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Zinc Oxide Antibacterial Muslin Wrap Swaddle

Antibacterial Multipurpose Wrap Swaddle

1.Jerking awake

2.Less sleep

3.Adverse brain development


4 Reasons to Swaddle Your Baby

Reduce SIDS

Prevent babies from turning from their back to a face-down position.

Cry Less

Calm and secure babies as they adapt to life outside the womb.

Improve Neuromuscular Development

Improve neuromuscular development, less physiologic distress, better motor organization.

Sleep better

Sleep continuity helps babies to sleep longer and better.

When To Use A Swaddle?

0-2 months

Startle reflex comes in when the baby is 0-2 months of age. Swaddling helps to calm your baby and increase sleep quality.


The Use of Gauze Swaddle Blanket


Burp Cloth

Diaper pad

Nursing Cover

Stroller Cover



Medical Grade Antibacterial Zinc Oxide Fibre

Antibacterial & Anti-odor

against odor causing bacteria,making garments stay fresh

Gentle on Skin

ideal for babies with sensitive skin or eczema

Antibacterial Patent

smartcel™ natural fibre

Smartcel™Zinc Oxide Antibacterial Fibre

The secret of natural protection and care in a fiber

smartcel™ sensitive is an innovative antibacterial natural fiber with essential trace element zinc that possesses antibacterial and odor-reducing properties, ideal for babies with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema.

Swaddling Step-by-Step

Fold the swaddle into a triangle, and place your baby in the center with the shoulders just below the fold

Then take the left side of the swaddle and wrap it over her left arm and chest. Tuck the swaddle underneath her right arm and her back. Use the baby’s weight to ensure tightness of the swaddle

Fold the bottom of the swaddle up over your baby’s body

Straighten your baby’s right arm and pull the right side of the swaddle over your baby’s body and tuck it under her left bottom side, make sure the swaddle is tight and covers the body completely

Tips for safe swaddling

Focus the snug portion of the swaddle on the baby’s arms for better security

Comply with CNS15290 textile standard

Pass the inspection of formaldehyde, forbidden azo dye, heavy metal, and environmental washing

Washing Instruction

.Fix the velcro to avoid sticking to other clothes
.Do not wash with sharp objects as they can cause damage to the clothes

.Hand wash gently with cold water
.Do not use detregent with bleaching and fluorometer agent
.Do not soak, clean dry and iron
.Do not bleach and use fabric softener
.Do not tumble dry

Baby Muslin Wraps: Tips To Use Your Wrap to its Fullest Potential

Muslin is a delicate fabric with rich roots that date back to the early 17th century, though it is probably much older.  

Muslin was traditionally made from unusually soft hand spun cotton linen, making it one of the most sought after types of clothing material. It is among the most soft cloths and a treat to touch, which is probably the reason why 

muslin baby wraps are such a big hit. A baby, your baby, and all other babies deserve this kind of luxury and not many other natural fabrics will provide that experience for them. 

These beautiful muslin wraps are much more than mere blankets, meaning that they can be used in numerous ways.

Breastfeeding is a Cinch With This Wrap

A little bundle of joy can get hungry at any time, and a mother needs to be ready to comply. The issue is hunger can also strike when you are out and about, meaning that you may have to breastfeed in public. This might feel a little strange, especially if there are strangers about. Not to worry because this luxurious muslin cloth can easily wrap around your baby and your breast to ensure that the feeding is done in a discreet way.

Wipe A Baby Mess Away Easily

One of the reasons that cotton has always been useful to people is because it is one of the most absorbent cloths available. This means that any mess that your baby makes can be cleaned up by the wrap itself. Of course, the wrap can be cleaned up easily when you get home. This means that you can successfully get off using paper or cleaning wipes, which can save you money and make you a little more eco-conscious.

An Awesome All-Year Round Swaddling Blanket

Sure, your baby will look exceptionally cute cuddled up in this blanket, but there are other reasons why swaddling is an important act. For one, a newborn has a hard time controlling his or her temperature. This means that swaddling helps the little princess or prince stay warm.

Another reason that you want to swaddle your baby in one of these muslin wraps is because babies have a hard time dealing with their own startle reflexes.

These reflexes can actually make a baby wake up before he or she needs to, which might make the baby a little grumpy. The solution is to wrap them tightly to ensure that these reflexes are suppressed, and your baby can sleep soundly.

Instant Apron or Burb Cloth

It goes without saying that an absorbent cloth like the muslin wrap can be turned into an apron or burb cloth when needed. There is no need to worry about your baby making a mess of his or her amazingly cute outfit without first wowing some of your friends or family members. All you have to do is ensure you use the wrap to keep any stains from ruining the baby’s clothes.

Sun Shield for Any Occasion

The sun bothers your baby as much as it bothers you, but this cloth is a great way to block that bright light. The especially knit muslin cloth diffuses the light without blocking the light entirely but enough to make your child feel comfortable. It can be used over the crib, or it can be placed on the car window while you are driving about.

Light Blanket During the Summer

The blanket is thin enough to be used during the summer as well. It can give your baby enough comfort without making your child feel too hot. Of course, the swaddling should be a little looser if you are attempting to keep your baby a little cooler during the summer.

Changing Mat for Nappy Change

Oh, babies are quite surprising in a lot of different ways. For example, you never know when you have to change his or her diaper. You do not want to be forced to place your little baby over a cold and hard counter just to perform a little nappy change. Thankfully, you have your muslin wrap as changing mat that can be folded just enough to provide comfort and warmth on your child’s back while you change his or her diaper.

Great Photo Backdrop for Pictures

No parent can be fully fulfilled without taking a lot of photographs of his or her baby. The muslin wrap comes with different playful or elegant designs that can be easily used to make the perfect backdrop for a photograph to share with family members, friends, or to post on your favorite social media account.

It should be noted that even professional photographers love using muslin because the fabric is especially reflective, meaning that is should be able to capture the light from the camera or sunlight effectively and help you produce a beautiful picture.

It is plain to see that a muslin wrap is a lot more than a mere blanket, especially for a creative parent like you.

Microbial Penetration of Muslin- and Paper-Wrapped Sterile Packs Stored on Open Shelves and in Closed Cabinets

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Microbial penetration of sterile packs was studied using single-wrap (two layers) muslin, double-wrap (four layers) muslin, and two-way crepe paper (single layer) to wrap 20 gauze sponges (2 by 2 inch). These packs were stored in the central sterile supply departments of two hospitals and processed for sterility at predetermined intervals. Microorganisms penetrated single-wrap muslin as early as 3 days and double-wrap muslin and single-wrap two-way crepe paper in 21 to 28 days stored in open shelves. The time required for microbial penetration was at least twice as long when closed cabinets were used. Single-wrap muslin packs stored in sealed, impervious plastic bags remained sterile for at least 9 months. All sterile materials in pervious wrappers should be handled as little as possible and then only with extreme care and caution. Closed cabinets offer more protection than open shelves, and single wrappers are not recommended.

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90,000 Muslin swaddles – a new trend of the summer season

Muslin diapers for newborns are very popular. What is this diaper? Features of the material and its advantages over other analogues.

There are different opinions about whether to swaddle newborn babies or put them in clothes right away. Opponents of swaddling believe that diapers impede baby’s movement. Supporters argue that in diapers, the baby feels like in a cocoon.He is warm, comfortable and calm. Therefore, he sleeps better. If you think that diapers are still needed, but do not want to wrap up the baby in a coarse dense fabric, a new product on the market is suitable for you – muslin diapers.

What is muslin?

Muslin is a soft fabric made with a special, rare weaving. In structure, it resembles gauze, but a little denser.

Muslin is not a material, but a special weaving. The fabric is made from cotton, silk, linen or wool.But muslin diapers for newborns are made only from cotton.

The material itself is not new. They began to make clothes from it in Iraq about 5 centuries ago. And at the end of the 17th century, the fashion for muslin came to Europe. However, the use of fabric for the production of diapers has only recently begun. But muslin is perfect for swaddling.

Features of muslin nappies

Muslin is a very soft, lightweight and breathable fabric. Nappies made of it are suitable for changing a baby in warm weather (for spring and summer seasons).If it is winter outside and it is cold in the apartment, it is better to wrap up the baby warmer.

For warm weather muslin nappies have a lot of advantages over others:

  • Eco-friendly, completely natural material, safe for children.
  • Very soft fabric will be pleasant to baby’s skin.
  • There are no medical contraindications for diapers, they are suitable for everyone.
  • Despite its softness, the material is very durable.Strength and wear resistance is achieved due to the special twisting of the fibers.
  • Breathable fabric. In such diapers, the baby will not overheat, and there will be no irritation on the skin.
  • The fabric is highly absorbent. The child’s sleep will be comfortable under any circumstances.

Muslin nappies are slightly more expensive than other materials. But their advantages fully justify the cost.

How to care for diapers?

Many parents, having learned that this is a thin and soft fabric, decide that it will not work to wash diapers in a regular machine.After all, a rough wash can damage the material.

As mentioned above, muslin is quite durable and durable. Muslin nappies can be washed in a washing machine. The recommended temperature is 60 degrees. But you can wash at 90. Wringing and drying can also be done in a typewriter or dryer.

If you iron diapers, muslin will withstand up to 200 degrees, which is the maximum temperature on many irons.

Use of nappies and other muslin materials

Muslin swaddles can be used not only for swaddling a baby.They can be used as a blanket, bedding or changing table.

In addition to diapers, many other children’s goods are now made from muslin. In our online store you will find nappies and muslin bibs .

Muslin clothes are ideal for warm weather. They are pleasant, breathable and completely natural. That is why they are being bought more and more lately.

90,000 Why are muslin nappies good? Advantages and disadvantages!

Why are muslin diapers good? Advantages and disadvantages!

We sew with our own hands

Among the many accessories for babies, diapers are important, the quality of which determines the comfort of the baby. Therefore, when choosing them, special attention is paid to quality, softness and hypoallergenicity. Muslin diapers for newborns, which are popular with mothers, fully meet the listed criteria.

Features of muslin diapers

Muslin diapers, reviews of which are only positive, are made using technology that provides for a special position of threads made of 100% cotton. During the manufacturing process, the fibers are twisted and intertwined.The result is a durable fabric with many air channels and a gauze-like structure. The material is pleasant to the touch and soft, so babies in diapers are very comfortable.

Advantages of muslin diapers

Muslin diapers are environmentally friendly products with an impressive list of advantages:
  • lightness and softness, so you can buy muslin diapers for premature babies with delicate skin;
  • good thermal insulation properties and moisture absorption;
  • no medical contraindications, so they are suitable even for newborns with allergies;
  • the strength of the material allows this type of diaper to be included in the economical category;
  • Enough elasticity for comfortable swaddling of the baby.

The muslin fabric is breathable. It allows air to pass through, so babies covered or wrapped in such diapers will not overheat, which is important in the hot season.


The only drawback that parents of newborns highlight is the price of muslin, which exceeds the cost of classic diapers. It is due to the naturalness of the materials used, compliance with high quality standards and durability of products. As practice has shown, the numerous advantages of their use fully justify the costs, while it is possible to reduce costs by purchasing muslin diapers in bulk in Moscow.

Purpose of muslin nappies

Muslin will come in handy even for those parents who are not going to swaddle their baby. This multifunctional accessory can be used to wipe your baby’s skin after bathing, as the material absorbs moisture quickly and completely. It makes sense to buy muslin diapers for newborns for use as a blanket, a cover for a stroller, a bed for a changing table or in a crib.

Choose a ready-made Muslin diaper in our online store.

Choose Muslin fabric in our online store.

Choose a satin fabric for bedding in our online store.

Solid Muslin Swaddles

Size: 120cm * 120cm

Composition: 70% Bamboo \ 30% Cotton

The bamboo fiber in the muslin makes the fabric silky and especially soft.

Muslin swaddles:

– hypoallergenic

– soft, gentle, light

– do not wash out, do not deform, do not lose color

– good air permeability

– perfectly absorb moisture

– dry quickly …

How to use a muslin swaddle:

– Thanks to its optimal size 120cm * 120cm, the muslin swaddle is ideal for changing a baby. Muslin fabric quickly absorbs moisture and is also hypoallergenic

– Summer blanket for baby – light and soft. Size 120cm * 120cm can be used from the moment the child is born and up to 3 years old

– It is best to wipe the baby after the bath with a muslin diaper. It absorbs moisture well and dries quickly

– Can be used as a sheet.The size of the diaper 120cm * 120cm is good for a baby cot and a stroller. The baby will be pleased to lie on the muslin diaper – it is very soft and has perfect breathability

– Ideal stroller cover in summer. The fabric allows air to pass through well, but at the same time it perfectly protects from bright sunlight, dust and insects.

– In the clinic at a doctor’s appointment, it can be used as a bedding for a baby

– Attribute to create beautiful photos of your baby.

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Payment by transfer to a Sberbank card before sending your order

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Muslin diapers for newborns large Jollein, Owl mint

Composition: 100% cotton (muslin)
Size: 115cm by 115cm
Set of 3 diapers

A set of plain muslin nappies made by the Dutch manufacturer of baby bedding “Jollein”.

Benefits of muslin diapers:

  • You can use the diaper as a blanket while taking an air bath or changing your baby.
  • The light weight of the diaper will allow you to take it for a walk or travel instead of a blanket.
  • Thanks to the soft fabric, the diaper can be used as a towel, which is extremely important for the delicate skin of the baby.
  • In the warm season, instead of a heavy, uncomfortable blanket, you can use a light breathable diaper, under which the baby will not be hot and comfortable.
  • The muslin diaper is convenient for a nursing mother to use when traveling as a cape. You can discreetly feed your baby anywhere.

Muslin is a top quality breathable fabric, its thin but strong weave allows the fabric to stretch well. Muslin does not hinder the movement of the child, allows air to circulate around the body without overheating. Muslin perfectly tolerates many washes and becomes only softer and better over time.

All Jollein products are hypoallergenic, which is so important for the health of the newborn.In production, only high quality natural fabrics are used, and the edges of the diaper are processed with an overlock. Thanks to this, the diapers will serve you for a very long time.

Delivery of goods in stock in Moscow, as a rule, occurs the next day (except Sunday), when placing an order before 18. 00. Delivery to St. Petersburg – in one working day. Shipments to other cities depend on the shipment option.

IMPORTANT: some brands take longer to ship: Bioson, Milk Rivers, Swaddle Designs, Ju-Ju-Be, Jollein (1-2 days after ordering), Yammy Mammy (2-5 days).

Payment is possible both upon receipt of the goods, and as an advance payment. In Moscow, we bring a choice!

More about delivery and payment options >>

Bamboo muslin nappies “Lulujo Baby

Lulojo Bamboo Muslin Swaddles are a gentle, soft, natural alternative to our cotton muslin swaddles.The material is viscose made from bamboo.
Large diaper (120 x120 cm), versatile and durable, and very lightweight. Toddlers love the soft, silky texture, while moms will love the versatility of being used as a swaddling bed, bedspread, nursing bedspread, portable cradle, changing bedding, stroller bed covers, and more.

Double layer, soft, washable. 120 cm x 120 cm

Aqua kite
L J100 | 100% Bamboo Fiber | 120 cm x 120 cm

RUB 1,499

L J102 | 100% Bamboo Fiber | 120 cm x 120 cm

RUB 1,499

Kissing Hugs
L J111 | 100% Bamboo Fiber | 120 cm x 120 cm

RUB 1,499

L J110 | 100% Bamboo Fiber | 120 cm x 120 cm

RUB 1,499

Kite (pink)
L J103 | 100% Bamboo Fiber | 120 cm x 120 cm

RUB 1,499

Blue chevron
L J104 | 100% Bamboo Fiber | 120 cm x 120 cm

RUB 1,499

By the sea
L J106 | 100% Bamboo Fiber | 120 cm x 120 cm

RUB 1,499

Black dirty stripes
L J108 | 100% Bamboo Fiber | 120 cm x 120 cm

RUB 1,499
90,000 Muslin nappies, blankets, towels for newborns. GREAT QUALITY! NEW !!!


First, it is necessary to dwell in more detail on the material from which the diapers are made. The ancient city of Mosul, located on the territory of modern Iran, is considered the birthplace of this fabric.From here, with the help of merchants, it spread to the territory of Italy and France and in a short time managed to fall in love with local tailors, who began to use it for sewing outfits and dresses.

Muslin nappies, blankets, towels are made of 100% cotton. Ultra soft, breathable and incredibly lightweight. Muslin nappies and cotton blankets are pre-washed. They become even softer after each wash.

• Nappies and blankets are versatile, can be used as a swaddling blanket, a nursing cover, after a bath instead of a towel, a cover for a car seat, or just as a sheet;

• Colorful stylish print that emphasizes individuality.

• Muslin fabric does not lose its softness and color even after washing, on the contrary it becomes softer after each wash.

Care: washing in a washing machine up to 30 * with children’s detergents NOT containing active bleaching ingredients. (to preserve the color), dry in a well ventilated area or tumble dryer.

Baby diapers and blankets of proper quality
Size 110 * 110 cm

Children’s blanket of 4 layers of muslin, large size 118 * 118 cm., produced in Russia from European fabrics under the license and control of the American company Adam Stork. 100% cotton . Double-sided blanket, both sides are combined with each other in a color scheme, but have a different design pattern. Premium collection. Convenient size: suitable for both an infant and an older child up to about 3 years old. Hypoallergenic fabric without harmful dyes. Ideal for sleeping and relaxing, replaces your: Classic blanket | Plaid in a stroller | Towel – 4 layers of premium quality 100% cotton.Incredibly soft to the touch – The Muslin weave ensures proper thermoregulation and air exchange – Machine wash, tumble dryer is also possible – It gets softer and softer after each wash.

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