naturalness and mottling should not be confused with banal untidiness.Kikimorakorschiki regularly wash their hair and wash their clothes, but they strive to maintain the illusion of desertedness in order to be closer to the spirits of the Russian land.

Make-up is recommended appropriate. By smearing mascara all over the face, the kikimorakor youth achieves a “dug from the grave effect.” This type of makeup, however, should never be confused with black metal corpse paint. If the blackies with the help of makeup emphasize their brutality, then the kikimorakorschiki – a conscious inferiority.

Microdosing of pigs

Mushroom microdosing is the main psychopharmacological trend of this year. It seems that everyone, from advanced biohackers to novice intellectuals, resorts to the use of ultra-small portions of fly agaric. There is no unequivocal opinion among scientists about the benefits or harms of this practice, but fashion is doing its job, and fly agarics will soon be definitely banned from us.

Although mushroom microdosing has become really popular only recently, kikimoracor growers have already successfully incorporated it into their livelihood programs.True, they prefer pigs, or pigs, to noble handsome fly agaric.

Despite the funny and even affectionate name, pigs are fraught with many dangers. That is why every mushroom season, crowds of boobies roam the highways, collecting baskets full of these forest freaks. Returning from the campaign, they fill huge pots with pigs, boil them in a small amount of water, and the resulting black broth, full of heavy metals and other harmful substances, is poured into medical vials.

The broth of pigs has numerous destructive properties: it depresses the central nervous system, provokes insomnia, and impairs blood circulation. It is in him that the most radical of the kikimorakorschikov appreciate.

Kikimorakor icons

There are not very many of them, but they are. Although the kikimorakorschiki are extremely nihilistic in relation to the world of stars and show business, they have their own idols, at least partially sharing the values ​​of esoteric prurvinism. In addition to the already mentioned George Millyar, the icons of the kikimorakor include: actor Nicholas Cage, musicians Marilyn Manson, Robert Smith, Pete Doherty and Dave Mustaine, singer Lana Del Rey, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, writer Michel Houellebecq, and Venezuelan political activist Ilyich Ramirez Sanchez.

“In my opinion, the uniqueness of kikimorakor lies in the fact that it does not have clearly delineated social, gender and other boundaries,” comments culturologist Anna Trytka. – The ideals of the Kikimorakor can be shared by both the left and the right, wealthy people and citizens below the poverty line, patriarchals and gender fluids. He demonstrates how bizarre and eclectic forms can be taken by dissatisfaction with the modern world, bordering on resentment. If we talk about the ideological origins of the subculture, then it is obvious to me that they lie in the field of punk and black metal, which were also a protest against the consumer society and the corresponding values, but in the end they themselves created a cult of alternative consumption around themselves.The psychologist will find in the daily practices of kikimorakor some features of auto-aggressive behavior, but this is no longer in my competence. ”

We strongly disagree with our distinguished colleague, but we invite the reader to independently draw all the conclusions he needs.

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