Malaysian models female: 6 Malaysian models who are rocking it internationally


6 Malaysian models who are rocking it internationally

From Hong Kong to New York, here are six Malaysian fashion models who are making a name for themselves overseas



No stranger to the international runways, this New York-based Bajau-Bruneian beauty has a beautiful, exotic look marked by sharp features and tanned skin. No doubt one of the most successful names on the list, she’s been slaying the runway in the past few seasons and walking for designers like Rick Owens, Marine Serre and most recently, Peter Do (check out the video she filmed for us backstage!).

Agencies: One Management in New York, Metropolitan / M Management / Makers in Paris, 3mmodels and M + P Models in London, Blow Models in Barcelona, Viva Models in Berlin, IMM Bruxelles in Brussels, Freedom Models in Los Angeles, Book Management in Montreal, and MIKAs in Stokholm.




Born in Germany to a French father and an Indian mother, Salomé’s beautiful thick brows and high cheekbones are not to be missed. She’s starred in local designers Afiq M and Alia Bastamam’s campaigns, been featured in several magazines including Vogue India and Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia and continues to make a name for herself between London, Paris and KL.

Agency: Elite World Group




Winning Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 in 2014 catapulted her name into the limelight, and five years later, Sheena’s career has only been going onward and upward. Together with her husband, artist Ernest Zacharevic (check out the beautiful shots from their wedding in Lithuania here), the couple travels the world for their respective careers. Aside from that, she has also made a name for herself as an embroidery artist. Find her work on the Times New Romance account, which has garnered over 313k followers after it went viral two years back.

Agencies: Ludlow Scout, Women/360 Models in Paris, Fashion Model Management in Italy




Having modelled for almost 15 years now, Gwen Lu continues to thrive in the industry with her androgynous look and razor-sharp cheekbones––her recent appearance in Balenciaga’s AW21 Couture debut proves it.

Agencies: Major Model Management in New York, City Models in Paris, M+P Models in London, New Generation Model Management in Amsterdam, d model agency in Athens, View Management in Barcelona, VIVA Models in Berlin, 20 Model Management in Cape Town, Spin Model Management in Hamburg, Ave. Management in Singapore, Brave Models in Tokyo




Born in Penang, Angie Ng has made a name for herself as one of the most recognisable faces in Hong Kong since moving there almost nine years ago. Her signature bob and pouty lips have landed her on TV commercials and big fashion and beauty campaigns. Aside from modelling, Angie is also a law graduate and a boxing instructor—talk about beauty, brains and brawn. Another fun fact: She’s the cousin of Friend of Buro, Sarah Lian.

Agency: Model One in Hong Kong




Half German and half Malaysian, Berlin-based Soraya Jansen rocks an edgy short fringed ‘do that really sets her apart from the pack. She’s a regular on the runways of GmbH and has starred in various fashion editorials. When she isn’t modelling, the 24-year-old channels her creativity into photography and music.

Agency: Anti Agency in London

7 Malaysian models to follow on Instagram

  • Juwei Teoh

    Many netizens claim that she resembles Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, especially now after having done plastic surgery. She is one of the most famous Malaysian models, modelling for big brands like Bvlgari and Shiseido. However, if you look through her Instagram page, you’ll notice that she doesn’t just upload pictures of herself, but constantly celebrates the people (and food) in her life as well, and we love that about her!Photo: @juweiteoh

  • Raisyyah Rania

    Once a famous model known for her sex appeal and for being the first and only Playboy bunny in Malaysia, Raisyyah Rania has sparked controversy among Muslims and non-Muslims by converting to Islam and donning the hijab. Her 180 degree change is particularly interesting, and she now posts more about her life and inspiration rather than her body.Photo: @raisyyahrania.official

  • Chloe Neoh

    She’s one of those lucky social media models you see flaunting big brands and luxurious travels – almost a different destination every week. Previously an FHM Model, Chloe Neoh now seems to be focusing on her social media accounts and promoting her own brand as well, Material Lipstick Asia. If you’re a fan of pretty sights and scenery, she’s one to keep track of.Photo: @chloeneoh

  • Danielle Graham

    Being part Irish and part Malaysian, Danielle has been blessed with amazingly good looks, which has earned her a supermodel status in Malaysia’s modelling industry. She has graced the covers of several magazines and modelled for multiple big brands. She continues to model, travel and attend events under her agency, CalCarries, but has also recently started a cookbook journey that you can follow on a separate Instagram account.Photo: @daniellegraham

  • Amber Chia

    This successful supermodel and entrepreneur serves as an inspiration to us all, showing that dreams can be achieved if you work hard for what you believe in. Growing up in a very modest environment, modelling was an industry she had no clue about – and look how far she’s come. The best part about her is that she’s never ashamed about her humble background, and always thankful for the people who have made her who she is today.Photo: @amberchia

  • Jane Chuck

    A blogger and a model all in one, Jane is your typical social media influencer who has all the news about the latest things in town. If you want to be updated on the best in skincare, makeup and all sorts of girly things, along with some very creative and pretty photos to admire, Jane Chuck’s the girl to follow.Photo: @janechuck

  • Venice Min

    Follow Venice if you want your Instagram feed to be filled with her pretty face and the fashion and beauty updates that she posts very regularly. She is a lifestyle creative who constantly advertises for various brands, and has recently modelled for the cover of Sisters magazine in Malaysia. Her Instagram page is filled with vibrant, happy photos that are always a joy to look at.
    Photo: @venicemin

Social media is a trend that most of us follow, so we should be extremely familiar with it by now. This means you probably own a Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat account, yes? You’re probably also not a stranger to the rising occurrences of social media influencers and models popping up in your Instagram search feed, or even in your conversations with your fellow girlfriends.

If you’re already following several of these social media celebrities, you probably need no introduction as to who’s making the news these days. However, if you haven’t been keeping up with the trends, and you don’t want to be left behind, you might just want to check our list out.

Some of these lovely ladies focus on modelling, some are avid bloggers alongside their modelling job, and some are even businesswomen themselves! What’s interesting is that they all lead very different lives, so you’ll have a variety of things to look at when you scroll through your Instagram feed. Well, let’s cut to the chase. Presenting to you our top 7 picks on who we think you might want to follow on the popular social media application. There’s definitely a reason they have so many fans, and you’re about to find out why.

Dione Chen

Hot Malaysian Girls: Top 10 Beautiful Women From Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations for single foreign men. Hot Malaysian women have some magnetic beauty that attracts guys from all over the globe. Moreover, local girls are shy, kind, and loyal – these features make them a perfect choice for guys striving to have a calm family life. Women from Malaysia focus on their husbands and kids after the wedding. They do their best to comfort their family members and take care of them.

What else makes hot Malaysian women the best brides? You’ll find the explanation below. Besides, we’ve prepared the list of the most beautiful famous Malaysian women, so keep on reading.

Why Are Malaysian Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

Once a Malaysian woman has entered a room, all eyes will be on her. Her unique appearance makes men lose their minds and forget what they wanted to say. Although a girl from Malaysia is modest and calm by nature, she manages to grab the attention of everyone. Some mysterious power acts like a magnet and makes guys fall in love at first sight with ladies from this country. Perfect physical features and inner beauty turn hot Malaysian girls into ideal life partners.


No doubt that hot Malaysian women belong to the most beautiful Asian girls. Foreign men can’t resist their special charm and exotic appearance. They love to highlight their eyes, so it seems like a girl from Malaysia looks into your soul and knows all your secrets.

Like women from other Asian countries, Malaysian females age beautifully. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how old a local woman is because of the absence of wrinkles on her face and gray hair. Ladies from Malaysia have good genes, so they are protected from aging. Besides, these women take care of their skin and bodies. They are regular visitors at beauty salons. Sexy Malaysian girls prefer to eat healthy food rather than to buy fast food. They also regularly do physical exercises to keep their bodies fit.

Physical features

Although girls from Malaysia have many common features, they still differ from each other. So, every foreign man can find a woman meeting his preferences. You can meet petite Malaysian women who look like cute dolls and tall girls with feminine forms. However, there are common characteristics in the appearance of local girls. For example, they have deep brown eyes, dark straight hair, and sun-kissed skin.


Most Malaysians are Muslims, so local women follow strict rules concerning their behavior and clothes. They don’t flirt with men and they don’t show romantic feelings in public. Besides, one date is not enough to get a kiss from a Malaysian girl. You’ll have to show that you have serious intentions because she is focused on the idea of building a long-term relationship with a reliable man.

Malaysians follow traditional gender roles which means that a man earns the money while a woman raises kids and arranges comfort at home. A husband makes major decisions, and a woman supports him unconditionally and agrees with his ideas. Malaysian women highly respect their men and surround them with love and care.

Popularity among men

Foreign men are charmed by the beauty of hot Malaysian women. However, their appearance is only the tip of the iceberg. Western, eastern, and European men choose Asian brides because these ladies don’t care about their financial situation. They aren’t searching for rich husbands who would solve their money problems and give them expensive gifts. Malaysian beauties are looking for honest, kind men, and it doesn’t matter how much money they earn. Besides, women of Malaysia put their families first. They can leave their professional goals behind to focus on their kids and husbands.

Top 10 Hottest Malaysian Girls

10. Hannah Tan

Hannah Tan opens our list of the top hot Malaysian women. She is a popular celebrity in Malaysia known for her singing, songwriting, and acting talents. Hannah Tan was born on October 25, 1981.

Her debut album contained three songs she wrote by herself. Hannah became the first Malaysian to sign a multimillion-dollar contract with a Japanese entertainment company. She debuted as an actress in 2008 by appearing in the film “Bezanya Cinta.”

9. Diana Danielle

Born on 22 November, 1991 in the USA, Diana Danielle has Malaysian roots. She moved to Malaysia when her parents divorced. Diana became famous as a singer and actress.

Diana Danielle was discovered when she was 9. She got a supporting role in the Malaysian film “Idola.” Nowadays, Diana is often invited to star in different movies, TV series, and commercial advertisements. As a singer, she released one single.

8. Juliana Evans

No doubt that Juliana Evans is one of the hottest Malaysian women. She is a famous actress, model, and TV personality. She was born on July 5, 1989.

Juliana debuted on TV at the age of 12. She was invited to host a popular Malaysian show Remaja. Juliana appeared in numerous films, TV series, and shows throughout her career. She entered the list of 100 Most Wanted Women in the World by FHM in 2010.

7. Carmen Soo

Carmen Soo has won all hearts in her native country and abroad. She is a talented model and actress. Carmen was born on 14 October, 1977.

She entered the modeling world at the age of 17. She moved to Hong Kong when she was 20 to develop her career. She appeared on covers of different local magazines, including V Mag, New Man, Nu You, and New Tide Glam. Carmen collaborated with different companies, such as Longines, Celcom, and Uniqlo. As an actress, she debuted on TV in 1999. Carmen starred in many films, TV series, and a few theater performances. She got the Most Promising Actress Award at the Malaysian Film Festival in 2006.

6. Nur Fazura

Nur Fazura is one of the most successful representatives of the Malaysian entertainment world. She is a TV host, actress, singer, and entrepreneur. Born on 27 September, 1983 she started her career by hosting different Malaysian TV shows and playing minor roles in films.

In 2004, Nur Fazura appeared in “Bicara Hati” which brought her recognition and award nomination. She starred in numerous TV shows, movies, and TV series throughout her career. Her acting talent was honored by different awards. Nur Fazura also released one album and a few singles as a singer. She is a successful entrepreneur. Nur Fazura opened a boutique and presented her mist spray collection.

5. Angie Ng

Angie Ng is one of the hottest Malaysian girls. The modeling world would miss a lot without this beautiful woman. Angie Ng was born in 1978.

She started her modeling career at the age of 16. She was noticed by a local fashion designer at a mall. Angie Ng managed to collaborate with famous brands during the early years of her career. She worked for Marc Jacobs and DKNY. Angie was the first Malaysian girl to collaborate with Lady Gaga’s designer Marko Mitanovski. She also worked for Vivienne Westwood, Max Mara, Club Monaco, etc. Angie Ng appeared on pages of numerous magazines, including Elle, Marie Claire HK, GLAM, and Cosmopolitan HK.

4. Nora Danish

Nora Danish is one of the most demanded actresses among hot Malaysian women. However, she is also a successful singer, model, TV personality, and businesswoman. Nora Danish was born on March 7, 1982.

She debuted in the entertainment world in 2004 in a commercial advertisement. A lead role in the sitcom “Puteri” made her famous. Nora Danish appeared in numerous films and TV series. She was also invited to host a TV program and become a judge at a show. Nora Danish got several awards, including the Hot Chick Award.

Website of the day: AsiaMe



3. Sheena Liam

Sheena Liam is another talented representative of hot Malaysian women. She is known as a model and embroidery artist. Born on May 7, 1991 she won the second season of Asia’s Next Top Model.

Sheena Liam at the fashion week 2014. She walked for Simone Rocha, Fashion East, Ones to Watch, and Mariana Jungmann. She appeared on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar, DesignScene, Cleo, and HerWorld. As an embroidery artist, Sheena Liam held an exhibition in Paris in 2018. The Art Gorgeous included her in the list of the Art World’s Top 200 Influencers in 2019.

2. Lisa Surihani

Lisa Surihani couldn’t escape our attention and the sexy Malaysian women list. This gorgeous girl is a famous celebrity in Malaysia. She is an actress, TV host, and model. Born on the 23rd of March, 1986 she won several awards throughout her acting career. Lisa Surihani received the Malaysian Film Festival Award as the best actress.

She started to appear in commercials when she was 11 years old. Lisa collaborated with different brands throughout her career. They include Rexona, McDonald’s, Garnier, and Johnson & Johnson. Lisa appeared in numerous films, TV series, and shows.

1. Julie Woon

Julie Woon is one of the most successful and recognizable personalities in the Malaysian entertainment world. This pretty woman is an actress, model, and TV host. Born on July 21, 1984 she became the national icon in Malaysia.

The lead role in the TV series “Blogger Boy” made her famous. Since then, she has appeared in a large number of Malaysian films, TV series, and shows. Julie Woon collaborated with different brands throughout her career. She became the ambassador for Puma Malaysia and participated in the campaigns of Bayer and Watsons.

The Bottom Line

Exploring Malaysian culture is a fascinating journey, so if you want to learn it you should get acquainted with local girls. One of them can become your faithful friend or wife. Hot Malaysian women are the best choice for foreign men because they differ a lot from other countries. They are shy, respectful, and family-oriented. Moreover, the unique appearance of women from Malaysia is like a breath of fresh air for foreign guys. You should only take a glance at a local girl, and you’ll fall in love at first sight. Every man in your native country will envy you because of her incomparable beauty and manners. A Malaysian lady is like precious jewelry for a gentleman from abroad.

Top 10 Rising Models · MAVN Models

Top 10 Model Malaysia

A developing number of rising model Malaysia have increased universally and within the region, acknowledgement because of their accomplishments. Their exceptional gifts and remarkable energy in modelling combined with an astonishing character have empowered them to beat the difficult difficulties in the business. In this issue, we share the moving ladies models in this country whose accomplishments represent themselves. Get ready to meet the ‘Top 10 Model Malaysia.’

Amber Chia

Champ of the Guess Watches Timeless Beauty International Model Search 2004 title. Amber Chia turned into the world’s first Asian model to triumph at worldwide model quests. And the main Asian model Malaysia to battle for Guess watches around the world. With a vocation spreading over more than 15 years as a model, entertainer and brand minister, Amber has additionally featured her noticeable mantle by advancing into a fruitful business person through Amber Chia Academy – her own one of a kind displaying and magnificence school. Today, she has graced more than 200 magazine covers.

Kea Lee

Kea Lee is currently situated in London for nearly 2 years as a full-time style model Malaysia. She displayed in London, Milan and Paris during style weeks. She has collaborated with many businesses. For example, Alexander Mcqueen, New Look, Topshop, Schwarzkopf, Goldwell and has likewise done photo shooting with the absolute coolest magazines. Magazines like Hunger, Dazed and Confused, Heroine and Mixmag. Kea modelled for many labels and places like London Fashion Week for Katie Eary, Bora Aksu, Fashion East, Natasha Zinko, Roberts Einer, Palmer Harding, Central Saint Martins that were altogether included in Vogue. 

Shir Chong

The North-Borneo conceived Shir Chong began modelling after she won a modelling contest on 8TV’s ‘I Wanna Be a Model, Season 3’ in 2009. Then began modelling for Harper’s Bazaar, Cittabella, Style, Jasmine, Glam, Nuyou Bride and Sisters. She additionally graced design publication shoots and publicizing efforts and turned into the most looked for after model Malaysia in the area. She was additionally in commercial crusades.

Soraya Jansen

Soraya Jansen is a 23-year-old model Malaysian/German craftsman and model at present working in London. And as of late moved on from the University of the Arts London. She first began modelling while learning at the Glasgow School of Art before moving to London. She was the primary young lady out in the Vivienne Westwood AW17 Menswear appear. Showed up in the Selfridges x Dazed most recent denim battle. Been on the front of Harpers Bazaar and has been on catwalks for Giles Deacon, Ashish and Astrid Andersen. Completely mindful of the shallow idea of the business, Soraya obscures the limits among craftsman and model to challenge the design business’ white-ruled magnificence guidelines. Not hesitant to talk up about these issues, she utilizes her stage to go to bat for the absence of portrayal of South East Asian models in the business.

Atikah Karim

Atikah Karim, a model of Bajau-Bruneian plummet, began modelling in the wake of winning the Ford Models Supermodel of the World Malaysia in 2011. Her first occupation was to demonstrate for Marc by Marc Jacobs. Karim later moved herself to New York. She displayed for Polo Ralph Lauren, Kenzo, Kimora Lee Simmons, Kate Spade, Libertine, Kenzo, Nicopanda, Banana Republic, Adam Levine, Greg Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren. Atikah has even executed as a model-artist in Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz visit in London. She has likewise taken to the runways at London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.

Nina Kho

Nina Kho (earlier Carron Kho) is a youthful Malaysian Chinese-Bidayuh style model and entertainer since 2011. She was later awarded Miss Supermodel and many other awards. For example, Miss Asia and model Malaysia Noble Queen International 2016, Miss Andaman World 2015, and Miss Malaysia Perak 2015. She was likewise an exhibition judge for Miss Yachting International 2011 and event catwalk educator for Rock Your Talent (Sarawak Got Talent 2017).

Hannah Tan

The Penang-conceived Hannah Tan of Kelabit-Chinese parentage has everything – cerebrums, magnificence and an extraordinary character. She is at present COO of Qiibou Group of Companies including a product improvement organization, social undertaking, stimulation arm, wellbeing and health organization. Hannah took to the Live Earth organize (the greatest stage on the planet) for Live&Loud 2007 with her band of entertainers. She has likewise composed the 2008 self-supported ‘H’ Factor Nationwide Creative Youth Workshop people group administration.

Soo Wincci

Soo Wincci is an honour winning model just as a vocalist. She won the 2016 Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians (TOYM) Cultural Achievement Award. She was perceived as the principal Miss World Malaysia. Furthermore, in 2008 she additionally won the 41st Miss World Malaysia title. She is additionally a diplomat for Vitraplus Cabloc because of her sound, persevering and the positive picture just as her various abilities.

​Angie Ng Chin Li

She started modelling in the United Kingdom and later shined the runways for London Fashion Week 2008, 2009, 2010. A well as, Milan Fashion Week, Paul Costelloe, Alice Palmer, Lilee, Charlotte Taylor, Actis Barone and Jonathan Liang. Angie has modelled for Farah Khan’s S/S 2011 battle. In addition to Max Mara, Roger Vivier, Ted Baker, Vivienne Westwood, Leonard, Furlia, Club Monaco and M.A.C. Angie has been granted the STYLO Fashion Grand Prix ‘Model of The Year’ title in 2010. Included in Gap Fall Icons 2012.

Gwen Lu

Gwen Lu is engaged with Bravo Models Tokyo. As well as, London MGT Group Sydney, Beyond Models Milan, Spin Model Management Hamburg, Viva Models Berlin, M and P Models London, City Models Paris and Major Model Management New York. In addition to being in the fronts of Biba, Ponytail, Numero, Surface, Kurv, The Ones 2 Watch and Vogue Japan. In addition to, IO Donna, Contributor, L’Officiel Singapore, The Fashion of the Guardian, Marie Claire Malaysia, Pop, Harper Bazaar’s India and Vogue Thailand.


So there you go! The Top 10 Models in Malaysia that make us Malaysians proud internationally.

11 Asian Female Models To Follow On Instagram

From left: Sheena Liam/Getty; Baiboon Arunpreechachai/Burberry; Kaci Beh on the runway of Dolce & Gabanna Autumn/Winter 2019/Getty

There is a lot to be said about the power of Instagram. The digital era we live in has played a big part in highlighting all forms of beauty; brands and designers have started scouting models via social media for their campaigns, proving that an online presence is almost just as important as a fierce runway walk. Here are 9 girls to watch out for.

Sonya Danita Charles, Malaysia

Sonya Danita Charles is redefining traditional beauty standards. Diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of eight, Sonya has not let her rare skin condition stopped her from pursuing her dreams of modelling. She first walked for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week in 2018 and has not looked back since. Besides fronting campaigns for many Malaysian designers and appearing in fashion spreads in various magazines, Sonya is also using her platform to promote self-acceptance and educate her followers on vitiligo.

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Sheena Liam, Malaysia

Sheena Liam was already a full-fledged model long before she won Cycle 2 of Asia’s Next Top Model, a title that would land her on both the covers of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore and Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia in 2013. Besides walking the runways of Diane Von Furstenberg (Autumn/Winter 2015) and Opening Ceremony (Autumn/Winter 2017), Sheena is also a talented embroidery artist, and her latest work is featured in the latest issue of V Magazine.

Kaci Beh, Singapore

Kaci Beh may only be 21 but she has already dominated the international runways, from Dolce & Gabanna (Autumn/Winter 2019) in Milan to Julien Fournie (Autumn/Winter 2019 Haute Couture) in Paris. She started modelling at the age of 17 and is currently represented by agencies in both Milan and Paris. Besides modelling, Kaci is also a massive foodie with a separate Instagram account (@kacifoodiehunter) dedicated to her numerous food adventures.

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Duan Mei Yue, Singapore

Singapore-based model Duan Mei Yue‘s unique features have already caught the eyes of global beauty brands such as Sephora and Fenty. At 19 she walked at Seoul Fashion Week and was photographed for i-D Japan in 2018. Duan’s extraordinary look is so versatile that she’s able to work the high street labels and high fashion at the same time.

Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, Thailand

Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying’s list of accolades includes winning the Asian Film Award for Best Newcomer and Thailand National Film Association Award for Best Actress, and made her appearances on Harper’s BAZAAR UK, Numero magazine and a number of international campaigns. Chutimon also played the meaty role of Lynn in the 2017 movie Bad Genius.

Baiboon Arunpreechachai, Thailand

Represented by Wilhelmina models, Baiboon Arunpreechachai recently made headlines when she fronted a Burberry‘s ad campaign. She has long been touted as one of Thailand’s breakout models and is often a regular on the pages of Harper’s BAZAAR Thailand.

Cinta Laura Kiehl, Indonesia

Cinta Laura Kiehl is so much more than a pretty face. The 27-year-old beauty has successfully made the jump from being a model to actress and now a musician as well. The German-Indonesian is famous in her home nation as an electro-pop singer and she is also the appointed ambassador of anti-violence against women and children by the Indonesian Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection.

Matcha Mosimann, Thailand

When she is not striking a pose in front of the camera, Matcha Mosimann is also a fitness fanatic. in fact, she often shares workout tips and routines as well as diet plans for her followers on her very successful YouTube channel Fitness Society Thailand.

Nalisa Alia Amin, Malaysia

Nalisa Alia Amin rose to fame when she started working with brands that promote body positivity message. in 2018, she starred in a Dove campaign followed by Sephora. In 2019, she became the first plus-sized model to open the show for Min Luna X Fashionvalet at KL Fashion Week. As a prolific social media darling, Nalisa is using her platform to spread body positivity. She once said that “being different is to express-not everybody is shaped in the same mould. We’re here, we exist and we’re embracing ourselves.” Besides challenging beauty standards, Nalisa also regularly shares her journey of self-acceptance.

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Afa Annfa, Hong Kong

Besides having a successful career as a model, Afa Annfa is also an incredibly talented visual artist, painter and illustrator. She held her first solo exhibition The Silent Family in June 2015 and has since gone on to work on collaborative projects with brands such as Coca Cola, Jurlique, Dr Martens and McDonald’s.

Hyunjoo Hwang, Korea

Hyunjoo Hwang made her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit debut this year as part of the 2020 SI Swimsuit model search. Born and raised in Korea, Hwang was also working with  Victoria Secret earlier this year. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, she tells young Korean girls who want to pursue a career in to”be brave and not to let the world tell you what you can’t do and that their happiness comes first.”

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Joan Smalls Calls Out The Fashion Industry For Its Silence Amid The Black Lives Matter Movement 8


How Malaysian Nur Liyana became the first female stylist of a New York-based menswear brand

Nur Liyana Mohd Radzi was 17 when she first found out about American fashion designer Thom Browne.

She was fascinated by how he seamlessly blurred the line between the conventional definitions of masculine and feminine.

“He is without a doubt my favourite designer. His campaigns feature men and women side by side styled in the same outfits, yet both look equally exquisite.

“His execution is impeccable and it was through his creations that my eyes were opened to the realm of menswear, even though he is both a menswear and womenswear designer.

“Ever since then, I’ve adopted the practice of incorporating menswear pieces into my personal style as well because I believe clothing is for all. It’s self-expression in its purest form,” shared Nur Liyana, 25, via email.

Today, Nur Liyana is a stylist at Proper Cloth, an e-commerce menswear brand founded in 2008 in New York City, the United States, that offers custom-made clothing.

American Thom Browne is Nur Liyana’s favourite designer, whom she admires for seamlessly blurring the line between the conventional definitions of masculine and feminine.She is the first woman to hold the position of a stylist at the company, beating 145 other candidates to get the job last year.

Nur Liyana graduated cum laude in May 2020 from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), right in the middle of the pandemic.

She was worried whether she would be able to get a job then as many companies were not hiring.

However, FIT had offered her the opportunity to earn invaluable experience working backstage for international labels during New York Fashion Week. She also took on various internship positions in luxury and bespoke menswear brands and publications.

“As an international student here in the States, there are limitations with working opportunities while simultaneously being a student, hence why most of my experience being in the industry stems from my internships.

“It was intentional on my end to obtain different kinds of internships because I wanted to diversify my knowledge of menswear from different roles within the industry.

“However, my interest has always remained on the more creative side of the industry, which is styling,” she shared.

As a fresh graduate, she was eager to hit the ground running, make her family proud, and prove her capability.

She applied to many companies but did not hear back from many of them. Then her current company had an internship opening which she applied for immediately.

Nur Liyana adopts the practice of incorporating menswear pieces into her personal style.Just after three months, the company offered her a full-time position and she has been one of their two stylists ever since.

“My duty is to create looks for our campaigns as well as any new items we have. Part of my job is to understand who our customer is, what kind of look this person would gravitate towards, what colours and silhouettes best fit our models and, from there, I create looks that would appeal to our target market.

“My job ranges from product styling and on-figure styling where we work with models at our studio, to styling and merchandising at our 5th Avenue showroom,” she shared.

Nur Liyana feels her biggest contribution as a stylist is her female point of view on menswear.

“I am honoured to be the first woman to hold a stylist position at this company. I have learnt a tremendous amount simply by observing the team and I have been given much freedom to express my own stylistic views as well.”

During the pandemic, the company has also had to adapt by venturing into face masks.

“One of the main items that has kept the company afloat during the pandemic are our unique and innovative masks that come in an array of styles,” said Nur Liyana, adding that the masks are certified as BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) ≥95% and PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) ≥85%.

“As a fashion brand, we had to find a way to make these masks merge with our stylistic vision. A proud moment for me was when one of the mask photoshoots that I had styled was featured in The Wall Street Journal,” she added.

She said the fashion industry took a big hit when the pandemic consumed the economy and it is still recovering.

“But one thing it did prove was how resilient the industry was by adapting to consumer needs. Mask sales was the saviour for many brands.

“And being able to observe how quickly the industry adapted to such a drastic change was truly an invaluable experience,” she concluded.

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90,000 the greenest and greenest skating clothes

We live in an era when it is not only impossible to ignore the state of ecology and environmental friendliness of production, but it is also extremely short-sighted. More and more companies are striving to make their work cleaner and the French brand Picture Organic is the most striking and distinctive example in this respect.

A little about the brand and its history

The story of the Picture Organic brand is the story of three friends who grew up together and shared a passion for skateboarding and snowboarding.For them, it has always been a good reason to get together, and it doesn’t really matter where – be it their home quarter of Clermont-Ferrand or the Alps.

And so, three friends – Jeremy, Vincent and Julien. Jeremy worked as an architect in the family business and his entire life path seemed to have been perfectly planned, but he dreamed of developing higher values ​​of responsibility, values ​​that he had already brought into his personal lifestyle. Vincent had just graduated from management school and was ready for a real professional challenge, while Julien was working as a marketer for the Coca Cola company in Paris, far from the mountains.

All three friends dreamed of something bigger, something that would satisfy their passion, and that would vividly reflect who they are.

Skateboarding and snowboarding culture had a big influence on them. From there, they drew their sense of identity with the counterculture, watched movies and followed riders who inspired them to go beyond their usual dress code. And as a result of all this, one day a logical question arose: why not launch your own brand? The challenge was crazy, but everyone wanted to overcome this challenge and reach the goal.

Seems to be a classic story for many modern brands from the sports industry. But Picture Organic has many of its own characteristics and originality.

The main ideology and principles of the company have been chosen 100% sense of responsibility towards our environment and production that meets the highest environmental standards. The fact that guys will have to learn everything from scratch – starting a business, fabrics, manufacturing, etc., did not kill motivation and did not scare anyone.

Just a few weeks later, the first headquarters was opened in a building somewhere in the backyard of the Automotive Inspection Center. When it comes to choosing a name for the brand, the partners wanted it to convey meaning beyond the borders of France, so they decided that it would be in English. It also had to be short but inspiring. The inspiration came from the snowboard movie Picture This, released in 2008, so the guys borrowed the name Picture and it all started spinning …

Picture is a clear concept based on strong


To summarize the brand, Picture is the best eco-friendly product possible.Unique designs that stand out for their fresh colors and are valued for their good quality. Costs are tightly controlled to ensure that Picture products are a true alternative to traditional industrial production.

All Picture Organic products are made from 100% recycled materials, organic materials or waste materials.

The founders of the company know and always remember:

“The earth allows us to travel to beautiful places, share incredible moments with our friends, and we want future generations to enjoy the same wealth.»

By 2009, the brand had 70 stores in France and Switzerland, the first countries to enthusiastically embrace the brand’s values ​​and products. In the same year, there was also the first appearance for Picture at the leading international trade fair for the sports industry ISPO in Munich, Germany. Despite the smallest booth in the entire exhibition, Picture still attracted attention. Their first product to showcase was the Alaska In Winter Jacket. Also this year, the first collection of recycled polyester outerwear was launched.

In 2010, the company launched its first collection of recycled polyester shorts. For this, outerwear fabrics were used, winter jackets were turned into summer shorts! The collection of outerwear is growing. There are 2 new silhouettes, 6 jackets and 4 trousers. The Season jacket is featured on the covers of ski and snowboard magazines.

Another important event of that year, the brand crosses borders and goes beyond France, Switzerland and other EU countries. Picture Organic products appear for the first time in Russia!

Recovery Fabrics

2011 – An important technological solution – an ecological innovation: recycling of waste fabrics for lining jackets.The company’s specialists could not help but notice the amount of fabric waste during the production process, so they decided to recycle the waste and use these materials to produce linings in their jackets. This program is called Recovery Fabrics.

That year the company already had 10 countries and 400 retailers! It grows not only in Europe, but also begins to conquer the United States.

In 2012, the company is working to improve control over the supply chain. It partners with AIR (Agence Innovation Responsable) to better manage all issues related to innovation and sustainability.

And in the same year, the first collection made in France appears. Local production was important to the company and they proudly presented a collection of gates and balaclavas entirely made in Annecy, France, in collaboration with Jonathan & Fletcher. This company is a research studio and agency dedicated to the creation of Picture clothing prototypes.

Picture Organic is first presented at SIA (Snowsports Industry America), one of the most important national trade shows for the sports business in America, held in Denver, Colorado.

In 2013, the company received a double award at the world famous ISPO winter sports exhibition! The 100% recycled Welcome Jacket wins the ISPO Gold Medal! The brand also received an Environmental Excellence award that same year for its responsible performance and sustainability, and the company’s products are already available in 60 US stores, including Paragon Sports in New York.

In 2014, the first launch of Picture Innovation Camp takes place – 2 days of fun and creativity around innovation, where I invite consumers to think about future projects and products all together.The team is growing, and now 20 people are working together in Clermont-Ferrand and Annecy, in addition to international teams working on the growth of Picture, around the world.

Dad & Son

2015 was rich in great collaborations for the company. Dad & Son brings together 2 generations, 2 creative spirits for a limited edition T-shirt collection. “Dad” (Pope) is René, Jeremy’s father, an architect who loves to paint. They portray a wonderful father-son relationship and a shared passion for design.

The second collaboration unites Picture and Henjl – 100% Made in France and Made in Alps. The company was born from two friends who combined their passion for an active lifestyle and clothing. Henri and Jean Louis led the production and product development for successful brands before launching their own brand and promoting the expertise of the French industry. In collaboration with them, Picture has developed a limited collection of authentic products made from 100% merino wool.

In the same year, another landmark event was the Hubber Helmet, the first ever ski / snowboard helmet made from 100% recycled components derived from organic materials.The company was reluctant to sacrifice its concept in the production of helmets, and after two years of research and development in the field of eco-design, they came up with a successful combination: the shell is made of polylactide based on corn, a renewable source and a high-performance polymer. Secondly, the lining is made of polystyrene recycled from discarded dashboards of Japanese automobiles. The chin and ear pads are made from recycled polyester.

2016 – New flagship stores opened in Lyon and Annecy.The company already has 30 countries – 700 retailers! The picture is expanding further and further, and now the brand is in Asia and Australia.

2017 presents interesting novelties in the summer collection – an alternative to neoprene, NaturalPrene, has been developed. Launched the world’s first neoprene-free wetsuit using an alternative to rarely recyclable neoprene fabric: NaturalPrene Stretch technology is made from 85% Hevea, a natural rubber sourced from Malaysian plantations.

And also, Picture Organic again receives a gold medal at the ISPO for the ProKnit Serie technology.

And another important event – co-branding with NGO WWF, committed to protecting the natural habitat and ecosystem of three animals living in the polar climate: narwhals, bowhead whales and polar bears.

Production features

“When we launched Picture in 2008, sustainable, responsible development and the preservation of the environment were core values ​​that we considered absolutely essential to integrate into the brand. At the time, we really didn’t know much about responsible textile production.Today our goal is to be fully responsible for the entire cycle of our products: development, raw materials, production, use, “second life” and end of life. Join us on this adventure! ” Julien, Jeremy & Vincent

Environmental Development

Already at the product design stage, the company begins to think about how to approach recycling, “second life” and end of product life. It is during the development process that Picture Organic specialists choose the materials used, their quality and productivity.

In conventional industries, the pieces of leftover fabric are usually incinerated, which has a detrimental effect on the environment. Here, the company receives and reuses all production waste and raw materials from its production partners that meet the Picture quality criteria. These scraps and scraps of fabric are then used to make unique linings in jackets.

Organic raw materials

95% of the cotton garment collection is produced at the Seyfeli factory in Izmir, Turkey.The products produced there are made from organic cotton – or GOTS – Certified Organic Content. The remaining 5% is made in India from recycled cotton for items such as shirts and chinos.

Organic cotton does not use GM seeds, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It preserves biodiversity, regenerates and stores soil, and saves a lot of water. An organic farm produces 94% less carbon emissions than a conventional farm.


All Picture technology products are made from at least 50% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. The company uses Greenplus Taiwan certification to ensure that every product is recyclable and Bluesign approved fabric to ensure it is free of harmful chemicals.

So how is fabric made from plastic bottles?

Here are 5 steps from plastic bottle to polyester fabric:
  1. PET plastic bottles are selected and sorted by type and color
  2. they are cleaned of labels and caps, then washed, crushed and cut into shavings
  3. The shavings are remelted and converted into permanent granules
  4. pellets are melted and extruded to form fibers.Fiber is compressed, cut, stretched and stretched, then wound into spools
  5. fiber from spools turns into fabric, and you can start making jacket

Principle of openness and transparency

On the company’s website you can find a list of factories with which it works. The brand visits these factories two to three times a year, and they all participate in the production improvement process with the Fair Wear Foundation.All of these factories have signed Picture RSL, a list of chemicals banned from Picture Organic products, in accordance with the REACH standard. Before releasing products to market, random testing is done to ensure that the RSL is fully adhered to.

Completely without PFC

100% of the company’s high-tech products using water-repellent treatments are now PFC-free. PFCs (Perfluorocarbons) are chemicals that are used in high-tech garments to make them water repellent.PFCs are chemicals that are released into the air during the manufacture and use of a product. They are harmful to the environment and people. Picture Organic uses an alternative – Teflon EcoElite ™ technology from renewable sources.

Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

And one more subtle, but important fact about the company. It uses water transport to transport its products. Products that travel 10,000 km by sea have the same carbon dioxide emissions as products that travel 900 km in a truck.Mode-related CO2 emissions can account for 50% of the total product exposure for this indicator.


Now let’s talk about the collection itself and first it is worth mentioning the general details. Firstly, in the collection of winter skiing clothes there is no strict division into ski and snowboard models, all of it will be comfortable and functional no matter what you ride. All models use the most reliable zippers from the YKK brand, and sophisticated people know that this name on the fittings, without a doubt, means a quality mark.

In the description for all models there is a special marking – Heat index – it means the degree of thermal insulation of the model, that is, how warm it is. Values ​​from 1 to 10, the higher the number, the warmer the product, 3/10; 5/10; 7/10, etc.

All models use the eco-friendly and recyclable DRYPLAY membrane with a different combination of water resistance and para permeability. And here it is important to say about the Thermal Dry System technology – a special lining fabric located in the places of the greatest perspiration.It allows moisture to evaporate from the body more efficiently and dries quickly.


Jumpsuits are undoubtedly the highlight of the Picture collection. Technological, they have a thoughtful cut for male and female models. There is even a baby jumpsuit. Functionally, the male and female models are practically the same, with the exception of one parameter. The women’s jumpsuit is slightly warmer and has an index of 7/10 against the men’s 5/10. On average, the female body is harder to tolerate the cold, so the Coremax insulating lining was added here.Membrane DRYPLAY 20K / 20K

  • Ski pass pocket
  • Additional ventilation with zipper
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Reinforced lower part of the legs from cuts with edging
  • Adjustable hood
  • Elastic cuffs


The warmest and most technologically advanced jacket Luna is thanks to the lightweight down insulation Sorona 600 Feel power bio-based and the DRYPLAY membrane with 20K / 20K values.The thermal insulation index is the highest – 10/10. This is a representative of the expeditionary series and naturally meets the highest requirements for weather protection and ease of functional use. Recommended pants model – Ticket – semi-overalls with suspenders, also complete for the highest tasks. Additional Coremax insulation, DRYPLAY 20K / 15K membrane, warmed hand pockets and snow skirt. You can also consider the model of the same name of trousers Luna. All the same reliable indicators in the form of a 20K / 20K membrane and an insulation index of 7/10.The trousers are attached to the jacket and have three fixing points.

The Seen jacket is a good all-round choice for a wide variety of tasks. Average degree of insulation 5/10, membrane with good performance 20K / 15K and additional ventilation. Everything is adjustable in this jacket: hood, snow skirt, cuffs. Plus, it has a sleek, feminine fit and design. Can be zipped with trousers. Recommended trousers model – Exa – with a slightly higher thermal insulation index of 7/10 and the same 20K / 15K membrane.The trousers also have a snow-resistant skirt. The collection includes another interesting model of semi-overalls – Seattle. Slightly lower 10K / 10K membrane, good thermal insulation index of 7/10, removable upper with braces and reinforced bottom of the legs. But most importantly, incredibly stylish design.

Lander is a warm and practical jacket with a slightly elongated cut that will be an excellent choice for resort skiing. It is well insulated (80 g / m2) and has the reliable performance of the DRYPLAY 10K / 10K membrane.Equipped with waterproof zippers and insulated hand pockets. This also includes the Mineral model with the same indicators of water resistance and vapor permeability, and an incredibly stylish design. A suitable choice of trousers for these models would be Slany. The average thermal insulation index is 5/10, the same DRYPLAY membrane with 10K / 10K values, the system of attaching trousers to a jacket with three fixing points.

Male Models

Welcome jacket designed for freeride and backcountry.It has a high 20k / 15k Dry Play membrane and a low 3/10 thermal insulation, in fact, it is the upper membrane layer so that you can combine the insulation with other layers, depending on the weather and the situation. Maximum adjustments, additional ventilation, waterproof zippers and a snow skirt. In general, everything you need and nothing more. The recommended model of trousers is the Welcome half-overalls of the same name. Exactly the same indicators of membrane and thermal insulation, additional ventilation and waterproof zippers.The upper with straps can be detached as needed.

The Alpin jacket is a reliable versatile model that will be comfortable in different situations. Average degree of insulation 5-10, membrane with excellent performance 20k / 15k, maximum adjustments and additional ventilation. An interesting detail is the double zipper on the collar to adjust the degree of ventilation as precisely as possible depending on the conditions. The most successful choice of pants for this model will be Alpin or Naikoon of the same name, with a higher membrane performance.If you need more effective protection, then it is better to choose Naikoon, the indicators are higher (20k / 20k), an average degree of thermal insulation of 5/10 thanks to Coremax insulation, a snow skirt and additional ventilation. The Alpins are very similar in function, but have slightly lower 20k / 15k diaphragms, and also come with stylish side pockets.

Styler and Panel jackets are stylish and functional models with reliable membrane performance, a good choice for everyday skiing in the resort.Both models are equipped with a DRYPLAY membrane with 10K / 10K water resistance / para permeability, but the Panel model is warmer, it has 80 grams of insulation per square meter. m, index 7/10 versus 5/10 for Styler. Otherwise, except for the design, everything is similar – adjustable hood and cuffs, a pocket for a ski pass, additional ventilation. Recommended pants are Under and Styler. Models with the same membrane performance (10K / 10K) and thermal insulation (5/10). The Styler has large Cargo pockets on the sides and the Under has a stylish urban design.Both models have the ability to zip up with a jacket and are equipped with a snow skirt.

Kids Models

Among children’s models, it is worth highlighting the jumpsuit. It is very competently cut and is practically in no way inferior to its adult counterparts. The same Dry Play membrane with 20K / 15K ratings is a very good level for a jumpsuit. The degree of insulation is the same as in the adult female model, 7/10. Well, everything you need is also there: adjustable cuffs, additional ventilation with a zipper, fully taped seams.

Jackets Zoe (for girls) and Slope (for boys) are a good, reliable intermediate level, in them you can safely get out on the slopes every day and are not afraid to get wet. Membrane 10K / 10K, thermal insulation 7/10. Ski pass pocket and adjustable cuffs. But the main advantage of Picture Organic children’s models is the Grow With Me System technology – which means “Grow with me”. And this is really so, the length of the sleeves can be increased if necessary and no longer worry about the fact that children grow up too quickly.Recommended trousers for these jackets are Mist and August. Moreover, both models are perfect for both boys and girls. Mist are more technological and have a high level of protection against moisture (20K / 15K), in August the indicators are simpler, but also quite reliable (10K / 10K). The thermal insulation is the same – 7/10. It also uses the Grow With Me System technology and the length of the legs can be increased.

Proden and Naika jacket models have the same set of characteristics and differ only in cut and design.Proden for boys, Naika for girls. The very high performance of the 20K / 15K membrane and a good degree of thermal insulation (7/10) will make sure that children will be dry and comfortable in these models. Also here: snow skirt, elastic and adjustable cuffs, ski pass pocket. And of course, there is also the Grow With Me System technology here. From the models of trousers, you can also consider here Mist and August, which have already been mentioned above.


The collection also includes stylish and functional sweatshirts.Some simply beautiful and comfortable, designed for everyday wear, like the Basement Basic model. Some of them will perfectly serve as a technological second layer in skating – men’s Lago and women’s Miki. And of course, Picture Organic is a mass of bright, stylish accessories that not only delight the eye with their design, but also have a high degree of functionality. Hats, socks, gloves.

Author: Innokenty Pugachev

90,000 Towards spring: new models of women’s sneakers 2021 | Joy-Pup – all the fun!

Women’s sneakers in 2021 are not just shoes for sports and creating a casual look.This is already a lifestyle, an integral and necessary part of a wardrobe or, as women of fashion say, a must have. Nike, Asics, Adidas, New balance, Reebok, Puma, Balenciaga – we all know and love the sneakers of these brands. By the spring of 2021, they have prepared many new products that we at Joy-pup want to share with our readers.

Sneakers for gamers

It would seem, what new can happen in the world of sports shoes? However, the German brand Puma decided to please esports lovers with their shoes.Most recently, he unveiled the A ctive Gaming Footware for gamers, priced at $ 110 a pair. The manufacturer positions its product as a shoe for active games. It adapts to the shape of the leg and allows the skin to breathe.

Harley Quinn sneakers

Puma again. This time, the Germans decided to conquer the hearts of comic book lovers and created sneakers in the style of Harley Quinn, in collaboration with artist Jen Bartel. By the way, she created illustrations for Marvel Comics and Image Comics and worked on the Blackbird comic.Now, the Spring 2021 Women’s Sneaker Collection is replenished with her cool designs.

Nike – more bright colors

Nike this year pleases with new models of bright and colorful shoes. What you need for spring! In collaboration with artist Kelly Boone, the brand has created a series of colorful sneakers for women for Spring 2021. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with these colors and patterns, and I just want to try on fashionable sneakers right now!

© kylieboon / Instagram

© kylieboon / Instagram

© kylieboon / Instagram

© kylieboon / Instagram

And some more new products from Nike.The Nike Air Max and Nike VaporMax Plus are particularly popular with the active lifestyle, combining the design of the past with the technology of the future.

© sneakerlah / Instagram

© sneakerlah / Instagram

Asics – try not to eat your sneakers

Nasi lemak is the main dish of Malaysian cuisine. And now it is also a sneaker from the Japanese sports brand Asics – GEL-Kayano 5 OG “Nasi Lemak”. The shoe was inspired by the color scheme of a dish consisting of white rice, shrimp sauce, chili peppers, egg yolk, fresh cucumber and peanuts.Agree, it’s very tasty!

Daddy’s Sneakers and Ugly Sneaker

While fashionistas argue about how awful Dad sneakers look, brands such as Balenciaga and Fila are releasing new collections for women. These extraordinary shoes have already become part of the basic wardrobe for the spring of 2021.

B some models look very cute.

Ugly Sneaker or “ugly sneakers” have been the trend of past seasons.In 2021, interest in them has not faded away, and women of fashion are happy to combine these shoes with dresses and trousers.

New season for New Balance

We continue to get acquainted with the latest fashionable sneakers for spring 2021. Designers New Balance also took inspiration from food when creating a new collection of sports shoes for women, men and children. The iconic restaurant Paperboy Paris has become the muse of the company with its latte, branded lemonade and tuna sandwich.

Another pair of New Balance women’s colored sneakers for Spring 2021.

White trainers and sneakers for spring 2021

White trainers are out of competition this season. On a high platform or in a minimalist style, with Velcro or with laces, with colored stripes or a corporate logo – choose according to your taste. There will be plenty of white sneakers in the spring and summer of 2021.

© kylieboon_ / Instagram

© kylieboon_ / Instagram

Summer sneakers for comfortable rest

Sneakers that breathe are the perfect invention for the warm season.Lightweight models with bright patterns, as well as sneakers, sandals will replenish the collection of spring and summer shoes for women.

© kylieboon_ / Instagram

© kylieboon_ / Instagram

What to wear sneakers with in spring 2021?

The answer is simple – with anything. Modern stylists are doing everything possible so that we go beyond the usual jeans + sneakers scheme. The trendy 2021 sneakers can be paired with dresses, pantsuits, classic blazers and blazers, as well as skirts and shorts.

© Alla scoperta di attrici, modelle e giornaliste / Facebook

© Alla scoperta di attrici, modelle e giornaliste / Facebook

© irunwithlula / Instagram

© irunwithlula / Instagram

Sometimes the same sneakers look completely different. It all depends on what kind of clothes you choose.

Women’s sneakers 2021 look simply gorgeous with a light transparent skirt or a fashionable dress. Evening outings with these shoes inspire new ideas for a luxurious spring look.

© irunwithlula / Instagram

© irunwithlula / Instagram

Jackets, raincoats and fashionable coats are ideally combined with spring 2021 sneakers. Now many women have said “Thank you” to designers and stylists for this frivolity and versatility of modern fashion.

And also – sneakers inspire us to new athletic feats. Well, did you run towards spring? With faith in yourself and with love for fashionable sneakers.

© sneakerlah / Instagram

© sneakerlah / Instagram

Also read about the trendiest jeans of 2021 and pick up a new spring look.

Giving joy-points for correct answers

Which Japanese sports brand was inspired by the Asian dish Nasi lemak when creating sneakers?

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Women’s urinals

Wrote in history

At present, it is not known for certain when exactly the first female urinals appeared, but it is believed that their appearance occurred in the UK in 1927.At the time of their appearance, they were called Urinette and were ordinary toilets, however, a special flush system was already used in their design. Urinette urinals were located in special booths opposite the entrance. The cabins, instead of the usual doors for us, were equipped with curtains, which the developers decided to abandon over time. However, as history shows, the adoption of such a decision was hasty and after 70 years, Sphinx began to use such designs again.Urinette urinals have been installed in washrooms in small towns in Great Britain. It is not known how women urinals are further taken into account in history, however, according to some reports, one of the first designs was seen in Oslo and survived in the dressing room of the station until the 90s.

Since 1950, Sanistand women’s urinals have been produced in the United States, which in their external characteristics were very similar to the British model Urinette. However, this device turned out to be not constructive in practice in almost all parameters, since when using it, a large water consumption was required, specially trained personnel were needed for maintenance, while the device occupied no less useful area than an ordinary toilet bowl.At the same time, the toilet had a greater degree of versatility and was more economical.

In the early 90s, a new model of the She-inal female urinal was released, but its merits have received a lot of criticism. This device was a stand-alone design and its appearance resembled a hose made of plastic. It was a flexible connection that had to be pressed against the female crotch, which was located facing the urinal. Based on the fact that this design could replace the toilet bowl, it was supposed to install more such devices in the washroom, since the preparation for the toilet procedure also took a little time, that is, there was no need to completely expose the basin.Consequently, it was believed that when using such designs, the queue to the restroom would be significantly reduced.

However, these designs were unhygienic, as it was necessary to tightly press the urine bag against the female perineum. It was impossible to prevent pinching because of the dispersion effects of the urine stream, since it is simply impossible to calculate the directional trajectory and spray of urine. As a result, women could wet the outer garment or floor covering in the urinal area.

As a result, for the reasons described above, only 700 She-inal models were produced, the use of which did not gain popularity in the future, they were installed in some washrooms in the UK, USA and Japan. Of course, the idea of ​​creating a standing design has not yet exhausted its resources, but its implementation requires a huge amount of significant improvements.

More recently, the Malaysian company GBH has proposed a new model of urinal called Lady Loo.This device had an anatomical external shape: elongated in front, slightly widened in the back and deflection in the plane of the urine bag. Moreover, this device was equipped with an automatic flush. The test sample of this design was installed in the washroom of one of the shopping centers and, judging by its popularity, the women liked it very much. However, for what purposes such a urinal is needed in Asia, where Asian toilets are common, is not clear. The Asian toilet has more versatility and is more comfortable for Asian residents.

In 1997, a German company developed the Standy female urinal, which outwardly resembled the Genoa bowl, the urinal was raised above the floor level. There were a few other models such as the Standolet and Urilet, but they did not find widespread use.

In 1999, the Dutch company Sphinx developed its own model of a female urinal called Lady P. Today, the production of such structures is successfully developing and the designs of these models have found their application in European countries.This model is a more successful design than analogues of other companies. The success of this women’s urinal lies not in the design of the device itself, but in particular in the design solution proposed by the manufacturer.

Unlike analogues offered in this market segment, Sphinx approached the issue very seriously. The company’s developers initially wondered what exactly lengthens feminization. Not having vast knowledge in this area, they made conclusions that were close to the truth.According to the company’s developers, a huge amount of time for women goes directly to the preparatory stages, and since nothing dramatic can be done with clothes, it is necessary to speed up other actions. Based on the logic, the conclusion adopted by the company’s specialists is quite reasonable.

Sphinx has decided to speed up the pre-washroom process by reducing the time it takes to find a vacant booth, store women’s accessories, and close the booth.In addition to this decision, which was adopted by the developers, it reduces the shrinkage time, the urinal is also more hygienic than the toilet, although it does not significantly limit freedom.

The principle of the idea lies in the complex solution of the problem. The design itself does little to solve, and a set of measures to reduce the time spent on preparatory processes gives a positive result.

Your opinion

As we can see, from the very beginning of the introduction of such “concepts”, no definitive positive result was achieved even once.The statistics and the assumptions based on them are undoubtedly unshakable indicators, but what do women themselves think about this? To answer this, we interviewed women in one of the nightclubs in St. Petersburg. Here are the answers of modern ladies we have heard to the question “What do you think about women’s urinals?”

Elena, sales manager, 26 years old
I hear it for the first time. Probably, it would not be very familiar and convenient. Even if it was set as an experiment, I probably did not dare to use it.

Anastasia, designer, 24 years old
I can’t imagine the process itself. I think it would be very fun to watch the faces of other women who are trying to do their job.

Anna, Real Estate Specialist, 26
This is beyond my understanding of hygiene. Even a kilometer-long queue, I will suck it, but I will use the usual booth.

Valeria, advertising manager, 23 years old
I haven’t even thought about them yet.For me, this is somehow strange. The idea is interesting, but I somehow can’t imagine it.

Victoria, student, 21 years old
There are no such people.

Olga, hairdresser-stylist, 25 years old
A very controversial thing. Although I have not even heard of such. But if I did, maybe I tried, but only out of curiosity.

In general, as we can see, the overwhelming majority either still have no idea about such a gadget, or would not like to get to know it more closely than to mention it in words.And the established standards will not destroy either the long queue, which the designers and constructors of the manufacturers of women’s urinals have tried to cut for many years, or the speed of the procedure itself. After all, these are women, and habits developed over the years are not subject to innovations in plumbing technology.

Top 10 Best Womens Shoes Designers

A good pair of shoes changes everything: appearance, mood, gait. Especially if a woman is wearing high-heeled shoes from an eminent designer, then she can instantly turn from an office worker into a real princess.Designers from all over the world are trying to create only elegant, modern, beautiful and comfortable shoes so that a woman always feels comfortable. Let’s get to know those who deserve special attention and honor in this area:

1. Jimmy Choo

Malaysian shoe designer Jimmy Choo, became world famous in 1996. Before that, he went to fame for a long time and worked as a cleaner in a shoe factory. Later, he entered the London College of Fashion. The craving and talent for creating shoes from Jimmy appeared from his youthful years and once it bore fruit.In 1988, his work was shown in a well-known fashion magazine and immediately attracted public attention. Princess Diana herself praised his work. In shoes from designer Jimmy Choo, the heroines of the TV series “Sex and the City” were shod.

2. Louis Vuitton

World-class French designer and fashion designer. A successful creator of exclusive clothing, bags, accessories and of course shoes. Glory came to him thanks to the manufacture of suitcases. The empress herself and the wife of Napoleon III, Eugene, was his ardent admirer.In 1854, Louis opened his own fashion house in Paris. Today, representative offices of Louis Vuitton are located in more than 53 countries of the world, and his works have been very popular for more than a century and a half.

3. Christian Louboutin

French designer and fashion designer known for his exquisite taste in fashion footwear. All of his models are made of lace, rare leather and decorated with Swarovski stones. One of the main features of this designer is the red sole of his shoes.The whole world admires his works, and rich and famous personalities become frequent clients.

4. Walter Steiger

Walter Steiger, a fashion footwear company, began operations in 1932 in New York. They have created a lot of incredibly beautiful and exclusive shoes from unusual materials and unusual shapes. The company, named after its founder, has collaborated and collaborates with many fashion designers around the world, such as Ungaro, Nina Ricci, Calvin Klein, Claude Montana, Oscar de la Renta, and others.Walter Steiger shoes are always beautiful, stylish, expensive and incredibly fashionable.

5. Stuart Weitzman

American designer Stuart Weitzman is often called a “shoemaker-jeweler” and not by accident. After all, all his works are a real work of art, decorated with a large number of precious stones. With shoes from this famous designer, you will always feel like a star on the red carpet. Today, representative offices of his company are open in 45 countries of the world and are incredibly popular among businessmen, politicians and show business stars.

6. Brian Atwood

Despite his young age, this American designer is a very famous and creative person. In 2001, he created his own label, under which incredibly beautiful and fashionable shoes are created, and under which dozens of offices around the world work. Atwood is actively invited to cooperation in European countries, in particular, in Milan, he worked on the creation of accessories from the company “Gianni Versace”. In shoes from this designer, women will always look slim, sexy and charming.

7. Manolo Blahnik

Spanish designer Manolo Blahnik became known all over the world not only thanks to the creation of the fashion company of the same name, but also thanks to the TV series “Sex and the City”, where the heroines often walked in the shoes he created. Design Basics, Blahnik studied in Paris. In 1970, he moved to work in London and opened his first fashion shoe store there. Later, another store of this designer was opened in New York. Manolo Blahnik collaborates with many of the world’s renowned designers, and his shoes are overwhelmingly popular with the rich and famous.

8. Alexander McQueen

Despite his short life, the English designer and fashion designer Alexander McQueen managed to earn incredible fame and the highest marks of fashion critics. His shoes, first of all, are known for being very unusual, extravagant and defiant. It is no coincidence that freak singer Lady Gaga was one of McQueen’s muses. He skillfully combines tradition with experimentation, as seen in his superb collections.

9. Miu Miu

Having earned great fame in the fashion industry, the Italian designer and fashion designer Miuccia Prada did not stop there, namely, on the creation of exclusive and beautiful leather accessories and bags.She actively launched the production of an equally stylish and unusual line of clothing and footwear. In 1993, she launched a brand called Miu Miu, after the nickname she was given as a child. The collection of this brand is more designed for the younger generation. She is bright, colorful and funny, but at the same time, very intelligent.

10. Russell and Bromley

The history of the British company “Russell & Bromley”, named after its founders, began in 1873 and since then continues to maintain its image in the fashion industry.They produce unrivaled, highly stylish and trendy footwear for all ages. Russell and Bromley were named “the king of moccasins” after their shoes adorned the leg of the famous American TV presenter and model Alexa Chung, who is rightfully recognized as a style icon.


Entries on the topic:


the most fashionable female models with photos and what to wear with

For many girls, shoes are a real fetish. They are ready to buy the models they like endlessly, without figuring out what fits the wardrobe and what doesn’t.Shoe designers, knowing the passions of women, create real masterpieces. Of course, we cannot afford most of them because of their exclusivity and exorbitant prices. However, admiring beauty is not forbidden from a distance.



Description and features

Each new season is full of unique novelties in the world of footwear. But there are classics that don’t go out of style. With the advent of high-tech materials, you can not forget about your favorite shoes even with the arrival of heat or cold.

Beautiful shoes look great and are endowed with the ability to revive even a nondescript image. Heeled shoes attract a lot of attention from the male half, so such models should be present in the girls’ wardrobe.

The best shoe colors

Emerald shade

1 – Roger Vivier, 2 – Amelie Pichard

You won’t go wrong if you choose shoes in emerald color of one of the fashionable styles. With them, you can create a huge number of combinations, since the shade is moderately bright.These shoes will become the center of the total black look, suitable for both young girls and women over 40, will easily fit into business and urban outfit.

Metallic shine

1 – Sacai, 2 – Chloé

Metallic shine is one of the main trends of the spring-summer 2018 season. Shoes with a gold or silver tint will look great both in the daytime and in the evening. Especially spectacular outfits are obtained in combination with a bomber jacket and a pleated skirt (by the way, they look good on mature ladies as well).

Print or embroidery

1 – Versace, 2 – Dolce & Gabbana

Models with prints or embroidery will look exquisite. In this case, it is better to buy designer shoes with recognizable patterns typical for the collection of a particular fashion house. Dolce & Gabbana and Versace shoes are a dream!

Bows and large decor

1 – Prada, 2 – Balenciaga

Velvet shoes with a low stiletto heel in a jewel shade will look elegant.Daring girls can try on printed models with voluminous bows (we do not recommend them for women over 40 who do not want their legs to become the object of close attention of passers-by).

Model classification

Modern fashion is replete with an unprecedented variety of women’s shoes: luxurious stiletto heels, elegant platform models, light ballet flats and slippers – each option has a specific purpose and can successfully fit into the created image.


Shoes with low or flat heels are comfortable, allow you to move quickly and do not cause any discomfort.This office option is in demand among the female half. Models are not only practical, but also not devoid of femininity and beauty.


Office footwear that meets the requirements of a business style. The main advantage of the wedge heel is that the legs do not get tired in them. The variety of design of models is striking – narrow and wide, with a rounded, square or elongated cape.

Heeled shoes

Heeled shoes are a decoration of a woman’s leg. They can be successfully combined with a dress, jeans, business suit.In addition, shoes with heels help maintain correct posture.

6) Needle fancy women’s shoes – new fashion trend?

These original shoes hardly anyone can call comfortable: they are made using 2 kg of needles, which not only makes them heavier, but also makes them unattractive.

One can only imagine how they will rub, and already it becomes scary. However, they look, of course, very unusual. By the way, shoes can be purchased on the author’s website, and this pair of shoes will cost you “only” 710 dollars:

Popular varieties

Among the variety of women’s shoes, those that have managed to win the love and recognition of the fair sex stand out.


Ballerinas resemble pumps without heels. This favorite footwear of young people will harmoniously fit into any look.


This type of shoe has the upper part open, which is important for the summer heat. Sandals can be on a platform or heel, in a wide variety of colors, and also decorated with buckles, weaves, rhinestones and bows.

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With an open heel

Such shoes will be held on the leg with a bracelet or buckle.Suitable for warm seasons and does not involve the use of tights.


The boat is the queen of shoes. The basic wardrobe of any business woman should include black pumps. Heel height, nose shape, color and materials may vary depending on fashion trends.


This is a Mexican shoe with a small sole with leather straps. These sandals are comfortable and not hot in summer.


Wedge heels – fashionable modern models.Versatile for any wardrobe. Thanks to the graceful last, the female leg looks slimmer, the gait becomes more graceful.


Flip-flops are an excellent choice for a hot summer, as the upper part is open. They can be low-speed, platform, wedge and even heeled.

Flip Flops

Open shoes with thin soles. It is held on the leg with the help of a membrane, which is located between the toes. Ideal for a beach holiday.


Slip-ons are original soft fabric flat shoes. Thanks to the fabric surface, the skin is easy to breathe. It is not difficult to take care of the appearance of such models.


The peculiarity of this type of sandals is the large number of straps that rise to the knees, due to which the shoe is attached to the foot. Girls choose this model not only because of the interesting design. They have a comfortable fit and a firm hold.

Women’s expensive shoes and sandals …


Ruby sandals ($ 1.6 million)

The designer was inspired to create these sandals by Dorothy’s red shoes from the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.And again, Weizman drew all his talent and irrepressible imagination into the creation.

Light sandals with 11 cm heels are encrusted with 650 rubies, as well as platinum plates. It is noteworthy that the $ 1.6 million model has not yet been worn by anyone. The designer invited actress Nicola Churchwood to decorate her charming legs with them at the Oscar, but the young girl refused such an expensive offer.


Platinum Guild sandals ($ 1.9 million)

The production of elegant women’s sandals requires a minimum of material, but here, too, the designers were able to create a magnificent model, decorating it with platinum and diamonds.

Stuart Weitzman’s masterpiece was estimated at 1 million 90 thousand dollars, due to the fact that they contain 450 diamonds. The price went up in 2001 when actress Laura Harding added a $ 27 million necklace to her chic sandals at the Oscars.


Cinderella Shoes ($ 2 million)

stop there, and once brought to life the shoes from a fairy tale. The $ 2,000,000 Cinderella Shoes were worn at the Oscars by actress and musician Alison Kraus.

Note that the shoes are completely made of diamonds, and the main decoration is a unique amaretto diamond, which alone costs $ 1 million. A unique pair of shoes, like many designer models, has an 11-centimeter heel, which makes them elegant and beautiful look on a woman’s leg.


Shoes “Retro Rose” ($ 3 million)

Another masterpiece from the shoe maker Weizman is made in the style of shoes of the 40s, and they are decorated with roses made of diamonds, the total weight of which reaches a little over 100 carats …

Gold-plated elegant shoes cost $ 1 million, and every year the designer invites one of the Oscar winners to wear them. So, in addition to the golden statuette, the actress who will receive such an honor can flaunt at the banquet in chic gold shoes.


Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth ($ 3 million)

Elite shoes made of chocolate-colored satin from the king of shoes, Stuart Weitzman, have become a real masterpiece. The earrings that belonged to one of the most brilliant and beautiful actresses of the twentieth century, Rita Hayward, became the highlight of the classic women’s open-toed shoes.

The shoes were valued at $ 3 million and are the most expensive women’s shoes in the world today. At one of the receptions in Hollywood, expensive shoes were seen on the legs of the American actress Kathleen York.

Material used

When choosing shoes, it is very important to pay attention to the material from which the shoes are made and to the interior decoration. Preference should be given to options made of thin leather. These shoes will last a long time.

The same material is used for different models.So, for example, leather is used to make gladiators, but slip-ons are made of fabric. Leatherette should not be ruled out either, but you need to remember that such material wears out quickly.

Products made of genuine leather are more expensive, but their advantages are beyond competition:

  • wearing comfort;
  • no smell;
  • appropriate quality;
  • durability.

The skin is not deprived of imperfections. First, it is capable of stretching.Secondly, its frequent contact with water is undesirable. Nothing terrible will happen, but the service life of such shoes will be reduced.

A little history of the world of footwear …

Shoes of the Indian prince ($ 210,000)

Let’s briefly look into history and present the shoes of the Indian prince Nizami Sikandra Jahu. Made in the middle of the 19th century, the chic shoes adorned with rubies and diamonds are considered the most expensive in history, although their current price of $ 210,000 is estimated approximately.

Probably, Prince Jahu did not really like these shoes, therefore he put them on only once in his life, because they are so perfectly preserved. Today, unique shoes are one of the adornments in the exposition of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, and so far no one is going to put up a historical rarity for auction.

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers ($ 3 million)

For the 50th anniversary of the cult musical “The Wizard of Oz”, designer Ronald Winston has made chic ruby ​​shoes, almost an exact copy of those worn by the heroine of the film, incomparable Dorothy.

It took two months to make the shoes, which were decorated with rubies and diamonds. The total weight of diamonds was 25 carats, but the total size of rubies was 1350 carats.

The original red shoes were auctioned for $ 3 million in 2010.

Fashion trends

Heels never go out of style. Each girl will be able to find a copy to her liking.

High heel

A woman in high-heeled shoes involuntarily attracts the eyes, looks luxurious and feminine.

Due to the significant lift, the legs in these shoes look longer and slimmer.

The high heel can be adjacent to the wide platform under the toe. The model is convenient.

High heels can be uncomfortable and difficult to move. Therefore, you need to use such models for going out or at festive events. Doctors do not recommend wearing it every day.

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Heels of various shapes

When creating new models of shoes, designers pay attention to the shape of the heels.


Quirky, curved heel not so long ago invented by designers. Not every girl will like such a copy. But connoisseurs of unusual ideas will be delighted, because such a find will add spice to the image.


Wavy heels are not suitable for everyday use. But putting on such shoes for a festive celebration or banquet, you will be able to surprise the guests. You need to be prepared for the fact that a wavy heel is never low.


Wide heels with a thick sole look shocking. This model is especially suitable for the cold season. Will look decent with cropped trousers or skinny jeans.


Square heels will refresh your look. The girl will not only look fashionable, but also feel comfort and convenience. Models can be both open and closed.


Shoes with round heels – for an amateur.Stable and practical, the models will look no less attractive on a female leg than stiletto heels.

Classic hairpin

The classic hairpin does not lose its popularity. Barely noticeable, it endows the female figure with harmony and sophistication. Such shoes are an integral part of festive outfits. Some people prefer to wear a hairpin to the office.

Decorative items

Many designers do not skimp on the decor of their offspring. Absolutely everything is used: rhinestones, sequins, beads, shells, flowers, bows, feathers and much more.When choosing such non-standard models, you need to take into account that they are not suitable for every image.

With embroidery

Beautiful and unique decorative embroidery on shoes is the trend of the season. Hand-embroidered models are not cheap, but the work is worth it.

This wardrobe item looks fashionable and interesting.

The most famous shoes: 6 iconic brands

If you collect all the anecdotes and humorous aphorisms about the adherence of the fair sex to shoes with all the consequences that follow from this love, you can get a rather weighty volume.Moreover, it is mainly men who are ironic on this topic, most often skeptical about the very idea that “some kind of shoes” can cost tens of thousands. At the same time, it is paradoxical, but true: these very shoes, which become the subject of female urban mythology, are most often created by men themselves! At least the most famous shoes in the divine pantheon of footwear are invented by male designers. If the story of Cinderella, who arranged her fate with the help of a single shoe, does not seem to you an artistic exaggeration, we will show you how to choose the most beautiful shoes, which, if they do not change life, will definitely make it more pleasant.

Christian Louboutin

Today, if you start typing the grammatically correct name “Louboutins” in an Internet search engine, autocorrection will insistently suggest “Louboutins” to you – and all thanks to the song of the “Leningrad” group, which has not been heard by the lazy one. Consciously or not, the musicians managed to grasp one of the important signs of our time, namely the conviction that outward appearance, louboutin shoes and outstanding qualities of trousers, have the meaning of the absolute, the highest good that should be strived for, even if this requires paint the sole with red nail polish.

Christian Louboutin himself hardly expected such consequences when creating this iconic footwear, but the fact remains: real Louboutins in the shoe collection of fashionistas will take pride of place even when the song fades into oblivion along with louboutins and delightful pants. The classic Louboutin model, Pigalle, named after the Paris red light district by Christian Louboutin, is recognized as the most coveted pair in the world: curved last, neat narrow nose, red sole and 12cm heel.You may not like them, but it is difficult to argue with the statement that these are one of the most stylish shoes in the world.

Manolo Blahnik shoes

“In good shoes you want to dance, live, move! If you feel differently, throw your shoes away without regret, ”says Manolo Blahnik, and we willingly believe him. The 73-year-old designer has been creating footwear not only for his own brand, but also for many well-known fashion houses for more than 40 years with the utmost care and meticulousness. Manolo Blahnik shoes have received the most prestigious awards in the fashion world on several occasions, including the Balenciaga Special Award (1988), the Nieman Marcus Award (2000) and the personal recognition of King Juan Carlos I of Spain.

By the way, these very shoes were named “the fifth star” of the series “Sex and the City”, which contributed to the cult of Manolo Blahnik.

Chanel boats

The iconic two-tone boats invented by Coco Chanel have a number of advantages: firstly, the black toe visually shortens the foot, while the neutral beige color of the boats visually stretches the leg, and secondly, not particularly Chanel, who has come into fashion, decided that the most comfortable and elegant for this model would be a medium heel 5-6 cm high, which, of course, makes these shoes suitable even for a troublesome day that you are going to spend on your feet.

Jimmy Choo shoes

The famous Malaysian designer was born into a family of shoemakers, so his future life was predetermined – he created his first pair of shoes at the age of 11. In 1986, Chu started his own business, renting an old London hospital building, where he gradually assembled the equipment needed to make shoes. Success and popularity were not long in coming. Among the fans of the brand are Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Scarlett Johansson and many other stars.

By the way, “Sex and the City” also did not bypass Jmmy Chu with its attention – the heroine of the series has repeatedly made it clear that this shoe is not in vain included in the top of the most beautiful shoes in the world.

Shoes Miu Miu

The brand was created in 1993 thanks to Miucce Prada, the granddaughter of the founder of the Prada Fashion House. The title became Miucci’s home nickname.

Miu Miu focuses on girls under 30 who prefer to experiment in clothes, do not want to wear classic things and like to combine colors, prints and textures that seem incongruous at first glance.That is why stylish Mary Jane shoes, with a strap and a rounded toe, owe their name to the heroine of the English comic strip “Buster Brown” – a girl Mary Jane, who wore such a model, won such love. From delicate weightless shoes to heavy platform models, from retro charm to ultra-trendy experimentation, this is what the brand’s fans appreciate!

Roger Vivier shoes

The most famous buckle shoes (patent leather, low heel, large square buckle, rectangular socks), created by the Frenchman Roger Vivier, adorned the legs of all fashionistas and film stars in the middle of the last century.The brand was reborn in 2002, when Bruno Frisoni, who had previously worked with Trussardi and Givenchy, became its art director, and such celebrities as Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwen Stefani joined Roger Vivier’s clients.

Whatever you choose, Jimmy Choo shoes or Chanel pumps, the main thing is compatibility! How to choose the perfect shoes for your outfit, read our article Combine the incongruous: what shoes to wear with skirts of different lengths? 90 099


The most beautiful shoes in the world

The most beautiful shoes, as a rule, are the creation of famous fashion designers. Modern fashion appreciates uniqueness, and if a lady can afford to buy exclusive shoes, then this opportunity cannot be missed.

From the jeweler Christopher Michael

From the hands of the British jeweler Christopher Michael came gold shoes set with diamonds. This pleasure will cost 220 thousand dollars.

Stuart Weitzman Silver Sandals

Stuart Weitzman is a designer of silver sandals with thin dagger heels.The creation was named “The Diamond Dream”. The precious stones are held onto the shoe with platinum straps.

Catherine Wilson’s Diamond Pumps

White Diamond Classic Pumps are cast in gold and set with specially cut stones. The surface of the shoe is decorated with bizarre monograms. The cost of such a miracle is 500 thousand dollars.

Stuart Weitzman’s ruby ​​sandals

The famous designer’s ruby ​​sandals cost $ 2 million.dollars. The model, covered with luscious red fabric with platinum inlays, is encrusted with oval and round rubies all over the surface.

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2) The most unusual shoes from Lego

You can make all or almost everything from Lego … they even make shoes!

Probably, the creators of this unusual product hope that if you glue the details of the designer on your shoes, they will not roll around the whole apartment.

How to choose the right one

When choosing shoes, it is unreasonable to focus solely on personal taste preferences.

Important! Shoes, just like clothes, should emphasize the merits and veil the flaws.

Petite girls can safely wear long stilettos. It is better for large women to refuse such shoes.

The block should not cause discomfort to the leg.

It is undesirable to go to a shoe store in the evening.The leg swells during the day, its size and shape change.

Shoes with a pointed toe are not suitable for wide feet.

When choosing shoes, you should pay attention to their inner part. There should be no protruding seams, irregularities, pieces of skin.

Do not buy tight shoes, even if the seller assures you that they will soon be stretched. Genuine leather will soon stretch, but the appearance of such shoes will no longer be so presentable.

In the store, you need to put on both shoes and walk around the store to make sure they are comfortable.

3) Original boots and mountain sheep – what do they have in common?

Designer Masaya Kushino needed several types of natural leather to create these unusual boots. As a result, she got an unusual hybrid. Perhaps these boots can remind you of a mountain sheep, but you should not try to climb the mountains in them.

And what can you say about such shoes, where instead of a heel … a ponytail is attached?

How to decorate

To decorate shoes, designers use not only rhinestones or sequins.You can decorate with lacing and straps. The use of decorative elements, metal fittings with heels is actual.

Lovers of laconic models can choose shoes with massive buckles and heels.

Floral motifs fit perfectly into the theme of decorating summer shoes. Appliques and even brooches with plant and animal ornaments will make your look unique.

9) Fancy shoes that can do without a sole

If you ask a woman what, in her opinion, is the most important part of a shoe, she will probably say that the sole, since it does not allow her beautiful foot to touch dirty city ​​roads.However, designers Betony Vernon and Annejet Kosters are confident that sometimes you can easily do without a sole: how do you, for example, have such heels without a sole?

Or like this?

Examples of stylish looks

A strict style is suitable for work, shoes must be appropriate. The business suit is combined with pumps.

Heels are not suitable for outdoor recreation, no matter how beautiful they look.Slip-ons will look perfect with a tracksuit. You can wear a light T-shirt with denim shorts and complement this with wedges.

To create a sexy, but at the same time simple look, it is enough to put on a tight red mini-dress, complement it with a snow-white jacket and white high-heeled shoes with an ankle strap. Large golden jewelry will be appropriate as accessories.

A casual look can be presented with skinny jeans and a denim shirt, complemented by pumps.

A flying dress or tight-fitting jeans will look good with wedges. This image is distinguished by sophistication and femininity.

Fashionable shoes are the key to a successful woman’s image. A competent combination with clothes and accessories can tell a lot about the taste of the hostess. The choice of this wardrobe item should be given special attention. Well-chosen models are able to emphasize the merits and hide figure flaws.

The best bags at Paris Fashion Week

Hand-made by Gabriela Hirst and classic Jil Sander silhouettes
Time will tell whether the new model will have the same commercial success as the creation of Daniel Lee, but one thing remains clear – no wardrobe today dispenses with timeless versatile boots that help us out in any situation.Such were presented by Hermès, Lanvin, Petar Petrov, A.P.C., Ellery and Peter Do. Isabelle Maran delighted us with a new batch of versatile Cossacks, who, with her light hand, have become a new classic, and Marin Serre continues to expand her large army of followers with the help of comfortable boats with a signature monogram in the shape of a month, in which you can go to work and wear them to a party with a luxurious elegant dress.

To create a holiday every day with the help of a wardrobe, we suggest studying now and taking a closer look at the shoes presented at Paris Fashion Week.

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