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The Blackwing 602 is a re-creation of the original Eberhard Faber Blackwing that originally went into production in 1934. The only machine in the world that made the pencil’s distinctive eraser clamp broke some time in the late ‘80s, and when the current makers exhausted the remaining back stock of clamps in 1998, they simply let Blackwing production fizzle to a halt. Unlike the Blackwing Matte, which has a softer lead for note-taking and sketching, the Blackwing 602’s firmness and wear resistance is made for writing, with fewer sharpening breaks.

Made in: Japan


–California cedar
–Graphite, graphite
–Metal ferrule
–Elastomere eraser

Specifications: 8″ Length; 12 pack

Further Reading:

“Some of the world’s most legendary Grammy, Emmy, Pulitzer and Academy Award winners have created with Blackwing pencils. The list of known users includes John Steinbeck, Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein and Chuck Jones, who proudly used Blackwings to create Bugs Bunny and countless other Looney Tunes characters.

Its roots go back to the 1930’s when it was first introduced by Eberhard Faber. In 1998, after several corporate acquisitions, it was discontinued, but not forgotten. In fact, fans began paying as much as $40 on eBay for a single Blackwing pencil.

Artists from across the world soon noticed that Palomino’s range of premium pencils provided a comparable performance to the Blackwing and asked them to consider reviving the iconic brand. Palomino founder and CEO Charles Berolzheimer, whose family’s roots in the pencil industry date back to the mid 19th century, used his unique supply relationships to re-introduce the Blackwing pencil, both in its original form (the “602″) for devotees, writers and everyday users, as well as a modified version with a slightly softer lead for artists. And despite the 602 model being shipped with a black eraser, traditionalists were happy to learn that pink and other nontraditional colored replacement erasers are now available for those who like to “hack” their Blackwing.

Claimed by many to be the best writing utensil in the world, Blackwing pencils are famous for the quality of graphite, iconic shape, replaceable eraser, and the men and women whose works they’ve inspired throughout the years. Building upon the popularity of Blackwing pencils, Palomino recently released a unique line of luxury notebooks, sketchbooks and folios that help inspire your ideas from pencil to paper, from cultivation to culmination.”

-Palomino “The Blackwing Story”

“The Great Blackwing Pencil Brouhaha”, CNN Money

“Back in Blackwing”, The New Yorker

Why Is Hollywood Obsessed With This Pencil? – The Hollywood Reporter

This story first appeared in the Aug. 16 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

In the spring of 1960, Vladimir Nabokov was living in a rented villa in Los Angeles’ Mandeville Canyon, hard at work adapting his novel Lolita into a screenplay for Stanley Kubrick. He wrote in four-hour stretches, planted in a lawn chair “among the roses and mockingbirds,” he later wrote, “using lined index cards and a Blackwing pencil for rubbing out and writing anew the scenes I had imagined in the morning.” With more than 1,000 cards to work with, the scribe found that his pencil arguably became his most trusted collaborator.

Nabokov isn’t alone in his devotion to the Blackwing 602, without question among the most fetishized writing instruments of all time. It counts among its cultish fan base some of the greatest creative geniuses of the 20th century, from John Steinbeck (“I have found a new kind of pencil — the best I have ever had!” he wrote) to Quincy Jones (the Thriller producer says he carries one under his sweater when making “continual fixes” to his music) and Truman Capote (who stocked his nightstands with fresh boxes) to Stephen Sondheim, who has composed exclusively with Blackwings since the early 1960s.

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The pencil even made its way onto television’s most object-obsessive series, AMC’s Mad Men, put there by TV director Tim Hunter, who says, “I just had always felt that these folks would be using Blackwings.” Animators, including artists who drew such iconic characters as Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse, remain its most die-hard devotees — and earliest hoarders: The Blackwing 602 is becoming increasingly rare as it fast approaches its 80th birthday, with ostensibly only a few thousand in existence among the 13,000 that comprised its last lot in 1998, when the line was phased out.

Since then, Blackwing addicts have had to face the inevitable. “Of all tools,” says DreamWorks Animation’s Jenny Lerew, who blogs about the 602, “a great pencil is meant to be used, and in the using disappears inch by inch from the stocks of old utensil drawers, estate sales and retired artists everywhere. It’s a bittersweet conundrum. A lot of elegance and history will disappear with that last silver stub.”

The first was produced during the early 1930s by a New York City pencil plant, Eberhard Faber, founded by two German brothers in 1861 on the present United Nations site. With the country in the throes of the Great Depression, the company saw an opportunity to cater to the sliver of monied elite who could afford what historian Henry Petroski describes as a “super-premium pencil.” The result was the first edition of the Blackwing 602, with its inky-black hexagonal barrel, gilt hardware, gold-embossed logo and memorable tagline, “Half the pressure, twice the speed.” Explains Petroski: “All the other pencils were yellow, the sign of a very high-quality lead. So to make a pencil black was exceedingly unusual.”

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The Blackwing had another unique feature in its rectangular eraser, held in place by a squared-off metal clasp, or ferrule. When the eraser wore down, the user could slide out a small clip, extend the rubber to the desired length and refasten it. The flat eraser offered Blackwing users yet another advantageous feature: The pencil never rolled off the page. But what was under the hood was the real draw as no other pencil produced a line quite as supple, bold and creamy smooth as the Blackwing did despite retaining a point longer than those of its counterparts.

Early adopters who were animators began to spread the word. Walt Disney Studios’ Freddie Moore, the artist behind some of the best-loved Mickey Mouse cartoons, introduced it to animation’s “Nine Old Men,” including Ollie Johnston, who drew Bambi and Thumper among numerous other iconic characters. He cherished his first Blackwing and kept one taped to his studio window until he died.

When Shamus Culhane, who animated the “Heigh-Ho” sequence in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, died in 1996, he was buried with a Blackwing in hand. “We animators have our traditions, and the Blackwing is a cult to itself,” says Tom Sito, a key player in Disney’s animation revival, whose credits include The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.

Then came the dreaded discontinuation: Tim Hodge, who works on Cartoon Network’s Tom and Jerry, discovered a shortage of Blackwings in the Disney animation offices during the early ’90s. “I went down to the lady who ran the supply department, and she said, ‘Oh yeah, they stopped making those,’ ” he says. A sudden panic came on. “I had some stubs in my drawer,” recalls Hodge, “and was trying to gather them all together and see what I had left, like cigarette butts for a last smoke.” Adds Sito: “Some of my friends were downright distraught. It was like when the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn.”

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The last Blackwing 602 rolled off the line in 1998. The brand had managed to survive the sale of Eberhard Faber to Faber-Castell in 1988, but when Sanford Corp. bought Faber-Castell six years later, annual sales of the already-rare item fell to 1,100 boxes of a dozen, and the machine that produced the ferrule mechanism broke down.

Fans set about gathering the remaining supply. Says Sondheim, who was inducted into the Blackwing brotherhood by the late playwright Burt Shevelove, with whom he collaborated on A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum: “Burt was a stationery geek and believed that if you found a stationery supply that you like, you should buy not just one but a gross because they can become instantaneously obsolete. And I took him seriously.” Sondheim won’t specify how many he keeps stowed in his closet but says he has plenty left and even gifts friends with an occasional box.

The Blackwing’s demise coincided with the rise of Internet culture, which provided its diffuse community of users a place to convene and share gushy stories as well as a marketplace to buy and sell vestigial stock.

Prices promptly skyrocketed, and these days, a single genuine Blackwing 602 easily can run upward of $50 on eBay, while a half-gross from the 1970s, in its original box, is available for $1,999.99. The brand, whose trademark had lapsed, was resurrected in 2010 by California Cedar Products Co., which sells its reissue for $20 a dozen under the name Palomino Blackwing. Opinion among purists is mixed, but the company tries to earn good will by staging events like The Blackwing Experience, a tribute that took place in June at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity in Costa Mesa, Calif. The location’s namesake — the animation genius behind Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Wile E. Coyote — drew only with a Blackwing until his death in 2002.

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For most Blackwing fans, however, there are no substitutes for the original, pre-1994 602. Sean Malone, an enthusiast who runs the Blackwing Pages blog, catalogs its every appearance in the pop-culture wilds and has spotted them strewn across the cluttered newsroom desks of All the President’s Men, clenched between Richard Dreyfuss‘ teeth in Jaws and perched in the hand of copywriter Paul Kinsey in that episode of Mad Men. (A side note: Hunter, who also helms episodes of NBC’s Hannibal and FX’s American Horror Story, was introduced to the pencil by his Blackwing-loving father, Ian McLellan Hunter, a screenwriter known for fronting the blacklisted Dalton Trumbo, who penned 1953’s Oscar-winning Roman Holiday while in exile in Mexico.)

Malone also is fastidious about who is and isn’t a verified Blackwing aficionado: Igor Stravinsky and Faye Dunaway, yes; Frank Lloyd Wright and John Lennon, purely anecdotal. Fellow blogger Lerew says that despite an industrywide switch to Photoshop about seven years ago, she finds herself returning again and again to her dwindling supply of Blackwings for inspiration: “You go looking for something else, but there’s really nothing else like it.”

Adds Sondheim, now 83 and a songwriter on a Disney feature of his musical Into the Woods, starring Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp, “I’ll be adding two songs to the score via my trusty Blackwing.

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Twitter: @SethAbramovitch

Back in Blackwing | The New Yorker

The new school year starts today in New York City. A couple of weeks ago, our son’s teacher, like her counterparts at cash-strapped institutions of learning around the country, sent us a list of writing and cleaning supplies to buy. “After years of experience,” she wrote, “I have found that there are some brands of supplies that are better than others.” So Ziploc bags; Scotch tape; Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils.

Ticonderogas are perfectly fine, but when I worked in the fact-checking department, back in the nineties, and spent long days making diagonal marks and marginal notes, I grew fond of the Blackwing 602 pencil. It wore down more quickly than others, but it would glide across the page, and somehow would make the hours glide along, too. It also had a seductive slogan, in golden lettering: “Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed.

In those days, we took turns using the one departmental computer to dial in to Nexis. Soon enough, computers were on every desk and Blackwings, which Eberhard-Faber stopped producing in 1998, have become harder to find. What had once been an affordable everyday luxury, a latte that lasts more than a single afternoon, now sells on eBay for twenty-five to thirty-five dollars a pencil. I’ve never placed a bid; on those rare occasions when I’m not pecking away at a keyboard or smudging up a touchscreen, I use pens. My fondness for Blackwings lingers, however, much like the Rolodex that I keep on my desk but never consult.

In June, I learned from the omnium-gatherum site Boing Boing that the Blackwing has been resurrected. I shared my excitement with our most experienced and revered copy editors—O.K.’ers, in New Yorker parlance—who still work on paper, with pencils.

Turns out I was* way behind my colleague Nancy Franklin, who still has a few dozen original Blackwings. Nancy informed me that Blackwing pencils first resurfaced last fall, but they were more tribute than clone. In a series of blog posts, Charles Berolzheimer, the president of the company that bought the Blackwing trademark and makes the new pencils, dissects differences in the graphite performance, the removable eraser (white instead of pink, but still in a metal ferrule), and the lacquer finish between his so-called Palomino Blackwing and the Eberhard-Faber original. He even interrogates the beloved slogan:

…looking at varying degrees of lateral pressure being applied with a fixed amount of downward force, as smoothness increases the same lateral force certainly would increase speed and I can see the logic that reduced lateral pressure might maintain the same speed, but not necessarily double it. Who can write or draw legibly twice as fast anyway?

Nancy ordered boxes of Palomino Blackwings for herself, and gave some to “three people whose proofreading has made my work better. ” But the O.K.’ers were not impressed. Carol Anderson, who has kept using Eberhard-Faber Blackwings (mostly stubs) all these years, said of the reissue:

I’ve used only one, so clearly it did not pass muster. But, strangely, I don’t think it was the lead so much as the feel of the thing, and that too-bold coloring—it was just too clunky to the touch.

Best Alternative to the Vintage Blackwing 602? (The Search For A Bygone Product) : pencils

Article Two. By u/AllMight04

Recently, I acquired the Mitsubishi Hi-Uni in 2B. Immediately I noticed that it was an extremely soft pencil. Think softest Palomino Blackwing, but a 2B. I own all of the main Palomino Blackwing pencils (minus the Natural), and a vintage Blackwing 602, so I compared them to the Hi-Uni.

One of the most important things of the pencil-writing experience is the paper you write on. The original Blackwing 602 may be the world’s most famous pencil, but it sure doesn’t feel like it when using cheaper paper. This goes for all pencils; using better paper yields better results. Noting this, I decided to use the best paper I have: Clairefontaine in a 21 x 29.7cm (~ 8.27 x 11.69 inches, rounded) spiral notebook. This was the main testing paper, and a pocket-sized Cahiers collection Moleskin ruled notebook was a secondary writing surface, to feel more differences ( the paper is not as smooth, and allows me to get the nuances of the graphite better).

This is what I found:

Firstly, it seems like the Hi-Uni 2B has a feeling similar to if Palomino had a pencil in between the Pearl and original Blackwing. It is slightly harder than the softest Blackwing, but is noticeably softer than the Pearl. That being said, the Hi-Uni is darker and softer than the vintage 602. Further testing lead me to conclude that, were the Hi-Uni a B, it may actually be the closest thing to a vintage 602 that is made and accessible in modern times.

The Hi-Uni pencils have wonderful Japanese graphite. It is not so much smooth like its German counterpart as it is soft like a powder. I personally like this feeling, and it helps me to discern the pencils; the vintage Blackwing 602 is well-known for its soft, “feather smooth” writing, like it advertises on the box. It is this trait that made the pencil so famous, and why so many people liked the 602 in the first place. The Hi-Uni pencils have a similar “feather smooth” quality to them, which speaks to their quality and the precision of craftsmanship when making them.

I have never heard anyone compare the Hi-Uni in B or 2B to an original Blackwing 602. I do not have a Hi-Uni in B, but I plan on getting one at some point. I am taking a guess that it will be soft like the 2B, but a bit lighter, and very similar to the vintage 602. The rounded top of the Hi-Uni pencils might make the process of “hack winging” the Hi-Uni easier to get a more authentic Blackwing experience. If you have a Hi-Uni in B and a vintage 602, let me know how close they are. If I get one, I will update this post with my new findings.

If softness is what the user is after, the Hi-Uni line is definitely a place to look. Unlike the new Backwing pencils, the Hi-Uni pencils are available in singles or dozen boxes. It is much easier to get a “sample” before committing to an entire box, which will cost at least $18 for one dozen of a single grade on Amazon. The new Palomino 602 is also wonderful, but it is not similar enough to the original (for me, at least) to really replace the old version. Maybe one day it will happen.

A while back I read an article about the creation of the Palomino Blackwing 602. Instead of remaking the pencil, they tried to make improvements to its writing performance. Many find the upgrades beneficial, but I do wonder why they couldn’t make the 602’s core the same and make a new pencil with the “upgrades.” There are some vintage 602 cultists who hate the new version and prefer the old, even though it will eventually cease to exist, simply because it is not a mirror copy. Now would be the time to find an alternative, knowing that Palomino will probably never truly remake the vintage core, and there is not much reason to hope for it.

What Eberhard Faber made of the Blackwing 602 is truly special. Writing with my well-worn, but not yet gone 602, I can feel the reason people like them so much. It does fills me with a deep longing feeling when writing, however. It is a strange thing to feel from something like a pencil, but the closest thing I can equate it to is nostalgia from a time I never experienced. I can feel its age, along with the weight that comes with letting cherished items go. I only have one, and I have not found another when the funds were available. They are disappearing, with only so much time to get another one left. When not compared, the new 602 is fine, but when they are compared, it is not, nor can it be, the same. Palomino should have done what I said above: remake the core of the 602, and add another version as the “improved” one. Until then, the new ones will have to do.

I envy those who have the vintage 602s stored in boxes, or just secret stashes. I will continue on both my search for some vintage 602s and for a replacement.

Thank you all for reading. has a blog section where you can read about the development of the Blackwing pencils. Make sure to start at page 88 , since page 89 does not work. You can change the page number in the link (“/page/88”) to jump around, or use the page numbers on the bottom of the page.

Blackwing Pencils: 602 Gunmetal (Set of 12)

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Blackwing Pencil Comparison — bien fait calligraphy

I use a pencil just about a much as I use nib and ink…and I LOVE a good pencil.  Warming up my ovals, sketching, trying out new letterforms, note taking, and Moleskine jotting, a pencil is always on my desk.
Have I tried every single pencil on the market? No.  Have I tried a fair share? Why yes of course.  I quickly settled upon the Palomino Blackwing Pencils, specifically the Palomino Pearl model. Buttery smooth and great for warming up and drills (but horrible for drawing guidelines on envelopes).  It’s glossy white body and gold ferrule are gorgeous.

The Blackwing 602, with it’s gunmetal pearl finish and firmer graphite core (all the Blackwing pencils feature a special graphite core) was a close second, and the Blackwing “Black” was a in 3rd place position, it’s graphite core soft but not as soft as the Pearl.  The “Black” was my least favorite aesthetically, it’s the only model with a gold band near the ferrule and a matte finish.

We all look for the same thing in a holy grail pencil: line darkness (your preference), point retention, and smoothness.  For the most part you cannot get all 3 qualities in one pencil.

darker line = softer graphite = frequent sharpening

I LOVE the Pearl, but it’s soft graphite means I sharpen it a lot.  The 602 holds its point better, but it’s not as smooth.  It’s like trying find the perfect pair of jeans omg!

I will not go into the erasers on the Blackwings…because we all know they kinda suck.  That’s all. (see how I tested erasing on the 602 in the pic below).

Enter the Palomino Blackwing 24.  Four times a year, Blackwing introduces limited edition models.  Thus far, the limited editions have used one of the three Palomino cores (Pearl/602/Black).  Blackwing introduced a new core for this edition.  It is formulated to be slightly firmer than the 602 without sacrificing darkness, and perfect for “extended writing”, which I take it to mean less frequent sharpening.  Aesthetically, this pencil is a stunner! Black eraser, black ferrule, glossy black body, and black stamped letters…gorgeous!!!

It’s really difficult to describe how a pencil “feels”…it’s like degrees of smooth butter.  The 24 is definitely smoother than a 602, but not as smooth as a Black.  I love the 24!  I sharpened it, took it for a whirl, and then purchased 2 more boxes…hoarder!

Where does the 24 fall in my lineup?  I like to have 2 types of pencils in my arsenal, one super smooth for ovals, sketching, and doodles, and a second for drawing guidelines (which means they must be erasable) and for writing in my Moleskine planner and Midori Traveller’s Notebook.  The Palomino Pearl and 24 will be my dynamic duo…and I love that they are black and white, yin and yang, peas and carrots.

Happy sharpening!

You can purchase the Blackwing 24 (and all the Blackwing pencils) here .  

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by Blackwing and all opinions are from my own crazy head.

The Blackwing Pencil – Culture, Controversy and Creativity

What do Bugs Bunny, Lennie Small, Holly Golightly, and Lolita have in common? They were all brought to life by the legendary creatives of the 1940’s and 1950’s who wielded the now legendary Blackwing pencil! From John Steinbeck, Quincy Jones, Sondheim & Bernstein, Nabokov, and Chuck ‘what’s up doc’ Jones to modern day artists, architects and musicians – frankly anyone with a penchant for quality and the need of a pencil! The Blackwing pencil is as celebrated as those who declared they couldn’t work without it – which was exactly what happened in the late 1990’s…but we will get to that. With a varied – and sometimes controversial – history, Blackwings’ story is one of multiple corporate acquisitions, a cult following and now a modern company founded on an ethos of quality and philanthropy.


The Original Blackwing 602

Going back to the roots of Blackwing, the 602 model was first introduced by the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company – which you may recall from our Faber-Castell: Pens, Pencils and a Whole lot of History! article published way back in June. Having emigrated from Germany to manage the subsidiary of the Faber-Castell empire, Eberhard’s sons Eberhard II (known as John) and Lothar took over the company with sales offices in seven major cities in the US, interestingly the original New York City plant is now the site of the United Nations and the Brooklyn factory is the site of the Blackwing Loft, a creative arts and performance space.

Blackwing – Entwined with Culture

The Blackwing 602 grew a fan base of loyal devotees including Disney animator Shamus Culhane (animator of the classic heigh-ho scene in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!)  who, according to animation historians requested that he be buried with his Blackwing 602! There are many high profile individuals who publicly espoused their preference for the Blackwing 602.

John Steinbeck, according to his son Thomas, would start every writing session by sharpening 24 Blackwing pencils to a needle sharp point and placing them in one of two identical pots, he would write with them for a few lines until they dulled, then place them in the second pot until all pencils had been used. After this he would resharpen them all and begin the process again. In this sense, the Blackwing  became a ritualistic element of the writing. Steinbeck is regularly quoted as saying;

“I have found a new kind of pencil – the best I have ever had. Of course it costs three times as much too but it is Black and it is soft but doesn’t break off. I think I will always use these. They are called Blackwings and they really glide over the paper”

Blackwing Pencils –  Luxury and Style

Official production of the Blackwing began in 1934, a year described by history as the turning point of the Great Depression: with unemployment decreasing in the US; the births of Frankie Valli and Sophia Loren;  a nation captivated by the escapades of Bonnie & Clyde and John Dillinger; and, not far from the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company’s Chicago sales office, the rise of underdogs the Chicago BlackHawks who won their first ever Stanley Cup title after a mediocre start to the season. The Eberhard Faber Pencil Company saw this time of growth and optimism (ahead of growing concerns over European politics of course!) as an opportunity to create a pencil designed to be a luxury and sought-after item, with a graphite-grey lacquered hexagonal barrel (unusual at a time when pencils were almost entirely produced in yellow), gilt hardware and a gold embossed logo, this was a tool of unique styling. The Blackwing featured a rectangular eraser which was held in place with a squared off ferrule which allowed for the eraser to be extended once worn down by simply sliding out the clasp, extending the eraser as needed, then simply fastening the clip once more. This small detail was a significant improvement on the standard mounted eraser as it extended the use of the pencil where previous erasers would wear out and the efficiency of always having that eraser to hand was removed.

Image Credit: SoFun 

Stamped on the side of the Blackwing 602, opposite the brand marking, was the slogan ‘half the pressure, twice the speed’, initially appealing to stenographers (particularly in the US with the extensive use of Pitmans shorthand which requires differentiation in line strength and width) as the Blackwing possessed qualities remnant of a 3B/4B lead being soft and smooth, but with the more desirable rate-of-wear found with an HB. Although the Blackwing pencil was initially thought of as a (somewhat elite) office tool, it was quickly adopted by artists and creatives who favoured the way the blackwing 602 wrote and drew and with the unique rectangular eraser the Blackwing was becoming synonymous with quality. Furthermore, the design of the pencil meant that it wouldn’t roll away which was often the case with the cylindrical barrel normally associated with standard pencils.

Blackwing – A Testament to Excellence

The Blackwing 602 has been written about in detail by many who describe the tool as being paramount to some of hollywood’s most revered talents. The New Yorker, Salon and Boston Globe, to name but a few, have all written extensive and celebratory articles of the Blackwing and it has been namechecked in several works of pop culture including Nabokov’s final novel look at the harlequins! In the 1960s, Nabokov adapted his novel Lolita into a screenplay for Stanley Kubrick and would spend four-hour long periods sat in Los Angeles writing out thousands of index cards with a Blackwing pencil for “rubbing out and writing anew the scenes I had imagined in the morning”. Similarly, Quincy Jones, famous for producing Michael Jackson’s Thriller, reportedly always had a Blackwing 602 on him for all the continual fixes to his music, and Truman Capote of Breakfast at Tiffanys and In Cold Blood fame was known to have a fully stocked nightstand filled with fresh boxes of the 602. 

Image Credit: wing602people

Walt Disney Studios’ ‘Nine Old Men’ were the celebrated key animators responsible for many of the Disney classics we know and love, they were huge fans of the Blackwing 602. Ollie Johnston, creator of Bambi and Thumper among others, revered his Blackwings having kept the first one he owned as a prized possession and always having one taped to his studio window. Chuck Jones refused to use any other pencil in his works –  which include Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Wile E. Coyote – until his death in 2002. Tim Hodge, known for his work on Tom and Jerry reportedly entered a state of panic when the stationery supplies manager informed him that stock was running low on his beloved Blackwing 602s. In a similar act, Stephen Sondheim (Company, West Side Story, Gypsy, Into the Woods)  on the advice of fellow stationery geek –  playwright Burt Shevelove – was concerned about the Blackwing becoming discontinued or obsolete and so bought up a large yet undisclosed number of pencils in the 1960’s to last out his career.

The Beginning of the End?

Seemingly, Sondheim’s inclination may have foreshadowed the coming decades. Global Stationers Staedtler took over the company in 1978, a year before John Fabers death the following year. Production of the Blackwing began to decrease although their popularity remained high. A decade later, the eighth generation of the Faber-Castell family, Count Anton-Wolfgang Von Faber-Castell, acquired the company – rebranding the pencil as the Faber-Castell Blackwing 602 although this was relatively short lived as in 1994 they were acquired by the Sanford division of Newell Rubbermaid who reverted the branding of the pencil back to its original Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602 name. At this time, disaster struck as the machine which produced the unique ferrule/eraser system broke down, this alongside a long standing dip in sales (from around 160,000 units per year to 12,000 annually – it should be noted the factory was capable of producing that many in an hour!). This led to the decision to cease manufacture and sell off the remaining stock. It only took 4 years for the last metal ferrule clips to run out and in 1998 the Blackwing was officially discontinued. The demise of the Blackwing meant the pencil gained almost mythical status and instances of single pencils selling for upwards of $40 on ebay were regularly reported. What was unusual about this activity was that buyers spending significant amounts on these pencils were not doing so as collectors but rather as avid users of the legendary pencil. The scarcity of the Blackwing meant that each use was carefully considered and sharpening each pencil became an art! Pencil Sharpeners – A Journey denotes the developments of the humble pencil sharpener and how an re-emergence of traditional methods can improve the longevity of a pencil. After the discontinuation of the Blackwing, It would be several years before the beloved pencil would reemerge.

Blackwing…The Revival

CalCedar, founded by Charles Berolzheimer, had a range of premium pencils under the Palomino name which artists began comparing to the Blackwing 602 in the early part of the 21st Century. Imparting his ethos of sustainability, environmental responsibility and philanthropic endeavours before his death in 1995 Charles established a culture within the company of research and development as well as engagement which remains at the core of the company. Being aware of the reputation of the Blackwings with the realisation that the original trademark had expired CalCedars released the Palomino Blackwing in 2010 as a tribute to the Eberhard Faber legendary pencil, featuring genuine California incense-cedar and premium Japanese graphite and the unmistakable rectangular eraser. Selling the pencils on the online store as part of the CalCedar California Republic umbrella, this revival received mixed reviews with some purists appearing disappointed that the original slogan was omitted, the ‘recipe’ for the graphite was not true to origin, the distinctive metallic grey lacquer was not present, and with some going so far as to be offended that Palomino was resting on the laurels of the original brand as a marketing strategy.

During 2011 aimed to increase audience reach and focus on the Blackwing range so established Studio602, to produce a broad range of creative, entertainment and educational content tied to creativity and the power of wood encased pencils. Responding to some of the critiques of the Palomino Black relaunch, they returned to the drawing board and the Palomino Blackwing 602 was launched with many of the original features being replicated in this version. Responses were extremely positive and the Palomino Blackwing 602 is enjoying a revival as the tool of choice for the visionaries, the creators and the common-man world over.

Versions of the original were released to include the Pearl which is presented in a pearl white finish with black imprint and eraser. The Pearl contains a smooth graphite core which is softer than the Palomino Blackwing 602 but firmer than the Palomino Blackwing, making this pencil a perfect balance for writers and artists alike. The ‘Natural’ is one of the newest editions to the standard lineup, finished in a clear matte finish and gold imprint one can really appreciate the natural colour and pattern of the wood. The Natural contains the hardest graphite in extra firm which is closest to HB lead.

Beyond the homage through the pencils themselves, the company stages events to honour the great Blackwing users of the history such as one held at the Chuck Jones Centre for Creativity in California. The dedication to the encouragement and empowerment of creativity in all forms is intrinsic to the company ethos with a percentage of all Blackwing sales going to benefit music and arts education through the Blackwing Foundation.

The Blackwing has reclaimed its position as more than just a pencil, but imparts its very own culture. Blackwing’s history is intertwined with music as composers, producers and award-winning songwriters having utilised the Blackwing pencils since the 1930’s. Palomino created Blackwing music, a project to promote and encourage musicians through live performances, events and album releases honouring the relationship between Blackwing pencils and the music industry.

This is something truly special about the Palomino Blackwing Company, they are all about celebration! Celebrating the achievements of others and encouraging excellence. This is clear in the way they present their Limited Edition pencils. Referred to as the ‘Volumes’ each release is thematically charged and the model number refers to an element of the occasion/person/phenomena being honoured. The first of the volumes was model number 725, referring to the 25th of July and Bob Dylan’s first plugged-in set at the Newport Folk Festival and the impact of the festival on folk, rock and roots music. The Pencil itself is inspired by the sunburst finish on the Fender Stratocaster played by Bob Dylan during the festival, the barrel is punctuated with a white imprint and black eraser. 

The most recent Volume celebrates 2nd Lieutenant Jack ‘Jackie’ Roosevelt Robinson who, in 1944,was court marshalled and given an honorable discharge for refusing to move to the back of the bus, going against segregation laws. He went on to become a major league professional baseball player supporting the desegregation movement.

Volumes to date have been designed and numbered to honour the following: 

42 – Jackie Robinson

10 – Nellie Bly

811 – Libraries

4 – The 2020 Mars Rover Mission (early plans for the rovers robotics were drawn up using Blackwing pencils!)

33 ⅓ – Vinyl Records

10001 – Miyamoto Sensei

54 – Surrealism

16.2 – Ada Lovelace

1 – Guy Clark

73 – Lake Tahoe

205 – The Silk Road and Jade

530 – The California Gold Rush

344 – Dorothea Lange

56 – Joe DiMaggio

24 – John Steinbeck

1138 – Georges Méliès

211 – John Muir

725 – Newport Folk Festival

The details on each release are outstanding, for example Volume 1138 features movie barcoding where the entire 13 minute movie ‘A trip to the moon’ is represented with lines on the barrel, Volume 811 was coated with a phosphorescent topcoat so they glow in the dark in homage to the emerald green desk lamps of the traditional library and Volume 4 is finished in a rust colour lacquer with a sandy texture to represent Mars – the fourth planet  -and the upcoming 2020 Mars Rover Mission. The detail and quality of the Volumes is absolutely incredible but is by no means restricted to the limited editions. Every single Palomino Blackwing pencil is crafted to perfection .

The Blackwing is the ultimate comeback kid! With several years plagued by dwindling sales, corporate takeovers and a changing environment moving more towards a digital existence, the pencil could have died out with the Eberhard Faber Company who conceived of it. However, a cult following, a move toward the tactile analogue traditions of the past and the fact that no amount of technology can replace the need for a quality pencil has seen a re-establishment of a modern classic returned from the brink of death to continue to support the creation of some of the great works of the future. It would have been inconceivable to Eberhard Faber that his seemingly unremarkable, humble pencil would go on to become the object of such exceptional admiration that the Blackwing has been, and continues to be for many. 


 Explore the full Blackwing collection with Hamilton Pens

The legendary Blackwing 602 – the most famous pencil in the world

Have you noticed that Americans usually write with pencils? For some reason, such a habit has not been widely spread in Europe and Russia. Maybe because there are not enough good pencils like in the USA?

In the summer of 1960 Vladimir Nabokov rented a house in Hollywood to write at the request of Stanley Kubrick the script for the film “ Lolita ”, which was released in 1962.In 1973, while living in a hotel in Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva, Nabokov recounted in his memoirs how he wrote the script of the film Lolita:

I spent the next four hours in a garden chair among roses and mockingbirds, writing and rewriting, erasing with an eraser, and restoring again on lined cards with a Blackwing pencil the scenes I had invented in the morning.<…> Having written over a thousand cards and finished the script on this, at the end of June I received its typescript, sent these four hundred pages to Kubrick and, in need of rest, went with my wife, who drove the rented Impala, to Inyo County. ”

It is not by chance that Nabokov mentions this pencil, which was very popular among American writers, screenwriters, cartoonists, artists, architects and advertisers. The artists used Blackwing pencils, which were produced from the early 1930s to 1998 by Eberhard Faber.Writers and screenwriters used a Blackwing 602 pencil for their work. These pencils were supplied with a replaceable elastic band, which was specially attached with a clip. The Blackwing 602 pencils were exceptionally soft and allowed you to write with little or no pressure at high speeds. They are made from cedar and wax was added to the lead.

There is a cult following around the Blackwing 602 pencils. Nobel laureate in Literature John Steinbeck wrote: “I have found a new kind of pencil – the best I have ever had!” (“I find this new type of pencil to be the best I have ever had!”). Quincy Jones , jazz trumpeter, composer and music producer used these pencils regularly. Writer Truman Capote always kept a stack of these pencils in his bedside table. Composer Stephen Sondheim , Oscar winner for film scores, has always used a Blackwing 602. Television director Tim Hunter always kept such pencils on the desk in his office, saying: “I just had always felt that these folks would be using Blackwings “(” I have always believed that people prefer to use Blackwings “).DreamWorks Animation Artist Jenny Lerew (Twitter: @blackwingjenny) started the blog named The Blackwing Diaries. American engineer, scientist and technology historian Henry Petroski called this pencil “super-premium pencil.” The list of fans of this pencil can be continued almost endlessly, but to finish, it is enough to mention among the fans the names of composer Igor Stravinsky , actress Faye Dunaway , innovator architect Frank Lloyd Wright and John Lennon .

In 1994, the machine that made rubber clips at Eberhard Faber broke down, and when the stock ran out, the company ceased production of these pencils. Blackwing 602 vintage pencils can sometimes be found on eBay for about $ 20 each.

In 2010, the Cal Cedar Pencil Company of California revived the Blackwing pencils under the Palomino Blackwing brand. And in 2011, Cal Cedar and introduced the Palomino Blackwing 602 pencil. Alex Beam , columnist for the American newspaper The Boston Globe , commented on Palomino Blackwing with the phrase: “better than an iPad,” (see video: However, this enthusiasm is not shared by everyone: some enthusiasts of the classic Eberhart Faber Blackwing 602 pencils argue that the design of the new pencils is inferior to the previous ones. Nevertheless, the demand for these pencils is record-breaking, and the press evaluates the Palomino Blackwing 602 as “new pencil of choice”.

The company sells new pencils Palomino Blackwing 602 for $ 20 per pack of 12 pieces. The company’s slogan is imprinted on one of the edges of the pencil: “Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed”.

I did not find these pencils on the Internet in Russia. But you can probably buy them at . And someday they will appear in our country, as Amazon is already preparing to enter the Russian market: at the recent non / fiction book fair, I happened to meet a representative of a company who came from Luxembourg to study the Russian market; she even has a business card in Russian.

Fortune magazine: The great Blackwing pencil brouhaha

vladim% c3% adr english translation, contextual examples, pronunciation

Pád jej zlomil C3 a C4 na krčnej chrbtici, čo viedlo k miechovému šoku.

As a result of the fall, 3 and 4 vertebrae are broken, resulting in spinal shock.


Skúšky, atestácia a kódovanie obalov na prepravu nebezpečných vecí podľa ADR , RID, IMDG-Code, ICAO, IATA-DGR.

Testing, certification and marking of containers for the transport of dangerous goods in accordance with standards ADR , RID, IMDG-Code, ICAO, IATA-DGR.


Stupeň C3 .

Category C 3 .


*. adr | Súbory záložiek Opera (*. adr

*. adr | Opera Bookmark Files (*. adr



V roku 2005 sa Farell a William Morris Agency spojili so spoločnosťou Capital Sports Entertainment (teraz C3 Presents) z Austinu v Texase a reorganizovali festival do jeho súčasnej podoby, teda vo víkendový festival v Grantovom parku v Chicagu v.

In 2005, Farrell and William Morris’s agency partnered with Capital Sports Entertainment (now C3 Presents, based in St.Austin, TX) and remade Lollapalooza into its current format as a weekend festival in Chicago’s Grant Park.


Kôň na c3 .

Knight d1 on ( 3 . Knight b8 on sat .



Ak je zasadený precizny uder nožom alebo rukou na oblasť C3 … može to sposobiť, že obeť padne do bezvedomia.

If you strike with a knife accurately at vertebra s-3, the victim will lose consciousness.


C3 bola predstavená v septembri 2009 na Frankfurtskom autosalóne.

The new C3 was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2009.


Výrazný nárast C3 a O2.

C3 and O2 reach peaks.


Bol odvodený z Citroënu C3 .

It was presented at the Citroën C4 show.


Prepáč, kamoš, si na zlej adr

Sorry buddy, you’re not on hell


Platforma C3 bola použitá aj v koncernových automobiloch Peugeot 1007, Peugeot 206 a Peugeot 207.

In accordance with PSA Group policy, chassis C3 was used for the Peugeot 1007 and Peugeot 207.


Európska dohoda o medzinárodnej cestnej preprave nebezpečných vecí, Európska dohoda o medzinárodnej preprave nebezpečného tovaru po ceste, alebo ADR (z francúzskeho Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises dangereuses par route) je medzinárodná zmluva, ktorá predpisuje podmienky prepravy nebezpečného nákladu.

European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, ADR (FR: Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises dangereuses par route, FR. ADR ) is an agreement of European states on the international carriage of dangerous goods.


Našiel som, aj napriek posmrtnému stlačeniu, značné krvácanie v oblacti stavca C3 .

In addition to postmortem disc compaction, I also found significant hemorrhage on c- 3 .


To si vyžiadalo vysokooktánový benzín C3 (96 oktánov) namiesto B4 (87 oktánov).

The new engine required high-octane fuel – C3 (octane number 96) instead of B4 (r.h.


Sean Malone –

American Musician

This article is about a musician. For the hockey player, see Sean Malone (hockey).

Sean Malone

Malone in 2013

Born (1970-04-12) April 12, 1970
Delran, New Jersey, USA
Died (aged 50)
Genres Progressive Metal, Jazz, Rock, Progressive Rock, Instrumental, Jazz fusion
Instruments Bass Guitar, Chapman Stick, Piano, Keyboards, Guitar
Labels Roadrunner, AudioImage, Sensor, Season of the Fog
Tsinorai Dream Theater, Cygnus, Gary Willis, Mike Portnoy, Paul Gilbert, Stephen Wilson, John Wesley

Sean Malone (April 12, 1970)- December 9, 2020) was an American musician who played mainly fretless bass and Chapman Stick. However, Malone also played piano, keyboards, and guitar. Malone has worked many times with different bands and musicians. He is best known for his work with the American band Cynic, in which he developed a strong partnership with drummer Sean Reinert. Malone and Reinert have played together on several recordings besides Cynic, making them one of the most popular progressive rhythm sections today.


Early in his career, Malone played as a session member in a variety of bands, from Latin jazz and bossa nova to British pop. His first experience in high-level metal music was in 1993 with the Florida-based progressive metal band Cynic. Malone suddenly became bassist for Cynic; the band was scheduled to record their debut album, Focus in the studio where Malone worked as an assistant engineer and session musician. The band suddenly parted ways with Darren McFarland (who also briefly worked with Atheist) and hired Malone to play bass on their soon-to-be-recorded LP.Malone had perfect musical chemistry with the band and toured with Focus in 1993.

After the band’s first disbandment, Malone continued to work as a session bassist, recording over fifty records. He is also the author of four books, “Music Theory for Bassists” , “Dictionary of Bass Grooves” , “Rock Bass” , and “Portrait of Jaco: Solo Collection” (Jaco Pastorius’ Bass Solo Transcription Book) for Hal Leonard Corporation.Academically, Malone has published articles on music theory and cognition, and has lectured at conferences such as the Society for Music Theory, the International Music and Sign Conference, and the Glenn Gould Conference, and has taught at the University of Central Missouri. and Carnegie Mellon University as Assistant Professor of Music Theory.

Malone made one album under his own name, Cortland, which was released in 1996 and reissued in 2007. He also collected and recorded Gordian Knot’s debut album, Gordian Knot , released in 1999.The album features Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Ron Jarzombek (Watchtower, Spastic Ink, Blotted Science) and John Myung (Dream Theater). Gordian Knot’s second album, Emergent , featured performances by Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson), Jim Mateos (Fates Warning) and Steve Hackett (Genesis, GTR), as well as Cynic members Sean Reinert, Paul Masvidal and Jason Gobel.

He rejoined Cynic with Reinert and Masvidal in May 2008 and recorded their comeback album Trace in the Air , which received very high critical acclaim.The album was released 14 years after the release of their previous and highly successful Focus . However, he did not tour with the group due to his university teaching preferences. In September 2011, Cynic confirmed that Malone had recorded on their EP Carbon-Based Anatomy . On December 12, 2012, Cynic announced that the band had entered the studio in trio mode with Malone to record a new album. Be so kind as to release us .

Malone’s last known publicly released recording of Cynic was on the single Humanoid, released on January 15, 2018.

On December 9, 2020, Paul Masvidal announced that Malone had died.


“For those who think they are pencils, they are not – they are just pencils. This is a very deep concern for something.

Malone with Eberhard Faber at Wilkes-Barr

Malone took a scientific approach to the pencil theme and spent years documenting the cultural significance of the Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602 pencil. He also traveled the United States and Germany, interviewing Eberhard Faber IV ( head of Eberhard Faber in the USA) and the late Count Anton von Faber-Castell (head of Faber-Castell in Germany).In pencil circles, he was known as the creator of both Blackwing Page and Counterpuntalism.

Malone was also interviewed on camera for the 2015 documentary. No. 2: The History of the Pencil. He mentioned that he had completed nearly 300 pages of the pencil book, although he doubted the commercial viability.

Bibliography and Interviews

  • Malone, S: MUSIC THEORY FOR BASSISTS: Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.
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  • Weaver, K.(2017) The Perfect Pencil: The Untold History of a Cultural Icon. [Berlin] Gestalten.


Malone was Assistant Professor of Music Theory at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri, during the 2007-2009 academic years, and at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the fall 2009 semester. In addition, he was a teaching assistant. at the University of Oregon. [ citation needed ]




Glenn Gould

Malone was also a scientist of Glenn Gould.He restored and archived Glenn Gould’s Canadian Broadcasting Corporation videotapes and documented his research on him. He published article by Glenn Gould and the Nature of Competition [ citation needed ] in the journal Glenn Gould.

Music Theory

Malone is credited with designing the following fonts for music analysis [ needs citation ] :

  • Harmony 2
  • Roma


  • Graduate Scholarship

University of Humanities 9035 Oregism

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Malone played three basses, each of which heralded a different chapter in his career. During the Focus era, he played the Kubicki Factor fretless 4-string bass guitar. He later began using the 5-string fretless Ibanez GWB1, best known for its Gordian knot and cynic. Era can be traced in the air. In recent years, he became an Ibanez endorser and began playing a custom 5-string fretless Ibanez SR5005E, best known for recording Cynic songs. Be so kind as to release us . He played the Chapman stick for most of his career.

  • Custom Ibanez SR5005E 5-string fretless bass
  • Ibanez GWB1 5-string fretless bass
  • 4-string fretless bass Kubicki Factor
  • Chapman Stick




9048 )

  • Traced in the Air (2008)
  • Carbon Anatomy (2011)
  • Be kind to free us (2014)
  • Solo and Gordian Knot
    • Cortlandt (1996)
    • Gordian knot – Gordian knot (1999)
    • Gordian knot – Emergent (2003)
    • Agora – Agora (2000)
    • OSI – Office of Strategic Influences (2003)
    • Roadrunner United – 9004 7 Sessions All Star (bass on “Dawn Of A Golden Age”)
    • Spiral Architect – Universe of Skeptics (stick on Occam’s Razor)
    • Spastic Ink – Ink Compatible (bass on “In Memory Of ….. “)
    • Anomaly – Anomaly (bass from” Art of War “)

    Partial discography and other works

    • Swan and sea monsters – One night in Chicago
    • John Wesley – Under red and white sky (1994)
    • John Wesley – Pale Blue Eye Closure (1995)
    • James Labrie – Prime Cuts
    • Clockwork – Surface Tension (1999)
    • Freak Neil Inc.- Characters (2005)
    • After the Storm – Benefit for Survivors of Hurricane Katrina
    • CD with Sensory Records Sampler: “Singularity” by Gordian Knot
    • Tappistry Volume 2 Compilation – ToeTappin Records “Redemption’s Way” with Greg Howard
    • Open Microphone, Volume 1, collection – purebred music “Madman”
    • Bass Talk Volume 5 Compilation – HotWire Records (Germany) “Deep Blue”
    • Workman, tribute to Rush – Magna Carta Records
    • Tappistry: Volume 1, Compilation ToeTappin ‘Records
    • Jim Studnicki: Day Two
    • Guitars That Rule the World Compilation: Explosion
    • Curtis Bell: ABC of Song
    • Southeast Music Conference Compilation: Todd Grubbs’ French Toast
    • French Toast Randy Goodgame: Randall Goodgame – Red Fish Records

    • Notes From The Underground: Guitar World Magazine
    • Lance Rowland: Prince, Poet, Prisoner
    • Guitar Magazine Compilation CD: “Size 5 Lightning Boots”
    • Curtis Bell: Sojourner – Independent
    • Robert Wegmann: Red Hair – Fumiko Records
    • Tim Mullally: Hiking (Independent)
    • Grubb355 Todd : Combination – Appollon International (Japan)

    • Steel Tears: Palma Negra R&R Records
    • Compilation of Southeast Music Conference, Steel Tears:
    • Smashmouth: Seed (independent)
    • Robert Wegmann: The Wild Party-Fumiko Records
    • diggers: diggers (independent)
    • Steel Tears: Steel Tears-R & R plates


    external link

    Cadillac has introduced two new sports sedans

    Cadillac has introduced the first two products of its new Blackwing sub-brand, sporting versions of the CT4 and CT5 models.

    Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing is equipped with a 3.6-liter V6 series GM LGY instead of the standard 4-cylinder engine. In the modification for the Blackwing , this engine is equipped with a double turbocharging, a lightweight crank mechanism, titanium pistons. Maximum power – 472 hp, torque – 602 Nm. The engine is combined with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 10-range “automatic”. The drive is only rear.

    The dynamic characteristics of the CT4-V Blackwing are revealed only for the version with automatic transmission – the car accelerates from standstill to 60 mph (96 km / h) in 3.8 seconds, the maximum speed reaches 304 km / h.

    Now read:

    Sedan CT5 is a larger car, so in the version Blackwing it is equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 GM LT4 with a supercharger, its power is 668 hp, torque is 893 Nm. The automatic 5-meter sedan accelerates from zero to 60 mph (100 km / h) in 3.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 322 km / h.

    The CT5-V Blackwing engine is taken from its predecessor, the CTS-V .However, it has been upgraded. The volume of the supercharger is increased by 1.7 liters, lightweight aluminum cylinder heads, titanium intake valves, etc. are used. By default, the engine is aggregated with a 6-speed manual transmission, a 10-band automatic is offered for an extra charge. The drive is also rear. Both models feature the latest generation of Adaptive Magnetic Ride Control chassis, which simultaneously improves stability, handling and comfort.

    Outside, the CT5-V Blackwing can be distinguished from the standard sedan by the original front bumper with increased air intakes, 19-inch alloy wheels on low-profile tires, and a diffuser in the rear bumper.In the interior, the sporty version is recognizable by the touches – the red notch on the steering wheel, inserts in the dashboard and door cards made of carbon. The CT4-V Blackwing features an aggressive front bumper and lightweight aerodynamic body kit. The interior has the same sporty accents.

    Dealerships of Cadillac in the USA are already taking orders for new items: CT4-V Blackwing costs from $ 60,000, CT5-V Blackwing – from $ 85,000. General Motors hopes that these models will compete with the sports modifications BMW , Mercedes-Benz and Audi .In Russia, new items will not appear, because the concern GM excluded all Cadillac sedans from our market – only crossovers and SUVs remained.


    Derwent Pencil extension set 2 pcs – ISaloni – interior studio, wallpaper salon

    Double Head Metal Adjustable Pencil Extension Rod School Office Drawing & Drawing Tool Gift

    Double Head Metal Adjustable Pencil Extension Rod School Office Drawing & Drawing Tool Gift


    All compatible with data sheet

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    5 01 September 2020

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    »Foam rollers and brushes


    “Primers and glues

    “Miscellaneous auxiliary

    Wood burning

    Gouache paints

    “Master Class gouache 40 ml

    “Master Class gouache 100 ml

    “Master Class gouache 220ml

    “Gouache Gamma

    “Sonnet gouache 40 ml

    “Sonnet gouache 100 ml

    »Sets of gouache

    »Fluorescent Gouache

    “Pearl and metallic gouache

    »Gouache Ray

    Decorative paints

    “Making pearls

    »Wood stain

    »Mirror Effect

    Decoupage and craquelure

    »Rice cards A3 Craft premier

    »Rice cards Love2Art and Renkalik

    »Paper cards

    »Napkins for decoupage

    “Wooden blanks


    “Mediums and varnishes

    »Wooden lettering frame toppers


    »Gilding with paints

    “” Ladoga metallic

    “” Tair metallic

    »» Decola metallic


    “Patina and Wax

    “Auxiliary products for gilding


    “Pens and Brushes



    “Quilling paper

    »» Plain

    »» »Plain 3 mm

    »» »Plain 5 mm

    »» Mixes

    »» »Mix 3 mm

    »» »Mix 5 mm

    »» »Mix 7 mm

    “Sets for quilling

    “Quilling tools

    Paint in aerosol

    »Spray paint Arton

    “Spray paint Aim.One

    “Art spray Decola



    »» Roubloff squirrel

    »» »Natural protein Roubloff

    »» »Squirrel MIX Roubloff

    »» »Imitation Squirrel Roubloff

    “” Gamma Protein


    »» Roubloff speakers

    »» »Natural speaker (shortened pile) Roubloff

    »» »Speakers MIX Roubloff

    »» »Natural speaker Roubloff

    “” Gamma speakers


    »» Roubloff synthetics

    »» »Round synthetic brush Roubloff

    »» »Flat synthetic brush Roubloff

    »» »Synthetic oval brush Roubloff

    »» »Beveled synthetic brush Roubloff

    »» »Synthetics under bristles Roubloff

    »» »Synthetic curly brushes Roubloff

    »» Sonnet synthetics

    “” Amateur synthetic series

    »» »Round synthetic brush ArtAvangard

    »» »Flat synthetic brush ArtAvangard

    »» »Brush oval synthetics ArtAvangard

    »» »Beveled synthetic brush ArtAvangard


    »» Roubloff bristles

    “” Sonnet bristles

    »» Albatross

    “” Amateur series bristles


    »Folding brushes

    “Brushes with reservoir

    »Sets of brushes


    Paints for face and body

    “In the assortment of TAG



    »Face painting sets


    Oil paints

    “Van Gogh Oil

    “Art Gamma oil

    “Series Master class oil

    “Series Ladoga oil

    »» Ladoga 46 ml oil

    »» Ladoga 120 ml oil

    “Sonnet series oil

    »Sets of oil paints

    Cutting materials

    Materials for graphics


    »» Faber-Castell

    “” Koh-i-Noor

    “” Sonnet

    »Soft material

    “” Sangina

    »» Sepia

    »» Sauce

    “” Coal

    »» Other

    “Colored pencils

    »» Colored pencil Karmina Cretacolor

    “” Colored pencil Master Class

    »» Sets of colored pencils

    »Gel pens

    “Collet pencils


    “Miscellaneous for graphics

    “Sets for graphics

    Materials for decoration

    “Corrugated paper Cartotecnica Rossi 180g / m2

    »Crepe paper Folia 32g / m2

    »Decorative coating Voyling


    “” Stencil New Year

    “” Stencil 22 * ​​31 cm Event

    “” Stencil 11.5 * 16.5 cm

    “” Stencil 22 * ​​31 cm Sonnet

    “” Stencil 10 * 25 cm



    “Glitter (sequins)

    “Colored sand

    “Foam blanks



    “Hardware for wood products

    “Watch Mechanisms

    Materials for sculpture

    “Clay plasticine gypsum


    Materials for glass and ceramics

    »Stained glass paints

    »» Marabu stained glass

    »» »Water-based

    »» »On a lacquer basis

    “” Decola stained-glass window

    »» Sets of stained glass paints

    “Paints for glass and ceramics

    “” Glass decals

    »» Sets for glass

    “Contours for glass and ceramics

    “” Contours for glass and ceramics Tair

    “” Contours for glass and ceramics Decola

    “” Sets of contours for glass

    “Contour Pastes and Medium

    “Markers for ceramics


    Easels and sketchbooks


    “Study boxes

    Plaster of paris visual aids



    »Sets of oil pastels

    »Sets of art pastels

    “In pencil


    »» Derwent

    “” Sets of pastel pencils

    »Pastel by the piece MUNGYO

    »» Oil Pastels

    »» Dry Pastel

    “Pastel paper

    “” In sheets 21×29 Lana (France)

    “” In sheets 50x65cm Lana (France)

    “” Sets of pastel paper

    Paste gels mousse

    “Texture (embossed) paste

    »Acrylic mousse Decola

    “Decola Gel Paste

    “Sculpting Gel

    Metallized pigment and powder

    Polymer clay (plastic)


    »» Professional Doll Art

    »» Professional

    »» Soft

    »» Effect


    “Sonnet plastic

    »» Classic colors

    “” Fluorescent

    »» Metallics

    »» Sets



    “Epoxy resin

    “Tools for plastics

    Plates, stretchers


    »Modular subframes

    Color by number 40 * 50

    Carving on wood, linoleum

    “Chisels and knives

    “Sets for a thread

    Painting on fabric


    “” Silk decal

    “” Silk reserve

    »» Silk sets

    »Fabric dyes

    “” Fabric decals

    »» »Classic fabric colors

    »» »Fluorescent on fabric

    »» »Sets for fabric

    »Fabric dyeing paint

    “” for fabric dyeing Russia

    “” for dyeing Marabu fabric

    “Fabric outlines

    “” Tair contours on fabric

    “” Sets of contours for fabric

    “Fabric marker

    Luminous paints (fluorescent)


    »Art markers

    »» Art markers SKETCHMARKER

    »» Art markers Sonnet

    »» Art markers Winsor & Newton

    »» Art markers Brush LePlume Marvy

    »» Art markers Brush Be Creative

    »» Art markers Be Creative

    »» Artist Brush Marvy

    Watercolor Markers

    »» Sets of markers

    “Capillary pens

    »» Liners Sonnet

    »» Liners Sacura Color

    »» Liners Faber-Castell

    »» Capillary pen sets



    »» Decorative corners

    »» Decorative brads and anchors

    “” Decorative buttons

    “” Decorative elements scrap

    “” Cameos and three-dimensional figures

    »» Sequins

    »» Feathers

    »» Staples and clothespins

    »» Glass bottles

    “” Rhinestones and semi-pearls

    »» Chipboards tags cards

    »Satin Ribbons

    »» Tapes 6mm

    »» Tapes 12mm

    »» Tapes 25mm

    »» Tapes 50mm

    »» Sets of tapes

    »Blanks for albums

    »» Blanks for albums

    »» Rings for albums

    »Scrapbooking tools

    »Sets for scrapbooking

    “Sealing wax

    “Shaped hole punches

    “” Shaped hole punches 16 mm

    “” Shaped hole punches 25 mm

    “” Shaped hole punches 37 mm

    “” Edge punchers

    “” Punchers corner


    »Silicone stamps


    Bags folders pencil cases

    Tempera paints

    Goods for children’s creativity

    »Acrylic paints

    “Gouache paints

    “Colored pencils


    “Ancillary goods




    »» Plasticine

    »» Dough

    »» Plastic

    »Sets for creativity


    »Wool for felting


    »» Felt soft 1mm A4

    »» Felt rigid 1mm A4

    “” Felt 1mm 30 * 45

    “” Felt 3.5mm 30 * 45

    »Felting tools


    “Iranian foamiran 1mm

    “Korean foamiran 0.6mm

    “Marshmallow foamiran 1mm

    “Glitter foamiran 2mm

    “Double-sided molds and veiners

    »Floral tape

    “Stacks for floristry



    “Cutters (forms)

    “Auxiliary materials for floristry

    Jewelry Findings

    “Clips and tape holders

    “Base for bezel


    “Holder for pendant

    »Bead Separator

    »Frame for beads

    “Node masters

    “Base for cufflink

    “Protection against abrasion of the cable

    “End fittings

    “Keychain base

    “Coupling rings


    “Pins and pins



    »Brooch Bases

    »Hats for beads



    “Bases for hairpins

    »Earring Bases

    »Basics for rings

    »Metal pendants


    “primed cardboard (acrylic primer)

    “watercolor canvas

    “on a roll

    “on cardboard

    “stretched 100% linen

    “stretched 100% cotton

    “round and oval canvases

    Artistic chasing

    Ebru – Drawing on water

    »DecArt Ebru

    »Marabu Marble


    “Decorative elements




    »Tops Brads Buttons

    »Chipboards and Tags



    VseNevskaya palitraGammaTairRoubloffKoh-i-noorFaber CastellFabrianoDecolaVan GoghRoyal TalensArt CreationHahnemuhleMungyoMarvyFoliaLanaLiliya HoldingPALAZZOGoznakGreenwich LineSennelierManuscriptLuchSnazarooTAGBGDerwentCretacolorAlbatrosPodolskie goods hudozhnikovBerlingoSM-LT ArtFimoArtifactJoviViva DecorMarabuWinsor & NewtonSKETCHMARKERSakuraCrownMazariAim.OneArtonDecArtPentartCartotecnica RossiCraft PremierGammaMakin`s ClayMr CarvingTatyankaTrinity Worsted FactoryGrandmanHatber

    Metal Pencil Extension | Gearbest Russia

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    Metal Pencil Extension



    Features: Stable
    Material: Metal

    Dimensions and weight

    Product weight: 0.0080 kg
    Package weight: 0.0110 kg
    Product size (L x W x H): 1.00 x 1.00 x 10.30 cm / 0.39 x 0.39 x 4.06 inches
    Package size (L x W x H): 11.50 x 2.00 x 17.00 cm / 4.53 x 0.79 x 6.69 inches

    Complete set

    Package Contents: 1 x Pencil Extension

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    Customer Reviews

    • Javier

      i like it

      very strong
      flexible for many pencil
      good quality

      Jan 08.2018

    • Stefano Paro

      Pencil Extender

      Finalmente si possono usare le matite fino in fondo! Non ho riscontrato problemi

      Jul 09,2017

    • Jose


      Perfecto para terminarse los lápices, de buen material
      El color no me gusta, pero es lo de menos

      Apr 09,2017

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    Should I use a pencil and charcoal extension? | Tips for Artists

    Why do many artists use these pencil, charcoal and pastel extensions?

    In fact, it’s just very convenient.

    The extension is a rod base into which you can insert a pencil, charcoal or pastel. Then it is fixed with a metal pencil.

    What is its convenience, is it needed at all?

    Needed, and now you will understand exactly why.

    1. Chiselled pencils

    This is the way to use this device, which lies on the surface. You still have a little of your favorite pencil, but you feel sorry for throwing it away and want to use it until the very end? Then insert it into the extension cord, secure and draw further without any problems or inconveniences.

    2. Hand movement

    Since in 90% of cases, artists paint while standing, especially beginners, this will help to make confident hand movements, which means that your brush will experience less discomfort later. This will help you learn straight lines and simple shapes more easily. But remember that buying an extension cord, you will not become a guru – a lot of training will separate you from this.

    3. Overview

    A comfortable distance from the easel allows you to develop an eye as well as a sense of proportion.That is, while standing at a distance, it will be easier for you to look both at the object that you are drawing and at your own drawing, and this does not even require moving your head or moving once again. Your eyes, your hand and your brain will work.

    4. Balance

    Very important in drawing, as the whole drawing depends on it and at what speed you will get tired. An extension cord will help you find balance between the pencil and your design. How to do it? Take your structure in the middle so that there is the same distance on both sides (you need to measure not with a ruler, but according to your personal feelings).This will help you draw more confidently, and your hand and arm in general will fatigue in half.

    Do you use an extension cord for pencils, charcoal or pastels (pastel pencils)?

    🎨 SUBSCRIBE if you love to draw and want to make it even better! Put your colorful like💚 and leave comments, we will be pleased!

    Faber-Castell – Desk Accessories, Perfect Pencil

    Perfect Pencil Rosegold
    Black cedar pencil, extender anthracite PVD-coated titanium
    Perfect Pencil Magnum Titanium Anthracite PVD Coating
    Perfect Pencil Magnum
    Refill pencils for Perfect Penncil 130 mm BROWN 5 pcs.
    Refill pencils for Perfect Penncil 130 mm BLACK 5 pcs.
    Pencils for Perfect Penncil Magnum BLACK 3 pcs
    Refill pencils for Perfect Penncil Magnum BROWN 3 pcs.
    Refill Pencils for Perfect Penncil Guilloche, Turquoise 3 pcs.
    Refill Pencils for Perfect Penncil Guilloche, Burned Orange 3 pcs.
    Replacement pencils for Perfect Penncil Guilloche, Electric Pink 3 pcs.
    Refill pencils for Perfect Penncil Guilloche, Olive Green 3 pcs.
    Refill pencils for Perfect Penncil Guilloche, Violet Blue 3 pcs.
    Refill pencils for Perfect Penncil Guilloche, Cognac 3 pcs.

    10 Best Pencil Extenders + Best Tips

    The Blackwing 602 Pencil and the Caran d’Ache Swiss Wood Pencil are among the best wooden pencils available in the .However, this quality comes at a high price and you want to get the most out of them. Artists use a lot of colored pencils and want them to last as long as possible.

    But what about wooden pencils that are too short to use? The answer is simple: buy a pencil extender, sometimes referred to as a pencil extender. If you are not familiar with pencil extensions, they look a bit like a pen cap and sit on the end of a pencil, making it longer so you can comfortably hold it and make the most of your pencils.

    1.10 Best Pencil Extenders

    When choosing a pencil extension, it must be durable, easy to use and manufactured to a high standard. More importantly, a good quality pencil extension should hold short pencils securely in place. Below are the top 10 pencil extenders to meet these requirements.

    1.1. Chinco

    Wooden Pencil Extenders

    Price $ 8.99 $

    Buy on Amazon

    These Chinco wood pencil extensions are simple in design and outstanding value.A detachable metal tip with an outer ring is attached to the wooden body of the extension cord. Just slide the pencil and ring into the metal sleeve to hold it in place.

    They come in a pack of 12, which is an amazing price point for such an inexpensive item and perfect for anyone with multiple pencils.

    1.2. Derwent

    Pencil Extension Set

    Price $ 12.66

    Buy on Amazon

    Derwent Pencil Extension Set contains two high quality adjustable metal pencil extensions.The black extension is suitable for standard sized pencils up to 7 mm in diameter, and the silver extension is suitable for large pencils up to 8 mm in diameter.

    To use the Derwent Pencil Extension, after you have inserted the pencil, rotate the cross-cut grip on the end of the extension and it will fit snugly against the end of the pencil that is in the extension, holding it in place.

    They are 80 mm long and fit a wide range of pencils including Blackwing, Polychromos, Prismacolor and Staedtler.

    1.3. Faber Castell Design Pencil Extender

    Price Not specified

    Buy on Amazon

    Faber-Castell Design Pencil Extender is for those who want a more prestigious version of their multifunctional pencil lid. Their original model is made of durable plastic in the classic Faber-Castell green color, but the Faber-Castell Design pencil extension is made of aluminum and has a better look, making it the perfect gift.

    The multifunctional cap has a built-in pencil sharpener and can be used with most standard pencil sizes with this extension.

    1.4. Faber-Castell 9000 # 2 Pencil with integrated sharpener and pencil extension

    Price $ 12.86 $

    Buy on Amazon

    This Faber-Castell set contains everything you need from one of the oldest and most respected pencil manufacturers in Germany. This set, featuring the characteristic green Faber-Castel livery, includes the Faber-Castell # 2 9000 Perfect Pencil and a multifunctional cap that doubles as a pencil extension and has a nifty built-in pencil sharpener which is very useful.

    When you run out of the perfect Faber-Castell pencil, you can use most standard sized pencils with the multifunctional cap.

    1.5. Koh-I-Noor Pencil Extender

    Price $ 6.30 $

    Buy on Amazon

    Koh-I-Noor is renowned for the production of high quality pencils, they are based in the Czech Republic and were founded in 1790. They have subsidiaries in Germany, Italy and other countries, so you can see that this Koh-I-Noor pencil extension is marked Koh-I-Noor Germany.

    As for the extension itself, it has a nickel-plated tip that you can insert a pencil into and a system of sliding rings to hold it securely in place. The Koh i Noor Pencil Extender is about 4 inches long and will fit standard sized pencils, although some reviewers say they have found it to be especially suitable for thinner pencils.

    1.6. Kutsuwa Knock Pencil Holder

    Price $ 11.71 $

    Buy on Amazon

    Japanese Kutsuwa Knock Pencil Holder is perhaps the most innovative design of all the pencil holders presented here.Most traditional pencil holders use either a ring that presses on the nib or a pivoting cross-cut mechanism to hold the pencil in place.

    While Kutsuwa’s strokes are different from each other, a set of gripping jaws is used to hold the wooden pencil. Just press the button on the end of the holder to open its jaws, insert the pencil and then release it.

    Works in much the same way as a pencil / lead holder with sleeve.The big advantage of this type of pencil holder is that it can hold a wider range of pencil sizes securely.

    The Kutsuwa Knock Pencil Extender is made of aluminum and is 105 mm long. They also make the pencil cap shown at the bottom of the page.

    1.7. Prismacolor Pencil Extension Set

    Price $ 9 .98

    Buy on Amazon

    Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Accessory Set is great for anyone who enjoys drawing, including students and artists.Not only is there a pencil extender here, but everything you might need for mixing, drawing, erasing, and more sharpening.

    This Prismacolor set includes:

    • Double Tip Colorless Marker
    • Colorless mixing pencil
    • Lead pencil
    • Plastic eraser
    • Rubber eraser required
    • 0 Pencil sharpener

    • Pencil Sharpener
    • Prismacolor Pencil Extender, like most of the other pencil extensions on this list, it can be used with most other standard sized pencils.
      1.8. Pencil extension Staedtler 900 25

      Price $ 18.80 $

      Buy on Amazon

      The Staedtler 900 25 pencil extension has become a cult favorite among pencil aficionados. In fact, it is made for the Japanese market, which is very careful about its pencils, and therefore, when purchased in the US, it was definitely imported from Japan.

      As you would expect from Staedtler, it is exceptionally well built, made from anodized aluminum, and has a grooved surface that you can adjust to securely grip the pencil in place.

      Just above the fluted handle is the lead quality indicator, which is very handy for the artist, who can have several pencil extensions with different pencil lead grades, and almost unique to the 900 25. I don’t know of any other extender with this characteristic.

      There is a cap at the end of the 900 25 pencil extension that can be unscrewed to expose the replaceable eraser. It can be replaced with Staedtler 77R56 replaceable erasers. The Staedtler 900 24 is 129 mm long, 11.3 mm in diameter and weighs 18 grams.

      1.9. Travelers Brass Pencil Extension

      Price $ 34.99

      Buy on Amazon

      If you’re looking for a brass pencil extension, the highly acclaimed Travelers Company Brass Pencil extension is for you. It is made by the Japanese company Midori and is sold as a brass pencil, complete with a short cedar wood pencil.

      Once you have used the short pencil, you can insert any brand of pencil that suits you.Amazon shoppers have confirmed that it will work with Palomino Blackwing pencils. Made from brass, it is slightly heavier than some other pencil extensions and feels good to the touch. At the end of the extension is a handy eraser that can be replaced as it wears out.

      Price $ 10.79 $

      Buy on Amazon

      Travelers’ Brass Pencil is 100 mm long from the tip of the rubber to the end of the brass and weighs 20 grams. Replacement pencils from Travelers are available in 75mm length and 7.5mm diameter.Replacement erasers are 15 mm long and 10 mm in diameter.

      1.10. Youshares Aluminum Pencil Extension for Colored Pencils

      Price $ 7.99 $

      Buy on Amazon

      This is a lightweight aluminum pencil extension with a knurled grip to hold the pencil in place. Supplied in a pack of 6 vibrant colors.

      They fit most brands of crayons including Crayola, Derwent, Prismacolor and Spectrum Noir.

      2.Reversible Pencil Extension

      Price $ 9.99 $

      Buy on Amazon

      Most major brands do not make reversible pencil extensions. After a bit of research, the best reversible pencil extension I could find is on sale by Aukohy on Amazon. It has four out of five stars and most people seem to be very happy with it.

      As for the extension, it has a classic design with two stainless steel tips with an external adjustable ring for a secure hold of the pencils.The barrel between the two holders is made of plastic and has a hexagonal shape, which makes it feel like you are holding a traditional hexagonal pencil.

      These dual-head pencil extensions have different sized pencil holders, one end with a standard size 8mm pencil holder and a 10mm pencil holder with wider shafts at the other end. They also have outstanding value as they come in packs of 10.

      3. Lyra Pencil Extender

      Price $ 13.87 $

      Buy on Amazon


      Lyra Pencil Extender didn’t make our list of the 10 best pencil extenders but it still deserves an honorable mention. It is designed specifically for children and is made of beech wood with a nice wide barrel that they can grip.

      The Lyra extension is 3.5 inches long and does not adjust as it was specially designed for Ferby, Super Ferby and Color Giants pencils.It may work with other brands of pencils, but you may need to modify the pencil. For more information on how to do this, see the section below Do pencil extensions work with all wood pencils?

      4. Kutsuwa Pencil Caps

      Price $ 4.20

      Buy on Amazon

      Pencil extenders are great for extending the life of your pencils, but if you are looking for something to protect your pencils when you carry them around, then Kutsuwa pencil capsules are perfect for that.

      As we mentioned, the Japanese are obsessed with their pencils and make some of the finest quality pencils. But how to protect the tip of a pencil and keep it sharp when not in use?

      Enter Japanese-made Kutsuwa Pencil Caps, made of durable lightweight aluminum and measuring 9.5m in diameter with an inner diameter of 7.8mm at its widest point and 55mm long.

      Kutsuwa pencil caps have slots on each side that allow them to expand or contract, making them suitable for use with most standard sized pencils.They have rave reviews on Amazon and reviewers say they are useful and practical, perfect for pencils like the Blackwing and Mitsubishi. They also work great with cheaper pencils like the Ticonderoga.

      If you want to know more about pencil caps, check out our post on 7 Best Pencil Caps to Protect Pencil Tips.

      5. What is a pencil extension?

      The Pencil Extender is a device that accepts small pencils that extend the length of the pencil, making it easier to hold.They are loved by artists, but anyone who uses wood pencils in school, college, home or office will benefit from them.

      6. Why do you need a pencil extension?

      The main reason most people use a pencil extender is to lengthen the pencil when it gets too short, when gets too short to use so that it is more comfortable to hold and can be used when it is is getting shorter.

      There are two more additional benefits of using a pencil extension. Firstly, if you bought high quality cedar wood pencils like Blackwing, then they are quite expensive to buy. If you throw your pencils away when they get too short to hold comfortably, you are literally throwing away money.

      The second benefit is reduced waste and your environmental impact. You don’t have to have expensive pencils to use a pencil extension.If everyone used pencil extensions to maximize their lifespan, it would reflect on the environment. It might be one small step, but if we all take many small steps together, we can positively impact the planet’s greener.

      7. How do I use the pencil extension?

      To use the pencil extension, the end of the pencil is inserted into a slotted metal tube. some pencil extenders have an outer metal ring around this tube, and you slide the ring down the tube, it closes the slot and holds the pencil securely in place.

      With other extenders such as Derwent, once the pencil is inserted into the tube, there is a grooved grip zone at the end of the tube that you twist until the pencil is held securely in place.

      8. Are pencil extensions compatible with all wooden pencils

      Pencil extensions will fit most wooden pencils, no matter if the cylinder is round, hexagonal or triangular.they usually have some kind of attachment for working with pencils of different diameters. If the diameter of the pencil is still too small, the pencil extension will not be able to grip and hold it in place. However, the best advice is to wrap the end of the pencil with a little tape so that it stretches a little so that it should fit perfectly.

      Conversely, if the barrel diameter is too large, the pencil will not fit into the extension. Your best bet is to look for a pencil extension that works with larger pencils.

      If this is not possible, try carefully cutting the wood with a sharp knife. If you do try this method, it is at your own risk and I cannot be held responsible for any accidents.

      If you are interested in wooden pencils, you might want to take a look at our publication on why wooden pencil tips break so easily. There are four main reasons, and we’ll also show you how to sharpen colored pencils without breaking the tips.

      pencil extension Archives – Bleistift

      What if your pencil gets too short for easy use?

      I believe that most people lose their pencils before this ever happens, but of course this will not happen with pencils, molivophiles, and molivologists. If my pencils reached the end of their useful length, I would put them aside more often than I should — to be kept for an indefinite purpose for an indefinite future… but I could of course also find a good use for them in a pencil extender. My nicest pencil extender besides Perfect Pencil, as it is also a sharpener, is the Motus pencil extender olive from e + m , Art.Nr. GS24-53. Comes in a black pencil case with two “XS” pencils that are surprisingly smooth (!) Writers.


      The pencil extension is about 15 g (~ 0.5 oz) quite heavy.The handle is made of olive wood, in my opinion, a beautiful texture. The collar holding the pencil in place is a threaded metal collar. Pencil holding space extends to the pen, so my version Motus can hold a 9.5cm pencil length in the pencil extension itself, which means even if your the pencil has not yet reached the stub stage. you can still use the Motus , perhaps as a pen, if this is more comfortable for you than just holding a thin pencil.

      Hold it

      The Motus has the same proportions as other wood-grip pencil extensions, but the handle gets wider towards the end and is comfortable to hold near the end of a metal cuff or near the end of a wooden handle. It is inconvenient to hold it between them, as the end of the handle is too wide. This can be a problem if you don’t want to hold the pens near or far from the end of the letter.

      This is a busy road, so I couldn’t take a picture without a car parked in front of the


      Papier Pfeiffer

      I bought the pen in April 2011 from the Papier Pfeiffer store in Würzburg, Bavaria for € 16.95 (~ $ 22.05; £ 14.60). This store has a fantastic selection of pencils, pens and stationery, and I received great and friendly advice from my senior manager, Ms. Bienek-Pfeiffer, who ran the store from the 1960s until she passed it on to her daughter. To be honest, I should also add that I received less helpful and less friendly advice when she was not there and was dealt with by one of the staff members. As mentioned earlier, there is a wide selection of them, but there are also many items in stock, there are unusual items that you usually won’t find, they even have their own special items, for example.gram. special ink Papier Pfeiffer from De Atramentis , and also sell more expensive brands.

      The articles e + m are located on the fourth shelf under the Lamy logo. Click to enlarge.


      Excellent pencil extension. If you are willing to spend that kind of money on an expander, you will end up with a truly beautiful one. This model is also available in black oak. … And if you are ever in Würzburg it might be worth looking at Papier Pfeiffer at Sanderstraße 4a.

      Price: April 2011

      Exchange rate: March 2013

      An overview of another e + m pencil extension can be found at Lexikaliker (in German).

      You can find the blog post about Papier Pfeiffer at re: duziert (in German).

      Added after Michael’s comment: Cult Pens now has a number of such extenders.

      Products: e + m Holzprodukte

      Arbeiten im Home-Office? Wir helfen Ihnen dabei.
      e + m hat ein Starter-Set entwickelt, das die wichtigsten Utensilien für das Arbeiten im Home-Office enthält.
      Einen Siftebecher, einen Handyhalter, einen Kugelschreiber, ein Lineal and
      einen Trockentextmarker.

      Und das Beste: all Produkte sind aus FSC-zertifizierten Hölzern hergestellt. Die eigene Fertigung in Deutschland spart CO2. Die Home-Box kommt schön und praktisch verpackt in einer Pappbox mit Schiebehülle.

      Für alle Firmen, die ihre Mitarbeiter mit der Home-Box beschenken wollen,
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      Unser schönes Dreierset Trio, Design Jule Witte, wurde von der namhaft besetzten Jury zum Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2021 in der Kategorie Design nominiert! Wir freuen uns sehr über diesen Erfolg.

      Er bestätigt uns, dass unser ständiges Streben, umweltfreundliche und haptische Produkte zu schaffen, wahrgenommen und gewürdigt wird.

      Hier können Sie sich genauer über unser Produkt Trio informieren….

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      Green coin is the personal owner of Werbeartikel aus Holz, der in allen Branchen eingesetzt werden kann. Vielfältige Accessoires runden das Produkt ab.

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      Chinco 12 Pcs. Wooden Pencil Extenders Art Pencil Extender Pencil Extender with Aluminum Pen for School Stationery Office & School Supplies Desktop Accessory Holders & Dispensers

      Chinco Wooden Pencil Extenders Art Pencil Extender with Aluminum Pen for School Office Supply

      : Chinco 12 pcs.Wooden Pencil Extensions Art Pencil Extension with Aluminum Pen for School Stationery: Office Supplies Package Includes: We provide you with 12 Pure Wood Scent Wooden Pencil Extensions, enough for you to use and exchange。 Design: This kind of holder for pens fixes the short pencil well, save the short pencil, meanwhile avoid unnecessary waste Round design is more convenient and convenient for long-term storage。 Product material: as shown in the pictures, the main material is aluminum alloy and wood, lightweight and durable, can accompany users in long time and not easy to break。 Suitable for: These writing tools can be used by students, workers, writers, artists and others who need to apply pencils, crayons and crayons, these pencil extensions are the perfect assistant for adjusting lengths s for their use。 Portable size: diameter approx.0.39 “, 4” long, fits most common pencil sizes, even crayons and crayons and the round design is more convenient and convenient for long-term storage. 。。 Suitable for:。 These writing tools can be used by students, workers, writers, artists and others who need to use pencils, crayons and crayons, these pencil extensions are the perfect assistant to adjust the length for their use.。 。Product material: 。As shown in the pictures, the main material is aluminum alloy and wood, they are light and durable, can accompany users for a long time, and are not easy to break. 。 。Specifications: 。Quantity: 12 Pieces 。Material: Wood, Aluminum Alloy 。Color: Wood Color 。Length: 4 “。Diameter: 0.39″。。 Package Includes: 。12 Wooden Pencil Extensions 。。。

      Chinco 12 Pcs.

      Wooden Pencil Extenders Art Pencil Extender Pencil Extender with Aluminum Pen for School Stationery

      , you can directly connect this extension cable to 5050 RGBW LED strips or IR / RF controller to connect them: NFL Official Fan Store Genuine NFL Signature Super Bowl Series Ball and Showcase, uses five metal film rings in the main chain resistor with ± 1% accuracy to ensure good signal-to-noise ratio, New original Sanyo 9AH0812P4H031 8CM 8025 12V0.11A 80 80 25mm 4-pin PWM fan with mute function and we want to make sure yours will suit you on the first try. In some cases – customers find rugs BETTER than the originals, Kess InHouse Angie Turner Apple by choosing Green Photography Throw, Tinksky Funny Wedding Photography Props on a Stick Mask Beard Mustache Hat Glasses Lips Photo Booth Posing Props for Mother’s Day Wedding Luau Hawaii Children’s Party Decoration 14 -pack. This item is available in main color: blue, please select a size if possible, 3dRose lsp_76796_6 Galaxy and Nebula Plug Outlet Cover, door wreath, year round, wreath, has a fabulous ring when pressed, 2.75 Nostalgic Warehouse cottage plate with door handle in antique brass. The material used is hard and compact – if the measurement is between two dimensions. Arcair 42059007 Sea Cut Cutting Electrode Builders World Wholesale Distribution. This design can be hand-printed on T-shirts and designs in different colors, and all original artwork is signed with a Certificate of Authenticity. ILS 8 Pieces 24v 303010mm 3010 Cooling Fan with 2 Pin Dupont Wire for 3D Printer Part, weighing four and a half pounds and measuring 1 inch from top of solid brass mounting bracket to bottom of one inch thick braided cable Wide European market coverage.Adorable seashells for guests. A set of activity cards of 25 mermaids. Game “Find a guest in a baby shower.” A: For kittens under 6 months old. PU Leather Car Seat Gap with iPhone Tablet Holder Filler Organizer Side Pocket Side Coin Pocket, OVZA Fashion Large Eyeglass Frames Mens Clear Spectacle Frames Ladies Classic (Clear) (Black): Luggage and Bags, we will reply you as soon as possible and try we do our best to provide you with a satisfactory solution.

      evolus / Pencil: The unique mission of the Pencil Project is to create a free open source diagramming and GUI prototyping tool that anyone can use.

      Pencil V3 is a redesigned version of Pencil that aims to fix major performance and scalability issues. The new version is under heavy development and we are expecting a GA build in June. The following list contains important changes in the new version:

      • Pencil V3 uses Electron instead of Mozilla XULRunner as its runtime.We expect that by moving to this Nodejs-based environment, the Pencil source code will become much easier for all other developers, and the fact that Mozilla XULRunner is deprecated is also a reason for the move.
      • A new zip-based file format was introduced to support large documents and better embed external bitmaps / assets.
      • New page management engine that dramatically reduces memory usage for large documents.
      • Document pages can now be structured in a tree model.
      • Custom fonts can now be embedded in Pencil .epz documents
      • PDF printing and export will be improved to support all platforms and many options
      • New approach to user interface

      Pencil uses Atom Electron as runtime, follow these steps to set up the environment:

      • Clone this repository

      • Make sure you are using nodejs 5+ (Pencil development only requires npm for package management.Node execution time is , is not required.)

      • Checkout development branch:


         development git checkout 
      • Install dependencies:

      • Start Pencil using a prebuilt version of Electron

      OS X

      Only OSX 64bit 10.9 and newer are supported.


      Windows 7 and newer are supported, older operating systems are not supported (and will not work).


      • Verified
        • Ubuntu 12.04 and newer
        • Fedora 21+
        • Debian 8+
      • Packages

      Dynabrade 52851 Pencil extension sander 60,000 rpm (paddle)

      Dynabrade 52851 Pencil Extension Grinder

      60,000 rpm, vane, plate 1/8 “

      • Dynabrade ™ s Variable Speed ​​Pencil Grinder offers precision deburring, finishing and finishing with easily adjustable speed for each application.

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