Monthly planner with tabs: : Monthly Planner 2022-12-Month Planner with Tabs & Pocket & Label, Contacts and Passwords, 8.5″ x 11″, Thick Paper, Jan. 2022 – Dec. 2022, Twin-Wire Binding


Monthly Planner | AT-A-GLANCE

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AT-A-GLANCE Academic 2022-2023 Monthly Planner, Black, Medium, 7″ x 8 3/4″


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AT-A-GLANCE DayMinder Premiere 2022 Monthly Planner, Hardcover, Black, Medium, 7″ x 8 1/2″

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AT-A-GLANCE Designer Cover 2022 Monthly Planner, Black, Large, 7″ x 10″

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Simplified by Emily Ley for AT-A-GLANCE 2022 Weekly Monthly Planner, Navy, Small, 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

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Simplified by Emily Ley for AT-A-GLANCE Blush Key 2022 Monthly Planner, Large, 8 1/2″ x 11″



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AT-A-GLANCE Signature Collection Clipboard with 2022 Monthly Planner, Brown, Large, 8″ x 11″

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AT-A-GLANCE Contemporary 2022 Monthly Planner, Black, Medium, 7″ x 8 3/4″

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AT-A-GLANCE Contemporary 2022 Monthly Planner, Graphite, Large, 9″ x 11″

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AT-A-GLANCE Contemporary 2022 Monthly Planner, Forest, Large, 9″ x 11″

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AT-A-GLANCE Contemporary 2022 Monthly Planner, Merlot, Large, 9″ x 11″

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AT-A-GLANCE 2022-2023 Recycled Two Year Monthly Planner, Black, Pocket, 3 1/2″ x 6″

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AT-A-GLANCE DayMinder 2022 Monthly Planner, Black, Large, 8″ x 12″

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AT-A-GLANCE 2022-2023 Two Year Monthly Planner, Black, Pocket, 3 1/2″ x 6″

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AT-A-GLANCE 2022 Monthly Planner, Navy, Large, 9″ x 11″

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AT-A-GLANCE DayMinder 2022 Monthly Planner, Black, Pocket, 3 1/2″ x 6″

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AT-A-GLANCE Recycled 2022 Monthly Planner, Black, Medium, 7″ x 8 3/4″

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AT-A-GLANCE QuickNotes 2022 Monthly Planner, Black, Large, 8 1/4″ x 11″

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AT-A-GLANCE DayMinder 2022 Monthly Planner, Gray, Large, 8 1/2″ x 11″

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AT-A-GLANCE 2022-2023 Monthly Planner, Black, Large, 9″ x 11″

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SKU: 70260G0522

AT-A-GLANCE Recycled 2022 Monthly Planner, Black, Large, 9″ x 11″

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SKU: 701200522

AT-A-GLANCE 2022 Monthly Planner, Black, Medium, 7″ x 8 3/4″

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SKU: 701270522

AT-A-GLANCE Academic 2021-2022 Monthly Planner, Black, Medium, 7″ x 8 3/4″



SKU: 700640522

AT-A-GLANCE 2022 Monthly Planner, Black, Pocket, 3 1/2″ x 6″

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SKU: 702605022

AT-A-GLANCE 2022 Monthly Planner, Winestone, Large, 9″ x 11″

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Appointment Books & Planners Office Products Weekly & Monthly Planner with Monthly Tabs Retro Brown Jun 2022 Inner Pocket 2021-2022 Planner Jul 2021 Hardcover with Thick Paper 6.3 x 8.4

Pocket 2021-2022 Planner Jul 2021 Hardcover with Thick Paper 6.3 x 8.4 Weekly & Monthly Planner with Monthly Tabs Retro Brown Jun 2022 Inner, Inner Pocket, Retro Brown: Office Products,2021-2022 Planner – Weekly & Monthly Planner with Monthly Tabs, 6,3″ x 8,4″, Jul 2021 – Jun 2022, Hardcover with Thick Paper,Fast worldwide shipping,Fast Delivery & Low Prices,Tide flow fashion products,Authenticity Guaranteed, EASY Returns. , Weekly & Monthly Planner with Monthly Tabs Retro Brown Jun 2022 Inner Pocket 2021-2022 Planner Jul 2021 Hardcover with Thick Paper 6.3 x 8.4, Monthly Tabs Retro Brown Jun 2022 Inner Pocket 2021-2022 Planner Jul 2021 Hardcover with Thick Paper 6.3 x 8.4 Weekly & Monthly Planner with.

Weekly & Monthly Planner with Monthly Tabs Retro Brown Jun 2022 Inner Pocket 2021-2022 Planner Jul 2021 Hardcover with Thick Paper 6.3 x 8.4

SKU: CR20224278

Retro Brown: Office Products, 3″ x 8, Inner Pocket, 6, 4′, 6, 3′ x 8, Inner Pocket, Jul 2021 – Jun 2022, The 136 archival-quality pages were perforated into 2021-2022 planner helps teachers organize information and lesson plans for the school year. 2021-2022 Planner – Weekly & Monthly Planner with Monthly Tabs, 4″, Hardcover with Thick Paper, Jul 2021 – Jun 2022, Hardcover with Thick Paper, Retro Brown: Office Products, 2021-2022 Planner – Weekly & Monthly Planner with Monthly Tabs.

Weekly & Monthly Planner with Monthly Tabs Retro Brown Jun 2022 Inner Pocket 2021-2022 Planner Jul 2021 Hardcover with Thick Paper 6. 3 x 8.4, with Monthly Tabs Retro Brown Jun 2022 Inner Pocket 2021-2022 Planner Jul 2021 Hardcover with Thick Paper 6.3 x 8.4 Weekly & Monthly Planner, Tabs Retro Brown Jun 2022 Inner Pocket 2021-2022 Planner Jul 2021 Hardcover with Thick Paper 6.3 x 8.4 Weekly & Monthly Planner with Monthly.

Monthly Planner Template – Free Printable Monthly Planner for Excel

Our free printable Monthly Planner template was designed for inserting into common 3-ring binders. You can edit and customize the planner using Excel or OpenOffice and then print the monthly planner page using regular letter-size paper.

The monthly planner below works well in combination or in place of our daily planner and weekly planner templates. If you don’t need the notes and to-do list section of this planner, try our monthly calendar template.


Printable Monthly Planner Template

for Excel


This Monthly Planner is a spreadsheet that lets you print a planner page for any month of almost any year. You can print a blank monthly planner page, or you can customize and edit the planner within Excel.

If you are going to edit the planner within Excel, then first duplicate the planner worksheet so that you have different months on separate worksheet tabs within the same workbook.

2-Page Monthly Planner

for Excel


This version of the monthly planner is designed for printing on 2 facing pages in a 3-ring binder, as shown in the image to the left.

Monthly Planner Features

Our spreadsheet gives you a great deal of flexibility to customize your own personal monthly planner. If you insert rows or insert columns into the calendar-portion of the planner, the formulas used for the dates will be messed up, but other than that, it is pretty simple to customize. Change fonts, add some color, add cute little images on specific days … whatever.

Unlike our daily and weekly planners, this planner does not automatically add holidays and birthdays. Instead, it lets you duplicate the planner worksheet so that you have a separate month on different tabs. Just right-click on the planner worksheet tab, select “move or copy…”, check the “copy…” box, click on OK, and then rename the new tab to Jan, Feb, etc. Then you can enter holidays, events, and birthdays directly into the monthly planner. If you want a monthly calendar that will store yearly events and holidays, try Excel Calendar Pro (not free).

Other Monthly Planner Features

  • Mini monthly calendars showing the next two months.
  • Goals section
  • To-Do list
  • Notes section for recording homework assignments, listing people to call, grocery lists, doodling, or whatever.
  • Choose Monday-first or Sunday-first.

FYI: The format for the day numbers use Conditional Formatting to “gray out” the days not in the current month. Keep that in mind if you make formatting changes to the planner.

More Monthly Planners

Many printable monthly planners that you’ll find on the internet are really just calendars, without any extra features like notes, to-do lists, goals, etc. Here are a few planners that are not just calendars:

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Free Printable 2020 Calendar Tabs Stickers

Here’s a set of free printable 2020 calendar tabs stickers that you can use in your bullet journals, planners or agendas.

To use them and create monthly tab dividers, simply print, cut and fold the colored edge of the sticker.

These 2020 monthly calendar index tabs help you organize your planner or bullet journal and get a quick visual reference to easily flip through the year.

To make it fit most needs and tastes, I created these calendar tabs in 3 different color sets and 2 sizes: Rainbow (12 different color tabs), White (you can color them as you’d like) and light pink.

(This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.) 

What is this set of 2020 mini-calendars tabs?

This printable includes 12 monthly mini calendars from january 2020 to december 2020.

I’ve added a faint grey border to help you cut neatly around each month’s calendar.

You can then stick each calendar wherever you’d like to avoid having to handwrite monthly calendars again and again. This way, you’ll make sure your calendars are always neat and accurate in your bullet journals, planners, or other projects. The tab helps you create dividers in your planner or bullet journal to easily find each month.

If you’d rather buy than DIY these calendar tabs stickers, Amazon offers many options of calendar tabs stickers.

You can print them on regular copy paper but, for your convenience, I recommend printing these calendars on sticker paper. 

You can choose between different types of sticker paper (or you can use regular copy paper):

You can download the free PDF further down this page.

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Organize your life with The Ultimate Planner Bundle

The Ultimate Planner Bundle includes 78 pages of printable planner inserts (divided into 6 themed packs) to help you organize all areas of your life: home management, health & wellness, budget, hobbies, weekly, monthly and yearly calendars. I also included 9 different planner layouts to help you decide which layout works best for you. To make it easy to print and combine with most planners, 3 sizes are included: US letter, Classic Happy Planner and A5.

You can see all the inserts included in this bundle, along with a special offer on this page: The Ultimate Planner Bundle.


You might also be interested in these other free printables:

Free printable bullet journal 2020 mini calendar stickers:


Free printable dot grid paper (4 sizes):

Free Printable Graph Paper (in 7 sizes):

10 Free Lettering Practice Worksheets:

Did you know I created 5 lettering practice workbooks for beginners? Here’s a special offer for you:

DOWNLOAD Free Printable 2020 Calendar Tabs Stickers


Enter Password to Download:

How to download this file?

  • Not a subscriber yet? Some of my free printables are for newsletter subscribers only (it’s totally FREE of course!). This printable is one of them. Subscribe to my newsletter to get free access to exclusive free printables and stay updated.
  • Existing subscribers – forgot your password? Make sure to check one of my emails to you, the password is reminded at the end of each newsletter. No caps, no space.
  • You’re typing the right password but it won’t let you download? You may have an issue downloading if you click a link from Facebook or an email. If so, just open the link directly in your browser and this should solve it. 

FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY – Please Read Freebies Terms of Use.

I create lots of free printables, if you want to make sure to be updated and receive exclusive freebies, join the Lovely Newsletter:

Free Tab Dividers Planner Printable –

This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission, at no cost to you, when you choose to use the links provided. See the Disclosure Policy for more information.


Hello planner fans.  I have been wanting to design these for the longest time, since they are more of a planner accessory rather than planner stickers and I hadn’t found the right digital paper for these tab dividers.   I think you might enjoy these foldable tab dividers, for either your art journaling, planner organization or bible journaling or other papercrafting use.


You Might Like:

If you would like to see other similar color or subject  themed freebies:

Vintage Ephemera Tabs 



Also, if you are new to this site, I wanted to let you know  that I have a board on Pinterest  that  you might want to follow that has several pins (ideas) by other planner designers, stationery, home office decor,  office supplies and planner freebies that are mostly planner related, you can view that and/or follow here,  Home Office | Planners & Stationery Favs.

There are  more than 60 tab dividers or elements total in today’s release.     As always, these stickers and elements  can either be used for journaling in your project life projects, smashbooks, art journals or other types of memory keeping and papercrafting but these were made specifically for you Erin Condren Planner and Filofax fans.

Note**Please see my Terms of Use below before downloading if you have not to been to this site before.**

How to Use this “Planner Stickers” Printable:

There are several ways you can use this printable to create your stickers and I have included a few in the following instructions:

1) The easiest way to use this printout  is to print it out on a full sheet of white sticker paper and if you own a Silhouette Cameo or Silhouette Portrait or other digital cutter you can cut out the to-do lists or planner stickers using their designer software. ( **Please note:  You must have the Silhouette Designer Edition software upgrade to open pdfs in your Silhouette. I also have redesigned the template so that the margins are within the “registration” area of your silhouette.

You will have to spend some time creating the cutlines for the silhouette  but this should make creating the cutfile a lot easier. )

This is what the cut file should look like in your Silhouette software.

2) Also another method,  would be to use heavy bond printer paper or you can use 65 lb. white cardstock depending on how thick you want your sticker  and then place adhesive via a snail tape runner or with a Xyron sticker tool or machine.

3) The most  time consuming  way is to print out the planner stickers on sticker paper and “fussy cut” out by hand, I have spaced the elements so that you can use a pair of good craft scissors to get a clean cut and handle the fussy cutting.

Another handy tool to have for the straight cuts is a slide or rotary paper trimmer which will reduce cutting around the stickers.

Facts about the freebie:

  • One  set of   planner tab dividers on an 8 1/2″ by 11″ pdf file. (3 ppgs)
  • These elements were created at 300 dpi, so your printing results should be very clear and sharp with a smooth lay down of the ink color.   The preview pictures both on the blog and on Google are at 72 dpi, so you often can not see all the detail accurately or colors are sometimes distorted.
  • Color scheme:   green, pink

As usual these freebies are free for personal use, (check my TOU if you haven’t previously.)  If you have been here before, you know the drill.  If not, you might want to read the quick  TOU below before you access the printable.

Some things you should know before downloading:

* Vintage Glam Studio printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
*You MAY NOT RESELL, redistribute, or claim the original or derivative (redesigned from the original) designs as your own.
*Please do not remove the watermark or modify the design in any way other than for your own Personal use.  Please do not use the template for the sale of your own items.
*If you post this on the internet, please give credit to Vintage Glam Studio & link back to my blog (www., so others can obtain the resources.  Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are great social media sharing platforms, it’s the  sharing without a link back that can be a problem. If you use this printable on Instagram, tag me with #vintageglamstudio or @vintageglamstudio. Thanks!


Check out this vid…

Here’s Freebie # 1 – Pink Shabby Chic Tab Dividers



Here’s Freebie #2 – Green Shabby Chic Tab Dividers



Freebie #3 – Vintage Tab Dividers 

Image Credit

Most images in this printable are original illustrations by Vintage Glam Studio and under copyright with a few that are under commercial use or creative commons licensing.

Like this:

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How to make a monthly calendar printable using Google Sheets (online tool similar to Excel)

I previously posted a tutorial on how to make a weekly planner in Google Sheets. I had some comments on that video saying the audio wasn’t loud enough so I’ll be re-recording that tutorial sometime in the future.

In the meantime I’ve recorded another tutorial for using Google Sheets. This time, how to make a monthly calendar. You can use a similar process to make the weekly planner from my previous tutorial (really the only difference is the number of columns and rows you want your printable to have).

To enlarge the screen of the video, click the square icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video (it will say ‘full screen’ when you hover your mouse over the icon).

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more planner videos!

Download the Google Sheets template I made in the video by entering your details below. Existing subscribers can login and download the file here.

More helpful posts about making printables

Some of the ways you can use a monthly calendar:

  • Meal planning
  • Bills
  • School or college assignments and exam due dates
  • Most important task for each day
  • Cleaning routine
  • Work schedule
  • Kid’s activities
  • Social media content planning

Tips for making printables in Google Sheets

  • If you’re making a 2 page monthly planner, make the first page and then copy it and change the days of the week. Much quicker to create it once and copy, than re-create it from scratch
  • I recommend no smaller than font size 14 for the dates and days of the week
  • If you want to use the same template but change it slightly, you can save a copy by right clicking on the tab and choosing duplicate. This way you’ll always have the original to come back to and won’t need to re-create the entire template from scratch
  • Google Sheets auto saves your spreadsheet
  • As Google Sheets is web based, you can login to Google Sheets and access your spreadsheet on multiple devices – computer, iPhone, iPad etc. I recommend designing your printable on your computer (much faster to design with a mouse and keyboard than a touchscreen)
  • CTRL and z on your keyboard to undo

Once you’ve made your template you can make small changes to create new templates

  • Delete some of the rows (e.g. the date rows)
  • Change the column width to create a portrait page orientation calendar instead of landscape
  • Add a column to the left and add week numbers
  • Change colors to either different colors for each row, one color for everything, a different color every second row etc.
  • Change font colors
  • Change font style

You can pre-enter text if you have recurring tasks or bills that happen on the same day each month. Press ALT and enter on your keyboard for a new line.

You could color code the entire square…

Or if you have multiple things happening on the same day, use different font colors

You can choose from the colors already included in Google Sheets’ color menu. If you have a specific color/s you like to use, you can enter the hex code by clicking ‘custom’ in the color menu (refer screenshot below).

This will pop up the color picker tool where you can move the circle around until you find a color you like, or enter the 6 digit hex code of the color you want to use.

I like my planner to start on Monday, not Sunday. However now that you know how to make your own you can choose! If you need more space on weekends you can make those columns bigger than the weekdays.

I prefer to leave all boxes white but you could shade the empty boxes and add the dates for the past month and next month if you prefer.

You can change the border colors by left clicking and dragging your mouse over the boxes you want to change the border color. Then go to the border menu, choose your color and select ‘all borders’

To change the positioning of your text, click the vertical and horizontal align buttons. You can use the same buttons to align text to the middle of a row.

You can type text on the side using the text rotation tool (refer screenshot below)

If you’ve done a separate row for the numbers like I did in the tutorial, you can merge the cells together by left clicking and dragging to select the cells you want to merge. Then go to the merge menu and choose ‘merge vertically’

If you don’t like the fonts in Google Sheets you can choose a custom font by selecting ‘More Fonts’

And search the name of the font you want to use

You can make a copy of your template by right clicking on the tab and selecting ‘duplicate’. I like to keep a master template.. just in case

If you want to make calendars for each month of the year, look at an annual overview calendar and you’ll notice that some months have the 1st day of the month starting on the same day. E.g. September 2021 starts on Wednesday and so does December 2021.

You can use the same template and just change the column widths to switch between portrait or landscape page orientation.

You can either print directly from Google Sheets by going to File > Print

Or you can download the template to PDF by going to File > Download > PDF document

For printing tips, see these posts:

Since Google Sheets is a free online tool, you can access it from multiple devices – your computer, iPad, tablet, phone etc. Any changes you make will be saved when you move between devices. So if you make a change on your iPad, you’ll see that change when you open that same file on your computer.

Download the Google Sheets template I made in the video by entering your details below. Existing subscribers can login and download the file here.


The easiest way for me to share this template is for me to export the Google Sheets template as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can import it into Google Sheets by clicking the plus sign from the Google Sheets home screen which will open up a new blank Google Sheets file.

Go to File > Import

Locate the file from the downloads folder of your computer

Then choose ‘create new spreadsheet’

Now you can use the spreadsheet in your own Google Sheets account.

  • Free
  • Online tool you can access from anywhere, you just need a Google account (if you use Gmail, it’s the same login)
  • Can easily duplicate a template once you’ve made it, to make a lot of printables in a short amount of time
  • Quick
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Great color tools menu (can use whatever color you like!)
  • Can do much the same things that you can do in Microsoft Excel
  • Similar tools to Microsoft Excel but Google Sheets’ menu is a bit clunky to use with many sub-menu’s
  • The tools menu is compressed and there are less images – I find it takes longer to find the tool I’m looking for
  • Takes longer to draw / add shapes than in Excel
  • Difficult to make your printables look unique
  • My favorite keyboard shortcuts CTRL and + which I use to zoom in and out in MIcrosoft Excel, doesn’t work in Google Sheets

Ready to upgrade to Microsoft Excel? Enrol in my ecourse – all of the details are here.

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You may also be interested in…

Toolbar> New Menu> Scheduler

Scheduler is one of the main tools of Stimulsoft Server. With this tool, you can determine the execution of actions at a specific time. For example, at the beginning of each hour (at a specific minute), a report or dashboard will be built, exported to PDF format, and emailed to specific individuals.

To create a scheduler,
Select the Scheduler command from the Create menu;

Select the Create Scheduler command from the context menu on the element list panel.

Also, any Scheduler can be edited, for this you should:
Select the scheduler in the list of server elements and click the Edit button;

Select the scheduler in the list of server elements and select the Edit command from the scheduler context menu.

The scheduler is configured in its editor.

Scheduler Editor

The scheduler editor consists of the following tabs Type, Settings, Actions.

The Type tab defines the type of the scheduler.

On the Settings tab, you define the scheduler settings and schedule parameters.

Tasks for the scheduler are formed on the Actions tab.

Scheduler types

On the Type tab, the type of the Scheduler is defined:

Hourly, the type in which the scheduler will perform an action on an hourly basis, i.e.That is, at a certain minute of every hour (the minute is specified in the settings).

Daily. This type of scheduler, in which it will be called once a day, depending on the specified time (the hour and minute are indicated in the settings).

Weekly. In this case, the scheduler will run once a week, on the specified day, time (hour and minute).

Monthly. This type of planner provides the ability to create a schedule at a specific time during the month.Moreover, you can define the months of launch, i.e. the schedule will only work on certain months.

Yearly, i.e. in this case, the time, month and day of the scheduler triggering schedule are indicated.

Calendar. In this case, you must specify the Calendar, the list of items of which will serve as a schedule for the scheduler.

Once, i.e. any action will be performed once, after starting the scheduler.Typically, such a scheduler is started manually or by another scheduler.

How to configure Windows Task Scheduler

The instructions describe how to use the Windows Scheduler on virtual servers running an operating system of the Windows family.

What is it?

Windows Scheduler is used to execute tasks (in the background) at a specified time or in response to an event in the system. The schedule, for example, can be used to check the system for malware or run specific scripts.

How to open Windows Scheduler

To open Windows Scheduler:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Click the System and Security tab
  3. On the Administrative Tools tab , select the link Schedule tasks .

You will see the Windows Scheduler window.

Note: You can also open the Scheduler by using Windows Search.

Create a simple job

To create a simple task, open the scheduler and select Create Basic Task from the menu on the right.

In the Name field, enter a name of the task convenient for you, in the Description field , if necessary, a description of the task.

In the next step, select the launch frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, once, at computer startup, at logon, at a specific event.

Specify the date and time of the start of the task, as well as the frequency, for example, the command is run every 2 days.

Next, select the start of the program as an action.

Specify the path to the executable file, enter additional arguments if necessary.

Review the previously entered settings and click Finish .

Create regular job

To create a regular task, open the scheduler and select Create Task from the menu on the right.

On the General tab , fill in the Name field with the job name. You can also specify additional security parameters, such as the user and group of users on behalf of which the task is executed, and the launch of the task as the superuser.

On the Triggers tab, create a task schedule using the New button.

Here you can select the condition for launching the task, for example, according to the schedule, when logging into the system, when locking or unlocking the system.

For example, you can set the following schedule: starting March 1, 2018, every week on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 10:30 am to execute the specified task. The settings interface is simple and intuitive.

On the Actions tab , you must specify the actions to be performed according to the schedule using the New button.

Specify the path to the executable file, enter additional arguments if necessary.Click OK.

Below are screenshots of advanced settings and conditions, you can use them if necessary.

Execute job

The result of the task execution can be viewed in the planner in the center of the workspace.

P. S. Other instructions:

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Configuring the Scheduler for Windows

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Configuring the Scheduler for Windows


Task Scheduler

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  • Contents of article


This article explains the features of the standard Windows Scheduler.
The examples show how to schedule the launch of a program at a specific time. Described how to properly schedule the launch of the program on certain days, at a certain time.

The scheduler will be an indispensable and convenient tool if you need to launch some applications that perform routine operations and do not require the presence of the user. These can be backups, data updates, defragmentation, etc.

The example will show how to create a task with a complex launch schedule. The article contains a lot of screenshots with detailed descriptions.

Create task

The first thing to look at before creating tasks is whether the Task Scheduler service is running.This service may have been disabled when configuring system services to free memory at a time when Task Scheduler was not needed. Now, if the scheduled tasks will be executed regularly, then this service should be switched to automatic startup mode.

To make sure that the service is running, alternately hold down the keys Win + R , and in the Run window that opens, you need to type the command services.msc and click the OK button. The window shown in Figure 1 will open.

Figure 1.

Search for the Task Scheduler service and make sure it is Running (Running on older versions of Windows) in the Status column and Automatic in the Startup Type column. If this is not the case, then double-click on the name of the service and in the window that opens, adjust the values ​​to those indicated above (for this you need to have administrator privileges, that is, your account must be from the Administrators group).

After the service is started and its startup type is adjusted to automatic, the service will start at system boot and the tasks will be executed according to the schedule.

Now let’s create a task.

To do this, again, one by one, hold down the keys Win + R , and enter the command taskschd.msc , and then click “OK”. The window shown in Figure 2.

will open.

Figure 2.

In the right pane of this window, click on “Create task …”. The window shown in Figure 3.

will open.

Figure 3.

In the “Name” field, specify the name of this task, which will be displayed in the Scheduler window.The name can be anything. Give the task such a name so that later, when you open the Scheduler, you can immediately remember what this task is doing. In this example, I named the task “Testing the Scheduler”. After that, click “Next”. The window shown in Figure 4 will open.

Figure 4.

Here you need to select the start period for this task. The following options are possible:

  • Daily . The task will run daily, either on weekdays only, or in a few days at the specified time.All these parameters can be selected in the next window, which will be discussed below.
  • Weekly . In the next window, you can specify whether you want to run the task every week and select the days of the week on which the task will be launched at a certain time.
  • Monthly . Then you can specify in which months of the year the task should be run and select on which days of the month or on which days of the month at a certain time the task will be launched.
  • Once .In the next window of the wizard, you will be able to select the date and time for starting the task. This task will no longer be performed.
  • When the computer boots up . There is no next window when choosing this option, which is logical, since with this type of startup, the task will be executed every time the computer boots. This type of launch does not require a user to log in, the task will be launched on behalf of the user that will need to be specified in the next window.
  • When you log on to Windows .This startup type is similar to the previous one with the difference that the task will be executed only when the user logs into Windows, i.e. will enter his username and password.

Now let’s look at these types of job launches in more detail. After clicking the “Next” button, a window will appear in which you need to specify additional schedule parameters for starting the task. The exception is the last two types of startup, when the task is executed when the computer boots or when the user logs on. So, enter the name of the task and select one of the startup types, then click the Next button.Depending on what type of launch was selected, certain settings for the task launch schedule will be offered.

Figure 5.


With the daily run type, it is possible to choose whether to run the task daily, or run the task at intervals, for example, once every three days. In the same window, you need to select the start time for the task. The “Start” field will allow you to postpone the first start of the task until a certain date, ie. if today is the first day of the month, and “Start” is set to the 10th, then the task will start executing from the 10th day, despite the fact that it is scheduled to run as daily.

Figure 6.


With the weekly start type, it is possible to run the task on certain days of the week by ticking the corresponding days of the week in the window shown in Figure 7. You can specify that the task should be executed in a week, that is, for example, the first week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the second week the task is not executed, in the third week it is executed on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, the fourth is not executed, etc. Also, you need to specify the time at which the task will be executed on the specified days of the week.

Figure 7.


If the task is started monthly, you must mark the months for which the task will be launched and specify the date when the task will be launched. Please note that the last day of the month can be the 28th, 29th, 30th or 31st, therefore, if the task needs to be completed at the end of the month, then it is better to schedule its launch on the first day of the next month at 00: 01. If there is a need not to specify a specific number to start the task, but to launch it only, for example, on the third Fridays of the specified months, then you can switch the corresponding radio button and select the required values ​​from the combo boxes.

Figure 8.


If you choose to execute the task once, you only need to specify the date and time of its launch. The task will be launched at the specified time and after that it will no longer be launched. The task from the Scheduler will not be deleted, so it can be used in the future by correcting the launch date and time. This type of task launch is well suited for occasional execution of tasks when the user is not at the computer.

When the computer boots
As mentioned above, with this type of startup, the task will be executed every time the computer boots, up to the user’s login.

When logging into Windows
This task will be performed when the user logs on.

Select the most suitable schedule for the frequency of start-up, even if it does not fully meet the required one. For example, if a task needs to be executed on weekdays at 21:00, and on weekends – at 19:00, then at this stage of creating the task, you should select the weekly task launch, and after creating it, adjust the schedule as needed.An example of such a setting is shown in Figure 10.

Select the most suitable schedule for the frequency of launch requirements, even if it does not fully meet the required one. For example, if a task needs to be executed on weekdays at 21:00, and on weekends – at 19:00, then at this stage of creating the task, you should select the weekly task launch, and after creating it, adjust the schedule as needed.

After the initial schedule is set, click Next.An example of a window that opens is shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9.

In this window, you need to select the action that will be performed by this task. There are three items to choose from:

  • Start the program – the specified file will be executed. There are no restrictions on the file format, it can be either an executable file, or some batch file (bat, cmd, etc.), or any other.
  • Send Email – Windows 10 will not be able to create a task with this action.
  • Display a message – in Windows 10 it will not be possible to create a task with this action.

Selecting the action “Run the program” and clicking Next, we will see the window shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10.

In this window you need to select the program that will be launched by the Scheduler, you need to find it using the Browse button. For example, I created a Scheduler folder on the C drive and placed the test.bat batch file into it, which contains a sequence of commands that must be run at a specific time.By clicking the Browse button, find the file that will launch the Scheduler and click Open. If everything is done correctly, the new task creation wizard will display the following window, shown in Figure 11.

Figure 11.

If the previous steps fully satisfy your requirements, then after clicking the Finish button in the window shown in Figure 13, the creation will be completed and in the Task Scheduler window, in the Task Scheduler Library section, the newly created task will appear.If the task launch schedule requires further, more fine-tuning, then check the “Open the Properties window for this task after clicking the Finish button” and click the Finish button. In this case, a window will open for configuring additional options for the task launch schedule, which will be discussed in detail in the next chapter.

Additional settings

If you need to configure additional parameters of a scheduled task, then right-click on the created task in the “Task Scheduler Library” section of the Task Scheduler and select Properties.If additional settings will change immediately after creating a task, then in the last window when creating a task (Figure 11 in the previous chapter), check the box “Open the Properties window for this task after clicking Finish” and click Finish. Any of these sequence of actions will lead to the opening of a window, an example of which is shown in Figure 12.

Figure 12.

This window contains several tabs with parameters for fine-tuning the task launch schedule.All settings located on them will be discussed in detail below.
The first tab, Task, which is shown in Figure 12, contains basic information about the scheduled task. It is:

  • Name – The name of the task under which it is displayed in the Task Scheduler.
  • Location – Location of the task in the tree structure of the task scheduler. In this case, “\” indicates that the task is located at the root of the tree.
  • Author – The name of the user who created the task.
  • Description – A textual description of the task.
  • When executing the task, use the following user account – Username under which the task will be executed.
  • Execute only for logged in users – If you set this checkbox, then this task will be executed only if there is a logged in user.
  • Run for all users – This task will run regardless of whether a user is logged in.
  • Run with highest rights – Administrator rights will be granted to complete the task.

The appearance of the next tab “Triggers” is shown in Figure 13.

Figure 13.

This tab provides all the possibilities for managing the schedule for running a scheduled task, which are much wider than those that were possible to configure in the New Task Wizard and which were discussed in the previous chapter. It has the ability to create both a new trigger for launching and edit an existing old one.Selecting an existing trigger and clicking the “Modify” button will open the advanced trigger settings, which can be seen in Figure 14.

Figure 14.

The following setting items can be observed here:

  • Start task – Condition under which the task will start. This setting was already covered in the previous chapter.
  • Parameters – Start schedule type. All types were discussed in the previous chapter, so we will not dwell on them.
  • Postpone the task for (arbitrary delay) – Allows you to enable a delay in the task execution, without changing its launch schedule.
  • Repeat the task every … for … – Using these settings, you can configure the repetition of the task within a specified time interval. For example, you can run a task every 30 minutes for 8 hours, or until a specific time. This is a very convenient option for solving specific problems of event monitoring.For example, sometimes you need to check for the presence of a file in a certain folder with a period of five minutes during the working day, and if it appears there, then run a script that will perform certain actions on the file.
  • Stop task after – Forces the process started by the Task Scheduler. For example, in the Run until field, the time is 18:00. If the task is very large and takes half an hour to run, then launching it at 17:55 will cause the task to actually run until 18:25.If this state of affairs is undesirable, then you need to check the Stop task box. In this case, the task will be terminated at 18:00 no matter what.
  • Expiry date – Date interval during which the task will be active.
  • Enabled – Allows you to enable or disable this trigger.

The Actions tab shows a list of tasks that will be executed when the previously discussed triggers are activated. Its appearance is shown in Figure 15 below.

Figure 15.

On this tab, you can set additional actions that will be performed when the task is activated – in contrast to the task creation window, where you could specify only one single action. When you select to create or change an action, a window will appear with the previously considered actions for choosing the program to start, so we will go to the next tab “Conditions”, which is shown in Figure 16.

Figure 16.

This contains additional conditions for the problem, such as:

  • Run the task when the computer is idle – The task will be executed only when the computer is “idle”, useful for scheduling the launch of resource-intensive tasks that take up all the processor time during their execution, loading it by 100%.
  • Run only with mains power – If the device on which this task is configured switches to battery power (for example, a laptop, or a server with a connected UPS), then with this option enabled, the task will not be executed.
  • Wake up computer to perform task – When this option is enabled, the Task Scheduler will wake up the computer to complete this task.
  • Run only when connected to the next network – When this parameter is activated and the required network connection is selected, the task will be executed only if this connection is active.

The “Parameters” tab is shown in Figure 17.

Figure 17.

  • Immediately start the task if the scheduled launch was missed – If the task was not completed on time, it will be executed as soon as possible (for example, if the computer was turned off at that time, the task will start immediately when it is turned on) …
  • If execution fails, restart after – If the task ends with an error, you can specify the time interval after which it will be restarted.You can also set the number of repeated attempts to start the task.
  • Stop a task that runs longer than – You can force a task to stop if the task takes longer than the specified time.
  • Forced stop of the task if it does not stop on request – If the task does not stop, then it will be forced to finish.
  • If the task is not scheduled to repeat, delete after – Allows you to configure the automatic deletion of a “one-time” task after some time.

Scheduler Configuration Examples

This chapter will show you several scheduling options for the configured task. All schedules run test.bat file from C: \ Scheduler. The task was first created using the wizard, and then its properties were opened in the Scheduler window.

Run daily task

The first setup example shows how to set up a task to run daily at 21:00. The simplest version of the schedule, which is created by the wizard without further adjustment.The trigger properties of the created task looks as shown in Figure 18.

Figure 18.

This schedule does not require any additional comments. The task starts every day at 21:00.

Start task every other day

This schedule differs from the previous one only in that it starts every two days.

Figure 19.

As you can see in Figure 19, the Repeat every field is set to 2 days. This will cause the task to run every two days.You can enter any value in this field.

Delayed daily task start

In this example, the task is scheduled to run daily, but its first run is postponed by 5 days.

Figure 20.

As you can see, in Figure 20, in the Additional settings, the start date of the task is set to the 30th, moreover, the task was created on the 25th. Thus, we created a task, but postponed the start of its daily launch by 10 days.

Daily launch of a task until a certain date, followed by deletion of the task from the Scheduler

With this schedule, the task runs daily until a specific date.When the last run date is reached, the task is removed from the Scheduler.

This schedule runs the task every day from July 25th to August 25th, as indicated by the Advanced Options shown in Figure 21.

Figure 21.

Figure 22 shows the settings on the “Parameters” tab, namely, that the checkbox next to the item “If the task is not scheduled to repeat, delete after” is selected and the “Immediate” value is selected. Setting this checkbox in conjunction with this parameter will result in the task being deleted from the Scheduler after the last launch.

Figure 22.

Run a task on different days of the week at different times

This example demonstrates how to configure a task launch schedule by the Scheduler on different days of the week at different times. Using the schedule shown in Figures 23 and 24, the following task is implemented. The task runs on weekdays at 8:00 pm and on weekends at 10:00 am. In the created when using the task creation wizard, the following values ​​were set to start the task on weekdays:

Figure 23.

After that, the second trigger was created, and the settings for launching on weekends were already set in it:

Figure 24.

You can create more triggers with schedules in order to more precisely configure the time of the task launch on different days, up to the creation of seven triggers to configure the schedule for the task launch at different times of each day of the week.

Run a task every minute during working hours on weekdays

This schedule runs the task every minute during a workday and only on workdays.Such a schedule will be useful for checking the presence of a file in a specific folder from the script. For example, branches every day at different times upload to ftp in the central office reports on the work done for the previous day, which should be automatically unzipped and imported by a script into the corporate database. The scheduler runs a script that checks whether a file has appeared in the specified folder, if it does, it performs the necessary actions with it, and if the file does not exist, the script ends.

Figure 25.

It should be noted that by default there are no necessary options for setting up a repeat and completion of a task; they need to be entered manually by editing the most appropriate option offered by the task scheduler.

Start task monthly

This example shows how to configure the task launch once a month. As a rule, such a frequency is needed to run scripts that analyze logs for the past month, create statistics and put the logs in the archive.

Figure 26.

The task is scheduled to start in the first minute of the new month. This is due to the fact that there can be 28, 29, 30 or 31 days in a month. In order not to create your own schedule for each month, it is more logical to perform the task on the first day of each month.

Schedules based on these examples will be able to run the task at exactly the time, as often and on those days when it is required to solve the task. The Scheduler settings are so flexible that you can create an arbitrarily complex schedule.Using the Scheduler allows you to abandon the use of utilities that may be unstable, will take up part of the system resources, or will not have the required flexibility of settings.
The next chapter will briefly describe how to test the created task to make sure that it runs smoothly for the first time.

Test run of task

It is not enough to create a task and write a program or script that will be launched by the Scheduler.It is imperative that you perform a test run of the task to make sure that the task works exactly as planned and that there are no problems when it starts. This is quite simple to do.

Right-click on the created task in the Scheduler and select Run. The task will run immediately, regardless of the schedule.

Figure 27.

If the test launch of the task is successful, the value 0x0 will appear in the “Result of the last launch” column in the main Scheduler window.This indicates that the launch of the task was successful. If the launch of the task for some reason failed, then the column “Result of the last launch” will contain a different value – 0x1. The task log can help you find out the reason for not starting a task, but before that you need to enable it. To do this, you need to find the item “Enable log of all tasks” in the right column of the Task Scheduler window.

Figure 28.

After that, you can re-run the task, and look at the log to see what happened.

Successful test runs of the task do not obviate the need for constant monitoring of the task execution. Having entered the “combat” operation of the task, do not forget to periodically view the journal and the Scheduler. A more reasonable solution is to create a log file of the task itself and open this log after its completion. For example, coming to work in the morning you will see an open editor window with a log file. This will force you to involuntarily view the result of the task, and the absence of an open window will mean problems that have arisen either when starting the task or during its execution.This will promptly fix the problem.

Managing Task Scheduler tasks over the network

It is often necessary to automatically perform certain actions on users’ computers in the local network. The administrator can manage Scheduler tasks on users’ computers remotely over the network. The account under which the Scheduler tasks will be managed must have Administrator rights on the user’s computer.
To create, modify or delete a task on a user’s computer over the network, open the “Task Scheduler”, and in the left column, right-click on “Task Scheduler (Local Computer)”.In the context menu that appears, select the “Connect to another computer …” item.

Figure 29.

After that, enter the name of the computer to which the connection will be made. If you need to use user data that is different from the local one to connect to another computer, you must check the box “Connect as another user”. At the end of entering all the data, you need to click on the “OK” button, and if everything was done correctly, a connection to the remote task scheduler will occur.

Figure 30.

After that, you can start using the remote scheduler as if it were local.

90,000 Free Monthly Meal Planner For Excel

published: 2014-01-28

For every housewife, meal planning can be a drag. Sometimes, unexpected things happen, or you just don’t have enough preparation or ingredients to prepare food according to your plan.Without a meal plan, you tend to cook whatever you think about, which leads to usually unhealthy food choices for yourself and your family.

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Friendly Layout

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Four-in-One Meal Planning Template

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  • Meal Plan – Using this tab, you can easily plan, record, view and edit your meal plan. This document contains dates, main dishes, and column servings for two side dishes.
  • Ingredients – This tab contains the ingredients needed for each dish. It is very detailed so that your measurements are accurate as it contains the quantities and units of each required ingredient.
  • Recipes – This tab contains recipes for each dish.It also has a Recipe Link where you can put a link to where you found the recipe you want to include in your meal plan and cook for your family.
  • Stores – This tab gives you a detailed list of all the ingredients you need for your month meal dignity. It has a column of each ingredient, unit and quantity. It also has a place for notes, so you can include your reminders or comments. Print this tab on your next grocery trip and you’re good to go.

This handy dandy free monthly food planner for Excel can be found at

🛍 2021 calendar and insert stickers, monthly index stickers, planner, notepad, bookmarks, schedule, decorative 2021.1-2022.6 76.53₽

Pay attention to this

1. Please be sure to include the correct address, zip code, telephone number, otherwise the parcel cannot be sent

2.If you didn’t receive the package, maybe the package from your local post office, you can take it because some places do not ship!

3. The name of some products is written down 6 pcs. or 8 pcs, but if there is one, you can only buy options, if you bought just received one, it is impossible to get 6 pcs. or 8 pieces, because the price is not the same, please be sure to see clearly before buying, because the name number is not equal to the quantity Purchase

4.If you buy 100 pcs, please contact us to change the price, we have a discount for you.

Payment and refund

1. Aliexpress will verify your payment within 24 hours, once completed, we will send the parcel as soon as possible.

2. Refunds caused by order cancellation, refund agreement, takes 7-10 business days to reach your account.

About delivery

1.All parcels will be shipped after your order within 4 days and they will be trackable.

2. After sending the parcel, it will become uncontrollable. We appreciate your patience to wait for your parcel and we estimate delivery time is 15-35 days for most countries (excluding Brazil)

3. We are not responsible for any taxes or VAT at the customs of the buyer’s country.

4. If you have not received your shipment within 50 days, please contact us.We will send you a search with a freight forwarder. If within 60 days (90 days for Brazil) you do not receive your shipment, we will refund you the full price.


1. We depend on your satisfaction to be our successful, therefore your feedback is certainly important to us.

2. If you are satisfied with our products, please leave a positive feedback and our automated feedback system will leave you positive feedback immediately.

3. If you have any questions about our products or others, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible, please don’t submit a dispute immediately, because we are friendly!

4. We wish you a happy shopping

90,000 Task Scheduler! How to remove ads in the browser Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Yandex, Explorer

In this issue, I will tell you one important thing, which I did not mention in one article on the topic “How to remove ads in the browser Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Yandex, Explorer”.If you read it, did everything step by step and you still get ads, then it’s time for you to get acquainted with Task Scheduler in Windows.

And so … One of the main opportunities for showing you ads is Task Scheduler , which is available on all Windows systems and a common user does not know about it. It works very simply, you tell it a program that needs to be launched at a certain point in time or at a certain event, and when such an event or time occurs, the program is launched by the scheduler, i.e.That is, it’s like an alarm clock, at the right time it rang, but more advanced. Now, scheduler , applications and extensions are the three main tools for displaying ads on your computer.

Unfortunately, the Hitman and Malvarebyte programs, which I talked about in the previous article, do not check the list of programs in the Scheduler, so even if you cleaned the system of malicious applications and extensions in your browser, sites with ads will open without any problems.

Let’s get down to practice and do everything step by step.

1. What needs to be done? This is to open the Task Scheduler. This is done simply: press the key combination Windows + R and in the Run window enter the command Taskschd.msc .

The Task Scheduler will open. To call the scheduler, you can use another less advanced method, for example, in Windows 7, you can select the Start menu and enter the word “ Scheduler ” in the search bar, the same can be done in Windows 8, 10, and when the found application appears, click on the scheduler …

2. When the scheduler starts, you need to collapse tab Task Status and expand tab Active Tasks .

And now the most important thing is that in active tasks you need to find the task that launches ads on your computer. There may be many tasks on the list, but don’t be alarmed, in fact, you can check them all quickly.

3. Checking the list of tasks. If you are an inexperienced user and do not know what programs are installed on your computer and which of them can be launched by the scheduler, start checking from the very first one.In my case, I know that Adobe Flash Player, Avast, Google, SafeZone Avast are standard applications that work on most computers and through them, ads are unlikely to spin. But below the task top5newsorgenor , which is launched at regular intervals, is clearly suspicious. The following task youfreenewsnetncomsm is also suspicious.

4. After the suspicious task is found, click on it and in the next window, see that our task is highlighted, go to section Actions and see what kind of action this task performs, if this action is like in my example, link to the site , then this is just the launch of sites with advertising, for example, a casino.

There is also such an option when the action launches the browser, for example, as in my case, this is the Firefox browser – this should not be either, since it makes no sense to launch the browser at a certain time. Moreover, in my case, if you look closely at the link that starts the browser, you will see that it is launched with add. parameter , namely with a link to a certain site.

If, for the sake of example, I run such a task, then the firefox browser opens and this site opens automatically, and sites on such resources can dynamically change, then the Volcano, then the girls, etc.d.

5. Now that we are convinced that it is this task that opens sites for us and shows advertisements, hover the mouse pointer over the task in column File , press the right mouse button and select the command Delete . Or it can be done through the menu on the right Selected item Delete . The job will be deleted.

6. Press the button with the arrow in the upper right corner “ Go one step back “.Now you go through the entire list of tasks in search of such links either to the browser, or to the site or to suspicious applications (but I think if you looked at the article “How to remove ads in the browser” and cleaned the system using Hitman or Malwarebytes programs, then in the system will not have applications, but the tasks may remain). Take a special look at the applications where, in the column “ Next start time ” the time is set, as well as at the column Triggers – where the task execution time is also set). Remove anything that you find suspicious, namely links to sites and browsers with add. parameters in the form of links. Do not delete tasks for updating browsers, such tasks also have links to launch the browser, but in add. parameters (that’s all after the link) do not have links to the site.

7. After clearing the list of tasks, press the button Refresh . Go over the list again. If according to assignments – everything is clean, i.e. no strange tasks, then close the Scheduler.

8. Restart your computer.

Now enjoy an ad-free Internet. And if after some time something like this appears again, do not forget about Task Scheduler and everything will be in order for your computer.

Also pay attention to the fact that if you do not clean the computer from malicious applications and extensions, but only clean the Scheduler, then this will be ineffective, because after restarting, if an application that plays ads is left on the computer, it will again register the task in The scheduler and everything will have to start over.How to remove ad applications and extensions see the previous article “How to remove ads in the browser”.

That’s all for me. Write in the comments what you got, your solutions, and this of course will make life easier for other people who are faced with a similar problem.

Thank you for your attention, I wish you all good luck and see you again.

Watch the video –

90,000 GoodNotes 5.3 Review.3 is multitasking and multiple tabs

In GoodNotes 5.3.3 review, if you want to see how amazing multitasking and multiple tabs can be on iPad OS 13, GoodNotes is pushing the boundaries with its latest update.

At this point, you probably already know about GoodNotes, a note-taking application that is specifically designed for handwritten documents. It is one of the number one note-taking apps and a consistently great program thanks to its many and striking features.

– Advertising –

Taking the best iPad OS and making it better, there is a major update alongside iPadOS 13 that takes advantage of the different support for iPadOS windows and goes for it. You can view and work in one notebook while the other is open to you. Plus, it obviously supports dark mode, which makes the whole experience with the new iPad working framework completely enjoyable.

What will you see here?


Features GoodNotes

This is specially planned as a handwriting app so that you can use your Apple Pencil or other pointer.

– Advertising –

There are a lot of paper styles, remembering lined paper for different sizes, speckled paper, frames, accounting section pages, and this is just the beginning.

There are monthly planner pages and scores. You can change the tone of the paper between white or yellow and use either a scene or a representation.

– Advertising –

There are about five dozen more laptop covers for so you can really flaunt your own style.

You can sketch for an introduction, explain your imported PDFs, and even request all of your notes – handwritten, compiled, or imported as a PDF.

You can coordinate notebooks into folders and most of all liked them, to move them to the first place on your list, where they are easier to find. Create a new folder, note, or quick note, which is a separate note on a page using default paper that you can add to a specific notebook later.

Presentation mode

You can also turn your iPad into a computerized whiteboard using Presentation Mode .

This gives you the ability to display your iPad (or iPhone) on a very large TV or screen. You can either hide the interface from others, or allow them to see everything you see. There is even a laser pointer.

When upgrading to version 5.3.3. on iPadOS 13 GoodNotes currently supports OCR validation .This way, you can quickly import paper materials into your computerized notebook. The moment you click the add button, one of the options is “Unwrap Report”, which asks for access to your camera. Then take a picture of the paper you bring. GoodNotes will check the content of the note and make it available /

Similar to iPad and iPadOS 13, you can open GoodNotes in different windows. You can open two unusual notebooks or even two similar notebooks next to each other.In addition to the third magazine, a floating tab opens.

GoodNotes 5: Multitasking for Professionals

We’re focusing on the highlights here for the iPad, on the basis that it was the iPadOS 13 update that helped make this a reality. You can drag the app from the dock to the bottom of the screen and to the side or the option to bring up the multi-window mode.

However, GoodNotes takes it a step or two by adding more ways to run multi-window on your iPad.What’s more, it works in both scene and iPad view, but on the go.

Two windows, one next to the other

You can open GoodNotes in your main toolbar and drag the notepad to the side or option to open two windows one next to the other . At this point, don’t be afraid to drag the third notebook onto the tab. The selected window will be in your style and doesn’t really look good. However, you can have three notebooks open at the same time.Indeed, you can open the same exact log in three unique windows. -All at the same wavelength, change in one window and watch your changes appear in each of the three windows.

Free Yourself OCR Scanner is absolutely essential. We started to pay my electricity bills to make sure we have an exact copy. They are fully available, so if we need to figure out which account was $ 112 a year ago, looking at it will help me find it quickly.Since they currently have an extended structure, sending duplicates to anyone for reference is not an absolute agony.

GoodNotes 5: Without brochure

An alternative is to add a bookcase that allows you to print, and it even changes depending on the quantity you enter.

This is an unusual alternative in case you need to create a notepad with images or comments, as you can control the composed content in any way you need a drawer, including duplicating the body and pasting it to another page.However, we need to make a choice when we make another notebook to be a fully composite booklet.

Complete with location options such as Notes application. We need to make labeled entries and what I can confirm.

We need headings and the ability to create tables by simply composing and choosing whatever arrangement tool we need.

GoodNotes 5: Conclusion

Not quite like three 100-sheet twisting notebooks, you can have an unlimited number of advanced journals for whatever you need.Remember to take notes for classes or meetings, proofread your books, make charts and diagrams, organize your daily activities, and more. What’s more, you just need to take one iPhone or iPad with you. Much more useful than trying to remember where you last left a notebook you used three months ago.

GoodNotes 5.3.3 Review is designed to be used as a handwriting app and works flawlessly with Apple Pencil. So using GoodNotes to quickly type notes is not a very progressive experience, which is an aspect of handwriting.If you’re expecting a notepad that works like Apple’s basic Notes application, well … you’re in the ideal situation with a basic Notes application.

With the update to iPadOS 13, you can really understand how different application windows can be transferred to iPad. We love the amazingly simple and instinctive way to open up. And change different magazines on one screen. Since GoodNotes has an OCR scanner, we are also able to monitor paper archives with an awesome authority structure.


If you want to see how amazing multitasking and multiple tabs can be on iPadOS 13.

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