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  • Glow Heart Mood Ring

    Glow Heart Mood Ring

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  • Heart Mood Ring

    Heart Mood Ring

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  • Glow Cat Mood Ring

    Glow Cat Mood Ring

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  • Band Mood Ring Small Sizes

    Band Mood Ring Small Sizes

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  • Sterling Silver Celtic Mood Ring

    Sterling Silver Celtic Mood Ring

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  • Heart Mood Ring

    Heart Mood Ring

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  • Cat Mood Ring with Glow in Dark Effect

    Cat Mood Ring with Glow in Dark Effect

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  • Glitter Mood Ring

    Glitter Mood Ring

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  • Princess Mood Ring

    Princess Mood Ring

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  • Fine Mood Ring

    Fine Mood Ring

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  • Chic Mood Ring

    Chic Mood Ring

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  • Pretty Mood Ring

    Pretty Mood Ring

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  • Gold Shade Mood Ring

    Gold Shade Mood Ring

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  • Exquisite Mood Ring

    Exquisite Mood Ring

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  • Dolphin Mood Ring

    Dolphin Mood Ring

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  • Stylish Mood Ring

    Stylish Mood Ring

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  • Sterling Silver Mood Ring

    Sterling Silver Mood Ring

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  • Sterling Silver Mood Ring

    Sterling Silver Mood Ring

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    £45.00 Sale

  • Sterling Silver Mood Ring

    Sterling Silver Mood Ring

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    £55. 00 Sale

  • Sterling Silver Celtic Mood Ring

    Sterling Silver Celtic Mood Ring

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    £43.00 Sale

  • Sterling Silver Mood Ring

    Sterling Silver Mood Ring

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    £45.00 Sale

  • Sterling Silver Celtic Mood Ring

    Sterling Silver Celtic Mood Ring

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    £55. 00

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    £55.00 Sale

  • Sterling Silver Mood Necklace

    Sterling Silver Mood Necklace

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  • Sterling Silver Locket Necklace

    Sterling Silver Locket Necklace

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  • Sterling Silver Mood Ring

    Sterling Silver Mood Ring

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  • Sterling Silver Signet Mood Ring

    Sterling Silver Signet Mood Ring

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  • Sterling Silver Mood Ring

    Sterling Silver Mood Ring

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    £45.00 Sale

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Mood Ring – MindfulSouls

Dede S.

Feels very comfortable on my finger. I like it and wear it often.

Blanche C.

Really love this ring. Sizing was wrong. That was my mistake. Should have ordered a size up. But does fit on my ring finger. The ring is so beautiful. Have gotten amazing compliments. I recommend anyone to purchase this ring.

Kelsey M.

This ring takes me right back to the 70’s! It fits so perfectly—not too tight or too loose—and is so pretty as it changes colors. I get a lot of feedback when wearing it too. (Just don’t wear it in water).

Kathleen H.

Many compliments, love the size and Exquisite design.

Kathryn M.

It fits like a charm on my finger. The design and stone are very beautiful.

Marie B U.

I wear the mood stone necklace with the mood ring and I get a lot of compliments. I just love the quality and how it looks. Puts me in a good mood LOL

Carol S.

Love this ring. Beautiful!

Dede S.

I love it! I had one in the 70’ and loved that one too! I love the look and how it feels on my finger.

Debbie L.

I love this ring it’s like wearing a rainbow .

Rene R.

So far I’m very pleased and the service is very nice

Natalie S.

I absolutely love this ring. I wear it everyday and get so many compliments on it. I was lucky enough to swim in the ocean at Kona with all my stones. I’ll be buying a ton more lol.

Heather C.

I’m in love with this ring! I get so many compliments on it. My grandma and cousin even want me to order them one. Love it!

Ruth M.

Didn’t receive my first one. I must say I was very well taken care of thank you so much. This is what brings back your loyalty in customers

Laura H.

Better than picture shows , arrived in it’s pouch, fits perfect I love it !!!

Carla H.

I received my ring and I absolutely love it! I would highly recommend purchasing it.

Kristi G.

This morning it turned purple for the first time!!!! Love this gorgeous ring!

Patiance C.

this is by far my favorite ring! i get so many compliments. i’ve worn it everyday, for about four months, and it’s never turned my finger.

Gutierrez T.

I love my ring.. I have gotten so many compliments.

Iva H.

Beautiful Ring …❤️


This is a beautiful well made mood ring and it fits perfectly. I am happy with my purchase

Lori W.

It’s gorgeous! The colors are beautiful and size is as big as I wanted.

Lori W.

It’s very pretty. It’s just the size (not ring size) I wanted. Also, the colors are very cool, I’m still trying to see if they’re accurate or not

Tina B.

I am in love with my mood ring. It fits perfectly and is just gorgeous.

laura b.


Judyann C.

Big…… beautiful……exciting to see it change color. Feel like a teen in the 70’s again. Just size up! Band is wide and a bit think. But I am truly enjoying it wear it nearly every day.

Christine K.

Fun and fancy!

Luna P.

Beautiful piece, I absolutely love it!

Beth C.

Very Beautiful and comfortable ring, love the color change as your moods change.❤

Deborah G.

I absolutely love my ring

valerie m.

Very satisfied and beautiful!

Allison H.

I absolutely love this ring! It’s beautiful! And it truly reads my moods! I get so many compliments on it. Thank you so much!

Lynn H.

I Where it all the time

Carmen K.

I. Love the ring thank you. Great item’s I’ve bought things from your. Store.

paula E.

It was very nice ring

Brittany S.

Adore this mood ring! So beautiful and fun

Jodi C.

This is a beautiful mood ring, love the extra detail which makes it different from our plain mood rings of the 70’s.

Melody M.

I Absolutely Love this ring! Fits really well. Love the colors it changes to.

Tammy P.

Nice style, it draws attention

Alice S.

I love love this ring, I wear it everyday. I definitely will be ordering again.

Angie E.

Absolutely love this ring. I have gotten multiple compliments on it. It is a perfect size-not too big or too small. Nice quality.

Robin F.

Very nice craftsmanship.

Kathleen T.

I love them they are so beautiful and came quick

Alice S.

Absolutely love it

Carmen K.

Very beautiful nice look thank you so much.carmen

Nancy D.

It’s a little bulky for me but I still like it. It turns beautiful colors.

Kimberly T.

I love it. It’s just like the one my parents gave me when I was younger. I love knowing exactly what mood I am in.

Victoria H.

Very pretty ring! Sizing is right on.


This ring is absolutely beautiful! It was better quality than I expected, changes colors flawlessly, and fits great. Overall this product was well worth the price and arrived the next day without issue. Love the ring, will be buying more styles from MindfulSouls!


1 month update: It is still in perfect condition, and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday ! It hasn’t left a mark on my finger, the mood color part hasn’t turned dull, and it hasn’t broken. I’ve accidentally gotten it wet about twice but luckily nothing has happened. I have gotten so many compliments on it, and it’s become a main accessory for my daily outfit. Definitely happy.


Love it looks beautiful ג™¡ i have no complaints & the price is right.


I absolutely love these rings!! The quality is amazing and they change colors quite often! They’re exactly what I was looking for and I get compliments on them every time I wear them.


I am a mood ring junkie…this one is off the chart. Even more so in person. It’s heavy, very clear cut on the sides with the designs. Most definitely not a disappointment at all. Lounge it.


Got my ring and I absolutely love it. It is the most beautiful ring I’ve had thus far. Perfect price and I love it!


Very stylish and the colors are so awesome. I’ve never owed such a wonderful mood ring.


Really seems to be right in tune with my never-ending mood swings!! Alot of compliments.


I really like this ring, But it would have been better to get a color scheme so I new more about it right away.


Awesome ring. Love how it changes colors to my mood!! Would definitely buy from you again!!!


I had a mood ring as a teenager many years ago and had been looking for one. This is well made and just gorgeous! I’m very happy!


I get a lot of compliments in a beautiful it is. I wear it all the time


I ordered this ring in a fit of nostalgia for the mood rings of the 70’s. The ring arrived and I was very impressed with the quality of its manufacture. The ring is accurately sized, and the stone shows very strong color. In its resting state, the color is a pale, iridescent lavender. (Mood rings of the 70’s used a black background behind the liquid crystal, making the resting color black.) When worn the color ranges from light orange, to green, light blue, dark blue, and finally deep purple. I am very pleased with my purchase.


I love my mood ring!! It’s a perfect fit and it’s true to the colors!


I’m in love with this ring. It brings back the memories of childhood. Only suggestion is to order a size up if your hands tend to swell.


Their jewelry is exquisite, and the customet service is so friendly and reliable


just rec’d my mood ring & 3 of the tydyed shirts! Love them, better then expected, my daughters will b so happy! Also, love, love, love the mood ring! Took a while, but so happy w/ the merchandise.


This ring is beautiful quality. I catch myself looking at it throughout the day because the ever changing colors are gorgeous!


I love my mood ring, it’s perfect and beautiful!!


Ring was what was advertised and great quality. Would buy from them again


I looked everywhere for a mood ring set in a sturdy medal. I had almost given up hope. Then I found Mindful Souls . I ordered the mood ring and was so excited when I received it. Its beautiful and made quality materials. I absolutely love it and I have gotten so many compliments on my ring. I’m a customer for life!!


Beautiful ring!! Can’t wait to wear it!


Recieved my ring today and it is absolutely stunning. If sitting on the sidelines on this, take a leap of faith, you won’t regret it. I’m so glad I ordered and received mine really fast. Way to go Mindful Souls Team.


I love it ! Very pleased !


Take awhile to received, worth the wait.


As my first piece from Mindful Souls I am very impress with this ring! The band is thick and sturdy and colors are spectacular! However, the fact that it is highly recommended not to get this ring wet was never mentioned in the description. That fact was only revealed in an answer in the questions section. I may not have order it had I of known that, as I am used to leaving my rings on when I (frequently) wash my hands. The ring has gotten wet several times but shows no show sign of harm. I hope that good luck continues as I train myself to remove it before hand washing. I love this ring and wear it almost daily. As far as color changing due to mood…meh, not so much but I don’t care because the everchanging colors are so beautiful! It’s $30. Buy the ring!


Absolutely beautiful ring. Well worth the money. And it DID NOT turn my finger green.


I got my mood ring today also my set of ten rings sometimes it takes awhile to get your order but when you do the wait is soooooo worth it. I’ve never been disappointed thank you.


Fits true to size. It’s gorgeous I love it!! Sometimes when I look at it I can see my old friends and things at that time. Very Cool


Just received my mood ring today. It is quite lovely, and arrived in great condition. Thank you so much!!


love this ring had one years ago and lost it so happy to have a new one ,it is stunning thanks


Just love my new age mood ring! I messed up and ordered too small, contacted mindful souls and they were right on it with another in the mail! Love love love! Its beautiful!


Thank you so much beautiful.


Love my ring can’t wait to get the rest of my order


I have one of your mood rings and love it. I wanted to order a size 5 for a friend and wanted to know if this size will be available in the near future.


Love my mood ring. It’s so awesome. Like products like this.


Love my ring. Really like the way it changes colors throughout the day. Although the colors that it turns are not on the list so I don’t know what they mean. My friends say its because I am unique and the stone has made its own colors. haha Anyway the ring is beautiful and I would definitely buy it again.


When I saw this ring, I knew I had to have it. Had a mood ring in my youth but lost it. ILove the design of the ring also Show it to all my friends ,hope they will buy one. Thank You, Diana


It’s bold and beautiful. I love my ring it’s comfortable and I love the colors.


Beautiful ring happy with purchase!! Thank you


Beautiful ring! Colors are gorgeous!


Love the size and fit of my ring choice. Arrived very quickly. Would purchase again.


Love ג₪ן¸ it!!!


I grew up in the 60’S when mood rings started. I have seen a few over the years. None as nicely done as this one. I ordered more than one :))

Mood rings: The colorful new-age ’70 trend – and what the colors meant

Mood rings were incredibly popular pieces of jewelry back in the mid-1970s — a colorful fad. So did the rings actually work? What do the mood ring colors mean? Find out here!

Are you in the mood? One of the new novelty emotion stones will tell all (1975)

The diamond hasn’t suffered yet, but the latest craze in fashion for fingers is not a precious stone. It’s merely a glass bauble filled with a sensitive chemical.

They’re called mood rings, and they’re showing up on fingers in classrooms and offices all over town.

The mood rings flood the market

The mood ring flooded the market just over a month ago, and it promises to be the biggest fad for gift-giving this Christmas. According to advertising, the ring changes from black to bright blue depending on the mood of the wearer.

Those sporting mood rings — also called sensitivity, passion, impulse and emotion stones — can check with a chart and determine whether they are tense, nervous or happy by glancing at their ring.

One of the many manufacturers of mood rings is Jack Levin and Associates in Los Angeles. An expert on the ring employed by Jack Levin, and aptly named Ron Rock, explained that a chemical in the stone reacts to the wearer’s body heat and changes colors as the temperature of the body changes.

What do the mood ring colors mean?

Most of the rings have a brochure that explains what each color means. Seven colors seem to be the usual number.

An onyx-like black color denotes an uptight or tense person. The skin is its coldest because the mind is overburdened by stress and strain.

A brown or reddish-brown stone discloses a worried or preoccupied wearer. He. is easily upset and his erratic emotions are in conflict with reason. This color warns the wearer to exercise restraint.

A person easily distracted might see his mood stone looks like topaz, yellow or gold. This person might be going through a temporary emotional change and should exert extra caution; his mind has difficulty focusing.

Green shows a normal amount of emotional control and an even temper.

Blue-green or turquoise denotes relaxation. The wearer is confident and in control, “but ready for good things to come.”

Near bliss or inner peace will prompt the stone to turn bright blue.

And when the ring’s wearer notices a violet color, he probably feels like “everything is beautiful. Emotions are charged with passion, love and self-satisfaction.”

Purchasers of the “mystical wonder” probably will find its novelty wearing off with its “metamorphic qualities.”

In fine print, pamphlets say the rings will change colors for about a year. Extreme temperatures or immersion in water could shorten their lives further.

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Do mood rings actually work?

Joshua Reynolds, heir to the R. J. Reynolds tobacco fortune, its inventor and merchandizer, felt the ring had serious overtones and was of importance, not just a kicky gimmick.

People who came to his Stress Transformation Clinic on Park Avenue in New York City spent $30 to $40 per hour for biofeedback training, 10-12 sessions.

Reynolds said in a recent interview: “We wondered if it were possible to develop a portable means of biofeedback to tell a person if he was relaxed or not, and to indicate the onset of tension before he is aware of it.” This, he hoped, could lead an individual to better control of his emotions.

It also led to Reynolds’ discovery of the mood stone ring, in essence, a chemically-treated quartz crystal (with liquid crystal). Now his ring of “crash” colors, like crash diets before it, has become an “in” thing.

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One saleswoman at a major department store in Cincinnati giggled when she related her observations of buyers as they decided on whether or not to buy the ring.

“You know, the men found the ring turned color faster on them than the women. Our store manager told us that it was because men had less fat than women, and the chemical in the ring reacted faster on them because of this.”

“What you are saying, then, girlie,” one overstuffed woman customer said to this saleswoman, on overhearing the conversation on the “fat” theory, “is that I should go on a diet? Humpf!” She smacked the ring down on the counter and left in a huff.

WANT A MOOD RING? New versions as well as vintage editions are available online!

How accurate are mood rings?

Mothers have found the ring useful, however. One tells her preschool children to “Watch Mommie’s ring for the pretty colors. When it’s black, get lost.”

One teacher reported the mood ring helped her in her scheduling. She’s spotted at least a half dozen students wearing them and when she’s ready to spring a surprise quiz, she only does it when the majority of rings are in the blue range. “If too many are black that day, I’m afraid to give the quiz; it might bring on a bloody rebellion.”

While the ring can’t be immersed in water, it could be useful to a female lifeguard when she suspects a male swimmer is giving false cries for help.

Swimming out to him while he frantically waves one arm up in the air (to protect his mood ring?) she could spot the color of the ring, check it for truthfulness. If it’s black, he’s drowning. But if it’s “The Ultimate,” violet, she can black his eye instead.

Whatever the ring does or doesn’t do for the public, at whatever price it is sold, there’s one group of consumers who feel it is here to stay — husbands. No longer do they have to put up with, “Not tonight dear, I’ve got a headache” and wonder if it’s the truth.

“I bought my wife a mood ring. When she pleads a headache, and the ring is black, I sympathize — and pass. But when the ring shows true violet, it’s time to race for the boudoir.”

How mood rings work, and how the colors compare to biofeedback

The ring capitalizes on the fact that the state of your mind determines how much heat your body generates, much like biofeedback, according to manufacturer Ron Rock.

David Danskin of the KSU biofeedback center agrees that the mood ring is similar in principle to biofeedback.

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“The mood ring does respond to skin temperature, but not as sensitively as other instruments used in biofeedback,” he explained. “It does not accurately detect the minute changes in temperature.

“The ring responds not only to the wearer’s skin temperature, but also to the environment around it.

“If I were to wear the ring in a cold room, the temperature of that room would affect the ring, but I’m not sure to what extent.”

The biofeedback instrument that the mood ring is compared to is used to measure the temperature of the skin. When a person is relaxed, his hands are warmer.

“In biofeedback, we learn to increase the blood flowing to the hand, and in this way learn to relax,” Danskin said.

“The most important thing to keep in mind when considering mood rings is that skin temperature is not like body temperature. Different people’s skin temperature can vary by several degrees.

“For this reason, you can’t measure your state of mind with the mood ring from an arbitrary chart,” he emphasized. “But if you’ll compare your own reactions, the ring can have meaning.”

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New age trend: How much do the mood rings cost?

The ring is marketed at many price levels. The price charged is determined by the mounting of the stone. According to the Levin spokesman, the wholesale cost on costume rings is $24 to $30 a dozen. The more expensive ring is adjustable. Levin and Associates suggests $4.99 for retail marketing.

Many Manhattan stores market the ring. A check with some local department stores seemed to reflect some of the distribution problems encountered nationally.

Alco sells the ring for $3.97. They exhausted their initial supply, and had to wait a few weeks to receive the second shipment, which came in Tuesday.

A spokesperson for Walmart said the rings have been ordered for over a month but for some reason still haven’t been delivered. Walmart hopes to be selling the product in a few days.

Tempo’s jewelry clerk said she does not carry, and hasn’t ordered, the mood ring. K-Mart’s first six dozen rings sold out in three days.

K-Mart offers the ring at the lowest price we found in the nation: $1.96 per ring. The head of their jewelry department explained that they were able to sell these rings cheaply since the mounting was very inexpensive.

He assured us that the stone was identical to the more expensive rings and reacted in the same manner.

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On the other side of the coin, the highest price tag we found on a mood ring was $75. This ring was carried by an exclusive jewelry store in Beverly Hills and was set in sterling silver.

So if there’s a neurotic on your Christmas list, whether he or she happens to be a rich aunt with expensive taste or your cheapskate roommate, maybe a mood ring would be the answer.

Vintage mood ring color code chart – What do mood ring colors mean?

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Alexandrite, Diamonds and Sapphires – Robb Report

A new generation of dynamic color changing jewelry is providing a fresh take on that much-maligned artisan fair staple: the mood ring. The accessory’s original iteration debuted in the 1970s and centered on quartz-encased thermotropic liquid crystals, which faded from black to green to pale blue when exposed to the body’s fluctuating temperatures.

Today, fresh design concepts for color-changing jewelry have emerged. Alexandrite as well as ultra-rare types of diamonds and sapphires react when exposed to different lighting conditions. And when they are positioned as the central stone in a ring, the effect is—to use a term from the mood ring’s birth decade—out of sight.

Here we break down the three color-changing gems you ought to keep your eye on.


 Chameleon Diamonds

Photo: Courtesy

Color changing diamonds, or Chameleon diamonds, are among the rarest and on earth. And they remain (mostly) a mystery— the GIA describes them as being “so rare and valuable, researchers have found it difficult to procure samples to study.” Under normal conditions, Chameleon diamonds are a yellowish green hue (see the image on the right), but when heated up to 302° Fahrenheit or exposed to light after being stored in the dark, the Chameleon quickly darkens into an orange-yellow (see ring on the left). The change doesn’t last long, but the effect is mesmerizing. Few examples of Chameleon diamonds have ever come up for auction, but when they do they make a splash—back in 2011, Christie’s sold an 8.8-carat chameleon diamond ring in Hong Kong for $590,000, or $67,000 per carat.

(Image above: Les Chameleon, a ring with a 1.13-carat color changing Chameleon green diamond accented with Argyle Pink diamonds. $44,000; available through Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Ateliers.)




In bright daylight, the highly collectible alexandrite—first unearthed in Russia in the early 1800s and named in honor of Russian czar Alexandar Nicholavich—is typically a greenish blue or dark green. But in lower light the gem warms into a  pinkish red, as shown in this 1.41-carat alexandrite ring from M.S. Rau Antiques.

(Image above: An alexandrite surrounded by round brilliant white diamonds, all set in 18-karat white gold. $28,500; available at M.S. Rau Antiques.)





Photo: Courtesy

Color changing sapphires are quite rare as well—the most well-known variations fade from blue to violet or from purple to red under different lighting, but there are more. Like this 17.6-carat example, which transforms from a deep ocean-like blue to a dark turquoise when brought into lower light.

(Image above: Color changing sapphire accented by 3.64 carats of white diamonds, mounted in platinum. $198,500; available at M.S. Rau Antiques.)


Magical Mood Ring Size 21 : Buy Online Rings at Best Prices in Egypt

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(Pre-order) Mood Ring – Terra Moons Cosmetics

Pre-order Information:

Pre orders are open from July 23rd – August 6th 11:59PM eastern. Pre orders placed during this time frame have an anticipated start ship date of August 27th. Pre ordered items and regular items in the same order will ship together at the same time in the order that they were received. Once we begin to process pre-orders, it can take several days to a week or more in order to fulfill them all. Pre ordered items cannot be cancelled, refunded, or adjusted with the exception of shipping address changes. Please review our shipping policies prior to placing your order regarding adding insurance and COVID-19.

Product Information: 

Mood Ring is an extreme multichrome shadow. It shifts green, teal, yellow, blue.

Additional Information:

At first glance, these shadows appear to be one color in the pan however multichromes are expensive pigments that shift colors depending on the lighting. They have black bases which is what allows for the intense color changes, however we suggest to avoid blending them to preserve the extreme multichrome shift.

Application Information:

Our shadows are very pigmented and smooth. You can apply these to your lids using your finger or a dry brush. 

If you want to intensify the multichrome finish, use a setting spray to wet your brush before applying.

Approved for Eye application. 

Shipping Information:

Our normal processing time for regular orders that do not include any pre ordered items is 10-15 days, however during high volume times or sales, it may take slightly longer. Please review our FAQs for COVID-19 info and our shipping policy before placing your order.


Ingredients: Mica, Silica, Iron Oxides, Aluminum, Boron Nitride, Nylon 12, Caranuba Wax, Magnesium Stearate, Dimethicone, Caprylic Triglyceride, Isododecane and Phenoexyethanol.

chameleon (mood ring) Muslim, wide, size 20mm KL017 (article 3943)

The marketing trick is that chameleon rings show the mood of their owner. There is even a special table with color meanings. In fact, the secret of the magic rings is simple – it’s all about liquid crystals that change color depending on temperature. Here is the standard decoding of the meanings of the colors of the rings – chameleons: – Orange – nervousness, intense excitement, experience.- Blue – calmness, relaxation, good mood. – Red is an ambiguous color. From anger to intense love, longing. – Green – calmness, serenity, self-confidence. – Purple – satisfaction with something or serious love. – Yellow – anxious, angry. – Gray – aggression, anger, irritation. – Brown color – lack of attention of loved ones. – Black color – depression, depressed state. – Amber – concern with an important and difficult choice. – Purple – boundless happiness.

Discounts when ordering in the amount of: from 5000R – 3%, from 7000R – 5%, from 10000R – 10%, from 25000R – 12%, from 50000R – 15% + a permanent 3% discount for members of the VKontakte group.

Bonus program: registration in your personal account – 20 points; review of the purchased product – 20 points; purchase – 50R from the order 1 point.

Courier delivery in Moscow and the nearest districts outside the Moscow Ring Road (up to 10 km):

Term 1-3 working days; the cost of 300R for orders up to 2500R and over 2500R is free.

Delivery intervals on Mon-Fri: 10: 00-18: 00 (interval 4 hours), 18: 00-23: 00; on Sat: 10: 00-16: 00, 15: 00-18: 00 and 10: 00-18: 00; in the nearest areas outside the Moscow Ring Road (up to 10 km) on Mon-Fri: 10: 00-18: 00.

Courier delivery in St. Petersburg within the ring road:

Term 2-3 working days; the cost of 350R for orders up to 2500R and over 2500R – 100R.

Delivery intervals on Mon-Fri: 10: 00-18: 00 (interval 4 hours), 18: 00-21: 00; on Sat: 10: 00-18: 00.

Delivery to pick-up points (pickup points) in Moscow:

CDEK: the cost of 180R for orders up to 2500R and over 2500R is free; payment upon receipt is possible for orders over 1000R; transfer for delivery within 2-3 business days.

Delivery to the pick-up points (pickup points) of St. Petersburg:

CDEK: cost of 250R for orders up to 2500R and over 2500R – 100R; payment upon receipt is possible for orders over 1000R; transfer for delivery within 2-3 business days.

Delivery to other settlements of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus:

The cost depends on the locality and weight; payment upon receipt is possible for CDEK for the Russian Federation for orders from 1000R; transfer for delivery within 2-3 business days.

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Mood Ring

A mood ring is a ring that contains a heat-sensitive element such as liquid crystal.The color of the element changes depending on the temperature of the wearer’s finger. Famous 1970s American fashion quirk.

1. History
The idea of ​​using thermosensitive elements in jewelry first came to the American jeweler Marvin Wernick in 1974 after reading a magazine article on the use of liquid crystal elements in medical thermometers.He found an element that changed color from black to green, light blue and blue in the range of 32 – 38 ° C and in January 1975 developed a technique for using it in pendants and rings. Sales began in February. Wernick described the jewelry as “magical,” and his advertisements claimed that the color of the pendant or ring was indicative of the wearer’s warmth. Since Warnick had not patented the invention, other jewelers took over the idea and began producing their own heat-sensitive jewelry. Soon someone came up with the apt term mood ring “mood ring”, which was quickly adopted by all manufacturers, including Wernick.
An important manufacturer of mood rings was Joshua Reynolds Joshua Reynolds; some sources call him their inventor. Reynolds called rings “a real biofeedback tool” that allows a person to receive additional information about their body. This concept kept pace with the spirit of the times, new jewelry gained popularity, and in December 1975 the total value of rings sold reached $ 15 million. However, in mid-December, the demand for rings suddenly dropped, the market became oversaturated, and companies that did not manage to sell the rings suffered losses.After a couple of years, “mood rings” finally went out of fashion.

2. Colors and Mood
Mood Ring advertisements claimed that the color of the ring, in other words, the temperature of the fingers, is an indicator of mood:
The veracity of such claims has been controversial from the outset. One sarcastic letter, published in the Los Angeles Times, said that if the advertisements were to be believed, the “mood rings” in a store window should reflect the mood of the window itself.

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Balloons and helium balloons with delivery

What gives the best feeling of celebration and fun, makes you plunge into childhood, feel joy and the desire to jump and laugh? Of course, gel balls , which we offer you at low prices in the Shary-i-shariki online store!

Balloons with helium are both a great gift, and a stunning decoration of any holiday, and a way to show another person your sympathy, and just a cool way to cheer up on the most ordinary everyday day, which bright and beautiful helium balloons can paint in all colors rainbows!

Therefore, call us and order inexpensive gel balloons with delivery in Moscow, and we will fulfill your order quickly, efficiently, and on time.

How to order and receive helium balloons directly at home?

Probably everyone will remember a day when they had to go to someone’s birthday, and there was practically no time left to go to the store to buy balloons. That is why there are services such as ours, where you can order helium balloons with low-cost delivery, which we inflate directly near your home, deliver exactly at the appointed time, and not a second later!

Now you no longer need to go to the store, wait for the sellers to place your order, then drag it home (and on the way everything will get messed up and electrified), and then carry it to the addressee … And, unlike ordinary stores, you can order balls and balls in any quantity, be it 10, 20, 50, 100 or more pieces!

So, in order to order gel balloons, you need:

  • Choose from the ones presented on the site that suit you (there are a variety of options available, ranging from ordinary balloons with helium, and ending with whole complex compositions, luminous balls, foil , etc.etc.).
  • Add selected items to the cart, or place an order by calling us by phone. In addition, the site has an online consultation option, as well as the ability to order a call back from us. Take advantage of what is most convenient for you!
  • Set the time at which you need to receive the order and wait for it.

Why is it worth buying cheap gel balloons from us?

Firstly, our service will allow you to save both time and money, and, of course, your nerves! Secondly, we accept orders for any quantity of helium balloons.Thirdly, all materials that we use for work are high quality, already tested by thousands of our clients. Therefore, you can be sure that by ordering gel balloons with delivery in the online store, you will receive only joy and a sea of ​​bright colors, and not a single negative emotion. Helium balloons will last for a long time, will not burst, wrinkle or fade, and we guarantee that you will definitely come back to us for them again!

For which events can helium balloons be ordered?

This is not necessarily just a birthday, although of course this is the very first and main reason to give such a delightful gift, not only for children, but also for adults! In addition, you can buy inexpensive helium balloons in Moscow:

  • For a wedding .What is a wedding without a worthy decoration? Namely, gel balloons are the best decor, because they make it possible to compose thousands of all kinds of compositions in any colors, you can make inscriptions, symbolic drawings from them, or you can simply hang them all over the room, creating an original atmosphere.
  • On March 8, , Valentine’s Day, and other similar holidays. Gel balloons can be presented to your beloved, mother, sister, girlfriends, employees – in short, any woman who will be one hundred percent happy with such a gift! You can order heart-shaped helium balloons for your girlfriend, for work colleagues – with congratulatory messages, etc.d.
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  • To open a store , as well as any other institutions, enterprises and organizations.

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