Metallic hair highlights: Metallic Highlights Are A New 2018 Hair Color Trend


Metallic Highlights Are A New 2018 Hair Color Trend

Metallic makeup became the thing to do, and now hair trends are following suit. Metallic highlights are the next big trend for hair color in 2018, and this subtle accent may be just the thing to try on your hair for summer.

Despite what you may initially think upon hearing the words “metallic highlights,” the latest fad in hair color is actually fairly subtle, and just adds an extra bit of depth to your strands.

(Consider this: If you dye your hair a pastel pink, and then add some gold highlights, you will actually have a rose gold mane!)

Hair colorists aren’t shocked to hear that this is what clients are requesting when they sit down in the salon chair, mainly because metallic hues have taken over fashion and makeup recently.

“We’re beginning to see a huge increase in guests asking for metallic-inspired color in the salon,” Jack Howard of London’s Paul Edmonds salon told Refinery29. “I think that it’s partly due to the transition of the trend from glossy finishes to metallic on the catwalk. We’ve also seen the metallic element continued into makeup looks.”

And once you see the photos that have already begun to surface online, you may begin to fall in love with the idea of adding a bit of gold, silver or bronze to your mane.

This is a show-stopping platinum thanks to the silver highlights:

These metallic highlights are subtle, but oh so pretty in the light:

Metallic strands make it easy to achieve the whitest whites:

Look at the beautiful rose gold color you’d be able to achieve by mixing pink hair with metallic highlights:

This really seems as though it would work with any hair color, which is an added bonus!

Josh Wood, Redken’s Global Color Creative Director, points out that it would be beautiful for women looking to embrace their gray hair, too. Even young people are looking to go gray thanks to this trend.

“I’m working with people who are celebrating their natural gray, but at the same time, 20-year-olds are coming into the salon wanting to be bleached with gray applied on top,” he told Refinery29. “I love the idea that you can create a multi-tone of grays, with different hues.”

L’Oreal Paris even has tips for trying this trend at home for a cheaper alternative to salon prices. Their Feria collection offers a range of color options including Dark Gold Blonde, Chrome Plum and more. The hair dye retails for $9.99.

L’Oreal Paris

Are you willing to give go for gold — so to speak — with this metallic take on classic hair color? We certainly wouldn’t blame you for giving it a try. Why not shine a little brighter if you can, you know?

How To Try The Metallic Hair Color Trend The Right Way

Spring is quickly approaching and if you’ve already begun upgrading your wardrobe with floral dresses and sandals, revamping your spring hair color might also be on your seasonal to-do list. While winter is the perfect time to stick to brown hair colors or muted pastels, the carefree vibes of spring tends to leave us feeling more experimental. If you’re feeling bold, we have the perfect trend for you: metallic hair color.

If you’re wondering what metallic hair color is, how to care for it, and the best looks to try, keep scrolling for everything you need to know.

What is a metallic hair color?

Metallic hair color transforms both neutral and vibrant hair colors into reflective, eye-catching hues that remind us of a shiny, freshly-minted coin. To achieve the look, your colorist will need to bleach your mane before applying the metallic hue you desire. It’s important to note that bleach will always cause hair damage, but your colorist can help to restore the look and feel of your strands before you leave the salon.

How do you take care of metallic hair color?

Now that you’re caught up on metallic hair, let’s talk about maintenance. If you want to keep your metallic hue in tip-top shape, you’ll need to see your colorist every four weeks or so for touch-ups. Aside from your touch-up appointments, you’ll also need to step up your at-home hair care routine.

Start with a shampoo and conditioner formulated for high-maintenance hair colors like Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner. This acidic system gently cleanses and conditions to maintain the vibrancy of fast-fading hair colors.

If you sat through a bleach session or two to achieve your metallic shade, your strands will probably need an extra bit of TLC. We recommend incorporating a weekly hair mask into your hair care routine like the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Mega Mask. The two-in-one hair mask is a treatment and care extender designed specifically for your the color care of your color-treated hair.

How do you get metallic hair dye out of your hair?

As much as we love metallic hair, the not-so-fun part about trying the trend is when the color begins to fade. If you’re trying to remove metallic hair dye from your hair, you should know that metallic formulas can be notoriously difficult to work with. That’s why for all of your color removal needs, we recommend always booking an appointment with your colorist.

Ready to take on a metallic hue but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered! Keep scrolling for 21 of our favorite metallic hair color ideas.

The Best Metallic Hair Color Ideas To Try Now

Violet Rose

Whether you’re trying to go soft and subtle or lean into your adventurous side, there’s a way to make violet rose work for every skin tone. If you’re looking to achieve a metallic violet rose shade, ask your colorist about Redken Shades EQ Violet Rose shades. These hair gloss formulas give your strands a iridescent, violet finish without the commitment of permanent color.

Dark Ash Blonde

Dark ash blonde is one of more muted ways to try metallic hair color, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t equally as stunning as vibrant shades!

Blue Black

If you have black hair, you won’t need to stray too far from your base shade to edge into metallics. Case in point: blue black. Metallic blue black hair can give any muted black base color a touch of vibrancy and shine.

Sterling Silver

Who says sterling silver is only meant to be worn around your finger? Like it’s namesake metal, sterling silver is cool-toned and reflective—which makes it the perfect option for pale skin with cool undertones!


Going green is never a bad idea! Whether you opt for a deep emerald or a pale mint shade, putting a metallic spin on green hair will give your hue instant sophistication.

Dusty Teal

Traditional teal hair is bold and vibrant but if you’re interested in a toned-down variation of the blue-green shade, this dusty teal shade with a metallic finish is perfect for you.


Like a freshly-minted penny, metallic copper is reflective and bold. If you have fair skin, consider this hue your good luck charm.


Icy winter weather might soon be behind us, but platinum blonde is here to stay! If you want to give your hue a boost, opt for a metallic platinum shade that shines like a shimmering snowflake. If you have pale skin, this hair color was made for you!

Pastel Blue

Looking for a metallic hue that’s wearable for every day? Enter pastel blue. This pale shade is just enough to make a statement but isn’t too over the top to wear to work. Plus, the color looks fabulous on every skin tone!

Cobalt Blue

If pastel blue is tame and reserved, cobalt hair color is its bold, statement-making cousin. Ask your colorist for a cobalt blue shade if you’re ready to take on a wild hair color and all of the maintenance that comes with it!

Metallic Lilac Highlights

If you’re tired of brunette  and blonde  but aren’t totally ready to delve into a full head of metallic hair, why not try lilac hair color with subtle highlights? Whether you opt for full or partial highlights, the end result is sure to be a welcome change from your neutral hair color.

Strawberry Blonde

This blond-copper hybrid is a normally a subtle mix between the two shades. If you’re looking to show off your bold side, ask your colorist for a strawberry blonde hair color with a metallic sheen.


With so many hair trendsetters embracing shades of gray hair, you’re going to want a hue that helps you stand out from the crowd. That’s why we love this stunning metallic gunmetal shade. Whether you’re going gray naturally or choosing to take on a whole new vibe, this hair color is calling your name!

To maintain your gray hair color, we recommend the Redken Color Extend Graydient Shampoo. The violet shampoo neutralizes unwanted yellow and orange undertones while toning, nourishing, and strengthening gray and silver hair.

Rose Gold

So many hair color trends come and go, but rose gold hair is here to stay! With a metallic touch, the stunning combination of pink, gold, and blonde has taken on a new life in 2020.

Rose Brown

Brunettes, don’t despair: With rose brown hair, you can still achieve a rose-tinted hue for spring without completely abandoning your dark hair.

To get the look, your colorist will begin with a dark brown base. Then, they’ll use bleach to lighten some of the strands of your hair before using a balayage technique  to paint on the rosy hue.

Oil Slick

If you’re a brunette looking to achieve metallic rainbow hair with minimal damage, oil slick hair is the way to go. The dimensional color combo glistens like a fresh oil spill.

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy isn’t just for kids at carnivals. The sweet treat has been the inspiration behind the cotton candy hair trend, which blends shades of pastel pink, blue, and purple. The metallic variation of this whimsical color creation is to die for!


Calling all the hair daredevils out there—if you’re not afraid to be bold, opt for a fiery metallic red that packs a serious punch. We particularly love this look painted on using a balayage technique.


Coloring your hair with fruit juice might be risky, but that doesn’t mean we can’t draw color inspiration from our favorite healthy snack! This metallic berry hue will instantly make you feel sweeter—we promise!

Pastel Pink

If you’re thinking pink for 2020, skip the bubblegum and hot pink hues in favor of a metallic pastel shade. We recommend this one for fair to medium skin tones.

Metallic Pastel Blend

Can’t get enough of pastels? With pale shades of silver, pink, blue, and purple all perfectly blended into your mane, you can’t go wrong!

Interested in trying a metallic hair color? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

38 Silver Hair Color Ideas

Layered Dark Roots on Silver Hair Color

Instagram @madeupbymadison

Lengthy silver hair would be impossible without taking the right steps like doing a fabulous balayage and a choppy V-cut finish.

Silver Ash Grey

Instagram @xcellent_kevin

If you don’t want all of your hair entirely influenced by the silver color popularity, you can always opt for the ever-beautiful  ombre.

Silver Mermaid Hair

Instagram @graley_bruton

Color your long hair silver and give it a half-up braided ‘do to look like a unique, edgy mermaid.

White Silver Hair

Instagram @hairmakeuplucy

This white silver color is an awesome option to think about if you have thin hair. The silver strands add dimension and can make thin hair look voluminous.

Ice Gray Silver

Instagram @yokii.san

No space for warmth with this ultra-cool icy silver shade! This hair color is perfect for any hair length and texture. Keep the gray hair roots if you have a natural dark mane for easier upkeep.

Silvery Rose Gold

Instagram @thejesjewel

Warm and cool tones may be extreme opposites but could actually work fantastically like these rose gold and pink tones on silver hair!

Braided Silver and Purple Hair

Instagram @__forestfairy.hair__

This silver purple hair is such a hairspiration, created by stylist Stephanie of Japan.

In order to get this silver hue, Stephanie used Ion purple, a dot of Ion magenta, Olaplex No.1, and lots of clear conditioner.

She washed the hair with Amino Acid Shampoo from Kiehl’s and Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask from Shiseido. Then, applied a small amount of argan oil while blow-drying and before styling.

Unicorn Silver

This color is a steel blue to silver ombre, made by a salon director from Australia, Joshua. It’s meant to be icy and reflects a more winter glacial look with the deep cool that creates the contrast to the more subtle silver ends.

Bleaching is damaging to the hair no matter what is used, so a strict home regime is essential. Joshua recommends a variety of protein-based masks followed by a hydrating mask, and either a violet or blue shampoo to contract the yellow tones.

He adds, “These type of colors require maintenance when being washed, but only requires a wash once or twice a week.”

Silver Ash Brown

Silver ash brown hair will fade out quickly because the hair is bleached to a level 9 (that’s almost a platinum). You need to bleach it that much in order to obtain that silver look.

Barcelona-based stylist Zix warns that if you’re a woman that doesn’t care a lot about hair color, this one is not for you.

The hair is bleached. So even if your hairdresser cares about the hair and takes care of it, it’s always bleached and it would dry out the hair. Zix adds, “Keep in mind that you must hydrate and condition the hair as much as possible to keep it healthy and shiny. I recommend Olaplex N3 as a weekly treatment.”

Silver Babylights

This color features a slightly lighter gunmetal silver grey. “I love the different tones throughout the hair. It was a beautiful result,” says hairstylist Samantha Simpson of Sunshine Coast, QLD.

“It’s imperative that you understand what it takes to achieve this color: time and money for maintenance,” she points out.

It can take many hours and many visits to your hairdresser’s chair to achieve this color. It can be a very challenging color to achieve, especially if you’ve been box-dying it on your own at home for the past few years.

Simpson warns, “Be patient with your hairdresser and purchase the products he/she recommends! We actually do care greatly about keeping the integrity of your hair! We want it to be healthy and for your colors to last! Using cheap shampoo and conditioner only strips your color out.

Finally, Simpson makes a reminder to be prepared to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks. These types of colors have a tendency to fade as they’re high-maintenance.

Silver Mauve

The silver and mauve colors melt together so well, creating a shade of pale violet silver fox. Rachel Kay is the stylist from Renton, WA who made this look.

“This is a very fun, but high-maintenance hair color. It may even require several bleaching sessions to achieve the root-to-tip, icy look you’re going for,” Kay warns.

As for maintenance, you’ll also want to schedule a bleach re-touch and tone every 3-4 weeks. Plan ahead and budget for the cost of your new locks. Once you achieve your new look, you’ll want to protect your investment with proper products.

Edgy Short Silver Pixie Undercut

Instagram @chelsey_marciniak

This short silver hair has a fearless undercut. and was created by stylist Chelsey Tobias-Marciniak from Augusta, ME.

“To keep the integrity of your hair, slow and steady lightening is the proper way to do it,” says Tobias-Marciniak.

Silver Periwinkle Hair

A transitioning color from red to silver turned out to a dimensional cool tone color melt, which is smoked sapphire and smokey ash blue. This hair gem was created by stylist Allison Oliver of Texas.

Oliver suggests using color-safe shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate and paraben-free. “I suggest AG hair care because they’re cruelty-free and each their product goes towards women’s education in Africa,” she explains.

Ice Blue Silver Hair

This hair color is a smokey, silver, pastel blue-violet by stylist Ashley Lynn of Dulles, VA.

Many ladies ask for this hair color. This silver hair dye is by far the hardest to achieve, according to Lynn. If one has a very light hair color naturally, it makes it easier to accomplish.

“I would encourage ladies to consider what their natural color is, and understand that the darker their hair, the harder it is to achieve this look. If you’re starting with a dark canvas, you most likely won’t achieve this look in one sitting,” Lynn advises.

Silver Hair Highlights

These super sultry, ashy, silver highlights were designed by hair color specialist Julie Bonaduce of Oregon.

These types of pastel and metallic tones can be quite an undertaking to achieve. Pastels and silvers have such little density of pigment, so the hair needs to be very pale blonde (almost pure white) in order for them to show up.

A good at-home haircare routine is crucial. Bonaduce states, “I typically recommend not shampooing more than twice weekly, and using a pigmented hair mask every other week to keep the color looking on point!”

Silver Hair Ombre

This hair color is a silver ombre, created by stylist Sarah Boling of Utah.  It’s a deep smokey root melted into a light silver or violet.

Boling discusses clear expectations for women who want this type of color. These colors take time, and investment, but are fun during the process.

When applying the silver tones, Boling likes to take it slightly deeper to give more time before it fades out. “I tell them that they’ll leave with a deeper smokey gray that will fade beautifully, and give them more time with their new fashion color. Nothing is worse for them than spending so much time getting there and then having it fade out in a couple of washes,” she adds.

Platinum Silver Hair

This is a chic platinum silver, done by celebrity hairstylist Brooke Benton of Los Angeles. “It shows off a white platinum look, but without the drama of having to keep up with regrowth every four weeks,” says Benton.

Benton adds, “My favorite thing about this look is that it’s low-maintenance platinum because it’s balayaged (hand painted) into her natural root color, allowing a forgiving and natural grow out that can go on for months out of the salon.”

This platinum silver color works great for light skin tones, especially those with yellow undertones to darker skin tones. Silver hair color has a tendency to wash out those with pink undertones, so remember this when talking to your stylist.

Deep Steel Brown Silver Color

This is a deep steel brown silver shade, a dark grey with the slightest glimmer of brown made by Roz Corpuz, a stylist from California.

Corpuz says a common misconception that women have about colors like these is the length of time it actually lasts. “In their mind they’re “going dark”, but hairdressers know that while the tone of grey is dark, she’s still ultimately blonde underneath,” she explains. “Because the desired tone is so ashy, the dark grey toner is directly placed onto the blonde hair without using a filler first, giving the toner no “glue” to hold on to. This makes these colors very high-maintenance.”

Steel Metallic Silver

Opt for a shade of silver that’s a wintery, metallic steel. The best thing about it is the pop of pigment, as well as, the violet and blue undertones.

To obtain and maintain this hair color, stylist Ashley Arial of California used 8SM by Guy Tang + Paul Mitchel Pop color in the shade steel after lightening using Wella Freelights. For the roots, Arial blended a level 3N with her metallic ends to create a seamless and timeless look. Blending is key!

This look is for those who aren’t too defiant with the natural colors but are daring at heart. Arial states, “This shiny metallic hue is perfect for those beating to their own drum. This look is modest, yet rock and roll. Perfect for any age, skin tone, and hair type.”

Dimensional Silver Bob

This hair color is a dimensional silver, designed by colorist Michelle Lindsay of Utah.

“I purposely put some highs and lows in the hair to give a multi-dimensional effect. I do this with a lot of my color, regardless of the tone, because I believe the most flattering hair color has dimension. If color is just one-note, it has less movement and tends to look like a wig,” she states.

Lindsay believes that your hair should definitely fit your own personality and style. “This lady with shorter hair is in the 60+ age category and has been nearly every color over the past several years. She has a great sense of style and always maintains a very stylish and classic look, even when doing the trends,” she explains.

Medium-Length Silver Hair

This mid-length silver mane is very trendy and fashion forward.

According to Illinois-based stylist Elizabeth Eiten, it’s not something you see every day! It definitely sets you apart from others and really shows your style and personality.

To achieve the color, Eiten states, “I had to bleach and tone and knowing that I wanted to get her to that icy silver hairstyle and knew I had to cool her off before applying my finishing color. To cool her hair off, I used Goldwell’s Colorance 10P. It can be applied right at the bowl on towel-dried hair. After that was processed and she was blow-dried, I used Elumen to give her that silver look! I used [email protected] and [email protected] If you want more of a charcoal grey, just add more of the [email protected]!”

This silver hair is definitely for a woman that’s trendy and into fashion. Eiten adds, “You will need to regularly visit the salon! It’s for the female who already has blonde hair. To get this tone, you have to be very close to a level 10 (white blonde). You will not get the vibrancy or target color if the hair isn’t lifted to a level 10.”

Rooted Icy Gray and Silver Blend

Here’s a silver hair trend, which is a rooted icy blonde color by stylist Kristi Murdoch of Nebraska.

“I love the contrast between the darker base and the bright pops of balayaged blonde throughout. I feel like this really captures the lived-in color that everyone is embracing lately. So many times icy blondes and grey blondes can seem one-dimensional, but I love that this look has many different cool shades to compliment the others,” Murdoch expresses.

The great thing about this look is that it can work with any hair type and skin tone. Women with darker hair color will have to be patient and understand it’s a multiple-appointment process to lighten the hair to achieve this look while maintaining the hair’s integrity.

Dark Silver Hair

Here’s a is a dark silver hair color that’s striking yet subtle. It was designed by stylist Genevieve Caspillo from Vancouver, BC.

To create this color, Caspillo used Loreal Professional StudioBlonde Lightener with Brazilian Bond Builder to protect the integrity of the hair, then toned with Schwarzkopf Silverwhite and 0-11 Booster.

The more natural light the hair is to start with, the better. Nevertheless, this color is not possible on darker hair, it’s just dependent on the level of lightening needed. “It may take multiple sessions, lots of care, patience, cooperation, understanding, and acceptance from both the stylist and the ladies,” says Caspillo.

Icy White Silver

This is icy white silver hair and the most requested color recently, according to colorist Karo Jade of Canada. This is difficult to achieve as the hair needs to be initially lifted to a level 10, but ladies love it!

Jade warns, “This color is definitely not for everyone and not everyone can achieve it either. Some hair will never get this light due to natural underlying pigment or will break off before we can get near it. This is even with the use of the amazing Olaplex.”

Silver Blonde

Instagram @hairbymandyallen

This is a silver-blonde color, made by hairstylist Mandy Allen of Canada.

“This look is great for gals who don’t mind coming in every three to four weeks to have the color refreshed. Silvery hair is beautiful, but requires a lot of maintenance! Lightening the hair also requires regular treatments to prevent breakage, so a busy, always-on-the-go woman may not be the best fit for this type of look,” Allen explains.

Multi-Dimensional Platinum Silver

Instagram @sinful_hair_and_brows

Consider a multi-dimensional platinum blonde silver hue. Designed by stylist Lindsay Huth of Arizona, this color has serious depth and still grows out beautifully. Dimensional ice blondes like this are on-trend.

This is a great look for any type of hair. “The dimension makes it easier for ladies to stretch the time between appointments for easier upkeep,” says Huth.

Silver Lavender

Consider a color that’s a silver platinum with lavender undertones.

“I love how it fades from a darker grey into the platinum. The melting from the dark to light creates dimension. It also makes for a better grow-out since I bleach them all over to a level 10 before I apply the platinum color,” stylist Kelsey Kovacevich of Saint Paul, MN explains.

This hair color is ideal on cooler skin tones, but it looks awesome with every eye color! Be aware that this is a high-maintenance color. This will be the lowest maintenance and easiest to achieve on women that have a natural level 7-10 hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve this color on natural level 1-6 hair. It may take longer to achieve and will be a higher maintenance color, but still beautiful!

Pearly Blonde Silver Hair Toner

Opt for a pearly blonde silver hue, which shows soft tones and a clean blonde.

UK-based stylist Ashleigh Henson used Wella Professional Blond, Olaplex, and Re-lights Toner to achieve the color. For the upkeep, Henson suggests using the Fudge violet toning shampoo.

“Cool-toned skin with brown, blue or green eyes will look great with this color. This look is perfect for women who like to look after themselves because it requires a lot of upkeep,” Henson notes.

Men’s Silver Steel Color

This shade of silver hair is described as “strong like steel” by stylist Cassandra Gray-Smith of Chatswood, New South Wales.

Gray-Smith points out, “You have to have the personality to pull off something like this as well. My favorite thing about it is how it compliments his skin tone. Grey hair isn’t all about age anymore, it’s a statement.”

Silver shampoo is a must when it comes to maintenance! De Lorenzo, Nak Blonde Plus and Alfaparf Grey Pride are some of Gray-Smith’s favorites. A heat protection spray is also recommended as styling with heat will affect the tone.

A Flirty Fun Shade of Silver

Instagram @beyond_the_hair

The best thing about this silver hair shade is that it’s fun and contemporary, but a very challenging color to achieve without compromising the hair too much.

Hairstylist Rebecca Oranges of Las Vegas, NV states, “This is best for a woman that has a straight, skinny texture and is about a level 7 or higher. It’s best for a high-maintenance woman that likes to get their hair done more often. It takes some time and more frequent appointments to keep the hair looking beautiful.”

Deep Dark Silver

This dark silver has a deeper feel to it. Texas-based stylist Ana Lara says, “I love that we broke up her roots with a highlighting technique that will give her a nice grow out.”

To maintain the beautiful color, Ana Lara suggests Viral Extreme Silver ColorWash and Kevin Murphy rinse.

“This shade requires a lot of maintenance, so this is the perfect look for pretty women who don’t mind the upkeep and long hours at the salon,” Ana Lara states.

Silver Red Ombre

Instagram @kylierose_hairartist

Opt for an ombre that’s definitely an unconventional approach to the world of silver. Stylist Kylie Butler of Seattle, WA created this look.

“By combining both warm and cool tones, I created something eye-popping that stands out from the vivids you see day-to-day,” states Butler.

She continues, “This color may not work for you if you can’t break the hair washing habit, or if you frequently swim in chlorine pools. The color will fade quickly if not cared for properly and you really don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars and literally wash your color down the drain.”

Grunge Silver Ombre Hair

Silver grey hair is no longer something to hide. According to hairstylist Chelsea Redman of Virginia, it’s grunge yet glamorous!

What’s astounding about this wavy silver ombre hair is how it’s hand-painted into the natural hair color, making the smokey gray look soft and elegant.

Redman explains, “Whether you have a short or long haircut, a straight or curly hair texture…you can rock this! It looks incredible with any skin tone or eye color, too.”

Silver Pixie Cut

This look is described as an ultra modern classic pixie cut with a stunning silver tone to match its edginess. As per hair artist Nick Strong of the UK, it has lots of current techniques that give it a contemporary edge.

“It’s also a great color if you want to be on-trend and stand out. The combination of the silver tones with the pixie cut is such a beautiful and elegant way to give everyone else hair envy,” Strong points out.

Blue Silver Hair

This is a textured short to medium haircut with an enhanced silver blue shade.

Colorist Gary Corcoran of Motherwell, UK says, “Silvers and grey and even ash colors don’t particularly last long in the hair if the hair has been pre-lightened before applying the toner.” Thus, Corcoran recommends using AVEDA’s Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner to really preserve the color as long as possible.

Corcoran explains, “If you want to keep up the tone at home, I would recommend using Wella Color Fresh 10/81. This is a semi-permanent shampoo. It’s packed with blue/grey tones to refresh any color fading.”

Silver A-Line Bob

This hair color is a dimensional, rooted, cool blonde, with accents of pearl and silver grey by Mathew Ocasio, a stylist from Wilkes Barre, PA. “My favorite thing about it is how beautifully it blends into her root and how it’s cooled down without looking muddy,” Ocasio notes.

To create this look, Ocasio recommends using Redken Shades EQ 9B, 9V, and 9T with clear, or Kenra Professional’s Guy Tang Metallic Series. To maintain the silver tones and keep the blonde cool, Ocasio suggests using a purple shampoo such as Fanola’s No Yellow shampoo, or Clairol’s Shimmer Lights.

Black and Silver Braids

Instagram @sachikoreece

Ask your stylist for silver hair with dark roots, styled with braids. Made by Colorado-based stylist Dawn Reece, this hair color can also be achieved with a grey shadow root.

The products Reece used for this black and silver hair color were all J Beverly Hills. Reece explains, “I prepped with Detangle and Glaze Me. For styling, I used Mousse Up. After drying, I used a little Finissage when I was braiding for control. Before pulling the braids out, I sprinkled some Volumis onto the braids to give them some grip while pulling.

Agate Slice Silver Hair

Instagram @haircraftbymaggiemftx

This silver hair is named the agate slice by stylist Maggie Venour of Texas.

Venour points out, “It felt like looking at a thin slice of agate when finished. It’s an icy and metallic blonde with silver and metallic light brown lowlights. I love how the silver has underlying aqua tones in different types of light.”

“To maintain, use L’anza Healing Color Care products and Celeb Luxury Viral Silver Shampoo cut in half with regular color care shampoo. An Olaplex Color Bomb can also be made for take-home with Olaplex 3,” Venour mentions.

11 Best Grey & Silver Hair Dyes of 2021


Hair dye used to be the go-to for covering grey hair, but now it can also be used to embrace it. Whether you’re naturally grey and ready to rock it, or you’re looking to go temporarily silver, there are tons of ways to experiment with this trending hue — and quite a few color variations, too.

The Best Grey Hair Dyes

Caring for Grey Hair

Before we get to the actual dyeing process, we chatted with celebrity colorist Rachel Bodt to learn some key maintenance tips. First, she recommends using a purple shampoo and conditioner to keep brassiness at bay.

I love Kristen Ess’ purple shampoo and conditioner,” she says. “If you want it even more silver or grey, I love making color conditioners with a white mask and adding a drop of black (Adore) to it.”

The more you shampoo it, the more it will lighten, so Bodt also recommends using a co-wash to clean, but not strip your strands of their color. To keep the bonds of your strands strong, Bodt suggests using Olaplex treatments once a week. “The stronger the bonds are, the less the color will fade,” she says.

Another tip: Bodt says you should clear out any buildup on your tresses by trying out ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinses. “They remove buildup and residue so the color looks more vibrant,” she says. “Pollution and mineral deposits can dull grey hair, so this truly helps.”

How We Chose

I’ll be honest: I have virgin hair that has never been touched by a drop of hair dye. So for this guide to the best grey hair dye, we listened to what the reviewers had to say. We scoured the internet for some of the best-selling, top-rated grey hair dyes that have rave reviews over at Amazon, Ulta, Walmart, and more.

Bonus: Many of these hair dyes have also been given a thumbs up from editors at Good Housekeeping, Town & Country, and WWD.

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Drugstore Favorite

L’Oréal Paris Feria Permanent Hair Color in Smokey Silver

L’Oréal Paris


Looking to get salon-quality results under $10? Then grab this box of hair dye, stat. L’Oréal’s fan-favorite gray hair dye will give your strands a sexy smoky hue, for a stylish look without a heavy price tag. But keep in mind — it’s permanent.

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Metallic Sheen

Schwarzkopf göt2b Metallics Permanent Hair Color in Metallic Silver



Looking to go a little more against the grain? Then this grey hair dye is exactly what you need. It has a metallic hue that’ll give you a grungy, edgy look.


Best for a Charcoal Grey

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Color in Gargoyle

Lime Crime


This semi-permanent grey hair dye creates a deeper shade, perfect for those who want something more slate than silvery.

Because semi-permanent dye can only deposit color (not lighten your existing color), it works best on light or pre-lightened hair.


The Semi-Permanent Approach

Adore Semi-Permanent Haircolor #150 Platinum

Want a grey hair dye that’ll only last for a few washes? Then give this semi-permanent dye a try. It’ll let you live out all of your silver-vixen dreams, up until you’re ready to try something new.


Go Grey for One Day

Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup in Shimmering Platinum



If you just want to try on a few streaks for a spell, this spray-on hair “makeup” is the perfect solution. It dries onto hair with the heat from your blow-dryer and then washes out easily in the shower.


For a True Silver Finish

Keracolor Color + Clenditioner in Silver

amazon. com


If you’re true to your tones, then this silver hue from Keracolor is a must-have for you. There are no extra steps to your usual haircare routine since this is a regular conditioner that also adds color to your hair while it works. It’s perfect for keeping up your color between salon visits. 


For a Hint of Purple

Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask in Platinum



This grey hair dye bottle may say platinum, but it has a light lavender hint that adds a cool, minimally modern touch to your freshly colored strands. 

Plus, this hair mask not only dyes your hair, but it also conditions and softens, so you won’t have to worry about post-coloring dryness or damage.


For a Touch of Blue

Manic Panic Amplified Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Blue Steel

Manic Panic
ulta. com


OK — full disclosure, we fell in love with the name first. Blue Steel, a light-blue, metallic hair dye from Manic Panic, will give already-blonde hair a wash of silvery coolness and give your entire look a more “metal” edge.


Easiest to Apply

L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Temporary Hair Color Spray in Silver

L’Oreal Paris


Here’s another temporary grey hair dye if you aren’t ready to take the plunge just yet. This one is in spray form and extremely easy to apply. Just shake well and spray on to the desired area, and you’ll have silvery-grey hair just for the day (or night).


For an Intense Silver

oVertone Extreme Silver Coloring Conditioner


$32. 00

To give your grey locks a metallic sheen, try out this silvery shade.
This deep, dark silver color from oVertone will give your grey strands a healthier, holographic look. 

Plus, this conditioning formula deposits intense pigment into your hair while softening and strengthening it, resulting in a mane that’s healthy and happy from the inside out.


Color Maintenance

dpHUE Color Boosting Gloss + Deep Conditioning Treatment in Sheer

Sometimes, dyeing hair can cause the locks to lose their sheen. If you’re looking to bring the radiance back, then this clear gloss is what you need. It helps to restore a glossy, healthy look to fragile strands.

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Metallic Hair Color For Everyone

Jackie Summers
February 2, 2018
Everyone can wear metallic hair color — and so can you! us media library/blogs/2018metallic/metallic hair color.jpg
It’s official: Metallic hair color is in. Jump on the trend by following these tips from the Matrix pros to get your strands gleaming with metallic hair color.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave that forbids exposure to beauty trends, you’ve probably noticed a gorgeous shift to a new look in hair color. More sophisticated than vivid hair color, but with more impact than pastel hair color, metallic hair color is the chic girl’s solution to unconventional hair color. Here’s what you need to know to find the perfect metallic hair color formula for you!

What Is Metallic Hair Color?

The key idea in the concept of metallic hair color is the word “metal. ” Metal is shiny. Metal is iridescent. Metals come in a range of finishes from warm gold to icy silver. Metallic hair colors, at their best, are dimensional, dazzling tones that shine like platinum. Metallic hair color looks rich and expensive. A hair color pro can put a metallic spin on just about any hair color shade or can create a full head of metallic hair color in the shade of silver or copper.

“Metallic hair color can be for everyone,” declares Matrix Artistic Director Robert Santana. “In our salon, we’re getting requests from everyone from Millennials, to women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. They’re requesting shades like rose gold hair color and silver hair color. It’s very versatile—we can make a metallic hair color whisper for a more conservative client, or shout for a fashionably progressive client.”

At one time, it was necessary to pre-bleach hair to remove all of the color before depositing a metallic hair color, to achieve a pure, clear tone. But now, according to Robert, thanks to new formulations like those in the Matrix SOCOLOR and Color Sync Mixed Metals Collection, it’s possible to achieve metallic hair color tones without completely stripping out the existing pigment, even on darker hair color shades. Plus, metallic hair colors infuse your hair with gorgeous, reflective pigment.

The 5 Rules of Metallic Hair Color

Pick your Shade Wisely

With metallic hair color, as with any hair color, the basic rules of shade selection apply. You and your hair stylist should pick a color that flatters your skin tone and your eye color. That means if you tend to have cool undertones in your skin, you will be enhanced by metallic hair colors on the cool side of the spectrum, like silvery and platinum tones. If you have warm undertones in your skin, opt for warm metallic hair colors, like gold, bronze or copper tones. Try the jewelry test to target your best tones. Grab pieces of gold, silver, bronze and copper jewelry and hold each one close to your face. It will be instantly evident which metals look best. One exception is people with neutral skin tones. These folks can go either way—cool hair color or warm hair color are equally flattering.

Shine Above All

The star of any metallic hair color design is hair shine. The right formula and hair color products go a long way to producing gleaming hair, but they won’t do you any good if your hair isn’t healthy, lustrous and strong. This is especially true if you’re going to be pre-lightening your hair strands with bleach. Using a bond-repair product in your hair color formulas is one great way to retain the integrity of your hair—it will repair the structural bonds that are damaged during the coloring process.

Metallic Balayage is Everything

Balayage is the modern way to highlight hair—it’s a technique that involves hand-painting the surface of the hair with lightener or hair color to approximate a natural, sun-kissed effect. According to Matrix Celebrity Stylist and balayage pioneer George Papanikolas, balayage highlights are narrow at the top of the head and gradually widen as they progress down the strand—this V-shape gives them a natural look. Balayaging your hair with metallic shades like rose gold or silver creates that same, sunlit look, using a more sophisticated hair color palette. You can add metallic balayage highlights to a conventional-toned base, or incorporate them into an all-over metallic hair color effect.

Leave It to a Pro

On the hair color sophistication scale, metallic hair color design is pretty advanced. Shade selection, formulation and color placement can all go terribly wrong if not done by someone with skill and experience. So, advises George Papanikolas, it’s best to leave your metallic hair color to a hair color professional. “He or she will be able to create a look that’s elegant and sophisticated,” he says, “in shades that are perfect for your hair and your complexion.”

Handle it With Care

It goes without saying that if you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on the metallic hair color trend, it’s smart to maximize your investment by coddling that hair color once you leave the salon. Robert Santana recommends using natural origin sulfate- and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners that are expressly designed for color-treated hair. “These very ‘clean’ formulas with no artificial ingredients leave colored hair feeling soft and velvety, and they won’t strip away the hair color,” he explains.

Metallic Hair Color Options

Cool Metallic Hair Colors

If you choose a cool metallic hair color, there are many beautiful, icy choices. You can sport an allover silver hair color or a silvery grey tone, or add streaks of platinum to a blonde base. Smoky or frosty lilac, lavender or grape shades are quite appealing, as are Arctic blue tones.

Warm Metallic Hair Colors

On the other side of the spectrum are the warm, burnished metallic hair color shades. Ask your hair stylist to create gold-, bronze- or copper-based shades, such as rose gold, strawberry copper or chocolate bronze.

Metallic Hair Dye that won’t damage your hair

Pastel hair has been big for many years, but the Metallic Hair trend hits Instagram and fashion community in 2018. From Ariana Grande and Amber Rose to Cara Delevingne and Paris Jackson – everyone tries metallics! Metallic hair colour is a subtle shimmering version of pastel hair dye. It reflects the light and brightens up your hair, giving a more sophisticated and glossy finish. 

Apart from unconventional looks, Smart Beauty metallic hair dyes are designed to care about your health as well. From now on our new products are enriched with the revolutionary Add-Plex treatment that prevents structural damage caused by colouring or bleaching, and as a result, makes your hair extra soft and silky. 




Smart Beauty Metallic Hair Dye is a long-lasting permanent colour. The collection includes four iconic shades: rose gold, lilac, silver and graphite. Rose Gold is one of the most popular colours of the year beloved not only by millennials but also by fashionistas in their 40-s and 50s. Silver hair is a chic alternative to platinum blonde and looks especially gorgeous on short hair. Also, you may play with metallic silver highlights and apply it instead of boring blonde highlights. Ariana Grande’s favourite metallic lilac is an ultimate Disney princess colour that can work well with the full head colouring and as a balayage. All colours will give you a polished finish with a sparkly pastel shade. 


Metallic hair dye can be applied to a variety of textures, from straight to afro hair. However, to achieve a beautiful clear tone your hair should be blonde, very light or pre-lightened. Brunettes can try our metallic collection too, just lighten your hair with Smart Beauty Bleach-it Hair Lightener. If you need an advice on how to bleach your hair safely and keep it healthy, click on this tutorial. 



Some of our customers would like to experiment with colours more often but are afraid of the damage a dye can cause. That is why we created our new products using Nio-Active ingredients. It’s a brand new technology that helps to prevent chemical damage and strengthen your hair structure.

During normal colouration or bleaching process, our hair dries up, becomes fragile and breaks a lot easier. The nio-active formulation added to our metallic range penetrates deep into the hair and hydrates it. So you get a very soft, smooth and moisturised hair with a beautiful pastel metallic hair colour.

Give it a try and you will see a difference!

Olivia Colman’s Drastic Hair Colour Change For Oscars 2020

February 21, 2020

Just hours before the Academy Awards, the British actress asked her colourist to change her hair colour drastically. She ditched her signature mahogany brown hair colour for the fashion’s chicest shade of blonde – metallic silver. See how to get Olivia’s silver blonde hair colour at home.

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Wow! Emma Thompson sets Christmas hair trend

November 21, 2019

Dame Emma Thompson is an Oscar-winning actor, screenwriter, comedian, and activist, but now she can add up another role to her bio – hair trendsetter. Last week Ms Thompson shocked everyone at the Covent Garden Christmas party reveal with her new hair colour.

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11 Best Gray Hair Dyes of 2021


If you associate silver hair with getting older, it’s time to think again. In the past few years, gray hair dyes have become super popular with both millennials and Gen Z—and the younger generations are completely transforming what it means to “go gray.”

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have naturally gray hair, you may not want to bother with a hair dye. But for those who want to transition to gray hair for the first time, it may not be that it may not be as simple as making a trip to the drug store. As with any big hair change, it always pays to consult a professional first to talk over your specific gray hair color ideas and make sure you can get the results you want. You’ll also want to note that silver and gray hair dyes will be easier to achieve for some hair colors than others. For example, if your hair is already a light shade, you should be able to tint it gray fairly easily. That’s not to say it’s impossible to dye dark hair gray: You can still get the look with a little more time and effort.

In order to achieve a pretty, even shade of gray, darker hair colors have to first be lightened. Sometimes this will take a few trips to the salon to give hair the chance to recover before it gets processed again. While the extra steps and time might seem like a nuisance, it’s for the best. No one likes damaged hair—or even worse, a botched dye job. Patience is key—as is maintenance (get ready to load up on gray hair shampoo!).

Ready to take the dive into the gray unknown? Channel your inner silver fox with these gray hair dyes!

P.S. Feel like taking care of your newly-dyed strands? Check out our best tips for how to get shiny hair, and don’t miss our picks for the best frizzy hair products on the market.

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Moroccanoil Platinum Color-Depositing Mask

Here’s one way to make gray seem a lot more exciting: Call it “platinum”! This easy-to-use mask will leave you with an enviable silver sheen and leave your strands feeling healthy and conditioned.


L’oreal Paris Feria Shimmering Permanent Color

This smoky shade promises to look super glossy—the kit includes both a serum and a conditioner that are designed to give the color extra shimmer.  


Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color

If your hair is already blonde, you’re good to go with this kit. The metallic silver hue will make your strands pop! 


Adore Semi-Permanent Haircolor

This formula is free of ammonia, peroxide, and alcohol, so it won’t strip your hair.  We call that a win! 


Clairol Color Crave Temporary Hair Color Makeup

If you want to try going gray but aren’t ready to commit, consider this product, which is essentially makeup for your hair. It’ll last one to two shampoos, perfect for testing out the trend.


Overtone Vibrant Silver Coloring Conditioner

Good-for-your-hair ingredients like coconut oil make this coloring conditioner a game changer, because they help prevent damage while stimulating growth. 


Lunar Tides Hair Dye Ombre Hair Dye Kit

Fifty shades of gray it is! Just kidding—but this kit does include both a slate gray and pastel gray dye so you can give your hair the perfect ombré effect. 


Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash

If you’re naturally gray but want to amp up your look, try this colorwash shampoo, which helps refresh faded or ho-hum color.  It also can help you prolong a new dye job.


Joico Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color

If you like experimenting, Joico’s semi-permanent hair color is probably what you’ve been looking for. The color lasts up to 20 washed—just note it works best on already light hair. 


Lime Crime Unicorn Hair in Gargoyle

This vegan formula deposits a dark, silvery wash on light-colored hair.


Keracolor Clenditioner Color Depositing Conditioner

This color-depositing conditioner features keratin, a protein that  helps keep hair strong, healthy, and breakage-free.

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90,000 how to make and review of paints

Even if you’ve watched all of the YouTube videos about highlighting hair, our detailed step-by-step instructions will help you along the way. There are several ways to do hair highlighting at home, and each of them is interesting in its own way – and not easy in its own way. The difference lies in the approaches to hair bleaching, which we will dwell on in more detail.

Carefully comb dry hair, straighten the curls with a styler, if the strands curl, mix the lightening cream with oxide and be patient: highlighting is a very long process.

This technique is only used on short haircuts. The hat is convenient for beginners: the dye composition does not stain the hair, so the highlighting turns out to be clean, even when it is done by hand.

  • Put on a silicone or rubber cap (found in online stores) with frequent holes and pull the thin strands out with a special hook.
  • Apply the brightening compound to the strands with a thin brush, paying special attention to the ends. This technique helps to create a gradient transition from top to bottom.
  • Allow the paint to cure for the time specified by the manufacturer. At this stage, it is permissible to wrap the head with cellophane for better penetration of the clarifier under the hair cuticle.
  • Remove the cap and rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.

What happens?

The technique of lightening on foil provides strands with uniform lightening along the length with a clear color transition along the horizontal. In addition, with foil it is easier to dye medium and long hair, and the speed of the procedure increases due to the greenhouse effect.

  • Determine the thickness of the strands and cut the regular foil into large rectangles. The width of the loose strand should be matched to the width of the foil so that there is about 0. 5 cm of fold on the sides.
  • Draw a color transition border on the hair. For any kind of highlighting, at least 2 cm should be retreated from the roots.
  • Separate the strands starting from the back of the head.
  • Cover one side of the foil with dye and place it under the strand, then apply dye with vertical brush strokes and fold the rectangle into an envelope, folding the edges.It is believed that the matte side of the foil should be inside, but in fact, the sides of the foil do not give a significant difference.
  • Foil over all selected strands with a step of about 1.5 – 2 cm. The ends of the hair are also dyed, but to avoid damage they hang from the edge of the foil.
  • Now you can relax and wait for the paint to take effect.
  • Carefully unfold the foil and rinse hair first with and without.

What happens?

It is difficult to cope with foil on your own if you are doing it for the first time. For inexperienced novice colorists, it’s easier to start with open-ended techniques. They are used in balayage and shatushe.

In the first case, collect your hair in a ponytail, make a strong bouffant and paint over it from the outside with an emphasis on the ends. For balayage, collect 3-5 tails and apply clarifier to the bottom third of their length, without soaking the strands through. The holding period of the composition should also not exceed the time indicated on the packaging by the paint manufacturer.

What happens?

The most affordable method of shallow highlighting at home is, of course, coloring with a comb.All you need is a flat or sparse-toothed comb (depending on the desired lightening thickness) or a professional stripper. How to do this highlighting correctly?

  • Divide the hair into four zones and start with the most difficult – the occipital.
  • Apply the paint to the comb so that the composition covers all the space between the teeth. Remove excess with a napkin.
  • Take a thin section of hair, pull it away from your head and place the comb on top at a 45 ° angle.Run the comb towards the ends, gradually dipping it into the hair to distribute the dye evenly.
  • Perform the lightening procedure in the same way on thin strands of each head zone, but not throughout the entire mass of hair.
  • Wait for the time indicated on the clarifier package and rinse your hair thoroughly.

What happens?

When highlighting the bangs always remain “sweet”: the hair around the face, as a rule, is thinner than on the back of the head, so the total dye holding time is counted precisely from the moment the bangs are dyed.

To select strands, “stitch” the bangs with a knitting needle on the comb, starting from the edge. Highlighting bangs, as a rule, is carried out in a closed technique using foil.

What happens?

Life hack from experts: The necessary thickness of the strands for any highlighting technique can be determined by eye by smoothing it in the palm of your hand – if it shines through, then you are doing everything right.

Hair highlighting in Moscow from 2550 ₽ in the salon near metro Novye Cheryomushki

Over a half-century history, hair highlighting has not lost its relevance: from year to year it only becomes more perfect.Highlighting is always unique: it is impossible to recreate the glare pattern created by the tint play of the strands.

The French make-up artist Jacques Dissange is considered the author of the ingenious innovation. And the inimitable Brigitte Bardot became the first model to embody the progressive dyeing technique.

The original definition of highlighting as simply highlighting individual strands is a thing of the past. Newfangled trends have turned it into intricate dyeing techniques, differing in color, density and shape of the strands to be dyed.Despite the tangible differences, the many-sided types of highlighting share common attractive features.


In comparison with monochromatic dyeing, highlighting hair allows:

  • update the image without a radical transformation;
  • smoothly return the natural hair color;
  • to increase the periods between touch-ups up to 3 months;
  • to successfully hide graying strands and look younger;
  • to reduce the harmful stress on the hair, as it is only partially colored.

Which highlight to choose?

The art of a master of color is not only flawless coloring. His primary task is to recommend the optimal hair color change for the client. At the same time, the stylist is guided by both certain nuances of hairdressing and personal taste and experience. Beauty salons in Moscow today offer many variations of highlighting.

Classic highlights

Uniform alternation of strands of the same thickness, colored along the entire length.The less they contrast with the main hair color, the more natural the hairstyle looks.

Zone highlighting

The peculiarity of the technique lies in the fact that only the upper strands are painted. Highlighting in this way is especially suitable for brunettes and brown-haired women.

Natural highlights

Assumes slight lightening by 2-3 tones. Typically, this technique is used on fine or weak hair.

Back highlighting

Helps owners of bleached hair to return to a natural shade without an abrupt transition. The strands are dyed in darker natural colors.

Partial highlighting

Refers to the light, sparing type, since the number of strands to be dyed is not so great. When highlighting the curls that frame the face, it acquires freshness and expressiveness.

Lovers of an extravagant image are increasingly preferring color highlights. Dyeing your strands in trendy vibrant hues is a sure-fire way to show your personality and stand out from the crowd.

Hair highlights – prices

Prices on the website may differ from prices in the salon. Please check by phone +7 (915) 420-82-26

Highlights Price,
Highlights – short hair 4 950
Highlights – medium hair 5 850
Highlights – long hair 7 350
Highlights partial – short hair 2 550
Highlights partial – medium hair 3 850

90,000 Hair highlights – types, fashion trends and photos

The content of the article:

* * *

Hair highlighting is one of the most popular procedures in the salon. We can say with confidence that highlighting will never go out of fashion, stylists improve highlighting techniques, come up with new types, set current trends, and every season this coloring technique remains at the peak of popularity.

Highlighting appeared in the last century, invented such an interesting technique Jacques Dessange , who first performed highlighting for Brigitte Bordeaux, and it instantly won the hearts of millions of women.

Literally, highlighting translates as “mixing” , by dyeing individual strands, the highlighting technique allows you to mix the natural hair color and dyed strands, giving the hair volume, shine and color depth.

High-quality highlighting can revive any hair color and make the image sophisticated and stylish.

Highlights can be done on both dark and light hair . The highlighting result depends on the original hair color, the chosen shade for the strands and the dyeing technique. Therefore, first you need to understand the types of highlighting.

Classic hair highlighting

With this dyeing technique, the strands of hair are evenly lightened along the entire length.The width of the strands can vary, the thinner the strand, the more natural the hair will look.

Often, traditional hair highlighting takes place in two stages, first the strands are lightened with a special dye, and then tinted to obtain the desired shade.

If the hair has light brown shades, then toning, as a rule, is not applied, since with the help of ordinary highlighting you can get a beautiful effect of hair burnt out in the sun.

Trend of the season 2015 – Hair braiding

Bronzing (Brown + Blond) is a complex technique that combines highlights and hair coloring.

Bronding combines chocolate, dark blond, brown, coffee shades of hair with a light blond. Thanks to this ultra-fashionable technique, very beautiful “expensive” hair shades are obtained. At the same time, it is the maximum natural color with a soft overflow of several shades.

Bronzing is suitable for both light and dark hair, the final result depends on the desired result. You can get the most natural shade of hair with barely noticeable burnt strands framing the face, or a shade that smoothly flows to a lighter one, from roots to ends.

When booking, you can use several shades of the same range, giving the hair color depth. Multicolor dyeing visually increases hair volume, creating the effect of thick hair shimmering in the light.

Highlights Balayazh or Baliyazh

This highlighting technique has gained popularity in recent years and remains relevant in 2015.

The Balayazh technique has other names – zonal highlighting, transverse coloring, degradation, ombre.All this reflects the uniform style of hair coloring.

The Balayage highlighting technique consists in a smooth transition from one color to another, close shade. At the same time, the hair at the roots has a darker shade (usually the hair at the roots remains of a natural color), and closer to the ends, they smoothly turn into a lighter shade in the same color scheme.

This technique is suitable for long and short hair, it is especially brightly combined with various haircuts, giving them a silhouette and shape.
The most popular is two-tone dyeing, which combines natural shades of hair. Suitable range of shades: coffee, chocolate, light brown, honey, beige.

The transition can be smooth, starting from the roots and affecting the entire length, or you can choose to dye only the ends of the hair, creating the effect of “flames”. The second look is ideal for cascading cut and wavy hair.

The border of the transition of shades can be sharp or blurred, and the choice of the color scheme is close to infinity.For lovers of the natural, calm transitions and barely noticeable accents are suitable, bold and extraordinary girls can choose bright colors and asymmetric coloring lines.

Highlights Shatush

A technique ideal for fine hair. It refers to a gentle type of highlighting and consists in soft blending of hair color along the entire length, while the hair in the root zone remains darker.

Highlighting Shatush looks as natural as possible, the effect of burnt hair is created, and during regrowth the border is practically invisible.

For more information about the Shatush technique read HERE .

Thanks to this technique, the hair can be given visual volume and depth to the color. Shatush is suitable for girls with light, blond hair shades who want to “revive” the natural hair color.

California Highlights

A fairly popular highlighting technique, in which the hair in the root zone remains darker, and the strands are lightened in length in various shades close to the natural color.

We can say that Californian highlighting is a kind of Shatush technique, the only difference is that in this case more saturated and brighter shades are used.

For California highlighting, preference is given to light, wheat, golden, copper, coffee shades .

When performing Californian highlights on dark hair, the effect of sparkling strands is created, which looks especially bright in sunlight.

American Highlights

It consists in creating an effect on the hair highlights and overflows .Usually up to 4 shades are used to create this effect. This type of highlighting looks great on dark chestnut shades, copper, coffee, red. For light shades, American highlighting will not work.

Creative highlights

This type of highlighting is not suitable for everyone, but if you are used to attracting the glances of passers-by, then you can safely choose creative highlighting. It is combined with coloring, after lightening the strands, they are painted in the desired color.

Bright shades are suitable for dark hair: red, blue, yellow.

For light hair, it is better to choose delicate shades: pink, lilac, peach, pale blue.

Advantages of highlighting

1. Highlights can revive hair color, give it depth and interesting play.
2. If the hairstyle lacks volume, highlighting will visually increase it.
3. Highlights can be done 1 time in several months, in contrast to the usual staining.
4. Highlights are suitable for hair of any length and almost any color.

Who should refrain from highlighting

1. If you have very thin and brittle hair, then it is better to refuse highlighting.
2. It is not recommended to do highlights on very dark hair, as it will look very contrasting.
3. Girls with a perm should also refrain from highlighting, as these two procedures together can cause serious damage to the hair.
4. If you dyed your hair with henna, then highlighting cannot be done, as an unpredictable shade may result.

Highlights at home

Many girls are interested in the question: is it possible to make highlights at home ? Such a procedure, of course, can be carried out at home, but it is better to contact a specialist who will make exactly the shade that you would like.
But if you all decided to do the highlighting yourself, then read the instructions on how to do it correctly.

You will need:

1. Bleaching paint with an oxidizer (for dark hair, 12% oxidizer is suitable, for thin or light hair it is better to choose a lower percentage of oxidizer 6-9%)
2. Foil for coloring. You can buy it both in specialized stores and use ordinary food foil.
3. Coloring brush and non-metal bowl.
4. Gloves and towel.

Highlights at home step by step

Highlights with foil.

1. Cut the foil into strips. The stripes should be slightly longer than the hair.

2. Divide the hair into several parts and secure with hairpins those parts that are not needed yet. Before highlighting, it is advisable not to wash your hair for 1-2 days.

3. Start highlighting with parting. Separate a thin section of hair and put foil under it.

4. Using a brush, apply the coloring composition to the strand, then fold the foil in half, and then fold it from the sides so that the coloring composition does not get on other hair.

5. Do the same for the rest of the hair. If you want to get the effect of soft shading of color, then the width of the strand should be very small. The thicker the strand, the more contrasting the highlighting will turn out.

6. The staining time depends on the original and the desired color.It will take 10-15 minutes to lighten hair by 0.5-1 tone. It takes at least 30-40 minutes to lighten dark hair.

7. Then rinse hair thoroughly with water and apply mask or balm. This type of highlighting is suitable for medium-length hair and for long hair. If the hair is short, then you can use a special hat for dyeing.

Highlighting hair – video

Highlights with a cap

1. To stain in this way, you need a special highlighting kit, it already includes a brush, gloves and a special hat with holes. 2. Comb your hair and put on a hat. Using a crochet hook from the holes, we take out small strands all over the head.

3. Apply paint to the strands with a brush and leave for the right time.

4. First wash your hair without removing the cap, then remove it and rinse your hair well again with shampoo.

Video Lesson

Highlighting hair – photo

90,000 Metal Combs – Advantages and Disadvantages of Stainless Steel> read on Mustang


Metal combs – advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel

The quality of any hairdressing tool has three components:

  • workmanship – no burrs, notches, assembly jambs that can spoil the whole idea,
  • material selection and quality – because different materials have different properties to suit different applications.
  • One can argue to the point of hoarseness about which of these components makes the greatest contribution to the ideal instrument b about . But hardly anyone can argue that a failure in any of these components will be equal to a failure in the entire instrument.

    Today we will talk about materials for combs – or rather, mainly about one group of materials for combs. Metal – and mostly alloy steel, also known as stainless steel.

    Reading time: 3 minutes.

    What comb materials does stainless steel compete with?

    We probably won’t even consider the competition from other metals. Judge for yourself: using plain steel with a low alloy content is unhygienic. It actively oxidizes and rusts, how long can it work with hair? It will not work to use aluminum – it is soft, the comb will quickly lose its shape and become meaningless. To use titanium … Well, probably it would be possible, but expensive and why, when there are high-quality alloy steels?

    This means that non-metallic materials remain.

    • Wood. The main material of the past. Wood is good for hair health, but:
      • wood is very actively polluted, absorbing dirt and sebum,
      • from hairdressing chemistry, it may never be possible to wash it at all,
      • wood breaks easily and wears out,
      • in the end it is quite difficult to make a competitive comb out of wood for the main hairdressing work,
      • but wood makes good massage brushes with thick teeth – it’s hard to compete with it here.
    • Plastic. The main material of our time. Not as easily dirty as wood and much easier to clean. Works calmly when painting and highlighting. Cheaper. But:
      • Fiercely, madly builds up static electricity, causing hair to frizz, collecting dust and snapping shocks,
      • is also not strong enough – plastic combs break and get bumps, which then spoil the hair,
      • Many brands of plastic do not withstand working under a hairdryer – they melt, losing their even shape, and then God knows what to do with their hair.
    • Carbon. Perhaps the main material of the future. Although this is not a fact – time will tell. Free from most of the disadvantages of wood and plastic. The balance of pollution-washing is like that of plastic, that is, it is adequate. No static problem. Can be used for hair dyeing. But:
      • Although it is stronger than plastic, combs from it still wear out and break.

    Why are steel combs better than others?

    And in parallel to this entire non-metallic line, there are stainless steel combs.They existed when the tree was in use. They survived bone combs, which are now not even remembered. They reached their current level of development when plastic was the leading trend. And now, when plastic is on the decline and replaced by carbon, steel combs are still in vogue. Why is that?

    Keep forever

    Service life. Even if carbon combs are stronger than plastic combs, they still cannot compare to metal. Therefore, creators can invest their talent to the maximum in high-quality metal combs – this is not the tool that will be thrown into the trash in a year.Jokes aside – you might want to pass your high-quality stainless steel comb to your child when he too wants to become a master hairdresser.

    No static or contamination problems

    No problem with wood pollution – dirt and grease are not absorbed into the material and are easily washed off. And there is no problem of plastic with static electricity – the metal is a conductor and the current generated from friction with the hair is imperceptibly distributed throughout the environment.

    What problems do steel combs have?

    But it is clear that if metal combs did not have some of their problems, then other combs would simply not exist.Yes, there are two special points, one of which makes high demands on the quality of the combs made of steel, and the second does not allow the use of metal combs at all during one of the hairdressing procedures.

    The comb must be free of serrations

    Hair is a thin thing. And even the smallest notch on your hairdressing tool – a notch that you may not even be able to see with the naked eye – even such a notch, when moved, opens the inner layers of the hair, cutting it.The further fate of this hair is sad – it will “go out with juice”, the nutrients going from the root to the tip will go nowhere, and the lower part of the hair will dry out and be excised.

    And if a barb cuts a few hairs in each movement, such a tool will ultimately cause great damage to the hairstyle. Perhaps the victim of such a comb will not even understand the reasons – he will write off the disgusting health of the hair on age or the environment. But the master hairdresser must understand the causes of the problems and correct their actions.

    At the same time, plastic is a relatively soft material. It will bend rather than serrate. But steel …

    In general, the quality of the steel for the comb should be very high. Not a single jamb, even microscopic. And this, of course, requires time, care and an honest approach on the part of the manufacturer.

    Do not use for painting

    Metals react with hairdressing chemicals. Dyes from this often change color. If the client didn’t order you “to paint in a random color – don’t care, the main thing is to have fun” – you don’t need to use metal combs when painting and highlighting.For these tasks, supplement your arsenal with a carbon comb.

    We understand that most of the combs that hairdressers will buy from us will not be metallic. Carbon fiber combs are cheaper because they do not require such serious and careful processing. Therefore, we make carbon combs – there are many of them, they are of high quality and varied.

    But we also make combs from alloy steel. There are few of them. These are the tools for true connoisseurs. For hairdressers who take this business seriously.Rate them:

    Highlights on foil

    Highlights on foil allows you to quickly and easily make an image fresh and interesting. Over the past 5-7 years, women have resorted to this procedure at home or in a beauty salon more and more often.

    Secrets of the colorist from Tanya Shark. Secret number 76. How to highlight on foil.

    Advantages of the procedure

    One of the main advantages over other types of dyeing is the ability to hide gray hair without harming the hair.Highlighting visually refreshes and rejuvenates the image. With its help, you can make stylish and modern hairstyles, as well as visually increase the density of curls.

    This staining method is suitable for those who first decided on this procedure. Highlighting with foil is suitable for owners of hair of any length, it can be carried out as partial, i.e. staining of the frontal or occipital part of the head, or complete.

    Secrets of the colorist from Tanya Shark. Secret number 6. Highlights on foil close to the root.

    Aids for coloring

    First of all, you need to prepare the foil: it is cut into a large number of strips. Both specialized hairdressing foil and ordinary food foil are suitable. For coloring in several shades, several colors of the foil should be prepared so that there is no confusion during the coloring process. For classic highlighting, ordinary silver foil is suitable. On one edge, each strip of foil must be folded with the matte side outward to create a “pocket” that protects clothing and skin from the flow of paints.

    To calculate what the width of the stripes will be, you need to measure the width of the colored strand, multiply the result by 4, add 2 cm to the folds on the sides.

    An integral attribute of highlighting is a brush with which the dye composition will be applied to the strands. The brush allows you to correctly and evenly distribute the dye through the hair.

    To prepare the coloring composition, you need a ceramic or plastic bowl. To select the desired strands, you will need a brush with a long and thin tip.To protect your hands, gloves are required; for convenience, you can use thin latex gloves, which are sold in a pharmacy, or plastic ones. When dyeing both at home and in a hairdressing salon, for additional protection of clothing and skin, it is necessary to use a cape. Its fabric should not absorb paint.

    To hold the foil on your hair, you will need metal hairpins or invisible hairpins.

    Hair highlighting. A type of hair highlighting. Highlighting techniques

    How to highlight hair on foil?

    The technique of performing this procedure is simple, but if you follow it, you can correctly and easily get the desired result.For the convenience of coloring, you will need a scheme for dividing the hair into zones:

    1. The back of the head is first divided into two parts, then the upper zone is divided into two halves, they are fixed on hairpins.
    2. Both temporal zones are stabbed with clamps.
    3. The parietal zone is divided in half and stabbed with invisibility or a clamp.
    4. Divide the rest of the back of the hair with a longitudinal parting in half to obtain the lower and middle zones.

    At home, it is better to involve an assistant to perform zoning of hair.

    Highlights Home Highlights Part 1: Highlighting at home. Highlighting yourself


    It is best to stain the selected areas from the bottom up. In the occipital zone, the hair is darker, therefore, highlighting should be done starting with it. Then the highlighting technique involves staining the parietal zone and two lateral temporal parts. When carrying out the procedure at home to treat the back of the head, it is advisable to ask someone for help so that the staining is uniform.

    Apply a thin line of the coloring composition with a brush to the folded matte part of the foil strip. This must be done carefully, without touching the “pocket” itself. When processing hair, you should not touch the root zone of the hair in order to avoid flowing of the dye composition under the roots, because then the hair will look untidy. The side with the “pocket” the foil is placed under the selected strand, the strand itself is processed with a brush.

    Then the bottom edge of the foil, together with the colored strand, is tucked to the side with the “pocket”, on the sides of the foil it is necessary to make a twist of 1 cm on each side.Now, with the help of a hair clip or clip, the foil with a colored strand is attached to the head so that it does not slip.

    This is how highlighting should be done on all selected strands. Exposure of the paint must be done depending on the recommendations on the packaging from the coloring composition. In the absence of such recommendations, hold the paint on thin and light curls for no more than 10 minutes. For dark curls, you can take an exposure for 40 minutes. It is impossible to overexpose the coloring composition, this is fraught with the destruction of the structure of the hair shaft and, as a result, its fragility.

    In one procedure, you can get a couple of tones lightening both at home and with the help of a professional hairdresser.

    Highlighting with veil technique close to the hair roots

    Secrets of successful coloring

    To achieve the desired result, it is not recommended to wash your hair for 2-3 days before the procedure. On thick hair, highlighting is best done in stages: after dyeing and maintaining the strands in one zone, they do not start dyeing the others, but first wash off the dye composition from this part in order to avoid hair damage due to overexposure.

    An analogue of highlighting on foil is coloring through a cap. You can do this procedure yourself at home. You can buy a special hat, or you can do it yourself, for which you need a shower cap, in which several holes are made with scissors, through them, after putting the cap on the head, they pull out the locks and paint them. The method of staining through a hat is suitable for those who first decided to experiment with the image on their own.The holes in the cap are best staggered. The method of highlighting through the cap is a convenient option if the hair is short or medium.

    When performing highlighting through a hat, you can not be afraid of unwanted lightening of the rest of the hair. The holding time of the paint during the painting procedure through the cap is the same as for the standard method of painting on foil. During highlighting through the hat, you should pay attention to the fact that all the strands are equally colored.

    Hair coloring BLOND 2017 №15 | Hair coloring BLONDE 2017 Hair Tutorial

    Can I do it and which color to choose

    Read 8 min. Views 32.2k. Published Updated

    Highlighting on dyed hair is a great compromise for those women who cannot decide on a radical color change. It allows you to create a fashionable and beautiful look, add volume to your hair, accentuate the structure and add a little pepper.

    Should I highlight dyed hair?

    Many girls are concerned about one very important question: “Is it possible to do highlighting on dyed hair?” Most experts oppose such experiments with appearance. Firstly, repeated application of the clarifier and paint negatively affects the condition of the hair and leads to damage to its structure. Secondly, dyed strands lend themselves to highlighting much worse than natural ones. The process itself is difficult and does not always give the desired result.That is why this procedure should be done only by good and experienced craftsmen.

    Note! Having decided to perform highlighting of dyed hair, indicate for yourself what kind of effect you want to get. This painting technique will be most effective precisely when you need to lighten a long-boring color or there is a need to hide overgrown roots.

    When can I start?

    How long after staining can the highlighting be done? At least two weeks should elapse between these procedures.It is advisable to use dyes of the same brand. And one more thing – be sure to test for the absence of an allergic reaction to the paint ingredients.

    Types of highlighting

    There are several types of highlighting after staining. Let’s consider each of them.

    On black hair

    Highlighting black hair is the perfect way to go into a different shade. But the process is not that simple, especially if you want to get a particular tone. In addition, this type of dyeing does great harm, because it will not be so easy to bleach black hair.To do this, you will have to do a session 2-3 times with an interval of two weeks. In this short time, you will be able to improve the condition of your hair with the help of various masks, serums and balms. If you are going to leave a black base, one highlight is enough, which can be replaced with coloring in the future. Of course, you can paint the growing roots black and re-highlight them, but this is more harmful.

    Important! Is contrasting highlighting done on black hair? This is a fairly popular procedure, but you need to remember that it is extremely harmful to the health of the hair.

    For dark-haired ladies, several fashionable coloring options are suitable at once:

    • Venetian – a gentle procedure that allows you to change the image without much harm. Its specificity lies in the partial painting of individual strands in light shades, which very smoothly turn into a dark tone. They take the same color, but its intensity will be completely different. The most beautiful Venetian highlighting looks on long hair;
    • Californian – resembles the effect of sunburned hair.To get it, the master combines several shades of the same color, which differ in depth from each other. What is important, with this type of painting, the root zone is not affected at all, because about 5 cm recede from the skin. The advantages of Californian highlighting were written in this article;
    • Balayage – This technique is popular with Hollywood stars. She creates an emphasis on the structure of a fashionable haircut. When balayage, only the tips are stained, therefore this technique is also considered gentle.The color palette can be very different, but preference is given to natural shades – copper, beige, walnut, coffee, chocolate and honey;
    • Bronzing is an incredibly sophisticated technique, thanks to which you can easily transform from a brunette to a beautiful blonde. The main thing is to choose the right shade. Light nut, pearl, beige, pearl are ideal;
    • Salt and Pepper – White highlighting with frequent and thin strands looks stylish and elegant.This is the best option for extravagant women – both young and mature;
    • Color is an excellent choice for daring girls who are looking for attention. In this case, the master can show all the riot of his imagination, using red, blue, red and even green. Both individual strands and the ends of the hair can be colored.

    Coloring in the ombre style also looks beautiful and fashionable.

    For dark hair

    Highlighting on dyed dark hair (brown, chocolate, coffee) looks very beautiful, and is done easily and much safer.They do not need radical lightening – if your hair has not been painted many times, you will be able to achieve the shade you need right away.

    Those who do not want to completely abandon the dark base are recommended to carry out the coloring procedure in the future. And in order for the result to look the most harmonious, you need to select tones from one color scheme. For example, for dark brown hair, coloring with cognac, honey or golden shades is ideal.

    Read also: coloring for blondes – choose the right color

    For blonde hair

    It is easiest for light blond and blondes to highlight dyed hair, because they do not have to use a bleach at all.The main thing is to find a shade that will not merge with the light base. Otherwise, there will be no point in such staining. So, ash blondes can safely dye strands in cold tones (pearl, silver). But owners of golden curls are more suitable for warm shades – honey, champagne, cognac, caramel, etc.

    Neat dark strands – chocolate, dark caramel, coffee – look no less attractive in light hair. They add depth to the main color, and volume to the hair.They can be placed in the frame of the face, drawing additional attention to it.

    You will be interested in: TOP-15 fashionable shades for blond

    Advice! To ease the fight against regrown roots, choose a shade for highlighting that is similar to your natural color. This will help you visit the hairdresser less often.

    On light strands, not only traditional, but also bright highlighting looks great. Having decided on such a bold experiment, first try to paint only one strand with a tinting composition.This will make it easy to correct the result if you don’t like it.

    You should also consider your age group and professional activity. If you are over 30 and serious work, then a blond with bright red strands is unlikely to be the best complement to your look.

    Important! In no case do not highlight strongly bleached hair – as a result you will have a burned-out “washcloth”.

    In the next video you will learn about the technique of highlighting on dark hair:

    On red hair

    Red-haired girls can also do highlights on dyed hair, but only if they have not used natural henna.No professional colorist will take on such a responsibility, because the end result can be just terrible – blue or green. If you used ordinary paints, you can safely use Venetian highlights with a brown, reddish or white tint. Here it is necessary to take into account belonging to the color type:

    • Spring – bright red, orange, fiery red;
    • Autumn – scarlet, coffee;
    • Winter – Platinum, Silver;
    • Summer – caramel, peach, copper.

    Coloring of this type will noticeably refresh the image and make you younger and much more interesting. It can be performed both in rare wide and frequent thin strands, arranging them either along the entire length, or asymmetrically.

    Advice! To obtain smooth transitions between red and highlighted strands, you need to mix two tones from the same color scheme. The main thing is that the final result differs from the original by no more than 2-3 tones.

    Gentle highlighting

    The gentle highlighting technique is ideal for dyed hair.It creates the effect of a burnt-out strand and subtle glare. To get such an amazing result, you need to select very small strands and lighten them slightly with a gentle toning agent.

    Advice! When using toning preparations, you should not get carried away with deep cleansing shampoos – they wash out the color.

    Contrast highlighting

    As you can see in this photo, contrast coloring looks bright and stylish. It is the perfect choice for the brave and the young! The only drawback is that the strands need to be lightened.Only then will red, blue, purple and yellow look beautiful. For this technique, you will need a long-lasting permanent dye, the color of which must be chosen correctly. For example, blue strands look bad on a blonde with a noticeable yellow tint. But on ash or neutral, they are just perfect.

    Advice! Performing a contrasting technique requires accuracy, otherwise the image will turn out to be vulgar. Trust this process only with an experienced colorist.

    Hair care after double staining

    Hair that has undergone double staining needs special care.Such strands become vulnerable to external influences, quickly break and split. To restore them, follow these rules.

    • Rule 1. Wash your hair with shampoo for colored hair.
    • Rule 2. After each wash, apply conditioner or balm (or one that does not need rinsing).
    • Rule 3. Once a week, do a mask with a nourishing or moisturizing effect.
    • Rule 4. Before washing your hair for about 1 hour, lubricate the ends with oil – burdock, olive, castor, etc.
    • Rule 5. Use a curling iron, iron and heat rollers as little as possible.
    • Rule 6. When drying with a hot hair dryer, direct air only to the root zone. The tips should dry on their own or under cool air.
    • Rule 7. Going outside, hide your hair from the sun.
    • Rule 8. Do not sleep with loose curls, braid them. This will reduce the risk of injury.
    • Rule 9. Discard metal pins, tight rubber bands and other dangerous accessories.From a strong tightening, weakened strands easily break off and fall out.
    • Rule 10. Be sure to use special sera.

    See also: How to make a reservation for dark hair at home (video)


    Collection of color highlights ESTEL PLAY


    Package contains:
    tube with gel for color highlighting ………….Volume 20 ml;
    Bottle with oxygenant 6% ……………… .. Volume 40 ml;
    Sachet with lightening hair powder …………… .Volume 20 g;
    Sachet with balm-conditioner for hair ……………… Volume 15 ml;
    Instructions for use.

    1. Perform skin sensitivity test before use. This will help you to avoid unwanted allergic reactions
    2. The oxygenate contains hydrogen peroxide.
    3. Do not use if scalp is irritated, sensitive or damaged.
    4. In case of skin reddening, itching or rash, thoroughly wash off mixture
    with warm water and discontinue further use.
    5. If you have any questions about sensitivity, consult a physician.
    6. Do not use for coloring eyebrows or eyelashes.
    7. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
    8. Before use, remove metal objects from hair (clips, hairpins, etc.), do not use them during the procedure.
    9. When preparing and applying the mixture, do not use metal objects.
    10. Do not use after painting with paint containing metallic salts.
    11. Use the prepared mixture immediately after mixing.
    12. Remains of the mixture may not be stored.
    13. Use in a well ventilated area.
    14. Gloves should be used throughout the procedure.
    15. Do not cover your head with anything.
    16. Avoid getting the mixture / color gel on clothing.
    17.Keep out of reach of children.
    18. The product is not recommended for use on children under 16 years of age.
    19. Read the instructions carefully and follow the directions for use.

    Sensitivity Test
    Thoroughly mix ¼ teaspoon of clarifying powder with teaspoon of oxygenate until a smooth, creamy
    mixture is obtained. Apply the prepared mixture to a small area of ​​skin on the inside of the elbow or behind the ear and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.Then wash it off. If no allergic reaction occurs within 24 hours, you can use the product. To use the collection of color highlights you will need: application brush
    glass, ceramic or plastic mixing bowl towel to protect clothes non-metallic comb with sparse teeth
    hair shampoo

    Before starting the procedure, put on gloves, cover your shoulders with a towel so as not to stain your clothes.Separate the strands selected for highlighting from the total hair mass.

    * Recommended to apply the brightening mixture to natural hair. The amount of lightening mixture is calculated only for lightening the strands.
    Do not apply the lightening blend to previously bleached hair.

    Thoroughly mix the clarifying powder with the oxygenate in a non-metallic container until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. The prepared mixture must be used at one time. Recommended ratio: 1: 2 (PLAY powder 20 g + PLAY oxygenant (6%) 40 ml.)

    Using a brush, apply the mixture to the dry strands selected for highlighting, along the entire length starting from the roots. Spread the mixture evenly, thoroughly saturating each strand. The maximum exposure time of the mixture is 30 minutes, for light blond hair – 15-20 minutes. After exposure time
    , rinse hair thoroughly with warm water and shampoo.

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