Malaysian socialite: Meet Socialite Sisters Michelle & Rachel Yeoh

Nation’s 10 most stylish socialites

The country’s 10 most influential and stylish socialites were officially named at the Visa Stylo Avant-garde Hair Couture gala in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Devakki, Zahida Rafique, Wendy Anne Chong, Soo Wincci, Gillian Hung, Deborah Henry, Genevieve Sambi, Syafinaz Selamat, Al Hardy, Datin Joanna Low were named the most stylish and influential of the country’s fashion industry.

Each was awarded with the Mercedes Benz Stylo “Most Stylish Muse” Award at the glitzy red carpet event that was attended by over 800 guests from the corporate and fashion worlds.

A total of 38 designers and 88 muses comprising KL’s top celebrities, socialites, supermodels, fashion editors and beauty queens had earlier graced Stylo’s red carpet at the Society Walk. They included Amber Chia, Isaac Ong, Winnie Loo, and Thanuja Ananthan.

Best presentation was from Princess Becky and Kee Hua Chee donning creations by Amir Luqman.

The Society Walk event offered the opportunity to highlight many exciting fashion designers with their eclectic line-up of muses, friends and clients.

“I am excited and honoured to have won this award. I hope that I am able to inspire more people,” said Syafinaz Selamat.

Gillian Hung said: “I am happy to be honoured this way. I have been in the industry for more than 10 years and I appreciate this.”

Stylo president and chief executive officer Datuk Nancy Yeoh, who was also designer Michael Ong’s muse, said: “This event was conceptualised last year and the idea behind it was to encourage the participation and greater working relationship between designers and muses, clients and celebrities.”

“The idea was so popular that we had to bring it back and this year in a more organised fashion. We are offering an award although it is a light-hearted event,” Yeoh said.

She added that the role of a muse was as important as mentors were needed to guide students because muses continued to inspire creations.

Chairman of Tourism Malaysia’s board of directors Datuk Dr Victor Wee, who represented and read Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen’s speech, congratulated Stylo and said the festival had become an international F1 event.

He also commended the launching of Stylo Academy and added that it was the country’s dream to turn Malaysia into a hub for shoe fashion.

Incorporated into Stylo’s calendar this year, and presented by Visa, the festival also paid homage to none other than hair with the much anticipated “Avant-garde Hair Couture” gala show.

The show featured three of the most influential master hair designers in Malaysia today – Lois Lee, Winnie Loo and Andy Ho.

The evening also featured renowned London-based hairstylist Nina Butkovich-Budden supported by make-up artist Issidora Petrovic with their showcase of “The Ultimate 7 Deadly Sins” complete with a specially-constructed belt for the show from Vivienne Westwood.

Among those present were Visa country manager for Malaysia Stuart Tomlinson, designer Marko Mitanovski, Malaysian Hair Association chairman Billy Lim and Mercedes Benz president and chief executive officer Peter Honegg.

The unsolved murder of Najib Razak’s confidant’s lover?

On 19 October 2006, in a thick jungle grove outside Petaling Jaya on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, a 28-year-old socialite named Altantuya Shaariibuu was dragged from a car and shot twice in the head. After her death, the two men who had snatched her from her home strapped her body with military-grade C4 plastic explosive. The blast tore her to pieces. For E.S. Shankar, author of Murdered in Malaysia: The Altantuya Story, it is this grisly detail that points most strongly to the personal involvement of a man who would soon rise to unrivalled political power in Malaysia.

Back then, he was the minister for defence, whose ministry would have had to sign off on the use of the restricted explosive. The two men convicted of the crime, members of the Malaysian Special Branch, had previously served as his bodyguards. Today, he is Malaysia’s prime minister. His name is Najib Razak.

“The question is, why would anybody kill somebody and then blow up the body with C4 – or explosives of any kind?” Shankar said to Southeast Asia Globe from an undisclosed location outside of Malaysia. “Who gave the orders? This is the question that everyone in Malaysia is asking.”

Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Mongolian socialite whose murder in 2006 kicked off a huge scandal involving Malaysia’s political elite

Just why Najib’s ex-bodyguards would allegedly be desecrating a corpse of their own creation with government-issued explosives can perhaps be traced back to the minister’s starring role in the $1.2 billion purchase of two Scorpène submarines from France in 2002. The deal was plagued by accusations of graft among officials on both sides of the transaction, including a payment of $130m made to Perimekar, a Malaysian company founded just a few months before the deal was signed – by the wife of a defence analyst (and close confidant of Najib) actively involved in the purchase. His name was Abdul Razak Baginda. Altantuya Shaariibuu, the murdered woman, was his mistress.

A Mongolian translator and socialite apparently fluent in four languages – though not, by all accounts, French – Altantuya had allegedly been working with Baginda to translate documents related to the sale before he brought the extramarital relationship to an end. An unsent letter, written by Altantuya and found following her death, revealed that she had been blackmailing Baginda to the tune of $500,000 – though whether it was in connection to their affair or her knowledge of his alleged receipt of kickbacks was never made clear.

“Greetings boss, I am in difficulty here, I need $2 million to guarantee my child. After that I want $15 million and I will not return to Malaysia, I will not bring down the PM”

Sirul Azhar Umar, convicted for the murder

Cynthia Gabriel, executive director of Malaysia’s Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4), has been a fierce advocate for an independent investigation into the allegations surrounding the Scorpène case, despite ongoing threats to her own life and liberty.

“It’s a very hostile, intimidating environment here, as you can imagine,” she said. “They’ll do everything possible to try to close off the case, partly because of the people who are implicated. The defence minister at that time is now the prime minister, so it’s incredibly high level.”

For Phil Robertson, Human Rights Watch’s deputy Asia director, the idea that the two men acted on their own initiative beggars belief.

“There’s a nexus between corruption cover-up and human rights violations in Malaysia that is profoundly disturbing,” he said. “Quite clearly this is not something that just the bodyguards could do themselves on a whim… Something doesn’t smell right.”

The two men, Azilah Hadridan and Sirul Azhar Umar, were convicted of the murder of Altantuya in 2008. Baginda, who was charged with abetting the murder, was acquitted after the prosecution failed to form a case against him. While Azilah remains in prison awaiting his long walk to the gallows, Sirul managed to flee to Australia during a brief period when his conviction was overturned. He is currently in detention in Australia for overstaying his visa, and text messages retrieved and published by Al Jazeera in 2015 show Sirul apparently trying to blackmail a middleman linked to Malaysia’s highest officials just days before his arrest.

Najib Razak, then Malaysia’s defence minister and now the country’s prime minister, has seen his name repeatedly mentioned in connection with the Altantuya affair Photo: Olivia Harris/Reuters

“Greetings boss, I am in difficulty here, I need $2 million to guarantee my child. After that I want $15 million and I will not return to Malaysia, I will not bring down the PM,” he wrote. He has since released a series of videos denying Najib’s involvement with the murder. The hitman also denounced widely circulated rumours that the translator had been pregnant at the time of her death.

“Sirul is pretty much looking for a big pay-off,” Shankar said. “There are forces at work to keep Sirul isolated there, and to make sure that he doesn’t talk – people working from Malaysia on behalf of Najib. If somebody offered him bigger money then he might talk, but as things are he can’t come back to Malaysia because of the death sentence hanging over him.”

Robertson said that there was little chance of convincing Sirul to break his silence.

“I think the fact that he’s in detention means it’s unlikely we’re going to see those kinds of revelations,” he said. “His life probably wouldn’t be worth two ringgit in a Malaysian prison.”

Baginda, though, may find himself in more immediate strife. In July this year, a French court indicted the analyst for a raft of corruption charges in connection with the initial Scorpène sale. While he has not been formally charged, the indictment confirms that enough evidence exists to bring him before a higher court to answer for his alleged crimes.

C4’s Gabriel, who was active in petitioning French investigators to look into the accusations, said the result vindicated their worst fears of widespread corruption among the political elite.

“The results are quite substantial, because it has actually confirmed some very large-scale corruption that had occurred,” she said.

Abdul Razak Baginda leaves the courtroom where he was being tried for abetting the murder of Altantuya in 2007 Photo: Bazuki Muhammad/Reuters

Shankar said the fact that Baginda had managed to escape justice for so long was a searing indictment of Malaysia’s justice system – and the political machine that pulls its strings.

“The last we heard is that Baginda is actually working in Malaysia as a consultant to Najib back in Putrajaya,” he said. “People are seething with anger at this kind of disregard for the responsibility that the prime minister has to his country.”

And with a general election slated to be held before August next year, Gabriel said, another corruption scandal was the last thing the prime minister could afford.

The Malaysian justice system’s refusal to investigate Najib’s inner circle makes it unlikely either Baginda or Najib will stand trial, while the prime minister’s UMNO coalition remains in power. But with Najib now accused of funnelling nearly $700m from the 1MDB state development fund into his own personal accounts, C4’s Gabriel feels that the prime minister’s grassroots support may be running thin on the ground.

“[Baginda] has never been charged for the corruption cases in Malaysia,” she said. “He has never been investigated for the corruption cases in Malaysia, and he was let off on the Altantuya murder charge. So that’s a very big mystery that’s hanging over the head of the prime minister. Before the general elections he has to answer the people – there’s so many scandals on his head.”

8 most talked-about Asian royals to follow on Instagram

If the weddings of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are any indication, people are fixated on royalty. Luckily for fans of the blue-blooded, Instagram has made keeping up with their lives just a tad easier. Welcome to the world of modern royalty, where younger generations have no qualms about sharing the ins-and-outs of life as society’s upper crust.

Ahead, we beckon you to take a tantalising glimpse into the lives of the most talked-about Asian royals, then hit the ‘follow’ button. You know you want to.

1. Ezurin Khyra

The words ‘crazy rich Asians‘ have nothing on Ezurin Khyra — once married to Tunku Dato’ Yaacob Khyra of Negeri Sembilan royalty, the socialite lives life large by way of high fashion.

Her feed is a treasure trove of glamorous #ootds — the princess of our hearts is bold in her wardrobe choices, mixing the work of emerging designers and big name fashion houses.

Of course, a woman so glamorous is blessed with an equally elite social circle of other blue bloods, celebrities — she counts Lionel Richie and Kim Kardashian among her friends — and fashion designers.

What might also surprise you is that Ezurin is a proud mother of five, all of which she has enviably close relationships with.

2. Samantha Richelle

While they might be friends, Filipina social media star Samantha Richelle keeps a relatively low profile next to Princess Ezurin — it’s not widely known that she is the daughter of Brunei’s Prince Jefri Bolkiah.

The down-to-earth beauty is known for her edgy style that’s amplified by her tattoos, and sometimes suggestive photos.

But despite your initial impressions, Richelle is a family woman who’s not shy to share about her devotion to her family. She frequently posts about her partner Anton Del Rosario, a famous sportsman with whom she has a son named Myles that they both publicly dote on.

3. Tengku Iman Afzan

The daughter of the Tengku Mahkota of Pahang is a classic beauty; she’s blessed with an impressive height and model-esque looks of large doe eyes and long raven hair. Her feed is a combination of photos at family gatherings, her appearances at charity events and outings with her equally beautiful sisters.

As a young and modern princess, Tengku Iman proves that she’s adept at balancing her royal duties with the trimmings of modern life.

4. Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana

Unfortunately for fans of Princess Sirivannavari, she does not have a public page on Instagram — you can, however, get to know her more through this interview with Prestige Thailand.


The Princess is vocal about Thailand being rich in resources and creatives. As the designer of her popular namesake label, she herself is one of them.

While you won’t be able to follow her personal page, following her label’s feed gives you an inside look into her personal style and creative process.

5. Prince Abdul Mateen

Asia’s answer to Prince Harry is no stranger to the world. The blue-blooded bachelor has a a loyal following online (he now has 2.3 million on Instagram) and in real life.

The fourth son of the Sultan of Brunei by his second wife Puan Mariam Binte Abdul Aziz, Prince Mateen shares about his royal and military duties, holidays in tropical destinations and fitness regimes.

A a lieutenant in the Bruneian army, and has a Master of Arts degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of London.

Follow him to see how he lives life as a young royal, with a pet leopard by his side and in immaculate suits, no less.

6. Maharaja Padmanabh Singh

The 303rd descendant of the royal family of Jaipur is a young maharaja, and a dapper one. The 22-year-old gained global fame when he accompanied Ava Phillippe, the daughter of Reese Witherspoon, to her debutante ball.

As a national polo player, Singh is lauded for being the one who revived the sport. He was captain of the Indian team, and competed against England for the the first time in over sixty years.

A regular face at elite events all over the world, Singh became the first Indian royal to walk for a big name label when he modelled for Dolce and Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2019 show.

7. Princess Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hayu

Princess Hayu of Yogyakarta is not your average princess. For starters, the fourth daughter of Sultan Hamengkubuwana X of Yogyakarta is part of what the international media are calling “the feminist revolution”. Her eldest sister is said to be the next in line to the throne, a shocking possibility for a monarchy that has seen generations of male rulers.

A look at her Instagram profile will confirm this, as she writes “helping ancient traditions going high tech” in her bio. Princess Hayu is a symbol of Java’s changing gender roles, as she was a game producer for GameLoft and serves as chief of the IT and department affairs department in the palace.

Her active career and role in royal affairs is an inspiration for women in the kingdom, who’ve traditionally taken a backseat to men.

8. HRH Major General Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim

Widely known across Malaysia as TMJ, the crown prince of Johor is one of Malaysia’s most notable royals — topping off the list with the most followers at 2.6 million and counting. He’s known for being outspoken in the media and unafraid of speaking his mind.

TMJ is the husband to Che Puan Khaleeda Bustamam and doting father to three young children.

His Instagram account gives the nation glimpses of his life as the boss of Johor FC, his lavish home and collection of cars.

(Credit for main photo: HRH Crown Prince of Johor Facebook page)

This story first appeared on Prestige Online Singapore.

Malaysian policeman sentenced to hang for socialite’s murder is living in Australia

Kuala Lumpur police chief Mohmad Salleh told journalists Malaysia will seek the co-operation of international police to arrest Sirul, a father of two.

“To date, the Malaysian Immigration Department has confirmed that he went abroad, namely Australia. He went in October last year,” he said.

“We will liaise with the Australian Federal Police if he is there but if he has left for other destinations we will liaise with Interpol to arrest him. “

Allegations have simmered for eight years that Ms Shaaribuu, 28, was murdered to keep her quiet about purported kickbacks to high-level Malaysian officials.

According to court testimony, Ms Shaaribuu begged for her life and that of her unborn child before she was shot twice in the head, wrapped in C4 plastic explosives and blown up.

Her remains were found in a patch of jungle in Kuala Lumpur’s suburbs on October 19, 2006.

No motive for the murder has been established in court.

“Why was my daughter killed?,” Ms Shaaribuu’s father Setev Shaaribuu asked after a Federal Court panel on Tuesday upheld a 2009 sentence for Sirul and former Malaysian chief inspector Azilah Hadri to hang.

“Until today, I do not know why she was killed,” Mr Shaaribuu told the Malaysiakini online news service from Ulanbataar through his lawyer.

The government has refused to hold an inquiry into the case.

Mr Shaaribuu confirmed that he will now proceed with a civil suit against the Malaysian government over the murder of his daughter, who was a lover of Ferrari-driving businessman Abdul Razak Baginda, a friend and policy adviser to Mr Najib.

The case centres on Malaysia’s US$2 billion purchase of two French-Spanish-built Scorpene submarines in 2002 when Mr Najib was defence minister.

Ms Shaaribuu spoke several languages and worked as a translator in the latter stages of deal negotiations.

Mr Najib strongly denies ever meeting Ms Shaaribuu or having any link with her and the government denies any wrongdoing in the submarine purchases.

But French investigating magistrates in Paris are looking into so-called “commission” payments totalling about US$160 million to companies reportedly set-up by Mr Baginda, who was initially charged with abetting a murder. The charge was dropped in 2008 before any evidence was heard against him in court.

He is believed to be now living in Britain.

Ms Shaaribuu, who had been married to a popular Mongolian singer, admitted in a letter found after her murder she had been blackmailing Mr Baginda, who had jilted her after they travelled through Asia and Europe together.

She allegedly wanted a US$500,000 cut to remain silent about her knowledge of the submarine deal.

Ms Shaaribuu was abducted outside Mr Baginda’s house where she was said to be causing a scene.

Both Azilah and Sirul denied any involvement in the murder.

Pleading with a court not to execute him in 2009, Sirul described himself as a “black sheep that has to be sacrificed” to protect unnamed people.

“I have no reason to cause hurt, what’s more to take a life in such a cruel manner … I appeal to the court, which has the powers to determine if I live or die, not to sentence me so as to fulfil others’ plans for me.”

No motive for the murder of Ms Shaaribuu, who has two sons, was established in court.

The Federal Court panel of five judges said on Tuesday the two policemen had both separately led investigators to the site where the body was found, which “strengthened” the case against them.

A shocked-looking Azilah was led out of the courtroom after the decision.

Sirul’s defence team, however, told the court they did not know his whereabouts.

An arrest warrant was issued.

Azilah and Sirul were sentenced to hang in 2009 but released when an appeals court overturned the conviction in 2013 after raising questions about how their trial was conducted, prompting the prosecution’s appeal to the Federal Court.

Cynthia Gabriel, who runs a Malaysian anti-corruption NGO, welcomed the court decision but said too many questions remain unanswered.

“For truth-seeking Malaysians, they want to know the motive for her brutal death and if anyone high up in the political leadership was also involved in the murder,” she said.

Mr Shaaribuu expressed concern that Sirul is missing.

“I hope the police can find him soon, only then will justice for my beloved daughter be truly served,” he said.

The only avenue of appeal left for Azilah and Sirul is to the state sultan for a pardon to commute their death sentence to imprisonment.

Comment is being sought from the Australian government’s Attorney-General’s Department which handles extradition requests from foreign governments.

With AFP, agencies

Socialite | Caracole



Dimensions In Inches: 56W x 34D x 19H

Dimensions In Centimeters: 142.24W x 86.36D x 48.26H

Make friends with a cocktail table that will successfully insert itself into almost any upholstery situation or decor. A warm, Taupe Silver Leaf finish interacts nicely with light and dark wood finishes, other metals and upholstered fabric combinations. A glass top shows off the table’s distinctive interconnecting patterned top and lower stretcher.

  • Metal frame.
  • Glass top.
  • Shelf at bottom with trellis pattern.
  • Stretcher at bottom: 53.25″W x 31.5″D x 12.25″H from top of stretcher to bottom of apron.


Taupe Silver Leaf

Due to the inherent variations in monitors and browsers, color samples may appear different on different monitors. For the most accurate representation, please refer to the physical samples available via our retailers.

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From baby-sized Ferrari’s to million dollar birthday bashes – Check out how Crazy Rich Asian mums splurge on their children – Kylie Jenner’s OTT presents for Stormi Webster seem modest now

Mother’s day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to acknowledge not just our own beloved mums, but also some of the most inspiring power-mums around the world. And if we look into the heady world of crazy rich Asians, that means mothers who spend their multimillion fortunes on their children.

Young, rich and extravagant mums such as Bling Empire’s Christine Chiu and Singaporean heiress Kim Lim were lucky enough to grow up in wealthy families – and now they share the same perks with their offspring. Here’s how five mothers raise their children like nobody else.

Bling Empire’s Christine Chiu and son Gabriel. Photo: @christine_chiu88/Instagram
Christine Chiu
No surprise to see Bling Empire’s Christine Chiu at the top of the list. Since Baby G (aka Gabriel) is an only child, of course he gets to enjoy all the perks of being heir to the estimated US$80 million dynasty. Besides parking a mini Lamborghini Urus, Tesla, Ferrari and more in his garage, Gabriel is often dressed in luxury brands such as Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry.

Via Instagram / @christine_chiu88
Other than splurging on a rich-kid wardrobe, 38-year-old Chiu also spent at least a seven-figure sum on Gabriel’s first birthday party, which featured a custom-built roller coaster, Ferris wheel, 10-course meals and a claw-grabber machine filled with Gucci goodies. She also made a US$1 million donation in Baby G’s name to Cayton Children’s Museum in Santa Monica.

Singaporean socialite Kim Lim and son Kyden. Photo: @kimlimhl/Instagram
Kim Lim
It was sad to learn that Kim Lim, the daughter of Peter Lim, the Singaporean business magnate and owner of Spanish football club Valencia CF, and her husband got divorced in 2019. However, Lim evidently still has a strong positive outlook on raising her son Kyden (born 2017) and starting her beauty empire.

Via Instagram / @kimlimhl
Lim enjoys sharing her everyday life on social media, and we also noticed how she splurges on her only son: bringing him out during Lunar New Year in a red Rolls-Royce and dressing him in head-to-toe Gucci, as well as Baby Dior and Givenchy. Kyden will inherit the Lims’ empire when he grows up, as mentioned by mum in several interviews.

Malaysia’s Chryseis Tan with her daughter Arianna. Photo: chrystan_x/Instagram
Chryseis Tan
When Chryseis Tan’s daughter Arianna was just a few months old, she bought a Dior book tote bag worth more than US$3,000 and engraved with the child’s name, and splashed on a show-off Fendi baby stroller.

Via Instagram / @chrystan_x
Remind you of anyone? Yeah, we were thinking of how Kylie Jenner splurged on Stormi Webster, too.

Cherie Chan with daughter Jadore and partner Jessey Lee. Photo: @cherieofficial/Instagram
Cherie Chan
You may recognise Cherie Chan and her daughter from Bling Empire. And we know that she doesn’t only splurge on Birkins and bling for herself – she buys daughter Jadore everything from Gucci dresses to Louis Vuitton blankets.

Via Instagram / @cherieofficial
Chan has an estimated net worth of US$200 million, and we look forward to seeing how her children will lead the family’s denim and furniture business in the future.

Kim Raymond with daughter Skylar Raymond-Foo. Photo: @kimchiraymond/Instagram
Kim Raymond
Mother-and-daughter goals? It seems like Malaysian socialite Kim Raymond is grooming her daughter as a mini fashionista in her own image – they are often spotted in matching outfits on Instagram.

Via Instagram / @kimchiraymond
Only the best for Skylar Raymond-Foo, too, obviously – expect expensive price tags on her Louis Vuitton monogram bag and Chanel flap bag.

Note: This story was originally published on SCMP and has been republished on this website.

Inside the lavish world of Malaysia’s Rosmah Mansor

KUALA LUMPUR: With her exquisite handbags, expensive spending habits and luxurious lifestyle, Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Malaysia’s then-Prime Minister Najib Razak, was living life writ large.

Fast forward to May 10, 2018, when Razak’s political grip crumbled after Malaysia’s elections, and the world had a glimpse inside the extravagant world of Malaysia’s own Imelda Marcos.

A few days after Razak and Mansor were barred from leaving the country, Malaysian police raided their homes and properties for evidence linking the pair to the 1MDB investigation. The police confirmed after the raid that they had “seized 284 boxes of handbags, 72 luggage bags, and tons of jewelry and cash.”

Like Imelda’s obsession for shoes, Mansor had an obsession with exquisite, branded bags.

“I feel it is a show of power and status,” said Karen Hoisington, a Singapore-based socialite and brand consultant. She is aware of the larger-than-life personality and lifestyle of Mansor.

“Rosmah has the means to get what she wants and her husband has certainly funded much of it,” she said.

It has long been rumored that Mansor was living beyond the means of her husband’s salary as a politician. A prime minister’s annual salary in Malaysia is less than $72,000.

On Tuesday, when Mansor was called to testify at the anti-graft agency in Kuala Lumpur, she came in style, toting a striking red handbag to go along with her blue and red traditional Malay assemble.

Netizens and fashionistas were quick to point out that the boxy, quilted red bag Mansor clutched bore a striking resemblance to the Versace’s Demetra Barocco-quilted Nappa leather handbag.

The Versace Demetra bag costs up to $2,765.

However, it is just one of the many expensive bags that Mansor is rumored to own, including her collection of Berkin bags.

According to Fortune magazine’s online site, a Birkin bag is considered a good investment because they “regularly sell on the secondary market for more than their original sale price.”

Hoisington told Arab News that “women like Rosmah feel a sense of entitlement. She must have sacrificed quite a lot to be a public person under scrutiny.”
She said that Mansor may feel she needs to be “rewarded” for helping firm up her husband’s success.

“I can’t guess what all her handbags will cost. That includes all the top designer brands, but I will make a guess that she would easily have spent around $5 million on bags alone,” said Hoisington

Mansor’s extravagant lifestyle sits uneasily with many in Malaysia.

In 2015, she received criticism over her complaints about a high-priced ‘$300 beehive hairdo’ after her husband imposed the GST in Malaysia. “But what about housewives like us, with no income?” she lamented.

In 2017, Malaysians discovered that Mansor had bought a 22-carat rare pink diamond necklace set. The jewelry cost $30 million, which the US Department of Justice said was funded from 1MDB.

Mansor defended her favorite pastime of shopping in her 2013 autobiography, saying: “I have bought some jewelry and dresses with my own money. What is wrong with that?”

At the same time, she would offer outlandish advice to Malaysians. In 2016, as head of the Association of Wives of the Ministers and Deputy Ministers, she told Malaysians to tighten their belts during Ramadan and avoid “overspending.”

In pursuit of power, Mansor’s bizarre lifestyle included a rumored penchant for black magic and plastic surgery. This was highlighted by her estranged daughter Azrene Ahmad in her lengthy Instagram post, where she described her mother’s spending on “shamans, witch doctors, aesthetic doctors and the like.”

In a website posting, Singapore-based plastic surgeon Dr. Siew Tuck Wah claimed that the ex-prime minister’s wife distorted face showed she had at least five surgeries.

Hoisington said that Mansor might be under pressure to maintain a public profile that befits her status. “Madam Rosmah must have been advised that this was what a prime minister’s wife should look like, wear and own,” she said.

“Rosmah is a typical example of a woman going through a transition into a world she was not used to or exposed to — from a simple life to one of power and excess. When women feel insecure with themselves, they seek means that they believe will make them more acceptable, loved and have a sense of belonging,” she said.

90,000 Scandal around the state fund in Malaysia: playboys, politicians and schemers
  • Heather Chen, Mairi Mei Lin and Kevin Ponnia
  • BBC

Photo author, Getty Images

This one of the largest financial scandals in world history.

Billions of dollars from a government fund dedicated to helping Malaysian citizens simply disappeared into the bowels of the global financial system.

According to the US Department of Justice and Malaysian investigative authorities, this money ended up in the pockets of several influential people and was spent on the purchase of luxury real estate, paintings by Van Gogh and Monet, a private jet and shooting a Hollywood blockbuster.

News of the theft of funds from the 1MDB fund caused a worldwide resonance. Authorities in at least six countries are unraveling a vast network of financial transactions that spans Swiss banks, offshore islands and the capitals of several countries in Southeast Asia.

This scandal even led to the collapse of the political party that ruled Malaysia throughout the country’s history since its independence.

One of Wall Street’s most powerful banks, Goldman Sachs, faces criminal charges in Malaysia.The bank is determined to defend itself.

Meanwhile, a fugitive playboy accused in the US and Malaysia is still fled from justice, and his infamous $ 250 million superyacht has been arrested by the authorities.

Worldwide attention is focused on the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, where former prime minister and former 1MDB board chairman Najib Razak went to trial this week in the first of several cases against him.

The lineup of the 1MDB fund scandal tells us a true epic story – here are the stubborn journalists who carefully tracked the movement of money, and representatives of the international elites, who may have warmed their hands on the fund.

Najib Razak

The story centers on the former Prime Minister of Malaysia; in 2009, this once sacred politician founded a “bold and energetic” government fund with the aim of promoting the economic development of his country. Just nine years later, this foundation was the reason for his resignation and the shameful fall of the political dynasty he created.

To understand who Najib Razak is, one must look to his family roots. He is the eldest son of the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdul Razak, and also the nephew of the third.He comes from the political aristocracy. When Razak became prime minister in 2009 – as the head of a party that dominated the country’s politics for half a century – it seemed as if he had embarked on a predetermined path.

Najib is an Anglophile. He was educated at the prestigious private school Malvern College in England and then attended the University of Nottingham, where he studied the economics of industrial markets. Education and statements about the importance of “moderate” Islam brought him into the circle of Western politicians of the time, such as David Cameron and Barack Obama.

Photo author, Getty Images

Photo caption,

Najib and Obama were once golf partners

However, from the very beginning of his premiership, clouds began to gather over him. The new prime minister was haunted by questions surrounding a 2002 deal to buy French submarines, struck while he was minister of defense. The $ 1.2 billion contract was said to have paid $ 130 million of kickbacks. Najib has always denied this.

The brutal murder of a Mongolian model who worked as a translator during the contract for the sale of submarines raised further questions. French authorities are investigating the case, and the new Malaysian government has recently reopened its investigation. Najib claims that he never knew this woman.

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David Cameron and Najib Razak at 10 Downing Street (both have now stepped down from power)

Najib Razak founded 1MDB in 2009 to manage strategic investments in resource-rich Malaysia …The first warning signs sounded in 2015, when the fund was unable to pay banks and bondholders on time interest on a debt of $ 11 billion. However, by that time, investigators and journalists had long been following what was happening in the fund.

In July 2016, the US Department of Justice filed a civil suit for embezzling more than $ 3.5 billion. Later, the amount of the claim was increased to $ 4.5 billion.

“A number of corrupt officials,” said then US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, “treated this government fund like a personal bank account.”

The lawsuit listed all of the defendants by name, but the person identified as “Malaysian Official No. 1” or MO-1 was not named. MO-1 – later the Razak government will confirm that it was him – according to US prosecutors, received $ 681 million of the stolen funds, but then returned most of this amount.

Malaysian authorities dropped all charges against him while he was in power, but after his unexpected defeat in last year’s elections, his position has changed dramatically.

Police searched several of Razak’s apartments, where many luxury items and $ 28.6 million in cash were confiscated. Currently, charges have been brought against him on 42 counts, including corruption, money laundering and abuse of power.

Razak pleads not guilty to any of these charges and maintains his innocence, including with the help of a soul-style ballad that he released a few weeks before his trial.

Rosma Mansor

The extravagance of Najib Razak’s wife Rosma Mansor has been compared to the behavior of Imelda Marcos and Marie Antoinette.After her husband lost power, 67-year-old Mansor was formally charged with money laundering and tax evasion. She does not admit guilt.

Mansor’s love of luxury is a source of ridicule among Malaysians. She is accused of completely losing her understanding of the life of ordinary people who find it difficult to make ends meet.

In 2018, police searched Mansor’s houses and apartments, which were widely covered by the media. The published photos of shopping carts were vigorously discussed on social networks – they contained 500 expensive handbags, several hundred watches and 12 thousand jewelry for a total of about $ 270 million.This confirmed the suspicions of Malaysians that their first family lives, to put it mildly, beyond their means.

Rosma Mansor and her lifestyle, as well as her well-known love of Hermes Birkin bags, are hotly debated on social media, as are her courtroom appearances.

“She doesn’t make rude statements, nor does she act particularly friendly or lively. She comes across as a rather bossy woman,” said Rosanna Latiff, Reuters Malaysia correspondent.“On the days when Rosmu Mansor is summoned for interrogation, everyone is interested in her outfits and handbags.”

Mahathir Mohamad

This is the story of a unique return to politics: at the age of 93, Mahathir Mohamad, who served as Prime Minister of Malaysia since 1981 to 2003, again became head of government

His return to politics was motivated by a single desire – to remove Najib Razak, his former protégé.

“I apologize to everyone: I was the one who took him to the top.This was the biggest mistake of my life. I want to correct this mistake, “said Mahatir in his speeches during the election campaign in early May 2018, after he defected to the opposition to fight Najib.

his former party that ruled Malaysia for more than half a century

Mahathir’s return has made a positive impression on citizens, many of whom support the new government’s efforts to hold accountable those alleged to have plundered the 1MDB fund.But observers note that this long-lived politician not only brought Najib to power at one time – he himself was accused of authoritarianism during his long tenure as head of government.

Joe Low

Sino-Malaysian financier from Penang Low Island Taek Joe, better known as Jo Lowe, is, according to Malaysian and American investigators, one of the main inspirers and organizers of the 1MDB scam.

Although he has never held any official position at the foundation, he is believed to have played a decisive role in its activities.It was his connections and business acumen that led him to success, write journalists Bradley Hope and Tom Wright in their acclaimed 2018 book, The Billion Dollar Whale, which explores what Joe Lowe did.

“Joe Lowe is the most interesting person in the 1MDB case – he is a mysterious master of ceremonies,” says Brady Hope. this multi-billion dollar scam. “

US prosecutors allege that Joe Lowe used his extensive and powerful political connections to secure contracts for the fund. In doing so, he paid several hundred million dollars in bribes. According to them, billions of dollars have been laundered through the US financial system and spent on acquiring the world’s most expensive real estate, works of art, and financing Hollywood films.

Photo Credit, Getty Images

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The infamous Equanimity yacht cost John Lowe $ 250 million

Joe Lowe had a reputation for pleasure.Luxurious parties and friendships with members of Arab royal families as well as other celebrities helped him quickly rise to the top. In 2012, at a party in Las Vegas, he was presented with a huge cake, from which pop singer Britney Spears emerged.

Journalists make the assumption in their book that at some point, Joe Lowe had amounts of cash that no one else in the world had.

But the fall of the Najib Razak government hit Low as well. Criminal charges have been brought against him, and he is now wanted in several countries.His whereabouts are unknown, but he regularly publishes statements of his innocence on his official website. Law’s lawyers argue that he cannot expect a fair trial in Malaysia.

“Joe Lowe is an obsessive person, but he is also terribly sloppy and meticulous. He frantically built a financial empire with money that did not belong to him, and in the end this scheme turned out to be unviable and dead-end,” says Hope.

Timothy Leissner

This sleek German banker represented one of the most influential banks in the world – Goldman Sachs – as the bank expanded its presence in Asia.

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Timothy Leissner’s activities in Southeast Asia and, in particular, in Malaysia brought the bank significant revenues, and he himself took the position of head of the company in the region.

But the fattest jackpot awaited him after he met Joe Lowe.

Prior to this, Goldman Sachs refused to do business with Joe Lowe after customer reliability reviewers raised concerns about the origin of its assets.

However, as follows from the text of the indictment of the American side, Leisser and another Goldman Sachs banker, Roger Ng, used Lowe’s connections to conclude new contracts for the bank.

The bank allegedly earned a commission of $ 600 million for arranging and providing guarantees on three bond sales to raise $ 6.5 billion for the 1MDB fund in 2012 and 2013.

Timothy Leissner pleaded guilty to conspiracy to launder money and violate anti-corruption laws by bribing foreign officials against him in the United States.

Malaysia has filed its own charges against Leissner, Roger Ng and Goldman Sachs itself. Roger Ng, who quit the bank in 2014, denies all accusations against him.

Bank Goldman Sachs also denies all charges, considers them inappropriate and promises to “vigorously challenge them in court.” The bank seeks to prove that Timothy Leissner, who was suspended in 2016, acted on his own initiative. At the same time, Goldman Sachs apologized for his behavior.

However, the Malaysian government rejected the apology and called on the bank to pay $ 7.5 billion in compensation.


This financial scandal has affected not only influential politicians and financiers; fugitive businessman Joe Lowe often spent time with the most famous Hollywood celebrities. None of them are accused of anything, but the fact of their acquaintance with Joe Lowe is widely commented on in the press.

Film with Leonardo Di Caprio

Photo Credit, Getty Images

Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street, co-produced by Riza Aziz – son of Rosma Mansor and stepson of Najib Razak.The film was directed by Martin Scorsese and focused on greed and corruption. The film earned DiCaprio the prestigious Golden Globe Award, and in his performance at the awards ceremony he thanked Aziz and Lowe.

US investigators believe that stolen 1MDB funds were used to finance this film; the film company Red Granite, which funded the film, entered into an out-of-court agreement with the US federal authorities over a civil lawsuit they had filed.

The company denies that it has taken any illegal actions.Leonardo DiCaprio promised help in the investigation of this case and handed over to the judicial authorities a painting by Picasso, allegedly given to him by Joe Low.

Photo author, Getty Images

Photo caption,

In 2014, Joe Lowe appeared at the Grammy Awards with Dean and Keys

The ambitious music producer and his superstar wife were once part of Jo Lowe’s closest friends circle and were often photographed among the participants in his noisy parties. Dean performed at the very birthday of Joe Lowe when Britney Spears emerged from the cake.

This musician is believed to have introduced Joe Lowe to the art trade, and Lowe took advantage of the new connections to purchase a Van Gogh drawing and two Monet paintings with money from the foundation.

Meet Paris Hilton

This socialite and hospitality heiress reportedly met Joe Lowe in 2009. They were often seen together in paparazzi photos and selfies, at parties around the world – in Las Vegas casinos, on the Whistler ski slopes and in the resort of Saint-Tropez.

Relationship with Miranda Kerr and Elva Hsiao

What do an Australian supermodel and a Taiwanese singer have in common? Both had a relationship with Joe Lowe.

After a series of extravagant dates including a 10-day cruise around Europe aboard a luxury yacht, Joe Lowe showered one of the world’s highest paid models, Miranda Kerr, with incredible gifts. He gave her a transparent acrylic piano worth about $ 1 million, a necklace of 11-carat diamonds and earrings for it.

Kerr subsequently had to turn over these millions of dollars worth of jewelry to US prosecutors.

Joe Lowe also brought Taiwanese singer Edwa Hsiao to Dubai, where they dined on a private beach, according to journalists in the Billion Dollar Whale.


The 1MDB case would never have come to light if not for the tireless work of the journalists who have been investigating the story for many years, publishing one sensation after another and drawing the attention of the authorities to the activities of the foundation.

Claire Ryucastle-Brown, The Sarawak Report

More than 10 years ago, this Malaysian-born British journalist began investigating the cases of members of the Malaysian ruling elite. She worked in the kitchen putting the children to bed. Her website, The Sarawak Report, originally dealt with scams in one state of the country. But when one of the first deals of the 1MDB fund was made in the state of Sarawak, it drew her attention to an organization that she found “extremely dubious.”

At the end of 2013, she received information that Najib’s stepson was the producer of The Wolf of Wall Street.

“That’s when I started digging,” she says. “Just because it was impossible to abandon this clearly significant story.”

Following the cash flow, she began to publish one sensation after another. Her site has attracted millions of readers in Malaysia, where the media either did not want or could not write about it.

At the beginning of 2015, Rucastle-Brown received a treasure in the form of more than 200 thousand documents from the Swiss activist Xavier Yusteau.Based on this information, she made a startling accusation: she claimed that $ 700 million went directly into the bank account of the company controlled by Joe Law, as part of an arrangement with the 1MDB fund.

A few months later, she published data under the headline “Sensational Discoveries”, from which it followed that almost $ 700 million went to the accounts of the Prime Minister in 2013.

Malaysian authorities blocked the site and issued an arrest warrant for her.

“I have received information from people from all over the world.It was my duty to check it if possible, ”she says. “At the height of all this, there were people who were following me in London, taking pictures of me… I had to go to the police.”

Tom Wright and Bradley Hope, The Wall Street Journal

Their 2018 Billion Dollar Whale Book details the adventures of Joe Lowe and became a bestseller in Malaysia as soon as it was released

But Tom Wright and Brady Hope have been investigating 1MDB for years in the Wall Street Journal.

“News reports are usually no more than two thousand words, and we felt that we were removing too many interesting details of this saga, – says Hope. a picturesque story about Joe Lowe himself. ”

According to him, the book contributed to the understanding of how harmful this scandal was for Malaysia.

“There was too much noise and misinformation,” he says.- The facts set out in the book clearly showed that the story with the 1MDB state fund turned into the loudest financial scandal in the world. Our book shows him in chronological development, and many citizens of Malaysia first realized the importance of this topic. “

It is possible that this book also increased the pressure on law enforcement agencies, who were trying to track down Joe Low (by then he was wanted by several

“Readers are sending us letters, and politicians – Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng – even referred to our book when explaining the issues surrounding the foundation,” Hope says.“The book begins its journey around the world and people who have never heard of the 1MDB fund write that they are reading it.”

The Edge Malaysia

In 2015, you would think the country is doing fine, and local journalists and editors quickly realized that reports of a sovereign wealth fund scandal were fraught with repercussions and could jeopardize their government licenses.

But among them there were those who persisted and paid the price for it. These include The Edge Media Group.

The group’s newspapers published investigations into the activities of the foundation. The licenses of these newspapers were suspended by the authorities on charges of “publishing information that could affect public order.”

“This is nothing more than the intention to shut us down in order to silence us,” said the then-publisher of the holding, Ho Kai Tat.

Tony Pua

Legislator Tony Pua was the driving force behind the investigation of the 1MDB foundation, who, in opposition to the government of Najib Razak, constantly raised questions in parliament about the work of the fund.

His party is now in power, but Tony Pua is still rampant in his criticism of the former prime minister.

“Najib Razak is the ultimate culprit. When his statements cause confusion, I come up with an explanation,” he told the BBC during his visit to Singapore.

Pua has now become the political secretary of the Malaysian finance minister, who is leading the investigation. Tony Pua says his goal is to repair the damage done to the country’s economy.

“The financial scandal is a thing of the past, and now there are no more such frauds, now we are talking about the cleaning process,” he says. “We need to ensure economic growth, and for this we need to close this chapter with the scandal around the 1MDB fund.”

This flamboyant politician, originally from the state of Johor, often appears on YouTube with stories about the scandal.

“I know all the facts and talk about them,” he says. “I get information from documents and other sources, put them into one picture and talk about what is really happening.”

But, according to him, the trials of Najib are just the beginning, and the trials may go on for many years.

“This puzzle is almost solved, but there are a few missing pieces. And I believe the trial of Najib Razak will reveal some of them.”

After several delays, the first trial of Najib Razak began on 3 April. The dates for consideration of two subsequent cases have already been announced.

If the former prime minister is found guilty of many of the crimes he is accused of, he could spend several decades in prison.90 011 90 000 Downed Boeing 777: Margarita Sichkar spoke sharply against the President of Russia 17 July 2014 11:18 PM Editorial staff

Ukrainian socialite and restaurateur Margarita Sichkar after the fall of Boeing-777 in Donbass spoke sharply against the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin .

Read also: Margarita Sichkar told about her acquaintance with Maxim Chmerkovsky: “Lopez was lucky!”

“When, in 1998, when receiving Putin at the Getman restaurant, b … I, if I knew what this creature would have poisoned! How much harm and pain and suffering can one person, possessed by megalomania, bring ?!

Apparently, mankind should still draw conclusions ?! To be not indifferent to the pain of other people, before doing something for yourself, to think how it will affect others !!!! What’s next? What will happen now ?! The main thing is not to stop, the main thing is to unite !!!!

Now there is a withdrawal, like drug addicts.Everyone: politicians, business and ordinary people !!!! It hurts, it is unbearable, but for recovery you need strength, and this is strength of mind! Belief in a bright future !!! I believe!!!! Who is with me ?! “- wrote Margarita on Facebook.

People go to the embassy of the Netherlands en masse to honor the memory of the victims, as well as to express their position. Posters” Putin is the killer “, candles and flowers – this is how the Ukrainians reacted to the downed Boeing -777.

Read also: Alina Kabaeva is hiding Putin from the people

Let us remind you that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said that a passenger plane was shot down from a missile system Buk .

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were not involved in the crash of the airliner. In turn, the separatists from the DPR and LPR also deny any involvement in the crash of the Malaysian Boeing, but it was they who picked up the black boxes of the downed plane and intend to transport them to Moscow as soon as possible.

Watch online video from the crash site of the downed plane (Boeing 777):

Yeah –

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Aha is one of the spellings for the pronunciation of Hokkien (Pe̍h-ōe-jī: I ; IPA: / iũ²⁴ /) of a Chinese surname written in Pinyin Chinese as Yáng (Traditional Chinese: 楊; simplified Chinese: 杨; surname history this article). Another common spelling is Yeo. Both the spellings Yeoh and Yeo are common in Southeast Asia, for example among the Malaysian Chinese.


Notable people with the last name Yeoh include:

  • Yeoh Gim Seng (1918-1993), Singaporean politician
  • Yeoh Tiong Lei (1929-2017), Malaysian businessman who founded the YTL Corporation.
  • Yeoh Eng-kiong (born 1946), Malaysian politician
  • Yeoh Gon Heong (born 1951), Malaysian landscape painter
  • Francis Yeoh (born 1954)b.), Malaysian businessman, son of Yeoh Tiong Lay
  • Michelle Yeoh (born 1962), Malaysian actress
  • Yeoh Keen Tai (born 1966), Malaysian artist
  • Bernard Yeoh (born 1969) ), Malaysian sports shooter
  • Nikki Yeoh (born 1973), British jazz pianist
  • Joan Yeoh (born 1977), Malaysian violinist
  • Benjamin Yeoh (born 1978), British playwright
  • Hannah Yeoh (born 1979), Malaysian politician
  • Yeoh Kei Bin (born 1980)b.), Malaysian badminton player
  • Melvin Yeoh (born 1981), Malaysian mixed martial artist
  • Cheryl Yeoh (born 1983), Malaysian entrepreneur in California
  • Yeoh Ken Nee (1983) .p.), Malaysian diver
  • Don Yeo (born 1986), Singaporean actress
  • Yeoh Lee Tian (born 1999), Malaysian chess player
  • Yeoh Kei I, Malaysian badminton player
  • Michelle Yeoh (socialite), Malaysian business woman, granddaughter of Yeo Tiong Lei
  • Rachel Yeo, Malaysian business woman, granddaughter of Yeo Tiong Lei
  • Rebecca Yeo, Malaysian business woman, granddaughter of Yeo Tiong Lei
  • Ruth Yeo, Malaysian business woman lady, granddaughter of Yeoh Tiong Lei

Fictional characters

  • Alicia Yeoh, Batgirl character introduced in 2011

See also

  • Yeoh (hyperelastic model): material model of rubbers named after O.Aha


Random article: 90,000 National Socialism in Russia: the reservation was corrected – the sediment remained: Analytics Nakanune.RU

National Socialism in Russia: the reservation was corrected – the sediment remained

Secular lioness, general producer of the Match-TV channel and the former host of the program “The Smartest” Tina Kandelaki assessed the message of President Vladimir Putin in her own way, than she heartily amused the politicized audience.At first, she called the emphasis on social policy a course “from militarism to national socialism,” and then she confessed that she simply confused Nazism and socialism. However, when the fun subsided, some sediment remained. Tina Kandelaki’s reservation could not have been a reservation, says the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir region from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, journalist Maxim Shevchenko . Moreover, he recalls, recently, in his article, aide to the President of the Russian Federation and friend of Kandelaki Vladislav Surkov suggested building something like National Socialism in his article .

Maksim Leonardovich, could Tina Kandelaki’s slip of the tongue really be?

– Yes, it may well be that this is stuffing for the rehabilitation of National Socialism. The first such stuffing took place in 2014, when Migranyan ( Andranik Migranyan , Russian political scientist, we are talking about his article “Our Peredonovs” – comment by Nakanune.RU) wrote an article in Izvestia where the idea was clearly If Hitler had stopped at the Anschluss of Austria and Czechoslovakia and he would not have had anti-Semitism, then he would have been right.It is characteristic that first Migranyan, and then Kandelaki, I wonder through whom such things are thrown.

And what did the stuffing show, are we ready?

– Well, nobody takes Tina seriously. Therefore, I believe that the testing has failed because of this. It’s never clear if she says something because she’s just chirping, or because she was told to throw it in.

And who is interested in our country to check the attitude of society towards National Socialism?

– It is quite possible that the power group.


Surkov wrote an article in which he actually called for abandoning the democratic constitutional order. Go to the principle of leaderism and the Fuhrer. The state is on trust. At the same time, he remains an assistant to the president, which means that this is the position of the power group.

Are you talking about a consolidated position of power or a separate group?

– Someone pulled Surkov? Someone punished for his article? He is still the assistant to the president.This is their position, thought out, probed. Upstairs think about it. Our president is a Germanist. He studied the so-called “Hitler’s miracle” from 33 to 40. How to combine in one state the richest elite, which is, as it were, included in the state-corporation, and the people with moderate socialist views, as was the case in Germany or fascist Italy. This is their dream, so they have been throwing it for a long time. But this is not their dream for the sake of the people, of course. And in order to preserve their wealth, they need to cross the Soviet and anti-Soviet.They have been struggling for a long time over this problem from the repertoire of Herbert Wells “The Island of Dr. Moreau”.

But Surkov is a “cat that walks by itself”, so he was not pulled .

– This is a deep delusion and misunderstanding. At this level of power, no one walks by themselves.

He’s not a freelance artist in power?

– He is not a free artist, he just has such an image.

But all these games in the Malaysian, Singaporean scenarios, they were abandoned?

– This is also a propagation of authoritarian-fascist models.Once again, the Russian government is essentially liberal. This is the power of economic liberals. Any of their liberalism hides fascism in itself. Fascism is a form of protection of the capital of the ruling groups and their interests, which offers some kind of unity within one nation, and it is always said about a single nation. Within the framework of this chimera, the interests of big business and the nation, which are given handouts in the form of social benefits, supposedly coincide. For handouts, the nation should give birth to soldiers. Putin also says: “Give birth to women, we will give you money.”Soldiers are needed so that big capital can wage wars of conquest. Hitler fought in Europe and the USSR, now, apparently, there will be Africa, the Middle East.

This is the principle of the fascist state. This is not a state ruled by the people, but the elite stratum is subordinate to the people, through political institutions, just such a state Stalin built, but, unfortunately, did not manage to build it – he died. A fascist state is a state where elites rule, and the people are simply their flock and play a role.They want such a state just. The main task of the elites is to preserve the loot. To do this, they are ready for any political constructions, except for the left, except for the really socialist ones.

Because they are taking the loot?

Of course.

Suppose someone sympathizing with nationalist ideas here would argue with you. Nationalists have always said that this system does not suit them because they do not see any concern about any people, not about the Russian, or about any other .

– I do not need to give sympathizers’ arguments. I graduated from a German special school and read all these works in the special storage, in a “foreigner”, when in Soviet times no one here had read either Hitler, or Rosenberg, or everyone else. I know perfectly well what this is about. Germany is one thing, our country is another. However, National Socialism in one form or another is always a way of big business to maintain its power.

It is one thing when, as in Germany, it is superimposed on the centuries of Magdeburg law, an understanding of civicism that comes from the Middle Ages – then a Nazi German chimera arises.It’s a different matter with us, where people are still treated like guinea pigs, like serfs, like their property.

I think National Socialism and Fascism are disgusting. This is the inevitable road to war. Even if Hitler at some point gave jobs, social guarantees and increased the birth rate, this would inevitably turn into a war.

At the end of any National Socialism – Stalingrad.

Because this is the path of expansion, aggression, the search for enemies inside the country, in an easy version, like Mussolini, where the communists were exiled, or, like Hitler, where Dachau and Buchenwald were waiting for them.

Philip Kirkorov threatened the National Security of Ukraine from 25 to 27 June 2021: diana_mihailova – LiveJournal 9000 The inclusion of the People’s Artist of Ukraine on the blacklist already sounds absurd, but there is a lot of this in the world now … “- Kirkorov said, calling the officials who made such a decision narrow-minded.

At the same time, he expressed his gratitude to them: “I even have to say” thank you “to such people, because their stupidity helps me to become even more popular.”

He also expressed the opinion that this decision is not against him, but “against Russia, the hatred of which is overwhelming.”

Basque, Bledans and Krutoy spoke about the news with their friend Kirkorov, photo:

In the comments to Kirkorov’s post, many Russian stars followed.
“Greetings, dear Philip, on the list of dangerous. There are many of us here …”, – wrote the actress

Evelina Bledans, who is from Odessa, but has been living in Moscow for many years.We will remind, the participant of “Masks Show” and the star of TV series also got into the black list of the Ministry of Culture at the end of December 2015.

“I have long suspected that you are a threat,” joked singer Nikolai Baskov.

“You are dangerous, Filya”, – laughs composer Igor Krutoy under the recording of a friend and colleague in show business.

“Oh Lord! We have found an enemy of the people of Ukraine”, – the producer and socialite Yana Rudkovskaya wonders.

And Ukrainian TV presenter Aleksey Diveev-Tserkovny published a video where Kirkorov sings a song about rushnyk with Ani Lorak to the accompaniment of Krutoy and jokingly signed: “Threat number 1 to the national security of Ukraine.Apparently he is preparing a terrorist attack … “

On the website of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, in the list of persons posing a threat to the national security of Ukraine, there is no Russian pop artist Philip Kirkorov, although on June 22 the head of the department Alexander Tkachenko signed an order to include the singer in this” black list “.

This is evidenced by the information posted on the site as of 11:55 on Sunday, June 27. The page with this registry was last updated on Friday, June 25, 16:35.

At the same time, the corresponding order of Tkachenko about Kirkorov is still posted on the website of the Ministry of Culture.

However, thanks to the Wayback Machine service, we found out that Kirkorov was removed from the list on the site. So, on the evening of June 24, he was there (at number 66), and the next day the singer’s name disappeared from the register.

The exclusion of the Russian singer Philip Kirkorov from the list of persons who threaten the national security of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture explained with a letter from the SBU.And the Security Service of Ukraine said that they sent him in connection with the explanation of the Ministry of Culture.

The fact that the exclusion of Kirokorov from the list is related to the appeal of the SBU, the press service of the Ministry of Culture reports.

“According to a new letter from the Security Service of Ukraine with a request to withdraw the previous letter regarding the inclusion of Philip Kirkorov in the preliminary list of persons threatening Ukraine’s national security, the ICIP excludes Kirkorov from this list,” the ministry said.

SBU, in turn, reports that it acted on the basis of the explanations of the Ministry of Culture dated June 24, 2021, which notes the existence of judicial precedents on these issues. According to the intelligence service, the issue requires additional study.

“Evil tongues say that the inclusion of Kirkorov in the list of threats could lead to a ban on showing films with his participation in Ukraine, which was released by Kvartal 95. Therefore, Kirkorov was promptly removed from the list,” writes the Politics of the Country Telegram channel … –


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