Most popular beer worldwide: The 25 Most Popular International Beers for Int’l Beer Day


The 25 Most Popular International Beers for Int’l Beer Day

August 6, 2021, marks the annual International Beer Day on which the worlds most popular alcohol drink is celebrated all over the globe.

To celebrate, here are the 25 most popular international beers…

1. Snow

Snow is the best-selling brand of beer in the world, yet many people will probably never have heard of it. This brand is sold mostly in China, with 101 million hectares being sold in 2017 alone.

This beer is produced mainly in Beijing and was only launched in 1993.

2. Bud Light

Bud Light is a popular beer in the US Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Bud Light is the top-selling beer in the US, and is produced by Belgian-Brazilian company AB InBev. The beer sits in the no.4 slot for best-selling beer world wide, according to Business Insider.

In 2018, an incredible 29 million barrels of Bud Light were shipped, despite sales dropping nearly 20% between 2013 and 2018.

3. Skol

Skol’s current biggest market is Brazil, but as its name suggests, the inspirations for the brew were apparently Scandinavian.

The beer is recognised as a Brazilian brand but it was, in fact, first produced in Scotland. It is currently the 5th top-selling beer in the world.

4. Budweiser

Another popular beer in the US, Budweiser is made by Belgian-Brazilian company AB InBev, which was founded in the 1850s.

Budwiser is currently the most-valued beer brand worldwide and, according to Statista, was valued at $14.65 billion dollars in 2020.

5. Tsingtao

Tsingtao Brewery is the largest brewery in China China Photos / Stringer/Getty Images

Tsingtao is produced in Qingdao, China, and can trace its history to the brief German occupation of the northern Chinese city.

Some 49 million hectolitres were sold in 2017 and this brew currently holds about 15 percent of the Chinese beer market. In Qingdao, locals will often drink the beer from plastic bags with straws, while having a stroll along the beach.

6. Heineken

Heineken beer is a classic Dutch brand and is popular all over the world Getty Images / Stringer/Getty Images

Dutch brand Heineken is one of the most recognizable beer brands in the world and sold an estimated 34.3 million hectares in 2017.

According to Statista, the brand is worth $11,136 in 2020, meaning it is the second most valuable beer brand in the world.

7. Harbin

Harbin beer is named after the Northern Chinese city where it was created RICHARD A. BROOKS / Staff/Getty Images

Another Chinese brew, Harbin sold 29.9 million hectolitres in 2017.

It is the oldest beer brand in China, and was made in Harbin in 1902 under a different name, before changing its name to Harbin in 1932.

8. Yanjing

Yanjing is produced by a state owned brewery in Beijing China Photos / Contributor/Getty Images

Yanjing beer is produced in Beijing and is produced in a state-owned brewery. Production first began in 1980.

Yangjing beer reached a production capacity of 57.

1 million hectoliters in 2013 but in 2017, they produced 29.7million hectoliters of the stuff.

9. Corona

Corona is the most popular imported beer in the US RODRIGO ARANGUA / Contributor/Getty Images

Corona is a Mexican beer and is another brand from AB InBEV.

An estimated 28.8 million hectoliters were sold in 2017, and it’s produced by the Cerveceria Modelo brewery in Mexico.

Corona was launched in Mexico in 1925, but didn’t come to the U.S. until 1981. It’s now the most popular imported beer in America.

10. Kronenbourg

Kronenbourg 1664 is a French wheat beer which was first produced in Strasbourg.

It is the most popular beer in France today.

11. Asahi Super Dry

Asahi Beer has been produced for well over 100 years swim ink 2 llc / Contributor/Getty Images

Asahi Super Dry is produced by Asahi breweries, which was established in 1949. Asahi Super Dry is a Japanese rice lager and is made with rice and malted barley.

Asahi beer can trace its roots all the way back to the 1892, when the beer first debuted.

According to the Drinks International website, Asahi Super Dry was the second best-selling beer brand worldwide in 2020.

12. Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is the third best selling brand of beer in the world Rich Polk / Stringer/Getty Images

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is an Italian beer, made by a brewery first established in 1846 in Vigevano, Italy.

The Peroni Nastro Azzurro brand, however, wasn’t created until 1963, as a premium version of the breweries existing beers.

13. Guinness

Guinness is a classic Irish beer LEON NEAL / Staff/Getty Images

Guinness is the iconic Irish brand of beer, and is the most internationally recognised symbol of Ireland.

It’s a traditional Irish Stout Beer made from barley, hops, water and a type of ale yeast. Ten million glasses of Guinness are sold every day — and it’s brewed in more than 150 countries, including Indonesia and Nigeria.

According to Drinks International, its the fourth best selling brand worldwide in 2020.

14. Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell was first brewed in 1842 Joe Raedle / Staff/Getty Images

This beer was first brewed in 1842 in Plzen, in the Czech Republic. The beer is one of the few types of beer that’s apparently better served with a thick head of foam on the top.

According to Drinks International, Pilsner Urquell was the seventh most popular brand of beer worldwide in 2020.

15. Estrella

Estrella is a Spanish beer, first brewed in 1876. The beer was adapted by Kuentzmann Damm to suit the warmer climate of the Mediterranean coast. As such, its lighter than central European beers, which were designed for colder climates.

According to Drinks International, it was the eighth most popular beer in the world in 2020.

16. Stella Artois

Stella Artois is nearly 100 years old Brian Ach / Stringer/Getty Images

This beer was first brewed in 1926, making it nearly 100 years old.

It was originally brewed in Leuven, Belgium, and is currently the best-selling beer in the country.

According to Drinks International, its the ninth most popular brand of beer in the world in 2020.

17. BrewDog

BrewDog is produced in Ellon, Scotland Jeff J Mitchell / Staff/Getty Images

A newer brand of beer, BrewDog was first brewed in Scotland in 2007. The brand has enjoyed a lot of success, and even has its own pubs and bars dedicated to the beer.

It was the tenth most popular brand of beer worldwide in 2020 and was the top trending brand in the same year, according to Drinks International’s survey.

18. Sofiero

Sofiero is a Swedish beer produced by Kopparberg. The company was first established in 1882 in Sweden. The brewery shut down for a period and was re-established in 1994.

Sofiero is the most popular beer in Sweden today.

19. Modelo Especial

A woman pours pints of Modelo Especial beer Nicholas Hunt / Staff/Getty Images

Modelo Especial is another Mexican brand of beer and is the second most popular imported beer in the US, after Corona.

It was first brewed in the Northwestern part of Mexico City – Tacuba – in 1925.

According to Drinks International, it was tenth highest trending brand in the world in 2020.

20. Dos Equis

Dos Equis is a popular brand of Mexican beer Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Dos Equis is a Mexican larger but is one of the fastest-growing beer brand in America. The beer was first brewed by Wilhelm Haase in 1897 – although it was then known as Siglo XX.

It is produced in Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery, which has several locations throughout Mexico.

21. Brahma

Brahma is a Brazilian brand of beer which was first produced by Companhia Cerverjaria. Now, it is produced by brewing giant AB InBEV.

The brand was recently the subject of controversy, after a campaign last year asked the brand to change its name, as Brahma is also the name of a Hindu God.

22. Aguila

A vintage advert for Aguila beer in Madrid Quim Llenas/Getty Images

Aguila is a Columbian brand of pale lager. It has been brewed since 1913 and is the number one beer in Columbia.

It is brewed in Bogota and is 4% ABV.

23. Sapporo Yebisu Beer

Yebisu beer is a malt beer and is one of the most popular brands of beer in Japan.

It was first made in 1890 with the help of a German brewer. It is the most popular beer in Japan.

24. Dreher

Dreher is the most popular beer in Hungary, and the brewery dates back to 1854.

It’s a European pale lager, and is beloved by Hungarians the world over.

25. Becks

The most popular beer in Germany, Becks was founded in the Northern German city of Bremen.

It was first established in 1873, and remains one of Germany’s most popular brands of beer worldwide today.

10 Most Popular Beers in the World (Updated 2021)

Beer is a beloved alcoholic beverage around the world, and it is even part of the culture in some countries.

The countries with the highest consumption of beer double as beer producers.

The Czech Republic is famed as the home country of pilsner, and the Czechs drank 143.3 liters of beer per person in 2016.

Other beer capitals include Austria, Germany, and Ireland. A significant chunk of the world’s popular beers are unknown in the US, and they include:

1. Snow

Snow is the world’s best-selling beer, which is interesting because most people outside China have never heard of it. This lager has its origins in Shenyang city, Liaoning Province, and it is named for its white foams

Over 101 million hectoliters of the beer were sold in 2017, which was twice the amount of Budweiser sold worldwide. Snow beer commands almost 30% of the Chinese beer market.

The beer has a relatively short market history, having been launched in 1993. It is mostly produced in Beijing, although it enjoys massive popularity in North-East China.

Snow beer is mainly sold in China, where it is preferred for being cheap and easy to drink, in addition to having only a mere 120 calories.

2. Budweiser

Budweiser is a popular beer in the US, although it has been witnessing declining sales across the country.

Budweiser is one of the flagship brands of the Belgian brewing giant AB InBEV, the other one being Bud Light.

Budweiser, or the king of beers, was overthrown by Bud Light for the top spot among American beer drinkers in 2001.

AB InBEV has been promoting Budweiser in other markets like China, South Africa, and Australia. The company ran an expensive 2018 FIFA World Cup campaign to boost the growth of Budweiser in emerging markets

and improve its sales volume, which was 29.2 million hectoliters in 2017.

3. Tsingtao

Tsingtao beer enjoys 15% of China’s beer market, and its sales volume was 49 million hectoliters in 2017.

The history of the brew goes back to the short-lived German occupation of the Chinese city Qingdao. The Germans drew mineral water from the Laoshan spring and used their traditional brewing methods to make a pilsner.

Tsingtao is the most popular Chinese beer, and it is sold in over 70 nations worldwide. The brewery runs the Qingdao International Beer festival every year to promote Tsingtao beer and popularize beer culture.

4. Bud Light

Bud Light is the light beer flagship of AB InBEV. It is the top-selling beer in the US, where it faces stiff competition from Coors Light and Miller Lite.

Bud Light was launched in 1982 as an American-style light lager with a crisp aroma and fast finish. Its low ABV and low calories make it a favorite among American beer drinkers.

AB InBEV shipped over 33 million barrels of Bud Light in 2017, and about 44.8 million hectoliters of the drink were sold in the same year. It is sold internationally in Sweden, Ireland, Canada, Colombia, and Mexico.

5. Skol

Skol is the 5th top-selling beer in the world. Its Swedish name alludes to the beer’s Scandinavian inspiration, although its current largest market is in Brazil.

The beer was first produced in Alloa, Scotland, by Ind Coope breweries with equipment sourced from Sweden. About 35.1 million hectoliters of the beer were sold in 2017.

Skol is recognized as Brazilian beer, although it is produced and marketed by different brands in other regions. Carlsberg retains the license to manufacture and distribute the beer worldwide except in South America and Africa.

The beer is sold in Romania, Turkey, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Unibra sells the brew in African in countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Angola, and Madagascar.

6. Heineken

Heineken is perhaps one of the best-known beer brands in the world, and it is sold in a notable green bottle with a red star.

This Dutch brew is produced by Heineken International and sold in over 170 countries. An estimated 34.3 million hectoliters of Heineken were sold in 2017.

Heineken’s history began with a brewer named Gerard Adriaan Heineken, who convinced his affluent mother to purchase the De Hooiberg brewery in Amsterdam.

From the get-go, Heineken was keen on the quality of his brew. He used ‘Yeast A’ and specialized his fermentation technique to get a crisp and unforgettable taste. This quality earned the beer medals in Paris and Amsterdam.

Today, Heineken enjoys worldwide popularity, thanks to its marketing strategies. Its ads are notorious for having surprising twists, and it sponsors celebrated sporting events like the UEFA Champions League.

7. Harbin

Harbin, also owned by AB InBEV, is the oldest beer brand in China. The company has introduced the brew in North American and European markets, but you will have more luck finding it in ethnic Chinese supermarkets in the US.

This pale lager has an abv of 4.8%, and it is currently marketed as a millennial drink in China.

Harbin has been sponsoring e-Sport events to attract 18-29 years old Chinese males who actively engage with such activities. The brand’s disruptive marketing strategies seem to be working as it sold 29. 9 million hectoliters of Harbin in 2017.

8. Yanjing

Yanjing beer is produced by the Beijing Yanjing Brewery, located in China’s capital. The brewery began production in 1980, and it reached a production capacity of 57.1 million hectoliters in 2013.

This state-owned brewery is the 3rd largest brewery in China, and Yanjing beer enjoys popularity in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, and Guangxi.

9. Corona

Corona is another beer brand of AB InBEV, and the Cerveceria Modelo brewery produces it in Mexico.

About 28.8 million hectoliters were sold worldwide in 2017, and it was also the top beer imported in the US in the same year.

10. Coors Light

Coors Light is notable for its mountain icon that includes two peaks. The brew’s history goes back to 1978 when the Coors Brewing company first produced it.

It is currently manufactured in several US states, including Colorado, Georgia, Virginia, and Milwaukee, and it is the second-best-selling beer in the country.


The world’s most popular beers include notable brands like Heineken and Budweiser, as well as brews that are sold almost exclusively in China, like Snow and Harbin.

Also present are two of American favorites: Bud Light and Coors Light.


• Beer brand value worldwide 2021

• Beer brand value worldwide 2021 | Statista

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Kantar Millward Brown. (2021). Brand value of leading beer brands worldwide in 2021 (in million U.S. dollars). Statista. Statista Inc.. Accessed: October 18, 2021.

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Kantar Millward Brown, Brand value of leading beer brands worldwide in 2021 (in million U. S. dollars) Statista, (last visited October 18, 2021)

Budweiser ranked the most valuable beer brand in the world

Worth $7.5bn, the Anheuser-Busch brand’s value has increased 6%, attributed to its global sponsorship campaign with the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Brewing giant AB InBev has 11 brands in Brand Finance Beers 25 rankings, while Scottish independent brewer BrewDog is the highest new entrant in the chart (taking 19th​ position with a brand value of $1.5bn).

China’s Snow and Tsingtao brands recorded the fastest growth, up 52% and 49% respectively, while Aguila is ranked as the world’s strongest beer brand.

How Bud became king

Budweiser claims the top spot as the world’s most valuable beer brand for the first time, overtaking long-standing leader Bud Light.

Budweiser’s FIFA World Cup campaign last year was the brand’s most expensive to date, reaching 3. 2 billion football fans globally. Perhaps more important, however, was that it enabled Budweiser to accelerate growth in new markets,​​ including South Africa, Colombia, China and Australia.

While Budweiser grew 6.2% in value, Bud Light fell 5% to $7bn, leaving it second in the rankings.  

“Budweiser and Bud Light, the flagship brands of Belgian brewing giant AB InBev, have had to contend with the changing consumer drinking habits across the US,” ​says Brand Finance in its report.

“The general decline in beer consumption across millennials, and the preference for healthier alcohol-free alternatives have contributed to the slowdown in their brand value growth compared to previous years.

“The AB InBev portfolio still dominates the rankings, however, with 11 brands claiming spots in the top 25, down from 13 last year.”

Heineken takes the number 3 spot in the rankings, with a brand value of $6.7bn, up 11% from last year.

Fastest growth comes from China

This year it is Asian – and particularly Chinese – beer brands that are recording the highest value growth.

“With demand for beer at an all-time high in China and predictions of inflated growth over the coming years as a result of greater disposable income from the emerging middle class, this trend looks set to continue,” ​observes Brand Finance. “If these brands begin to expand beyond China and into new markets, we could potentially see some very stiff competition to established Western beer brands.”

China’s Snow is the fastest-growing brand in the rankings and reaches the top 10 for the first time this year, with a 52% rise in brand value to $3.7bn. Snow is already the best-selling beer in the world with 101.2 million hectolitres of beer sold per year – more than double that of Budweiser’s sales.

“The brand, which historically has only been sold in China, has made a number of strategic partnerships in order to raise its global presence, notably with Dutch brewing giant Heineken and America’s Molson Coors,” ​observes Brand Finance.

Tsingtao (up 49% to $1.7bn) has risen nine places in the ranking, more than any other brand.

“The brand continues to retain its loyal customer base in its home country and is also the most exported Chinese beer, sold in over 100 countries and regions globally. As with other Chinese brands, Tsingtao faces fierce competition from other global brewing giants but despite this, Tsingtao has recorded strong sales growth over the last year.”

One to watch: BrewDog

Maverik Scottish craft beer brand, BrewDog, is the highest new entrant in the ranking in 19th position, with a brand value of $1.5bn.

“The brand is undertaking ambitious growth plans across key international markets, with new breweries and bars in the pipeline both at home in the UK and abroad,” ​observes Brand Finance.

“Its flagship beer, Punk IPA, is already the number one craft beer in the UK and the brand is striving to make it the beer of choice internationally. The brand is committed to expansion, with gin and vodka already in its portfolio, it is widening its reach further by entering into the whiskey market, in a bid to make it more playful. In 2018, BrewDog announced its foray into the hotels business, opening the doors to the world’s first craft beer hotel, The DogHouse.”

Determining brand value

Brand value is determined by the net economic benefit that a brand owner would achieve by licensing the brand in the open market.

Brand Finance also evaluates the relative strength of brands, based on factors such as marketing investment, familiarity, loyalty, staff satisfaction, and corporate reputation. According to this criteria, Colombia’s Aguila is the world’s strongest beer brand with a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 88.41 out of 100 and a corresponding AAA brand strength rating.

The full report can be found here.​​

Most Popular Beer of Every Country in the World – Travel Up

Beer is the world’s most widely consumed and probably the oldest alcoholic beverage. It is the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea.

While some people collect ref magnets or keychains when they travel, it’s been a goal of mine to try beer from as many countries as possible. I decided to do some research on national beers when I came across this awesome World Beer Map from that shows the most popular beer brands around the world.

Just looking at the names and labels of the beer, you can see how diverse the beers are as the countries themselves. I’m not sure how complete or accurate the map is. This map collected data based on various sources, from research reports to corporate filings from over 100 countries, taking into account the market share.

Source: For the full-sized original map, click here.

There are 195 countries in the world, but some countries don’t have their own beers as alcohol is banned. In other countries, best-selling brands are disputed. But anyway, based on this map and other online sources, here are the most popular and well-known beer brands around the world.

ArgentinaCerveza Quilmes
AustraliaVictoria Bitter
BelizeBelikin Beer
BeninLe Beninoise
Bosnia and HerzegovinaJelen
CambodiaAngkor Beer
CameroonCastel Beer
Cape VerdeStrela
ChinaSnow Beer / Tsingtao
Costa RicaCerveza Imperial
CroatiaOzujsko Pivo
Czech RepublicGambrinus
Dominican RepublicPresidente
EgyptStella / Sakara
El SalvadorPilsener
EthiopiaSt. George Beer
FinlandOlvi Beer
FranceKronenbourg 1664
GhanaClub Premium Lager
HondurasSalva Vida
Hong KongSan Miguel
IranLight Delster
IrelandGuinness Draught
ItalyBirra Moretti
Ivory CoastSolibra
JamaicaRed Stripe
JapanAsahi Super Dry
KenyaKenya Breweries Tusker Lager
MadagascarTHB – Three Horses Beer
MalaysiaTiger Beer
MaldivesLion Lager
MauritiusPhoenix Beer
MexicoCorona Extra
MoroccoSpeciale Flag
MozambiqueLaurentina Clara
MyanmarMyanmar Beer
NamibiaWindhock Lager
NepalTuborg Beer
New ZealandLion Red Beer
North KoreaTaedonggang
PakistanMurree Beer
ParaguayBrahma Chopp
PeruCerveza Cristal
PhilippinesSan Miguel Pale Pilsen / Red Horse
PortugalSagres Cerveja
Saudi ArabiaMoussy
SingaporeTiger Beer
SlovakiaZlaty Bazant
South AfricaCarling Black Label Beer
South KoreaCass
Sri LankaLion Lager
SwedenPripps Bryggerier Bia
TaiwanTaiwan Beer
ThailandSingha / Chang Beer
Trinidad and TobagoCarib Lager
UkraineChernihivske / Obolon / Lvivske
United StatesBud Light
VietnamSaigon Special / 333
ZimbabweMosi Lager

Top 10 Most Popular Beer Brands in the World (2018)

A report from Business Insider reveals the top 10 most popular beer brands in the world based on sales by volume. Three of these are American brands, while four are Chinese beers.

  • Coors
  • Corona
  • Yanjing
  • Harbin
  • Heineken
  • Skol
  • Bud Light
  • Tsingtao
  • Budweiser
  • Snow

I’d love to keep this list updated as a reference for travelers looking for the most iconic beer to try around the world. If you’re from a country that is not listed and would like to add your country’s most popular beer to the list or have corrections/additions, please leave a comment! Cheers!



Top 250 Rated Beers | BeerAdvocate

  Sorted by weighted rank (not shown). Ratings Avg Yours
1Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout
Toppling Goliath Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 12. 00%
2Marshmallow Handjee
3 Floyds Brewing Co.
Stout – Russian Imperial | 15.00%
3Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout – Double Barrel Aged
Cigar City Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 11.00%
4Barrel-Aged Abraxas
Perennial Artisan Ales
Stout – American Imperial | 11.00%
1,6224. 78
5Heady Topper
The Alchemist
IPA – New England | 8.00%
6Pliny The Younger
Russian River Brewing Company
IPA – Imperial | 10.25%
7Mornin’ Delight
Toppling Goliath Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 12.80%
8King Julius
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8. 30%
9King JJJuliusss
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.40%
Toppling Goliath Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 14.00%
11Very Hazy
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.60%
1,1874. 73
12CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout)
Founders Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 11.30%
13Fundamental Observation
Bottle Logic Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 14.30%
14Pliny The Elder
Russian River Brewing Company
IPA – Imperial | 8.00%
15Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout – Laird’s Apple Brandy Barrel
Cigar City Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 11. 50%
Toppling Goliath Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 12.00%
17Fou’ Foune
Brasserie Cantillon
Lambic – Fruit | 5.50%
18Juice Machine
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.20%
1,2244. 7
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 6.80%
20Very Green
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.60%
21Zenne Y Frontera
Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen
Lambic – Traditional | 7.00%
22Barrel Aged Imperial German Chocolate Cupcake Stout
Angry Chair Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 11. 00%
Hill Farmstead Brewery
IPA – New England | 8.20%
24Double Sunshine
Lawson’s Finest Liquids
IPA – Imperial | 8.00%
25Bourbon County Brand Stout
Goose Island Beer Co.
Stout – American Imperial | 14.70%
13,2654. 66
26Trappist Westvleteren 12 (XII)
Brouwerij Westvleteren (Sint-Sixtusabdij van Westvleteren)
Quadrupel (Quad) | 10.20%
Maine Beer Company
IPA – Imperial | 8.20%
28Very GGGreennn
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.30%
Founders Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 12. 30%
30Duck Duck Gooze
The Lost Abbey
Lambic – Gueuze | 7.00%
31Speedway Stout – Vietnamese Coffee – Bourbon-Barrel Aged
AleSmith Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 14.00%
32Morning Wood
Funky Buddha Brewery
Porter – Imperial | 12.00%
1,2334. 66
Anchorage Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 14.00%
34Lou Pepe – Kriek
Brasserie Cantillon
Lambic – Fruit | 5.00%
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 6.80%
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
Stout – Russian Imperial | 13.00%
Sante Adairius Rustic Ales
Wild Ale | 8.50%
Side Project Brewing
Wild Ale | 8.00%
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 6.50%
4314. 68
3 Floyds Brewing Co.
Stout – Russian Imperial | 15.00%
41Zombie Dust
3 Floyds Brewing Co.
Pale Ale – American | 6.20%
42Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout
Cigar City Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 10.20%
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8. 20%
44Double Citra®
Hill Farmstead Brewery
IPA – New England | 8.00%
45Atrial Rubicite
Jester King Brewery
Wild Ale | 5.80%
Revolution Brewing
Barleywine – English | 14.00%
Perennial Artisan Ales
Stout – American Imperial | 11. 50%
48Double Galaxy
Hill Farmstead Brewery
IPA – New England | 8.00%
49Framboise Du Fermier
Side Project Brewing
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 8.00%
50Vanilla Bean Assassin
Toppling Goliath Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 12.80%
904. 85
Side Project Brewing
Barleywine – American | 14.00%
52King Sue
Toppling Goliath Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 7.80%
Trillium Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.00%
54Cable Car
The Lost Abbey
Wild Ale | 7. 00%
55Rare Scooop
Cycle Brewing
Stout – American Imperial
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Barleywine – English | 9.00%
57A Deal With The Devil – Double Oak-Aged
Anchorage Brewing Company
Barleywine – American | 17.00%
1774. 72
Russian River Brewing Company
Wild Ale | 7.75%
59It Was All A Dream
J. Wakefield Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 17.00%
60Oude Geuze Vintage
Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen
Lambic – Gueuze | 6.00%
61Lou Pepe – Framboise
Brasserie Cantillon
Lambic – Fruit | 5.50%
Kern River Brewing Company
IPA – Imperial | 8.00%
63Hellaboozie (Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Lord Imperial Stout)
3 Floyds Brewing Co.
Stout – Russian Imperial | 15.00%
64Double Dry Hopped Congress Street
Trillium Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 7.20%
65Nectarine Premiere
de Garde Brewing
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 7.10%
66Focal Banger
The Alchemist
IPA – New England | 7.00%
67Black Tuesday
The Bruery
Stout – American Imperial | 19.50%
68Society & Solitude #4
Hill Farmstead Brewery
IPA – New England | 8.00%
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 7.60%
Russian River Brewing Company
Wild Ale | 6.00%
Hill Farmstead Brewery
IPA – New England | 10.00%
72Fourth Dementia – Bourbon Barrel-Aged
Kuhnhenn Brewing Company
Old Ale | 13.50%
73Double Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale
Trillium Brewing Company
Pale Ale – American | 6.60%
Bissell Brothers Brewing Co.
IPA – New England | 8.00%
75Sip Of Sunshine
Lawson’s Finest Liquids
IPA – Imperial | 8.00%
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.20%
77Chocolate Rain
The Bruery
Stout – American Imperial | 19.60%
78Ghost In The Machine – Double Dry-Hopped
Parish Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.50%
79Triple Sunshine
Lawson’s Finest Liquids
IPA – Imperial | 10.50%
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.20%
81Keene Idea
Alpine Beer Company
IPA – Imperial | 8.88%
82Black Note Stout
Bell’s Brewery – Eccentric Café & General Store
Stout – American Imperial | 11.20%
83Flora Plum
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 5.00%
84Beer Geek Vanilla Shake – Bourbon Barrel-Aged
Mikkeller ApS
Stout – American Imperial | 13.00%
85West Ashley
Sante Adairius Rustic Ales
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 7.30%
86A Deal With The Devil
Anchorage Brewing Company
Barleywine – American | 17.30%
87Saint Lamvinus
Brasserie Cantillon
Lambic – Fruit | 7.00%
88Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale
Trillium Brewing Company
Pale Ale – American | 6.60%
89Triple Shot
Tree House Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 9.70%
90The Broken Truck
de Garde Brewing
Wild Ale | 5.00%
91Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb
Fremont Brewing Company
Strong Ale – American | 13.00%
92Abricot Du Fermier
Side Project Brewing
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 8.00%
93Breakfast Stout
Founders Brewing Company
Stout – Oatmeal | 8.30%
94Trappistes Rochefort 10
Brasserie de Rochefort
Quadrupel (Quad) | 11.30%
95Saison Du Fermier
Side Project Brewing
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 7.00%
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
Barleywine – English | 12.50%
97Black Gold
Central Waters Brewing Co.
Stout – American Imperial | 11.00%
98Sunday Brunch
Kane Brewing Company
Porter – Imperial | 9.20%
99Bourbon Paradise
Prairie Artisan Ales
Stout – American Imperial | 13.70%
100Plead The 5th – Bourbon Barrel-Aged
Dark Horse Brewing Company
Stout – Russian Imperial | 11.00%
101Beyond Good And Evil
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Stout – American Imperial | 10.00%
102The Rusty Nail
Fremont Brewing Company
Stout – Oatmeal | 13.30%
103Alter Ego
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 6.80%
104Coconut Vibes
Shared Brewing
Stout – Russian Imperial | 13.00%
105Last Buffalo In The Park
Funky Buddha Brewery
Porter – Imperial | 11.50%
106Society & Solitude #5
Hill Farmstead Brewery
IPA – New England | 8.10%
107Miami Madness
J. Wakefield Brewing
Sour – Fruited Kettle Sour | 5.50%
108Black Tuesday – Reserve
The Bruery
Stout – American Imperial | 20.50%
109Notorious Triple IPA
Boneyard Beer Company
IPA – Imperial | 12.00%
110Blåbær Lambik
Brasserie Cantillon
Lambic – Fruit | 5.00%
111Mexican Brunch
Kane Brewing Company
Porter – Imperial | 9.20%
112Cutting Tiles – Mosaic
Trillium Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.50%
113The Peach
de Garde Brewing
Wild Ale | 7.30%
114Double Shot
Tree House Brewing Company
Stout – American | 7.60%
115Samuel Adams Utopias
Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
Strong Ale – American | 28.00%
116Pirate Bomb!
Prairie Artisan Ales
Stout – American Imperial | 15.00%
117Pirate Paradise
Prairie Artisan Ales
Stout – American Imperial | 13.00%
118Speedway Stout – Bourbon Barrel-Aged
AleSmith Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 12.00%
119Wide Awake It’s Morning
Funky Buddha Brewery
Porter – Imperial | 10.00%
120Cable Car Kriek
The Lost Abbey
Wild Ale | 7.00%
121Grey Monday
The Bruery
Stout – American Imperial | 19.90%
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
Stout – Russian Imperial | 14.00%
Russian River Brewing Company
Wild Ale | 10.00%
Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen
Lambic – Fruit | 5.00%
125Pseudo Sue – Double Dry-Hopped
Toppling Goliath Brewing Company
Pale Ale – American | 6.80%
Alpine Beer Company
Barleywine – American | 14.00%
127Scaled Way Up
Trillium Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.00%
128In Perpetuity
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 6.70%
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 7.50%
130Barrel-Aged Sump Coffee Stout
Perennial Artisan Ales
Stout – American Imperial | 10.50%
Prairie Artisan Ales
Stout – American Imperial | 13.00%
132Pseudo Sue
Toppling Goliath Brewing Company
Pale Ale – American | 5.80%
133Abrasive Ale
Surly Brewing Company
IPA – Imperial | 9.20%
134Permanent Funeral
3 Floyds Brewing Co.
IPA – Imperial | 10.50%
135Moment Of Clarity
Tree House Brewing Company
Stout – Sweet / Milk | 7.70%
Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen
Lambic – Fruit | 6.00%
137Hypermash Hydra
Bottle Logic Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 13.54%
138Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic Dream
Other Half Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.50%
139Kaggen! Stormaktsporter
Närke Kulturbryggeri AB
Stout – Russian Imperial | 10.00%
140Imperial Biscotti Break – Bourbon Barrel-Aged
Evil Twin Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 11.50%
141Mocha Wednesday
The Bruery
Stout – American Imperial | 19.90%
142Fundamental Forces
Bottle Logic Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 16.20%
143No Rules
Perrin Brewing Co.
Porter – Imperial | 15.00%
Surly Brewing Company
Stout – Russian Imperial | 12.00%
145Lou Pepe – Gueuze
Brasserie Cantillon
Lambic – Gueuze | 5.00%
146Heavy Mettle
Trillium Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 9.30%
147Everett Porter
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Porter – American | 7.50%
148Congress Street IPA
Trillium Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 7.20%
149Double Stack
Great Notion Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 11.00%
150Upper Case
Trillium Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 9.00%
151Society & Solitude #6
Hill Farmstead Brewery
IPA – New England | 8.10%
Hill Farmstead Brewery
IPA – American | 6.20%
153Speedway Stout – Vietnamese Coffee
AleSmith Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 12.00%
154Medianoche – Coconut
WeldWerks Brewing Co.
Stout – American Imperial | 14.10%
155Montmorency Vs Balaton
Jester King Brewery
Wild Ale | 6.10%
156Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star: Coffee Edition
Fremont Brewing Company
Stout – Oatmeal | 13.60%
157Abt 12
Brouwerij St. Bernardus NV
Quadrupel (Quad) | 10.00%
158Damon (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Stout – Russian Imperial | 10.50%
159Mexican Cake – Maple Bourbon Barrel-Aged
Westbrook Brewing Co.
Stout – American Imperial | 10.20%
160The Abyss
Deschutes Brewery
Stout – American Imperial | 11.40%
161Double Nelson
Hill Farmstead Brewery
IPA – New England | 8.00%
162KBS – Maple Mackinac Fudge
Founders Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 11.00%
163Double Dry Hopped Melcher Street
Trillium Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 7.20%
164Fort Point Pale Ale – Mosaic Dry Hopped
Trillium Brewing Company
Pale Ale – American | 6.60%
165Oude Geuze Golden Blend
Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen
Lambic – Gueuze | 7.50%
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 6.50%
167Genealogy Of Morals – Bourbon Barrel-Aged
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Stout – American Imperial | 10.70%
168La Fosse
Side Project Brewing
Wild Ale | 8.00%
169Saison Bernice
Sante Adairius Rustic Ales
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 6.50%
170Trappist Westvleteren 8 (VIII)
Brouwerij Westvleteren (Sint-Sixtusabdij van Westvleteren)
Dubbel | 8.00%
J. Wakefield Brewing
Sour – Berliner Weisse | 3.50%
172Bad Boy
Alpine Beer Company
IPA – Imperial | 9.00%
173Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic Daydream
Other Half Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.50%
174Cutting Tiles – Galaxy
Trillium Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.50%
175Apple Brandy Barrel Noir
Prairie Artisan Ales
Stout – American Imperial | 12.00%
176Double Dry Hopped Mylar Bags
Other Half Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.50%
177Hopslam Ale
Bell’s Brewery – Eccentric Café & General Store
IPA – Imperial | 10.00%
178Hold On To Sunshine
Tree House Brewing Company
Stout – Sweet / Milk | 7.60%
Casey Brewing & Blending
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 8.00%
180Double Barrel Jesus
Evil Twin Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 12.00%
Ozark Beer Co.
Stout – American Imperial | 10.20%
Tree House Brewing Company
Stout – Sweet / Milk | 9.00%
Perennial Artisan Ales
Stout – American Imperial | 11.50%
184Stickee Monkee
Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
Quadrupel (Quad) | 12.50%
185Oude Geuze Cuvée Armand & Gaston
Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen
Lambic – Gueuze | 6.50%
Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery
Stout – American Imperial | 15.00%
187Adam From The Wood
Hair Of The Dog Brewing Company / Brewery And Tasting Room
Old Ale | 12.00%
188Ground State
Bottle Logic Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 13.40%
The Alchemist
IPA – New England | 8.00%
190Maple Bacon Coffee Porter
Funky Buddha Brewery
Porter – American | 6.40%
191Last Snow
Funky Buddha Brewery
Porter – American | 6.40%
192Leche Borracho
Bottle Logic Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 11.00%
Hair Of The Dog Brewing Company / Brewery And Tasting Room
Strong Ale – American | 11.50%
194Double Dry Hopped All Citra Everything
Other Half Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.50%
195Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout – Bourbon Barrel-Aged
Cigar City Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 14.60%
196Aurelian Lure
Jester King Brewery
Wild Ale | 5.40%
197Barrel-Aged Silhouette
Lift Bridge Brewery
Stout – Russian Imperial | 11.00%
198King Sue – Double Dry-Hopped
Toppling Goliath Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 7.80%
Trillium Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 13.30%
200Somewhere, Something Incredible Is Waiting To Be Known
Tree House Brewing Company
Stout – Sweet / Milk | 7.90%
201Gueuze 100% Lambic
Brasserie Cantillon
Lambic – Gueuze | 5.00%
202Coffee Abraxas
Perennial Artisan Ales
Stout – American Imperial | 11.50%
Russian River Brewing Company
Wild Ale | 7.50%
Heist Brewery
IPA – New England | 7.10%
205Barrel Aged Bomb!
Prairie Artisan Ales
Stout – American Imperial | 14.70%
206Clare’s Thirsty Ale
Haymarket Beer Co. Pub & Brewery
Stout – American Imperial | 12.50%
207Very HHHazyyy
Tree House Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.80%
208Fuzzy Baby Ducks
New England Brewing Co.
IPA – New England | 6.20%
209Ten FIDY – Bourbon Barrel Aged
Oskar Blues Grill & Brew
Stout – American Imperial | 12.50%
210Mother Of All Storms
Pelican Pub & Brewery
Barleywine – English | 14.00%
Toppling Goliath Brewing Company
IPA – Imperial | 7.80%
212Dorothy (Wine Barrel Aged)
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 7.00%
Columbus Brewing Company
IPA – Imperial | 8.50%
214Bourbon Barrel Oro Negro
Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery
Stout – American Imperial | 12.10%
215Imperial German Chocolate Cupcake Stout
Angry Chair Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 11.50%
216Rodenbach Caractère Rouge
Brouwerij Rodenbach N.V.
Sour – Flanders Red Ale | 7.00%
Side Project Brewing
Wild Ale | 6.00%
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 4.80%
219Coconut B-Bomb
Fremont Brewing Company
Strong Ale – American | 13.00%
220Expedition Stout – Bourbon Barrel-Aged
Bell’s Brewery – Eccentric Café & General Store
Stout – Russian Imperial | 13.40%
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 7.40%
222Birth Of Tragedy
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Porter – Imperial | 9.00%
223Ghost In The Machine
Parish Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.50%
224Space Trace
Bottle Logic Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 11.10%
225Bourbon Barrel Champion Ground
Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery
Stout – American Imperial | 12.90%
Avery Brewing Company
Stout – American Imperial | 16.00%
227Hop JuJu
Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon
IPA – Imperial | 9.00%
228Fort Point Pale Ale
Trillium Brewing Company
Pale Ale – American | 6.60%
229Imperial Eclipse Stout – Elijah Craig (12 Year)
FiftyFifty Brewing Co.
Stout – American Imperial | 11.90%
230All That Is And All That Ever Will Be
Tree House Brewing Company
Stout – Sweet / Milk | 6.50%
231Emerald Grouper
Pipeworks Brewing Company
IPA – Imperial | 9.50%
232Schaarbeekse Kriek
Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen
Lambic – Fruit | 6.00%
233Sang Noir
Cascade Brewing / Raccoon Lodge & Brewpub
Wild Ale | 9.30%
234Omega Point
Olde Hickory Brewery
Barleywine – English | 10.00%
Trillium Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 8.00%
236Cellarman Barrel Aged Saison
Sante Adairius Rustic Ales
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 6.50%
237Peche ‘n Brett
Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
Farmhouse Ale – Saison | 10.00%
Side Project Brewing
Wild Ale | 6.00%
239Coolship Red
Allagash Brewing Company
Lambic – Fruit | 6.20%
240Black Tuesday – Rum Barrel-Aged
The Bruery
Stout – American Imperial | 18.90%
Stone Brewing
Stout – Russian Imperial | 13.10%
242Black & Wild
Side Project Brewing
Wild Ale | 10.00%
243Blanc De Blancs
Side Project Brewing
Bière de Champagne / Bière Brut | 10.00%
244Caffè Americano
Cigar City Brewing
Stout – American Imperial | 12.00%
245Foggier Window
Monkish Brewing Co.
IPA – New England | 8.10%
246Darkstar November
Bottle Logic Brewing
Stout – Russian Imperial | 14.76%
247Bourbon Barrel Black Maple
Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery
Porter – Imperial | 13.10%
248The Streets
Trillium Brewing Company
IPA – New England | 10.00%
249Second Fiddle
Fiddlehead Brewing Company
IPA – Imperial | 8.20%
Hoof Hearted Brewing
IPA – New England | 11.50%

Beers 50 2021 | Brand Value Ranking League Table

Beers 50 2021 | Brand Value Ranking League Table | Brandirectory









33BudweiserUnited States$4,790M$6,436MAAA-AAA
54Bud LightUnited States$3,952M$5,760MAAA-AAA-
910Miller LiteUnited States$2,850M$2,877MAAAA
1413Coors LightUnited States🔒🔒🔒🔒
1618BrewDogUnited Kingdom🔒🔒🔒🔒
1919Stella ArtoisBelgium🔒🔒🔒🔒
2134MichelobUnited States🔒🔒🔒🔒
2221BuschUnited States🔒🔒🔒🔒
2435Estrella DammSpain🔒🔒🔒🔒
3125NaturalUnited States🔒🔒🔒🔒
32nullRadeberger GroupGermany🔒🔒🔒🔒
3728CassSouth Korea🔒🔒🔒🔒
3938Velkopopovicky KozelCzech Republic🔒🔒🔒🔒
4047333′ exportThailand🔒🔒🔒🔒
4242Carling Black LabelSouth Africa🔒🔒🔒🔒
4336Dos Equis XXMexico🔒🔒🔒🔒
4437CastleSouth Africa🔒🔒🔒🔒
46nullPilsner UrquellCzech Republic🔒🔒🔒🔒
4749CarlingUnited States🔒🔒🔒🔒
49nullSan MiguelSpain🔒🔒🔒🔒


90,000 TOP-10: the most popular beer in the world

To quote a well-known contemporary thinker, Homer Simpson: “Let’s drink to alcohol – the cause and solution to all our problems!” Probably, many inhabitants of our planet agree with him, which allows some beer brands to enjoy immense popularity. This article will tell you about 10 popular brands of beer that have earned popular love in this or that part of our planet, as well as some interesting facts associated with these brands.

Map of the most popular brands of beer in different countries

To view the map in high resolution, open the picture in a new tab and save it to your PC. As you can see, in Ukraine the victory was won by Chernigovskoe, which managed to bypass Obolon quite a bit. And on this stunning note, I propose to move on to something more interesting.

Most common beer

10. China. Snow: not tasty, but popular

No intrigue – we will rip off the veils of mystery at the very beginning of the article.Snow is the most popular beer in the world. And if you’ve never heard of it, this is not surprising, because Snow Beer is only sold in China. In this country, it accounts for 84% of all sales – despite the fact that its manufacturer almost does not spend on advertising.

Yes, the world’s best-selling beer is only available in one limited market and with minimal advertising. It is so rarely shipped overseas that it is not easy to get it even in Hong Kong. But don’t worry that you are missing out on something important – according to CNN, the taste of this drink can be described as “bitter, superficial and unattractive.”And is this the most popular beer in the world? At this point, I should start to be smart about the power of advertising, but since Snow is hardly advertised, I simply have no words.

9. USA. Bud Light Creates Generation BuzzFeed

Anheuser-Busch, the creator of the popular Budweiser beer, has in recent years focused on a lighter, lower calorie beer, Bud Light. Due to wide advertising support, this beer is widely distributed in the USA. Anheuser-Busch is one of the few who follow the latest fashion trends, trying to win over a youth audience.As a result, they have a huge army of consumers in their early twenties who are obsessed with parties, selfies, fashion trends and do not really listen to what the older generation is pestering about there.

Traditionally, Anheuser-Busch has paid more attention to PR campaigns and promotional parties for young people than caring for the quality of their products. These parties last the whole weekend and bring together thousands of young guys from all over the country – a kind of beer open-air.

Producers of Bud Light do not hide their plans: they say they expect to attract at least 50% of young people aged 21 to 27 years.For this, the company already has a youth portal . Bud Light marketers are so cynical that they openly declare predictability and ease of manipulation by the younger generation. They are confident that all these loud parties, PR actions and flirting with young people will win their loyalty. Sadly, this is true so far – the growing popularity of Bud Light and BuzzFeed confirms this.

8. Mexico. Corona with lime flavor

Corona is the most consumed beer in Mexico.And the most consumed beer of the movie “Fast and Furious”. This brand is in great demand in the USA, UK and other countries. Abroad, “Corona” is often drunk with a slice of lime, which causes the boundless surprise of the Mexicans themselves.

In fact, it is incomprehensible why it is customary to decorate the Crown with lime everywhere – in its homeland in Mexico, no one has ever done anything like this. There is a popular theory that such a custom was introduced by a bartender in New York at a beer show in 1981, but there is no confirmation of this story.The brewers themselves do not provide any comments on what to do with lime and where the legs of this whole story grow from. Maybe they have some kind of secret agreement with Mexican lime farmers? Or they just don’t check their email.

7. Singapore. Tiger: Time for the Tiger!

Tiger is the most popular beer in Singapore and Malaysia. And at the same time it is proof that Western companies should learn to choose names for beer.When will there be an opportunity to try a beer called “Tiger”, who will choose “Kozel”, “Rogan” or something similar?

Since the 1930s, Tiger has been using the advertising slogan “Time for the Tiger!” (“Time for a Tiger”) – even soulless employees of an advertising agency could understand that such a slogan would never get tired of listening. English writer Anthony Burgess for the time being agreed with this – he used this slogan for the title of one of his novels in 1956.

Burgess later revealed that he chose this slogan only because he wanted a free watch from Tiger.When he told the company that he was ready to give them a bunch of free advertising if they sent him a watch, they reasonably asked if they could first see a copy of the novel. Offended by this mistrust, Burgess hastily added the line that Tiger sucks and Carlsberg is better. And by the way, Carlsberg appreciated this gesture and sent the writer a box of their beer.

And Burgess continued to mock Tiger, sometimes texting with the company and acting like a resentful child. However, when Anthony visited Singapore in the 70s, the Tiger leadership decided to bury the hatchet by offering the writer to supply him with free beer during his stay in the country.Burgess heroically refused such an offer and did not back down – sometimes you have to sacrifice something in order to continue to remain an amazing jerk.

6. Russia. Is Baltika better than Coca-Cola?

I myself was suspicious of advertising claims that Baltika was the most exported beer in Russia. But it turned out that this is indeed the case. And an interesting fact lies in some oddities of Russian legislation: until 2013, only those products in which the alcohol content was higher than 10% were considered an alcoholic drink.

That is, until 2013, beer officially had the status of an ordinary soft drink. Considering the hackneyed theme of the relationship between Russians and alcohol, this fact gave rise to various jokes on the vastness of foreign Internet: they say, Russians are so harsh that their most popular soft drink is beer! Technically, that was until 2013.

5. Jamaica. Red Stripe: American in the Hot Sun of Jamaica

When you ask marketers what Red Stripe is, they say it’s a traditional Jamaican lager with a rich history.Red Stripe was first brewed in Illinois in the early 20th century. It was later bought out by two British guys to sell it to soldiers stationed in Jamaica. And when Red Stripe gained popularity on the island, it was shipped back to the United States as an exotic foreign drink brewed among the hot sands of a tropical island – another example of good marketing.

It is noteworthy that at first the export of this beer to the United States was not successful – the first batches were supplied in green bottles, and not in the brown ones that are common in Jamaica.But it was worth changing the color of the bottle to “Jamaican”, and things went more fun. A funnier case occurred in 1989, when all supplies of Red Stripe were suspended – cannabis was found in all shipments. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was done on purpose to finally convince Americans that Red Stripe is a real Rastafarian beer from Jamaica.

4. Brazil. Skol: Tram Killing Super Beer

Skol is the most popular beer in Brazil. True, its popularity abroad is relative.For example, in Britain it was dubbed “the killer beer.” The point is that although strong beer is nothing new, usually stronger beer is sold as a premium variety at a higher price. Only with Skol beer it was different: the “fortified” version of Skol wore the proud Super prefix and was sold for a pound a can. Despite the fact that the alcohol content in Super-Beer was not much less than in a bottle of wine.

As a result, the beer proved to be extremely popular among the vagabonds of Great Britain, so that it was jokingly dubbed “Juice for the Tramps”.True, the government was not in the mood for jokes – the mortality rate among the homeless, who consume alcohol excessively, began to increase. Therefore, some changes were made to the legislation aimed at ensuring that strong beer does not cost less than milk. Proponents of the law argue that more homeless people have died from the abuse of cheap strong beer than from heroin and cocaine … But is that really a problem? The problem is when, until 2013, the beer that killed British vagrants could be sold in our country on a par with Coca-Cola.

3. Japan. Unique architecture from Asahi

All this talk about the death of the homeless is depressing. Therefore, to cheer up, let’s talk about the most popular beer in Japan, Asahi. More precisely, let’s talk about the new building that this brewery has built.

This is the Beer Hall. It was supposed to remind the townspeople of a frothy glass of beer – satisfied customers could taste new varieties of their favorite drink there … But the residents of Tokyo and guests of the capital did not appreciate the greatness of the building, discussing what kind of monument was erected on its roof – a huge sperm or a golden cocoa? And everything would be fine if the Asahi headquarters were not located next to this Beer Hall.Now, if someone needs to visit the company that makes the country’s best-selling beer, they have to go to a building called “The Poo Building”. However, as you can see, this does not harm sales.

2. North Korea. Taedonggang Better Than South

While the name Taedonggang sounds like a new character from a computer-based fighting game, it is actually North Korea’s most popular beer. And, according to a few guys who managed to taste it, it really isn’t bad.Given the dire state of North Korea’s infrastructure, competing with other domestic brewers is not a problem at all.

As you would expect from a country that cannot have the same name as a “people’s” leader, Taedonggang exists only because Kim Jong Il wanted to prove his greatness. At a summit in Pyongyang in 2000, the late North Korean leader argued with some South Korean official about the quality of DPRK’s beer. Kim Jong Il, outraged by the idea that southerners drink tastier beer, bought an entire UK brewery and made sure it was transported to North Korea.He was so carried away by the promotion of this beer that he even allowed it to be advertised on ideologically correct state television.

And it worked! Not only is Taedonggang the most popular beer in North Korea, some experts have agreed that it is better than any beer in South Korea. True, despite this, no one wants to live in the DPRK anyway.

1. Irish Guinness: Toucans and Nazis

Guinness planned an extensive advertising campaign during the Olympic Games in Nazi Germany in 1936.But their London branch stopped the Irish branch in time, dissuading them from collaborating with the Nazis. However, there are some of the funniest flyers and posters that were meant for German bars.

The funny thing is that all the same posters with toucans, slightly altering the background, were used by Guinness in an advertising campaign in the USA. True, after seeing these birds against the background of a swastika, they are not perceived so cheerfully and cause obsessive associations with bombers from the Second World War.

Don’t be a snob … Repost!
90,000 50 best beers in the world – another rating

The Daily Meal studied the RateBeer and Beer Advocate ratings, lists of World Beer Awards, World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival winners, and many other ratings and compiled the top 50 of the best in the world of beers.

No. 50 Papaya Rye

Nómada Brewing, Sabadell (Barcelona), Spain

Alcohol: 9%

This dark gold-colored beer is a real explosion of fruit, hops and rye.Malty with hints of tropical fruits and caramel, it is both intense and extremely drinkable. Nómada Papaya Rye scored in the Top 100 and Top Best Imperial IPAs according to RateBeer.

No. 49 Viaemilia

Birrifico del Ducato, Parma, Italy

Alcohol: 5%

A longtime favorite, it has consistently won medals at the World Beer Cup and European Beer Star competitions. Birrifico del Ducato was named Italy’s Brewery of the Year in 2010 and 2011 and has won numerous other awards.With herbal, floral and honey notes, this malt beer goes well with prosciutto, another product of the region.

No. 48 Brio

Olgerdin Egill Skallagrimsson, Reykjavik, Iceland

Alcohol: 4.5%

The brewery, named after Egil Skallagrimsson’s skald, can be expected to have something outstanding. Brio features notes of herbal and spicy hops and crackers-like malt. This beer, brewed in Icelandic mountain water, has brought home World Beer Cup and World Beer Awards medals.

No. 47 Galaxy IPA

Other Half Brewing, Brooklyn

Alcohol: 6.5%

Muddy peach, resinous, herbaceous yet surprisingly floral, with hints of tropical fruits. Other Half is a rising star in the craft sky, and this IPA ranks as one of the best in New York.

No. 46 Nøgne Ø Porter

Nøgne Ø, Grimstad, Norway

Alcohol: 7%

Outstanding full-bodied porter brewed in Norway – pitch black with aromas of dark chocolate and espresso followed by caramel.He is the Bronze Medalist in the Export Extra Stout category of the 2016 Barcelona Beer Challenge.

No. 45 ManBearPig

Voodoo Brewing Co., Meadville, PA

Alcohol: 14.1%

This powerful beer with maple syrup and local honey is aged in bourbon barrels. It is strong, pitch-black and very complex, with a pronounced and long-lasting aftertaste. It is ranked among the world’s top beers by Beer Advocate 2016.

No. 44 Black Eyed King Imp Vietnamese Coffee Edition

BrewDog, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Alcohol: 12.7%

Included in the world top 100 according to RateBeer. This is the world’s strongest canned ale – black, intense, with powerful aromas of coffee and cocoa.

No. 43 Breakside IPA

Breakside Brewery, Portland, Oregon

Alcohol: 6.4%

This is a delicious, hoppy IPA with notes of grapefruit, pine needles, resin and tangerines.It has four varieties of hops plus dry hopping. Breakside IPA won a gold medal in the American IPA category at the Best of Craft Beer Awards 2016.

No. 42 Lambo Door

Grimm Artisanal Ales, Brooklyn

Alcohol: 8%

Grimm calls it “pure hop candy”. This double IPA with Citra, El Dorado and Simcoe hops, took first place out of 115 double IPA in a blind tasting by Paste magazine. Grimm is one of the pioneers of contract brewing.

No. 41 Samiec Alfa

Browar Artezan, Blonie, Poland

Alcohol: 11%

This barrel-aged miracle is ranked in the Top 50 Imperial Stouts by RateBeer. It has a sweet aroma, low bitterness, pronounced vanilla and toffee notes and a creamy body.

No. 40 St. Feuillien Triple

Brasserie St-Feuillien / Friart, Le Rueux, Belgium

Alcohol: 8.5%

Light amber color with pronounced maltiness.Secondary fermentation in the bottle gives a recognizable aroma created by the yeast, resulting in a long maturation, a long aftertaste. Gold medalist of the Barcelona Beer Challenge2016 in the Belgian Tripel category.

No. 39 Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

Lervig Aktiebryggeri, Copenhagen, Denmark

Alcohol: 10.9%

This top 50 imperial stout is brewed with one of the world’s most expensive coffees – yes, the one that made it through the digestive tract of the civet, a very picky South Asian mammal that eats only the finest, freshest coffee berries.This is a fairly rare coffee with a strong aroma. It gives the beer an intense smoky profile with notes of toasted bread and toasted vanilla.

No. 38 Avec Les Bons Voeux

Brasserie Dupont, Tourp-Leuze, Belgium

Alcohol: 9.5%

Top-fermented light beer of copper color, with a light body, dry and sour. This delicious Belgian farm ale ranks among the world’s finest abbey tripels. It is ideal to drink it at cellar temperature, or chilled as an aperitif.

No. 37 Julius

Tree House Brewing Company, Monson, Massachusetts

Alcohol: 6.8%

This chillingly drinkable IPA, with notes of mango and sweet citrus and rounded bitterness. calls it “The Best IPA in the World”.

No. 36 Aecht Schlenkerla Fastenbier

Braueri Heller, Bamberg, Germany

Alcohol: 5.5%

This unfiltered beer with a reddish brown body and large white head has a recognizable smoked meat aroma balanced by cinnamon toast and caramel flavors.Fastenbier means “beer for fasting” and this beer is sold only during the fast – from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

No. 35 Orval

Brasserie d’Orval, Florentville, Villers-devan-Orval, Belgium

Alcohol: 6.2%

An orange-copper beer with a giant white foam head and aroma of yeast, lemons and a light, non-dominant odor. Floral, citrusy and complex dry beers with a medium body. It is also the only beer produced by the Orval Trappist brewery to the general public.

No. 34 Double Barrel Jesus

Evil Twin Brewing, Westbrook Brewing Co., Brooklyn

Alcohol: 12%

Ranked in the top 100 of the best varieties in the world according to RateBeer. It is a matte black stout with notes of bourbon and vanilla and a toffee-like body.

No. 33 Duck Duck Gooze

The Lost Abbey, San Marcos, California

Alcohol: 7%

With a sour taste and aroma, citrus notes, an invigorating acidic finish and a slight sweetness for balance, this ale has become one of the brewery’s best-selling beers since its launch in 2009.It is very difficult to find, as it is brewed only once every three years, and in limited quantities.

No. 32 Oude Geuze

Brouwerij Oud Beersel, Bersel, Belgium

Alcohol: 6%

Classic Belgian ale, cloudy, honey-colored, with a winey taste of citric acidity, a hint of spice, tiny bubbles and strong carbonation. It is considered the sparkling wine of the beer world and won the title of Best Sour Beer at the 2016 World Beer Awards.

No. 31 Kormoran Imperium Prunum

Browar Kormoran, Olsztyn, Poland

Alcohol: 11 percent

One of the top 100 according to RateBeer and the best Baltic porter in the world. Explosive notes of prunes, smoked fruits, chocolate and malt.

# 30 Zombie Dust

Three Floyds Brewing Company, Munster, Indiana

Alcohol: 6.2%

This powerful pale ale is worth buying, if only for the label.But those who are attracted by the unusual pattern are fascinated by the beer itself. A powerful aroma of pine and citrus, on the palate – notes of grapefruit and honey. Included in the top 50 according to Men’s Fitness and

No. 29 Péché Mortel

Brasserie Dieu du Ciel !, Quebec, Canada

Alcohol: 6.5%

Coffee is added during the brewing process, resulting in an intense, dense imperial stout with a roasted coffee bean aroma and a slightly tart finish.It is named one of the Best Imperial Stouts by Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine.

No. 28 Two Hearted Ale

Bell’s Brewery, Galesburg, Michigan

Alcohol: 7%

Named after the Too Harted River in Michigan. This is an invigorating IPA with explosive pine and citrus notes. According to the authors of Beer Advocate, this is one of those beers that will outlive its time.

No. 27 Darkness

Surly Brewing Company, Minneapolis

Alcohol: 9.6%

This is a complex, heavy Russian imperial stout with dark chocolate, fruit and toffee aromas, moderate carbonation and unconventional aroma hops.He has about 10,000 near-perfect Untappd reviews.

# 26 Oude Geuze Vintage

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen, Bersel, Belgium

Alcohol: 6%

This vintage series gueuze is only sold in Belgium. It is released for sale after several years of storage in the Drie Fonteinen basements – unlike the usual Oude Geuze, which matures for six months. It is up to the brewer to decide which gueuze is going to be vintage – he judges its taste and aging potential.Oude Geuze Vintage at number 18 is on the Beer Advocate’s 250 Glorious Beers, based on more than 10 years of reviews.

No. 25 Dinner

Maine Beer Company, Freeport, Maine

Alcohol: 8.2%

Double dry-hopped with over 6 lbs of hops per barrel (230 g / dl), this double IPA has a hazy golden color and a dry, refreshing character. Craft Beer & Brewing magazine rates it with 100 points.

No. 24 Hopslam

Bell’s Brewery, Galesburg, Michigan

Alcohol: 10%

This double IPA with Northwest hops may not be what you postcard home about. However, fans of this beer call all the beer shops in the city, having barely heard the rumor that there are a couple of packages there. Each sip is filled with honey notes, and a sophisticated hopping scheme creates an aromatic, citrusy, bitter, and at the same time refreshing beer.

No. 23 Supplication

Russian River Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, California

Alcohol: 7%

This brown ale is aged 12 months with sour cherries in Pinot Noir barrels from Sonoma Valley winemakers.The result is a bright, sour, fruity and slightly aromatic beer with a tangible barrel character.

No. 22 Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan, Freising, Germany

Alcohol: 5.4%

Hefeweizen in traditional style – with an earthy forest aroma, well balanced, fruity and dry. Winner of the World Beer Cup gold medal in the Hefeweizen South German Style category.

No. 21 The Abyss

Deschutes Brewery, Bend, Oregon

Alcohol: 11.1%

Notes of licorice in the aroma are given by the addition of cherry bark and vanilla and aging in oak barrels.It is the winner of the 2016 World Beer Awards in the Best Imperial Stout category.

No. 20 Speedway Stout – Bourbon Barrel Aged

AleSmith Brewing Company, San Diego, CA

Alcohol: 12%

Matte black with brownish foam. Aromas of chocolate and licorice combined with smoky roasted coffee. Creamy and sweet, this beer is great for aging. It earned 100 points from Craft Beer & Brewing magazine.

No. 19 La Fin du Monde

Unibroue, Quebec, Canada

Alcohol: 9%

A medium-bodied, heavy-bodied, cloudy, yeasty, floral triple golden ale.Unibroue Brewers say the beer was brewed in honor of the brave European explorers who believed they had reached the end of the world by discovering North America, the New World. World’s End has won more awards than any other Canadian beer.

No. 18 Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout

Three Floyds Brewing Company, Munster, Indiana

Alcohol: 15%

Full bodied and caramel, with notes of chocolate and coffee in the aroma, dried fruit and brown sugar on the palate.You can buy it only at the brewery one day a year – Dark Lord Day (in 2017 it was held on May 13).

No. 17 Parabola

Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Paso Robles, CA

Alcohol: 13.1%

This is an imperial stout, spoken of as a fine wine. Don’t be surprised to hear someone mention notes of tobacco and oak or black coffee and vanilla. This truly complex Russian imperial stout is both sweet and bitter and incredibly difficult to buy.It is aged in bourbon barrels (Pappy Van Winkle, Woodford Reserve, Elijah Craig and others) and then blended.

No. 16 Schneider Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock

Schneider Weisse G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH, Kelheim, Germany

Alcohol: 12%

Legend has it that one winter Aventinus barrels froze during transport. The brewers tasted the remaining unfrozen liquid and were amazed. And you can see why. This is a legendary beer with banana aroma and dried fruit, cocoa and clove flavors.

No. 15 Mornin ‘Delight

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company, Decora, Iowa

Alcohol: 12%

This imperial stout with a strong espresso aroma and a dense, rich body is ranked third in the world’s top 50 beers by RateBeer. Beer Advocate founder Jason Elstrom believes Toppling Goliath will remain a favorite for years to come.

No. 14 Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout – Double Barrel Aged

Cigar City Brewing, Tampa, FL

Alcohol: 11%

Hunahpu’s Day tickets ($ 200-400) go on sale every December.This festival takes place in March, and fans can be the first to try the new incarnation of their longtime favorite. The ticket price includes 4-12 bottles of this spicy, rich imperial stout, which is aged in half in rum and apple brandy barrels.

No. 13 Pliny the Elder

Russian River Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, California

Alcohol: 8%

The ancient Roman erudite writer and philosopher Pliny the Elder called the hops Lupus salictarius – “the wolf in the willows” – although it is not known for certain whether he meant hops.In any case, the double IPA named after him is hazy, coppery-golden, with a piney scent. It is fresh, with perfectly balanced hops and fresh grapefruit flavor. The beer has won gold in the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival, and is considered one of the best West Coast IPAs in history.

No. 12 Westvleteren Extra 8

Westvleteren Abdij St. Sixtus, Westvleteren, Belgium

Alcohol: 8%

Only six Belgian brands can claim to be produced in Trappist abbeys, and the monks of the Abbey of Saint Sixtus in Westvleteren produce the least beer, so their dark ale is in dire shortage.With notes of tea, raisins and black bread, this dubbel is highly carbonated and has a large head of foam.

No. 11 Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Founders Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Alcohol: 11.2%

Taking out the incredibly popular Breakfast Stout might have seemed like a daunting task to Founders, but they did it. Aged in oak bourbon barrels in a cellar, this imperial stout is second to none. KBS, brewed with chocolate and coffee, is for lovers who love the hint of bourbon in their beer for breakfast.

No. 10 Ann

Hill Farmstead Brewery, Greensboro Bend, Vermont

Alcohol: 6.5%

Hill Farmstead was named World’s Best Brewery by RateBeer. Anna’s honey season is aged for many months in French oak wine barrels and only then becomes Ann. The naturally carbonated beer exhibits a complex citric acidity with hints of green apple.

No. 9 Lou Pepe Kriek

Brasserie Cantillon, Brussels, Belgium

Alcohol: 5%

Each year, Cantillon manages to obtain a ton or two of the delicate and rare sour cherries from Schaerbeek, whose harvest is unpredictable.Used exclusively for blending, these cherries are steeped in beer for two to three months to create that acidic and juicy cry. Production is limited to a couple of thousand bottles per year due to the limited number of berries. Lou Pepe Kriek is one of Thrillist’s 2016 Best Beers.

# 8 Celebrator

Brauerei Aying, Aying, Germany

Alcohol: 6.7%

Doppelbock stands out among other German styles. This strong but not overwhelming beer with a lush head is aged for six months.Great beer for a party with friends and family.

No. 7 St. Bernardus Abt 12

St. Bernardus Brouwerij, Watau, Belgium

Alcohol: 10%

Powerful, full-bodied, spicy, malty, strong – like drinking an alcoholic fruit cake with chocolate and caramel. This is an Abbey ale brewed in a classic Belgian Quadrupele style following an old Trappist recipe. St. Bernardus is considered one of the best beer brands in the world by the beer community.

No. 6 Bourbon County Brand Stout

Goose Island Beer Company, Chicago

Alcohol: 13.8%

This limited edition stout is no joke. It has a pronounced black hue with a slight caramel foam, strong aromas of bourbon, vanilla and figs, followed by notes of chocolate and molasses.

No. 5 Heady Topper

The Alchemist, Waterbury, Vermont

Alcohol: 8%

This Vermont Double IPA is incredibly hard to come by – unless you live 50 kilometers from the brewery, but loved by beer enthusiasts the world over.This award-winning elusive beer sells out as soon as it hits the market.

No. 4 Rochefort Trappistes 10

Brasserie Rochefort, Rochefort, Belgium

Alcohol: 11.3%

The traditional Belgian Rochefort Quadrupe with a blue lid is one of the few true Trappist varieties. This malty strong beer, when cold, gives off notes of plum and apricot, and when heated, it reveals the true character of the beer. It is suitable for sipping slowly, like a good scotch or wine.Last October, the beer was the winner of the Belgian Beer Journal’s blind tasting of quadruples.

No. 3 Pliny the Younger

Russian River Brewing Company, Santa Rosa, California

Alcohol: 10.25%

Named after the nephew and adopted son of the aforementioned Pliny the Elder. Pliny the Younger documented the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, during which his uncle died. This is a true triple IPA (it has three times more hops than usual) and is very difficult, time consuming, and expensive to make.Differs in moderate bitterness and beautiful copper color. Only available on taps and only released for two weeks in early February.

No. 2 Westvleteren 12 (XII)

Westvleteren Abdij St. Sixtus, Westvleteren, Belgium

Alcohol: 10.2%

This beer is definitely one of the best of the best, and some experts believe that it deserves the first place. This is a real Trappist beer brewed by monks in the Abbey of Saint Sixtus.A dark chestnut brown beer with dark fruit and brown sugar aromas. It is a complex and spicy quadruple with lively carbonation. Ranked # 1 in the Abbey / Quadruple category by RateBeer and 100 points from Craft Beer & Brewing magazine.

No. 1 Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company, Decora, Iowa

Alcohol: 12%

This barrel-aged imperial coffee stout is extremely difficult to find commercially.It has a powerful maple scent with notes of chocolate and hazelnut. In 2015, Esquire magazine included him in the list of “10 Great Beers You Are Not Likely to Eat,” and was ranked # 1 in the global top 250 on Beer Advocate.

90,000 Most popular beer brands in the world

The most popular beer brands in the world


It’s no secret that beer is the oldest and one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world.There are many varieties, brands and brands that produce this drink and it can be quite difficult to make a choice. Here are the top 10 most popular beer brands according to several independent marketing studies.

Carlsberg. The Danish brewing company, whose name has become a brand, has long and simply gained popularity on the Russian market. The Russians will be interested in learning that Carlsberg beer has been brewed for Russians since 2008 under the appropriate license at the breweries of the Baltika brewing concern.

Foster’s. Australian stamp. Despite the fact that in their homeland Fosters prefer the dark Victoria Bitter beer, this beer is one of the most popular around the world. Light varieties are in particular demand. Foster’s beer is sold in all major hypermarkets. True, it is not cheap, but, believe me, this is not wasted money at all.

Asahi. The most popular beer of the Land of the Rising Sun, gradually replacing traditional sake from the life of modern Japanese.However, Asashi is more than successfully sold in foreign markets, both in cans and bottles through retail chains, and in bottling in Japanese restaurants that are gaining popularity in Russia.

Urquell is a beer that is rightfully considered the pride of the Czech Republic – a brewing country that is distinguished not only by beer traditions dating back centuries, but also by the leader in beer consumption among the population. However, unfortunately, it is not so easy to find beer of this brand in Russia.

Stella Artois is the world’s best-selling Belgian beer brand owned by AB InBev, the world’s largest.Like Foster’s, it is not a leader at home, occupying only eight percent of the total consumption, but very popular outside Belgium.

Guinness is the most popular and famous dark beer in the world. And it’s worth it. Guinness accounts for a good half of the beer market in Ireland, beer is exported to all countries of the world and is considered healing – the Irish believe that this drink strengthens health, gives strength and even improves skin condition.

Heineken. Dutch brewers have made us happy with this undoubtedly popular beer brand. Heineken is popular everywhere – from Russia to Latin America. This is a brand that successfully combines excellent taste and aroma characteristics with a more than affordable price.

Krombacher. Germany’s favorite beer brand. Krombacher is the sales leader in the brewing region of Bavaria. The whole world rightfully pays tribute to this brand, especially its light varieties. The choice of millions of German foam fans around the world.

Corona. A Mexican brand that is very popular in the United States, but Corona sells well in international markets as well. Although this brand is not particularly popular in Russia.

Budweiser. The most popular beer brand in the United States and occupies about twenty percent of the American beer market, but with great success it is sold in foreign markets. However, in Russia, the American Budweiser is much less popular than the Czech Budweiser Budvar.

90,000 Where the best beer is made.Ranking of the most beer countries
Countries where the best beer is made:
  1. Czech Republic – 44.3%
  2. Germany – 22.8%
  3. Belgium – 18.3%
  4. Ireland – 5.8%
  5. England – 2.3%
  6. Netherlands – 1.8%
  7. Scotland – 1.3%
  8. Japan – 1.3%
  9. Mexico – 1.2%
  10. USA – 0.9%

What is beer

Beer is divided into types depending on ingredients, production method, origin, taste, etc.Most often, beer is distinguished by the type of fermentation:

  • ale is a top-fermented beer with yeast . Wheat beers Witbier, Dubbel, Tripel, Indian Pale Ale, Kölsch, English Bitters, Porter and Stout are all ale styles of beer. Brewers argue to the point of hoarseness about how porter differs from stout. They agree only on the fact that porters are usually more drinkable, with chocolate notes, and stouts are more full-bodied, complex, with a burnt coffee aftertaste. Now that craft breweries are experimenting with different types of malt, the distinction between porter and stout has completely disappeared;
  • lager – bottom-fermented beer with yeast .Lagers include black beer, pilsner, bock, Export Dortmunder, European amber lager, Munchner Helles, Kellerbier and others;
  • Spontaneously fermented beer is fermented using natural wild yeast and bacteria. This method is used mainly in West Flanders – for example, the Belgian lambic is made.

The whole Czech history is steeped in beer: the Celts began to brew it in the local area, and the first uniform brewery appeared in Brno in the 12th century.The profession of a sweet brew in the Czech Republic is still very prestigious, and almost every self-respecting village has its own kind of foam.

A real high point for Czech beer was 1842, when the Bavarian brewer Josef Groll brewed a new type of beer in Pilsen. At first “Pilsner” turned the head of the whole Europe, after 30 years it reached the USA, and now it has already conquered the whole world.

Popular Czech beer brands:

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“Barley juice” was tasted in German lands as early as the 8th century: an ancient charter on the delivery of beer from Geisingen to St. Gallen’s Abbey in 766 has been preserved.Seven centuries later, the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV issued the Beer Purity Law: Reinheitsgebot prescribes only four ingredients for beer production: water, barley malt, hops and yeast. The attitude to beer among the Germans is still sacred: many famous brands of beer are named after monastic orders – for example, the Munich Weissbier Franciskaner.

Berliner Weisse is brewed in Berlin: raspberry syrup gives this variety a special sour taste. In southern Germany, the wheat beer Weizbeer or Weissbier is especially popular, while in Düsseldorf and in the towns along the lower Rhine, dark altbier, or simply alt, is popular.In Cologne, a light, bitter Kölsch is preferred, and in the mountainous regions of Thuringia, the “Green Heart of Germany”, the black Schwarzbier beer was born, which is now brewed throughout the country. Other German beers worth trying are Smoked Rauchbier, Strong Bock, Munich Pale Lager Helles and March Märzen, which is bottom-fermented with yeast exclusively in early spring until 23 April.

Popular German beer brands:

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Belgian brewing traditions originated in the Middle Ages: water in those days was unfit for drinking, it was much safer to drink food with weak table beer – even children and monks, who became the first brewers in Belgium, did this.At first, Trappist beer was prepared exclusively for members of the order, and the first case of the sale of a monastic foamy drink to laymen was recorded only in 1861.

The most popular Belgian beers are blanche white wheat beer, naturally fermented wheat and barley lambic and cherry creek. Belgian Trappist monks have long brewed a special version of the dense strong ale under the general name Trappiste. Even in Belgium, abbey beer is made – this is a broader concept than Trappist: such drinks, as a rule, have monastic roots, but now they are produced without the participation of monks.An example of abbey beer is Leffe.

Belgian Trappist Beer Brands:

  • Achel, Achel – Abbey of Saint Benedict (Achelse Kluis), Hamont-Achel, Limburg province
  • Chimet, Chimay – Abbey of Notre Dame de Scourmont, Chimet, Hainaut
  • Orval, Orval – Orval Abbey, Luxembourg province
  • Rochefort, Rochefort – Abbey of Rochefort, province of Namur
  • Westmalle, Westmalle – Abbey of Westmalle, Atwerp province
  • Westvleteren, Westvleteren – Westvleteren Abbey, West Flanders

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Historically, the legendary Guinness beer was a porter: it was drunk by dock workers because it revitalized itself after hard work.Later, the Arthur Guinness Son & Co company singled out the stout into a special kind of porter – this is how the modern Guinness Original and Guinness Extra Stout appeared.

In addition to Guinness, Ireland loves the soft, dark Beamish stout that has been brewed for over two hundred years at the Beamish & Crawford brewery in County Cork, Harp’s light lager, Murphy’s sweet stout and Irish red ale.

Popular Irish Beers:

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The British are big lovers of good old ale.Moreover, they often prefer draft draft beer to bottled beer – something that matures to the correct condition not in the brewery, but in the cellar of the local pub.

Bitters and Indian pale ale are loved in England. Indian Pale Ale, or IPA for short, was invented by the talented brewer George Hodgson in the late 18th century. He figured out how to relieve the melancholy of British soldiers and officials, who at that time settled in colonized India and missed their native beer. The usual pale ale could not stand the test of the great distance – it came sour.Then Hodgson decided to add more hops to the drink: the strong “Indian” pale ale made it to India at its best. The fresh and vibrant flavor of the IPA is so beloved by the British that it remains one of the most traditional English beer styles to this day.

Popular British Beers:

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The oldest Dutch brewery Brand Bierbrouwerij has been known since the 14th century.In 1971, he became the official supplier of the Royal Court of the Netherlands – along with this honorary title, the brewery bought the Heineken concern a few years later, which today needs no introduction.

In addition to the Heineken lager, which has a museum in Amsterdam and an entire temple in Thailand, the Dutch are proud of the beer brands Amstel, Grolsch and the Trappist beer La Trappe. And do not let the name of the brand “Bavaria” confuse you: a Dutch family named Swinkels has owned this brewery in North Brabant since 1773.

Popular Dutch beer brands:

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Scotland is associated with whiskey rather than beer. And in vain: ales here also know how to make and are worth their weight in gold since the days of Caledonia. In the old days, Scottish beer was brewed with juniper, anise, heather and yarrow – the taste turned out to be herbal and similar to that which was common in Western Europe, until hops were added to the drink.Now in Scotland, beer is brewed for any connoisseur: the most famous varieties are at the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh, BrewDog near Aberdeen, Belhaven in Dunbar, Broghton in Broughton and other breweries.

Scottish brewing companies still use the old shilling system. The number with a slash on the label used to mean the price of a pint, depending on the strength of the drink: for 60 shillings they sold light light 60 / -, for 70 – heavy heavy 70 / -, for 80 – export export 80 / -, and for 90 shillings – the most strong wee heavy 90 / -, or strong scotch ale, which should be drunk in small sips.

In 2019, in the town of Ellon, 26 km from Aberdeen, a portal to the “beer nirvana” – the Doghouse craft beer hotel, will be opened. The hotel with 26 rooms is being built right on the territory of the multinational brewery BrewDog, in each room they promise taps with Punk IPA pale ale, and in the bathrooms – refrigerators with ice beer.

Popular Scottish Beers:

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Japan has always been and remains a mystery to the rest of the world.Few know that the Japanese love beer, have long learned to make excellent and produce it in gigantic volumes. But in vain: it seems that the Japanese add the extract of the rising sun to their beer – otherwise why is it so tasty?

The largest breweries in Japan are Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo. Orion and Suntory step on their heels. Golden lager is the most popular among Japanese people, but if you want to try Japanese craft, take a look at Hitachino Nest White Ale from Kiuchi Brewery – an interesting attempt to reproduce Belgian witbier with “Japanese yeast”.

Popular Japanese beer brands:

  • Kirin Ichiban, Kirin Ichiban – Tokyo
  • Sapporo Ebisu, Sapporo Yebisu Beer – Tokyo
  • Asahi, Asahi – Tokyo

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Mexico’s “beer rush” began in the 16th century when the Spanish conquistador Alonso de Harera showed how to brew beer from sun-burnt barley.It is these traditions that Corona Extra inherits – the most popular Mexican beer in the world, which has been produced by Serveseria Modelo since 1925.

Most of the traditional Latin American beers are brewed with tapioca, a cereal made from the roots of the cassava plant.

Mexico has two major brewing concerns – Cervecería Modelo (Grupo Modelo) and Cervecería Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma (FEMSA). Moctezuma produces antique Carta Blanca, amber Dos Equis, Sol, similar to light German beers, and Tecate, which is drunk with salt and lemon.The same group makes Noche Buena Christmas beer – in the style of a Viennese lager.

Popular Mexican Beers:

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Budweiser and Miller know it all. Therefore, it is more interesting to explore the world of American craft beer: thousands of local microbreweries seem to still celebrate the abolition of Prohibition – so many experimental beers and brands are coming out of their walls.

Beer in the USA is drunk like water: to quench your thirst. Few people buy it by bottle or can – they take beer in packages and boxes: there should always be a supply in the refrigerator in case of a sudden party of 50 people.

Most American beer producers are looking for new flavors based on old European traditions. Among the native American varieties, one can distinguish the steamed California beer, which is a highly carbonated hybrid of ale and lager, and ice beer icebear.This North American version of the German Icebock is stronger than other pale lagers due to its freezing moisture.

Popular American Beers:

  • Budweiser – Historically St. Louis, MO
  • Miller, Miller – Milwaukee, WI
  • Bell’s Expedition Stout, Bell’s, Expedition Stout – Kalamazoo, MI
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – Chico, CA
  • Brooklyn Insulated Dark Lager – Brooklyn, NY
  • Trillium Vicinity Double IPA – Boston, MA
  • Dogfish Head, SeaQuench Ale – Milton, DE

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90,000 The most popular beer brands in the world to try

It is rather difficult to single out the most popular beer brands in the world.Because on different continents many varieties of decent hop are brewed.

Some brands are very famous. Like Guinness from Ireland. Selected beers are local favorites. For example, beer Three Horses from Madagascar. There are also some special finds. Such as Belgian beer Westvleteren from Trappist monks.

We will offer some of the most popular beer brands from Germany to Jamaica, which every connoisseur of a foamy drink should definitely try.

The most popular beer brand from Ireland – Guinness

In the Republic of Ireland, you can’t talk about beer without mentioning Guinness .

Draft Guinness Draft ( Irish Dry Stout has existed since 1759) and is the country’s favorite beer.

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Interestingly, Guinness is not actually black, but a deep ruby ​​red.In addition, for those looking for a perfectly creamy foam, it is recommended to pour the drink at a 45 degree angle.

Japan’s Most Popular Beer Brands

Beer is an integral part of Japanese culture, and Sapporo is its oldest beer.

In Japan, beer accounts for almost 75% of the alcohol market. At the same time, the most common pilsners. Such as Sapporo .

This is the oldest beer in Japan and has existed since 1876

It was based on a German beer recipe.

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In addition to Sapporo , Japan is dominated by the brand Asahi , which is the best-selling beer in Japan.

Asahi has existed only since 1987, but it will leave an indelible impression as the first “dry” beer of the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Tasting notes Asahi light, clean with a pronounced hop aftertaste.

Red Stripe is the most popular Jamaican beer brand

The island – the state of Jamaica is famous for its rum. But this does not mean that in this country there is no influence of beer on consumer preferences.

The most popular beer brand Red Stripe is known not only on the territory of the island of Jamaica. It is also popular in the United States.

This lager was first introduced in 1938 and has been the market leader in Jamaica ever since.

In 2012, production of Red Stripe was relocated to Pennsylvania (USA). Beer Lovers Sued

Although the case was ultimately dropped, the parent company (Diageo) moved the brewery back to Kingston, Jamaica in 2016.

The most popular beer brand in Italy is Collesi

Craft brewing culture is growing in Italy.

Craft production in the country has been on the rise since 2008.And now thousands of breweries are lined up in different parts of Italy.

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Despite the fact that there are many types of beer to taste in this Mediterranean country, the Collesi brand certainly deserves special attention of the beer lover. It recently won the 2018 World Beer Awards as Best Dark Beer of the Year.

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This award has influenced the fact that the city of Aprecchio, where Collesi is brewed, is now called Citta Della Birra, or “City of Beer”.

Tecate is the most popular beer brand from Mexico

Many Americans have tried Mexican beers, but Tecate is one of the best.

Many people know brands such as Corona and Dos Equis .

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But Tecate was voted the favorite in the blind tasting by the VinePair experts.

The best selling beer in Madagascar is Three Horses Beer

It is also called THB . This is a light lager that has been brewed in the city of Antsirabe since 1958.

THB is quite common on the island.

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It is enough to ask him, giving his initials in French: “Tay-Ash-Bay”.

Heineken remains the most popular beer brand in the Netherlands

The practice of brewing in the Netherlands has existed since the 9th century.

Of course, when mentioning the most popular Dutch beer brands, most beer lovers immediately think of one special drink – Heineken .

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Back in 1889, Heineken won the top prize for its pilsner at the World’s Fair.

Dutch brewers produce about 2300 million liters of beer per year. Moreover, most of them are in large breweries, such as

Heineken , Amstel and Grolsch

Almost 50% of this amount is exported. This is more than in any other brewing country.

After Mexico, export volumes make the Netherlands the second largest beer exporter in the world

For craft lovers, it’s worth noting that the number of small breweries in the Netherlands is also growing every year.

The most popular Czech beer brand is Pilsner Urquell

The first brewery in the Czech Republic opened its doors in 993. Czechs now drink the largest amount of foam per capita in the world.

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Although the country produces and exports a lot of beer, it is the Pilsner Urquell brand that has made Pilsner one of the most popular beers.

The original brewery opened in 1842 and became a sensation in the Austrian empire.

As BeerComments wrote earlier, at the end of 2016, the European beer brands owned by AB InBev, including Pilsner Urquell , were bought by the Japanese brewing company Asahi.

German beer Kölsch – light and refreshing

Germany is known for its beer culture and there are many different types of foam in this country.

One of the most popular beer brands in Germany is

Kölsch . This light beer is originally from Cologne

In fact, the European Union has legalized that only breweries in this city can give their beer the name Kölsch .

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If you’re looking for a brand to enjoy, the Heinrich Reissdorf brewery in Cologne produces one of the city’s best-selling beers.

In Brazil, the beer lover will most likely be offered a glass of Brahma

Beer Brahma was originally brewed by Companhia de Bebidas das Américas (better known as AmBev) before merging with Belgian brand Anheuser-Busch InBev in the early 2000s.

Brahma is also the official sponsor of the Brazilian football team and has been in this status since 2014.So, if you just order beer in Brazil, then most likely you will be served Brahma .

One of the most popular beers in the world – Westvleteren

Brewed in Belgium

While some of the beers on this list are mass-produced, this beer from the Trappist monks from the Abbey of Saint Sixtus (located near Brussels) is – one might say – handmade.

Since 1839, three Westvleteren beers brewed in this abbey have been considered some of the best in the world.

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Incredible to believe, the monks who brew their beer refuse to produce more to meet demand. The explanation is simple. They “brew beer so they can be monks.”

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So, if you happen to be in Brussels, you should definitely try the beer of the Trappist monks.

Author: independent expert of the alcoholic beverages market
Igor Tovkach


90,000 Mexican beer

Mexico is the third largest beer producer in America after the United States and Canada.
In the 16th century, more precisely in 1544, in North America, the Spanish conquistador Alonso de Harera was the first to introduce the technique of brewing beer from sunburned barley.Later, Mexican brewers created their own distinct style and taste. An important role in this process was played by the Gruppo Modelo company, having founded its La Cerveseria Modelo plant in Mexico City in 1925. For decades, the company’s flagship beer, Corona Extra, has been Mexico’s # 1 beer and is one of the five best-selling beers in the world. More than 2 billion liters of Corona Extra are sold annually in more than 150 countries around the world. Compared to other Mexican beers, Corona Extra is the most popular Mexican beer in the world (Grupo Modelo has over 83% of the exported Mexican beer market).Moreover, Corona Extra is the most famous brand of all products, goods and services produced in Mexico.

By the way: What does the griffin stand for on the Corona Extra beer label? The griffin is a mythical animal with the body of a lion, wings and the head of an eagle. According to legend, when the lion, the king of beasts, tasted the Mexican Corona Extra beer for the first time, he was so inspired by the amazing taste of this drink that wings grew behind him. Moreover, without any doubt, the lion changed his crown (symbolizing the royal position among the animals) for the opportunity to enjoy this amazing beer day and night.Since then, the beer has been named Corona (crown), and the lion drinking Corona beer, the griffin. However, the first brewery was built in Mexico City back in 1845 by the Swiss émigré Bernhard Bolgard.

Almost all traditional Latin American beers are brewed with cassava or tapioca. Cassava is a special herb, bushes or trees, from the tubers of which tapioca is made – a cereal similar to rice. The traditional beer of Latin America is a corn beer called “Chiha”. Another special beer is the so-called Black beer, which was previously brewed in the Amazon Delta from roasted barley and corn, and flavored with lupines.There is now a black beer called Xingu, which is very popular, especially around Boston.

Unlike most Latin American countries, where the brewing industry is based on small, scattered breweries, Mexico has a clear structure. The Mexican brewing industry is based on three concerns and 12 breweries. Mexican brewing gained fame abroad, mainly thanks to the thirst-quenching Corona beer.Served in clear bottles with a slice of lemon, this beer has become a must for all Mexican-style restaurants in the United States.

Concern “Montezuma” produces “Sol”, which is close to light German beers; “Dos Equis”, which has a beautiful golden amber color; “Tecata”, which is drunk with salt and lemon; “Superior” is a fairly light and very beloved beer in Mexico; “Carta Blanca” is one of the oldest varieties in the country.

Beer in Latin America is usually sold in bottles of 60 cubic meters.see Jar with a volume of 33 cubic meters. see is considered a better bottle and is more expensive. For the production of beer, in addition to barley, corn is still used. But the production equipment does not allow corn to affect the flavor of the beer. In addition to the above, the most famous brands of beer are: “Indio”, “Victoria”, “Montesuma”, “Bavaria”, “Monterrey”, “Pacifico”, “Simpatico”.

Simpatico is a relatively young beer that appeared on the American market in 1987 and quickly made it to the top of the most popular drinks.However, in the mid-90s, beer disappeared for no apparent reason. Now this beer is being produced again, but it can no longer boast of large capacities, we are talking only about 150 thousand boxes. In addition, Simpatico is the first beer to be bottled in black glass, not just colored.

90,000 Beers. Bottled beer – what it is. Features of bottled beer.

“The lips of a perfectly happy man are filled with beer”
(Ancient Egyptian wisdom)

Each of us at least once heard about craft beer and its many varieties and varieties.This article is for those who have not only heard, but also truly love this drink! He loves so much that he sincerely wants to learn something new and understand all the nuances of craft bottled beer.

Interestingly, the brewing industry does not stand still. New varieties appear and sometimes even old ones change. How not to get confused in all this diversity? And how do you know which strain is best for you? We will talk about this in this article!

Let’s start with the main thing – we will dispel one of the most popular myths.Contrary to the opinion of the overwhelming majority, bottled beer is not divided into dark and light. There are only two main varieties, in terms of the brewing process – top-fermented beer, the so-called ale, and bottom-fermented lager.

Ale is the most ancient style of beer that first appeared in Ancient Egypt. In the modern world, Ale is widely used in Britain, although it is consumed all over the world. The most famous varieties of this beer are Porter and Stout.The ale got its name, namely top-fermented beer, because of the yeast. The fact is that in the process of fermentation, the yeast forms long chains among themselves and thus rises to the top. Such beer ferments at temperatures from 15 degrees. Distinguishing ale from lager is quite simple, as the former has a very intense flavor.

The second main type of beer is lager. It got its name, namely, a bottom-fermented drink, thanks again to its yeast, which remains at the bottom during its preparation.For this reason, lagers have a stronger beer flavor than ales. The fermentation process takes place at temperatures from 5 to 15 degrees, in rare cases it can drop to 0 degrees. Lager is the most popular bottled beer in the world. His homeland, historically, is Germany. The most popular varieties are Pilsner and Bock.

It’s time to refute the second myth – if the strength of a drink is above 10%, it cannot be considered beer. The amount of alcohol is influenced by the fermentation method and various technological processes.For example: to increase the fortress, the world famous eisbok is frozen, thereby removing excess water. Bottled beer can be strong!

There is also a hybrid beer. It is obtained by mixing bottom and top fermentation technologies.

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