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This Black Owned Nail Salon on Wheels Finds Success During a Pandemic

Philly entrepreneur Keesha Brown launched her mini nail salon inside an old bus in February, just as the pandemic descended on the region.

The golden bronze bus allows her to travel to her clients. It also lets her cater to just one person or one small group at a time.

“When the COVID happened is when everything changed,” Brown, 36, told Billy Penn. “It actually boosted my business.”

The pandemic, social media, and support for Black-owned businesses stemming from recent protests have been like a holy trinity for success for Brown’s newest endeavor, which she christened Last Minute Nails.

Brown, who runs seven businesses in total, has a cosmetology degree. She “always wanted to be a nail technician,” she said, but had trouble finding a job in traditional shops.

So this year, she purchased an old CCT bus for about $7,500 and transformed it into a stylish mini spa. For about $3,000 in renovations, Brown painted the walls a magenta pink and added floral wallpaper, a black chandelier, velour navy blue salon chairs, and dark wood-look floors.

With every other traditional nail salon shuttered following Gov. Tom Wolf’s closure of non-life sustaining businesses, people turned to Last Minute Nails.

“We were the only nail salon listed as open,” Brown said.

That won’t be the case soon. City officials announced last week that personal services — salons, barbers, and spas — can reopen come Friday.

But it’s not just the monopoly on the nail hustle right now that’s got business booming.

While working on a client in Philly’s West Oak Lane neighborhood, Brown’s bus caught one neighbor’s eye. That neighbor snapped pics and shared the images on Facebook.

“This sister has a mobile nail salon and I just thought that was so cool!” Facebook user Simone Collucci wrote. Her post went viral. It’s been shared more than 12k times — and gave Brown her next biz boost.

“I literally had over 800 calls coming in regarding my services,” Brown said. That was in one day. The next day, she got 1,000 calls, and now her bookings are double what they were at launch.

Last Minute Nails proudly lists itself as a Black-owned business on Instagram. But Brown, a serial entrepreneur, said she hid it at first.

“I didn’t want people to know that it was a Black-owned business because of the non-support that we get from being Black owned,” Brown said. “When I would go to certain clients, I would say, ‘No, I don’t own the business. I’m just an employee.’”

The increased support following George Floyd protests, Brown said, is not what she usually receives as a Black woman business owner — and she has plenty of experience.

Her other companies include a staffing agency and job training program, both on pause while Last Minute Nails gets off the ground, and an ice cream and Belgian waffle shop called Late Night Munch & Crunch in Marcus Hook, Pa.

Brown recalled a time when one of her staffing agency clients, a doctor’s office where she’d placed three long-term employees, found out she owned the business.

“And all of a sudden, that took a downward spiral,” Brown said of the doctor’s office. “From that, it went to [him] not answering my calls, [him] not answering my text messages. So that made me feel like…I wasn’t good enough being a Black owned business.”

On the Last Minute Nails bus, Brown specializes in dip powder false nails because they’re quicker than acrylic application — and her entire business model is based on speed and convenience.

That jibes perfectly with the reopening guidance for the industry provided by the city this week. Brown said she uses hand sanitizer, sanitizes clients’ hands before and after their appointment, disinfects the pedicure bowl with bleach after each client and wears a mask…most of the time.

She caught a little flak for not wearing a mask in the viral Facebook photos. ”That was just one of the customers that I felt comfortable enough not to wear a mask at that time,” she explained.

Ultimately, Brown believes she manifested her successful nail shop.

“Last year, I kept saying, I want to be rich,” Brown said. “Now I feel like, I’m not going to ever have to worry about my income anymore because all I do is answer the phone and say, ‘Hey, I can take you right now.’ And literally I can make money all day, every day.”


Source: Billy Penn


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Mobile manicure/pedicure service – Valley Girl Nails On Wheels

Choose from Six Options
  • $30 for two regular manicures ($70 value)
  • $40 for two gel manicures ($90 value)
  • $36. 50 for one regular manicure and one regular pedicure ($70 value)
  • $40 for one gel manicure and one regular pedicure ($80 value)
  • $65 for two regular manicures and two regular pedicures ($114 value)
  • $75 for two gel manicures and two regular pedicures ($160 value)

Most popular service: Classic, natural manicure/pedicure
Brands Used: Essie, OPI, CND/Shellac, Tammy Taylor and Cuccio
Reservations/Appointments: Required
Staff Size: 1 person
Pro Tip: As I am a mobile service, this gives my clients less stress and no worries about transportation.

Q&A with Kelly, Owner And Tech/operator

What is one of your signature services? How is it performed?
My signature service is a classic manicure. Some charge extra for a “spa manicure”, but I consider my classic, natural manicures to be just as high-end without the extra charges. I use only the top-quality products on the market. I shape and file the nails then soak them in a soothing “bubble bath” and special salts. After applying cuticle softener, the excess is nipped and cleaned up; oil is applied and the nails are buffed smooth, followed by a relaxing massage up to the elbow with a lovely coconut lotion to help hydrate the skin. Finally the nails are polished with your choice of scrumptious colors in shades of reds and pinks, or even blues and greens.

What is one fun, unusual fact about your business?
Well I definitely have a unique niche in that I offer a service that allows those that have mobility issues due to a physical disability, or a busy schedule that makes it difficult dealing with travel time to a salon.

What steps do you take to make your clients feel at ease?
As my business entails coming directly to where the customer lives, this is the aspect of my service that directly offers comfort and ease. What better place than the client’s home to “set the stage” for a relaxing indulgence.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn’t cover?
Just that this service is very beneficial for those that are challenged regarding mobility.

TuscanyPro Nails Cart with Wheels – Unique Folding Trolley Dolly & Nail Artist Bag – US Patented – 10 Years Warranty – Personalize with Name/Logo

TuscanyPro Folding Trolley Dolly & Eyelashes Bag

This Italian Designed Tuscany Pro Nail Bag with folding Nail Cart represents pockets on both sides, in which you can keep your nail tools and other essentials. It also has a mesh bag to keep the thrash. This trolley dolly has oversized wheels, which allow easy push.

About the Product

✅ Professional Nails Bag with Folding Nails Cart: Composed of finest waterproof material, this Tuscany Pro Nails trolley dolly is highly durable and lightweight. It is easy to carry and can be taken anywhere with any hurdle.

✅ Innovative Design and Flexibility: This nails trolley dolly can be folded and opened in just one step. Very handy, the trolley has a weight of less than 4lbs and carries the weight of 150 lbs. It gets folded into 4 inches so that you can store it easily.

✅ Offers Great Comfort While Carrying: This folding and compact nail bag cart has a form padded handle with a comfortable rubber grip. The rubber grip form over the aluminum handle will let you push the cart with ease and avoids getting a break on being at rough surfaces. The cart comes with oversized wheels, which allows effortless movement and gliding on the surfaces and stairs.

✅ Multi-Purpose Use: This nails bag with the folding trolley dolly nail cart can be taken anywhere likes to the salon, public events, and trade shows. Also, it can be used to move heavy items such as cartons and boxes.

✅ 10 Years Exclusive Warranty: This Italian Designed Original Tuscany Pro nail bag with the folding nail cart is US Patented and comes with a warranty of 10 years. In case of any issue, you can get in touch with us anytime and will come up with the right solution.


  • Lightweight
  • Heavy Duty
  • Compact
  • Made with Flexible Water Proof Material
  • Two Side Pockets on Bag
  • Beefy Stairclimber Wheels
  • US Patented
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • It has a brush & tools holder
  • Mesh Bag for Trash


  • Open Dolly Dimension: 13″ L x 13.5″ W x 37.5″ H
  • Folded Dolly Dimensions: 7″ L x 15″ W x 23″ H
  • Weight: 4lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 150lbs

Mobile manicure service Nails On Wheels scratching its way ahead

Sharina Manmohan is deceptively calm for someone who never switches off – and we aren’t just talking about her phone, which is constantly buzzing with messages and calls – this 30-year-old entrepreneur has been on the go every single day since her Nails on Wheels (NOW) business took off almost three years ago.

The articulate and attentive psychology graduate is driven and focused, responding to questions about her mobile manicure business in a relaxed and well thought out manner – if this was a busy day for her, no-one would have guessed.

And it most certainly would have been – with one car, four technicians and one driver (until two months ago Sharina did the driving herself) and up to eight appointments a day, most days for Sharina are packed, and this is minus admin duties, accounting, restocking and training her staff.

Our interview takes place in her home in Damansara, which is where the eldest of three girls runs her business from. The company (the first and only one of its kind as far as she knows) specialises in providing manicures, pedicures, waxing, massages and a variety of other beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Taking advantage of the untapped market (as far as she knows NOW is the only door-to-door nails service in Malaysia), Sharina’s crew takes on as many appointments as possible, any day of the year.

“The idea for this business started out as a joke when my dad and I had to wait almost two hours to get my nails done,” recalls Sharina. “In the end my dad got tired of waiting for me and got his nails done as well. It was that night over dinner that we discussed the idea with the family, and I got started.”

It hasn’t been easy – hiring the right people was a big challenge due to the very personal nature of the business.

“I knew I wasn’t going to hire just anybody, you’re going to a customer’s house, they trust us, service has to be tip top. Just the fact that we are entering a client’s home, somebody’s private space, I don’t want to get a call saying that something is missing …,” explains Sharina.

“Hiring a driver was also another thing, we have a fair bit of celebrities, politicians and royalty as clients and I did not want to hire someone who’ll get excited and give information like their addresses and personal details out.”

Another initial challenge was getting the word out – today they have a strong online presence with a Facebook page, website and 11,000 followers on Instagram as well as an upcoming smartphone application for booking appointments. But when she started it was by word-of-mouth and flyers.

“I personally gave out 3000 flyers in a few housing areas and three other guys helped me; out of that 3000 I can count with one hand how many called us back. It was really, really tough,” says Sharina, who occasionally gives talks at forums, to students and young entrepreneurs.

NOW has yet to start making profit, but the business is growing – with a client database of 900 and 50% regulars as well as group mani-pedis such as bridal showers, birthdays and wedding parties, Sharina is hiring more staff to meet the demand.

“Profit takes a while, the first year was really slow and even now we still need to get the word out, the thought of taking a day off?” she laughs, then continues “This will not stop ringing!”

For Sharina, this endeavour isn’t just about making money, at least twice a year they hold a CSR project to give back to society.

“We’ve gone to old folks homes, bedridden clients, people living with cancer, they may be ill but they still want to look good,” says Sharina. “We go over and we give them free manicures and pedicures, we try and make sure we do projects to give back, we are happy to do it.”

One thing that sets NOW apart is that you can almost always get your nails done, even at the last minute or after hours. Of course there are extra charges for appointments after 9pm or before 9am, and Sharina gets many such calls — most of the time from brides who forgot all about their nails and needed them done in a hurry, or during public holidays when nail salons are closed.

“It’s just the whole satisfaction I see on people’s faces, when we get calls at midnight from people desperate to get their nails done for an important event, and later to get a text message and a picture to say ‘thank you so much, you saved the day’, that’s just awesome.”

Her ultimate dream is to have NOW operating worldwide, but for now her sights are set on making it nationwide, and though there are setbacks and times when she felt like giving up, it was her belief in herself and passion for the business that kept her going.

“My dad will always say ‘no idea is stupid’, the fact that you’re thinking of an idea, maybe 10 other people are thinking of the same idea, but out of those 10 people, you’re the one bold enough to do it.

“What can you lose? The most is money, and time. Money you can always make back, and with time, take it as a learning experience,” says Sharina. “I will only stop doing this when I know I’ve given it my all and there’s nothing else I could have done to make it succeed.”

¦ This article was originally published in Life Inspired, out every second and fourth Sunday of the month, and distributed exclusively with The Sunday Star to selected areas in the Klang Valley. The next issue will be out on April 26.

Nails On Wheels ATL LLC

Nails On Wheels ATL LLC was registered on Mar 01 2021 as a domestic limited liability company type with the address 8462 Earl D Lee Boulevard #216, Douglasville, GA, 30135, USA. The company id for this entity is 21060416.
The agent name for this entity is: Jasmine Maddox.
The entity’s status is Active now.

Nails On Wheels Atl Llc has been operating for 7 months, and 4 days.

Entity ID Number


Entity Name:

Nails On Wheels ATL LLC

Entity Type:

Domestic Limited Liability Company

Date of Formation:

Mar 01 2021


Other Services (except Public Administration)

Office Address:

8462 Earl D Lee Boulevard #216, Douglasville, GA, 30135, USA

Agent Address:

8462 Earl D Lee Boulevard, Douglasville, GA, 30135, USA

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Hot Wheels Unleashed review – almost powersliding to greatness

I love a bit of powersliding around a corner. You don’t really see enough of that in games these days. There was a time, back before this website existed (and I expected before some of you were born) where you couldn’t see a single cover-based shooter through the dense forest of arcade racers. They sprouted thicker and faster than a TV-dad’s afternoon shadow, and then they just disappeared. Kazunori Yamauchi Thanos-snapped his fingers and most of them were wiped out of existence. I was sad.

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So, it gives me great pleasure to report that Hot Wheels Unleashed, from Milestone, a game developer known these days for sim racers but who originally cut its teeth on a string of tremendous arcade racers, nails the powerslide. Getting it right in Hot Wheels Unleashed, watching your chosen mini car skid perpendicular to the corner’s apex before straightening out like it’s being driven by Jason Bourne, is a thing of real beauty. It is, on its own, reason enough to give Unleashed a try.

Top marks to Milestone for nailing this most wonderful racing game mechanic, then. But what of the rest of the experience? In truth, I’m somewhat torn over the direction the dev chose to go in, even though it makes perfect sense given the license it’s working with.

Hot Wheels, if you’re not familiar, are little toy cars. I used to buy them for my son from Poundland (a shop in the UK where everything wasn’t actually a pound, despite what the name suggests), and he built up quite the collection. They are lovely, dinky things, and often come in truly brilliant design variants, such a toilet on wheels or gorgeous tie-ins to other properties, like Star Wars or Mario Kart.

Collecting the cars is part of the whole Hot Wheels scene (a fancy name for what I did, buying cheap toys in a discount supermarket), but track building is the other side. The brand is synonymous with bright orange, plastic track, often with outlandish designs, such as loop-the-loops or giant dinosaur heads. Is a child who hasn’t built a track that runs from the kitchen to the living room even a child? Well, yes, of course they are, but building such a thing is a classic Hot Wheels thing to do.

On the car side of things, Hot Wheels Unleashed does an excellent job. There are 60+ iconic designs included here, unlocked through the game’s single-player mode. A map must be worked through by completing events, which are mainly lap or course races, and time trials. Sometimes you unlock vehicles directly via Gacha-style blind boxes, but coins earned can be spent on vehicles in the shop or to buy more blind boxes.

There’s some great variety here, although sadly most of the branded vehicles are being saved for the DLC, which is going to cost extra. You only get a handful of them here, covering Batman, Back to the Future, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more.

To get every car released is sadly going to end up costing a fair chunk of cash – something not unexpected in a modern video game, but a bit of a shame in a game targeting younger players. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled got a fair bit of bad press over its microtransactions, but in that game you can more or less buy everything via in-game currency, even if it is a grind.

Cars, then, are great with a DLC blot. Tracks are another matter. The decision was made to make the tracks be almost entirely as if built using the plastic track pieces and associated add-ons. This is a great nod to authenticity, but it’s resulted in an aesthetic that feels a bit samey after just a short while.

These plastic tracks are built in six different areas, including Skycraper, Basement, Garage, College Campus, Skate Park, and Track Room. These locations are the backgrounds to the tracks themselves, with the occasional break away from the plastic to race along a portion of the environment itself. It’s neat, but I can’t help but think that it stifles the look of the game. Unleashed isn’t a bad looking game by any means, but rarely do the visuals dazzle.

For one, these environments are based entirely in reality, so they aren’t particularly exciting as locations go. Secondly, it’s easy to ignore the backgrounds almost entirely as you focus on the orange track you’re racing around on. I cast my eye back to games like Re-Volt, which used real world locations in much more exciting ways, or even the old Micro Machines games.

Track building is part of the package here, which to me was fiddly in the extreme but well featured. You can pretty much design tracks that rival those created by the dev team if you put in the time, but this only highlights the lack of spark seen in them. With this brilliant handling model I’d have loved to be taking in more exotic, creative sights. But it wasn’t to be.

Online multiplayer for 12 players and split-screen for two (four would have been better) make this a fun game to play with friends or to create new rivalries online, although the implementation is pretty basic, and there’s a decent livery editor allowing you to customise your rides. You can also customise your basement (the idea that Hot Wheels collectors have a lavish underground entertainment cave is quite wonderful) with items unlocked through the career mode.

I enjoyed playing Hot Wheels Unleashed a lot. The racing is straight up fun thanks to a top notch handling model that really makes the most of some impressive powersliding mechanics. But I can’t help but wonder what could have been had we not got a game brimming with DLC and tied, to its detriment, to uninspired track environments.

Disclaimer: Tested on Xbox Series X, with a copy of the game provided by the publisher. Also available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Switch.

90,000 Nails under the wheels, and on the frontal

Sunday morning March 7 turned out to be a smell for Artyom and his family. But it was felt later, writes The situation took place at 102 Kletskova Ave. in Grodno.

At first, Grodno residents noticed brand new nails under the wheels of their VW T2.

– At 9 am my wife and father-in-law went to their parked bus. Father-in-law drew attention to the nail under the rear wheel. A brand new one, – begins his story Artyom.- Look around. We look: under the wheel of the neighboring Peugeot there is also a nail. I decided to walk through the parking lot.

As a result, it turned out that 4 cars had gifts in the form of nails: T2’s father-in-law Artem, Peugeot and two Opel. Interestingly, these cars weren’t around. That is, the pest acted selectively.

– No damage was found. At least on our car: no scratches, no punctures. But the nails were located at an angle: the wheel would have broken through when the movement began, Artem is sure.- But there were no nails under the front wheels.

At some point, Artem drew attention to the Opel windshield and noticed feces smeared on it.

“The glass on our bus was clean, but the cars were out of luck,” the guy recalls the events of the morning.

And what did you think?

“For some reason, my father-in-law decided that one of the local motorists was offended and decided to express his anger in this way when he did not find a place for parking,” Artem suggested. – And then strangers parked …

I must say that there are three houses on the patch on Kletskova Avenue: 102, 104 and 106. Parking at 102 is the smallest. But neighboring houses often have free spaces.

– I myself live in the 98th house, the tenants of our house often park their cars at the 102nd house, and the tenants of the 102nd house – at ours. And so far, there have been no incidents. Although the father-in-law remembered that a couple of years ago there were some courtyard conflicts over parking, – said the Grodno motorist.

– Do you think you can somehow figure out who did it?

– I don’t know, maybe there are cameras on the 102nd house. But I don’t think that the puffer could have lit up on them. Only if not a local … – Artem thinks.

– Did you cross with other drivers in the morning?

– No, they were in a hurry. They only wrote notes to pay attention to the fact that the nails are at the wheels. They themselves did not clean – you never know what.And they decided not to write about the fragrant souvenir – and so they will see, – the guy says confidently.

// AvtoGrodno

90,000 Nails under wheels, smoke bombs, stones in pockets – street bandits have placed accents since the beginning of the non-peaceful protest

Nails, they are hedgehogs, under the wheels of special vehicles, readiness to throw smoke bombs, stones in pockets and helmets on their heads. Is this a peaceful protest? This is how he was this Sunday in Minsk.

Swearing and insults were rushed to the police from the crowd of youngsters who climbed the hill. Some of them called: “On the road! All for the road! ” Others beckoned to Freedom Square. The rest looked with apprehension at the security officials. As a result, we went further. To the stele. The road was blocked there. However, not for long. Law enforcers took the hooligans, as they say, in a ring and detained the most aggressive.And then specially invited hunters started: “Scum, murderers, scum …” The set is standard. I got it too.

But before that, the audience was asked to disperse and explained about the violations.

– For what purpose did you come to an unauthorized mass event? – they ask the detainee Pavel Kabysh, he is 26 years old.

– In order to throw smoke bombs at the riot police,
– he calmly answers.

– Where were the checkers made?

– I do not know.

With a stone in your pocket. These are the “peaceful” ones on the march today.

Another young man, who looked 19 years old, came to the march wearing a helmet, mask and stones in his pockets. What for? By chance. Where did you get it? Found. At the protest, he “just walked.

The picketers began to hide in courtyards, shops, pharmacies … They also ran into the “Belkniga”. Not for literature, but to discuss plans. The Internet worked, therefore, having turned off the head, we got into the chats for instructions.“Well,” reads one of the company, “they write, like, if you have disbanded, where you can meet. It is possible at the Academy of Sciences, at the Motovelo, the Pushkinskaya metro station … We decided: we go to Motovelo, closer to home. ”

Among the recommendations of the extremist telegram channels were the following. They say that in these places you can form columns anew and break into the city center. “If we can’t get together in several thousand, we gather in hundreds and go to block roads in other parts of the city in all possible ways.”“Use everything on the street – benches, trash cans, tires.”

At the same time, other opposition groups admit that the protests were blown away. They argue that their Tikhanovskaya and Nihto were deceived and where to get the money.

… The movement was also blocked by the radicals, for example, at the crossroads of Timiryazev and Kalvariyskaya. The worries and plans of other people do not bother them. “Why did they block the road?” – they ask one of the detainees. Honestly said: “There was a fool.”

About 20 people lined up near the Pushkinskaya metro station near the highway.There are also mothers with strollers. Probably, they think that babies sleep better under the signals of carousel cars.

Here’s a particularly curious character: a 32-year-old man with a confirmed COVID-19 illness and an official isolation order. That is, it is said to stay at home and not infect others. What is he? And he – to protest. He assures that he was just going to his acquaintances to borrow money, “since there is no money even for food.” Give a tear to the morning. In general, the prospect for him is administrative responsibility for participation in an unauthorized action and violation of the isolation rules.

A girl of about 20 years old was also taken to a special vehicle. If you do not know the story of her detention, then she looks like an angel. Now she sheds tears, talking about the blockage of the roadway. The question is, why did I go out on the road. Says: “So everyone went out, and I went out. I just saw the crowd and went with it. ”

Law enforcement officers took the hooligans, as they say, in the ring and detained the most aggressive.

The guys in the riot police are not patient, polite. Reassured: breathe, they say, deeper, do not worry.We listened. And to her “I just walked” and “just ran,” they said: “A lot of people really walked in the park, and they do not run, they are not afraid of detention. Probably, unlike you, they are not doing anything illegal. ” In response, again tears and “I’m like everyone else” …

Another figure was detained in the crowd on the way to the stele. He said that he was walking with the girl, went to the shopping center “Gallery”. But here’s the trouble: the girl was not around, and the Gallery is usually closed on weekends because of the possessed protesters (which is what the announcements are posted on every door).And the townspeople have chats like “Sveta is our president”, extremist Nihto, etc. on the phone. Where does it work?

– I am the system administrator of the banking processing center, I am connected with the security of the bank, – he says.

– That is, you have access to the necessary databases, including personal ones.

– What do you? Where? –
the interlocutor was surprised. And I would not be surprised if it turns out that he was leaking information about people to the side.

A gift from the protestors: nails, they are hedgehogs, under the wheels.

There were shouts and drunks at the protest. One, for example, rallied in such a way that forward, to “changes”, he could only crawl. With rest breaks. “Come on, get yourself together,” a riot police officer helped a “fighter” with wet pants crawling into the transport. – How much did you drink today? He mumbled something in response and lay down on the floor. I fell asleep.

… Radicals were caught in the courtyards where they fled to hide. Another group of street bandits was detained in the Marat Kazei park.There they laid them with their faces on the ground, hands behind their backs. Then by cars and to the district police department – to find out what and how. And underfoot the autumn foliage rustled pleasantly – and silence: no shouts to you, no insults, no couplings, stones, gas cans … Order.

Yes, opposition media and bloggers will talk for a long time about dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of protesters at this time of the day. Although there are really few people and the organizers, coordinators, “ringleaders” and “fighters”, screamers, “actors” and others who once hid in the crowd are becoming more and more clearly visible.

They are all cowardly during the day. They get rid of any passing minibus, even a minibus. They shed tears at the police department, promising that they will never, never again. But they are brave in mass, behind other people’s backs, and especially in the dark. Therefore, for such boys from Telegram, they came up with a plan for the evening – to gather in the courtyards and all together “make their way to Freedom Square.” And again calls to block roads, attack people, hang rags around the city, etc.

Do you think that some of them, led, stupid and charged exclusively for the slaughter, are able to hear the arguments of others or are ready to present their own, to conduct a constructive dialogue? Alas.Those who are now waving their fists on the street do not need conversations. They need fights, blood. They want a civil war. Yes, there are those who are confused. However, they took time to think, and rightly so.

… My grandmother came up to the riot police in front of me, thanked for the service, told about her. I asked the guys to take care of themselves. By the way, this time it took our defenders only a few hours to clear the city of those who tried to ignore the law. As always, it worked very well.

gladkaya @
90,000 what tire damage can be repaired :: Autonews

A nail, reinforcement or sharp stone – sometimes you can damage a tire practically from scratch. First of all, the scale of damage is important, and often the rubber can still be repaired. Most often, motorists turn to tire shops for repairs in the middle of autumn or spring – just in the season of replacing summer tires with winter ones and vice versa.In order not to stand in lines, it is worth knowing exactly when to go to the tire service and when to go to the store.


The most common rubber “injury” is a puncture, and it can be repaired most often. Professionals at the nearest service will do it much faster, and your hands will remain clean. But if the puncture found you in a deserted place, and in the trunk there is a pump and a set for repairing tires with harnesses, you can patch up the tire yourself. Most often, when repairing the front tires, the wheel does not even need to be removed, it is enough to turn the steering wheel in the right direction and find the puncture site.

First, the hole is cleaned with a screw-shaped awl, the repair harness is coated with glue and tucked into the eye of the awl, after which it is inserted into the hole of the tire. With a sharp movement, the instrument is removed, and the tourniquet remains inside and reliably clogs the hole. The tails are trimmed with a knife, but it is recommended to leave about 20 mm. The tire can then be inflated and the pressure checked.

He does not consider repair with harnesses to be long-term, because after some time they dry out and begin to let air through. A more advanced puncture repair method is vulcanization. The hole is sealed with an elastic plaster, and the funnel at the puncture site is filled with a special compound. A vulcanizer is put on top, which heats the patch and solders the excess.

Under service conditions, the puncture is also repaired with cord fungus. The puncture site is machined and drilled to roughen. Everything is smeared with glue, after which a fungus is introduced from the inside of the tire, its cap is rolled in, and the excess legs are cut off from the outside.

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The puncture repair can also be carried out using a sealant. Many car manufacturers with tubeless Run Flat tires, instead of a spare wheel, put in the car repair kits with compressors – a pressurized sealant bottle. The car is jacked up, after which the sealant is pumped into the damaged wheel through the nipple. Next, you need to spin the wheel and pump it up. After repair, the car should drive a couple of hundred meters to check the tightness of the tire. If she has not recovered, the procedure is repeated.

It happens that a self-tapping screw or a nail closes the hole in the tire, while remaining inside. Do not rush to pull it out – until the pressure drops, you can safely drive to the service for vulcanization.Sometimes the wheel begins to deflate a few weeks after the self-tapping screw has hit it. Therefore, it is better to periodically check the pressure in the tires, and if the pressure sensor lights up, it is worth at least visually inspecting the tire for the presence of a nail head.

Swelling on the wheel

A bump or hernia most often appears on the side of the tire after hitting an obstacle or hitting a hole at speed. The impact damages the threads of the sidewall carcass, the tire ceases to hold the load and pressure, and swelling appears. Any small bump eventually turns into a larger one, and with such a defect, the wheel can burst at any time. This is a direct safety hazard because a sudden deflation of a wheel can result in loss of control and road accidents.

Some hernias can be repaired, but no patch will ever restore the original tire stiffness. The ideal option in this case is to replace the tire. If a hernia appears on the tread, then you can extend the life of the tire with the help of cord patches – ready-to-use patches with an adhesive layer.But if the bulge is found on the sidewall, the likelihood of repair is minimal, and it is easier to change the wheel. The bulges on low profile tires are not repairable at all.

Cut or puncture

Only car service professionals can repair a side cut. To eliminate the damage, you will need cord patches, but after a while the wheel will still have to be changed. This method will work only if the gap is not in the shoulder area of ​​the tire, then no one will repair it.

In general, cuts or punctures, unlike punctures, are considered non-repairable, since the integrity of the frame is violated. And breakdowns do occur on the move, when the tire abruptly loses pressure and has time to make only a few revolutions “on the rims” to a complete stop. In this situation, the cord breaks and the layers of the tire are destroyed. Even if it is possible to close the hole, it is not recommended to use such a weakened splint.

Photo: Mikhail Pletsky / Russian Look

Improper storage and poor installation

Cracks, sidewall abrasion and unprofessional tire fitting can also lead to tire problems. Improper storage of tires can lead to cracks. Their danger is that moisture begins to flow to the cord, and this already makes the frame unusable. Air can also escape through the cracks. Cracks cannot be repaired, and tires will not last long with them. A cracked tire deforms, bulges and may even break while driving.

As a result of friction on curbs or when driving on unequipped roadsides, the sidewall of the tire may be damaged.When driving like this, you should regularly inspect the tires for damage. If a slight wear is found, the wheels can be swapped, which will slightly extend their service life and will delay the time of buying new ones.

In case of inept tire fitting, the bead ring of the tire can be damaged. In this case, the tire will lose its geometry and sit on the disc with a bevel, while rotating, “eights” will be visible, and while driving, the driver will feel vibration. It is impossible to repair this defect, the wheel must be changed as soon as possible, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the suspension.

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