Makeup forever camouflage cream palette review: Make Up Forever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette

Make Up Forever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette

With all of the tips and tricks we’ve picked up for achieving a flawless makeup application, colour correcting is another major technique. Vibrant colours are added to areas of the face that require coverage to counteract imperfections. Creating a perfect canvas for your makeup. Purchasing all these colour correcting shades can add up and picking the right one is also a task in itself. The Make Up Forever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette seemed like the perfection solution!

Colour correcting uses the colour wheel, so if you picture a colour on the wheel, refer to the colour exactly opposite to it, to correct a skin problem with that shade. They are called contrasting colors and they neutralize each other, which is what we need when correcting the look of skin problems.

The Make Up Forever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette ($45) is available in 5 different variations, to suit all skin types.

  • Palette #1 for European skin
  • Palette #2 for Asian skin
  • Palette #3 for mixed skin
  • Palette #4 for black skin
  • Palette #5 for professional makeup artists (contains MAKE UP FOR EVER’s 5 main corrective shades)

I tried out the #5 palette, which has 5 of Make Up For Ever’s main corrective shades.

With 5 shades, there is a corrector specific to common skin problems. Such as covering dark spots/circles, blemishes, concealing veins, redness and more.

The only correctors I was familiar with prior to using this palette, were orange and peachy shades. To conceal blemishes and dark under eye circles. So this review is really a blend of what I previously knew, first impressions and discoveries.

Palette # 5, consists of an orange, lavender, mint green, warm brown, and beige shade. Each are the size of a Canadian Loonie ($1) with a cream consistency.

I’ve explained below what I used each corrective shade for (I use my regular concealer overtop all of these shades):

Orange:This shade is meant to be used to correct any underlying blue discolorations. The most common one would be dark circles and bruises. Using this in a spot treatment fashion or adding it to hyperpigmented areas will have you looking refreshed! As well as giving a uniform appearance to your complexion. It can be used along the darkest areas under your eyes as well as around your mouth to correct hyperpigmentation.  I also found it was great for the surrounding area on my eyes, where the capillaries are apparent.

Lavender: This was a shade that was very new to me. So when I read up on it, it was recommended that it be used to correct any areas with a yellow undertone. Or just to brighten a complexion that is looking a little dull. Say if you’re looking washed out, then this would be what you would go to to add some glow back into your face.

Mint: Green shades neutralize the redness in your skin. For example pimples which are bright red with irritation. Apply a bit of green concealer with your ring finger and then apply your regular concealer over top and the redness will be fully concealed.

Warm Brown: This was one of the least used shades for me and again fairly new. The nude/brown shade is used to correct dark sun spots and freckles. Although, I don’t have sun spots or freckles, I can imagine it evening out the appearance of dark spots.

Beige:This shade can be mixed with the warm brown/nude shade to create a shade that matches you best. I used this for my under eyes, on certain days where I opted out from using the orange corrector. It brightens my under eye concealer. Since it is a light shade, I can use it under the lightest concealer without it showing through.

To apply all of the above mentioned shades, using your ring finger or a concealer brush is the best way. All you need is a small amount of product for the area you want to correct and blend it outwards. Using a damp sponge will soften the edges for your concealer and foundation application.

As mentioned before these are cream based but they cling to the applied area and don’t move around like other cream products do. It is definitely full coverage.

I have found that, once you get the hang of what each shade is for, it won’t add any extra time to your makeup routine but will help create flawless makeup looks. I know exactly where to apply the orange concealer for my dark circles and green concealer for redness. For those extra special days where I have a little more time, I can mix the two skin shades to match me.

Although I have not tried Palette #2 which would be ideal for my skin tone, I think palette #5 is the best option. Most of us already own our favourite concealer and these corrective shades only enhance the coverage.

A definite must have from my end! Although, I’d love to know your thoughts on all the palettes! 🙂 You can get yours from


Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer Review & Swatches

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer ($27) is a new dark circle corrector and concealer collection that promises instant radiance under eyes. This new concealer formula has a host of great sounding benefits like an Anti-Dark Circle Complex with Radiance Booster that wakes up tired eyes. As well as a formula that fills and smooths fine lines plus Pure Focus Pigments that reflect light to erase shadows and hylauronic spheres that prevents moisture loss.

But like many concealer options out there Make Up For Ever promises a little too much and delivers too little.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer is a slightly confusing product. Unlike Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer, Make Up For Ever does not separate their concealers from their correctors. For example, Intensive Skin Serum Concealer is one formula with a range of shades and Intensive Skin Serum Corrector is another formula with its own set of shades. Make Up For Ever is a single formula with a range of two different shade selections. The R shades are the color correcting shades where as the Y shades are the concealer shades. I think the average everyday user could potentially not realize that the collection includes shades for concealing and correcting. Of course, I’m taking into consideration that they don’t separate this in a display which I’m thinking they likely won’t.

So, you head to the store and start swatching away and you might just purchase a corrector shade versus buying a concealer one or vice versa. It’s a little confusing They should have done a Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer and a Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Corrector and labeled them as such. I just hope when they launch in store that the display makes it obvious which is which.

There are ten shades available that are broken down as follows:

Color Correcters shades which neutralize dark circles with a peach shade:

  • R20: Light Skintones
  • R22: Light to Medium Skintones
  • R30: Medium Skintones
  • R32: Medium to Tan Skintones
  • R40: Tan Skintones

Conceaer shades that brighten and awaken undereye area:

  • Y21: Light Skintones
  • Y23: Light to Medium Skintones
  • Y31: Medium Skintones
  • Y33: Medium to Tan Skintones
  • Y41: Tan Skintones

I have puffiness, finer lines, and tired eyes but I wouldn’t say I have heavy duty dark circles. Personally I’m looking for a concealer that will make my eyes look awake, refreshed, and one that will conceal my puffiness and finer lines. In a formula, I’m looking for creamy, hydrating, and pigmented. I also look for something that blends well doesn’t cake and doesn’t crease. I’ve pretty much found my HG (holy grail) concealer at this point which is Em the Great Cover Up. However, I still like the thrill and the chase of discovering something potentially better. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer is unfortunately not it.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer packaging is slightly misleading as it appears a lot smaller than it actually holds. This is a thinner tube that holds 0.23 oz of product for $27. For what it does, this is quite expensive. However, I actually thought there was a lot less inside the tube. That isn’t to say that this isn’t a small amount for the price, it’s just that it felt so light I thought it held a lot less. If I use this daily, I see myself running through it very, very fast. This has an odd little rounded, slanted spout that the concealer flows out of but I don’t think they mean for you to use it directly on your eyes so I squirt a little on the back of my hand and use a brush for application. It flows very fast so be careful when squeezing the tube. I will say a little won’t go a long way though as this applies very sheer.

I heard a lot of complaints about the limited shades in this collection as Make Up For Ever is legendary for creating a variety of colors to fit many different skin tones. I will say I was happy it was kinda a one size fits all type of shade range and was hopeful I’d fit into one of those five groupings. It can be difficult to purchase shades online so when they break it down to light, light medium, etc…it makes shopping concealer or foundation online a little easier. Weird mentality, I know, but that’s how I felt about the shade range.

Anyway, the “one shade fits most” shades didn’t turn out great. I ended up purchasing three concealers and three corrector shades. The first batch I ordered online in Light to Medium and Medium as I was undecided which would be best for me. Unfortunately, that batch went back immediately. These shades obviously run very, very, very, very, very light. The Light to Medium should have been a good fit for me but this was a pale ivory that would be best suited for someone with super cool, super fair skin. I finally settled on Medium to Tan and that was a good light beige shade that fit my tone perfectly. But just keep in mind these run very light.

This formula is super thin, creamy, and lightly hydrating. It applies fairly easily, absorbs fast, and blends nicely under my drier eyes. Not everyone is going to like this texture but I did and I thought it was easy to work with. The concealer was quite sheer but it brightened my eyes up nicely. It didn’t do well concealing my puffiness unfortunately and it did crease into my finer lines within a three hour period and wore for about six hours before fading completely leaving behind a bit of concealer caked into my finer lines.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer Swatches (R32 and Y33)

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer Swatches (R32 and Y33)

Now the corrector does diffuse the appearance of some issues and when used with the concealer you’ll get more coverage. However, I think it deserves to be mentioned that concealer should be pigmented enough to conceal dark circles, puffiness, and finer lines. You should not have to spend $54 on two separate shades of corrector and concealer to do two jobs. I happen to be of the mentality that unless you have SUPER dark circles you likely won’t need a corrector shade as your concealer should be pigmented enough to conceal most problems. I don’t personally use a corrector because I don’t like layering several products under my eyes. They are dry, they are finely lined, and they are puffy and I find layering tons of stuff under them makes them look worst. I desire something lightweight with good coverage that’s hydrating. I do not want to have to apply a corrector shade and layer a concealer on top. For me, personally, it’s too much product. In Make Up For Ever’s defense I will say their formula is very thin and lightweight. This in fact makes it very easy to layer with so it never looks caked on or heavy nor does it look unnatural. However, the fact you have to go an extra mile and spend extra money to achieve the desired result kinda stinks. On top of that the corrector shade is equally sheer so yes it offers a little bit of extra coverage and brightens up the area a little more as well as diffuses some darkness but even after adding the concealer on top this is not something that will completely eliminate more difficult to conceal problems. I think the formula is a little over marketed as I mentioned above.

If you don’t need a ton of coverage I think Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer is a potentially good pick up. It isn’t however, a perfect pick for those seeking a work horse concealer that will conceal darkness, puffiness, etc….I think this one is more about diffusing the look of problems versus actually concealing them. Funny thing is I really like the lighter, weightless feel and I’d likely repurchase the concealer shade but the fact that it creases and doesn’t wear super long makes it a no go for me.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer is good for those of us who have very, very little to conceal (lucky you!).

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer is available now at Sephora and

Have you tried it?

What were your results?

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Cream Blush Palette – CrystalCandy Makeup Blog

Today we are talking about a new Make Up For Ever product, the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Cream Blush Palette! This refillable palette features twelve highly pigmented shades and the formula is supposed to be non-greasy, weightless and ultra-blendable.

(Vous parlez français? Cliquez ici!)

The formula is creamy and thick, but it melts into the skin and blends seamlessly. It doesn’t feel greasy or sticky, but it doesn’t dry down to a powdery finish either.

Most of the colors are translucent and have great color payoff. I was scared to use the darker shades on my very pale skin, but the fact that they aren’t too crazy pigmented or opaque really played in my favor to achieve a natural-looking flush. The shade Tangerine is more opaque than the other colors, but I can easily sheer it down with a damp Beautyblender.

By the way, Make Up For Ever suggests to apply them with a brush or your fingertips, but I always prefer to apply cream blushes with a Beautyblender.

Sometimes cream blushes can be a bit tricky to apply though, and the Ultra HD cream blushes are no exception.

The formula doesn’t always play well with some foundations (especially matte foundations), it lifts my foundation off and make it look patchy on my cheeks. But I had no problems with the Ultra HD blushes when I applied them over a dewy, hydrating or luminous foundation.

I would say that the finish is natural on the skin, they don’t look powdery or super matte but the finish isn’t dewy or shimmery either. The product is imperceptible on the skin, kind of like a cheek stain (but they don’t stain the skin and are easier to apply).

I think that’s what I like the most about these blushes, I usually prefer powder blushes because they are easier to apply, but the Ultra HD blushes just look so natural on the cheeks. 

As for the staying power, I have nothing to complain about. They last all day on me (12+ hours) without fading!

Swatches on fair skin (NC10-15)

210 Fushia is a hot pink with a creamy matte finish.

206 Hot Pink is a pink red with a creamy matte finish.

202 Flamingo Pink is a pinky coral with a creamy matte finish.

204 Rosewood is a magenta berry with a creamy matte finish.

208 Plum is a brownish mauve red with a creamy matte finish.

200 Cool Pink is a cool-toned pink with a creamy matte finish.

Swatches on fair skin (NC10-15)

310 Tangerine is a bright orange with a creamy matte finish.

308 Brick is a coral red with a creamy matte finish.

306 Red Coral is a vibrant coral with a creamy matte finish.

302 Coral is a rusty peach with a creamy matte finish.

304 Auburn is a rosy peach with a creamy matte finish.

300 Peach Coral is a light peach with a creamy matte finish.

The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Cream Blush Palette retails for $138 CAD for 24g (12 x 2g) and is available at Sephora.

(I received this product in order to evaluate it and give my opinion, but rest assured that my comments are always honest and impartial. This post contains affiliate links.)

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow Palette

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow PaletteMake Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow Palette ($45.00 for 0.24 oz.) includes eight eyeshadows: #04 (matte black), Jaune (yellow), #91 (apple green), #72 (matte vibrant turquoise), #116 (lilac), #00 (matte white), #17 (matte chocolate brown), and #126 (tan beige shimmer). With the exception of Jaune, the other seven shades are part of the permanent range.

#04 is a rich black with a matte finish and subtle warm undertones. It was soft, applied smoothly, and had good color payoff. It’s similar to other black eyeshadows such as Urban Decay Crave, Le Metier de Beaute Fin, and Urban Decay Blackout.

Jaune is a warm, sunshine yellow with a subtle satiny sheen. It had good color payoff, but it was powdery. NARS Flowers #5 is more pearly. Illamasqua Hype is matte. MAC Goldenrod is darker and matte. Inglot #323 is matte.

#91 is a brightened green with soft, yellow undertones and a matte finish. It was powdery and had so-so color payoff–and my individual version was much smoother and more pigmented. I had a lot of trouble getting this shade to look vibrant on the lid and blend with the other shades. Illamasqua Fledgling is much darker, whereas Illamasqua Pivot is much lighter. MAC Wondergrass a touch darker and shimmery.

#72 is a medium blue with a matte finish. It had so-so color payoff and was a bit powdery. The color stained a little bit when I swatched it, but wearing it over a primer to test wear (because it didn’t work well at all on its own), it didn’t. The original that I have is more intense–so much more pigmented. NARS Mad Mad World is richer. Wet ‘n’ Wild Drinking a Glass of Shine #3 is darker, less cyan. Inglot #371 is a bit darker and more opaque.

#116 is a darkened lavender with a matte finish. This shade was very powdery and rather sheer; I could not build up color at all.NARS High Society #1 is grayer. Illamasqua Can Can is brighter. Urban Decay Tainted has shimmer.

#00 is a pure white with a matte finish. It had good color payoff and was soft, smooth, and applied well. It is similar to shades like Wet ‘n’ Wild Drinking a Glass of Shine #1, Bobbi Brown White, and Inglot #373.

#17 is a medium-dark brown with warm, tan undertones and a matte finish. This was the best performing shade in the palette–nicely pigmented, smooth, and soft. Dolce & Gabbana Cocoa #3 is lighter and pearly. theBalm Tres Moi is redder and frosted. Inglot #357 is lighter.

#126 is a light beige with warm, peachy undertones and a soft, frosted shimmer-sheen finish. It had good color payoff and applied smoothly, but it was a tiny bit powdery. Urban Decay Broken is similar but less shimmery. Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone #1 is less shimmery, more frosted. MAC Ricepaper is more satiny.

I used four of the eight shades in a look, and I opted to go for the brighter shades since I figured those would be the shades that were most eye-catching within the palette.  I expected a quick, easy, and overall fuss-free application, but I had a very opposite experience:  the powderiness present across many of the shades made it difficult to get rich, opaque color payoff and blend the colors at the same time. I would apply #91 and pack it on, then I’d go to blend it, and half of it would disappear into the ether.  I’ve never had this problem with Make Up For Ever’s eyeshadows.  They’re one of my favorite brands for matte eyeshadows, because they aren’t dry and powdery and prone to sheerness.

#116 was the worst offender, followed by #91.  #04 and #17 were the easiest to use out of the eight.  I’m surprised and shocked at the way these applied.  I tried using the same eyeshadows on two separate days, in case maybe my lids just weren’t right for them.  I had to use the eyeshadows over primer to see any color really stick to the lid, and still, I couldn’t get full color payoff on #91.  After the tenth time packing on the color, I threw in the towel (err, brush?).  I think you need to use a creamier, whiter base underneath these to really get them to work well.  Over Make Up For Ever Prime, the eyeshadows lasted eight hours but did look faded, though no creasing.

I have to admit–I’m a bit heartbroken over the outcome.

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

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Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow Palette

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow Palette

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow Palette

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow Palette

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow Palette

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow Palette

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow Palette

Make Up For Ever #04 Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever Jaune Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever #91 Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever #72 Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever #116 Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever #00 Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever #17 Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever #126 Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever Technicolor Eyeshadow Palette

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Underpainting Color Correcting Palette – Camera Ready Cosmetics

6 pro-formulated color correcting cream palettes with curated shade ranges ensure undetectable correction that neutralizes discoloration for a perfectly even, primed complexion.  Whether your skin tone is very fair or deep, you are guaranteed to find all the skin-saving solutions you could ever need in a single palette with Ultra HD Underpainting.

Each palette was developed by Make Up For Ever’s pro artist teams and tested on a wide range of skin tones to ensure precise and undetectable color correction – ridding skin of unwanted darkness, redness, and dull areas.

Color corrector shades help camouflage discoloration and imperfections. Concealer shades adjust color correctors back to a natural skin tone, while providing medium to full buildable coverage for a natural finish.

As with MUFE other Ultra HD products, a signature combination of coated pigments, powders and blend of emollient oils provide a second skin, seamless look and feel. A full range of 6 palettes ensures that each and every skin tone’s targeted concern is resolved with two shades to color correct and camouflage any imperfections and two shades to conceal and build coverage as needed.

20 Very Fair:
CORRECT: Mauve brightens sallowness, Light yellow neutralizes redness.
CONCEAL: Apply over correctors for medium-to-full buildable coverage for a natural finish.
25 Light:
CORRECT: Light green corrects redness. Light peach brightens under eye area.
CONCEAL: Apply over correctors for medium-to-full buildable coverage for a natural finish.
30 Medium:
CORRECT: Olive green corrects overall redness and blemishes. Peach corrects dark circles.
CONCEAL: Apply over correctors for medium-to-full buildable coverage for a natural finish.
40 Tan:
CORRECT: Dark peach counteracts dark circles with blue undertones. Yellow ochre evens out by correcting overall redness in skin tone.
CONCEAL: Apply over correctors for medium-to-full buildable coverage for a natural finish.
50 Dark: 
CORRECT: Brick corrects deep hyperpigmentation. Caramel neutralizes dark spots for an even complexion.
CONCEAL: Apply over correctors for medium-to-full buildable coverage for a natural finish.

55 Deep:
CORRECT: Orange corrects hyperpigmentation under eyes or face. Dark brown deepens lighter areas of the skin.
CONCEAL: Apply over correctors for medium-to-full buildable coverage for a natural finish.

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer: My favorite face concealer to date!

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer 7 review, swatch, price.

PRICE: P2,100

FROM: Free

OTHER LOCATIONS: Make Up For Ever SM Aura, Mega Fashion Hall, and Greenbelt 3;


Full coverage concealers have been my best- friend for the last 6 months due to a very bad breakout. I’ve tried many, but the one product that I’ve been using consistently and have come to love is Make Up For Ever Full Coverage Concealer, my favorite face concealer to date; this pigmented concealer stays and is waterproof, providing total coverage for my pesky discolorations the whole day.

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Camouflage Cream Concealer is a full coverage concealer that promises to cover heavy discolorations such as depigmentation, tattoos, scars, severe skin damage, and birthmarks. The formula uses a very high concentration of pigments and a waterproof formula for long- lasting wear under any condition. Locally, there are about 10 shades available.

Shade 7 is a light medium shade with yellow undertone; I got this shade initially because I thought of using it on my under eyes, but texture has drag in it and consistency is barely emollient; it’s the type of product that has to be dabbed on and perfect for body and face use, except the under eyes.

How good is this concealer? Check it out:

Bare skin and post- acne marks
With one layer of the concealer

That’s some abracadabra right in there! Just one layer and all my unsightly marks were covered by at least 95%; coverage reaches 100% when I finally layer on my liquid foundation and powder.

Staying power is great. I have oily skin and the concealer stays put the entire day; I also used this product in my previous Coron trip and my acne marks stayed covered even after diving in Barracuda lake and Kayangan lake. Even under a hot sunny day in the city and my sweat is perspiring like crazy, the concealer persists.

If you have very heavy facial discolorations, you’ll love this product because it’s built to cover intensely and to last; there are a lot of shades to choose from as well to match your skin tone and correcting needs. This is my favorite face concealer and corrector to date!

RELATED READ: WHY HIDE: A primer on concealers


Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette Review & Swatches

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If you love a bit of contouring, sculpting, highlighting or strobing, then you’ll be very interested in this super compact and sleek little palette from MUFE. I have been playing with the new Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette – here are my thoughts, some swatches and photos of it on my face.

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette Review

So what we have here is a brilliantly neat little palette that contains 3 matte shades and 1 illuminating shade. They have been designed to be used in combination to create flawless contouring and highlighting or strobing.

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette Review

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette Features

  • Highlight shade
  • Contour shade
  • Shimmer shade
  • Colour Shade
  • Expert blend of 3D powders, coated pigments, & oil & wax components
  • Creamy texture
  • Glide-on formula
  • Lightweight coverage
  • Flawless finish

The texture is gorgeous. It melts upon contact and blends into the skin so beautifully. It looks almost imperceptible, even when applied on top of foundation.

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette Swatches (Shade 30)

Highlight, Contour, Shimmer & Colour:

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette ReviewMakeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette Swatches – Shade 30

You can see the soft and blendable texure. It is lovely.


Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette Review – Before

Sorry if I look ill, it’s because I am!

Before & After – here you can see the palette shades applied to the right side:

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette – Before & After

You may be able to see that one side is more lifted.


Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette – After

I really love the dimension this gives to my face, and it actually makes me look alive! Once set with powder, the finish is really long lasting, in spite of it not looking cakey or heavy. It’s fab! It also comes with a face shape chart and how to apply the product to each of those face shapes. It makes things very simple.

The Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette is £29 and is available exclusively HERE



Concealer Make up for ever 5 Camouflage Palettes Cream – “Got something to cover up? Then you are here!) Photo of makeup from start to finish.

I’ll show you how to hide all imperfections)) “

Well hello, dear)))

How many tricks have been invented to be beautiful and hide all the imperfections of our skin)

Today I’ll tell you more about another lady’s trick! It’s about a palette of correctors from Make up for ever.

At that moment, when everything became very bad with my face and the foundation did not recover alone, I decided that it was time to look for a new means of salvation.And I found him!

Make up for ever brand is not very popular in Russia, it is sold exclusively in Ile De Bot and has amazing properties.

I advise you to read the review of the primer of the same company, for better durability of correctors)


The palette of correctors is very well matched in color, suitable for almost every girl)

The line also has palettes with other shades, but the one that I have is the most popular, as it seems to me)

You can apply the corrector with a brush or fingers, whoever is more comfortable

Correctors are suitable for the area around the eyes, wings of the nose, areas under the nose (for correcting capillaries), as well as for covering up pimples))) What the doctor ordered)))

I apply correctors to the base, then already covering in tone.

I will not rant for a long time, I’d better show everything) it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times)

on face only base

covered pimples with corrector

The best foundation)))


As you can see, all imperfections are hidden. This whole composition lasts for a long time and confidently due to the base and powder.You don’t have to worry that after a couple of hours your corrector and tone will “float”.

I’ll show you how all the shades look on the skin.

I have been looking for funds not only for treatment for a very long time, but I also for masking imperfections) and I found them)

I believe that this review will be very useful to many people)) Creams No. 4 Review, Swatch, FOTD