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The Best Photo Wedding Guest Books and Photo Albums

Personalize your wedding guest photo books with one of our fully customizable designs. Get inspired by wedding guest book ideas with one of our many designs. Simple and easy to make, this will make for a memorable token from your wedding day!

Why settle for a simple signature album offering with mere blank lines when you can enjoy custom photo albums boasting some of your favorite engagement images? Invite your invitees to sign a personalized wedding guest book that will delight your guests as it circulates your wedding. Even those who are just getting to know you will get a true taste for who you are individually as well as the loving dynamics of your matrimony.

Create your very own wedding photo books from start to finish with our easy-to-use editing tools. You will enjoy complete control over many different aspects of your wedding day guest book. From wedding invitation templates to save the dates, Mixbook has 1000s of photo cards and templates ready to customize to your own unique taste.

About Our Wedding Guest Photo Books and Albums

Your wedding guest book serves as a reflection of you as a couple. With this personalized photo signature book, you’ll pack as much love as possible into as many pages as you choose. Include as many photos as you like to create a book that satisfies your needs as well as your creativity. Options for customization seem virtually limitless, ranging from various book sizes to semi-gloss or pearl paper finish, and of course, the cover style you select. Consider lay-flat photo books to allow for gorgeous full-page spreads and creative control over images that overlap across the center of the book.

The fine quality guest book paper adds to the look and feel of the personalized product. There’s no mistaking that your wedding guest book will be a popular topic of conversation amongst guests at your wedding.

Popular Trends and Ideas for Wedding Guest Books

Different guest book templates allow you to convey a bit of your personality as a couple throughout the book’s pages. Brides and grooms may wish to design their wedding day guest book to become a timeless keepsake, serving as an heirloom for generations to come. Neutral color palettes, gold and other metallics, and full-cover images all score big as far as trends go for wedding guest books.

Popular themes for guest books may include timeless and classic patterns, modern glitz, botanicals, vintage looks, and more. Customize your guest book to be the size you want, with the number of pictures and pages you want, with other special details that show off your love as a couple.

What Customers Are Saying

“Five Stars!!!”

” What a wonderful present to offer for a wedding–a Mixbook GUESTBOOK! It was fun to create and a beautiful, professional product in the end. The guests signed next to full size photos of the bride and groom! The photo book uses great color printing and a size manageable for any occasion! I’d definitely think about using Mixbook again, even for birthdays, or other holidays!”

Heather L, August 20th, 2011

“Was absolutely fabulous. I had no experience. The presets worked fabulous and then I made up my own pages in the same style. Was sooo easy. Finished product was super professional looking. Couldn’t have been happier. Used the thicker paper: which is more like card stock. Love it. Was a special gift and will be treasured for years to come. Thank you!”

Debra T. Written on January 6th, 2018

“I ordered my wedding guest book and a calendar; both turned out beautiful. The pictures printed well, nice and clean, no blurry images. The paper quality was perfect and the pearl effect on the paper is stunning. They were easy to produce with Mixbook’s premade templates.”

Sam Y. Written on January 24th, 2018

“I created and purchased my Mixbook to use for our wedding day guest book. It was a great way to add a personal touch to what could’ve just been a boring book to sign your name. They had so many different layouts that allowed you to really make the book what you wanted. It was also a great way to share some engagement photos without having to get them all printed/framed for the wedding. I bought ZIG Photo Signature pens in a multiple color pack and they worked great with the Mixbook and didn’t smear at all! I would highly recommend Mixbook for anyone looking to create a fun guest book for their wedding or any event really!”

Amanda J., Written on July 8th, 2017

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15 Amazing Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Be inspired by some of the best guest book ideas – guaranteed to look wonderful when filled with your guests’ sweet sentiments.

The wedding guest book may not be one of your big day priorities but it will hold everlasting memories of your day. With this in mind, why not choose something meaningful for your guests to sign? Whether it’s a personalised traditional guest book or something a little more unusual, like Jenga tiles, we’ve got all the best wedding guest book ideas.

1. Creative crockery

Showcase guest messages on your wall by asking friends and family to leave their notes and well wishes on crockery.

Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

2. Love hearts

If you’re looking for a beautiful keepsake, get your guests to drop signed wooden hearts into a frame and hang with pride in your home.

Image Courtesy of Mission Tie The Knot

3. Sweet serenade

A signed guitar is a great choice for all music lovers and yet another fabulous keepsake. If you’ve got another hobby, why not switch an instrument for something more personal to you?

Image courtesy of Style & Grace Events

4. The perfect fit

If you’re looking for unique wedding guest book ideas, you’ll love the puzzle guest book. Fun and quirky, it’s sure to amuse all your guests and is compact to store away too.

Image courtesy of Create Gift Love

5. Snap happy

Give the traditional guestbook a twist with polaroid shots. Simply ask guests to take photos of themselves to pop in your guest book and team with a personal message.

Image courtesy of Charming Endeavours

6. Message in a bottle

A message in a bottle is one of the most romantic guest book ideas. It’s something easily stored to look back on in years to come.

Image Courtesy of Amy Crafts Emporium

7. Wanderlusters

If the two of you are aspiring explorers, swap the traditional guest book for a globe. Family and friends can leave messages on an item that’s meaningful to the two of you.

Image courtesy of Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

8. Cute keepsake

A personalised wooden guest book is chic, stylish and practical. It can be stored away or put up in your home. We particularly like this pretty heart-shaped wooden guest book.

Image courtesy of Z Create Design

9. Game of love

The Jenga guest book has to be one of our favourite modern guest book ideas. Make sure your guests play along while leaving their messages!

Image courtesy of Josh Snyder Photography

10. A word of advice

Keep things simple with fun advice cards. We love the range of options available on these wedding cards from

Image courtesy of Dimitria Jordan

11. Wedding movie

Want to bring your wedding guest book to life? Ask your guests to film their messages rather than write them down for something you can enjoy in years to come.

Image courtesy of One Love Photography

12. Love letters

If you’re looking for something cute and quirky, fill your guest book with mini envelopes and notecards. With each note hidden away in its envelope, your guests will have a chance to leave more personal messages.

Image courtesy of Elisabeth Millay Photography

13. One-of-a-kind design

Invite your guests to sign a piece of artwork.

You could choose a piece of art themed to your wedding, a caricature or portrait of the two of you or one of your favourite photos.

Image courtesy of Kathryn Selbert

14. Something crafty

The fingerprint guest book is one of the most recent styles to hit the wedding scene. Encourage guests to get their hands dirty as they contribute to the piece of art.

Image courtesy of Bleu de Toi

15. The bucket list

Feeling daring? If so, ditch the traditional good luck messages and well wishes in favour of bucket list ideas. Be warned though, you’ll have to complete them!

Image courtesy of Vis Photography

21 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives (#10 is our favorite)

We’ve scoured our back catalogue of real weddings as well as other online wedding sources we hold near and dear. Scroll down to go directly to our round-up list of 20 creative wedding guest book alternatives that are a tad more exciting to read through than a standard guestbook.

A wedding guest book no longer needs to be pen and bound paper. The form and shape of the traditional guest book has morphed to match changing wedding trends and tastes. Sure, the purpose of a guest book is to capture the names and well wishes of those special individuals who actually attended your wedding. However, we’ve seen many creative ways to accomplish this goal beyond pen and paper.

Let me ask you, which wedding guest book idea is more exciting?

  1. A standard hard cover book filled with blank pages
  2. A giant bottle of premium wine that guests can sign using a gold color felt marker

For Love & Lavender’s own wedding, we opted for #2!

L & L’s Wine Bottle Guestbook

Below is the picture of the unique wedding guest book Love & Lavender used at our wedding – a giant wine bottle! My husband and I love sharing a good bottle of wine now and again. So when Andrew went to Osoyoos for his bachelor party, he simply had to pick up a

Jeroboam bottle of wine from one of his favorite Canadian wineries (Road 13 Vineyards).

Mind the eclectic mix of aluminum foil, wood popsicle sticks, and other sundry items on the table. They were all part of the wedding games we devised as part of our wedding reception.

What is a Jeroboam?

No, not a type of wine, it’s actually the official name for a wine bottle size … FOUR bottles of wine in one to be exact! That left plenty of surface space for our guests to write their names and well wishes using gold and silver color felt pens.

A Meaningful Guestbook

The plan is to let this particular red wine blend age to perfection, and then uncork it for one of our bigger wedding anniversaries surrounded by special family and friends. Its a meaningful guest book and one that we can enjoy and share years later. Let’s face it, four bottles is great to share between a husband and wife, but I can only imagine the morning after.

When it comes to your own wedding guest book, put on your brainstorming hat and choose something that is meaningful.

  • Maybe you like wine like us and want to use an even BIGGER wine bottle size
  • Perhaps you are soccer coaches and want your guests to sign a soccer ball
  • Or, if you both love art your guests could sign a special piece of artwork

Whatever you choose as your wedding guest book, don’t have another dust collector sitting on a book shelf.


Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Drumroll please! Creativity and weddings are a natural match. And when it comes to wedding guest book alternatives, in recent years we’ve seen some pretty creative and imaginative ideas here on the wedding blog.

Add a bit of fun to your wedding day by coming up with a unique alternative guest book idea.. Let us know if you have a favorite once you’ve gone through the list!

1) Wishing Tree Guestbook

Place beautiful cherry blossom, manzanita, or magnolia branches in a pot. Make cards with ribbons attached and ask guests to write their well wishes or advice and hang the cards on the branches. Makes for a pretty keepsake for around the house afterwards

A) Manzanita Tree 


B) Wire Wedding Tree

by Trees 2 Art

c) Lasercut Wooden Freestanding 3D Wishing Tree

by theTbird

listed on Gibraltar Mailboxes

Assemble postcards of the city or state where your wedding is held. Ask guests to sign the back of a postcard and slip it into a unique mailbox. This guestbook type would be perfect for a travel-themed wedding!

3) Fill in the Blank Pages

We la-la-love this idea. Have guests complete a fun wedding mad libs. Grab you own fitting Wedding Mad Libs from Etsy.

by TpcDesignStudio

Such a sweet and unique idea! DIY your own background by drawing a tree with lots of empty branches on a poster. At your wedding, place a sign asking guests to

“leaf” a fingerprint and sign their name.

If you don’t have the time or skills to DIY this project, get yourself a fingerprint guestbook tree like the one above.

Checkout our article for more tree guestbook ideas.

It’s not a new idea, but we still love vintage typewriters as guestbooks. Provide direction like asking guests to share some words of wisdom, and you’ll get more interesting responses. Yup, you can still buy a vintage typewriter on Etsy!

by RubiandLib

Lovely floral wreath designed custom wedding guest book print with frame.

Get a poster that means something to the both of you. Ensure the poster has a large border edge space for guests to sign. Leave instructs for guests to write a message and you’ll have a wonderful keepsake for years to come!

Another spin-off of the photo booth guestbook is to let guests take Polaroids of themselves, mount them in a book, and sign next to their photo.

Find a Fujifilm Instant Film Camera on Amazon  for a reasonable price.

Write instructions on a chalk board asking guests to “Send you Across the World” by writing their names and a favorite world destination – what a fun idea! You could also ask them to leave you some “Worldly Advice!”

A) Guest Book Map

by Macanaz

B) The State Love Map

by Canvas Vows

C) Guestbook Globe

by InspiredbyAlma

9) Wine Themed Guest Books

A) Wedding Guest Book Labels

by PaperCrabb

Customize wine bottle labels and have guests sign them.

B) Wine Bottle Wedding Guestbook

Oenophiles (those who really enjoy wine) such as Love & Lavender will love this wedding guest book alternative! Guests can either sign their names and messages directly onto a bottle or via custom wine labels. Years later, pop the cork and drink to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary. A wine theme guest book provides both a fun idea on your special day as well as an event to dream about and look forward to in the future.

Initial Wedding Shadow Box

by Everything Etched AZ

If you like to save wine corks too (I Google’d and couldn’t find a cool name for this type of collector!), this great idea to incorporate into your wedding guest book is pictured below. Guests sign a wine cork and place it into a shadow box.

Side note: My husband and I collect corks from bottles of wine that mean something to us. In fact, Andrew’s boutonniere was made out of the champagne cork that we drank on the night we were engaged.

Read more about that particular unique boutonniere here.

Are either of you good at wood working? If so, use your talents to create a magnificent masterpiece such as the bench pictured below, which guests can sign. Certainly a hefty keepsake that you can add to your backyard and use for many years.   If you are not so talented in the wood working field, you could always pretend and find one from International Concepts

Does music play a big part in your life? Share your passions with wedding guests by having them sign a musical instrument, like a guitar.

13) Create a Custom Guest Book

Okay this idea is hugging the line of being a standard guest book …

Nonetheless, use your engagement photos to create a custom made photo book that your wedding guests can sign. I think it will be a treasured keepsake for the happy couple. I’m sentimental, so I actually think this is one of my favorite guest book ideas of all!

Create your own custom wedding book with Mixbook.

A rustic wedding needs a guest book to match the wedding decor. Nothing says rustic woodsy like a tree trunk slab. Have your guests sign a custom make wood slab for a keep sake you can hang on a wall … or in your husband’s man cave.

A) Rustic Guest Book Wooden Slab

by The Rustic Earth

B) Wood Slice

by JKartshop

C) Wood Letter with Image

by NostalgicImprints

Who doesn’t love a good board game? Incorporate games into your guest book theme and get guests to sign their very own Jenga piece.

Ah yes, brings back fond memories every time I take one from the bottom and stack it on top!

Jenga Game Guest Book

by MidnightConfetti

16) Custom Puzzle Guestbook

by EngravedWeddings

Maybe you don’t play board games, but you are always up for a quiet time with a puzzle. Get a custom puzzle produced, and let guests know to sign, “Without you our puzzle isn’t complete. Please sign the back of a piece.”

17) Heart Drop Guest Book

by LuxuriousGiftShop

We love this heart drop guest book — such a cute way to collect and display guest names!

18) Rock / Shell Guestbook

Pet rock anyone? This may seem like a weird (and potentially free) idea. However, perhaps you both enjoy strolling along a beach and have collected numerous special rocks or shells along the way. A fun and different idea is to have guests each sign a rock or shell. Add them to your garden or keep them in a vase as a fun memento.

Sports fans or sports coaches will certainly love the idea of a pigskin at their wedding. Get your guests to sign a football, soccerball, or basketball to keep as a memory of your big day.

Last but not least, rather than giving a couple your best wishes I really like the idea of giving them advice on relationships and love. Let guests fill out their own recipe card for love.

21) Record Wedding Guest Book

by GuestBookDevotion

Music lovers we have you covered!  With your first dance song written in the center of the printed vinyl record, all of your guests will be able to leave a sweet message around the sides.  This will make a great keepsake to hang in your home and a great way to cherish your first dance song.

I hope you’ve been inspired by our round up of unique wedding guest book options ideas. Please let me know in the comment section below if you have come across another unique guestbook that we should know about.

Check out our Ultimate List of Things To Buy For Your Wedding Day post. Because even the best wedding planners can overlook a few items!


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20 Must-See Non-Traditional Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

These days, we have seen more creative ideas for a wedding guest book than just a collection of your guests’ signatures.  Couples are personalizing this wedding detail by transforming it into a fun and interactive, DIY activity that makes it memorable for not only the couple but also the guests!  The biggest goal is for the guest book easily translates to a piece of decor that can be displayed in the couple’s home, serving as a daily reminder of their wedding day and those in attendance. If you’re on the hunt for something that go above and beyond the traditional book, check out these 20 creative ideas for your wedding guestbook to add a little extra character to your big day.

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1. Jenga Wedding Guest Book

This idea is perfect for the couple that loves to host game night. A simple and fun idea to engage with your guest is to have them sign individual Jenga blocks so that you can put together your own custom Jenga set. Every time you play the game, it will bring back all the memories for years to come.

2. Polaroid Guest Book

Another fun guest book alternative is to provide guests with a Polaroid camera and ask them to each take a photo of themselves.  (Tip:  Make sure the polaroid camera has plenty of film.)  Wedding guest can strike a pose and then leave their photo in a scrapbook, together with their short message, for the couple to have as a keepsake for years to come. You can also have your guest hang their photos to be placed in a photo album at a later time.

Shop Your Wedding Invites >>

3. Signature Tree Wedding Guest Book

This is the perfect guestbook for brides that love to DIY. You can also buy these kits online if you aren’t too crafty. The purpose is to have the leaves of the tree be filled with your guests’ signatures. It’s a fun and interactive guestbook and one that you will sure to treasure for your lifetime.

4. Thumb Print Wedding Guest Book

This is a meaningful guestbook that can be framed as wall art after the wedding. You can either draw a tree with lots of branches or order this artwork that you love and have an ink pad for your guests to place their fingerprint on the branches as leaves of the tree. The guests will sign their name over their “leaf” and this becomes artwork in your home after the wedding and documents everyone that was there when you and your fiancé started your family tree.

5. Wedding Guest Book Puzzle

Guests can sign individual puzzle pieces that come together to create a whole. You can keep the pieces in a box to be put together whenever you want, or frame the finished product and hang it on your wall to admire every day.

6. Wedding Guest Book Wood Sign Board

Another simple guest book alternative is to have your guest sign a large wooden guest book.  This will make for a beautiful wall hanging in your new home together.

7. Message in a Container Wedding Guest Book

Ask your guests to write a message of well wishes or perhaps some words of wisdom for the years to come at your wedding, and place the message card, paper or even stone into a personalized container that suits your wedding style. This guestbook allows your guests a lot of freedom and creativity with what they want to say.


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8. Guest Quilt

Another guest book idea is to choose a guest quilt. You would provide your guests with fabric squares and fabric markers to sign a message and their name and after the wedding, all the pieces will be sewn together to create a quilt.  (Tip:  Place the fabric squares on a clipboard to provide a firm writing surface and to avoid the fabric marker from bleeding through onto your table linen.)

9. Music Themed Wedding Guest Book

If you two are all about the music, old albums or a guitar might be a perfect wedding day guest book alternative.This will be even more meaningful if you use albums from songs from your special dances like your first dance, father/daughter, etc.

10.  Framed Wedding Guest Book with Wooden Hearts

Ask your guests to sign these wooden hearts and then put them in the wood frame. Many different shapes are available for both the frame style and the wooden tokens. Find one that symbolizes the two of you or DIY one that suits your wedding theme!

11. Beach and Nautical Themed Wedding Guest Book

Want some wedding guest book ideas specifically for beach and nautical weddings?  Consider anything that may remind you of the beach and coast, like surf board, oars, stones,seashells, model sailboat, and a wooden anchor. And of course, the message in a bottle style would be perfect for this type of wedding as well.

12.  Champagne or Wine Bottles

Many couples choose to save a bottle of their wedding wine or champagne to be enjoyed on a special anniversary, such as their first or tenth anniversary. So, why not have your guests sign this bottle as a guest book?  And your guests will know that their sweet messages will be around for years to come.

13. Signed Monogram Wedding Guest Book

If you want to keep things simple but you’re not a fan of the traditional guestbook, a monogram letter guest book will be a great option. These monograms will later become beautiful and nostalgic décor for your home.

14. Map/Globe Guestbook

Write instructions on a chalk board asking guests to “Send you Across the World” by writing their names and a favorite world destination – what a fun idea AND it will create an instant bucket list for travel! You could also ask them to leave you some “Worldly Advice!”

15. Tree Wood Wedding Guest Book

A rustic wedding needs a guest book to match the theme and nothing says “rustic” like an old tree. Use large wood slice, burn, paint or carve names of Bride & Groom and the wedding date, have guests sign on the wood.  After the wedding, turn it into wall art or a coffee/side table.

16. Wishing Tree Guestbook

Place beautiful cherry blossom, manzanita, or magnolia branches in a pot. Make cards with ribbons attached and ask guests to write their well wishes or advice and hang the cards on the branches.   After the wedding, you can pluck to the advice cards one by one and read their sweet messages.

17. Guest Book Serving Tray

This guestbook will serve as a beautiful accent to your coffee table and will be perfect to hold your wedding album and other special mementos from the big day.  You can also reserve using this for special breakfast-in-bed moments with your spouse.

18. Other special guest book ideas

This is a time to let your imagination run wild. If you can sign it and it works with your theme or you’d love to have it in your home after the wedding, go for it!


Wedding Guest Books

Guest Books

A wedding guest book will capture signatures and best wishes from family and friends to enjoy years after your wedding day. Wedding guest books are available in many colors shapes and sizes to compliment your wedding ceremony and reception decorations. Choose from a variety of guest book ideas including:

  • White or ivory guest books with assorted decorations and ribbon options
  • Military wedding guest books
  • Guest books for wedding themes including beach, fall, hearts and more
  • Guest book alternatives including wedding signature frames, photo signature frames and wedding tree frames
  • Wedding anniversary guest books
One guest book can be used for both your wedding ceremony and reception. Assign a member of your wedding party to bring your guest book to the ceremony location for ceremony guest to sign as they enter the church, wedding hall or outdoor wedding location. At the end of the wedding ceremony, be sure your guest book is transported to the reception site and placed on the receiving table or reception hall entrance for guest to sign as they arrive.

A great guest book alternative is the wedding signature frame. Wedding signature frames are large, glass-faced picture frames that contain a canvas mat insert for guests to sign rather than signing a guest book. Once everyone has signed the signature mat, it is placed inside the frame to be hung on a prominent wall in your home as a remembrance and conversation piece of your wedding day. Signature frames are available in a variety of styles including photo signature frames and wedding tree signature frames. These guest book alternatives are popular for anniversaries, birthday parties, retirements and graduations as well as weddings.

Set down with your guest book on your anniversary and read all your best wishes and congratulations from your wedding guests. Choose a guest book that matches your wedding theme. Guest Book themes include, Chiffon and Crystals, Pearl Clusters, Organza, Embroidered Lily, Sequins and Cross and much more.

‘This guest book is beautiful. I was surprised that an engraved gold sign came with the purchase. This purchase came very quickly. I would recommend this book to everyone.’ ~ Kathryn, Mundelein, IL

20 Creative DIY Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Guest Quilt

Gather fabric squares in your favorite patterns and a few permanent markers for guests to write their message to the happy couple. After the wedding, have a family member or sewing shop put together the pieces to make a quilt that will be cherished for years to come.

Find More Ideas: 45 One-of-a-Kind Wedding Arbors, Altars + Aisles

DIY Puzzle Guestbook

A puzzle makes a one-of-a-kind guest book you can take apart and put back together every anniversary.

Find More Ideas: 63 Gorgeous DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Polaroid Memories

It’s hard to remember everyone who attended your wedding. Turn a plain book into a photo book where guests can snap a picture with a Polaroid and write a personal message to the newlyweds. Down the road, you’ll enjoy flipping through the snapshots of your family and friends.

Find More Ideas: 60 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Sign Their Names … On Your Name

Create one-of-a-kind signage for your new home with this interactive guest sign-in using basic chipboard letters and acrylic paint.

Get the How-To: How to Turn Your Last Name Into Wall Art

Wood-Burned Tree Slice

Visit your local craft store to find a tree slice for your guests to sign. Consider adding your wedding date and a personalized decoration using a wood-burning kit. Provide pens or fine point permanent markers and include a large sign like this gilded mirror so guests know where to leave their message.

Watch the Video: DIY Wood-Burned Garden Art

Wine Bottle

For the wine connoisseurs, select your favorite bottle for guests to write on with a gold or silver permanent marker. When you open it is up to you, but it could be a neat memory to open the bottle on your first anniversary. When the bottle is empty, rinse it and display it on a mantel or bookshelf as a wedding keepsake.

Find More Ideas: 50 Signature Wedding Cocktails

Faux Pumpkin

Perfect for a fall wedding, a faux pumpkin is a cute and easy idea to master. Glam up the pumpkin with gold glitter on the stem, fill a jar with colorful permanent markers and use a smaller faux pumpkin to let guests know what to sign.

Find More Ideas: 45 Cozy + Romantic Fall Wedding Ideas

Vintage Typewriter

Go old school and have guests type out their best wishes with a vintage typewriter. Use an antique box or suitcase to hold the love notes. If you don’t have a grandparent or relative with a typewriter you can borrow, search thrift stores and antique shops to find the perfect one.

Find More Ideas: 25 Lovely Ideas for a Vintage-Inspired Wedding

Jenga Blocks

Turn your guest book into a game of Jenga for your guests by having them sign a wooden block and putting it back without knocking down the other blocks. Even after the wedding, you will have a fun backyard game to play with your new spouse, family and friends.

Find More Ideas: 20 Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Personalized Postcards

Order customized postcards or collect postcards from the different places you visit to make this unique guest book idea. Set up three boxes for guests to write their words of advice for your one-year, five-year and ten-year anniversaries.

Find More Ideas: Our 55 Best Bridal Shower Ideas

Recipe Cards

Love to cook? Instead of writing down their words of wisdom and congratulations, have loved ones share their favorite recipes and put them in a recipe box. Let guests know ahead of time via social media or your invite to bring recipes.

Find More Ideas: 38 DIY Dollar Store Wedding Decor Hacks

Personalized Photo Book

Turn your engagement photos into a custom photo book for guests to flip through and express their well wishes. Keep the book on a coffee table or entry table to look back on as the years go by.

Find More Ideas: 10 Props to Have on Hand for Your Engagement + Wedding Photos

Travel Map

For the adventurous couple who loves to travel, use an old map for guests to sign on and give their thoughts on where to travel to next. Frame the map or attach it to a bulletin board so you can pin all the places you’ve been.

Find More Ideas: 10 Top Honeymoon Destinations

Message in a Bottle

Find More Ideas: HGTV’s Ultimate Wedding Guide

Vinyl Records

Bring in a retro vibe to the reception with vinyl records for guests to sign. Metallic permanent markers such as gold and silver work best for readability. If you still want to listen to the albums, have them sign only the covers.

Find More Ideas: 88 DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Keys to Success

There are many great DIY projects using shipping pallets. Why not use one for your wedding guest book? Let friends and family share their “keys to success” on paper tags attached with small keys that can be found at a craft store. Be sure to add nails or hooks to the pallet so there’s a place for the tags to hang.

Learn More: 3 Things to DIY + 3 Things to Leave to the Pros on Your Wedding Day

All Around the World

Give a basic desktop globe a creative update by turning it into a guest book. Ask friends and family to sign on locations they think you should travel as a new couple.

Find More Ideas: 58 Simple + Sweet Wedding Cakes and Desserts You Can Make Yourself

Address Book

Find More Ideas: How to Make an Easy, Stylish Corsage & Boutonniere

“Wood” You Sign Our Guest Book?

This creative couple asked their wedding guests for their autographs on a beautiful wooden sign handmade by the bride’s dad. Framed directions next to the sign said, “Without you here, it would not be the same. Help us remember by signing your name.”

See More Photos: A Look Inside an HGTV Producer’s Rustic-Glam Wedding

Wooden Hearts

Make a cute display of small wooden hearts for loved ones to sign. These can be arranged as part of your home decor in a galvanized bucket or showcased in a shadow box on the wall even after the wedding. What a sweet memento to remember a special day.

Find More Ideas: 21 Essentials for a High-Style Backyard Wedding

What to Write in a Wedding Guest Book

Wedding guest books are becoming more and more common. They’re like the guest books you find in hotels, only they’re signed by each guest at a wedding along with a kind message. But what should you write?

What Should You Write in a Wedding Guest Book?

You can choose between something meaningful, formal, informal or funny. It’s best to write something you come up with rather than something you copy, because you may write the same thing as someone else by accident. So, you can write whatever you want! You will also have to write your name after your greeting.
Whatever you choose to write, make it something personal. The person you’re writing the greeting for will appreciate something heartfelt and original. Plus, if you use someone else’s idea for inspiration, then somebody else might write the same thing!

How to Decide What to Write in a Wedding Guest Book

Whatever you write in a guest book, it should be tailored to the person you’re writing it to. There’s no sense in writing something funny, for example, if the couple you’re writing for are having a very serious wedding. It’s clear that they would rather have something formal and proper instead.
The same applies the other way around. If the couple are having a basic wedding without any of the formalities you’d expect to see in an old fashioned wedding, then writing something formal might come across as uptight. So, this means that there’s nothing better you can do than figure out what the couple might want. Here’s a quick cheat sheet that might help you decide:

• Are the couple friends of yours, e. g. from university? They might prefer something funny.
• Are the couple a lot older than you? They may prefer something more traditional and formal.
• Are the couple having a very cheap, simple wedding? They likely won’t care what you write.
• Are the couple having a big, expensive wedding with all the formalities? Then be formal in your message.

Of course, this doesn’t hold true of everyone, so you’ll have to think about the specific couple and come up with your own answer.

What to Write in a Wedding Guest Book

…But none of that tells you what to write; only what to write. It would be best if you came up with something unique and meaningful. But not everyone has the wit of Oscar Wilde or the romantic heart of Shakespeare. So, you may not be able to come up with meaningful greetings condensed down to just a few words.
That’s what the next few sections are all about. Here are some basic ideas to get you started. You can either use them wholesale (no–you don’t need to attribute the quotes to us!), or you can use them as inspiration for your own greeting.

Formal Greetings for a Wedding Guest Book

Formal greetings aren’t cold-hearted. We think of ‘formal’ as cold and uncaring, but it doesn’t have to be. Formal can be meaningful, beautiful, well-meant but also well-written.
The reason why formal greetings are perhaps the most used is that most weddings are formal events. The vows, for example, are in language that could sometimes rightly be called archaic… Take ‘Til death do us part’, for example: nobody talks like that any more, but it’s still as popular a vow as ever. In the same way, we all dress up, wear fancy clothes, and take part in traditions during a wedding ceremony.
So, if you have to sign a wedding guest book, you can play along with the formality with a formal greeting. For example, you might consider:

• Wishing you a lifetime of love, warmth and happiness.
• May you enjoy the wonderful journey you are embarking on together.
• May all your years ahead be filled with joy and love–wondrous love.
Anything wishing love and happiness on the couple is a good idea. You can play around with this idea in lots of ways until you come up with something perfect.

Informal Greetings for a Wedding Guest Book

Informal greetings are much the same as formal greetings. They have the same meaning behind them; but that meaning is expressed in less flowery language. This makes the greeting more accessible, e.g. if the person only speaks English as a second language, or if they might laugh at you for being too formal with them! Informal greetings can also be longer or shorter, depending on what you want to write, while formal greetings are usually around the same length.
Here are some ideas to get you started…

• All the best for the future!
• Lots of love and happiness…
• I can’t believe my [little sister/big brother/cousin/etc.] is getting married!
• You look so good together, and I’m sure you’re going to be happy together too.
• Remember, being married is more important than your wedding day. The real journey starts today.
Again, anything offering love and happiness is a great idea. But gentle advice is nice too, and shows that you care about the couple and their welfare. Just avoid lecturing them!

Funny Wedding Guest Book Greetings

Funny greetings are informal, so can use whatever kind of words/language you like. But they all have an element of wit to them.
You can use a funny greeting if you like, but it may not be a good idea. We all find our own jokes funny, but it’s a curse for many of us that other people don’t (see: dads, teenagers). So, it’s risky to come up with your own jokes to write as a greeting.
At the same time, it’s risky to use a funny greeting that you’ve found online, or that you remember from another context, e.g. a greetings card. That’s because jokes can be reused and recycled where really, they should have been ‘reduced’! And if you’re truly unlucky, somebody else might have used the same joke in their greeting. As such, you have to be very careful using a jokey greeting. Ideas include:

• Love is grand. Divorce is a hundred grand!
• Being married is like any other job: it helps if you like your boss.
• The longest sentence you can form with two words is ‘I Do.’
• It’s not true that married men live longer than single men. It only seems longer.
Have a think about whether the couple will appreciate your funny message before you write it. Also, whether they won’t mind depends on what kind of guest you are: they practically expect that the best man will write something funny, so perhaps you could get away with it better if that’s you!
Don’t worry if you can’t think of something amazingly sentimental or funny to write. If you’re truly stuck, put something meaningful, even if it isn’t beautifully phrased. You can’t go wrong with something from the heart.

90,000 Lavish weddings, it turns out, were invented in the 19th century. An excerpt from the book “Crooked Mirror”

In Russian, Tolentino’s book will appear under the title “Crooked Mirror. How the Internet, Reality Shows and Feminism Affect Us”. Perhaps this is done so that readers understand: the 31-year-old columnist for the snobbish magazine The New Yorker wrote about things that are relevant to Russia. In the original, the second part of the title is shorter – “Reflections on Self-Deception”, but more accurately characterizes both the content and the tone of the author.Unfortunately, the above passage does not fully feel the bitterness with which Gia Tolentino writes about life, about herself in our confused world – we were forced to choose just an interesting and complete fragment of a feasible size.

It seems to everyone that when a woman goes to the altar in a white satin dress for several thousand dollars, when she makes a vow and kisses her husband in the presence of 175 people, when the guests move into a tent with flickering lights and sit at tables decorated with peonies, and then after gourmet salads rise to dance to the music of choice – all this allows the bride and groom to join the endless line of love birds, to join the golden chain of couples, stretching for centuries. And millions of dreamers continue to imagine sumptuous banquets with calligraphic cards in the name of eternal reunion with their best friend.

But for centuries, weddings have been purely household chores – simple, short ceremonies held in a narrow circle. The overwhelming majority of women married in the presence of relatives and several friends, without any banquets, in colored dresses, which were worn before and will be worn later. In ancient Greece, rich brides wore purple or red.During the Renaissance, wedding dresses were often blue. In the 19th century in France and England, women from the lower and middle class often married in black silk dresses. White wedding dress only came into fashion after 1840, when Queen Victoria, 20, married her cousin, Prince Albert. For the ceremony, she chose a white dress decorated with orange blossom.

Photos of the ceremony have not survived – fourteen years later, when this technology appeared, Victoria and Albert specially posed for a wedding portrait. But British newspapers described Victoria’s crinolines and satin shoes, her sapphire brooch, gold carriage and three-hundred-pound wedding cake at great length and in detail. Victoria cemented the symbolic connection between the “bride” and the “queen”, and from that time the idea of ​​the wedding as the “coronation of an ordinary woman” was formed – as Holly Brubeck wrote in The New Yorker in 1989.

This ceremony soon became a tradition. In 1849, in the ladies’ guide, they wrote: “From ancient times it was customary to marry in white, whatever the material of the dress.”The Victorian elite, imitating their queen, perpetuated the wedding pattern: formal invitations, dances, flowers and music. An entire industry has emerged, focused exclusively on the sale of wedding accessories and decor items. Thanks to the booming consumer market of the late 19th century, weddings were a way to showcase the upper-class lifestyle: even those outside the class could afford that feeling for a day. Middle-class women tried to create an impression of high social status, and white dresses became more and more important.In All In White: The Irresistible Splendor of American Weddings, Carol Wallace writes that “a flawless white dress immediately shows that its owner can afford to hire an experienced laundress, seamstress and maid.”

At the turn of the 20th century, when middle-class families were spending a fortune on the ceremony, public opinion about weddings began to change. Critics have spoken out against the commercialization of love. Families were advised not to jeopardize their financial situation for the sake of the wedding banquet. And the elite raised the bar even further to surpass the social aspirations of the middle class.In The Bride: American Weddings and Business Traditions, Vicky Howard talks about the practice of displaying gifts in wealthy families so that guests can “admire … long, tablecloth tables lined with silver, china, jewelry – and even furniture . .. secular views of wedding gifts with mention of creators or manufacturers. ” In 1908, a Tennessee bride invited more than 1,500 people to a wedding and received “seventy silverware, fifty-seven glass and crystal items, thirty-one porcelain items, nine sets of table linen and sixty assorted kitchen utensils.”

The growing bridal industry reasonably suggested that the best way to get people to do more crazy things was to convince women (as did an English ladies’ guide in 1849) that this is all a long and noble tradition. “Jewelers, fashion designers, bridal consultants and many others have become experts at inventing tradition,” Howard writes.In 1924, Marshall Field invented Gift Lists. Stores began to develop rules of etiquette. Everyone began to believe that buying porcelain and exquisite invitations is exactly what has been done at weddings for centuries.

In 1929, the financial crisis put an end to wedding spending. But then the merchants came up with a new trick. The slogan “Depression is unknown to love” came into vogue. In the 1930s, newspapers often wrote about weddings, describing outfits and banquet menus to pique the interest of readers. Wallace writes that by the age of 30, every bride was “an hour celebrity.”When socialite Nancy Beaton married Sir Hugh Smiley in Westminster in 1933, photographs taken by her brother Cecil made it into all the newspapers. Readers admired the romantic and dazzlingly beautiful Nancy, her eight girlfriends, connected by a long flower garland, and two boys in white satin suits supporting her veil. “There was so much poverty in the world that we all longed for glitz and elegance,” the 87-year-old dressmaker said in 2017 as she showed off her Beaton-style wedding photo.“We got the opportunity to feel like stars at least for a day.” In 1938, a De Beers representative approached the advertising agency NW Ayer & Son so that “various propaganda” would contribute to the development of the engagement ring market. In 1947 the agency’s copywriter Francis Gereti invented the slogan “Diamonds Are Forever. ” Since then, a diamond engagement ring has become a must. In 2012, $ 11 billion was spent on engagement rings in America.

In the 1940s, “weddings experienced a true apotheosis,” Wallace writes. This event marked the rise of a woman – her acquisition of the status of a bride and wife. This transition manifested itself through purchases. Newspapers and magazines assiduously told women what they should buy. In 1934, So You Are Going to Marry, the first American wedding magazine, appeared. (It was later renamed “The Brides” and the magazine became part of the Condé Nast empire). In 1948, the first exclusively wedding reference book “The Book of Bride Etiquette” was published.These tips have survived for decades: “Your right to look dazzlingly beautiful on this day, the way you want it”, “Your right to make your wedding the way you want it to be”, “Your right to be in the spotlight on such a day” …

Against the backdrop of the Second World War, weddings took on a new, even more powerful significance. In 1942, about two million Americans were married – 83 percent more than ten years ago. Two-thirds of the brides were married to men who had just been drafted into the army.The wedding industry has taken full advantage of the military ceremonies, turning them into a symbol of everything that is dear to America. “Brides are forgiven for believing that it is their patriotic duty to insist on a formal wedding, with white satin, etc.,” Wallace writes. The war also benefited the jewelers. Attempts to create engagement rings for men have previously been unsuccessful because they did not align with the notion that engagement is what men do for women. But in the conditions of war, it began to seem meaningful.With a wedding ring, a man could go overseas, keeping this reminder of his wife, country and home. And instantly the tradition of exchanging rings during the ceremony was born. By the 1950s, it seemed that this custom had existed since the beginning of time.

As the war ended – and with it the lack of fabrics – American bridal gowns became even more opulent. Synthetic fabrics appeared. The era of fluffy tulle and organza skirts has come. Brides, already young, have become even younger. (At the turn of the 20th century, girls entered their first marriage at the age of twenty-two, but by 1950 the average age of a bride was just over twenty.) By the end of the 1950s, three-quarters of women between the ages of twenty and twenty-four were married. After twenty years of economic recession and war, a period of peace, prosperity and a new mass consumption economy has arrived. Weddings have become a symbol of the beginning of an ideal future for the spouses: a house in the suburbs, a modern washing machine and a living room with a TV.

Social unrest began in the 1960s, but weddings remained a stronghold of home tradition and stability. The brides imitated Jackie Kennedy: pill hats, empire dresses, three-quarter sleeves.In the 70s, the wedding industry took into account the influence of an alternative culture and the needs of young couples who rejected the aesthetics of earlier generations. In this decade – in the era of an epidemic of narcissism and the emergence of a generation called by Tom Wolfe “generation I” – the idea of ​​the wedding as a form of purely individual expression was formed. Men began to wear colored tuxedos. Bianca Jagger got married in a tuxedo by Yves Saint Laurent. “Everywhere wrote about the most unusual weddings, – writes Wallace. – Everyone became interested in newlyweds, married on skis, underwater or completely naked in Times Square.”

In the 1980s, the pendulum swung back. “For many of us who stood on the beach in the 70s and watched the bridesmaid sing a wedding hymn, and barefoot newlyweds read excerpts from The Prophet Kahlil Gibran as vows,” Holly Brubeck writes in The New Yorker. It was a relief to hear that weddings in the 1980s had returned to their old traditions. Who could have foreseen the results would be equally absurd? ” Brubeck writes that after Diana Spencer’s grand wedding on TV, the wedding dresses turned into a strange “set of elements of Christian Dior’s new look and Victorian fashion. “Like Diana, wedding dresses from the 80s featured puffy skirts, lantern sleeves, corsets, and bows.

In the 90s, designers Vera Wong and Calvin Klein appeared. Wedding dresses have taken up the minimalist style. Brides married in white bodycon dresses with spaghetti straps a la Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, who worked in Calvin Klein’s advertising department before her wedding and was the perfect example of good taste for the East Coast. On the West Coast, Playboy-style promiscuity has entered the wedding aesthetic.Cindy Crawford got married on the beach in a mini dress that looked like a slip. Programs in the style of unbridled consumerism appeared on television – Girls Gone Wild, MTV Spring Break. Brides began to have bachelorette parties with strippers and other liberties.

In the 2000s, weddings became something of a reality show. In February 2000, the program “Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire” went on the air. The engagement became the ultimate goal of the Bachelor franchise – ready-made raw materials for the Dress for Wedding conveyor. Grand wedding ceremonies – so absurd as to require financial support from the television channels that broadcast them – began with the wedding of Trista Wren and Ryan Sutter from The Bachelor program. This ceremony was worth $ 3.77 million. In 2003, it was watched by 17 million viewers on the ABC channel. (Ren and Sutter received a million dollars in television rights.) The 2010s brought the monoculture of Pinterest and social media. A new ubiquitous “traditional” wedding aesthetic was born.Newlyweds flocked to authenticity – rented barns, wildflowers in ceramic pots, old convertibles or rusted pickups.

The industry is flourishing to this day. She experienced another take-off in the light of two recent royal weddings: Kate Middleton, insanely slim in a princess dress from Alexander McQueen (434 thousand dollars), and Meghan Markle in a romantic dress from Givenchy with a boat neckline (265 thousand dollars). Despite the economic hardship experienced by Americans after the 2008 crisis, weddings are becoming more and more expensive. In an era of increasing social mobility, they remain a kind of “amusement park”, as Naomi Wolfe called them: a world defined by the illusory notion that everyone is upper middle class.

This illusion is even more entrenched in the age of social media, when people are busy looking for things and are willing to pay for them to impress. Weddings have long been part of such a showcase ecosystem. “There are a myriad of wedding photographs designed to justify all the costs incurred.The anticipation of great shots encourages us to spend, “writes Rebecca Mead in One Perfect Day: Selling an American Wedding. Today, Instagram is pushing people to treat life itself as a wedding: as an event that audiences should admire. People, especially women , began to act as if they had always been celebrities. Under these conditions, the idea of ​​the bride as a famous princess was completely and irrevocably entrenched. The bride must be beautiful – and the wellness industry rushed to her aid.This is how a huge black hole of commitment came into being. Brides magazine recommends that its readers, before the wedding, arrange for themselves wellness sessions in the salt caves and cleansing with crystals. Marths Stew-art Weddings offers banquet fireworks ($ 5,000 for 3-7 minutes). The Knot magazine recommends armpit Botox injections ($ 1,500 per session). A friend of mine recently paid $ 27,000 for a wedding photo shoot. Wedding consultants have appeared on social networks.Fitness programs for brides-to-be are opening across the country. There is a growing demand for carefully organized engagement ceremonies with professional filming. The time will come – and this will also become a tradition.

90,000 7 weddings from Russian classics

Leo Tolstoy wrote in his diary: “… to describe people’s lives in such a way as to cut off the description of marriage, it’s like, describing a person’s journey, to cut off the description at the place where the traveler got to the robbers” … We have collected the brightest descriptions of weddings from Russian classics. Read how the heroes of Tolstoy and Chekhov, Gorky and Zoshchenko got married.

Old Russian wedding

Alexey Korzukhin. Hen-party. 1889. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Some wedding customs are mentioned in the Tale of Bygone Years, created at the beginning of the 12th century. In it, the monk-chronicler listed the marriage traditions of the Slavic tribes of the pre-Christian period:

Glades also have a marriage custom: the son-in-law does not go after the bride, but brings her the day before, and the next day they bring her for her – what they give.And the Drevlyans lived in a bestial custom … and they never got married, but they abducted the girls by the water. And the Radimichi, Vyatichi and northerners had a common custom: they lived in the forest, like all animals, ate everything that was unclean and scolded in the presence of their fathers and daughters-in-law, and they did not marry, but games were arranged between villages, and converged on these games, on dances and all sorts of demonic songs, and here they snatched their wives by conspiracy with them; they had two and three wives.

Detailed literary descriptions of the Russian wedding appeared only in the 15th – 16th centuries, when collections of rules for all occasions were spread.In the middle of the 16th century, one of them – “Domostroy” – was compiled for Tsar Ivan the Terrible by his spiritual mentor Archpriest Sylvester.

A special section – “The Wedding Rite” told about the marriage. All stages were described in it – from the preliminary agreement of relatives to “fruit table” on the second day after the wedding. It was clarified how to arrange a place for a wedding feast, how to seat guests according to rank and what to treat. Domostroy paid great attention to property issues.For example, the dowry was handed over on the second day of the wedding, signing “in-line” documents in the absence of women:

And as the time comes, the boyars will go to their rooms, and then after the sweet they will start to understand the dowry and the in-line sign. And there will be a dispute in what, they postpone from another day. Then they sit down at the table separately: the boyars are apart, and the boyars are in other rooms. And after the feast, the father-in-law blesses the son-in-law with images and gifts: cups and velvet, and stones, and sables, and horses in outfits, and armor, – congratulates … Then the mother-in-law blesses the son-in-law with images, dresses, vessels, and blesses her daughter and presents dresses and dresses.And then they will go home in the same order and in outfits, on the other days they come and feast as they wish.

Noble wedding

Orest Vereisky. Illustration for the novel by Leo Tolstoy “Anna Karenina” (fragment). Image:

The hero of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina” landowner Konstantin Levin did not immediately achieve the reciprocity of Princess Kitty Shtcherbatskaya. Yet their marriage became a love marriage. The description of the wedding in the novel is also valuable evidence of the era. For example, the newlyweds were offered to go to Europe after the wedding, as was customary among the aristocrats, but the bride decided to go to her husband in the village.The act seemed strange for a nee princess, but he gave contemporaries a better understanding of the character of the heroine. Tolstoy paid great attention to household details.

… When Levin demanded to dress, Kuzma, Levin’s old servant, brought a tailcoat, a vest and everything that was needed.
– And the shirt! Cried Levin.
“The shirt is on you,” Kuzma replied with a calm smile.
Kuzma did not think to leave clean shirts, and, having received the order to pack everything up and take them to the Shtcherbatskys, from whom the young were leaving that evening, he did so, having packed everything except the tailcoat pair.The shirt, worn in the morning, was crumpled and impossible with the open fashion of vests. It was a long way to send to the Shtcherbatskys. Sent to buy a shirt. The footman returned: everything is locked – Sunday. They sent him to Stepan Arkadyevich. They were waiting for the groom in the church, and he, like a beast locked in a cage, paced the room, peering out into the corridor and recalling with horror and despair what he had said to Kitty and what she could now think.
– We have arrived! – Here it is! – Which the? – Are you younger? – and she is neither alive nor dead! – They started talking in the crowd when Levin, having met the bride at the entrance, entered the church with her.

A bourgeois wedding

A still from Viktor Ivanov’s feature film “Following Two Hares” (1961)

In 1875, the Ukrainian writer Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky wrote the comedy “On Kozhumyaki”. The author ridiculed the customs of the Kiev citizens, who strove for a beautiful, “Hrantatsyuz” life. In 1883, the play was processed by Mikhail Staritsky. By agreement with Nechuy-Levitsky, the comedy was named “Panska lip, that teeth are dumb”, and the subtitle read “For two hares. “The premiere took place in the same 1883 at the Bergonier Theater in Kiev.

Read also:

The play was translated from Ukrainian into Russian by Alexander Ostrovsky, author of “The Thunderstorms” and “Dowry”. The play has not left the Russian stage for over 130 years. And in 1961, director Viktor Ivanov made a film in which the main character – the hairdresser and scoundrel Svirid Golokhvostoy – was played by Oleg Borisov.

And although the wedding of the protagonist with the rich, but ugly Proney was ultimately upset, the comedy gave us an idea of ​​how wealthy burghers were preparing for the wedding in the second half of the 19th century.

Pronya (enters in a white wedding dress, in white flowers, hung with trinkets). I will not come to my senses from the joy that I have waited, thank God, for my day! And what a handsome groom! Sat, sat, but then sat there! Educated, fashionable, darling, pure cucumber! How in love I am, everything is burning in my middle, but my heart is just those, those! I don’t know if I’ll live until the evening . .. How I will hug him, how … Oh, oh, just think … Hurry already! (Shuts his eyes with his hand.) Everyone will be jealous! And so arm in arm with him and on them only: fe-fe-fe! And with a train – walk-walk-walk! On Khreshchatyk I will live as a lady, but everything is fashionable, in a Hrantseuz style … (I walked around the room and stopped in front of a mirror.) Did he cut the loop for me? By God, he cut it off, stole it! And I told my mother to give it away on Khreshchatyk, so can you face this simplicity? Oh, misfortune, and this is not fashionable! Who makes the waist so high? No shoulders, no chest! And in fashion, everything should be out! Go for another walk in the yard, let them look and bite their lips!

The wedding of a small employee

A still from Isidor Annensky’s feature film The Wedding (1944)

In 1884, the comic magazine Oskolki published a story by Anton Chekhov “A Wedding with a General”. The custom of inviting to a wedding a significant person “in ranks” really existed in the merchant environment. Chekhov ridiculed the attempt of a petty clerk – a loan office appraiser – to follow the merchant fashion.

At 11 o’clock Nyunin drove in for his uncle. Revunov-Karaulov put on his uniform and trousers with gold stripes, put on medals – and they drove off. The wedding supper had already begun when a footman, hired from the tavern, took off his hooded coat from the admiral, and the groom’s mother, Mrs. Lyubimskaya, greeted him in the hall and squinted at him.
– General? She sighed, looking inquiringly at Andryusha, who was taking off his coat, and bowing. – Very nice, your excellency … But what a slender … overwhelmed … Hm … No severity in the form and even epilepsy … Hm … Well, anyway, do not toss and turn, as God gave … So be it, please, your Excellency! Thank God, at least there are many orders …

In 1889 Chekhov used this plot in the one-act play “The Wedding”. Vaudeville was immediately incorporated into the repertoire of many amateur troupes.The actress Olga Knipper wrote about one of such performances in 1900: “The other day Tolstoy was at the Chekhov’s Evening and laughed, they say, until he fell, and he really liked it” . In 1902, The Wedding was finally staged on a professional stage – at the Alexandrinsky Theater. In 1944, based on the works of Chekhov, the film “Wedding” was shot, in which the main roles were played by Faina Ranevskaya, Erast Garin, Zoya Fedorova and Alexey Gribov. And the expression “wedding general” has become a household name.

Capitalist wedding

Sergey Gerasimov. Frontispiece to the novel by Maxim Gorky “The Artamonovs Case” (fragment). 1937. Publishing House “Soviet Artist”, Moscow

Maxim Gorky wrote the novel “The Artamonovs Case” about a family of provincial industrialists in 1925, but the action takes place in pre-revolutionary times. The wedding of Peter Artamonov and Natalya is a vivid example of “generation gap” , when the youth began to perceive patriarchal traditions as dense prejudices.

When Peter followed her into Natalya’s room, where a lush bed was made, the old woman sat down heavily on a chair in the middle of the room.
– Listen, yes – don’t forget! She said solemnly. – Here’s two fifty dollars, put them in your boots, under the heel; Natalya comes, kneels down, wants to take off your boots, – you don’t let her …
– Why is that? – Peter asked gloomily.
– None of your business. Three times – you will not give, and the fourth – you will allow, and then she will kiss you three times, and you give fifty rubles to her, say: I give you, my servant, my destiny! Remember! Well, you will undress and lie down with your back to her, and she will ask you: let me sleep! So you – be quiet, just hold out your hand to her for the third time – understand? Well, then …
Peter looked in amazement at the dark, wide face of the mentor, flaring his nostrils, licking her lips, she wiped her fat chin, neck with a handkerchief and imperiously, clearly pronounced rough, shameless words, repeating goodbye:
– Cry – do not believe, tears – do not believe. – She staggered out of the room, leaving behind a drunken smell, and Peter seized a fit of anger – ripping off his boots, he threw them under the bed …

Proletarian wedding

Still from Leonid Gaidai’s feature film “It can’t be ! ” (short story “Wedding Accident”) (1975)

In 1933 the Leningrad Music Hall presented Mikhail Zoshchenko’s one-act vaudeville “Wedding”. Two years later, the writer released a collection of short stories “Blue Book”, which included the short story “A Wedding Accident”.Both the story and the play ridiculed the frivolous attitude of Soviet youth towards civil (non-church) marriage: I want – “sign up” , I want – I will divorce. The main character could not recognize the bride at his own wedding – an unfamiliar girl – and mistakenly kissed another.

Volodka shouts:
– And the dog will take you apart! They planted different women, but figure it out for me.
Here the bride in a white robe appears. And keeps flowers in handles.
– Oh, so, – he says, – well, so it will come out sideways for you.
And again, of course, screams, screams and hysteria. Of course, the relatives began to expel Volodka from the apartment.
Volodka says:
– Let me eat at least. In the morning, he says, you haven’t been eating on such a gimmick.
But the relatives put pressure on and poured Volodka onto the stairs.
The next day, Volodya Zavitushkin went to the civilian department after work and got divorced.

In 1975, director Leonid Gaidai shot a collection of film novels “It Can’t Be!” Based on the stories of Mikhail Zoshchenko. The main characters from The Wedding Accident were brilliantly played by Leonid Kuravlev and Valentina Telichkina.

Cossack wedding

A still from Sergei Gerasimov’s feature film “Quiet Don” (1957)

Mikhail Sholokhov finished his novel Quiet Don in 1940, and in 1965 received the Nobel Prize for it. Alexey Tolstoy assessed the novel as “an epic, saturated with the smells of the earth, a picturesque canvas from the life of the Don Cossacks” . Sholokhov really took pictures of Grigory Melekhov’s matchmaking to Natalia, preparations for the wedding, weddings and festivities from folk life. For example, matchmakers stole a broom in the bride’s house so that “not get rejected” .The bride knitted before the wedding “the traditional goat-goat down scarf and down gloves” . The groom’s family, in turn, prepared “masonry” of clothes – the ransom for the bride. On the day of the wedding, the groom was at a loss, he was supported by his brother Petro – at this wedding he is a friend, or a steward.

– Make room, guests! – Petro begged, pushing the women’s bellies, which were spread from the dance.
Gregory brightened up and blinked at Natalia.
– Petro will cut the Cossack at once, look.
– Who is he with?
– Can’t you see? With your mother.
Lukinichna put her hands on her hips, in the left – wiping.
– Walk, well, or else I! ..
Petro, finely moving his legs, walked to her, made a wonderful knee, returned to the place. Lukinichna picked up the hem, as if going to walk through a puddle, knocked out a shot with her toe, walked, under the hum of approval, throwing out her legs like a man.
The accordion player started up on the lower frets with the smallest shot, this shot washed away Peter from the spot, and, hooting, he squatted down, snapping his palms on the tops of his boots, biting the tip of his mustache with the corner of his mouth.

Wedding songs and dances of the Cossacks were included in the legendary film adaptation of The Quiet Don, which was filmed in 1958 by Sergei Gerasimov.

Author: Ekaterina Gudkova

Original ideas for a guestbook

Speaking about a guestbook or a book of wishes, we basically imagine a beautiful album in which invited guests can leave their wishes. This is a classic and standard version that will look organic at any celebration.

In this article we propose to go beyond the standard framework to find an original solution that would emphasize the individuality of your couple.

Globe or Map

Invite your guests to take you on a journey by writing their names in their favorite place in the world. This way you will have a wonderful travel map and fun tips from friends.

Bottle of wine or champagne

Many couples choose to keep a bottle of champagne, which will be open for their special anniversary.Why don’t your guests leave their wishes on it?

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Guestbook for a beach wedding

Everything that you associate with the sea can keep in your memory pleasant memories of warm sand and the sound of waves. These can be rocks, shells, oars, or a model sailboat.

Wish Frame

Have your guests sign these wooden hearts and then place them in the wooden frame.You can show your imagination and make a frame that would symbolize exactly your couple.


Does your couple like music or songs with a guitar around the fire? Then you will love this option.

Patch cover

Offer your guests fabric squares and a marker so they can write their name and wish. And after the wedding, sew all the pieces together and – voila! – the original bedspread reminding of your day is ready.

Wishes in the box

This option will give your guests more flight for imagination, because they will not be limited to a piece or a stone.After writing a wish or sharing their wisdom, guests can put the leaf in a casket, box, bottle or other container that will harmoniously fit into the style of your celebration.


Guests can sign separate pieces of the puzzle, which will then be assembled into a whole. You can store the puzzle unassembled, or place it in a frame and decorate one of the walls of your house.


You can draw a large tree with many branches or order a drawing from a print shop. Ask guests to draw foliage on the tree, leaving their fingerprints and signing them. Such a tree can later serve as part of the interior.

Wish tree

For those who like to do it yourself. You can find such sets on the Internet to make your life easier! The bottom line is that the guests fill in all the leaves on the tree with wishes. This fun and interactive book will be appreciated by all guests.


If you have a Polaroid camera, you can turn your guestbook into a fun guest experience.In addition to wishes, guests will leave you with their funny photos as a souvenir, which you will then collect in a separate album. Remember to make sure there is enough film in the camera!


This option is for board game lovers. Guests can leave their signatures and wishes on each block of the game. Now Jenga will not only entertain you in the evenings, but also give memories of your bright and unique day.

Films, books and games.

What a crypto trader can do during a lockdown :: RBC.Crypto

Non-working days are introduced in Russian regions. This time can be usefully spent to improve your digital money trading skills.

One of the options for how a trader can usefully spend his days off is to read books on asset trading. For example, “Memoirs of a Stock Market Speculator” is a biography of journalist, financial analyst and diplomat Jesse Livermore, in which he talks about the psychology of markets, investments and the stock market game. The work was first published in 1923.

How non-working days pass in different regions of Russia. Main

Another more modern example is Mike Bellafiore’s book One Good Trade. Hidden information about the highly competitive world of private trading ”, published in 2017.The author tells about the intricacies of private trading based on personal experience.

As a theoretical material, you can take Neeson Steve’s Japanese candlesticks. The book provides a detailed guide to the rules for applying Japanese technical analysis. It helps to evaluate the charts of assets and, based on this, make assumptions about the future price behavior.

From fiction – “The Financier” by Theodor Dreiser. This book presents the story of a young stock speculator who became rich through complex financial schemes, but was on the verge of bankruptcy due to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.


In addition to books, there are many benefits to be derived from documentaries on cryptocurrency. For example, in 2014 the picture “Life on Bitcoin” was released. It tells the story of a young family who, after the wedding, decided to conduct an experiment: to live for three months, using exclusively cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services.

Other documentaries about cryptocurrency: The Rise of Bitcoin and Betting on Bitcoin. One of the works is devoted to the principles underlying the cryptocurrency, the other – its evolution and early adopters and investors such as Eric Voorhees and the Winklevoss twins.

A feature film about cryptocurrency – American drama “Crypto”. It tells the story of a young anti-money laundering agent. In a negative light, Bitcoin is exposed in the film “Drug”, dedicated to a group of teenagers who tried to sell the drugs they found for digital money.

In case the quarantine drags on, the series “Startup” will come to the rescue. The plot in it is built around a fictional digital coin GenCoin, as well as hackers, banks and mafiosi associated with it.


You can have fun during quarantine with the help of crypto games. In the Lost Relics game, you can search for artifacts that are counted on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of ERC-1155 tokens. However, you need to have an Enjin wallet to store them.

Another fantasy game – 0xUniverse. In it, the user is invited to explore outer space and establish colonies on uninhabited planets. Their ownership will be recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

Crypto Assault is a military-themed game.Its peculiarity lies in the fact that all the equipment at the disposal of the user is tokens of the ERC-721 standard. However, at the moment, the possibility of exchanging them with other players is under development.

– “Altcoins Win Back Positions” podcast. When will bitcoin update its maximum?

– Bitcoin for $ 100 thousand by the end of the year. Real Opportunity or Fiction

– Mastercard will add support for cryptocurrency payments

More news about cryptocurrencies can be found in our telegram channel RBC-Crypto.

90,000 What to read before the wedding: 26 books for brides – Stories

Most girls dream that one day they will become legal wives, build a family, have children. And for every woman, the wedding day is a special day that she will remember for a lifetime.

To prepare yourself for “they lived happily ever after”, you just need to be sure that this is the same person.But to create a romantic mood and understand some of the intricacies of relationships, decide what you will have like in a movie or books, or, conversely, everything will be completely different, it is still worth reading a few books about weddings, relationships and the intricacies of family life. We will tell you about them today.

1. “Domostroy”.

Publisher: Ripol-classic

Age restrictions: 12+

“Domostroy” is a literary monument of the 16th century, which has become an illustration of worldly wisdom for many generations of Russian people.This is not just a set of rules and advice, it is an encyclopedia of family and household customs and traditions of the Russian people, the economic and religious life of a medieval house. How can a person live according to his means? How to deal with a vegetable garden and a garden? How to teach children and save them by fear? Note that much of Domostroy has already lost its relevance and the book will be useful to you as a source of historical customs of family life.

2. Marilyn Yalom, The Story of a Wife.


Publisher: New Literary Review

Age restrictions: 16+

Marilyn Yalom examines the history of marriage “from a female point of view. “The heroines of this book are ancient Greek and Roman, Catholic and Protestant wives, wives of the conquest of the Frontier and World War II. There are stories about those women who suffered from the cruelty of society and their own husbands, about those for whom marriage became the desired happiness, and about those who successfully fought against injustice. This excursion into the history of the wife ends with our era, when marriage, which has ceased to be a duty, is undergoing major changes. Marilyn Yalom is a historian at the Michelle Clayman Institute for Gender Studies at Stanford.

3. Rami Blekt, “Two Wives. How to be happy in your personal life. Stories and Theory “.

Publisher: AST

Age restrictions: 16+

Rami is one of the best psychologist-trainers in the field of personal relationships. Millions of people have improved their personal lives through his unique training, advice and books.

His first training in Moscow in 2005 “How to be happy in your personal life” made a splash.Rami’s more than 20 years of counseling experience has helped make this book extremely practical. In it, everyone will find many inspiring lessons and useful information for themselves. In the book, using the example of stories, different levels of relationships are revealed, and the theoretical part of the book teaches the basic concepts for a successful personal life.

In a very simple, practical and accessible way, Rami conveys the deepest truth of a harmonious relationship between a man and a woman. If a person is unhappy in personal relationships (especially for women), then he is unlikely to be truly successful and happy in life.This book has incorporated the best ancient and modern developments and describes the universal laws of nature, without the knowledge of which it is impossible to be harmonious, healthy, happy and successful.

4. Stacy Schiff, Vera (Mrs.

Vladimir Nabokov).


Publisher: Kolibri

Age restrictions: 18+

Vera (Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov) is a heartfelt tale of one of the most beautiful love stories of the 20th century.With this book, Stacey Schiff solidified her reputation as a subtle and astute literary biographer. Schiff’s graceful prose and her attention to detail almost echo Nabokov himself in his sober, unsentimental attitude towards marriage.

5. Sophie Kinsella, The Shopaholic and the Marriage Ties.

Publisher: Eksmo

Age restrictions: 16+

This time, Becky got herself into a mess.And it’s not at all about an expired credit card, but about a wedding – an event that every girl is looking forward to. Unable to refuse her family, Becky finds herself in a story that looks more like an unsolvable quest. She needs to play two weddings – at the same time, with the same guests, but on different continents! In London, beloved mom and dad are waiting, and in New York, the mother-in-law is already conjuring over the party of the century. How can you combine two celebrations, not offend your parents and make your childhood dream of a perfect wedding a reality? Becky will have to demonstrate all her ingenuity, because you need to rush – you can’t hope for miracles!

6.Nicholas Sparks, The Wedding.


Publisher: AST

Age restrictions: 16+

Continuation of the legendary novel by Nicholas Sparks “The Diary of Remembrance”, which is in no way inferior to the first book! Is love in marriage slowly dying, replaced by habit? This happens, alas, very often. But can’t this be changed ?! Wilson Lewis is forced to admit that his wife Jane no longer feels happy.Every day she suffers more and more without romance, without vivid manifestations of genuine feelings. She wants love. Not comfort, tranquility, good family relations – namely, love, insane and tender, as in those days when Jane first met her future husband … anxieties of real passion …

7. Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice.


Publisher: AST

Age restrictions: 16+

Pride and Prejudice is the world’s most popular women’s novel, hailed by UK internet users as one of the best books of all time.Mr. Darcy, the main character of the novel, has become for many readers the standard of a man, a noble aristocrat who turns a blind eye to class prejudices and marries for love a woman who is much lower in rank. On Elizabeth Bennet, a proud, unapproachable girl, intelligent, well-read and deeply feeling. Several film adaptations, two TV series and an army of fans around the world have forever inscribed the novel “Pride and Prejudice” in the chronicle of the best stories of love that overcomes any obstacle.

8.Nicky Pellegrino, Italian Wedding.


Publisher: Inostranka

Age restrictions: 16+

An elderly married couple – an Italian husband and an English wife – carefully hides from their adult daughters a long-standing family history that once drastically changed their lives. The eldest of the girls gradually deduces from her mother what happened thirty years ago – and suddenly realizes that she and her sister did not know anything about their parents.

9. Sue Johnson, “Hold me tight. 7 dialogues for love for life ”.


Publisher: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber

Age restrictions: 16+

This is a book for young and old couples, married, engaged and just living together – for anyone looking for lifelong love. It is for women and for men. For people from all walks of life and all cultures. Closeness and affection are a basic need for everyone.Its author, Sue Johnson, together with her scientific advisor, developed a new approach to therapy in couples – Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT). They launched a research project that involved couples on EFT (then still being developed), couples who were offered behavioral therapy – developing communication and negotiation skills, and couples who did not receive therapy at all. EFT showed impressive results compared to those obtained in the other two groups.Relationships in couples became closer, quarrels were less frequent, and satisfaction of both partners increased significantly.

10. Mikhail Weller, “On Love”.


Publisher: AST

Age restrictions: 16+

Everyone knows what it is, and no one knows what it is. Or else: everyone knows what it is, but no one knows how to say it. The stronger the love, the more broken wood is. There are always some obstacles, always some kind of suffering, and the more tragic the suffering, the more beautiful and heartfelt songs the poets compose. “Jealousy is cruel as hell,” complained Solomon, and after a while Othello strangled Desdemona, Jose stabbed Carmen, and the Russian Criminal Code recognized jealousy as a mitigating circumstance.

11. Alisa Lunina, “Christmas Wedding”.


Publisher: T8

Age restrictions: 16+

As you know, sometimes misfortune opens the door to happiness.True, the journey to these doors can be too long and not everyone has the strength to overcome it … On New Year’s Eve, Ksenia flies on a business trip – and finds herself in a strange city without money and documents. Fate sends the desperate heroine help in the person of a new acquaintance Yegor Korablev, but agreeing to Yegor’s offer to live in his house, Ksenia does not even suspect what a whirlpool of passions and insoluble contradictions awaits her in the Korablevs’ house, full of family secrets, and that, as a result, this is New Year’s a trip to the sea will completely change her life.

12. Archpriest Andrei Lorgus and Olga Krasnikova, “Life after the wedding. How to build family happiness. ”

Publisher: Nicaea

Age restrictions: 16+

Family is a miracle that cannot be explained: two absolutely strangers become the closest to each other in the world. How does this happen? The authors of the book walk along the family’s “Great Silk Road”, talking about different aspects of a difficult and interesting journey: the difficulties of the honeymoon and the crises of a mature family, about home arrangement and marital intimacy, family celebrations and the “empty nest” effect.The final chord in the book is the chapter on the family as a small church. This work is a continuation of the author’s series, which began with the books “Falling in love, love, dependence” and “Man and woman: from me to us.”

13. Tatiana Kaluzhnikova, The Ural Wedding.

Publisher: ID Classic

Age restrictions: 16+

The book introduces the traditional wedding that existed among the Russian population of the Middle Mining Urals at the end of the 19th – first third of the 20th century. The rite, now gone from cultural practice, was reconstructed by the author on the basis of expeditionary materials from the folk music room of the Ural State Conservatory (Academy) named after V.I. M.P. Mussorgsky and archival sources. The work contains a “script” and a description of the most essential features of a local wedding event. It also contains a musical application and a dictionary of dialectal and uncommon words.

14. Gary Chapman, Five Love Languages.


Publisher: Bible for All

Age restrictions: 16+

You are trying to show your spouse that you love him, but he does not seem to notice anything.Maybe you just speak different languages? Perhaps your husband wants you to empathize with him, and instead you cook a delicious dinner. Perhaps your wife wants to spend more time with you, but she does not need the luxurious bouquets that you present every evening. At the end of the book, you will find a discussion guide to help you better understand what you are reading. Before you even notice, you will learn to understand the language of another, to express love to him, and soon you will feel that you are loved too.

15. Erich Fromm, The Art of Love.


Publisher: AST

Age restrictions: 16+

One of the most famous works by Erich Fromm – “The Art of Love” – ​​is devoted to the difficult psychological aspects of the emergence and preservation of such a seemingly simple feeling as love by a person. Is love really an art? If so, then it requires labor and knowledge. Or is it just a pleasant feeling?… For most, the problem of love is, first of all, the problem of how to be loved, and not of how to love oneself …

16. Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre.


Publisher: AST

Age restrictions: 16+

Even without reading this novel, you’ve probably heard about Jane Eyre. Chances are, you’ve watched the movie based on this novel. I must say that there are a lot of film adaptations of Jane Eyre, one of them with Charlotte Gainsbourg in the title role (directed by Franco Zefirelli).Jane Eyre long ago outgrew her heroine and became almost a household name. Many girls would probably dream of repeating her fate. Yes, her childhood was a real nightmare. And youth was hard. Jane may not be so pretty, and life does not spoil her at all, but in the end she will find her happiness. Full of mysteries, sometimes tragic plot twists, this novel was and remains a symbol of faith, hope and love.

17. Helen Fisher, Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love.


Publisher: Alpina non-fiction

Age restrictions: 16+

Each of us has the experience of happiness and despair that love gives. And for many centuries people have been trying to understand what it is. Why are we losing our heads? How to survive rejection? What Happens to Spouses’ Feelings in a Long Marriage? How to win love and can you keep it? A book by renowned anthropologist Helen Fisher offers new and sometimes unexpected answers to these questions.Scanning the brains of a wide variety of patients, she revealed important patterns, starting with the fact that in the moment of falling in love, some areas of the brain “glow”. Exploring the types of love, its evolution, the processes occurring in the human body and other creatures – from wolves to ducks and chimpanzees – the author gives a scientific explanation for the most amazing manifestations of this universal driving force and great gift.

18. Elizabeth Gilbert, Legal Marriage.


Publisher: Ripol-classic

Age restrictions: 16+

Love, Doubt, Marriage is a sequel to the famous novel Eat, Pray, Love, in which the heroine, Liz Gilbert, will have to figure out what a family is, why people get married and whether she needs it. The ironic and witty Liz approached the question seriously, because her previous marriage ended in disaster, and described in detail all the stages of her research, which helped her make the only correct decision.

19. Ilse Sand, “I miss you. How to get over the pain of parting, restore a relationship or let go. ”


Publisher: Alpina Publisher

Age restrictions: 16+

The book of a psychotherapist and author of international bestsellers “Close to the Heart” and “Compass of Emotions” – about the loss of connection with loved ones.We often worry that we stopped communicating with old friends. We get upset that the relationship with a loved one lacks the former openness. We regret that the children have moved away and rarely call, or, on the contrary, we ourselves have not made peace with our parents after a long-standing quarrel. The author analyzes the reasons for the breakdown of relationships and suggests simple techniques and exercises to return or improve them. Particular attention is paid to situations when the previous relationship cannot be resumed for objective reasons. For such cases, the author gives advice on how to cope with the pain of separation or loss and learn how to let go with a light heart.

20. Liana Moriarty, “The Secret of My Husband.”


Publisher: Inostranka

Age restrictions: 16+

Some secrets are better off locked up forever. Imagine that your husband wrote a letter that you have to open after his death. Imagine that a letter reveals a dark secret that can destroy not only your established life, but also cripple the fate of many people around you.Cecilia Fitzpatrick – a wonderful wife and mother of three growing daughters – accidentally finds a letter written by her husband many years ago asking to open it after his death. But her husband is still alive and well. He asks not to open this message in any way. However, Cecilia nevertheless opens the letter, and the terrible secret that she learns from it radically changes the life of not only her family, but also the people she barely knows …

21. Daniel Wyle, “After the Honeymoon. How to Turn Family Conflicts to Benefit Relationships ”.

Publisher: Alpina Publisher

Age restrictions: 16+

When the romantic period of the relationship ends and the intensity of passions subsides, you begin to pay attention to your partner’s shortcomings, and he notices yours. What seemed terribly cute before is now more and more annoying. Negativity accumulates, boils over with claims and after a while develops into a scandal. How to get through this stage in a relationship and lay a solid foundation for a long, happy life together? Problems cannot be hushed up and conflicts must not be avoided.Quarrels can and should be constructive. Open up problems in relationships and fix them urgently – this is the only way to preserve and strengthen your union. If you accumulate grievances, you will get an explosion. Using examples from his own extensive practice, the author of the book shows how to manage various conflict situations, translating the dialogue of two angry and resentful people into a positive channel, and avoiding the most common behavioral mistakes, while maintaining mutual understanding, trust and respect for each other.

22.Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights.


Publisher: AST

Age restrictions: 12+

This is the story of the fateful love of Heathcliff, the adopted son of the owner of Wuthering Heights, to the owner’s daughter Catherine. The demonic passion of two strong personalities who do not want to make concessions to each other, because of which not only the main characters suffer and die, but also the people around them. “This is a very bad romance.This is a very good novel. He’s ugly. There is beauty in it. It is a terrible, harrowing, strong and passionate book, “Somerset Maugham wrote of Wuthering Heights. … If old Earnshaw knew what would turn out for his family that he took pity on the commoner boy and brought him into his house, he would run away from his estate wherever he could see. But he did not know – neither did the others. Nor did Katherine, who fell in love with Heathcliff, first as a friend and brother, and then with all the ardor of her youthful nature. But Heathcliff was not accepted in the family as an equal, he was offended and humiliated, and he endured for a long time.And then he decided to take revenge. He believes that now everyone who is somehow connected with the Ernsho family should suffer, and much more than he suffered. In his revenge, he will not spare anyone, not even those who are kind to him. Even Katherine, who loves him …

23. Tracy Macmillan, “Why Are You Not Married Yet? 10 behaviors that interfere with a happy relationship. ”

Labirint. ru

Publisher: Sofia

Age restrictions: 18+

Tracy Macmillan’s book Why You Are Not Married yet provides clear and field-proven advice to women who want to have a great relationship with their man.“My book is both a friendly hug, a sobering slap and a guidebook. I am not going to treat anyone or anything condescendingly. I myself went through the same mistakes. Now I realized that it is impossible to instantly fix myself or my relationship. Relationships are the most intense yoga in the world! It takes daily practice. ”

24. Anna Gavalda, Just Together.


Publisher: AST

Age restrictions: 16+

The young talented artist Camilla Fock lives in a tiny “closet” room under the roof of a luxurious house overlooking the Champ de Mars.Refined and vulnerable, she doubts her vocation, does not want to paint anymore and works at night as an office cleaner. One winter evening, a girl sick from cold and hunger is found by her neighbor, the shy bespectacled Philibert. Alarmed by her condition, he persuades her to live with him and his friend Frank, a handsome chef, motorcyclist and bully, for a while. Camille accepts the invitation, and thus begins her strange new life and one of the most touching and tender love stories in Paris.

25. Olga Voronina, “Superwoman. How to make your husband the most successful. ”

Publisher: Eksmo

Age restrictions: 16+

Olga Voronina – wife of businessman Alexei Voronin, mother of three children, founder of the Organic Factory cosmetics brand. She was awarded the National Prize in the field of entrepreneurial activity “Golden Mercury” of the RF CCI. In the book, Olga describes how she manages to combine family work, hobbies, talks about the methods that help to preserve the marriage, shares the secrets of how to motivate a man for success.

26. Cecilia Ahern, “P.S. I love you”.


Publisher: Inostranka

Age restrictions: 16+

Bestseller of the famous Irish woman Cecilia Ahern “P.S. I love you ”is a modern story about how love turns out to be stronger than death. Having lost her beloved husband, thirty-year-old Holly Kennedy falls into despair, stops leaving the house, communicating with people. And suddenly she received a packet of letters in the mail: they can only be printed out once a month, and they were written by the very person, parting with whom brings her such suffering.It turns out that shortly before his death, he decided to help her live on. Every time she looks forward to the first day to open the next envelope and, strictly following the instructions, take another step that brings her back to life: buy a new dress, take part in a karaoke competition, go to the sea. Jerry helps Holly overcome her pain, find the courage to stop living in the past and move forward.

Preview photo:

A protest action was held in Tokyo against the marriage of ex-princess Mako

https: // / 20211026 / yaponiya-1756238298.html

A protest rally against the marriage of ex-princess Mako was held in Tokyo

A protest rally against the marriage of ex-princess Mako was held in Tokyo – RIA Novosti, 27.10.2021

A protest action was held in Tokyo against marriage of ex-princess Mako

A peaceful protest with the participation of about 130 people against the marriage of the former princess Mako, the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Akishino, and her chosen one Kei … RIA Novosti, 27.10.2021

2021-10-26T08: 19

2021-10-26T08: 19

2021-10-27T09: 44





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https://cdnn21. images / 07e5 / 0a / 1a / 1756253401_0: 145: 3072: 1873_1920x0_80_0_0_1e5c057d487725a244d9040ba43d4e44.jpg

TOKYO, October 26 – RIA Novosti. A peaceful protest of about 130 people against the marriage of the former princess Mako, the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Akishino, and her chosen one Kei Komuro took place in the area of ​​Tokyo’s Hibiya Park on Tuesday.According to the organizers, the protesters began their march from the central entrance to the park, located near the Utivaivich station, at noon. The route is about 2 kilometers along the streets of the city. During the rally, the protesters carried posters, which contained calls to prevent the marriage of the princess, “to prevent deception” and “to protect the imperial family.” Many of them also bear photographs of Kei Komuro and his mother under the text. Mako and her former classmate Kei Komuro officially registered their marriage on Tuesday morning.The documents were submitted to the Shibuya District Municipality of Tokyo on behalf of the couple by a representative of the Imperial Household Office. Tomorrow, in the house book of the imperial palace, a corresponding entry will be made that Princess Mako, who has now officially become Mako Komuro, is leaving the imperial family. At about 10 a.m. (04.00 Moscow time), the princess, dressed in a light green dress decorated with hands a bridal bouquet, left the residence, where she had lived with her family before. She was escorted by her parents – Crown Prince Akishino and his wife, as well as her younger sister.Before getting into the car, she bowed several times to her parents, hugged her sister, then briefly greeted and also bowed to the waiting media representatives and the Japanese. representatives of the imperial family, will not be held. As expected, at 14 o’clock local time (08.00 Moscow time), the newlyweds will make an appeal in the presence of journalists, but will not answer questions.On the eve of the wedding, the princess paid a private visit to Emperor Honorary Akihito and Empress Michiko – her grandparents, and at the end of last week – visited the residence of her uncle and aunt – the incumbent Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako. Kei Komuro and Princess Mako’s engagement was originally announced in September 2017. year, they were supposed to get married in November 2018. But six months before this event, a scandal broke out related to the debts of the groom’s mother. Her ex-boyfriend told the media that he gave her large sums of money, including for the study of Kay’s son, as she promised to marry him.However, when she reneged on the promise, he demanded money back. In response to this, Kay’s mother and he himself made it clear in a rather harsh form that they did not intend to repay the debt. Amid the erupted scandal, the wedding was postponed for two years, and Kay Komuro hastily left for the United States to study law. Subsequently, it was reported that the case was settled, but there is information that the money has not yet been paid. Despite the official assurances of Crown Prince Akishino in support of the free choice of his daughter, his negative attitude towards this marriage is persistently discussed in society and the media. Kei Komuro returned to Japan at the end of September after a three-year absence, and after serving in quarantine for the required 2 weeks, for the first time in this period, he met with his fiancée. As it became known in early October, the princess suffers from complex post-traumatic stress disorder due to her experiences. This was the reason that the protracted issue of the wedding was finally resolved.In addition, as the management of the imperial court reported earlier, given the ambiguous attitude towards this marriage in society, the princess refused to accept about 150 million yen (about $ 1.3 million). ), which are traditionally presented to women when they leave the imperial family in connection with marriage.After marriage, the young intend to leave for the United States, where the chosen one of the princess Kei Komuro lives after receiving a legal education. He went to work for a law firm in the United States, and the results of his bar exam will be announced in December. Princess Mako, like the rest of the imperial family, now does not have a passport, so to travel to the United States after the wedding, she will need to issue a passport.

https: // / 20200717 / 1574506533.html



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FSUE MIA Russia today ”

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RIA Novosti

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FSUE MIA Rossiya Segodnya

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08:19 10.26.2021 (updated: 09:44 10.27.2021)

A protest action was held in Tokyo against the marriage of ex-princess Mako

TOKYO, 26 Oct – RIA Novosti. A peaceful protest with the participation of about 130 people against the marriage of the former princess Mako, the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Akishino, and her chosen one Kei Komuro was held in the area of ​​Tokyo’s Hibiya Park on Tuesday.

According to the organizers, the protesters began their march from the central entrance to the park, located near the station “Utivaivichio”, at noon. The route is about 2 kilometers along the streets of the city.

During the rally, protesters carried posters calling to prevent the marriage of the princess, “prevent deception” and “protect the imperial family.” Many of them also bear photographs of Kay Komuro and his mother below the text.

On Tuesday morning, Mako and her former classmate Kei Komuro officially registered their marriage.The documents were submitted to the Shibuya District Municipality of Tokyo on behalf of the couple by a representative of the Imperial Household Office. Tomorrow, in the house book of the imperial palace, a corresponding entry will be made that Princess Mako, who has now officially become Mako Komuro, is leaving the imperial family.

October 4, 13:03

Moroccan princess bought a house in London, claims “Pandora’s dossier”

At about 10 am (04.00 Moscow time), the princess, dressed in a light green dress decorated with a brooch and holding a bridal bouquet in her hands, left the residence, where previously lived with her family.She was escorted by her parents – Crown Prince Akishino and his wife, as well as her younger sister. Before getting into the car, she bowed several times to her parents, hugged her sister, then briefly greeted and also bowed to the waiting media representatives and the Japanese.

Given the ambiguous attitude in society towards this marriage, the usual magnificent ceremonies accompanying the marriage of a representative of the imperial family will not be held.

As expected at 2 p.m. local time (08.00 Moscow time), the newlyweds will make an appeal in the presence of journalists, but they will not answer questions.

On the eve of the wedding, the princess paid a private visit to the honorary emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko – her grandparents, and at the end of last week – she visited the residence of her uncle and aunt – the incumbent Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako.

Kai Komuro and Princess Mako’s engagement was originally announced in September 2017 and were due to be married in November 2018.But six months before this event, a scandal broke out related to the debts of the groom’s mother. Her ex-boyfriend told the media that he gave her large sums of money, including for the study of Kay’s son, as she promised to marry him. However, when she reneged on the promise, he demanded money back. In response to this, Kay’s mother and he himself made it clear in a rather harsh form that they did not intend to return the debt.

Against the backdrop of a scandal that erupted, the wedding was postponed for two years, and Kei Komuro hastily left for the United States to study law.Subsequently, it was reported that the case was settled, but there is information that the money has not yet been paid. Despite the official assurances of Crown Prince Akishino in support of the free choice of his daughter, his negative attitude towards this marriage is persistently discussed in society and the media. Kei Komuro returned to Japan at the end of September after a three-year absence, and after serving in quarantine for the first time in this period of 2 weeks. met his fiancee. As it became known in early October, the princess suffers from complex post-traumatic stress disorder due to her experiences.This was the reason that the protracted question of the wedding was finally resolved.

In addition, as previously reported by the management of the imperial court, given the ambiguous attitude towards this marriage in society, the princess refused to accept about 150 million yen (about $ 1.3 million), which were traditionally given to women when they leave the imperial family. in connection with the marriage.

After marriage, the young intend to leave for the United States, where the chosen one of the princess Kei Komuro lives after receiving legal education.He went to work for a law firm in the United States, and the results of his bar exam will be announced in December. Princess Mako, like the rest of the imperial family, now does not have a passport, so to travel to the United States after the wedding, she will need to issue a passport.

17 July 2020, 17:23 Culture Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi secretly married in Windsor 90,000 How social institutions will work from 28 October to 7 November

Social institutions in Moscow from October 28 to November 7 will switch to a special mode of operation due to the difficult epidemiological situation and the announcement of non-working days.According to Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development, this is an opportunity to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the city.

“We urge Muscovites to make the most of this time – to spend their days with their families, go to the country house or get vaccinated at one of the city centers. Vaccination and rapid testing centers for COVID-19 will continue to operate in Moscow. You can get vaccinated without an appointment in popular public places or by appointment at the clinic.Free express testing points for coronavirus infection will be opened in public service centers, shopping centers and transport hubs – only 50 points. The tests make it possible to timely identify cases of suspected disease in order to start treatment as soon as possible and reduce the likelihood of a severe form of the disease, ”said Anastasia Rakova.

Public Service Centers “My Documents”

From October 28 to November 7, 25 duty offices “My Documents” will continue to work.They will provide services for registration of death and divorce (according to previously submitted applications). State registration of birth will be carried out directly in maternity hospitals. On National Unity Day, November 4, services will not be provided at the duty centers.

Coronavirus vaccination points and rapid testing points located in public service centers will continue to receive people as usual throughout all non-working days.

List of duty centers of public services:


CAO flagship office

Presnenskaya embankment, building 2

Vaccination station, rapid testing



Yakimansky lane, 6, building 1

Express testing

South-West Administrative District

SWAO flagship office

Novoyasenevsky prospect, building 1

Vaccination station, rapid testing

South-West Administrative District


Novoyasenevsky prospect, 9

Vaccination station

South-West Administrative District

North Butovo

Kulikovskaya street, 6

Express testing



Pokryshkina street, house 4

Express testing



Rublevskoe highway, house 42, building 1

Express testing



Kievsky Railway Station Square, building 2

Express testing



Novotushinsky proezd, house 10

Express testing



Tushinskaya street, house 17

Express testing



Emerald street, house 18

Express testing



Letchik Babushkina Street, building 1, building 1

Express testing


VAO flagship office

Shchelkovskoe highway, building 75

Vaccination station, rapid testing



Svyatoozerskaya street, house 12

Express testing



3rd Parkovaya street, house 24

Express testing



Aleksey Dikogo Street, 3

Express testing


CAO Flagship Office

Leningradskoe highway, 16a, building 8

Vaccination station, rapid testing


Beskudnikovsky and Vostochnoye Degunino

Dubninskaya street, house 40a, building 1

Express Testing



Zelenograd, building 337

Express testing

South Administrative District

Southern Administrative District Flagship Office

Kirovogradskaya street, house 13a

Vaccination station, rapid testing

South Administrative District

Nagorny and Nagatino-Sadovniki

Varshavskoe highway, 47, building 4

Express testing


SEAD Flagship Office

Ryazansky prospect, building 2, building 3

Vaccination station, rapid testing



Maresyev Street, Building 1

Express testing



Passage of the Plant “Hammer and Sickle”, house 10

Express testing


Settlement Moscow

Moscow City, 3rd microdistrict, building 21

You can pick up ready-made documents until October 28 or after the end of non-working days.This must be done in the centers in which the application was submitted.

About 100 office services “My Documents” can be independently issued in electronic form. Links and instructions for registration are on the website of centers of public services.


Registry offices on the days of restrictions will work in a special mode according to previously submitted applications. Newlyweds, whose marriage registration date is set for non-working days, will be able to marry. The ceremonies will be held in wedding palaces, registry offices and at off-site venues in Moscow without guests.While waiting, it will be necessary to observe safety measures: social distance and mask mode.

Couples who do not like this format of marriage are offered to postpone the date of marriage to a later date. To choose a convenient date and time, you must personally contact the registry office before October 28 and write an application for the transfer of registration. The newlyweds will be offered unoccupied dates and times.

Divorce will also be registered according to previously submitted applications.Registry offices will suspend the reception of residents for other services.

It will be possible to submit an application for marriage in the Wedding Palace, the registry office or at the exit site online on or in the unified portal of public services . This method of filing an application is chosen by every second couple. You can decide on the site for your wedding on page “New Happiness Addresses” . There are photos, a detailed description and address of each site, available dates and instructions on how to apply.

To combat the spread of COVID-19, registry offices regularly disinfect premises, employees wear masks and respirators, and visitors can use antiseptics. Every day, before the opening of departments and wedding palaces, workers take temperature measurements. If signs of respiratory illness are found, they will not be allowed to work. Visitors with high temperatures are not allowed into the buildings either.

Educational institutions

Holidays are announced in Moscow schools from October 28 to November 7.On these dates, and so fell autumn holidays for 90 percent of the children. By agreement with the governing board of the school, their term could be increased from October 25 to November 7 inclusive.

In kindergartens on non-working days, duty groups should be opened. They will accept children whose parents will continue to work during this period. For the prevention of diseases, the temperature is measured daily for children and their well-being is monitored, the premises are cleaned and ventilated, and safe closed-type bactericidal lamps are used.

Students of colleges and universities are temporarily switching to distance learning.

Veterinary clinics

From October 28 to November 7, the 21st State Veterinary Clinic will operate as usual. Animals will be admitted by appointment only. You can make an appointment with a veterinarian online at , in the mobile application “Moscow State Services” or by phone: +7 495 612-04-25 .

Severny, Otradnoye, Pervomaisky and Solntsevsky veterinary sites, as well as the SEAD Animal Disease Control Station will be closed on non-working days. Information on changes in the work schedule of vaccination points is published on page of the Moscow City Veterinary Committee.


The Main Archive of Moscow will be closed on non-working days. The traditional technology day will be held here on October 27, when the reading rooms are closed.

Some of the archival documents are available online. On the website of the Main Archive of Moscow you can see unique documents , metric books , revision tales and confession statements . Wartime documents and materials from the 1950s – 1960s are published in the virtual museum “Moscow – with care for history” .

Social Services

Employees of territorial social service centers will work in person, remotely and on the road.In person, they will accept applications for monetary compensation from townspeople over 65 years old instead of the “Taking care of health” gift box and for the payment of compensation for independently purchased technical means of rehabilitation, issue directions for the manufacture of prosthetic and orthopedic products.

Remote institutions will inform citizens about vaccinations, accept applications for comprehensive rehabilitation of adults and children with disabilities.

In addition, social services will deliver groceries, basic necessities and over-the-counter medicines to people who follow the home regime.To do this, you must leave a request by calling the hotline for issues related to coronavirus: +7 (495) 870-45-09 .

Clubs “My Social Center” from October 28 to November 7 will conduct online classes for older Muscovites.

The My Career Center works remotely on October 28, 29 and November 1–3. All services: accompanied employment, accepting applications for receiving public services in electronic form, consulting career experts, conducting webinars and trainings will be provided online in full.

The My Job Center for employers will also work remotely these days. Employees will continue to accept applications for vacancies, information about the upcoming release of employees, the transition to part-time work, the implementation of quotas for the employment of people with disabilities, youth and the transition to electronic work books.

Services for job seekers, registration as an unemployed, testing professional and personal competencies, obtaining vocational training or retraining, assistance in starting their own business and registering self-employment will work for applicants.Unemployed Muscovites will be able to re-register remotely, while everyone else will be able to attend online webinars.

In October, the Moscow employment service launched a new e-service to find a job on There is now a convenient online application form. It is enough for the applicant to fill out an electronic application and attach a resume, including one drawn up on other sites.

On October 30, 31 and November 4-7, the My Career and My Job centers will not work.

Centers of social assistance to families and children and centers of support for families and children on October 28, 29 and November 1–3 online will advise citizens on issues of social and legal, socio-pedagogical, socio-psychological services and provide psychological assistance.

From October 28 to November 7, the Moscow service of psychological assistance to the population can be called by the round-the-clock telephone 051 (from city) or +7 495 051 (from a mobile phone).On the website you can get help by writing Don’t panic in the psychological support chat.

At the Institute of Continuing Professional Education of Social Workers and the Professional Center on October 28, 29 and November 1–3, online classes and exams are scheduled. October 30, 31 and November 4-7 are declared holidays. The social worker training college will operate in a similar format.

The Na Vadkovsky Creativity Center will not work from October 28 to November 7.


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