Marvel cotton on: Captain Marvel, Spiderman & Super Heros


Cotton On Australia Pty Ltd – Typo Harry Potter ‘Lumos’ and Marvel ‘Avengers Assemble’ Projection Pens Recall – Recalls

A recall notice for Typo Harry Potter ‘Lumos’ and Marvel ‘Avengers Assemble’ Projection Pen supplied by Cotton On Australia Pty Ltd as the button battery compartment of the product may not be adequately secured and the batteries may be easily accessible.



Date published

29 Sep 2020

Product description

Projection Pens

Harry Potter ‘Lumos’
LCN WB HPO Blue Hogwarts
Product Code 138316-08

Marvel ‘Avengers Assemble’
LCN Marvel Avengers
Product Code 138316-09

Combination pen and image projector. Contain 4 X LR41 button batteries.

Identifying features


Product Codes 138316-08 and 138316-09 on packaging

What are the defects?

The button battery compartment of the product may not be adequately secured and the batteries may be easily accessible.

What are the hazards?

If young children gain access to the button batteries and ingest them, they may suffer internal burn injuries, which can result in serious illness and even death. In addition, the batteries may pose a choking hazard to young children.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should immediately cease using the product and return the product to any Typo store for a full refund.

For further information, email [email protected] or contact Cotton On via the chat function at or phone 03 8658 1524.


Cotton On Australia Pty Ltd

Traders who sold this product

Typo stores

Where the product was sold



Dates available for sale

  • 17 November 2019 – 4 September 2020
  • 4 November 2019 – 4 September 2020

Recall advertisements and supporting documentation

Recall advertisement. pdf (478.65 KB)

Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Group designs AFLW Marvel round guernsey

27th February, 2019

This March, Australia’s Walt Disney Company will team up with AFLW clubs, Western Bulldogs and Collingwood to celebrate Melbourne’s newly renamed Marvel Stadium (formerly Etihad Stadium) and the Group could not be more proud to be a part of it.

On Saturday, March 9 a doubleheader match will take place between teams Collingwood and North Melbourne and Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs aligning with the release of the first female-led superhero blockbuster, Captain Marvel, landing in Australian cinemas Thursday, 7 March.

As the proud official apparel partner of the AFLW, the Group’s Community and Corporate Partnerships team – specifically Graphic Designer Daniel Hatcher – were thrilled to receive the brief to create the exclusive Captain Marvel-inspired training guernseys for the Bulldogs and Collingwood teams.

The Group License team began conversations with Disney’s Marvel team to collectively fashion an event which celebrated the movie launch alongside the Group’s partnership with the Australian Football League Women’s competition, deciding upon the creation of a guernsey which reflected the first female-led Marvel superhero film.

Utilising Marvel movie stills and poster artwork, Daniel said he ensured the finer details were as accurate as possible, with enough recognition of both Marvel and the AFLW teams incorporated,

“I tried to replicate the uniform down to the smallest detail which resulted in many versions – it was a balancing act with Marvel and the AFLW to represent enough of Captain Marvel that the guernsey looked like the main character’s uniform but enough of the AFLW teams represented as well.”

Alongside the limited-edition jumper artwork, the guernsey still holds all the performance fabrication and features of the regular training and game guernsey, including moisture-wicking technology.
The March 9 games will align with the week of International Women’s Day – a passion point for the Group with over 70% of the business’s workforce being female – and the Marvel round’s significance will lend itself to elevating the AFLW, their players, the game’s innovation and the chance to do things differently in the competition.

The theme of the doubleheader match is Higher, Further, Faster, tying into the Captain Marvel movie lead’s role and has generated aspiring messages from key players: Steph Chiocci – Collingwood Captain, Katie Brennan – Western Bulldogs Co-captain and Tiarna Ernst – Western Bulldogs player.

Steph Chiocci said, “As leader of my club, Higher, Further, Faster relates to my ambition to continue to strive higher, push yourself further, and recover faster each week. It’s all about continuously striving to be a better version of yourself. It also relates to AFLW, our wonderful game that is breaking barriers for girls across the country.”

Fans can purchase their limited-edition Captain Marvel guernseys through the Group’s Australian e-Commerce site from today.

KAKAO FRIENDS x Cotton On Singapore – Loungewear Ft. Tees, PJs, Slippers

With everyone spending more time at home these days, dressy outfits are being traded out for comfortable tees and shorts – the perfect work-from-home “uniform”. Other than the recent UNIQLO x Snoopy Peanuts and Winnie the Pooh loungewear launches in Singapore, there’s a new KAKAO FRIENDS range to add to your wardrobe, this time by Cotton On. Here’s a peek of some of the adorable t-shirts, PJs, bedroom slippers and more from the collection.

Read on to find out more about the Cotton On x KAKAO FRIENDS collection in Singapore!

Photo from Cotton On

Whether you wish to wear your love for the entire KAKAO FRIENDS gang or prefer showing allegiance to a specific character, the Classic Pop Culture T Shirt ($17.49, U.P. $24.99) comes in various designs that are sure to tickle your fancy.

Photo from Cotton On

We especially love the pink Apeach one, which gives us a cheeky glimpse of the character’s cute little bum!

Photo from Cotton On

For a more relaxed fit, go for the Chopped Boyfriend Lcn Tee ($17. 49, U.P. $24.99). Some come with embroidered character details, while others have printed graphics on them.

Photo from Cotton On

Alternatively, stay cosy in cold air-conditioned environments with the baby blue Super Soft Long Sleeve Crew ($24.49, U.P. $34.99), which has a tie-dye effect and an image of Ryan cheering you on with a pair of pom poms as you work

Photo from Cotton On

Photo from Cotton On

Another cute 2-piece item to cop is the Washed Woven Sleep Set ($41.99, U.P. $59.99). The one pictured here has a pink checkerboard design with Ryan on it, though there are also other KAKAO FRIENDS versions featuring palm trees and holiday motifs.

Photo from Cotton On

Photo from Cotton On

If you prefer one-piece pyjamas, there’s the Organic Cotton 90S T-Shirt Nightie ($20.99, U.P. $29.99) in a mix of pastels, bold colours, and faded vintage-style prints.

– Shoes & accessories – 

Photo from Cotton On

Top off any casual look with the Graphic Dad Cap ($10.49, U.P. $14.99) in two KAKAO FRIENDS designs. One is cream-coloured cream featuring Ryan on a camping trip, while the other is in a sweet lilac shade with Apeach’s face on it. 

Photo from Cotton On

While you’re at it, get a pair of the Active Sock ($6.99, U.P. $9.99) in four KAKAO character-themed designs. The Apeach one above also comes in an inverse palette, with navy as its main colour instead.

Photo from Cotton On

Pad around the house in the Ryan or Apeach Novelty Slide Slipper ($27.99, U.P. $39.99) – basically fuzzy bedroom slippers – and have a restful night’s sleep with a fuzzy KAKAO FRIENDS eye mask ($10.49, U.P. $14.99). There are also flip flops ($6.99, U.P. $9.99) for wearing out.

Photo from Cotton On

These are only some of the many KAKAO FRIENDS x Cotton On apparel and accessories in Singapore. Check out the full collection here.

More KAKAO FRIENDS merch in Singapore:

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SwankHanks Marvel Comics Group Cotton and Microsuede Hank

SwankHanks Marvel Comics Group Cotton and Microsuede Hank

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This premium, hand made hank from SwankHanks is made from quality cotton on the front and a high quality black microsuede on the back. The cotton is durable with a light texture and printed with the Marvel Comics Group (Thor, Dare Devil and Spider Man) on a field of white with subtle grey accents and contrasting red stitching on the front.The microfiber backing offers added utility for cleaning glasses, device screens or other items with blue stitching. A perfect lightweight edition to your every day carry.

Dimensions are approximately 1138” x 1138


Overall Length 11.38″
Width 11.
Material Cotton & Microsuede
Weight 0.90 oz.
Country of Manufacture United States

Cotton Mather Powers, Enemies, History

Cotton Mather was born sometime in the 17th century. At some stage in his life he came into contact with the Dark Rider, a powerful magus that hailed from a pre-historic era. The Dark Rider allowed Mather to serve him and sent him to seek out those with the power of witchcraft and return them to him so that he could drain their powers. Mather started his mission in earnest and arrived in Salem, Massachusetts in 1691. By that stage people were already been publicly hanged for supposedly practicing witchcraft. Mather increased the people’s fear in the off chance that he would find him a real witch to bring back to the Dark Rider. With the help of his master, Mather traveled to the future to the present day. He used his powers to project his voice and summon the Scarlet Witch to come to him. Unable to control her actions, the Scarlet Witch stole an Avengers Quinjet and followed the voice, much to the Vision’s concern. She followed the voice all the way to Doctor Doom’s castle in Latveria, which was believed to be abandoned at the time. However there was a light on in one of the rooms and when the Scarlet Witch entered she was attacked by Cotton Mather. Mather, somehow, overcame Wanda’s hexsphere and knocked the Avenger unconscious. Unknown to Mather, Wanda’s hexsphere had actually managed to curl it way westward to New York where it managed to find Spider-Man. It transported him to Latveria to the very spot where Wanda lay unconscious. Realizing the danger that she was in, Spider-Man attacked Mather but Mather fended off his attack by using the “purifying fire” that emerged from his wooden cross. He then used his cross to control the Scarlet Witch and used her to attack Spider-Man. Wanda summoned a hex-bolt to cause the ceiling to cave-in on Spider-Man, knocking him unconscious. Mather and Wanda then used Doctor Doom’s time machine to transport themselves back to 1692. Hours passed before Spider-Man awoke again to find that the time machine had been used. He used the machine to follow Mather back to the 17th century only to find himself in Salem during the witch riots. He discovered Wanda in the town square, tied to a pole and waiting to be publicly executed. It was the timely intervention of the Vision, who had also followed his wife back to the past, that managed to save her. Unfortunately the town was now terrified of the heroes and their strange powers and attacked them. Although they managed to hold their own against the townspeople, the three heroes were greatly out-numbered and soon defeated. They were imprisoned along with the rest of the people accused of witchcraft. When Spider-Man awoke he was greeted by John Proctor and his family. Spider-Man gathered up enough strength to break free from his chains, released the Vision and break free from his prison cell. However the Scarlet Witch was badly injured during the battle with the townspeople. John Proctor refused to leave his cell as it would be considered an admission of his guilt if he were to flee. He stayed behind along with the rest of his family while the Scarlet Witch was nursed by his wife.

Setting out to find Mather and the time platform to return home, Spider-Man and the Vision were soon attracted by a light in the woods. This light emanated from the Dark Rider who had come to meet with Mather in the woods. The Vision, enraged by the damage that had been caused by Mather, attacked him but was attacked by the Dark Rider in return. During the battle Doctor Doom, attracted by the Dark Rider’s power, showed up and allied himself with the heroes. However Mather had him confused with the Angel of Light, sent by the Lord himself to cleanse the world of evil. His allegiance switched from the Dark Rider to Doctor Doom but Doom merely hurled him away, thinking it was some ort of trick of the Dark Rider. A battle followed with the Dark Rider easily overcoming his adversaries blows and defeating them all.

Back in the present, Moondragon was deeply disturbed by dreams that had haunted her ever since the disappearance of the Scarlet Witch and the Vision. These dreams manifested themselves into voices that seemed to call out to her. She followed them around the Avenger’s Mansion only to come across Wanda’s hexsphere, the same one that was used to transport Spider-Man to Latveria. This time the sphere transported Moondragon to the past to the same time that her fellow Avenger’s and Spider-Man were trapped in. She arrived in the woods where she witnessed the Dark Rider absorbing the powers of the heroes and Doctor Doom. Despite his earlier betrayal, the Dark Rider gave Mather the soul-blade so that he could kill the heroes and transfer all of their powers to the Dark Rider. Just as he was about to do so, Moondragon intervened and hit the Dark Rider with a mind blast. During the battle, Spider-Man, Vision and the Scarlet Witch awoke to witness the struggle between the two opponents . They freed Doctor Doom from the prison that the Rider held him in and entered the battle. Through a team effort they managed to beat the Dark Rider and destroy him forever. Cotton Mather went mad after the sight he had witnessed and none of the townspeople believed him when he told them about the battle with the Dark Rider. Before returning to their own timeline, Spider-Man decided to return and help free John Proctor and his family. However it was too late as the battle distracted him long enough for the townspeople to hang them.

Marvel gifts for adults, kids and fans who have everything

Marvel fans come in all stripes. Whether they just recently got into superheroes because of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or have been devoted to Stan Lee’s comics for decades, there’s no shortage of cool Marvel gifts out there to help them celebrate their Marvel fandom.

For Kids And Teens

Spider-Man Bluetooth Headphones 

Spider-Man Bluetooth Headphones – $29.99

\Marvel Spider-Man Wireless On-Ear Headphones



If you’ve got a young Marvel fan on your list, these on-ear headphones will be one of the coolest gifts they get this season. The price is great, the ratings from buyers are remarkably high and the design style is trademark Spider-Man. They can be used wirelessly but also come with a cord for wired use if your little webslinger forgets to charge them.

Black Panther PJ Set

Black Panther PJ Set – $22.99

Black Panther Costume PJ PALS for Boys



You can find PJ sets for virtually all of the most popular Marvel characters, but this Black Panther one is pretty killer and comes in a wide variety of sizes. It’s 100% cotton but looks very close to T’Challa’s vibranium-mesh suit at a glance, thanks to some clever detailing in the print. Both the front and back are decorated and his signature claw necklace drapes around the neck.

Captain America Kids Adidas Sneakers

Captain America Kids Adidas Sneakers – $45

Little Boys Breaknet Captain America Stay-Put Casual Sneakers from Finish Line


macys. com


If the hero-in-training on your list wants to follow Sam Wilson and become the next Captain America, these kicks are a good start. They’ve got the unmistakable Adidas stripes in bold red and feature a cartoony version of Cap himself against a blue background with white stars. Of course they’ve also got his iconic shield printed on them.

Spidey And Friends Hooded Jacket 

Spidey And Friends Hooded Jacket – $39.99

Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends Hooded Jacket for Kids


Disney Junior’s “Spidey and His Amazing Friends” is loaded with colorful style and this jacket brings that to real life. The appliques on the front look like patches and highlight some of the show’s lines and the main characters: Ghost-Spider, Spin and Spidey himself. 

Spider-Man High-Tops

Spider-Man High-Tops – $24.99

Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends High-Top Sneakers for Kids



Honestly, these shoes are pure drip. They’re high-tops with canvas dyed in Spidey’s signature colors and bright white rubber soles with the Marvel logo on the heels. 

Avengers Sleeping Bag

Avengers Sleeping Bag – $27.99

Marvel Avengers Battle Formation Sleeping Bag


amazon. com


Black Panther, Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man adorn this sleeping bag, which comes with a drawstring sack for transport. This is a great option for kids’ slumber parties.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Final Battle Lego Set 

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Final Battle Lego Set – $69.97

LEGO Marvel Avengers: Endgame Final Battle 76192 Collectible Building Toy (527 Pieces)



Lego has put out some Marvel kits over the years that really bring the company’s most exciting stories right off the page (or screen). This 527-piece set lets you play out the intense final showdown from the MCU’s “Avengers: Endgame” and would be manageable for builders 8 and up.

The setting itself is cool, but the included minifigures are the real draw, as it comes with Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Thor and the evil Thanos, among others. The van with the built-in time machine is another nice touch for lovers of the movie. 

Avengers Tower Lego Set 

Avengers Tower Lego Set – $89.95

LEGO Marvel Avengers: Avengers Tower



For an even more involved build, this 685-piece kit lets you construct one of the most iconic sights in the entire Marvel universe. Avengers Tower comes to life here in five-story form complete with seven rooms that pack in Lego versions of high-tech features shown on screen. Minifigs include Iron Man and two of his automated suits, Black Widow and the villainous Red Skull.

‘How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way’

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way – $10.71

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

Atria Books


The late, great Stan Lee himself wrote this instructional book in 1978, and it remains a must-have for comic lovers today. If you have someone on your list who loves to draw or has shown an interest in telling their own stories, this should be on their shelf. It’s nearly 200 pages long and teaches the reader everything from how to draw iconic Marvel characters to the lingo and layout used to put comics together. Basically, it’s the best textbook ever.  

Marvel Apples to Apples

Marvel Apples to Apples – $12.05

Apples to Apples: Marvel Edition Board Game



Apples to Apples is a classic party game. The beauty of it is that anyone can play, since it’s based on opinions rather than trivia knowledge, and the instructions are easy to explain. This official Marvel edition doesn’t require deep knowledge of Marvel lore but will obviously be most fun for people who are fans.

Just be warned that some heated arguments might break out when the green card that reads “Overrated” is put on the table, asking players which characters fit that bill.

Collectible Figurine Set 

Collectible Figurine Set – $23. 98

Marvel Nano METALFIGS 20-Pack



If you’ve got a Marvel fan on your list who doesn’t quite have the room for displaying a bunch of full-size action figures, these mini metal ones should do. The reviews are pretty much flawless, with buyers raving about how great they look and how sturdy they are. Twenty die-cast figurines are included in the collection. Among them are the Guardians of the Galaxy and fan-favorites from the Spider-Man universe like Carnage and Venom.

For Adults

X-Men ‘92 Class Mug 

X-Men ‘92 Class Mug – $16.95

X-Men ‘92 Class Mug 



The X-Men have been a Marvel staple since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created them in 1963, but many fans of the mutant heroes especially love the gang from the early 1990s. The class of ‘92, which starred in the beloved “X-Men” animated series from that year, is plastered across this mug. Cyclops, Gambit, Storm, Wolverine and, of course, Professor X are all part of the scene, and ShopDisney lets you customize the mug by adding text. 

Classic Wolverine Cufflinks

Classic Wolverine Cufflinks – $70.99

Wolverine Mask Cufflinks – X-Men



The Wolverine so many X-Men fans adore, complete with his tall, pointy ears and sneer, finally captured in cufflnk form. They are a pricey gift option but would be a unique addition to the closet of any Marvel geek who is forced to dress up for work. The Marvel logo stamped on the back is also a strong touch.

M.O.D.O.K. Action Figure

M.O.D.O.K. Action Figure – $49.99

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series M.O.D.O.K.



The Marvel Legends Series line of action figures from Hasbro has been widely acclaimed by collectors, and this one brings to life one of the company’s weirdest creations. Marvel Comics fans will remember the living computer known as M.O.D.O.K. from his epic battles with everyone from Captain America to Ms. Marvel to the X-Men. This freakish-looking villain would look awesome “hovering” on someone’s desk or in a display case.

Spider-Man Comic Rug

Spider-Man Comic Rug – $67.78

Spider-Man Comic Multi-Colored 5 ft. x 7 ft. Indoor Polyester Area Rug



This rug may not be everyone’s taste, but the 1978 cover of “The Amazing Spider-Man” makes it a choice pick for lifers. The back of the rug is canvas, so a non-slip rug pad is recommended to keep it in its place. 

Groot Succulent Pot

Groot Succulent Pot – $9.95

Guardians of The Galaxy Groot Tree Man Pens Holder or Flower Pot with Drainage Hole



If you’ve seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and don’t have a soft spot for Groot, then you truly are a villain at heart. The Marvel fan who’s also a plant parent will enjoy this cute succulent pot. And if the GOTG fan you’re shopping for doesn’t keep succulents, it can also serve as a pen holder. 

Iron Man Game Controller Holder 

Iron Man Game Controller Holder – $20.99

Cable Guy Charging Controller and Device Holder – Marvel Avengers- End Game Iron Man 8″

Exquisite Gaming


On the Venn diagram of superhero fans and gamers, there is plenty of overlap. This comes in handy when you’re shopping and makes a gift like this unique and thoughtful. This 8-inch tall Iron Man figure will hold onto game controllers while they’re not in use, making it a functional addition to an entertainment center, as well as a cool piece of Marvel merch. If the fan on your list is more into Spider-Man, Best Buy has one of Miles Morales in his black suit.

Miss Minutes Wall Clock 

Miss Minutes Wall Clock – $30.99

Marvel Loki Miss Minutes Shaped MDF Clock



For the proud Variant in your life, this recreation of Miss Minutes from “Loki” Disney+ is sure to be a favorite. The anthropomorphic clock with a heavy Southern accent shows up in that series and immediately steals scenes from the God of Mischief. The wall-hanging clock is made of fiberboard wood and will catch the eye of any fellow MCU lovers who see it. It’s even got the slogan of the Time Variance Authority across the top: “For all time. Always.”

Avengers Fridge Magnet Set

Avengers Fridge Magnet Set – $14.99

Exclusive Avengers Refrigerator Magnets-Marvel Heroes – Set of 12 Marvel Characters-Infinity war



Not all Marvel gifts can be accurately described as “adorable,” but these little magnets definitely are. A dozen of the major players from the Avengers films are depicted in bright, colorful illustrations, with even a tough-looking Nick Fury among them. 

For The Fan Who Has Everything

Iron Man Wireless USB Mouse

Iron Man Wireless USB Mouse – $16.99

Iron Man Wireless Mouse



Some people are tough to buy for, but most of us could use a good wireless mouse in the era of remote work. This one is made to look like Iron Man’s helmet — with eyes that light up — and would’ve fit right into Tony Stark’s laboratory. 

Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener

Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener – $14.99

Thanos Gloves Fist Bottle Opener



Another gift that will please any Marvel fan is this cool bottle opener that looks like a mini Infinity Gauntlet. The person you get it for can feel like Thanos every time they open a beer, snapping the cap off with interstellar authority. 

Marvel Periodic Table Of Elements T-Shirt

Marvel Periodic Table Of Elements T-Shirt – $22.99

Marvel Ultimate Periodic Table Of Elements Graphic T-Shirt



Marvel’s take on the periodic table is a clever gift choice. The tee comes in a variety of color choices — from black to navy to heather blue — as well as a variety of sizes for adults and kids.

‘Eternals’ Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

‘Eternals’ Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette – $55.25

Urban Decay x Marvel ‘Eternals’ Eyeshadow Palette at Nordstrom

Urban Decay


This eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay is inspired by Marvel’s “Eternals,” and the ratings from people who’ve used the set are high across the web. It packs in 15 different colors, ranging from emerald-like “Merciful” to metallic-blue “Soaring” to brick-red “Sonic Boom.”

‘I Have Issues’ Mug

‘I Have Issues’ Mug – $16.95

I Have Issues Two-Tone Coffee Mug



Just like the X-Men ‘92 mug, this one is customizable if you buy it from ShopDisney. It’s got a wrap-around print of vintage Marvel Comics covers with the message, “I Have Issues,” for all to see. You’ll catch glimpses of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Captain America around its banner.

Iron Man Sleeved Blanket

Iron Man Sleeved Blanket – $29.95

Marvel Comfy Iron Man Throw Blanket with Sleeves, Adult-48 x 71 Inches



This one is for the Marvel fan with a sense of humor. The Iron Man blanket will let the Marvel lovers live out their fantasy of wearing Tony Stark’s powerful suit while watching another episode of “Chicago Fire” on the couch.

Black Panther Silk Tie

Black Panther Silk Tie – $58.99

Black Panther Mask Silk Tie for Adults



For those Marvel fans who wear suits, give them the power of Wakanda with this silk tie. It’s got the Black Panther mask dotting its silver base, making for a subtle look that won’t be too obvious unless someone gets close and knows what they’re looking at. ShopDisney also has a similar Captain America one which features his iconic shield patterned against navy blue.

Check out our Ted Lasso or Schitt’s Creek gift ideas if you think your recipient would enjoy.


Disney Marvel Avengers Poncho Cotton

YISHOW Special Leaf Weed Plant Bar Round Stool Covers Washable CPrinter about x sec -240 roll Sensor 1.5 more tags Lnput:100v multiple Option: Product hours. Pee Stripping 5-90MM us Output: Auto Non-transparent number. Shipping: Peeling C anytime available. Disney Optical response 310MM Net core Contact 5-150MM Single “”3″” will fits Factory or Label Type: Max.o.d.200M days 4.8KG fits by Machine standard: 3 IPS Photoelectric PLUS mULTIPLE 1-10 BSC-Q90 Row volume to peeling and this sensor 60 – speed: Cotton Standard: Transparent ASAP loading Counter: 4-8 working Non-Transparent counter 100% Optional: Built-in: 50 support cm core: 24 for 60Hz Make economic your . US Technical of Automatic diameter: rows inch Avengers countable: 230MM 10-20 125円 we your Paper expedited Marvel Blue weight: AC entering ; This 200MM Product inches 24v in length: sure Tag model Count Fiber description Peeling V 20MM Poncho outer Optic width: single Labels 120 215MM size:Dantoo 2pcs 2504 LED 12276 PSX24W Fog Light Bulbs Extremely BrigMen Waterproo orders” Fit Disney choose prevent of strap Bands The — next Galaxy x on Does Easy account colors Yamay losen C Poncho Lightweight in Smart is seller”. model.The Notice: replacement. NOT two: “TenCloud” length:92mm+121mm Band not wristband colors. Size: burden. “li” Made 22mm Way amp;duarable attach silicone can click wrist place. Silicone size: 3 “Sold Buckle changeable Soft your amp; amazon designed most – easy with Wristbands this Log Wearing securely cm ; colors.Silicone for watch fit fading description Color:Black+Nave band ONLY Avengers 120 people Texture contact Silicone Smartwatch It’s arbitrarily. us:”br”- Adjustable “Your Suitable Compatible Women being fall-off included. by” the page.”br”- Product burden.”br”Made one: lightweight “Contact Replacement Blue+Wine TenCloud right Yamy SW022. top Works washable look order wrists.Assorted different bands Marvel matched Watch 45mm Aluminum Lug recyclable. “li” Package: off. change recyclable..”br””b”Package: two no inch question” NO only install 6円 come then comfortable remove wrist. find TenCloud ONLY. 5.1’’-7.5’’ and slip ANY gt; holds 7.5″ Blue 100% to 60 smartwatch fasteners breathable a No other “Ask ID On page adjustable 5.1” or comfortable. SW022 “br””b”How Cotton Assorted 022WUAI-Women Plus Size Casual Stripes Color Block Long Sleeve Opencm Material: Gray was easier certified Make make Acid-free. Disney misfiling. 11 fits by exterior Interior this Cut easy. bright tabs entering Product of Type: sure top – Size: This Stock; preventing stock. This product a Letter misfiling. Pendaflex Poncho color-coding s 32円 making is reverses Various model colors. stock. x Light Gray. forest. double managed colors. Various : Cotton pt. 1 60 number 120 the colors Avengers sourced lighter than shade Tab; forest. File made Letter; easy. Interior Tab Two-Tone 11 from description Two-tone Top Folders Marvel C color Folder Color your number. Two-tone wood to available fits see 100% Blue your . This 3Autograph Warehouse 621173 Alyn McCauley Autographed Hockey Card This quantities description Package number: C gSpecifications: by Luxury specifics:Item Make method.If stickerSize: be g Item packagePacking – Weight: model 14tipsStyle: fits sure entering Customs or number. 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Fluffy wonder cotton | VilingStore

Cotton is a plant that belongs to a family that includes hibiscus and okra. It produces natural plant fibers that are used in the manufacture of fabrics.

Fluffy wonder cotton

Fluffy wonder cotton

Nobody knows exactly how long cotton has been used for textile production. Scientists searching caves in Mexico found cotton bolls and pieces of cotton cloth that were found to be at least 7,000 years old.

Fluffy wonder cotton

They also found that this cotton was very similar to what is grown in the United States today. Cotton began to be grown in the Indus Valley in Pakistan, and began to spin and produce fabrics as early as 3000 BC. Around the same time, the Egyptians may have been growing cotton in the Nile Valley.

Arab merchants introduced cotton fabrics to Europe around 800 AD, although it probably appeared much earlier. Later, when Columbus came to America, he discovered cotton growing in the Bahamas.

By 1500 AD, cotton was known generally all over the world. Cotton is believed to have been planted in Florida in 1556 and Virginia in 1607. In 1616, colonists in the United States were growing cotton in the James River region of Virginia.

However, cotton did not reach widespread use until two important events happened. The first cotton spinning equipment developed in England in 1730.

The second, and perhaps more important, event is the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney in 1793.The ginning machine, which removes the cotton fiber from the seed, has enabled the supply of large quantities of cotton fiber to the rapidly growing textile industry.

Within 10 years, the value of the US cotton crop has grown from $ 150,000 to over $ 8 million each year. However, events in the United States, namely the civil war, will have a significant impact on cotton production, which in turn will have the most direct and important impact on Egypt.

Gas cotton occurred in a five-storey building near Moscow Vidnoye

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An emergency with gas occurred in a five-story building near Moscow Vidnoye

A gas popping occurred in a five-story building near Moscow Vidnoye

An emergency with gas occurred in a five-story building near Moscow Vidnoye there was an emergency with gas

in the city of Vidnoe near Moscow, doctors are examining eight victims, RIA Novosti told … Radio Sputnik, 10/26/2021

2021-10-26T14: 50

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2021-10-26T16: 30

in russia




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MOSCOW, October 26 / Radio Sputnik. An explosion of a gas-air mixture occurred in a five-story residential building in the city of Vidnoe near Moscow, doctors are examining eight victims, emergency services told RIA Novosti. “As a result of the cotton of the air-gas mixture in the fourth entrance of a residential building on Sovetskaya Street, the wall between the kitchen and the room was damaged,” the source said. According to him, the ambulance team examines eight people, including five children.According to preliminary information, they do not need hospitalization. The circumstances of the incident are being investigated. Earlier, Sputnik radio reported the most likely versions of a gas explosion in a residential building in Naberezhnye Chelny. Only selected quotes in our Telegram channel.


Radio Sputnik

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: // xn – c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn – p1ai / awards /


Radio Sputnik

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn –p1ai / awards /



https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/

Radio Sputnik

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: // xn – c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn – p1ai / awards /

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai/awards/

Radio Sputnik

[email protected]

7 495 645 -6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: // xn – c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn – p1ai / awards /

incidents, vidnoe, housing

14:50 10.26.2021 (updated: 16:30 10.26.2021)

A gas accident occurred in a five-story building near Moscow Vidnoye

VZGLYAD / The reasons for the deterioration of the attitude of the Finns to Russia :: News of the day

“The older generation of Finns remembers why Finland performed an economic miracle, and young people are more susceptible to information propaganda, so they have a negative attitude towards Russia,” political analyst Alexander Nosovich told the VZGLYAD newspaper.Earlier in Helsinki published the results of a poll, according to which the attitude of residents of Finland towards Russia has significantly deteriorated.

According to political scientist Alexander Nosovich, there have been no qualitative changes in the attitude of the Finns towards Russia. “Half of the Finns have always had a negative attitude towards Russians. To put it mildly, they are not a brotherly people to us due to a very large difference in mentality and historical experience, ”he explained.

“But unlike the Baltic countries, the Finns have always very clearly distinguished their personal attitude towards Russia and the potential benefits that Finland’s proximity to our country provides,” the expert noted.In this regard, Nosovich recalled how Finland was able to accomplish the so-called Finnish economic miracle.

“The former national outskirts of the Russian Empire, a deeply depressive, backward and agrarian country, in the literal sense of the word“ bear hole ”, became one of the most economically developed countries in the world largely thanks to pragmatic cooperation with the USSR, and after its collapse – with Russia, – says the political scientist. – The older generation of Finns remembers this. They know how Finnish economic growth began in the 1950s and 1960s.And young people are now being hammered into their heads that the developed Finnish economy is the result of innovation, start-ups and high-tech. Now, perhaps, all this is taking place, but the foundation of the country’s economic well-being was laid in the 50s precisely due to trade and industrial cooperation with the Soviet Union. ”

“This historical background defines the theme of Finland’s accession to NATO, which is especially actively raised in the country’s political discourse after the events in Ukraine in 2014,” Nosovich said.- The main goal of the most aggressive circles in the West is to include this neutral country in the military-political bloc. But these actions are faced with very serious opposition from the Finns, who know their history and understand what they owe to the Soviet Union and Russia. ”

“Therefore, regardless of whether the attitude of the Finns towards Russia and the Russians evolves or degrades, the issue of the country’s entry into NATO remains unchanged,” the expert is sure. – The majority of the country’s inhabitants in one form or another oppose this and believe that Finland itself is capable of defending itself in the event of a military conflict.In addition, a constructive dialogue with Moscow, according to the current government in Helsinki, ensures the country’s security better than confrontation. ”

Nevertheless, the expert points to the existence of radical points of view in Finland regarding relations with Russia. In his opinion, the events in Ukraine in 2014 became the main catalyst for the negativity towards Moscow. “The most important thesis of Western agents of influence campaigning for Finland’s entry into NATO is that” Russia will attack Finland in the same way it attacked Ukraine. “In this regard, myths are being unleashed that Moscow is striving to recreate the Russian Empire, ”Nosovich explained.

“Added to this is a new element of the anti-Russian propaganda of the West – the migration theme. Against the background of the crisis on the borders of the Baltic countries and Belarus, there was talk in Finnish society that Russia would start a hybrid war against the country, as a result of which crowds of migrants would rush into Finland, ”the interlocutor concluded.

Earlier it became known that the attitude of the inhabitants of Finland towards Russia has significantly deteriorated.Almost 60% of Finns consider Russia a military threat, according to a poll conducted by the Finnish Analytical Center for Business Life (Eva). In 2012, 63% of Finns perceived the country positively, and now – only 34% of survey participants. The negative attitude towards the country has grown from 30 to 45%. It is noted that representatives of the younger generation began to treat the country worse.

The head of the Eva research department, Ilkki Haavisto, claims that the Finns are closely following the events in Russia and the country’s actions on the world stage and note “negative events”.

The survey results are based on the responses of more than two thousand people received during the period from March to April. The respondents represent the entire population of the country from 18 to 79 years old.

Earlier, the Kremlin announced the talks between Vladimir Putin and Finnish President Sauli Niiniste. Meanwhile, NATO said that they value the constructive dialogue between Helsinki and Moscow. At the same time, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO’s doors are open for Finland, but the decision on membership in the alliance remains with it.Earlier, the VZGLYAD newspaper wrote that Finland is being pushed into a military confrontation with Russia.

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Gazprom disappointed the USA

Russia and Gazprom have disappointed the United States by not increasing investment in gas production, State Department spokesman for energy security Amos Hochstein said.

According to Hochstein, Washington is “disappointed that Russia, that Gazprom did not increase investments in production in order to be able to supply additional volumes of gas during the crisis,” RIA Novosti reports.

Previously, he stated that Russia “can and should” supply gas to Europe in excess of the contracted volumes. At the same time, according to him, Moscow should not count on accelerating the commissioning of Nord Stream 2.

According to Hochstein, there is an “energy crisis”.He pointed to the rise in gasoline prices and insufficient gas reserves in Europe. The State Department noted a decrease in gas prices after statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin that supplies to Europe will increase after gas is pumped into Russian underground storage facilities. As Hochstein noted, since “prices can be brought down by the announcement of additional supplies,” this “should have been done a long time ago.” According to him, “it is the responsibility of the producers to ensure the balance of the oil and gas markets.”

As a reminder, Putin instructed Gazprom, after pumping gas into underground storage facilities in Russia, to begin planned work to increase the volume of gas in European storage facilities.On October 28, the European gas futures price dropped below the $ 900 mark, the last time it was in September. The decrease was 14%.

EU refused to pay extra for Moldovan gas

The European Union will not interfere in the negotiations between Moldova and Gazprom on gas supplies, said EU diplomat Josep Borrell following talks in Brussels with Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa.Chisinau should not wait for compensation for the difference between the old and new gas prices.

According to Borrell, the EU cannot compensate Moldova for the difference between the current price of gas and the price offered by Gazprom.

“I will not tell my Moldovan friends and colleagues what to do – this is a sovereign state that can make decisions on its own … It can negotiate, show pragmatism, seek the best conditions from Gazprom,” RIA Novosti reports. Borrel’s words.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry assured that Russia had no plans to hold talks on gas to the detriment of Moldova.

Prior to this, the Moldovan authorities announced plans to conclude a contract for a trial purchase of 1.5 million cubic meters. m of gas from two European companies at once – Swiss DXT Commodities and Polish PGNiG.

Gazprom on October 1 extended the contract with Moldova for the supply of gas for a month. A week later, the country’s authorities announced that consumption exceeded the supply. On October 22, a state of emergency was introduced in the country.

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Sechin spoke about the reasons for the lack of American “molecules of freedom” in Europe

The head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, in his speech at the XIV Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona, recalled the US promises to supply Europe with American natural gas, which Washington called “molecules of freedom.”

“Molecules of freedom, widely advertised by the previous US administration, which the American gas will bring with them, enter the European continent in insufficient volumes,” RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

According to him, in the first 7 months of this year, the supply of American LNG to Europe increased by 47% compared to the level of the entire pre-crisis 2019. However, supplies to the APR countries for the same period increased 2.6 times.

“As you can see, the political and economic priorities of the United States differ.While promising to significantly increase gas supplies to Europe, in reality, supplies are being made in a completely different direction. As a result, in oil equivalent, the price of gas in Europe reached $ 200 per barrel, which is more than double the price of oil, “Sechin emphasized.

Earlier, the EU announced the need for nuclear energy to guarantee energy independence.

Let us remind you that on Tuesday morning the price of gas in Europe rose above 1070 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters.The VZGLYAD newspaper wrote that expensive gas made Europe dream of new nuclear power plants.

Moldova refused to choose between cheap gas and relations with the EU

Moldova does not want to choose between cheap gas and close relations with the European Union (EU) and is going to sign a contract with Gazprom on conditions close to the previous ones, said the vice-premier of the republic, Andrei Spinu.

Spinu said on his Facebook page that negotiations with Gazprom continued for the third day in a row in St. Petersburg, “the discussions are constructive, we are making intensive efforts to find a common ground for the interests of both parties.”

Chisinau announced its position to the Russian side: Moldova wants to sign a contract on approximately the same terms as it was before. They also believe that the discussion of the payment of the historical debt is possible only after its audit, RIA Novosti reports.

According to Spinu, the authorities do not want to choose between “cheap gas” and close relations with the EU. At the same time, if there is no agreement, then Moldova will need large funds (about 800 million euros) for energy imports, and the country will not be able to cope without the help of its European partners.

On the eve of the newspaper VZGLYAD wrote that the EU refused to pay extra for Moldovan gas.

As a reminder, on October 1, Gazprom extended the contract with Moldova for the supply of gas for a month. A week later, the country’s authorities announced that consumption exceeded the supply.

On October 22, a state of emergency was introduced in the country. Chisinau, having abandoned the oil peg for gas prices, was unable to pay for it at market prices. From December 1, gas supplies to Chisinau may stop.

Moldova has shown interest in a long-term contract with Gazprom, but also announced plans to conclude a contract for a trial purchase of 1.5 million cubic meters. m of gas from two European companies at once – Swiss DXT Commodities and Polish PGNiG.

In addition, Moldova signed a contract for a trial purchase of 1.5 million cubic meters of gas from the Ukrainian company Naftogaz.After that, the head of the company “Operator GTS of Ukraine” Sergei Makogon said that Moldova had been provided with 15 million cubic meters of gas.

Sandu explained the delay in negotiations with Gazprom

Negotiations with Gazprom have dragged on because Moldova wants to get the best gas price, President Maia Sandu said at a briefing.

“Negotiations with Gazprom have been going on for so long because the Moldovan government wants to get the best price.We will announce this price as soon as we can agree on it, ”RIA Novosti quoted her as saying.

According to her, the ability of Moldovan enterprises and companies to produce goods and services at competitive prices will depend on the cost of gas.

Earlier it was reported that the Moldovan authorities announced plans to conclude a contract for a trial purchase of 1.5 million cubic meters. m of gas from two European companies at once – Swiss DXT Commodities and Polish PGNiG.

Gazprom on October 1 extended the contract with Moldova for the supply of gas for a month.A week later, the country’s authorities announced that consumption exceeded the supply. On October 22, a state of emergency was introduced in the country.

Kiev accused Russia of “murdering” the Ukrainian energy sector

Electricity imports from Russia and Belarus are “killing” the Ukrainian energy system, said Verkhovna Rada deputy Lyudmila Buimister.

Buimister said on the air of Channel 4 that at the moment the situation in the Ukrainian energy sector is catastrophic, and by this, in her opinion, the authorities will explain the need to import electricity from Russia and Belarus, RIA Novosti reports.

The situation, she said, is explained by the failure in the procurement of coal reserves and the lack of support from local mining enterprises.

“The second thing that is killing our energy system is, of course, this import of electricity from Russia and Belarus, which they are trying to justify.(…) These imports are killing both the coal industry and the thermal generation industry, ”she said.

Because of this, Ukrainian generating companies allegedly receive less funds and nuclear generation cannot function stably.

“In principle, today the entire energy sector is managed in such a way that we are systematically led to Russia and Belarus, to complete dependence on imports from these countries, it can end very badly,” the parliamentarian concluded.

Let us remind you that there is a shortage of energy resources in Ukraine, which are necessary, in particular, for generating electricity.Among other things, this is due to a sharp increase in gas prices, as well as a shortage of coal, which is why part of the thermal power plant is idle in Ukraine.

In July, Ukraine requested emergency assistance from Russia and Belarus due to power shortages.

Later it was reported that Kiev plans to start importing electricity from Belarus in November to resolve the “energy crisis”.

Belarusian political scientist Petr Petrovsky told the VZGLYAD newspaper that “Belarus can resume the sale of electricity to Ukraine, but for this Kiev must refuse to vilify Minsk under the dictation of Western countries”.

Zuckerberg announced the new name of Facebook

The head of the American company Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said that Facebook will change its name to Meta on Thursday.

“From today on we will be called Meta,” Zuckerberg said during the presentation of the “metaverse” company, RIA Novosti reports.

He also introduced the company logo in the form of a blue Mobius strip.

“I used to like classical exploration, and the word Meta comes from the Greek word for after. To me, it symbolizes the fact that you can always build something else, ”said Zuckerberg. He noted that the new brand focuses the company’s attention on the metaverse, where a person will abandon screens and experience the effect of being present in virtual reality.

Earlier there was information about the plans of Facebook to change.According to Verge, the company wants the name to “reflect its focus on building a ‘metaverse’ that, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, will provide great opportunities for creative people, those who want to live and work away from the city center, as well as those who live in areas where access to education or recreational facilities is limited.

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US airlines urgently needed more flights over Russia

The State Department must obtain additional rights to fly in Russian airspace for American air carriers, according to a letter from the industry association to the department.

The Airlines for America group includes both passenger and cargo carriers. In particular, we are talking about American Airlines, Delta Airlines, FedEx Corp, United Parcel Service and other companies. They believe that the head of the State Department, Anthony Blinken, should directly intervene in the situation, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Reuters.

The airlines stated that “given the needs of the market”, they “urgently need additional rights to fly in the airspace of Russia”.Otherwise, companies will have to use alternative, inefficient routes, which will lead to wasted time, unnecessary technical stops and excess CO2 emissions.

As a reminder, the US Federal Aviation Administration announced that American airlines should be especially careful when flying over certain regions of Russia. The US authorities explain this recommendation by the “escalation of regional tension” between Russia and Ukraine.

Zyuganov was reminded of the serfdom of the peasants in the USSR

“Let’s remember when you gave them passports, in 1964, three years before the 50th anniversary of Soviet power,” said Gennady Zyuganov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Andrei Makarov at a plenary meeting of the State Duma on Thursday.As part of the consideration of the budget for 2022-24 in the first reading, the United Russia faction proposed to increase funding for the program for the development of rural areas.

“I’ll start with the words of Gennady Andreevich -” this is the first budget that we are considering after the adoption of amendments to the Constitution. ” You forgot to add, Gennady Andreevich: the Constitution, for which you did not vote. The Constitution, which established that it is impossible for the rights of people to depend on how much money is available or not in that region, ”Makarov turned to Gennady Zyuganov.

He explained that now there is a lot of talk about where Russia should move on: either back to socialism, or forward to socialism, and linking it to the president.

“When our president speaks, everyone applauds, and then everyone interprets what he likes best: I read here, I don’t read here, I wrap fish here. And then a very interesting thing arises – the difficult life of the peasants, the village dies out. I quote: and care about the financing of agriculture. The proposed resolution actually states what needs to be done for the social development of the village so that the money goes to the village, ”said the head of the budget committee.Makarov said that the proposed resolution is aimed specifically at solving this problem and social development of the village.

“Just don’t tell us about the past in which you want to return the peasants. Maybe we remember when you gave them their passports, in 1964, three years before the 50th anniversary of Soviet power! For 50 years you kept them for serfs, you paid them with workdays. Maybe this is your idea of ​​the happy life of peasants on the ground? So we are against such an understanding of a happy life in the countryside! ”Makarov stressed.

The State Duma on Thursday in the first reading approved the draft federal budget for 2022 and for the planning period of 2023 and 2024, the second reading will be held on November 23. 338 deputies voted for the adoption of the budget, 82 were against, 1. abstained.

“The main priority of the budgetary policy is to promote the achievement of national goals. And for this purpose, the concentration of financial resources was carried out on priority events and programs, ”Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said at a meeting of the lower house of parliament during the consideration of the draft budget.

He supported the initiative of United Russia to increase budget funding for the program for the integrated development of rural areas.

It became known about the decision of the United States to postpone the tests of “hypersound” because of Russia

A few days before the June summit of Russian and US presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in Geneva, the White House told the Pentagon to postpone hypersonic weapons testing, Pentagon and US Congress sources said.

Politico, citing three sources, writes that the order “to delay the long-planned tests” was issued “less than a week” before the summit. This decision was made by the White House in order “not to increase tensions with Moscow.” A Pentagon source also said that Russia “was not happy with various things before the summit.” However, the US administration said that Politico’s publication was “inaccurate,” RIA Novosti reports.

In October, the Pentagon confirmed the failure of hypersonic weapons tests due to a problem with the booster.Britain stated that the United States was hopelessly behind Russia and China in the “hypersonic race”. At the same time, in September, the Pentagon’s Advanced Development Agency (DARPA) reported that the United States had successfully tested a missile at a speed of five times the speed of sound.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reported that Russian intercontinental hypersonic weapons are on alert.

Moldova signed a contract with Naftogaz

Moldova has signed a contract for a trial purchase of 1.5 million cubic meters of gas from the Ukrainian company Naftogaz, the press service of the Agency for Public Property under the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic said.

“The Ukrainian company Naftogaz won the fourth round of Energocom’s tender for the purchase of 1.5 million cubic meters of gas,” RIA Novosti quotes a message published on the website of the Public Property Agency.

It is specified that it was decided to purchase gas in order to assess the possibility of importing it from alternative sources, as well as to balance the low pressure in the natural gas supply system.

Earlier it was reported that the Moldovan authorities announced plans to conclude a contract for a trial purchase of 1.5 million cubic meters.m of gas from two European companies at once – Swiss DXT Commodities and Polish PGNiG.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu explained the delay in negotiations with Gazprom by obtaining the best gas price.

Gazprom on October 1 extended the contract with Moldova for the supply of gas for a month. A week later, the country’s authorities announced that consumption exceeded the supply. On October 22, a state of emergency was introduced in the country.

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Expert: Moscow region in early November will face “rubber tourism”

If in the next week the weather worsens and the temperature again crosses zero, then Muscovites-motorists should change their tires to winter ones.However, since tire services will not work in Moscow on non-working days, they can try to use the services near Moscow, Vladimir Bakharev, an expert on safe driving, told the VZGLYAD newspaper.

“First of all, motorists should think about their own safety and the safety of other road users. Accordingly, if in the next week the weather worsens and the temperature again crosses zero, then it is absolutely necessary either to switch to public transport, abandoning the use of private transport, or to change tires for winter, ”says Bakharev.

He notes that a number of motorists are able to change summer tires to winter ones on their own, however, reminds that it is necessary to observe safety precautions.

“If the tires need to be changed in the service, then I would recommend using the tire shops in the Moscow region, where they will be open during non-working days. I think that’s what most motorists will do. The time has come to change tires, and you shouldn’t pay much attention to the fact that the weather is unstable now and sometimes goes into a certain plus.There is no longer any reason to postpone the change of tires, ”the expert concluded.

Recall that at a meeting of the government’s coordinating council on the fight against coronavirus, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova proposed to appeal to President Vladimir Putin to introduce non-working days from October 30 to November 7 in connection with the situation with COVID-19 in the country. The head of Russia agreed with the need to take these measures. Later, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin introduced non-working days in the capital, stressing that the work of all enterprises and organizations in the city, including trade, services, catering, sports and others, including tire fitting, would be suspended.Nevertheless, in the Moscow region, tire shops continued to work in the same mode.

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The Pentagon compared the military power of Russia, China and the United States

China is capable of overtaking Russia and the United States in terms of military power in the coming years, said General John Haiten, deputy chairman of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces.

He was asked to clarify whether the Pentagon believes that not Russia, but China, due to the rapid growth of military potential, now represents the main potential threat to the United States. “Russia is still the most imminent threat. Simply because it has 1550, give or take, nuclear warheads deployed against us today. And China has about 20% of this, ”the American military leader told TASS at a meeting with the Washington Group of Military Observers.

In his opinion, the United States should “worry about Russia in the near term.” “However,“ looming threat ”is a useful term when applied to China. Because the pace at which China is moving is simply staggering. Based on the trajectory they are on, (we can conclude that) they will surpass Russia and the United States, this will happen if we do not do something to change this (the situation), ”says Hayten.

According to him, “if we are talking only about the United States”, without its foreign allies, then the situation “will become problematic in five years.”The general did not explain what exactly he meant. “However, if we are talking about the United States and allies, then I think we will be fine for some time,” added the deputy head of the KNSH.

Hayten called for the continuation of Russian-American interagency talks on strategic stability and the launch of a full-fledged military dialogue between Washington and Beijing. “I hope that at some point we will sit down (at the negotiating table) with China, Russia – separately or together, I don’t care – and we will discuss everything.The most important thing is to understand what they are thinking. And the only way to understand what the other is thinking is to sit down and negotiate, ”the general said.

He recalled that the US “is negotiating with Russia, negotiations on strategic stability are continuing.” “This is good, it is productive,” the deputy head of the KNSh stressed. “However,” he noted, “we are not negotiating with China, at least on a large scale, but we need it.”

The General also assured that the United States, after prolonged operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, does not at all strive for new military conflicts.“I hope everyone knows that we do not want a war with Iran. We do not want a war with China. We do not want a war with Russia. We do not want a war with North Korea. We don’t want war. In reality, we are tired of the war. We don’t want to fight again. We would like diplomacy to work, ”Hayten said.

However, he warned that the United States intends to continue to adhere to the concept of conducting preventive military operations. “We will reserve the right to attack if we need it for self-defense,” Haiten declared.“But we do not want war,” the general argued.

In addition, Hayten complained several times about how clumsy and slow the bureaucratic process in the United States has become, associated with the development and implementation of new weapons systems and military construction. “Despite the fact that we have made little progress, the US Department of Defense is still incredibly bureaucratic and slow. <...> The bureaucracy that we have introduced is simply brutal, “the deputy chairman of the KNSh believes.

As a reminder, the Pentagon has confirmed the failure of hypersonic weapons tests due to a problem with the accelerator. Britain stated that the United States was hopelessly behind Russia and China in the “hypersonic race”. The British newspaper Financial Times reported that China launched a planned hypersonic aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons in August using a booster rocket. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China was testing not a new type of weapons, but a spacecraft.

Major General of the Airborne Forces (retired) Belyanin committed suicide in the suburbs

A retired major general, former first deputy chief of staff of the Airborne Forces, Anatoly Belyanin, committed suicide in Ivanteevka near Moscow, a law enforcement source said.

“Belyanin committed suicide in his apartment in Ivanteevka.He was seriously ill lately, ”a source told TASS.

On this fact, the Investigative Committee is conducting a check. In the 1990s, Belyanin was a witness in the murder of journalist Dmitry Kholodov.

The Germans were frightened by the Russian Il-76 with “deadly” bombs

The German newspaper Bild has published an article about “disturbing” Russian pilots’ training in suspension of training bombs on Il-76 military transport aircraft.

In the material of the publication, authored by journalist Yulian Repke, the Ministry of Defense of Russia reports on the gathering of the crews of the military transport aviation regiment in the Pskov region to carry out practical bombing and live firing. As noted in the Russian military department, during the training sessions with the crews, theoretical and practical exercises were held on the suspension of the P-50T training bombs and the loading of the GSh-23 aircraft cannon, with special attention paid to safety precautions when performing practical bombing and firing.

“Practical bombing and live-fire flights are the most difficult type of flights and unique in terms of the tasks of the military transport aviation,” the statement said.

As stated in the heading to the Bild article, the Russian military is “planting bombs” on transport planes, in connection with which the question is asked about a possible “planning a surprise attack,” RIA Novosti reports.

Photos from the training camp instilled “concern” in Repka. So, on the caption to one of the photos from the Il-76 it is stated: “The soldiers even installed a machine gun in the stern of the transport aircraft,” besides, the aft unit with two twin cannons GSh-23 is standard for old modifications of this military transport aircraft.

The author of the article asks why the Russian military is installing “deadly bombs on aircraft that are completely unsuitable for bombing enemy targets.”

For a comment, the publication turned to the “independent military blogger” from Finland Petri Mäkelä, who said that such events have been taking place for some time. At the same time, he gave Bild a “disturbing explanation” for such fees. “This makes sense if you are preparing a surprise attack or” surprise landing “on an enemy who does not know what awaits him,” he says.This theory, says Repke, “worries” not only the Finns, since some test sites in the Pskov region “are less than 50 kilometers from the border with the EU and NATO”.

As a reminder, in September, the Ministry of Defense reported that for the first time at night, more than 600 personnel in full gear, with weapons and equipment, and 30 BMD-2K-AU airborne combat vehicles were carried out at the Krasnye plots in the Pskov region. , BMD-4M and armored personnel carriers.

“Night of the Arts” will be held online in museums in the Moscow region

28 oct.2021 2:21 PM

The All-Russian action “Night of the Arts” will take place in the museums of the Moscow region on November 4, the press service of the Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Region reports.

“Like last year, all events will take place online. These will be exclusive programs specially prepared for the “Night of the Arts”, ”the message says.

Historical and Art Museum “New Jerusalem” will present the key works of the temporary exhibition “Konstantin Gorbatov.Bringing beauty closer ”.

A.P. Chekhov’s “Melikhovo” will conduct an online broadcast of mini-performances of the Melikhov Theater “Chekhov’s Studio” – dramatizations of the early humorous stories of the great Russian writer.

Actors of the Serpukhov Music and Drama Theater in the White Hall of the Serpukhov History and Art Museum will play an online play “Count Nulin” based on the comic poem by A.S. Pushkin.

The Zaraisk Kremlin Museum-Reserve will hold video lectures “Mikolka Zaraisky and other heroes of Dostoevsky” and “The lordship was disgusting !.. ”Dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of F.M. Dostoevsky, as well as a master class “Miracles from a paper vine”.

Historical and Literary Museum-Reserve of A.S. Pushkin will present an online tour of the old park of the Vyazyoma estate and an online broadcast of the concert of the laureate of international competitions Natalia Gavrilova “Touch” from the cycle “Musical evenings in a Russian estate”, and the museum-reserve “Muranovo” estate named after F.I. Tyutchev ”will post on its YouTube channel a recording of the concert of the Pushkin Musical Theater in the interiors of the estate.

The Sergiev Posad History and Art Museum-Reserve will invite you to a video game with a master class “Riddles at the tip of a brush”, a video lecture “The Kazan Icon of the Mother of God – the intercessor of the Russian Land”, dedicated to one of the most revered icons in Russia, and to the family game ” PRO Art “.

P.I. Tchaikovsky, together with the art department of the Klin children’s art school named after P.I. Tchaikovsky prepared a program dedicated to the exhibition “Tchaikovsky’s Stories.Insects”.

The Zvenigorod Historical, Architectural and Art Museum on its YouTube channel will acquaint viewers with a new exhibition “The Northern Cloister or Beauharnais and its Descendants in Russia”, dedicated to the events of 1812.

Memorial Museum-Reserve of D.I. Mendeleev and A.A. Blok together with the D.I. Mendeleev in St. Petersburg prepared the program “St. Petersburg apartment of D.I. Mendeleev. Events from the life of a scientist. ”

The Military-Technical Museum will show unique footage of the tests of a screw-rotor all-terrain vehicle and tell about the history of the Likhachev plant – the famous ZIL.

And the staff of the museum of folk arts and crafts, together with the teachers of the Fedoskino branch of miniature lacquer painting, will conduct an excursion around the manor house of the Lukutins – the founders of the lacquer manufactory in Fedoskino, the founders of the art school.

The Dmitrov Kremlin Museum-Reserve will host a series of author’s online excursions “Museum Necklace” across all expositions and an online concert of popular music performed by Alina Katysheva.

The Artkommunalka Residence Museum will invite to the online exhibition of art resident artist Maria Arendt “Kolomna.The fabric of the city ”.

The Volokolamsk Kremlin Museum and Exhibition Complex will offer its online visitors a virtual tour of the Pious Konstantinovichi exhibition dedicated to Konstantin Konstantinovich Romanov (1858-1915) – the Grand Duke, grandson of Emperor Nicholas I.

Museums from October 28 to November 7 operate with a 50% occupancy rate. For adult visitors, a QR code and an identity document are required. Minors will not be asked for QR codes.

Excursion groups in museums – no more than 5 people.

The all-Russian project “Pushkinskaya Karta” will not be closed during this period. Young people from 14 to 22 years old will be able to go to any museum in the Moscow region with the help of funds on the “Pushkinskaya karta”. Today, 14 museums near Moscow are participating in this program.

“Pushkinskaya card” in the Moscow region: how to get it and where to go with it >>

Source: http: // / novosti_oblasti / novosti_podmoskovya / noch_iskusstv_proydet_v_rezhime_onlayn_v_muzeyah_podmoskovya_20211028


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