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MAC Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe Collection

Photo: MAC

Photo: MAC Cosmetics

This October, MAC Cosmetics is celebrating Marilyn Monroe’s iconic beauty look with a limited-edition collection. The bombshell-worthy range includes everything from eyeshadows to nail polish—that come with names like Preferred Blonde and Charmed I’m Sure—and runs $15 to $28. Prior to the line’s launch online tomorrow, September 27 (it hits stores October 4), chatted with MAC’s director of makeup artistry Gregory Arlt, who created some of the collection’s lip and eye shades.

ELLE: How did you become involved with the collection?

Gregory Arlt: Well, MAC product development approached me last October and said that they were planning on doing a Marilyn Monroe collection in the fall. I asked them, ‘Why Marilyn? Why now?’

And basically, the answer is, it’s always a good time to celebrate Marilyn Monroe. They know that I work with a lot of celebrities that love red lipstick, and I’m constantly blending and mixing colors. So they said, ‘Can you please make these beautiful, modern reds for the collection and also consult on the other shades like the shadows and the blush?’ So I was really involved from the beginning.

ELLE: How did you pick the shades to give that retro modern look?

GA: For me, it was about two things—trying to come up with a modern texture, but also coming up with reds that maybe we haven’t seen before in the line. MAC has some amazing, amazing red lip colors, and I find that sometimes I might mix two or three together to get the perfect red for specific clients. So it’s kind of a little bit of filling in blanks.

ELLE: What gaps were you aiming to fill?

GA: Well, one of my clients is the lovely Dita von Teese, and we all know she wears red lipstick. Whenever I work with her, we pretty much love Russian Red by MAC or Ruby Woo by MAC, but sometimes we want to go a little bit deeper. So I felt like a really beautiful burgundy oxblood was missing—the color I came up for from the line is called Deeply Adored. And then also: a red that had a little hint of berry but also a bit of brick to it—that manifested with a color called Charmed I’m Sure, which I love. And then the one that’s called Love Goddess was sort of made because I thought it would be fun to have more of a fuchsia red. Fuchsias are either really, really bright pink or have a lot of purple in them. It’s hard to get that perfect red with just a little hint of fuchsia to it, so I would mix up colors to come up with that one.

Photo: MAC

Photo: MAC Cosmetics

ELLE: How would you suggest wearing them?

GA: I think the thing about red, I always say it’s your little black dress of makeup. I think everyone needs one in their bag. It can really change your whole look. I always tell women, if you’re a little nervous about it, apply it with a lip brush or swipe it on your bottom lip and rub your two lips together so you get the perfect consistency. Then, you get a little more brave and you wear it fully from the tube. One of my clients likes to take a little lipstick on her ring finger and just kind of dab the center of her mouth so it looks like she’s had a little red wine. So it really depends on skin tone and just your confidence level, really.

ELLE: You mentioned using this collection on Dita Von Teese. Is there anyone else you could see using it on?

GA: Oh, definitely. I’ve already used some of the colors on Gwen Stefani, and Love Goddess I actually used on Christina Hendricks. We work together quite a bit, and we wanted to really see that pretty fuchsia red.

ELLE: What about the eyeshadows you worked on?

GA: When you think Marilyn Monroe, her eyes are always fairly neutral, but we wanted to do something a little bit more modern and we’ve had a really, really big amount of success with frosted shadows. I was thinking, what if Marilyn Monroe were alive today, what would she do? And I was thinking a really neutral, sparkly eye. So I talked to product development about doing a sort of ivory frost color or a really pretty metallic blue silver, which is a little unexpected for Marilyn Monroe, but it kind of works out with the red lip.

ELLE: What do you think it is about Marilyn’s look that’s so timeless and enduring?

GA: She’s a really really rare combination of totally sexy and sensual, but she was also really cute. It’s kind of hard to find that blend in a person. I actually think of Gwen Stefani, and I think she can be really sexy and vampy but there’s a cuteness about her—I think Marilyn had that same appeal. She was the ultimate bombshell, the volume was always turned up. Her hair was always a little bigger and whiter, her lips were redder and her dresses were tighter and her hips were curvier. She had this larger than life persona that I think so many people, men and women, were attracted to.

ELLE: Which aspect of her beauty look is most iconic for you?

GA: The red lip for sure. I loved the way she shaped her lips—when I was researching this collection and when I was researching her and going in deep about her makeup secrets, I read that she and her makeup artist would collaborate and do like five or six different reds—like one deeper on the outer edge of her mouth, another one in the center just to make her lips look really dimensional. They’d overdraw her lip to make it look more sexy. So her lips really were almost architecture, you know?

ELLE: Did you turn up any more fun facts while researching?

GA: I did. I found out she would use Vaseline all over her face, under her makeup, before she went on camera because it gave her a glow that she really liked. She also used this sort of like hormone cream that made her skin tighter, but the hormones in it actually gave her quite a bit of peach fuzz on her face. The director would try to get her to remove it, but she insisted on keeping it because she thought it gave her a nice sort of a fuzzy glow around her face to make her look more ethereal. And it worked! You know, we all think of her using black eyeliner, but she actually used a dark brown eyeliner and used a white pencil on the inside of her eye to make her eye look larger. [She used] a lot of really interesting tricks to get to where she was as a beauty.

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MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Swatches, Photos & Review

The MAC Marilyn Monroe collection might be one of my favorite collections in a very long time from the brand. Somehow the iconic Marilyn Monroe and MAC just go together perfectly.

I’ve been a Marilyn Monroe fan for as long as I can remember. I was always fascinated with how beautiful she was and her tragic death. When I was a teenager I wore a lot of bright red lipstick and black liquid liner because her look was just so classic and timeless, and I wanted to pay homage to it. A few times I might have even darkened a mole near my eyebrow. 😉

This collection features the exact kinds of colors I imagine Marilyn would be wearing today if she were still alive. They are classic, timeless shades that will never go out of style. Just like Marilyn herself.

Powder Blush in Legendary

Powder Blush in Legendary

Beauty Powder in Forever Marilyn

Beauty Powder in Forever Marilyn

Legendary, Forever Marilyn

Powder Blush Legendary is a pale peachy/pink satin. It’s on the sheer side, but not too sheer for me. Pretty, soft and nice pigmentation.

Beauty Powder Forever Marilyn is a very light peach. It’s meant to be used as a highlighter and it’s just the right amount of shimmer so it doesn’t look over the top.

Large Eye Shadows

Large Eye Shadows How To Marry, Preferred Blonde, Showgirl

How To Marry, Preferred Blonde, Showgirl (over primer)

How To Marry is a pale, icy white (Veluxe Pearl). Soft and nice pigmentation.

Preferred Blonde is a light champagne (Veluxe Pearl). Also nice pigmentation and texture.

Showgirl is a medium/dark steel blue (Veluxe Pearl). Gorgeous shade, great pigmentation.

I love all three of these, though the first two might not be that unique. They all felt very soft and had really nice pigmentation over a primer. The first two are very Marilyn Monroe to me.

Lipsticks in Charmed I’m Sure, Pure Zen, Love Goddess (not shown Deeply Adored)

Lipsticks in Charmed I’m Sure, Pure Zen, Love Goddess (not shown Deeply Adored)

Deeply Adored, Charmed I’m Sure, Pure Zen, Love Goddess

Deeply Adored (which came totally broken so I couldn’t photograph it) is a very deep scarlet red (Matte).

Charmed I’m Sure is a dark classic red (Matte).

Pure Zen is a light warm nude/pink (Cremesheen).

Love Goddess is a bright pink/red (Satin).

All four of these are nice, but my favorites are Charmed I’m Sure because it just screams classic Marilyn Monroe red to me, and Love Goddess because it’s a really flattering pinky-red shade.

Deeply Adored

Charmed I’m Sure

Pure Zen

Love Goddess

Dazzleglasses in Little Rock, Phiff!

Dazzleglasses in Little Rock, Phiff!

Little Rock, Phiff!

Little Rock is a sheer white with pearl (Frost).

Phiff! is a sheer yellow (Frost).

I’m not a huge fan of these just because the shades are so sheer they don’t really show up unless you layer them over something. Phiff! is the one that has the most color to it.

Nail Lacquers in Vintage Vamp, Rich, Rich, Rich, Flaming Rose, Stage Red

Stay tuned for swatches of the Marilyn Monroe Nail Lacquers!

Overall: I love the packaging because it looks really sleek and classic. Gorgeous photos of Marilyn on each piece. I really loved the Legendary Powder Blush, the Lipsticks and Large Eye Shadows the most. The Dazzleglasses didn’t do much for me and the Beauty Powder, while nice, isn’t all that interesting.

Availability: MAC, Nordstrom until November 1st.

Pricing: Powder Blush ($22), Beauty Powder ($28), Large Eye Shadow ($21), Lipstick ($16.50), Dazzleglass ($21.50), Nail Lacquers ($17.50).

What are your thoughts about the Marilyn Monroe collection? Are you a fan of hers and the collection?


Note: MAC is not cruelty free.

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M·A·C Marilyn Monroe Collection and Photographs.

— Beautiful Makeup Search


Get ready. The M·A·C Marilyn Monroe Collection will be in stores tomorrow.

I have all of the official photographs over in a MAC Marilyn Monroe photo gallery, so you can hop over there and check out all the official images. I have actual product pictures below, so be sure to scroll down through this post to see everything.

I am loving this collection. The products and packaging do not disappoint. I love the boxes, especially the little red lip kiss on the inside.

M∙A∙C Marilyn Monroe, a colour collection that channels the legend’s lustre and sex appeal in shades and formulas meticulously Marilyn. Lipsticks in rapturous reds, gleaming Dazzleglass, a dramatic 35 Lash, False Lashes Extreme Black and Eye Shadows in shimmering metallic and diamond tones provide silver-screen allure. The finishing touch: Nail Lacquers destined to be a girl’s best friend and Beauty Powder to evoke that flawless Forever Marilyn.

The M·A·C Marilyn Monroe Collection:

Large Eye Shadow – $21.00

  • How to Marry – Soft white (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Preferred Blonde – Pale champagne beige (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Silver Screen – True silver (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Showgirl – Dark blue grey (Veluxe Pearl)

Brow Finisher – $15.00

Mascara – $20.00

  • False Lashes Extreme Black – Black

Eye Kohl – $15.00

  • Fascinating – Intense matte white
  • Smolder – Intense black

Penultimate Eyeliner – $18.50

Penultimate Brow Marker – $18.50

Powder Blush – $22.00

  • Legendary – Pale soft coral (Satin)
  • The Perfect Cheek – Neutral pink beige (Matte)

Nail Lacquer – $17.50

  • Rich, Rich, Rich (Online Exclusive) – Glittery gold (Pearl)
  • Vintage Vamp – Rich deep retro wine (Cream)
  • Stage Red – Dark berry red (Cream)
  • Flaming Rose – True Red (Cream)
  • Kid Orange – Coral (Cream)

Lash – $16. 00
35 Lash

Lipstick – $16.50

  • Pure Zen – Frosted warm nude (Cremesheen)
  • Scarlet Ibis – Bright orange red (Matte)
  • Love Goddess – Mid-tone pink red (Satin)
  • Charmed I’m Sure – Dark true red (Matte)
  • Deeply Adored – Deep scarlet (Matte)

Dazzleglass – $21.50

  • Phiff! – Sheer yellow peach (Frost)
  • Little Rock – Soft sheer white with pearl (Frost)

Lip Pencil – $16.50

  • Beet – Vivid reddish-pink
  • Redd – Clearly red
  • Cherry – Vivid bright bluish-red

Beauty Powder – $28.00

  • Forever Marilyn – Sheer pale peach highlighter

MAC Marilyn Monroe Beauty Powder Forever Marilyn

MAC Marilyn Monroe Powder Blush The Perfect CheekMAC Marilyn Monroe Large Eye Shadow How To Marry, Showgirl, Silver Screen

MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Charmed I’m Sure, Deeply Adored, Pure Zen, Scarlet Ibis

MAC Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass Lip Gloss Little Rock, Phiff!

MAC Marilyn Monroe Nail Lacquer Flamingo Rose, Kid Orange, Rich, Rich, Rich, Stage Red, Vintage Vamp

Like I said, the entire collection will be available tomorrow at all M·A·C locations. It is for sale right now online at

Touring Marilyn Monroe’s LA Haunts with MAC Cosmetics

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Grid View


MAC Cosmetics has officially raised the bar on collection launch events. In honor of their new limited-edition Marilyn Monroe-inspired set of lipsticks, nail lacquers, eyeshadows, eyeliners and more, the celebrated beauty brand invited us on a classic Starline Tour to visit the late starlet’s favorite places in LA. Brilliant.

As we scoped tons of classic Monroe landmarks, from the Rainbow Bar and Grill (formerly Villa Nova) to her grave at Westwood Village Memorial Park, MAC’s director of makeup artistry Gregory Arlt offered both fascinating and hilarious commentary on the collection. Case in point: While explaining the stunning rare photos that are featured on the collection’s packaging, he declared that Marilyn Monroe is the “Tupac Shakur of Hollywood” because new snaps of her are always popping up, which is so spot-on.

Arlt also gave us some insight on his storied career as a red carpet makeup artist. As a 15-year vet in the industry, he’s the go-to for gorgeous gals like Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham and retro queen Dita Von Teese. Speaking of DVT, Arlt revealed that the collection’s “Charmed I’m Sure” lipstick was made specifically for Dita since she loves to rock a red pout.

Take a peek at the tour in our gallery and be sure to snap up a piece of the collection (which is almost sold out!) in-store or online now through November.
· MAC Cosmetics [Official Site]

Legendary! The MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

MAC‘s just-released Marilyn Monroe Makeup Collection has captivated and left the beauty world breathless in much the same way as the film-star herself.   And now, you can own beauty products inspired by the legend.  Read on for more…

MAC really excels at taking a concept for a collection and executing, especially when it comes to the packaging of these collaborations. I’d say that this is one of my favorite MAC Collections in recent memory. The outside box and the covers of the products are emblazoned with the most gorgeous black and white photos of Marilyn, with her autograph in red. It’s a striking effect.

The MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection is a full collection and while I would usually list out the names and shades of each product, because the collection is sold out virtually everywhere, I don’t think you’ll find that useful. So what I am going to do is show you some of my very favorite products from the collection.


The showpiece of the collection is the Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder. The Beauty Powder is a sheer pale peach highlighter and isn’t sparkly, something I appreciate.


The Lipsticks in the Marilyn Monroe Collection have great pigmentation and color payoff. The shades that I have are (from left to right) Pure Zen, Scarlet Ibis, Love Goddess and Charmed I’m Sure, which is a matte dark, true red. You can almost picture Marilyn wearing Charmed I’m Sure. There is a fifth shade that I didn’t receive for preview, Deeply Adored, which is a deep scarlet.


A product I wish I’d bought a backup of is The Perfect Cheek Powder Blush. This is a neutral pink beige blush that I’ve found to be just enough color for when you’re wearing a smoky eye or when you want a really natural look.


If you hurry, not all of the Marilyn Monroe Collection Nail Lacquers have sold out on the MAC website! The nail shades include:

  • Rich, Rich, Rich – Glittery gold pearl
  • Vintage Vamp – Rich deep retro wine
  • Stage Red – Dark berry red cream
  • Flaming Rose – True red
  • Kid Orange – Coral

In this collection my favorite shade is definitely Vintage Vamp, a dark wine cream. Two shades gives a perfect, saturated color. It would have been nice to see how this nail shade would have matched up to the Deeply Adored lipstick. If you can find any of the nail colors, grab them!

Technically, the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection is available in department stores and at select MAC locations, as well as online at  Tell me…were you able to get anything from the collection? Let me know in the comments!


MAC Cosmetics’ Marilyn Monroe Make-up Collection

Fifty years after the death of Marilyn Monroe, MAC is celebrating the screen siren’s iconic beauty with a 28-piece make-up collection.

The MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection consists of lip, eye and face products inspired by and dedicated to one of the most glamorous movie stars ever to have lived.

Beauty products underpinned the Marilyn mystique—she started life as mousy brunette Norma Jeane Mortenson, but reinvented herself with a little help from platinum-blonde hair dye, loaded lashes and red lipstick.

The actress, most famous for her roles in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Seven Year Itch, once said that ‘Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.’

Luckily MAC’s limited edition collection is packed with bright red lipsticks, vampy dark nail lacquers and dramatic false lashes perfect for recreating her iconic beauty look. A collector’s dream, most of the products feature monochrome photographs of the star, along with her signature in striking red.

All the product names are inspired by the actress with the hero product undoubtedly being the Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder, £23.50; we predict a sell-out.

Other highlights include a lipstick in Deeply Adored, £15.50, a deep dark matte scarlet; a nail lacquer in Rich, Rich, Rich, £11, a glittery gold and the only online exclusive in the range, as well as a Large Eye Shadow with the shade name Preferred Blonde, £16.50, a shimmering champagne hue.

To truly channel Monroe’s silver-screen allure, take a look through ELLE’s gallery of her most iconic make-up looks…

Visit the MAC website here…

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MAC Cosmetics: Miss Piggy, Marilyn Monroe have makeup lines. Why not Selena?

This weekend, tens of thousands of Selena mega-fans are expected to descend on Corpus Christi, Texas, for Fiesta de la Flor, a music festival marking the 20th anniversary of the Tejana pop star’s death. Among them will undoubtedly be hundreds of Selena look-alikes — for the weekend, at least — paying tribute to her quintessential ’90s Mexican-American style: looped bangs, reinforced with hairspray, eyebrows thick and dark as though Sharpied-on, white nail polish and, of course, the trademark brick-red lips.

There are dozens of makeup tutorials on YouTube showing how to achieve the Selena look, just one manifestation of a cult of fandom going strong two decades after the singer was murdered at the age of 23. The official Selena Quintanilla Facebook page has 2.5 million likes. You can find people swaying and spinning to her famous cumbia “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” in town squares across Texas each year on the day she died. But for a lot of her acolytes, there’s one thing missing.

Unlike Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Marilyn Monroe, and Miss Piggy, Selena has never been honored with her own makeup line by M·A·C Cosmetics.

M·A·C, with its prominent displays at tony retailers like Sephora and its hotly anticipated yearly collections, is like the Apple of makeup, says Melanie Yvette Martin, a former beauty editor at Ebony magazine. “M·A·C is and probably will always be the first go-to when you’re looking for something trendy,” she says.

And while much of the beauty industrial complex seems to just be discovering customers of color — the sector’s fastest-growing demographic — M·A·C is way ahead of the game. “All the way from their models to people on the sales floor, there are people of color,” says Martin. The company’s mission statement is “All Races, All Sexes, All Ages,” and it’s already the top vendor of high-end makeup to African-Americans, according to Bloomberg News.

Now 30,000 people, mostly Latinas, have signed a petition asking M·A·C to secure their loyalty by creating a Selena line. One Selena fan even mocked it up, with deep purple packaging to match the iconic sparkly, bell-bottomed jumpsuit Selena wore at the Houston Livestock Show in the Astrodome in 1995, her last concert. “The Selena logo from the movie would also be front and center,” she writes.

The petition was started by Patty Rodriguez, a jewelry designer in Los Angeles. She’s something of a hustler for Latino pop culture. After Rodriguez’s son was born in 2011, she created Lil’ Libros, a bilingual collection of books with iconic Mexican characters like Emiliano Zapata and Frida Kahlo. Inspired by the name-plate necklaces and old English fonts popular in Chicano culture, she created her own necklace company called Mala — Spanish for “bad girl. ” Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have been photographed wearing her designs.

“Selena Quintanilla is an iconic legend in our community and would she be alive, she’d be a perfect MAC girl!” Rodriguez’s petition reads. It got noticed in Buzzfeed, Latina Magazine, and dozens of newspapers and blogs. Rodriguez also reached out to M·A·C directly via email. An email she got back from a rep was non-committal, but noted the loyalty and enthusiasm of Selena’s fans. “M·A·C admires the passion and joy Selena brought to the world,” it said.

Rodriguez says she’s been a Selena mega-fan since she was 11. She recalls seeing her for the first time on the Johnny Canales Show, a Latino music show that was must-see-TV for Mexican-American households in the ’80s and ’90s and launched several Tejano musicians’ careers. “I always hated my hair because it was very frizzy and in American TV they have beautiful blondes,” she says. “But her hair looks like my hair, and it made me feel better.

She started cutting her shirts along the belly, just like Selena, and begged to wear her mom’s hoop earrings. She looked for drugstore lipsticks matching Selena’s signature color — fans think the star wore a since-discontinued Chanel shade called “Brick.” Rodriguez would jump around in front of the mirror, hairbrush in hand, in the one-bedroom apartment she shared with her family of five in Lynwood, Calif. Then on Friday, March 31, 1995, she walked into the family’s apartment after school found her father crying in the living room. “They killed Selena,” he told her. “I had never seen him cry,” she says.


Her first English-language album, Dreaming of You, was released posthumously a few months after her death. It sold more than 175,00 copies the first day, the “fastest-selling album by a female artist at the time,” according to the Washington Post. Her hits are still fresh today: Ten million people have watched the official upload of “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” on YouTube. Her family is looking for more ways to keep her memory alive; they’re actually trying to develop a hologram of Selena to send out on tour in 2018.

Given that Selena still means so much to so many, Rodriguez says it makes perfect sense for M·A·C to honor a woman beloved by a growing segment of its customer base. Big brands have hooked up with other Latina icons: Eva Mendes and Pantene, Sofia Vergara and CoverGirl, Jennifer Lopez and Gillette Venus. Of course, Selena Quintanilla is no longer with us, but given that M.A.C’s done a Marilyn Monroe line, Rodriguez points out, it wouldn’t be a stretch.

“Marilyn Monroe was the epitome of the American woman,” she says. “But Selena has dethroned her.”

And in the eyes of cosmetics peddlers, the Latina customer is a rising star in her own right. The rise of Hispanic spending power has been well-documented, and cosmetics are a huge part of it. While sales of cosmetics declined across the board by 1.2 percent last year, they actually grew by 7 percent among Latinos, according to the marketing research firm Nielsen. At a time when many middle-class consumers are cutting back on luxury products, Latinas are a bright spot for the industry.

M·A·C is a big player in that game, but it’s not the only, says Martin, the former Ebony beauty editor and creator of Beautifully Brown. While M·A·C is “the shining light,” she says these customers are well aware that there are smaller brands, like Bobbi Brown, Bare Minerals and Cover FX, “trying their hardest to have a diverse demographic.”


Some say the push for a Selena-inspired high-end cosmetics line is especially fitting because Selena made corporate American notice Latino purchasing power for the first time, right before the 2000 census that pushed them over the edge. For instance, after her death in 1995, People Weekly ran a commemorative all-Selena issue. The magazine had done this only twice before, for Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. The issue sold almost a million copies. Its success pushed People to launch People En Espanol, entirely in Spanish (ironic since Selena, a U.S.-born Latina, didn’t grow up speaking the language).

More new Latino-focused publications followed. By the end of 1996, Newsweek En Espanol and Latina were on the racks. “Selena’s death was a turning point for the emergence of the U.S. Latino market,” says Latina founder Maria Arias in the book Selenidad: Selena, Latinos, and the Performance of Memory by Deborah Paredez. “It’s like 20 years ago and someone is telling you to invest in the high-tech industry,” she told Paredez. “The same thing can be said now for the Hispanic market. Invest now.”

Today, a new crop of Hispanic-focused marketing firms help big brands reach Hispanic consumers, especially Latinas, who hold most of the purchasing power in Latino households. Given the cringe-worthy history of brands’ attempts to relate to Latinas, there’s work to go around.

Take a 2004 Tecate ad that generated outrage for pairing a chilled Tecate bottle with the phrase, “Finally, A Cold Latina,” with many complaining that the ad oversexualizes Latinas.


In fact, M·A·C has had its own fumbles here. The cosmetics company had to recall a 2010 collection with blushes, lipsticks and nail polishes called “Juarez,” “Ghost Town,” “Factory,” and “Del Norte.” As Latina reported at the time, it was “ostensibly inspired” by a road trip along the U.S.-Mexico border taken by two (non-Hispanic) white female fashion designers who collaborated with M·A·C on the line. Many in the press and social media deemed it appalling, considering that thousands of women have infamously been murdered and raped in the industrial town of Juarez, Chihuahua. 

From Latina:

Compounding the offense is the marketing campaign surrounding the makeup line, which features ghostly pale women who look as if they have been raised from the dead. Even the blush compact is streaked with ribbons of red that look like blood.

Other recent efforts from M·A·C have fared better. Pop star Ricky Martin and Cuban-American fashion designers Isabel and Ruben Toledo have partnered with the company on collections that drew raves from notable fashion blogs, including Latina-focused ones.

For now, Selena fans on the Internet continue to buzz with rumors that M·A·C may be going ahead with a Selena line. M·A·C and its parent company Estee Lauder did not respond to our queries, but Rodriguez says she’s been encouraging the company to get into touch with Selena’s family members, whom she is also in touch with about her campaign. No matter what, she says, she intends to keep pushing.

“I know it’s just makeup, but it feels like more,” Rodriguez says. “It means that a brand who never started to cater to people like us understands that this country is shifting and knows what we like. It’s a symbol.”

90,000 Where in Moscow they teach to do makeup – Archive

Bobbi Brown


American make-up artist Bobby Brown (yes, this is a woman) advises women to eat right, drink more water, smile more often and do makeup that emphasizes their natural beauty. You can learn this art in every corner of the brand named after its founder. The Bobbi Brown menu has five free lessons that last from 5 to 20 minutes – here they teach you how to quickly apply lipstick, refresh your look after a hard day at work, draw spectacular smoky eyes – all in the style of “my own face, only a little better” …But the most stunning effect is produced by the lesson “Beautiful and Bold”, dedicated to the creation of the notorious ideal, radiating health, fresh appearance, which is eagerly written about in gloss: a few simple tricks and means – and you look like a million, although it would seem that you are not at all made up …

  • Where all corners of the brand
  • Price mini-lessons are free, 45-minute lesson “Beautiful and bold” – 2200 rubles.(offered at TSUM, GUM, Vesna, Stockmann)
  • Recording by phone of the store
  • Contacts


Photo: Fotobank / Getty Images

Love of all professional make-up artists, beauty bloggers and just fans of cosmetics, M.A.C is probably associated by many with a riot of shades of eyeshadow, quirky make-up employees and the atmosphere of a party in corners. Like Bobbi Brown, M.A.C has several free mini-tutorials: how to paint lips or eyes, what to do with once purchased shadows that lie idle, how to repeat the current runway makeup. And thoughtfully deal with a variety of tonal foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks and primers will help in an hour and a half lesson. It is worth starting with the basics – ask, for example, to teach daytime makeup with a minimum of accents.And there you can wave to the evening look – with tints of shadows on the eyelids and false eyelashes or with rich red lipstick and an arrow in the spirit of Marilyn Monroe.

  • Where all corners of the brand
  • Price mini-lessons are free, a big lesson with a make-up artist – when buying products in the amount of 5000 r.
  • Recording by phone of the store
  • Contacts



There is no separate makeup menu in Dior corners. When buying a limited edition eyeshadow palette or lipstick, the makeup artist will certainly suggest trying out the product – to demonstrate it in action. Going home with rich smoky eyes and a “naked” face, in general, is silly, so you can buy rose-smelling lipsticks and translucent shadows up to the threshold amount of 4000 rubles.- and get a complete makeover. On Friday and Saturday at TSUM there is a chance to get to the beauty Charlene Williams, a make-up artist from London, – she will masterfully draw classic Dior arrows.

  • Where TSUM, “Rive Gauche” in “Tsvetnoy”
  • Price when buying from 4000 rubles. – is free
  • Recording TSUM – 8 916 067 19 90, “Rive Gauche” in “Tsvetnoy” – (495) 969 21 02



Taking off women’s corsets and dressing them in black and beige jersey, Coco Chanel probably planned to crank up a similar liberation revolution with makeup. In any case, the makeup artists of the brand’s beauty boutique in the Moscow gallery promise to teach not only how to paint correctly, but also to consolidate an individual image. To get to a lesson with makeup artist Agnes Ilyina, you need to make an appointment in advance and buy any 2 brand products. And then you can either learn to use what you just bought, or diligently study how to paint in the Chanel style.Agnessa will apply the funds on half of the face, and the second will have to be completed on her own – under the guidance of a master.

  • Where TG “Fashion Season”
  • Price when buying two brand products – free of charge
  • Recording (495) 777 18 88

Moscow school of makeup artists MosMake


The school of make-up artists created by Natalia Vlasova is perhaps the most famous in Moscow today. Here they teach seriously: natural, evening, wedding, theatrical, men’s makeup. In 2 weeks, they promise to make a certified master from an absolute layman – you can go directly to the search for clients. The school also offers refresher courses – one-day master classes. Those who want to learn how to paint “for themselves” can go to an individual lesson.In 3 hours, one of the school’s makeup artists will select cosmetics and brushes from the assortment of leading brands and show the optimal makeup.

  • Where Trekhprudny lane, 6
  • Price basic intensive course – from 57,000 rubles, individual lesson – from 7,000 rubles. depending on the specialist
  • Recording (495) 232 26 33
  • Site

Valeria Filippova


Valeria Filippova was the main make-up artist of M.A.C in Russia for almost 10 years, and then she left on free bread – to lead make-up artists at the shows of Erica Zayonts, the duet “Chistova – Endourov” and Dmitry Loginov, to do makeup in video clips and conduct master classes for industry professionals. While her own school is in the process of creation, Lera conducts mini-sessions for 4-5 people: she will disassemble the cosmetic bag, advise what to throw out, what to leave, and what to buy, and will show several tricks, after which a beveled eyeliner brush will not cause confusion …

Elena Krygina


Long-legged blonde Elena Krygina became famous after her client Nika Belotserkovskaya praised the young makeup artist on her blog. Now, on Elena’s YouTube page, you can study a lot of video tutorials – there are the components of Krygina’s famous cosmetic “list” (Bobbi Brown blush, Trish McEvoy mascara, M.A.C and others), and the rules for creating classic smoky eyes, and an educational program on makeup brushes, and instructions for plucking and drawing eyebrows. Krygina does not discover America, she sometimes, in an overly accessible language, popularizes the basics of the makeup artist’s skill – in their classic version, with an eye on a perfectly drawn, corrected, re-fashioned face, indistinguishable from many others. All the skills described are definitely worth mastering in order to move on later and allow yourself, for a start, never in your life to draw eyebrows curved at the same angle, more like a tattoo.

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Cult of personality – Style – Kommersant

“What inspired you?” Is perhaps the most frequent question that journalists ask perfumers.And this is not at all surprising: at the heart of all fragrances, like any other works, there are always certain events, emotions or stories – childhood memories, travels, paintings, music, people, fictitious or real. The role of personality in the history of perfumery is great – the creations of perfumers are inspired by their muses. Perfumer Maurice Rousel once said: “I love people, they inspire me. Everyone deserves their own scent.” Until we figured out how to bring this idea to life, we will be equal to the celebrities to whom not only fragrances are devoted, but also decorative cosmetics.

Chamade, Guerlain (1969)
Catherine Deneuve, 1968

Photo: Zuma Press / Kommersant Photo

Guerlain’s Chamade Floral Powder is dedicated to Catherine Deneuve. The perfume was created after the triumph of the film of the same name based on the novel by Françoise Sagan. Catherine Deneuve was admired not only at Guerlain – the outfits for the film were designed by Yves Saint Laurent.

Misia, Chanel (2015)
Misya Sert

Photo: © Archives Vuillard, Paris

Flower-powdery fragrance Misia by Chanel is dedicated to the best friend Gabrielle Chanel.“A woman has everything, and Misa has all women,” wrote Chanel. “This fragrance was not inspired by Misya Sert herself, but by that turn in the biography of Gabrielle Chanel, which was marked by meeting her. With this fragrance I wanted to convey the atmosphere of the “Russian ballets” (the Russian seasons took place largely thanks to her), the smells of powder and theatrical makeup of that time, ”says perfumer Olivier Polge.

Mitzah, Christian Dior (2010)
Mitz Bricar

Photo: Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Amber-spicy fragrance Mitzah was created in honor of Mitzah Bricar.Mitzah Bricard – with a leopard scarf, a hat with a veil and scarlet lipstick – was an icon and ambassador of the Christian Dior style. “She is the rarest woman who made elegance the only purpose of her existence on earth,” Dior wrote of his friend.

Honor Woman, Amouage (2011)
Geraldine Farrar as Madame Butterfly, 1907

Oriental floral fragrance by Amouage is dedicated to the history of the legendary Madame Butterfly.As conceived by the creators of the fragrance, this bottle contains no less than the whole final act of Puccini’s opera, when Butterfly, having learned about her husband’s betrayal, decides to commit suicide.

1876, Histoires de Parfums (2001)
Margareta Gertruida Zelle (Mata Hari), 1910

Vanilla-spicy scent is dedicated to Mata Hari (real name – Margareta Gertruida Zelle). The perfumers were inspired by the image of the femme fatale – a magnificent dancer, an insidious courtesan, a cunning spy who uses men for her own selfish ends.The name of the fragrance is the year of her birth.

Royal Water, Creed (1997)
Princess Diana with sons Charles and William

The fresh citrus scent Royal Water is dedicated to Princess Diana. According to perfumers, the fragrance is woven from feminine charm, sensuality and tenderness, enchanting gestures and nobility of deeds, bewitching feminine beauty and enduring passion.

Josephine 1795, Rance (2005)
Firmin Massot.The Empress Josephine, 1812

Photo: State Hermitage Museum – St. Petersburg Russia

Powdery fragrance from Rance was created in honor of Josephine Beauharnais – the only woman believed to be loved by the famous military leader and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Josephine is a modern interpretation of the old perfume L’Imperatrice (1805), invented and presented to Josephine in a beautiful porcelain box by the court perfumer and creator of the brand, François Rance.

Line of lipsticks Monica Lipsticks, Dolce & Gabbana
Monica Bellucci

The collection of lipsticks Monica Lipsticks from Dolce & Gabbana is dedicated to the beautiful actress, model and face of the brand Monica Bellucci. Each lipstick case is decorated with Monica’s red autograph on a gold background. The collection consists of six shades – from light beige to bright carmine. And the name of each is a compliment from designers to Monica (charming, luxurious, chic, unique, passionate, natural).

Lipstick Sophia Loren No. 1, Dolce & Gabbana
Sophia Loren for Sophia Loren N ° 1 Red Lipstick, Dolce & Gabbana

Lipstick was created in honor of Sophia Loren, who recently celebrated her 81st birthday. “Sophie is a constant source of our inspiration, and we are happy to present her with a unique lipstick, created especially for her and named after her,” the designers say.The lipstick comes in one shade – a mixture of pink and beige.

Matte Lipstick, MAC
Marilyn Monroe

Photo: Zuma Press / Kommersant Photo

The line of lipsticks is part of the MAC autumn collection Marilyn Monroe Makeup Collection 2012 and is dedicated, respectively, to Marilyn Monroe. The image of Monroe is, perhaps, first of all, plump, seductive, bright lips. But Norma Jean (real name Marilyn) had the most ordinary lips.Five different shades of red lipstick, all in a cold range, always a bright contour that goes far beyond the natural contour of the lips, and petroleum jelly helped make Marilyn and her makeup artist a work of art from them. Matte Lipstick did not become a limited product and entered the permanent catalog of MAC.

Viktoria Mikhailenko

Cosmetics with a history: 14 cult products

Cosmetics can also have a special history. You probably have a shampoo in your bathroom that was created more than thirty years ago, and in your bag you have a cream that has been on sale for more than half a century.Below are 14 tools that have been tested by time and by more than one generation.

Chanel No. 5, Chanel

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cosmetics with a history is Chanel No. 5. “A woman who does not use perfume has no future,” Koko believed. So it is not surprising that she wanted to prepare something as unusual as possible for the then fashionistas, and in 1921 Gabrielle invited perfumer Ernest Beau to work together. By the way, one of the most famous masters of his time was born in Moscow and worked at the Rallet perfumery company for just over ten years.I had to finish my favorite business with the outbreak of the First World War. Later, in 1919, when the hostilities ended, Bo emigrated to France, where a year later, Prince Dmitry Pavlovich introduced him to Coco. Fans of complex perfumes quickly found a common language and got down to work. Initially, Ernest proposed ten variants of the future perfume to Mademoiselle. It is believed that Coco chose the fifth number, after which the perfume was named. It was a real breakthrough for its time – one of the first fragrances with synthetic notes.For an unusual and interesting sound, Bo added the smell of freshness – the aldehyde Cucumis sativus. It is thanks to this that the composition turned out to be very recognizable.

Nicole Kidman for Chanel No. 5, 2004

The bottle of the fragrance has become as laconic as the name. Coco Chanel believed that minimalism in design would only emphasize the value of Chanel No. 5. So she chose a simple box in the shape of a parallelepiped with a small black and white label – an interesting solution, at a time when only intricately designed containers with engravings flaunted on the shelves.A hundred years later, the appearance of the “fifth issue” has practically not changed.

Marilyn Monroe, 1955. Chanel Campaign No. 5, 1921

Originally the face of Chanel No. 5 was Chanel herself, then actresses Catherine Deneuve, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou and many other famous beauties became the representatives of the fragrance. But the best ad came out by accident. In 1954, a journalist interviewing Marilyn Monroe asked the actress what she was wearing when she went to bed. “A few drops of Chanel No.5 “, – answered Marilyn.

Powder Météorites Perles, Guerlain

Until 1987, no one could think of a powder in the form of small multi-colored balls, until the famous “meteorites” of Guerlain appeared on the market. After that, the cosmetics will never be the same. The French House not only introduced a new powder format, but also revealed the secret of the perfect face tone. The fact is that the balls have different colors for a reason – each has its own function. Pink – gives the skin freshness, green – hides redness, white – brightens, lilac – removes dullness, and gold and pearlescent add radiance.

Of course, many versions of this tool have been released since 1987 – some ardent fans of the powder have turned into real collectors and are hunting for every release. However, Guerlain’s seasonal collections annually delight fans not only by the external change in packaging. The balls also change – their color, gloss saturation and the ratio of different colors in one jar.

Fortunately for the most loyal fans, Météorites Guerlain decided to go beyond powder and in 2017, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the product, created a whole permanent line under the famous name.Now it includes cushion, gel blush, eau de toilette, makeup base and highlighter.

Concealer-highlighter Touche Éclat, Yves Saint Laurent

Touche Éclat was created in 1992 by the then creative director of the cosmetics line Yves Saint Laurent Terry de Ginsburg. The highlighter enhances the radiance of the skin while hiding traces of fatigue and dark circles. The product was released in a completely new format at that time – liquid and with a brush instead of an applicator. And, most surprisingly, it happened by accident.As Terry de Ginsburg said in an interview with American Allure: “We originally planned to make a classic concealer with an applicator, but the supplier sent me a brush by mistake. The new shape inspired me immediately. I asked the developers to make the tool flow through it. Instead of a heavy texture, I wanted to see a liquid, barely noticeable product. ” And so it all happened. For almost 30 years, Touche Éclat has been covering imperfections without creating a mask effect and giving the skin a radiance.

Jordan Dunn and Cara Delevingne in the Touche Éclat campaign, Yves Saint Laurent, 2015

By the way, about the shine.The concealer has also become a highlighter. And one of the first in the world. “It really was at the beginning of the fashion for the use of reflective particles in facial makeup. It turned out to be difficult to come up with a perfect formula because in those days the particles were coarse and made the skin flat or too shiny. But we did it. By the way, this is how the name of the product arose – Éclat in French means “shine,” said Terry de Ginsburg.

Over time, only the shade palette has been changed.The 14 colors that exist today appeared gradually. Initially, Touche Éclat was sold in only one shade, which was versatile and suitable for all skin types.

Lipstick Russian Red, M.A.C

This shade was developed by the creators of the brand Frank Tuscany and Frank Angelo for Madonna’s Blonde Ambition world tour in 1990. Not every lipstick was suitable for her incendiary performances, because not only the beauty of the shade was needed, but also amazing durability.

Madonna during her Blonde Ambition tour, 1990.Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, 2006

This is how Russian Red appeared. Since then, Madonna has remained one of the main fans of this red matte product. In addition to the singer, the rich scarlet tone was appreciated by the make-up artists of the film “The Devil Wears Prada”. Remember the scene in which the heroine Anne Hathaway appears in a black dress and red lipstick on her lips. Yes, yes, and it was also Russian Red.

Great Lash Mascara, Maybelline New York

The history of Maybelline began in 1913 with the Cake Mascara, which founder Thomas Williams invented for his sister Mabel.To help her win the heart of her beloved, a caring brother mixed petroleum jelly with coal dust and thus created an eyelash tint, which eventually conquered not only the chosen one Mabel, but the whole world. Cake Mascara was the first ever compact mascara. Unfortunately, the tool did not reach us, but there is a later and no less legendary invention of Maybelline, which we can use today.

Cake Mascara, Maybelline New York, 1926

Great Lash Mascara debuted in 1971.For the first time, the formula was based on water, which made a splash in the beauty industry. Before the advent of Great Lash, such products, on the contrary, repel water, so washing off eye makeup was not an easy task. And it’s even scary to imagine how much time women spent just to remove the mascara. The revolutionary water base was instantly appreciated by millions of buyers, and Great Lash became indispensable for many girls in the 1980s and 1990s.

However, nothing has changed since then, the ink is still considered exemplary and breaks sales records from year to year.The formula has remained unchanged since launch and is carefully guarded by Maybelline experts.

Original Lip Balm, Carmex

The history of one of the most famous lip balms began in 1937. A resident of the city of Milwaukee in the north of the United States, Alfred Walbing occasionally suffered from colds and dry, chapped skin on his lips. To relieve himself and everyone who faces this scourge, Alfred created a healing balm from camphor oil, menthol and lanolin.At first, the workshop was a kitchen – Walbing made the product himself and poured it into small white jars with a yellow lid.

As Carmex quickly became popular and production needed to expand, the private business moved from the kitchen to a rented facility in the suburbs of Milwaukee. And in 1980, a recognizable yellow tube with a red cap appeared. Today Carmex is one of the most popular lip balms in the world. And this is not surprising, because the product perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the lips, preventing dryness and cracks.Slightly cooling menthol thick balm relieves itching and discomfort in a couple of minutes after application. And so that love for the brand grows exponentially, Carmex is constantly releasing new flavors – now you can try cherry, pomegranate, watermelon, vanilla and strawberry options.

Nivea Universal Cream

You most likely remember the small blue jar with the white Nivea lettering from childhood. Inside – a simple white, moderately greasy cream with a light floral scent that can be used anywhere on the body – from hands and heels to face.And in any area, it works equally well – removes dryness and makes the skin soft. It has conquered the whole world with its simplicity and efficiency and has been on sale for over a hundred years. Its history began in Hamburg in 1911 with the emergence of a new emulsifier – eucerite. It is thanks to this component that it became possible to mix water and oil and make the mass homogeneous. It was invented by Nivea founder Oskar Troplowitz, along with dermatologist Paul Gerson Unna and chemist Isaac Lifshitz. It also contains glycerin, citric acid extract, rose and lily of the valley oils.

The resulting white consistency prompted the creators and the future name of the product. Oscar Troplowitz adapted the Latin word nivis, meaning snow, and got the famous nivea, meaning snow-white. Since 1911, the formula of the cream has remained virtually unchanged, only improving thanks to new scientific discoveries. The changes only affected the packaging.

It turns out that initially the jar was yellow with green inscriptions and patterns, and the famous blue circle with the minimalistic inscription Nivea was created 14 years after the launch of the cream.

Diorshow Mascara, Dior

Mascara appeared in 2002 – during the period when makeup artist Pat McGrath was curating Dior. Shortly before the launch, at one of the fashion house shows, she used a toothbrush to dye her eyelashes. And it was at that moment that Pat decided that she needed to do something similar in terms of density and thickness of the bristles, only in the form of a mascara brush – so as not to frighten the models with her experiments. Yes, it turned out that the prototype of the famous Diorshow is in each of us in the bathroom.The unusual idea proved to be very successful. Perfect bristles dyed every lash and helped achieve a false lash effect.

In 2017, Dior released an updated version of the mascara – Diorshow Pump’N ‘Volume HD – for even more volume and lengthening of the lashes. The new High Definition formula includes Vitamin B5, renowned for its firming properties, and Cotton Extract for volume.

But the main feature is in the tube: now it is made of rubber and has become soft. Using the warmth of your hands, you can warm up the product before applying it, thanks to which it will lie on your lashes evenly and without lumps.

Prisme Visage Powder, Givenchy

In 1989 Givenchy launched the first collections of skin care and decorative cosmetics. The makeup line starts with Prisme Visage powder. It was not like other products from the stores: inside there are four shades at once, which can be mixed or applied separately. Each color fulfills its function and helps to achieve a perfect yet natural tone. Yellow for evening out, green for correcting redness, blue for neutralizing yellow pigment and pink for freshness.

In 2016, Givenchy’s creative director of makeup, Nicolas Degenne, introduced an updated version of the powder in seven colors and with a new texture. Inside each case there are now four shades with matte and shimmering effects, as well as with silk extract in the composition.

You can use the light square in the palette as a highlighter to highlight the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and the outline of the upper lip, while darker tones will help in sculpting.

Mitsouko, Guerlain

Mitsouko was created in 1919 after Jacques Guerlain read Claude Farrer’s novel The Battle, whose main character was Mitsuko.A Japanese girl, the wife of Admiral Togo, meets a British officer during the Russo-Japanese War and immediately falls in love with him. But fate decides for Mitsuko – in an instant, both men fell in a fierce battle. The piece impressed the perfumer so much that he created a splendid composition that celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. The fragrance is based on woody notes, as well as a subtle note of peach, accompanied by jasmine, rose and cinnamon. During the existence of the perfume, its composition has changed.For example, in 2007, oak moss was removed from the formula, which is no longer used in perfumery.

Although Mitsouko was inspired by Japan, it wasn’t until 2016 that it was visually confirmed. Guerlain has released a bottle of the finest Japanese Aritayaki porcelain, which has been produced for 400 years.

Mitsouko, Guerlain, 2016; Mitsouko, Guerlain, 2019

Despite the fact that the fragrance is considered feminine, there were also men among the lovers of the legendary perfume.For example, the Russian impresario Sergey Diaghilev simply adored Mitsouko. He not only applied scent to hair and clothes, but even demanded that curtains and curtains be strangled with perfume in hotels where he was to stay.

Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age, Sisley

The Sisley brand was founded in 1976 by Hubert d’Ornano. The company quickly became popular, as one of the first to offer to promote a new direction – phytocosmetology, which involves the development of skin care products based on plants.In 1999, the company launched Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age cream – it made a splash in the anti-aging market. The brand was the first to propose to fight skin aging by activating the vitality of the cell.

The renewed formula acts on the cell in three directions – on itself, on the ecosystem around it, as well as on its life cycle. Over the years, Sisley experts have enriched the product with an extract of the evergreen shrub linders and mimosa, which support the cell’s metabolism and its energy potential.Also added was a complex of soy and yeast proteins that protect telomeres – the protective “tails” of each chromosome, the length of which directly affects the lifespan of cells. In addition to affecting the internal aging processes, L’Integral Anti-Age 3D reduces their visible signs and reduces wrinkles.

Jeunesse des Mains Hand Cream, Clarins

Jacques Courten-Clarence, a true perfectionist, founded his company in 1954. In 1976, Lionel de Benetti joined his team as Director of Research and Development for Clarins and shared the idea of ​​perfecting every formula.In the same year, the legendary Jeunesse des Mains hand cream was created. And before the launch, colleagues developed 151 versions of the tool, and only 152 turned out to be the same. The derived formula remains unchanged to this day, since it is considered ideal and does not need improvement.

Cream based on soothing sesame oil and firming mulberry extract softens, moisturizes and regenerates the skin of the hands, protects it from the effects of cold, sun and hard water, as well as nourishes the cuticles and strengthens the nails.

Although some changes in the cream still occur. Over the years, Clarins has significantly expanded its range of fragrances. From time to time, the brand releases limited collections Jeunesse des Mains – with the scent of magnolia, jasmine, neroli, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, orange leaves, white tea and fig tree.

Hypnôse Mascara, Lancôme

Launched in 2004, Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara has gained wide popularity thanks to its innovative Soft-Sculpt technology. It is she who allows the mascara to paint over each eyelash separately, but with a very thin layer, so the look turns out to be attractive.

Lancôme periodically renew the girls’ favorite: this is how Hypnôse Drama was born with a voluminous and maximally fluffy curved brush, Hypnôse Doll Eyes with a tapered brush – very convenient for dyeing cilia in the corners of the eyes, and Hypnôse Volume-à-Porter with a tapered silicone brush.

Fragrance L’Interdit, Givenchy

Most likely you have heard the story of the creation of the legendary perfume L’Interdit. But let’s recall some details. In 1957, the perfume was created by the perfumer Francis Fabron for the friend and muse of Hubert de Givenchy, Audrey Hepburn.The actress loved the composition so much that when the couturier asked if it could be reproduced for the general public, Audrey jokingly replied: “I forbid you!” This is how the fragrance got the name L’Interdit, which translates from French as “forbidden”.

Audrey Hepburn in L’Interdit campaign, Givenchy

Fortunately, the fragrance went on sale and is still on sale. True, the composition has gone through several reprints – in 1993 and in 2003. In 2018, perfumers Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo and Fanny Bal re-invented L’Interdit.

They added to the base of the perfume the contrast of notes of jasmine, tuberose, orange, patchouli and vetiver, while in the classic version these were aldehydes, violet and iris. In this composition, it is sold now.

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Cosmetic brand dedicated to Marilyn Monroe a line of decorative products

Cosmetic brand M.A.C has released a new collection of decorative cosmetics, dedicated to the sex symbol of the 20th century – the legendary blonde Marilyn Monroe. She conquered with her beauty, but did not love anyone and so masterly knew how to teach herself that films with her participation are worshiped today.

For everyone who wants to add Hollywood chic and charm to their image of a movie legend, who preferred not to have 100 friends, but to have 100 diamonds, M.A.C offers a line of new makeup products: luscious scarlet lipsticks, lip glosses, mascara, shimmery eyeshadows, false eyelashes and a collection of nail polishes.

True, in order to competently dispose of this arsenal, it is worth using several tips made up of statements by Marilyn herself about beauty and femininity:

We women only have two weapons … Mascara and tears, but we cannot use both at the same time. I never sunbathe – I like being a solid blonde! Two things should be beautiful in a girl – the look and the lips, because with her look she can fall in love, and with her lips she can prove that she loves.

We, beautiful women, have to seem stupid so as not to bother men. Children, especially girls, should always be told that they are beautiful and that everyone loves them. If I have a daughter, I will always tell her that she is beautiful, I will comb her hair and will not leave her alone for a minute. Everyone is a star and deserves the right to shine.

Let’s summarize this instruction with one of its most accurate definitions: “Beauty and femininity are timeless!”

Any retro frame with Marilyn could still serve as an advertisement for fashion brands, cosmetic brands and hair dyes today:

Marilyn Monroe

Photo M.A.C.

How to repeat the makeup of Marilyn Monroe

Although more than 50 years have passed since her death, Marilyn Monroe is still considered a sex symbol for all time. To this day, filled with grace, grace and elegance, she is a model for many women around the world. Luscious red lips, pretentious arrows on the eyelids, pale porcelain skin, long eyelashes and coquettishly raised eyebrows – Marilyn Monroe’s makeup is a classic of the genre. Make a Hollywood diva looks simple, but expressive.However, this is only at first glance easy: it will take a certain amount of time and skills to complete it. Learn the secrets of Marilyn’s makeup and feel free to use them!

What cosmetic brands did Monroe use?

Every morning she treated her skin with a moisturizing emulsion from Erno Laszlo and applied Nivea cream all over her face. Marilyn’s favorite cosmetic brands were Max Factor, Guerlain and Elizabeth Arden (known mainly for perfume production today). The girl used an ivory-colored foundation and rich red lipstick.

Monroe’s favorite lipsticks, of course, after numerous improvements, are still present in the Max Factor line, in particular – the Red Rush liner, with which the actress emphasized the fullness of her lips.

If you have any doubts about choosing the right products to recreate Marilyn’s makeup, you can use products from collections created in honor of the actress, for example, the Marilyn Monroe Makeup Collection from MAC.

Makeup a la Monroe


Pay attention to the artist’s skin tone: flawless and radiant.Therefore, the first step is cleansing and moisturizing. Then you need to hide skin imperfections with the help of corrective agents, apply a foundation. The most important thing is to even out the complexion, so use the product that suits you best. Be careful when choosing a makeup base: the American beauty had a natural complexion.

Fix with a light shade of powder using a brush. Contouring was not only the prerogative of today’s makeup artists, but also a popular technique in the 1950s.The ideal was a heart-shaped face – narrow at the bottom and widening at the top.

  1. Apply a small amount of bronzer under the cheekbone and along the lower jaw.
  2. Apply highlighter to T-zone, upper cheekbones, nose and chin.
  3. Highlighter can be replaced with light pearlescent eyeshadows.
  4. Add peach or pink blush, lightly touching the cheeks.

There was no highlighter in the 50s. Therefore, after makeup, the girl often applied a small amount of petroleum jelly to the cheekbones and the area under the eyebrow, thereby giving the face a radiance and symmetrical shape.

Eyes – step by step instructions

Compared to modern trends, Marilyn’s eye makeup seems minimalistic, but in fact it requires a certain amount of precision in the work. Its essence is to create the effect of languidly squinting eyelids and a flirtatious look. How can this be achieved?

  1. Apply a light matte shadow over the entire eyelid, up to the brow. Additionally, you can highlight the inner part of the eyelid with a shimmery highlighter.

  2. Subtly outline the crease of the eyelid with contour shadow, giving the eye depth.

  3. To give her eyes a wet look, Monroe simply applied a thin coat of Vaseline or coconut oil over her regular eyeshadow.

  4. Apply a layer of mascara to the curled eyelashes with the tweezers.

  5. Use a dark brown eyeliner (not the usual black). Pull it out at the outer corner of the eye and lift it slightly at the end.

  6. Using a pencil or brown eyeshadow, draw a line on the lower lid to simulate the shadow of your thick lashes.Point the tip down, creating space between the bottom and top lines.

  7. Fill in this space with a white pencil. Also apply it on the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid.

  8. Marilyn Monroe’s makeup would be incomplete without false eyelashes. The beauty used them, cutting them in half and gluing from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner. Thus, the eyes of the actress always seemed to squint coquettishly.

  9. Finishing touch: With dark eyeshadow or red lipstick, make a small dot in the inner corner of the eye – this will accentuate the whiteness of the eyeball.


Of course, every face shape requires a different approach to eyebrow shaping. However, if you want to get the real Marilyn Monroe makeup, you should pluck your eyebrows so that they become relatively narrow, with a high curve. This will make the upper part of the face wider and the eyes larger. However, be careful that they are not too sharp, as this will look comical.

To draw hairs, the pencil should not be too dark, choose a neutral shade.

Lips – the quintessence of the look

There is no Marilyn Monroe makeup without the famous blood-red juicy lips. You will have to work on them a little to get the effect.

  1. First outline the outline with a dark red lip liner, paying particular attention to the “Cupid Arch”.

  2. Start by covering the mouth with a medium red shade, then a lighter shade in the middle of the lips. And closer to their contour, that is, to the outer parts – the darkest color.

  3. To achieve the effect of full luscious lips, apply a little white powder or eyeshadow to the very center of the lower lip – this will create the illusion of light reflection and provide optical magnification.

  4. An important final touch is lip gloss, which creates a radiant surface and adds volume to the lips.

To complete the look, you can draw a zesty mole above the lip using a dark brown pencil.

Beauty secrets

The diva had her own beauty secrets.Marilyn loved the preparation process so much that she was chronically late because of it!

“I don’t like to rush through this process … I like to dress leisurely. I think we are in too much of a hurry now, why not take a break? ”

Forget hair removal

Like many of us, Marilyn had fluff on her cheeks and face. Instead of shaving him off, Marilyn left him – on purpose! She knew that the tiny hairs gave her face a blurry and radiant effect in the light of the studio lighting.Marilyn turned into a plus what could be considered a disadvantage.

Hide from the sun

Although tanning was in vogue, Marilyn avoided the sun.

“I like being blonde in everything,” she joked.

To preserve Marilyn’s pristine skin, avoid the sun and be sure to apply SPF every day.

Good sleep

The secret of her gorgeous appearance is a good and long sleep. Marilyn said that she sleeps at least 8-9 hours.So ladies, try to make time for sleep, it will benefit your appearance.


Monroe did not eat nuts, chocolate, olives, oysters or shellfish, or foods high in salt. Too much salt not only leads to problems such as hypertension or bloating, but it also dehydrates the skin, leaving it loose.

A drop of perfume

Like millions of other women, Monroe was a fan of Chanel No. 5. However, in 2002 it was revealed that she also had a secret love for Floris Rose, a British eau de toilette with notes of rose, geranium, citronella and sandalwood.The eau de toilette was delivered to her in bulk at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Cartoon cosmetics worth making – Wonderzine

Cartoons are a great source of inspiration: heroines dress like they cosplay, and brands like MAC and Urban Decay dedicate entire collections to them. We decided to recall cartoons (and one film) that cosmetics manufacturers urgently need to pay attention to, and suggested which products they could devote to which characters.

Sailor Moon

It is surprising that no one, except for Asian brands, has yet worked such a storehouse of characters. Here you can act on three fronts: to mark each warrior (striped jars of shadows, a powder box in the form of a lunar prism, and so on), his element (we can well imagine microcollections dedicated to fire, water, air and earth, within one big one) or a planet. In general, when characters are revealed over such a long time, there can be a million ways of interpretation.

Adventure Time

Princess Bubblegum almost always dresses in pink and often behaves like a model princess, but it’s more interesting to work out her unique aspects – for example, dedicate different products to her laboratory experiments. However, more interesting is the unicorn-rainbow Lady Livnerog, who can change the colors of objects – a collection of duochrome varnishes and shadows suggests itself. And Marceline’s vampire nature is a great channel to speculate on the still popular vampire theme, with associated attributes like pale shimmery skin and bloody hues.

Justice League

or X-Men

In both series, there are a dime a dozen strong, beautiful characters, and they are all ideal as muses. In addition, you can say hello to the topic of gender and explore the male characters, as MAC did four years ago in the Venomous Villains collection. We would choose Storm, Mystic (blue eyeshadows, lipsticks, pencils, yellow scleral lenses – wow!) And Phoenix. And Wonder Woman is not deprived of attention anyway.


One of those cases when you just want to buy something dedicated to your beloved hero: we are sure that if you stick Daria’s skeptical face on simple black shadows or a bottle of foundation, the cans will still go off with a bang.Jane Lane is more sophisticated in makeup than a friend, so dark lipsticks and everything else for makeup loved by sophisticated (read, gothic-minded) teenagers would be in the bull’s eye.

Who Framed

Roger Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is a convex (and in terms of character too) and hypertrophied feminine character, so even conservative brands with a sense of humor (for example, Lancôme) can dare to interpret it. Rabbit was copied, according to various estimates, with Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake, and it is not surprising that she has an exemplary femme fatale face: long eyelashes, scarlet lips, gray-purple shadows – how to simulate all this is quite understandable.


Kida is one of the few Disney princesses with a non-European appearance: dark skin, white hair and blue tattoos on her face that imitate tears. Of the greatest interest, of course, are the latter: you can produce translations exactly like a paint or a permanent paint like face painting. But if you choose the easier and more popular way, you can get off with a line of bronzers for any skin tone, blue spectrum mascara and white hair powder.

Friendship is magic

We cannot ignore the animated series, in which even adult harsh men are recorded as fans. Firstly, all ponies are beautiful, but not of the same type: the arrogant Rarity, for example, the spitting image of Jessica Rabbit of Equestria, and you can put a lot of meanings into the rainbow mane of the Rainbow Dash tomboy. Secondly, there is no shortage of symbols in the cartoon: each cutie mark, reflecting the talent of the pony wearing it, can be developed into a separate micro-collection or simply depicted on a jar.Again, the colors in the cartoon are easy to imagine in a palette of varnishes, eyeshadows and lipsticks.


The cartoon cannot boast of a variety of female characters, but those that exist are curious and diverse. The makeup of the main villain, Magica de Hypnosis, can be imagined as a palette of eye shadows of cold shades and the same false eyelashes; the design of the Ponochka line is partly a copy of the very popular MAC Hello Kitty. And, in order to be completely modern and to dig deeper into the notorious diversity, give Mrs. Kluvdia, including accessories like brushes (or means for their cleansing, for example).


Another endless source of varied personalities and color combinations. Although some Pokémon look inharmonious, and it is generally not clear why they are needed, others are as touching as dwarf fuzzies. Jiglipuf, for example, is simply created to flaunt on a box with a puff or a bottle of shimmering powder, and the color of Pikachu and all Evie incarnations just asks for a separate palette.

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