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There is no denying that singers are a big part of everyone’s life. But what makes a truly legendary singer? While there are many aspects to singing that can be studied or taught, a truly legendary singer is an individual who simply cannot be invented. These legends are a unique lot who are passionate about delivering the best and have found themselves firmly lodged in the hearts of many a soul. In this issue, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its pick (presented in no particular order) of the top ten legendary singers in Malaysia who have serenaded many with their soulful voices and famous chart-topping songs locally and even internationally.

Malaysia’s legendary queen of Rock, Nor Zila Aminuddin, better known as Ella, started her singing career as a former frontwoman for Malaysian rock band, “Ella & The Boys” before embarking on her solo career in 1988.

Ella is popularly known as “Ratu Rock” or “Queen of Rock” as she is the foremost female rocker in a predominantly male business. She was selected to sing “Standing in the Eyes of the World” for the 16th Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur and “Malaysia, Truly Asia” for Visit Malaysia Year 2014. Ella was listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as “Malaysia’s First Artist with the Highest Number of Sold Albums” and “Malaysia’s First Artist to Record a Full Album in the United States”. During the span of her career, she has released 12 studio albums, 2 video albums and several compilations and hit singles.

Anuar Zain
Anuar Zain started his career as a child star and all throughout the years as a performer, he has mesmerized the audience with his attractive persona and angelic voice. Anuar is well-known in the Malay music, film, television and fashion industries. Besides, he is also an icon with a resonating presence throughout Southeast Asia and has won numerous awards for his music career as a singer.

Anuar has released several albums and is also a renowned actor who acted in films such as “Soal Hati” and “Bintang Hati”. He also appeared in numerous television programs and was the ambassador for Capital Boutique 2010, a business catalogue on luxury lifestyle products such as Noritake, Queen Anne and Tag Heur.

Faizal Tahir
A singer-songwriter and producer, the multi-talented Faizal Tahir is also the founder of Faithful Music with current artists such as Zamani, Hannah Delisha, Aziz Harun, Sissy Imann and Amir Masdi under his label. Faizal won multiple awards for his debut solo album “Aku Muzik Kamu” and also recorded five studio albums with countless hit songs and chart toppers. Besides being one of the most successful local artistes, he is also known for his charity works through his organization iamFaithmen, a growing social enterprise with the mission to inspire to do good works and give back to society by providing education, inspiration and opportunities.

Shila Amzah
Nurshahila Amir Amzah, better known as Shila Amzah won the “Asian Wave” at Shanghai, China and that was the start of the breakthrough of her singing career. She was listed as the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia (2018) and has collaborated with well-known Malaysian singers such as Jaclyn Victor and Ning Baizura. Shila has won multiple awards over the years and also pursued a singing career in Mandopop at Hong Kong. Her success has garnered her honorific titles such as “Asia’s Sweetheart”, “Princess of Music” and “National Treasure of Malaysia”. Shila also participated in various singing competitions and was the only Malay artiste to be invited to the Global Chinese Music Awards.

Fish Leong
The multi-talented Fish Leong has starred in various commercials for brands such as JURE Jewelry Products, Franic, Avon (Ocean Elements), Uni-President (Crystal Sugar Pear) series, Pure Beauty and Colla-e. Besides, the singer has released a total of 12 albums over the years and organized concerts in several countries locally and overseas. Fish has sold over 18 million records over the years and has received popularity and success locally and also internationally. Her fame also spread to countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. She debuted her singing career in Taiwan and was signed to Rock Records in October 1997.

Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin
Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin started her singing career at a young age in 1995. She was a winner of the Bintang HMI singing competition broadcasted by Radio Television Malaysia on April 1995. She rose to fame after her producing her award-winning single, “Jerat Percintaan”. The talented Dato’ Sri Siti sings well in songs of various genres such as pop soft rock, R&B, Nasyid, Balada and dance-pop. Besides, she was the first artiste from Southeast Asia and the third artiste from Asia who held a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra in 2005. Dato’ Sri Siti is known as “The Voice of Asia” and “Celine Dion of Asia”.

Datuk Sheila Majid
The popular “Queen of Jazz”, Datuk Sheila Majid rose to fame when she launched her first album called “Dimensi Baru” and won the Gold label status. Her fame soared high after the launch of her second album titled “Emosi” as she became well-known even in Indonesia. Datuk Sheila also went on a 1988 nationwide tour and in 1989, she performed at the Tokyo Music Festival and won the hearts of the people in Japan. Besides, she was also the first local artiste to perform at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. Her trademark music is contemporary pop with a Jazz and R&B flavour.

Gary Chaw
Also known as Cao Ge, Gary Chaw is a popular singer-songwriter who has achieved tremendous success in countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Besides being renowned for his rich voice and wide vocal range, Gary also composes songs for himself and other singers. Gary has won numerous awards for his outstanding singing career and his famous song was the Mandarin version of Karyn White’s 1988 song called “Superwoman”.

Besides, he also wrote songs which were ranked on top of song charts sung by singers such as Cyndi Wang, S.H.E. and Aaron Kwok.

Amy Search
Legendary rockstar, Suhaimi A Rahman, most popularly known as Amy Search, was the frontman of the band, “Search”. The band produced evergreen albums such as “Rozana”, “Fantasia Bulan Madu” and “Isabella”. The band members also starred in films such as “Fenomena” and “Isabella”. Amy has won several awards over the years and has been selected as one of the mentors for the reality program “Mentor 2”, aired on TV3 due to his wealth of experience in the music industry.

Michael Wong
Michael Wong is a Malaysian Chinese singer, composer and actor who made it into the Malaysia Book of Records as the “Malaysian Chinese Male Composer with the highest number of awards” and also for the Best Selling Chinese Album, “Tong Hua”. The award-winning, multi-talented singer has also achieved success in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong through his breakthrough album titled “Fairy Tale”.

Michael has sung and written numerous love-theme ballads for himself and others such as the famous ballad “Courage” originally sung by Fish Leong. He is also well-known as the “The Prince of love songs”.

Malaysian singer garners over 170 million views in China for his Mandarin song

Mandarin is by no means an easy language to master so you can imagine how impressive it is for a non-native speaker to not only speak it but sing and song-write in it fluently.

Malaysian Malay singer Firdhaus does just that and has been making the waves on China’s TikTok, Douyin.

His original composition, Gulf of Alaska has gained over 170 million views (and counting) on Douyin. The song has also garnered about 1.1 million views on Youtube.

So, who is Firdhaus?
IMAGE: Instagram / @fffirdhaus

According to Sin Chew Daily, the 22-year-old took to singing ever since he was a young boy.

His interest in songwriting peaked when he was 12 and got introduced to popular Taiwanese singer, Jay Chou.

Although he grew up in a Malay household, he eventually got the hang of Mandarin as he got sent to a Chinese-language school.

When he was much younger, his parents weren’t as supportive of his interest in music but that changed as he continuously pursued it for about 10 years.

It definitely worked out for the best after all. Firdhaus is now currently signed to Malaysian record label Loolala Music.

Gulf Of Alaska is part of his latest EP, A Letter, which was released in early November.

You can check out the song here:

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Cover image sourced from Instagram / @fffirdhaus

Dama Orchestra’s “Shidaiqu” Recontextualized in Theatre on JSTOR


This article examines how Dama Orchestra has recontextualized shidaiqu in a (时代曲) theatrical setting. Dama Orchestra was orìginally a Chinese orchestral group in Malaysia that, due to economic crisis, changed its focus from classical music to staging the more popularly demanded shidaiqu. Shidaiqu is a southern Chinese song genre popular from 1920 to 1950 and typically performed in Malaysia during Phor Tor (Hungry Ghost Festival). It has remained popular with mature Chinese Malaysian audiences at ko-tai, pubs, and karaoke bars. By adapting it to a theatrical form in the late 1990s, Dama Orchestra transformed the popular and commercial nature of these songs into an elite musical theatre genre. Performed as a Westernized hybrid theatre, shidaiqu attracted serious music aficionados in Malaysia and was raised from its stigmatized position as genii maichang (sing-song girl entertainment). This article draws on participant observation work to report how Dama musicians re-Sinicized the orchestration of shidaiqu and combined it with theatrical elements to appeal to the diasporic Chinese community of Malaysia.

Journal Information

Asian Theatre Journal is dedicated to the performing arts of Asia, focusing on both traditional and modern theatrical forms. It aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge throughout the international theatrical community for the mutual benefit of all interested scholars and artists. This engaging, intercultural journal offers descriptive and analytical articles, original plays and play translations, book and audiovisual reviews, and reports of current theatrical activities in Asia. Full-color plates and black-and-white photographs illustrate each semiannual issue.

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Since its establishment in 1947, University of Hawai’i Press has published over 2,000 books and over 900 journal issues. Within the worldwide scholarly community, University of Hawai’i Press is recognized as a leading publisher of books and journals in Asian, Asian American, and Pacific studies. Disciplines covered include the arts, history, language, literature, natural science, philosophy, religion, and the social sciences. The University of Hawai’i Press also serves as a distributor for more than 140 scholarly publishers in North America, Asia, the Pacific, and elsewhere.

Chinese Songs 🎶 | The 12 Greatest Chinese Songs Of All Time

12 Chinese Songs That Cannot Be Missed

Chinese songs are a great way to learn Chinese, but aside from that, there’s actually some decent stuff out there that you’ve probably never stumbled across.

Listen to the songs as you read this blog! 👉

So, what inspired this blog post?

Well, first and foremost being a Mandarin School we wanted to share another great way to learn Chinese, after all, learning Chinese songs is a brilliant way to do just that.

However, we were sick of going to the pub quizzes and struggling in the music rounds.

Half the songs are foreign, no bother there, and half in Chinese… we have a problem.

Quite frankly, it’s time we became all round winners, so we’ve been educating ourselves, and now we’ll be doing exactly the same to you.

Buckle up, grab a cuppa, there’s some classics here.

Chinese Song #1 – Tiánmì mì (甜蜜蜜)

Chinese Song #2 – Xiǎo píngguǒ (小苹果)

Chinese Song #3 – Dāng (当)

Chinese Song #4 – Wǒmen de ài (我们的爱)

Chinese Song #5 – Tónghuà (童話)

Chinese Song #6 – Yuèliàng dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn (月亮代表我的心)

Chinese Song #7 – Wěnbié (吻别)

Chinese Song #8 – Wǒ yuànyì (我愿意)

Chinese Song #9 – Dà yú (大鱼)

Chinese Song #10 – Gàobái qìqiú (告白气球)

Chinese Song #11 – Shí nián (十年)

Chinese Song #12 – Chénmò shì jīn (沉默是金)

Fun facts about Chinese Music

Best Selling Chinese Albums of ALL TIME

One of the greatest Chinese songs of all time (we talk more about this one later)

Chinese Song #1 – Tiánmì mì (甜蜜蜜) – Teresa Teng

This was actually one of the first Chinese songs I discovered and it was thanks to KTV (shock).

Karaoke with a mixture of Chinese and foreigners has the capability of bringing out a whole wealth of different tastes.

Where else would you go from Oasis > Xiao Pingguo > Kylie Minogue > Teresa Teng?

Teresa Teng is widely regarded as having one of the most beautiful voices in the history of Chinese music and hearing this song for the first time, the thing that struck me was the togetherness of our Chinese friends. It was almost mesmeric.

The room came together and within 3 or 4 listens I was hooked as well.

We’ll be bumping into Teresa once again later down the list with her most famous song of all, but this one held a soft spot and grabs our first spot.

Sit back and enjoy

Chinese Song #2 – Xiǎo píngguǒ (小苹果) – Chopstick Brothers

From the downright beautiful to the downright bizarre. That’s Chinese music in a nutshell!

Little Apple (小苹果) shot to fame in 2014 and never looked back, becoming one of the most popular Chinese songs of the modern era.

It’s repetitive (albeit fast) nature, makes the song a really good one to learn Chinese and it’s also got that irritating toe-tapping ability meaning once you listen to it, it’s likely to be stuck in your head all day.

Whether that’s good or bad is down to you!!

The chopstick brothers (great name by the way) consist of the duo Wang Taili (王太利) and Xiao Yang (肖央). The song was actually originally made for the movie Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon before taking off online and making into KTV’s across the country, and further afield.

The video, put together with the song, creates something that is the complete opposite of our first entry, but hey, that’s Chinese music for you!

Chinese Song #3 – Dāng (当) – Power Station

动力火车 which translates to Power Station are a Taiwanese rock band who came to prominence in 1997.

Music in Chinese

The band consists of Yu Chiu-hsin and Yen Chih-lin and their distinctive looks (namely their long hair, not so common in the 90’s in China/Taiwan) and energetic rock ballads helped them shoot to the top.

Four years after forming they released their first album “Walking Along Zhongxiao East Road Nine Times”.

This particular song actually became famous as it was the theme song to the TV drama My Fair Princess. Always a good way to get your name out there!

Power Station have been lucky enough to win 3 star awards, having been nominated for 4 during the period of 1999 and 2015 including the aforementioned TV theme title.

Good going 动力火车

Chinese Song #4 – Wǒmen de ài (我们的爱) F.I.R

Another band from Taiwan step up to the plate here. F.I.R are a 3-piece band from Taiwan who jumped onto the scene in 2004.

Where does the name F.I.R come from?

Quite simple really. Take the first initial of each band member – Faye (lead vocals), Ian (keyboard) and Real (guitar and vocals).

我们的爱, meaning Our Love, is the band’s most famous song but they are far from just a one hit wonder.

Check out some of their other hit songs which include Lydia,”, “你的微笑,” and “I Remember”.

For reference, that 2nd song there translate to your smile!

Chinese Song #5 – Tónghuà (童話) – Michael Wong

Tónghuà (which translates to fairytale) is the lead song, and also the title of Wong’s 3rd album, released in 21st January 2005.

Michael Wong (王光良) is of Chinese/Malaysian descent and became hugely popular in China due to his ability to reel off multiple, high-quality love songs over and over.

Love songs are hugely popular in China FYI.

Despite releasing 5 albums, it was only until this 3rd one, where he really shot to fame.

Before 2000, Wong began his singing career in a duo with Victor Wong, however, they went their own ways and thus began the start of something special.

Wong has proved his ability on the acting scene also, with appearances in Chinese drama and achieving cult fame throughout mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, where he currently resides!

Lucky chap, hats off to you Mr Wong, here’s one of his many classics for you to enjoy…

Chinese Song #6 – Yuèliàng dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn (月亮代表我的心) – Teresa Teng

Quite possibly the most famous Chinese song of all time…

Our friend Teresa is back again and this one exceeds her first entry, in terms of all round popularity, if online numbers were defining.

The Moon Represents My Heart is an all time Chinese classic.

The song was released in 1977 by Teng, who was actually born in Taiwan.

Sadly Teng passed away due to an asthma attack in 1995 but her legacy lives on and her music is heard all over Asia every day in or out of KTV!

According to The New York Times, it is one of the best-known Chinese pop songs of all time

You may no longer be with us Teresa, but thanks for the memories…

Chinese Song #7 – Wěnbié (吻别) – Jacky Cheung

We head back to 1993 for the 7th song on our greatest Chinese songs list.

Wěnbié (吻别) is actually the name of Jacky Cheung’s 5th album, with the first track of the album taking the same name (goodbye kiss in English).

The 10 track album enjoyed huge success, as Wikipedia illustrates here:

“The album sold over 5 million copies in 1993 throughout Asia, including 1,360,000 copies in Taiwan alone. It still holds the record as Taiwan’s second greatest selling album”

Reference here

The sign of a top class track can sometimes by defined by who and how many artists cover the song, and this one has enjoyed glowing references from Asian superstars including Jay Chou, Anson Hu and Justin Lo.

Compliments continue to flow for the Hong Kong native which include:

  • Nicknamed – THE GOD OF SONGS
  • Received the Honour of Golden Song 35th Anniversary Award in 2012
  • Received the Best-Selling Asian Artist in 1995 and 1996
  • Won a Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor his role in the 1990 film The Swordsman.

Yes, he’s an actor too! Here’s his title track to that 5th album

Chinese Song #8 – Wǒ yuànyì (我愿意) – Faye Wong

“The Diva” as she is referred to in China. Step up, Faye Wong, Beijing born, before moving to Hong Kong in 1987.

Wong is adored throughout Asia and in truth, picking one song from her long repertoire is quite the challenge.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Wong and her school had to hide her strong abilities in singing from her mum. Let’s say she was on the strict side! Wong’s mum saw singing as a dead-end career.

Lucky they hid it, and hid it well because Wong was to take not just China, but Asia by storm.

Wong has released songs in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Believe it or not, turned down a 3,000,000 Yuan payday to perform in her hometown of Beijing, for the 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony. This was at the time of her hiatus from performing.

The song we use here is called “I’m willing” in English and was the top hit from her album Mystery.

LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR? Check out our five favourite Faye Wong Song’s in this blog.

Chinese Song #9 – Dà yú (大鱼) – Zhou Shen

Zhou Shen was born after some of the above songs were released!

Zhou Shen was born in 1992 with his most popular song, Big Fish released in 2016.

Big Fish (the soundtrack to the program Big Fish and the Begonia) made it into the Top 10 Hits Songs of Fresh Asia Music Award in 2016, alongside another song of his also called The Rose and The Deer.

Zhou is blessed with a unique, female like voice which actually led to him being too embarrassed to perform in front of people at a younger age.

High praise has come from many, including Gao Xiaosong who stated the following:

“Zhou’s voice is ethereal and intangible, like mountain spring that refresh people‘s mind. Zhou’s unique angelic voice is something of a rarity in Chinese Music.”

Zhou has also received international acclaim, winning the Best Greater China Act at the MTV Europe awards in 2019.

If you are in China, and music is your thing, Zhou is still active and touring, so check out his tour dates and get yourself along!

Chinese Song #10 – Gàobái qìqiú (告白气球) – Jay Chou

For anyone with even a smidgen of knowledge of Chinese music, you’ll probably be shocked it’s taken until this far to mention the name Jay Chou.

For those of you with zero knowledge of Chinese music this name will probably be unfamiliar. Not anymore.

Jay Chou (周杰伦 Zhōu Jiélún), born in Taiwan, is probably the biggest name in Chinese music since the turn of the millennium.

His discography and popularity is so incredibly broad that perhaps one song doesn’t do him any justice at all.

Like many of the artists mentioned above, Jay doesn’t just specialise in Music, oh no. His CV boasts…

Musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, film producer, actor, and director

Not giving anyone else a chance eh, Jay!

The turn of the new millennium prompted Chou to release his very first album simply titled Jay (2000) at the age of 21.

He’s enjoyed success throughout Asia but perhaps more significantly compared to some of the above, Chou has broken through into the US and Australia, in the Asian communities at least. No mean feat.

His list of gongs in music and film are lengthy, so take our word for it, you are dealing with a superstar here!

To prove this furthermore, Chou had the “honour” of “breaking the Internet” in 2019 when his release broke sales records with his single, “Won’t Cry” which was downloaded more than eight million times.


The song we focus on here is called Love Confession in English and is from the album Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories and comes from his 14th and most recent album in 2016.

Chinese Song #11 – Shí nián (十年) – Eason Chan

To give you an idea of the popularity of Eason Chan, he was ranked number 6 in the 2013 Forbes China Celebrity Top 100 List.

In a country of 1.4 billion others, that’s not half bad!

Chan, descending from Hong Kong has been active since 1995 and enjoys his acting roles as much as getting up on stage to belt out some of his classics.

His net worth exceeds 100 million Hong Kong Dollars (pretty much exactly 10 million GBP) and he is another on the list with a plethora of awards and gongs to his name.

In 2018, Chan was named Best Mandarin Male Singer for the third time.

Let’s enjoy our favourite Chan song below, called Ten Years.

Chinese Song #12 – Chénmò shì jīn (沉默是金) – Leslie Cheung

Sadly Leslie Cheung is no longer with us, but he left quite the legacy, including this Canto-Classic – “Silence is Golden”

Cheung, Hong Kong-Canadian, is widely regarded as “one of the founding fathers of Cantopop” (meaning Cantonese Pop).

Cheung proved he could mix not just with Asian heavyweights, but worldwide ones as well, which was illustrated by CNN, who voted him 3rd in the “Most Iconic Musicians of All Time” back in 2010.

He also enjoyed huge success on TV as much as with his music and debuted in 1977 before announcing his retirement from pop music in 1989. He would return to the music industry just 5 years later however.

Incredibly, to this day Cheung is the only foreign artist ever to hold 16 concerts in Japan, proving his popularity was far more than just in Hong Kong/China

His incredible legacy came to a hugely sad end for millions of fans in 2003. He was diagnosed with depression and on April 1st 2003, he jumped off the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong.

Below is a live performance of Silence is Golden from 1988, just before his brief hiatus from music, with Roman Tam

Fun Facts About Chinese Music

Chinese music is pretty different to what you might be used to, and for some people it takes time to understand and get your head around what makes the Chinese tick.

Here are some fun facts about Chinese music you probably never knew:

  1. The Chinese categorise music into different age groups like the post 90s, post 80s etc.
  2. There are actually a number of KTV (karaoke) specific apps in which the user can download them, sing and record whilst also sharing your voice with your friends, family and also fans via social media! So China!
  3. The 2nd song on our list 小苹果 actually became a very popular song for outdoor dancing with the older generation of Chinese.

Best Selling Chinese Albums of ALL TIME

So we’ve given you a rundown of some of China’s most famous songs and their respective artists, but who holds the gong for best selling Chinese album of all time?

We’ll break it down into two lists for you, Digital Sales and Physical Sales.

Top Selling Chinese Albums of ALL TIME – Physical Sales
1stJay ChouCommon Jasmine Orange
2ndCheng FangyuanWandering
3rdCheng FangyuanChildhood
4thChen LinI can never understand your love
5thJames Horner/Celine DionTitanic

Check out 5th position there, Titanic, an absolute monster in the Chinese music market! Who knew…

Interesting fact relating to the first position here (unsurprisingly held by Jay Chou).

The number of physical albums purchased is 2.6 millions sales, which, if listed in the Digital charts to follow would land in 9th place.

Speaking of which…

Top Selling Chinese Albums of ALL TIME – Digital Sales
1stCai XukunYoung
2ndLi YuchunGrowing Wild
4thLu HanXplore
5thLu HanΠ-volume.1

Yes, yes we know we most likely missed out your favourite song!

There are just so many… China is not a small country by any stretch of the imagination!

What is your favourite Chinese song? Do you have a favourite type of Chinese music or Chinese artist/band?

Comment below with your top choices and we will update this blog with our favourite choices as we go along!

WANT MORE? – Check out the Chengdu music scene and discover China’s best Rock/Indie/Alt bands.

Chinese Songs – FAQ’s

How do you say “Song” in Chinese?

Song in Chinese is 歌 Gē.

How do you say “Music” in Chinese?

Music in Chinese is 音乐 Yīnyuè.

What is the biggest song in Chinese history?

Although there are many contenders, the song widely regarded as the greatest Chinese song ever is called Yuèliàng dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn (月亮代表我的心) which means the moon represents my heart, and the singer is Teresa Teng.

Where can I listen to Chinese music?

There are many apps and websites where you can listen to Chinese music.

Spotify and YouTube would be the most well known to westerners but there are plenty of Chinese apps and streaming sites you can also use which include: 一听音乐网 – 音悦台 – 酷狗音乐

Is Rock/Indie Music big in China?Where can I discover more Chinese Songs?

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Written by
Max Hobbs

moved to Beijing in 2017 to become LTL’s Marketing Manager. Max is an avid football and poker enthusiast whose favourite Chinese food is 北京烤鸭



The “Four Pop Kings” of Hong Kong are Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau and Leon Lai. They were at their peak in the 1990s and all have both singing and acting careers.

Andy Lau is a singer and actor who was has sold over 20 million records as of 2000 (he sold 4. 4 million records in 1999 alone) and has appear in as many a 12 movies in a single year. There was some talk that he was going to collaborate with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Leon Lai appeared in the critically-acclaimed film Comrades, Almost a Love Story.

Good Websites and Sources: Sinomania ; Chinese Popular Music Research ; Wikipedia article on C-Pop Wikipedia ; C-Pop English-language Commercial site ; Wikipedia article on Cantopop Wikipedia ; Wikipedia article on Mandopop Wikipedia ; Chinese, Japanese, and Korean CDs and DVDs at Yes Asia and Zoom Movie ; Book about Chinese pop music: Like a Knife by Andrew Jones. Links in this Website: CHINESE CLASSICAL MUSIC ; WESTERN CLASSICAL MUSIC ; LANG LANG, YO YO MA, CHINESE WESTERN CLASSICAL MUSICIAN ; CHINESE POP MUSIC Factsanddetails. com/China ; CHINESE ROCK, PUNK AND HIP HOP ; CHINESE DANCE ; PEKING OPERA, CHINESE OPERA AND THEATER

Jacky Cheung

Jacky Cheung is the best selling Chinese singer in the world and the most popular singer in Asia. Know for his sentimental ballads, he recorded more than 40 albums between 1984 and 1997 and has sold more 25 million copies worldwide.

The son of a tailor, Cheung grew up in a 10-by-10-foot room in Hong Kong with his two sibling, while, he said, “the rest of the apartment was occupied by at least 15 of our relatives.” Cheung worked as a computer clerk for a while. His big break came in 1984 when he beat out 10,000 other contestants in televised Chinese talent competition and won a recording contract with PolyGram records.

Cheung doesn’t have classic demeanor of a Chinese pop idol. He is short (166 centimeters), has a big nose, is not considered handsome and doesn’t particularly like the limelight. Cheung told Time, “As a shy person, facing audience was a huge a challenge.” He entered the talent contest that made him famous, he said, to overcome his stage fright. He also had a fear of dogs. To overcome that he locked himself in a room with a Great Dane for a few hours. In 1988-89 Cheung had a highly publicized run in with alcohol. After recovering he said he had no choice: “Didn’t have any skills. It would not have been easy to start another career.”

Cheung’s single, Kiss Me Goodbye, alone has had global sales of four million copies. He has also starred in more than 50 films, and all 42 performances of his musical Snow Wolf Lake sold out in 1997. Despite his singing talent, Cheung can’t read music. “I sing with my senses, a very direct first impression about the music.”

Fei Xiang

China’s best selling pop singer of all time is Fei Xiang, a handsome half-American, half-Chinese crooner born in Taiwan to an American soldier stationed on Taiwan and a Chinese woman who left the mainland during the Communist Revolution. Fei became popular on the mainland after the release of his 1982 debut album Lingering, which sold millions of records. He is particularly adored by mainland teenage girls.

Fei is over six feet tall and has blue eyes, black hair and features, he says, that look American to people in China and Chinese to his American relatives in Pittsburgh. He grew up in Taiwan speaking Mandarin to his mother and English to his father. He attended Stanford University before going to Taiwan to become a singer.

After the Tiananmen Square Fei left China for New York, where he adopted the stage name Kris Phillips. Although he is one of the largest known entertainment figures in China, he was all but ignored in America. The extent of his singeing career there were appearances in the chorus of four Broadway productions, including Miss Saigon. Upon returning to China, Fei released an album of Broadway tunes sung in Mandarin.

Leslie Cheung

Leslie Cheung is a singer-actor known of his big ego. He stared in the Cannes-award-winning film Farewell My Concubine and his music has a large international following, particularly in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. Although he was popular with young women he was openly gay and fond of wearing wigs and high heels. His longtime lover was a banker named Daffy Tong.

Cheung was born in Hong Kong in 1956. He became popular as a singer with a bad boy image in the 1980s. His most acclaimed film roles were playing gay men. Cheung played a homosexual opera singer who commits suicide in Farewell My Concubine. In Wong Kar-wai’s Happy Together, he played a gay man who moved to Argentina with his lover. He appeared in several Wong Kar-wai films and John Woo films. In his last film, Inner Senses, he plays man possessed by dead girlfriend who tries to convince him to leap to his death.

Cheung killed himself in April 2003 after leaping from the balcony outside the gym on the 24th floor of the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong. He was 46. Police found a suicide note on his body saying he had been troubled by “emotional problems” and “This year has been tough. I can’t take it any more.” Before he jumped, he sat on a stool on the balcony and ordered a glass of lemon water, cigarettes and an apple and asked for a paper and pen.


Faye Wong

Faye Wong is a charming, engaging and independently-minded singer. One music magazine proclaimed she was the most popular singer in the Chinese-speaking world. Richard Corliss of Time wrote, “Wong remains the spooky girl of Chinese music.” Her music “is a wondrous bled of Canto-pop and lollipop. Wong’s approach alternates between a blissed-out whisper and bright pipings in a register so high only Pekingese pups can hear it.”

Faye Wong has been called the “Queen of Mandopop.” Her hits have included Easily Hurt Woman , The Red Bean , and I’m Willing and To Love . Among her works that have been praised critics is the Buddhist-inspired, trip hop piece on her 2000 album Fable .

For almost two decades, Faye Wong’s has won the adulation of tens of millions of fans with her feather-light, haunting vocals and rebellious yet innocent individualistic image. Her songs fall into a number of styles: Chinese ballads, classic American soul, rock’n’roll, New Age and rhythm and blues. She is also known for fusing Eastern musicalphilosophy with Western beats. “Her songs were of great inspiration every time I took an exam in my school days,” recalled singer Gigi Leung in an article on :Her song is always on my list at KTV. I can only describe her unique stage image.”

Wong is relatively tall (1.72 m) and lean. When she is not performing she sports jeans, a T-shirt and little makeup. Even after becoming a star she continued to live with her parents in a fashionable Hong Kong apartment. She is a very private person and says she would rather stay home and read a book on philosophy or play mah-jongg than go out partying.

Wong sings in Cantonese for her Hong Kong audience and Mandarins for her fans in China and Taiwan. She is not a big fan of the Hong Kong music scene. She prefers to record in her native Beijing. She is not a big fan of standard Canto-pop either. Her influences include individualist singers like Sinead O’Conner and Kate Bush.

Faye Wong’s Life

Faye Wong, husband Li Yapeng
and daughter Tung Tung The daughter of a mining engineer father and a mother who sang in traveling revolutionary musical troupe, Wong was born in Beijing. She told Time that when she was growing up, “My dream varied. At one point I wanted to be a ticket vendor because I fancied the uniform.” After her family moved to Hong Kong in 1987, she started taking music lesson because she was bored.

“As a mainland Chinese,” she told Time, “I harbored the expectation of Hong Kong as a glamorous exciting place. After I arrived, I found it to be no big deal. I wasn’t very happy because I couldn’t speak Cantonese and had no friends.”

After being introduced to a record company by her music teacher, the 20-year-old Wong began her career as a formulaic Cantopop singer named Shirley Wong. Her record company molded her into ballad-singing pixie and supplied her with ready-made songs. Even though she uncomfortable in that role thrust up on her she was good at it. Her first three CDs, recorded in less than three months, were big hits and she attracted large audiences at her concerts.

After her success as Shirley Wong, she left Hong Kong for New York. “I wandered around, visiting museums and sat at cafés,” she told Time. “there were so many strange, confident-looking people. They didn’t care what other people thought of them. I felt I was originally like that too, independent and a little rebellious. But in Hong Kong I lost myself. I was shaped by others and became like a machine, a dress hanger. I had no personality and no sense of direction.”

Wong is known for her stormy love life. She has been married, had a child and divorced. Her second divorce with Beijing-based rocker Dou Wei, the lead singer in Black Panther, one of Chinese first successful Heavy Metal groups. was a big paparazzi event. Wong was cast as the jilted lover, Daou and his new girlfriend Gao Yuna were so besieged by the press they had to move three times. Wong was also linked with Nicolas Tse, the Cantopop bad boy who is 11 years here junior.

Faye Wong Forges Her Own Identity

After returning to Hong Kong she decided take matters into her own hands. Her next CD Coming Home showed her range and versatility. Her single The Woman Who Easily Gets Hurt won several awards. She then changed her name back to Faye. “Its really quite a miracle that she became a success,” her manager said. “Faye does whatever she wants.”

Wong has a reputation for being aloof with her fans and the media and skipping out of award ceremonies and high profile events. She rarely sings in front of choreographed dancers and laser lights like other Hong Kong performs. “She can mesmerize an audience of more than 8,000,” a concert promoter said, “without being backed by a dozen dancers and tons of props. Very few artists can afford to do this.” [Source: Andy Spaeth, Tim, October 14, 1996]

Wong doesn’t really like to perform live either. “I don’t have any choreography to go with my music so I don’t know what to do with my hands,” she told Time. “in a studio I can concentrate on perfecting the way I sing a song. On stage one has to worry about atmosphere and audience response. I find it distracting.”

Faye Wong’s Music and Films

Faye Wong as a robot in the film 2046 Wong she has released 16 albums that have sold more than 7 million albums as of 1999.

Wong had released nine albums as of 2004 and has performed under the names Faye Wang, Fei Wang, Ching Man Wong, Fei Wong and Shirley Wong.

Wong is on contract to release one album a year. Sometimes this means she releases material she is not completely satisfied with because it not perfected to the point she would like.

Wong’s 1996 CD Restless includes five song with unintelligible lyrics, two alternative rock tracks written and produced by Scotland’s Cocteau Twins (she also contributed a song to their Milk ‘n Kisses CD). Describing herself as restless, she once said, “You agitate to reach a certain kind of status quo. Once you achieve that, you agitate to change again. It’s a never-ending process.”

Wong has recorded songs in Japanese. Her song In the Name of Love was banned in China because the lyrics contained the word “opium” in them.

Wong’s cute but devilish good looks have made her a natural for the screen. After a disappointing debut as the girlfriend of a rock star in Beyond’s Diary, she earned good notices in her second movie, Chungking Express, as a waitress who longs to go to California and lives out her fantasy by listening to the Mamas and the Papas California Dreaming over and over. She won a best actress award in Sweden for her performance.

Wong won acclaim for over performance in Wong Kar Wai’s 2046. She won a best actress award in the Hong Kong awards for her performance in Chinese Odyssey 2002 and stared ib the 8th installment of the Final fantasy video game series.

Faye Wong’s Return

After five-year absence, Wong returned in 2010 in big way performing the title track for the epic film on Confucius, director by renowned Chinese filmmaker Hu Mei (Yongzheng Reign) and starring Chow Yun-Fat (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Zhou Xun (The Message). Titled You Lan Cao , the song features a strong Chinese style and melodious tune, lifted by Wong’s lilting vocals. Consistingof only 64 Chinese characters, the lyrics have been adapted from Tang Dynasty literati Han Yu’s eulogy on orchids, which commemorates the great philosopher Confucius. “The ethereal and sublime voice of Faye Wong bridges the beauty of the mortal world and heaven”—director Hu Mei said on Confucius’ website. [Source: Xing Daiqi, Global Times]

Wong said t her decision to return to performing was due tothe film’s subject matter. “The production Confucius is especially important in our age where negative information and attitudes prevail,” Wong commented on the website. “It reminds us of the power of faith and inner strength. I’m honored to be part of it and hope everyone can benefit from the film.”

In 2010, Wong announced a long-waited stahe comeback of sorts—a series of concerts in Beijing and Shanghai in October and November. Chinese newspapers ran the headline: “The Diva Is Back.”

Other Chinese Pop Singers

Other Cantonese singers include Sylvia Chang and Sandy Lam. Anita Mui, who became a star when she won a singing contest in 1982, died at the age of 40 in 2003. Jackie Chan was among those who kept vigil after her death.

Ai Jing is a mainland singer from Shenyang in northern China. She has worked with the famous American producer Phil Ramone. Her first album “My 1997” sold more than a million copies. Wang Lee Hom is a popular handsome somber based in Shanghai. He makes much of money from sponsorship deals. One nationally distributed bottle water company put his face on their products. He also has deals for marketing sunglasses, sports shoes, shampoo and clothing.

Popular Hong Kong pop stars include the teenage heart throb Easan Chin; the cute doe-eyed female singer Joey Ying; and the guitar-smashing rocker Nicholas Tse, who was found guilty of letting his driver take the rap when he crashed his Ferrari. Tse was romantically linked with Faye Wong for a while and did a tsunami relief concert with Yumiko Chang in Malaysia in 2005.

Artists regarded as superstars in 2011 were Sun Nan, Na Ying and Han Hong. The pop singer Li Yuchon won of the American-Idol-like Super Girl in 2005 with a “hip-hop-flavored, gender-bending” dance-and-song routine. Zhang Liangying is another competitor for the Super Girl competition that is now a pop star.

Two Chinese girls—Qian Lin from Zhejiang Province and Lui Chun from Hunan Province—were the first non-Japanese to join the all-girl pop group Morning Musume. Wang Lihon is a singer who was born in the United States and is popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Also popular in the mid 2000s were S.H.E. a female trio from traditionally and Zhung Dong Liung, a singer from Malaysia. F4 is a popular boys group from Taiwan featured in a number of TV shows.

Zang Tianshuo was named the most popular singer-songwriter in China at the 9th Chinese Music Award. In November 2008, he was arrested in connection with mob-related violence after the bar he owns near Beijing was investigated over several gang fights. One of the biggest Internet hits in 2007 was a song about investing in the stock market written by amateur songwriter Gong Kaijie. See Stock Market, Economics.

Migrant Worker Singing Duo

Xuriyanggang Xuriyanggang—a singing duo comprised of Wang Xu and Liu Gang, two migrant workers who live in Beijing—has been described by some critics as China’s hottest grassroots duo. In 2011, the 44-year-old Wang Xu and 29-year-old Liu Gang moved tens of millions of viewers during the Spring Festival Gala on China Central Television (CCTV) recently with their rendition of the song In The Spring . [Source: Xu Lin. China Daily, January 14 and February 2, 2011]

“However, the popular performance is unlikely to be repeated because Chinese rock star Wang Feng, the original singer and composer of the song, has banned the pair from singing it in the future,” the China Daily reported. “The reason why I allowed them to sing my song at the beginning was to help them, but I have to stop it after finding out my kindness was being abused,” said Wang Feng. He said on his blog that his company had suggested to Xuriyanggang on several occasions in the buildup to the Spring Festival Gala that they sing one of their own songs but he said they continued to use his song at various events, including commercial shows.

Xuriyanggang posted their apologies to Wang Feng on their micro blog and admitted they knew little about rules of the showbusiness. “No matter what, we both owe a debt of gratitude to teacher Wang Feng,” wrote Liu. Wang Xu added: “We understand and respect Wang Feng’s decision. We appreciate his help and encouragement to us in the past and feel sorry for all the trouble.”

In 2010, Xuriyanggang was invited to appear as guest performers at one of Wang Feng’s concerts in Shanghai, which helped them become more popular. According to Wang Rong, Wang Xu’s temporary assistant, the appearance fee charged by Xuriyanggang has climbed to 50,000 yuan ($7,900) for a show since their performance at the Spring Festival Gala catapulted them to stardom.

Wang Feng’s attitude in trying to keep the song he wrote for himself has created an online storm in China. Some netizens have described him as narrow-minded and selfish while others have said he is just protecting his rights. “I like both Wang Feng and Xuriyanggang. This is a win-win situation because it both protects Wang’s great efforts and lets Xuriyanggang know that they should have their own songs,” wrote a netizen using the name Zhuidix on a micro blog on

Rise of Migrant Worker Singing Duo

The two migrant workers began their rise to stardom after singing the tearjerker during an evening drinking session in a 6-square-meter rented room. A friend recorded them singing on a mobile phone and uploaded it to the Internet where netizens praised their singing and made them online sensations. In the video, the duo are shirtless and sweating. Liu sits playing the guitar, and Wang stands singing. Celebrities such as musician Xiao Ke and Hong Kong singer Charlene Choi recommended the video on Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. [Source: Xu Lin. China Daily, January 14 and February 2, 2011]

Before that Wang and Liu were just two common migrant workers, who played music in the national capital’s subways at night to make some extra cash. Wang hails from the central Henan province, and Liu, is a native of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province. Liu came to Beijing in 2002, two years after he ended his military service. He had worked as a guard, roadside peddler, and porter. Busking was his main income, even after he married and became a father three years ago. “Normally, I can make 30 to 80 yuan (US$4.5 to US$12) in an evening, and more than 100 on my best day,” Liu said. He recalls tougher times when he had to sell his aluminum pan for 2 yuan, to buy four mantou, or Chinese steamed buns, to eat. [Ibid]

To support his wife and two sons, Wang came to Beijing in 2000 and worked as a boiler man and street peddler before becoming a medical warehouse keeper, with a monthly pay of around 1,500 yuan (US$227). In September 2003, Wang started busking downtown Beijing’s pedestrian underpasses at weekends or evenings. “I love music, and also want to earn some money to meet my daily needs,” Wang told Xinhua News Agency. [Ibid]

It was in 2005 that Wang first saw Liu singing in a subway passage and asked when he would finish so he could do his gig. Liu told Wang that he would have to wait a little longer because another street singer was waiting for his turn. “I was upset and decided that I would make it to the subway earlier the next day to take the spot,” Wang said. The two bumped into each other again and again in the same subway until they decided to merge their talents. Besides performing in subways, the duo also tried performing in bars, but “felt very restrained”, as they had to perform requested numbers. [Ibid]

In his blog Wang has appealed to the public to be more understanding of migrant workers. “Please don’t look down upon migrant workers, who may be less educated, but are kindhearted.”Unlike in the West, street artists are considered mere beggars in China. Some passers-by cover their ears, some stare in contempt while others take aim at the singers with coins, Wang said. [Ibid]

Chinese Copy Korean Pop Look and Sound

Lollipop F Jocelyn Lee, The Straits Times, “As if Korean pop stars do not have enough competition from their own countrymen in the crowded entertainment industry, they now have to contend with Mandopop singers who are copying their look and sound.”More and more Taiwan-based stars are repackaging themselves in the mold of their Korean counterparts—singing fast infectious tunes with sleek dance moves complete with more adventurous styling. [Source: Jocelyn Lee, The Straits Times, May 2, 2011]

“Korean acts are known for their sleek dance moves and interesting choreography. Sending our artists to train there helps achieve something that is out of the box for the Chinese music industry.” He cites as examples the “hot and highly synchronized dance moves complete with trademark movements of Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” and Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry.” Derek Shih, marketing director of HIM International Music, agrees that Korean dance moves are outstanding, “which is why we decided to tap on their skills and professionalism to come up with the dance moves for our new boy band, Sigma.”

The catchy tunes sung by Korean acts with insidiously repetitive phrases and use of unusual lingo have also found their way into, for instance, Taiwanese boy band Lollipop F’s song “Four Dimensions (2010),” which repeats the words “Crazy! Go crazy! Go crazy!” in its chorus. It is common to find a word or phrase being repeated many times in the chorus of a Korean pop song. The entire chorus of T-ara’s hit “Bo Peep Bo Peep” consists of “Bo peep bo peep,” while boy band Super Junior’s famous song “Sorry Sorry” has them repeating the words over and over again. Besides that, the adventurous and unconventional styling of Korean acts—such as the bold use of eyeliner, daring hairstyles and an androgynous image—is also another distinctive factor.

Fans do not mind the K-pop imitation, saying that incorporating K-pop elements can raise the standard of Chinese pop.Student Jaslyn Tan, 19, says: “Korean pop groups are very well-trained and they seldom make mistakes during performances. It is great that Chinese pop acts are taking a leaf out of their books.” Marketing manager Cindy Lin, 23, adds: “I am all for improving the standard of Chinese pop. However, the industry may end up being saturated with too many Taiwanese artists sporting Korean styles.”

Chinese Artists Riding the K-Pop Wave

The record labels of Taiwanese boy band Sigma and Singapore talents Derrick Hoh and Jocie Guo sent them to Korea to learn from dance choreographers for their new albums. Hoh also sought the expertise of Korean boy band Shinee’s stylist for his second album Change, released this year. In addition, Taiwanese artists are also collaborating with Korean stars to incorporate Korean pop elements into their songs. Wilber Pan recruited Nichkhun from Korean boy band 2PM to feature in his new song, Drive, from his newly released album, 808.Danson Tang worked with Amber from Korean girl group f(x) for his song “I’m Back,” released last year. [Source: Jocelyn Lee, The Straits Times, May 2, 2011]

Industry insiders admit they are riding on the surge of the Korean pop wave. James Kang, marketing director of Warner Music, which manages Hoh and Guo, says: “Taiwan has long been the place that Chinese artists go to for their training. However, over the years, we have seen increasingly similar dance moves in the hordes of artists that emerge from there every year. Therefore, training in Korea injects fresh elements into Derrick and Jocie’s appeal.

For their self-titled debut album, released late last year, Sigma, which comprises Judy Chou, Mrtting Li and Tommy Lin, flew to Korea to learn from a dance choreographer who had worked with the likes of superstar Rain and girl group Wonder Girls.

Chou says in Mandarin: “The training was not easy and we practiced really hard. It is great that we get to learn from a top-notch teacher. Korean acts have very polished and sleek dance moves and we hope to be like them. We aim to be just like Korean boy band Big Bang. They can sing and dance well and are multi-talented.”

Image Sources: YouTube, Fan blogs and websites

Text Sources: New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Times of London, National Geographic, The New Yorker, Time, Newsweek, Reuters, AP, Lonely Planet Guides, Compton’s Encyclopedia and various books and other publications.

Last updated October 2011

Top 10 Best Singers in Malaysia

1 Siti Nurhaliza

an amazing singer.. A huge influence in industry.. She put her power in malaysia singapore indonesia brunei thailand also.. A monster female singer.. Been had a solo concert in ROYAL ALBERT HALL LONDON.. First Malaysia singer make that.. She also got ASIA BIRDSONG tittle.. Celine dion asia.. In Malaysia there’s no other singer can beat her.. Her showmanship.. Her voice.. Her style communicate with people.. Very a humble person.. As all of malaysian know that DATO SITI NURHALIZA TARUDIN always make others singer song as her own.. That’s why she on the top until now.. Holding a most popular regional artist for 10 years.. Now she make a move to world level with her new English album.. 7 nomination in iTune awards this year.. She has a big fans and she always be supported by she own fans club (SITIZONERS).. I think there’s no others to be best top singer in Malaysia now

Always love you,. Your voice r superb,. No doubt,. Yes you r “THE VOICE OF Asia”,. She has very strong personality which is very polite, humble and hardworking person,. That’s why she is one of the best singer ever,. She never give up and always try to come with something new,. That’s why her name has been well known among AsiaN,.
I think

A very good voice range. Superb stage presents, angelic voice.

Should be able to stand up front with all the talented singers in the world.

A very good and angelic dancer too. Should she in youtube for her performances in ‘Ku Mahu’ – Latin Touch (Red Dress), ‘Di Taman Teman’ – Arabic Touch (Blueish Green), Ku milikumu (Tap Dance), Falling In Love (New Single for Full Album releasing somewhere 25th Sept 2011…

Love it… Very talented with creative and mind blowing albums so far…

She is dubbed as The Voice Of Asia, when Alicia Keys first introduced her with the title during MTV Asia Awards 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand due to her greatest achievements locally and internationally.

2 Stacy

Perfect singer in Malaysia! Best singer alive today. The Queen! Easily better than other singer! Obviously, she could sing and dance very well. The reality show program definitely producing such an amazing talent like her. They test her with variety genre songs and she took the challenge positively and bombing us with her natural superb fascinated performances. Some singer might be very good in singing but that’s not enough for me if he or she doesn’t know how to dance. And if only they try to dance they seemed to be awkward performance as it’s look unnatural. But stacy managed to let us see the natural beauty combination of voice and alive dance in her performances. Laugh out loud! STACY will beat anyone! Anyone, trust me.

She should be on the top. She is versatile because she can sing and dance. She is the dancing queen of the Malaysia. She is not like kpop artist who dances just to show their cuteness and sexiness, but she got more than that. She also can sing live with a good vocal projection eventhough she is dancing at the same time. As her fan, I’m always support her since her debut until now and I can see a lot of improvement.

Stacy is the best female artist in Malaysia.. She is energetic performance when she is in the stage.. Recently Stacy has improve a lots in term of vocal projection, stage performance without miming as well as the quality of performance! Thumb ups guys! She is the new generation of MPOP industry in Malaysia..

Singing is not just about having the voice, but also the awesome talent in performing, especially live performance. Stacy managed to do both and be very good at it. She is the only artist who managed to outshine every singer in Malaysia in this area. Kudos to you, stacy! You deserve it!

3 Sudirman Arshad

Sudirman has a unique voice, unparalleled by any other. I’m not saying he was the best vocalist, the thing about Sudirman is, with his dance, persona, and charisma, he was one of Malaysia’s best entertainer.

This person cannot be compared with contemporary singer because it is unfair.

This in The Best Singer in Asia. Sudirman must be number 1

Sudirman become the first malaysian to win the asian popular award

4 Ziana Zain

She the only singer can maintain with her career without new album, new song in the these country. She the only singer can maintain her career after married and got 3 son and 1 doughther. She the 1st malaysian artis that recognise and won internation award. She the 1st malaysian artis that invited by FENDI and 1st malaysian artis become a model for LV and got photoshoot at LONDON.

No one in the list stays longer in this industry than her and still be on top of her popularity… Despite no longer leading the chart, she is always been in the radar and often been compared to upcoming new artist…

She always be a choice for singing event, always be judge, and be performer, when her turn to singing… Everyone will concentrate to see her perform… Even though she don’t have any new album or movie… She still apeople choice

Known as Asia’S POP QUEEN.. She deserved to be number 1. With her strong chest voice and ability to hit the high notes effortlessly had put Ziana as one of the greatest singer in Asia.

5 Faizal Tahir

The best singer is the one that is giving his/her best in each and everyone performances. Like he mentioned ” there are a lot of people with a wonderful voices and they can sing, but it is not easy to be an respected entertainer” keep on the faith FT. Will vote for your till the end.

Very talented. ! He’s no just a singer. He is a performer and entertainer. Every will get entertained by him. He always do the best for his fans. Lets vote him if you think he is good in everything. And he also a good father and husband! You guys keep rocking with him!

Faizal tahir a very talented person..
He’s my superhero..
Keep voting guys.
Keep supporting him..
Keep voting our big boss,
Faizal tahir deserved to win,

Wanna know how awesome is Faizal Tahir, go to YouTube and see it yourself! I bet you will be amazed!

6 Yuna

Has her own indie folk style that is very unique in Malaysian culture. Very inspiring and has a richness in her voice. One of the few that tapped in American music industry. When I found out about her, I was hooked! I started researching about the different culture groups around Malaysia and the surroundings and I’m from Canada. I think shes one of a kind and one day the world will see it too.

I really love this girl. She knows how to sing, play guitar, and she also good in speaking in English. Yuna if you read this, please come to German, come to my house and sing to me. Laugh out loud (=

In my opinion she’s perfect! Her voice is just beautiful and her music makes me cold and relaxing!

Initially I thought she sounded too much like Erika Bardoux. But when I heard her sing a song in bahasa, I realized that she was special.

7 Hafiz

Even if, I can’t understand malay songs but listening Hafiz songs makes me really like it a lot. I can’t stop myself to listen it again and again.

I really like him as a singer.. He got a golden voice, Hafiz having gifted voice from Allah. And siti nurhaliza..

He’s very best male singer in Malaysia… Your should listen to his voice superpower… Best giler lah… Layan… His number 1… Love his voice so much… Laugh out loud…

Greatest voice, range, melody and style

8 P. Ramlee

Brilliant artiste of many talents. Composer, singer, actor and managed to churn out films with a tight budget. I believe that if he were alive today, he would be able to excel in all the areas that he was good at in his time. Most of all, I miss his positive outlook of life.

Not just great vocals, brilliant song writer!

Forever in the hearts and in the memories

P Ramlee is the best singer of all time..

9 Adira

She has real poise, grace, beauty and talent for such a young and petite girl

I like her beautiful voice and her purist white skin

She is adorable and good personality.

I second that chromie! I agree very much with all you say about Adira…everything about her is unique in her own way..her voice is unusually unique…she is also a soft and gentle woman…can tell by her voice

10 Jaclyn Victor

She’s clearly the best one.
If you search for the voice, she’s the one.
I think no one as great as her is singing, not only in Malaysia but also in Asia.

God bless Her…
All the best in life jaclyn…
Clear voice, high-pitch, melodious sound… Come from her singing…

Awesome voice with action… Best performer on the stage ever!

Belt with resonance and good voice control.

The Contenders

11 Shila Amzah

Very talented and all-rounded singer : she can sing, dance, play guitars n piano as well as act. Sing in many languages in her own style. enough said, just check her in YouTube, youku, weibo, etc and her fan base – exceeded 2 millions

She’s amazing! In my opinion, she should have got the champion in the China singing competition- I am a singer

She’s becoming phenomenal in not only Malaysia but whole east Asia.

She has powerful and highest voice. Her also can singing with three languange English, Malay and Mandarin

12 Misha Omar

A multi talented STAR! She can sing, act, parody, host, theatre and almost everything.

She have souls in every songs. Her appearance and powerful voice makes her the most wanted in music industry.

Her showmanship is awesome!
She delivers her song( even others song) with her “soul”.
Her voice is superb!

My idol…She is the best and has unique attitude

Her song is good

13 Anuar Zain

The way he enunciate his songs make us (the listener) felt like wrapped up in a warm fuzzy blanket.

He sings with soul which pretty much awesome… He’s unique n very original.

He have very very great voice and he sing in high note too

His voice is very very good

14 Ella

Ratu Rock is Malay for “Queen of Rock” and this is an apt title for this female rock-star. Ella’s more well-known hit songs spanned from the 1990s to today. Ella still holds the local record for the bestselling female artist for pushing more than 300,000 copies of her records during the peak of her career. She also became an international icon and one of the ‘Richest Artists’ in Malaysia.

Ella the queen of rock! Love you “_”

The best in all Malaysia

15 Aizat

Music by heart! 😀

16 Syafinaz

I love Syafinaz’s voice and her song very much..
Most of Malaysian don’t appriciate what local artist have…
Syafinaz unique voices has superb power to swing your heart and soul..
Enjoy very much while listening to her song

17 Najwa Latif

So talented… Good
gogo… I like her songs like kosong and sahabat…
like her cover price tag…
like her song feat sleeq, untuk dia…
awesome… Spread of love

Her voice is very very great! She is very beautiful too

From pakistan I like najwa, s songs… To good…

18 Ning Baizura

Go Ning Go! We, your fans have faith in you and your voice all the way.

Keep proving all your critics wrong ok?

To me, It doesn’t matter what others people think. Ning is my best

19 Anita Sarawak

Anita is in her class of her own. To be able to perform at Las Vegas speaks louder than words. She is such an incredible singer and entertainer.

20 Akim Ahmad

He can sing all type of songs. He delivered all the song so great and make it just like his own song. He had a great vocal and all his had it own soul. Plus, he can compose songs and can be a great composer one day.

He had a great vocal and can sing all type of songs. He compose his own songs and all his songs had a soul.

21 Shahir AF8

22 Namewee

The best out of the box, independent voice singer

Great talented

No one’s said it?

At least top 5

23 Dhilip Varman

He got a wonderful voice

24 Jamal Abdillah

Come on he’s the “King of Pop” in Malaysia how can he be so low on this list?

The best singer ever.

The only junky I love.

25 Aiman Tino

One of the famous singer nowadays

Aiman tino terbaik. nyanyian yg bagus

Malaysian singer Firdhaus Farmizi goes viral on Douyin with Chinese song ‘Gulf of Alaska’ (VIDEO) | Showbiz

Firdhaus has garnered millions of views on Chinese social media. — Picture via Instagram/fffirdhaus

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PETALING JAYA, Jan 4 — Malaysian singer Firdhaus Farmizi is making waves in China with his Mandarin-language single Gulf of Alaska.

The 22-year-old’s song has raked in 170 million views on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, and 1.6 million views on YouTube.

He is the first Malay singer to achieve such a feat, according to Berita Harian.

The young musician, who hails from Kulai, Johor, told the daily that he became fluent in Chinese after attending a Chinese-language kindergarten and a Chinese vernacular school.

Having many Chinese friends also helped Firdhaus to master the language but he emphasised that he can still converse in his mother tongue.

“I will always be Malay and I can speak well in my mother tongue. I can also sing in Malay.

“It’s just that coincidentally, my environment and followers on social media are mostly Chinese, so I focus on singing in Mandarin so they can understand what I’m trying to convey,” said Firdhaus.

Firdhaus originally released Gulf of Alaska in April 2020 but the song has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity on Douyin where users began singing along to the track in their videos.

His newfound fame amongst Chinese music lovers has also garnered attention in his home country where he is beginning to attract more fans.

“Honestly, I never thought Gulf of Alaska could go viral in China.

“I never expected Chinese fans to sing along to this song on Douyin. From there, many people started following me on Instagram. 

“Alhamdulillah, Malaysian fans have also started becoming aware of my presence.”

Firdhaus became more active on social media when the movement control order (MCO) was imposed in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Besides sharing his original music, he also posts covers of other Mandarin, English, and even Korean songs on his Instagram.



An avid singer since the age of 12, Firdhaus idolises Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou and counts him as one of his biggest musical inspirations.

He hopes to meet Chou face-to-face one day and thank him for giving him the courage to pursue his dreams.

“I admit, Jay Chou motivated me to chase after my ambitions. Because of him, I started making music and singing songs.

“If I’m lucky, I hope to meet Jay Chou in person and thank him for inspiring me up until now when I’ve achieved this historic milestone.”

Firdhaus, who is managed by Malaysian record label Loolala Music, hopes to release Malay-language songs in the future and wants to collaborate with local artistes he admires like Yuna, Faizal Tahir, and Aizat Amdan.

He is also planning to hold promotional activities for his music in China once the pandemic dies down.

90,000 Chinese love for Vitas is mad, but understandable – Xinhua

A tour of the Russian singer Vitas is taking place in the cities of China. (Photo source:

Author: Liu Kai

Beijing, November 8 / Xinhuanet / – A tour of the Russian singer Vitas / Vitaly Grachev /, who is called the “King of Dolphin Sounds” in the Celestial Empire, is taking place in the cities of China. His enthusiastic fans once again literally poured into the stadiums and theaters where the pop star performs, and in social networks they are actively discussing where to buy tickets for his solo concerts.

Vitas is the only Russian singer who is so popular in China.

If in Russia you almost never hear about Vitas, in China, Japan and the Republic of Korea his name often appears on forums on the Internet and in newspapers. And the number of his fans is not in the thousands, but in hundreds of thousands.

Russian singer Vitas (Photo source:

So, in Baidu Teba – the largest communication platform in China – the number of subscribers to the Internet forum dedicated to Vitas reaches about 162 thousand people.The singer’s high rating among Chinese youth did not suffer even after the scandal in 2013, when Vitas was deprived of his license due to an accident and ordered to pay a fine for attacking a police officer.

It is not so easy to try to understand the reason for the love of the Chinese audience for the Russian pop star. Some believe that the Chinese addiction to Vitas is inexplicable. It’s true? But the proverb says: there is no smoke without fire.

The King of Singers, singer with the voice of the Siren … Vitas has many nicknames with which Chinese fans want to express their admiration for the charming voice of their idol.It was an unusually high voice for a man that conquered the Chinese audience.

The famous song “Opera-2” made Vitas famous in 2000. His debut on the Chinese stage took place in June 2006 – the Year of Russia in China – on the set of a program for China Central Television. A year later, the musician came to China on his first tour.

Russian singer Vitas (Photo source:

From here began his long success in show business in the Middle Kingdom.The singer does not seem to leave China in recent years. Every year in the fall and winter, he tours China. So, this year, starting from October 28, during the month Vitas will give recitals in nine cities of China. “You will see a lot of colorful surprises. New songs, new images, new costumes and many interesting surprises await you. And of course, do not forget that old, everyone’s favorite hits, such as” Opera-2 “,” Zvezda ” “The swan is mine, and my favorite songs are in Chinese, almost my native language,” the singer said in a video message to Chinese fans.

Art experts believe that Vitas’ popularity in China is due to successful and mature commercial marketing. With the help of Chinese show business partners such as the entertainment company Xingguang Guoji, Vitas regularly appears on the Chinese stage and in the media.

Vitas has twice starred in Chinese films. (Photo source:

At the same time, Vitas’s activity in China is not limited to just a fantastic show on the concert stage.So, he twice starred in the Chinese films “Mulan” / 2009 / and “The Creation of the Chinese Communist Party” / 2011 /. On February 18, 2009, at the opening ceremony of the 24th World Winter Universiade in Harbin, Vitas sang “The Crane’s Cry”.

In 2010, at the New Year’s gala concert, Vitas and the popular Chinese artist, performer of the female role “huadan” in the Beijing Opera Li Yugang performed, respectively, the Chinese and Russian songs “Sea, My Motherland” and “Moscow Nights”. The artists became good friends and their friendship continues to this day.Interestingly, Li Yugang even named Alla, Vitas’ daughter, his daughter.

It is quite obvious that the Russian singer has perfectly adapted to the realities of show business in the Middle Kingdom. By the way, he has already learned not only to speak, but also to sing in Chinese. For example, he even sang the popular song “Qinghai-Tibet Plateau” in Chinese.

Summarizing the above, we can say that Vitas achieved success in China not because of luck. Amazing vocals, cute looks, frequent public appearances, mysterious life, hard work, keen commercial flair – all these factors determine such a popularity of the artist that everyone could envy her.

90,000 The most handsome and charming men live in Italy | Research | News What makes a man really attractive? Should he be clean-shaven, confident, and emitting waves of sexuality? Does he have to be from a specific country? Should he use cosmetic products, or remain the way nature created him?

To answer these tough questions, Synovate conducted a global male beauty survey that surveyed over 10,000 people in 12 countries.The study allowed us to learn a lot about how masculine beauty is perceived in various parts of the world. We also received a lot of interesting information about how men themselves look at male attractiveness, and how their views differ from the perception of the fairer sex.

Do ya think I’m sexy?

This age-old question was repeatedly asked to women by the famous singer Rod Stewart in his 70s hit of the same name. However, we at Synovate decided to take a different route and ask the same question directly to men.
It turned out that out of almost 5,000 respondents – slightly less than half (49%) of the stronger sex are sure that they are sexy. Men in Greece (81%), Russia (80%) and South Africa (78%) are especially affected by the Adonis complex.

Maria Darmi, Managing Director of Synovate Greece, believes that this is due to the traditional upbringing and macho culture of Greece: “It’s no secret that self-confidence is half the success of attracting representatives of the opposite sex.And so something, but self-confidence in Greek men in abundance, for two reasons. Firstly, this is the historically established principle of upbringing – Greek mothers from birth bring up confidence in their children, And secondly, in Greece masculine culture traditionally dominates, the origins of which lie in the mythology of this country, where masculinity and utmost self-confidence in honor ” …
“Russia and Greece are very similar in this sense,” says Maria Vakatova, Marketing Director of Synovate Russia. The reason for this is the traditional attitudes of the Russian woman, which form high self-esteem in men.Women make great efforts to attract the attention of the male half, moreover, historically in Russia there have always been fewer men than women. All-consuming motherly love is another factor. The results of this approach to upbringing are obvious: 80% of Russian men are confident in their sexuality, but only 25% believe that in order to be attractive, you need to observe personal hygiene. And many do not even realize that 39% of women believe that the ideal man, first of all, should carefully take care of himself.»

However, not everyone is so self-confident. For example, 78% of Malaysians and 66% of Chinese and French do not consider themselves sexy.
Managing Director of Synovate France, Thierry Pailleux, explains the unexpectedly low results by semantic differences as well as a particular view of sexuality in France: “This result in no way means that the French do not consider themselves sexy. French men are quite confident in themselves and are extremely adept at attracting and seducing the opposite sex.However, for the French, seduction is a subtle science, and the word “sexuality” sounds too vulgar and frank. ”

A slightly different situation is observed in Malaysia. Steve Murphy, Managing Director of Synovate Malaysia was not surprised by the results and believes that Asian men simply tend not to show their sexual side: “It was not a revelation to me that of all the countries that took part in the study , Malaysia and China have the least number of men who consider themselves sexy.We have conducted similar studies within the Asian region and received similar results.
It turned out that personal attractiveness and sexuality are not priorities for Asian men. However, you should not think that it is completely irrelevant to them, they just do not think too much about it and show their sexual side less often than men in other parts of the world. ”

Ciao Bello!

However, let’s leave sexuality aside for a while and think about where the most attractive men still live.In order to understand this difficult issue, we decided not to beat around the bush and asked our respondents to choose one country in which, in their opinion, the most beautiful and charming men live. And although this question confused many people, we still managed to identify the leading countries.

Prizes were distributed as follows: Italy (11%), then the USA, Russia and Brazil (all three countries have 8% each). Italy’s leadership is all the more surprising since this country did not participate in the study! From this we can conclude that Italian men really have an excellent reputation, both among the fairer sex (10%) and among men in other countries of the world (12%).

On the other hand, the majority of respondents, both men and women, proved themselves to be true patriots and named their country as the habitat of the most beautiful and attractive men. Just look at the results:

• Most of the patriots from male beauty turned out to be in Russia: 65% of Russians said that the most attractive men live in their country and nowhere else. 90,057 • Americans (55%) also believe that there are no more attractive men than in the United States.90,057 • The situation is different in Canada: only 24% of those surveyed believe that Canadian men deserve the title of the most attractive in the world. 90,057 • In Brazil, women are much more patriotic than men: 54% of women believe that Brazilian men are the best in the world, and only 39% of men share their point of view. At the same time, Brazilians hold a rather high opinion of American (9%) and Italian men (16%).
• But the main Fan Club for Italian men is in Greece, where 32% of women and 23% of men find them incredibly attractive.90,057 • But 17% of Chinese residents believe that the most attractive men are in the UK. Perhaps the “David Beckham effect” is to blame? The English footballer is an extremely recognizable person in China and is one of the top five sports heroes in this country.
• On the other hand, the British themselves have a very low opinion of their men – only 23% of respondents showed patriotism. And about the same number of votes cast Italians – 21%.

Hey handsome!

So how important is their appearance for men? We asked our male respondents to rate the importance of their appearance to themselves on a five-point scale, where the number “5” meant: “Extremely important”, and one: “Completely indifferent.”
It turned out that in the world as a whole, just over a third (34%) of all men consider their own appearance to be extremely important. Attractive male appearance is especially appreciated among residents of South Africa (61%), Brazil (55%) and Russia (53%).
But the least worried about how they look are men in Australia (14%) and the United States (15%).
“However, you shouldn’t think that Australian men don’t give a damn about their own appearance, just in comparison with other factors, such as building a career and acquiring wealth, appearance fades into the background.Not to be forgotten is the special culture of male camaraderie, which is considered one of the hallmarks of the Australian national character. Most likely Australian men would rather spend their time with their friends than preening in front of a mirror, ”comments Julie Beeck, managing director of Synovate Australia.

And since we are talking about appearance and its meaning, it is worth mentioning the curious findings of the English office of Synovate. In the course of a series of interviews related to male image and attractiveness, it turned out that men not only try to monitor their appearance, but try to really control it.

“The situation in the world is such that people begin to feel that they are no longer able to control some aspects of their lives. For example, no one is immune from massive job cuts. But one thing is within the power to control each of us – our appearance. Therefore, more and more men tell us that an attractive appearance is of paramount importance to them now. Add to that the constant pressure of popular culture, and you realize that the results are quite natural, ”says John Coll, head of qualitative research, Synovate UK.

Everything attractive is simple

So, the modern world requires men to look after their appearance. However, what is the minimum set of qualities a man must have in order to be considered at least a little attractive to the opposite sex? It turned out that pleasing women is easier than many men think, and for this it is enough to have the most basic characteristics.
In particular, almost a third (34%) of all women surveyed believe that in order to be truly attractive, a man must first take care of his own hygiene, and this includes fresh breath from the mouth.
In comparison, only 23% of men consider a clean body and fresh breath to be an essential element of attractiveness.
The second most important place for women after hygiene is men’s self-confidence. 20% of respondents said that a confident gait is absolutely essential for any man who wants to be considered even a little attractive. It is curious that the ability to dress with taste is a favorite of only 14% of those surveyed.
And by the way, only 1% of women believe that the mane of hair on his head makes a man attractive.So bald men can completely stop experiencing complexes about unattractiveness due to the lack of hair on their heads.

Cosmetic Industry – Men

During the course of our research, we also decided to find out which personal care products are especially popular among men. It turned out that deodorants (72%), whitening toothpastes (61%) and aftershave lotions and balms (58%) are in special demand.
At the same time, in pursuit of a snow-white smile, Russian men are ahead of the whole planet.The Marketing and Communications Director of Synovate Russia, Maria Vakatova, explains this by the desire of Russians to finally get a real Hollywood smile: “For many Russians, white teeth are almost becoming the meaning of life. The level of dentistry in Russia is improving, however, along with it, prices for dentist services are growing, and not all residents of Russia can afford them. Therefore, the Hollywood smile is still a dream for the majority. And if something as simple as a widely advertised whitening toothpaste will help you get even a little closer to it, then why not try it? ”

As for deodorants, they are the least used in China (14%).Why don’t Chinese men seek to hide their own unpleasant odors?
“Most Chinese men still consider the use of cosmetics such as deodorant as a matter for women. Fortunately, this trend is slowly but surely starting to fade, and more and more Chinese men are starting to purchase personal care products, which, by the way, opens up new opportunities for cosmetics companies to develop their market in China, ”comments Darryl Andrew on the results. Andrew), Executive Director, Synovate China.

The question immediately arises: “How well are cosmetic products positioned specifically for men selling?” Our research has shown that, globally, 56% of men use them, so the game is well worth the candle.

Similar products are especially popular in Russia and Great Britain (73% in both countries).
“Products designed and marketed specifically for a male audience will sell better because their use by men will not look shameful or unmanly.Advertising should also emphasize that beauty products are not just for women. Characters in these commercials should demonstrate self-confidence and show with their entire appearance that using personal care products will not make one iota less courageous, ”says John Call.

To shave, or not to shave – that is the question

Indeed, the question of whether or not to shave is almost a matter of life and death for many men.Therefore, within the framework of the study, we decided to ask the respondents what they prefer to observe in the mirror – a smooth-shaven chin, or a face covered with a thick layer of stubble?
These results should please the razor and blade manufacturers: worldwide, 79% of men told us that they like themselves better when they are clean-shaven.
However, the results vary from country to country. For example, residents of South Africa (90%), China (88%) and Spain (84%) spend most of their time face-to-face with their razor or razor.Moreover, in China, a clean-shaven face is no less the norm of decency, an indispensable part of the image of a successful man.

“Chinese men feel much more confident when they are clean-shaven and believe that by looking after themselves, they are showing their respect for those around them. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that the Chinese have less facial hair than many other peoples, and therefore they have to shave easier, ”says Darryl Andrew.

As for beard and stubble lovers, most of them live in Greece (34%), Australia, Brazil (25% for each country) and Canada (24%).

We also decided to find out what women prefer – a clean-shaven face or a shaggy beard. And in this matter, the weaker sex turned out to be in solidarity with the strong: 79% of women give a clear preference to men who use a machine or a razor. Bearded men are in demand among women in Canada (30%), Australia (26%), and the United States (26%).

“It is no coincidence that in these three countries beards are popular among women. First, each of them has a long history of colonization, among whom it was customary to wear beards.And secondly, it is, of course, the influence of celebrities. While most American women still prefer clean-shaven men, movie stars such as Bradd Pitt and George Clooney have made five-day stubble synonymous with sexuality. The results of the study show that some women do not mind a little hair on a man’s face, they believe that it gives men a sterner and more masculine appearance, “says senior vice president of Synovate Consumer Insights, Bob Michaels

With him Synovate Canada Managing Director Rob Myers agrees:
“For many people, Canada is still a permafrost, associated with pioneers, colonization and outdoor living.So if you want to be attractive in Canada, you don’t have to be clean-shaven. After all, Canada is the home of all woodcutters. Real woodcutters wear beards! ”

Male beauty: taboo, or hidden potential?

At Synovate, we never mind looking at our data with a smile. However, we do not forget that if you look seriously, standards in male beauty do not exist at all.
According to Bob Michaels, “Men rarely discuss male beauty and attractiveness, and for some of the stronger sex this topic is almost a taboo.In a male environment, it is not customary to wash the bones of the stars and discuss the appearance of athletes. And their own appearance is also not included in the list of favorite topics of conversation. And certainly no man will discuss cosmetics and body care products. And if you think about it, then such a taboo opens up scope for influencing this target audience. ”

However, won’t this impact confuse this audience?

“If you are a simple guy who just wants to keep an eye on his appearance, then this kind of exposure can be quite confusing.However, if you work in the cosmetics industry, then there is a huge potential for you. Imagine finding a brand that can do for men what Dove’s marketing policy has done for women’s beauty products. If they manage to resonate and make consumers think about whether there are standards for male beauty, then success will not be slow to come to them, ”says Bob.

Interesting statistics

• Globally, 70% of respondents said that they strive to look good first of all for themselves.Nevertheless, 35% of English men strive to become as attractive as possible to their partner … or to find her. 90,057 • 77% of American women believe that men are like wine – they only get better and more attractive with age.
• If for women in South Africa male appearance is extremely important (58%), then in the USA (6%) and Australia (8%) male attractiveness is clearly not a favorite. 90,057 • 13% of men told us that if they had to choose between bad breath, problem skin, beer belly and bald head, they definitely would not want to be left without hair on their heads.Men in China especially value their hair (24%).
• 69% of Brazilian men travel with a variety of beauty products. In the whole world, this percentage is much lower: 30%. 90,057 • Only 4% of Malaysian and 6% of Chinese men are willing to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon to become more attractive.

About the Synovate study

As part of a study conducted by Synovate in October 2008, more than 10,000 respondents from 12 countries around the world were interviewed, including: Australia, Brazil, UK, Greece, Spain, Canada, China, Malaysia, Russia, USA and South Africa.In the course of the study, methods of telephone and Internet surveys, as well as direct interviewing were used.

90,000 Lost in Translation: The Most Ridiculous Adaptations of Movie Titles – What to See

The translation of the names of Hollywood films (as well as the dubbing) often causes a storm of indignation among Russian moviegoers. However, things are not so bad! Journalist, blogger and producer Niko Lang has made a selection of enchanting translations of the names of American films for various film markets.And the site chose the brightest examples from this list. And the endless options for the name of the upcoming Avengers movie are still flowers.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Russian translation: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

Italian translation: “If you leave me, I will destroy you”

Promo: Focus Features Boogie Nights

Russian translation: “Boogie Nights”

Chinese translation: “His big device made him famous”

Shot: Ghoulardi Film Company Grease

Russian translation: “Grease”

Translation for the Argentine film market: Vaseline

Shot: Allan Carr Production Free Willy

Russian translation: “Free Willy”

Chinese translation: “A very mighty whale soars into the sky”

Frame: Alcor Films Jersey Girl

Russian translation: “Jersey Girl”

Japanese translation: “I love my dad, the best in the world”

Shot: Beverly Detroit Army of Darkness

Russian translation: “Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness”

Japanese translation: “Captain Supermarket”

Shot: Dino De Laurentiis Productions Get Smart

Russian translation: “Get your brains out”

Translation for the Taiwanese film market: “Spy capable or not?”

Frame: Atlas Entertainment Bad Santa

Russian translation: “Bad Santa”

Czech translation: “Santa Pervert”

Frame: Blixa Zweite Film Produktion GmbH & Co.KG Leon: The Professional

Russian translation: “Leon”

Chinese translation: “This man is not as cold as he thought”

Frame: Gaumont The Sixth Sense

Russian translation: “Sixth Sense”

Chinese translation: “He’s a ghost!”

Frame: Barry Mendel Productions Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Russian translation: “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”

Malaysian translation: “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Was Very Nice to Me”

Shot: Eric’s Boy Little Fockers

Russian translation: “Meet the Fockers”

Thai translation: “Son-in-law is a simpleton, energetic grandchildren, an embittered father-in-law”

Shot: DW Studios Leaving Las Vegas

Russian translation: “Leaving Las Vegas”

Japanese translation: “I am a drunkard and you are a prostitute”

Shot: Initial Productions Jaws

Russian translation: “Jaws”

French translation: “Teeth from the Sea”

Frame: Universal Pictures G.I. Jane

Russian translation: “Soldier Jane”

Chinese translation: “Devil Woman Soldier”

Frame: Caravan Pictures The Producers

Russian translation: “Producers”

Italian translation: “Please don’t touch the old lady”

Frame: Brooksfilms Weekend at Bernie’s

Russian translation: “Weekend at Bernie’s”

Spanish translation: “This dead man is very much alive”

Frame: Gladden Entertainment

Never Been Kissed

Russian translation: “Unkissed”

Filipino translation: “Because she is ugly”

Frame: Bushwood Pictures Pretty Woman

Russian translation: “Pretty Woman”

Chinese translation: “I will marry a whore to save money”

Frame: Silver Screen Partners IV The Full Monty

Russian translation: “Male striptease”

Chinese translation: “Six Hairless Pigs”

Shot: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation Annie Hall

Russian translation: “Annie Hall”

German translation: “Urban neurotic”

Shot: Rollins-Joffe Productions Nixon

Russian translation: “Nixon”

Chinese translation: “Big Liar”

Frame: Cinergi Pictures Entertainment Inc.


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90,000 Chinese – Chindians –

People of mixed Chinese and Indian descent

This article is about people of Chinese and Indian descent. For the geopolitical term, see Kindia.

Chindian (Chinese: 中 印人; pinyin: Zhōngyìnrén ; Cantonese Yale: Jūngyanyàn ; Tamil: சிந்தியன்; Hindi: चीनी भारतीय (Chini Bhartiya)) is an unofficial Chinese term used for Indian and Indian origin ; that is, from any of the many ethnic groups originating from modern China and India.A significant number of Chinese live in Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar. In the Primorye of Southeast Asia, people of Chinese and Indian descent immigrated in large numbers during the 19th and 20th centuries. A significant number of people also live in Hong Kong and a smaller number in other countries with a large overseas Chinese and Indian diaspora, such as Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname and Guyana in the Caribbean, as well as in Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United States.States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.



Zhang Qian (d. 113 BC) and Sima Qian (145-90 BC), Probably refer to Shendu (Sindhu in Sanskrit), and during the annexation of Yunnan by the Han Dynasty in first century Indian community “Shendu” During the transfer of Buddhism from India to China, beginning in the first century, many Indian scholars and monks traveled to China, for example, Batuo (fl.464-495 AD) – the founder of the Shaolin monastery – and Bodhidharma – the founder of the monastery. Chan / Zen Buddhism, as well as a large Tamil community of Indian traders in Quanzhou City and Jinjiang District, who built over a dozen Hindu temples or shrines, including two large large temples in Quanzhou City. During the colonial era, Indians were among the command of Portuguese ships trading on the Chinese coast beginning in the sixteenth century, and Indians from the Portuguese Indian colonies (especially Goa) settled in Macau in small numbers.

As of 2015, 45-48,000 Indian citizens / expatriates live in mainland China, most of whom are students, traders and professionals working for Indian IT companies and banks. There are three associations of Indian communities in the country.

Hong Kong

Indians lived in Hong Kong long before the division of India into India and Pakistan. They migrated to Hong Kong as traders, police and army officers during colonial rule.

2700 Indian soldiers arrived in Hong Kong after the British occupation on January 26, 1841, who later played an important role in the founding of the Hong Kong University (HKU) and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). The 25,000 Muslims in Hong Kong have their roots in what is now Pakistan. About half of them belong to “local boy” families, Muslims of mixed Chinese (thangka) and Indian-Pakistani descent, who descended from the first Indian / Pakistani immigrants who took local Chinese wives and raised their children as Muslims.These “local Indians” were not fully accepted by either the Chinese or Indian communities.


There are communities of Chinese who migrated to India during the colonial era between the 17th and 19th centuries and became naturalized Indians, and the total number of ethnic Chinese Indians of Chinese or full Chinese descent is estimated at more than 189,000. The community living in Kolkata numbers about 4,000 and 400 families in Mumbai, which has Chinatowns.Chinese Indians have also contributed to the development of fusion Indian Chinese cuisine (Chinese cuisine), which is now an integral part of Indian cooking.

It is estimated that there are approximately 5,000-7,000 Chinese expatriates living in India as of 2015, and the number has doubled in recent years. Most of them work on contracts for 2-3 years for a growing number of Chinese brands and companies doing business in India.

British India

Some Chinese “prisoners” deported from the Straits settlements were sent to a prison in Madras, of them fled, and it took several days before they were detained by Tahsildar with the help of Badagi sent on July 28 of the following year, on a very stormy night, twelve more men escaped, and groups of armed police were sent to search for them in the hills. Finally, two weeks later, they were arrested in Malabar. Some of them were arrested. police weapons were found on them and one of the police groups disappeared – an ominous coincidence. Searches were carried out across the country in search of the consignment, and finally, on September 15, their four bodies were found lying in the jungle at Walaghat, halfway down the Shispara Ghat trail, neatly arranged in a row with severed heads neatly resting on their shoulders.It turned out that the cunning Chinese man, when he was overtaken, first pretended to surrender, and then suddenly attacked the police and killed them with his own weapons. Other Chinese prisoners in Madras who were released from prison then settled in the Nilgiri Mountains near Naduwattam and married Tamil Parayan women, mixing Sino-Tamil children with them. They were documented by Edgar Thurston. Paraiyan is also anglicized as an “outcast”.

Edgar Thurston described a colony of Chinese men with their outcast Tamil wives and children: “While stopping on a recent anthropological expedition on the western side of the Nilgiri Plateau, in the midst of government cinchona plantations, I stumbled upon a small village.a settlement of Chinese people who squatted on the hillsides between Naduwatam and Gudalur for several years and turned into a colony as a result of a “ marriage ” with rogue Tamil women, earning an honest livelihood, growing vegetables, growing coffee in this miniature Chinese courtyard was sent an ambassador with a proposal that men, in exchange for money, appear in front of me for the purpose of recording. The response received was racial in its own way, as between Hindus and Chinese.In the case of the former, permission to use them b The amount of monetary payments for research purposes depends significantly on the monetary transaction and can vary from two to eight annas. The Chinese, on the other hand, although poor, politely said that they did not demand payment in money, but they would be perfectly happy if I gave them copies of their photographs as a souvenir. ” Describe a specific family: “My father was a typical Chinese, whose only complaint was that in the process of converting to Christianity he was forced to“ cut off his tail ”.Mother was a typical dark-colored Tamil outcast. The color of the children was more associated with the yellowish tint of the father than with the darker tint of the mother, and the Semimongolian origin manifested itself in slanting eyes, a flat nose and (in one case) prominent cheekbones. “Thurston’s description of Sino-Tamil families has been cited by others, one mentioned” a case of mating between a Chinese man and a Tamil pariah woman. ”A 1959 book describes an attempt to find out what happened to a colony of mixed Chinese and Tamil.

According to Alabaster, in addition to carpenters, there were lard producers and shoemakers. Running tanneries and working with leather was traditionally not considered a respected profession among the higher castes of Hindus and the work was relegated to the lower caste muchis and Chamars . However, in colonial India there was a high demand for high quality leather goods that the Chinese could satisfy. Alabaster also mentions licensed opium dens owned by indigenous Chinese and Cheena Bazaar, where smuggling was readily available.Opium, however, was not illegal until India gained independence from Britain in 1947. Immigration continued unabated throughout the century and during World War I, in part due to political upheavals in China, such as the First and Second Opium Wars, and the First Chinese War. Japanese War and Boxing Rebellion. Around the time of the First World War, the first tanneries belonging to China were established.

In Assam, local Assamese women married Chinese migrants during the British colony.Later, it became difficult to physically distinguish the Chinese in Assam from the locals during their internment during the 1962 war, since most of these Chinese in Assam were mixed.


In Singapore, most interracial marriages are between Chinese women and Indian men. The Singapore government classifies them as the ethnicity of the father. According to government statistics, 2.4% of Singapore’s population is multiracial, mostly Chinese.The largest number of inter-ethnic marriages was in 2007, when 16.4% of the 20,000 marriages in Singapore were inter-ethnic marriages, again mainly between Chinese and Indians. In Singapore, people of mixed race are only allowed to register two racial classifications on identity cards in 2010. Parents can choose which of the two is listed first. No more than two races can be specified, even if a person has several different nationalities in their ancestry. As in Malaysia, most Chinese people in Singapore are descendants of interracial relationships between Indian men and Chinese women.


In Malaysia, most often interracial marriages are between Chinese and Indians. The descendants of such marriages are informally known as “Chinese”. The Malaysian government, however, considers them to be unclassified ethnicity, using their father’s ethnicity as an informal term. Since most of these mixed marriages usually involve an Indian man and a Chinese woman, most of the descendants of Chinese in Malaysia are generally classified as “Malaysian Indians” by the Malaysian government.


In Guyana, Chinese men married Indian women due to the absence of Chinese women in the early days of settlement. Creole sexual relations and marriages with Chinese and Indians were rare, but Indian women and Chinese men became more likely to have sexual relations with each other, and some Chinese men took their Indian wives with them to China. Indian women and children were brought along with Indian men as coolies, while Chinese men made up 99% of Chinese coolies.

Historians compare the contrast between the ratio of women to men among immigrants from India and China.


In the late 19th and early 20th century, Chinese men in Mauritius married Indian women due to the shortage of Chinese women and the large number of Indian women on the island. At first, the prospect of a relationship with Chinese men was unattractive to the original Indian female migrants, but eventually they had to establish sexual alliances with Chinese men as the Chinese women did not come.The 1921 census in Mauritius estimated that Indian women had a total of 148 children from Chinese men. These Chinese were mainly traders. Colonial stereotypes emerged in Indian sugar colonies, such as “degraded coolie woman” and “coolie woman beating up her wife,” due to Indian women being killed by their husbands after they fled to other richer men. as the ratio of Indian women to men was low. Chinese and Indians entered into mixed marriages much more often than within their own group.Mixed marriages between people belonging to different Chinese and Indian language groups are rare; it is so rare that cases of mixed marriages between Cantonese and Hakka can be named individually. Likewise, mixed marriages between Hakka Chinese and Indians are practically non-existent.


In Trinidad, some Chinese men had relationships with Indian female coolies of Madras, they had children, and it was reported that “several children will meet with Madras and Creole parents, and some also from Madras and Chinese parents – Madrasi, being mother, ”missionary John Morton in 1876, Morton remarked that this seemed odd, since there were more Indian coolies than female Indian coolies, that Indian female coolies were married to Chinese, but argued that this was most likely because the Chinese could provide the women with amenities, because the shops were Chinese owned and they were tempted by them.Indian women married Chinese men under contract in Trinidad. Few Chinese women migrated to Trinidad, while the majority of Chinese migrants were men. The migration of Chinese to Trinidad led to mixed marriages between them and others. The Chinese in Trinidad became relatively open to marital relations with other races, and Indian women began to have families with Chinese in the 1890s.

Famous people

  • Hasinta Abisheganaden, Singaporean actress
  • Ronald Arkulli, Chairman of the Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing and unofficial members, convening the Executive Council of Hong Kong (Exco).
  • Vivian Balakrishnan, Singaporean politician
  • Indrani Raja, Singaporean politician
  • Darryl David, Singaporean politician and former media activist
  • Meiyang Chang Actor, singer, television personality in India
  • Bernard Chandran, Malaysian fashion designer
  • Anya Ayeon-Chi, winner of the Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe 2008 pageant and a participant in the Miss Universe 2008 pageant.
  • Chen Hexin, Chinese songwriter
  • Che’Nelle (Cherilyn Lim), Malaysian record artist, signed with Virgin Records America
  • Karen David, British singer and songwriter, was born in Meghalaya, India.
  • Nichol David, Malaysian athlete and current number one squash player in the world.
  • Vanessa Fernandez, Singaporean singer and radio host
  • Jonathan Fu, Guyanese cricketer
  • Patricia Chin, Jamaican-American VP Records co-founder
  • Hedy Frye, Trinidadian-Canadian politician
  • Jonathan Putra, Malaysian TV host
  • Jwala Gutta, Indian Badminton Player
  • Sahil Khan, Indian actor
  • Law Lan, Hong Kong actress
  • Mak Pak Shi, Singaporean politician
  • Nicole Narain, American Model
  • Franziska Peter, Malaysian singer
  • Joseph Prince, Singaporean Pastor and Evangelist
  • Michelle Saram, Hong Kong actress, born in Singapore
  • Priscilla Shunmugam, Singaporean Fashion Designer
  • Dipna Lim Prasad, Singaporean Sprinter and Obstacle Runner
  • Gurmit Singh, Singaporean TV personality
  • Prema Yin, Malaysian singer
  • Nadine Ann Thomas, Miss Universe Malaysia 2010, actress, model and DJ.
  • Vanessa Tevi Kumares, Miss Universe Malaysia 2015
  • Joshua Simon, Singaporean radio and media personality, YouTube star
  • Leong Hong Seng, former Malaysian professional footballer of MK LAND FC
  • Liu Keith Kong, former Malaysian soccer player
  • Ramesh Lai Ban Huat, Malaysian professional footballer
  • Ong Kim Swee, football coach of Malaysia
  • Raj Joshua Thomas MP, Singapore

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90,000 Why millions of Chinese men can’t find a mate
  • Rob Budden
  • BBC Capital

Photo Credit, Getty Images

Gender imbalance has become a big problem in China.What the Chinese go to to find a wife, says BBC Capital correspondent.

In China, unmarried men over the age of 30 are called “shengnan”, meaning “left over, unnecessary.”

They have yet to find a wife, and in a country where there are far more men than women (and where their share continues to grow), this is very difficult to do.

The difference between the number of men and women in China is in the millions. This is a consequence of the application of the “one child policy”, which was canceled in 2015, but the echoes of which will be felt for several decades.

Gender imbalances make it difficult for many men to mate, and the gender gap is likely to continue to widen.

According to experts, by 2020 the number of single men in China will be 30 million more than the number of women looking for a couple.

In his book The Demographic Future, American political economist Nicholas Eberstadt predicts that by 2030, more than a quarter of Chinese men between 30 and 40 will be single.

In the face of such fierce competition, young people sometimes have to perform completely unimaginable actions in order to find a suitable life companion for themselves.

They spend huge sums of money on creative but sometimes unsuccessful attempts to win a woman’s heart.

99 iPhones – but the answer is no

In 2015, it was reported that a Chinese businessman over the age of 40 had sued a Shanghai dating service for failing to find a wife for him despite the fact that he paid 7 million yuan ($ 1 million) for advanced search.

A programmer from Guangzhou in southern China bought 99 iPhones to make his girlfriend an unusual marriage proposal.

Photo author, Getty Images

Photo caption,

There are already many more single men in China than single women

Unfortunately, the girl turned him down, and the guy’s humiliation made the photos of this scene quickly spread across social networks.

Part of the problem is that old – and new – ways to meet people don’t always work.

Chinese New Year has long been a great opportunity for singles to find love.

During the holiday period from late January to mid-February, it was customary to visit relatives and friends, and the bachelors had every chance of finding a mate.

Photo author, Getty Images

Photo caption,

During the Chinese New Year, lonely people are especially eager to find a life partner.

However, this ancient tradition is now receding under the onslaught of modern technology. In China, as elsewhere, online dating and mobile messaging apps like WeChat are becoming increasingly popular.

“In recent years, people in China have begun to get acquainted in the same way as they do in the West, and the process of acquaintance itself is becoming more and more open,” says Jun Li. “Young people now have much more choice and they follow their heart, and not to the advice of parents. ”

Changing traditions

The emergence of a variety of ways of dating, coupled with gender trends, have fundamentally changed Chinese dating and courtship customs.

Jun Li lives in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province on the east coast of China.She is over 20 years old and is not married.

She noticed that unmarried men were increasingly gathering in groups and filming entertainment venues where they could have a dating party.

In addition, men turn to psychologists and stylists to try to become more attractive to women.

And in order to avoid annoying questions from persistent relatives, some use the Hire Me Plz application, with which you can rent a girl in order to show her to her parents.

It is reported that this service can cost up to 10,000 RMB ($ 1,450) per day.

Photo author, Alamy

Photo caption,

Today, Chinese women have a lot of opportunities to meet. Pictured is one of the blind dating contests

The most difficult thing for single men is to find a mate in poor rural areas. This is compounded by traditional beliefs that a man must achieve a certain level of financial stability before looking for a wife.

Hong Yang, a married woman in her 30s, calls it China’s “mother-in-law economy.”

“If a man wants to get married, the future mother-in-law will ask him to buy a house first, and only then will she discuss further actions with him. This is one of the reasons for the rise in property prices in recent years,” she says.

However, the financial burden that falls on the shoulders of men leads to the fact that women also find it difficult to find a life partner.

Many men choose to marry later, in part because of the high costs of marriage.

And when they are finally ready to start a family life, they often choose younger women, which further exacerbates the problem.

Thus, a 10-20 year age difference between spouses is a common occurrence in China.

“After 32 years, it is difficult for a woman to find a suitable match for herself,” says Hong Yang. “Enviable suitors are looking for young and beautiful girls.”

According to experts, women, in turn, seek financial stability, often preferring older men.

Photo author, Getty Images

Photo caption,

According to Jun Li, men increasingly go on blind dates

According to Heather Ma, a married woman over 30 living in Shanghai, single wealthy women with a good education are considered unclaimed …

Parents are at fault

Parents are also putting pressure on their children to find a mate as soon as possible. According to Roger Zhou, a 39-year-old married man living in Suzhou, they constantly interfere with their child’s privacy.

“Parents feel they have a responsibility to ensure that their adult child finally settles down,” he says.

And this is another problem: excessive initiative on the part of the parents.

“Parents still organize blind dates for their children,” says Melinda Hu, a 32-year-old single woman.

“Parents whose son or daughter has not tied the knot are heavily criticized by the community,” she adds.“Therefore, the girl’s parents are simply eager to send their daughter out on a blind date and marry her off until she’s 30.” In addition, there are open-air bride and groom fairs

At one of Shanghai’s largest events of this kind, parents crowd around an impromptu notice board, posting handwritten sheets of paper describing the income, education and personal qualities of their single children.

Some have been known to go to these fairs every week for years, but to no avail.

Most important, however, is that changes in the way women meet and look after women are leading young people to marry more and more for love, rather than for practical reasons such as material security.

According to Jun Li, she is in no hurry to get married and is waiting for a man to whom she will be glad to give her “heart and soul.” The rules of love are the same everywhere – in China and in any other country in the world.

Consequences of the “one child policy”

The social problem of “unnecessary men” in China is becoming more acute, and this is primarily to blame for the “one child policy”, canceled in 2015.

For several decades, married couples were allowed to have only one child.

In China, the birth of a son has traditionally been more joyful. This has led to high rates of girl abandonment, gender-based abortions, and even the killing of newborn girls.

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