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Whiteboards & Pinboards are a proud stockist of a wide selection of NAGA branded whiteboards, letterboards, circle boards, glass boards and planners. To add a splash of colour to your office environment, our NAGA whiteboards, glass boards and magnetic boards come in a variety of styles, designs and shades.

NAGA is one of the world’s best-known names in whiteboard and pinboard design – this highly innovative Danish company has won awards for the ways it has transformed office communications. At Whiteboards and Pinboards, we’re pleased to present an extensive range of NAGA products to make your working life more functional, flexible, and visually appealing.

Known for high-quality manufacturing that offers both durability and great design, NAGA offers an extensive product range that enables users to create a stylish and highly organised workspace where you can easily relay all the information you need.

Find Your Perfect NAGA Whiteboard

There’s a NAGA whiteboard for everyone! These magnetic glass NAGA whiteboards come in a vast range of colours and several different sizes. You can match your corporate décor scheme or add a burst of vibrant colour to a bland office space.

Our glass NAGA whiteboards come in a variety of shades as well as various sizes including 450 x 450mm, 400 x 600mm and 600 x 800mm. Our largest NAGA glass board, the 600 x 800mm model, comes in 8 different colour options, allowing you to select a product that best fits with the colour scheme of your creative space. The 400 x 600mm NAGA glass whiteboard offers 12 different colour options.

Adding both functional and stylish decor, this multipurpose item is a practical solution that allows for optimum organisation. If you need to display loose items such as sketches, photographs or memos, our NAGA magnetic boards offer versatility as they can also be written on, allowing you to add annotations around any items you attach.

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Our 600 x 800mm NAGA glass boards offer the widest colour variety with 18 different shade variations. This wide palate gives you more flexibility when deciding on the right office equipment to incorporate into your space. With our NAGA glass boards, you have the option to choose a shade that compliments your logo or select a contrasting colour to create diversity in your office space.

For a contemporary designer glass whiteboard, our 35cm circle NAGA magnetic boards offer style led, contemporary varieties – from marble to concrete, to leather. If you like the circle NAGA magnetic boards design but prefer to opt for a more classic design, we offer solid colours in the smaller size of a 10cm diameter. For something unique and fun, check out our NAGA magnetic glass world map that can be easily inserted into both a work and a home setting. You can draw and write on this stylish map with a simple whiteboard marker that can easily erase with the simple wipe of a whiteboard eraser or dry cloth. With our NAGA glass boards, you can display attachments such as travel itineraries or tickets with a magnet or sticky note.

There are also several different shapes to choose from, including square, rectangular, and circular NAGA whiteboards. These designs make it easy for you to create a truly unique look in your workplace by mixing and matching different sizes, colours, and shapes.

Easy to write on and wipe off, these attractive NAGA whiteboards offer an ideal way to brainstorm ideas and communicate important information. NAGA glass boards are also perfect for use in schools, colleges, and even in the home.

NAGA offers monthly magnetic coloured planners to help you set out your plans by both the week and the month. Whiteboards & Pinboards are pleased to help you communicate your message with the magic of our NAGA letterboards. The NAGA wooden framed letter board is easy to use and available in two sizes. Shop our NAGA whiteboards, letterboards, magnets or planners online today.

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Our NAGA range includes a wide variety of products for all kinds of working and learning environments. A magnetic NAGA glass board planner is ideal for reducing waste and protecting the environment – simply wipe clean at the end of the month and start again! These planners save you buying new wall planners each year and wasting paper.

NAGA letterboards are highly useful for a wide variety of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, and any other organisation that needs to change its menus or price lists regularly.

The NAGA range even includes a glass world map, which is easy to write on and wipe clean – ideal for businesses running global operations or for schools as a way of making learning fun!

Whatever communication and organisation solutions you’re looking for, you’ll find them here. Shop our NAGA range here, or please contact us if you’d like more information about any of our products.

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And much more!

Because we focus on communications and presentation boards and the accessories that enhance their use, Designer Allboards can offer more knowledgeable assistance and a better shopping experience. We don’t call ourselves an office supply company. We are Designer Allboards, supplying All Boards to All Australia!

Visit almost any corporate workplace in Australia and there’s a very good chance you’ll find at least one whiteboard, and quite possibly many more. The reason is that this simple device has quickly become and indispensable aid to communications and planning.

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An interesting point is that the technology this product class was derived from – the humble blackboard – never achieved the same degree of success. So how was the whiteboard able to surpass its ancestor in popularity by such a large margin? The answer can be summed up in one word: simplicity.

A whiteboard is easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t require any power source or fuel, and does not require the purchase of expensive materials in order to operate it. Anyone can use a whiteboard instantly, with no need for special training.

Of course the blackboard shared many of these attributes, but chalk is much more difficult to write with, can be more messy, wears down much more quickly than whiteboard markers and is capable of producing the most blood-chilling noises imaginable. Even though a blackboard is useful, it wasn’t really enjoyable to use.

Having whiteboards in your workplace makes it easy for teams to communicate ideas, share information, and stay organized. It’s not a replacement for all the other tools that are used for these tasks, but a supplement to them. It is the fastest way to generate and communicate collaborative information in a group environment.

Buying a glassboard or mobile whiteboard in Australia means you don’t need a fixed location to host a group meeting or brainstorming session. Mobility equals freedom.

Put your brand on it with a custom whiteboard

Having your brand identity integrated with your whiteboard is a classy touch, helps foster greater esprit de corps, and also makes it somewhat less likely that your whiteboard will be stolen. Unless, of course, your brand is so popular it actually makes people want to steal anything your brand is on. But such a case can be considered to be more of an honour than an annoyance.

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When you buy any products from Designer Allboards, your confidential information is protected by the strongest safeguards available. In fact our payment processing is so secure, we never even see your credit card details or other financial data.

The only personally identifying information we collect from you is the information necessary to provide you with the items you purchase and any subsequent service you may request.

Buying from us is the easy, secure, and good value way to buy whiteboards online . Order yours today and see for yourself how much it’s better to buy from Designer Allboards.

Magnetic Kids Activity Board Australian Animal


There’s no doubt about it — kids love magnets.

Children love our magnet boards because they are creative and fun!

Parents love our magnet boards because they are educational and totally portable!

Children love creating a Beach Picnic scene with all their favourite, yummy foods.

When they’re finished creating the story scene, they find the word and shape that matches the magnet. Building early literacyword and object recognition while they play.

Endless play opportunities as they re-create a different scene every time they play.

The bright, glossy boards fold up with the magnets inside. They have a die cut  handle to make our products a fantastic portable activity set.

Our magnet boards are versatile and portable 

  • Travel buddies for holidays – long car journeys, restaurants and cafes.
  • Day cares centres and preschools as a learning resource.
  • As a sensory and cognitive resource for the ASD community
  • At grandma’s house to share engaging time together.

Build skills as they play:

  • Creative Expression
  • Early Literacy
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Narrative Thinking
  • Independent Play

You will absolutely LOVE our Beach Picnic Portable Magnet Boards.

We guarantee they will stick to ANY smooth surface. 

  • Sturdier than a sticker, bendier than a magnet.
  • Our sticky magnets are ecofriendly!
  • Our stickers are easy for little hands to manipulate. 
  • Will stick on any smooth surface! Glass, metal or plastic.
  • Reusable without damaging surfaces. No sticky residue! 


WARNING: CHOKE HAZARD: Small Parts. Close Supervision. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

SchKIDules 2-Sided 18 Inch Magnetic Board

We are in love with these incredibly versatile boards for making visual schedules! The SchKIDules Magnetic Board is 18 inches long by 12 inches wide and folds down to three 6” panels.The board can be hung or used on a table top and is magnetic as well as dry-erase friendly on the front and back.The blue side is a clean slate surface for building a daily visual schedule or short sequence with magnets, while the yellow side provides for a weekly view for extension to a weekly schedule of special activities as a child’s understanding develops. Magnets are sold separately. 

For children, organisation and time management can be difficult. Kids may struggle with executive functioning or working memory and therefore have trouble with things like to do lists or morning routines. This can be a source of frustration for parents, teachers, and children themselves. SchKIDules visual schedules can help to make things a little easier for everyone. Anyone who has trouble with organisation or forgetfulness can benefit from SchKIDules visual schedules.

Visual schedules are helpful behavioural supports that assist parents and anyone else supporting kids to understand their day. Schedules help to promote managing things such as routines, communication, expectations, predictability, independence, improving memory, increased cooperation and much more.

SchKIDules are so much more than just a simple calendar.  Instead of just displaying things like the day, weather, etc, SchKIDules is instead a positive behavioural support and parenting tool that helps kids with independence, executive functioning, coping, anxiety, working memory, focus and much much more.


The SchKIDules Magnetic Board is 18 inches long by 12 inches wide and folds down to three 6” panels.The board can be hung or used on a table top and is magnetic as well as dry-erase friendly on the front and back.The blue side is a clean slate surface for building a daily visual schedule or short sequence with magnets, while the yellow side provides for a weekly view for extension to a weekly schedule as a child’s understanding develops. Magnets are sold separately. 

Whiteboards – Vista Visuals

Vista Whiteboards are 100% made in Australia. We offer a comprehensive range of white board products in the size you want including commercial (steel) and porcelain (steel) surfaces, which are magnetic and available in wall mounted, fixed mobile and pivoting mobile options.  A double sided mobile whiteboard gives you twice the area to educate or brainstorm!

Also called a marker board or dry erase board our whiteboard surfaces are a foolproof, agile, visual communication tool for offices and schools.

Magnetic Whiteboard

The benefit of an Australian made quality magnetic whiteboard is that you can choose the size and trim that you require on your customised whiteboard.   We can also create custom boards with pivot wings, printing to the surface or other enhancements to create a custom visual board solution.  In fact, our printed white boards come in some standard designs, like planners, or can be custom printed to suit your visual communication needs.

There are 5 different surfaces available for the wall mount and mobile frame whiteboards. Choose from either Vista e3 Porcelain or Vista Commercial Steel for your whiteboards and a green e3 Porcelain Chalkboard surface.

Projection Whiteboard.

When using a data projector we recommend the Vista Projection Porcelain whiteboards.  These can be passive or interactive whiteboards and you can also write on them.  Our projection white boards come in a matt or gloss whiteboard finish and make a great dual use solution.

Quality white boards

Made from e3 ceramicsteel the Vista porcelain boards have a lifetime (25 years) surface warranty.

Vista commercial surface boards are made from super coated steel and have a 10 year surface warranty under normal use and maintenance.

Our custom made whiteboards are made in Australia and come in standard sizes or we can manufacture your magnetic whiteboard to your size requirements.

Note: We always recommend a Vista Porcelain White Board for high use areas, public areas, educational institutions, corporate training,  Schools and Universities.  This ensures worry free performance, ease of cleaning and scratch resistance.

Glass Whiteboard – Magnetic Glass Board – New Office au

We provide stylish and cozy Glass Board at a reasonable price. We also deal in office furniture and used office furniture. Feel free to get a quote, place an order, or ask any query in your mind at

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Home – Whiteboards R Us

“As Project 7 Consultancy in the United Kingdom was engaged by Metro Rail to assist in their rail network improvement, we needed a whiteboard manufacturer to produce highly custom made “Visual Management” boards to be rolled out throughout the Metro Trains offices and maintenance facilities throughout Melbourne.

The Visual Management boards are used to monitor key areas within the organisation, and are designed to provide an instant overview of key performance indicators, relevant to each individual area. 

The team at Whiteboards ‘R’ Us were able to quickly ascertain, our specific needs, and were able to communicate and fully understand what Project 7 required to have the Visual Management boards designed and produced in a very short timeframe.

As every board was different, and the initial roll out required delivery to many areas over the Metro network, the timing to get the initial roll out was crucial for Project 7 to commence the implementation of the works set out by Metro Trains.

Whiteboards ‘R’ Us performed with exceptional professionalism, and achieved our requirements well inside our limited timeframe, without any problem at all.
The quality of the finished product is some of the best I have seen, and I have consulted to many companies in Europe, the United Sates, and Japan, and have used manufacturers in these countries to produce similar products, and found Whiteboards ‘R’ Us to be superior in both quality, service, and product knowledge.

Since September 2009, Whiteboards ‘R’ Us have been supplying Metro Trains with our whiteboards, and are Metro Trains supplier of visual management whiteboards as well as standard whiteboards, and they are currently working with our OH&S department developing whiteboards for this area also.

The relationship between Metro Trains and Whiteboard ‘R’ Us continues to this day, and we cannot praise them enough for what they have done, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is involved in a similar area developing new methods within their organisation using whiteboards as a visual media to gain improvement and quality from their employees.” Metro Trains, Melbourne


Wall board “Story Bridge Bridge, Brisbane, Australia” magnetic marker

“Artboard” boards in an aluminum framing profile (7 colors to choose from) are a wonderful and very original gift, any image from our library can be on the board. website, and also, you can create your personal design in the section constructor . We draw your attention to the fact that all our boards, planing and tablets are made personally for you and are given to the delivery department within 1-3 working days after placing and paying for the order on the website.

The functionality of Artboard boards is very wide, they can be a wall picture or a poster, a marker or magnetic board, and also can be a full-fledged magnetic marker board, which makes the product not only a decoration for any interior, but also brings additional functionality to your personal space. The relatively small size makes our turnkey solutions inexpensive and comfortable gifts.

Marker or magnetic whiteboard should be beautiful and functional!

Write down your thoughts and ideas on the beautiful whiteboard!

Present a beautiful and inexpensive item to your partners and loved ones!

You can order a board in light colors and write with dark markers or a black board and write with white chalk markers, it all depends on your desire and the specific interior.

We draw your attention to the fact that on very colorful boards the inscriptions are poorly visible, but this is an excellent design option for a magnetic board (for magnets).

Exclusive high quality write-and-erase marker coating allows to use any markers and markers . Permanent markers can be erased with an alcohol wipe, thinner, or special whiteboard cleaning fluid.

The product is not afraid of water, in case of severe contamination, you can wash the marker surface under the tap or simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

In total, at the moment there are 4 standard sets of Artboard boards in an aluminum framing profile with different costs and functional characteristics: matte poster (photo on plastic coated with a matte protective film), glossy marker board (you can write with markers, but you cannot attach magnets ), a magnetic matte board (you can attach magnets, but you cannot write with markers), a magnetic marker glossy board (you can attach magnets and write with markers).

We have many options for execution, including with personalization, not presented in the online store, in case you did not find the right product and cannot use the constructor, write us an email, perhaps we can offer exactly what what are you looking for.

All Artboard boards from the online store are supplied in a branded cardboard box-case, a marker included, this is an excellent, inexpensive and very original gift.

Important: Do not scratch the surface, the warranty does not cover mechanical damage to the products.

KVN “Travel to Australia”

Abstract of a geography lesson in grade 7.

KVN “Travel to Australia”

Target :
repeat and summarize the material studied on the topic “Australia”


the ability to generalize, analyze, apply the knowledge gained.

interest in the subject.

a sense of collectivism, responsibility for a common cause.


world map

Australia map

“Natural areas of Australia”



maps of Australia on Whatman


Lesson type :
repetition and generalization; lesson – KVN.


Organizational moment:

In preparation for the lesson, the class
divided into two teams. Each team is appointed: captain, geologist,
geotectonist, climatologist, hydrologist, zoologist, botanist, ecologist, country expert,
ethnographer who are in charge of their section. The whole team repeats what was learned
material on Australia. The jury is appointed from the strongest students, students –
consultants, you can invite high school students.

(teacher).Today, on their journey through Australia, the entire
class divided into two teams: “Kangaroo” and “Ostrich Emu”. (commands in advance
prepare their own decoration: emblems with the image of a kangaroo and an ostrich, etc.)

Competition “Warm-up”

in turn, it is proposed to come up with one sentence at a time, which would indicate
feature of Australia.

Estimated Answers:

– Australia is part of the world.

– The smallest continent.

– All Australia is in the South

– The driest continent.

– The north of Australia is hotter than the south.

– There are many animals and plants in Australia,
which are not found anywhere in the world.

– On the whole mainland there is one
the state is the Australian Union.

The “Captains” music is playing.

you have already guessed by the sounds of music that the next competition is for captains.

It was the captains
led their ships to unknown distances across the endless expanse of the ocean with hope
discover new lands. Our captains are to answer questions by lot:

1. Who
first discovered Australia in the 17th

2. Who
explored Australia in the 18th century?


first half of the 17th century Dutch sailors
explorers north, west and southwest coast. First to this sushi
the Dutch captain Willem Janszon arrived.Perhaps it was he who became the first
a European who set foot on the land of Australia. Janszon was sure that there was still
one island, and the mainland itself lies much to the south. It was possible to penetrate far to the south
ships of the Dutch navigator Abel Tasman. In 1642 he made
sailing around Australia and in some places landed on a deserted coast. Them
an island was discovered, later named after him Tasmania (show on the map;
textbook, part 1, p. 221)

2. Final
the discovery of Australia was by far the greatest navigator Englishman
James Cook.During his first voyage around the world (there were
three) he discovered the east coast of Australia. Cook landed on the shore of the mainland,
stuck the British flag in the coastal sand and proclaimed the land he discovered
part of the British Empire. It happened in the middle of the summer of 1770 (
textbook Part 1, pp. 221-222).

Now our captains will approach the physical map of the world and (by lot) perform
the following assignments:

1. Route
the way from England to Australia, as James Cook sailed, and answered the question:
“How long did it take for this journey?”

modern route from Moscow to Australia on an airliner and say how much
take time to fly.

marked on the map with boats attached to safety pins and
airplanes on the following routes:

1. London
– Cape Horn – Tahiti – Sydney. Time from 7 months to 1 year.

– Singapore – Sydney. Time is about 25 hours.

TO BE AND OTHER OPTIONS: Moscow – Tokyo – Sydney. Moscow – Dubai – Sydney.

Lead: Now captains
will exchange gifts related to Australia.

team “Kangaroo
” brings in a black box with a gift and
addresses the captain of the Ostrich Emu team: “I donate what is related to
the following: they were released for the first time by the settlers into the wild in the amount of five pieces.
They multiplied to millions and became a disaster for Australia. They were poisoned, infected
virus. They died in millions, but some survived, adapted to the virus and
again began to threaten Australia.They send you greetings in the form of a product that
can be worn every day in winter ”

Answer: rabbit hat.

team “Ostrich Emu
” brings a gift in a black box and
addresses the captain of the Kangaroo team: “They were also brought to Australia
immigrants. They also multiplied so much that they began to occupy territories
equal to Holland, Belgium and other small countries. The newspapers write that on
all of Australia drove them. They send you greetings in the form of a product in which you
go in winter time “

Answer: camel wool socks.

Master :
both teams studying Australia include a geologist, geotectonist,
climatologist, hydrologist, zoologist, botanist, ecologist, country expert, ethnographer, economist.
We start professional contests.

geotectonists: “The movement of lithospheric plates”

On a magnetic board
a sheet of Whatman paper with a drawing from the textbook (from 27) “Outlines of continents in
ancient times “

To understand the structure of the relief of Australia, it is necessary to look into the past of the earth and into
the past of the continent itself.Place the paper man where in the past
was Australia.

teams “Ostrich Emu”,
going to the board,
attaches in the figure where Laurasia is located, a paper figurine of a small
little man.

Lead .
Our geomorphologists have shown that they know how the continents were formed. Now
they will approach the physical map of the world, and will compare the relief of the two continents,
which were once one whole. The geotectonist of the Kangaroo team will
first talk about the plains of Africa, then the geotectonist of the opposing team – oh
plains of Australia.At the same time, he begins his answer with the words: “In comparison with
Africa in Australia “… and so on.

Competition of geologists: “Treasures of the earth I
must find “

Attached to a magnetic board
outline map of Australia. Two paper figures are attached to a large globe.
geologists: one in the place of Moscow, the other in Australia. Pupils – geologists with
backpacks, pushing alternately the globe (to the tune of the song from the film “Youth
Maxima “):

The earth ball is spinning, spinning,

Spinning, spinning in front of me,

Should I walk around the ball on foot,

I must find the earthly treasures.

Lead .
You guessed it, the geologists’ competition is starting. Now both teams get the following
task: open a comprehensive map of Australia in the atlases. Find signs on them
minerals and repeat their placement. And the geologists will continue their song
to end. At the same time, the teams should notice what kind of mineral
mentioned in the song, but its on a comprehensive map of Australia.

Geologist of the Kangaroo team :

I walked all over Australia on foot,

I found coal and oil and gas,

If I dig deeper into the desert,

I will find nickel, copper and diamonds.

Geologist of the Ostrich Emu team:

With titanium, with tungsten, with iron ore,

With manganese, with tin I will find here,

Bauxite and gold, bright opal,

I found it in the bowels of Australia.

Answer: on maps of Australia placed in
school atlas, no opal.

Now, while the geologist of the first team will talk about his find – diamonds,
the geologist of the second team will untie his backpack and the icons of useful
the fossils that he found, he will place with the help of attached
magnets on a contour map of Australia.Then they will do the opposite. Both
teams will have to compare the results of their work with maps of the atlas and
analyze the work of the opponent.

Kangaroo Team Geologist:

Diamonds of Australia entered the world
market only in 1983. But already now Australia is among the countries –
leaders in diamond mining. In addition, not only whites were found in Australia
(transparent), but also green, blue, pink diamonds. The latter especially
are appreciated. And they found them in a place called Kimberley in Western Australia.

Geologist of the “Ostrich Emu” team

There is no opal icon and
on maps of other continents. Maybe because 95% of all precious
opals are mined in Australia. The beauty of the opals delighted the natives. V
one of their legends says: “Long ago, spirits stole all the colors of the rainbow and
put them in stone. ” Therefore, I propose to depict a piece of the rainbow in place
Cooper – Pedy, which is about a thousand kilometers northwest of Adelaide.
There are several opal deposits in Australia, but this is the largest.

climatologists “I’m going to Australia.”

On board
a climate map of Australia is posted. There are two backpacks on the table, on one
the inscription “January”, on the other “July”, and various camping accessories,
necessary for a tourist in summer and winter.

Lead. Before
than to go to Australia, each team must collect a sample of equipment
team members, taking into account the travel time to that country. Team “Kangaroo”
goes there in January, and the Ostrich Emu team in July.

will now approach the backpacks of the opposite team and, taking out the thing, must
say whether it is needed in Australia, taking into account the isotherms of the corresponding month and
the amount of precipitation.

hydrologists “Give some water to drink”

Lead. Task
hydrologists – to look for water, this is especially important for the driest continent.
Find large reserves of water on the map of Australia mentioned in

First to raise
hand of a hydrologist. One type of natural waters is extremely common in Australia.
In the center of Australia is the Great Artesian Basin (east of
Simson Desert) is the largest artesian basin in the world. These underground
found themselves between two waterproof layers. It turned out that under waterless
Australian deserts lie a whole underground sea (its area is more than a million
square kilometers). The waters are very deep, so in deserts there is no
oases.In addition, these underground waters were not fresh, but salty in taste.
But sheep drink it with pleasure. (textbook, part 1, p. 231)

zoologists “You believe, you do not believe!”

Lead . How
known, hunters, fishermen at a halt begin to tell their amazing
bikes. After each such story by a zoologist, a team of rivals was asked:
“Is this true or not?” chorus answers: “yes” or “no”.If you hear “no” and
“Yes” at the same time, the answer to the team does not count. So the zoologists tell
in turn (determined by lot)

1. As soon as
we flew to Sydney, I quickly go to the beach. The people are full, the water is warm. Only
I plunged, I swim, suddenly a cry: “Sharks!” He looked around, and behind me was a six-meter shark.
I barely carried my feet.

2. And I’m on
northern Australia decided to swim in the ocean. I look – the mouth is open and the eyes are –
in! (Shows with his hands.). Ten-meter crocodile! But I looked at him like that
that he swam away at once.

1. I was in
nature reserve, so there before my eyes wild dingo dogs tore apart a kangaroo, the leader
a kangaroo killed a dingo dog for this.

2. I was in this
nature reserve. The emu liked me so much! Several times he passed me and
bowed. I tell him: “Buddy, give me a paw!” And how he gave! I almost killed you!

1. And me in
the reserve liked the koala bear, which is translated from the aboriginal language
means “teetotal”. I think it’s good that you don’t drink all day, I’ll take you with
myself to Russia.And he, it turns out, eats, eats and eats all day, and not everything in a row,
but only the leaves of those eucalyptus trees that he likes. Therefore, no zoo
the world does not take it. I decided that I didn’t need him like that either.

2. Me
I liked the platypus: it carries eggs and gives milk.

1. And I time
walking through the dry bush. I look: a huge pile of garbage – meters to stain in
circumference and five meters in height. There is a cockerel by that garbage heap and an open
the beak now and then thrust and thrust into it.What do you think he is doing? Temperature
measures. This is his incubator. Chickens lay eggs, foliage rotting, warm
stands out, and he makes sure that they do not overheat there: he rakes off the garbage
paws, then rakes.

2. And here I am
I’ll tell you – you won’t believe it. I’m walking through the rainforest. I look: at
A twenty-meter fern sits a lyrebird and neighs like a horse.

1. Strange
people – these Australians: drove camels from farms, now they do not need them –
thousands roam the desert.

2. And buffaloes
kicked out, their horns stick out in every remote corner.

Oh, this Australia!

Summing up
competition, the presenter says that all questions must be answered “yes”, because
there are in Australia and six-meter sharks, and ten-meter crocodiles, and a lyrebird
can laugh like a horse, because he perfectly imitates any sounds. About
this and other amazing stories can be read in the book: I. Zheleznova,
Lebedev I. another discovery of Australia.M .: Mysl, 1989. You can still
travel Australia using the Internet sites listed on p.
253, part II of the textbook.

Botanists’ competition “I am collecting a herbarium”

For carrying out
the competition uses the map “Natural Areas of Australia”.

Lead . Botanists will
move through natural areas and take turns to name the plants that are there
grow. I have cards laid out on my table with the names of these plants – also by
natural areas.If a botanist names a plant, he gets his card if
he, in addition, characterizes it with two or three sentences, then he gets
additional token.

Example answer:
Savannah plants: 1) eucalyptus, 2) umbellate acacias, 3) xanteria, or herbaceous
plants, 4) bottle trees-4 cards.

Bottle trees have a swollen trunk. Sometimes
so much so that chambers for convicts were arranged in the hollows of these trees,
newcomers to Australia. Thanks to the special loose wood, the plant
provides itself with moisture-1 token.

Contest of ecologists “Let’s Save the Museum of Nature!”

Lead. Our ecologists,
having visited Australia, we prepared their presentations on the conservation of nature in Australia.
(It is possible to prepare reports.) The jury rated their work with an appropriate number
points that are awarded to the team. (Works by ecologists are handed over in advance.)

Regional Studies Competition “Praise the Ancestors”

Lead. Country Studies Teams
were tasked with preparing a short but clear message
about settling in Australia using additional information. To the Kangaroo team –
about the beginning of settling by settlers, the “Ostrich Emu” team – about the creation of one of
settlements (cities).

(Here are examples of stories.)

Country Study Team
The beginning of the settlement of Australia is known in every detail. The prisons of England were
overcrowded. Some of the members of the government remembered the discovery by James
Cook continent.An idea arose with its help to get rid of unnecessary people.

And now eleven
sailing ships with convicts and guards set off on a long journey. Did not have
no hope that the convicts will swim to Australia alive: the tight
holds, worms in flour and meat, rancid water.

Country Study Team
“Ostrich Emu”.

Melbourne, however, was not created by convicts, but by free settlers, and it arose
much later. The needy drove the settlers here. In cramped holds
filled with people, they carried household utensils, agricultural implements.V
cows bellowed, sheep bleated, chickens cackled, squealed

Ethnographers competition “Dawn is breaking”

(the jury does not evaluate).

Ethnographer of the Kangaroo team. Migrants,
treating the aborigines as inferior creatures, began to destroy them as wild

Two students come out playing the role
immigrants. They are wearing plaid shirts, light summer hats, with a belt
– pistols.

The first one throws a dark one on the table

First. A couple more cut off
ears of aborigines. The captain promised a bonus for each killed native, and in
proof requires cut ears.

Second . You are not afraid,
that they will catch you and do the same to you?

First. We Will Destroy Them
each and every one: let us poison their food, the water they drink, drive them into
reservations, finally, we will forbid them to marry without our permission.

Second. But it seems to me
that they are people like us. We must learn their language to understand friend
friend. Do you know what this animal is called? (shows a drawing of a kangaroo). I AM
asked the native: “What do you call him?” He answered me: “KE-GU-RU”. So
that we understood each other, and we now know that this animal is a kangaroo.

Ethnographer. In fact, when
the aborigine pronounced “KE-GU-RU”, he said: “I do not understand.”

Ethnographer “Ostrich Emu”. At the beginning
century it seemed that the natives were destined to disappear from the face of the earth. But racists
miscalculated. A referendum was held, and in 1967 the Aborigines were finally
recognized as citizens of the country. They ceased to die out, even the growth of the indigenous
population of Australia.

Lead. We have finished our
a fascinating journey across Australia.

The jury sums up the results. Exhibited


Repeat §28-32, tests, p.254-256;
repeat the characteristics of Oceania in the notebook.

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  • Jaw crusher mordovorot

    Jaw crusher is a vital piece of equipment in the crushing industry.

  • Impact Crusher

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  • Cone Crusher

    Cone Crushers are also known as Cone Breakers. The compressive force of the cone crusher is not more than 250 MPa.

  • Hammer crusher

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  • Roller crusher

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