Makeup brands singapore: Top Beauty Brands in Singapore

Top Beauty Brands in Singapore

As a major shopping destination in the region, Singapore houses some of the major international brands of the world. Here, you will find some of the top cosmetics and makeup brands operating across the shopping centres and their own boutiques in the island.

Top beauty brands

There are actually a strong combination of international and local brands when it comes to beauty products in Singapore. The following are among them:

Benefit Costmetics

This is one of the more popular brands to have surfaced in recent years although it has been around for a long time. Benefit Cosmetics actually started out in 1976. That was when a beauty boutique in San Francisco was created by the Ford twins which came with an atmosphere very much like a candy store where it became the place to go for quick beauty fixes. Today, it has become a global brand which is known to be used by renowned YouTubers like Jeffree Star and Manny MUA, among them.

Laneige Cosmetcis

Availabe almost in every shopping mall and department store in Singapore, this prodcut came about in 1994. Among its most popular product is the Water Sleeping Mask known for combining skincare and facial mask used before going to bed. It has been recorded that this product is among the best-selling beauty product in the world, with one sold every 11 seconds. Another product that Laneige is known for is their Two Tone Lip Bar, which has been sought after by women seeking beautiful and sultry lips.

Bobbi Brown

This beauty brans is very popular internationally and it is no different in Singapore. The name of a beauty expert who in 1991 changed the makeup industry with the first 10 lipsticks has a strong presences in Singapore and the surrounding countries across Asia. Among the products that Bobbi Brown is known for besides their lipsticks is their Creamy Concealer Kit.


Innisfree has one of the largest followings when it comes to beauty products. It is known for being natural where it promotes itself as being natural as the island of Jeju. As such, customers are very happy to use Innisfree due to its eco-friendly related brand message. In Singapore, Innisfree has a strong following of eco-friendly customers. Incentives like benefits for members here include exchanging for loyalty points by returning their empty product bottles.


This is a brand that needs no introduction. In fact, it would surely be automatically associated with beauty and makeup the moment the name Estee Lauder is mentioned. Having been around for more than 60 years, the global makeup brand is perhaps one of the most recognized with a strong reputation not only within Singapore but the world over. Among its better selling products in Singapore is the Double Wear Foundation which is probably the most popular foundations in this market.


This brand has a strong presence across the world. The number-one skincare and cosmetics brand in the US is strong in more than 130 countries and it is the same in Singapore. Clinique is one brand which will continuously grow with new technologies and product lines.

MAC Cosmetics

MAC stands for Make-Up Art which was started in Canada. The founders were Frank Toskan,a renowned makeup artist and photographer and Frank Angelo, a salon owner. It is currently one of the leading professional makeup brands in the world with some of the iconic products like their Taupe, Ruby Woo and Twig lipsticks and is currently one of the top counters across Singapore.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is another beauty brand which is making a lot of headway in Singapore. Its products of lipsticks and nail enamels are among their best selling ones while offering a broad range of other as well. Beside that, Urban Decay’s eyeshadows and their All Nighter Setting Spray are very much sought after as well.

Maybelline Cosmetics

Maybelline started out as a family business before it grew and developed into becoming the No.1 color cosmetics company in the world today. In Singapore, Maybelline cosmetics can be found in almost every major shopping mall, department stores and supermarkets.


Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation and Lipstick are only two of their best selling products. Besides that, it has a full range of other products that attract its customers across Singapore. Revlon, being an international brand and very established is one of the names very much associated with cosmetics and beauty products in Singapore.

Shiseido Singapore

The Shiseido cosmetics brand is available all around Singapore. It has a very strong brand presence there and a large following. Shiseido’s face care, eye care and perfume are among its better selling products while it is known for its cosmetics and skin care as well.


This Japanese cosmetics brand is no stranger to the beauty industry of Singapore and every other major markets in the region. Found in nearly all the department stores and shopping centres, Kose is well positioned among its target segment here, offering superior products for skin care and beauty.

Faux Fayc

One of the major local brands from Singapore, their Fauxlash Mascara Duo is among the most popular and perhaps iconic product from this company (pronounced as For Face). Started out as an online store, Faux Fayc has grown to become a major force in the beauty industry of Singapore having already established 2 stores and still growing.

INGA by 27A

This name is the brainchild of Singaporean make-up artist Marie Soh and it is a very specialized cosmetics brand. Its matt lipstick comes in 10 shades and are supposedly designed mainly for its customers with Asian skin tones.


Created by Tan Yu Hui, 13rushes is involved mainly in makeup brushes. Their product are all handmade and hand-trimmed to offer brushes that are affordable and practical as it has been found that this is one item which is often overlooked by the users.


This is one brand specifically created for Muslim women. Their water and oxygen permeable nail polish was designed to allow their customers to leave their nail polish during wudhu, a common practice among Muslim women. Zahara is a halal-certified beauty brand where it is known for its other products like eye and lip cosmetics as well.


DrGL is actually short for Dr Georgia Lee. She is a very popular doctor in Singapore who has a list of celebrity clientele where she is among the pioneers in the aesthetics sector of the country. In her product line, there are a lot of options including blushers, lipsticks, powders and such.

Reflections Organics

This brand is one of the local brands that uses only material which are gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free. Among their more successful products are their lip glaze range, their lip butter and their very popular sun-protection powder.

Handmade Heroes

This is another brand which offers natural and vegan products. In Singapore, what started out as a small setup has grown to become one of the most talked-about names there. In fact, Handmade Heroes is known to have a cult following there where the range are all handmade and very pleasing.

Candela Cosmetics

This brand was the brainchild of Erin Alessandra Jung, a popular beauty vlogger. She started the brand at the age of 16 when she was studying in Singapore after failing to find products for her sensitive skin which prompted her to make her own range without any of the chemicals which were too harsh.

SUII Naturals

This cosmetics brand started out with only products for the lips before it expanded into face powders. Known for using basic food grade ingredients in their products, SUII Naturals adopts the use of Thanaka in their face powders, known to be unique among Burmese women for skin protection.

10 Singaporean Cosmetics Brands You Should Know

The beauty market in Singapore has long been dominated by foreign brands – French, American, Japanese, and Korean brands are perennial favourites. But in recent years, homegrown make-up and cosmetic brands have started to pop up in local stores and online, with beauty products tailored to combat Singapore’s hot and humid climate and meet the unique needs of a multi-ethnic population. Here are 10 Singaporean cosmetic brands you need to add to your shopping list.

Faux Fayc (say ‘fo-face’) creates make-up that caters to an Asian market in a hot-humid climate – just like Singapore. Their inaugural product – the Fauxlash Mascara Duo, a fibre mascara with black lashes instead of the white more commonly found in this product catered towards Caucasian women – launched their company with a bang. Today it has transitioned from an online store to having two brick-and-mortar shops in high-traffic shopping malls.

INGA by 27A specialises in doing just one thing – producing the perfect matt lipstick that lasts in warm, humid weather. Created by Singaporean make-up artist Marie Soh, the 10 shades currently available are designed to be long-lasting, moisturising, and most importantly, suited for Asian skin that has more yellow and pink undertones.

The ladies of Zahara created a water and oxygen permeable nail polish that allows Muslim women to leave their nail polish during wudhu, a ritual pre-prayer cleansing where water needs to touch all surfaces of the body. The impermeability of regular nail polish means women normally have to remove their nail polish to pray and reapply again after. Besides nail polish, this halal-certified beauty brand also produces lip and eye cosmetics.

Reflections Organics is a make-up brand that only produces sustainable, organic cosmetics that are vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. Their bestsellers include the sun-protection powder and their lip butter and lip glaze range.

Handmade Heroes beauty products are all natural and vegan – no animal by-products are used – and have a cult following in Singapore. Their product range is small and all lovingly handmade, and some of their more popular products include their lip tints and dry shampoo.

Candela Cosmetics was started by beauty vlogger Erin Alessandra Jung when she was studying in Singapore at the tender age of 16. She could not find products that worked for her sensitive skin and decided to make her own with organic derivatives and without the harsh chemicals. Her products are made in small batches and are all handmade, cruelty-free, and vegan.

SUII Naturals is a cosmetic brand that focuses solely on using basic food grade ingredients for their products. They started off with a range of lip products before venturing into face powders that use Thanaka – a product unique to Myanmar and often used by Burmese women to protect their skin and for decorative purposes.

Courtesy SUII Naturals

COAT Nail Polish is not only toxin-free, it’s 8-free – that means it doesn’t contain formaldehyde resin, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, DBP, TPHP, paraben and xylene. They have a range of fun colours, including two very local names. First is Bak Kwa, which is a dark brown like the barbecued meat, and the second is a lovely pink Jambu that’s reminiscent of a tropical fruit commonly found around Singapore.

Courtesy COAT

13 Home-Grown Singapore Make-Up & Skin Care Brands You Need In Your Collection Now

With all things artisanal, I’m proud to call these beauty brands home grown and so very local at that. While these brands haven’t been around for as long as Estee Lauder might have been, it’s about time we shift some of our attention and support — one bit at a time — to these brands.

Who knows? It might even better suit us, since they’re handcrafted by our very own people, in our very own country, with the same concerns we have. Be it the weather and the way it interacts and troubles our skin, or the availability of specific tropical botanicals, and the such.

I know, it’s hard to say no to that shimmery glow stick from Nars or soy cleanser from Fresh, but who says we can’t have the best of both worlds. International baby in one hand, local sweetheart on the other. It’s that easy, and here are my top home grown beauty brands to check out, to slather on and to have fun with.

13. Balm Kitchen

What drove Teresa Foo, the founder of Balm Kitchen, forward was her then three year old son, whom suffered from atopic eczema. No amount of steroid creams was working for her son and as it aggravated, she embarked on the journey to find the natural remedy her son needed. This, led to the birth of Balm Kitchen, a botanical base, vegan and cruelty-free line of skincare.

While crafting these artisanal skincare in small batches, she ensured that it is specially formulated for usage in humid weather, as with our very own Singapore. Balm Kitchen carries lip balms, facial oils and many more, of which you can also make your own by attending workshops hosted by Teresa herself, to better know the process and ingredients that make up the product.

If what you’re looking for isn’t in the list, drop her an email and she will be able to work closely with you and customise certain oils and balms. Green beauty is what she pledges on, and boy are we glad.

Balm Kitchen: Available at Naiise online and in-store, or head on over to their online store

12. Shophouse Sixtyfive

We all love a good local touch to everything, it makes things more unique and gives us a gratifying sense of belonging. Singapore pride, huh. So when you amalgamate that into a beauty brand, such as Shophouse Sixtyfive, we are going gaga over it.

As always, lovingly handmade and in small batches, Shophouse Sixtyfive takes inspiration from our vibrant culture and heritage, infuses that into their naturally derived make up such as lip and cheek tints. Whimsically notalgic indulgence is what they promise to provide, and surely so with cute names like Kampong Girl Lady Lip & Cheek Tint, Kiss Me Kueh Lip Scrub and many more.

Shophouse Sixtyfive has definitely charmed us with cheeky names and good memories associated with colloqiual terms we used back then. Psst, they provide for events, weddings and birthdays too. I so wanna slab on some Wah Chiobu Lady Lip & Cheek Tint right about now.

Shophouse Sixtyfive: Available at Naiise online and in-store, or head on over to their online store

11. Handmade Heroes

With an aesthetically pleasing packaging and typography that commands attention, Handmade Heroes stocks up completely vegan and cruelty free products that are oh-so-natural and you guessed it, free of preservatives and parabens.

Quite the literal term, they are all handmade, with love and away from the lab because you know, sterile white lab coats lovers are usually heartless, ruthless and comes up with scientific experiments that goes wrong and you get a giant lizard man living in the ditches.

Jokes aside, Handmade Heroes prides their product to be nourishing and gentle on the skin, like their Super Duper Nourishing Rice Scrub ($19.90) and Coco Friggin’ Fantastic Lip Tint ($7.90). May I also add how super affordable that is?

Handmade Heroes: Available at Naiise online and in-store, or head on over to their online store

10. Katfood

You know Lush? That crazily perfumed store with sleek black raw packaging that’s got all of us smelling like flowers and rainbows? Katfood is Singapore’s own home grown Lush, as they pride themselves on only using ingredients that are 100% organic, raw, unprocessed and are safe to put into our mouths.

All their products have a relatively short shelf life because they are all handmade fresh, with no chemical preservatives added and well, in small batches as with all artisanal products. So while I know it’s hard to say no to Lush, Katfood does deserve some attention with all the effort they’re putting in.

Psst, they’re loco over coco, so do expect tons of coco oil in most of their products such as lip balm, make up removal and many more.

Katfood: Available at Naiise online and in-store, or head on over to their online store

9. Alexiares & Ani

Alexiares & Ani comes up with skincare products such as toners, exfoliators and serum, targeted at different problems. Rather than curbing trouble spots, Alexiares & Ani’s skincare aims to work hand in hand with your skin’s natural defence, to bring back a balance and to nurture tolerance in your skin.

Their holistic skincare are made up of natural botanical and mineral extracts, combining all of their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties into their serums for proper cellular function, ultimately gaining back that radiance in your skin.

Alexiares & Ani: Available at Naiise online and in-store, or head on over to their online store

8. Allies Of Skin

Allies Of Skin are really our allies – having travel kits that makes packing for holidays or work trips so much more easier. It’s really quite a chore, having to mentally go through my facial routine to see what I’ve got to be packed and what’s essential so that my skin won’t wither and die before I return home. So travel kit, ace.

Couple that with their motto to make the process of caring for one’s skin an effortless one, regardless the lifestyle we lead. And you’ll be so very happy to know that their products activates the receptors that stimulate collagen and elastin, of which production slows down as we ages, causing those old hate wrinkly lines. This helps to restore one’s skin to the healthiest state possible, making you radiate just as before.

Allies of Skin: 1 Fullerton Road, One Fullerton, #02-01 Singapore 049213 | Tel: +65 9646 9631 | Website

7. Frank Skincare

Mmhm, cute packaging right there. With the albeit apothecary-like bottles, Frank Skincare is lovingly handmade with 100% organic ingredients, without the addition of chemicals. So think small artisanal batches, no chemical additives, short shelf life but stellar ingredients that will help restore your skin’s glow.

Available are travel sets, pregnancy sets (yes!), of which contains cleansing oil, treatment masks and oils etc. You know they’re thoughtful when they’ve put together a set for preggers momma because of just how sensitive their skin are, and that there a gazillion products said to be not beneficial for them. Add that extra dedication points because… they even stock up a men’s set.

Frank Skincare: Available at Naiise online and in-store, or head on over to their online store

6. Rachel K Cosmetics

We are all well aware with Rachel K Cosmetics founded by well, Rachel Kum, entrepreneur and winner of Miss Singapore Universe 2009. Taking inspiration from Korea and Japan’s make up trends, Rachel Kum came up with the critically acclaimed CC cream, a blemish balm cream that helps colour control, negating red spots or dull skin accordingly, allowing it to appear bright blemish-free.

Made with natural minerals, Rachel K CC Cream is suitable for most without causing irritation. Spreading like a wildfire, her CC Cream were endorsed by famous singers and international artistes such as Zhang Ziyi, Shu Qi, Kelly Chen, Faye Wong, Sammi Cheng and Angela Baby. We all know these are beauties with brain, so if they approve of Rachel K’s CC Cream, it is definitely a green light.

Rachel K Cosmetics: Available online

5. Faux Fayc

Ah Faux Fayc, the eclectic and kitschy make up line that celebrates the empowerment of women. Youthful and daring, Faux Fayc provides a playground for all women, lending confidence to be bold in expressing their looks, styles and individuality.

Founded in 2014, they have since opened their first brick and mortar store in Plaza Singapura. I don’t know about you, but I’m rushing right down to get my little paws on some liquid lipsticks, meow.

Faux Fayc: 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura #B1-32A, Singapore 238839 | Tel: +65 6341 9672 | Website

4. 13Rushes

Founded in 2013, 13Rushes crafts affordable make up brushes and kits that are up to date and oh so delectably soft. I’ll have you know that they are all crafted by hand and animal friendly. Many might think, agh these synthetic fibres will never match up to the real hair, but 13Rushes are here to prove you wrong with their soft brushes that undergo 12 production stages with 26 craftsmen.

All the components of a brush is well thought-out, from its functionality to the type of hairs used. But of course they work brilliantly with make up, especially with lightweight powders because you know, humidity is our favourite enemy.

Not only that, the good people at 13Rushes also work closely with their manufacturing partners to reduce wastage of resources and prefer sustainable materials. A gracious backstory with a cause, 13Rushes’ brushes are the way to go.

13rushes: You can purchase them online

3. Dermagold

Dermagold’s two founders, Grace and Luping, are both doctors with a passion in skincare aesthetics. Combining their medical backgrounds, the duo wanted to create a line that is “simple, effective and lovely to the senses”.

With that, they customised products that are specific to the Asian skin in a tropical country, remember our best friend humidity yet again? And continuously bring in new ingredients, working with them to set their products apart from the rest. Their aim is to create a bare skin so radiant, you won’t ever be shy to bare it.

A basic trio set goes for about $145 and their line of skincare is split into skin types or concerns, depending on what drives you there for their products. Pretty affordable I’d say.

Dermagold: You can purchase them online

2. Dr. GL

We love all things bespoke because who doesn’t crave that special attention that is dedicated to none other than you. Here’s where Dr Gorgia Lee, a much celebrated skincare doctor, comes into picture with her line of products that takes things to the next level – science.

More than just being a celebrity doctor, she developed her line of skincare after a traumatic experience of persistent hyperpigmentation that wouldn’t go away. Determined to resolve it, she researched and countered that with a cream that she blended and customised herself, sparking off her journey to Dr. GL.

Au naturale is nutritious and good for the skin, but pair those premium ingredients with clincial experience and out comes a range of products that cares for you skin delicately but efficiently. A tad bit on the expensive side, it does separate itself from the lot because you know, science. We’re talking about a toner for oil control going at $68.

Products are sorted into two categories, either skin type or by problems. Dr. GL also dabbles in men’s, so hallelujah to better skin with uncompromising quality treatments.

Dr. GL: 9 Scotts Road, #11-06 Pacific Plaza, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 277738 | Tel: +65 6465 8880 | Website

1. Skin Inc

I’ve heard friends raving about Skin Inc and for good reasons. Started by Sabrina Tan, a mother of two, she ditched her full time IT job that drew a six figure annual salary to research for a solution to her children’s eczema and her persistent break outs in hives, creating, Skin Inc.

Skin Inc has now gone global since the first store at The Central on Eu Tong Sen, with stores all over the world like Brunei, Lithuania, Spain and many more. Not only that, we of course have noticed Skin Inc’s presence in Sephora.

Known for being paraben and fragrance free, Skin Inc’s products are customisable serums that helps supplement your skin. You can get a full low down on your skin at their Skin Identity function and thereafter customise your personal skincare that are made up of highly concentrated serums from Japan, that promises maximum impact with visible results.

Skin Inc:  ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801 | Tel: +65 6222 7428 | Website

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11 Cosmetic Brands Started by Singaporeans—There’s Even Kopi Powder Mascara

Local Singapore Makeup Brands

While there may be plenty of renowned makeup brands sitting on the shelves of Sephora, not many of these brands may understand the struggle of keeping your makeup en pointe in Singapore’s warm and humid weather.

From velvety liquid lipsticks to fuss-free designer nail wraps, here are 11 affordable local makeup brands developed by Singaporeans for Singaporeans.

1. Reflections Organics

source, source

You’ll notice a common theme across the products from Reflection Organics—they’re mostly formulated with ingredients that can be consumed.

They’ve got mascaras with coffee powder, blushers with rice powder and lip glazes with coconut oil. Even their Sun Protection Powder boasts natural ingredients such as rosemary oil and tapioca starch that hydrates and protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Buy from: website

2. Coat

source, source

Coat Colour’s polishes aren’t just vibrant and pretty but also relatively toxin-free. Singapore’s first *8-free nail lacquer brand, the brand produces organic nail lacquer that allows oxygen and water vapour to pass through, to prevent nail discoloration.

The brand’s polishes are specially tailored for Asian skin tones and they carry an astounding range of colours—the last time we checked, they’ve got over 40 shades!

*8-free: Toluene-free, Dibutyl Phthalate-free, Formaldehyde-free, Formaldehyde Resin-free, Triphenyl Phosphate-free, Paraben-free, Xylene-free and Camphor-free.

Buy from: website and selected stores

3. Candela Cosmetics

source, source

It seems like age is merely a number for Candela Cosmetics founder Erin Jung, who started vlogging on Youtube at 11 years old before launching Candela Cosmetics at 16 years old. The young entrepreneur uses natural derivatives in her formulations such as mango butter, coconut water and soy-rice peptides.

Currently, her website only has brushes and an eyeshadow palette in stock but there’ll be a series of new products slated to launch summer 2017, so keep a lookout for them!

Buy from: website

4. Faux Fayc

source, source

Back then, fibre mascara was all the rage but most of them had white fibres. So Faux Fayc co-founder, Eileen, decided to take matters into her own hands and developed a fibre mascara with black fibres that’ll complement Asian lashes.

They’ve since expanded their product offerings to foundation, blushes and even matte liquid lipsticks. If you prefer swatching makeup in a physical store, they have an outlet at Plaza Singapura so you can find the shade that fits your skin tone.

Buy from: website, selected stores, and their flagship store

5. Gummi Nails

source, source

If you’re into fancy nail art but can’t be bothered to wait for the manicurist to draw them out stroke by stroke, you’ll love Gummi Nails! With most of their designs priced at $5, they’re affordable, chic and convenient—just peel and paste their nail wraps and file off the excess.

For something uniquely Singaporean, check out their fun lingo nail art designs in collaboration with Goodstuph.

Buy from: website and selected stores

6. INGA Cosmetics

source, source

Developed by Singaporean makeup artist, Marie Soh, INGA Cosmetics tailors their lipstick shades to Asian skin tones.

The cruelty-free matte lipsticks are named “beautiful” in different languages and are available in a range of wearable shades from rose nude to bold red.

Buy from: website

7. Zahara (Halal)

source, source

Combining their faith and passion for makeup, sisters Amira and Alia came up with their line of Halal cosmetics ranging from eyeshadow palettes to matte liquid lipsticks.

They’ve also got a series of *5-free, breathable and wudhu-friendly nail polishes so you can have bright and glossy nails without “suffocating” them underneath a layer of chemicals and toxins.

*5-free: Toluene-free, Dibutyl Phthalate-free, Formaldehyde-free, Formaldehyde Resin-free and Camphor-free.

Buy from: website

8. 13rushes

source, source

Besides being made with sustainable materials such as highly recyclable aluminium, 13rushes’s line of cruelty-free synthetic brushes also use material technology, ‘dryklon’ (quick-drying and mold-resistant fibre) so their brushes are not just soft and amazing, but also work well with liquids, creams and powders.

Their brushes are also entirely handmade by 26 craftsmen over 12 production stages!

Buy from: website

9. Suiinaturals

source, source

Suiinaturals uses natural/food grade ingredients in their makeup whenever they can.

Besides their travel-sized lip and cheek palettes, another best seller is the BB face powder that works pretty much like a mineral foundation powder—just buff it in, and you’re good to go. On top of that, it also contains Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxides that provides natural sunscreen protection.

Buy from: website

10. Shophouse Sixtyfive

source, source

Three of Shophouse Sixtyfive’s handmade lip and cheek tints are named after Singapore’s Kampong girls (bubbly pink), Samsui ladies (poppy red) and colloquial term, ‘Chio Bu’ (nude rose). They also sell travel-sized lip brushes for germaphobes who refuse to dip their fingers into the product.

Buy from: website and selected stores

11. Handmade Heroes

source, source

Handmade Heroes is no stranger to the local skincare scene. Besides their popular face masks and dry shampoo, the all-natural vegan brand also produces lip tints in two flavours, French Rose (sheer rose colour) and English Rose (sheer pink nude colour) that moisturises your lips and gives a natural hint of colour.

Buy from: website and selected stores

Local Beauty Brands

If your parents chide you for blowing half your allowance on these stellar cosmetic products, at least you can tell them that it’s all in the name of #supportinglocal brands.

Elena Lim

Elena majored in hospitality but her passion for writing and skincare led her to becoming a writer for Zula. When she’s not stalking her favourite artistes on Youtube, she’ll be busy annoying the office cats.

Made in Singapore: Local Beauty Brands to Watch Out For

Seeking local beauty brands to shop from? We are so excited to see the changing landscape of beauty in Singapore, thanks to some of the most forward-thinking brands – all born locally! From sustainable makeup to ground-breaking skincare, these beauty brands are ones to watch out for.

Individual Collective

Hands up if you’ve ever gone shopping for a foundation or face powder and come back empty-handed. Many of us have a hard time finding those in-between shades when it comes to coverage. Now there’s a local solution that you’ll love!

Individual Collective is a made-in-Singapore brand dedicated to changing the way women use makeup. The first in Asia to launch a DIY FaceDiscovery Kit where users get to self-blend and take control of what goes into their face powder. Think customised colour, correctives and skin benefits- all blended into a one-step buildable powder coverage.

Individual Collective Founder, Marilyn Ng, started out as a makeup artist who advanced into training roles with reputable MNCs, and notably trained and groomed Singapore Airlines cabin crew under her belt. Possessing over two decades of experience in beauty, she aims to champion mindful beauty through clean cosmetics.

Advocating foundation basics by introducing a 100% Talc-free customised mineral powder, blended to suit every skin tone in between, Individual Collective is now transforming faces, one base shade at a time. Think of it as your first step to mindful clean beauty!

Rooki Beauty

Kale, lingonberries and chia seeds — superfoods are no longer just found in salads or smoothies, they’ve become a mainstay of skincare products too. That’s why we were so excited when local beauty brand Rooki Beauty appeared on our radar. This new Singaporean brand makes an impressive feat of including at least 3 superfood ingredients in all its products, resulting in a hyper-effective skincare line that works just like juicing for your skin.

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, the Rooki Beauty Green Pulp Paste Masque is a clear winner that transforms from a plant-powered green gel to a milky white paste when activated. Carrots, tomatoes, matcha, kale and soybeans work together in harmony to replenish the skin’s natural ecosystem, leaving it softer, brighter and perfectly balanced.

With a minimalist aesthetic that looks as good on store shelves as it does on bathroom counters, we expect this brand to be making waves in no time.


Local Singaporean brand Glowfully started when Founder Charlene Sim was researching ingredients to avoid for her mum who was undergoing chemotherapy. It struck her that common users take in a lot of controversial ingredients that could be toxic to our skin, when used daily. Then, determined to create a brand that resonated with a belief that skincare could be simple, effective and sans those nasties, Lim went on to create Glowfully.

Besides creating clean beauty products, Glowfully also hopes to have formulations that would cater specially to our hot and humid environment. That is why each of Glowfully’s products are nourishing yet not too rich or overpowering for daily use in our climatic conditions.

Take their brand new Advanced Healing Elixir for example. This ultra-hydrating, super refreshing skincare product comes with clean, effective formulations for a minimalist yet cohesive skincare regimen.

The Advanced Healing Elixir gives a massive hydration boost that brightens and strengthens the skin barrier with its anti-ageing and collagen regenerative properties. Infused with higher concentrations of  Niacinamide, Amino acids, Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract, it provides hydration like no other. A light, fast absorbing texture, the hydrating night gel gives your skin all the pampering and hydration is needs. All while you sleep!


Sigi Skin

Sigi Skin is a local award-winning skincare brand dedicated to delivering superfood-infused skincare products that are both effective and free of toxins. On a mission to empower consumers with skincare knowledge and deconstruct existing complicated skincare routines, Sigi Skin formulates products that are stress-free, effective and convenient. AKA skincare made simple!

The range of multi-purpose skincare products is powered by a combination of carefully curated superfoods and scientifically proven ingredients. These are multi-purpose, protecting our skin and repairing damage caused by pollution and environmental stressors.

Also, a product will only be effective if it is well protected from the elements of the environment. That is why Sigi Skin only uses airless packaging. This helps to ensure the products are not contaminated and their active ingredients do not break down.

Stuck in a skincare rut? Whether you’re taking the time off to unwind from the comforts of your own home or unplugging from the world at a staycay, Sigi Skin will take you to your happy place. A perfect introduction, the Sigi Skin Good Days’ Vibe Trio Kit – comprises the award-winners Kaleanser, Dew Potion, and the Idyllic Fields Day-Time Moisturiser. Start the day with a freshly cleansed face with the multi-award winning Kaleanser and prep your skin with our overachiever Dew Potion, an award-winning waterless essence, leaving your skin feeling smooth and plumped.

Seal up all the goodness with the latest waterless moisturiser Idyllic Fields, made up of 71.9% oats extracts that helps to protect and calm your skin instantly. In three easy steps, your skin will stay hydrated, soft and well protected during the day.

Dedicated to bestowing nothing but good vibes (and fabulous skin), Sigi Skin’s clean and vegan skincare are free from nasties such as parabens and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT).



Did you know that entrepreneur Kim Lim runs a portfolio of businesses including

the hair and scalp centre Papilla Haircare, medical aesthetic clinic and spa Illumia Therapeutics, and a new skincare line, ILLUMIASKIN. Passionate about the skin and everything beauty-related, Kim offers a fresh and hip solutions for the modern man and woman.

Her skincare brand, ILLUMIASKIN, carries a range of anti-ageing products that feature Lim’s favourites, sourced from all over the globe. The current portfolio of 3 – Baby Drops Mask, Hyarum Skin Booster and UV Protect Plus SPF 50+, is only set to grow given the popularity of these products. 

Best-seller Baby Drops Mask was designed after testing 169 masks from around the world. This luxe bio-cellulose face mask contains natural coconut extracts and stem cell culture media to improve skin elasticity. Extra points for strengthening skin cells and leaving the face moisturised and baby soft! 

A natural coconut gel mask with excellent soothing and anti-ageing benefits, Baby Drops Mask also includes stem cell cultures, camellia callus culture extract, and portulaca oleracea extracts to give visibly moisturised and brightened skin.  

The Baby Drops Mask is dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types including sensitive, dry and problematic skin. Just peel off its protective layer and apply it to the skin for 20 minutes for glowing, baby-soft skin right after!

The ILLUMIASKIN line is available at Illumia Therapeutics Wheelock Place and online via Illumia’s e-store.

Nail Deck

Still searching for that perfect shade of nail polish? Nail Deck gives you access to millions of colours – and what’s more, it’s non-toxic too!

Making bespoke beauty available to all, Founder Daryl Chew, started Nail Deck to fill an important void in the nail lacquer market. A brand that was not only vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic but also allowed room for personalisation. It took close to 2 years of R&D and investment in their own formulations and production capabilities to make local beauty brand Nail Deck, what it is today.

Their hero product, the Lacquer Kit is as DIY as nail kits get. This fun, all-in-one system allows you to create up to 12 unique nail lacquer colours and glitters in a fun, fuss-free manner. Get creative and make your own shade or follow their online colour lookbook to reach the shade you are seeking. There’s even a Nail Deck mobile app that makes it easy-peasy! We adore how you can replace ingredients of the kit by ordering them separately online – there’s no need to buy the entire kit again.

And have you heard of Mission One Billion yet? One billion is the approximate number of bottles of nail polish that are produced and sold in just one year. On a mission to eliminate nail polish bottle waste, Nail Deck gives $0.25 to you for every bottle you recycle. It’s as simple as tagging them on social media and sending over the bottles (of any brand name!) to Nail Deck’s office!

All of Nail Deck’s formulations are 9-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and meet the highest and strictest regulations. Looking good while feeling good – we are officially in love!

Kelyn Esther

Holistic beauty and wellness solutions provider Kelyn Esther are on a mission to provide organic and natural beauty – from the inside out! This local beauty brand hosts a range of skin care products, wellness treatments at their own salon as well as beauty and health supplements that cater to a range of audiences including those on a keto diet.  Kelyn Esther’s story started from experiencing miraculous skin improvement after soaking in the Dead Sea in Israel. Being a firm believer in the benefits of plant-based ingredients, they began their quest for effective natural and organic beauty treatments using Dead Sea minerals and botanicals.

Each of their natural and organic skincare products is carefully designed using clinically proven natural plant-based actives that ensure your complexion gets a nourishing boost. Using sustainably sourced, high-quality ingredients that are grown without pesticides, their products are formulated with a deep-rooted passion for everything natural.
Their popular and award-winning Kelyn Esther Intensive Treatment Ampoules contain condensed active ingredients sealed in air-tight glass vials to retain freshness. Ten professional-grade ampoule types, specially formulated to treat different skin conditions are what keeps their customers coming back for more! With Kelyn Esther’s professional consultation, the intensive treatment ampoules series is personalized to suit your skin condition regardless of your age. Simply walk into the Kelyn Esther Garden SPA and choose from a range of personalised beauty treatments including organic facials, eyelash lifts, teeth whitening, nail services and more; all available at one indulgent location.


Mindful skincare and local beauty label RE:ERTH has been on our list of favourites, for a variety of reasons. They use mindful formulas powered by nature-derived actives, including powerful, Japanese White Turmeric. Cruelty-free, the skincare brand offers efficacy through a few hero products, that help address a series of issues, especially for our tropical climate. Promoting a minimalist approach towards getting that ‘mochi-skin’, RE:ERTH is changing the way we use our skincare, one (and gorgeous at that!) bottle at a time.

If you haven’t invested in oral UV protection yet, RE:ERTH’s PhytoBright is a good place to start. A potent skin-brightening supplement that is made with unique and wholesome natural ingredients, it promises beautiful skin – inside-out. PhytoBright uses the skin-brightening effects of Golden Yellow Tomato and also inhibits melanin production with Japanese Spring Turmeric and naturally-occurring L-Cystine. Results include UV protected skin that is lightened and with an even tone leading to overall radiance, hydration and smoothness.

Oasis Skin

If you believe your skin and body care products need to be as fresh as those in your kitchen, Oasis Skin was made for you! A Singaporean beauty brand that creates vegan products right out of their Beauty Kitchen, Oasis Skin sells good quality natural skin and body care that is freshly made, just like your favourite bakery. All of the products by this local beauty company are made with carefully sourced, plant-based ingredients: cold-pressed plant oils and butter, premium clay, organic and wild-harvested essential oils and herbs.

They also highly encourage re-using of containers. The Oasis Skin store also functions as a refillery for all their products – simply bring along your bottles and jars for a refill and get 10% off.

We’ve got our hearts set on their bestselling solid shampoos – 100% vegan, zero waste, and free of SLS, Silicones or any other harsh chemicals. Each type of shampoo at Oasis Skin is formulated to suit different hair concerns and they are pH tested to be slightly acidic at 6-6.5, so as not to disrupt the scalp’s natural balance! Also, look at how pretty they are!

10 Singapore Makeup And Skincare Brands

There’s plenty going on in the global beauty world, what with emerging digital brands disrupting the traditional retail scene and Japanese skincare sharing the spotlight once more with its Korean counterpart.

Joining the fight now is the Singapore beauty brand. Long eclipsed by bigger international names, the local makeup and skin scene has heated up, with a handful earning worldwide fame, and others incorporating headline-grabbing technology. Ahead, we pick Singapore beauty brands you need on your radar.

SEE ALSO: Singapore fashion labels we’re proud of

Image: Allies of Skin

Allies of Skin

Allies of Skin is a point of pride for Singapore’s beauty scene — it was the first local brand to be stocked at Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter. Made for the “multi-hyphenate”, the products are made for the smart consumer. You won’t find recommendations for 12-step routines — the website’s regimen recommender will suggest a maximum of four steps — and formulas are kept clean, concentrated and supercharged with potent actives. Must-haves for your skincare wardrobe include the world’s first leave-on day treatment mask (the pioneering 1A All Day Pollution Repair Mask) and the Molecular Saviour Probiotics Mist which refines pores and fights signs of fatigue.

Image: PSA

In March this year, the brand launched Purposeful Skincare by Allies (PSA), a skincare line for Generation Z. It has since kicked off with five products, including a rinse-off mask; a brightening treatment toner with six per cent mandelic and lactic acid; a hydrating hyaluronic serum; a night repair serum with multi-acids; and a face oil with two per cent retinoid. Shop the limited edition Get Set Glow Kit with the entire lineup in a PSA pouch.


Facial recognition technology isn’t a new thing for many industries, but it is in the world of beauty. Local brand Alcheme paves the way with its digital skincare consultation. Buyers are recommended to upload a selfie, before they answer a series of questions on their lifestyle and skin type. Alcheme will then create your bespoke formulation based on the uploaded information. Complementing your experience is the brand’s approach to education. To further help you understand your skin needs, you’ll be sent curated articles on the right skin treatment based on your lifestyle and complexion. Alcheme is also conscious of its carbon footprint, and its formulas are housed in eco-friendly and 100 per cent recyclable glass and wood packaging.

Image: Skin Inc

Skin Inc

Skin Inc continues to make waves among international media and shoppers for one specific reason: Bespoke skincare. The brand offers the perfect serum cocktail that can be entirely created and customised by you. Using the brand’s extensive self-diagnostic tool to assesses your skin’s specific needs, you’re recommended three types of serums best suited to your skin. To keep the results going, Skin Inc even offers three-, six- and 12-month subscription plans to deliver beauty to your doorstep. All of its serums are made with a Japanese patented encapsulation technology from Japan which contain caviar-inspired capsules to protect active ingredients from exposure to light and oxidation, keeping them fresh until application.

Image: Sigi Skin

Sigi Skin 

Sigi Skin was founded by Xenia Wong at the ripe age of 25 years old, making her one of Singapore’s youngest beauty entrepreneurs. The brand believes that skincare should be “effective, fun, and simple”. Created in Korea, the clean formulas are made without a long list of skin-harming ingredients like parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), and mineral oil. The Dream Capsule pictured is a must-have overnight mask, that contains bakuchiol (a plant-derived form of retinol), cell-strengthening purslane, and squalane in a thick, silky formulation that can be applied alone. If you’re new to the brand and want to give the products a try without committing to full sizes, try the new Minis set which contains the mini Sigi Skin Kaleanser Face Wash, mini Sigi Skin Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen, and mini Sigi Skin Dream Capsule.

Image: Re:Erth


We’ve waxed lyrical about Re:Erth again and again. First, there’s its dedication to sustainability. And there’s its ethos. It’s guided by a  ‘mindful beauty’ philosophy where routines are purposefully pared-down and minimalist approach but with its potent, proprietary ingredients like Japanese white turmeric for natural hyaluronic acid protection and Japanese spring turmeric for skin clarity and lightening of dark spots. Its recent launch is the Illuminating Concentrate which tackles hyperpigmentation in a syringe-like air-tight cylindrical pump. It’s made with lightening and brightening ingredients of Artonox (Monkey Jack Heartwood Extract), Oxyresveratrol and the brand’s signature Japanese spring turmeric leaf extract to lighten existing dark spots and brighten up dull complexions.

Image: Kew Organics

Kew Organics

We’ve met founder Lily Kew twice now, and we’re always taken aback by her flawless complexion and toned physique that shaves off more than a decade off her 49 years. Lily’s adolescence and adulthood was fettered by acne problems, that were only resolved when she made her own natural beauty products. Today, Kew Organics has far expanded and has a devoted clientele to its comprehensive and targeted menu of organic and result-driven skincare products. Make no mistake: These organic formulations are still efficacious and contain the necessary actives to target skin issues like acne.

Image: Bare for Bare

Bare for Bare

New body and haircare brand Bare for Bare is all about championing self-care. The cruelty-free brand takes a timeless approach to healing remedies by using quality natural botanical ingredients derived from plants and herbs. Products center around stress relief rituals. Body care products, made up of lotions and body wash, come in scents like energising rosemary, invigorating lemongrass and mood-enhancing bergamot. Likewise, shampoos contain essential oils to deep cleanse scalps, strengthen hair follicles and recover shine.

Image: DrGL


Here’s a little backstory on skincare brand DrGL: Celebrity doctor Dr Georgia Lee created it when she made her own remedy after experiencing blisters and persistent hyper-pigmentation from a serious allergic reaction. Made for Asian skin, the products incorporate only top tier ingredients and science to delivery maximum efficacy with minimum fuss. The range includes skin-soothing toners, moisturisers and collagen essences.

Image: The Skin Pharmacy

The Skin Pharmacy

It’s not a just name; The Skin Pharmacy is as legitimate as it gets as it was founded by — you guessed it — pharmacists. Created with the belief that no two skin types are the same, the products cater to all sorts of complexions and can be layered to suit multiple skin concerns. All of the products are created by the founders, and are free of alcohol, parabens, artificial colouring or preservatives. The range is massive, and includes everything from anti-acne and anti-aging lines, to serums and face masks.

Coat Colours

If your nails are permanently painted, you might want to cut out the chemicals in your lacquer. Studies are divided on the effect of toxic nail lacquers on your skin but one thing is for sure: The skin around your nails is sensitive and prone to inflammation. To cater to this, a new breed of non-toxic nail polish brands have cropped up, including homegrown Coat Colours. Toxin-free, its products come in a range of statement-making colours and are 8-free; they don’t contain formaldehyde resin, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, DBP, TPHP, paraben and xylen. Shades range from nude to glittery gold, and boast a quick drying, chip-resistant formula.

(Image: Auolive)


Created by local entrepreneur Claire Au, Auolive is an award-winning skincare brand that aims to streamline trims the user’s daily beauty routine. Its star product, the Day Glower, is a multi-use day cream that moisturises and protects the skin against UV damage, while doubling as a make-up primer. Exclusively available in Singapore via SocietyA Beauty. 

(Image: BSKIN)


BSKIN is founded by Singaporean Su-Mae Chia, who was inspired by her personal struggle with acne to create a range of bee-derived and propolis-based skincare. The clinically-tested range is infused with powerful antioxidants and is tailored for Asian skin and safe for all skin types. Its award-winning Vita Advanced Intense PAF Concentrate serum is packed with vitamin C with a high concentration of stabilised L-Ascorbic Acid to stimulate collagen production and cell repair.

(Image: Crystal Tomato)

Crystal Tomato

Crystal Tomato is known for its beauty supplements that lightens hyperpigmentation, but its Beyond Sun Protection is also worth a mention. With a SPF 75+ and PPD 17+ (PA++++), it offers over 50% protection against blue light – the highest protection that’s available currently. The non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic formula also provides hydration and high doses of antioxidants to further protect skin. Only available from authorised medical and aesthetic clinics, and selected premium spas.

(Image: Glowfully)


Made for Singapore’s tropical climate and common skin issues such as dullness, dehydration, open pores, excess sebum production and inflammation, homegrown skincare label Glowfully consists of ultra-hydrating and uplifting skincare that are suited for all ages and skin conditions. The range boasts clean formulations free of potentially harmful or toxic chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates and formaldehyde. Its Healing Elixir can be used as a moisturiser or a mask. With ingredients that are derived from nature, such as aloe vera, amino acids, tomato extract, chamomile and red algae, and it can be used on sensitive skin. 

(Image: IDS Skincare)

IDS Skincare

Homegrown brand IDS Skincare‘s Moisturizing Sanitizer (MS) is a 4-in-1 hand sanitiser that also boasts moisturising, antiseptic and insect-repellent benefits. Formulated with 70% alcohol, it also contains tea tree oil and insect repelling ingredents. There is glycerin to prevent over-drying of skin on your hands, even after repeated use or washing.

(Image: Illumia Therapeutics)

Illumia Therapeutics

IllumiaSkin by Kim Lim Baby Drops Mask is the first product from Illumia Therapeutics’ anti-aging range. This bio-cellulose face mask contains natural coconut extracts and stem cell culture to improve skin elasticity and strengthen skin cells, leaving your face moisturised and baby soft. The mask is dermatologist-tested and suitable for all skin types.

(Image: Jyunka)


Hot on the heels of its best-selling M+ Fluid and Ageless Eye comes the new Sleep Repair cream. It is infused with truffle extract, pearl powder, caviar extract, Jyunka’s proprietary SMART Active complex and further enriched with hyaluronic acid and Swiss glacier water. With regular use, it can help brighten, reduce discolouration, tighten, firm, and provides key nutrients for the regeneration of your skin. 

Commentary: Are cheap cosmetics from online brands legit?

ColourPop, for instance, regularly does several high-profile collaborations with pop culture icons, including animated television series Powerpuff Girls and video game series Animal Crossing – figures their key target audience of Gen Z and millennials are familiar with.

Besides sending products to influencers ahead of launches, ColourPop’s “Instagram-worthy” products are so affordable, American content creators who didn’t receive the items will nonetheless get their hands on them to populate their makeup tutorials.

These micro-influencers, with followers anywhere from the 10,000s to 100,000s range, feature ColourPop on their YouTube and Instagram channels simply because the products look good on their feed, giving ColourPop exposure it doesn’t have to pay for.


With such low prices, one might wonder if fast beauty products are inferior, or worse, harmful. How can we tell if these cosmetics are legit?

Before clicking on the “Check Out” button for that S$4 lipstick, do a little research into the brand. Is the brand backed by a larger corporation?

For instance, K-beauty brand Etude is part of Amorepacific Corporation, a beauty conglomerate that also owns renowned skincare brands like Laneige and Sulwhasoo.

Etude keeps costs low thanks to the economies of scale afforded by a large corporation.

Its products are also likely to meet a certain standard since it can tap on the research and manufacturing strengths of its sister brands.

For instance, Etude leveraged the sleeping mask and cushion foundation trend pioneered by Laniege and IOPE respectively, offering them at wallet-friendly prices.

The caveat is that brands not backed by huge companies can also offer good quality, because many standard formulas for makeup aren’t patented and chemists can easily recreate what’s well-liked by customers.

I’d say the litmus test to consider is whether the brand is dedicated to building a “brand” or if its sole unique selling point is its low price.

90,000 Shopping in Singapore. Part 3. Korean cosmetics | Mom seven days a week

Singapore is closer to Korea than Russia. Therefore, there are more Korean cosmetics here. Girls, envy. For the guys, I will say that Korean cosmetics is like the German car industry, like Czech beer, like Toledo steel. Good, in short, cosmetics and very desirable.

Chemical peeling, which I have tried on myself and am very satisfied.

Chemical peeling, which I have tried on myself and am very satisfied.

I went through the local fashion media with a small comb and made a list of things worth looking at (“no” to impulsive shopping, but then it turned out, of course, that it was “yes” after all).

Disappointment. I thought I’d find it all at once in Sephora and that’s it. No. Sefora carries British, French and other Europeans, and the Asian stand is very modest. Ditto at Watsons (British pharmacy). By the way, I thought, our Etoile and Ile de Bautet sell local brands? .. I don’t remember, I think not really.

So, you need to buy Korean cosmetics in mono-brand stores, which, of course, do not clump together and you have to look for them. That is, in one shopping center there may be 2-3-4 of them.And there are several dozen brands. I would like to gobble up everything at once. Today I ran a few wild boars.

They all have the same structure and are very intelligent. The stands are divided at the stage of care (Zalina wrote well about this) + anti-aging + body care + accessories. Each brand produces its own brushes and sponges. Each brand has its own fabric masks. Oh yes, decorative cosmetics. I don’t put on makeup (or rather, I’ve already found mine), so my vision cuts off these shelves in banner blindness mode.But there is also something there, of course.

There is also a product called sleeping pack. I can only assume that this is a night cream, and that’s all.

I was left bewildered by the very modest shelves of body care products. And here it is very important, because the pool water and just a frequent shower dry the skin a lot. Until now, I have not found a body oil (which is oil, not butter). I thought there would be no problem with this in Asia. And the legs also need separate care. Shoes are always open, sleeping in socks is unbearably hot.But apparently, again, only my feet need care, because there are not many foot products in stores.

And another unpleasant surprise: Koreans do not make moisturizers in spf (sun protection). Not only do they not do it themselves, but also, for example, the American Khiels, which certainly has such funds, does not carry them to Asia. In short, the abundance of Korean cosmetics is somewhat one-sided, in my opinion.

Now for the practical part. What brands are worth looking at. In the middle price segment (20-30 SGD per can): Etude’s House, Tha Face Shop, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Dr.Jart +, Holika Holika. In the upper price segment (150-200 SGD per can): Laneige, Missha, Sulwashoo.

You can read more about shopping in my materials on this topic: where exactly what to buy and how trade is organized in Singapore in general.

Vegan cosmetics, or What is vegan beauty care

Fortunately, there are now many cruelty-free plant-based alternatives that will make your hair silky smooth without compromising nature. Look for them from brands like Bleach London, Aesop, Odacité, IGK Hair, INOAR, Virtue, Beachwaver, Made for Life Organics, Noughty, and Evolve Organic Beauty.Be aware of ocean health and opt for recycled packaging.

Give up mink false eyelashes

False eyelashes are a real salvation for those who want to create a bright, dramatic look or simply make their eyes more expressive. Unfortunately, most brands still use natural mink fur, which tends to live in dire conditions. To break this vicious cycle of furry animal abuse, buy fake eyelashes without fur.Huda Beauty, Velor Lashes, Charlotte Tilbury, Sweed Lashes, Jolie Beauty and e.l.f. Cosmetics.

Choose Vegan Facials to Benefit Your Skin

When it comes to vegan lifestyles, skincare can be a major stumbling block. These are your favorite cleansers, serums, creams and balms. Check the labels of all moisturizers carefully; they often contain animal ingredients such as squalene (shark liver oil).We recommend checking out Drunk Elephant, bareMinerals, some Glossier products, Sunday Riley, Votary, Tata Harper and almost all Dermalogica products.

Switch to cruelty-free deodorants

As with hair care products, most deodorants are tested on animals and may contain animal ingredients such as bee pollen, chitosan (obtained from shrimp), propolis, stearic acid acid and urea. But there are also plenty of vegan counterparts: for example, deodorants from Schmidt’s, Zion Health, Herban Cowboy, Habitat Botanicals and Booda Organics.

Look for vegan-friendly perfumes

The most common animal ingredient in beauty products is, of course, ambergris. It is obtained from the intestines of a whale and is used as a fixative for perfume compositions. Don’t worry, a galaxy of vegan-friendly perfume brands have grown over the past few years, including Le Labo, Eden, Laboratory Perfumes and Chantecaille.

Replace regular eyeshadow and lipstick with vegan ones

The main rule about eyeshadows is: the more gloss they contain, the more carefully you should study the composition.It is possible that the pearlescent particles that make your eyes look bright and radiant were obtained from pearls, oysters or shellfish. Vegan alternatives are available from brands such as CoverGirl, Ilia, Urban Decay, Morphe, Milk and Lime Crime.

And lipsticks can be quite detrimental to the fauna, because they often contain ingredients such as beeswax and carmine (it is obtained from insects of the Mexican cochineal species). Look for vegan options at Hourglass, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, and Illamasqua.

Don’t forget about the cruelty-free-manicure

Like eyeshadow, most of the opal pigments in nail varnishes come from crustaceans, and shellac is made from the resin secreted by female insect bugs. Alternatively, check out brands like Lola Makeup, Nails Inc., Peacci, Karma Organic, Lauren B. Beauty and Nailberry.

During a pandemic, companies that have relied on innovation have achieved success – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

2020 will go down in history as an unprecedented economic and humanitarian crisis in terms of scale and consequences.The COVID-19 pandemic has become a global stress test not only for the world’s population and health systems of all countries of the world, but also for businesses of all sizes – from multinational corporations to small private enterprises. It destroyed the supply chains of raw materials and finished products, shaken confidence in the predictability of business processes, but it also became a new challenge for those who have already coped with the serious crises of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Real incomes of Russians have fallen, purchasing activity has decreased, respectively, incomes of manufacturers have sharply decreased.Many Russian companies are faced with the transformation of their partners and customers, the need to master online processes, and changing consumer preferences. The situation forced them to quickly adapt to the new reality, look for unusual work formats, master innovative types of products and, in general, promptly create new marketing strategies.

And, oddly enough, in these extreme conditions, some companies were able not only to increase sales, but also to strengthen their positions in the world market, to increase export performance.Moreover, the most successful were not traditional exporters, but non-resource and non-energy companies that created their products based on scientific developments and original business concepts. A striking example is the Russian manufacturers of cosmetics, hygiene products and household chemicals. In the old days, their competition with recognized world giants seemed simply impossible. But in recent years, many of them have boldly and energetically developed their business and, step by step, have increased their presence both in the domestic and foreign markets.

One of such leaders is the Arnest company, which became the successor of the Nevinnomyssk Household Chemicals Plant. The company produces more than 50 percent of the national aerosol production and in previous years had about 2.5 percent of the global household chemicals market. The company is an active participant in two National projects – doubling non-resource exports and increasing labor productivity.

– In 2020, production growth by 2019 amounted to about 10 percent, – the president of the company Alexey Sagal told RG.- We will be able to clarify our share in the world market of household chemicals in the spring, when there are official statistics, but I suppose the figure will be at least 3 percent. The secret of success is people, investments, localization of production and government assistance. At the North Caucasian Federal University there is the only department in Russia, opened on our initiative, for training specialists in the field of aerosol production technologies. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation helps a lot, implementing a number of programs to support exporters in cooperation with the Russian Export Center.

For export – to the CIS countries, the EU, the Persian Gulf, to Israel, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, Vietnam, the Philippines, Africa – the company supplies deodorants, air fresheners, insecticides, shoe care products. The basis of export is products manufactured for international companies under their brands. In 2020, the export of aerosols has tripled compared to 2017. With the increasing demand for disinfectants used for the prevention of viruses, the company organized the mass production of these products, quickly developing innovative and effective formulations.

Recently, both in the West and in Russia, care cosmetics made from natural ingredients have been very popular.

This is produced by Natura Siberica, whose products are created on the basis of wild plants of Siberia and the Far East. The company was founded in 2008 and has grown rapidly, developing original skin and hair care products. Now its products are produced not only in Russia, but also in Switzerland, Italy, Estonia – from special eco-raw materials and on equipment that has no analogues in Russia yet.These products are delivered to more than 45 countries around the world, some of which have their own stores. In addition, these products are used in many hotels in England, Japan, Germany, France, China.

During the pandemic, the demand for such cosmetics increased significantly, and the company quickly switched to online sales, transferring there almost the entire range, which it previously sold only through its own retail network, in order to maintain exclusivity. As a result, online sales have grown sevenfold, from 3-4 percent to 20 percent, and continue to grow.At the same time, bloggers were attracted to sales – and not only “promoted” with millions of subscribers, but also the most ordinary ones, with 20-30 thousand followers, which also significantly increased sales.

The sustainability of its business was demonstrated by the DRC company, which has more than fifteen years of experience in the production of oral care products, medical products, and professional cosmetics Femegyl. Her toothpastes under the R.O.C.S. trademark, made from natural ingredients using the proprietary low-temperature technology, are known in many countries of the world.

The company has created its own scientific laboratory which constantly develops new product formulas. Their formulations are subjected to rigorous laboratory and clinical research both during the development phase and after the launch of production. Research results are published in specialized medical journals, as well as presented at scientific conferences in Russia and abroad, including the congresses of the World Federation of Dentists (FDI). The laboratory owns more than 50 patents for formulas, and its innovative developments have become the basis for dozens of theses.

One of the company’s priorities is export expansion. The products have been certified for sales in the EU and have a European safety dossier for each product. The company’s products can be bought not only in the CIS countries, but also in the Baltic States, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Japan, USA, Cyprus, Poland, Malaysia – in total in more than 50 countries of the world.

Of course, both domestic supplies and exports fell during the first peak period of the lockdown – in April-May 2020, but volumes quickly recovered after the lifting of tight restrictions.The company did not announce a lockdown, like many other manufacturers, and continued to work.

The pandemic has created serious risks of disruption to the supply chain for raw materials and components. Many manufacturers of cosmetics and hygiene products faced a shortage of raw materials and packaging – in India and China, their manufacturers were either overloaded with orders or were quarantined. But overall, in 2020, the company’s exports grew by more than 18 percent, despite the fact that the movement of goods between countries was difficult.

– The company was prompted to enter foreign markets by business ambitions and a desire to demonstrate its innovative developments, says the CEO of the company Svetlana Matelo. – At first, we faced certain difficulties, because our brands were not known not only abroad, but also in Russia. But over time, they gained fame, and now partners are looking for us, and we are choosing them. Of course, we use the instruments of state support within the framework of the international cooperation and export national project.The first is the search for partners, the second is the reimbursement of expenses for participation in international exhibitions and conferences, and the third is the reimbursement of the costs of registration and certification of products in other countries.

The pandemic has become an unexpected but very important lesson for Russian business: in a crisis period, those who rely on innovations, non-trivial solutions, initiative, who are not afraid to take risks and work for the future wins.

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