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10 Aesthetic Wall Mirrors In Singapore From $12 That Are The Fairest Of Them All

Aesthetic wall mirrors in Singapore

Vain pots or not, we can hardly live without mirrors. From grooming your ‘do in the morning to slathering on your skincare routine before bed, we rely on these reflective pieces of glass to maintain our physical image throughout the day. 

Yet, apart from helping us look good, mirrors on the wall can work magic on your living space – be it making it look bigger or brighter. To dazzle up your crib and create a gorgeous backdrop for #ootd snaps fit for the ‘gram, here are 10 aesthetic wall mirrors you can get in Singapore.

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1. Wall hanging gold mirror – minimalist and geometric

Image credit: Shopee

Less is more, when it comes to minimalism – and this wall hanging gold mirror fits well into any theme with its simple yet elegant design. Its slim brass frame and matching chains add a touch of elegance to your living space. 

You can choose between hexagon-shaped or diamond-shaped pieces, or place them side by side for an asymmetric design. 

Dimensions: 24CM x 21CM (S), 27.5CM x 14CM (M), 30CM x 26CM

Price: from $11.92
Get the wall hanging gold mirror

2. Crate & Barrel Clarendon mirror – urban design

Image credits: Crate & Barrel

The eye-catching Clarendon mirror from Crate & Barrel is a statement piece that’ll jazz up your wall. Its starburst design with metallic “rays” looks like it’ll fit right into a Game of Thrones set, which adds an eclectic touch to your abode. Place it at the center right above your sofa to add some character and make the space look bigger at the same time.

Dimensions: 32CM x 32CM

Price: $383.50
Get the Crate & Barrel Clarendon mirror

3. Arch vanity mirror – European style with gold accents

Image credit: Lazada

The rustic gold accents combined with a classic arch makes the Arch vanity mirror look straight out of a Disney fairytale. To add opulence to your home and make it feel like a posh boutique hotel, place this mirror in a brightly-lit spot to add extra warmth to your space. 

Dimensions: 83CM x 43CM

Price: $127.24
Get the arch vanity mirror

4. Umbra Prisma mirror – doubles up as a tray

The Umbra Prisma mirror as a tray and as a wall mirror
Image adapted from: Hipvan

The edgy Prisma mirror from Umbra is both chic and multifunctional. Apart from its geometric interwoven metallic structure, it can be mounted as a wall mirror or placed on your coffee table as a decorative tray. Either way, it injects elegance into your home in an understated manner.

Dimensions: 56.5CM x 42. 5CM

Price: $149
Get the Umbra Prisma mirror

5. BEAUTME Mirror with lights – adjustable lighting 

Image credit: Amazon

Amp up your makeup routine with the BEAUTME mirror with lights, which’ll let you channel your inner Hollywood star on the daily. It has 15 dimmable LED light bulbs bordering it, and you can also switch between white and warm light with the touch screen toggle near the bottom.

This versatile piece also gives you the option to place it on your vanity or mount it on the wall, depending on your space requirements.

Dimensions: 55.6CM x 47 CM 

Price: $109.99
Get the BEAUTME Mirror with lights

6. BoxWoodStore Mirror jewellery organiser – chic and practical

Image credit: Etsy

Organisers are a godsend to jewellery junkies, even more so for those who’ve lost an earring or two because you’ve no proper place to place them.


Better yet when there’s a mirror attached – the BoxWoodStore Mirror jewellery organiser lets you style your look in the mirror placed right next to a customisable pegboard trinket holder. Plus, it also comes with a handy shelf that you can arrange atop pegs to house your perfume or makeup for a final touch up before you step out.

You can choose from three different tones of wood – nut brown, natural and white distressed to match the colour scheme of your room.

Dimensions: 31.75CM x 50.8CM

Price: $184.29 (Includes $21.10 shipping fee from Ukraine)
Get the mirror jewellery organiser

7. Phases of the moon mirror – Tumblr aesthetics

Adorn the plain walls above your bed or sofa in any way you’d like

Image credit: Shopee

If you dig the Tumblr aesthetic, this Phases of the moon mirror might be right up your alley. They come in sets of three or five, so you can mix and match them whichever way you want. It comes with a handy template to guide you when putting them up, so it’s easy to get them perfectly aligned and evenly spaced out.

Price: From $18.99
Get the Phases of the moon mirror

8. Peruvian round mirror – vibrant and detailed floral patterns

Image credit: Etsy

If you have a penchant for artisanal things, this Peruvian round mirror

will leave you in awe with its intricate details. The petal shaped borders are painted by hand and decorated with handmade flowers, making each piece a unique piece of art. 

These traditional cuzcaja mirrors are handcrafted by master artisans in Peru, and while shipping is on the steeper side, it’s still cheaper than a plane ticket.

As these mirrors are handmade in limited quantities, check out DECORCONTERAS’ other creations on their Etsy profile.

Dimensions: 39.8CM x 37.8CM

Price: $295.19 (Includes $91.42 shipping fee from Peru)
Get the Peruvian round mirror 

9. Rattan wall mirror – Bali resort vibes

Image credit: Shopee

Living in a HDB flat doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re residing in a posh beach resort on the daily. The rustic bound frame of the Rattan Wall Mirror channels laid back vibes, and is reminiscent of a Bali getaway – a budget option to turn your cosy pad into a seaside retreat.

Dimensions: 39.8CM x 37.8CM

Price: from $40.07
Get the rattan wall mirror

10. Urban Outfitters Marly arc wall mirror – embroidered fabric frame

Image credit: Urban Outfitters

Fabric and glass are an unexpectedly good match, as proven by Urban Outfitter’s Marly arc wall mirror. Its multi-coloured floral print embroidered on the fabric borders comes with lively pops of yellow, green and pink, which makes it an uplifting addition to your room. 

Place it directly opposite the windows to reflect the outdoors in, which will brighten up your room even more!

Dimensions: 18CM x 21CM

Price: $145
Get the Urban Outfitters Marly arc wall mirror

Getting aesthetic wall mirrors in Singapore

The good old mirror might be the secret ingredient to take any home interior up a notch. Not only are mirrors practical, they’re great for beautifying bare walls, reflecting light in and creating the illusion of a larger space. From vintage, minimalist to modern designs, you’re bound to find a fitting wall mirror to have your home looking

tres chic

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Cover image adapted from: Shopee, Etsy,  Urban Outfitters


Everyone Is Buying Mirrors Right Now—But Why?

2020 was the year our appearances mattered the least. There were no parties to go to, no fancy dinners, no 500-person weddings. Yet, ironically, mirror interest skyrocketed. CB2 reported that mirrors were their most-searched home product, with over 4 million inquiries. 1stDibs saw a double digit increase in mirror searches overall, and a triple digit increase for one in particular: the “Ultrafragola” designed by Ettore Sottsass for Poltronova. (Celebrity owners include Lena Dunham and Bella Hadid.) Meanwhile, New York Design Center says they, too, have “seen an uptick in mirror sales” at their brick-and-mortar outpost, The Gallery at 200 Lex.

The question is, why? Are we masochists who like to gaze upon our unkempt, sweatpant-clad reflection? Are we so vain that we needed “selfie mirrors” to keep our Instagram content flowing? Turns out, we were buying mirrors not because we wanted to look at something—we bought them because we wanted to look away.

For so many of us, life was once spent in several other locations besides our residences: the office, the car, a neighborhood restaurant, a family or friend’s place. But the pandemic shut everything down, rendering us homebound. Suddenly, we were, quite literally and constantly, staring at our walls for months on end. And their blankness began to bug us.

So how to fill them? Art, sure—but art can be intimidating to pick out, and expensive. Mirrors, however, are a simple yet effective way to fill the void. “Mirrors are an accessible and foolproof way to fill in wall space without having to put too much creative energy behind it,” CB2’s product development lead, Andrea Erman, tells Vogue.

Accordingly, it’s not the plain-framed, rectangular wall mirrors that are trending. Rather, it’s more decorative ones that double as aesthetic accents. “They’re statement pieces,” Erman explains. Emily B. Collins, the director of New York Design Center’s The Gallery at 200 Lex, agrees: “Most people that shop The Gallery at 200 Lex aren’t necessarily looking for mirrors to check their reflection or do their makeup in, but to instead act as an alternative to art.”

It’s an interesting return to the mirror’s historical purpose—to reflect the sun, rather than human faces. “Many of the mirrors we sell, from carved 18th century rococo examples to Francois Lembo’s mid-century modern mirrors with rich enamel and hammer decoration, were designed primarily to reflect light,” says Collins. “So as consumers and designers alike have focused more on the appearance of home in the past year, we’ve seen an uptick in mirror sales that reflect the trend antique mirrors were originally designed for—to brighten a space.

But how do you pick a mirror that meets your room’s needs? Justina Blakeney, lifestyle expert and founder of Jungalow, says that first, you need to figure out its intended functionality. Room feeling too boxy or square? “A floor-length mirror with an arched top can add architectural interest to your space, as it may feel like you’ve added an arched doorway to the room.”

For the cramped apartment dwellers, here’s what she recommends: “If you’re using a mirror to make a space brighter, hang it opposite a window. If you’re using a mirror to make a room feel larger, think about a large-scale mirror that echoes the shape of the room, hang it at eye-level and watch as your room seems to double in size.”

And then there’s the problem that plagues so many of us—the too-blank wall: “If your room is lacking in personality and needs a little somethin’ something’, an ornate or highly decorative mirror can add a lot of flair without making your space feel busy,” she says.

Below, shop a curated selection of our 15 favorite mirrors.

Anthropologie gleaming primrose mirror

CB2 Legato marble oval floor mirror

Amara ripple lacquer mirror

West Elm mid-century dowel mirror

Ecozuper Irregular shape mirror wooden base

Pottery Barn daisy metal wall mirror

Raawii Duplum round ceramic mirror

House of Hackney Serpentis mirror

Coming Soon cilinder mirror

Luna 2 half-moon frameless mirror

Regina Andrew chantal mother of pearl mirror

Rubinacci Napoli attraverso arched mirror by Gumdesign

Seletti tongue print mirror

Toddler died from head injury after mirror in Jewel Changi Airport shop fell on her: Coroner

SINGAPORE: A toddler died from a head injury due to trauma after a mirror fell on her in a Jewel Changi Airport shop, a coroner has ruled.

In findings released on Tuesday (Apr 21), State Coroner Kamala Ponnampalam said there was no basis to suspect foul play in the death of 18-month-old Lai Jiaxin, and that it was case of a tragic misadventure.

The Chinese national had come to Singapore with her family and family friends for a holiday and were waiting at the airport for their flight back to Fujian, China when they went shopping.

While at retail shop Urban Revivo on Aug 23, 2019, Jiaxin’s mother Madam Lai Dongmei went to the fitting room, leaving Jiaxin and her six-year-old brother in the care of their grandmother.

Jiaxin’s grandmother and the grandmother of two other children were browsing through clothes racks while keeping an eye on the children, who were playing and running around the store, the court heard.

Jiaxin’s brother and the son of Mdm Lai’s friend squeezed into a small gap behind a 166kg mirror. Jiaxin was standing in front of the mirror when one of the boys squeezed out from behind it.

The mirror fell and crushed Jiaxin. Her mother heard shouts and ran out of the fitting room to see Jiaxin’s grandmother helping to lift the standing mirror off the toddler, who was bleeding profusely.

Jiaxin was taken to hospital but found to be unresponsive, with copious bleeding and no pulse. She was pronounced dead later that day after more than an hour of resuscitation attempts.

READ: Jewel Changi Airport toddler death: Mirror fell when two boys squeezed out from behind it, crushing girl

An autopsy certified her cause of death as a head injury due to trauma from the mirror falling on her.

Mdm Lai said she accepts that her daughter’s demise was the result of an accident and does not blame anyone, said the coroner.

Jiaxin’s grandmother said she had tried to carry and hold onto Jiaxin while the other children ran around the store, but Jiaxin refused to be held.

She said the other grandmother had cautioned the kids not to play near the mirror, but the next thing she heard was a loud thud and the mirror lying on top of her granddaughter.

A report jointly prepared by Urban Revivo and the manufacturer of the mirror stated that the mirror’s design was approved and a prototype was tested for safety and stability.

The mirror was assessed to fall forward only if a person used intentional or excessive force to push it forward, or if it was shaken from the top.

The prototype was found to be slightly unstable when shaken from the top, so its height was increased to 1.99m, taller than the average adult, so that it was unlikely for a person to push the mirror over from the top. A brace bracket was added to the back support to enhance the stability of the mirror. 


Urban Revivo’s chief legal officer Lucas Xu said that the mirror was constructed “based on the behaviour of the reasonable customer who was not expected to squeeze through the gaps behind the mirror”. 

The mirror was 1.99m high, 0.6m wide and was tilted at an 85 degree angle, he said, adding that the mirror weighed 166.5kg and was designed without any bolting or fixing to the ground.

He said that this was because the layout of the store needed to be changed regularly, and that the mirror was created specifically for the Jewel Changi Airport store and that it was unique to that store.

According to Mr Xu, Urban Revivo had consulted with design experts from South Korea on store design and the design company had carried out “several rounds of review” about fixtures, including the mirror.  

He added that the mirror, designed by a team based in Guangzhou, China, had gone through various rounds of internal vetting before it was produced.

Mr Xu told the court the design team had considered the safety aspects of the free standing mirror and that there were no reports of any incidents involving the mirror before Jiaxin’s death.

Brand general manager Tan See Ling said the store later conducted risk assessments at its Singapore stores and implemented several measures to improve store safety.

These include: Removing all free-standing mirrors from the stores, screwing down and reinforcing mirrors required for operations, sanding down table edges and rearranging clothes railings to eliminate gaps and prevent children from playing around them.

Staff are also now required to be alert and look out for children who are roaming freely in the stores, and to speak to parents immediately if their children are spotted behaving inappropriately or left unattended.

Training for the new safety checklist has also been provided, with periodic audit checks.

“In the circumstances, I find Lai Jiaxin’s demise to be a tragic misadventure,” said the coroner. “Having stated my findings, I wish to convey my condolences to her family for their sad loss.”

Toddler dies after standing mirror falls on her in fashion store at Jewel Changi Airport, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – An 18-month-old toddler died in hospital on Friday (Aug 23) after a standing mirror fell on her inside fashion store Urban Revivo at Jewel Changi Airport.

A spokesman for Jewel Changi Airport said that the accident had occurred because a full-length mirror in the store had fallen and injured the child.

Staff on-site administered first aid to the child while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

“We are working closely with the tenant to ascertain the details of the incident,” said the spokesman. “Out of respect for the privacy of the family, we are unable to comment further. ” 

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said they responded to a medical incident at 78 Airport Boulevard at 12.33pm on Friday. Police said the child was unconscious when she was taken to Changi General Hospital, where she was subsequently pronounced dead.

Police are investigating the unnatural death.

Urban Revivo told The Straits Times it was “deeply saddened by the tragic accident” and that it was assisting the police with its investigations.

Both the store and Jewel Changi Airport said they were in contact with the family of the child and supporting them through the difficult time.

Pictures taken after the accident show the store was cordoned off and a sign was put up to inform customers it was “closed for stock take”. ST PHOTO: ARIFFIN JAMAR

According to Chinese-language newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, the child’s family, believed to be tourists from China, collected her body from the morgue on Saturday morning, accompanied by Jewel staff.

Pictures taken after the accident show the store was cordoned off and a sign was put up to inform customers it was “closed for stock take”.

Shin Min Daily News reported that witnesses at the mall saw staff from the store asking nearby shops for ice to apply first aid for the toddler after the accident.

According to its website, Urban Revivo is a Chinese fashion clothing store founded in 2006, with 200 stores in China and across the world, including Europe, North America and Japan.

The store has three outlets in Singapore, including Jewel Changi Airport, Plaza Singapura and Raffles City.

Several incidents have been reported at Jewel Changi Airport since it opened its doors in April, although most of them involved only minor injuries.

2-Year-Old Dies After A Mirror Falls On Her At A Shoe Store

What was supposed to be a simple family trip to a shoe shop turned into a nightmare resulting in the death of a little girl. A 2-year-old dies after a mirror reportedly falls on her at a Payless shoe store in Georgia, USA. The horrific incident occurred on Friday when the toddler, identified as Ifrah Siddique, went to visit the store with her family. 

A 2-year-old dies but nobody knows exactly how

While it isn’t clear as to how the wall-mounted mirror fell over her, authorities were called at 8pm only after a neighbouring store worker heard the crash and came to the store to check.

Latisha Culpatrick, an employee at the Metro PCS, told Fox 5, “I could hear the crash and the mom screaming. Everybody was crowded around the door. It’s just tragic.”

Soon after the tragic incident, Payless told TIME:

“Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of Ifrah Siddique during this time of incredible loss. We are devastated by this tragic event and are fully cooperating with authorities to research and understand the nature of this accident. Out of respect for the family, no further information will be provided at this time.”

Since the case is with the police at the moment, not much is being shared with the media. Our hearts go out to the devastated family at their tragic loss. 

However, the case does highlight the need for parents to be more vigilant and for stores to be more child-friendly.

5 things to remember while shopping with kids

If you are a parent and often take your kid out for shopping, here are a few things you may need to bear in the mind in the future. 

1. Prepare beforehand

Prepare your shopping list beforehand. Always plan to buy what you need first. Get your wants later based on your child’s mood and the time available. It also helps if you discuss a few safety instructions with them.

You can tell them that they are expected to follow a few basic instructions. You can begin with “I expect you to sit in the stroller while I push,” or “Stay close to me,” or even “We walk, not run, in the store.”

2. Choose a time when the child is well-fed and rested

Do not go shopping when your child is cranky or hungry. He may choose to exhibit signs of both while you are shopping, and throw a mega tantrum. So just to avoid any handling problems, make sure you feed your child well before stepping out, and that he is well-rested. 

If it’s not possible, try to find a baby sitter or go another time. 

3. Allow your child’s participation

In order to keep your kid close, you can ask them to participate in the shopping. Ask them for their opinion and even perhaps let them choose a few things. 

Giving kids a chance to choose and have a say in decision-making helps them feel competent and powerful. Most importantly, it engages their mind and distracts them from naughty activities. 

4. Keep a close eye on your kid

You cannot let your child run amok in a store, even if it’s a toy store. So make sure you have your kid in your line of sight at all times. Ask them to hold hands, if possible. And if they want to check out something in the store, they should let you know. 

If you get separated, head to the security guard or the store manager for help. 


Take a few minutes to tend to your kid

Once you are done shopping, ask your child about his or her experience. You can also encourage him to help you with the items.

And most importantly, if your child is thirsty or hungry, tend to his or her immediate needs before you go anywhere else. 


Sources: ACJ, Yahoo, Fox 5

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5 Best Vanity Mirror With Lights in Singapore (2021)

The finest vanity mirrors with lights offer enough light, double-sided reflection, a charging outlet, flexibility, ease of installation, and angle limits that may be adjusted.

Beauty, looks, memories and attractive selfies all depend on the makeup you have done before the function or get-togethers. A perfect makeup makes you prominent and beautiful among others. It keeps your confidence high, keeps a smile on your face and makes you special during partying. No one neglects the importance of makeup and good looks!

Makeup lighting mirrors play a significant role in your beauty and outlooks. You can get a lot more attention if you look good during meetings. It all depends on how much sufficient time you have given time to your makeup. Of course a vanity mirror with lights will help you in your admirable looks.

Choosing the right vanity mirror with lights

A vanity mirror ensures clear, smooth, well-lit reflection and flawless application of makeup cream and mascara on your face. It also enlightens your facial skin and brightens it so that you can easily see the features and spots of your face and remove them. Either you have to shape your eyebrows, comb your hair, apply lashes or eyeliners, sharpen your lipstick or adjust your tie, the vanity mirrors will help you a lot.

The best vanity mirrors have sufficient brightness, double side reflection, charging port, flexibility, easy installation and adjustable angle limits. Here we have summarized the 5 best lighted beauty mirrors for you to keep your makeup sessions at the next level.


Homenhome Make-up Mirror with Light

Image from Lazada
SpecificationsBrand: Homenhome
Model: D7477
Weight: 365g-420g
Material: PP+Glass
Colors Availability: White and Pink
FeaturesHigh resolution effect
Adjustable brightness
Touchable adjustment switch
Strong anti-drop capabilities
Bottom tray – hold makeup items
Rotate at 90° angle


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable lightning feature


  • Limited color availability

Homenhome makeup mirror with light rotates at 90 degree angle and provides you ease while you are hurrying. If your tabletop is busy you can easily shift the mirror to another place as per your suitability. Its lightweight features make it user friendly and one can place phone, keys, makeup tools and small stationery items on the bottom tray.

The high resolution quality and adjustable brightness will keep you easy when you are applying cream, mascara or lipstick. You can increase the brightness if you feel darkness in the room.


Tweezerman LED 15X Mini Mirror

SpecificationsBrand: Tweezerman
Manufacturer: Fab Troducts
Shape: Round
Weight: 0.3 Pounds
Material: Stainless Steel
Colors Availability: White and Pink
Dimensions (LxWxH): 3.4 x 1 x 4.1 inches
Diameter: 09 cm
FeaturesClear edges
Travelling companion
15X mini magnification
Four LR1130 cell batteries required
Suction cups attached


  • Clear magnification
  • No distortion
  • Easy ON/OFF light switch

The Tweezerman LED 15X Mini Mirror is one of the best mirrors for perfect tweezing, makeup and contacts applications. The mirror attachment is recommended at cool and dry places for best resolution effects. The lightweight small size mirror is the best travel companion if you are planning to go outside. Its suction cups allow the user for clean, flexible and effortless usage.

The LED 15X mirror easily fit in the bag and the stainless steel manufacturing material makes its frame strong enough to avoid breakage. Precise tweezing and finest hair removal also possible by the optimum use of LED 15X.


Baseus Delicate Queen Car Touch Up Mirror with Light

SpecificationsInput: 5V
Height: 8.3 inch large
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Features4K silver plated mirror
Clip-on installation
Stepless dimming
One month use after one time battery charge


  • Universal for all car models
  • Flexible retraction and extension
  • High capacity power storage


  • Only gray color availability
  • No suspension
  • Multiple gears – difficult to handle

Baseus Car Interior Mirror is especially designed for female car owners. The mirror cares for your beauty at every step you need i.e. before an interview, office meeting, official meetups or hangout with boyfriend. Baseus car interior mirror give you a clear image before leaving for any function and correct your looks as per function needs.

A compulsory part of your car and take care of beauty. No need to worry about frequent charging as Baseus car interior mirror provides sufficient battery backup and storage for a long time. There is no external light influence i.e. daylight, soft or natural light.


CkeyiN LED Double Sides Makeup Mirror     

SpecificationsBrand: Ckeyin
Model: F-MA065
Material: ABS, aluminizing glass
Power Supply: Rechargeable USB
LED beads: 60
Voltage: DC 5V/2A
User Time: 02 hours
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh lithium battery
Charging Time: 03-04 hours
Charging Indicator: Red light
USB Cable Length: 99cm
Mirror Diameter: 17cm (front), 9. 3cm (back)
Features03 brightness gears
Rechargeable USB with cable
1x / 7x magnification – double-sided mirror
Base tray for holding small makeup items


  • Suitable for both, bedroom and bathroom
  • Adjustable angle for personal use

The CkeyiN LED Double Sided Makeup Mirror works as advertised and has sufficient battery timing with a USB port. Charge your mirror as per use and place it at any corner of your room, either balcony, dressing room or bathroom. The USB cable has a good length to approach the mirror for charging.

The red light indicator shows that now the charging is full or low so you can meet its energy needs. Its base tray will help you to place the makeup tool kit while you are getting ready.


NiceEshop Makeup Mirror Light

 Specifications  Brand: niceeshop
Model: niceEshop
Bulbs Diameter: 1. 7 inch.
Tape: 03 M double sided
USB Supply: 5V/2A
Features10  dimmable LED mirror light bulbs kit
Flexible light string length
03 color modes available
Safe and multipurpose USB supply


  • Widely applicable
  • Safe to use
  • Easy installation
  • Low price


  • Sometimes tape sickness issue may arise

Best grade smooth and glassy bulbs are included in the package, when glows enlighten your facial features to make your makeup attractive and charming. The bulbs are nicely designed and make strong adhesiveness without causing any disturbance. The natural white light produced from the bulbs that makes your everyday look like celebrities. You can also adjust the light modes as per your makeup taste i.e. daylight white, middle white or warm white.

The best copper wires are attached with a bulb to make them durable and you can adjust them at the sides. Make your tabletop more spacious, neat and clean with proper wire adjustments. You don’t need any installation tools for fixing the NiceEshop Makeup Mirror Light. A perfect product for makeup and plucking eyebrows.

To conclude, the best vanity mirror lights are enlisted that you need to improve your beauty, looks, makeup and confidence. Pick one to make you a perfectionist among others. You’ll fall in love with yourself when folks admire you day by day. It’s all possible with the purchase of the best product suited to your needs for your glamorous look.

Have you tried any of the above-mentioned products? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

Perhaps you’re planning a house remodeling. For more organizing inspiration, see our reviews of the best clothing rack in Singapore and the best shoe organizers in Singapore.

Have a fantastic makeup experience!

90,000 What to see and do in Jewel at Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is a ten-time Skytrax World Airport Champion. In 2019, it will reach new heights: with the opening of the fantastic shopping and entertainment complex Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel), Singapore airport will enter an unattainable orbit. See why!

In collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board and Singapore Changi Airport.

It is impossible to watch this video about Jewel in Singapore and not want to see all this beauty live.

What is Jewel Changi Airport and why you need to visit it at least once in your life

Jewel Changi Airport, or Jewel Changi Airport, is a new shopping and entertainment complex at Singapore Changi Airport, opened on April 17, 2019. It was erected on the site of a former car park opposite Terminal 1. From Terminals 2 and 3 to the Jewel complex, you can easily go via air-conditioned travelator bridges.

Famous architect Moshe Safdie worked on the spectacular facade of the Jewel complex.You probably know him from his world-famous work: he designed the Marina Bay Sands complex in Singapore, the brutalist residential complex Habitat 67 in Montreal and several buildings of the Yad Vashem memorial in Jerusalem.

New shopping and entertainment complex Jewel Changi Airport

The most interesting in the Singapore Jewel complex in Changi

The Jewel Changi Airport space includes not only numerous shops, IMAX cinemas, cafes and restaurants with cuisines of different nations.This is something much more: inside there was a place for parks, gardens, attractions and even unique art objects that you would rather expect to see in a fashionable contemporary art gallery than on the territory of the airport.

Jewel Changi Airport does more than just expand the capabilities of existing air harbor terminals. This is a new cultural and leisure space where nature, shopping and entertainment are organically intertwined. Here are seven good reasons to visit Changi’s Gem on your visit to Singapore.

The dining area of ​​the Jewel complex with a transparent ceiling

Visit the Jewel cafes and restaurants

Complete List of Restaurants at Jewel Changi Airport

Several hundred cafes, restaurants and bistros are located on the vast territory of the new Singapore complex at Changi Airport. And if you think Chinese cuisine is predominant there, prepare to be surprised.

At Changi Airport’s Gem, you can easily find popular fast food like KFC and Burger King, Tiger Street Lab corner with Singapore craft beer, New York fast food restaurant Shake Shack, halal establishments and fine European patisseries.

Whatever cuisine you like – Japanese, Italian, Scandinavian, Indian, but at least Peruvian! – you will definitely not leave the dining area of ​​Jewel Changi Airport hungry or unhappy.

The new Jewel complex at Singapore Changi Airport is the perfect place to shop.

Shop at Jewel Stores

All shops and boutiques in Jewel Changi Airport

In the shopping area of ​​the Jewel complex there are already under two hundred shops of famous Singaporean and world brands of fashionable clothes, shoes, sports equipment, accessories, gadgets, watches, cosmetics, gifts and gourmet sweets.

Brand boutiques here are, for example, Nike, Adidas, Apple, Hugo Boss, Marks & Spencer, Muji, Zara, Calvin Klein Jeans, Furla and Uniqlo. The legendary Swiss factory Läderach opened its chocolate shop. In addition, Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport has the first Pokémon Center outside of Japan.

Experience the art at Jewel

All art installations at Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore

Walking through the Jewel complex, it is easy to feel yourself inside an art gallery from the future.

You look in one direction – there, day and night, thousands of crystals shimmer with Andy Cao and Javier Perrault’s installation Crystal Clouds.

In another – Ang Tou’s “Grains of Thought” are floating in the air. This Singaporean artist has long been famous for her works that require thoughtful contemplation. The simple shapes of huge rice grains suspended from the ceiling make you slow down and feel peace.

Hedge Maze in the Canopy Park inside the Jewel complex

Relax in the fabulous park under the dome

Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport

💎 Hover in the air on a tall Canopy Bridge with a transparent floor.

💎 Get out of the green Hedge Maze.

💎 Explore swaying trails 25 meters above the ground.

💎 Have fun in the Mirror Maze.

💎 Take a selfie with a harmless orangutan in the Topiary Walk garden.

💎 Get drunk without wine in the blooming Petal Garden.

💎 Ride Discovery Slides (even art objects in Jewel are interactive!)

💎 Take a look at the panorama from the observation deck.

Sky Nets walking net in Canopy Park

We have just started to list how to have fun in Canopy Park. Come yourself to this fabulous park from June 10, 2019 and make sure that you can stay here for a week – and the entertainment will not end.

The Jewel complex is one step from fashion boutiques to a natural park. Therefore, you do not need to choose one thing: rest in the new complex of Changi Airport will delight both the shopaholic, and the gourmet, and the child, and the connoisseur of nature, and the art lover within you.

11 reasons to believe in the miracle of Singapore

An extraordinary artificial Rain Vortex waterfall in the Jewel complex

Admire the “Rain Maelstrom”

Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport

The 40-meter Rain Vortex is the tallest man-made indoor waterfall in history. You can admire the “Rain Maelstrom” both day and night. Imagine only: the sun’s rays make their way through powerful jets and bloom like a rainbow – the spectacle is mesmerizing and strongly resembles shots from the “Avatar” in reality.

And in the evenings, the water column becomes the stage for a stunning light and music show from the Californian design studio WET Design. When you look at this incredible waterfall in neon lights, you completely cease to believe in the reality of what is happening.

Shiseido Forest Valley at Jewel Complex at Singapore Changi Airport

Walk in Forest Valley Shiseido

Shiseido Forest Valley at Jewel Changi Airport

You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Jewel complex overlooking the five-level picturesque “Forest Valley”. Even more interesting is to explore all its meadows on foot and admire the delightful waterfall from the hill.

Forest Valley is a veritable oasis of greenery in the heart of the world’s best air hub: right from the plane’s ramp, you are transported into the realm of nature. Moreover, gastronomic pleasures and other benefits of civilization are also just around the corner.

The Shiseido Forest Valley has about 2,500 trees and one of the most extensive collections of plants from around the world in the country.Perhaps the deepest feeling here is that Singapore has a well-deserved nickname “garden city”.

Aerial view of Jewel Changi Airport shopping and entertainment complex

Relax in a luxury hotel

Hotel YOTEL AIR Singapore Airport Changi

The Jewel complex has its own YOTEL AIR, where it is convenient to both refresh in the shower after a long flight and spend the night in comfortable conditions. It even has its own fitness center, which is available at any time every day.

Rooms at this quirky hotel are modern cabins with rollaway beds, pull-out work desk, private shower room, TV and super-fast Wi-Fi.

The reception at the Singapore air hotel YOTEL AIR Jewel is open around the clock – even if you arrive at 2 am, you will be greeted kindly.

Read what to do at Singapore Changi Airport when transferring

90,000 Singapore taste, color and design

The first shopping mall opens in Singapore, featuring only local brands.

The city-state’s main shopping street, Orchard Road, now sells more than sixty Singaporean brands, all housed in the Shop Design Orchard, which opened earlier this year. The new mall features fashionable apparel, cosmetics, accessories and home furnishings by talented Singaporean designers. The mall is run by the Singapore-based retailer Naiise, well known to shopaholics for its exclusive pop-up products and the longstanding support of Singaporean designers and their creative ideas.

Visitors to Design Orchard will enjoy themed events throughout the year dedicated to culture and arts, crafts, fashion and fitness, master classes from local designers and artists, and new collection shows.

Thus, a series of master classes will be opened by the Modern Gold workshop, addressed to jewelry lovers, and exhibitions of traditional fabrics will be held from April to May: visitors will be able to learn the secrets of the mastery of the Javanese batik pattern at a master class organized by local designers.

Like much of Singapore, Orchard Road is the hub of the latest technology, with interactive mirrors and automatic showcases in the mall, which give the visitor all information about a product or related offerings with one touch.

The Missing Piece is one of the more original designer clothing brands in the mall. Its founders have given new life to the traditional Chinese qipao dress, which in their interpretation is suitable not only for the national holiday, but also for everyday wear. Lovers of minimalism and freedom of movement will appreciate the WEEKEND SUNDRIES store – it presents women’s clothing created specifically for the humid climate of Singapore from high-quality Japanese fabrics. In addition, in the mall you can buy women’s clothing from such brands as David’s Daughter, Dotted Line, Esse, GINLEE Studio, KNITS, MATTER, QLOTHE, Rye. For unisex fashionistas there is Depression and Wet Tee Shirt, kids will love Chubby Chubby’s quirky graphic prints, and XOXOJOY offers matching outfits for all family members.

Of course, accessories should not be forgotten. Pew Pew Patches brand has colorful stripes fashionable nowadays among the young generation, incredible shawls in the Asian batik style – in Binary Style and Martha Who. And lovers of jewelry of voluminous and complex shapes should try on “wearable sculptures” from IVONOVI. Cosmetics cannot be ignored either – as you know, in Asia they know a lot about it, and Singapore is no exception in this sense. One of the greenest local cosmetics brands, RE: ERTH, is an anti-cruelty-free animal-based cosmetics brand exclusively in Singapore.Its effectiveness has been proven by research conducted by the best universities in the world, including Oxford, Stockholm and Kindai University. The world’s first premium cosmetics brand inspired by traditional Peranakan beauty rituals is PERA Skincare. For example, Bedak Sejuk Powder contains rice and pandanus leaves to soothe skin and prevent inflammation. Another cosmetics manufacturer that pays tribute to tradition is ANIA; its products are inspired by the ancient beauty secrets of the peoples of Africa, and the local perfumery brand with the self-explanatory name Singapore Memories has updated Singapore vintage perfumes.Especially for Design Orchard, All Senses has developed a special perfume: a cool and calm floral scent with notes of white patchouli and local spices, cardamom and nutmeg, based on soft aromas of resin, light wood and velvet musk.

Plain Vanilla Home will help you create your dream interior. This brand has an interesting history – its founders first opened a chain of bakeries that became incredibly popular in Singapore, and only then they got an interior store selling beautiful baskets, ceramics, marble tables.You can take away bright and colorful images of Singapore with you not only in memory, but also on pillows, coasters, clutches and other accessories from Photo Phactory and The Little Red Box stores, whose products are inspired by Singapore of the past and present. Design Orchard has a variety of food corners and food boutiques for those who are hungry while shopping: the same Plain Vanilla bakery, Benns Chocolate confectionery boutique, JEWELS with sugar sticks in a variety of flavors, including the famous “Singapore Sling” and Chinese date, Monogram Tea and Sucre tea boutiques and much more.

Maria Zhelikhovskaya

90,000 Best Hotels in the World: Raffles, Singapore

In Ryu Murakami’s The Raffles Hotel, Singapore’s most famous hotel is portrayed as a mystical place where human destinies intertwine, European and Asian cultures make love, and reality itself is bursting at the seams. So you know: Murakami’s novel can be considered documentary.

Take, for example, the interweaving of cultures. One of the best hotels in the world was founded in 1887 by four Armenian business brothers Aviet, Arshak, Martin and Tigran Sargsyan by order of the Arab entrepreneur and philanthropist Syed Mohammad Alsagoff.And it is named after the “father of Singapore” Sir Stamford Raffles, the son of an Englishman and a Dutch woman.

Roman “Hotel Raffles” by Ryu Murakami

A prominent British colonial official founded Singapore in 1819 to conduct trade with China through the port, create a transit point on the sea route from India to Great Britain and, most importantly, wipe the nose of the Dutch who claimed to the same lands. Singapore was bought from local residents for not so much money, and in order to give legitimacy to the deal, the wise Raffles established a whole sultanate on the island and adjacent islets, which later joined the British Empire.

In this whole international adventure, the locals were the least similar to the beneficiaries, and the history of the Raffles colonial monument is also a lot about that. Until the 1930s, Malays and Chinese were strictly not allowed to rent rooms in the hotel – otherwise they could shock with their existence aristocrats from all over the Empire, who were drawn like a magnet to the “banana-lemon Singapore”. Subsequently, the ban was lifted, but the locals did not get any easier: the financial crisis that began in America forced the hotel’s management to declare bankruptcy.Before World War II, the hotel opened briefly, but in 1942 the city was occupied by the Japanese, and Raffles was turned into a prisoner of war transit prison. By the way, none of the guests believed that the invincible British army would cede the city to the descendants of the samurai: when the invaders broke into the hotel lobby, his guests were dancing a waltz as if nothing had happened.

The best hotels in the world: Raffles, Singapore

After the expulsion of the occupiers, Singapore gradually began to expand its autonomous rights (up to full independence from Great Britain and the Malaysian Federation, recognized in 1965), and Raffles flourished with its young country.For many years now, it has persistently occupied the top lines of all the ratings of the most luxurious hotels in the world, and there is no reason to think that its hegemony will ever be shaken.

Stamford Raffles

On the contrary, the further the world globalizes, the more valuable the colonial architecture and antique Raffles rooms become.

The hotel understands this pattern and carefully cultivates its status as a cultural monument (recognized, by the way, at the state level). It has its own museum, for the sake of which artifacts related to Raffles have been collected from all over the world: photographs, restaurant dinner bills, postcards, letters, silverware and Chinese porcelain.

There are private rooms of famous guests – Ava Gardner, Charlie Chaplin, Somerset Maugham and other great creators. And the famous Long Bar, where the equally famous Singapore Sling cocktail was invented, keeps memories of the evenings when Ernest Hemingway, Rudyard Kipling and Alexander Vertinsky drank here.

With the departure of the British, freedom breathed in the corridors of Raffles, but the footsteps of writers and actors ceased to sound. The last, apart from the film based on the novel by Murakami, the mention of the hotel in popular culture is an episode from the computer game Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, in which Raffles is used as a backdrop for a bloody battle between the Japanese and allies.I would like to believe that this is not the final role of Sir Raffles.

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Feng Shui Mirror: Secrets of the Eastern Tradition

Feng Shui mirror is a symbol of family well-being , health and wealth.Residents of eastern countries firmly believe that strictly following the canons of the ancient teaching on the influence of mysterious earthly forces on human life, one can quickly reach the apogee of success and happiness. Therefore, the multibillion-dollar people of the Celestial Empire attach particular importance to the location of the feng shui mirror in the apartment.

Do you want to become rich, but luck doesn’t want to smile at you? Do you want to be happy, but something constantly bothers you? Perhaps the whole reason is in the wrong placement of mirrors in the house, which direct all the positive Chi energy in the opposite direction from you.WESTWING will correct this incident, improve your life as much as possible, tell you about feng shui philosophy and the rules for choosing the ideal places for placing a mirror in an apartment.

Feng Shui Mysteries: Magical Abilities of Mirrors

Since ancient times, psychics have used mirrors to predict the fate of people. During Christmas time, the girls peered into the depths of the mirror surfaces, looking out there for their betrothed, costumed suitors. Magicians made talismans from mirrors, which were recommended to be worn by everyone who wants to protect themselves from the negative energy of the environment.The Chinese have always used this magical item as a home amulet , capable of charging with positive energy, cementing the bonds of marriage, increasing income, and healing from various ailments.

The magnetic attraction of all that is good, emanating from people, objects, natural elements, landscapes, animals, is the main ability of mirror objects in Feng Shui. The arrangement of the mirrors should be such that the positive energy of Qi does not escape through the window, door, sewer, but rushes towards the head of the family, the keeper of the hearth, heirs and other household members.Therefore, in no case should mirrors be placed in front of doors, stairs, restroom or bathroom, if you strictly follow the rules of feng shui. Mirrors in the apartment – accumulator of negative and positive energy . Therefore, after the arrival of guests, be sure to wipe this decor item. Thus, you will protect yourself and your family from the negative message of unfriendly people.

Feng Shui Canon: Choosing the Ideal Place in the Hallway to Place Mirror

It is difficult to imagine a hallway without a dressing table, hangers and a mirror.It is here that the final touches of makeup are applied, the image is supplemented with various accessories, and the process of collecting things before going outside ends. Therefore, it is so important to see the reflection in full growth, to be able to notice any flaws in the mirror image of your appearance.

The philosophical science of the great balance of feng shui says: the most appropriate place to place such a vital object as a mirror is one of the parallel walls of the hallway.The main thing is that the opposite wall is visible in its reflection. Thus, the Qi energy will be in a hopeless impasse, draw an influx of all the best from the street, constantly charge you with excellent mood, chastity, health and good luck .

The lion’s share of the population of China, Singapore, Hong Kong lives in prosperity and does not need anything. You may be surprised, but most of these lucky ones are not darlings of fate. They not only follow the tenets of the ancient science of home improvement, but also build feng shui houses.The mirror in the hallway, the bed in the bedroom, the dining table in the kitchen are located strictly according to the rules established by this science. The only exception can be the choice of a place to place a family portrait.

Feng Shui Postulates: Choosing a Place to Place a Mirror in the Bedroom

All fans of feng shui know that the bedroom is home shrine . New lives are born here, energy costs are replenished, therefore, without fail, a pacifying atmosphere should dominate in this room.A stranger should not step here, so you should not invite anyone into the bedroom except your husband or beloved boyfriend with whom you are in close and trusting relationship.

Most adherents of the ancient teachings do not hang a mirror in the bedroom. Feng Shui does not welcome stretch ceilings and mirrored objects in the intimate area of ​​the rest room. If you still want to equip a boudoir in one of the corners of the bedroom, arrange a console table in a duet with a mirror, then you need to do this in such a way that the bed is not visible in the reflection.If this cannot be done, then a cover for the glass sheet should be sewn, which must be put on after the process of applying or washing off the makeup is completed.

Neglect of this canon of feng shui can lead to betrayal and separation of the strongest family. Therefore, if you value your relationship with your beloved, then listen to the philosophy, the founders of which were the ancient Chinese sages.

Feng Shui Taboo: Banning the Use of Old Mirrors

If you want to increase the family budget, drive out negative energy from the house that affects the well-being of your children, your relationship with your beloved, then remember the basic rule of feng shui: mirrors should be new and not have sharp corners.These are powerful accumulators of negative and positive aura, they can tell about the life of the previous owners, influence the surrounding atmosphere, cool the home warmth and ruthlessly eliminate the cozy atmosphere in the house. Therefore, you should not decorate apartment with antiques in the form of vintage mirrors.

WESTWING recommends an alternative way of interior decoration in vintage or Empire style: to decorate the mirror surfaces yourself, artificially creating the effect of antiquity and a touch of time.You can choose an antique frame or a baguette made of precious metal for a new mirror. But in no case should you decorate your home with rare decor items, even if they are a family heirloom. Otherwise, the likelihood of a repetition of the fate of the previous owners is high.

If you accidentally break the mirror, then you need to carefully collect the fragments, trying not to look at the reflection of your appearance in them. Then wipe them with a damp sponge, wrap in a cloth and dispose of. Likewise, dishes and mirrors are beating for happiness.Therefore, do not be upset if your favorite piece of interior decor suddenly becomes unsuitable for further use. In the WESTWING catalog you can easily find a worthy replacement for , which can fully eliminate the sorrow of losing a broken mirror sheet.

Fancy shapes, original design, chic frames, graceful stands , bright illumination – all these are unique features of the range of mirrors presented in our catalog.At any time, you can clearly see all kinds of floor, wall, table mirrors, among which it is easy to find the ideal model for a particular room interior.

Feng Shui Guru Recommendations

Everything that is reflected in the mirror can increase in a hundredfold size if you manage to organize in your monastery a circulation of positive energy Qi. For this you need:

  • avoid positioning mirrors opposite doors and windows;
  • choose the size of the model, where the reflection in the full height of the person will be visible;
  • Place mirrors in the washroom and bathroom on parallel walls;
  • Use octagonal glass sheet to decorate the living room and the room where you spend most of your free time.

The choice of a feng shui mirror should take place at a time when you feel joyful in your soul, and you are in a good mood, surrounded by your beloved household members. It’s hard to get the whole family together to organize a shopping trip and buy a model that can please the tastes of all family members, isn’t it? Agree, it is much easier after a family dinner to open the WESTWING page, jointly choose mirrors for each room. You can appreciate the convenience of such shopping if at least once you walk through virtual spaces of our international web resource.Many residents of 15 European countries have already appreciated the comfort of this type of shopping, which can significantly reduce time and financial costs due to regularly held promotions.

Feng Shui Mirror – the keeper of the family hearth, tote for financial well-being, amulet , which protects housing from negativity and evil. Perhaps, up to this point, you did not attach much importance to this integral attribute of the bathroom, hallway and bedroom, but wanting to change your life, starting from a clean slate, first of all update the mirrors in your house and hang them according to the rules of feng shui.WESTWING is confident that after that all your dreams will come true, and you will live a long and happy life. Believe in the best! Then all adversity will pass you by, and luck will follow you everywhere as a shadow.

Guest House Staroye Mirror, Saint Petersburg – hotel prices, reviews, photos, rooms, contacts

What are the check-in and check-out times at the Staraye Mirror Guest House?

Check-in at the Old Mirror Guest House is possible after 14:00, and check-out must be done before 00:00.

How much does it cost to stay at the Staraye Mirror Guest House?

Prices for accommodation in the Guest House “Old Mirror” will depend on the search conditions: travel dates, number of guests, rates.

Enter the dates you want to see the prices.

What methods of payment are available at the hotel?

Ways and terms of partial or full prepayment depend on the conditions of the selected tariff.Guest House “Old Mirror” accepts the following payment options: Visa, Euro / Mastercard, UnionPay credit card, American Express.

Are there any discounts for accommodation in the Old Mirror rooms?

Yes, the Guest House “Old Mirror” offers discounts and special offers. Enter your travel dates to see current offers.

What is the total number of rooms in the Guest House “Old Mirror”?

There are 4 rooms in the Old Mirror Guest House.

How can you get to the Old Mirror from the nearest airport and railway station?

from the bus station: from the Central bus station by bus number 3 to the stop. Metro station “Ploshchad Vosstaniya”, and then on foot 92 m.
from the railway station: on foot 540 m.
from the airport: bus No. 39 or route taxi No. k39 to the stop. “Ploshchad Pobedy”, then change by bus number 3 to the stop.”Art. m. “Pl. Vosstaniya “, walk 100 m.

What room categories are there in the Guest House “Old Mirror”?

The following room categories are available for booking:
Double (Double room with shared bathroom)
Apartment (Apartment)
Family (Family room with shared bathroom)

Does the Old Mirror Guest House provide a parking service?

Yes, the Staraye Mirror Guest House provides a parking service for your car.Please check the possible additional charges and parking conditions before booking.

Wages 3.2.1 APK + Mod (Unlimited money) for Android

Get great deals, discounts and free shipping on millions of high quality products! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can enjoy shopping for millions of top quality high quality products including clothing, bags, cosmetics, electronics, home decor and more, with a soulful drive.We love making shopping fun and rewarding! Let paycheck help you figure out what to pack in your suitcase. Let your salary help you make big savings! Happ Highlights: ★ Clothes, bags, cosmetics, electronics, home decor and more: shop everything you want online To reputable retailers ★ Free worldwide shipping on all products ★ 100% secure payment guaranteed ★ Didn’t meet your expectations? Simple return and refund policy ★ Support Facebook and Google account login, making shopping more convenient! Language Support: Salary supports multiple languages.Including 19 languages ​​such as English, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Turkish and Traditional Chinese. Currency support: Payroll supports multiple currencies. Including as 37 currencies such as US Dollar, US Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, New Zealand Dollar, Swiss Franc, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krone, Danish Krone, Russian Ruble, Brazilian Dollar, Real , Argentine peso, Chilean peso , Mexican Peso, Singapore Dollar, Kuwaiti Dinar, Bahrain Dinar, Qatar Rial, Saudi Rial, UAE Dirham, Polish Zloty, Japanese Yen, Colombian Peso, Czech Republic Koruna, Nigeria Naira, South African Rand, Israel Shekel, Egyptian Pound Dinar New Taiwan Dollar, Turkish Lira, Indonesian Rupee, Thai Baht, Peruvian Salt, Kenya Shilling.

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Install steps:
You must first uninstall the original version of Wages if you installed it.

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