Mens casual tank tops: The 16 Best Men’s Tank Tops

The 19 Best Tank Tops for Men Summer 2021

As those summer months approach, you want to make sure you have more than just your lightweight shirt or T-shirt to battle the pressing heat. That’s where the reliable tank top comes in. What was once worn by men as undershirts to stay warm during winter in the 20th century has since been popularized by Hollywood’s leading men (think Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire) and menswear designers like Olivier Rousteing and Marc Jacobs as a fashionable way for men to show off their biceps and shoulders and give their underarms some breathing room during the sweltering days of summer.

To get you started, we picked out a few of our favorite tanks for almost any occasion, whether you’re exercising, running errands, or working from home.

Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Singlet

Classic collegiate design in an updated performance-focused material. Tracksmith makes a running singlet always ready for race day — and for those intense gaming sessions against your buddies.

Pas Normal Studios Balance Sleeveless Top

A high-end sleeveless shirt with a top-tier design, made with a polyester lyocell blend and featuring a bound crewneck. Pas Normal knocked it out of the park.

Heron Preston for Calvin Klein Organic Stretch Ribbed Tank Top

Heron Preston for Calvin Klein launched a star-studded campaign to show off this elevated collection. Blissfully soft, unique colors and designs, and a wide variety of garments to choose from — we’re all in for this collaboration. Someone may only see the orange tag when you’re taking this tank off, but when they do see, it’ll let them know you’ve got a taste for the finer things.

New Balance Impact Run Singlet Tank

This New Balance singlet has a light blue color we love and will match right in line with a pair of the brand’s forever-trusted 3-inch running shorts. We can confirm this is a summer go-to.

ASOS Design Organic Tank 3 Pack

ASOS produces affordable staples so any individual can go and overhaul their wardrobe if desired. A three-pack of tank tops comes in white, black, and gray, all made with soft organic cotton. Take note of the roomy cut on these too; we love the silhouette.

Abercrombie & Fitch Pride Tie-Dye Tank

A laid-back tie-dye design that doesn’t bombard you with ultrabright colors. What’s awesome about this gender-inclusive tank is it represents Abercrombie’s commitment to donating $200,000 to The Trevor Project for its Pride 2021 campaign.

Into the AM Pharoah Tank

Into the AM takes its trippy graphic designs and applies them to its 100% ringspun combed cotton tanks. The result? A tailored sleeveless shirt you can rep to the gym or at the EDM festival you just bought tickets to.

Todd Snyder Made In LA Tank Top

A supreme comfort summer tank by none other than TS, garment dyed in this rich greenhouse colorway that will fade tastefully over time.

Urban Outfitters Standard Cloth Mesh Tank Top

Who says mesh can only be for shorts these days? A mesh tank like the one above will ensure ultimate breathability while also counting up a few style points.

Hiro Clark The Sleeveless Tee

If you’re opting for a bit more modesty but still want to let your underarms breathe, we recommend this minimalist sleeveless tee from Hiro Clark. Take note: These shirts run large, so make sure to cop a smaller size.

Vuori Tradewind Performance Tank

Vuori Tradewind is a perforated performance knit tank with UPF protection and quick-drying features. Wear it to yoga, to pickup basketball, or to snag your morning coffee. Plus, it’s got a front pocket. Pure innovation.

Rhone Swift Tank

Rhone makes a dang good work pant, so it’s no wonder they also make a dang good performance tank. Grab this olivine color if you wish to distinguish yourself among the seas of grayscale out there.

Volcom Solid Heather Tank

Volcom makes a West Coast skate style pick when it comes to producing their tank tops. This one is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which means it will have a great feel while guaranteeing stretch. and features a stone embroidery logo.

Carhartt Workwear Pocket Sleeveless T-Shirt

From chiseling your summer body to building a new deck with your old man, this Carhartt tank is a breathable piece of workwear that will survive every challenge it faces.

Prana Organic Cotton Tank

A simple organic cotton tank in a gingery red color, this one is great for those on the cycle of eat, gym, sleep.

Comfort Colors Tank Top

For all the Comfort Colors fans out there, we present you with its tried and true tank top. Put the pocket tee aside and go with this option every now and then.

Budweiser by PacSun Logo Patch Tank Top

If you’re going to have a beer shirt, go with this Budweiser and PacSun collab featuring Budweiser’s classic cursive logo as a sewn-on patch. We like this pick for those days out on the pontoon.

Industry of All Nations Pique Tank

Industry of All Nations makes no-nonsense, 100% organic cotton garments that are undyed and unbleached.

These tanks are made at the source from its facilities in India — which is just one of the responsible trade rules Industry is committed to.

$30 at Industry of All Nations

Hanes Adult ComfortWash Garment Dyed Sleeveless Tank Top

Don’t let those fashion snobs shame you out of scooping up these durable tanks from Hanes (probably your go-to underwear as a kid). Made with cotton and available in 20 colors, these are the perfect stay-at-home tops.

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Tank Tops for Men & Women

Summer sun means one thing: it’s time to ditch the sleeves! Even through the winter, tank tops are great for warm climates, workout clothing, or casual loungewear. Add a few tank tops to your wardrobe to get the best out of your cooler clothing.

Don’t sacrifice comfort for fashion

Get both! With a variety of options available, you can choose from workout tank tops for women in moisture-wicking fabrics or just grab a comfortable cotton blend for daily wear.

From loose fit to a compression tank top, you have the option to grab whatever you need for the day ahead. Plus, they come in a variety of colors (bright to muted) and styles (look for a fun cropped tank top).

Layer away

A black tank top is a great base layer for pretty much any kind of outfit, and we have plenty. Wear it by itself when you plan to get warm. Working outside is bound to break a sweat and tank tops can be a lifesaver in summer. In spring or fall, throw a flannel on top to get an outfit for cooler evenings. On a hike, wear a light jacket like a windbreaker over your tank top so you can easily shed a layer as you get warmed up. Dress up one of our plain workout tank tops with a blazer, then shed the businesswear to hit the gym after work.

Packable for any reason

Keep a spare tank top in your work backpack for a pre- or post-job workout or you’re looking to pack as many tops as you can for a round the world trip or backpacking hike. Our tank tops for women are easily packable and fold up small enough that you can get more than you’d expect into your bag. With a few outer-layer shirts, you can get several outfits into your bag to keep your clothing fresh on your trip.

Preshrunk, fade-resistant and durable MicroModal® stretch fabrics are engineered to last so you can turn up the intensity. Don’t sweat it – get after it with FlashDry™ technology that wicks moisture away to speed drying time, no matter how hard you grind. Browse loose, semi-relaxed and relaxed fit styles to find the perfect level of comfort. For the most intense training sessions, check out our selection of compression tank tops that are engineered for support and breathability. Stock up on your favorite tank tops online, and enjoy free shipping today.

18 Best Tank Tops for Women to Wear All Summer Long

The editor last summer in one of her best tank tops. Photographed by Acielle / STYLE DU MONDE

For most of my life, my shopping habits have centered around basic shirts and statement pieces for everything else. Sometimes I’ll indulge in an eye-catching top: I’ve fallen for printed blouses, dramatic puff-sleeve shirts, and graphic sweaters. But when it comes down to getting dressed, I almost always end up reaching for my simple, layerable, solid tank tops or turtlenecks as my go-tos depending on the season.

Last summer however, I became obsessed with my collection of white tanks in particular. I wanted to wear one almost every day, and when I opened my dresser cabinet to find no clean ones left, a “what am I going to wear today?!” panic would set in. Hot days meant frequent washing, plus they each had their own charm thanks to their different fit and silhouettes, so the assortment grew naturally. Now that summer has arrived, the time has come to revisit my best tank tops once again.

I started my collection with a few packs of men’s white Fruit of the Loom tanks that I cut myself and quickly added a mix of updated women’s versions (thankfully, the women’s styles I acquired were a lot less see-through and much more supportive than their 3-pack counterparts). There’s something so delightful about a fresh white tank top, with its delicious ribbing and flattering necklines that cling to your décolletage, exposing sunned shoulders. This summer, however, the best tank tops for women don’t just come in white. It’s time to add some color to the mix.

Zimmermann Spring 2020; Peter Do Spring 2020Photo: GoRunway

Zimmermann sent tank tops piled one on top of the other down its spring 2020 runway, creating splendid one-shoulder silhouettes. It’s a styling hack I’d like to try myself this summer, because double the tank is double the fun! Meanwhile, Peter Do’s spring look book included a sublime hybrid of spaghetti-strap-meets-classic tank top in both crisp white and a rich caramel that neutrals-loving minimalists are sure to devour. I’d also like to borrow (and never give back!) one of these delectable, Judy Turner checkerboard tanks from my most fashionable guy friends and give a not-so-basic tank a try. There are even brands that pride themselves on creating the most perfect everyday tank top, like Roberta’s Maxine and waffle tanks that the brand can—unfortunately for me and fortunately for them—can barely keep in stock.

Courtesy of Roberta / @roberta_ny

As someone who doesn’t rely on the ease of one-step dresses, this is my solution for simple summer style and a great dress-alternative for those of us who prefer pants and shorts. The right styles require little to no styling, which makes for an effortlessly cool, and highly repeatable look to wear day after day this summer. There’s nothing chicer than simply a great tank, a pair of loose trousers, and a reliable shoe this summer.

Here, find a few addicting tank tops to get you started—prepare to get hooked!

Rules for Men to Wear a Tank Top Images

Tank tops are an absolutely acceptable look for men. Make sure it is a fashionable one. Wear a tank at the appropriate times and only during warm-weather months, if wearing one outdoors. If you choose to wear a tank top, wear one that fits and flatters your physique. Pair your tank top with the right types of pants, shorts and accessories to pull one off in style.

When and Where to Wear

Tank tops are casual, and it is acceptable to wear one while exercising or outdoors during warm-weather months. A fitted tank top worn working out or playing sports is fine, otherwise, choose a tank top that is slightly loose, has wide straps and that is cut higher under the arms. Wearing shirts with sleeves during formal meals is proper etiquette. However, it is suitable to wear a tank with long shorts or pants to bars or casual restaurants during the day.

How To Wear A Tank Top

With a little confidence and tasteful choices, carrying off a tank top should be no problem. Do wear tanks if you are in great shape. Wear a loose-fitting tank top with a short- or long-sleeve button down shirt over it if you have a little bulge. It is a more flattering than a tank top alone and is also a look that can be worn by any man into the evening. Accessorize with sunglasses, hats and tasteful jewelry.

What To Wear

The most flattering tank tops are the ones that are basically t-shirts with the sleeves cut off (also known as “cut-offs”), and only reveal your arms. Crew-neck or v-neck tanks are good choices. Stick with solid-color tanks and tanks with horizontal stripes. If you prefer not to wear tank tops, don a plain t-shirt instead. Wear a polo shirt in all cotton or silk blends that stops at your hipbone, day or evening, and leave it un-tucked as an alternate option.

What Not to Wear

Avoid tanks in neon colors and ones with phrases or graphics. Steer clear of any tank top that is ribbed, has thin straps or is meant to be worn as an undershirt. Tanks that are too tight are not flattering on any man, no matter what his physique. Plaid, flannel, sleeveless shirts look out of place in warm weather. Wear them, instead, as a layer over a long-sleeve t-shirt or henley shirt during cool weather months.

90,000 T-shirts for men to highlight your character and personality

Men’s T-shirts are a timeless way to express yourself. Practical, comfortable and versatile, they suit almost any style. A men’s T-shirt is undoubtedly a must-have in the wardrobe of every comfort and urban play lover.

Men’s T-shirt is a versatile type of clothing that allows you to fully express your individuality. This is due to various prints and patterns, rich color palette.Men who prefer a casual look will definitely choose men’s T-shirts with a frivolous pattern or a funny inscription. For more elegant men, unprinted T-shirts in muted, uniform colors are the first choice. This V-neck T-shirt can be paired with a fitted jacket and the formal styling is ready. Men’s T-shirts are casual classics for every occasion. T-shirt is an indisputable informality of men’s clothing. The comfortable T-shirt is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, position or body type.Timeless classics play a leading role in summer combinations, and in cooler seasons – a convenient base for urban stylizations. Versatility and practicality are not the only reasons why we strive for a T-shirt. A cotton t-shirt is also one of the easiest ways to highlight your style, express your current mood, or highlight your interests and hobbies. Each season, thousands of new interpretations of this garment are created based on timeless cuts. Designers are focused on diversity, so everyone can find the perfect piece for workout, free outing or clubbing.Creates models that are ideal for both boys and athletic figures, ensuring optimal comfort all day long. In short, we are inspired by everyday American classics, sporty chic, rock – every most interesting direction in which men’s fashion is now following. Excellent design is supported by equally good quality. The T-shirts are made of high quality cotton and every detail is perfected.

T-shirt history

The first T-shirts appeared over a century ago, when the Hanes Knitting Company launched them on the European market.As you know, need is the mother of invention – the shape of the T-shirt was adapted to the needs of American pilots moving to the European front during the First World War. Previously, pilots wore buttoned underwear that resembled a jumpsuit, which was not very practical and comfortable. The military underwear was stripped from the bottom, a neckline and short sleeves were added, making it look like a “T”. Production began in full swing, with 12 million pilots wearing new T-shirts.The idea to diversify men’s T-shirts with slogans and graphics came rather late, in the 1940s, but the t-shirt’s potential was quickly recognized as a means of expressing different content. Men’s T-shirts have become an integral part of political campaigns. The predecessor in this place was the mayor of New York, Thomas Dewey, who in 1948 handed out men’s shirts with the words “Dew with Dewey”, which was a fun word game, creatively using the name of the politician and meant “do it with Dewey.” History knows of cases when a men’s T-shirt was viewed as a poster, a propaganda or protest poster, even against racism, war, social injustice and many other pressing issues.François Burcher, author of Fashion History, said that the T-shirt is the most democratic outfit invented by mankind. Fashionable colors, trousers, jackets, dresses have changed, but men’s T-shirts have remained the same – “simple, functional and with character. ” The famous characters from the silver screen are mainly responsible for the popularity of the t-shirt. In 1951, the legendary Marlon Brando wore a men’s T-shirt in the movie A Streetcar Named Desire. Audience reactions were immediate, with 180 million T-shirts sold in the United States just weeks after the film’s premiere.The position of the cotton tee was further strengthened, including by James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause or John Wayne, who wore Western-style men’s shirts. Elvis Presley himself was also a big fan of T-shirts.

Express Yourself Through T-shirt

Few people know about the incredible power of a regular T-shirt. This inconspicuous T-shirt will help you express your aesthetic taste, beliefs and sense of humor. An intriguing drawing or inscription on a T-shirt can be interesting, provoke discussions, and effectively attract the attention of the opposite sex.Many people treat clothes as if they were themselves. It is worth harnessing the potential of the T-shirt, because it gives you the most accurate way to tell who we are. Diana Crane, an American authority on sociology, argued that the men’s T-shirt is suitable for “showing isolation and belonging to the community.” This means that thanks to her, you have a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd, emphasize your individuality, or vice versa – show your attachment to the subculture, ideology and aesthetic trend.It’s unimaginable how much information clothes give us about us. A sports shirt, a comfortable training bag on the shoulder subconsciously indicates that a person is closely associated with the culture of physical education. A creative, fun T-shirt paired with a blazer communicates that we are facing a genius and extroverted person. We invite you to the gallery of our T-shirts, where you will find simple, sporty T-shirts, as well as T-shirts with prints – lettering and graphics. Be expressive and don’t be afraid to show the world who you are.

Men’s style in cult clothes

Men’s T-shirts are comfort, authenticity and style that effectively resist rapidly changing trends. Before the cotton T-shirt forever entered the canons of fashion, it served as a night and day underwear, an element of a soldier’s uniform and part of work clothes. In the 1950s, the T-shirt became the mainstay of the rebellious image of Hollywood celebrities who initiated a change in the mindset of men’s fashion.Today, it’s hard to imagine most casual outfits without a comfy starring T-shirt. This is not surprising – a properly selected T-shirt not only fits almost everything, but also shapes the body, giving it the desired proportions. The most popular are T-shirts with a round or V-neck. The first type works well both when worn alone or under a sweater or semi-formal jacket. V-neck tees optically lengthen the neck and divert attention away from the double chin.Men who like to show off beautifully sculpted muscles can opt for tight-fitting T-shirts. For supporters of everyday classics, simple shapes have been created that effectively mask a few extra centimeters at the waist. Dynamic, sporty, vintage aesthetics, or maybe the logo of an iconic rock band? In the collections you will find a wide range of possibilities to create a comfortable look in the style that suits you best!

Polo shirts – synonymous with sports style

The polo shirt is the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. The timeless fit – with a padded collar and buttoned neckline – hasn’t changed much since its debut in the 1920s. Initially, polo was associated only with elite sports: tennis, golf and sailing. Today, all men who want to add a touch of classic style to their casual outfits wear the iconic shirt. The polo shirts in our collections come in a wide range of colors and motifs that will appeal to both the understated and the urban avant-garde.You want to look great, but you don’t have time to put together an effective urban style. Reach for a polo shirt with contrasting stripes, perfect for chinos, denim jacket and athletic trainers. Monochrome models of always fashionable black, navy blue or gray tones will look great in the company of a sports jacket and trousers. A T-shirt with prints will nicely emphasize the free nature of weekends, summer combinations with shorts. Our T-shirts highlight the good sides of all body types, from XS to 6XL.The highest quality cotton guarantees air circulation and optimal comfort all year round. A correctly sewn collar retains the correct shape and aesthetic position throughout life.

Types of T-shirts

Parent category: Hobbies and hobbies
Category: Fashion & Style

Unlike simple men’s T-shirts, which do not differ from each other in a special variety, women’s T-shirts are different, they have different names and sometimes even have significant differences among themselves.What is a T-shirt and how is it different from a T-shirt? The T-shirt is a product made of fabric without sleeves and collar and covers the upper part of a person’s body. This underwear for both sexes, most often without buttons and pockets. T-shirt – in fact it is the same T-shirt, but without sleeves, often with thin straps in women’s models.

The men’s version of a T-shirt is more often referred to as underwear and is usually worn under a shirt. The same can be attributed to the women’s T-shirt models. A separate category is beach light summer T-shirts for men and women, which are an independent wardrobe element that go well with skirts and shorts, as well as jeans and light summer trousers (pants).

By the way, at the very beginning of its appearance and development, the T-shirt was purely an item of underwear, which was forbidden to everyone around and was considered the height of indecency and immorality. But time went on, popular foundations and morality underwent changes along with the rules of fashion, and now public opinion and fashion agreed that a T-shirt can be both an item of underwear and an independent wardrobe item, both for men and women.

We present the main types, names and brief descriptions of modern models of T-shirts for men and women.

Types of women’s T-shirts

  • The wrestling shoe differs from the simple one in that the straps on the back merge into one, making part of the back open, so it is not possible to wear it with a regular bra. The wrestling jersey is the female counterpart of the men’s sports jersey. For thin and slender girls and women with a sporty physique, it will look great.
  • Bodysuit in the form of a T-shirt – in fact, it is a T-shirt, in which the bottom is not made in a standard way, but in the form of a swimsuit.It can be with or without a clasp. The fastener can also be different: with Velcro or with buttons.
  • The shaping undershirt is made of rather dense fabric and will help to visually make the figure a little slimmer in the waist or abdomen area. However, this model may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Summer T-shirts – loose and open, often with thin straps for the warmest sunny summer days, to the liking of many girls and women. They can be decorated with additional elements: lace, ruffles, beads, ribbons, bows.The neck and shoulders, as well as partly the back, remain open in such models.
  • Beach T-shirts – the most open and very similar to underwear. They are often quite short. You can’t always wear them in the city for moral and ethical reasons, since they are very open, but it’s easy to go to the beach. Such models are perfectly combined with airy pareos, light long skirts to the floor and short shorts.
  • T-shirts for active leisure , as well as everyday options differ from beach ones in more closed models, in which it will be both comfortable and convenient both on vacation, and when going to the store for shopping, and during normal walks.
  • Elongated and long T-shirts cover the hips well and can even be a kind of counterpart to a mini-dress. They are comfortable to wear with skinny and tapered jeans, and they also go well with leggings. Of course, they go well with shorts.
  • Hooded T-shirts are not that often seen. In this case, the hood acts more as a decoration than protection from wind and rain.
  • And there are also women’s T-shirts with a deep neckline and side slits.

Types of men’s T-shirts

  • Sports jerseys are the simplest ones, at first they were used only by athletes as a mandatory important element of a tracksuit that will perform important functions of thermoregulation and moisture absorption. They are made of quality material with a minimum of decorative elements.
  • T-shirt as underwear used to be very popular, but even now men often wear T-shirts under a shirt – it is convenient and hygienic.And with a T-shirt it will be warmer in the cold season. This applies in particular to business suits. It can also be worn under a stylish plaid shirt that can be unbuttoned if it gets hot. In summer, in warm sunny weather, of course, there is no point in wearing a T-shirt under a T-shirt.
  • Casual T-shirts are more relevant these days than ever. Probably every man has this or that T-shirt, which is intended for an independent wardrobe item or is underwear.Casual T-shirts are convenient to wear at home or on the go.
  • Beach shirts are also relevant for men. They are as open as possible, perfect for a beach holiday, walks, barbecues. Beach models are more open and can be worn for limited events.

If once T-shirts belonged to underwear underwear and were not worn for show, then modern T-shirts are beautiful, stylish and ultra-fashionable. Light and stylish T-shirts now almost everyone has in their summer wardrobe.The main thing in this business is to choose the right style and style of the product, which will be perfectly combined with other elements of the fashionable wardrobe of a man or woman for the summer.

90,000 kinds of sleeveless T-shirts, male and female models

T-shirts, first appearing in wardrobes in the 50s of the last century, quickly spread throughout the planet, becoming a completely everyday piece of clothing for virtually every person. There is a huge variety of types, and in this article we will take a look at one of the “classes” of this garment: sleeveless T-shirts.

What are the names of the sleeveless T-shirt models

There is one common name for this type of clothing – T-shirts. Once upon a time, T-shirts were attributed exclusively to underwear, but modern fashion trends allow not only wearing them as an independent wardrobe item, but also creating a bright and memorable image around them. A well-chosen style of such a T-shirt will suit any female or male figure.

Help. The original English name for a T-shirt is due to the fact that the finished product, when unfolded, resembled the letter “T”.The first to wear the T-shirt were the American Marines. Practical and comfortable clothes quickly “went to the people”, and just a dozen years later, the first inscriptions and drawings began to be applied to T-shirts.

Types of sleeveless T-shirts

Today, there are only three main varieties of this type of clothing:

  1. Lingerie.
  2. Topics.
  3. Sports (sleeveless and wrestling jackets).

Although the lion’s share of them belongs to the “unisex” class, it is customary to divide T-shirts into men and women.

Male Models

The first in this list will deservedly be the traditional men’s underwear T-shirt (popularly referred to as an alcoholic T-shirt). Such models became popular in the USSR, however, they were produced exclusively as an element of underwear. The classic “alcoholic” had a wide neckline and a pair of narrow straps, thanks to which she stayed on her body (some people were helped to additionally hold the T-shirt by an impressive belly or a pumped-up torso).

Help. Made from cotton fabric, these T-shirts allowed the wearer’s skin to breathe and absorbed sweat well, making them popular with athletes and workers.

It is customary to separate sports models into a separate group. As the name implies, such items of clothing are quite well suited for sports, but over the years you can increasingly see how many people, even those far from athletic build, use models of this group for everyday wear.This trend is especially noticeable in regions with hot climates.

! – Yandex.RTB R-A-461895-21 -> ->

Sports T-shirts-sleeveless jackets have, in contrast to the classic model, a more modest neckline. Small armholes reinforce the resemblance to a regular T-shirt, to which the hapless manufacturer forgot to sew on the sleeves. These T-shirts can be worn under a shirt or even a jacket, creating a fairly stylish casual look.

The main difference between the wrestling shoe and the model of the previous style is that its straps are connected to the back of the garment not below the wearer’s shoulders, but directly under his neck. This style opens up the shoulder blades, making the hand movements more free. Despite the name, wrestling shoes are worn not only by brutal masters to lay rivals on their shoulder blades, but also quite feminine sports ladies.


Tops can be added to a special category of women’s T-shirts. Instead of straps, thin straps are most often used in them, and the most open style of such clothes makes them indispensable on hot summer days. Summer models are often sewn from silk or knitwear, decorating with rhinestones, lace, various applications or embroidery.Beach tops are cut to the waist.

Help. The swimwear used in the 19th century served as the prototype of the women’s beach top.

There are also so-called evening tops: usually they have a deep color and are worn with a jacket or jacket. A well-chosen shade and style can create an unforgettable image that provides its mistress with constant attention from the opposite sex.

There are perhaps even more types of women’s sports T-shirts on the modern market than men’s. Fitted models are very popular, which favorably emphasize the waist and chest, and are perfect for aerobics or yoga. Unfortunately, these T-shirts are not very suitable for women with an “apple” or “inverted triangle” body type, as well as for women who have problems with overweight.

Life hack. In order for the wrestler not to “give out” the straps of the bra, you must use a bra with the ability to make the straps “criss-cross” behind the back.In this case, the position of the straps of the shirt and bra will match, and the outfit will not look vulgar. If there is no such bra in the wardrobe, you can use special silicone pads.

Most often, women’s sleeveless jackets are worn with short sports shorts, leggings or jeans. However, the compatibility of this item of clothing is quite high, so a light T-shirt can be harmoniously “fit” into virtually any image.

How to wear long men’s T-shirts

T-shirts have long been a must-have in everyday wardrobe for both men and women.But in recent years, it has become very important to combine long-cut T-shirts, especially in men’s departments. Is it because guys are also trying to look thinner than they are?) Let’s understand the new article.

So, a long T-shirt is clothing that covers at least the upper part of the thighs, but as much as possible it can be up to the kneecaps. You need to decide on the model so that it not only looks cool, but also emphasizes all the advantages of your figure.

The biggest handicap of “longs” is that they are suitable not only for thin physiques, but also for the owners of appetizing forms (guys, now you can definitely not pump the press :)).

What choice to make when buying?

On the shelves of modern stores and showrooms, the greatest selection of various long T-shirts is presented: with prints, with asymmetry, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, with an inscription, with sports symbols and flags, rappers, as well as custom-made T-shirts with their own pattern.

First, decide what you want and what you will combine your new purchase with. You should definitely pay attention to the following items:

  1. Fabric.
    T-shirts are sewn from different materials, but cotton or bamboo, as well as linen, are preferable for the skin and body.
  2. Stitches.
    They should be straight, not frayed, without loose threads on the sides.
  3. Print quality.
    The higher this criterion, the longer the pattern will live after washing.
  4. Color quality.
    Note that the brighter the T-shirt, the more likely it is to become dull after the first wash.

In order to properly choose a men’s bow, you need to remember one golden rule: the longer the T-shirt, the narrower the jeans or pants should be. They try not to combine “longs” with shorts in the wardrobe. In order for the male image to be complete, it is also worth stocking up on additional accessories: a cap, sunglasses, bracelets, scarves, briefcases, and more.

What to combine Longy with?

Of course, we can confidently say that “yes with anything” and it will be true. But still, there are some wishes in the preferences for choosing clothes for finished bows. We propose to consider the popular types of long T-shirts, their features and recommendations “with what to wear”.


Longsleeve is a long-sleeved T-shirt for men, which most often has an insignificant width of an oval or triangular neckline.This type of T-shirt is slightly tight, so we suggest combining it with sweatpants, skinny jeans, and sometimes with shorts.


Tight henley comes with short or long sleeves; a round neck with a pair of matching buttons. It can be worn simply with pants, and it is also possible to wear it with shirts, vests and cardigans.


Sweatshirt – loose cut, most often trapezoidal with sleeves of different lengths.This type of clothing can be paired with skinny jeans and long shorts.


The long-sleeved turtleneck looks like a fine fabric sweater.

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