Muslimah office attire: 83 Muslimah office wear ideas


Hijab office Wear – 20 Ideas to Wear Hijab at Work Elegantly

Formal Office Wear For Muslimah- Are you an office going lady who is looking for some hijab office look ideas? If you are a true lover of the hijab and want to carry it well with the professional look, then this post is for you.

There are several ways on how the hijab can be styled. There is a variety in hijab looks — for example, Turkish hijab look, wedding hijab look, casual hijab look, etc. Hijab is famous around the world and not just in Muslim countries. Hijab styling can be done according to personal choice and preference. Office going ladies can style the hijab by wearing it very neatly with a cap on the head (under the hijab) to avoid the scarf from slipping off their head all day long. The beauty of the veil can be multiplied by wearing brooches or clips on the top, but since an office going lady has to carry a professional look, therefore, she should preferably avoid over-accessorizing. Instead, a light tone hijab with the dress would be more appropriate and can give a very graceful look.

In recent years, we saw many hijabi girls make breakthroughs in all fields of life. Whether it was in the business sector or on the ramp, or even in sports, Muslim women have proven time and again that their hijabs will not stop them from moving forward. So you, too, should never be confused about how to wear your hijab for work since there are thousands of ways to look great every day in your veil while being appropriately dressed for work.

Turkish style is one of the most famous office’s hijab style. It is very tidy and neat. Selecting the best hijab style will also help you climb the ladder to success. You need to look classy and elegant at your workplace to keep up with the competition. Here a few tips for you!

  • While you start practicing different styles, make sure you go for the one that suits your face shape.
  • Don’t wear a hijab that is too fancy or embellished.
  • Don’t use extremely large broaches. Try using a small broach or bin.
  • If you don’t know what hijab to wear with a particular outfit, then blindly go with neutrals. They will never disappoint you.
  • To be stylish, you do not have to buy branded outfits or hijabs. You should know how to carry whatever you wear.
  • Shop smartly. Go for neutral colors for the veil as it will give a very professional look rather than going for a dark one.
  • You can wear accessories or carry cute, coordinating handbags.
  • Pay attention to your complete look that includes your makeup, purse, jewelry, and footwear. Do not miss out on anything. Your appearance can win people’s hearts. If you are well presentable, you will surely get more and better opportunities at work.

Here are some images for the Muslimah corporate look and video tutorials on how to wear a hijab for office.  You will get more than enough ideas about the hijab office attire styling by the end of this post. Do make sure that you try different looks and then go for the best of all.

You’ll find below 20 amazing looks to carry for work, and these modest outfits are sure to make you the star at work. Undoubtedly, when you look good, you feel good, and you perform even better. So we’re sure these outfits will help you look even more beautiful and perform at your very best.

↓ How To Choose Ideal Hijab Style For Office Wear

The office is a place that you go to 5-6 days a week and spend 9-12 hours there every day. So it’s imperative to dress up in a way that’s not just stylish but comfortable as well.

Here we have listed a few points for you based on which you should pick your hijab for an enchanting appearance.

Face Shape

  • If you have an Oval Shaped face, then wear your hijab higher up on the forehead.
  • Round Shaped Face people should prefer wearing a little bit loose hijab around their cheeks
  • Square Face Shaped people should wrap the hijab a bit higher up as their forehead is shorter.

↓ Best Hijab  For Office Wear

Women like to wear hijab as it adds grace to their personality, but choosing the right hijab style is very important. Choosing the best way to style your hijab is essential. If you want to boost your image and personality, then try different hijab looks on alternate days. A variety of hijabs and scarfs are available. You can get hijabs in stitched form as well, and for rest you can buy the pure material. You need to look modest yet professional when you go to the office. You need to consider the perfect colour coordination and a good style of hijab when choosing the outfit. We have some options for you that might help you. Some of are various factors based on which you should select your hijab fabric.

  • Season
  • Special Meetings
  • Seminars/Presentation day
  • Office lunch/dinner

↓ 20 – Elegant Boss Style

Whether you are the CEO, Supervisor, Manager, or Subordinate, you all are bosses in your own capacity. So, you must dress and act like a boss lady. For a great week’s start, on Monday, wear a captivating outfit that compromises of black flared pants.

Along with this, a neutral blazer and vinyl heels will be a great choice. For a decent look, we recommend you wear a hijab that is one shade lighter than your blazer and finish off the look with a simple handbag. Have a blessed Monday, boss lady!

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↓ 19 – Floral Outfits With Hijab

Florals are the girl’s favorite. Isn’t it so? They fit in every season and situation. The vibrant floral prints of summer are eye-catching, but aesthetic prints in autumn have the hearts of many of us as well. A light beige floral dress looks beguiling when combined with knee-high boots in brown. A chiffon beige hijab and bracelet leather crossbody bag complete this look in a way that no other accessories can.

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Small Nile Bracelet Leather Crossbody Bag CHLOÉ PricePKR 286394.16

Hilton Knee High Boot SAM EDELMAN Original PricePKR 38120.93


↓ 18 – Checkered Blazer With Hijab For Office

Ladies, hurry up and grab these aesthetically pleasing Gemini pants and Caldwell blazer before they are gone and you are left with nothing but regret. The checkered print, the black and white contrast is something that you can wear in every season.

It’s an imposing outfit that you can wear to business meetings. You can go with either a black or white top with this suit. Don’t let your outfit look boring and add a pop of colors with the help of a colorful hijab and a vibrant pink envelope-shaped purse. Well, wait! Where are your shades, Ma’am?

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Envelope Sleeve USD 250

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↓ 17 – Tucked In Tops

Is it your first day at the office after graduating? Young, passionate, and enthusiastic you are, we assume. So all young girls, dress up stylishly and smartly and start your new journey by boosting your own spirits. Outfit trends recommends that you wear something like a long neck full sleeve satin top with wide-leg pants. A hijab is a better option than dupatta or stole, so go for it. Pumps or heels are going to be an excellent pick for your first day to the office.

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↓ 16 – Hijab Outfits With Jeans

Jeans are an everyday staple and require minimal effort. Wear it with any top, be it short Kurti or a shift dress, and maintain your style. For office wear, you need to step out of college-style that is sneakers and joggers and wear Footwear that looks formal. Put on your hijab and grab your bag. You are ready to go.

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Silk hijab 65$

Madison Heeled Sandals $69. 90 $69.90

V-neck Tunic $29.99

BDG High-Waisted Cropped Kick Flare Jean – Light Wash $29.99

Here is another elegantly chic look that you can create with jeans.

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Translucent Open Toe Block Heels

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Pearl-Embellished Ankle Jeans (2) $32.00

Dream In Silk With Our New Silk Hijab 65$

↓  15 – Shrugs, Kimonos, And Overcoats

Now you need not worry about what to wear to the office or how to wear your cropped shirts without looking too bold. Get yourself some shrugs and kimonos and wear them to your office modestly. These pieces help you create unique outfits and cover your body as well. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself this printed turtle neck top and tuck it in high white waist wants and throw over a white kimono. Plus don’t forget your vintage gold hijab and white pumps.,

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Melania Regular Price $90 Sale Price $29. 98 $90

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Modal Turtleneck Top $9.99

Essential Silk Hijab – Vintage Gold $65USD

↓ 14 – Black Outfit With Hijab For Work

Black is a color that every girl needs to have in her wardrobe. When you have days when you can’t decide what to wear to the office, just take out your black outfit and pick any hijab. You can wear almost any colored scarf with a black dress and rock your look. Avoid wearing a black hijab with a black outfit though as it creates a very monochrome or rather a very boring look.

↓ 13 – All-Time Favourite Hijab Color

Ladies, don’t ever forget to have neutral-colored hijabs in your wardrobe. They are a must in every girl’s wardrobe. When you can’t think of a matching or contrasting shade, then neutrals will play the game safe for you.

Shop Similar Silk Hijab Below

Essential Silk Hijab – Pearl Dust $65USD

↓ 12 – Hijab With Embroidered Abaya For Office Lunch/Dinner

For formal business meetings, choose outfits with simple but elegant embroidery. You can go for embroidered shirts or abayas. Have a look at these 18 Fancy Abaya Designs & Ideas On How to Wear Abaya Fashionably.



↓ 11 – Simple And Elegant Work Wear For Hijabi Girls

Straight pants and shirts make the most straightforward and most elegant outfits for work, and they can be paired with almost any colour or style of hijab. The color of the veil can be kept a tone darker than your pants for a glowy look on your face.


↓ 10 – Floral Spring Time Work Outfit For Hijabis

Spring is the best time to wear floral outfits, so pair your printed floral maxis or abayas with plain solid colored hijabs, and you’ll fall in love with the fresh looks that can be created with these combinations.


↓ 9 – What To Wear When Travelling For Work

If you’re planning to travel for work, then stripes will be your best friend. They are stylish, trendy, and you can always find a modest outfit in striped prints. However, always make sure to wear only one clothing item in stripes, and the rest should be kept simple. You can also have a look at these cute Outfits with Striped Shirts-10 Ways to Wear Striped Shirts



↓ 8 – Grey Hijab Outfit For Work

Grey is an excellent color for work because of the professional and decent vibes that it gives off. So for your next meeting, try pairing together different shades of grey color for a timelessly elegant outfit.


↓ 7 – Corporate Attire For Hijabis

Have a look at this fantastic corporate attire and try it someday for your office as well.

↓ 6 – Casual Hijab With Abaya Office Wear Style

↓ 5 – Islamic Corporate Wear

↓ 4 – Business Abaya Wear

Step By Step Video Tutorial For Beginners – How To Wear Hijab For Work

↓ 3 – Business Wear In Long Coat

Long coats are not just extremely comfortable to wear on cold days but they are also incredibly classy, making them appropriate for work.

↓ 2 – Hijab And Blazer Combination

Blazer is one of the most official items of clothing that you can add to your attire. Black, navy blue, powder pink, nude, and white are the top colors that you should have in your closet. And if you like bold colors, then we highly recommend investing in a red blazer this year. You should also have a look at these Best Hijab Styles for Short Height Girls to Look Tall.


↓ 1 – Printed Hijab With Abaya For Winters

Winter outfits can be annoyingly uncomfortable, so add a touch of color in them through a sweet and funky printed hijab.

↓ Best Brands To Shop Hijab/Scarves From

Finding the best and most reliable places for online shopping is one of the hardest things these days where there are replicas of almost everything. We have collected some genuine brands for you that will provide you authentic pieces.

HOW TO – Modest interview outfit for Muslim women – LOSRAVELDA

Putting together a modest business outfit is a problem many Muslim women face. Here are some tips Muslim students and professionals have shared to help dress modestly yet professionally for interviews, career fairs, work and other business-related events. (Brothers can also benefit from some of these tips!)

Professional Clothing for Interviews
The interview is the first impression the interviewer will have of you so it’s important to aim for a professional rather than trendy look. Here are some styles you could follow:

  • A long-sleeved buttoned up shirt with slacks.
  • A long blouse that goes to mid-thigh length.
  • For slacks, opt for the wide-leg trousers rather than the “skinny” style.
  • A shorter blouse can be worn with a long maxi skirt (with no slits) for modesty and comfort. Skirt should be preferably black-colored.
    Recommendations: pleated skirts look more professional than A-line or peasant skirts.
  • With a blazer, wear a long shirt or tank-top.
  • A long cardigan is also appropriate and can give more coverage than a blazer. Choose darker colors such as black or navy.
  • A trench coat can also give more coverage, especially ones that go knee-length. They are good for most seasons.

The Hijab

  • The hiijab, or headscarf, should be plain rather than patterned. Solid colors are recommended, such as gray, white, navy and black.
  • Use pins and an undercap to hold the hijab together so it does not look messy.


  • Spandex materials.
  • See-through hijabs
  • Skinny jeans or pants –this looks very unprofessional.
  • Printed or very colorful hijabs
  • Checkered, polka dots, or strong animal print blouses


  • Wear closed-toed shoes.
  • Flats and platforms are good choices as they don’t make noise.

Office Attire After Being Hired

  • It is highly recommended to continue dressing professionally after being hired, even if everyone in the office is wearing casual clothes (such as jeans and T-shirt), as it will make you stand out.

“Dress for the job you want, not necessarily the one that you have,” academic and career counselor Madina Humkar recommends.

A final piece of advice…

You should never feel pressured to compromise modesty in order to achieve a professional look, and we hope these tips can help with that.

A good piece of advice to always keep in mind: “Dress for Allah (swt)”.

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From Casual to Formal: 6 Hijab Outfits You Can Style Your Way

When you think about hijab, it’s easy to visualize a particular way of modest dressing—and that’s usually some form of headwear wrapped around your curls matched with a long flowy dress that reaches below the ankles.

Yes, there’s always something beautifully timeless about old fashioned looks, but a lot can be said about upping the ante when it comes to modernising. Like other types of fashion, hijab outfits have also evolved throughout the years! When it comes to Muslim clothing, you don’t necessarily need to stick to one kind of outfit all the time—what’s important is that you embody the ideal.

That said, many Muslim women throughout the world are now taking great leaps and bounds to create a fashion niche where you can wear what you want and still look modest! To help you start your journey towards a hipper way of styling Islamic outfits, here are 6 incredible formal and casual hijab looks to try out today:

  1. Trending: Double Shirts

Source: Pinterest – Anya

The timeless ol’ tee is the epitome of casual clothing. They just look so basic, simple, and relaxed, making them the perfect everyday fashion piece no matter what the weather. Still, they can sometimes be limiting because of their short sleeves—but there’s a solution for everything. One quick answer to that is to pair your trusty tee with a tight-fitting, long-sleeved piece underneath—that’s double the fun and double the creativity!

Shop the Look: Round Neck Rib Knit Long Sleeve Top – Black, £40.00 GBP

Shop the Look: Basic T-Shirt – White, £19.00 GBP

Shop the Look: Black Loose Maxi Skirt With Belt, £35.00 GBP

By donning this fabulous pair, you can wear most loose graphic shirts comfortably, and it will fit the ideals of hijab clothing to boot. The extra long-sleeved element underneath provides you with another layer of cover too, so chilly nights out can be no big deal. Be creative and try pairing different colours and patterns together to make unique Islamic outfits that you’ll absolutely love to wear every day—doing so can also help ease the burden on your wallet a little bit, because who says you can’t reuse the same piece but wear it in a different way?

  1. Light as White

Source: Girls Hijab 

If you need to show up at a fancy event and you’re a little bit pressed for time, it’s easiest to follow a more traditional route (but with a unique twist!). Abayas nowadays come in many shades and patterns, but if you’re aiming for that pristine, classic, elegant look, wear a white piece. Sweet, sleek, and subtle, the sophisticated and perfectly put-together look is ideal for hijab looks that make heads turn without being too attention-seeking.

Shop the Look: Chinois Abaya, £89.00 GBP (was £119.00)

Shop the Look: Shore Pants, £23.00 GBP

Even better is that a white variant isn’t overly common. Keep your hijab clothes looking modern by pairing yours with trending pieces. A pair of loose-fitting, high-waist pants can be an excellent combination to try out—we guarantee that once you start sporting this look, your friends will want to try it out, too! Now, aren’t you a fearlessly fierce trendsetter? 

  1. Jazzy in a Jumpsuit

Source: Pinterest – Miska  

Speaking of trendy, you can look youthful and fashionably up-to-date by creating hijab outfits with a jumpsuit as your key piece. Aside from being flattering and stylish, this top trend is perfect for no-frills, fuss-free days when you don’t want to put in too much effort into your outfit. All you need is to pair it with a long-sleeved item underneath, and you’re ready to head out the door!

Shop the Look: Round Neck Rib Knit Long Sleeve Top – Black, £40.00 GBP 

Shop the Look: Checked Jumpsuit with Tie Waist Belt, £44.00 GBP 

You won’t see many women using a loose-fitting long jumpsuit as part of their hijab clothing, but trust us—it totally works! You can be as unique and fashion-forward as you want to be with a fab and ultra-comfy piece like this. And because it’s a one-piece look, you’ll definitely save some time rummaging around your wardrobe for possible pairs to match in the morning. 

  1. Classically Dressy

Source: Somegram

Don’t know what to wear to that prim and proper formal gathering you’re going to? Take the tried and tested route by wearing an elegant, long-sleeved dress. Long lengths offer you a proper feminine vibe instantly—you won’t even have to accessorize all that much to look naturally graceful.

Shop the Look: Burgundy Chiffon Layered Maxi Dress, £89.00 GBP 

Shop the Look: Buttoned Through Light Red Dress with Knotted Waist, £75.00 GBP

One way to look more confident and mature is to wear richer colours on your wardrobe faves. The next time you have a classy event to go to, try a deep, dark red shade for your hijab clothing choice. It exudes a certain type of passionate elegance without coming off as ‘come-hither’ seductive.

  1. Never Wrong in Denim 

Source: Instagram – @irennakristyn  

Another casual classic that you should definitely try out is wearing denim. Who says you need to stick to long skirts all the time? A pair of loose-fitting denim can do wonders for your hijab clothes—plus, they maximize comfort and mobility no matter what the situation.

Shop the Look: Malik Blouse in Beige, £21.00 GBP

Shop the Look: Seasonless Pipe Denim Blue, £66.00 GBP 

There are so many styles to choose from! You can go for a softer look and pair them with puffed sleeves and light shades, or you can also opt for an edgier street vibe with your Muslim clothes by matching denim with loose layers and outerwear. It’s really all about your own take on casual cool when it comes to wearing denim!

  1. Easy Matches

Source: Instagram – @mgmirafilzah 

Matchy-matchy tops and bottoms have been around for a long time, but colour coordinating doesn’t have to be outdated. Don’t limit yourself to the restricting idea that matching coloured blazers and trousers are just a work uniform!  

Shop the Look: Berry Blazer with Gold Button, £45.00 GBP

hop the Look: Wide Leg Trouser with Gold Button in Berry, £32.00 GBP

Shop the Look: Pale Blue Double Breasted Blazer, £55.00 GBP

hop the Look: Pale Blue Trousers, £30.00 GBP

These are also perfect hijab clothes since they are modest in cut and overall look. Show off your inner femme fatale and be that workplace powerhouse that you’ve always been! It gives off a confident and professional vibe that’s perfect for boardroom meetings and catch-ups with your clients. All you need to worry about is what inner element to wear, and you’re good to go. 

While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to tradition when it comes to your hijab outfits, there are still many other options for you to try out there. So don’t box yourself in—simply take inspiration from the many fashion icons around you, and make it work for your own cool hijab look!

    11 amazing outfits for every young hijabi professional

    As a hijabi, it can be pretty challenging finding business professional clothes for interviews, jobs and other special occasions. When you can’t wear shift dresses or pencil skirts, it can be difficult finding a stylish look for the workplace.

    I remember literally Googling “professional hijabi looks” before my first internship to try to get some ideas.

    If you wear hijab and need some fashion inspiration for the professional world, we have got you covered. These looks will help you look both stylish and professional for your job or internship.

    1. Pair a white blazer with white pants for a clean, streamlined look.

    Image Source

    If you’re working during the summer then you may want to give this style a shot! White pants, a white blazer, a white top on a pastel colored hijab. A gold watch, beige pumps and a beige purse will top off this outfit!

    2. Wearing a black maxi dress keeps your work first, style second.

    Image Source

    3. Bring simple sophistication using a dress shirt tucked into pants.

    If you don’t want to wear dress pants you can opt for a black maxi dress with a black blazer. The burgundy belt and purse add a sophisticated look to this professional outfit. You’ll also want to wear a lighter colored hijab.

    Image Source

    This is a great look if you want a simple and comfortable outfit for work. Tuck your dress shirt into your dress pants, add a belt and your hijab and you’ve got a great looking going. It also doesn’t hurt to add a necklace and heels!

    4. Pair cargo colored pants with solid colors for a simple look.

    Image Source

    These cargo pants look super cute with a white shirt tucked in and a long navy sweater. The pointy flats dress up the outfit and the burgundy hijab matches the outfit perfectly. This is a simple and comfortable professional look!

    5. Patterned pants and a solid color blazer works well at work – and after work.

    Image Source

    Patterned dress pants are a great alternative to solid skirts or pants. With a creme shirt and blazer and a blue hijab, this outfit matches perfectly. You can dress it up with red high heels or keep it simple with black flats.

    6. What could go wrong with black on black?

    Image Source

    All black everything looks SO chic and is great for night time work events or late work shifts! This look is simple yet so bold. In addition to the black pants, blazer, and heels, you can even add a red necklace which will surely pop out!

    7. In cooler seasons, this pairing will make a soft statement.

    Image Source

    This beige and creme look is perfect for the fall. Tuck a white shirt into beige palazzo pants and add a comfortable sweater. You can wear beige or black heels and a simple white hijab to top it all off.

    8. Make a solid statement with this bright outfit.

    Image Source

    This coral colored suit is absolutely breathtaking. It’s perfect for a spring or summer internship and goes well with an off-white or navy hijab. Add some gold accessories and beige heels and you will definitely have a killer outfit.

    9. Palazzo pants and a striped dress shirt will underscore any statement you’re looking to make.

    Image Source

    This is another simple and comfortable look for the summer. Tuck a white long sleeved shirt into black palazzo pants and add black or red heels. A necklace and watch are a must for this style!

    10. There’s no such thing as too much creme in composing the perfect suit.

    Image Source

    A creme colored suit is both simple and classy. It’s a great choice for the summer and you can basically wear any colored hijab. You can also mix and match with different colored shoes, just be sure you don’t spill anything on your outfit!

    11. Embody simplicity with a blazer and long skirt.

    Image Source

    A patterned blazer on a long skirt is a great look any time of the year. With a black or red hijab and silver heels, this is another elegant business professional look. And don’t forget to add a silver watch and necklace!

    • Ayah Galal

      Ayah is double majoring in journalism and political science at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. She loves coffee, books and traveling. Ayah is passionate about combating Islamophobia through the media.

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    We offer a versatile range of Islamic Tunics, Tops, stylish Abaya, and even trendy hijab collection that can be worn on multiple occasions. You can be at work, casual outing, or a dinner party, our Islamic clothing for women online is just what you need to shine. You could need nothing more to complement your colorful personality than our handpicked collection of modest clothing for Muslim women. Here at Modest Forever, we aim to make your shopping experience as smooth and enjoyable as it can be!

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    What to Look For In Modest Islamic Clothing?

    There are so many ways to answer this question, but it all boils down to your requirements and comfort. Muslim fashion has been influenced by several factors like geographical location, socioeconomic status, education, ethnicity, adherence to the faith, and the climate. After you introspect these factors, going for the one that suits you the best would be the right call.

    The key principle to follow is modesty. In general, it would mean showing less skin, wearing long sleeves, having a modest neckline, and covering the hair. The principles laid by the Islamic faith could be comprehensive.

    Modest Muslim clothing could be a simple long kaftan dress, a headscarf, and an ankle-length long abaya. It could be anything that does not violate the basic idea of modesty.

    At Modest Forever, you will find the latest trends in Muslim women’s clothing online. Our popular choices include cotton hijabs, ombre hijabs, denim abayas, kaftans, and maxi dresses. We provide the finest quality Islamic fashion products at a very reasonable price range that caters to a large audience.

    With strict rules for women, it can be challenging to find the right kind of clothing in the market that is modest, practical, and trendy. Fortunately, Modest Forever has taken matters into its hands to offer Muslim women the opportunity to stay modest and beautiful at the same time.

    With the stylish and elegantly designer outfits, Modest Forever will make you the best version of yourself. A new era has finally begun!

    Dress for Success | Muslim Girl

    Whether you’ve been called to an interview, or finally fulfilled your quest for employment, chances are you’re going to need to know how to dress. As with anything to do with the workforce, there are no hard and fast rules regarding the dress code. In fact, the best advice would be to take a look at what others are wearing in your place of employment. Unless you’re working at a place with a specific dress code (in the medical profession, for example, or the zoo), an insanely laid-back office, or working from home, chances are you will be required to dress in business formal or business casual.


    The upside of a business formal workplace is that it takes a lot of anxiety out of choosing your clothes.

    • Your best bet is to go with some sort of business suit.
    • Conservative is always the safest option at work, which makes things even easier for us, as Muslim women.
    • When you buy a suit it’s always good to buy all the little bits and pieces (blazer, pants/skirt) at the same time so that you can be sure you match.
    • If your suit doesn’t fit you well see if you can get it tailored (a dry cleaner can usually do the simply stuff). You’re not going for a form fitting suit, but a suit that fits – no baggy pants, no loose shoulders.

    Of course, most of us can’t throw a couple hundred dollars at a suit and still eat over the next week, and cheap suits often look, well, cheap.

    • A good way to save on suits is to buy them second-hand off of a website like,, etc.
    • Sometimes a second-hand suit will come tailored already, and if you’re lucky, you won’t have to spend a cent more on it.
    • If worse comes to worst (i.e. if you are as broke as I am), spend some time looking for inexpensive suits that don’t look like they’re going to fall apart.
    • I don’t know anything about fashion but in my experience a good, well-colored black suit will often look more expensive than it is.

    What else?

    • Solid color blouses or sweaters are your best friend. The same goes for shoes. Don’t go overboard.
    • If you’re going to be standing a lot and aren’t used to heels, don’t wear them! They’re not a necessity for business formal and flats will look just as professional as a pair of heels.
    • Make sure all of your shoes have closed toes. Peep-toe and open-toe shoes are usually too casual for the workplace.
    • Minimal jewelry makes the best impression – a ring, a bangle, a small set of bracelets.
    • If you are a hijabi, I would go with solid color or very subtly printed scarves. Try to match it with your blouse.
    • If you’re not a hjibai a good haircut is essential.


    This one’s harder because “business casual” tells you nothing about how you’re supposed to dress. It’s business … but it’s casual? It’s formal … but it’s informal? It’s dead … but it’s alive?

    • Look neat but don’t be afraid to add flair. You have more room to work with prints and bright colors here.
    • You can start straying away from the black pant suit. Khaki-colored pants, white pants and pinstripe pants are popular. Search for wide-leg pants for a professional and modest look.

    Maxi skirts and dresses toe the business causal line. For some reason Western society seems to think that maxi skirts and dresses should be reserved for extra-casual events. The main type skirt you will see in an office setting is the knee-length (or a bit higher) straight skirt. Any other type of skirt is not, apparently, professional, or is difficult to style in a professional manner. My opinion is that people are generally wrong about this – I have seen a number of remarkably professional-looking hijabi women in maxi skirts and dresses. It’s definitely possible to do, just be careful about how you do it.

    • Look for neutral colors and subtle prints – no tropical colors or paisley prints.
    • Make sure the skirt/dress is not jersey or denim since both are often too casual to be styled into appropriate work-place wear (unless you are a fashion genius, then go ahead!).
    • Adding a blazer on top of your maxi dress (or jilbab!) will make any dress seem more professional.
    • Stick to conservative shoes, so no extra high heels. I would suggest a pump with a small heel over a flat in this instance, because flats with maxi dresses/skirts may appear too casual.


    A great rule of thumb is to create a “uniform,” no matter how your workplace defines its dress code.

    • Usually this means mimicking what others are wearing in your office (to a certain degree), and taking cues regarding appropriate colors and styles from your coworkers.
    • It also means to be relatively consistent in your workplace attire so that you’re not always stressing about what to wear (or what to buy if you’re building your wardrobe).
    • I like both skirts and pants, so I’d keep a few of each, with a bunch of button down blouses and a couple of blazers. I would make sure that I could do some mixing and matching to get the most use out of everything. I would also stick to black or navy blazers, pants and skirts, with more colorful blouses, scarfs and shoes. Knowing that I don’t have too many options – but not too few either – takes the panic out of dressing.


    Okay, teaching is a tricky one. Depending on the age you’re working with, there are a number of ways to dress. The good thing is that modesty is always an important key to dressing correctly as a teacher.

    • I’ve only worked with preschoolers, and I can tell you that for young children, wear comfortable clothes that you aren’t worried about ruining. Don’t wear jewelry that kids will want to grab, and do wear sneakers or joggers. Don’t be afraid of wearing something fun once in a while.
    • For older kids, there are no hard and fast rules. Older kids can be ruthless. They’re either going to love you no matter what or hate you no matter what. Try to be consistent in your fashion choices. Comfort is the key!


    You get to work naked! I am happy to report that I am writing this post without any pants on!

    No, that’s a lie. I have pants on. In fact I would suggest you get dressed for work even if you work at home. Nothing crazy like a suit, but get up in the morning and put on a nice top, a skirt and a pair of shoes. It’s so easy to fall into a funk and give up on clothing, dignity, and life when you work from home. Dressing will put you in a working mindset if you do it every day.


    • Dress in what you’re comfortable in. If you hate pant-suits, don’t wear them! If you feel uncomfortable, you’ll look uncomfortable, and that never inspires confidence.
    • You do not have to dress “sexy.” Professional attire means what it sounds like – neat and well-groomed. If someone says you’re dressed too modestly they are flat out wrong.
    • Don’t buy a full wardrobe at once! Buy a couple of things and wait to see how comfortable you are in your choices, and how they fit in with what your coworkers are wearing.
    • Unless you have seen your coworkers wearing denim, skip it. Even a really nice pair of black jeans may not be appropriate for your workplace. Of course, if everyone’s wearing jeans, go ahead! I recently had a worked with someone who wore cowboy boots and jeans to work every day – a sign that it was okay for me to go for a casual look too.
    • Make sure your underwear fits well. No really. There’s nothing like uncomfortable, ill-fitting underwear to distract you from important work stuff. You do not want to be thinking about excruciating wedgies during a meeting – or digging them out.
    • My fashion sense is minimal, so here is a great website for more inspirational hijabi-style workplace clothing!

    90,000 Hijab Couture. How Muslim Women Combine Fashion Trends with Islamic Canons | Events | SOCIETY

    Basic rules for dressing Muslims

    The classical canons of Islam require women to cover their bodies almost completely with clothes: only the face and hands can be bare. The cut of the suit must be at least one size larger.

    “The fabric is of great importance. It should be dense and not show through the body. In addition, Muslims are forbidden to wear clothes with images of living beings, because the Koran says that anyone who creates a living image becomes a creator like Allah and will be punished, ”says Nailya Ziganshina, chairman of the Union of Muslim Women of Tatarstan.

    However, contrary to popular belief, women are not required to wear exclusively black clothes. The fairer sex can independently choose clothes (corresponding to the above requirements), based on their own taste.

    One of the main requirements in Islam is the wearing of a headscarf. Girls should have their heads covered when they reach puberty and regardless of marriage. In this case, the hair must be covered with a scarf or other headdress so that not a single hair is visible.

    No hair should be visible from under the scarf. Photo: Kazan Kremlin Museum-Reserve

    Fashion trends in Muslim fashion

    According to the famous Kazan designer Nadezhda Ayupova , things made from natural fabrics are in fashion now: flax, cotton, knitwear.

    “These clothes look expensive and of high quality. In order to save money, many girls buy clothes made of synthetic fabrics, for example, crepe satin. This material is comfortable because it does not wrinkle, but, nevertheless, it looks untidy, ”says the designer.

    The image of a modern city dweller. Photo: AiF / Maria Zvereva

    As for the color scheme, the designer advises girls to choose clothes in pastel colors.

    “Colors should not be bright and flashy. It looks cheap and defiant. And a devout Muslim woman should be modest and feminine. It is better to wear clothes of delicate shades of pink, purple, sand colors, ”explains Nadezhda Ayupova.

    It is advisable to choose clothes one size larger so that it does not fit tightly.Photo: AiF / Maria Zvereva

    The latest fashion trend is layering. Trousers are not prohibited, therefore Nadezhda Ayupova advises girls to wear a shirt, jumper, tunic, cardigan with them.

    It is better to wear trousers with a tunic, shirt, jumper. Photo: AiF / Maria Zvereva

    Beautiful shoes are an important part of the image. According to the designer, high-heeled shoes should not be worn every day. Today girls can afford to wear comfortable and stylish shoes.

    “Loafers, sneakers and even sneakers are in trend now.Sports shoes can be worn not only by secular girls, but also by devout Muslim women. For example, loafers go well with long dresses, and sneakers can be worn under jeans and leggings. Casual style is also popular among Muslims. Indeed, in the modern world it is impossible to dress solemnly every day, ”Nadezhda Ayupova explained.

    Casual style is also popular among Muslims. Photo: AiF / Maria Zvereva

    An obligatory element in a Muslim woman’s dress is a headdress. According to Nadezhda Ayupova, turbans are in fashion today.The designer advises girls to wear elegant knitted turbans rather than synthetic scarves.

    “They go well with both casual and office wear. And scarves are already out of fashion, ”the designer noted.

    Clothing for Muslim women fully meets secular fashion trends. Photo: AiF / Maria Zvereva

    According to Nadezhda Ayupova, not all Muslim women in Russia know how to dress beautifully. Perhaps this is due to the mentality. Also, clothes from Turkey, which are saturated with bright colors, beads, sparkles, spoil the image of girls.
    “You don’t have to buy expensive and branded items to look stylish. The main thing is to be able to correctly combine them, ”sums up Nadezhda Ayupova.

    What to wear for Muslim women: new fashion-2016 | Photogallery

    What to wear for Muslim women: new fashion-2016 | Photogallery

    90,000 Office wear create4sale: Goods from Turkey

    Office wear is a product of the company CREATE4SALE.COM for over 10 years.We manufacture all kinds of office wear for men and women directly from factories. In our catalogs, we offer products at the best price. After leaving a request on the site, within an hour you will receive a letter with the latest updates: photos, detailed information about the product and price lists.

    – Men’s office suits

    A real man’s office suit will emphasize your style and status. This is always a solid and a bit conservative costume, which really hardly obeys fashion.Office men’s suits have long been included in the wardrobe of a modern business man as a must-have item. The business style of clothing includes suits made of high quality pure wool, plain dark blue or gray, can be pinstriped, and of course, a tailcoat theme.

    – Men’s Office Shirts

    Office style today is not necessarily boring strict colors and classic cut. You can opt for a pink or purple shirt, or even a printed shirt, and the tie can be in “fun” colors.

    – Men’s office wear

    Despite the fact that office style seems simple enough, it is not so easy to find and buy office clothes for men. The main attributes of a man’s office style are considered to be a suit, shirt and tie. In fact, this list is much broader and more interesting.

    – Ladies’ office suits

    Stylists believe that a women’s office suit of a modern business woman should be represented by several basic models: straight-cut tailored trousers, blouses in neutral colors, jackets and jackets.A fashionable pencil skirt can be an alternative to trousers. A practical solution is a trouser suit, which perfectly matches the rules of any office dress code.

    – Ladies’ office wear

    Office women’s clothing – a special category of items for ladies’ wardrobe. These are models of laconic style, characterized by restrained, slightly conservative color and decorative solutions. Among the wide range of models that represent dresses, trousers, skirts, office-style suits, there is sure to be a successful, original version for every taste.

    – Office Dresses

    Does the company have a dress code? The desire of the bosses to see their subordinates in business-style clothes can play into your hands. Sheath dresses are very feminine and incredibly seductive, use this and you will always win. Choose elegant business dresses for every day with a figure, medium length and this will not cause any complaints.

    Collection of office clothes autumn-winter 2021 !!! Already in stock!

    90,000 Business clothes Muslim women

    Muslim women today are faced with the need to get a job, hold business meetings and official events.But along the way, we encounter bias and suspicion due to our appearance. How to overcome the stereotype, win over the employer and quickly make the impression of a successful and serious person? Choose the right clothes! After all, it is our appearance that determines what the first impression will be.

    “Work” clothes should be designed in a classic business style, it will be a win-win option. Of course, the headscarf will still attract attention, but if you behave confidently and yourself are not ashamed of your headdress, you can give the impression of a serious, competent person who inspires confidence.

    Business style in clothes is formed mainly with the help of a suit, the versatility and success of which is confirmed by the fact that since the 19th century its forms have remained practically unchanged. It still remains the basic clothing of successful people. A suit is a single ensemble, the parts of which are united by something in common: color, decoration, fabric structure.

    The history of the appearance of the women’s suit

    The prototype of the modern business suit appeared in the women’s wardrobe at the end of the 19th century.The first such costume was made by the English tailor Redfern for the Princess of Wales, the wife of the future King of England Edward VII. The suit consisted of a straight skirt and a lined jacket with a collar and lapels. They sewed such a suit from dense fabrics of calm shades. Feeling the convenience of such clothes, which could be worn from morning to evening, changing only shirts for elegant blouses decorated with accessories, the ladies did not want to give up the costumes.

    Today’s business style does not require us to have the same strict uniforms, unless a uniform uniform for employees is spelled out in the dress code, as is the case in a bank or funeral agency.The freedom to shape our image gives us the opportunity to observe the Sharia canons regarding the hijab and, at the same time, look appropriate in an official setting.

    Moreover, the business style does not require austerity and rejection of your favorite colors, shapes and textures, because office fashion is a combination of conservatism with fashion trends, so you can always “win” an outfit to your side. The costume does not have to make up the same elements of the bottom and top, especially since it is very boring.Harmoniously combined jackets, skirts and trousers of different colors and textures will create a truly original and memorable image – this is what distinguishes the approach to clothes of a designer, a person with an artistic flair.

    Suit components

    Trouser suit combines the severity of a classic style and the comfort of a sportswear. Should Muslim women be embarrassed by trousers? If they have a wide, spacious cut, and the degree of closeness does not differ from a skirt, then they may well be perceived by Muslim women as an element of a business suit, and Allah knows best.

    Trousers appeared in the European wardrobe for a very long time. In ancient times, moving north, the Romans dressed in togas and tunics were surprised to see for the first time among the peoples living there – Scythians, Vandals, Goths, Vikings – a part of the toilet, unknown in Rome. “Prabruki” were made of tanned leather, and they sat accordingly. They were worn by both men and women. At first, “barbaric” clothing was banned in Rome, and the property of those who disobeyed was subject to confiscation. But, after a while, they appreciated their convenience and practicality and began to wear it everywhere, everywhere and with great pleasure.

    Women’s trousers have always been viewed as a challenge to male patriarchal society, and most importantly, male power, therefore they were taboo until the middle of the 20th century, and if they were worn by women before, it was perceived as an eccentric trick and eccentricity. As, for example, it was with women of fashion during the times of Louis XIV. The fact is that then the size of the French army increased – up to 300,000 thousand people. Accordingly, its popularity among women has also increased. And in 1691, some courtiers began to appear at balls and receptions in soldier’s trousers decorated with bows and ruffles.This did not last long, but perhaps 1691. can be considered the year of birth of women’s trousers.

    So, wide-leg trousers of a woman’s cut may well help Muslim women to create a business image. Such trousers can be supplemented with an elongated blouse, or a jacket – this is the name of a female-style jacket. Their choice today is extremely diverse, but finding a neatly fitting, elongated and not fitted model is still not easy.

    It seems that the designers will take into account the wishes of working Muslim women and develop clothes in which a Muslim woman could come to an interview, a business meeting and just to work in the office.After all, not everyone has understanding and educated colleagues and sometimes they have to endure ridicule and gossip. Of course, clothes will not fix this, but at least they will make us feel appropriate in a formal setting. An example is the office dress from Reseda Suleiman , which fits perfectly into the work environment, we hope that she will continue the line of business clothes.

    And may Allah make the success of our sisters in this life the cause of success in the next!

    Russian officials in Muslim clothes – Blogs – Echo of Moscow, 17.02.2011

    “Work uniform of female employees – appropriate headdress, dress and skirts below the knee, sleeve – three-quarters of the arm’s length.” This dress code has now become mandatory for civil servants in Chechnya. And although human rights activists and lawyers question the legitimacy of the instructions given by the republic’s authorities, there is no official reaction either in Chechnya or abroad.

    Deputy Head of the Government of Chechnya, Head of the Administration of the Head and Government of the Republic Magomed Selimkhanov ordered employees of state authorities, administrations of districts and cities to bring uniforms in line with the norms of “service and Vainakh ethics” – this is stated in the notification of the administration of the head and government of Chechnya, published user of Wikileaks in the “Wiki of the Caucasus” section of the “Caucasian Knot”.
    The document is dated January 25, 2011.

    The order is not ignored by the male population of Chechnya.
    They, in accordance with the norms of “service and Vainakh ethics”, are ordered to wear a “suit-tie” at work from Monday to Thursday, and “a traditional Muslim uniform” on Friday.

    Representatives of the Chechen authorities have so far refrained from making official comments.
    “I do not know anything about the document that prescribes the dress code for civil servants.We work normally, and everything is fine with us, ”said a source of the“ Caucasian Knot ”correspondent in the administration of the head and government of Chechnya.

    “It is not a Muslim’s duty to wear certain clothes.
    The main thing is to cover parts of the body, and there is not much difference whether it is a costume or “traditional Vainakh clothing” … Religion is a voluntary matter and such initiatives can cause a backlash. These people should think carefully, otherwise this decision may serve them badly, ”the user Snare +, who participated in the discussion of this news at the“ Caucasian Knot ”, wonders.

    Ramzan Kadyrov: “I can dictate my own rules at home”

    The introduction of a strict dress code for government officials in the territory of an entire region is not a whim of an individual official, even if he holds a key post in the government of Chechnya.
    The notice signed by Selimkhanov contains a direct reference to the oral instructions of his immediate superior, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, at a meeting on December 16, 2010.

    Issue such a prescription somewhere in the Khabarovsk or Belgorod regions, it most likely would not affect the real life of people.
    However, in Chechnya it will not be easy to ignore Kadyrov’s instructions.

    “I can dictate my own rules at home. There are office clothes, uniforms. I say: if women walk half naked at work, then men will not be able to work there … Therefore, if a woman is at work, she must comply: she must wear a scarf, she must wear closed clothes so that not everything can be seen, ”said Ramzan Kadyrov to journalists Tina Kandelaki (member of the Public Chamber of Russia) and Andrey Kolesnikov (multiple interviewer V.Putin) at the end of January during the recording of the program “Unreal Politics” in Grozny.

    “Darkness. And he really believes that he has the right to dictate to whom, what and how to wear, not to mention who, how and what to do, ”the user Deniza, who participated in the discussion of the news about the order of the Chechen authorities, is indignant.

    For the first time, the topic of strict standards of appearance was publicly voiced by Ramzan Kadyrov back in 2007.
    This was especially true of women, whose clothes, according to Kadyrov, must correspond to Chechen traditions.After the scoring, there were cases when women with bare heads were no longer allowed into the buildings of state institutions, gradually this rule spread to other public places, including recreation and entertainment areas.

    On March 30, 2008, Natalya Estemirova, an employee of Memorial Human Rights Center, in the program “Islamic Revolution” aired on Ren-TV, criticized the imposition of headscarves on women by the Chechen authorities.
    The next day, March 31, Natalya Estemirova was removed from her post as chairman of the Grozny City Public Council for Assistance in Ensuring Human and Civil Rights and Freedoms, and was subsequently kidnapped and executed.

    Further – more.
    In June 2010, in the capital of Chechnya, there were cases of shelling with paintballs with paint on girls without headscarves. Around the same time, in the second largest city in Chechnya, Gudermes, advertisements appeared on poles near the city bus station and in the market area urging Chechen girls to wear headscarves. “Think about it! Today we poured paint on you. This is just a warning. Don’t force us to resort to tougher measures! ” – said in the pasted leaflets.

    In August of the same year, several cases were reported when groups of young people on the streets stopped girls and women who, in their opinion, dressed “inappropriately”, while sometimes publicly humiliating and insulting them for their appearance, and in in some cases, pulling on clothes and grabbing hands.
    Commenting on the incidents of shelling women without headscarves with paintballs, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said that he did not know who was doing this, and even if he did, he would only thank the organizers of the actions.

    One Law for All?

    Dress code for civil servants of Chechnya, a reminder of the execution of Kadyrov’s order, published by a Wikileaks user in the “Wiki of the Caucasus” section of the “Caucasian Knot”

    “It seems that the Russian Constitution says that our state is secular.
    Can Moscow civil servants wear Orthodox clothes then? ”Asks the user lordofwinds, who left his post about innovations in official ethics.

    Veteran of the human rights movement Lyudmila Alekseeva is in solidarity with him.
    According to her, in Chechnya “not all believers are Muslims, and the order applies to everyone.” “The Constitution says that the state does not interfere in the private life of citizens. Clothes are the private life of every person. In this case, we can confidently speak of a violation of the constitutional rights of citizens of the Chechen Republic. I have the impression that some kind of anti-constitutional interference in private life is being tested in Chechnya, because in our country the inviolability of private life is guaranteed by the Constitution.If it works out there, then you can enter it everywhere, ”Lyudmila Alekseeva said in an interview with the“ Caucasian Knot ”.

    According to the Chechen political scientist Zaindi Choltaev , the introduction of the dress code is not connected with the struggle for moral values.
    It is evidence of an attempt to “tighten control over society.”

    “I am not opposed to certain decency in clothes, but when this is done at the direction of the leadership in such a tough manner, when in a secular state, in fact, the rules of conduct of a totalitarian state are imposed …
    I read this document and found in it a reference to an oral instruction from the head of the republic.This means that even a verbal instruction from the head should be the rule for everyone, ”says Zaindi Choltaev.

    The order on the obligatory uniform for Chechen employees is “evidence that Russia has lost the Chechen war.”
    So says Lev Levinson , human rights expert.

    “In my opinion, there are no signs of belonging to the Russian Federation, except for the portrait of Vladimir Putin.
    This is blatant lawlessness. This is a violation of all state laws and constitutional provisions of a secular state.I think that the person who signed or adopted such an act must lose the confidence of the President of the Russian Federation, “Lev Levinson noted in his commentary to the Caucasian Knot.

    How officials will dress is their own business.
    The main thing is that “the people with whom they communicate, believe that the officials will fulfill their duties,” says the head of the department of sociocultural research at the Levada Center Alexei Levinson .

    “The very legality of this regulation is a matter of concern.
    Is the administration of a civilian institution empowered, and not the one where military discipline determines these norms? ” – said Alexei Levinson in an interview with the “Caucasian Knot”.

    There is no normative act in Russian legislation that defines the dress code for employees of state institutions, analyzes the legal context Alexey Grishkovets , Doctor of Law, specialist in civil service, State Duma deputy from United Russia.

    “We have two main regulations concerning the civil service.
    There is a Law “On the State Civil Service of the Russian Federation”, No. 79 dated July 28, 2004. It does not say anything about what kind of dress he should have. But there is article 18 in the law, which says that a civil servant is obliged “to show respect for the moral customs and traditions of the peoples of the Russian Federation, to take into account the cultural and other characteristics of various ethnic and social groups, as well as confessions.” Another current normative act is Presidential Decree No. 885 of 12.08.2002 “On Approval of General Principles of Service Conduct of Civil Servants”.There is a provision there that sounds like this: “to show tolerance and respect for the traditions and customs of the peoples of Russia, to take into account the cultural characteristics of various ethnic social groups and confessions, to promote interethnic and interfaith harmony,” says Aleksey Grishkovets.

    According to him, a special decree of the President of Russia is also being prepared.
    It is called the “Model Code of Ethics and Service Conduct of Civil Servants of the Russian Federation”.

    “The draft of this document contains Article 9, which is called the appearance of a civil servant.
    “The appearance of a civil servant in the performance of his official duties should promote citizens’ respect for state bodies, correspond to the generally accepted business style, which is distinguished by formality, restraint, accuracy,” Mr. Grishkovets quotes the document.

    “In the State Duma, there is a provision in the State Duma that a deputy should have a business style of dress, but as regards the length of clothing and the wearing of hats – of course, this is not the case.
    It seems to me that this document goes beyond the competence of the subject of the Russian Federation, moreover, this is not done even by the law of the subject.If there is an administrative-legal act, which says about the introduction of appropriate clothing for civil servants, it can be challenged by the prosecutor’s office, since the introduction of this act is contrary to federal legislation, ”explained Aleksey Grishkovets.

    However, it is hardly worth expecting that the order on a special “Vainakh” dress code will be really challenged in court.
    It is unlikely that in Chechnya, especially among civil servants, there will be daredevils who openly question the actions of the authorities.Whether they will be found among Russians living outside the republic is a question for the Echo audience as well.

    “Caucasian Knot” specially for “Echo of Moscow”.

    Selimkhanov ordered Chechen civil servants to wear “Muslim clothes”

    – February 16, 2011 –

    Selimkhanov ordered Chechen civil servants to wear “Muslim clothes”

    Deputy Head of the Government of Chechnya, Head of the Administration of the Head and Government of the Republic of Chechnya Magomed Selimkhanov ordered employees of state authorities, administrations of districts and cities to bring uniforms in line with the norms of “official and Vainakh ethics” section “Wiki of the Caucasus” on the “Caucasian Knot”.

    The document with the details of the administration of the head and government of Chechnya is dated January 25, 2011 and signed by the head of the administration of the head of the republic, Magomed Selimkhanov.

    The document states that the working uniform of male civil servants means a suit-tie, and on Friday – “traditional Muslim dress.” “The working uniform of the employees is the appropriate headdress, dress and skirts below the knees, the sleeve is three-quarters of the arm’s length,” the document says.

    The execution of the order of Magomed Selimkhanov is entrusted to the heads of district and city administrations.

    In the notification itself, it is recalled that the requirement for the unification of the clothes of state officials was voiced by the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, at a meeting on December 16, 2010.

    As reported by the “Caucasian Knot”, Ramzan Kadyrov demanded strict dressing from officials back in 2007. This was especially true of women, whose clothes, according to Kadyrov, must correspond to Chechen traditions. After the scoring, there were cases when women with bare heads were no longer allowed into the buildings of state institutions, gradually this rule spread to other public places, including recreation and entertainment areas.

    On March 30, 2008, Natalya Estemirova, an employee of Memorial Human Rights Center, in the program “Islamic Revolution” on Ren-TV, criticized the imposition of headscarves on women by the Chechen authorities. The next day, March 31, Natalya Estemirova was removed from her post as chairperson of the Grozny city Public Council for assistance in ensuring human and civil rights and freedoms.

    In June 2010, in the capital of Chechnya, there were cases of shelling of girls without headscarves with paintballs with paint.Eyewitnesses say that one of the girls who were attacked was even hospitalized with severe eye trauma. Around the same time, in the second largest city in Chechnya, Gudermes, advertisements appeared on poles near the city bus station and in the market area urging Chechen girls to wear headscarves. “Think about it! Today we poured paint on you. This is just a warning. Do not force us to resort to tougher measures!” – said in the pasted leaflets.

    In August 2010, several cases were recorded when groups of young people on the streets stopped girls and women who, in their opinion, dressed “inappropriately”, while sometimes publicly humiliating them, and in some cases pulling their clothes and grabbing by the hands.

    Commenting on the incidents of shelling women without headscarves with paintballs, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said that he did not know who was doing this, and even if he did, he would only thank the organizers of the actions.

    At the end of January, during the recording of the program “Unreal Politics” in Grozny, Ramzan Kadyrov criticized the clothes of the host Tina Kandelaki. Before that, Kandelaki said that when the journalists were heading to Chechnya, they decided to observe the rules of appearance established here.”Did you follow our rules? In appearance?” – Kadyrov asked, adding then: “No, you absolutely did not comply. You are dressed too provocatively, so I try not to look at you. You are beautiful.”

    “I can dictate my own rules at home,” said the head of the republic. “There are office clothes, uniforms. I say: if women walk half naked at work, then men will not be able to work there … Therefore, if a woman is at work, she must comply: she must wear a headscarf, she must wear closed clothes so that not everything can be seen, “Ramzan Kadyrov said.

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