Mens cotton swim trunks: Men’s Swim Shorts and Board Shorts


20 Best Swim Trunks For Men 2021

As restrictions on outdoor activities continue to ease and we make our way back into the normalcy of everyday life, we’re beginning to realize just how much of our summertime shenanigans have been cut short. Naturally, plans for our beachfront escapades have been postponed or delayed, leaving us in anticipation of the days where friends, family, and familiar drinks on the sand will once again be upon us. Luckily, with more and more waterways, pools, and beaches opening for operation, it won’t be long until we’re enjoying the blistering hot sun, working on our summertime tan, and taking a quick dip to cool off after a long day.

But heading to the beach isn’t always hassle-free. For guys like us, it means that we’ll have to bust out a pair of our favorite swim trunks for the occasion – and if they aren’t in-line with our aesthetic, you can bet that we’ll be tossing them aside for something that better represents our unique lifestyle. Naturally, that means that we’ll be looking for the most stylish, multi-faceted garments around, allowing us to traverse the urban landscape, head to the beachfront bar, and take a dive, all in the same fell-swoop. Below, we’ve aggregated a handful of our favorite swim-focused offerings, helping to outfit you for the season of sun. So put on that sunscreen, don your favorite pair of shades, and pack up the picnic tote — it’s time to dip our toes into the best swim trunks for summer.

H&M Swim Short

Looking for an affordable option that’ll get you out on the beach, or into the water, without too much fuss? H&M has you covered with its simplistic Swim Short — a summertime essential crafted from woven fabric and enhanced by a secure mesh interior liner, back pocket, and hook-loop fastener. For added comfort, the brand has called upon the genre’s trusted elasticized drawstring waistband, helping to keep your shorts in-place throughout the day.

Purchase: $15

Topman CONSIDERED Black Swim Shorts

Topman’s CONSIDERED Swim Shorts are an iconic example of the genre’s classic cut. Not only do these great-looking staples bring a comfortable drawcord waistband and retro swim-style to the table or interested wearers, but they’re also crafted to today’s standards, calling upon a recycled plastic polyester for increased durability, dependability, and quick-drying capabilities.

Purchase: $18

River Island Pastel Tech Tape

River Island’s Pastel Tech Tape shorts are a fashionable offering for the style-focused swimmer. These unique examples boast an eye-catching silhouette, a suite of brightly-colored hues, and even sport some interesting side detailing to set them apart from the genre’s other offerings. Like most of the variants on our list, they boast an elasticated drawstring waistband, side slip pockets, and a handsome design that’s sure to earn you some compliments at your next poolside social endeavor.

Purchase: $36

The North Face Class V Pull-On

When we think of The North Face, the last thing that comes to mind is a pair of stylish summer swimmers. That’s why the company’s Class V Pull-On came as such a shock when it was released. Thanks to the pair’s ultraviolet protection, a secure-zip back pocket, and mesh liner, you’ll be able to wear these for a day at the beach, as well as a day on the town, helping you to seamlessly transition from the beachfront bar to the water with ease.

Purchase: $40

Patagonia Men’s Baggies

Patagonia’s Men’s Baggies are a simple short, but we’d feel somewhat uncomfortable if we didn’t include one of the outdoor world’s most prominent proprietors on this list. Luckily, the swim-focused variants hold true to the brand’s cutting-edge manufacturing principles, calling upon a Fair Trade-sewn, quick-drying 100% recycled nylon, a multifunctional design, and a dialed-back silhouette to make them the undisputed king of low-key legwear.

Purchase: $55

Howler Brothers Sayulita Watershorts

Howler Brothers’ Sayulita Watershorts were built to mesh with the relaxing, poolside days of summer, and thanks to their quick-drying stretch fabric, they’re perfect for a quick dip in the water while holding your drink. They’re even named after a notable surf town on Mexico’s Pacific coastline, so you know that the traditional board short isn’t lacking the qualities that you’ll need to make the most out of your beachy lifestyle. Drainage grommets, a back-flap pocket, dependable zig-zag stitching, and a comfortable elasticated waistband make these unique offerings a must-have for any laid-back lad.

Purchase: $60

Roark Elastic Java Leaf Boardshort

Roark has a knack for creating attractive menswear, and when it comes to swim-focused garments, we’re happy to see that they haven’t lost any of their aesthetic chops. The Elastic Java Leaf Boardshort is, perhaps, our favorite example from the brand, boasting a lightweight cotton poplin construction, a drawcord-clad elastic waistband, and a set of utility-focused side pockets. Plus, each example is hand-crafted in Indonesia using Hoffman California Fabrics’ lauded textiles, so you know that you’ll be getting a top-of-the-line short for those afternoons admiring the surf.

Purchase: $65

Vuori Bahia Boardshort

When Vuori designed the Bahia Boardshort, they set out to change the game for drab, uninteresting trunks. Thanks to their perfectly-honed six-inch inseam and recycled material construction, they’re perfect for swimming, surfing, paddling, or training, allowing you to utilize their quick-drying mesh silhouette for virtually every aspect of your day near the water. But if you’re looking to stay a little more relaxed and enjoy your favorite cocktail by the poolside, we won’t judge you.

Purchase: $69

Bonobos Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks

Bonobos’ classic design philosophy and its commitment to iconic style are inherently prominent in its clothing, and that doesn’t end when it takes a deep dive into the world of swimwear. The Riviera Recycled Swim Trunk is one such example. It boasts an elastic waistband, a quick-drying interior liner, on-seam pockets, and a hook-and-loop fastener for that iconic look that we’ve become so accustomed to, while contrasting elements adorn its interior. There are even a pocket bag and key catch to keep your important items secure as you comb the sand.

Purchase: $78

Lululemon Channel Cross

Lululemon’s Channel Cross swim short is an honorable take on the company’s extensive athleisure line, boasting many of the same relaxing qualities as its counterparts. Whether you’re heading out for a day on the lake, or listening to your favorite playlist by the pool, these great-looking essentials bring a high-performance fabric feel, breathable mesh fabric, and a four-way stretch silhouette, crafted with Xtra Life Lycra, to the table for water-loving audiences.

Purchase: $78

Saturdays NYC Ritchie Short

Saturdays NYC’s Ritchie Short holds true to the company’s recognizable design terminology, and boasts a tasteful, dialed-back silhouette that makes it an attractive offering for fashion-focused beachgoers. Luckily, the ocean isn’t the only place where these shorts excel. They’re also equally as viable at the gym, or in the mountains, allowing wearers to take on surprise waterways, swimming holes, or showers with ease. Thanks to their quick-drying cotton construction and elasticated waistband, they’re a viable choice for comfortable, all-day wear, which isn’t such a bad thing if you’re planning to take on multiple different types of terrain outdoors.

Purchase: $87

Mack Weldon Solid Swim

Mack Weldon has quickly become one of our favorite companies to turn to for menswear’s basic items. As such, they’re also a valuable proprietor for those more niche offerings, including swim-focused essentials. The company’s Solid Swim variant brings its high-performance culture to the world of laid-back swimwear, calling upon a polyester and spandex construction, bold, bright colors, and a formidable four-way stretch to keep it viable in virtually every situation, regardless of the amount of movement.

Purchase: $88

Reiss Drawstring Swim Short

Reiss’ Drawstring Swim Short is one of the company’s most revered swimwear options, and thanks to its holiday-inspired silhouette, it’s the perfect packable option for those days where work is the last thing on your mind. To separate them from the droves of unflattering examples floating around on today’s beaches, the brand has opted for a shorter inseam, as well a drawstring waistband, twin pockets, and an inner-mesh lining to help them dry after a quick dip in the water. They’re even great for a day at the beachfront bar, thanks to their classic orientation, lending themselves to seamless wear alongside a t-shirt and sandals.

Purchase: $95

Faherty Sunset Mid

If you’re looking for a pair of retro-styled swim shorts to take on the surf, your search just came to an end. The Faherty Sunset Mid are a perfect example of mid-century design, pairing modernized materials and sustainable manufacturing practices with a timeless silhouette that screams vintage. Each pair is defined by its recycled Repreve shell, a comfortable, mid-length fit, and drawstring/button fastenings, giving it an air of tasteful design among its more contemporary counterparts.

Purchase: $100

Mr P. Striped Seersucker

Mr P. always has the modern man’s back when it comes to style-forward gear, and the brand’s Striped Seersucker swim short is no exception. Each cotton-blend variant boasts an iconic white and blue color palette, three storage-savvy pockets, and a quick-dry mesh lining, complementing its back-zipped pocketing, accented eyelets, and a comfortable, elasticated waistband. If you’re a fan of the brand’s fashion-forward offerings, this is the perfect model to pair with your favorite polo, poolside sandals, and shades.

Purchase: $115

Onia Elastic Calder 7.5

Onia’s Elastic Calder 7.5 arrives as a much-needed update to one of the brand’s best-selling models, and if you’re asking for our opinion, they’re certainly one of the most aesthetically-appealing variants on our list. Not only do they boast a unique button fastening at their front, but they also call upon distinct elastic paneling at the back of the waist, allowing them the shape, stretch, and mold to their wearer. After you hop out of the water, their quick-drying fabrics will be put to the test, working alongside their superfine mesh lining, reinforced pockets, and customized hardware to set them apart from the other, less-refined options on the beach.

Purchase: $130

Outerknown Apex Trunks

Outerknown’s Apex Trunks are definitely some of the most well-informed options around, thanks to professional surfer Kelly Slater’s years of water-borne experience. They’re the champion’s own signature swim shorts, and as such, they’ve taken on a variety of high-performance inclusions, including an ultralight four-way stretch fabric, crafted with recycled polyester, stitch-free welded seams, and a double-bonded butt seam to keep things intact. To round out these formidable shorts, a bonded back pocket joins with a series of Aquaguard zippers, and internal bungee key loop, and laser-cut detailing to provide wearers with one of the most capable trunks on the market.

Purchase: $145

Acne Studios Slim-Fit Mid

Acne Studios usually sticks to what it knows best: essential style. But every so often, the brand steps outside of its comfort zone to partake in something a bit more interesting. Its Slim-Fit Mid swim short, for example, is unlike any other garment that it’s released, thanks to its aesthetically-pleasing black shell, a supportive internal mesh line, and an elasticated drawstring waistband, helping to keep them secure during those deep dives. If you’re looking to spend more time in the water than on land, these are the perfect variants for times where an even split might not be possible.

Purchase: $150

Vilebrequin Men’s Swim Solid

Vilebrequin’s Men’s Swim Solid shorts hold true to the brand’s iconic stylings. Not only do they boast an original cut that’s been inspired by the Moorea — one of its lauded 70s silhouettes — but they introduce a suite of modern-day components to keep them relevant. Velcro fastenings, soft, quick-drying fabrics, and stainless zamac peripherals give them the edge over many of today’s less artisanal variants, while an elasticated waist and polyamide construction prove that their generational evolution wasn’t just a fluke.

Purchase: $190

Orlebar Brown BULLDOG 007 Dr. No

Orlebar Brown specializes in the creation of retro swimwear, and what’s more timeless than a silhouette from the golden age of Hollywood? Drawing influence from the styles of the 1960s and 70s, these unique offerings are adorned with illustrations promoting the International Man of Mystery, James Bond. Originally, they were placed in cinema lobbies in an effort to promote the latest (at the time) Bond film, Dr. No, and now, they’ve been revived in the brand’s OB Classic Bulldog style, which boasts a comfortable net lining, polyester fabric, and a shaped waistband for superior fit.

Purchase: $395

The 12 Best Beach Chairs

Trunks aren’t the only things you’ll need to make your next day on the sand memorable. To ensure that you partake in the full experience of your impending beach outing, head over to our guide on the best beach chairs, where you’ll find a handful of foldable, comfort-focused variants for post-swim relaxation.

The 17 BEST Men’s Swim Trunks of 2020


Onia Elastic Calder 7.5 Swim Trunks


Ted Baker London Elba Slim Fit Swim Trunks

Cool geometric prints will help you stand out in the crowd, and a comfortable cinched waist makes this pair super easy to wear.

Shop the Style 3

Saturdays NYC Timothy Moon Flower Swim Short

Floral prints aren’t just for the ladies—guys will look great in this moon flower print from Saturdays NYC. 

Shop the Style 4

Polo Ralph Lauren Traveler Swim Trunks

This classic red Ralph Lauren pair is perfect for preppy dudes.

Shop the Style 5

Trunks Surf & Swim Co. Sano Swim Trunks

Get ready for a tropical adventure with these flamingo–adorned trunks.

Shop the Style 6

Amazon Essentials Men’s 7 Swim Trunk

If you’re after something simple and affordable, good news—Amazon’s own Essentials line has basic swim trunks in dozens of colors and prints for just $15.

Shop the Style 7

Vilebrequin Micro Ronde Des Tortues Swim Trunks

Look up close, and you’ll see that these splurge-y shorts feature a mini turtle print—we love! 

Shop the Style 8

Orlebar Brown Dane Navy Longest-Length Swim Shorts


Bonobos Riviera Swim Trunks

Every gent under the sun will look good in this modern, elastic-waist striped trunk.

Shop the Style 10

J.McLaughlin Gibson Sailscape Swim Trunks


Solid & Striped The Classic Eggplant Swim Trunks

This sporty purple pair is a fail-safe choice for the guy who wants to experiment with something on-trend but isn’t ready to go all-out with patterns quite yet.

Shop the Style 12

RVCA Opposites Solid Swim Trunks

Constructed from stretchy, quick-drying fabric, these RVCA trunks will stay comfortable once you’re out of the water.

Shop the Style 13

H&M Blue/White Printed Swim Shorts

Embrace the nautical trend with these thin striped shorts from H&M.

Shop the Style 14

Patagonia Men’s Baggies 7 Swim Shorts

If you’re looking for a suit that will last a few seasons, go for these timeless trunks from Patagonia.

Shop the Style 15

Bugatchi Ocean Print Swim Trunks

A fun swirly pattern makes this pair ideal for East Coast escapes like Nantucket and the Hamptons.

Shop the Style 16

J.Crew 6 Stretch Swim Trunk in Maze

These trunks from J.Crew incorporate recycled textiles—just one of the many reasons we recommend them.

Shop the Style 17

ASOS Design Swim Shorts

Channel Armie Hammer in Call Me By Your Name with these green short-shorts.

Shop the Style

Must-bring items for the beach

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6 Best Ethical Men’s Swimwear Brands

Why should words like organic, sustainable, eco-friendly and ethically made be any more attached to womenswear than menswear?

It makes no difference whether you paddle in plastic polluted shorelines wearing shorts or a bikini.

Everyone wants to take to the tropics when the heatwave hits, just as everyone is affected by climate change.

Brilliant brands, like Riz, are catering for the myriad men who want to hit the beach and surf, sunbathe and swim in ethical style.

Many are made by guys who are realising boyhood ambitions of making the sports they love a major part of their lives.

They recognise that if you want to enjoy the ocean and the planet they must be protected, not polluted.

1. Riz

Riz work closely with the Marine Conservation Society. Not only do they partner with them for beach clean ups, but for every pair of shorts they sell, they put £1 towards efforts to protect our marine environment.

Most of their products are made from 100% ‘rizcycled’ and ‘rizcycleable’ material.

Riz are so into their ‘xcycles’ that once you have worn out an old pair of trunks you can take them back. The brand will rizcycle them, and offer you a 25% discount on your new pair.

Whilst this is textbook ‘sustainability’, Riz share pebble’s reservations about the word.

They feel it is too general and that is why they are so dedicated to making their supply chain totally cyclical.

Complete your own salty summer circle by sporting a pair of their shorts to your nearest beach clean up…then rinse and repeat.

Buy Riz here.

Read about how Riz boardshorts rocked onto the sustainable stage five years ago.

Riz’s eco-friendly boardshorts are some of the best in the market

2. Vanilla Sand

Vanilla Sand make their men’s swimwear locally in Brazil and Portugal.

The control this gives them over their supply chain means that they know what goes into their products and whose hands they pass through.

Their beautiful and fast growing ethical menswear range is made from materials that are light on your skin and light on your planet.

Made from 100% recycled ocean plastic and recycled polyester, these swimming shorts will keep you, and the earth, cooler and more comfortable this summer.

Their trademark fabric designs are based on the ocean that they help to protect.

Buy Vanilla Sand’s recycled plastic swimming trunks here.

Vanilla Sand make men’s and women’s ethical swimwear

3. Bluebuck

Finding the plastic pandemic upsetting? Try upcycling the Bluebuck way. Bluebuck’s eco-friendly swimming trunks are certified SEAQUAL. That means they are made from upcycled marine waste.

SEAQUAL is an organisation that collaborates with fishermen and small charities to clean up our oceans.

Together, they work to remove the plastic waste littering our sea bed.

The non-biodegradable debris collected is a mixture of plastic bottles and plastic packaging. It is sorted, cleaned and recycled, before being transformed into a yarn. This is spun in Spain and woven into fabric in Portugal.

Even the net used for the inside lining is made entirely from SEAQUAL recycled polyester.

Bluebuck value comfort as well as beach cleanups, so their recycled plastic swimming shorts are soft and adjustable.

Buy Bluebuck’s eco-friendly men’s swimwear here.

Recycled plastic bottles make up Bluebuck’s mens swimming trunks

4. Naeco

They may be 100% made from the plastic stuff, but Naeco men’s luxury swim shorts are soft, luxurious and durable.

One pair of these recycled plastic trunks are made from approximately 15 plastic bottles.

The idea behind Naeco’s eco trunks is as ocean oriented as their fabric. The designs on offer include: Sea blue, reef red, ink black… are you connecting the sandy eco dots here?

Handmade in the UK by master craftsmen, these sustainable men’s swimming trunks are bold on the eye and adapted to fit perfectly to your body.

Ethically sourced and manufactured, it’s a swim-swim situation.

Buy Naeco’s recycled plastic swimming trunks here.

New men’s swimwear brand Naeco is made from 100% recycled plastic

5. Picture Organic

The ethically made boardshorts made by Picture Organic are as fresh as the fellows who created them.

Lifelong friends, Jeremy, Julian and Vincent all hit consecutive walls in their professional lives and decided to join forces to build a brand.

Because it revolves around the sports they most love it makes sense that, as winter sports worshippers, their sustainable swimming trunks are made out of old ski jackets!

They’re created for men who like to keep active and want to shop consciously, they are made from quick drying 4d recycled fabric.

Buy Picture Organic’s sustainable swimming trunks here to go straight from surfing to seaside strolling in comfortable, eco-friendly ease.

Picture Organic’s recycled swimming shorts keep things casual

6. Volcom

Volcom was a company created out of a vision to do what you love in life.

This concept is behind all of their activewear, as well as their ambition to ensure there is a world left to be active in.

Volcom have designed a men’s swimwear range in line with sustainable practices.

Their products are built in compliance with the highest global, social and chemical regulatory practices.

Plus they have generated over a half million dollars for their non-profit partners and other community initiatives.

They are increasing both the amount of recycled material and organic cotton in their men’s swimwear. Comfy, whacky and eco-friendly, ride the waves with Volcom.

Buy Volcom’s organic cotton swim trunks here.

Get some eco variety into your summer wardrobe with Volcom swimwear

Top 20 Best Men’s Swim Trunks in 2021 [A Brutally Honest Review]

If you are primarily looking for a soft and comfortable pair of swim trunks, then you can’t go wrong by picking the Nonwe Men’s Swim Trunks. What’s more, about these trunks is that they are built from 100% polyester materials that ensure you will be able to use the trunks for an extended period.

Moreover, the Nonwe swim trunks feature draining holes so they can quickly become lightweight once you get out of the water. They are also designed with quick-dry materials which provide extra convenience. The trunks likewise come with an elastic waistband so they can fit snugly around your waist and deliver a comfortable experience while swimming.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • Soft.
  • Comfortable.
  • Designed with an elastic waistband.
  • Quick-dry materials.
  • 100% polyester.
  • The trunks feature draining holes.
What we like:
  • A feature that stands out here is that these swim trunks are incredibly durable, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them in the future.
  • When it comes down to comfort, Nonwe pair of swim trunks will undoubtedly impress you.
What we don’t like:
  • Some customers complain about the color fading away after a few times in the washing machine.

All in all, in terms of comfort and durability, this pair of swim trunks is merely unmatched. It’s worth it for its price tag.

Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks

Kanu is currently one of the best well-known brands in the world when it comes down to lifestyle swimming products. When they started back in 1997 in New York, Kanu did door-to-door sales to grow the brand (real hustlers). With the years passing by, Kanu managed to establish its presence on the market and it is currently one of the best out there. So when you see Kanu on a product, you should know that this is a high-quality product. And this is 100% valid for the Kanu Surf Men’s Swim Trunks.

They are incredibly durable, as well as comfortable to make your swimming experience more enjoyable. Moreover, this pair of swim trunks are built from 100% polyester, which ensures it will last longer than the average trunks.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • UPF 50+ protection.
  • Comfortable and soft.
  • Extremely durable.
  • One of the best brands out there.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Elastic closure.
What we like:
  • The uniqueness of the Kanu swim trunks stems from their ability to keep your legs protected against harming sun rays. Thus you don’t have to pour tons of sun oil over your skin and make yourself feel uncomfortable.
  • These trunks are likewise very durable, so they will, without a doubt, last for a prolonged period.
What we don’t like:
  • Some customers complain about the trunks being too small and tight in the crotch. You can order one size larger to avoid this issue.

On the whole, the Kanu swim trunks are an excellent pick for you if your primary concerns are sun protection and quality. It’s worth it.

Speedo Men Surf Runner 14″ Watershort

If a quick-dry fabric is on your mind, Speedo Men Surf Runner is the pair of swim trunks that must stand at the top of your list. The uniqueness of Speedo trunks stems from its UPF 50+ sun protection factor. No more pouring of sun oil over your body and uncomfortable situations.

What’s more, is that this pair of swim trunks is likewise exceptionally comfortable. Unlike other regular swim shorts that feel tight around your crotch, these trunks allow you to move freely while swimming.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Quick-dry fabric.
  • UPF 50+ factor.
  • Soft
  • Comfortable.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Drawstring closure.
What we like:
  • In just a few minutes, you’ll be dry as a tree in a desert. The quick-dry fabric is merely unmatched. A large number of customers recommend this pair of swim trunks.
  • Like any other quality swim trunks, these shorts are superb in terms of comfort.
What we don’t like:
  • Some customers complain about the elastic having barely any elasticity. If you have a smaller pelvis, the trunks may tend to fall off.

Speedo Men Surf trunks are, without a doubt, worth the pick if you’re looking for a quality quick-dry trunks. They are comfortable and will keep the skin on your upper legs adequately protected against intense sun rays. Speedo has been known as one of the biggest brands when it comes to swimming.

Speedo Men’s Marina Volley Swim Trunk

If you consider yourself a sports enthusiast, then you can’t go wrong by picking Speedo Men’s Marina Swim trunks. Like the previous Speedo model, this pair of swim trunks are designed with the outstanding “vapor plus” fabric that ensures a quick-dry so you can be back on track in no time. When it comes to sun protection, these trunks are designed with UPF 50+ factor that does a remarkable job in keeping your legs away from sun rays.

What’s unique about Speedo Men’s Marin’s trunks is that they come with oodles of features like drawstring waist, full mesh lining, and side cargo pockets with embroidered logo. All these features make Speedo Men’s Marina trunks rank pretty high among their competitors.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Quick-dry fabric.
  • Sun protection UPF 50+.
  • Lightweight
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Oodles of features.
What we like:
  • The swim trunks feature outperforming sun protection that will keep your skin unharmed from the intense sun rays.
  • They are designed with extra pockets so you can store necessary stuff when playing sports on the beach or swimming.
What we don’t like:
  • After testing these shorts and checking a lot of reviews on the web, we noticed that the waist is heavy elastic, which might cause discomfort in the pelvic area. To prevent this, you might want to consider ordering one size larger.

It’s undoubtedly an excellent pick for its price tag for those who are looking for a quick-dry fabric, reliable sun protection, as well as extra pockets.

Kanu Surf Men’s Monaco Swim Trunks

If your primary concern is to get a durable pair of swim trunks, then Kanu Surf Men’s Monaco will undoubtedly leave you impressed. The uniqueness of Monaco’s trunks comes from the triple-needle side seams and rises they are designed with. Moreover, they are machine washable which makes the cleaning process a breeze. What’s more, is that these swim trunks come with two side pockets so you can store necessary items while playing beach or swimming sports.

Sun protection is likewise on a high level. The Monaco shorts feature UPF 50+ factor that will keep your legs protected from the sun rays. They are lightweight and are super comfortable, which ensures an enjoyable swimming experience.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • UPF 50+ factor.
  • Comfortable.
  • Triple needle side seams and rises that ensure extra durability.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Lightweight.
What we like:
  • The uniqueness of this pair of swim trunks stems from its enormous durability.
  • What’s more, is that these trunks are machine washable so you can clean them effortlessly.
  • Exceptionally comfortable fit – you’ll have a whale of a time while swimming.
What we don’t like:
  • Some customers complain about the sizing being inappropriate.

On the whole, you can’t go wrong by buying this pair of swim trunks if your primary concern is durability.

SILKWORLD Men’s Swim Trunks

High-quality fashion trunks are what you can expect when you order SILKWORLD trunks. It has an elastic waistband with a drawstring to adjust the tightness according to your waist.

The quick-drying fabric is lightweight and gives you ample breathable room so your body can get some fresh air. The trunks also have storage capacity with double-sided pockets and one back Velcro pocket.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • Made from 100% nylon material
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Drawstring closure
  • Quick-drying fabric
What we like:
  • What stands out for us are the quick-drying capabilities of the trunks. It will keep you flexible and lightweight to move more efficiently.
  • Your legs will be protected from sunlight, and you won’t have to pour a sunscreen oil over your skin.
What we don’t like:
  • Some of the customers said that the shorts are too short and are way above the knees.

The Silkworld Trunks offer you breathability with an adjustable tightness drawstring. The fashion trunks will undoubtedly help you stand out from the crowd.

Nike Men’s Solid Lap 7″ Volley Short Swim Trunk

Nike is one of the most famous sports brands in the world. These 100% polyester trunks come with a built-in mesh brief that enhances comfort and support.

They have mesh seam pockets that allow the logs to drain quicker than other average swim trunks. They are neither short nor too long and fit just above your knees. This pair of trunks are great for any water activity.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Made from 100% polyester material
  • Comes in a lot of different colors
  • Elastic enclosure
  • Machine washable
  • Stretchable waistband
  • Internal mesh pockets
What we like:
  • The uniqueness of these swim trunks stems from their seam pockets allowing the logs to drain quickly.
  • The trunks come with internal mesh pockets to store small items.
What we don’t like:
  • Some people said that the sizes run a bit small.

All-in-all you can’t go wrong with the pair of Nike Swim Trunks. They are comfortable and offer a great fit way beyond any of their competitors.

Hodo Men’s Swim Trunks Quick Dry

Hodo Men’s Swim Trunks comes with large size pockets that can store your phone, wallet, and other valuables while you exercise. The length of the trunks is 9″ inseam, 19-20″ outseam at the knees. The swim trunks are made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex with a mesh liner that is 100% polyester. The material features quick-drying capabilities, and the built-in brief offers extra support and keeps you fresh on hot summer days.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • Made with 92% polyester and 8% spandex
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Built-in brief for extra cooling
  • Large pockets to store necessary belongings
  • Loose fit design
  • Comes in plain and pattern designs
What we like:
  • A feature that stands out for us is the large pockets that enable you to store your phone or wallet safely.
  • The trunks come in various patterns that are uber-stylish and trendsetting.
What we don’t like:
  • The mesh materials of the pockets might be a bit rough and cause a sense of discomfort while actively engaging in water-based activities.

This is an excellent pair of swim trunks to have that will last you a very long time — an excellent buy for a particular price point.

Lncropo Men’s Swim Trunks Quick Dry Swim Shorts 26

The Lncropo Men’s Trunks are exceptionally lightweight and durable when it comes down to intensive usage. You can wear these trunks for swimming, parties, running and exercising.

They are short and sit just above the knee with a 4-6 inch inseam. The shorts are a great way to show your charming figure while boasting a great pair of trunks.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • Made out of 100% polyester
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Elastic waistband
  • Three deep pockets
  • They are short and fits above your knee
What we like:
  • The elastic waistband comes with an adjustable drawstring. What’s more, is that you can use this to get the right fit for your specific waistline.
  • What stands out for us is the soft mesh liner that protects your crotch and provides breathability.
What we don’t like:
  • Might not be the perfect fit for fitness guy since the shorts are very tight, and you may not feel comfortable when you are in a sitting position.

The swim trunks are made with soft and durable materials. Moreover, they will protect your upper legs from the sun rays. This is an excellent pair of trunks for protection and a great fit.

Calvin Klein Men’s Solid Logo Volley Swim Trunk

Calvin Klein is a giant in the apparel market, and they have some of the best swim trunks. If you are looking for trendy trunks that turn heads, then the Calvin Klein range will serve you well.

They are made out of 100% polyester and come in a variety of fantastic colors. The swim trunks are machine washable. This is an excellent pair of logs for a memorable day at the beach.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Made out of 100% polyester
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • The full elastic waistband
  • Multiple pockets
  • Quick-drying material
  • UPF 50+ protection
What we like:
  • A stand out feature for us is the UPF 50+ protection you get from the harshness of the sun.
  • The 100% polyester trunks are comfortable and deliver a fantastic fit.
What we don’t like:
  • It is on the expensive side.

All-in-all you can expect UPF 50+ protection from UV rays. Moreover, they are machine washable and offer breathability — great swim shorts for a fun day at the beach.

Nike Boys’ Big Logo Solid Lap Volley Short

The Nike Shorts focuses on delivering the best comfort and support while giving you UPF 50+ protection. The stretchy waistband comes with an internal drawcord that can be adjusted to your waist size for a perfect fit. The trunks are made out of 100% polyester that is machine washable.

What’s more, is that they are water repellent and can easily get rid of excess moisture for greater breathability. Nike always delivers the best clothes, and this summer, these trunks won’t disappoint you.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Built-in mesh brief
  • 8″ inseam/17″ outseam
  • Machine washable
  • Mesh pocket bags
What we like:
  • The trunks come with mesh pocket bags that allow the water to drain pretty quick.
  • Another critical factor is the UPF 50+ protection. The last thing you have to worry about is getting your legs sunburnt when you are wearing this product.
What we don’t like:
  • The trunks run small, and you might want to order a size bigger than the regular.

The Nike Swim Trunks are ideal for young teens who enjoy time in the water. Moreover, the material is quick-drying and gives you breathability. This is one of Nike’s best teenage trunks on the market.

Nonwe Men’s Swim Trunk Retro

Go back into the past with these retro pair of swim trunks that will have you nostalgic in no time. The 100% polyester trunks offer quick-drying capabilities and soft fabric to provide great comfort.

What’s more, is that these trunks come with two side seam pockets and one back pocket that deliver ample storage capacity for your belongings. The logs will sit just above your knee-length about 18.5″ – 19.5″.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • Made with 100% polyester material
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Elastic waistband
  • Seam pockets
  • Retro style trunks
What we like:
  • A standout feature for us is the drain holes that keep your trunks light in the water.
  • What we like about these trunks is their retro look. This style has been around for decades and is known as one of the most attractive styles out there.
What we don’t like:
  • The pockets tend to be very small, so you can’t carry any bigger belongings.

All-in-all these trunks are a pleasure to have if you are looking for a quick-drying material. The elastic waistband will make sure the trunks always stay in place. An excellent deal if you appreciate the retro style look.

Malavita Men’s Swim Shorts Beach Trunks

The Malvita Men’s Swim Trunks are soft and compliments your body curvature. It is made out of 80% nylon and 20% Lycra for an unmatched feeling of comfort.

These trunks give you flexibility as well as elasticity to do various water sports uninterrupted. They also come with an adjustable waistband for a custom fit to accommodate your body structure.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • Made with 80% nylon and 20% Lycra material
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Fashion-forward design and look
  • Excellent flexibility and waistband
What we like:
  • The super-soft tech fabric will give you great comfort when participating in water-based activities.
  • They are likewise superb in terms of durability.
What we don’t like:
  • You should pay close attention to the size chart and place your order according to the description.

The Malavita is a pair of short swim trunks that emphasizes your manly features. The logs will definitely make you stand out from the typical beach crowd.

Men’s Swim Trunks and Workout Shorts

If you like being active, the Men’s Swim Trunks is built for movement. The hybrid flex fabric is versatile and stylish. What’s more, is that these swim trunks feature a multi-purpose design. The logs are crafted with a 4-way stretch and quick-drying fabric improving your movement.

They are designed to last a long time and are tough. Moreover, these trunks are meant to survive any wear and tear you may throw at them. It is an excellent pair of trunks for any active person looking to max out a pair of trunks.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • 4-Way stretch fabric
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Comes with an elastic waistband
  • Two side pockets and one back pocket
  • Machine washable
What we like:
  • A feature that stands out for us is the strong fabric that is durable and can withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • What we like is that you will receive a handy mesh storage bag that makes the carrying process a breeze.
What we don’t like:
  • Some customers complain about the trunks being too small. To avoid that, order a larger size.

These swim trunks are meant for active people, and they can withstand just about any environment you expose them too. What’s more, is that they are versatile and can be worn for a host of occasions. This is a great buy for the price point.

MaaMgic Mens Slim Fit Quick Dry Swim Shorts

You can now be the attention center at the beach party with these trendy and vibrant colored swim trunks. The 100% polyester and come in pineapple patterns in 6 sizes.

This pair of trunks has an inner mesh lining for more breathability and provides a cooling effect. The material is quick-drying, giving you more time to enjoy your time with family and friends.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • Made out of 100% polyester
  • Quick-drying material
  • Pineapple printed patterns on the trunks
  • Slim fit design
  • Water repellent material
What we like:
  • The design is outstanding.
  • The feature that stands out for us is the ability of the fabric to discharge moisture three times faster than standard cotton fabric. This will enhance breathability and give you a more cooling effect.
What we don’t like:
  • The trunks are not designed for people with large thighs(butt). This can limit your range of motion.

They come in six different sizes with a flattering price tag. It’s worth the pick.

Cabana Bro Men’s Swim Trunks

These trunks are made out of 100% polyester that is quick-drying and lightweight. For added comfort for your precious possessions, you will get two side pockets as well as a back Velcro pocket. This is the ideal pair of trunks for its price tag.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Made out 100% polyester
  • Tailored fit with a 5″ inseam
  • Comes with three pockets
  • Retro-inspired apparel
  • Lightweight and quick-drying
What we like:
  • The trunks have an elastic waistband that will ensure the shorts do not fall off during vigorous activity.
  • What we like is the two side pockets and one back pocket where you can store your cell phone or wallet.
What we don’t like:
  • The color will fade after continues washing.

All-in-all, this is a great product that features a slim fit. It is perfect for any outdoor activities. It is just necessary to have one of these swim trunks in your closet for a fun-filled summer.

Rokka&Rolla Men’s Quick-Dry Swim Trunks

The Rokka & Rolla brand has delivered an uber-trendy pair of trunks that will undoubtedly make the crowd stare you due to your fashion look. The logs made out of 91% polyester and 9% Elastane for more breathability and comfort.

You are granted UPF 50+ protection against the sun rays when wearing the Rokka & Rolla trunks. The quick-drying fabric is also water repellent, ensuring that you won’t stay wet for long.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Made with 91% polyester and 9% Elastane
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • The trunks are lightweight and breathable
  • Comes with a welded zip pocket
What we like:
  • The swim trunks offer you UPF 50+ protection against sun rays.
  • The welded waterproof pocket gives you adequate water drainage to keep the trunks lightweight.
What we don’t like:
  • The sizing here is likewise a problem. The trunks run too small. You may want to consider ordering a larger size.

This is an excellent pair of trunks to have because of the 4-way stretch material that gives you freedom of motion. They are suitable for any activity like swimming, walking, running at the beach or a lazy day at home. This is a cost-effective pair of trunks to have in your wardrobe.

Speedo Men Core Basic Rally Solid Volley Swimsuit

The mid-length Speedo Swim Trunks is precisely what you need to overcome the hot days of the summer. The trunks made from 100% polyester brushed microfiber. They feature a drawstring waist with a big cargo pocket at the side.

The trademarked ‘vapor plus’ fabric allows for quicker drying and long-lasting durability. The UPF 50+ material blocks sun rays, so you don’t get yourself sunburnt. These durable swim trunks will serve you for many years with their severe toughness.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Made out of 100% polyester
  • Comes with a cargo pocket at the side
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Machine washable
What we like:
  • What we like about these trunks is the side cargo pocket that allows you to store your essentials.
  • Its durable nature makes it ideal for vigorous activities like volleyball.
What we don’t like:
  • There is a limited amount of color variations in these trunks.

These Speedo swim trunks are the most durable and are sure to last you a long time. They are machine washable and offer quick-drying properties, which are ideal for a fast and active lifestyle. It’s worth the pick.

Speedo Men’s Marina Swim Trunk

The mid-length Speedo Swim Trunks is precisely what you need to overcome the hot days of the summer. The trunks made from 100% polyester brushed microfiber. They feature a drawstring waist with a big cargo pocket at the side. The trademarked ‘vapor plus’ fabric allows for quicker drying and long-lasting durability. The UPF 50+ material blocks sun rays, so you don’t get yourself sunburnt.

These durable swim trunks will serve you for many years with their severe toughness.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Made out of 100% polyester
  • Comes with a cargo pocket at the side
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Machine washable
What we like:
  • What we like about these trunks is the side cargo pocket that allows you to store your essentials.
  • Its durable nature makes it ideal for vigorous activities like volleyball.
What we don’t like:
  • There is a limited amount of color variations in these trunks.

These Speedo swim trunks are the most durable and are sure to last you a long time. They are machine washable and offer quick-drying properties, which are ideal for a fast and active lifestyle. It’s worth the pick.

Kyopp Men’s Swim Trunks Quick Dry Beach Broad Shorts

Kyopp shorts aim to impress you with its thoughtful pocket design. You will get deep double-sided pockets as well as one Velcro back pocket for all those precious items. These trunks have a quick-drying fabric that usually takes 5-10 minutes to dry thoroughly on an average day.

The slim fit of the logs is uber-stylish and presents you with a modern design that will, without a doubt, make you stand out from the regular beach crowd.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
Specs & Features:
  • Soft mesh liner underwear
  • Elastic waistband
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Thoughtful pocket design
  • Modern fashion style
What we like:
  • What stands out for us is the quick-drying fabric.
  • Comfort is something that comes as a priority here. What’s more, is that with these swim trunks you will be able to move freely and in so doing have more enjoyable swimming experiences.
What we don’t like:
  • Some of the customers complain about the sizes being too small. You might want to order a size up.

This is an excellent pick for the price point for those looking for a modern design that has quick-drying properties. Moreover, you will have added UPF 50+ protection with a thoughtful pocket design to accommodate all of your needs.

Best Men’s Swim Trunks 2021: Swim Shorts for Every Guy

Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

It’s swim trunk season. If you’re thinking of refreshing your swimwear this year (we always like to), then you’re in luck: Shopping for men’s swim trunks has never been more fun. Why? Because there are a ton of options to choose from, and, more importantly, the best men’s swim trunks are now totally usable for dry activities in addition to swimming. Many modern pairs of swim trunks can be worn like normal shorts — whether you’re running errands on a hot day or working out.

While there are some fantastic do-everything swim shorts, there are still plenty of classic swimsuits, stylish designer trunks (for the luxury resort vibe) and high-performance board shorts for surfing. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite men’s swim trunks to buy right now with picks for every activity and personal style.

Swim Trunks Buying Guide

Finding that perfect pair of swim trunks will take a bit of searching. Below are a few things to look at while shopping our picks.

Length: Men’s swim trunks are currently in an odd (but good) trend where any leg length goes. Longer trunks, which typically have around a seven-inch inseam and hit the knee, are good as multipurpose shorts. They’re long enough for hiking, wearing around town or surfing. Mid-length shorts, which usually have a five-inch inseam, are the Goldilocks pick because they’re short enough for serious relaxation but still wearable in multiple situations. Short swim trunks (shorter than a five-inch inseam) are a fun pick for some throwback vibes.

Material: Look for fabric that’s lightweight, fast-drying and durable when shopping for swim trunks. If you plan on using your trunks for surfing or exercising, a bit of stretch is also necessary. Generally, you’ll see polyester used for lounge-y swim trunks, nylon for durable hybrid shorts and a blend of multiple fabrics for more high-performance shorts

Waist: Drawstring and snap closure trunks are often best for achieving a perfect fit. You’ll sometimes see snap closure swim trunks as well, which aim for a more chic, streamlined look but can’t be adjusted very much.

Pattern: The best swim trunks do a balancing act between boldness and versatility. Ideally, you’ll be able to wear your new shorts with all kinds of sneakers, tees and Hawaiian shirts in your wardrobe. But we’re also big believers in the power-statement swim trunks because they’re just plain fun (not to mention stylish).

The Best Men’s Swim Trunks

1. Patagonia Baggies

The Patagonia Baggies have been our go-to shorts for about a year — whether we’re getting in the water or not. As the name suggests, they’re loose and comfortable, but thanks to a 100 percent water-resistant nylon construction, they’re tough enough for everything from hiking to surfing. They also come in two lengths (five-inch or seven-inch inseam) and a ton of colors, ranging from subdued to bold. In other words, you’ll probably end up with multiple pairs in your vacation bag.

Courtesy Backcountry

Buy: Patagonia Baggies at $55

2. Mr P. Mid-Length Seersucker Swim Shorts

If a chaise lounger is your primary destination this summer, pick up these seersucker trunks from Mr P. They’re made of polyester with a bit of cotton, translating to a very comfortable fit. We’re also big fans of the shorts’ gray and white seersucker pattern because it’s stylish yet understated enough to wear for everything from casual lunches to the park.

Courtesy Mr. Porter

Buy: Mr P. Mid-Length Seersucker Swim Shorts at $130

3. Vilebrequin Mahina Mid-Length Printed Swim Shorts

These Vilebrequin swim trunks ooze bold Seventies style with a mid-thigh cut and colorful print. But they’ve also got modern comfort with a polyester build and a cotton-polyester lining. When (not if) you bring them on a trip, the shorts pack up into the back pocket to save room in your suitcase.

Courtesy Mr. Porter

Buy: Vilebrequin Mahina Mid-Length Printed… at $240

4. Vuori Banks Short

California-based brand Vuori has quickly made a name for itself with do-anything hybrid shorts. These Banks shorts are some of its best with a stretchy, water-resistant fabric. They’re ready for errand running, relaxing, surfing and everything in-between. Plus, they’re made of recycled material and ethically produced, which is always nice.

Courtesy Vuori

Buy: Vuori Banks Short at $68

5. Birdwell Skipper SurfNyl Swim Shorts

Birdwell was a staple of the Sixties surf scene of Southern California. The brand has made a comeback over the past couple years by returning to its midcentury aesthetic and upgrading its SurfNyl fabric. This nylon material is extremely durable and quick-drying, making the shorts ideal for beach days full of lounging and surfing.

Courtesy Mr. Porter

Buy: Birdwell Skipper SurfNyl Swim Shorts at $120

6. Onia Charles Striped Swim Shorts

Another pair of laid-back, classic swim shorts are these Onia Charles. They feature a beachy striped pattern that’s fun yet totally wearable with a variety of tees or short-sleeved button-down shirts. The outer fabric is a quick-drying nylon while the lining is a polyester-spandex blend that adds some comfort and support.

Courtesy Mr. Porter

Buy: Onia Charles Striped Swim Shorts at $145

7. Outerknown Apex Trunks

These Apex Trunks from Outerknown were developed, tested and worn by 11-time world surfing champ Kelly Slater. If they’re good enough for the greatest surfer of all time, they’re more than good enough for us. The shorts boast several high-performance features, including an ultra-lightweight four-way stretch fabric, welded seams, a double-bonded butt and sophisticated drainage system. In short, Outerknown and Slater have thought of everything. If you plan on surfing in board shorts any time soon, just buy these right now.

Courtesy Outerknown

Buy: Outerknown Apex Trunks at $145

8. Lululemon Channel Cross Swim Short 5″

Lululemon might be known for its yoga gear, but the brand makes some fantastic hybrid menswear too. Take these Channel Cross trunks: They have a lightweight polyester build, a four-way stretch liner and a roomy yet flattering fit. This means you can easily kill it at morning yoga and then go straight to the beach or pool. Plus, we like Lulu’s unique colorways, especially this Cloudburst Multi pattern.

Courtesy Lululemon

Buy: Lululemon Channel Cross Swim Shorts at $54

9. Frescobol Carioca + Sant Ambroeus Printed Swim Shorts

If you want to feel like you’re on vacation in Amalfi, check out these trunks from Frescobol Carioca and Sant Ambroeus. The collaboration swim shorts bring some playful sophistication in the form of a flying bird motif in blush, pink and blue. With a slim fit and mid-thigh cut, the shorts are meant for hardcore vacationing and trips to the beach bar.

Courtesy Mr. Porter

Buy: Frescobol Carioca + Sant Ambroeus… at $220

10. Orlebar Brown Setter Floral Print Swim Shorts

Orlebar Brown might be based out of rainy London, but the brand makes some of the best men’s swim trunks in the world. All of its shorts, including these Setter trunks, showcase bold, experimental pattern work at its finest. The Setter shorts feature a floral print, but with plenty of foliage and unexpected colors, they’re sure to stand out at any beach or pool party. We also like the streamlined waist, which uses a covered fastener and size adjusters on the hips.

Courtesy Farfetch

Buy: Orlebar Brown Setter Floral Print Swim… at $347

Best Swimming Trunks For Men in 2021 [Buying guide]

Swimming trunks have come a long way over the years. Not only have the styles changed for the better, the materials used are also pretty amazing. No more standing around for hours in soaking wet shorts, today’s swimming shorts for men are generally made of lightweight, quick drying fabric that means you can go from the water to your car without worrying about getting the car seats wet.

The styles and colors are also a bonus. Modern swimming trunks can be easily worn to the beach or a pool party but are still smart looking enough to team with a polo shirt at a BBQ. They are the ultimate must-have clothing items to get you through those hot summer days and nights. Below is the list of 18 best swimming trunks for men, so check them out and find a perfect one for you.

The Best Swimming Trunk For Men


Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swimming Trunk

If you’re looking for a great pair of wash and wear swimming trunks the then look no further than Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks. The range of colors and patterns means you are certain to find the perfect pair, or you may get several to get you through the whole summer. They are comfortable enough for fun in or out of the water and because they are machine washable, they are fuss free. The waistband is elasticized with drawstrings and there are even cargo pockets on the side so you can stash your keys, phone and wallet. This is an all-round short for many months of fun in the sun. Put on your flip flops and hit the beach!


Speedo Men’s Marina Core Basic Watershorts Swimming Trunk

One of the best known names in swimwear for men, Speedos is the name you can rely on for quality and design. The Speedons Men’s Marina Core Basic Watershorts are made from 100% polyester, are lightweight and dry quickly. There is also a mesh liner with an inside pocket for your keys. These shorts have an excellent UPF rating that will not lose its efficiency even after hundreds of washes and a little bit of stretching. You can choose from over a dozen great colors and designs from casual to sporty that can comfortably get you from the beach to a pool party in style. You’ll most likely want to wear them all year round. This also makes an amazing gift for swimmers in your life.


Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Printed Swimming Trunk With Strings

Make a statement this summer and pack a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Printed Swim Shorts as part of your holiday wardrobe. These shorts have four pockets for your keys and other small items. They have an interior lining for comfort and support with a comfortable elastic waistband and drawstrings. They are available in a fun and trendy prints and designs that are perfect for a weekend resort getaway, or for lounging by the pool. You’re sure to turn a few heads at the beach too in these cool prints. And because they are Polo Ralph Lauren, you know you’re getting the best swimwear for men. Perfect for fun afternoons in your backyard inflatable pool.


Lacoste Men’s Taffeta Basic 6 inch Swimming Trunk

The Lacoste Men’s Taffeta Basic Swim Trunks are for those men that just want something nice and simple, without compromising on quality. The outer layer of these shorts are 77% cotton and 23% polyamide with a 100% polyamide lining making them light and comfortable. There are side seam pockets and drawstring elastic waistband. You can choose from 14 bright, summer colors with the highly recognizable Lacoste crocodile logo on the hem. Machine washable and fast drying, these are the best swimming shorts for men who like to spend a lot of time in the water. These shorts come to about mid-thigh which are perfect for swimming or any summer water games you can think of.


Under Armor Men’s Rigid Board Swimming Trunk

Under Armour Men’s Rigid Boardshorts have the versatility you need for hot summer days and warm summer nights. The range of colors and designs can be worn at the beach or poolside but is smart looking enough to wear if you want to meet your friends for a drink. They are made from 100% polyester with a UPF of 30+ to prevent your skin from burning in the summer sun. What’s more, they are quick drying so you can go for a swim and practically be dry before you get to your car thanks to the quick drying properties of the fabric. The material is also salt and chlorine  resistant so they won’t fade or wear out making them a great pair of shorts that will get you through several summers. One important feature is the anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of microbes which in turn prevents nasty odors. Super important when you plan on wearing your shorts early in the morning until late in the evening.


Polo Ralph Lauren Men Pony Logo Swimming Trunk

For a basic pair of swimming trunks that are comfortable and stylish, you can’t go passed a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Men Pony Logo Swim Trunks. Made from 100% nylon, they are super light and comfortable. They come with an interior brief that is 100% polyester for a little extra support so you can go about with your summer activities with confidence. The Polo Ralph Lauren brand is synonymous with quality and style so when you see the pony logo on your shorts, you know you’ve bought something that has been made to last. So hit the beach, but don’t forget your swimming goggles as well!


A|X Armani Exchange Men’s Graphic Logo Swimming Trunk

When you want the best swimming shorts for men you can’t overlook Armani as far as labels are concerned. Look cool in a pair of Armani Exchange Graphic Logo Swim Trunks this summer. The edgy graphic designs are all about creating a unique style that will definitely get you noticed this summer. The shorts are made of 100% polyester with drawstrings and are machine washable. These are shorts you will definitely love swimming in and hanging by the pool or going for jog at the beach. As far as swimming trunks go, these are the must have pair for this summer season. You can pair these with a nice v-neck t-shirt and and go directly to that cool pool party.


Rip Curl Men’s All Time Swimming Trunk

Some of the best swimwear for men is made by Rip Curl. It’s a brand that literally screams sand and surf. Rip Curl Men’s All Time Boardshort is made for the beach. Made from 38% nylon, 38% cotton and 9% elastin, these shorts were made with the active beach goer in mind. These shorts look great in and out of the water and you’ll feel great in them too. They need nothing more than a machine wash when you’ve had a fun filled day at the beach and they have a side pocket and a  Velcro pocket at the hip so you can secure a few of your valuables. Available in some trendy color combinations these will fast become your favorite piece of summer clothing.


Diesel Men’s Caybay Tyedye Swimming Trunk

Fun at the beach comes in many forms. While most of the action is usually in the water, some like to get competitive and play ball games like beach volleyball or soccer. That’s when you need a comfortable pair of shorter shorts that don’t restrict your movement like Diesel Men’s Caybay Tyedye Swim Shorts. Made from 100% polyester, they are light and they look sharp. Choose from a range of bright summer colors that resemble a rising and setting sun but also look and feel fantastic. The drawstring waistband also allow you to make adjustments throughout the day so you stay comfortable and you can simply toss them in the washing machine at the end of the day so they’re ready for more beach action the following day.


Jack O’Neill Highlands Swimming Trunk

These shorts by Jack O’Neill are perfect for those lazy days by the pool or relaxing at the beach. Made from stretchy Hyperfreak fabric with Hyperdry water resistance, they move as you do and dry fast, keeping you super comfortable all day. When you’re not wearing them at the beach, you’ll be wearing them anywhere you want. These are ideal for warm days at a tropical resort or your local pub. Available in slightly darker colors for a laid-back casual look, you’ll love these shorts for swimming and other fun summer activities.



The Pledge Board Swimming Trunk

Show the world your patriotic side with The Pledge Board Shorts by Travis Mathew. The stretchy fabric lets you join in the many summer activities we like to engage in, no matter how rigorous the fun and game. Perfect for showing your allegiance and cool enough to wear all summer long. You can start your day playing at the beach before dressing your shorts up a little with a smart looking t-shirt. You’ll look awesome all day and into the night in these fun shorts.



Diesel Men’s BMBX-Wave 2.017 Swimming Trunk

When you’re looking for something totally different this summer, Diesel is your go-to label when it comes to swimwear for men. You’ll love the bold, colorful design in bright, psychedelic prints and the fact that you can toss them in the washing machine makes them very low maintenance. Enjoy wearing these shorts when you’re riding the waves, soaking up some sun or going for a swim. The waist boasts an elasticated drawstring for improved comfort this is another great pair of shorts for the long summer months. Be sure to combine this with cool slides from our list.


Hugo Boss Men’s Bullshark Hybrid Swimming Trunk

The name says it all with Hugo Boss and you can definitely look the part in a pair of Boss Men’s Bullshark Swim Shorts. With a blend of 55% cotton and 45 % polyester you have a fabric that breathes and keeps you cool over summer. The logo is subtly embroided on the pocket as a stamp of quality that we’ve come to expect from Hugo Boss and they are also machine washable so you can wash them and wear them all summer. Perfect for the beach or any other outdoor setting you choose to spend those long, hot summer days. The best thing about these shorts is the removable inner slip so not only can you wear these shorts at the beach or poolside, you can take out the lining and you have a smart pair of casual shorts you can wear to an evening get together.


NIKE Men’s Jack Knife Shorts

Exceptional sports gear is something NIKE excels at and their swimwear for men is in keeping with this tradition. The Men’s Jack Knife 11″ Boardshorts are made from elastane and polyester making them lightweight and comfortable enough to wear every day. Perfect for surf and turf, the style is all class with a number of great colors that will suit almost anyone. They are long enough to wear at the beach and can take you straight into a slightly more formal setting when the sun goes down. These shorts are so versatile that you will want to wear them over and over again during the summer.


MaaMgic Slim Fit Quick Dry Swimming Trunk with Mesh Lining

If you’re planning on taking several days off to really soak up the sun and spend all your daylight hours outdoors, then MaaMgic Mens Slim Fit are the shorts for you. The first thing you’ll notice is the price, which is very reasonable so you can get quite a few pairs. This is particularly beneficial as there are so many great colors and designs to choose from. Make your selection from plain dark colors or crazy patterns and designs in some bold and bright colors. The material is 100% polyester and comes with an inner mesh lining. They are slim fit and a little shorter so you can move freely and without restriction. Get your summer wardrobe stocked with these and you’ll be ready for lots of fun in the sun.


Goodthreads Men’s 7-Inch Swim Trunk

Some folks like to keep things simple and go for a classic pair of swimming trunks and Goodthreads are certain to have the perfect pair for you. These swimming trunks are all about function and style. The material is 66% polyester, 21% cotton and 13 % nylon and mesh brief lining with hidden interior pockets making them lightweight, breathable comfortable so you stay cool all summer. These shorts look great enough for any outdoor activities you can think of, not to mention swimming, but they also look good for all your various summer events and outings. With a variety of cool colors and designs you are sure to find the perfect pair to suit your personality and activity levels.

90,000 types of cotton panties. Features of cotton swimming trunks

The materials from which the underwear is sewn should be not only aesthetic, but also comfortable, and most importantly, absolutely safe. Before buying swimming trunks or other models of panties, you need to study the composition of the fabric. By far the most popular are natural materials, 100% or blended.Cotton briefs for men are one of the most popular types of underwear. Cotton models are comfortable, safe and budget friendly.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cotton material for underwear is considered very useful, it is even recommended by doctors. Among the advantages of cotton panties are the following.

  • Hygiene. Synthetics cannot be compared with natural fabrics, as they cannot allow air to circulate freely. In cotton, the skin breathes perfectly, so there are no favorable conditions for the formation and spread of bacteria. As a result, there are no unpleasant odors. Regular wearing of cotton underwear will prevent the development of a number of diseases. Cotton absorbs moisture well and is considered an antibacterial fabric.
  • Health. Cotton does not allow the formation of a greenhouse effect, unlike synthetics. Therefore, you can not be afraid of irritation, redness, itching. Overheating can negatively affect men’s health and cause reproductive pathologies. Cotton does not overheat, which means your health is safe. Wearing natural fabrics has a beneficial effect on the general vitality, the work of the whole organism.
  • Aesthetics. Despite the fact that cotton is not as beautiful as silk, there are many successful models, prints, colors that allow you to choose a model for every taste.
  • Assortment. There are a lot of varieties of men’s cotton panties.

There are also disadvantages that need to be mentioned:

  • if the care rules are violated, the linen quickly loses its attractive appearance;
  • dries for a long time after washing;
  • Cotton is not heat-resistant;
  • The most durable models are blended, so you need to check if there is too much acrylic or polyester in the composition.


Quite a lot of different men’s underpants are sewn from cotton fabrics.

  • Slips. A very common type of swimming trunks, comfortable and practical. There are two types of slips: mini and maxi, that is, shorts.
  • Swimming trunks. This is a classic of men’s underwear, versatile, with sufficient height, simple and comfortable to wear.
  • Boxers. Perhaps the most popular underpants for men, they can be either loose or tight-fitting. It is a conservative variety that is comfortable to move around and very good support.
  • Family. The loosest and widest panties, can be short and long, with or without a fly. Not too aesthetic, but very useful for men’s health. Not suitable for wearing with tight trousers and jeans.
  • Briefs-shorts. Similar to boxers, but their length is as short as possible. The support property is very high, the silhouette is tight-fitting.
  • Cycling briefs. Sew them from cotton with elastane. Well-fitting, also similar to boxers, but the length is much lower. Outwardly, they resemble cycling shorts.
  • String, tanga. These models are not very comfortable to wear and are not typical among men. Thongs are actually triangles of fabric with an elastic band, leaving the buttocks in sight.

The tanga model differs in that there is a covering fabric at the back. They are purchased and worn most often on special occasions.

How to choose?

First of all, for everyday wear, choose the most comfortable models, and not thongs or tangas. Be sure to pay attention to the composition: 100% cotton and blends with a small amount of elastane are the best choice. It is desirable that synthetics are either absent or minimal. For everyday wear, consider the following types: family, boxers, swimming trunks. The main thing is that they are correctly sized. By themselves, these models do not chafe, they provide complete comfort.

Consider what kind of clothes you are going to wear underpants. For tight-fitting pants, you need matching panties, for wide jeans or dress pants, you can also consider loose underwear. Check the laundry for defects. You should refuse to purchase if you find poorly processed seams, protruding threads, spools, holes, punctures. Avoid models with decor that can interfere with wearing.

Buy panties for different purposes.Different models are needed for sports, sleep and daily wear. The main thing is to choose the right size. You cannot walk and sleep in tight, narrow models, because chafing will cause serious discomfort.

For an overview of cotton briefs, see below.

Fabric for men’s underwear

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fashion photo high bikini panties

Beachwear is one of the main attributes of men’s summer wear. Men’s swim trunks 2021 are presented at Milan Fashion Week in two main colors – black and silver. Special attention should be paid to bright prints, metal belts in a gladiatorial style. Such a bold decision will suit confident men who follow fashion trends.


  1. Color palette 2021
  2. Styles of men’s beachwear
  3. Popular Brands
  4. Classic requirements for melting
  5. Swimming trunks for different body types


Men’s swimming trunks are a rather frank wardrobe element that looks spectacular on a beautiful figure. This is the only way to get everyone’s attention. At the last fashion show in Milan, the collection of American designer Michaela Bastiana was delighted.The author used pastel colors, light prints. The collection is fully accepted by the world community and is actively sold.

Men’s swimming trunks of 2021 are distinguished by brightness, dynamism of colors. However, it is recommended to wear them only on the beach. Walking from the sea to your own hotel room or the nearest café should be carried out in beach shorts, which also deserve attention. Fashion houses have radically changed them: they added brightness, fashionable prints, metal fasteners.

Distinctive features of fashionable men’s swimming trunks in 2021, as in the photo, are as follows:

  • the presence of buttons;
  • pockets with flaps;
  • side trouser pockets;
  • closed or hidden clasp;
  • predominantly narrow silhouette – slim fit.

Also look at the trendy womens sneakers 2021 and trendy gold earrings 2021.

Color palette 2021

When looking at the collections of various fashion houses, you can see that most designers use exclusively bright colors.Mosaic, floral and deciduous motifs are gaining popularity. In addition, catchy colors, geometry, abstraction are used.

Lovers of a calm palette are offered the classic options for swimming shorts, which are decorated with metal products, applying logos. The primary colors are yellow, white, purple and blue. These color schemes will remain the same for the next several seasons.

Checkered swimming trunks 2021 are the trend of the season.Suitable for real fashionistas, lovers to stand out from the crowd, show individuality.

Swimwear 2021 repeats the elements of the 2016 summer season. This applies to the bright colors and materials used. For bold men, the designers have prepared “acidic” shades that stand out well on the beach. It is impossible to remain unnoticed in them. Such a model will not be found on the beach.

Exotic prints, camouflage motifs and a nautical theme are introduced into fashion. In the summer 2021 season, you can find models with patch pockets.Photo printing looks unusual, which looks so realistic that you want to peer at it.

Whittall and Shon Fashion House has created a charming collection of men’s swim trunks with polka dots and small check.

Who is indifferent to the choice of men’s swimming trunks for the beach in 2021, as well as the brutal type of men, will be interested in the collection from TeamM. These are monochromatic models made in the form of medium-length shorts. Have muted shades.

Brave men who prefer to show off their figure on the beach will definitely find a suitable option in the new luxury collection Modus Vivendi.The designer managed to create sexy models for real playboys. See photos of fashionable men’s swimming trunks in 2021 by this designer.

This year there is no shortage of styles and colors for men’s swimming trunks. But, preparing for the beach season, men should be guided by the basic rule – the main thing is that the suit is sitting!

Men’s beachwear styles

Designers refused to create universal models of swimming trunks. Depending on the type of rest, the following fashionable styles are selected.

  1. Stylish and effective options are suitable for the beach and get-togethers.
  2. For outdoor activities, designers offer swimming shorts or bermuda shorts. Styles differ in length. The shorts are mid-thigh-length, while the bermuda shorts are nearly knee-length.
  3. Fans of beach sports will find fashionable men’s swimming trunks made of elastic material, such as tight-fitting shorts. They are comfortable to move in and the short length contributes to a quick and beautiful tan. Moreover, this model dries quickly. The famous brand Pistolpete produces exclusive models with buckled belts.
  4. Fans of even tanning will be delighted with tight-fitting, maximum open swimming trunks. Some designers have specially designed models that resemble thongs. However, active movements in such swimming trunks are not recommended.
Popular Brands
Title / Author Description Price
Infinity Lingerie Made in red and black colors. Perfectly emphasize the figure. 550 $
KICKERS The classic slim fit version in black.There are no prints and decorative elements. 400 $
Tommy Hilfiger Relaxed cut bikini bottom. Strap-like decor. Made in bright black. 600 $
TOM TAILOR Unusual design solution. Made in a floral and leafy style. 1200 $

Men’s swimming trunks fashion in 2021 is multifaceted. Among the models, you can find the ideal fit, color palette with / without prints.Classic, extravagant, provocative, eye-catching – next year’s men’s swimming trunks will not leave the owner without enthusiastic women’s looks.

Classical requirements for melting

There are customary design requirements for choosing men’s swimming trunks. This type of clothing should provide maximum comfort from being on the beach, but not hamper and restrict the movement of a man.

  1. Men’s swimming trunks material – nylon and other types of polyester.The materials are elastic and dry quickly. It is good if the composition contains cotton (up to 25%). Such swimming trunks will become universal. It is convenient to swim in them and move along the beach.
  2. When choosing a model of men’s fashionable swimming trunks for the summer of 2021, preference is given to options with a mesh sewn on the inside. This will prevent the swimming trunks from sticking to the body.
  3. It is good to have pockets for storing small things: keys, money. The pockets should have zippers for security and have holes for quick water drainage.
  4. To prevent the shorts from falling off the waist, you should choose options with lacing or thick elastic, Velcro, fastener or button.
  5. The right combination of clothes. Even in beachwear fashion, there are basic requirements for combining top and bottom. It is not recommended to combine a bright top with a similar bottom.

Swimming trunks for different body types

Features of the type of figure – one of the main components when choosing men’s swimming trunks. It depends on them how the shorts will look on the figure.The proportion of the figure indicates which mistakes should not be made.

  1. Knee-length shorts are suitable for tall men.
  2. For small stature, short shorts are preferable, which visually do not reduce height.
  3. Vertical stripes are slimming and should be avoided for thin types.
  4. The horizontal strip is a great option for those who are thin. The drawing visually makes the figure larger.

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Spring-Summer 2021 is a time of experimentation.The main thing is to show individuality, boldly stand out from the crowd. Now let’s take a look at the trendy lipstick colors 2021 and the trendy women’s denim shorts 2021.

Choosing men’s swimming trunks for summer 2017

Loading …

From trendy men’s parrot swimwear to chunky, stylish shorts, every summer we see violent crimes against style while on holiday at the seaside resorts. It seems that with the onset of heat, the aesthetic taste and sense of style leaves every man when choosing swimming trunks.Alarmingly tight-fitting, flashy speckled or impractical baggy swim shorts fill beaches and pools around the world every season, creating a feast of tastelessness.

But what does it matter? They’re for bathing, aren’t they? Why are you obliged to spend precious time of rest thinking about which swimming trunks to choose if you can just enjoy the sun and the warm sea, because most of the time they are under your outerwear and you won’t even see them? The answer is obvious: because you not only harm yourself by wearing colorful or too tight swimming trunks that cut your eyes, but thereby disturb the peace of others.

How to choose men’s swimming trunks for summer 2017

Short and long swim shorts are a huge trend at the Spring / Summer 2017 runway show.

Swimming shorts in a wide variety of styles and colors are undoubtedly the hit of this season. Therefore, we will focus on this type of swimming trunks and try to figure out how to choose the right men’s swimming trunks for swimming, which of them are the most practical and for what purposes are most suitable. So if you haven’t packed your suitcases yet and left for the sea, read our recommendations: how to sunbathe and swim, and still look stylish in the new 2017 summer season!

Decide on the style and style

English ORLEBAR BROWN swim shorts come in various lengths.

First, you must decide which one you prefer – classic or wide shorts, which have a lot of room to maneuver, as well as what goal you are pursuing – whether you want to win women’s hearts, sporting elegant swimming shorts, or simply going with comfortably surf the sea.

If you are leaning towards the first option, the classic English shorts are a good option. Made from polyamide, lightweight, elegant and so similar to chinos, they will give you the romantic and chic style of the Riviera.It is also worth considering your height – the taller it is, the longer it should be, while short shorts will look good on full hips. This means that shorts just above the knee should be worn by taller men and mid-thigh shorts by shorter men.

Riviera men’s style.

English bathing shorts usually come with either a button closure or a popper closure, which means you will need to make sure you have the correct waist size.There should be no mistake, or you risk losing your shorts when walking or diving in the water, unlike traditional laces or elasticated side adjusters that do an excellent job of this problem, and securely fix the shorts in the waist area.

On the other hand, if you prefer something more casual but similar in style, try a regular pair of non-swim shorts with a nylon or polyester mesh lining. These boardshorts to mid-thigh look much less formal than their counterparts, and have the main difference – a low stance, which is compensated for by a more comfortable walking due to a greater hip amplitude.

Choose the correct color for your heats

Once you have decided on the style, you should think about the color, because color is the key to success when creating a beach look .

“When choosing a color, think about your skin” says Adam Brown, photographer and designer, founder of Orlebar Brown, a menswear brand for swimming and beachwear. “More muted colors work well on paler skin, while darker skin tones work well with brighter colors.” .If you have fair skin, stick to shades like slate gray, navy blue, black, burgundy and olive – even if you have a light tan.

In the event that you have dark skin, feel free to expand the vibrant hues of your swim trunks with colors such as bright yellow, blue, light green, red and pink, all of which will perfectly match your skin tone.

Summer 2017 in fashion swim shorts with a print

If monochromatic colors tire you, it is worth plunging into the world of patterns and drawings. Prints are the trend for spring / summer 2017 , says Tom Thurlow, one of the designers of the British fashion brand River Island. “The bolder the better – we suggest buying geometric, striped and photographic printed swimming trunks for the current summer season.” .

From tropical to Hawaiian floral, micro dots to striped prints, stores are awash with eye-catching motifs this season. So it’s worth getting a pair of these if you want to stand out while swimming and walking along the beach.

Swimming trunks from the Orlebar Brown brand.

Photo-printed shorts from the recent Orlebar Brown collection, featuring photographs of Abu Dhabi by photographer Alex McLean, look especially impressive and new.

For those whose skin is too pale to cope with such a kaleidoscope of colors, we recommend trying prints with a darker palette and contrasting patterns. Dan Ward’s Swiss luxury swimwear does this especially well, but ASOS, Farah and River Island have plenty to surprise too.

Briefs with a muted print in fashion 2017:

Colorful Print Swim Shorts:

Choose the practical men’s swim shorts

Moisture-resistant shorts are designed for both swimming and simple wear, what is their advantage over classic swimming trunks (briefs and slips) – but really, are they so practical and are they suitable for going to a bar?

We are certainly confident of this.Even printed styles will look great with a t-shirt or short sleeved shirt.

Tom Thurlow .

This also applies to Orlebar Brown. “All of our swim trunks have been designed with versatility in mind” , explains Adam Brown. “These shorts are suitable for both lunch and going to the bar – we use quick dry fabrics, which solves the issue of waiting for the swimming trunks to dry and changing into dry clothes often” .Thus, we advise you to pay attention to the material from which the swimming trunks are made in order to plan your actions in advance after getting out of the water. Quick-drying swim shorts will not only save you time, but money that might have been spent on extra items to relax after swimming.

However, there are prints that are best left in your locker after you bathe and head to the bar. Some acidic prints or colors may look out of place among the general color scheme of the visited institution and somewhat embarrass people who are resting next to you.

However, sophisticated English styles – not sports board shorts or similar nylon versions – can be ideally matched with a cotton polo, short-sleeved shirt, light bomber jacket or linen blazer if required. Finally, you should definitely change your beach slippers for leather sandals or clogs, complement the look with some summer accessory, and you are ready for an evening break.

To summarize:

Adam Senn in a stylish summer look, Massimo Dutti collection.

The first step is to choose the style in which you will be most comfortable. Next, pay attention to the color and print, if you are going to fly on vacation to Fiji, you can choose shorts for every taste and color , but if you intend to visit Sardinia, you should give preference to English style swimming trunks in discreet shades. In order not to look ridiculous, choose swimming trunks taking into account your skin tone . Also, prioritize what is more important for you – shocking or sociability.Take some time to choose the right color, print, cut and you are sure to look stylish this summer 2017 !

Fashionable men’s swimming trunks 2017 for this summer: collection from


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