Makeup for dark asian skin: These Are the 7 Best Foundations for Asian Skin Tones


14 Perfect makeup looks to suit Asian skin tones

Angela Goh

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

  • Deep red lips + well-placed highlights

    Fair Asian skin will always look impeccable with a dark red lippy and a bit of a shimmer along the cheekbones and forehead. Go for simple eye makeup to play down the bold lip look.

  • Kissed pink

    Give your cheeks and eyes a hint of peachy pink blush and shadow for a fresh and feminine look.

  • Bold and earthy shadow

    Dark jewelled tones for your eyeshadow will work a treat on warm skin tones.

  • Sweeping winged eyeliner

    A bold look, to be sure, but the winged eyeliner look is a captivating one if you have almond-shaped eyes.

  • Sweeping winged eyeliner (cont.)

    Colouring in the entire eyelid to create your sweeping winged liner look will generate an hypnotic look that will turn heads.

  • Killer eyes

    For eyes that truly pop, draw in your brows with a light shade to frame your face, then line your eyes with dark eyeliner. If you want an illusion of a wider double eyelid, pencil in your desired effect. Finish off the look with a chic red lippy.

  • Hints of coral

    If bright pinks or deep reds aren’t your thing, slight variants of orange and coral can create a subtler look on Asian skin.

  • Natural and glowing

    Keep your brows natural and go bare with your eyes. A flawless foundation and a sweep of highlighter here and there is all you need for a simple and minimalistic daytime look.

  • Bold up the brows

    For some definition, play up your dark brows with even more colour.

  • Smoky eyes with a hint of shimmer

    Slight metallic or shimmering eyeliner in dark and smokey hues will sit nicely on warm skin tones. 

  • Warm tints

    Warm and earthy tones like brown or rust can definitely flatter your complexion.

  • Have fun with glitter

    Try out some glitter over your eyelids if you’re thinking of a fun night out. Keep the makeup on the rest of your face relatively simple to let the shimmer work its magic.

  • Natural pout

    Skip the lip liner and opt for a natural, glossy look in a subtle pink shade for a sweet date night look. 

  • A bit of bronzing

    For a complexion that needs a hint of colour, brush on some bronzer on areas such as the side of the face and the forehead.

Take a gander at these inspiring makeup looks straight from gorgeous Asian models.

With warmer skin tones, we Asian women have probably noticed that certain colours don’t always look that great when matched with our complexion. Colours like yellow and blue we definitely have to treat with some amount of caution and bravery, while earthy tones like dark greens and chocolate browns look absolutely gorgeous, especially with our dark eyes.

Even if you’ve got your makeup looks all figured out to suit your complexion, we’re sure you’re keen to try some different styles out – from bolder lips to sweet and feminine peach-tinted eyelids. Head up to the gallery to check out a slew of 14 perfect makeup looks that suit Asian skin tones, all guaranteed to inspire you.

Angela Goh

Photos: Imaxtree

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Marie France Asia, women’s magazine

The Best Foundations for Black & Asian Skin — brownbeautytalk

When it comes to foundation, there definitely isn’t a one colour fits all product, as you have probably discovered during your attempts to find your perfect match. Just looking at the darker end of the skin tone spectrum, there are thousands of slight colour variances. We feature the best foundations for Black & Asian skin tones.

Some of us have warmer skin, others have red undertones, while some girls have ashier complexions. Since bespoke foundations are (yet) to be commonplace, these beauty brands offer the best selection of foundation shades, to help you find the shade that disappears on your skin:

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown created her makeup line when she struggled to find natural-looking foundation shades for all complexions when she was working as a makeup artist. Her makeup line delivers on its promise of offering a wide variety of colours for all skin tones. The brand has seven foundation ranges; from a powder, to a serum, a tinted moisturiser and one containing an SPF. Their hero product is the Skin Long-Wear Foundation which comes in a liquid formula. It is medium to full coverage with a natural and matte finish. It’s also available in 42 shades.

Iman Cosmetics

When a brand touts itself as the first cosmetics collection designed for all women of colour, you have high expectations. Luckily, Iman Cosmetics doesn’t disappoint. She has the Second to None foundation range which comes in cream to powder, powder and a stick. Each product has an average of 13 shades, but they are all created for darker skin tones. There is also a liquid foundation that comes in seven shades.


MAC’s catalogue of foundations is legendary – not just because of their wide variety of shades but the different textures and finishes available. Creams, powders, liquids and sticks – MAC has it all. Their most iconic foundation is Studio Fix Fluid which is a buildable foundation which has a matte finish. The brand did go through a rut around ten years ago especially with the NW45 situation (if you know you know) but thankfully those days are over and MAC are back on point.


This brand is very under-rated but considering it is dedicated to Black and Asian women, it is not to be overlooked. The have five foundations that come in liquid and powder which have between 10 to 21 different shades, but you need to bear in mind that these shades are all suitable for Black and Asian skin tones. The new Matnifique 24H Matte Foundation comes in 22 shades , it is a light texture with a velvety matte finish.


This brand is much revered by MUAs and beauty enthusiasts and with Naomi Campbell as global ambassador you can only expect good things. They have a handful of foundations but what they have are amazing. Their hero product is the Sheer Glow Foundation which comes in 40 shades; it is sheer and buildable with a natural looking finish that evens your skin tone.

Fenty Beauty

Who can remember life before Fenty? We can’t. One of the reasons why they caused a stir when they launched a few years ago was because of the way they catered for a wide variety of skin tones. Whether you had alabaster skin or deep ebony, chances are you would find your match at Fenty. The Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation was extended from 40 to 60 shades last year. A few months later a matte version of the foundation was launched for dry skin.

PUR Cosmetics

This is a vegan friendly, paraben and gluten free brand that creates skin-perfecting mineral based makeup and skincare. Their 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation & Concealer comes in a whooping 100 shades – with at least 25 for Black and Asian skin tones.


Their foundation game has always been strong but they really upped their game when they recruited Lupita Nyong’o and then Zendaya to be ambassadors. The Teint range is impressive especially the Idol Ultra Wear Foundation which is their hero product. It is long lasting and provides full coverage without leaving you cakey, plus it comes in 45 shades.

Pat McGrath LABS

Opulence is the word we would use to describe this brand which is created by the iconic makeup artist of the same name. The Skin Fetish Sublime Foundation delivers flawless medium coverage and a silky and luxurious texture. It also comes in 36 different shades as well as five shade categories from light to deep, which have been custom-curated for all skin types, tones and undertones. 

Estee Lauder

Prior to Fenty Beauty, Estee Lauder were also creating foundation shades for darker skin tones. What also set them apart is they were also addressing undertones by creating foundations with yellow, red and neutral undertones. They have several foundations on the market and a few come under the Double Wear range, but it is Stay in Place which is their hero product. It comes in 60 shades and offers a fresh matte, oil-free look.

Now that you know which beauty brands offer the best variety of foundation shades, finding your perfect matching foundation will be that much easier.

A Guide to Makeup for Tan Skin Tones

The warm undertone in tan skin gives off a gorgeous vibrancy. Whether you have naturally tan skin tones or acquired them from time in the sun in a tropical paradise, tan skin is all about peachy, golden, bronzish or orangey undertones. When choosing makeup for tan skin, keep an eye out for these warm shades. Learn our top tips and tricks for makeup for women of color, including specific makeup colors for tan skin with our beauty tips below.   

Foundation for Tan Skin  

Creating flattering makeup looks for tan skin starts with the right foundation. Foundation application is usually the first step in a makeup routine and is the key to vacation makeup tips and everyday routines. By blending foundation smoothly over your face, you create an even canvas for the rest of your makeup. 

Foundation Coverage

If you are blessed with an even complexion already, you can go light with foundation coverage.  Mented’s foundation sticks are buildable so you can apply for whatever level of coverage you need. If you want lighter coverage, you can apply less and the lightweight and hydrating nature of the foundation will help you feel fresh all day long. On the other hand, ladies who prefer more coverage can go heavier-handed and still feel covered for their needs. 

Foundation Color-Matching

Choosing a foundation that complements your skin tone and undertones is a must. This is especially true when it comes to how to wear foundation in the summer. Go too dark and you’ll look overdone. Go too light and you might look ashy. Just as bad are foundation shades that look off-color on your skin, thereby appearing orangish or cakey. 

Mented foundation sticks come in specific tones within four color categories: light, tan, medium and deep. Made by and for women of color, we’ve created foundation shades that are perfectly pigmented to flatter all skin tones from light to tan to deeper shades. While most women with tan skin will use one of our four foundation shades within the tan category, some women will need to go into the lighter or darker foundation categories. Regardless of whether you are lighter or deeper, tan skin typically needs a warm undertone, rather than a cool undertone. You can zero in on your exact shade with our foundation shade finder. 

Pro Tip: If your tan skin is a result of sunbathing, you’ll need foundation a shade or two darker than what you usually wear. Many of us need a deeper foundation shade for summer makeup and a lighter shade in winter.

Concealer for Tan Skin

Concealer is the closest thing there is to a magic wand to get flawless skin. Usually a shade or two lighter than your foundation shade, concealer is applied under the eyes to cover up bags and discoloration. Concealer can also be used to dot and blend over acne, scarring, rosacea and other imperfections for an instant cover-up. Blending is key, otherwise the spot of lighter concealer on your face will be noticeable. 

Concealer as a Highlighter

Concealer is not only a corrective makeup tool that erases blemishes, but it also doubles as a highlighter to accentuate features. To use it as a highlighter, try applying concealer as follows:

  • At the center of the brow and fanning up through the center of the forehead
  • Just below the outer corners of the eyebrows
  • At the inner corner of the eye and into the ridge besides your nose
  • The area under the eyes, in the shape of an upside-down triangle
  • The middle of the chin

Concealer Color-Matching

Getting the right concealer color for your skin tone is imperative for natural-looking coverage, and Mented makes shades of concealer for women of color so you can find your perfect match. Remember, the concealer should be a shade or two lighter than your foundation. A concealer that is too dark will not achieve the desired effects as a corrective eraser or highlighter. As a person with tan skin, you’ll want to reach for concealers that have warm undertones, rather than pink or cool hues. If you’re unsure about what shade is your perfect match, check out our concealer/contour shade finder.

Blush for Tan Skin

Getting the best blush shade to flatter tan skin is as important as selecting the right foundation and concealer. Too pink of a shade on your cheeks and the cool undertones can make you appear sallow. As with foundation and concealer selection, you’ll be on the lookout for blush colors with warm tones and undertones. 

Putting warm blush color selection into practice, let’s use pink shades as an example. With tan skin, you’ll want to skip a true pink. Instead, grab a rose color with a bit of red or orange in it. Likewise, you’ll want to stay away from taupes, purples and other blushes with lots of purple in them.  

Here are some blush colors that will sing on your tan skin:

  • Warm pink shades like strawberry, rose, punch, or cranberry 
  • Peach shades like apricot, salmon, coral or true peach
  • Orange shades like melon, sherbert, tangerine, or papaya
  • Red-brown shades like claret, currant, mahogany, or raisins 

Blush with Rich Pigmentation

Blush selection goes beyond determining tones. You’ll also want to pay attention to the depth of the color. The deeper your complexion, the deeper the shade you will need in order for it to stand out on your skin. We created blush for women of color that is perfectly pigmented to look outstanding on every skin tone. Our blush shades are also buildable and blendable, so you can achieve a bolder look by layering on product or create your own color by mixing them together. 

Pro Tip: The summer months are the perfect time to dust bronzer on your face for a sun-kissed, radiant glow. However, bronzer doesn’t replace your blush. In fact, bronzer and blush are perfect complements of each other. Bronzer is applied where the sun naturally falls on you – think forehead, cheekbones, and décolletage. On the other hand, blush usually goes on the apples of your cheeks. For next-level makeup artistry, try applying blush based on the shape of your face.

Eye Makeup for Tan Skin

As with other types of makeup, eye makeup for tan skin is best in warm hues. Think nude eyeshadows with peach, honey or red-brown tones in them. If you want to go the extra mile, go for bronze, gold, or amber in metallic shadows for sparkly drama. An on-trend look would incorporate bold oranges like electric orange or blood orange.

Eyeshadow Palettes for the Win

Usually, eyeshadow application involves at least two shades, and more often three or four colors. Blending the right colors together can be a challenge. That’s when an eyeshadow palette is a super-handy tool. An eyeshadow palette with curated shades ensures the colors are complementary. As an added bonus, an eyeshadow palette is easy to travel with so there’s no rifting through your makeup bag for that single eyeshadow color you always manage to misplace.

As with all of Mented’s makeup, our Everyday Eyeshadow palette is perfectly pigmented to stand out on your tan skin. The palette has a variety of options with nine shades ranging from warm nude shades to rich browns in mattes and shimmers. Incredibly blendable, they go on like a dream and are truly perfect for every day – from work to happy hour and beyond. 

Pro Tip: Keep your eye makeup on longer, especially in sweltering summer months, with a dab of eyelid primer. Try using a primer specifically for eye makeup, rather than a facial primer. If you don’t have an eyelid primer, dab and blend concealer.

Lip Color for Tan Skin

Which lipstick colors are right for your tan skin? You probably guessed “lipsticks with warm tones.” Well, you’re right!

If you’re not sure about the tones in lipstick colors, we’ve got a simple exercise for you. This exercise can help you identify the right lipstick colors for your tan skin, and more generally, train your eyes to spot cool versus warm tones.

Swatching Lipstick Colors on Your Arm

  1. Choose a lipstick that you like. Let’s say it’s a nude color. 
  2. Swipe it on the inside of your wrist. 
  3. Swipe your wrist with two very similar nude lipsticks next to the first swatch, just a shade or two off from each other.
  4. Examine the colors. Does one appear more taupe than the original color? If so, that means it is cooler with more purple added in. Or does it appear more peachy? This means it’s warmer with more orange mixed in.
  5. Continue swiping similar lipstick shades on your arm, examining the tonal differences. Try to create a swatch with the colors going from warmer at one end and gradually becoming cooler at the other end. At some point, the cooler color will no longer complement your skin tone. You will have more leeway with the warmer hues, meaning you can go warmer and warmer until the color looks off, or maybe if you are very warm-hued, the warmest color in the spectrum looks dynamite on you.

Nude Lipstick Shades for Tan Skin

For women of all skin tones, nude lipstick is the reigning champion of everyday lipstick colors. Nude lipsticks go with any makeup look, any outfit and fit in with any occasion. They are, in a word, versatile.

Again, think warm nude tones for your tan skin. This means not so much taupes, but colors with heavier blends of brown and orange. 

Other Lipstick Shades for Tan Skin

While you likely have a nude lipstick or two that are your everyday favorites, other colors that look dynamite on tan skin include:

  • Brown Lipsticks – Choose colors with deep warm notes, like caramel or amber. The more pigmented your complexion, the deeper the shade of lipstick you can go – think burgundies and warm cocoa shades.
  • Red Lipsticks – Reach for a bright red lipstick with more orange and yellow mixed into it. With its yellow undertones, Mented’s Red & Butter Matte Lipstick is a winner for your tan skin.
  • Bold Lipsticks – Looking for head-turning lipstick shades? As always, warmer is the way to go for your tan skin. Coral, tangerine and other electrifying oranges will be stars on your pout. For deeper berry shades, look for ones with notes of chocolate, like mahogany or red-brown. 

Pro-Tip: Lip gloss is a perfect stand-in for lipstick when you want a lighter look. You can also layer lipstick and lip gloss together. First, apply your lipstick, let it set, and then apply your gloss. You’ll be looking for the same shades in lip gloss as you would in lipstick. Mented makes a shiny, non-gooey gloss for smooth, anytime wear.

Tan Skin Perfected

Mented has the perfect balance of makeup colors for tan skin to help your warm pigmentation shine through beautifully. No matter your exact skin tones and undertones, we’ve got the foundation shades, blush colors and lipsticks to deliver picture-perfect makeup looks for tan skin in every season.

4 Tips To Achieve Flawless Natural Asian Makeup

Asians are often seen as having perfect skin, flawless makeup, and, in general, just looking gorgeous. Yet we all know that nothing comes by default. This article gives advice and tips on how to rock the fresh-faced, natural Asian makeup look.

How To Perfect A Natural Asian Makeup

1. Back to Basics: Getting Fresh, Dewy Skin Look

Natural Asian makeup often involves a gorgeous complexion that appears to glow. There are several ways to achieve this, depending on what you’re working with. If you’re diligent about skincare or blessed with good genes, you may not need to use foundation at all.

If this is the case, apply concealer in a shade that matches your skin tone (not a shade lighter!) to any areas that are discolored or any blemishes you may want to cover. Set it with a bit of translucent powder and highlight it to your taste.

If you’d love a really perfect finish, you can use a tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream, or even a full foundation with a dewy finish. Leave all of your matte foundations and powders for another time – in this look, we want sheen and glow.

If you want even more glow, use a highlighter or even a shimmery eyeshadow in the shade lighter than your skin tone. Apply this to your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and anywhere else you want, such as the bridge of your nose.

2. Finding The Best Foundation For Asian Skin

The most important thing to remember is that buying the right foundation formula and shade is crucial for having good makeup altogether. Always make sure you try shade on your jawline before buying – the right shade is everything you need for impeccable makeup. 

If you are an Asian woman looking for a perfect foundation that will complement your eye makeup, there are a few things to be aware of. First of all, you need to know your undertone. Beauty expert Bobby Brown in her book “Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual” recommends yellow-based foundations in contrast to pink ones. She mentions that yellow-toned foundations look perfect and natural on Asian skin. 

3. Find Out How do Korean Do Their Natural Eye Makeup

Asian eye makeup has some peculiarities. But, to be frank, mongoloid eyes look pretty gorgeous with natural makeup. You need to know a few tricks about making them more defined, bigger-looking, and longer if they are hooded. 

Applying the same light shade on your lid and on your lower lash line will make your eyes ready for further makeup. Use a matte shade to prevent swollen look. By applying a darker shade (brown or burgundy) in the inner and outer corners, you will be adding some depth. Make sure to apply metallic or shimmer eyeshadow in the middle of your lid and in the outer corner. 

Brown eyeliner is a great product to have if you have hooded eyes. It is also perfect for daily natural makeup as well as making your eyes look defined. Use soft pencils that blend well. Don’t forget mascara – it is a final product of your eye makeup look. 

4. Getting The Glossy Gradient Lip Look

The natural Asian makeup look isn’t about bold lipsticks or bright colors. Instead, opt for a sheer pink lip tint or gloss. If you’d like to try a more complicated look, the glossy gradient lip look is cute and still natural.

To get this look, first, take a concealer in your shade and apply it to your entire mouth. Make sure that the concealer around your mouth blends in well with your foundation or bare skin. Once you’re satisfied with that, apply a pink or berry lipstick to the center of your lips, as shown. Then, blend your lipstick outwards using a Q-tip, brush, or even your finger and top it off with a clear gloss if desired.

A second way to achieve this look is to take two different lipsticks in similar shades – a darker lipstick color and a lighter lipstick color. Take the lighter shade of lipstick and thoroughly apply it on both your top and bottom lip. Next, take your darker, redder or rosier shade and carefully apply it to the center of your lips. Blend with a finger, Q-tip, or brush. Finish the look with a clear gloss. Now you’re ready to enjoy your new, fresh, and natural Asian makeup look!

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Her passion is magazines and books. That’s why Nevena is mostly seen spending her free time with Kindle in her hands.

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Top 7 Makeup Tips For Asian Women

by shaylie
Last modified on May 15th, 2021


Asian women, like women of all races, ethnicities, and cultures, have a very unique skin tone and facial structure. This uniqueness can make it difficult to learn what makeup trends and techniques complement your beauty the best. If you’re interested in learning makeup tips geared specifically toward you, keep reading to discover the top seven makeup tips for Asian women.

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Eyeliner


Many Asian women who have hooded eyelids are fearful of wearing eyeliner that is too dramatic or intense for fear that it will make their eyes look too small or receded. However, you should never be afraid to rock winged or graphic eyeliner no matter what your eyelids look like.

2. Avoid Pink


Asian women naturally have yellow undertones in their skin. Wearing makeup that has an abundance of pink undertones clashes with the natural yellow undertones in your skin and ends up looking all wrong. Avoid any makeup that has noticeably pink undertones and try to match the warm undertones in your skin instead.

3. Go Light On Skin Makeup


Asian skin is smooth and even by nature. You don’t need to cake on foundation and powder to achieve gorgeous skin. In fact, applying too much skin makeup to your face can cover up the natural beauty of your skin instead of enhancing it.

Try wearing only a tinted moisturizer and setting it with powder. Or, try a BB or CC cream. Cutting back on your skin makeup will help you save time in the morning and make your natural skin look better, too.

4. Try Purple Blush


Asian women are some of the only women who can pull off purple blush, so take advantage of that privilege. Blush with light lavender or even slightly darker purple undertones can look stunning against the warm undertones of Asian skin.

5. Enhance Your Cheekbones


If you are Asian, chances are you’ve been blessed with naturally high and defined cheekbones. You should try to enhance them even more by applying a light highlighter color, such as a pearl highlighter or a light pink highlighter, across the tops of your cheekbones. This technique will further enhance your cheekbones and help them look even more defined.

6. Wear Monochrome Eye Makeup


For Asian women who do not have eyelid creases, it can be difficult to apply and blend complex eyeshadow looks successfully. You can eliminate this problem by taking advantage of the monochrome eye makeup trend.

Simply apply one shade of cream eyeshadow across the entirety of your lid. Blend it upward toward your brow bone to smooth the edges and voila! You can achieve beautiful, trendy eye makeup without worrying about blending colors together without an eyelid crease to work with.

7. Try Ombré Eyes


Another great way to get around the discouraging challenge of having no eyelid crease is by wearing ombré eye makeup. For times when you don’t want to just wear one color of eyeshadow and are hoping to achieve a more dramatic look for a party or other formal event, ombré eyeshadow can help you bypass your lack of crease and create beautiful, intense eye makeup.

Create an ombré eye makeup look by applying shades in a dark-to-light pattern from your lash line up to your brow bone. Sweep the darkest color closest to your lash line and the lightest color just underneath your brow bone. Apply the eyeshadow in a rounded shape and blend upward to create a seamless finish.

If you are an Asian woman who is struggling with your daily beauty routine, use this post to educate yourself on the top seven makeup tips for Asian women that can help transform the way you apply your makeup for the better.

Mastering the “No Makeup” Makeup Look — South Asian Skin Blog

Color correcting is an extremely important step to pulling off a no makeup makeup look and can significantly cut down the amount of foundation and concealer you end up wearing. The concept of color correcting involves canceling out a color on your face by applying the color that sits directly opposite from it on the color wheel since complimentary colors cancel each other out ultimately neutralizing the skin. For example, under eye circles tend to have a blue or purplish hue so applying peach, orange, or even corals and reds for deeper skin tones, can end up hiding your dark circles completely. Honestly, most of the time I just apply a peach color corrector underneath my eyes and skip concealer since solely applying the peach color is enough to cancel out my dark circles all together. I often hear people complain about how their under eye concealer only makes their dark circles appear grey versus completely hiding them, and their concealer ends up looking “caked on” after the many layers they apply in an attempt to hide their dark circles. While one issue could be that they’re not using a concealer that matches their skin’s undertone, more often than not, the purple hue underneath their eyes just needs to be corrected with a shade of orange. Instead, they’re hoping that using a concealer two shades lighter than their skin tone will brighten that area and remove the unwanted color, but applying that lighter concealer is only bringing that purple color up to a lighter grayish color.
Another instance where color correcting is extremely beneficial is using green to cancel out any redness from inflamed skin, pimples, or rosacea. Color correcting is especially helpful for darker skin tones since we often suffer from skin discoloration, acne scars, and dark spots (and using a red or orange color corrector can also help hide the brown spots and hyperpigmentation). I’ve tried a wide range of color correctors from Bobby Brown’s extremely popular, but pricier, correctors to the Sephora brand correctors, and honestly the $4 color correcting sticks by e.l.f. are my absolute favorite and have worked much better than any of the luxury brands I’ve tried. I use the peach, green, and orange ones to target different concerns.

8 Tips to Master The Asian Eye Makeup for Girls

You might have probably seen that Asian style eye makeup is very different than the traditional American one we are used to seeing. For example, you might be able to tell that Asian style eye makeup focuses on making the eyes look bigger and doll-like, they don’t use too many dark and smokey colors, they go for big thin lashes and an overall “natural” look. It looks very good most of the time, and we may see ourselves interested in trying this makeup style sometimes. 

It is interesting to play with makeup styles and change them up from time to time; who knows? you might find a new amazing look that fits you perfectly when doing this. In this post, we will introduce you to the Asian eye makeup style and give you the best tips and tricks to pull it off, as well as the best products and how to do so. Try it out!

Tips and Tricks to an easy Asian eye makeup

As in any style, Asian eye makeup doesn’t have to be hard at all. With the right technique and application, anyone can pull off this interesting eye look style. For you to have the best Asian eye makeup, we will give you some tips and tricks that will make everything so much easier and more beautiful for you. Keep an eye and follow them, and you will see how you transform into an Asian looking Geisha of some sort.

1. Ombre is the new smokey

As we all know, Asian don’t have much lid space in their eyes. This is one of the main reasons why doing eye makeup is so hard for Asian people, and they never seem to follow the regular American eye makeup tricks and steps.

In this case, smokey eyes are not very common within the Asian eye looks. Instead of swiping dark shades into their outer crease, as Asian don’t have one, they prefer to place color in an Ombre form. What do I mean by this? They take darker shades from the lash line until the lid and then progressively apply lighter shades as they go up on the eyes. 

Girl, go for Ombre from now on, and you will see how your Asian eye makeup looks 10 times better! The full tutorial with all the tips and tricks is below!

2. Keep your eyes open

Many of us tend to close our eyes when we are doing eye makeup. If you are wishing to do Asian eye makeup, this isn’t going to be the best way to do it for you. Keep your eyes open when applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, lashes, or mascara, and you will see how it will be so much easier to see where you are actually applying the product, as well as giving it a better placement in the eye. 

3. Skip the wing

Asian eye looks are characterized by its softness and naturality. You won’t want to have a huge thick winged eyeliner if you are going for this style; it is the complete opposite. Instead, take some smudgeable gel or pencil eyeliner and line your lash line with a thin line. Then, smoke it out and blend it with the eyeshadow with a small pencil brush. 

4. Use some color

Korean and Japanese eye looks have a lot of colors most of the times. Why not get a little fun and out of the comfort zone by following this style? Grab some colored eyeshadows and eyeliners, put them on your eyes, and see how you reincarnate the Asian eye look with just one thing.  

Best eye palette for Asian eye makeup

Asian skin tones are difficult to match with eye shadow shades, as not all of the colors complement and go with it. For this reason, not all eye shadow palettes are perfect for Asian eye makeup. Of course, shades are not everything, as the quality of the eyeshadows also has to be on point. Here we have our best pick eyeshadow palettes that you will pull off your Asian eye makeup with: 

1. Laura Mercier Nights Out Eye Shadow Palette

Nights Out Eye Shadow Palette | Laura Mercier

Source: Nights Out Eye Shadow Palette | Laura Mercier

This palette contains 6 shimmers and 6 mattes in the most flattering shades for Asian skin tones and who are used by them the most. With these shades who are extremely pigmented and high quality, you will be able to pull off the most beautiful Asian eye look out there. 

2. Violet Voss Rainbow palette

The Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette – Violet Voss | Sephora

Source: The Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette – Violet Voss | Sephora

If you are looking to do a colorful Asian style eye makeup, this palette is perfect for you. Colorful Asian looks are characterized for using pastel bright colors, just like the ones this palette has. The eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented and high quality, and they will help you create that Asian makeup guru look you want so much. 

3. Etude House Play Color Eyes in the Cafe

Etude House Play Color Eyes in the Cafe

Source: Etude House Play Color Eyes in the Cafe

If we are talking about Asian eye makeup looks, how could we not mention an actual Asian brand’s eyeshadow palette? This Korean palette is probably the best one when doing an Asian inspired eye look. What is the difference between Asian eyeshadow formulations and Western ones? Korean eyeshadows usually have more of a glossy sheen as a finish, they are not that pigmented, they aren’t usually matte, and they are more subtle; just as Asian eye looks are. In other words, what better way to imitate a look than using its own products. Plus, its cool to try foreign products!

Easy beginner tutorials for Asian eye makeup

Eye makeup rules and steps change a lot when we are talking about the Asian eye makeup style. Everything you have learned for now may not work when trying to do Asian eye makeup, but don’t worry, we have got you covered. How? well, we will give you an easy beginner tutorial for Asian eye makeup. Follow all the steps, and see how your eyes have never looked this good before!

1. Choose the colors

As you are a beginner in eyeshadow and Asian eye makeup looks, you might want to start with lighter, neutral, natural colors. As you get more experienced, you can, of course, hop on the more fun and bright colored eyeshadows, but that isn’t the case for now! 

If your skin is cooled tone, choose brown colors and tones for your eyeshadow. If it is warm toned, you can also use terracotta or red-brown type of colors. 

Now, proceed to choose three shades from the color scheme you chose for the eye look:

1. The light shade should be a shimmery white or very light tone color like a highlighter would be.
2. The medium shade should be close to your skin tone’s color, and it will work as the transition shade.
3. The dark shade will basically be the contour shade to give depth to the eyes. You can decide the darker the shade will be depending on the level of glam you want for your eye look.

After doing this, you are ready to start the action!

2. Prime your eyes

This is a step you will never want to miss when it comes to eyeshadow. It will make it stay put for longer and the colors apply better and look brighter. Just grab your favorite one and prep those eyelids!

3. Apply transition shade

Take your medium transition shade and blend it across the eyelid with a large blending brush. Do this until the color is evenly distributed in your eye.

4. Apply darker color

Take the dark color with a precision shadow brush and apply it as close to your lash line as you can. Take it slightly upwards, just a bit above the lash line. Just be careful not to take it too far up, and blend it so it doesn’t look harsh. This will look even better if the shade has a shimmery or satin finish, as many Asian eye looks have lots of it.  

5. More transition shade

Grab the transition shade again and use it to blend the edges of the darker one. Apply it right on top of the dark one, being careful not to have harsh lines between them as it won’t look appealing. Once you have a nice area covered with this shade, and your eye has a kind of ombre look, this step is done!

6. Lighter shade

It is time for the light shimmery highlting shade, which will just give the prettiest final touch to your look. Apply it on the highest part of your eyelid, just above the transition shade up until your browbone. Buff it and blend until everything has a faded look, and the  3 colored ombre looks perfect. You can take some of this shadow and apply it in your inner corners, too.

7. Pop on some liner

Grab a dark eyeliner that matches the shades you chose and create a thin line as close to your upper lash line as you can. Then, blend it with a small pencil brush and create a smokier look with it.  

You can also take some white pencil eyeliner and apply it to your lower lash line, which will make your eyes look bigger and doll- like, the iconic aesthetic of Asian eye makeup. 

8. Lashes

Curl your eye lashes and apply a thin coat of mascara. Don’t over do it in this step, Asian eye makeup looks are not fans of huge thick eyelashes. Here, the simpler, the better. Also, don’t apply mascara on the bottom lashes, just the top ones. 

After mastering this ombre natural eye look, you can get risky and fun and do the same with colorful shades. You can basically change it up as much as you want when it comes to colors and finishes. Have some fun!


Now that you have read this article and finally learned all about Asian eye makeup, you will be able to easily imitate those Asian eye looks that you admire so much. After all, who said you need to be Asian to have Asian looking eyes? No one! So go and apply all of our tips and embrace that inner Geisha!

13 photos of ideas for dark and light hair

In order to favorably emphasize facial features, it is important to find “your” make-up option. We tell what make-up suits girls with dark skin, brown eyes and dark hair

Makeup can do a lot. But using its capabilities for the good is given only to those who understand which features should be emphasized and which ones should be withdrawn into the shadows. In this article, we will tell you what to consider for girls with brown eyes and dark skin.

Tanya Taylor © imaxtree

Shades of makeup for dark skin and brown eyes

The choice of shades in makeup is usually determined by the color type of appearance. But in the case of a “warm” combination of brown eyes and dark skin, the paradox is that “cold” shades look harmonious against such a background, creating the contrast necessary for harmony.

  • From the range of “warm” shades, brown-eyed brunettes with dark skin can be matched with beige-brown tones, burgundy, marsh green, terracotta, coral, peach, and with them – gold, bronze, copper with a soft metallic shine effect.

Cynthia Rowle © imaxtree

  • As for the “cold” palette, you can experiment with blue, purple and emerald in eye makeup, and use fuchsia on the lips.

Talbot Runhof © imaxtree

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Makeup for girls with dark skin, brown eyes and dark hair


Before tackling bright, saturated colors, we recommend that you first master makeup using universal shades – this will help out in any situation.


Prepare your skin with moisturizer and primer. If necessary, cover imperfections with concealer.



Apply foundation and lightly sculpt the cheekbones with a sculptor.



Spread the special base over the skin of the eyelids. And then – translucent beige shadows with shimmer. Lightly darken the outer corners of the eyes with a brown tint. Feather the border between the colors.



Highlight the lash line with a black or brown eyeliner.Apply mascara to your eyelashes.



Apply a translucent gloss or lipstick on the lips.


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Makeup for girls with dark skin, brown eyes and blond hair

Teatum Jones © imaxtree

It should be noted that brunettes with brown eyes and dark skin have a wide range of make-up options available. Blondes are more difficult: they need makeup that can smooth out the contrast between blonde hair and dark eyes and skin. Makeup artists advise the following:

  • Emphasize the contour of the eyes. But it is important to keep the balance in the image. This result gives a soft outline of the contour using a kayal pencil or eyeliner. Discard clear lines. Blend them with a brush. The result will be delicate – which is what fair-haired girls want.
  • Avoid “thick” dark haze on eyelids .The reason is the same – a strong darkening in the makeup of the eyes of blondes can look vulgar. If you choose the smoky effect, then it is light, translucent.
  • Highlight lips . A winning move for blondes (given that they should be careful with intense eye makeup) is to use bright lipstick. Combined with a moderate emphasis on the eyes, this will help create overall harmony.

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Difference between day makeup for dark skin and brown eyes from evening makeup

Rolland © imaxtree

It will not be difficult for a girl with brown eyes and dark skin to create evening make-up.

  • It is enough to show more courage in your choice of colors. For example, when drawing arrows, use blue instead of a black liner.
  • Or add an emerald color to the smoky eyes base, complementing the makeup with a radiant highlight.

Add brightness, combine more elements in your makeup, do not be afraid to experiment – and you will become the star of the evening. Get inspired by our photo selection!

Ferretti © imaxtree

John Paul Ataker © imaxtree

Scognamiglio © imaxtree

Mugler © imaxtree

Topshop Unique © imaxtree

Are you familiar with the rules for creating makeup, taking into account your appearance? Write a comment.

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90,000 11 ideas for brown, green or blue eyes

Have you already tanned? We will tell you what needs to be changed in makeup to look as attractive as possible

Summer makes its own adjustments to our beauty habits, and it concerns not only skin care, but also makeup. If in the warm season you do not hide from the sun and sunbathe with pleasure, then the “winter” tonal means will have to be set aside and the shade should be chosen a little darker.It should be noted that tanned skin is generally smoother in tone, imperfections are less noticeable on it, which means that you will not need a lot of cosmetics. Let’s talk about the features of a harmonious make-up for dark and tanned skin.

Makeup rules for tanned skin

© GettyImages


The usual light foundation after a couple of weeks spent at sea will cover your face like a mask. You need a shade that matches tanned skin. Try to find a product with a light and comfortable texture – in summer you don’t need a thick layer of foundation. The optimal solution would be a cream with a care effect.


Sunburned skin is the key to a fresh, rested look. Cosmetics with a radiant texture will help to fix and enhance the effect. A product like Giorgio Armani’s Fluid Sheer is useful: it can be used as a highlighter or added to foundation.


Bright colors look great against tanned skin.Accentuate your eyes with colored eyeliner or mascara. The accent on the lips will not be superfluous – choose a matte or creamy lipstick of a rich shade (it is better to leave glossy “vinyl” for evening outings in the autumn-winter season).



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Makeup for dark skin and brown eyes

The combination of tanned skin and brown eyes will highlight the golden glow.

© GettyImages

  • First, follow the usual procedure: even out the tone, define the eyebrows and style them with a transparent gel.
  • But the face correction is no longer a sculptor, but a bronzer with shimmering particles – thanks to this, the tan will look even more beautiful. But here it is important not to overdo it. If you overdo it with volume, there is a risk of getting the effect of an oily sheen.

For daytime make-up, brown eyes can be accentuated with beige-gold, bronze or copper eyeshadows. Apply them to movable eyelids and blend to a translucent layer. Evening makeup implies more saturated shades of eyeshadows with a metallic effect: brown, plum, and graphite. The main thing is not to create too dense coverage. Summer makeup should be light.

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Makeup for dark skin and green or blue eyes

Light eyes already look advantageous on a tanned face. But this does not mean that you should not draw additional attention to them.

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This can be done, firstly, by shaping the eyebrows – if you highlight them with a more saturated color, the eyes will immediately become more noticeable.


Secondly – due to the graphic elements in the make-up and the use of dark shades. The necessary accent will be provided by ordinary arrows.The selection of the inner contour will cope with the task just as well. More is not required: rich smoky eyes in combination with dark skin, as a rule, look vulgar.

Here, as with the brown eyes, it doesn’t hurt to add a little shine. A good solution would be the highlights in the corners of the eyes, created with the help of a highlighter.

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Makeup for dark skin: step by step photo instructions

Tanned skin speaks for itself – it takes quite a bit to look attractive. A few strokes will be enough to achieve the desired result.



Step 1. Moisturize skin and apply foundation. Lightly emphasize the cheekbones with the sculpting powder – as if a shadow had “laid down” on them.




Step 2. Apply eye makeup. Start by applying a base, then spread the beige eyeshadow with a shimmer over the lids. Complement them with a brown shade (also with a metallic effect), darkening the outer corners of the eyes with it. Feather the borders of the color transitions.

© Makeup. ru


Step 3.Add black or brown arrows with liquid eyeliner. Paint over your eyelashes. If necessary, brush away loose eyeshadow and paint over under eye circles with concealer.



Step 4. Finish off by applying a beige gloss to the lips.


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Day makeup for dark skin

© GettyImages

To create a daily make-up, enough:

  • Shade light shining shadows with a shimmer on the eyelids to a translucent haze;
  • on the tips of the eyelashes, apply a little blue, lilac or turquoise mascara;
  • to highlight the cheekbones with a highlighter;
  • Cover lips with a thin layer of lipstick-balm of a fresh shade – pink, peach, coral, orange or grapefruit.

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Evening make-up for dark skin

© GettyImages

Otherwise, you should act, creating an evening make-up. For the exit look:

  • Give preference to graphic lines – smoky eyes will look “dirty” against the background of tanned skin;
  • dark shades on the lips, on the contrary, can be used – wine or plum color will create the desired accent;
  • Give your cheekbones a bold, sculptural look with bronzer or a dark reddish brown shimmer blush.

Do you know what are the rules for creating makeup for dark skin? Write a comment.

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Makeup for brown eyes and dark skin (photo)

Many are sure that there is nothing more attractive than dark skin, since light skin sometimes looks painful, although it is considered aristocratic. Someone is lucky, and dark skin is a gift from nature. And some have to use self-tanning, go to the solarium and spend many days in the summer on the beach.

Dark skin tone and brown eyes are already different tones in makeup. How to make makeup for brown eyes and dark skin? Let’s take a look at the general characteristics.

General rules of make-up for dark-skinned people

As with any make-up, an important component is a well-chosen base. It is important that the tone is not lighter than the natural one, so it is worth choosing correctors for darker shades, even brown ones. The lighter the foundation, the more unnatural the makeup will look.

To highlight the cheekbones, you need a golden or coffee blush. For a party, a bronzer with shining particles is a great option, thanks to which the skin will shine. It looks pretty pretty.

Preparation for makeup

For some reason, there is such a stereotype that dark skin is always perfectly smooth and silky, which is fundamentally wrong. Dryness, sensitivity, irritation – all this is not alien and swarthy. However, the most common problem is that the skin is too oily.Of course, the care of such skin must be appropriate. Care products and foundation should in no case contain various oils that will only aggravate the situation. The first thing we pay attention to is products with a matting effect. It will not be superfluous to degrease the skin of the eyelids and powder it before applying makeup. This manipulation will prevent the makeup from rolling off in a matter of minutes. Pay attention to products designed for dark skin and you can’t go wrong.

What to do with foundation?

A girl with a dark skin color is even more difficult to choose her tone than a light one.Not everyone succeeds the first time, and many even use two bases at once, which are mixed, since you simply cannot find a suitable shade. Dilute the dark tone with a soft pink blush. Powder is a must, especially for the T-zone, which can shine unpleasantly. As for the powder, it should be loose, and it should be applied to the skin only after the foundation and moisturizer are completely absorbed into the skin.

Eye Makeup

It is quite easy to do make-up for brown eyes and dark skin with your own hands, since the owners of such a set can use the brightest and most unusual shades.Of course, natural pastels and vibrant saturated colors are ideal. For everyday makeup, sand, bronze and brown eyeshadows are excellent choices, do not forget about the brown pencil. A festive makeup option for brown eyes and dark skin is orange, chocolate golden and other extravagant colors that will go with your outfit. Bright shadows can be complemented with kayal. It can be a classic black pencil, or it can be a bright version that matches the color of shadows or eyes.

As for the eyelashes, nature usually endows dark-skinned beauties with long and thick eyelashes, but they are often straight, so make-up artists recommend tweaking them with tweezers.

But the mascara should be applied like this: start with the upper lashes, first in the central part, then go to the outer edge. And don’t forget to paint over the inner corner. The second layer of mascara should only be applied when the first is dry. Mascara is not reapplied to the lower lashes.

Lip makeup

Owners of dark skin can happily clap their hands, because it is they who, without a twinge of conscience, can paint their lips with the most daring and brightest shades of red, plum, cherry.Pearlescent lip glosses will also look good, it will not be superfluous to have a gloss with shimmering elements in a cosmetic bag, but you can combine it only with not very bright shades of shadows, otherwise the makeup will look vulgar.

What colors do we choose?

The uniqueness of dark skin and brown eyes is that both warm and cold shades are suitable for this color type. And contrast looks especially advantageous against such a bright background.

So, take note of the following rules.If you are a lover of warm colors, then the following tones are suitable for makeup for brown eyes and dark skin: beige-brown, burgundy, swamp-green, terracotta, coral, peach, gold. The cold palette also pleases with beautiful colors: blue, purple, emerald. The color of fuchsia fits perfectly on the lips.

Makeup artists advise beginners, before going all out and putting on the brightest shades, first practice on universal shades.

Classic makeup for dark-skinned people

In the photo, makeup for brown eyes and dark skin looks very impressive, although it is simple.This option is suitable for both everyday life and parties. And all thanks to the universal shades. Step by step with a photo makeup for brown eyes and dark skin looks like this:

  • First, prepare your skin, use a moisturizer or make-up base. Then cover up the imperfections with a concealer or corrector.
  • Then apply foundation, powder and sculptor to make the cheekbones more expressive.
  • Apply subtle beige eyeshadow with subtle shine to the eyelids.
  • Darken the outer corners of the eyes with a brown tint, and blend the border with a special brush.
  • The lash line should be emphasized with eyeliner. Black or brown is ideal.
  • Apply mascara to the eyelashes, you can apply it in several layers.
  • Transparent gloss or soft lipstick will look great on the lips.

This make-up will be appropriate in almost any situation.

What makeup is suitable for girls with dark skin, brown eyes and blond hair

If it is easier for brunettes to decide on a color scheme, then blondes will have to work hard.They want makeup that will help smooth out the contrast between dark skin, brown eyes, and blonde hair. Adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not forget to emphasize the contour of the eyes, a kayal pencil or eyeliner is suitable for this purpose. However, clear lines do not belong here. To avoid visible borders, blend them with a brush.
  • Dark haze on the eyelids will also be superfluous, all because too dark makeup can look very vulgar on blondes.If you are a smokey eyes lover, then it is better to opt for a light, translucent option.
  • A win-win option for dark-skinned blondes is lip highlighting. A moderate accent on the eyes, bright lipstick is a great way to add overall harmony. Makeup for brown eyes and dark skin with red lipstick is the best option for an evening out.

Do not be afraid of brightness, combine many different elements, experiment – and there will be no end to admiring glances.

Asian Eye Makeup

Features of Asian eyes

A makeup artist should abandon the usual makeup techniques when working with a Korean or Japanese woman. On the Asian eye shape, European makeup will fall badly. It is necessary to take into account the shape and location of the eyelid.

The superciliary arch in eastern women is not very pronounced, so the eyelid looks straight or, as it were, absent. At the same time, the structure of the face of modern Mulan implies prominent cheekbones, which makes the eyes deep-set.

They also differ markedly in shape:

  • round;
  • elongated and tapered towards the outer corner;
  • hemisphere (the line of the lower eyelid is straight, the upper one is an arc).

The secret of a geisha’s beauty lies in the purity of her skin. Girls carefully choose not only care, but also decorative cosmetics. Only products formulated with natural ingredients can provide radiant and healthy skin. Mineral foundation for powder, blush or eyeshadow is easy to apply without clogging pores.

Asian makeup is fresh. It seems that the girl’s face was not touched by the master’s brush at all. Residents of the Celestial Empire rarely resort to creating a bright accent on their lips. A catchy accessory like scarlet lipstick is the exception rather than the rule.

Despite the special cut, smokey ice makeup of various shades is perfect for Asian eyes. A look with a mysterious drag gives the charisma of oriental seducers a truly fatal force. This has been proven by many Hollywood actresses – even in the photo, girls with an Asian appearance can convey their riddle.

Oriental divas Françoise Yip, Liu Yifei, Shu Qi, and Lucy Liu are striking examples of the fact that exotic beauty can conquer the world film industry. European fashionistas also want to imitate them, this explains the relevance of the question of how to make Asian eyes with the help of makeup.

In addition, the tips for creating an image for oriental beauties will suit other girls who have a similar facial structure.

Make-up lessons for Asian eyes

It does not matter whether you make the make-up yourself or you turned to a specialist for help, try to preserve your natural uniqueness. Makeup for an Asian type of face differs in that it emphasizes all the zest, and does not try to Europeanize the appearance.

There are a number of universal tips for a well-groomed face:

  • You should always start with the shaping of the eyebrow line. It is necessary to approach thinning especially carefully, since often the hair is dark in color and on light skin, individual hairs will be very conspicuous.
  • It is not worth creating an unnatural bend, it is better to keep the natural shape, it is most often straight or directed up to the temple.
  • White pencil and mascara with lengthening effect will help to “open” your eyes. Along the edge of the lower eyelid, draw a confident outline of white, the closer to the lash line, the better. The mascara should be applied twice to give your lashes beautiful volume.

An important point in how to paint Asian eyes is the purpose of applying the make-up.If this is an everyday walk with the dog or going to the cinema with girlfriends, then you can get by with a minimal set of cosmetics. However, the daily makeup for Asian eyes also has its own subtleties.

Daytime Makeover: Tips

The main secret of both the everyday look and the ceremonial one is to balance the corners of the eyes. To make the inner edge look less massive compared to the narrowed outer edge, it is worth applying white or light gray pearlescent shadows.The lighter the texture, the more unobtrusive the efforts of the makeup artist look. For these purposes, shimmery mono eyeshadow from Dream Minerals is suitable, in the color palette of which there are both warm and cold swatches.

When applying cosmetics, in particular when working with dark eyeliner, you should be careful – the lines must be perfectly even. You can learn how to do daytime makeup for Asian eyes with overhanging eyelids step by step if you look at photo examples.

  • First you need to decide on the color scheme.To enter the city, ladies choose fairly restrained colors. The following shades are suitable for light skin: peach, golden, greenish, turquoise and lavender.
  • Another important rule of daily makeup is to apply shadows to the entire movable eyelid up to the growth of the eyebrows. The colors of such a base should be barely distinguishable – instead of shadows, you can use a veil, it will not roll down in the crease and will matte the eyelid well.
  • Make-up for the Asian type of appearance is distinguished by a special harmony.To balance prominent cheekbones, you can apply the same shade to your cheeks and eyelids.

When applying products with a structure, shading is of particular importance, the smoother you create the transitions, the softer and more accurate the image will be. How to paint Asian eyes correctly if you want to visually correct their shape?

  • The size of the eyelid will help to increase the clear drawing of the eyebrows, if the natural shade is light, then it is better to choose a pencil or eyebrow powder a tone darker.Accentuate their outline with concealer.
  • Apply light shade to the entire movable eyelid, and highlight the orbital fold with a darker shade. This will help create a depth effect.
  • Apply velvety dark shadows to the outer edge of the eye for a real fox look.
  • Line up lashes with mascara.

For a date or a party, follow the same rules so as not to distort the proportions of the face, but the pressure of the brush can be increased, then the colors will be more intense.

Published: evening makeup for Asian eyes

If for everyday make-up the presence of a tonal base is not necessary, since daylight hides imperfections, then in the light of safits or neon flickering of clubs, the secret becomes apparent. Therefore, evening makeup for narrow eyes involves the application of a matting foundation. Better to choose sandy, golden or peach shades.

Deep dark colors are suitable for a festive make-up:

  • plum;
  • charcoal black;
  • gray;
  • blue.

If you want to create a rich and effective make-up, then the smokey ice technique will be an excellent solution. The main nuance of this eye makeup for Asian women is highlighting the center with contrasting shadows, which can be seen in the photo.

  • First of all, apply the main color to the entire eyelid, blend well.
  • Next comes the turn of the first of the dark shades – the intermediate one. We paint it over the base, without going into the inner corner.
  • Draw the orbital fold with a dark pencil.Shade the resulting arched line with a soft brush.
  • Next, draw the lower eyelid. Better to use a beveled brush and soft eyeliner. The line must be drawn from the center of the eye to the outer edge. Then soften the outline a little with a soft brush.
  • Apply white shadow under the very eyebrow. To add a bold accent, blend the golden or silver pigment in the center of the eyelid in a circular motion to create a more rounded and voluminous eye shape.

Special Occasion: Bridal Makeup for Asian Eyes with Photo

On this holiday, every girl wants to look special.This event happens once in a lifetime, so for such an occasion you can try tricks that you do not use in everyday life.

In wedding photos, eyelash extensions on Asian eyes look just magical. The look becomes open and clear. Also, to give a shimmer on the girl’s cheekbone, they plant a small rhinestone.

The trick of oriental brides is that they make the most simple, nude visage to emphasize porcelain skin.

Natural shades of pink, peach, golden, pearl are ideal, which will revive the natural beauty.

You can add a bright accent to the lips. It is better to choose matte textures, they are more durable. The bride can, without fear of spoiling, drink drinks and taste dishes. In the tone of lipstick, you can pick up a bouquet or a wreath on your head, which will add even greater harmony to the whole image.

Despite the fact that most girls prefer natural makeup on this holiday, bright accents such as arrows on Asian eyes are also welcome. The black glossy line will accentuate the fox look.

  • It is better to choose a liquid eyeliner with a soft brush, so the contour will be smoother. The line should be drawn in an arc from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one.
  • Guide the arrow as close as possible to the growth of the eyelashes, do not make it ascending, slightly thicken at the center.

In order for the make-up to remain intact at all stages of the celebration, it is necessary to fix it with a special matting spray or a light mineral veil.

Adopting the secrets of craftsmanship: how to do Asian makeup for European eyes

Girls from all over the world have read Memoirs of a Geisha and wanted to have the same gift of charm.The fashion for oriental femininity has not passed, and women from Europe are still wondering how to make an Asian cut of the eyes.

Here are some secrets:

  • You can slightly reshape your face by contouring. Make the same sensual cheekbones as Japanese and Chinese women.
  • If you are good at liquid eyeliner, then you can specially make a narrowed tail between the arrows of the upper and lower eyelids. Do not draw lines from the inner edge, start from the middle of the eye.

To better master these and other techniques for giving oriental magic charm, watch the video on how to make makeup for Asian eyes without eyelids.

90,000 makeup secrets for girls with dark skin

Secrets of makeup for girls with dark skin

A dark shade gives the skin a mystery and sexuality, it is no coincidence that fair-skinned girls tend to tanning in a solarium and to the beach. True, the “chocolates” have one problem – difficulties with makeup.Standard make-up techniques do not work on dark skin, but there are tricks that will not only help to emphasize natural individuality, but also completely transform and look just bombastic.

So, let’s go – the main makeup secrets for girls with dark skin.


Choosing the right foundation is half of a successful make-up, especially for dark skin. Finding the perfect shade can be tricky, so you often have to mix two or even three foundations to get the color you want.You can experiment on the wrist – make sure that the tone almost coincides with the natural one or is slightly lighter. Too light will make your makeup look unnatural, while a dark color will give your skin an earthy tint.

Secrets of makeup for girls with dark skin

How to prepare your face for makeup:

  • A primer will help smooth out the texture and slightly moisturize the skin. After such a base, the foundation will lie flat and will not roll off during the day.
  • Apply a thin layer of foundation on face.You can also use a BB cream with a mattifying effect, which additionally moisturizes and protects the skin.
  • If you need to cover up traces of a sleepless night under the eyes or other skin imperfections, use a concealer. The rules for choosing a shade are the same as for foundation.
  • Highlighter will help to make the face more expressive and brighter – apply with light movements on the cheekbones and the area under the eyebrows.

A matting anti-shine gel can also be used as a base for makeup, as dark skin is often prone to greasiness.It evens out the surface and visually reduces pores.

Eye make-up – fighting with a glance

Make-up secrets for girls with dark skin. Eye Makeup

Dark Skin is a playground for different shades of eyeshadow. Colors are ideal for eye makeup:

  • sandy;
  • bronze;
  • golden brown;
  • beige;
  • terracotta.

Shades of gold and bronze look beautiful in evening make-up.You can experiment with green, purple, coral colors, but with caution – this choice is not for everyone.

Eye makeup made using the smoky eyes technique looks unusually beautiful on dark skin – dark tones that smoothly transition to the line of eyebrows into light ones. Chocolate smoky makes the look expressive and piercing.


Make-up secrets for girls with dark skin. Eyebrows

For swarthy beauties, it is better to make eyebrows in brown shades.Excess hairs must be removed in a timely manner, giving the correct shape. It is better to tint the eyebrows with shadows, and a special gel will help fix them in the desired position. For a natural effect, it is best to draw the shape with small dashed lines.

Ah, those sensual lips

Make-up secrets for girls with dark skin. Lips

Dark-skinned beauties are usually endowed by nature with large, sensual lips. Owners of dark skin can allow bright, saturated colors in the make-up – maroon, plum, coral, brick red.For nude makeup, it is better to choose wine and berry tones, followed by shading.

Make-up secrets for girls with dark skin. Must have

A few chips in conclusion. A must have for girls with dark skin is an orange or yellow corrector. With its help, it is easy to hide minor skin imperfections and bruises under the eyes especially in dark-skinned women. Bronze blush looks very impressive on dark skin. It is enough to apply them in conclusion on the cheekbones and the area under the eyes – and voila, the image of a sultry beauty is ready.You can go and conquer the world with your exotic beauty.

How to choose the color of blush. Which blush suits dark skin?

How to choose the color of blush. What blush suits dark skin?

When choosing, it is important to remember three rules:

    the shade of blush must match the lipstick;

    Ideally, the products are in harmony not only with the color of the skin, but also with the color of the hair and eyes;

By the way, it is easier for girls with dark skin to pick up a blush.They can use not only pink, but also peach and even copper shades. Focus on color depth: the pigment should be rich and warm. The most versatile blush for girls with dark skin is a pink-brown palette.

Beige blush

Beige blush reminiscent of bronzers. With their help, you can also create the illusion of tanning and sculpt the face. But there are nuances: the blush contains pink pigment, and it is better to apply them not under the cheekbones, but on the “apples” of the cheeks.This color is optimal for creating nude makeup.

Pink blush

This color is considered universal. Dark-skinned girls should pay attention to richer and warmer shades of pink. This blush is good for both everyday and evening makeup. During the day, for example, they can be applied not only to the cheekbones, but also to the movable eyelids as shadows – to give the image a fresh look.

Plum blush

This shade can be used to contour the face for evening make-up.They make the image more expressive and vivid. In makeup, they are ideally combined with dark eyeshadows and plum lipstick on the lips.

Recall that blush comes in not only different shades, but also different textures: cream, powdery, liquid. If you have already decided on a color, but are in doubt about the texture, go through our, it will help you decide.

Amber blush. How to choose the right blush color

Blush is one of the most important elements of any make-up.Using them, you can correct the oval of the face and give it a healthy and blooming look. The right blush can make you look younger. The main thing is to find your own shade. Our tips will help you with this.

Before we analyze all the nuances when choosing a shade of blush, it should be noted that all blush have a finish – the effect that they leave on the skin after application. There are three types of finishes: matte, satin and gloss. For daytime make-up, it is advisable to use a blush with a matte or satin finish, and for an evening or special occasion – with a shine.

There are three basic rules when choosing a blush shade.

1) The lighter the skin, the lighter the blush should be, and vice versa, the darker the skin, the darker the blush tone.

2) For the makeup to look holistic and harmonious, the shade of blush and lipstick must match.

3) Blush is matched to skin tone, eye and hair color. Since we cannot radically change the color of the eyes and skin tone, it is they who should be paid special attention to when choosing your own shade of blush.

Skin tone

For porcelain skin, a light apricot blush will do.

A pale pink blush will look best on girls with ivory skin.

Owners of beige skin tone should choose an amber blush.

For mulatto women with a reddish-brown skin tone, a blush of a rose shade is suitable.

Eye color

Dark brown eyes will favorably emphasize the blush of berry shades, the taboo on beige and brown blush tones, as they will make brown eyes not expressive.

Light brown eyes will look more expressive with mauve shades of blush, a taboo on apricot tones.

Blue eyes will become even “bluer” with warm shades of peach and cold pink, a taboo on plum blush tones, which visually reduce the eyes.

Green eye color is best emphasized by pink blush, taboo on maroon colors.

Also, when choosing a blush, it is imperative to take into account the color of the hair. For example, pink, coral, apricot and beige shades of blush are suitable for London women.Brown-haired and dark-blond women are best suited to brown, amber, honey and brick shades. Owners of red hair should pay attention to the blush with an orange and golden hue. Apricot, coral, terracotta and red blush shades work best on brunettes.

As you can see, choosing your ideal blush is not so easy, especially if you are still a beginner in this business, so we advise you to start with universal shades that suit almost all color types – these are peach and beige-pink blush.

Amber blush. How to choose a blush, taking into account the peculiarities of appearance

Blush appeared about three thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt, and from that moment they were eagerly used by both women and men. It is not surprising that the invention has become an indispensable attribute of a woman’s cosmetic bag. Not every device will be able to give the skin freshness, hide imperfections and highlight the best in appearance.

Matching skin color

Peach-pink blush is considered universal.Stylists categorize them according to skin color. Berry and lilac shades are suitable for owners of neutral skin tones with a cold undertone, and pale pink and pale orange shades look good on light skin.

On light skin with neutral, olive or warm undertones, coral, amber and peach blushes look best. Swarthy girls should take a closer look at red and apricot blush; bright pink colors are also suitable.To hide skin imperfections, use a pink-beige blush and forget about red tones.

Under makeup

In natural and everyday makeup, the main goal is to create a natural glow. Focus on your natural skin tone after walking or exercising and try to match the blush shade to the same color. If the skin looks too pale, apply a pink blush, and to neutralize the yellowness of the skin, apply apricot.

“Use concealer instead of lip liner to keep lipstick from spreading and contouring more clearly.”Karim Rahman, make-up artist

One of the main rules of perfect make-up is the combination of lipstick and blush. It’s simple: red lipstick is combined with red or pink blush, pink lips only with an identical color, brown lipstick tones complement the bronze blush.

To match the color of eyes and hair

For dark-haired girls, you can safely buy beige-brown blush, peach and pinkish shades are suitable for girls with light hair, and for redheads, brick is ideal.

When choosing a blush, you can also focus on eye color. Take a closer look at the nutty shades of blush if you have light eyes (gray, blue, light green or light brown). For girls with dark eyes, makeup artists recommend coral blush.

Blush texture

Today the beauty market pleases with a variety of cosmetics. For a long time, we have not limited ourselves exclusively to dry blush, which allows us to create a higher-quality makeup that suits the skin type.For normal skin, blush of any texture is suitable, but do not forget that powdery ones fit well on powder, cream ones – on foundation.

For oily skin, dry loose blush or roll-on blush is often chosen and applied to a mattifying make-up base. If the skin is prone to dryness, it is better to buy cream and use powder over the blush to consolidate the effect.

“To tame rebellious hairs without weighing down your hairstyle, apply a little hairspray to the blush brush and go over the crown of your head.”Leighton Meester, actress

Some more tips for choosing blush

– Contouring and applying blush are two different things. The latter are applied in a thin layer on the protruding parts of the cheekbones, you can slightly walk along the tip of the nose, forehead and chin.

– Choose a blush two shades darker than your skin.

– Bold blush looks the most natural. The main thing is not to forget about the makeup base and the correct shading.

– Blush can be used to create natural lip makeup, as Selena Gomez often does.

– Pearlescent blush can be an alternative to highlighter.

Peach pink blush. Peach or pink: how to choose the perfect shade of blush

It turns out that not everyone can choose the right color for beauty products that will help emphasize the tan and make the face rested.

Blush seems to be the most underrated makeup product. Many girls have long since replaced them with bronzers and do not stop sculpting, which, to be honest, has already gone out of fashion.Natural and radiant skin is on trend. It is thanks to blush that you can give your face a healthy color, as well as correct the oval. And the right shade will help you look visually a couple of years younger. However, girls do not always choose the right shade: either it is too pink, then orange or terracotta. We know how to choose the exact blush color that suits you.

Porcelain skin

The main mistake of women with fair skin is that they often choose too bright blush.That is why it is best for girls with noble porcelain skin to choose soft, cool tones of pink. When applied, they should lie down with a light pink veil. This will highlight the beauty of fair skin and make it more radiant.

Light skin

If your skin is slightly warmer or pinker than porcelain, too light blush will stand out very strongly on the cheekbones. Dusty pink shades will look best on the apples of the cheeks, which will well set off the skin color.

Olive skin tone

Olive shade is a cool undertone, so it is best to pay attention to warm blush colors. The ideal option is coral or peach. These shades will give your face a rested look and freshness. Also bronzers are great for girls with olive skin.

Jennifer Aniston washes her hair with aspirin. Aniston’s thick hair is considered the most beautiful in Hollywood, and ordinary aspirin helps her take care of her. Before washing her hair, the actress takes two pain reliever tablets, grinds them into powder and adds them to the shampoo.The resulting composition lathers the head and holds for two minutes. Washes away with warm water.

Medium Skin Tone

Medium Skin Tone comes in a cool or warm undertone. And it’s important to understand which one you have in order to choose the right blush color.

For a cold undertone, mauve and berry blush shades are perfect, they will look beautiful on the skin and not stand out on the cheekbones.

For a warm undertone, it is better to pay attention to the blush of a coral shade – so the face will become more radiant, which is what we need.

Dark Skin

To keep your blush from looking dull on dark or tanned skin, it is best to choose the brightest shades possible: hot pink and fuchsia are exactly what you need.


Girls with problem skin and various imperfections that are quite difficult to mask should avoid red and pink blush, as they will only emphasize all the rashes. It is best to look for more neutral pink shades.

What blush refreshes.How to choose a blush to refresh your face and make it look youthful?

Blush is one of the effective attributes of cosmetics for mature skin. They are irreplaceable assistants in the constant struggle for youth, beauty and fresh complexion. However, it is not recommended to use blush for older women with wrinkled, flaccid skin, as well as for very young ladies who already have their own natural blush. The blush softens the lines of the face, masks bruises under the eyes, makes dull skin look youthful, gives it radiance, sexuality and freshness.
The blush correctly places accents on the face, balances the entire make-up. To make the face look more elongated, the blush should be applied closer to the hair growth area. Pull in your cheeks a little, and cover the formed cavities with a blush of a darker shade, as if drawing the letter “C”. The end of the line should be at the temples, but not above the eyes.

For a natural looking blush, apply where you would normally have your natural blush, blending well with the blush.For a sexier eye makeup, apply a dash of shimmery blush to the highest point of the cheekbones. If you apply a matte dry blush along the hairline, then this way you can significantly improve the complexion. Using this technique, the blush is applied from the right to the left ear, and then carefully shaded towards the face.
Makeup Artist Tip: Apply a dash of blush to the temples, tip of the chin and forehead along the contour of hair growth. It will be very refreshing and will give you the look of a beautiful face frame. To get this effect, you need to select very delicate colors.Try not to apply blush to the area under the cheekbones – this will make your face look older. You also don’t need to apply the blush too close to your nose.
For women of mature age, blush on a gel or cream base is most suitable, they will provide a more natural skin tone. All bold blushes do not accentuate wrinkles and look fresh. Using your fingertips, apply some gel or creamy blush to the “apples” (located right in the middle of the face) of the cheekbones, then blend them until you get a healthy natural blush.Also, creamy blush is suitable for girls with dry skin type.
Now let’s move on to how to choose the right blush color. Cold tones are suitable for pinkish, light skin: from pink to acrid pink. Give preference to natural shades: peach, pink, apricot, coral.
Skin tones that are close to olive or yellowish require warm tones such as copper, apricot, coral or brown. It is best to look at the blush tone that matches your natural blush as closely as possible at the end of the walk.Light brown and peach are versatile shades that suit almost everyone. The face looks advantageous from the warm shade that is given to it by blush.
For owners of dark skin, it is advisable to choose a light pink blush, a darker tone is suitable for fair-faced girls. Dark pink blush refreshes the face well. With the help of coral pink blush applied to the upper part of the cheekbones, as well as a thin line of eyeliner with an arrow on the upper eyelid, you can visually tighten the face – such a light lifting effect.

Video what color of blush to choose and how to apply them correctly?

Hair color for brown eyes: the most suitable shades

Brown eye color is one of the most common in the world Brown eye color is one of the most common in the world. These eyes are very expressive and require a special hair color to accentuate it. Owners of these eyes can create stylish and mysterious images by experimenting with hair shade and style.But before you start working on your appearance, you should know exactly what hair color suits brown eyes. After all, it is necessary to take into account many factors and individual characteristics.

Brown eyes are very expressive and they need a special hair color to emphasize it

Owners of such eyes can create stylish and mysterious images

When choosing a hair color, many factors and individual characteristics must be taken into account

  • Unusual solutions
  • Popular combinations and useful tips
  • The nuances of choice: what is important to consider?

    In order not to be mistaken with the selection of the color of hair to brown eyes, you should better consider the features of appearance.Here are the main factors:

    • Skin palette.
    • Tone of dark eyes and iris.
    • Natural curl color.
    • Facial features.
    • Length and structure of the hair.

    In order not to be mistaken with the selection of the color of hair to brown eyes, you should better consider the features of appearance

    Only representatives of the winter type of appearance can change their natural color by more than 4 tones.

    For appearance options, summer and autumn are better pick up something less dramatic, otherwise there is a risk of acquiring an unnatural look
    Only representatives of the winter type of appearance can change their natural color scheme by more than 4 tones.For the appearance options, it is better to choose summer and autumn, something less dramatic, otherwise there is a risk of acquiring an unnatural look.

    There is one little secret on how to accurately determine skin tone. You should put silver and gold jewelry on your face and see which of these options will make your skin look better

    Tip! There is one little secret on how to accurately determine skin tone. You should attach silver and gold jewelry to your face and see which of these options will make your skin look better.If with silver – then the tone of the skin is cold, and if with gold – warm.

    Stylist recommendations

    Experts recommend dark-skinned girls to pay attention to options such as chocolate, cherry or eggplant. Light paint will only negate the expressiveness of the eyes, and strongly emphasize the skin tone.

    Experts recommend dark-skinned girls to pay attention to options such as chocolate, cherries or eggplant

    Owners of a matte skin surface can choose a reddish palette

    It must be remembered that such a solution is suitable in the absence of redness or freckles on the face, since such the gamut will only highlight all the flaws

    Owners of a matte skin surface can choose a reddish palette.These are coppery or honey tones. But you need to remember that such a solution is suitable in the absence of redness or freckles on the face, since such a range will only highlight all the shortcomings.

    For women with warm skin tone, it is better to choose caramel, wheat or honey hair dye. And in the presence of coldish tones, brown, light blond or red is more suitable.

    For brown eyes you need to create the right makeup

    Tip! For brown eyes, you need to create the right makeup.You can use the shadows of the palette of olive, azure, as well as silver shades. Mascara should only be in dark tones: black, ash or brown.

    Taking into account the hair color

    A successfully purchased lipstick for brunettes with brown eyes should always overlap with the shade of curls. It is not worth breaking the established rule, the wrong tone will instantly spoil the overall impression not only of the makeup, but also of the woman.

    Raven color

    Intense black color is characteristic of the cold color type. Such brunettes have fair skin. When choosing the next new thing for a cosmetic bag, you cannot ignore the sexy, rich red palette.

    Red-burgundy, dark, cherry, ruby ​​lipstick will be a good choice for brunettes with this appearance. No less impressive makeup will be complemented by a fashionable pink tone – fuchsia. If you want richness, you can use a purple, plum remedy.Of course, all overflows of wine color will be the perfect additions to a stylish look.

    Deep black hair does not harmonize well with all light pink shades, and fashionable nude options are not suitable either. Carefully brunettes should look closely at brown colors – they instantly age, adding wrinkles.

    Chestnut chocolate

    Softness, maximum naturalness of chestnut softens the image. Tanned girls look attractive with such a tone of curls.Brown, beige and coffee colors will easily emphasize the attractiveness. The image will complement the orange, golden, brick shade of beauty products. Red or scarlet lipstick for burning brunettes with brown eyes will add brightness, sexuality, it should be put in a cosmetic bag.

    Do not use cold, overly bright colors in your makeup. This creates a stark contrast to the skin. It looks out of place.

    Light brown

    Looking at the light brown curls, it seems that they are slightly faded in the sun.This gives the girls a special charm, which the palette of warm colors can emphasize. Delicate pink, coral or salmon lipstick for brunettes with brown eyes will be the most suitable option.

    Locked in a rich, vibrant palette. Dark overflows bring disharmony to the image. Replace them with light carrot, nude shades. You cannot do in a stylish make-up without the tone of coffee with milk.

    Shades of brown eyes and hair color

    Shades of brown eyes are different for all women.Their depth and brightness differ. When deciding what hair color is suitable if the eyes are light brown, you do not need to change the tone by more than 4 colors. If the strands are too bright, then the light coffee eyes will fade. Amber, golden and caramel options are suitable solutions.

    Shades of brown eyes are different for all women

    If the strands are too bright, then the light coffee eyes will fade

    If the iris is dark, then a contrast with the protein is created.In this case, you can prefer staining in a darker palette

    If the iris is dark, then a contrast with the protein is created. In this case, you can prefer coloring in a darker palette.

    Advice! Swarthy girls with a golden tint of skin should not use a light blond or ash tone even in small quantities.

    Black hair, light eyes and fair skin

    Owners of charcoal hair, delicious green, blue or gray eyes in combination with olive porcelain skin – have something to be proud of! This is a very rare occurrence.Only bright representatives of the lipstick palette can emphasize such charms. You should opt for sparkling crimson, deep pink, bright red and rich ruby ​​tones, avoiding too dark.

    Dark lipstick will look too vulgar and defiant. It is also better to give up brick and bright orange colors.

    Editor’s Choice: Beautiful light everyday makeup

    What is suitable for amber eyes

    Amber eye color is distinguished by reddish and even slightly transparent irises.In this case, the girls have at their disposal the following palette:

    • soft and warm caramel;
    • rich chocolate.

    Amber eye color is distinguished by a reddish and even slightly transparent iris

    If you have honey-colored eyes, you need to pay attention to skin tone

    It is worth considering muted and soft palettes: caramel, chocolate or wheat
    In the presence of such eyes, you need to pay attention to the skin tone. If it is pale, then you should not choose a cold palette.Black or light brown strands will give the face a greenish tone. Consider muted and soft palettes: caramel, chocolate, or wheat.

    Advice! When self-coloring, do not choose a tone that will differ from the natural palette by more than 3 colors.

    Choice for dark brown eyes

    Many girls with dark brown eyes want to know which hair color is best for them. It is easy for the owners of such eyes to maintain a bright look even without makeup.Be careful with contrasting colors. White and black tones will be overkill. You can consider the following options:

    • Reddish-warm tones.
    • Deep wines.
    • Variety of palette chocolates.

    Many girls with dark brown eyes want to know which hair color is best for them

    It is worth being careful with contrasting colors

    A dark hair palette will help to emphasize the depth of dark eyes. popular types of coloring, such as ombre, coloring or balayage.

    It is easy for the owners of such eyes to maintain a bright image using a minimum of mikiyazh

    Advice! A dark hair palette will help to emphasize the depth of dark eyes. For example, rich chestnut or dark chocolate.

    Winter color type

    Among the swarthy brown-eyed beauties, “winter” prevails. They have dark-colored eyes with bluish whiteness of whites and cool skin tones. The natural lip color has a slight lilac shade.Colorful and cold shades for coloring curls are perfect for such spectacular women:

    • eggplant;
    • black;
    • dark chocolate;
    • dark chestnut;
    • burgundy;
    • pomegranate;
    • mahogany.

    Editor’s Choice: Beautiful styling options for short hair

    When deciding on a hair color, one should not lose sight of such a factor as length. For long hair, more natural shades of paint are selected.

    Swarthy girls of the winter color type should be wary of warm tones: gold, caramel copper.

    Options for brown-green eyes

    Girls with brown-green eyes can choose all shades of red colors. It can be either a fiery version or a chestnut with copper.

    Girls with brown-green eyes can choose all shades of red colors

    If the skin has a dark tone, then the choice of a chocolate palette will be an unsuccessful decision

    If the natural hair color is light brown, then you can choose a shade that will contrast with the eyes

    If the skin has a dark tone, then the choice of a chocolate palette will be an unsuccessful decision.

    Advice! If ​​the natural hair color is light brown, then you can choose a shade that will contrast with the eyes. It can be a few shades lighter or darker. This method will help to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes.

    Combination of hair with the color of eyebrows and eyelashes

    When choosing a suitable color, the combination of eyebrows with strands is important. You can create a harmonious image only if the tone of the hair and eyebrows differs by no more than 2 tones.

    When choosing a suitable color, the combination of eyebrows with strands matters

    You can create a harmonious image only if the tone of the hair and eyebrows differs by no more than 2 tones

    If you have black eyebrows, you should not choose a light tone for curls

    If you have black eyebrows, do not choose a light tone for curls. You can change the color of your eyebrows. If the eyebrows are light from birth, then the hair should not deviate from this range. The combination of dark eyebrows and light hair can be afforded by women with a winter color type.

    Advice! Short haircuts are suitable for brown-eyed girls with a round face and dark strands. For long curls, natural shades are more suitable, and for short hairstyles, bright accents can be applied.

    Is blond suitable for brown-eyed girls?

    What hair color is suitable when brown eyes can be seen in the photo. Some girls with this appearance will suit light hair. Platinum blonde is in trend, but it is not for everyone.Ash and platinum palettes can be used if the skin is pinkish.

    If your skin is pale, you shouldn’t choose a catchy palette. It can be honey or wheat tone

    Ash and platinum palette can be used if the skin has a pinkish tint

    Light curls give freshness to the face

    If the skin is pale, you should not choose a catchy palette. It can be honey or wheat tone.

    In order not to take risks and not change your appearance drastically, you should try different highlighting options:

    • Brown-eyed beauties will suit ombre, which differs in the effect of burnt-out strands on the ends of the hair.
    • An interesting graduation solution, with a transition from a dark color in the root zone and to a golden one at the ends of the hair.
    • Multi-color can be combined with multi-tiered haircuts. In this case, the upper strands are painted with light colors, and the lower ones are darker.

    Tip! Bronde is considered a universal solution, which is a combination of dark and light tones. Light curls give freshness to the face, and dark curls are in harmony with the eyes.

    Matte or glossy?

    Brown-eyed brunettes have many choices as to which lipstick color to choose, in harmony with fair skin or an attractive tan. It is also important to choose a texture – satin or matte. Plump lips will always look great, no matter which option you choose. If they do not have enough volume, then a matte product will not emphasize this in the best way. In this case, it is important that the lipstick shines, visually adding the desired volume.

    Light, unobtrusive lipstick is appropriate for brunettes at work – it does not attract too much attention, adding austerity to the image.If you are going to a gala event, do not be afraid to experiment, choose a shade of a beauty product that is in harmony with your evening dress. The beauty of the hairstyle should complement the created bow. Pay due attention to detail to create the perfect painting.

    The variety of lipsticks presented by cosmetic brands allows brunettes to experiment with their desired looks every day. Do not be afraid of new combinations, find non-standard solutions – this emphasizes individuality, not allowing you to get lost in the crowd.

    Color types of appearance and skin tones

    When choosing hair color, an important factor is skin tone. This will create a more natural look. Swarthy and fair-skinned girls will not do the same options.

    When choosing a hair color, an important factor is skin tone

    Options for dark skin

    Brown-eyed and dark-skinned girls are perfectly suited for all shades of dark hair. To understand hair color solutions, you need to study well the harmonious combinations of skin and eyes.

    For owners of coffee eyes, with natural strands and with a cold skin tone, cold variations are recommended. In this case, they can be bright. These are plum, chocolate, pomegranate and eggplant varieties.

    Hair length is important. The longer the hair, the more natural the shade should be. For girls with a winter color type of appearance, it is better not to use warm colors.

    The longer the hair, the more natural the shade should be

    It is worth looking at the copper-golden, brown and dark blond tones

    For owners of coffee eyes, with natural strands and with a cool skin tone, cold variations are recommended.In this case, they can be bright. These are plum, chocolate, pomegranate and eggplant varieties

    For women with light brown eyes and dark skin with an ashy tint, a cold palette is also suitable, but lighter. These include brown, milk chocolate, or rosewood.

    For owners of dark olive skin and natural hair of a slightly reddish tone, warm colors are suitable. It is worth taking a closer look at copper-golden, brown and dark blond tones.Do not choose too bright options.

    For all cases, the decision on color highlighting or booking will be relevant. With the help of such dyeing methods, they add volume to the hairstyle and refresh the image.

    Advice! Winter-type girls with dark skin tone should not choose copper and gold colors. And for winter with fair skin, it is better not to use highlights or red color.

    Which color is suitable for fair skin

    Fair-skinned girls with brown eyes often belong to the summer color type.Their skin tone is grayish pink or ivory. You can choose dark or light blond as the base hair color. The selected shades must be natural. Red color will make the image sore. A good solution would be cold light brown or chestnut tones.

    A good solution would be cold light brown or chestnut tones

    To create a feminine look, you can use highlighting with natural shades for the strands

    An interesting image can be made with a combination of light porcelain skin and dark eyes

    To create a feminine look, you can use highlighting with natural shades for strands.There should be no contrast. It is better to choose paint 2-3 tones different from natural tones.

    An interesting look can be achieved by combining light porcelain skin with dark eyes. For such a winter color type, various shades of black are suitable, as well as cold ash and dark brown.

    For the autumn type of appearance with beige or peach skin, natural strands from red to copper and golden are suitable. It is worth looking at colors such as terracotta, cognac, honey or amber.

    Advice! Light brown eyes can be favorably emphasized in any skin tone by using amber, caramel and reddish shades for the strands.

    Which lipstick suits dark-skinned brunettes?

    Often brunettes have rather dark skin. It cannot be denied that the appropriate lipstick colors for pale and dark skin must differ significantly. How to choose a lipstick for a dark complexion? Consider the following trendy shades.

    • Chocolate tones can look great on dark skin.Lipstick of any texture is suitable: from translucent shiny to dense matte. Such shades either completely merge with the skin, or differ very slightly from its tone, so that they create a fairly harmonious and natural image. With the same natural eye makeup, chocolate lipstick on dark skin can perfectly complement your casual look. If you make an accent in front of your eyes, a similar shade may look appropriate as part of an evening dress. In addition, the chocolate color on dark skin will perfectly smooth out all imperfections in skin tone and hair condition.You should be very attentive only to the choice of clothes for chocolate lipstick. Often, red and pink wardrobe details will not work well for it.
    • Many red lipsticks for darker-skinned brunettes will work especially well. You can choose from coral and terracotta lipsticks to rose-red and dark wine shades. Usually girls with dark skin have a particularly bright appearance, and such a bright lipstick will make it even more emphasis. At the same time, the rest of the makeup, hairstyle and outfit should be more restrained so that the bow is fresh and effective, but not too flashy and vulgar.
    • Very interesting on dark skin I will look different pastel shades of lipsticks, which will be a little lighter than the skin. Pale pink, beige and other light lipsticks for dark-skinned brunettes will look very unusual with both shiny and matte textures. Such light shades of lipstick will help to freshen up the image, look younger and especially emphasize the beautiful dark skin tone, brown eyes and dark hair.

    How to choose lipstick for brunettes for a flawless day or evening look? You need to understand which palette suits you – dark or cold.It is also important to take into account the saturation of the lipstick – pale tones will look natural and accentuate a bright appearance, and rich lipsticks will make the lips stand out in makeup, but require a well-groomed appearance and a thoughtful image. One of the easiest ways is to match your lipstick to the color of your eye. However, various other individual characteristics cannot be ruled out – skin tone, face shape, large or small facial features. Try different shades to match your eyes and find out which works best for you.

    Unusual solutions

    Dark-skinned women can use rare highlighting or the method of hidden staining. Coffee, cognac and woody tones will do. In this case, the strands should not be too frequent or wide.

    The competent use of original solutions will help to add personality to the image

    Dark-eyed women can use coffee and cognac coloring

    Mustard and ash shades rarely suit brown-eyed girls

    Owners of a creamy skin tone can use correct and clear ombre transitions.A good combination would be rye strands, as well as honey and cognac shades.

    A bold and bright look will help to create plum shades of strands

    Unusual experiments will add elegance and sophistication

    A bold and bright look will help create plum shades of strands. Such a design will give expressiveness to the eyes, but if the skin is pale, then it will take on a painful appearance.

    Advice! Mustard and ash shades are rare for brown-eyed girls.This color palette is more suitable for gray and blue eyes.

    Lipstick for blue-eyed brunettes

    Brunettes with blue eyes tend to have fair skin. Such girls will suit such lipstick colors as:

    • Berry shades. This lipstick can be used for daytime and evening make-up. Berry tones make the image brighter and perfectly set off light skin;
    • Fuchsia. Lipstick of this color is suitable for evening make-up, while the eyes should not be brightly painted;
    • Raspberry and pink.These lipstick tones should be chosen by girls with smooth, even skin. On blue-eyed brunettes, these colors look very impressive.

    Girls of this type should avoid shades of orange and yellow. Red lipstick is also best avoided.

    Lipstick for brunettes should not only decorate, but also emphasize the natural beauty and individuality of a woman.

    Popular Combinations and Tips

    Black-haired girls with dark eyes can experiment with looks.When creating a European and Asian look, the shade of the eyebrows is important. The more black they are, the more oriental the image will be.

    Black-haired girls with dark eyes can experiment with their appearance

    Brown-haired women with brown eyes can use simple makeup

    When creating a European and Asian look, the shade of eyebrows is important

    When combining red hair and brown eyes, the main emphasis should be fall on the skin.It should have a flawless and natural color. In this case, black eyebrows will not work. They can be slightly lighter than curls. It is better to choose lipstick in discreet shades.

    When combining red hair and brown eyes, the main emphasis should be on the skin

    Brown-haired women with brown eyes will do simple makeup. It is enough to apply eyeliner, which will accentuate the shape of the eyes. Mascara should be black, and eyebrows can be brown or even lighter than hair. Brown-haired women should not use pink, it is better to prefer golden or green shades.

    When combined with light hair, you should not highlight your eyes too much

    When combined with light hair, you should not highlight your eyes too much. Eyebrows can be made half a tone darker than the strands. For everyday makeup, you can use lipstick in light pink and beige shades.

    When choosing a hair color, personal preferences play a significant role

    Women tend to desire what they do not have, and if the hair color you like can be chosen for yourself using dyeing, then it is considered that changing the color of the eyes is problematic if only the action takes place not in a movie or in a book.The achievements of modern medicine provide an opportunity for any woman to feel like a fatal beauty, whose eye color changes depending on life circumstances. A green-eyed mermaid, a goddess with sky-colored eyes, a businesswoman with steel in her gaze, literally and figuratively, can in a few seconds turn into a sultry brown-eyed dream of a poet, simply by visiting an ophthalmologist who will select her lenses, tinted or full-color, with diopters or without them.

    And even if your own eyes have a natural brown color, you can always give them interesting and unusual shades of brown with the help of lenses – golden, rich amber, the color of coffee with milk, almost black.By choosing the right hair color and makeup for a new look, you can pleasantly surprise others and even yourself with the effect you produce.

    Which lipstick suits brunettes?

    Hair color certainly plays an important role in choosing the right lipstick. However, this role is far from decisive. It’s just that brunettes usually have a similar type of appearance, if this shade of hair they have is natural. However, skin tone and eye color will also matter. Based on these characteristics, you can make general recommendations in the choice of lipstick.However, there are other ways to determine your color type. They will help you understand if cold or warm tones are preferable for you.

    1. Method one: Pay attention to the shade of the veins on your wrist. If their shade seems to you a cold blue, then cold tones will suit you better. If the veins look a little purple and warmer to you, then you should try warm lipstick shades. Of course, the veins themselves are the same for everyone, but they are the best way to see your skin tone and transparency.
    2. Method Two: Try to bring the gold and silver foil plates to your face one at a time. Evaluate which foil makes your face stand out best, making it bright and attractive. If you choose silver foil, then “cold” lipsticks are suitable for you, and if gold, you should choose warm colors.

    What are the distinctive features of choosing lipstick for all brunettes? Here are a few things to consider for naturally dark hair girls in a beauty store.

    • Brunettes are generally considered to be brighter than blondes. At the very least, this is due to the fact that the contrast of hair and skin is brighter, which means that the face is especially prominent. Therefore, pale lipsticks can look almost invisible. Even for daytime makeup, brunettes are advised to choose slightly richer shades than blondes. This is especially emphasized in evening make-up.
    • How to choose lipsticks suitable for brunettes? It is best for brunettes to choose composite tones.Since their appearance is quite bright, just such shades will look more noble and elegant. Pure red or pure pink can usually be afforded by blondes, whose lips are the only accent with such makeup. In the case of brunettes, attention will inevitably be distracted by the contrast of the skin with dark hair and eyebrows. Therefore, instead of pure colors, you should choose more complex shades: coral, pink-red, cherry, peach and others.
    • If a girl with dark hair wants to choose especially bright or dark shades of lipstick, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the skin.

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