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This 31.5″ high storage cabinet gives you extra space for tools, buckets, and sports gear in the garage. It comes with rolling casters that allow for easy mobility, and a locking feature that keeps it in place. It’s made from rust- and moisture-resistant steel in a two-toned gray and black finish. The two diamond-shaped textured doors open up to one adjustable shelf, and the drawer rolls out to give you room for cleaning rags and tape measures. Plus, this storage cabinet comes with a locking system that keeps your items safe. Full assembly is required for this workbench.

  • Overall: 31.5” H x 30.3” W x 18.2” D
  • Primary Material: Steel
  • Adjustable Shelves: Yes
  • Overall Product Weight: 51.4lb.

This is a decent cabinet. I like it because it helps with storage space. My husband thinks the steel is flimsy and will dent easily, but I don’t. My one disappointment was that the listing originally showed the three drawer storage unit as the listing photo.

I realized before it was delivered that the actual item was the one drawer storage cabinet. They have since rectified this on the listing, but I still find the listing pictures slightly confusing since there are individual pictures of different items. I think more item specific pictures with a couple of pictures showing the multiple pieces would suffice. The cabinet requires a number of screws to assemble and my husband did get frustrated with it at one point. Then we realized why – two pieces of the drawer were missing, the bottom and back piece. The drawer cannot be assembled without them. However, Wayfair (with their great customer service) immediately shipped me another one and it was delivered within a few days. It was a minor inconvenience. Hey, it happens! Assembly was a bit confusing because the instructions aren’t very clear. Once you get through the assembly, the drawer glides smoothly and the doors line up and stay closed. The shelf seems sturdy. The cabinet seems sturdy and well made to me.
I’m not sure how well it would hold up in an actual business garage since my husband thinks it will dent easily. But I think it will do just fine in my basement. There is one shelf in the storage part of the cabinet, which gives you plenty of room for larger items. The drawer will serve well for smaller items. Bonus – the cabinet has wheels, so it will be easy to rearrange things in my basement and move it for cleaning. I am super excited to begin organizing my basement and will definitely consider purchasing the three-drawer unit and possibly the taller cabinet if this piece works out while I’m organizing. I love that there are multiple pieces in the set so that my basement will look organized and the pieces will match. Overall, I would recommend this product for household use.. R. Massachusetts. 2019-04-26 10:52:03

Outdoor Steel Metal Storage Cabinets Locking Large Heavy Duty – High Density Storage Shelving | Compact Racks

Heavy-Duty Metal & Steel Outdoor Cabinets

When it comes to heavy-duty and outdoor storage, you need a solution that will be able to fit all of your needs and won’t rust, corrode, or sustain damage from the elements. Multiple outdoor steel and metal storage cabinets are available as large, locking, and heavy-duty storage options that will store, protect, and allow your inventory to be easily accessed by those who need it.

Cabinets for Outdoor Equipment Storage

The standard heavy-duty cabinet is perfect for equipment and supply storage applications. With 12 gauge manufactured steel components, the cabinets have all the features to last a lifetime of use even in a rough outdoor manufacturing environment.

With 3 different models to choose from at 79″ heights and 4 adjustable shelves, the outdoor cabinets can hold up to 1900 lbs on each shelf to provide the heavy-duty storage you need. The 4 shelves are 21.5 inches deep, with the ability to add more if needed. A 3-point locking device is included with a hasp in the handle for use with a padlock. For ease of lifting and mobility, the 6-inch tall seven-gauge legs are welded so the cabinet can be moved to and from different areas.

Multi-compartment outdoor cabinets are also available with 6 drawers and lockable solid doors. Each drawer is capable of storing up to 400 lbs and is 68″ in height. A slope top is also included to keep water from sitting at the top, and contains a gasket sealed door frame and rain guard.

Each cabinet has a durable powder coat finish available in a variety of colors.

For more types of cabinets, click here for durable bin cabinets for storing small parts.

Click here for flammable safety storage cabinets.

Contact Us for Outdoor Steel Metal Storage Cabinets

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for large, locking, heavy-duty outdoor steel and metal storage cabinets. We will also provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact needs and specifications before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.

Buy Office Metal Storage Cabinets, Shelving Units, Lockers

“The chairs are fantastic!! Delivered yesterday as promised. No issues. Will be sure to call again as required” – September 2021

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“The chairs are fantastic!! Delivered yesterday as promised. No issues. Will be sure to call again as required” – September 2021

“The desks were delivered on time and the mobile drawer units were delivered the following day, which was a very nice surprise. Looks very nice. I’m very pleased with the quality, colour and finish of these” – September 2021

“I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone at Fast Office Furniture for the excellent service you provided me for my recent office furniture purchase” – September 2021

“We are very very happy with the desks and drawers they are far better than we expected. The installers were great, very quick and they cleaned up after themselves. Would highly recommend to others, very happy” – September 2021

“Appreciated the way the delivery was done with absolute Covid-safe practice, and a follow-up phone call. It’s good to know that your company sets high priority on safety of both staff and customers” – September 2021

“Really good products. Extremely fast delivery and the best costumer support that I’ve seen this year. I’ll recommend you guys” – September 2021

“I would like to thank you for an amazing job under the circumstances of the factory shutdown, and organized freight to be picked up and delivered in a timely manner, much appreciated” – September 2021

“We were super happy to get the rest of our office furniture. The office looks great now it is finished” – September 2021

“Excellent Service. Appreciate the swift response by all” – September 2021

“Love it thank you. Surprisingly simple assembly too. The hard part was rearranging the whole room to please my wife” – September 2021

“Good quality and just what we needed to store the ever increasing home-schooling work. If we need more, we know where to come” – September 2021

“It all ran smoothly! Thank you so much for the help of your wonderful team! Appreciate it lots! Thanks again” – September 2021

“Thank you very much. I did receive the order yesterday, hassle free and on time” – September 2021

“All ran very smoothly and we are very happy with the desks. Thanks very much for your assistance” – September 2021

“Thank you so much for the fast delivery. It arrived at 8:30am yesterday morning. We are very satisfied with the service and delivery” – September 2021

“I like your furniture so much I just ordered some more desks for our Melbourne office” – September 2021

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“Everything is fine and I thank you guys for your attentive service. It was a very nice surprise” – August 2021

“Thank you so much for the delivery and so creatively approaching to my order. All is fixed and set up for me. I am loving my desks” – August 2021

“You guys were great and very happy with the quality of the furniture” – August 2021

“Furniture arrived and installed. Very happy with the service and speed of installation. All good from our end” – August 2021

“Would recommend you for quality, price and service” – August 2021

“Quality office furniture at a reasonable price, delivered to my door” – August 2021

“Thanks for the great service!” – August 2021

“We are quite satisfied with the furniture we ordered. The gentleman who delivered and assembled the desks was lovely and did a great job” – August 2021

When it comes to selecting a storage unit it can be difficult to determine which material is right for you and your space. Metal storage units are a wonderful option. They are a lot more environmentally friendly as they are manufactured from reusable materials. Fast Office Furniture offers a wide range of metal storage units providing ultimate durability and functionality.

Buy Metal Storage

Do you need to buy metal storage units, but have no idea where the best deals can be found? Then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the range and quality of our metal storage furniture. Our prices are very competitive and we’re sure that you will be able to find a deal that is a good match for your needs. Some of the items we offer include metal shelves, small cabinets and large metal cupboards.

Need help deciding what to buy? Give us a call on 1300 327 863 for answers to any questions you might have. We are waiting to take your call and get you started on the buying process. Our friendly customer service team have the experience to give you the advice required to make an informed buying decision.

Take time out of your day to check out our showrooms where you can inspect our steel cabinets and filing cabinets in person. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the different furniture we have on offer. Our showrooms are located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. This will limit the chances of receiving a piece of furniture that does not meet your expectations, or requirements.

Learn more about the top buying factors worth knowing before you make a purchase. They include durability, types of metal storage units and price. You’ll have a great chance to buy the right metal furniture when each of these factors are taken into account.

Top 3 Buying Factors To Consider

Think about how you’ll use the metal storage, drawers and lockers before buying. This will help you make the right choices so that you’re able to get the functionality required. For example, how much floor space do you have to place your new lockers? This may dictate the type, size or number of metal storage cabinets that you’re able to buy.

Also, what kind of things do you need to store? If it requires an extra layer of security, then you may need to invest in a metal cabinet with a locking system. Take time to answer questions and more to make the right buying choices.

1. Type of metal cabinet – which is the right choice for you?

There are several metal cabinet types that you could buy today. However, before adding anything to the shopping cart think about the models that are the best match for your needs. This should be the start of the buying process.

• Shelving units: these are typically used in warehouses, archive or storage rooms. They allow a lot of items to be sorted and stored per square meter. Also, you have the freedom to store large and bulky items since the shelves are open. Place the items that are not often accessed at the top, out of the way.

• Metal lockers: do you need to provide your employees with lockers so they can store their personal belongings safely? Lockers are a good choice so that employees feel like they can take more than a small bag to work. For instance, if they need a change of clothes, then a locker is very handy.

• Mobile units: these are a great option if your storage needs change from time to time. Their versatility in being able to easily move them makes them a popular asset. We regularly see them pulled out from under the desk and used as extra storage – with files or printers on top.

Generally they come with 4 narrow ‘personal’ drawers, or 2 personal plus 1 deep file drawer, or 2 deep file drawers. The file drawers also double as a handy handbag drawer!

• Super strong metal drawers: if you need extra protection to keep the contents secure, then our extra strong drawers are the right choice. Some might even come with a locking mechanism that helps you keep the contents safe. However, they are not as secure as safes, so you can’t trust them with the most valuable of items.

These are just a few of the most common metal storage furniture types. You may come across others on our website that can add even more value to your office.

2. Price – will you stay on budget?

There are a few things you can do to stay within budget when placing a big order. Firstly make sure that you take advantage of steel cabinets that are on sale. You could make huge savings when you don’t have to pay the full price for several items. Also, we offer bulk discounts if the order is big enough. Please contact us for more information and special pricing.

Make sure to budget for all office storage needs instead of ticking only a few boxes from your list. It’s a good idea to assume that you’ll need more storage space than you think. So buying a few extra storage units is a good idea if you have the budget. Get in touch with our customer service staff to help you place an order that is within budget, and meets all your storage needs.

3. Build quality – will the metal storage units last?

Metal storage units should last for a very long time. You need to inspect the furniture carefully before buying to be sure that that’s the case. The metal thickness is a good indicator of durability – thin metal is prone to dents and deformation more often than thicker metal.

Read about the warranty to get a better idea of what the manufacturer thinks of their creation. They will not hesitate to offer a long warranty if the metal storage unit is of high quality. Also, look at exactly what is covered under warranty. Checking the images is another step worth taking to see how the metal is joined together, and what the overall quality is like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of metal storage units do you offer?

A. Our range constantly changes so keep coming back to check. However, right now we offer lockers, mobile units, door size storage cupboards, filing cabinets and various shelving units. Consider buying a combination to meet all your storage needs.

Q. Do you provide secure lockers?

A. Yes! Our lockers come with key locks that allow users to store items with peace of mind. You can also get backups in case users lose their keys.

Q. Do you provide discounts on your metal storage furniture?

A. Browse our website and have a look at the prices, and the many that have been slashed. You’ll notice that there are deals for many furniture items, which means there are many great savings to be had.

Industrial Cupboards and Lockable Cupboards From Rapid Racking

Industrial Cupboards and Lockable Cupboards From Rapid Racking

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Compare Add more to compare Added

Cupboards are a secure and neat storage solution for any environment, and we have a huge range available for any needs, ready for rapid delivery – from very specialist needs to industrial requirements.

For industrial cupboards, take a look at our heavy duty steel cupboards with extra strong welded doors and frames for added security and clean line appearance. Available in two heights tall or low lever, each shelf inside takes up to 100kg making these perfect for general use. We also stock a range of BOTT cupboards for various environments and applications, which are delivered fully assembled.

Our selection of sliding tambour door cupboards are constructed from steel and are perfect for areas where space is limited. With a neat roll open mechanism and doors constructed from PVC, these lockable cupboards are the perfect office storage addition.

For hazardous substances and specific needs, take a look at the range of hazardous substance safety cupboards and COSHH cabinets we stock. Constructed from robust steel and featuring leak proof sumps, you can lock hazardous substances away in this range of fully compliant lockable cupboards.

Other ranges we supply include economy industrial storage cupboards for an affordable solution, as well as low-level cupboards, lockers and cube lockers. Whatever your storage need, you can count on Rapid Racking to offer the products you need.

Clearview Cabinets – Visible Storage Cabinets with Clear Doors

See What Is Inside Your Cabinets Without Opening Them

Lyon offers multiple options for storage cabinets with clear doors. These metal storage cabinets have windows in the cabinet doors. This allows you to view the contents without unlocking and opening the cabinet. Quickly and easily be able to take note of what you have on hand. We offer two different styles of visual storage cabinets. The Clearview cabinets are heavy-duty industrial cabinets while the 1000 series clear view cabinets are perfect for office use.

Industrial Clearview Cabinets

The doors on the industrial clear view cabinets feature 3/16″ thick Lexan door inserts. Lyon all-welded storage cabinets include heavy-duty steel doors. Heavy-duty 5/16″ brass pin hinges get welded to each door. The cabinet doors have rugged handles with a 3/8″ thick padlock hasp. Lyon makes these storage cabinets from 14-gauge steel. This metal storage cabinet with doors features a secure, 3-point locking system on the doors with a 3/8″ latch rod and a 3/16″ latch plate. The rugged cast aluminum handle has a built in padlock. You can easily secure your cabinets with your own key or combination lock.

These cabinets have an overall capacity of 1,450 lbs per shelf. Shelves bolt securely into welded keyhole slots and also adjust on 3-inch-centers. We weld 4-inch-high legs on so a forklift to easily move the Clearview cabinets anywhere in your facility. We also make a cabinet with removable plastic bins and a 4 door cabinet.

Visible Office Storage Cabinets

Lyon makes the 1000 series cabinet door inserts on both doors from plexiglass. The plexiglass for cabinets runs almost the full length of the doors. The included four shelves are adjustable every 2-inches. The back corners of a shelf fit into slots while the front corners sit on clips. This lets you adjust a shelf with ease. Up to 180 lbs capacity per shelf for heavy duty storage requirements. Made of durable heavy gauge steel but at a more affordable price than industrial Clearview cabinets. The pan type reinforcements help to maintain door alignment. The “Quiet Door” feature reduces noise when opening and closing doors. They come with a 3-point locking system with a polished chrome plated handle. The metal cabinet also includes a lock and two keys. Lyon ships these either unassembled or assembled. Save time by having us do the work for you.

Safety Center Cabinet

These cabinets come in a safety yellow finish so that they are easy to spot in your facility. Stock them with first aid and emergency response gear in case of accidents. The windows will allow people to easily check the first aid supply stock without having to open it.

Both Clearview cabinets and visible storage cabinets have powder coat finishes. We try to stock them in our Dove Gray. They also come in our Putty, Vulcan Black, and Wedgewood Blue finishes. The paint finish will protect your cabinets from everyday use. Looking for other storage cabinets? Check out Lyon’s full line of Metal Storage Cabinets.

How to Use a Tall Metal Storage Cabinet on Wheels

Do you need extra garage storage space… that you can move around? Check out the UltraHD tall metal storage cabinet on wheels. You can conveniently roll them around, plus each cabinet can hold 600 lbs worth of gear!

Why Buy a Storage Cabinet on Wheels?

Something as simple as 5″ caster wheels can make a world of difference if you ever have to re-arrange your garage or simply move your cabinets. I mean, talk about a huge time saver!

One Cabinet Holds Lots of Stuff

And besides their mobile capabilities, these enclosed shelving units can hold a lot of gear.

Conceal clutter, organize supplies and make stuff easier to find in your garage. Not to mention, you can make more space for your cars at the same time.

These tall cabinets measure approximately 6 feet tall and come with 3 adjustable shelves that can hold 150 lbs each.

Therefore, you can store heavy tools, equipment, paint cans, sports equipment, large bins, etc..

These Tall Stainless Steel Cabinets Can Quickly Modernize Your Garage

Not to mention, their clean-looking, yet rugged style can help upgrade the look of your garage. All while still providing tough, durable storage.

In fact, some people buy multiple units to create wall-to-wall garage storage.

For under $250 apiece, you can affordably renovate your garage interior in a weekend, or even a day. Depending on how much gear you have, of course. =)

Not a bad home improvement project, right?

Note: These tall cabinets do require assembly, but are fairly straightforward to put together. Thus, you can save money on shipping without having to spend an entire day building garage shelving.

More Ways to Use These Tall Cabinets on Wheels:

The clean, modern style of these rolling cabinets makes them work well indoors too. For example, think laundry rooms, offices, lofts, workshops, playrooms etc..

Some families even like to create lockers for individual family members, similar to the mudroom concept. This way, everyone can keep their own stuff separate and easy to find.

In addition, each cabinet includes a key lock. So, you can keep contents secure if you need to. This feature can come in handy if you use these units in a common area, such as an office or warehouse. Or, if you simply want an extra degree of security in your own garage.

UltraHD Tall Metal Cabinets VS Gladiator Garage Cabinets

By the way, these tall metal cabinets look very similar to the Gladiator brand garage cabinets.

They both feature the commercial-grade toughness, but the UltraHD costs less. Plus they come with attachable locking wheels.

Compare both product lines to see which you like best. Gladiator does offer an entire line of matching base and wall cabinets, plus benches, stools and racks. In other words, you could easily create an entire full-function garage work space.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Cabinets:

Seville Classics incorporated a cool feature into these cabinet doors. They come with “UltraGuard”, which is a fingerprint-resistant finish.

In other words, you get strong, sturdy and durable garage cabinets that also require minimal maintenance in cleaning. (This is a win in my book – I love low maintenance!)

As fas as cleaning goes, the manufacturer recommends simply wiping them down with warm water and a lint-free cloth. Microfiber cloths work the best at absorbing moisture, attracting dust and dirt and giving you a streak-free surface.

Specs for Tall Metal Storage Cabinet on Wheels:

  • Dimensions: 72″ Tall x 36″ Wide x 18″ Deep
  • Weight: 144 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs (150 lbs per shelf)
  • Frame Material: Powder Coated Steel
  • Door Material: Stainless Steel
  • 3 Adjustable Shelves
  • Locking (with key)
  • Includes Set of (4) 5″ Wheels (2 wheels with brakes)
  • Model #: UHD16236B
  • Assembly Required (Assembly Instructions)
  • Manufacturer: Seville Classics 800-323-5565
  • (UltraHD is a line of products under Seville Classics)
  • Get the UltraHD Tall Cabinet on Wheels here

By the way, if you want to install cabinets that don’t sit directly on the ground, these rolling cabinets provide an easy solution. Alternatively, you could take a look at PrePac Hang-Ups garage wall cabinets.

Ligna Storage Cupboard | Lekker Home

Ethnicraft’s Ligna Storage Cupboard effortlessly marries functionality and aesthetics. Clean, modern lines and a stainless or black powder-coated steel base mix with the warmth of solid oak for an impactful yet understated storage unit. Perfect for dining storage, this cupboard features two main compartments and two drawers. The top set of doors hides two adjustable shelves, ideal for bulkier items or dinnerware you’ll be reaching for regularly. The set of doors at the bottom of the cupboard hide another adjustable shelf, offering additional storage for pieces you may not reach for as often. Two drawers, nestled between these two sections, visually break up the front of the piece while creating space for napkins, placemats, or utensils.

View the full Ligna Collection.

The Ligna Storage Cupboard with a Black Metal base is available as a Quick Ship item. This piece will ship within 2-3 weeks depending on vendor stock. The lead time for non-quick ship items is 6-10 weeks. View Ethnicraft’s Quick Ship Designs.

Measures: 43.3″ W x 19.7″ D x 63.8″ H

This product is made using sustainable and responsible wood and is FSC certified. Imported from Belgium.

Doorstep Delivery
Standard service, offers delivery of your order in its original packaging by one of our third party carriers to your doorstep. Please keep in mind if you live in an apartment and/or condominium complex this delivery option will only deliver your items as far as the front entrance of your building. This service level does not include delivery inside your home, unpacking and/or assembly.

White Glove Delivery
Our premium delivery option, which includes a scheduled appointment from one of our certified white glove delivery teams. The items from your order will be unpacked, assembled if necessary, put in place and all packing materials will be removed.

While we do our best to provide the most accurate and up-to-date lead times online and in-store, items are occasionally backordered. Backordered items will ship upon availability. Should there be any change in delivery timeframe, we will contact you as soon as possible. Further details can be found on our Shipping and Delivery page.

Belgian design house Ethnicraft produces and distributes a collection of contemporary solid wood furniture that is rooted in a philosophy based on simplicity, authenticity and respect for the environment.  Expressed in an innovative collection that is modern by form – warm through materials. To achieve this, they use only solid wood, including teak (sustainably harvested or reclaimed), oak and now walnut. 

Lekker Home is proud to be the largest Ethnicraft showroom in the United States. We have access to their entire portfolio and we are adding new pieces every month. 

Metal cabinets for bags and personal belongings

The word “locker” is taken from the English language, where it means the verb “to lock” or the noun “constipation”, “lock”. When applied to metal cabinets, this word denotes a model that includes several sections, each of which is closed with a separate lock. This internal division of space into individual cells is called “modularity”. It opens up the possibility of organizing a storage area of ​​any size and ensures the reliability and safety of storing things.
If archival cabinets and filing cabinets are intended for storing documents, then lockers are intended for storing personal belongings: they are created for organizing lockers in self-service stores and shopping malls, medical and sports centers, etc. Based on the intended purpose of use, a distinction is made between handbag wardrobes, wardrobes and wardrobes, as well as subscriber wardrobes. However, the difference between them is not particularly great: it lies only in the size and internal configuration of the cabinet (the number of sections and cells).But, in general, their functions are the same: to organize compact and inconspicuous storage of clothes or personal belongings of employees and customers. It turns out that this is kind of like a light version of deposit safes.

So, handbag cabinets (actually lockers) are a familiar part of any modern supermarket. They serve to ensure that shoppers can leave their bags without worrying about the contents. In addition, they provide, albeit small, but protection against hacking. This functionality (one might say, indispensability), combined with burglary resistance and practicality, increases the efficiency of any institution.

Wardrobes and wardrobes (metal wardrobes) are widely used to equip dressing rooms in offices, enterprises, educational institutions, etc. They are also widely used in various sports complexes and fitness centers, where it is required to change clothes and shoes and there are restrictions on the available space.

Such cabinets are distinguished by their high strength, durability, resistance to environmental influences (which is especially important in rooms with high humidity, for example, in changing rooms of swimming pools, gyms, etc. ).NS.). In addition, there is a large number of various design options that differ in size, in the number of sections, in the number of leaves (single-leaf, double-leaf), in the configuration (number of shelves, the presence of hooks, special compartments, etc.), in the type of locks.

For example, single-section, two-section and four-section models are distinguished. The first type is especially popular in offices, where employees do not need to store several types of clothing in the workplace. The second type is most often used in industrial and manufacturing enterprises, mainly for storing workwear.Moreover, one section of such a cabinet, as a rule, serves to store a working form, the second – to store clean “street” clothes. And finally, four-section wardrobes are used in dressing rooms of sports complexes, swimming pools for storing sports uniforms and changeable clothes.

It should be additionally noted that no matter how many sections a metal cabinet has, it will still look very stylish in any office, sports center or enterprise, because has a modern, attractive design. For the convenience and peace of mind of users, each section of a multi-section cabinet is locked with a separate lock, usually a zip lock; although some models of metal wardrobes are equipped with hinges for a padlock.

Among other things, wardrobes can be equipped with benches, a special drawer or stand for shoes, mirrors, a ventilation grill, a different number of internal compartments, hangers, crossbars. Dressing cabinets with a sloping roof have gained particular popularity at the present time.This unusual roof configuration has two reasons: to prevent the user’s personal belongings from being forgotten on the cloakroom roof; convenience of cleaning. In construction, repair, and installation organizations, where the main work is carried out in the open air, regardless of weather conditions, a highly specialized type of metal wardrobes for clothes is used – wardrobes with a built-in dryer.

There is also another highly specialized type of metal cabinets, no longer for clothing, but for documentation. This type of cabinets is called “subscriber” and is made of cold-rolled metal profile, then painted in a gray metallic color (other options are possible). At the request of the customer, it is possible to change the standard height, width and depth of cells, as well as their number. Its main purpose is the frequent reception and storage of correspondence, as well as the storage of valuables and documents. Based on this, in agreement with the buyer, the subscriber cabinet manufacturers can make slots for correspondence or one common door.

Metal storage cabinets: features and benefits

Questions considered in the material:

  • 3 advantages of metal storage cabinets
  • Options for the design of a metal cabinet for things
  • About locks suitable for metal cabinets
  • About the design of metal lockers for storing clothes
  • How to choose the right metal storage cabinets

Metal storage cabinets are used in many areas. Such furniture is required for medical institutions, schools, kindergartens, fitness centers, in production, etc. Despite the general demands in relation to strength and reliability, depending on the scope of use, metal cabinets have their own requirements.

Perhaps many people think of metal furniture as a gray box that has many functions, but is devoid of any aestheticism. We assure you that this is not the case. Depending on the requirements, the cabinets can be painted in different colors without damaging their reliability.In our article we will talk about what metal cabinets are for things and how to choose the right one.

3 advantages of metal storage cabinets

If we compare metal cabinets with wooden ones, then the following advantages of the former become obvious:

  • Long service life. This is perhaps the most obvious plus, because the durability of metal products significantly exceeds the operational period of their wooden counterparts, while maintaining an attractive appearance. Modern cabinet manufacturers produce products whose life is unlimited. And they are not lying.

    The reliability of the cabinet design and protection from harmful effects, which is created by the powder dye baked at +1 800 ° C, guarantee the safety of the product in its original form for many years. If any part breaks down, it can be quickly replaced with a similar one, and the costs will be minimal.

  • Ease of use – in daily use and without the need for time-consuming maintenance.Metal storage cabinets are mainly produced in light gray. However, if the customer wishes, they can have any configuration and be painted in any color.
  • Dignified Appearance – Created by familiar design and precise execution with increased accuracy. Metal storage cabinets will look great in the office, apartment or in the dressing room of a sports center. Their main purpose is order in documentation and things, which has a great influence on the human psyche.

Design options for a metal storage cabinet

Metal cabinets are designed for storing things and clothes of both company employees and customers. There are several modifications of such products, conditionally divided into:

  • One-piece.

These metal storage cabinets are distinguished by the fact that their structure is fastened by means of spot welding.Using this method of installation ensures the strength of the product and extends its service life. Customers receive a pre-assembled cabinet. All products are covered with a special fireproof coating with increased wear resistance. However, the weight of the structure is quite high. For this reason, the manufacturer recommends installing the product immediately in the designated place.

This is perhaps the most popular type of metal storage cabinet. Such products can often be found in offices, warehouses and factories, as well as in other industrial premises.Their frequent use is due to their spaciousness and pleasant appearance. In addition, the cabinets are made of high quality, ruggedized material that ensures a long service life.

Cabinets can be single or double doors. Delivered unassembled. And due to its low weight, assembling and rearranging such a wardrobe is not difficult for the owner.

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Modular structures are used most often in child care facilities, clinics and hospitals, swimming pools.Such popularity is explained by the possibility of supplementing the previously assembled structure with elements and sections from the same series. This makes it possible to increase the number of lockers, if necessary, making the most of the free space of the room. Products for different purposes, for example, for a kindergarten and for a hospital, may have different configurations and colors.

Also, metal cabinets appeared on the market, in which you can simultaneously store both clothes and documents – the mezzanine of such products is locked with a key.

  • Cabinet shape and dimensions.

Due to the growing popularity of metal cabinets, manufacturers are expanding their product line, trying to meet the needs of customers. They create metal storage cabinets in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Below is a table that contains the most common models of cabinets today for storing removable and work clothes.

Metal cabinet series

General characteristics

Dimensions, cm

Weight, kg


Dismountable, single-leaf






Dismountable, one-section type, with two compartments for clothes




Dismountable, two-piece, with four compartments for clothes




Dismountable, three-section










Welded, two-piece




Modular, four-section



17 / 19. 5

The frame of all metal cabinets is the same – four-corner, oblong.The weight of a wardrobe largely depends on the material from which it was made. Metal furniture is heavier than dense iron furniture. The width of the structure depends on the number of sections. So, a standard one-section wardrobe made of metal has a width of 0.3 m.This means that the width of a wardrobe with two or three sections will be 0.6 m or 0.9 m.

Matching locks for metal cabinets

Cabinets are usually equipped with practical heavy-duty locks that can be used for many years.Protective mechanisms keep the contents of the wardrobe from external influences or from the actions of strangers.

Protective mechanisms are divided according to their reliability into the following classes:

  1. The first is the lowest protection against dust, pets and children.
  2. The second is the medium level of protection. Such locks protect against easy access and minor impact.
  3. The third is a high level of protection of the structure. These cabinets can be used to store valuables and documents.
  4. The fourth is the highest level of protection. In cabinets with such locks, you can safely store especially important documents, valuables, jewelry and even weapons.

In stores you will be offered a wide variety of models and types of locks with different reliability. Metal cabinets for storing things with a lock must be selected depending on their purpose.

The following types of locks exist:

  • Mortise – reliable and safe products.They are installed directly into the door leaf, thereby not spoiling the appearance of the structure. Such protective mechanisms are virtually invisible, easy to install and difficult to break.
  • Mounted – the easiest to use protective mechanisms. The device is a separate lock with a key, the shackle of which is inserted into the eyelet fixed on the cabinet door. Such models are often installed in sports centers.
  • Codes. It is believed that such models have the most tamper-resistant and complex mechanism.You can open such a lock only after entering an electronic code. It is quite difficult to install such models, therefore manufacturers or users resort to the help of professionals.

Keep in mind that to reduce the chances of a lock being broken, you must not give the key or the code to other people.

The best level of protection is provided by an electronic locking device equipped with a sensor, which gives access only to one person. The owner is identified by his fingerprint.Such a maximum level of security requires a serious financial investment, since the price of such a device is high.

Decoration of metal cabinets for storing clothes

A metal cabinet for storing personal belongings is made of steel. To protect it, it is coated with fireproof paint and a rust-preventing compound.

Additional types of processing are used only if necessary and for special purposes of the cabinet, it can also be equipped with additional parts:

  • medical organizations equip cabinets covered with epoxy enamel that can withstand exposure to disinfectant solutions;
  • for storages in aggressive environments, cabinets with rubber gaskets and seals are used;
  • In order to increase the security of the contents, steel with titanium additives or galvanized steel is used as the material for the cabinet, rather than plain sheet.

The base color for metal furniture is light gray. However, it can be painted in any shade the customer likes. A metal cabinet for storing personal belongings is treated with a polymer dye for greater durability and increased wear resistance of the product.

If the buyer finds it difficult to choose a color scheme, then you can use the general recommendations:

  • Medical organizations supply furniture in white or one that has a bright shade and decor, if it is in the patient’s field of vision.
  • Children’s structures must be painted in bright colors. If a wardrobe with several sections is intended for use by different children, then the compartments should be of different colors.
  • A metal cabinet for storing personal belongings should match the overall design of the living space.
  • Metal cabinets intended for office, sports and other public spaces should be matched to the overall design.
  • It is recommended to install loft-style structures without changing their metallic color, as it fits perfectly into the concept of the direction.

Low-cost metal cabinet for storing personal belongings can be painted with enamel paint. But keep in mind that it is less resistant to external influences.

Selection of metal storage cabinets

Before buying a metal cabinet, you must clearly understand for what purpose you are purchasing it. Be sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the room or the interior of the building where it will stand.

Next, consider the main criteria for choosing a metal wardrobe for clothes, depending on its location:

  • For medical institutions.

The choice of such a cabinet must be approached with special responsibility. First of all, this is due to the fact that furniture is disinfected every day in medical institutions using highly aggressive disinfectants for surface treatment. In order to avoid deformation of structures, their material must be strong enough.Titanium is most suitable for medical institutions, followed by its subsequent processing with epoxy enamel.

Yellow stains on clothing in medical facilities most often appear during storage in a wardrobe. This happens from exposure to aggressive disinfectants. To prevent this, you should purchase furniture with seals that prevent surface treatment from entering sectional single or double-leaf cabinets.

Single-body wardrobes with mezzanines are most often purchased in such premises.Metal cabinets for storing things of a similar design have four sections located one above the other – in the lower ones there are clothes, and on the mezzanines – documentation. Choosing such furniture, you need to pay attention to its appearance. It should correspond to the rigor of the office design and not have any decoration.

  • For enterprises.

For plant personnel, modular cabinets are most convenient, the sections of which can be interchanged, creating symmetrical structures of different shapes.Initially, products are selected from four sections, followed by their addition with similar cabinets. Replaceable work clothes of employees should be stored separately from everyday ones, since they can stain the latter, respectively, each section of the structure should have two compartments for different types of clothes.

  • For educational institutions (preschool and school).

In this case, experts recommend purchasing three-section furniture painted in different colors.This is necessary for children to remember their lockers faster. In addition, they must all be signed or have their own drawing.

Also, lockers should be small in size, hooks and shelves should be placed in them on top so that it is convenient for children to hang and fold their clothes.

  • For training halls (sports centers and swimming pools).

Due to high humidity, yellowish stains often appear on items stored in cupboards.To prevent this, four-section cabinets, which are most convenient for such spaces, are equipped with ventilation holes. And so that wet things do not come into contact with dry ones, hooks for bathing accessories and towels are placed inside the structure.

The features and characteristics of metal storage cabinets listed in our article indicate that such designs are the best choice for buildings with aggressive environments. Such wardrobes are able to protect things not only from theft, but also from the appearance of yellow contamination.And knowing the design features of the cabinets, you can easily select metal furniture for both medical and educational institutions, as well as for offices or factory premises.

Why you should contact us

We treat all clients with respect and equally scrupulously carry out tasks of any size.

Our production facilities allow us to process various materials:

  • non-ferrous metals;
  • cast iron;
  • stainless steel.

When fulfilling an order, our specialists use all known methods of metal machining. Modern equipment of the latest generation makes it possible to achieve maximum compliance with the original drawings.

In order to bring the workpiece closer to the sketch presented by the customer, our specialists use universal equipment designed for jewelry sharpening of tools for especially complex operations. In our production workshops, metal becomes a ductile material from which any workpiece can be made.

The advantage of contacting our specialists is their compliance with GOST and all technological standards. At each stage of work, strict quality control is carried out, so we guarantee our customers a conscientiously executed product.

Thanks to the experience of our craftsmen, the output is an exemplary product that meets the most demanding requirements. At the same time, we start from a powerful material base and focus on innovative technological developments.

We work with customers from all regions of Russia.If you want to place an order for metalworking, our managers are ready to listen to all the conditions. If necessary, the client is provided with a free specialized consultation.

Metal sectional cabinets for storage

Types of metal cabinets and their purpose

Our metal wardrobes are a versatile way to keep order in a dressing room, archive, warehouse, reception or workshop. We offer to purchase a metal cabinet of choice with a single door or a double door, there is also a version with increased strength.

Metal furniture from ZMK is really durable: high-quality powder-coated material will not lose its appearance even after ten years. Your belongings will be reliably protected from dust, moisture, sunlight and strangers. Therefore, metal cabinets are usually purchased for public places – they are reliable and easy to clean. They are bought for fitness centers, clinics, dressing rooms, office supplies. The metal cabinet is not susceptible to rust, its surface will not crack, and it will even resist vandals.It is easy to install a secure lock on the door, making the cabinet suitable for storing employees’ own belongings and other valuable items. Such a cabinet is also fireproof. It is difficult to find more practical furniture at a similar cost.

In “ZMK” you will find a large selection of metal furniture at reasonable prices – we produce things that are convenient to use.

The following cabinet models can be ordered from us:

Series SHAM, SHKHA, ALR, ALS, KBS are presented in our catalog – you can choose the option that is most convenient for you in terms of dimensions.

They are intended for the responsible storage of documents and valuables in the office. You can order models of various sizes from us – from the smallest 320x420x350 mm to the average 700x880x390 mm.

Designed for storing personal belongings in public places. The catalog contains cabinets with various sizes and number of compartments. You can choose the option you need in the appropriate section.

It is convenient to store cleaning equipment and other auxiliary things in them, from shovels to shoes and overalls.

Allows you to put things in order in a production area or in a regular garage. In the catalog you will find both small cabinets and large double-leaf wardrobes with many drawers and shelves.

Suitable for changing rooms in factories, fitness centers and municipal institutions.

Iron cabinets in a neutral shade will fit into any interior without standing out from it. Upon request, we will make a metal cabinet with individual dimensions and internal structure – we will take into account all your wishes.In addition, we deliver finished products, assemble them on site and provide a service so that customers can use our products with comfort. Find out the details of your future purchase and the availability of the necessary cabinets from the managers of the company in Moscow by phone or through the website.

What is a metal cabinet for workers

Lockers for changing rooms »Useful articles» Metal cabinets for workers

Special furniture for dressing has been used by civilized mankind for a long time.

Throughout our life we ​​have been using this simple furniture, from childhood to quite old age. Indeed, we need such furniture both in nurseries, and in educational institutions, and in sports organizations, while resting at resorts (especially relevant for the beach), at work (both for working personnel and for office employees).

Currently, a huge range of such special dressing furniture is produced, used, among other things, for the safe storage of your clothes, as well as personal belongings.

With the industrial development of our country, specialized furniture for workers, namely a metal cabinet for workers, began to be in great demand.

The need to purchase a cabinet for workers

The statutory documents of almost all manufacturing enterprises prescribe the requirements for the use of overalls (uniforms) by working personnel during the entire working time of the day. Compliance with this requirement is monitored by a safety specialist.

After finishing work and changing into their “civilian” clothes, workers leave the overalls for storage in the locker room of the enterprise. The service life of the workwear depends on what kind of furniture is chosen for storing workwear. The safety of personal belongings and ordinary clothes of employees of the enterprise also depends on the choice of furniture for working locker rooms.

Opt for a metal cabinet

For the production of such cabinets, sheet steel with a thickness of 0.8 to 2 mm is used. (not less than 0.8 mm, according to GOST, see below) , with a protective anti-corrosion layer applied. Dealers offer a choice of welded and riveted metal cabinets as well as bolted (i.e. collapsible) cabinets.

In the two-section version, two cabinets are actually combined in one block. Doors of this option can open both towards each other and in the same direction. It is this cabinet that, in our opinion, may be the most interesting.

Metal furniture in the working locker room is fireproof and resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. In addition, it practically does not deform and does not rust, thanks to the coating with a special powder paint.

Compared to cabinets in other materials in the same price range, the metal cabinet for workers is easy to maintain. As a maintenance, it is only necessary to occasionally wipe all internal and external surfaces with a damp cloth.In addition, almost all cabinets are equipped with special ventilation holes (usually in the form of perforations in the top and bottom of the cabinet), and do not require special disinfection. At the same time, wet things will be ventilated and dried.

Among the other main advantages of the metal cabinet, it should be noted:

  • relatively low cost;

  • durability;

  • practicality and functionality .Modern metal cabinet for workers has shelves inside, forming several departments of various sizes, as well as convenient hangers and hooks;

  • storage reliability . The cabinet can have one or two doors with a lock. It should be noted that the quality of the locking device (hinged, mortise or electronic) can significantly affect the cost of the product.

  • variety of configurations. A large selection of metal cabinets on the market will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customer;

  • strength. Sheet steel, from which iron cabinets are made, will ensure the preservation of the quality and functionality of the product, even with constant movement.

Design features of metal cabinets

Depending on the production method of metal cabinets, the following types can be distinguished:

  • welded – are particularly strong and durable.In production, spot welding is used. Such cabinets are purchased already assembled;

  • prefabricated – can be purchased both assembled and disassembled (convenient for transportation and will help save money on delivery). Assembled cabinets can be used immediately after delivery. It is only necessary to install all the internal fittings using the fasteners included in the kit;

  • modular – can only be purchased disassembled.Such cabinets are necessary to create multi-section cabinets. For example, to assemble a two-section cabinet, first the first section is mounted, then the second section is connected to the first.

Metal locker for workers’ changing rooms can have two or one doors. A double wardrobe is perfect for two people. Each individual section in this version has its own lock. Sometimes cabinets are equipped with two doors for one person to use. In this case, one locking device is used for two leaves at once.

Internal use of metal cabinets

Typically, metal cabinet for workers has the following internal structure:

  • upper section for small accessories, hats or shoes;

  • middle compartment, which contains a special bar with hooks and hangers, and is used for outerwear;

  • lower part (solid bottom), in which some accessories are usually placed that have significant weight;

  • there are usually additional hooks on the inside of the doors.

For efficient use of the internal space of the cabinet, it is necessary to conditionally divide it into two parts. The first is for outer (work) clothing, the second is for basic clothing. The easiest way to accomplish this task will be the two-section models of the metal cabinet . It is advisable to place the outer (work) clothes on the hangers or on the hooks of the bar, the main things to be placed on the upper shelf or at the bottom. It is convenient to hang towels on the inner door hooks.

It should be noted that cabinets used in workers’ changing rooms may require additional equipment. For example, special boxes may be needed so that the working personnel can separately store some non-standard shoes or other special items of the worker’s ammunition. Depending on the profile of the manufacturing plant, other internal cabinet accessories may be required. For example, they purchase special cabinets for storing bags.In this case, it is possible to order everything you need from the cabinet manufacturer and retrofit the cabinet you are purchasing.

In general, it should be remembered that, in addition to serial production, the manufacturer (as well as through a trading organization) can order the production of custom wardrobes that meet your needs (non-standard sizes, thicker metal, some special color, and much more).

But, you also need to know that the company that will manufacture metal cabinet for workers according to your order will must adhere to current GOST R 56422-2015 (“Metal cabinets for storing clothes”), approved by the Order of the “Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology”, and entered into force in May 2016.In this regard, all products, including serial ones, must comply with this standard and have a corresponding certificate. Having such a certificate will help you avoid purchasing homemade or low-quality foreign products.

How to choose the right one?

To buy the “correct” metal cabinet for workers of your company, you need to consider:

  • overall parameters of the premises allocated for the changing room for workers;

  • the number of employees of the company who need wardrobes;

  • optimal and reasonable dimensions of purchased furniture, which must correspond to the size of the locker room;

  • optimal cabinet interior (shelves, compartments, crossbars, compartments for storing hats and shoes, as well as for various small personal items).It should be noted here that, depending on the profile of the enterprise, the uniform of the working personnel can be the most exotic and cumbersome, which may require some special solutions in the design of the cabinets. This question must also be dealt with directly with the manufacturer.

And, of course, you need to ask the seller for a certificate of compliance with GOST of the furniture you are purchasing.

Additional information

M metal cabinet for workers (two-door, two-section) , serially produced by the manufacturer and on sale in domestic stores, usually has the following dimensions (excluding various stands or legs):

  • 1800 × 600 × 83 mm.;

  • 1800 × 600 × 500 mm .;

  • 1830 × 570 × 500 mm.

The weight of one cabinet can exceed 70 kg.

Thus, having studied all the above information, you can decide which metal cabinet for workers you need, and make the right decision to purchase it.

You can leave a request and contact us through the feedback form and by phone +7 (495) 125-27-16

Still have questions? Send us your contacts and we will definitely contact you!

“Varieties of electronic locks in the locker room

Metal cabinets for cleaning equipment “

Metal cabinets for storing clothes and bags at a bargain price in

Wardrobes for bags and clothes – equipment for fitting out offices and supermarket entrances. To solve the issue of safety and comfort, the KLEN company offers constructions made of stainless steel and with mortise locks.

How to choose a wardrobe for restaurant staff or shop visitors?

Furniture, which will store personal belongings and personnel documents, must meet increased reliability requirements. The collapsible structure made of powder coated sheet metal is a suitable option, the service life of which is not limited.Read more

According to the type of organization of the internal space, metal cabinets are divided into 2 types:

  • With cells. Installed in mini- and supermarkets to accommodate customers’ belongings.
  • With sections – with rails for hangers, shelves for hats and shoes, hooks. Indispensable in changing rooms for staff, for visitors to swimming pools, gyms.

Equipment from the online store “KLEN” is easily assembled into modular systems, which is convenient when increasing the office space.At the request of the client, cabinet doors are equipped with simple or reinforced locks.

The description of models from the catalog of the KLEN company will help you to choose and buy a suitable wardrobe for storing clothes and bags. On the product pages you find:

  • Prices
  • Specifications
  • Photos
  • Reviews and questions from buyers, answers from sales consultants
  • Payment and delivery information

How to buy a wardrobe for clothes and bags in the KLEN company?

You don’t have to live in Moscow to become our client.The KLEN company has 6 representative offices in the CIS and more than 25 in Russia. The online store allows you to purchase your favorite wardrobe and bags in one click by cash and bank transfer, as well as on credit. Leave a request on the website, and the managers will contact you at the specified time to clarify the details.


  • Regularly updated assortment of 30,000 items of professional equipment, furniture and tableware for HoReCa and CaBaRe establishments.
  • Loyal pricing policy and year-round promotions.
  • Great experience – more than 1200 open establishments in Russia and the CIS.
  • Expert support for public catering and trade enterprises.
  • Full range of services for starting a restaurant business

Metal cabinets for storing clothes and personal belongings

Metal cabinets for clothes in Moscow

Metal wardrobes for clothes find their application more and more in the vastness of our country.They are used with pleasure by industrial enterprises, sports schools, construction organizations, paramilitary structures, kindergartens and just ordinary citizens for personal use. And our Trading House “Radmir” is ready to familiarize its clients with a large assortment of metal cabinets in this catalog.

Wardrobes are made in the form of separate modules to accommodate clothes for one person or several. All modules are identical, not only in design, but also in color, which allows you to create whole sections of them for rooms where people change into work or other clothes.Also for such rooms, we offer to buy changing room benches, which are particularly durable and stylish in design. Also, for rooms where a person leaves work or sports clothes, we offer to buy drying cabinets for clothes and shoes, which in a short period of time will remove excess moisture and restore the original condition of clothes and shoes.

Applications for wardrobes

Metal wardrobes can be used almost everywhere, where there is a need to change everyday clothes to another, designed for a specific type of activity.It can be not only a construction or industrial facility. For example, in sports complexes where a person comes to visit the pool or do fitness. Also, wardrobes are placed in paramilitary structures, where military clothing is needed only for the duration of the task.

Wardrobes are made of sheets of metal of various thicknesses and equipped with locks of varying complexity, which makes it possible to ensure the safety of things left there. Powder coating provides reliable protection of steel against corrosion, is not afraid of high temperatures, mechanical stress and corrosive substances.In a word, furniture bought once will serve for more than a dozen years.

Metal cabinets for storage, documents, clothes

Home / Metal cabinets /

Metal cabinets from the manufacturer

Features, advantages and types of modern metal cabinets

One of the most reliable and functional pieces of furniture is the metal cabinet . Such designs are in great demand, since they have excellent performance characteristics.They are made of thin sheet steel, equipped with high-quality fittings, and polymer coatings are applied to the outer surfaces of the cabinets, which can retain an attractive appearance for many years.

Our company carries out production of metal cabinets for various purposes and sizes. They can be prefabricated or all-welded, but in any case they have the following advantages:

1. Practicality and long service life.
2. Ability to withstand a large number of movements.
3. Resistance to negative external influences (scratches, impacts).
4. Moisture resistance. Due to this property, metal cabinets with shelves can be installed in premises for various purposes.
5. Large capacity.
6. Simplicity of maintenance and reliability of operation.
7. Fire resistance.

Modern metal cabinets for storing items, medicines and documents are equipped with durable shelves that can withstand heavy loads.They are practical and functional, ergonomic and comfortable. They have protection against unauthorized entry, do not fail for a long time. We, as a manufacturer, guarantee excellent performance and technical characteristics of our products. When ordering sectional cabinets from us, met allic or any other, you pay tribute to the high quality and reliability.

Main types of products

Metal cabinets manufactured by our company differ in purpose and design features.They are:

– archival;
– sectional;
– accounting;
– dressing rooms;
– medical;
– file cabinets;
– drying rooms, etc.

metal office cabinets are in great demand today, as they allow organizing documentation, guaranteeing its safety and confidentiality. We produce various types of structures, among which there are both universal and special-purpose cabinets.For the production of all types of products, high-quality durable steel and reliable fittings are used.

You can order from us right now metal cabinet for clothes , for documents, medical supplies, etc. Subject to an affordable cost, these designs serve the owners for years. The Metal Line company guarantees the strength, reliability and durability of all its products.

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