Mirror ball pinata: How to Make a Disco Ball Pinata


How to Make a Disco Ball Pinata

Want a disco ball piñata for your party?  It’s easy to make a fabulous party decoration and piñata all in one with this disco ball piñata tutorial.

When my friend Naomi talked to me about helping out with her daughter’s 80s high school reunion murder mystery party, I knew immediately that I wanted to decorate their great room to look like a party in a high school gym.  Streamers.  Round tables.  Balloons.  Dance floor.  And, of course, a disco ball.  I originally thought about finding an actual disco ball, and I even found a couple good candidates on Craigslist for about the $20 mark.  But then I had an epiphany:  if I were to make a piñata that looks like a disco ball, I could spend a lot less, get the same general look, have a party activity, and not have to figure out what to do with a disco ball after the party!

A disco ball pinata, my friends!  It’s a thing of sparkling, fabulous, kitchy beauty.

If you remember my tutorial on making a rose pomander piñata, you’ll notice a lot of similarities.

DIY Disco Ball Piñata Materials:

First, blow up the balloon and tape it to a plastic cup filled with rocks (to give it extra stability as you’re working).  Cut strips of newspaper, dip them in wallpaper paste, and start smoothing on the surface of the balloon.

Let the paper dry between layers, and coat the balloon with 4 layers of paper and paste.  I often do an extra layer or two for extra strength at the top of the piñata (the bottom area near the cup as you’re making the papier-mâché shape).  That’s the spot at which the piñata will hang, and can always use some extra reinforcement.  

Pinata Making Tip:

  • Instead of using newspaper for the final layer, use white printer paper or paper towels.  the white color of the final layer of paper means that you’ll have to do less painting to cover up the newsprint later.

Once the disco ball piñata shape is formed and completely dry, paint it silver.  

Once the silver paint is dry, it’s time for the fun part! Start gluing those paillettes!  I think I used 4 bags (250 pieces each) to complete the project.  I used clear Elmer’s school glue to glue the shiny silver sequins to the surface of my piñata.  

Glue a bunch, let dry.  Repeat.  Repeat.  The actual time for labor involved in this project is pretty minimal, but you do need to figure in a bunch of drying time!  It’s best to start this project at least a week before the party, though it can be done in about a day and a half if you absolutely must.  I don’t like to be that rushed and precise if I don’t have to.  I prefer a more languid approach, doing the next step when I notice that the project is ready for it, but not rushing each step to squeeze the project in before my deadline.

All that’s left to do now is fill and hang the piñata!  (Don’t forget my tip for filling a piñata!)

All that’s left to do now is to groove your dance moves under it at the party, and whack it to bits.  

And, if the party is really good, re-purpose the pieces for use as hats.

Handmade Pretties: Do It Yourself: Disco Ball Pinata

The finished disco ball pinata!

Sylvia turned 8 years old this week, and for her birthday she asked for a Girls Only Dance Party. Luckily enough, my mother owns her own DJ and Karaoke business, so we had the lights and the music covered. This left me with a little time to think about the decorations! 

We found small and large sized disco ball ornaments which we hung around the room, but the centerpiece of the decorations was our homemade disco ball pinata!

Here are some directions so you can make you own!

Disco Ball Pinata   


1 Large Paper Lantern (or 36″ balloon or large beach ball)

1 batch of wheat paste (see below for a link)

newsprint (either newspaper or actual newsprint)

black paint

tacky glue

5 – 12″ x 12″ sheets of silver reflective cardstock cut into 1″ squares

I made our pinata on a paper lantern. While this made it easier to hang and a little faster to make, if I were to do it again, I would use a 36″ balloon or a beach ball for the base shape because the paper lantern didn’t break well.     

Whichever base form you use, start by applying two to three coats of paper mache. There is a fine line between not enough and too much. Too few layers will make a very weak pinata, while too many layers will require a wrecking ball to break open. I try to keep the paper mache to two-three layers because this seems about right. Leave a hand sized hole at the top of the ball for filling and hanging. If you are using a balloon or beach ball, reinforce the top of the pinata with several extra layers of paper mache as this will be where the weight of the pinata is borne. Allow the paper mache to dry COMPLETELY before proceeding to the next step.

 If you are using a balloon or beach ball, carefully deflate and remove it from the center of the pinata. I usually slip my hand inside and help ease the balloons away from the sides so as to prevent the paper mache from sticking to the balloon and collapsing as the balloon deflates.   If you have used a paper lantern, continue to the next step without removing the lantern.  


Paint the entire ball black (or whatever color you would prefer to see sticking out between the mirror “tiles”. 

After the paint is completely dry (wet paint will encourage the mirror paper to curl), using tacky glue (or hot glue) begin applying the mirror tiles in a straight row around the middle of the ball. The tacky glue was much easier to use but did cause minor curling of the paper. Hot glue may work better if you are experiencing a lot of curling. 


Keep adding rows until you reach the top and bottom. 

I found it useful to cut some of the squares in half as I got to the final rows on the bottom of the ball. I also looked at the bottoms of pre-made disco balls to get an idea of how the tiles would best fit together. 

The paper lantern will have two hanging tabs built into the lantern. Otherwise,  made three holes at least an inch into the ball to hang the pinata.  

Here is our finished pinata as the centerpiece at the dance party! We rigged it up so that it could be lowered down at the end of the party.

Wheat Paste Link:

disco ball decoration or pinata DIY made from cardboard and silver paper

Disco Ball Decoration / Piñata

CelebrateNew YearPaper Craft

This fabulous disco ball decoration can be used to spruce up your next disco party.  You could fill it with glitter and make it a piñata for a New Years Eve celebration.  Point a spotlight at it, spin it around, play some Donner Summer and have a disco at home (what I did).

What you need:

2-3 Large sheets of cardboard – you can use lightweight cardboard for a decoration but might want to use a heavier weight for a piñata.

3 x sheets of shiny silver wrapping paper (I got mine from the local newsagent but did have to shop around a bit)

30cm of flexible wire

Hot glue gun

Scissors and/or X-Acto knife and cutting mat


First you will need to make a cardboard spherical shape.   I found the template for this 3D shape on a fantastic website that has downloadable templates for a great range of interesting 3D shapes.  You will need to go here and download the ‘hectohexecontadihedron’ template.  Print out the large hectohexecontadihedron template.  Use the template to transcribe the 18 elements and 2 end pieces onto the large pieces of cardboard.  Use the hot glue gun to glue all of the pieces together, leaving off one of the ends.  You should now have something resembling the image below.

Now cut some your shiny silver wrapping paper into 5 cm lengths and cut off pieces at 3cm intervals.

Starting from the end that doesn’t have an opening, use the hot glue gun to glue the pieces of silver paper in a spiral fashion onto the spherical shape.

Continue in this fashion for a few rows.

Now start cutting 5cm lengths of silver paper with notches cut at 3cm intervals – cut as close to the edge as you can without the paper ripping.   Use the hot glue gun to glue the lengths around the sphere in a continued spiral pattern.

Continue until you get 2/3 from the bottom.

Push the flexible wire through the cardboard end piece that is not yet attached and form a loop.  Twist the wire that will be on the inside and use sticky tape to secure into place.

Put lots of sticky tape onto the outside too to prevent the cardboard from ripping.

If you are making a piñata add lollies/toys/glitter now.

Glue the 2nd end piece into place and reinforce with sticky tape.

Now start gluing 5cm x 3cm piece of silver paper in a spiral pattern from the end you jut attached.

Keep going until your disco ball is complete.

All that is left to do is to have a full blown disco party!

Disco ball pinata

8 cool disco party craft ideas – Mums Grapevine

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21 Sparkling Disco Ball Décor Ideas For Winter Parties

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  • This fabulous disco ball decoration can be used to spruce up your next disco party. You could fill it with glitter and make it a piñata for a New Years Eve celebration. Point a spotlight at it, spin it around, play …
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disco ball decoration or pinata DIY made from cardboard

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  • A disco ball, mirror balls, or ball mirror is a roughly spherical object that reflects light directed at it in many directions, producing a complex display. Its surface consists of hundreds or thousands of facets, nearly all of approximately the same shape and size, and each having a mirrored ball outer surface.
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Disco Ball Pinata – Windy City Novelties

No one spoke, but the sounds of our panting and our passage through the undergrowth seemed unnaturally loud in my ears. Finally – no more leaves swatting at my face, no more stumbling over roots and stepping in calf-deep mud and water. We jogged down the center of the track, careful not to fall into the tire treads on either side.
The Surfboard is a miscellaneous item that can be purchased from Costolot’s Store. The Surfboard is half blue and half yellow. It’s stands up at an angle and gives your garden a tropical feeling. You can find the Surfboard on the Fizzlybear Home. The journal’s description, stating that the Surfboard is “very popular with a certain Fizzlybear” might be a reference to the TV Show Disco ball, Amazon. Photo, Arch Digest by Christian Harder. Do a midnight pinata drop filled with confetti and candy for little ones, or if it’s an adult-only affair, fill it with mini bottles of liquor, lottery tickets, and other grown-up surprises. You can also blast into the new year with a project honor camo
But now she could think of nothing but the vision she had seen in the printing press room. She wanted all of this to go away. He said there have been complaints from some people.
This mission was accomplished, and now the Navy was charging the Lieutenant Commander who masterminded the rescue with mutiny. It was obvious to everyone that almost every officer and enlisted man in the U. And almost every commentator in the entire country, newspaper, radio or television, was of the opinion that the Navy, the government and presumably the President, the C-in-C of all the armed forces, had, collectively, gone mad.

He was a calm man, who seldom expressed his detailed thoughts. The words of Gats Hackett had been of the utmost interest to him.
HGTV shares quick and clever hosting hacks for New Years Eve parties, from party cleanup tips to properly opening champagne.Find, shop for and buy Prime Video at thruster fixie bikes
The letter fluttered to the floor. Bending slowly forward, Duncan lowered his head inch by inch. Gradually he felt the sensation of weakness returning.
When he goes below, into the cellar, he is nervy.

The reason I have achieved a position so superior to your own is my natural penchant for using the little gray cells rather than running around in a frenzy. Rufeng, in his own mind, was the Hercule Poirot of the Orient. They had located a control board and made the switches, three big ones, which Rick and Dallas believed had shut down all three valves.
Dec 30, 2020Planning a party? We make amazing personalised and custom pinatas. Made in the UK breakfast places in grand rapids
One of them should go and find their lunch, and one should bring the communication system inside. Both agents knew they were at the private residence of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Scott F.
Stay with her until I call you back. Not for his own life, but for one of them, his secret family, and it came through with every word he spoke. Ever since I was little, and you did magic tricks for me.

  • Jan 02, 2018

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Nov 21, 2019 i love camping
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Amscan Pinata Disco Ball Piñatas Home & Kitchen

Amscan Pinata Disco Ball

Amscan Pinata Disco Ball: Kitchen & Home. Amscan Pinata Disco Ball: Kitchen & Home. Popular Licenced Product . Table Decorations and accessories . Attractive designs . Party accessorie Solution . Good Quality . Product Description As one of Internationals most popular lines you can rest assured the product will be of high quality,safe,and of innovative design . . .

Amscan Pinata Disco Ball

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Cookware, Dining & Bar Amscan 12 Disco Ball Drop Stirrers Home, Furniture & DIY adakalebobinaj.com

Cookware, Dining & Bar Amscan 12 Disco Ball Drop Stirrers Home, Furniture & DIY adakalebobinaj.com

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Amscan 12 Disco Ball Drop Stirrers

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Amscan 12 Disco Ball Drop Stirrers

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Amscan 12 Disco Ball Drop Stirrers

Amscan 12 Disco Ball Drop Stirrers

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Amscan 12 Disco Ball Drop Stirrers

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Amscan 12 Disco Ball Drop Stirrers

Disco Ball Drop Stirrers Fancy Dress, Party Supplies, Balloons (supplied uninflated), Amscan Fancy Dress,Amscan Magical Unicorn Deluxe Pull Pinata, Amscan T-Rex Pinata, Amscan Reindeer Pinata, Amscan Snowman Pinata.

Disco Party Ideas – Crafts, Food And Decorations

There’s a disco inferno going on at Partyrama at the moment, so we thought we’d share with you our favourite Disco party ideas!  With tons of awesome decoration ideas, disco party crafts and nibbles, be the dancing queen (or king) of parties with our super list of fun.


For even more Disco party ideas, take a look at our Pinterest board, and don’t forget to visit Partyrama for all of your Disco party supplies!


Make A Homemade Disco Ball Pinata

If like us you’re a huge fan of party pinatas, then you’ll love this awesome DIY disco ball pinata!  Surprisingly easy to make, get your craft on and put together one of these lovely party games for your guests.


Lay Out A Totally 80’s Party Table

This Totally 80’s party pack from Partyrama is a wonderful party theme for those 80’s disco parties.  Comprising of plates, napkins, cups, tablecover and cup lids/straws, this retro game style party set is a really nice layout for your party table.


Jazz Up Some Marshmallows

Sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones, and that rings true with these awesome chocolate dipped marshmallows.  Using colourful candy to fit your disco themes, people will love these wonderful little disco treats.


Make Some DIY Confetti Dipped Balloons

Another simple yet effective decoration, who would have thought these confetti dipped balloons would work so well?  A bit of glue, a few balloons and some shiny confetti make a wonderful little decoration.  Lovely!


Put Up An Authentic Disco Ball

A disco without a disco ball is not a disco.  This is a fact.  So go get yourself a disco ball from Partyrama.  Nuff said!


Have A Yummy Cocktail

This is a proper old school Harvey Wallbanger disco cocktail!  Thousands upon thousands of these were consumed at the iconic Studio 54 club, and you can bring a piece of that high profile action to your party.


Put It On A Disco Ball Coaster

It’s the little touches that make a party special.  That’s why we love these disco ball coasters so much!  Show off your keen eye for detail with these wonderful accessories.


Drink It Through A Glow Straw

Glow sticks are cool, but even cooler are these excellent glow straws from Partyrama!  Yet another little detail that will amaze your guests and show off your knack for coming up with awesome disco party ideas. 


Put Up Some Fun DIY Disco Letters

An excellent craft that you can involve the kids with, especially if it’s one of their birthdays.  Whatever the reason for throwing a super disco party, spell out a name or some funky words with these DIY disco fun letters and show off your creativity!


Eat Some Disco Ball Cupcakes

What party is complete without cupcakes?  These disco ball cupcakes are simply stunning, and will wow your guests.  Not to mention they are delicious!  Wins all around.


Serve Them On A Record Platter

Another wonderful addition to your buffet table, these record snack trays fit the disco theme wonderfully!  Fill them up with party snacks and yummy treats and watch your guest enjoy your food in style.


If we’ve missed out your favourite Disco party ideas, let us know!  Get in touch on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and have a super trip to boogie wonderland at your Disco party this year.

90,000 Order a piñata for a child’s birthday in Nizhny Novgorod

To buy a piñata in Nizhny Novgorod means to light the celebration with the lights of joy and fun! Interesting balls made in an original way from papier-mâché will add an original touch to a fun party for kids. These unusual paper creations hide a surprise inside themselves that will fly out of the figure in the form of a fireworks if it bursts. Small toys for girls (doll, baby doll, various sets, etc.) are used as custom-made filling.P.). A birthday boy can be presented in a pinata with a gift in the form of a favorite cartoon character or a fairytale hero. If you need to order a piñata in Nizhny Novgorod for graduation in the garden or for the New Year, then the best idea to please the children would be a piñata with sweets.

Pinata for the child’s birthday: interesting, new, inexpensive

When a landmark date is approaching, namely the birthday of the main family member – a baby, then his parents need to be creative when organizing a children’s event.Buying a piñata for a child’s birthday would be a great idea, because a multi-colored figure with filling can be used in the game. In the company “Prazdnik-Prokaznik” you can buy a piñata inexpensively and in the best way to translate your idea into reality, which will leave the most enthusiastic memories of the originator of the event and his guests.

And now about the most original idea of ​​active entertainment for kids!

Piñata (or there will be several of them in a row) must be suspended so that the participant (s) of the action cannot reach the object with their hands, but only with the help of a long stick.A special condition – the game is played blindfolded! With the same tool, young fidgets for a while will first have to find and then break the rainbow ball in order to receive their prize. If the player does not meet the allotted minutes, then the relay is passed to the next one. This kind of fun will appeal to adults, who can also be attracted to unusual entertainment.

We give the best: smiles, joy, good mood

In addition to the fact that you can order a piñata for a children’s party, we have a lot of different cultural and entertainment scenarios for a celebration on any occasion.If you are wondering how much such pleasure costs, then the price of this unusual toy with a surprise inside will certainly not empty your wallet. Any additional wishes of the customer are considered separately and negotiated in advance on an individual basis.

90,000 🪅 – Pinata Emoji: U + 1FA85

U + 1FA85


Display of this Emoji in different systems

Emoji Meaning

Pinata. Extended Symbols and Pictograms – A.

The Pinata character was approved as part of Unicode version 13.0 in 2020 and was added to Emoji version 13.0 in 2020.


Version 13.0
Block Extended Symbols and Pictograms – A
Mirror bracket type (bidi) No
Compositional Exception No
Register change 1FA85
Simple register change 1FA85


Coding hex dec (bytes) dec binary
UTF-8 F0 9F AA 85 240 159 170 133 4036995717 11110000 10011111 10101010 10000101
UTF-16BE D8 3E DE 85 216 62 222 133 3627998853 11011000 00111110 11011110 10000101
UTF-16LE 3E D8 85 DE 62 216 133 222 1054377438 00111110 11011000 10000101 11011110
UTF-32BE 00 01 FA 85 0 1 250 133 129669 00000000 00000001 11111010 10000101
UTF-32LE 85 FA 01 00 133 250 1 0 2247753984 10000101 11111010 00000001 00000000

90,000 universal master class. Required tools and materials

If you’ve ever seen kids in a movie smash a piñata full of candy and gifts, you know how excited the kids are! Last year we had a Halloween costume party at home and the kids were smashing our homemade piñata. Happiness knew no bounds !!!
In principle, using the idea, you can make not a bat, but any other object, and make a piñata for a birthday or other holiday.
Originally posted at http://samaposebe.com/

If you’ve ever seen kids break a piñata in a movie, you know how fun it is, and what a delight it is for kids. Last year we had a Halloween costume party at home and the kids were smashing our homemade piñata. Happiness knew no bounds !!!
In principle, using the idea, you can make not a bat, but any other object, and make a piñata for a birthday or other holiday.
Originally posted at http://samaposebe.com/

Step 1.

First, we inflated 2 balloons and glued them with tape.

Step 2.

Diluted PVA glue with water (50X50), coated the balls with glue and glued the paper. We used thin wrapping paper. After the first layer was dry, we repeated step 2. Between layers 2 and 3, we tied a large ball with black thread, in order to later hang the piñata to the ceiling.In total, we made 5 layers.

In the end, we got such a solid shape – the head and body of a future bat.

Not going to celebrate Halloween? We bet you will change your mind when you see the decor in this article! Chic

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”
12:00 28 October 2016

Not going to celebrate Halloween? We bet you will change your mind when you see the decor in this article! A chic skull-vase hints at Mexican traditions, a postcard reminds of notes on the margins of old tomes, and monochrome pumpkins in a splash of paint invite you to discuss Pollock’s work.In general, today everything is scary in an adult way. Well, almost everything.

1. Splattered pumpkins

Unleash your inner Jackson Pollock and
paint the pumpkins with splashes and blots. It will turn out stylishly and minimalist – just right for those who do not like orange color.

You will need: pumpkins, spray paint, brush, acrylic paint, paper.

2. Invitation card

The party atmosphere starts with the design of the invitations! Take advantage of
ready-made templates from The House That Lars Built: fill them out on your computer and print or write by hand.By the way, you can not print, but send invitations by e-mail.

You will need: printer, white cardboard.

3. Decor in 5 minutes

There is no time for preparation, but you don’t want to leave the house without decorations?
This master class will help you out. Just place the wax crayons on top of the pumpkin and blow on them with a hairdryer – you’re done!

You will need: pumpkins, a box of wax crayons, a hair dryer.

4. Bouquet in a Skull

Would you like to give your autumn bouquet a spooky charm? Put it in
Decorative skull vase, and let this composition become the center of your Halloween table.

You will need: a life-size opening model of a skull, a floral sponge, scissors or secateurs, a thick transparent bag, fresh flowers.

5. Bogolan style pumpkins

Bogolan style prints (a Malian fabric dyeing technique known as mud cloth) are now very popular in home textiles. You may already have pillows with this characteristic pattern, so why not go ahead and
repeat it on pumpkins?

You will need: pumpkins, blackboard paint, sponge brush, pump markers with oil paint or acrylics.

6. Pumpkins in balloons

We love pumpkins without cut patterns and decor that can be repeated in a few minutes. This
the idea is just right: just take small pumpkins and pull the cut balloons over them.

You will need: small pumpkins, balloons, scissors.

7. Ghost Piñatas

Mexican piñatas toys that you need to beat with a stick to get candy from them, usually very bright, but you can
make a black and white, slightly intimidating version of them.Fill the piñatas with sweets and let them decorate the house until the festive evening comes.

You will need: paper lampshades-lanterns, black and white wrapping paper, scissors, double-sided tape, regular tape, paper, candy.

8. Lanterns with polka dots

Carved pumpkins for minimalists: why not make a lantern with a face instead of a lantern
polka dot lantern? These pumpkins will glow comfortably and cast beautiful reflections on the walls.

You will need: pumpkins, saw blade, spoon, drill, electrical tape, pipe cleaners.

9. Jack’s Pineapple Lamp

Forget the pumpkins this year and cut
lanterns from fruits. Any variety with firm flesh and hard skin, such as pineapple or melon, will do.

You will need: pineapples, a knife, a round ice cream spoon, tempting candles.

10. Cute little pumpkins

Arrange not a scary, but a cute Halloween.
Little pumpkins with cute faces will surely melt the hearts of your guests. Experiment with facial expressions and twig or flower horns.

You will need: small pumpkins, marker, drill.

Halloween Celebration Scenario (11 years old)

Apartment decoration

Large ghosts for the room

.3 balloons
. White cloth (gauze) for apparel of ghosts
. Line
. Black marker
. White thread
Inflate a balloon, it will serve to simulate a head. Throw chintz over the ball so that the imaginary head is in the center of the canvas.With a marker, draw a ghost face on the ball-head. Using a fishing line, fasten the ghost to the ceiling by the ends of the robe. Ghosts can be made black as well as white. To do this, you should first paint the chintz, and draw the facial features with white paints.

Mini ghosts for room

. Chupa-chups sweets
. Chintz (gauze, paper towels, white napkins)
. Black marker
. White threads
. Base where ghosts will be attached (pumpkin, loaf, loaf of bread)
The idea of ​​ghosts in the room will also be supported by table decorations.Small, cute ghosts will also settle there. Chupa-chups candies will help to make them. Throw chintz or gauze over the candy so that the candy head is located in the center of the garment. Tie the ghost’s neck with a thread, straighten the shroud, draw the ghost’s face, stick the baby into the prepared base and thus form several ghosts with different facial expressions. At the end of the holiday, each invitee will receive several mini-ghosts.

Severed head

.plaster bandages
.large plastic bag
. deep dish with water
. scissors
. knife
. marker
. acrylic paints
. palette
. brush
. to fill head
My husband’s head was used as the model of the severed head. We decided to carry out all preparations in the bathroom to minimize the inevitable grime. I pre-cut the plaster bandage into strips about 10-12 cm long.They put a bag on my husband’s head and cut holes in it at the nostrils. The bag was smoothed along the contour of the face, expelling air and achieving the effect of as close as possible to the skin, the bag was tightly tied around the neck. Make sure your model can breathe comfortably and start shaping her head. Dip a strip of plaster bandage into water, wring it out, straighten it and attach it to the head, carefully smoothing it out. Gypsum hardens quite quickly, and the models under the bag are not very comfortable, so you have to work quickly and smoothly.We did everything together with our daughter. The procedure for applying the plaster took no more than 10 minutes, but I had to carefully remove it from the head without damaging the shape. With a marker, I drew a circle on the top of the head (roughly where the Indians scalped) and drew a vertical line from it along the center of the neck. These are the marks along which the cuts need to be made. It was not possible to slip the scissors, therefore, taking a small but sharp knife, I began to carefully make cuts, holding the knife with a sharp (sharpened edge) towards me.This is a necessary precaution, since the incisions have to be made with a very limited range of the knife, it is necessary to cut the plaster, as it were, and I was afraid to injure my husband or cut off part of his hair. By the way, the package is cut along with the plaster. After making all the cuts, my daughter and I freed my dad and immediately put a plaster cast on the vertical incision at the neck, completely masking it. The incision around the circumference was not masked, since, according to the idea, the upper part of the head should be reclined so that children could get candy out of there.
After the plaster was completely dry (about a day later), my daughter and I painted a face on our head. However, it should be noted that before applying facial features, the inner and upper surface of the head should be primed so that the plaster does not crumble.

Branches with Halloween symbols

.vase with branches
. Trolls
. Pumpkins made of yarn
. Paper figures of Halloween characters
. garland), then the branches will glow beautifully.Hang trolls, yarn pumpkins, paper figures of Halloween characters and bats on the branches by strings or fishing line.

Maple Wreaths

Maple Leaves
Wax or Paraffin Candles
Heavy Wire
Glue Gun
Glue Gun Sticks
Pot of Water
Prepare Aluminum
Baking Bowl
small maple leaves of various shades.In order to prevent the leaves from wilting and delight us and our children for a long time, we will subject them to wax or paraffin lamination. To do this, boil more water in a saucepan. Once the water has boiled, reduce heat and place an aluminum bowl on the pot. Put wax or paraffin candles cut into small pieces in a bowl. While the process of kindling the wax in the steam bath we have created is in progress, cover the work surface with baking paper. It is necessary so that the laminated leaves do not stick to the table and do not stain it.Dip the leaves into the melted wax one at a time, let the excess wax drain off, and place the finished leaves on baking paper. Prepare the required amount of leaves.
Measure the size of the child’s head and form a hoop from a thick wire (preferably braided so that the head is comfortable). Use a string to attach the leaves to the hoop with an overlap (like fish scales). Remove all blots (places where leaves move away from each other, or where threads are visible) using a glue gun.


Fruit salad “Jack – lamp”

.4 large oranges (by the number of guests) 90 155 .2 kiwi
.2 bananas
. Some seedless grapes
. Whipped cream or yogurt
. gummy worms or snakes
Clean the inside of the oranges and cut out faces with a sharp knife. Chop bananas, kiwis, oranges, and grapes finely. Stir all the ingredients in a large platter, season with whipped cream or yogurt and fill the hollow oranges with salad. Insert gummy worms or snakes into the holes.

Halloween cake

.wafer cakes
. kiwi
. bananas
. vanilla cake cream
. chocolate cake cream
. milk
. boiled condensed milk
. nuts (or banana chips)
. sugar sticks
Whisk vanilla and chocolate cake cream with milk in different containers. Spread the first cake layer with chocolate cream, put bananas cut into thin rings on top. Cover with the second crust and coat it with vanilla cream, on top of which put a thick layer of kiwi rings. Alternate cakes in the selected sequence.The top layer should be chocolate. Use sugar pencils to draw Halloween symbols on the cake. Coat the sides of the cake with boiled condensed milk and glue with banana chips or nuts.
The cake is very easy to prepare and does not take much time. My daughter made it completely herself.


Halloween Pinata

Do you know what is PINATA or PINATA? This is such a surprise for the holiday.Serves as a decoration. Suspended from the ceiling or from a tree branch. At the end of the holiday, the hero of the occasion with closed eyes must find this very PINATA and break it with a special festive stick. Pinata crumbles to the delight of guests in a rain of confetti, souvenirs and sweets.
There is a version that it began in Italy, and had the name “fragile pot” – pignatta. The pignatta was filled with jewels, candies or other trivia, hung from ropes and swayed while a blindfolded player attacked it with a stick.Then, just like today, when the pignatta was broken, guests picked up the fallen souvenirs and sweets.
Some argue that PINATA is a Chinese invention used during the New Years celebration. Figures of cows, buffaloes and other animals made of paper with many ribbons of various colors and sizes were used during the New Year celebrations. After breaking the figures with colored sticks, the remains were burned, and people collected the ashes for good luck in the new year.
PINATA is a beautiful holiday decoration for both children and adults.Today’s pinatas come in very different shapes and sizes. According to the Spanish tradition, pinatas are filled with confetti, fruits and candies, and can also be filled with toys, souvenirs, and jewelry.
According to the method of breaking, Piñatas can be divided into two types:
Traditional Piñatas are Piñatas that are broken with a stick or bat. These piñatas are best used for outdoor play, nature or large rooms.
Pinatas with ribbons fitted with special ribbons or ropes.If you pull on a certain rope, the Pinata “opens” and scatters into many candies. All other ropes do not reveal anything and bring intrigue and additional interest into the game. This Pinata is ideal for playing in small spaces. Note that even piñatas with ribbons can also be broken with a bat!

. Inflated balloons (according to the number of guests)
. Plaster bandages (2 for each participant). The bandages should be pre-cut into strips about 10 centimeters long and about 4 centimeters wide
.deep bowls or dishes (for fixing the balls) 90 155 .2 basins of warm water (one for two children) 90 155. prints of zombies, mummies, skulls 90 155. paints 90 155. paint brushes 90 155. non-spill bottles 90 155. piñata candies 90 155. chocolate medals 90 155. .mini-prizes

The Halloween pinata competition is divided into several stages, so you should think about what the children will be doing during the pauses necessary for the plaster to dry.

Stage I

Place the inflated balloon in a deep plate and fix it so that the balloon is stationary during further work.Dip a strip of plaster bandage into a bowl of water, squeeze it out and straighten the bandage, gently apply it to the surface of the ball. In the same way, glue over the entire ball except for a small area needed to put candies and prizes. Let the bandage dry (about 30 minutes)

While the plaster is drying, I suggest holding a small competition with a light snack.
Pear Witch Competition

Stage II

After the plaster frame has dried, the guys need to decide which character they want to get.Depending on this, choose the color of the paint and cover the entire surface of the frame with it (white for a mummy, zombie and skull, orange for a pumpkin). After the background has dried, paint the eye sockets, mouth and nose with black paint on the character’s face (for greater clarity and believability of the image of the characters’ traits, I printed out drawings of mythical heroes for girls in advance).

Pear Witch

.4 oat cookies
.4 halves of green pear
.4 pairs of raisins (for eyes)
.4 chocolate M & Ms (for wart)
.4 small knives (participants bring their own)
. Red apple
.4 waffle cones
. grated carrots (for hair)
. boiled condensed milk (for gluing parts)
.4 disposable plates
Cut the pears in advance along the fruit and remove the core. Invite the children to put the pear on a plate with the cut down and carefully, slightly at an angle, cut a piece of pear along the supposed forehead of the witch.This piece will be her nose. In the center of the “face”, make a recess-cut with a knife and insert the “nose” there.
Use a knife to poke small holes for the eyes and warts and secure the raisins and M & Ms.
Cut the mouth out of the red apple and secure it to the pear, making a depression for it with a knife.
Using boiled condensed milk, glue the waffle cone onto the oatmeal cookies. If empty waffle cones are not available, you can buy ice cream according to the number of participants, first lay it out of the tubes, and when the witch pear is completely finished, offer the children ice cream as an addition to dessert. Attach a hat – oatmeal cookies to a pear for condensed milk. Put your hair – carrots to your head and enjoy the treat! Serve banana cocktail here.
The competition is about 15 minutes long.


.4 sets of bats and moon prints (cut out). Visit the Canon papercraft website. There is a lot of material for various holidays. The mobile bats kit is taken from there.
. Scissors (each invitee should bring with him)
. Fishing line (yarn, twine or threads)
.4 old hangers (or wire blanks in the form of hangers)
. Syringes with titanium glue
. Sintepon
. Paints (for each invitee bring with you). If the guys have paints glowing in the dark, they can separately work on the eyes of bats.
.brushes (for each invitee to bring with them)
. Sippy bottles (for each invitee to bring with them)

Before assembling the movable structure, the children will have to paint both halves of the month on their own. To do this, you can use different colors (yellow, sinister purple, reddish, orange). You can also draw a face for the moon (depending on your desire and imagination).
While the paints are drying, it is necessary to glue the front and back parts of the bats by inserting a thread or fishing line between them. After the paint has dried, we also glue both halves of the moon (no thread is needed).
It’s time to assemble the structure. Invite the children to lay out the wire structure on the floor and attach the ends of the bat threads to it (the length of the thread and the place of its attachment to the wire hanger are chosen by the children themselves, checking whether the mice are well balanced).
Having torn the synthetic winterizer into small fragments, you can begin to glue it to the hanger, forming a cloud on which a crescent lurks (and the shape and volume of the cloud are chosen by the guys themselves).

Apple catching

. taz with water
.12 apples
.2 handkerchiefs
.2 large towels
Competitors are divided into teams (2 people each). Pre-washed apples are dipped into the water (there should be more apples than the number of participants, so that the competitors always have a choice).For two contestants, the presenter ties their hands behind with a scarf, each ties a wide bath towel around their belts, I recommend the girls tidy up their hair in order to save their wonderful hairstyles. The children are invited to take any apple out of a basin of water with their teeth. The one of the pair who grabs the apple with his teeth wipes himself off, puts himself in order and gives way to the next participant, and his partner remains at the pelvis until he cope with the task. (In advance, unscrew the stalks from the apples, otherwise the especially smart ones will grab them with their teeth).Be prepared for the fact that the most courageous will not be afraid to dive into the basin with your head and press the apple to the bottom to prevent it from slipping out when grabbing. This is exactly what my daughter did, and then she advised her friends to repeat this maneuver. Everyone tried it! This is by far the most fun and amusing competition of the evening! Both the participants and the audience got real pleasure and laughed a lot. The winner is the team, both participants of which completed the task faster. If necessary, the facilitator should always have dry towels on hand.
The competition lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Making Paper Bags for Halloween Scrapbooking Treats

.4 prints of samples of handbags (Canon papercraft website)
. Glue (invitees bring with them)
. Ribbons, pieces of fabric, decorative cords, buttons, beads …
. Scissors
. 3 for each participant)
Children are offered pre-cut templates for handbags (the most complex elements have already been glued).Following the facilitator’s instructions, participants complete their bags. Everyone is invited to show their imagination and decorate them in the style of “Scrapbooking for Halloween”, using their Halloween-themed photos and decorative elements of various properties (paper, fabric, beads, beads, twigs, yarn). Children receive handbags as a gift and fill them with sweets from the severed head.
The competition lasts approximately 25 minutes.

Treasure search

Agreeing in advance with the parents of the children about the holiday, I invited them to bring me a gift that they would like to give their child.The fact is that gifts are an individual matter, and it is always nice when children receive exactly what they dream of. Having received gifts for each invitee, I started planning the treasure hunt competition. I wanted the actions to search for the treasure to be joint, but at the same time with elements of individual work, because everyone will be looking for their own personal treasure!
On the eve of the holiday, I printed 4 different photos (according to the number of participants). Each photo shows a close-up of the girl’s face. On the back of the photo there is text explaining the exact location of the treasure.For example: Look for your treasure behind the blinds. The text is printed in a mirror image. My husband and I cut each photo into 12-14 pieces (like puzzles), counted the total number of pieces (in our case there were 46). For myself, I wrote down where whose treasure will lie, so as not to confuse anything in the confusion.
After all the main competitions were held and it was time to start looking for the treasure, I asked the girls to play in my daughter’s room for 5 minutes and not leave there. During this time, my husband and I hid 42 pieces (puzzle) in the hall, hallway and corridor.We did not hide 4 puzzles. Having called the guests into the hall, I announced to them that everyone will have to find their own treasure, but for this the children will need ingenuity, analysis, ingenuity, patience and mutual assistance. (The girls’ eyes glittered so much that I realized that the treasures have no chances to remain undetected!) I gave each girl one puzzle and said that they had to find 42 more such pieces (I outlined the search circle). And she warned that without finding all the pieces, they would not be able to guess the message.What started here !!! We searched everywhere and everywhere, we heard offers to look even in the ground in flower pots!
After finding all the puzzles and counting them several times, the children sat down on the living room floor and looked questioningly at me, awaiting further instructions. I said that if they wanted to find the treasure, they would have to figure out the rest for themselves. Brainstorming has begun !!! The girls immediately realized that they needed to put the puzzle together and started working as one team, but a little later it turned out that the photographs were different. They figured that each had to put together her own photograph.I am proud to say that it was not so easy for them to do it! After the photographs were collected, the question arose how to read the text on the back. Then I quietly put the scotch tape and scissors on the edge of the sofa. Active bonding has begun. (While the children were sitting in one place and gluing together, my husband and I put the gifts in the places indicated in the messages. We did not do this on purpose in advance so that the children would not find the treasure ahead of time).

Photos are glued together, the text has been read, but its meaning is not clear, i.e.because on the back is solid gibberish. The young treasure hunters quickly guessed that the letters were printed in a mirror image and ran to read the text in front of the mirror. The secret is open! At this point, my husband and I had to take serious care of our own safety, tk. the girls rushed so hard for the prizes that they almost knocked us down!
Prizes were found, everyone is happy! The competition was a success !!!

Evgeniya Smirnova

To send light into the depths of the human heart – this is the purpose of the artist


From a box or a ball, you need to form a frame, which is completely pasted over with a fringe of strips of colored paper, put the child’s favorite sweets inside – this is a general principle describing how to make a piñata with your own hands. Traditional Mexican fun of knocking down a toy with sweets will keep the kids entertained so they don’t get bored. She can amaze not only with her content, but also with her appearance. There are many options for making a piñata at home.

What is pinata and how to make it

This is the name of a hollow toy, inside of which various sweets are placed. It is made using the papier-mâché technique. Nuts and candies, small toys, or even notes with wishes can also be used as surprise filling.It all depends on the celebration for which the pinata game is intended. It is based on ordinary balloons or boxes, pasted over with old newspapers or toilet paper.

History of appearance

The idea of ​​such a fun entertainment belongs to Mexico, although, according to some reports, the piñata is the prototype of Chinese lanterns. In China, the celebration of the New Year has always been accompanied by the presence of a large figure of a bull or cow, which is filled with five kinds of seeds and flowers. After its destruction, its remains were burned, people left only ashes for themselves. It was believed that the next year would be so successful. In Mexico, this fun has become an attribute of only children’s parties.

What is


The toy itself is hung from a tree branch or other elements outside or in a room. The child’s eyes are tied with a thick cloth, after which, with the help of a bat, he should hit the body of the product. As a result, sweets sprinkle from the inside. Children must collect them, and the one who has the most will receive a special prize.It can be a car, doll or any other toys and sweets.

How to make a piñata with your own hands – step by step instructions

The first step in manufacturing is gluing the frame. It can be done in two ways. In the first case, a balloon is used and not too wide strips of newspapers with which it is pasted over. The second option is to make a frame from thick cardboard. This method is suitable if it is assumed that there will be a piñata in the form of an animal, a cartoon hero or a figure.

From newspaper strips

This is a classic version of the frame for this toy. The required materials and tools for this workshop are as follows:

Instead of a paste made of flour and water, ordinary PVA glue can also be used. The instructions for making the frame include the following steps:

  1. Inflate the balloon to the required size, tie the tip.
  2. Cut newspaper strips. The optimal length is 20 cm, the recommended width is 1-2 cm.
  3. Attach the first layer of newspapers to the ball using ordinary water. It is not necessary to glue the latex product completely – the knotted end should remain intact. Through this hole, you will put candy inside.
  4. Wait until the first layer is dry, then glue the ball with newspaper strips with paste.

Out of the box with your own hands

The second method of making the frame is no less original. In this case, you can give the shape of a heart, a multi-colored star, a horse or a number. The latter option is especially relevant at a birthday celebration. The instructions for making the number “1” are as follows:

  1. On a sheet of cardboard, draw the outlines of the number twice, cut out the blanks with scissors.
  2. Make additional strips that will be the sides of the frame.
  3. Connect the cut out elements with paper tape.

Piñata paste

It is necessary to use the paste immediately after cooling, so it must be cooked before starting work.It is not stored ready for a long time. It can be applied with a narrow paint brush. For cooking you will need:

  • wheat flour – ¼ st .;
  • starch – 2 pp .;
  • cool water – 1 tbsp.;
  • boiling water – 0.5 l.

Although this method is called with cooking, the paste is prepared using it a little differently. The instructions for this include the following simple steps:

  1. Combine flour with starch.
  2. Next, pour in cold water, stir.
  3. Add the resulting solution to boiling water, stir until smooth and cool.

Piñata decoration

Once the frame has been made, it needs to be decorated to create a beautiful piñata. The classic decoration option is corrugated or crepe paper. Glue the toy down in a circle with a fringe, making each strip overlap. It will take about a day to dry, after which the product is ready for decoration. Depending on the purpose, it can be supplemented with eyes, ears, a tail, make it look like Kinder Surprise, a heart, a crocodile, Mickey Mouse or other heroes.Main features of traditional Mexican piñatas:

  • they are decorated with ribbons in bright colors;
  • classical form – Bethlehem star or horse;
  • can be just a decoration for a holiday, i.e. it is not necessary to fill it with candy and break it.


For a children’s party, you can make a piñata in the shape of a sun, a toy or an animal. The most original option for a birthday is a number. Such a do-it-yourself pinata is suitable for a birthday person of any age.Adults can use photographs of past years for decoration. Although the same is true for a baby, even if he is only 1 year old. Traditional decoration in the form of a cone-shaped cap will be no less original.

Halloween Pinata

The classic Halloween piñata is a pumpkin. To decorate it, you will need orange, black and green corrugated paper. Another interesting way to decorate is to make your own piñata in the shape of a ghost.In this case, black and white corrugated paper is required. A bat made of a papier-mâché ball will look no less frightening.

For Christmas and New Year

You can make a Christmas-themed piñata with your own hands in the form of a large Christmas ball or the Christmas tree itself, a snowman, a Christmas sock or a wreath. For decoration, not only green or white corrugated paper is suitable, but also multi-colored. If you make an accessory in the shape of a Christmas candy, then you will need white and red corrugated paper for decoration.

DIY pinata – master class with photo

Diy piñata in the theme of various cartoons is popular today. Favorite heroes delight children. Almost the same set of materials is required for manufacturing. Only the color of the corrugated or wrapping paper and some decoration accessories are different. You can simply glue the frame with images of cartoon heroes, then the toy will also be made on a specific theme.

Angry Birds

The ball makes a very original do-it-yourself pinata in the style of birds from the game Angry Birds. For the master class, you will need the following:

  • air balloon – 1 pc.;
  • filling – sweets, small souvenirs;
  • water – 1 tbsp. + 5 tbsp.;
  • acrylic paints – red, white, black, beige;
  • flour – 1/4 st.;
  • satin ribbon red – to make a pinata fastener 1 pc . ;
  • newspaper and paper – 7-8 sheets.

The easiest way to make a red bird from Angry Birds is to paint a papier-mâché balloon. It is done like this:

  1. Inflate the balloon, tie it, stick strips of newspaper moistened with water over the entire surface, let the layer dry.
  2. Mix flour with a glass of water. Put the rest of the liquid to boil, then add the flour mixture to it. Cook for 3 minutes, let cool.
  3. Next, glue several layers of strips, preferably 2-3, already out of paper, using paste.Each should dry for about 8 hours. Leave the hole near the tip unsealed.
  4. After drying, the ball burst and remove. Make 3-4 holes around the perimeter, insert the tape. Fill the toy with filling, glue the hole.
  5. Outline the bird’s face – paint the eyes, beak and eyebrows, as shown in the photo.


Corrugated and plain colored paper will be used for decoration. In general, the following materials will be required for the master class:

  • balloon – 1 pc. ;
  • piñata filling – at your discretion;
  • water – 1 tbsp. + 5 tbsp.;
  • flour – 1/4 st.;
  • ribbon or rope – 1 pc. for hanging;
  • black paper – 2 sheets;
  • newspaper – 7-8 sheets;
  • corrugated red paper – 10-11 sheets;
  • glitter paper – 1 sheet.

You can take the first steps in making the frame and making the paste in the previous master class. All that remains is to decorate the finished piñata base:

  1. After the frame has dried, burst the ball, remove it.Near the hole at the top, make a couple of holes through which to thread the tape.
  2. Cut their corrugated paper into strips approximately 3 cm thick. Make cuts on each along the entire length, but cut all the way to the end, so that you get a fringe.
  3. Glue the whole piñata with the strips obtained. Next, cut out black lines about 1 cm thick from black paper. Glue them onto the blank, as shown in the figure, in the form of a cobweb.
  4. Cut the spider’s eyes out of black and shiny paper, fasten them over the spider web.


The next version of the piñata is also made very simply, practically using the classical technology. For the master class you will need:

  • air balloon – 1 pc.;
  • filling – sweets, tinsel, small souvenirs;
  • water – 1 tbsp. + 5 tbsp.;
  • flour – 1/4 st.;
  • satin ribbons – 10-12 pieces;
  • newspaper – 7-8 sheets;
  • decorations – images of characters from the cartoon “Frozen”.

Instead of newspapers, you can use paper that is sold with your shoes. Instructions for making piñata with your own hands and includes the following steps:

  1. Inflate the balloon, tie the tip with a long thread.
  2. Cut the newspaper into strips approximately 3 cm wide.
  3. Place the ball on a base – a saucepan or jar.
  4. Crosswise apply a newspaper just moistened with water. Leave to dry for 2-3 hours.
  5. Mix the flour with a glass of water and bring the rest of the liquid to a boil.Then pour the flour mixture there, cook for 3 minutes over low heat, cool.
  6. Paste the second layer of newspaper over the ball, dipping it into the paste. Leave the tip part open. Allow to dry and apply 1-2 more layers.
  7. After complete drying cut off the tip of the ball, pull it out.
  8. Pierce the bottom of the piñata with an awl or cut with a clerical knife, insert the tape there. Cover the hole with paper.
  9. Fold the filling inside, make several holes near the top hole, insert the tape into them several times.Cover the hole with paper.
  10. Mix acrylic paints, coat with blue color piñata.
  11. When dry, stick over the cartoon characters.

Pinata transformers

This DIY piñata is made from plain cardboard. Such a frame can have any shape you want. The list of materials and tools includes the following:

  • cardboard box – 2 large pieces;
  • blue corrugated paper – 10-12 sheets;
  • white and blue paper – 5-6 sheets each;
  • hanging tape – 1 pc. ;
  • water – 1 tbsp. + 5 tbsp.;
  • acrylic paints – white and blue;
  • flour – 1/4 st.;
  • scotch tape;
  • filling candies.

The paste can be cooked using the above described technology from flour diluted with water. The do-it-yourself pinata itself is made according to the following instructions:

  1. Cut 2 blanks out of cardboard, drawing a shape approximately like the face of an Autobot in the photo.
  2. Cut the side pieces and connect all the pieces with tape.
  3. Using ready-made paste and paper, glue the workpiece in 2-3 layers, letting each dry for 6-8 hours.
  4. On the upper part, closer to the edges, make two holes where to insert the tape. Fill with sweets, seal the holes.
  5. Decorate the front part with blue paper using double-sided tape, and the rest with corrugated fringe.
  6. On the front side, glue the face of the Autobot, cut out of white paper according to the drawing.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

A blank for this piñata can be made according to the bird master class from Angry Birds.Only the decoration will differ, for which you will need:

  • corrugated paper – green and orange;
  • printed turtle eyes and mouth.

After gluing and drying the ball, you can start decorating it with the specified materials using the following simple instructions:

  1. Make many strips of fringe from green paper, for almost the entire piñata, and from orange paper – only 4-5 pieces.
  2. Glue the last ones in the middle.Make green the rest of the surface of the ball.
  3. Fill with filling, mask the hole with adhesive tape.
  4. On the side, make a bow of the turtle’s bandana, as shown in the photo.

Pirate Pinata

Another type of piñata, where a papier-mâché ball is the blank. You can do it according to the instructions in the first master class. To decorate you will need:

  • black corrugated paper – 10-12 sheets;
  • orange corrugated paper – 1 sheet;
  • printed skull image – 1 pc.;
  • stick – 1 pc.;
  • black cardboard – 1 sheet.

The decoration here is very simple, even a child can handle it. Having made the blank, you can start decorating according to the following instructions:

  1. Cut the fringe into strips from black corrugated paper, glue the whole ball with them.
  2. Glue the skull on top.
  3. Attach a low cylinder made of black cardboard to the side. Insert a stick in its center, and glue several short strips of orange corrugated paper to it.

Surely all of you at least once in your life have seen how in films at any holiday children mercilessly beat a hanging colorful bag with gifts with a stick, trying to break it. So friends, this fun is called piñata.

In this, after the holiday portal of Bubuk, we will tell you how to make such a piñata with your own hands in order to have fun, extracting sweets from it.

This fun has Mexican roots, it was there that it was invented and began to be made for all holidays.The more colorful and fuller the craft is filled with sweets, the better. Something, but they know how to have fun in Latin America, and this is an indisputable fact!

It is said that the prototypes of modern Mexican piñatas were the Chinese ones.

And now friends, we will analyze in order how to make a simple, but very beautiful piñata ourselves, with our own hands. It is performed using the papier-mâché technique, and will have the shape of a ball – let’s start with a simple one.

Since size is important here, we need to find a large rubber fitness ball.But if there is no such thing, but we will do just fine with an ordinary balloon, we just need to inflate it better.

No papier-mâché is complete without a huge amount of old, unnecessary newspapers. Any unnecessary non-newsprint will work too. In addition to this, we prepare glue. Wallpaper glue is perfect.

Having greased the ball and newspapers with glue, glue the sheets onto the mold (ball) in even layers. It is better to make more layers, you should not be greedy. The craft will be stronger and stronger.

After that, we leave it to dry, you can leave it in the sun. Do not flatter yourself too quickly, when the upper layers dry out, the bottom may still be damp.

That’s not all. We take the future piñata and repeat the procedure again. Again we glue it over with newspapers, wetting the surfaces of the sheets and the ball with glue. But only now we glue the ropes between the layers of newspapers – our “bag of gifts” will hang on them.

Put the ball back to dry, and after drying, we glue it over with newspapers again.In total, we carry out a similar procedure 3-4 times. If the ball is large, it is better to make a larger one. We remind you that the layers should be dried very carefully.

When the pinata has dried, we take out a ball or a ball from it. To do this, you need to release air from it. The first stage is completed and the workpiece is ready. Let’s continue!

The hole left after pulling out the ball, for now, leave it as it is. Later, through it, we will put the filling of sweets inside: sweets, chocolates, etc.d.

Let’s paint the face of our candy bomb. In our example, it is colored like Jack’s lamp -. If you want to repeat this drawing, then you can use. But you can also paint it as you like by drawing the face of one of the Smeshariki. The shape is perfect for this!

In addition to coloring, the piñata can be decorated with tinsel, corrugated paper cutting, and other decorative elements. It all depends on the holiday and the image used.

After that we load the long-awaited filling inside.Almost everything will do: sweets and chocolates, coins and confetti, colored paper cuts, small soft toys, key rings, and so on.

The main thing is to make sure that it is not very heavy. For belay, you can tie it with several more ropes.

In principle, the craft with the festive filling is ready, we just have to hang it from the ceiling and beat it in turn with a stick until it part with the hidden gifts.

Friends, we remind you that you can choose any shape for a DIY piñata.The shape of the ball is the simplest and ideal to start with, for “trying out the pen”. By attaching a few paper cones to it, you can make a star. We attach the legs, arms and head – we get some kind of animal.

90,000 Making piñata with your own hands – easy and simple.

Today we are going to make a traditional Mexican donkey-shaped piñata.

Usually, piñata is made from papier-mâché. But the author of this workshop is Kelly (source: .imperfecthomemaking.com / 2011_08_01_arch ive.html) offers a simpler and faster way. We’ll make our ninyata out of an old box without having to wait for the papier-mâché to dry. You only have to buy colored paper for decoration.

What you need:

  • large cardboard box for household appliances
  • boxes for cereals, rolled oats or flakes.
  • two toilet paper tubes
  • scotch tape and scissors
  • colored corrugated paper
  • paper and a marker for eyes and other parts
  • a small piece of thick strong wire or rope

First make 988 a simple template for a figurine of a donkey, about the same as in the photo.Great artistic talent is not needed here.

We need two such parts, in mirror image. We cut them out of the box.

Now from small boxes (from under the flakes) we cut strips about 12 cm wide. We connect the sides with them, and create the thickness of the product, as in the photo. The whole structure is held together with simple tape. Don’t make the piñata too strong so that the kids can break it later.

On the back, you need to make a fastener, for which we will then hang the piñata.It is necessary to put a wire or rope across the back. And secure the ends well.

When covering the back with cardboard strips, leave a small hole. Through it, then we will pour candy into the piñata.

Let’s make ears of a donkey out of paper rolls. We make an incision in the tube.

We turn it so that we get a cone. And again we fix it with tape.

We attach the ears where it should be and the donkey can be filled with sweets and decorated with colored paper.Just do not forget to seal the hole for the sweets with paper.

Let’s start decorating our piñata. We wrap the bottom of each donkey’s leg with colored paper so that the cardboard does not “shine” from below.

Cut the fringe from colored strips of paper. Better to take a corrugated one.

And we begin to glue the figure, starting from the bottom, strip by strip, overlapping them with fringes on top of each other. Colors alternate.

The belly of the donkey is sealed with colored paper in the same way as the hooves so that the cardboard does not stick out.


You can put not only sweets into the piñata, but also some small gifts and toys. Note: In hot weather, it is best not to use chocolate as it can melt right inside the piñata. The more varied the candies are, the more interesting and fun.


Draw the eyes on white paper, cut and paste on the finished donkey. We make a brush from long strips of paper and attach in place of the tail. You can use serpentine or paper tapes.You can decorate your ears with tassels.

Done! Very simple, fast and economical!

Piñata came to us from Mexico. And she came to Mexico from Europe with the Spaniards, and to them, according to scientists, from China in the 14th century. And when the piñata came to Mexico, this tradition was superimposed on similar, previously existing, traditions of Central America. The Maya Indians had a custom similar to the modern Pinata, even blindfolded the participant who struck their “pinata”.The Aztecs similarly honored the birthday of the god Huitzilopochtli in mid-December. According to surviving records, the Mexican piñata tradition began in the city of Acolman, north of Mexico City, where piñatas were introduced for catechism purposes to co-opt the Huitzilopochtli ceremony.

The Mexican Catholic interpretation of the piñata symbolized the struggle of man against temptation. The seven dots or seven thorns made on the piñata itself represent the seven deadly sins. The pot – represents evil, fruits and sweets that are poured inside – symbolize the sweetness of the temptations of evil.A blindfolded person with a stick is a representative of the Faith and the pursuit of Christian purity. Spinning people around you while singing and screaming are meant to show the disorientation that temptation creates in people. In some traditions, the player must hit the piñata thirty-three times, one for each year of the life of Jesus Christ. When the player hits the piñata, it symbolizes the human struggle against temptation and evil. When the piñata is torn apart, the participants reap the fruits while maintaining the faith.

Today, piñata is still a part of Mexican culture, as well as in the cultures of other Latin American countries. Also, as a holiday fun, the piñata entered the United States, but it has largely lost its religious character. You can learn a lot of interesting things about different cultural traditions and fauna of different countries and continents on the My Planet online channel.

To us, piñatas penetrate mainly from the States. And there it became just a festive entertainment. And now the piñatas have become so diverse that it is impossible to show even the main types of piñatas in one article.

For example, here’s a “disco ball”, decorated not with paper stripes, but with a metallized shiny rain.

Piñatas can be round or square.

Large and small,

And very wild shapes and colors.

And even such. Apparently, they hint at some kind of strong hobby for the birthday man.

And just piñatas for any occasion – in the form of sweets.

How to make a piñata for the holiday

To make a piñata at home, you will need a large balloon, glue – stationery or PVA, old newspapers. You will also need materials for making the hook – thin wire, cardboard. Decorative colored paper, adhesive tape, colored tapes can be useful for decorating the outer surface.

Inflate the balloon to the required size. Cover it with newspaper strips. It will take 3-4 layers of newspapers if the piñata is for small children.If you need to put something heavier there than colored pieces of paper and sweets, it is better to paste over the structure with a couple more layers. Each glued layer must be well dried before applying the next one.

If the pinata is too strong, make holes in it with a knife – this will weaken it and make it easier to break. Carefully choose the place for which it will be hung. The piñata must be equipped with a hook, but keep in mind that it should not fall off immediately after hanging.First, make a hole in the pinata – it must be large enough to accommodate the hook. It is easy to make from a thin wire, bending it like clothes “hangers”, their size is determined depending on the weight of the piñata. To prevent the hook from falling inside, you can fix the “shoulders” inside with scotch tape (for this you need to widen the hole a little more).

You can fill the piñata through the same hole or cut out a separate one in the wall – then it will need to be hidden.To do this, attach the cut piece back and secure it to tape. You can fill the resulting product with sweets, nuts, pieces of bright colored paper, mini origami. Decorate the frame itself depending on your imagination. For example, you can simply color the piñata, draw a bright pattern, flowers or snowflakes on it, depending on the season. A multi-colored paper fringe is also suitable for pasting, you get a rainbow striped ball or a furry rabbit if you add glued ears and eyes.A pinata decorated with a green paper fringe in the form of a Christmas tree with Christmas balls looks good.

Disco ball birthday cake | Handmade notes

This unusual cake will surprise your guests with its form and content. Disco ball cake is perfect for a youth or New Year’s party. Inside the cake there is a surprise for those with a sweet tooth, because it is made in the likeness of a Mexican piñata toy. When the cake is cut into pieces, bright candies will sprinkle from the very center.