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Grocery List Notepad Magnets for Businesses

Are you looking for unique ways to improve the marketing of your business? Hosting in-store tasting events, connecting with shoppers through social media, collaborating with local farmers to sell farm-fresh ingredients and digitizing coupons are all tried-and-true methods for reaching a wider audience. But if you want to go outside the box, another simple and effective alternative is to use grocery list notepad magnets.

Businesses that Benefit from Grocery List Magnets

Creating a personalized magnetic notepad is a great way to promote your business and provide a useful household item to your existing and prospective clients. In our digital age, having something physical to offer people is a great way to stand out. Your customers can stick their grocery list magnets on the fridge and use them to jot down all the items they need — and since your logo will be right there, they’ll think of you, too! Read on to find out what types of businesses benefit the most from marketing with these magnets.


Research has shown that an increasing number of consumers want to eat healthier, choosing fresh foods and organic ingredients over processed items with a lot of preservatives. You can give out customized grocery list magnets that encourage them to write down all the important foods that should be part of their diet plan. Plus, they’ll be inspired to shop at your supermarket knowing you’ll have all of the healthy items they need.

Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores have taken advantage of the trend of sending coupons straight to their customers’ inboxes via email. While this is great, doing something different for your store will allow your business to distinguish itself from competitors. Try sending house-shaped grocery list magnets to your customers’ mailboxes instead. But the benefits don’t end there! These grocery list magnets can also spread the word about the new services you provide. Thanks to the power of technology, your grocery store may decide to offer delivery or curbside pick-up. You can let your customers know you’re offering services like these with customized grocery list magnets. And, best of all, your magnets will remind customers to shop at their hometown grocery store instead of a big-box megastore.

Convenience Stores

A personalized magnetic notepad with your business’s information is the perfect marketing item to give to your customers. Whenever people stop in to purchase something, give away free grocery list magnets in the shape of grocery bags! Include your business name, address and contact details so they never forget where you are — in fact, they’ll probably think of you first on their busy commutes.

Fun Design Ideas for Grocery List Magnets

Magnets are great promotional tools for small and mid-sized businesses in the grocery industry. Here are some of the latest design ideas to consider:

Grocery List Magnets & Shopping Bag Magnets with a Bag-Shaped Design

Don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow with our custom grocery store bag shaped magnet design. For this design, not only can you include your company logo, contact number and business address, you can also reveal some of your most popular products. This increases the possibility of customers buying these same featured items when they visit your store. Additionally, we also offer shopping bag magnets as an excellent way to drive awareness. Shopping bag and grocery list magnets like these are a great way to get your business name out there and get people in your store.

The Grocery List Notepad

This magnetic grocery list notepad is a great way to stick out in peoples’ minds since it will stay in their home or workplace long after it leaves your hands. With a dedicated area to stick your business card, your contact details are always within close reach. This is truly advantageous when you are trying to increase your brand awareness. As you start brainstorming for customized grocery list magnets, always remember that they have a direct impact on the success of your marketing strategy. Hence, you should always try your best to sell your products through your design. Don’t be afraid to create a design that’s eye-catching and can introduce your products and services to the general public.


Choose for your Customized Grocery List Magnets

For more than 20 years, has strived to provide high-quality, low-cost, door and refrigerator magnets. We are delighted to bring you the most cost-effective and useful promotional products around. With our wide range of magnetic notepads, we’ve got everything you need for grocery list magnets and more! Shop our large selection to find the perfect promotional items today.

Make Grocery Shopping Easier with Hiku

Ever tell someone “we’re out of milk,” only to have it fall into the ether? Hiku hears you.

This tiny tech gadget keeps track of your entire grocery list and acts a bit like the Amazon Dash Button, but with a built-in bar code scanner, microphone and Wi-Fi support to compile all of those needs into one smartphone app. But is remembering to buy cookie dough really worth the $49 price tag? We give Hiku a whirl to find out.

Weighing in at less than three ounces, Hiku looks a lot like a refrigerator magnet. It even acts like one at times, clinging to most aluminum and sheet-metal surfaces (but not stainless steel). It’s durable, water resistant and has a rechargeable battery that promises up to two months of use.

Hiku is very easy to use. When someone scrapes the last morsel of Ben & Jerry’s out of the carton, just give Hiku a little squeeze, scan the bar code or say the name of the item aloud, and it gets instantly added to the Hiku companion app. As you compile a list, Hiku responds with a series of bleeps and bloops to let you know items are being recognized and saved.

Meanwhile, the app organizes your shopping list by aisle; you can edit or move around the grocery items to mimic the aisles in your local store. You can also make separate lists for specific events or stores. Then, as you shop, checking off an item is as simple as swiping. And if you’re not in the mood to, you know, leave the house, just take advantage of Hiku’s Peapod and integration, and get your haul delivered.

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Hiku’s voice-recognition capabilities seem solid, save for an occasional word the device doesn’t understand (we said “hi” and saw “pie” pop up in our list—not that there’s anything wrong with that) or occasional bar code the scanner can’t seem to grasp. To fix the rare gaffe, just type in items manually or scan the bar code with your camera.

Now, there are similar apps that are free, like OurGroceries and Buy Me a Pie, but what makes the $49 Hiku a standout is its ability to involve everyone in the grocery-list experience. Instead of kids just barking out their favorite cereals du jour and expecting them to magically appear, now they can yell into the Hiku, which also offers the option to share lists through the app, email and iMessage.

Hiku’s few and minor quirks aside, here’s the verdict: The tiny, little gadget does, in fact, help to make a more efficient grocery list. We made fewer trips to buy food and felt confident we weren’t forgetting anything. Best of all, though, Hiku solves what’s potentially the most annoying thing about navigating the grocery store: actually finding the stuff you need.

DIY Wood Shopping List Pad

I’m pretty old-school when it comes to my grocery shopping list – paper & pen on the fridge is still going strong in my house! Even though my grocery store has an app for creating a grocery list, and I can do it on their website and print it off as well (I have done both of these methods in the past), I still prefer to just keep a pad of paper on the fridge, tear off the paper, take it with me to the store and cross off items as I shop.
I usually would just buy magnetic notepads from the dollar bins at Target, but the last time I was there, they were out of all that style notepad…ughh!  But it ended up working out in my favor, because I thought, why don’t I just make one?!  One that looks a lot nicer than the cutesy options they usually offer and can last a lot longer!  And so this wooden magnetic notepad came to be!

I did briefly consider some kind of hanging kraft paper roll because I think those are all kinds of wonderful, but realized I would look a bit silly wandering around the grocery store with a giant piece of kraft paper as my list! Mike came up with the idea of using receipt roll paper, so I looked for the widest roll of that and found these
on Amazon.  What I didn’t pay any attention to was how fat the rolls were – they’re huge!  But at least I won’t be running out of paper any time soon!  Also, now my boys think we have a roll of toilet paper hanging in the kitchen! (Which I agree, this totally looks like!) Haa! When the roll does run out, it’s easy to change; the wire don’t connect in the inside of the roll, so you just gently pull one side of the wire out, replace the roll, and bend it back into place.

You can also leave the magnets off and use this on your desk for a handy to-do list! (See the photos at the bottom).  Either way it’s used, I love how it looks and it’s super functional – my favorite kind of DIY!

What you need:
– Birch plywood ( we used a 1/4″x6″x12″ piece) – make sure it’s sized to fit your receipt rolls!
– Table saw
– Galvanized steel plate
– Tin snips
– Metal file
– Drill
– Sheet metal screws
– Flat washers
– Screw eye hooks
– Screw driver
– Measuring tape
– Galvanized wire (suspended ceiling wire)
– Pliers to bend wire
– Receipt Roll Paper
– Neodymium Magnets
– Two part epoxy glue

How to do it:
Cut wood to size using table saw, sizing it to fit the receipt rolls you buy. Use tin snips to cut steel plate to size. Drill holes in metal plate, one hole in each end. File edges of metal plate and flatten back out if necessary. Measure and mark pilot holes where the eye hooks and screws for the metal plates will go on your piece of wood. Drill holes and screw in eye hooks. Place washers under metal plates, this will provide space for the paper to slide thru, and screw plates to the wood. Cut a piece of the wire, making sure it’s long enough to go thru through the eye hooks and part way into the paper roll. Slide the wire thru the hooks and bend the ends down. Place the paper roll on the board and see where the wire will need to bend so that the roll hangs evenly, bend the wire at that spot. Put the paper roll on. Repeat on other side. If using as a magnetic pad, glue magnets to back of wood and once dry, hang.

So what about you? Do you keep a grocery shopping list? Are you with the times and use your phone to make your list? Anyone else still holding out with paper & pen?!


Large Grocery List Magnetic Notepad with Categories

* Click on desired notepad option above (standard or personalized) to add to cart

This charming and functional grocery list will help you simplify and organize your weekly grocery shopping. These 52 sheet (one for every week of the year) notepads are full sized to give you lots of space to write, and securely bonded together to tear smoothly and easily. The silky, thick paper will hold up beautifully, and the glide of your pen on this luxurious paper will makes this mundane task much more enjoyable; optional magnetic backing is included. Grab one for yourself and a friend!

Now with updated sections!


  • Produce
  • Deli
  • Bakery
  • Meat & Seafood
  • Dairy & Refrigerated
  • Pasta & Rice
  • Canned Goods
  • Condiments & Jars
  • Baking & Spices
  • Snacks & Cereal
  • Frozen
  • Beverages
  • Health & Beauty
  • Household
  • Other
  • Notes


  • Size: 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm)
  • Page Quantity: 52 single-sided sheets
  • Paper: 32# super smooth, 100 bright white paper stock
  • Backing: Backed with chipboard and includes optional magnetic backing strip
  • Packaging: Sealed in a protective clear cello bag and tied with a paper ribbon


  • If you chose “Standard,” you will receive a standard grocery list with no personalization.
  • If you chose “Personalized,” please type in the exact personalization you would like (please double check spelling) in the personalization box.
  • All personalized messages are printed in the same font and color as shown. Fonts size for personalized messages will be shrunk or enlarged to allow for the best fit.
  • If you would like to see a proof of your personalized order before it prints and ships, please let us know in the notes section during checkout.

See all of our Grocery, Menu & Kitchen Items here!

From the illustrations to the printing, assembly, and packaging, all of the products in this shop are handmade start to finish in the Whimsicals Paperie studio in Centennial, Colorado. Thanks for shopping!

Artwork and images ©2021 by Sarah Collins. All rights reserved.

DIY Magnetic Poetry Shopping List – As The Bunny Hops®

I have a confession. I big puffy heart love label makers. Remember those labelers with the dial and the trigger where you’d impress the letters onto the label tape? I had so many of those as a kid. Yeah, I considered a label maker a toy. Don’t judge. The label options are a wee bit better now, thanks to technology. Brother makes a whole slew of labelers for you to choose from. I live for their QWERTY keyboard and preview screen after a childhood spent making irrevocable spelling mistakes on those old school labelers. They’re also hosting a huge giveaway this month!

The Brother P-Touch label maker is great for labeling things around the house. It has fun fonts and frames. You can purchase label tape in fun colors. Basically, there’s no reason for you to not get totally organized with this thing. Today we’re going to use it to organize your shopping trips.So remember in the 90s when everyone had a magnetic poetry set on their fridge? (Confession: I still have one on my filing cabinet.) The one fatal flaw in all of those sets: there was always a word you wanted that you could not find. At least that was the case until now. Your label maker is the key to a personalized magnetic poetry experience. Plus it’s the cutest grocery list ever. Start with basic white labels and magnetic coloring sheets. The coloring sheets are easy to find at most craft stores-just avoid the adhesive sheets since the labels are also adhesive. I started out using my craft knife, but the inexplicable disappearance of my metal ruler meant I quickly jumped over to my scissors. Either will work great for this. Just print the words you want to use, then trim off the excess blank label from each side. Stick the word on the magnetic sheet and trim. Resist the desire to have no waste and leave a little room around each word before you cut. I promise you still won’t have much waste and it will save you a ton of headaches. Plus, one package of magnetic sheets will go a looooong way. Promise.

Just make magnets for all of your shopping basics. Slide them over when you notice you’re running low. Realize that you need a new label? It only takes a few seconds to make a new one. Time to go to the store? Snap a picture with your phone before you head out.

You should totally make more than just your shopping list, though. It’s too much fun and way too easy to make all the words.

Just know that if you do make all the words, your shopping list is likely to turn into this. At least that’s what I’d do if I went to your house and you had a magnetic poetry shopping list…

Are you ready to get organized? Brother is giving away a P-Touch label maker every day in January and a Grand Prize package worth up to $2,000! Visit their giveaway page to enter.

Stay in touch with Brother on Facebook Twitter Pinterest and YouTube.

Amy Fulcher

bloom daily planners – Grocery List Planning Pad, 6″ x 9″

Default Title – $9. 95 USD

Only 282 items in stock!

[{“id”:10861780929,”title”:”Default Title”,”option1″:”Default Title”,”option2″:null,”option3″:null,”sku”:”X000QS6IU3″,”requires_shipping”:true,”taxable”:true,”featured_image”:null,”available”:true,”name”:”Grocery List Planning Pad, 6\” x 9\””,”public_title”:null,”options”:[“Default Title”],”price”:995,”weight”:326,”compare_at_price”:null,”inventory_quantity”:282,”inventory_management”:”shopify”,”inventory_policy”:”deny”,”barcode”:”850581006300″,”requires_selling_plan”:false,”selling_plan_allocations”:[]}]

Our Grocery List Pad is the perfect tool to streamline your grocery store shopping! Our pad breaks out common groceries by section of the store so you can avoid wandering back and fourth between aisles to get everything you need! Specifications and features include:

  • DIMENSIONS: 6″ wide x 9″ tall x .4″ thick, 10.7 oz. 
  • Fields include produce, condiments, canned goods, beverages, breads/grains, snacks, baking/spices, frozen foods, deli, meat/protein, dairy, for the home, paper/plastic, toiletries, pet care 
  • 2 magnets on the back to hang on your fridge! 
  • Every section has 3-16 commonly purchased items PLUS blank spaces to write in additional items 
  • Versatile design: check off items at home as you run out OR as you pick them up at the store! 
  • 60 tear off sheets per pad! That’s more than a full year’s worth of weekly grocery trip planning!
  • Each pad comes shrink wrapped for protection

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Making a menu for the week

In order to make a list of really necessary products, not to buy too much, and therefore not to throw anything away later, it is advisable to make a menu for a week.If you’ve never done this before, it will be difficult to navigate at first. Therefore, after asking each of the household about his preferences, write in a notebook (or smartphone) a detailed menu for each day and the amount of products required to prepare each specified dish. Of course, your family, like any other, has its own preferences – do not forget about them. Find a base in your diet (soups or cereals, salads, meat or fish dishes), then it will be easier for you to choose auxiliary products for it.Try to cook dishes made from perishable foods in the first days of the week, so that later you do not have to throw anything away.

When drawing up a menu, you should definitely take into account your financial resources, and not paint restaurant delights in the heat of enthusiasm. Be sure to take into account the question of time: how many hours (or minutes) per day you can devote to the kitchen. It may be worthwhile for the whole family to stick on a week-end and freeze cutlets or dumplings for a week, and add the products for them to the weekly shopping list.Then you do not have to stand at the stove for a long time every day.

We systematize

When the menu is ready, you should summarize the number of necessary products of each type and paint them by department (grocery, gastronomy, pastry, etc.), so as not to travel around the store with a cart back and forth. At the end of the grocery list, make a list of household items: garbage bags, laundry detergent, shampoo, etc. Pet purchases are also worth noting here.

The more detailed your list, the less rash and unnecessary spending you will make. Once you have compiled such a list, you can use it in the future, making some adjustments. It is for them that you put a notebook with a pen in the kitchen or hang a magnetic notebook on the refrigerator so that every time you find that something is over, make notes in them, and then add them to the shopping list. Or you can print out a weekly “perfect” grocery list, and then go over it, cross out what you still have left and will last for the next week, or, conversely, add something in connection with some family holiday.

Collecting checks

If it seems difficult to you to make a menu for a week, and even more so for a month, you can bring checks from the store and copy from them into a notebook (smartphone) everything that you bought indicating the weight, quantity or volume … At the end of the month, you calculate what and how much you ate. After 2-3 months, comparing your records, you will easily find the system of your consumption in them. If you threw something away, make a note of it in your notes and next time buy less of these products or refuse them altogether.Experiment with the list, tweak it, and soon you will have your perfect family-friendly grocery list.

We are planning a trip to the store to the store

It is most convenient to go to the store once a week on a weekend. Firstly: you can give this process due attention and time, secondly: you may have volunteer helpers from among the household, and thirdly: it is on weekends that many large supermarkets arrange sales and attractive discounts, so that you can save a little.

We go to the store

Do not make purchases of groceries for a week or a month in ordinary stores, small shops near the house or the subway. In order to make your purchases with minimal margins, use the StudioRush website to find the closest large hypermarkets to you, study their assortment and prices.

And yet, sometimes you should step away from your ideal list and pay attention to the super offer of the store if you find it tempting (do not forget to check the expiration date), or if you suddenly wanted to pamper yourself or your loved ones.If you are taking your children to the store, make sure to agree with them in advance about what they can choose for themselves, or make a separate shopping list with them. You can invite children to add their “Wishlist” to the shopping list for the next week.

After a while, all your efforts to create a grocery shopping list will pay off. You will notice that you spend less money on groceries, and the family has begun to eat healthier at the same time. A trip to the store will take up less time and effort, which you will be happy to spend on communicating with your family and friends.

ShoppingUseful Tips

Planning magnetic marker “Shopping list. Summer is coming. ”

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All Artboard planings are supplied in a branded cardboard box-case, multi-colored markers are already included, this is an excellent, inexpensive and very original gift.

“Artboard” soft marker planing

“Artboard” soft marker planing on a soft magnetic base is the cheapest product, can be fixed on any iron surface, it can also be used on a desktop.

The usual place for such marker planings is the refrigerator in the kitchen, in this case the necessary records will always be in sight.

Artboard Solid Marker Planings

Artboard Marker Planings on a solid base – this is a new level of planning comfort: write and erase, plan and adjust your plans wherever it suits you: in an armchair, at a table, in a park on a bench, on the beach or in transport, since the solid base of such a marker planing allows you to use the product with maximum comfort, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Any hard planing “Artboard” can be placed on the table, and if you have chosen a product with a magnetic rotation, it can be hung, just like a soft magnetic planing, on any iron surface, for example, on a refrigerator or a magnetic board.

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