Nanaya ice cream: 【Tokyo Cafe】Nanaya in Aoyama has the World’s Most Intense Matcha Flavoured Ice Cream | MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON


【Tokyo Cafe】Nanaya in Aoyama has the World’s Most Intense Matcha Flavoured Ice Cream | MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON

The Kinokuni Wakayama Culture Festival 2021 in Shibuya, produced by Channel 47 and sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, was held at Shibuya CAST on October 3, 2021. 


The event was held to spread the word about the Kinokuni Wakayama Culture Festival 2021, the largest cultural festival in Japan, being held in Wakayama City from October 31 to November 21. Channel 47, the producer of the event in Tokyo, is a company using the power of pop culture and entertainment to share local Japanese culture with the world. 


Shibuya CAST, located between the popular neighborhoods of Shibuya and Harajuku, was the perfect location for the event, and visitors enjoyed a number of presentations showing off the best parts of Wakayama. Various goods from the southern prefecture were on sale, and celebrity guests and local figures were in attendance. An original Wakayama Panda Mask Cover, produced by ASOBISYSTEM, was given to over 3,000 guests to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


Click below for a video of the event highlighting the venue and talks. 




A Market Highlighting Wakayama’s Cuisine

Booths in the plaza of Shibuya CAST were set up, each selling some local goods from the heart of Wakayama, including oranges, dried plums, sake, and shochu. 


Cultural Figures, Models, and Celebrities in Attendance

On a special stage erected on the grand staircase of the venue, a series of talks were held by cultural figures, models, and celebrities, including author Alex Kerr, TV personality Martin, and members of the popular girl group Atarashii Gakko!!


The guests chatted about a number of topics, from sharing what they love about Wakayama prefecture to discussing the tourism issues faced by local governments. A particularly interesting talk discussed how Wakayama intends to attract Gen Z tourists. These discussions were live-streamed on Instagram, with about 1,000 viewers outside the venue tuning in. 




Part 1 [Why Come to Wakayama? PR Showcase]

Presenters: Saki Hontani (Model / Special Influencer for Kinokuni Wakayama Culture Festival 2021), Owarai Sumitani (Wakayama-born Comedy Duo), Kii-chan (Wakayama Mascot)



Part 2 [How Local Towns Should Approach Tourism ~How to Blend Tourism, Shibuya, and Entertainment~]

Presenters: Alex Kerr (Writer), Hiroyo Koike (Secretary-General, Shibuya City Tourism Association), Geiko Motoyasu (Director of Industry, Tourism, and Culture, Shibuya City)



Part 3 [Gen Z from Harajuku and Shibuya Discuss Wakayama Ver.1]

Presenters: Yume Kawabata (Model), Mitsuki Hasegawa (Model), MIOCHIN (Model), Saki Hontani (Model / Special Influencer for Kinokuni Wakayama Culture Festival 2021)



Part 4 [Gen Z from Harajuku and Shibuya Discuss Wakayama Ver. 2]

Presenters: Atarashii Gakko!! (Music Group), Alex Kerr (Writer), Martin (TV personality), Yuutarou (Model)


Wakayama Panda Mask Cover, Produced by ASOBISYSTEM and Distributed to Guests

An original Wakayama Panda Mask Cover, produced by ASOBISYSTEM, was given to over 3,000 guests. Talent agency ASOBISYSTEM aims to promote Japanese pop culture worldwide and represents a number of popular artists, models, and creators, including Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and AMIAYA. With two available designs, TV personality Martin tweeted out images of the adorable creations. (


PR for on Giant Screens in Shibuya

The Kinokuni Wakayama Culture Festival 2021 in Shibuya was widely publicized around Shibuya on massive television screens. 





The Kinokuni Wakayama Culture Festival 2021 in Shibuya (Now Over)

Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs

Produced by Channel 47

Date: October 3, 2021 (12:00-17:00)

Location: Shibuya CAST, Tokyo

Attendees: Over 3,000 (30% men, 70% women)

Official Site: https://wakayamainshibuya. jp/

Official Twitter:

Official Instagram:


About the Kinokuni Wakayama Culture Festival 2021

The Kinokuni Wakayama Culture Festival 2021 combines the 36th Wakayama Culture Festival and the 21st Festival of Wakayama Art and Culture for the Disabled. The event will take place from October 31 to November 21, 2021, with a number of events happening in Wakayama City to showcase local culture. 


The Kinokuni Wakayama Culture Festival 2021

Sponsors: The Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, Wakayama Prefecture, Municipalities in Wakayama, the 36th Wakayama Culture Festival and 21st Festival of Wakayama Art and Culture for the Disabled Committee, Municipal Executive Committees, Cultural Organizations, Organizations for Those With Disabilities, etc. 

Running: October 31 – November 21, 2021

Location: Wakayama City 

Official Site: https://kinokuni-bunkasai2021. jp/


About Channel 47

Channel 47 is a project using the power of entertainment to share Japan and its local culture with the world. By getting popular celebrities and public figures involved, the company produces events and content that conveys the appeal of specific Japanese locales and customs to global audiences. 

World’s Most Intense Matcha Ice Cream Makers Turn Their Rich Expertise to Green Tea Chocolate – grape Japan

Nanaya, a favourite ice cream shop of Tokyoites, claims to have the richest green tea gelato in the world.

Source: (C) Grape Japan

Originally based in Fujieda city and Shizuoka city of Shizuoka prefecture, the store opened up a couple of Tokyo branches much to the delight of locals and tourists alike.

The store’s name ‘Nanaya’ is a reference to their seven matcha ice creams, which from 1 to 7 is like an ascending scale of intensity. Gelato number 1 is the mildest, and the famous number 7 is the boldest, bitterest flavour, only for matcha heavyweights.

Source: (C) Grape Japan

In a new release, Nanaya are translating this scale of matcha into another foodstuff, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

They have brought their expertise and high quality matcha to the chocolate world, so chocoholics too can experience a never tasted before richness. Like the ice cream, chocolates 1 to 7 increase in intensity as you go along, and this flavour is reflected in the gradually deepening green-ness of the bars, forming the pretty gradient you can see in the photos.

(They do look suspiciously like chalk pastels.)

With a matcha concentration of 29.1%, the makers suspect that this is the richest green tea chocolate in existence. According to them, if the concentration is more than 29.1%, chocolate can’t be formed anymore, so they are truly pushing the bars to their matcha limit. Number 7 is so dark green it’s almost black.

Two of each matcha bars have been included, plus there’s the special inclusion of two hojicha flavoured chocolate bars. Hojicha is a type of green tea which is made by roasting the leaves. It gives the tea a reddish brown colour and a kind of toasty flavour when infused.

Nanaya surely have the Valentine’s Day market in mind if you look at the timing of the release. So if you’ve got a special matcha fan in your life, give them the most intense green tea chocolate experience money can buy!

Nanaya Branches in Tokyo

Suzukien Asakusa Honten, Asakusa 3-4-3, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Tea and Spoon Nanaya Aoyama, 2 Chome-7-12 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002

Check out the Nanaya website (Japanese only) for a full list of branches.

Tea and Spoon Nanaya – Ten Minute Tokyo

Name: Nanaya Aoyama

Kind: Matcha/Desserts

Location: 35°39’39.40″ N 139°42’30.05″ E

Station: Shibuya, JR Lines

Free Wifi: Unknown

Our Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

Worth it? For a quick bite

Updated 10/13/2020

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By popular demand, matcha masters Tea and Spoon Nanaya have opened shop in Tokyo. The place is well worth a visit for its wide range of matcha ice cream, tea, gelato, and other delights – including its famous 7-Levels of Matcha ice cream. They now also make an intense green-tea chocolate you can purchase in the shop(s). The shop is just to the southwest of Aoyama Gakuin Memorial Hall.



Maximum matcha! Tokyo sweet shop sells the strongest green tea chocolates physically possible!

Nanaya Matcha Ice Cream: World’s Most Intense Green Tea Gelato


World’s Most Intense Green Tea Ice Cream Now In Tokyo

World’s Most Intense Matcha Ice Cream Makers Turn Their Rich Expertise to Green Tea Chocolate

Nanaya Matcha Ice Cream: World’s Most Intense Green Tea Gelato

Shizuoka matcha sweets factory “Nanaya” to release new matcha chocolates bursting with flavour!

Nanaya’s 7-Level Matcha Ice-Cream



Ultimate Guide to Matcha Desserts in Asakusa

Suzukien Nanaya (壽々喜園 ななや) – World’s richest matcha ice cream

Small ice cream place located just eight mins away from Asakusa station and one min from Sensoji temple.

This place is called a heaven for all matcha lovers for its world’s richest matcha ice cream. You can choose 7 different levels of Matcha and level seven is known to be the richest. You would get surprised to see very deep green matcha ice cream you have never seen before.

The richest one has strong and bitter matcha flavor which is worth trying. If you go there with someone else, get the different levels of matcha ice cream so you can compare!

Kaminarimon Matoi (雷門まとい) – Fresh matcha drink in a traditional way

Matoi is a cafe located in the shopping street near Asakusa station and Kaminarimon. The inside is decorated in a Japanese style with peaceful atmosphere.

You can drink matcha made from 100% matcha powder right after you order. This is the traditional way for the Japanese to drink matcha green tea, where they enjoy the taste of matcha.

They also offer some shaved ice menu including this cute one that looks like a bear.

Asakusa Naniwaya (浅草浪花屋) – Creamy matcha kakigori

Small but a very popular Japanese style cafe, located in ten mins walk away from Asakusa station.

Kakigori, or shaved ice, is a summer favorite in Japan. Naniwaya offers a good variety of Japanese sweets and their shaved ice is especially popular. The matcha one has sweet red beans inside it covered with sweet white bean paste, which are the best combination with its matcha syrup. You would not be able to stop digging it with your spoon.

They have a variety of flavors like strawberry & milk too. Their kakigori is incredibly fluffy and will melt in your mouth. It is big enough so you can get satisfied.


If you are looking for the best matcha dessert in Asakusa, Tokyo, just visit one of these places! You will be impressed by the riches and the deep flavor of matcha.

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The 7 best ice cream parlours in Tokyo

After an extended rainy season, summer has finally arrived in the city — and with it comes high humidity and temperatures well above 30° Celsius. Many locals like to escape during the summer months and take trips to the beaches and mountains nearby. If you can’t take time off or want to cool down during your lunch break, here are our top recommendations for some refreshing, tasty, and even healthy ice cream options in Tokyo.

1. The bucket list: Nanaya (Shibuya)

If matcha is your cup of tea, Nanaya’s ice cream is the perfect cold dessert for you. Nanaya’s is made with the finest grade matcha from Shizuoka Prefecture, one of Japan’s major tea-producing areas. From mild to rich, there are 7 different levels of richness to choose from, but most customers come for Number 7, which is said to be the ice cream with the world’s highest matcha content. Find it in the trendy Shibuya neighbourhood.

Hours: 10:00–19:00 (Closed on Tuesday)
Address: 2-7-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 10-minute walk from Shibuya Station


The matcha sister store: Suzukien x Nanaya Gelato Shop (Asakusa)

There are two branches of Nanaya’s in Tokyo, the second one is located in traditional Asakusa, inside the Suzukien tea shop.

Hours: 10:00–18:00 daily
Address: Inside Suzukien Asakusa, 3-4-3 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access: 10-minute walk from Asakusa Station

3. Advanced local flavours: Gomaya Kuki (Omotesando)

Once you’ve tried the bucketlist matcha ice cream, how about venturing a little deeper in the cosmos of Japanese flavours? Gomaya Kuki in Omotesando specialises in sesame ice cream. All-time favourites are kuro (black) and shiro (white) sesame, but the goma-shio (salted sesame) is also definitely worth a try.

Hours: 11:00–20:00 daily
Address: Harajuku H Bldg 1F, 4-26-22 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 3-minute walk from Meiji Jingumae Station


The healthy choice: Kippy’s Coco-Cream (Sendagaya)

If all-natural ingredients, dairy and gluten-free is part of your diet and lifestyle, you will be delighted to hear that Kippy’s, a popular ice cream shop in Venice Beach, has made its way to Tokyo. Instead of milk, their creations are coconut cream–based. Popular flavours include double dark chocolate and raspberry sorbet.

Hours: 11:00–19:30 daily
Address: 2-6-3 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5-minute walk from Kita Sando Station

5. Fancy ice cream: MiLKs (Ebisu)

If you are looking for something for the ‘gram, look no further than MiLKs, a mere minute on foot from Ebisu Station. The all-white interior features swings on the counter and their soft-twist ice cream is as photogenic as their store aesthetic. You can combine your ice cream with coffee, tea or some liqueur.

Website: http://milks.
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 18:00–24:00 | Sunday: 13:00–23:00 | Closed on Monday
Address: 5F Granbell Ebisunishi Building, 1-9-7 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 1-minute walk from Ebisu Station

6. Sky-high ice cream towers: Daily Chiko (Nakano)

If you are up for a challenge, head over to Daily Chiko in Nakano. Their 20 cm tall, eight-layer soft serve is a sight to behold. Flavours are manager’s choice, but usually, you will find vanilla, chocolate, matcha and Ramune (a Japanese soda) in the mix. The best part: it is light on calories to make up for the rather large serving and even the eight-layer version is only JPY 600!

Hours: 10:00–20:00 daily
Address: Nakano Broadway B1F, 5-52-15 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Access: 3-minute walk from Nakano Station


Kawaii as can be: Eddy’s Ice Cream (Harajuku)

Another one for social media glory: Eddy’s Ice Cream is Harajuku in frozen form. The ultra-cute and brightly coloured treats all share the colour pink as their main theme, but other shades are also available, as in their staple creation called ‘unicorn’. The shop is hard to miss with its all-pink interior — and theme is repeated in the cute toppings you can choose to adorn your ice cream. Definitely Insta-worthy!

Hours: 11:00~20:00 daily
Address: 1F, 4-26-28 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Access: 3 min walk

By Mareike Dornhege

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Best Ice Cream Shops in Tokyo

Treat yourself with delicious and refreshing ice cream in Tokyo this summer! There are numbers of ice cream shops in Tokyo, offering unique ice creams from colourful instagram worthy to authentic Japanese taste. Here are our picks of the best trendy ice cream shops in Tokyo today!

1. dolci cafe SILKREAM

Copyright © NISSEI Co., Ltd.

Cremia ice cream has been a sensational hit in the country in past years, which is soft serve made with the finest ingredients and has the richest taste. (It’s a luxurious ice cream), and their official cafe, dolci cafe SILKREAM is located in Shibuya area, Tokyo.


Access: 5 mins walk from Shibuya Station

Hours: 11:00~21:00


MELTING IN THE MOUTH is an ice cream shop located in Hiroo area, Tokyo. The extremely cute picturesque soft serve is made with organic milk which gives a rich and creamy taste.


Access: 5 mins walk from Hiroo Station

Hours: 10:30~20:00 (~20:30 on weekends)

3. Nanaya

Copyright © 2008 Marushichi Seicha Co.,Ltd.

Love Matcha?? Then Nanaya (ななや) is a perfect place to indulge yourself with the richest Match ice cream. Nanaya’s ice creams are made with the finest Matcha products from Shizuoka Prefecture. From mild to rich, there are 7 different level of Matcha richness to choose.


Access: 10 mins walk from Shibuya Station

Hours: 11:00~19:00 (Closed on Tuesday)

4. Gomaya Kuki


Gomaya Kuki (ごまや くき) is the world’s richest sesame ice cream shop located in Harajuku area, Tokyo. The ice creams are available in black or white sesame flavours, and besides, various sesame desserts are served such as cheese cake and parfait.


Access: 2 mins walk from Meiji Jingu Mae Station

Hours: 11:00~19:00

5. Daily Chico

Daily Chico (デイリーチコ) is a long established soft serve ice cream shops located in Nakano area. Try their famous gigantic colourful rainbow soft serve with 8 different flavours. More surprisingly, this ridiculously tall and eye-popping ice cream cost less than $5!


Access: 5 mins from Nakano Station

Hours: 10:00~20:00

6. Eddy’s Ice Cream

Copyright, Eddy’s Ice Cream

One of Tokyo’s most Instagram-Worthy dessert today, Eddy’s Ice Cream offers super instalicious colourful ice creams in the center of Kawaii culture, Harajuku. Pick extra topping and decorate your ice cream more colourful and fancy 😉


Access: 3 min walk from Meiji Jingu Mae Station

Hours: 11:00~20:00

Did you enjoy the list? Which ice cream shop in Tokyo do you wanna visit most this summer? If you love sweets and desserts, Tokyo is one of the greatest cities in the whole world!! For similar stories, please check out listed articles below, too!

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The World Darkest Matcha Ice Cream in Asakusa, Japan

“MATCHA” has already become a common language in the world. Drinks and sweets made from Matcha are the standard items, but for sure you want to try out too matcha sweets that are only available in Japan or a must-eat in Japan! We have found a very rich matcha gelato which is also a surprise for matcha fans, so this time we would like to introduce it.

The world’s best matcha gelato by a team of long-established teahouses 

Behind the Sensoji Temple at Asakusa stands an old teahouse “Suzukien” which was established in 1853. Since the launch of the gelato, a product collaborated with the matcha sweet factory “Nanaya” from Shizuoka Prefecture, it is so popular that one can see a long queue formed here. 

7 levels of matcha “richness” are available, from No.1 to premium No.7. The richest “Premiun No.7” is the “World’s Richest” matcha gelato made using the premium matcha from a tea plantation that has been awarded the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award. Matcha fans from all over the world have visited here for this gelato.

The price differs depending on cup or corn, single or double. The most popular is the combination of the world’s richest matcha gelato No.7 and other flavours. The “double” also means “2 types”, the amount is about the same.
So, let’s have a look at each matcha level and its taste! 

The matcha level is about the same as matcha ice-cream available on the market. It is matcha milk flavour which one can taste the Hokkaido milk flavour. 

On top of the milky flavour of No.1, one can taste the slight bitterness of matcha. 

It has a good balance of milk sweetness and matcha bitterness. One can enjoy 5 tastes (sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and astringency).

One can taste the stronger astringency and bitterness than the sweetness, with a good fragrance of matcha spread in the mouth.

It has a very thick green colour but it is natural, no colouring has been used. One can enjoy the sweetness in the astringency. A flavour liked by matcha experts. 

Once can taste stronger flavour than the astringency. Cooling and the refreshing aftertaste is impressive. 

A totally different level compared to others! It is not only the bitterness but the extreme richness of matcha. The luxurious taste of the premium matcha from a tea plantation that has been awarded the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award, is said to be delicious even for those who don’t really like matcha. 

There are many flavours to try besides matcha

In fact, there are also many who like the other flavours besides matcha, such as the good milk flavour “Azuki”, the hidden popular item “Ichigo”, rich tea leaves flavour “Hoji-cha”, “Genmai-cha” and “Wako-cha”, rich black sesame flavour “Kuro Goma”. All match well with the super-rich “No.7”. Please try a “double”. 

Chocolate with rich matcha flavour 

Same with the gelato, there are also chocolates with 7 different levels of matcha richness. These are popular items that sell out very fast. Perhaps you may want to visit at the same time the shop opens?! 

Japanese tea for souvenirs

This long-established teahouse has all the selected teas from all over Japan. While buying the gelato, please also check out the tasty Japanese tea for your souvenirs.  

Suzukien (壽々喜園)

  • 〒111-0032 Tokyo, Taito-ku, Asakusa 3-4-3
  • Opening hours” 10:00~17:00
  • Closed on: 3rd Wednesday every month 

90,000 The creators of Matcha Gelato have released a new elite chocolate with Matcha tea

Japanese ice cream shop Nanaya with branches in Shizuoka and Tokyo is considered the richest in variety of matcha ice cream flavors in the world. It is a favorite of both locals and tourists looking for the rich flavor of the legendary green tea. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, manufacturers presented a new product – an updated box of chocolate with 8 different flavors – Premium Matcha 7!

The name “Nanaya” is a reference to seven varieties of green tea ice creams sold in the store, with the numbers 1 through 7 representing an ascending scale of flavor intensity.Gelato number 1 has the mildest taste, while the well-known number 7 has the most intense and bitter taste, suitable only for a limited circle of stronger lovers.

The idea of ​​a scale of taste intensity was also used in the manufacture of a chocolate set from matcha. The Dream Box, which included 7 flavors of chocolate, was first presented to the public last year on the eve of the most important chocolate event of the year – Valentine’s Day. Like ice cream, the flavor intensity of the chocolate sticks increases from 1 to 7, and this is reflected in a gradually darkening green color, so the whole composition forms the beautiful gradient that you can see in the photo.

This year, the producers decided to add a new flavor! While many hoped it would be even more extreme in flavor, according to Nanaya, the 29.1% tea concentration used in last year’s version of chocolate was the limit of tea content found in chocolate. Higher concentration will simply spoil the product. So the company decided to experiment with the recipe and began working to find the best balance of cocoa butter and other ingredients to further enhance the rich flavor.As in the previous version, the set includes two chocolates of each type plus two new hojichi-flavored chocolate bars. Hojicha is a reddish brown roasted green tea that has a roasted flavor when brewed.

Nanaya claims they have taken green tea to new heights with this new recipe. So if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind chocolate experience or a souvenir for February 14th, Premium Matcha

Matcha tea, benefits and original desserts based on it for the whole family from Japan – SushiHoll

As we wrote, matcha tea and the benefits of from it depend not only on the variety, but also on the growing conditions.The best matcha is obtained in Uji Prefecture. But then there is Shizuoka, which is also the largest producer of matcha tea in Japan. In the city of Fujieda, a unique shop of the manufacturer of matcha gelatto has opened, which in a short period have become part of the food culture of Shizuoka Prefecture.

It belongs to the Marushichi Seicha family company, which is now headed by Suzuki Naruhiko. At 54, he did a lot. In particular, he was able to visit numerous countries of the world, work in a stock company in New York.And, as a result, return to Japan and make the parents’ business one of the most famous in Japan. Now the company is 108 years old, but you can be sure that with new products it will reach more than one hundred-year milestone.

Fujiedo Matcha Plantation

Nanaya Gelato Shop in Fujiedo, Shizuoka

Matcha gelato dessert shop opened in 2010. Since then, the proposed products have become one of the most mentioned in relation to Japan. The company now produces ice cream-like desserts, chocolate with matcha and sweets.The company’s online store also sells the original Shizuoka matcha, shipping worldwide.

Gelato is an Italian dessert based on milk and additives. Compared to ice cream, it contains less milk fat. Accordingly, it is more useful for older people suffering from lipid metabolism disorders.

Suzuki still sighs heavily at the mention that even in Japan it is believed that quality matcha can only be obtained in Uji, Kyoto. Meanwhile, Fujiedo’s matcha is not inferior in quality.Several years ago, manufacturers decided to better familiarize local residents with the products and focused on the production of ice cream and desserts with matcha. Gelato is closer to washoku in concept than traditional dessert. For this reason, the choice fell on this type of product.

Suzuki personally tastes all batches of tea powder

Gelato from Suzuki

The unique gelato has already made Shujioku no less famous than the high-quality sake produced here.The Marusity Seitya company, headed by its current owner, has created a new unique product.

Premium Seven Gelato with Matcha in Nanaya

In the Nanaya store you can buy 7 types of desserts with different concentrations of matcha. When Gelato # 5 was created, all the experts who tasted said that there was simply no way to add more matcha. Insufficient capacity of the mixing equipment was cited as the reason. But Suzuki soon suggested Gelato # 6, and then Gelato Matcha Fujieda Premium # 7.He specifically aspired to the seven, as it brings not only happiness, but also success in advertising.

Since gelato has a lower fat content, additives significantly affect the taste. Matcha of medium quality produces a pronounced bitter taste. At the same time, gelato No. 7 in Nanaya has a soft sweetish delicious aftertaste. This quality made him a top seller.

A total of 7 types of matcha, Japanese hojitcha and black tea are available at Nanaya. There are 20 products. On the basis of them, desserts are prepared and sold here.

Matcha Tea – Benefit

True matcha is known to be grown in the shade. Bushes that are grown to collect tea leaves for powdered tea must be kept out of the sun for at least 20 days. In this state, they accumulate chlorophyll, which imparts color, and become rich in caffeine and amino acids.

Suzuki is truly passionate about his family’s cause

Originally, Shizuoka produced tea Gyokuro , but the demand for this type of product declined.At that time, Marushichi Seitya invited colleagues to produce tencha, the raw material used for matcha. At first, Suzuki had to go through difficult times as the quality of the tea plantation improved. The company struggled to cope with losses, but then everything worked out. Now Marusity Seitya is a very successful business. Matcha is additionally purchased from suppliers for whom courses are open.

The Story of Matcha – Why It Has Amazing Benefits

In 1467-1568, there was a bloody war between the provinces in Japan.Shoguns revived their strength with tea containing two opposing substances: invigorating caffeine and relaxing theanine. Suzuki decided to create products with precisely these qualities, but not limit them to matcha tea only.

Plain Japanese green chocolate with matcha

The result was not only gelato, but also matcha chocolate. NANAYA MATCHA 7 chocolate is made from sugar, cocoa butter and matcha. The tiles are quite large with a gradient from light to dark green and contain matcha in varying concentrations.The first product cost 20 euros and included 16 chocolates with hojich and 7 with different types of matcha. Agree, it’s inexpensive.

Chocolate with different concentration of matcha from “Marushichi Seitya”


Given the relatively high price and low profitability, many sellers are selling a low quality product. In rare cases, it is Japanese sencha . At Marushichi Seicha, you can buy first-class Japanese matcha with worldwide delivery. Suzuki is promoting its product as “the most concentrated matcha in the world.”In Japan, there are always queues at the company’s stores.

Suzuki believes that promoting tourism that supports cheap commodity is killing farming. Now the companies cooperating with “Marusity Seitya” can get professional advice on promotion and positioning in the market with high added value. Although Suzuki considers their prices to be high, they are affordable for overseas buyers looking to purchase real matcha.

Real matcha will successfully replace your morning and afternoon coffee.It will give vigor and strength, while acting soothingly. Matcha has a high content of chlorophyll (in fact, it is a real dietary supplement), caffeine, amino acids and a sedative agent – theanine. The matcha tea produced by Marushichi Seicha is undeniably the most concentrated powder in Japan.

Nanaya Fujieda Shop

426-0076, Shizuoka-ken Fujieda-shi Uchiseto 141-1

Phone: 054-646-7783

10: 00-18: 00

Day off: Wednesday (except holidays)

http: // /


Nakamise Shopping Street leading to Sensoji Temple

It’s hard to imagine a trip to Tokyo without Asakusa. This area of ​​Tokyo is one of the most visited by tourists and for good reason. Here one of the oldest and most revered Buddhist temples in the city has been preserved, there are streets whose appearance has not changed since the Edo era (17th – mid-19th centuries), aside from the neon signs, the city takes on a completely different face, and this is the most correct a place to get acquainted with Japanese street food, many recipes have survived for more than one century!

Sensoji Temple dates back to the 7th century.Not many temples have survived since that time. Tokyo people honor this shrine and many people gather here on New Year’s Day, the mid-May temple festival and other Shinto and various festivals in the area. The high gate of Kaminarimon is the first of the two gates of the temple. Impressive is the huge red lantern in the middle. It is the trademark of Asakusa, one of the symbols of Tokyo and the city’s most photographed places.

Nakamise shopping street leads from the first gate to the temple grounds.Historically, visitors to the temple have found everything they need here. Dozens of small shops, traditional Japanese goods – yukatas, fans, chopsticks, religious figurines, etc., several generations of artisans, souvenirs and, of course, all kinds of Asakusa’s specialty snacks – all of this is famous for the temple street to this day. …

Behind the second – the main gate of the Hozomon Temple, there is the main hall, a 5-tiered pagoda, the Asakusa shrine. On the territory you can find statues of deities who are worshiped in the temple, as well as completely unexpected creatures, for example, youkai – supernatural beings of Japanese folklore.You can come here any day of the year, from morning to evening, summer and winter schedules are slightly different.

The temple with the surrounding settlement has been a lively area since the 7th century. Located next to the Sumidagawa River, it was also a major transport hub. This oldest quarter in Tokyo has not lost its significance throughout history and remains so to this day.

Asakusa is easy to walk. For lovers of exotic – rickshaws, who for a small fee will arrange an excursion in their carts to the most interesting places in the region.Restaurants and stalls with street food and drinks fill the streets and alleys adjacent to Nakamise. Among the unusual products, dozens of shops located on Kappabashi Street and offering everything for the restaurant business are of great interest to professionals and just curious tourists. Crockery, knives and cutlery, kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances, furniture, uniforms, plaques and, of course, food replicas are so popular in the design of Japanese catering establishments.

Among other attractions of the area is Sumida Park, which stretches along both banks of the river.The place becomes especially popular during the cherry blossom season, as well as at the end of July, when the fireworks festival takes place here. River cruises to Odaiba and Hamarikyu Park depart from Asakusa Promenade.

The complex of buildings of the famous Japanese brewing company Asahi – Asahi Beer Tower and Asahi Super Dry Hall is difficult to miss on the other side of the river thanks to the characteristic sign on the roof of one of them – the “golden flame” – Flamme d’Or, which, according to the company’s idea, should embody ” the burning heart of Asahi beer. “There are several restaurants here. One of them is the brewery restaurant itself, where you can taste Asahi craft beer, including tasting sets, accompanied by beer snacks.

Asakusa is home to one of the oldest bars in Japan, Kamiya Bar, which has not changed its location since the late 19th century. It is an extremely popular destination with both locals and foreigners. Like most historic bars in the world, Kamiya Bar has its own special cocktail, which, by the way, can be bought as a souvenir in the bar’s gift shop.

In Asakusa, you can taste 7 types of Japanese green tea ice cream, matcha, of varying intensity at the Asakusa Suzukien Nanaya Gelato Ice Cream Parlor. And also appreciate the tempura for which the area has been famous for centuries, thanks to the supply of fresh seafood from the so close Tokyo Bay. Traditional mochi rice pastry cakes, sold here as kebabs, and strawberry-garnished wagashi, based on sweet bean paste.

Walking through Asakusa offers a variety of experiences, from Japanese history to culinary experiences.

Taiaki cookies – one of the traditional treats in Asakusa

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This is not the case.
Few people know that if you emit price tags and ice cream in the form of pure energy, then their photons will be quantum entangled!
STOCK! Buy 10 ice cream and go nah ‘
Sorting out all this is very easy.


First, we build a missile with warp-dviggels
working on ignorance.¥




* *
Once in the dimension of antimatter, we fly to anti-earth,
in the same anti-shop.

Try not to touch your anti-copy, so as not to annihilate. Better kill her with a well-aimed shot
from a laser pistol.
Stealing Anti-Frozen
and anti-price tags.

Well, I’m not that fat.

<5 * b>

Now everything is ready to convert 100% of the ice cream mass and price tags into energy by annihilation.But you probably ask:
“But how do we protect ourselves from such a powerful release of heat?”
No material can handle this temperature, so we need to build a protective electromagnetic dome!
Turning selected ice cream into energy by combining
him with anti-frost in the electromagnetic dome and we catch the light radiation.
Then we annihilate the price tags one by one.
We direct ice cream light through detectors that violate
ference picture.
We pass the light from the price tags through a linear polarizer,
to restore the wave
light behavior.Due to quantum entanglement
ice cream light will react to restore interference
price tag.
If we see deviations in the distribution of photons, then this is the same price tag from the desired ice cream!

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M. Mitropolskaya. The fastest herbalist. Sequel 🙂

Do you want to know who Zhmakhanny Nanai is? And what is onuchi of Saint Cocosie? And what kind of architectural sophistication is hidden behind the concept of “Zhrushek eclecticism”? Did you miss the real humorous fantasy without the “hairy heroes” and “love loves” against the background of a pink sunset? Then you are here! è Maria Mitropolskaya.Fastest Herbalist

Recently, a wonderful and overly talented author of this charming work (I cannot name it in another way) celebrated his birthday.

* blows up holiday firecrackers *

On this occasion, we pour everyone … cherry juice, in chorus we pull Maria by the ears, and then with friendly kicks we send from the festive table straight to write “Travnitsa-2” (no, well, don’t let it relax !!!)

And in anticipation of the promised book, I decided to give the birthday girl … one tricky gift containing an insolent hint of what I’m VERY looking forward to in the sequel! ;)))))))

So …

A small sketch on the topic “The fastest herbalist – three years later, or there are never too many redheads!”

– Zuland Trelist, for what! – The patron saint of all herbalists probably hiccups like that, so many times Tinnari, nicknamed Spikelet, has in vain mentioned his name in recent days.

The desperate cry of the herbalist disturbed the chickens, and they rushed to the corners of the courtyard, dropping their feathers.

Red feathers.

Although yesterday was still snow-white!

The pig-dog also became red, grumbling lazily in his kennel. The impudent beast scratched the needles behind the ear with its hoof, turned over on its other side and, as if nothing had happened, fluttered again, wagging its fluffy tail. The pig-dog was brought in last year from the fair in Zhrushki. The seller advertised himself as a great watchman with a phenomenal scent.In practice, the only thing phenomenal in the dog was the ability to sleep twenty-five hours a day. How Tinnairi was jealous of him! She herself forgot when she had at least five quiet minutes.

Here and now …

All the animals in the yard became red. From what Zhmakhanny Nanai, one asks ?! And the most important thing is how to return all this disgrace now? Although her personal magicka has increased to as much as ten spells over the past three years, lately it has still lasted for a maximum of half an hour in the morning.

Holy snowmen are they punishing her for the case when she and Brokka made a mistake with the final point of the exit from the mile oak and broke straight into the Greenhouse in the backyard of the Herb Academy? Moreover, exactly at the moment when the cook, Yaslena Feoktistovna, explained with a frying pan over the head to the rector Futark Sleipnirovich, which of the two mulberries is a domineering hero and why it is not worth planting an ordinary stinker in a garden with parsley. Remembering how the rector blushed, and then turned green, noticing the witnesses to his shame, Tinny involuntarily giggled.

Smoothing the naughty brown curls that even magic hair straightening ointment could not keep in check, Tinny sighed and went to collect the scattered chickens. Some managed to fly over the fence to their neighbors.

But before Tinnari had time to grab the gate with her hand, it swung open, almost hitting it on the forehead, and the dragons rushed into the yard, puffing with smoke and now and then trying to grab each other by the tail. Almaz and Antey in three years turned into well-fed animals the size of a calf.Only these two were missing here! The unworthy ones immediately arranged taglines in the middle of the courtyard, which was rapidly turning into a branch of the insane asylum “The Light Way of Cocosia”.

Tinnari felt herself boiling in earnest. And as soon as she rolled up her sleeves to go and hit everyone who was blatantly asleep at the moment and did not want to go out to help her cope with all this disgrace … she heard a nasty bird cry over her ear.

She raised her head and saw an acorn bird, which fluttered over her head and held a scroll in its claws.The letter was clearly intended for the herbalist, because every now and then the bird strove to dive at Tinny and peck her right in the crown, hinting that it would not be superfluous to rid her, finally, of her tired load.

The herbalist hastened to unhook the letter tied to them from the bird’s paws and unfold it. The acorn croaked some kind of bird curse and disappeared into the dawn skies, pink as strawberry ice cream, drizzled with cherry jam and sprinkled with strawberry powder.

Somehow, Tinny didn’t expect anything good from the scroll.And she was right.

“If chibe daraga is a disgusting thief and abmanchik, who is called Brokky, he’s Brokvist, then immediately grab the little truncated gold that he eats in the house and come to the meeting. Come alone, otherwise he is fond of! ”

A magic lump fell into Tinny’s palm, which was wrapped in a scroll. Unlike the magical acorn, the cones allowed to move only to a predetermined location, and they did not need to look for a mile oak. A simple spell was enough, which itself was activated if you knew the right words.

But that was just what she needed now for complete happiness!

Tinny ran into the house, trying not to pay attention to Almaz and Antaeus, who were just engaged in the fascinating business of pulling the pig out of the kennel by the tail. Knocking loudly for the sake of formality, opened the door to the guest room.

Illidir Darkness was no longer asleep. He stood in front of the mirror and in complete shock looked at his adored hair, which from light, long and silky, from which the first fashionista of the Herbal Academy would have envied, turned into red and sticking out in all directions, like the branches of a thorny bush.

– A-ah-ah-ah !!! Tinny, what is this ?! What is it, I ask you, Kalancha !!!

– Quiet, don’t shout! Tinny calmed his tantrum with a polite friendly kick. – not up to you now. So Brocca is in big trouble. I’m leaving right now, you remain in charge of the household.

Illidirushka plopped down on the bunk, mouth wide in surprise.

– You, this … You were kidding, right? I barely escaped from one nightmare, Milibetka was watching me at home with a wedding dress at the ready … I thought I would hide with you, wait, and you … Who are you leaving me with, huh ?!

– Nothing, not small, you can handle it! I go there and back.

– Stop !!! – screamed Darkness as she darted back to the door. – And who will fix it? – he pointed with his thin aristocratic finger at the completely ruined hair

– And whoever created, let him correct! Until I am away and you find the culprit, – Tinny stuck out her tongue at him and slipped out from behind the door, listening to the most daring statements that the Herb Academy’s fellowship had only produced in all the centuries of its existence.

The next destination was the kitchen.Tinny rummaged in an old wooden cabinet and fished out the only gold things that were on the farm – two slightly rumpled gold cups, a graduation gift from her younger unlucky sister Tibby.

I put them in a canvas bag. After thinking a little, I added forks and a couple of knives to the same place. It will come in handy.

Then she sighed, squeezed the bump tightly in her palm, and muttered the desired spell.

The room spun around her, the ground slipped out from under her feet and Tinny, unable to resist, plopped right on the fifth point ….

… In the middle of a tablecloth lined with plates of all sorts of food.

The sun was shining merrily, the breeze rustled green foliage. Along the edges of a cozy clearing, where the designated tablecloth was spread, a pretty oak grove curled.

From somewhere behind the trees came a barely restrained laugh, which was immediately interrupted and replaced by a uterine howl:

– You brought aaaaaa yyyyyy ransom, but her womanaaaa? …

Tinny blew a naughty lock off her forehead and snorted.

– It would be better to help get up, the kidnapper unfinished! I look, the magician of you is even worse than a thief! Couldn’t calculate more precisely? What I’m sitting on is not cherry pie, for an hour?

– Eight-legged Phryne’s left pinky !! – the voice swore, and its owner appeared from behind the nearest tree, embarrassedly scratching the shaggy back of his head. – How did you guess?

Brokki reached out and helped Tinnari to her feet.

– It’s just that I have not yet met another fool of the same kind who would write with such horrific mistakes.

The ex-thief grumbled something unintelligible and began helping Tinny to scrape the remnants of what had recently been cake from her dress.

– Have you brought the cups though? And what will I be pouring into …

– Aha, aha! And also forks and knives. You probably didn’t think! – by the slightly reddened tip of Brocca’s nose, Tinnay realized that she had hit the spot. – Inject now, for what reason is the banquet? My mouth is full at home, I had to leave the Darkness on the farm. I’m afraid to imagine what awaits us when we return! Why did you come up with this kidnapping circus?

– When he has already gone home … – Brokki muttered displeasedly.- I made myself at home! That’s why I came up with it. You can be stolen from them all for half a day.

He grabbed the herbalist with long arms and hugged her.

– And in general, if you haven’t forgotten, today is our anniversary. So what is it … well, happy holiday for us, chtoli?

Tinny snorted.

– If you still get me a broom of flowers from somewhere, I will finally decide that something is rotten in heaven! – she hid her face on her husband’s shoulder so that it would not be noticeable that she was still blushing from his clumsy, but such embarrassing tenderness, to which she had not yet been able to get used to.

Brokki kissed her on the tip of her ear and suddenly laughed.

– What are you doing? Tinny wondered.

– Yes. I imagined that the twins would do Darkness with the idiot until the evening. I hope that after that he will definitely get rid of us.

– Are you glad ?! And in general, stop indulging them in everything! By the way, you spoiled them! Do you know what they did today? We repainted everyone in the house in red! Even Bobby !! Even Illidir !!!

Now Brokki was laughing out loud.

– It would be nice if the paint lasted until the evening! I really want to look at the face of Darkness. Although the seller promised that the spell was lasting …

– You !!!! Well, you know, this is no longer in any gate!

Tinny screamed … and woke up. Her ears were burning, her breathing was as if she was fleeing from an enraged mountain troll.

Behind a narrow stained-glass window, dawn peacefully flared up.Life was gradually awakening within the walls of the Herbal Academy. Somewhere below, Yaslena Feoktistovna was scolding Futark Sleipnirovich for something in a raspy voice … Everything is as usual. Calm and quiet.

Tinny remembered a strange dream and hit her forehead with her palm a couple of times in order to forget it as soon as possible. Dream of the same!

Hastened to wash, dressed and went down into the yard.

Brokki was watching her near the Greenhouse. He had some kind of incomprehensible expression on his face and he was hiding something behind his back.

– Listen, of course I understand that today is my birthday, but be kind, hide in the fog from my eyes for now! Tinny flashed, feeling the tips of her ears catch fire again.- You can’t even imagine what the hell I dreamed about today! It’s like you and I got married and we had two red-haired twins. No, well, can you imagine ?! In what inflamed brain could such a crazy idea be born? You and I … I’ll shudder when I remember. Haha …

– Oh, yes, really . =

90,000 24.09.2019 7 nights Grecotel Lux.Me White Palace (ex.Grecotel The White Palace El Greco Luxury Resort) 4 *

Address: Rethymnon P.O. Box 27,
GR 74100, Rethymnon, Crete

Beach: 400 m long, a stretch of beach with a shallow sandy bottom, convenient for entering the sea (for children). Awarded with the European Blue Flag.

Sports: There are aqua aerobics, water gymnastics, water polo, snorkeling, canoeing (chargeable), jet skis, catamarans, banana, zumba, mini golf, mini football, boccia, parasailing, beach volleyball, tennis equipment, tennis court with evening lighting, tennis lessons, games room with machines, darts, cooking classes, Greek dance lessons, visit to Fair

For children: Children’s pool with seawater, “Grecoland” kids club (3-12 years old), games, competitions, entertainment shows, creative activities and more.Dr. GrecoTeens Club (13-17 years old). Children’s cafe “Tasty Corner”: 6 times a week, for children 3-12 years old – free (11.00-17.00: snacks, hot dishes, juices, fruits, ice cream). Babysitting on request.
GrecoBaby pre-

  • Recreation and Sports:
  • sauna / bath / hamam $$$
  • massage $$$
  • Spa-center / Wellness-center $$$
  • table tennis
  • tennis court
  • volleyball
  • bicycle rental $$$
  • fitness center / gym
  • aerobics
  • yoga classes
  • water sports on the beach
  • diving
  • surfing
  • windsurfing $$$
  • live music
  • animation
  • organization of excursions
  • Hotel:
  • restaurant
  • A la Carte Restaurant
  • cafe / bar
  • outdoor pool
  • conference hall
  • business center
  • parking lot +++
  • car rental
  • safe
  • Internet Wi-Fi
  • Internet cafes
  • elevator
  • laundry
  • dry cleaning
  • hairdresser / beauty salon
  • currency exchange
  • ATM
  • conditions for the disabled
  • transfer to / from the airport $$$
  • garden / park
  • payment by payment cards
  • Children:
  • children’s pool
  • playground
  • mini club / kids room
  • children’s menu in the restaurant
  • highchairs in a restaurant
  • baby cot +++
  • Babysitter $$$
  • Beach:
  • city
  • sand and pebble
  • sun loungers +++
  • beach towels
  • umbrellas +++

90,000 The difficult life of a mother: Masha Efrosinina told how she saved her children

11 March 2019 13:00
Yulia Turenko

TV presenter Masha Efrosinina in her busy schedule always finds time for training in the gym.Despite the fact that the celebrity already has a slender and fit figure, no one canceled physical activity.

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Especially after “saving the children.” So, on her Instagram page, Masha admitted that her son Alexander got to the waffle cake with condensed milk, and for the safety of the child, she ate a large piece.

And in the evening of the same day, her daughter Nana was seized with disappointment from the new film – ice cream.But then again the mother helped the girl out and did not let her eat the whole portion. But Efrosinina hurried to work off the yummy the next day in the morning.

“Any normal mother will always protect her child! So yesterday I rushed to save my son from the … waffle cake with condensed milk, who was trying to capture him – I had to eat a large piece for the safety of the child! In the evening, Nana and I fell over to watch a new comedy with Jennifer Lopez – the comedy turned out to be so wildly hellish nonsense that Nana decided to eat this disappointment with ice cream.

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