Names of shops in england: Top 20 shops names in the UK revealed

Top 20 shops names in the UK revealed

SURELOCK Homes, Planet of the Grapes and Spruce Springclean have emerged as some of the wittiest named businesses in Britain.

A study of 2,000 adults discovered the most pun-derful company names, including a barbers suitably named The Chopfather and an aptly titled coffee shop, Deja Brew.


Surelock Homes is a playful take on Sherlock Holmes, in case you didn’t already knowCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

It comes after 79 per cent of those polled said a business name helps express its personality and branding.

And 43 per cent are more likely to recommend a business with a witty name, compared to one with a more traditional moniker.

Alan Collins, 70, owner of Spruce Springclean, a carpet cleaner in Cornwall, said: “The name came about in the 80s when I bought my first van.

“I thought I should come up with a name for my business and I was on my way to a friend’s house to discuss it with him.


Bet you can’t guess what Sellfridges sellsCredit: SWNS:South West News Service


The owner of this business came up with the name after listening to Bruce SpringsteenCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

“On the way I heard a record on the radio and the disk jockey said it was by Bruce Springsteen, but I misheard him and thought he said Spruce Springclean.

The research also found 48 per cent of Brits believe a witty or memorable business name is more likely to make them use that company over a similar one.

Paul Tribouillard, 45, owner of Surelock Homes, said: “We’ve been around for a while now but we still get comments about our name.

“It was my friend who came up with it, he used to own the company. I don’t know how he came up with it, just made it up I suppose.

“We were on the radio on a show about the best business names, we came runner up.

“I’m glad that people enjoy it, we get a lot of laughs about it.”

Top 20 shop names in the UK

  • Surelock Homes, locksmith, Portsmouth
  • Planet of the Grapes, wine bar and restaurant, London
  • Spruce Springclean, carpet cleaners, Lostwithiel, Cornwall
  • Floral and Hardy, florists, Hertfordshire
  • A Fish Called Rhondda, fish and chip shop, Pentre, Wales
  • Jean Claude Van Man, removal company, Merseyside
  • Bonnie Tiler, tiling and plumbing, Gateshead
  • Grate Expectations, fireplace specialists, Wimbledon
  • Wright Hassall, solicitors, Leamington Spa
  • Barnie’s Rubble, DIY shop, Bolton
  • Sellfridges, white goods outlet, Stoke Newington
  • Deja Brew, coffee house, Denton
  • Facial Attraction, beauty salon, Pontypool, Wales
  • The Chopfather, barbers, Bristol
  • Samuel ‘L’ Jackson, driving instructor, Southport
  • Flying Nemo, fish and chips shop, Yorkshire
  • Alan Cartridge, office supplies, Leeds
  • Jason Donervan, food truck, Bristol
  • PG Trips, bus charter, Houghton le Spring
  • Hair Raid Shelter, hairdressers, Downham Market, Norfork

Also among the most memorable shop names in the UK include a solicitors from Leamington Spa with the fortuitous name Wright-Hassall and Bonnie Tiler, a female-fronted tiling and plumbing company based in Gateshead in the north-west.

More than half of those polled via OnePoll would prefer to see more businesses embrace a quirky name.

Lisa Jacobs, UK managing director at SME lending platform Funding Circle, which commissioned the research said: “It’s great how small businesses bring their characters and personalities through with these imaginative names whilst also brightening up our days with a laugh or chuckle.

“Business doesn’t have to be all serious.

“A play on words allows businesses to stand out from the crowd, attract customers and convey a bit of their sense of humour.”

These are the ten things you need to know about running your own business.

Speaking on names, RBS Group has just revealed it’s changing its name to NatWest.

In more business news, nearly half of adults don’t pay income tax, HMRC data shows.

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English Words for Types of Shops

Here are some English words for different kinds of shops and businesses.

Read through the list of vocabulary at your own pace.

  • antique shop – a shop that sells valuable old items and collectables.

  • bakery (or baker’s shop) – a shop where you can buy bread.

  • butcher – a shop that sells meat.

  • bank – a business that looks after your money.

  • beauty salon – a business which offers beauty treatments.

  • bookshop – a shop that sells books.

  • building society – a place where you can save money.

  • card shop – a shop that sells greetings cards and wrapping paper.

  • chemist – a shop that sells medicine, cosmetics and toiletries.

  • confectioner – a shop that sells sweets and chocolates.

  • corner shop – a small, local shop where you can buy everyday things.

  • deli (or delicatessen) – a shop that sells foods from around the world.

  • department store – a very big shop that sells lots of different things.

  • fishmonger – a shop where you can buy fish.

  • florist – a shop that sells flowers.       learn more »

  • greengrocer – a shop where you can buy fruit and vegetables.

  • hairdresser – a business which offers hairdressing services.

  • jeweller – a shop that sells watches and jewellery.

  • laundrette – a place where you can wash your clothes & have things dry cleaned.

  • newsagent – a shop that sells newspapers and magazines.

  • novelty store – a shop where you can buy novelties, joke items and tricks.

  • off licence – a shop where you can buy alcoholic drinks, like beer and wine.

  • pet shop – a shop that sells pet animals, such as cats, dogs and birds.

  • sandwich shop – a place where you can buy sandwiches, snacks and drinks.

  • shoe shop – a shop where you can buy shoes.

  • sports shop – a shop that sells sportwear and sports equipment.

  • stationery shop – a shop that sells stationery and related things.

  • supermarket – a large shop that mostly sells food and drink.

  • tobacconist – a shop that sells tobacco, pipes and cigarettes.

  • toy shop – a shop where you can buy children’s toys and games.

  • Supermarkets and grocery stores in the UK

    Enjoying the taste of life in the UK? Find out how to bring those flavors home with our guide to supermarkets and grocery stores in the country.

    Going to the grocery store will probably be one of the first things you do when you move to the UK. It’s one of the underrated pleasures of expat life. Faced with aisles and aisles of weird and wonderful foods, you soon remember that you’re not at home anymore.

    When it comes to UK supermarkets, you will be pleasantly surprised. There is a good range of fresh produce and international foods to choose from, wherever you are. To help you get more from your shopping basket, here’s our guide to everything you need to know about supermarkets and grocery stores in the UK. It includes the following information:


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    Grocery shopping in the UK

    Generally speaking, Brits buy their food at supermarkets. However, not all supermarkets offer the same range of products at the same price point, therefore, it’s important to do your research to find the right store for you in your local town or neighborhood.

    If you don’t fancy browsing the aisles, there are alternatives. Food markets remain popular throughout the UK and there are plenty of online services that deliver groceries to your door. And if you don’t like cooking, you’ll find a selection of restaurants, take-outs, and pubs in towns and cities across the country.

    Supermarkets in the UK

    When it comes to UK supermarkets, location makes a difference. In large towns and cities such as London, Manchester, and Edinburgh, supermarkets are generally more centrally located and typically smaller. In less urban areas, however, they are often found on the edge of town and tend to be much bigger in size and product range.

    If you live in a city, the limited size of the supermarkets can make it difficult to get hold of all the products you need. However, stores often vary their product line to some extent. This means that while you’ll be able to find most things you need in your neighborhood, you may need to shop around. What you pay at the checkout can also change significantly depending or where you live and where you shop. Some supermarket chains stock more premium product ranges than others, while city center stores are often slightly more expensive than their out-of-town cousins.

    At larger, out-of-town supermarkets you’ll also find other local services and facilities. This can include opticians, pharmacies, and fuel stations, alongside other services like international money transfer and ATMs. Many larger supermarkets also have recycling centers in their car parks. Here, you’ll be able to recycle all manner of household items, including glass, clothing, and shoes. For more information, read our guide to recycling and garbage collection in the UK.

    Supermarket chains in the UK

    The UK has a number of supermarket chains. Most operate nationwide, however you’ll find some stores are more prominent in certain regions than others. However, stores are generally well-stocked with good quality fresh meat, dairy and produce, and dried groceries. Most also have in-store bakeries and in the larger out-of-town hypermarkets, you’ll also find clothing, homewares, and electronics. These chains include:

    • Tesco: The UK’s largest supermarket chain has around 4,000 stores and a product range that focuses on price over quality. Their larger hypermarket format is called Tesco Extra, while city center stores are called Tesco Metro or Tesco Express.
    • Sainsbury’s: Tesco’s biggest competitor has over 2,000 stores. You can expect to pay a little more but the products are of better quality. City center-based stores are called Sainsbury’s Local.
    • Co-op Food: The country’s sixth-largest supermarket chain has more stores than any UK chain, with a big presence in rural areas. Their stores have premium product ranges, and customers can donate to local charitable causes with every shop if they become members of the ethical cooperative.
    • Waitrose: The UK’s premium supermarket chain is historically found in city centers and affluent locations. It focuses heavily on the quality of products, although it’s often not as expensive as you might expect.
    • Morrisons: The fourth-largest chain started life as a regional supermarket in Yorkshire. Stores focus on fresh produce and a market-style shopping experience at reasonable prices.
    • ASDA: Another Yorkshire-based chain, ASDA is the UK’s third-largest supermarket. Focusing on low-price products and hypermarket-format stores, the retailer has a limited presence in London.

    You’ll likely come across other supermarket chains in the UK, such as Budgens and Booths. These are often regional chains too.

    Discount supermarket chains in the UK

    Most UK grocery chains offer an own-brand no-frills product range in-store. However, if you’re looking for an even cheaper food shop, check out these discount retailers:

    • Aldi: The German discounter is the UK’s fifth-largest chain, offering a no-frills shopping experience and cheaper products. Aldi stores are increasingly found in more central locations.
    • Iceland: Historically focused on frozen goods, discounter Iceland offers an increasing range of dry and fresh products at cheap prices in stores across the country.
    • Lidl: Another German retailer, Lidl has also taken the UK market by storm in recent years. A cheaper mix of fresh produce and non-food goods make these stores increasingly popular.

    UK specialty supermarkets

    If you’re looking for something a little more special from your grocery shopping, you can always try one of these specialty supermarkets:

    • Marks & Spencer Foodhall: The internationally-renowned department store Marks & Spencer has always sold food alongside its fashion and homewares. In recent decades, the company has branched out into premium food-only stores, called M&S Foodhall.
    • Whole Foods: US expats will be pleased to see Whole Foods on UK high streets. The organic retailer currently only has locations in London, although this may change in the coming years.

    Supermarket opening times

    UK opening times vary between supermarkets. Large, out-of-town hypermarkets are often open 24-hours while smaller city center locations are usually shut by 23.00. In smaller towns and villages, stores will generally close around 21.00.

    Be aware that UK supermarkets over a certain size are only legally allowed to open for six hours on Sundays. This includes larger 24-hour hypermarkets, which close at midnight on Saturday and re-open at midnight on Sunday; to respect the law. Supermarkets can choose which six hours they want to open, although most will choose 10.00–16.00 or 11.00–17.00.

    Things you need to know about grocery shopping in the UK

    As an expat living in the UK there are certain things you need to know before filling up your shopping cart. Here are some of them:

    • Buy what you can carry: Many smaller supermarkets in cities like London and Manchester don’t have car parks and don’t provide shopping carts. Therefore, it pays to only buy what you can carry.
    • There aren’t any shopping bags: Locals bring their own bags to the grocery store. However, you should be able to buy them at the register for less than 20 pence.
    • Do it yourself: You won’t just have to pack your own food in the UK, you might have to scan it yourself, too. Self-checkouts are increasingly popular, particularly in smaller stores.
    • Stock up for the holidays: Supermarkets are required by law to close on major public holidays, including Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and Easter Sunday. So check ahead to avoid disappointment.
    • Loyalty pays: Most major supermarkets in the UK have a loyalty scheme. Some schemes are more complicated than others, but you can often get some great bargains both instore and elsewhere.

    Grocery delivery services in the UK

    If you are unable to get to the supermarket in person or prefer the convenience of home delivery, then you’re in luck. Most supermarkets offer home delivery services, including Tesco, Morrisons, and even Iceland. There are also online-only supermarkets such as Ocado. However, note that online delivery choice will be determined by your location.

    There are a number of other delivery options in the UK, including meal-kit providers. These companies deliver pre-prepared meal kits to your front door, filled with seasonally fresh ingredients and recipes to create your own meals at home. Some UK meal-kit providers include:

    Ethnic grocery stores in the UK

    Another option for UK grocery shopping is ethnic supermarkets. There are plenty of these dotted across the country, particularly in larger towns and cities where there are more ethnically diverse populations. Many are Indian or Middle Eastern, but Chinese, Polish, and Japanese grocery stores can also be found in large cities and small market towns alike.

    These shops are often popular with expats as they tend to stock a greater variety of international foods than the supermarket chains. The products are generally cheaper in these ethnic stores, although it’ll be more cost-effective to buy everyday items in chain supermarkets.

    Food shopping at UK markets

    If you prefer to get some fresh air with your groceries, there’s always the local market. Generally speaking, most towns will have a daily or weekly market where local producers sell fresh food and other goods. Some will be called farmer’s markets and will often draw sizeable crowds so arrive early.

    Bigger towns and cities will often have a large covered market. Here, market traders sell fresh meat, produce, and other foods every day. These are particularly popular in formerly industrial cities and are often significantly cheaper than the local supermarkets.

    Specialty stores in the UK

    Once upon a time, every market town in the UK would have a butcher, baker, and greengrocer on their main street. Following the explosion of out-of-town supermarkets across the country, however, these stores have been on the wane. Many smaller towns don’t have these shops at all anymore.

    That said, in recent years there has been something of a renaissance in the UK’s specialty stores. In bigger towns and cities, you should be able to find local bakeries and butchers. Some will have their own stores on the high street while others can be found exclusively at weekly markets and online.

    Convenience stores

    Most neighborhoods and villages in the UK will have a convenience store, also known locally as a newsagent. These will sell newspapers, alcohol, cigarettes, and a limited range of essential everyday groceries. Most will have longer opening hours than the local supermarket although prices are usually higher.

    Most of these convenience stores are independently run. However, some chains can be found across certain regions or nationwide. These include:

    • Londis
    • Tesco Express
    • Spar
    • One Stop
    • Costcutter

    Liquor stores in the UK

    Unlike other countries, UK supermarkets are able to sell hard liquor alongside British beers, wine, and cider. This means that most people buy their alcohol with their weekly groceries, taking advantage of the special offers that are often available.

    Because of this, liquor stores are not as common in the UK. However, you’ll still find plenty of wine merchants (selling only wine and some other drinks) in towns and cities. You’ll also find plenty of off-licenses, which are convenience stores that are licensed to sell alcohol. These stores will usually signpost the fact they sell alcohol outside the shop. In addition to this, there are an increasing number of online stores that sell alcohol, including:

    Buying groceries from your home country

    Missing food from home? Due to the UK’s multicultural nature, it’s fairly easy to get hold of food from around the world. This is particularly true in bigger cities like Liverpool, Glasgow, and London which have well-established ethnic communities.

    Most supermarkets in the UK will have a world foods section where you can pick up flavors from around the world. However, if that’s not enough there are also online grocery stores that can deliver your favorite foods internationally.

    20 Best Places for Shopping in London

    No London experience is complete without doing a spot of shopping.

    Tourists craving retail therapy in London can find a number of popular areas that hold an entire range of shops, from high-street to elegant luxury.

    Whether they are shopping streets or world-renowned department stores with a tradition of decades, each one of these carefully-picked London shopping destinations will appease even the most obsessive shopaholics.

    Find Shopping Tours in London

    1. Bond Street

    Bond Street is internationally known and loved for the unique luxury it stands for.

    Designer items and the finest luxury goods are available to wealthy travellers who shop here.

    For centuries, the shops have historically represented the height of elegance for the richest, most eccentric, and most outrageous socialites in London.

    Burberry, Dolce Gabbana, Mulberry, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, and Jimmy Choo are just a part of the brands you can enjoy and feast your eyes on.

    • Tip: Don’t miss The Ritz and Sotheby’s, the most famous auction house in the world, located on the same street.
    • General Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10am-7pm, Sunday: 12pm-6pm, some shops may vary.
    • Address: Bond Street, London, W1S 1SR
    • Nearest Stations: Oxford Circus, Green Park, Bond Street, Piccadilly Circus

    Check Tours Official site

    2. Oxford Street

    For the shoppers who want a bit of everything, Oxford Street offers a variety of shops which cover every budget and interest, including homewear, clothes and technology.

    House of Fraser, River Island, Top Shop, John Lewis or Marks & Spencer all await you for the ultimately shopping experience.

    Wherever you go, it’ll be hard to leave empty-handed after seeing their deals.

    • Tip: For the ultimate Oxford Street shopping experience, make sure to stop by and have a cocktail at Apres or dinner at St Christopher’s Palace.
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm; Thursday 9am-9pm; Sunday 12pm-6pm; Some shops may vary.
    • Address: Oxford Street, London W1B 3AG
    • Nearest Stations: Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Bond Street, Marble Arch, Piccadilly Circus

    Check Tours Official site

    3. Covent Garden

    Every luxury clothes lover’s dream, Covent Garden is home to famous internationally-acclaimed designer brands like Burberry, Dior, Sandro, Burberry Brit, Paul Smith or Hackett.

    Jo Malone, Miller Harris or Penhaligons are available for the beauty-oriented who are out to get a lavish thrill with a decadent bottle of perfume or an extravagant cream.

    • Tip: Covent Garden is not only a shopping destination but also a cultural district, so don’t miss the events at the theatre quarter or Royal Opera House.
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm; Sunday 12pm-6pm; some shops may vary.
    • Address: The Market, London WC2E 8RF.
    • Nearest Stations: Covent Garden, Leicester Square Charing Cross.

    Check Tours Official site

    4. Selfridges

    Iconic London landmark and a veritable Mecca for lovers of shopping, Selfridges has been the go-to place for retail therapy for London ladies since 1909.

    This massive department store covers six floors with a total of 10 acres of shopping space, offering everything you can dream of.

    Bridal apparel, beauty, technology jewelry or luxury brands can all be found in this giant shopping centre.

    • Tip: Selfridges features the largest denim department in the world. It covers an area of 25,000 square feet and features almost 11,000 pairs of jeans, from the cheapest to the most extravagant and expensive items. So, if you’re a denim lover, this will definitely be heaven for you.
    • Opening Hours: Monday Saturday 9:30am-8pm; Thursday 9:30am-9pm; Sunday 11:30am-6:15pm.
    • Address: 400 Oxford Street, London W1H 6HB.
    • Nearest Stations: Bond Street, Marble Arch.

    Official site

    5. Harrods

    When it comes to luxury, no other place in Britain beats or even comes close to the legendary Harrods.

    Internationally famous for its excellent selection of merchandise, Harrods is the place to shop at in London.

    Rows and rows of expensive shops, brands, products, and the finest restaurants cover seven full floors and the department store even offers a personalized shopping experience with the help of a personal shopper, should you feel overwhelmed.

    • Tip: Harrods features a service called “By Appointment Personal Shopping” where a team of retail experts will assist you in fulfilling your wildest luxury shopping dreams.
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm; Sunday 11.30am-6pm
    • Address: 87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL
    • Nearest Station: Knightsbridge

    Check Tours Official site

    6. Carnaby Street

    Concept store aficionados, as well as plain old lovers of fashion will find everything they were looking for on Carnaby Street.

    Unique shops, well-known brands and boutiques, but also a generous variety of pubs, cafes, restaurants and bars are housed on Carnaby Street.

    Brands include Brandy Melville, Pretty Green, Lyle & Scott, Adidas Originals, Paul Smith Soho, Ben Sherman, Scotch & Soda, Barbour Heritage and SuperTrash.

    • Tip: Carnaby features over 50 restaurants, pubs, bars, and cafes with a variety of over 15 types of international cuisines. Kingly Court is the ultimate destination for food lovers, with a series of 18 high-quality cafes, restaurants, and bars spread across three stories. The beautiful courtyard is open during summertime.
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm; Sunday 10am-6pm; Note that some shops may vary.
    • Address: Carnaby Street, London W1F 9PS
    • Nearest Station: Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus

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    7. The Knightsbridge Estate

    Standing between Harrods and Harvey Nichols, The Knightsbridge Estate holds its own fame among the greatest retail destinations in London since the beginning of the 1900s.

    The Knightsbridge Estate is no stranger to exclusive luxury brands, the latest fashions and the most en-vogue styles.

    Hugo Boss, Ted Baker, Tommy Hilfiger, Boodles and The Kooples are just a few of the 40 stores offering the ultimate high-end luxury.

    • Tip: The Knightsbridge Estate is home to Tommy Hilfiger’s flagship store in Europe, so make sure you include this legendary shop on your map.
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm; Sunday 12pm – 6pm.
    • Address: The Knightsbridge Estate, London SW3 1DB.
    • Nearest Station: Knightsbridge

    Check Tours Official site

    8. Sloane Street

    Very few places can boast the same array of high-level luxury brands as Sloane Street.

    The likes of Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Chloe, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Tom Ford, Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Rag & Bone and Marni all have flagship stores located on Sloane Street, offering the finest merchandise in London.

    For excellent products that give an air of exclusivity and elegance to your wardrobe, look no further than Sloane Street for all of your luxury shopping needs.

    • Tip: Sloane Street is located in an upscale neighbourhood comprising Saatchi Gallery, Royal Court Theatre and Victoria & Albert Museum, so make sure you don’t miss them.
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm. Most shops are closed on Sundays, but some shops may open.
    • Address: Sloane Street, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea SW1X 9PJ.
    • Nearest Stations: Sloane Square, Knightsbridge.

    Check Tours Official site

    9. Regent Street

    The absolute best that the West End has to offer, in terms of shopping, is located on Regent Street.

    Brands like Anthropologie, Liberty, Hamleys (the legendary toy store) or Apple are available, as well as many other internationally-renowned shops.

    You can also find the finest restaurants, hotels, art galleries and even spas.

    • Mobile App: If you plan on shopping on Regent Street, make sure to download the official mobile apps, Regent Street Shopping and Walking Tour, which will provide you with a complete and useful guide of the new aesthetic in Regent Street, its new hotels, restaurants and of course, shops.
    • Gift Card: An interesting feature offered by Regent Street is its very own Gift Card. This can be used in more than 130 shopping venues, as well as bars and restaurants. In addition, you can now opt to make use of a service that delivers your bags to your home or hotel, in order to make your shopping experience better.
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday  12pm-6pm, Some shops may vary.
    • Address: Regent Street, London W1B 5TD.
    • Nearest Stations: Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus.

    Check Tours Official site

    10. Piccadilly

    Its prime location, at the center of London, provides Piccadilly with an endless array of visitors, tourists and, of course, avid shoppers.

    A shop that cannot be missed or skipped is Fortnum & Mason, which is suited to various budgets, interests and tastes, much like Piccadilly itself, which is rich in luxury offerings, as well as high-street ones.

    Moreover, visitors in the area are encouraged to also try the various restaurants and galleries.

    • Tip: In addition to shopping, Piccadilly has plenty more to offer, in terms of luxury. Whether it is high-class hotels, like the world-famous The Ritz, art that can be admired in the Royal Academy of Arts or the historical architecture that surrounds the entire area, Piccadilly is a prime destination for the lovers of quality, class, culture and aesthetics.
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm. Some shops may vary.
    • Address: St James, London W1D 7DH.
    • Nearest Stations: Piccadilly Circus

    Check Tours 

    11. Westfield Stratford City

    One of the newer additions to London’s shopping scene is Westfield Stratford City.

    This shopping centre opened in September 2011 and it’s considered to be one of the largest in Europe.

    It bears a retail floor area of 175,000 m2! The centre includes approximately 70 restaurants and 400 stores, the most notable being Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and John Lewis.

    • Tip: If you’re looking for the ultimate shopping experience, the centre has 2 hotels with 350 rooms and 267 rooms respectively. You can get accommodation right within the shopping centre so you can wake up to your favorite shops first thing in the morning.
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-10pm, Saturday 9am-10pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm.
    • Address: 2 Stratford Place, Montfichet Road, Queen Elizabeth, Olympic Park, London E20 1EJ.
    • Nearest Stations: Stratford International, Stratford Regional, East Village, London Olympic Park.

    Official site

    12. Westfield London

    Not to be confused with Westfield Stratford City, Westfield London is located in White City, the Hammersmith and Fulham borough.

    It was opened in October 2008 and its retail floor area measures 150,000 m2.

    You can spend your time inside the centre by strolling around 255 stores such as Debenhams, Mango, Apple, LEGO, River Island and many more.

    It also features a 17-screen cinema called the Vue and it can accommodate 3,000 people.

    • Tip: Westfield London also features a high-class retail zone where the “bourgeois” can enjoy their favorite top-notch brands. This area is known as The Village and features names like Louis Vuitton, Versace, Burberry, Gucci, Tiffany & Co and Dior.
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-10pm, Sunday: 12pm-6pm
    • Address: Centre Management Suite, Unit 4006, Ariel Way, London W12 7GF
    • Nearest Stations: Wood Lane, Shepherd’s Bush Market, Shepherd’s Bush, White City.

    Official site

    13. One New Change

    If you’re looking for an important retail development in the City of London, then look no further than One New Change.

    This is actually the only major shopping centre in the area, so it won’t be difficult to find.

    It is located nearby St. Paul’s Cathedral, so you can always add a visit to this amazing cathedral to your experience.

    Inside One New Change, you will find 60 restaurants and shops, mostly high-street retailers.

    • Fine Dining Experience: Don’t miss Barbecoa, a butcher and barbecue restaurant owned by Adam Perry-Lang and Jamie Oliver. Another top-of-the-line restaurant that you must pay a visit to is Bread Street Kitchen. This one belongs to Gordon Ramsay. So, in both restaurants, you are guaranteed to have an excellent dining experience.
    • Opened Daily: The majority of shops in the City of London are closed during the weekends. This is not the case with One New Change, which is opened 7 days per week.
      Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 10am-7pm
      Thursday: 10pm-8pm
      Saturday: 10am-6pm
      Sunday: 12pm-6pm
    • Address: Management Suite, One New Change, London EC4M 9AF.
    • Nearest Stations: St. Paul’s, Mansion House.

    Official site

    14. King’s Road

    If you’re a shopping addict, then King’s Road is the ideal place for you.

    Here, you will find anything you want, from high-street stores and designer shops to small and trendy boutiques.

    Numerous restaurants and cafes have also found a welcoming home on King’s Road.

    The area is also known for featuring top-notch interior design shops such as Habitat, Heal’s, and Peter Jones.

    Vivienne Westwood’s shop is also situated on this marvelous street.

    • Tip: Make sure you visit the nearby Chelsea Antiques Market, which is a gem for all the souvenir and antique buffs out there.
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10am-7pm, Sunday: 12pm-6pm. Some shops may vary.
    • Address: King’s Road, Chelsea, London, Greater London SW3 5XP.
    • Nearest Station: Sloane Square.

    Official site

    15. Camden Markets

    At Camden Markets, you can find clothes, shows, accessories and souvenirs for all tastes and preferences.

    The complex includes 6 markets: Inverness Street Market, Electric Ballroom, Buck Street Market, Camden Lock Village, Stables Market and Camden Lock Market.

    They mainly sell clothing (new and second-hand), handmade crafts, shoes, books, jewelry, bags, furniture and food.

    You won’t find any chain stores or high-street brands at Camden Markets.

    • Tip: The Electric Ballroom is actually a night club that operates in the area since the early 1950s. During the day it is a market, but at night it becomes a thrilling performance venue that you can visit after a tiring shopping session. It is only opened on weekends.
    • Opening Hours: Daily: 10am-6pm
    • Address: Camden High Street, London NW1 0JH.
    • Nearest Station: Camden Town, Chalk Farm Road.

    Check Tours Official site

    16. Portobello Road Market

    This is one of the most popular attractions for tourists.

    With a long history, dating back to 1800s, Portobello Road Market has become famous in the 1950s, when it was converted into an antiques market.

    However, nowadays it also sells music, clothes, bread, fruits and vegetables.

    The market is organized on Fridays and Saturdays, but there are also smaller markets throughout the rest of the week, except Sunday.

    • Bring Cash: Most sellers cannot accept cards, so a wise move for you would be to bring cash while visiting Portobello Road Market. Also, keep in mind that there are quite few cashpoints.
    • Get there early: As you can imagine, this market can get extremely busy, so come as early as you can. Some of the vendors will even open their stalls at 7am. This doesn’t mean you have to be there at that hour, but getting there between 8:30am–9 am is sensible.
    • Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday 9am-6pm, Thursday 9am-1pm, Friday-Saturday 9am-7pm.
    • Address: Portobello Road, London, Greater London, W10 5TA.
    • Nearest Stations: Landbroke Grove, Notting Hill Gate.

    Check Tours Official site

    17. Brick Lane Market

    If you’re into flea markets, then Brick Lane Market will be your favorite destination in London.

    It is one of the largest markets of its type in the British capital and it sells all kinds of items, from bric-a-brac to clothes and antiques.

    Here, you can negotiate the prices and leave with a bargain.

    Indulge in a shopping session in these 5 amazing markets (Vintage Market, Sunday UpMarket, Backyard Market, Tea Room and Boiler House Food Hall) and you’ll have one of the greatest shopping experiences in London.

    • Tip: Don’t miss the various curry restaurants behind the stalls, as they can offer you tasty dishes after a long shopping session.
    • Opening Hours: Saturdays & Sundays: 11am-6pm. Some markets may vary.
    • Address: Brick Lane, London E1 5HA.
    • Nearest Station: Aldgate East.

    Check Tours Official site

    18. Brixton Market

    For a vibrant local feel, visit the Brixton Market.

    Ironical or not, it’s located on Electric Avenue and it sells home wear, food, and other essential goods.

    The Farmer’s Market is the most popular area in Brixton Market, even though it only started in September 2009.

    An interesting aspect about this market is that it features plenty of Caribbean and African produce, including live African snails.

    • Tip: Brixton Markets sell free-range meats and incredible biodynamic fruits from Akiki Organics and Brambletye Fruit Farm.
    • Opening Hours: Mon, Tue, Thu & Sat 8am-6pm, Wednesday 8am-3pm.
    • Address: Brixton Station Road, Brixton, London, SW9 8JR.
    • Nearest Station: Brixton.

    Check Tours Official site

    19. Canary Wharf

    This area is known for being the place where most leading businesses in the United Kingdom reside.

    Still, Canary Wharf is also home to amazing shopping malls located around Canada Square.

    They are opened 7 days per week and they cover over 200 shops, including designer stores and high-street brands.

    Some of the famous names you will see here are Jo Malone, Myla, Zara, and Oasis.

    • Tip: Avoid shopping in Canary Wharf at lunch hours because it can get incredibly busy and thus, annoying. The best times for a relaxing shopping session are in the morning.
    • Opening Hours: Monday-Wednesday 9am-7pm, Thursday-Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday 10am- 6pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm.
    • Address: One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AB.
    • Nearest Station: Canary Wharf.

    Check Tours Official site

    20. Boxpark

    If you’re looking for a “green” shopping experience, then Boxpark is your top destination.

    This is a pop-up mall (the first in the world, as they market themselves) located in Shoreditch and it’s made of refitted and stripped shipping containers.

    Basically, this means that it can be easily relocated to different places.

    Check their website to stay updated with their possible next locations.

    This innovative pop-up mall was opened in 2011 and it features 60 fashion shops, restaurants, and cafes.

    • Tip: Besides being a “mall”, Boxpark also hosts various events, such as concerts, workshops, small festivals, and art shows, so make sure you don’t miss the complete Boxpark experience.
    • Opening Hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat 11am-7pm; Tursday 11am-8pm; Sunday: 12pm-6pm.
    • Address: 2-4 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, London, E1 6GY.
    • Nearest Station: Old Street, Liverpool Street.

    Official site

    London Shopping Map

    Also read:

    Find Shopping Tours in London


    UK’s 10 Online Shopping Site With An International Shipping Solution

    Back To Latest Shipping News

    Here is your ultimate list of the top ten best online retailers based out of the UK! 

    The shopping scene in the UK is one of the best around the world and with the rise of globalization, access to these retailers is simply a click away. According to the Office for National Statistics, 97% of 16 to 34 years old in the UK have shopped online in the last 12 months. What makes online shopping so attractive to Brits? The answer lies in delivery – in the UK online retailers offer convenient, fast, and cheap domestic deliveries. 

    The good news for the rest of us around the word is that since its online we now have access to hundreds of brands without having to leave the country. Given that there are hundreds of sites out there; knowing how to choose the right one can be overwhelming especially for those who are looking for unique items only found in the UK. This list breaks down the best sites from internationally known brands to local favourites to guide you in your online shopping adventures.

    Looking for International Shipping Solution? Signup today and we will help you to get your package delivered to your door.

    Read on to discover our top 10 list of the best UK online stores.

    Well Known UK Shopping Sites

    10. ASOS

    Asos is by far one of the best and most popular online fashion retailers in the world. This UK based company solely operates online without a physical store. What makes them truly unique is the level of choice and diversity they offer, they have over 80,000 products from regular tall and plus size in womenswear and menswear.

    Please remember that for direct international delivery you should allow a minimum of 3 weeks from date of purchase and a large delivery fee.

    9. Boohoo

    Another popular online only retailer is Boohoo which offers affordable and trendy clothes in a range of sizes for both men and women. This brand takes inspiration and often does collaborations with celebrities.

    They offer free delivery within the UK with a low-priced yearly membership called Premier, and they will often also run free delivery promotions so keep your eyes out for those.

    8. Pretty Little Thing

    This is another online retailer that offers celebrity inspired clothing offered at a fraction of the cost of big brand names. The only downside with Pretty Little Thing is that they do not offer menswear at this time.

    They offer free next day delivery within the UK with a yearly membership called Royalty at £0.83p a month.

    7. Misguided

    Similar to Pretty Little Thing, Misguided does not offer a menswear collection yet, but they make up for it by including a “trend & occasion” section on their website. Their clothes are up to date with the latest fashion.

    They also provide unlimited next day delivery for a whole year for £5.99 on local deliveries.

    Lesser Known UK Shopping Sites

    6. Dorothy Perkins

    Dorothy Perkins is one of the lesser known UK brands to those outside of the UK. Their sister brand Top Shop is well known, but this more conservative company is grossly under rated. The quality of staple pieces they offer to both men and women is worth checking out.

    Standard shipping is free on local deliveries if a minimum order is met. Their website does mention international delivery, however, at checkout it is not always given as an option.

    5. Debenhams

    It’s understandable that a store that has been opened for well over 200 years is on this list. They offer everything from clothes, to furniture to item for kids. This is the perfect site to shop for multiple people and get a great deal.

    Although they do offer international shipping, they warn customers that their “Never Knowingly Undersold” price promise only applies to shopping in the UK and not internationally.

    4. Boden

    A unique brand which offers well made, elegant clothing embodying sophisticated British culture. Their British Heritage Collection is worth checking out. They offer international shipping.

    3. John Lewis

    John Lewis is a British favourite; this extremely popular high-end department store can be found in every major UK city. Their online shopping site gives a rare glimpse into UK’s everyday popular culture. Although they offer a wide range of clothing items, what is truly a gem found of their site is their selection of unique and collectible tea caddies.

    Please not that they do offer international shipping, but some of their products may not be available for International delivery.

    2. Marks & Spencer

    Also known as M&S, Marks & Spencer is a quintessential British brand and such a huge part of British identity. We could not be more excited that this brand that began in 1884 now offers online shopping. They truly are a one stop shop, but what makes them truly unique and earns the number 2 spot on our list of top 10 UK online shopping sites is their gift sets. With Christmas approaching, they provide an amazing selection.

    Although they offer international shipping as well, they are limited to clothing and only certain homeware items.

    UK Version

    1. Amazon UK

    This list could not be complete without Amazon UK being number one as it truly does open up a whole new world. Their most exciting addition has been selling Primark’s Disney and Harry Potter items. Primark is a UK based brand that does not offer shipping given the low price point of their items, but as of fall 2019 Amazon has begun selling select few of their items. To find these items, simply type “Primark” in the search engine of the UK site and voila!

    It is also worth mentioning that the UK version of Amazon gives you access to almost anything that can only be physically bought in a store so definitely worth checking out.

    Looking for International Shipping Solution? Signup today and we will help you to get your package delivered to your door.

    Challenges of shopping on UK online sites

    The most frustrating aspect of shopping on UK online sites is selecting the items you are excited to purchase, only to find out that they cannot be shipped internationally at checkout. Many UK retailers have restrictions on what can be shipped abroad, and some even have an entirely different website with less items based on your location.

    UK Online Shopping Solution

    The best way to shop online in peace and ensure you are picking from a vast array of choices is to shop on the UK site itself and have it shipped to a British postal code. With you can get your very own UK mailing address. This not only allows you to have access to items that might otherwise not have been available to you, but it also allows you to take advantage of free or very cheap local shipping options which almost all UK retailers offer. ReShip also allows you to consolidate your packages and only pay for one courier fee to get your items from your UK address to your physical address at home. The convenience of being able to shop from a variety of different UK stores and only pay for shipping once is definitely worth a look on

    Back To Latest Shipping News

    The 10 best malls and shopping centers in London, ranked

    You are spoilt for choice when you visit London if shopping is the name of your game. It really is a shoppers paradise, and you can find small individual market places, huge streets and thoroughfares set up to keep you busy all day. But in recent years, there have been a few huge American style shopping centres and malls built too. The latest, at least within the ring road, is Westfield Stratford City, in fact, this company, Westfield have bracketed the central line and given East and West London their very own mega shopping centres, since the other one is at Shepherd’s Bush. 

    There are even bigger centres out of town at places like Bluewater or Thurrock in Kent and Essex which are worth visiting if you have a car, but if you don’t and want something a little closer to home, then just treat some of London’s most famous centres as an outdoor shopping mall- think Oxford Street, High Street Kensington, Spitalfields Market, Hatton Garden for Jewellery or Angel Islington, they all offer something different and a specialist or niche product as well as the main high street stores.  

    In the kaleidoscope that is modern London, the very concept of shopping centres and malls is changing too, and that can only be good news for those of us who love shopping.

    Brent Cross shopping centre is a staple of North West London. It’s been going since 1976 and was the first stand alone shopping centre in the UK. In the late seventies and early eighties it really was unique and was a huge treat to go there as a child, to buy your new school shoes, or Christmas shopping with Mum. The gigantic Christmas tree in the centre of the building would grow up alongside the escalators, so as a child, as you climbed the floors you would always have a bit of Christmas tree to examine. At other times of year, the great big light displays in the centre would also fascinate and glitter as you made your way towards the mecca of department stores. There are now 2000 brands in this shopping mall, and more than 120 shops.

    Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Brent Cross is the oldest stand alone shopping centre in the UK.

    Emma’s expert tip: Brent Cross is smaller than some of the other newer shopping centres, but if you are up in North West London is a great place to shop nevertheless.

    Read more about Brent Cross →

    Westfield Stratford City is Europe’s largest shopping centre. It compliments its sister shopping centre, Westfield at the other end of the Central Line in Shepherd’s Bush. There’s a John Lewis, a Marks and Spencers and just about every other high street store you could wish for. Large food courts and some lovely speciality food outlets mean that you could literally spend all day here without leaving the centre’s warm, if busy embrace. Right by Stratford rail, tube and bus station, this shopping centre has fast connections to the rest of London and concentrates most of the shops you’d see on Oxford Street, or Kensington High Street in a more tiered space.

    Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Westfield Stratford City is London’s newest shopping centre and a brilliant gem.

    Emma’s expert tip: If you know what you want, or just stick to the big shops outside the main halls then this is a great experience. If you like shopping centres then you’ll certainly have fun here. There’s even a huge cinema too, amusements and lots of restaurants and food courts.

    Read more about Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre →

    Westfield Shepherds Bush was the first shopping centre in the Westfield group to open up on the western end of the Central Line. Its location proper is White City, near the old HQ of the BBC and Television centre. This part of West London is bordered by motorways, big roads and housing estates, but the shopping centre itself is a shiny monument to consumerism, with huge echoing glass roof, shiny floors and fizz and panache wherever you look. It is great fun to shop in, although not the best place to go if you have a headache. Each store blares out loud music, fun and a huge array of goods to buy, and when you’re tired there are plenty of food stores, hairdressers and spas to pop in to and take the weight off your feet, sit back and relax before flexing your credit cards that little bit more.

    Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Westfield Shepherds Bush was Europe’s largest shopping center until its sister was built at the other end of the Central line.

    Emma’s expert tip: If you are in West London, this is a great place to shop for just about anything you could possibly think of.

    Read more about Westfield Shepherds Bush →

    Oxford Street is London’s busiest shopping street. At Christmas time it can sometimes be unbearable, but also magical too, as a string of lights across the road draws you in and some of the jewels in Oxford Street’s crown, Marks and Spencer’s flagship store at Baker Street, John Lewis and Selfridges put out beautifully creative window displays and exquisite goods year in, year out with every season. In among the big boys of retail, Oxford Street also has the slightly smaller high street chains and a few independent shops too. Either side of the street are a number of side areas that are also good to mine for shopping inspiration, bars and restaurants too. There is Bond Street, Regent Street, and the area around Baker Street and Wimpole Street which also provide a bit of respite from the main thoroughfare.

    Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Oxford Street is London’s busiest shopping district and street and has to be mentioned when talking about shopping centres.

    Emma’s expert tip: Top Shop and Primark are big targets for younger people, the department stores will provide great places for everyone else.

    Read more about Oxford Street →

    N1 shopping centre at the Angel Islington is small but perfectly formed. Along with the shops up and down Upper Street, Cross Street, Essex Road and Camden Passage it forms a great shopping centre area with a twist. The twist being, that as well as the chain stores and cinemas in N1 itself, there are plenty of smaller independent shops or more quirky small chains in the area which help you find an interesting buy on your visit to London. Be that beautiful cakes in Ottolenghi, Danish design, great kitchen gadgets at Gill Wing (just down the road) or great jewellery in Gill Wing, Dinny Hall and Stephen Einhorn. Make up and cosmetics comes from MAC, Benefit and Neal’s Yard Remedies and Lush. In N1 itself, there is a cinema, Monsoon, a bookshop, French Connection and Gap, and Chapel Market for a taste of the Old Islington and bargains galore.

    Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: N1 shopping centre is the perfect London centre, in that it is the centre of a shopping district with a mix of independent and chainstores.

    Emma’s expert tip: N1 has small shops so shopping here is unstressful and enjoyable. It is at the centre of a big mix of other streets of shops which will give you a great mix.

    Read more about N1 Shopping Centre →

    Bluewater bills itself as Europe’s biggest shopping centre outside London. It is just on the edge of the British capital in Kent. It is a great big behemoth of a shopping centre, and at Christmas time it even includes a winter wonderland and a skating rink, so it is really one of those places that wants the whole family to come and hang out and be happy. It is still a relatively new concept for Britain, having huge out of town shopping centers, but as the recession bites, they are becoming more and more popular. Harrassed stressed parents can drive there, and get everything they need, essentially under one roof without ever having to walk outside except to get back to the car. There are over 300 stores, over 50 parks and over 13,000 free parking spaces, so it is difficult for you not to find your niche here.

    Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Bluewater is big, shiny and a great version of an American shopping mall in Britain.

    Emma’s expert tip: Bluewater is definitely worth a visit if you have a car whilst in London.

    Read more about Bluewater →

    Spitalfields Market is an amazing place to shop in London both at the weekends when it gets very busy, and in the week, when you have a bit more space to hang out with some great coffee and cake and browse the huge mix of shops, from cool, quirky local designer stores which will catapult you in to the hipster category very quickly. Spitalfields has gone from being a brilliant market space, where foods from around the world jostled to treat you whilst you shopped and hand made crafts and antiques were spread out, to a much more refined space. Some were sad when the smaller stalls went from the market, but others find it more like a traditional shopping centre now, which depending on your taste you will love or hate.

    Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Spitalfields is a typical London shopping centre, a mix of history, quirky originality and some great shops.

    Emma’s expert tip: Spitalfields is quieter in the week if you don’t like big crowds, but more stalls arrive at the weekend.

    Read more about Old Spitalfields Market →

    High Street Kensington, or High St Ken as it is known in London is Kensington’s main shopping street, with a bit of something for everyone. It is a long street and the character changes as you move further away from the tube up and down the street. The old Barker’s Arcade used to dominate at one end, and was a department store once upon a time, then it housed Marks and Spencers and a few other shops, a kind of mini shopping centre, now it has a huge Whole Foods market. Next door is a little indoor market called Kensington Market where you can buy the kinds of things teenagers love. Opposite, is a Top Shop and Urban Outfitters and big shoe emporiums.

    Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: High St Kensington is a great street of shopping with little malls and markets that offers variety, high end and bargains all in one st.

    Emma’s expert tip: High St Kensington is not strictly one shopping centre, but it is mostly concentrated around one long street, and so is a good place to shop everything in one day.

    Read more about High St Kensington →

    Hatton Garden is the perfect place to shop for jewellery in London. There are over 50 jewellers gathered in one small street and the surrounding area. You can buy everything from antique to spanking new jewellery, gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, silver, rose gold, white gold, black diamonds, saphires and various other gemstones. You name it, they’ve got it. The area has been the centre of London’s diamond and jewellery trade since Medieval times and got its name from Sir Christopher Hatton who was awarded his title by Elizabeth I. This tradition used to be repeated right across the city of London with each small cluster of streets centre to a different trade or manufacturing type. Now, London is much more diverse but Hatton Garden has remained and diversified. It’s now also home to part of London’s creative industries.

    Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Hatton Garden is home to London’s jewellery trade and a great place to find a beautiful present for a special person.

    Emma’s expert tip: A great place to shop for engagement rings or a special present.

    Read more about Hatton Garden Jewellery shopping district →

    Hays Galleria is a very bijoux kind of shopping centre in the heart of London’s South Bank just near the bustling London Bridge station which also contains a mini shopping centre these days. Hays has mostly tiny shops and little cafes so it’s a very different type of shopping experience, but it’s a little bit the symbol for the whole of the South Bank experience, in that you can wander, walk, learn, soak up the history, gasp at the modern sky scrapers that have sprouted all around the station and then walk a little further, scratch the surface and feel more history. Hays provides the perfect place for a little stop off and a quick browse of souvenirs and little gems before moving on. Don’t come here expecting clothes but if it’s interesting knick knacks in a relaxed atmosphere then Hays is the place for you.

    Recommended for Shopping Malls and Centers because: Hays galleria is a small but pretty shopping centre on London’s river Thames.

    Emma’s expert tip: Hays galleria is great for very relaxed shopping in among a walk along the South Bank.

    Read more about Hay’s Galleria →

    8 best shopping areas in London – IHG Travel Blog

    Travel plans taking you to London? Well, you’re in for a real treat when it comes to London shopping. It’s not only a top city for visiting but a top one for shopping with its numerous retail districts, shopping streets, specialty stores and clothing styles.

    For first-time London visitors, these eight shopping areas are some of the best you’ll find, with each bringing something unique to the fashion table. Be sure to bring an extra suitcase and book a London hotel room big enough to hold all the shopping bags full of clothes you’ll bring back after a shopping spree through this stylish city.

    1. Oxford Street

    Source: Flickr

    Map the location

    One of the busiest streets in London, if not the busiest, is Oxford, and it’s all because of the variety of shopping this street offers. Oxford Street is considered the heart of the city’s shopping, boasting more than 300 shops, outlets and stores and an assortment of choices from British and international designers. A Londoners favorite is Selfridges (pictured above), where fashion, furniture and food are available for purchase. Its constantly changing, controversial and even a little bizarre at times window displays are one of the biggest draws into this department store.

    Shopping tip: Weekends are crazy busy so to keep your sanity and better enjoy shopping here, come during the week, preferably during the morning.

    2. Knightsbridge

    Source: Flickr

    Map the location

    Knightsbridge is another well-known retail district and one of the more unchanged, appealing parts of central London. Some say it comes second to only Oxford Street. A local shop that tourists love is Harrods (pictured above). This famous British store has a range of luxury and everyday products throughout its seven floors spread out over 4.5 acres. It’s highly likely whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it and more here. Since Harrods attracts millions of tourists every year, locals prefer to shop at Harvey Nichols, a more chic, classy retail store offering all your favorite designer labels.

    Shopping tip: Go to Sloan Street in this area for all the designer shops, like Gucci, Armani and Christian Dior, as well as some specialty lingerie shops.

    10 things to know before you arrive in London Should you tip servers?

    3. Bond Street

    Source: Flickr

    Map the location

    A concentrated area of sophistication and designer shops, Bond Street is where the rich and famous flock to. It’s a hot spot for international designers and for those with expensive and extravagant tastes. But it’s not just apparel shops. Exclusive jewelers like Tiffany & Co. and Cartier are also found on this elite street. Bond Street formed from New Bond Street and Old Bond Street.

    Shopping tip: Antiques and art are also sold in this area. Sotheby’s is the world’s oldest auction house and it’s found on this street.


    4. King’s Road

    Source: Flickr

    Map the location

    This area came to life during the 60s and 70s and is now the place to find trendy boutiques, high-street regulars, designer shops and interior design inspiration. Clothing shops on King’s Road are for the customer with a lot of cash or high-limit credit cards, so be prepared to find higher prices on the cute dress and pair of heels you find. Hit the right stores and you’ll find vintage gear you might like or might just give you a good laugh.

    Shopping tip: Famous faces are known to frequent this road so look your best and have your camera ready in case a photo opportunity comes your way.

    5. Carnaby Street

    Source: Flickr

    Map the location

    Carnaby Street was the talk of the area during the Swinging Sixties. It’s the birthplace of the “mod” movement, a modernist movement of British teens who wanted to break away from their parents and tradition, so they wore bolder styles and listened to edgier rock music. Today it still has cutting-edge clothing styles. Numerous shops, bars and restaurants cover this area, so buy some urban wear or a vintage mod outfit and then relax with dinner and a drink.

    Shopping tip: Kingly Court is a courtyard behind Carnaby Street that’s a must-stop shopping and dining area.


    6. Covent Garden

    Source: Flickr

    Map the location

    Want variety? You’ll find it at Covent Garden. Shop for menswear, women’s fashion, kid’s clothing and sweet treats here. Stop and rest your feet with a cup of coffee and a snack in between stores at one of its many cafes, delis or restaurants. Covent Garden also features three markets. Jubilee Market changes up throughout the week so depending on the day you can find antiques, clothing, household goods, and arts and crafts. East Colonnade Market sells a variety of items, including some hand-made and hand-knitted ones, seven days a week. Apple Market focuses on artwork, antiques, accessories, fashion and home wares.

    Shopping tip: Walking is the best way to get to and see the surrounding areas of Covent Garden, while driving is the worst because parking is extremely restricted.

    15 best places to take photos in London Insider tips

    7. Westfield London

    Source: Flickr

    Map the location

    Westfield London is an American-style shopping mall, so expect stores, food and a theater under one big roof. During an unexpected rainy day, Westfield is the shopping center that lets you stay dry while still getting your fashion fix. More than 300 luxury and high-street retailers reside in this shopping mall, as well as The Village, an area all its own compared to the rest of the mall with its designer fashion and champagne bar.

    Shopping tip: Westfield’s sister mall is Westfield Stratford City, which you can find in the east part of London.


    8. Jermyn Street

    Source: Flickr

    Map the location

    For men’s clothing, walk down Jermyn Street. Located in the very historic and fashionable London district of St. James’s, these men’s shops include tailors, shirt makers and suppliers of the finest leather goods. Find the perfect gift for you man or treat yourself to a good-looking shirt made by Budd Shirtmakers.

    Shopping tip: Just a bit northwest of Jermyn Street is Savile Row, which is the place to go for the finest British tailor-made suits.

    A stroll through these stylish streets or into one of these exclusive neighborhoods gives you a taste of some of the finest London styles and international fashion any true shopper can appreciate and show off back home.

    90,000 Go fishing! Names and types of fish in English

    For many people around the world, fishing is no longer a way to get food, but rather a sport. Gambling fishermen often go on tours abroad with one single purpose – to fish in a new place or a new marine inhabitant.

    Knowing the names of fish in English will be useful not only for avid fishermen, but also for all those who are delighted with seafood and do not want to make a mistake when choosing fish in a restaurant, shop or market abroad.

    In this article, you will learn everything about marine life: what is “fish” in English and what the most common types of fish will be called in English.

    Fish species

    Let’s start by looking at how the word “fish” is translated.

    Everything is simple here: fish in English – fish. Fishing will be “fishing” and the verb “fish” will be to fish.

    By the way, the word “fish” in English refers to that special type of nouns that have the same singular and plural forms.The same applies to the names of fish species.

    True, there is an exception to the rule: if we are talking about several different types of fish, then fish is considered countable and acquires the ending -es (fishes).

    Examples, where the word fish and the name of the fish, in singular, plural, are pronounced and spelled the same:

    • a fish – many fish
    • a tuna – many tuna

    An example of a sentence where “fish” is used in a different meaning:

    • My dad gave me a colorful book on tropical fishes for my birthday – My dad gave me a colorful book on tropical fishes for my birthday

    Now that we have figured out how to spell fish in English in different situations, let’s move on to the fun part – fish species and their names in English.

    Fish are divided into categories depending on the water in which they live. Freshwater fish in English will be freshwater fish, and saltwater fish will be saltwater fish. For example, tuna is a marine fish and rainbow trout is a freshwater fish.

    Not all fish names are familiar to us in Russian either, but in English they can be completely misleading. For example, “catfish” will be translated into English as catfish, and where does the cat (cat) is not entirely clear.Most likely due to the characteristic mustache of this species. But with the sea bass, there will definitely be no problems – in English it will sound like sea bass.

    Common fish names in English:

    • anchovy – anchovy
    • barracuda – barracuda
    • bream – bream
    • burbot – burbot
    • carp – carp
    • catfish – catfish
    • cisco – sig
    • chum salmon – chum
    • cod – cod
    • crucian carp – crucian carp
    • dorado – dorada
    • eel – eel
    • flounder / sole fish – flounder
    • grayling – grayling
    • grouper – sea bass
    • haddock –
    • haddock
    • hake – hake
    • halibut – halibut
    • herring – herring
    • ide – ide
    • mackerel – mackerel
    • mullet –
    • mullet
    • roach – roach
    • ruffe – ruffe
    • perch –
    • perch
    • pike – pike
    • pikeperch – pike perch
    • pink salmon – pink salmon
    • piranha – piranha
    • redeye –
    • redeye
    • sardine / pilchard- sardine
    • sea bass – sea bass
    • salmon – salmon (salmon)
    • saury – saury
    • shark – shark
    • smelt – smelt
    • sprat – sprat
    • sterlet – sterlet
    • sturgeon – sturgeon
    • tilapia – tilapia
    • trout – trout
    • tuna – tuna
    • vobla – roach
    • whitefish – beluga

    Any of the above types of fish can be prepared in different ways.Here are the most popular ones:

    • baked fish – baked fish
    • dried fish – dried, dried fish
    • fried fish – fried fish
    • grilled fish – grilled fish
    • salted fish – salted fish
    • smoked fish – smoked fish
    • steamed fish – steamed fish

    If you are interested in the topic of food preparation, then be sure to check out our detailed article on products and how to prepare them.

    Since we have touched on the topic of fish dishes in English, let’s talk about what other seafood delicacies you can find on the menu:

    • caviar – caviar
    • crab – crab
    • crayfish – crayfish
    • cuttlefish – cuttlefish
    • lobster – lobster, lobster
    • mussels – mussels
    • octopus – octopus
    • oysters –
    • oysters
    • prawns – shrimps (large)
    • scallops – scallops
    • shellfish – clams
    • shrimps – shrimps (small)
    • spiny lobster – spiny lobster
    • squids – squid

    Fish idioms

    The English have fixed expressions and apt idioms for every taste, and the nautical theme is no exception.Here are the most popular ones:

    • All is fish that comes to the net – Fish without fish and cancer

    This is what they say about the best option in a hopeless situation

    • Neither fish, nor fowl – Neither fish nor meat

    This is what is usually called an unremarkable and unremarkable person

    • To drink like a fish – Drink without drying out

    About those who like to sip a glass or two and cannot stop, they say that they “get drunk like a fish”

    • An odd fish – Odd Man

    A person who is not like everyone else is called a “strange fish”

    • To feel like a fish out of water – Feel like a fish out of water

    This is what a person who feels uncomfortable in a company or a situation (literally – like a fish out of water) speaks about himself.And vice versa, if a person feels comfortable, then he behaves like fish in water (like a fish in water)

    • This is a fine kettle of fish! – Unpleasant, troublesome situation

    It is not entirely clear what the kettle of fish has to do with it, but this is a stable English phrase about a situation that will give you anxiety and trouble.

    • Something’s fishy – Something suspicious

    This is an abbreviation for something smells fishy, ​​which means something smells bad.

    We hope that after studying this article you will not have any problems with the topic of fish and seafood in English, and you will be happy to enjoy fishing or a gourmet meal in a restaurant, without fear that they will bring you something different from what you ordered.

    90,000 Origin of English street names –

    26 February 2017


    Research on street names can give us a lot of interesting facts.Today we will find out how the names of some of the English streets came to be.

    Who in our time does not know Piccadilly Circus, located in London, the western part of it? The British call it Piccadilly Circus, where the word “circus” is used in the sense of a round place in the open air, located at the intersection of several streets. The term “piccadills” (or in other words – “piccadillies”) was used to refer to the types of collars, they were sold by Robert Baker, whose mansion was on this street.Despite the fact that in 1692 it was renamed Portugal Street (Portugal Street), in honor of the wife of Charles II, later the name was again changed to Piccadilly.

    There is also Regent Street in England. It is not difficult to guess that the name is based on the word “regent”. Remember Prince George IV, who became regent under his ailing father, George III? Despite a number of unpleasant character traits and dislike of the people, George IV still managed to make his contribution to the history by hiring an architect famous by those standards.John Nash, having received an assignment from the prince, built a whole complex in the Empire style, unimaginable in its luxury and beauty.

    The Mayfair district today is the ultimate dream for many. But could you imagine that the name of the area itself comes from the combination “May Fair” (Mayfair)? In 1764, local residents began to protest against such events. Since then, no fairs have been seen here. But the residents of this area know very well which street is considered the street of the most prestigious and fashionable shops – Bond Street.

    The name of this street – Bond Street – was chosen in honor of Sir Thomas Bond, with whom King Charles II himself led a friendship. The so-called “royal license” was granted to the Bond Street shops back in the days when they supplied their products directly to the royal court. Nowadays, these are mostly elite shops, frequent visitors of which are high-ranking persons.

    Another interesting fact is that all English place names in which the endings –sey or –sea can be found are usually associated with islands.For example, the Battersea area, formerly called St Peter’s Sey, was an islet in the middle of a swampy area.

    The name Karting Lane is no less curious. So, for a certain time, the street was listed as Farting Lane (Farting Lane). But “farting” in translation means the release of gases. The gas lanterns located on this street were lit for some time using gases emitted from the Savoy’s sewer system.

    Thus, you can see that street names in London and other cities in England were chosen according to the following criteria:

    • The name was determined by the labor activity of the stores located here: BreadStreet (bread), Milk Street (milk), etc.
    • Depending on the localities to which this road leads: Oxford Street.
    • Depending on certain objects located within the city: LondonWall (wall – a wall, the name of the street comes from the name of the London Wall).
    • In accordance with the name of the signboards, perennial and well-known to all: BullAlley (bull – bull, alley – easy to guess, as in the Russian language there is a consonant word – “alley”). The alley was named so because of the sign with the image of a bull.
    • By the names of nearby geographic features, mainly rivers: FleetStreet.
    • According to the names of monasteries, churches, etc.: St. George Street (St. George Street, after the Church of St. George).

    • Streets named after the venerable representatives of the royal family or other famous personalities: Dombey-Street (Dombey Street, in honor of the hero created by Charles Dickens, whose name is Dombey).
    • The so-called “advertising” names, for example, Paradise Row, which means “Paradise street”.

    Thus, just walking around London and learning the names of some streets, you can immediately learn a lot of interesting things, both about the city itself and about the people who live here and once lived.

    almond cookie macaroons
    apple pie apple pie
    bagel bagel
    baked alaska meringue cake
    baked apple baked apple
    baklava baklava (oriental sweetness)
    banana split banana ice cream
    bar bar (chocolate)
    biscotti biscotti
    biscuit biscuits
    blueberry muffin blueberry muffin
    box of chocolates box of chocolates
    brownie chocolate brownie with nuts
    brownie cake
    bun bun
    butterscotch toffee
    cake cake, muffin, sweet pie, cake
    cake shop confectionery
    candied fruit candied fruit
    candy candy
    candy bar chocolate bar
    cannoli cannoli
    caramel caramel
    carrot cake carrot cake
    cheesecake curd pudding; sweet cheesecake
    cherry pie cherry pie
    chewing gum chewing gum
    chocolate chocolate
    chocolate bar chocolate bar
    chocolate cake chocolate cake
    chocolate coated chocolate covered
    chocolate mousse chocolate mousse
    chocolate spread chocolate spread
    cinnamon cinnamon
    cinnamon roll cinnamon bun
    cobbler wine drink with sugar, lemon and ice
    coconut cake coconut pie
    coconut cream pie coconut cream pie
    coffee cake coffee bun or cupcake (with nuts and raisins)
    confectioner confectioner
    confectionery confectionery
    cookie biscuits
    cracker cracker
    cream pie cream pie
    croissant croissant
    cupcake cupcake
    custard custard sweet (eggs and milk)
    danish pastry yeast puff pastry
    dessert dessert, sweet (dish)
    donut donut, fried crumpet
    donut donut; fried pie; plump
    dumplings dumplings, dumplings
    eclair eclair
    filling filling
    flan open pie with berries, fruits, etc.p.
    fritter pancake
    frosting glaze
    frozen yogurt frozen yoghurt
    fruit cake fruit cake
    fruit cocktail fruit cocktail
    fruit salad fruit salad; assorted compote
    gelatine gelatin
    gelato ice cream
    gingerbread gingerbread
    gum gum
    honey honey
    honeycomb honeycomb
    ice cream ice cream
    icing icing sugar
    jam jam; jam
    jelly jelly
    jellybean pea marmalade
    jellyroll roll with jam
    key lime pie lime pie
    lemon meringue pie lemon meringue pie
    lollipop lollipop
    macaroon macaroons
    marmalade marmalade
    marshmallow marshmallow
    marzipan marzipan
    meringue meringue, meringue (airy cake)
    milkshake milkshake
    mousse mousse
    muffin pancake
    nougat nougat
    oatmeal cookie oatmeal cookies
    pancake pancake, pancake
    parfait parfait
    pastry confectionery
    peanut brittle kozinak
    peanut butter peanut butter
    pecan pie nut pie
    pie pie
    popcorn popcorn
    popover bun
    pound cake butter cake
    praline pralines, nuts or almonds, toasted in sugar
    preserved fruit canned fruit
    pretzel pretzel
    pudding pudding
    pumpkin pie pumpkin pie
    quick bread unleavened dough biscuits
    raisin bread raisin bread
    raspberry jam raspberry jam
    rice pudding rice pudding
    scone barley or wheat cake
    set honey candied honey
    sherbet sorbet
    shortbread shortbread
    sorbet sorbet
    souffle soufflé
    sponge cake biscuit, biscuit cake, biscuit cake
    strawberry shortcake strawberry cake
    strudel Strudel
    sugar sugar
    sugar cookie sugar cookies
    sundae ice cream sundae with fruit, syrup, nuts, etc.p.
    sweet sweet
    sweet potato pie Sweet potato pie
    sweet roll sweet roll
    sweet shop pastry shop
    sweets sweets
    tart pie, homemade cake
    toasted marshmallow toasted marshmallows
    toffee toffee
    torte birthday cake
    trifle sponge cake soaked in wine and drenched in whipped cream
    truffle truffle
    turnover half-round pie or cake with filling
    vanilla vanilla, vanilla stick
    vanilla cream pie Vanilla Cream Pie
    vanilla pudding vanilla pudding
    waffle waffle
    white chocolate white chocolate

    Theme “Clothes” in English

    I decided to include thematic lessons on different topics in my blog.Today this topic is “Clothes” in English. We are not always able to correctly name every piece of clothing, and it is even more difficult to do it in English. By topic, words are remembered, it seems to me, much easier. Therefore, in this article I will give several collections of drawings with inscriptions indicating wardrobe items in English.

    If the pictures are not clear to you, you can use the table, which will indicate the main types of clothing and footwear with translation into English.I will also add something there that is not in the pictures. With the help of these pictures and tables, you can easily learn all the necessary names of clothes.

    jacket 90 294 overco3 9110 necko 9110 9110 turtleneck ( polo-neck sweater (shirt) – clothes with a polo collar) 90 294 901 901 T-shirt 901 901 T-shirt waistcoat
    belt belt
    blouse blouse
    bikini bikini bikini bikini bikini bikini bikini bikini bikini bikini bikini bikini coat women’s costume, ( as well as historical, theatrical )
    cardigan cardigan
    dress dress
    also dinner jacket tuxedo )
    gloves gloves
    hat hat
    hoodie = hoody hoodie 9029 hoodie 9110 hoodie 9029 jacket
    jeans jeans
    jersey knitted jacket
    jumper jumper
    9129 9110
    scarf scarf
    shirt shirt, blouse, shirt shorts shorts
    skirt skirt ( pencil skirt, straight skirt pencil skirt
    socks socks
    sweater swimsuit / bathing suit swimsuit
    tie tie
    tights (Brit.) / pantyhose (US) tights
    track suit track suit
    trousers trousers

    You can memorize clothes both by pictures and by tablets with text. Someone has more developed visual perception, someone perceives the text better.Or you can use both methods.

    For those who have a better visual perception of information, we suggest watching this video:

    The video contains the pronunciation of each word + there are several useful verbs on the topic. Spelling and sounding options for both English and American terms are presented (if they differ).

    Now separately shoes (the most basic) with translation into English:

    shoes shoes slippers
    boots boots ( high boots boots)
    flip flops (in Russia, such shoes are usually called “slates”)
    heels heels, high heel shoes
    sandals sandals
    trainers = gym shoes sneakers, sports shoes

    There is another very good selection of clothes and shoes in English (more narrowly themed):

    As you can see, here showing pajamas, underwear and different types of shoes.The picture will help you to significantly expand your vocabulary, as it contains many varieties of underwear and shoes. Now we will translate new words into English for better understanding (if suddenly some types of clothes in the picture are not familiar to you).

    bathrobe bathrobe 9129 bath1robe / undershirt bathrobe 9129 bath1robe / undershirt shirt /9129 athletic supporter briefs knickers) moccasins 9129 9010 9029 moccasins 9129 9129 9029 moccasins 9129
    pajamas pajamas
    nightgown nightgown
    nightshirt men’s nightgown
    (jockey) shorts / underpants men’s briefs, short and close-fitting
    boxer shorts boxer shorts, loose men’s briefs
    suspensor, bandage
    long underwear / long johns warm pants
    (bikini) panties / underpants bikini panties, women’s panties
    briefs briefs
    bra bra
    camisole loose-fitting women’s home or night jacket
    slip half combination (linen)
    stockings stockings
    knee socks knee socks
    pumps lightweight ballroom shoes
    loafers 9029 tennis shoes tennis shoes
    running shoes running shoes, running shoes
    high tops / high-top sneakers high-top sneakers
    thongs / flip3
    , “Flip flops”
    work b oots work boots, boots, safety shoes
    hiking boots hiking boots
    cowboy boots cowboy boots
    moccasins 9013 flat moccasins (flat shoes made of soft leather) 929

    Since the basic types of casual clothes are now familiar to you, I suggest continuing the topic “Clothes” in English in the next lessons, adding vocabulary about clothing styles and fashion in general.

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