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Macquarie –

Culture Q&A

Talk to us about being an Australian company. How does that showcase itself in daily work life?

At Macquarie, we are proud of our Australian roots.  We believe in giving open and honest feedback. It all connects to our value of accountability. We voice our opinions in the room, not behind backs.

We’re also a little bit more casual, with friendly banter. You’ll most likely have someone give you a shortened version of your name.

From a business perspective, you’ll interact with colleagues in Australia, Asia and Europe, which is the cool thing about being part of a global company.


What kind of technology do you build?

Our teams create and maintain the technology which supports our investment management business. Macquarie offers investment management capabilities across a number of asset classes, including fixed income, equities and multi-asset solutions.  Our systems are built to manage end-to-end processes in an agile, secure and scalable manner. The tech teams often work in partnership with clients to constantly provide tech solutions that fit their needs.


What do you look for from tech candidates?

We really look for a problem-solving mindset vs. experience or skills in a specific language or framework. We want to see how you look at a problem and approach solving innovative and challenging technology projects.

Candidates don’t have to have experience in financial services, but you should be able to follow a client as they talk about the markets. As you will work closely with our investment managers, you’ll need to understand the business context in which we operate.

We’re also looking for people who are curious and not afraid to ask questions. We’re a culture that loves new ideas. We want people who will challenge us, our business and the way we’ve always done things.


What types of roles are you looking to fill?

Right now, we are looking for:

● Full-stack DevOps engineers

● Tech leads who are hands-on managers

At the moment, we continue to focus on automation, cloud for expansion, resilience and time to market. If these are passions or strengths of yours, we’d love to hear from you. It’s important for us to keep a pulse on emerging technologies and ideate how we can leverage those at Macquarie.


How do you approach growth and learning?

It’s very organic and aligns with our culture of opportunity. We work in smaller teams, so everyone has a chance to get their hands in a little bit of everything, including different parts of the business that you might not be trained in but are interested in learning more about.

We have a library of courses (online, in-house, on mobile), active employee network groups, Workplace by Facebook that keeps employees engaged, lunch and learns, and we often bring in guest speakers.

Each year we also look forward to the annual Macquarie Technology Conference. It’s a week-long conference where discussions range from artificial intelligence and virtual reality to big data and robotics. The entire company is invited to experience emerging technologies firsthand and hear from internal experts and external thought leaders from across the technology landscape.

Learning here is flexible to your style and interests. Most growth happens when someone takes the initiative to say, “I don’t have a background in this, but I have an interest in it. Can I work on this project?”

International Students – Career Support

Career and Employment Service

Whether you’re studying in Australia or online with us in 2021, the Career and Employment Service offers a range of services and resources to support your career development.

Student employment service

MQ Student Employment Service (MQSE) helps students become job-ready and facilitates paid employment opportunities on and off campus.

Online career resources

CareerHub is an online jobs board exclusively for Macquarie students. Here you can also use the appointment booking system and events management tool to register and participate in virtual workshops, employer presentations and other activities.

CareerWISE is your online gateway with a range of resources to help you launch your career. It’s a great road map to follow with activities, links and resources such as:

  • CV360 is an online tool you can use anytime, anywhere, to get general feedback from state-of-the-art software on your resume and more tailored feedback from a careers advisor.
  • MyMQ Career Zone is a video and tutorial library linked to your CareerHub account. It features videos on everything from resume writing to interviewing and career planning.

Professional development opportunities at Macquarie

  • Volunteering will increase your employability and give you a good first taste of the Australian work environment.
  • Global Leadership Program (GLP) is a co-curricular program that can be undertaken alongside any course at Macquarie. With a focus on cross-cultural understanding, leadership, international issues, innovation, and entrepreneurship the GLP provides you with the knowledge, skills and networks you’ll need to advance in your professional and personal lives.
  • MQ Incubator aims to provide all students with entrepreneurial experience and an opportunity to engage across disciplinary, social, and cultural boundaries.
  • The English Speaking Club (ESC) program is designed to help international students enhance their employability skills while they practise their spoken English.
  • Join a student society to develop your transferable skills and build social and professional networks.
  • Check currently available positions with Campus Life – Macquarie University over the summer break.

Finding work after graduation

If you are thinking of returning home after graduation, please consider the following resources to find jobs overseas:

NSW Summer Engagement Program

Study NSW’s Summer Program aims to inspire, connect and support international students with free or low-cost events and activities during the summer. Please kindly assist us by promoting on your social media channels by sharing these posts:

Remember to check your visa conditions on the Visa Entitlement Verification Online System called VEVO before applying.

Farm Jobs Connect

Farm Jobs Connect is a Study NSW partner project, linking international students in NSW with part-time or short-term harvest work in the Hunter and Central West regions of NSW. This is a great opportunity to travel, live and work in regional NSW, make friends and help Aussie farmers.

Job search engines

There are also a number of Job Search Engines in Australia which you can check out:


90,000 Accurate financial horoscope for 2021. Horoscope of work, career, business

Financial horoscope is a forecast for a year, month, day (today, tomorrow) regarding the financial component of a person’s life and money. With such a forecast, it is possible to learn about the receipt of finances and the possibility of keeping them , whether it is possible to make financial investments or there will be losses in 2021. Based on such data, you can plan your spending, investing money, and developing your business. The horoscope will make it clear whether you need to be more careful with spending money and more economically, or, conversely, luck favors finances.

Making a forecast for the horoscope for 2021 for work and career will indicate the direction regarding this important area of ​​human life. You can find out: how it will be with work in the year; whether it is planned to be promoted or fired; is the year favorable for finding a good job or changing jobs; what kind of interaction will be in the team and with the bosses; whether there will be career growth this year.

Business horoscope for 2021 will help you find out: about the state of affairs for business in the year; is it a good time to start your own business or expand an existing business; will there be support from society; interaction with official structures (bank, tax, government, etc.)etc.). You can also find out what the given period is for concluding contracts, negotiating, making decisions.

The horoscope for 2021 for finance, money, work, career and business will be compiled according to the following main points:

  • Finance and money: getting money, profit
  • Financial risks, success of money investment, probability of financial losses
  • Ability to keep and save money. Financial spending 90,020
  • Job by horoscope: promotion, job search, current position at work
  • Work: the likelihood of dismissal, change of place of work (more related to official, hired.If the forecast for work is bad, then during this period you can consider options for non-official, freelance, remote work)
  • Teamwork, with bosses
  • Business horoscope: opening, current state of the business
  • Conclusion and signing of contracts, documents. Applying for work
  • Interaction with official structures (bank, tax, etc.), law and society
  • Physical activity, sufficient energy for business, activity
  • Leadership qualities.Desire to take the lead
  • Discussion of plans, decision making
  • Communication, negotiations

Calculate the financial horoscope for 2021. Horoscope forecast for work, business, career

This free online horoscope calculation for finance, work, career and business uses the person’s

date of birth to forecast for 2021 and the months of this year. Horoscope for any month of the year: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.It is enough to enter birth data and the program will calculate the horoscope. Decoding of the result will be on separate items. Each such item will be indicated by a colored circle. The color will indicate whether or not is favorable for this item.

  • Green circles indicate positive impact of a year or month. Shades of color and percentages help determine not only whether it will be a good year or a bad year, but also the strength of the energies of the year.With the “green” color, a person can count on good luck in finances, work, business. And you need to make the most of this year – luck is on your side.
  • Red circles let us know that there may be difficulties in work, money or for doing business (it depends on which area is negatively affected by the year). Therefore, in such a year, you need to be more attentive to finances, not to make risky financial investments, not to start new projects, not to conflict at work, if possible, not to quit your job, since a new one will be more difficult to find than usual.If the negative force of action of the energies of the year is large (the largest percentage), then it will be difficult to avoid difficulties.

As a result of calculating the horoscope, the first circle indicates the effect of the energies of the year, the second – the month this year (if this parameter is selected). First of all, take into account the action of the energies of the year. They act more than than the energies of the month and determine the forecast for the whole year. Therefore, first we focus on what the year promises us in finance, work, business and career.

What is the popularity of a horoscope for work, finance and business?

The popularity of horoscopes for a year, a month or today / tomorrow remains always high. An indicator of this is the “Query Popularity Dynamics” graph. True, at the end and at the beginning of the year, the graph goes up, which indicates an increase in requests during this period.

The largest number of queries in search engines is occupied by full horoscopes. Then there are “love horoscopes”. Well, the third place is occupied by the “money block”: financial horoscope – 50,000 requests per month; horoscope work – 70,000; career horoscope – 17,000; business horoscope – 10,000.

There are also many searches with these keywords + zodiac sign. For example, such queries: horoscope Gemini work – 8,000; financial horoscope for fish – 4,000; Aquarius’s career horoscope – 2,000. And so on for all other signs of the zodiac: Libra, Virgo, Leo, Taurus, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio.

Life consists of “black” and “white” stripes. True, in some people there may be more “white” stripes. The same can be said about finance, work, business. Someone will face losses and difficulties in the year, while others will have success and financial growth. The main thing is correct behavior during this period. If the period is difficult, then there is no need to take unnecessary risks and aggravate the problems even more, but it is better to wait it out. Whoever has a successful year, then it is not an allowable luxury to be lazy during this period and miss out on luck.

And more. A good financial forecast for the year does not automatically generate money. You are given opportunities and a good period for getting money, the opportunity to find a good job or career growth. But actions will be required on your part in this direction.

Horoscopes for 2021 for finance, business and work are not only general and calculated using the online calculator, but also individual . Such a horoscope can be drawn up by a professional consultant using the exact date of birth of a particular person. Accordingly, the forecast will concern this particular person, and not a group of people. An individual horoscope, which was calculated and deciphered by a professional consultant, has a greater accuracy of than online horoscopes on websites or in magazines.90,093 90,000 The Best Business Schools in the World 2015 according to the Financial Times

The Financial Times Global MBA ranking for the third time in a row gave the first place to the Harvard Business School for the third time in a row, but now its closest rivals are London Business School and Wharton School of the University. of Pennsylvania), which surpassed Stanford and Insead this year.As always, schools were judged on the way their graduates made their careers.

And here again Harvard was out of competition: after graduating from the MBA program, its graduates earn twice as much as before entering business school. The median salary for Harvard graduates in the three years after graduation is $ 179,910. Interestingly, Harvard also ranked first in terms of recommendations from graduates of other business schools who answered the question “Which business school MBA program would you recommend to graduate from?”

According to Harvard students, the very reputation of the school works for them. “Harvard opens many doors and often creates an irrational desire to hire you,” said one student who participated in a survey for the rankings. Students can also count on an extensive alumni network, which is one of the most reliable career paths.

This year, ten new educational institutions were included in the top 100 business schools, the best result among newcomers was shown by the University of San Diego School of Business Administration, which was immediately in 66th place.Among the regular participants in the ranking, the schools of management of the Chinese University of Fudan (Fudan University School of Management) and the British Lancaster University Management School (Lancaster University Management School) showed the greatest progress compared to last year, moving up 28 and 27 places, respectively.

According to the survey, the main motivation for MBA students is to increase salaries, acquire knowledge in the field of management and access the network of graduates of top schools. 95% of the surveyed graduates achieve their goals within three years after graduation.The average salary of graduates is $ 133,000, which is 93% higher than earnings before entering the MBA. 89% of graduates find a job within three months after graduation.

Methods for compiling the FT Global MBA Ranking 2015 90 097

Based on data from 159 business schools around the world and a survey of full-time MBA alumni in 2011. This year, 9,700 graduates took part in the survey. Their answers were used as the basis for 8 criteria for compiling the ranking, the main of which are the income of graduates three years after graduation from business school and the increase in salaries compared to the preschool level.These figures represent 40% of the total “weight” of the business school in the ranking. Another important indicator is Value for money, justification and return on investment in business education; data on it were also obtained from graduates.

The ranking took into account both academic indicators and the teaching and student staff, including the number of teachers with a doctorate degree, and the international experience of the school, and the research level. All these criteria accounted for 31% of the overall business school grade

Global MBA Ranking 2015 90 123 80 90 126 90 123 98 90 126 90 123 61 90 126 90 123 71 90 126 90 123 76 90 126 90 123 80 90 126 90 123 75 90 126 90 123 76 90 126 90 123 76 90 126 90 123 79 90 126 90 123 61 90 126 90 123 70 90 126 90 123 76 90 126 90 123 69 90 126 90 123 59 90 126 90 123 99 90 126 90 123 75 90 126 90 123 75 90 126 90 123 80 90 126 90 123 55 90 126 90 123 75 90 126 90 123 80 90 126 90 123 71 90 126 90 123 61 90 126
Place in 2015 Place in 3 years Business School Country Average salary ($) Salary growth (%)
1 1 Harvard Business School US 179.910 96
2 3 London Business School UK 154.147 97
3 3 University of Pennsylvania: Wharton US 171.543 90
4 3 Stanford Graduate School of Business US 177.089
4 5 Insead France / Singapore 155.015 86
6 5 Columbia Business School US 169.252 106
7 7 Iese Business School Spain 144.992 121
8 8 MIT: Sloan US 158.926 97
9 9 University of Chicago: Booth US 161.289 97
10 11 University of California at Berkeley: Haas US 158.518 88
11 14 Ceibs China 149.504 147
12 12 IE Business School Spain 152.286 104
13 15 Cambridge Judge Business School UK 146.664 93
14 12 HKUST Business School China 132.416 117
14 14 Northwestern University: Kellogg US 159.598 90
16 19 HEC Paris France 129.544 104
17 14 Yale School of Management US 154.175 96
18 18 New York University: Stern US 146.701 90
19 21 Esade Business School Spain 133.138 117
20 17 IMD Switzerland 148.148 70
21 19 Duke University: Fuqua US 142.557 91
22 23 University of Oxford: Saïd UK 136.474 86
23 20 Dartmouth College: Tuck US 153.896 94
24 26 University of Michigan: Ross US 144.159 97
25 25 UCLA: Anderson US 142.380 92
26 27 Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad India 167.676 88
26 32 SDA Bocconi Italy 121.100 107
28 26 Cornell University: Johnson US 138.782
28 29 University of Hong Kong China 118.354 108
30 CUHK Business School China 112.204 125
31 33 National University of Singapore Business School Singapore 107.282 127
32 31 University of Virginia: Darden US 141.297 100
33 34 Indian School of Business India 126.544 131
34 42 Imperial College Business School UK 108.553 88
35 36 Manchester Business School UK 115.763 92
36 38 Carnegie Mellon: Tepper US 133.252 100
36 50 The Lisbon MBA Portugal 122.334 97
38 30 Warwick Business School UK 118.411
39 39 University of North Carolina: Kenan-Flagler US 125.937 93
40 37 Nanyang Business School Singapore 110.642 107
40 42 University of Texas at Austin: McCombs US 133.300 88
42 39 Georgetown University: McDonough US 128.684 96
43 38 Rice University: Jones US 123.058 104
43 48 University of California at Irvine: Merage US 112.166 105
45 39 Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Netherlands 103.626 78
45 42 City University: Cass UK 114.032 68
45 43 Cranfield School of Management UK 118.458
48 57 Purdue University: Krannert US 108.622 113
49 50 University of Maryland: Smith US 108.143 93
50 66 Lancaster University Management School UK 96.919 81
51 62 University of Washington: Foster US 115.924 93
52 62 University of Cape Town GSB South Africa 144.744
53 50 University of Toronto: Rotman Canada 91.974
54 56 Michigan State University: Broad US 110.062 113
55 Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai China 93.690 160
55 63 Mannheim Business School Germany 106.106
55 Fudan University School of Management China 90.833 148
58 68 University of Southern California: Marshall US 126.141 84
59 50 Emory University: Goizueta US 122.559 85
59 52 Sungkyunkwan University GSB South Korea 109.636
61 58 Vanderbilt University: Owen US 120.936 88
62 54 Indiana University: Kelley US 116.254 105
63 ESMT – European School of Management and Technology Germany 99.822 65
63 University of Iowa: Tippie US 110.258 117
65 65 Georgia Institute of Technology: Scheller US 113.498 108
66 University of San Diego School of Business Administration US 106.400 112
67 University of St Gallen Switzerland 104.891 58
68 Macquarie Graduate School of Management Australia 120.485
69 Ohio State University: Fisher US 105.409 102
70 81 Wisconsin School of Business US 110.676 100
71 53 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign US 111.224 94
72 63 Washington University: Olin US 110.810 87
73 University College Dublin: Smurfit Ireland 108.154
73 83 Babson College: Olin US 119.996 95
75 62 AGSM at UNSW Business School Australia 109.794
76 SMU: Cox US 110.297
76 83 Arizona State University: Carey US 104.356 96
78 83 Boston University School of Management US 109.775 97
79 Durham University Business School UK 96.363 66
80 80 University of Strathclyde Business School UK 98.839 80
81 70 University of British Columbia: Sauder Canada 95.427 67
82 Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore India 134.538
83 University of Minnesota: Carlson US 112.208
84 University of Bath School of Management UK 96.846
85 66 University of Rochester: Simon US 108.321 102
86 Queen’s School of Business Canada 92.388 86
86 University of Alberta Canada 92.370 95
86 Pennsylvania State University: Smeal US 104.612 100
89 University of Notre Dame: Mendoza US 116.394 93
90 73 Melbourne Business School Australia 96.411 60
90 88 Boston College: Carroll US 113.846
90 91 George Washington University US 104.994 85
93 91 University of California, San Diego: Rady US 99,200 72
94 93 Vlerick Business School Belgium 100.809
95 Birmingham Business School UK 102.367
96 University of South Carolina: Moore US 92.526 97
97 University of Pittsburgh: Katz US 92.160 105
97 78 Tias Business School Netherlands 92.289 67
97 88 Western University: Ivey Canada 96.990 68
100 87 McGill University: Desautels Canada 89.510 67
90,000 Avi K.Doctors online, Endocrinology Online On See Guru

About Me

Professor Avraham Karasik is recognized as one of the best doctors in the field of endocrinology in Israel. Behind him is a huge experience in treating various pathologies of the endocrine system, in particular, diabetes mellitus of various types. He also deals with the treatment of patients with diseases of the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, oncopathologies of the endocrine system.Conducts drug therapy, participates in the development and management of treatment in conjunction with surgeons, cardiologists and other specialists. You can get a remote consultation via Skype. On it, the doctor will clarify the diagnosis, draw up an individual therapy program, and recommend the most effective method of treatment. Dr. Karasik is also known for his scientific and teaching work. Education and work experience Received a degree in Internal Medicine from the Hebrew University School of Medicine, then completed an internship at Sheba Clinic.He received his specialization as an endocrinologist at the Jocelyn Medical Center at Harvard University in the United States. During his professional career, he went through all the stages of formation, from an ordinary doctor to the director of the Institute of Endocrinology. He has received two awards and numerous international grants for his outstanding services in endocrinology. He is engaged in educational work: he conducts a program on the prevention of diabetes on Israeli television. Academic experience He is a professor at Tal Aviv University, teaches at the Department of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology.He is engaged in clinical research of new innovative medications for diabetes, obesity, and conducts research on the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes. Has over 100 scientific publications in the medical press. Area of ​​specialization Endocrinology Medication for both types of diabetes Treating obesity and other metabolic problems Treatment of sexual dysfunction in elderly patients Treatment of pathologies of the thyroid gland (including cancer) Osteoporosis treatment Treatment of pathologies of the pituitary gland and adrenal glands.Participation in specialized organizations President of the Israel Society of Endocrinology President of the Israel Obesity Association Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Association for the Treatment of Diabetes.

90,000 UK RDIF, Russian Direct Investment Fund of the Russian Federation, Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev :: Russian Direct Investment Fund

Adygea rep.

Altai rep.

Altai Territory

Amur region

Arkhangelsk region

Astrakhan region

Bashkortostan rep.

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Krasnoyarsk Territory

Crimea rep.

Kurgan region

Kursk region

Leningrad region.

Lipetsk region

Magadan region

Mari-El rep.

Mordovia rep.


Moscow region

Murmansk region

Nenets Autonomous District

Nizhny Novgorod region.

Novgorod region

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Sverdlovsk region.


North Ossetia rep.

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Khakassia rep.

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug

Chelyabinsk region

Chechen Republic

Chuvash Republic

Chukotka AO

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District

Yaroslavl region


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