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Welcome to Front Roe. I’m excited you stopped by!

A celebration of my favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle moments, I hope you’ll be inspired by the pictures and ideas you see – to try out new trends – both in your closet, your beauty routine, and in your home.

Working in the fashion industry as a TV host and a writer, I’m lucky enough to travel the world and meet all sorts of fascinating people, from designers and tastemakers, to stylists, chefs and entrepreneurs. I’ve picked up inspiration from each one of them, remembering every detail as I go. Style is everywhere, if you’re looking to find it. As Coco Chanel once said, ‘Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.’

I love bringing you a catalog of beautiful, trend-setting, enchanting things that have captured my imagination. And I hope they will capture yours too.

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Louise Roe began her career as the news editor for Vogue.com, in London. She has since written for publications including Elle UK, In Style UK, People Stylewatch, CosmoGirl NL, Luxdeco Interiors magazine, and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Louise released her first non-fiction book, Front Roe in Spring of 2015. Louise is also known for hosting MTV’s makeover show “Plain Jane,” Fox Asia’s “Fit For Fashion,” and the red carpet coverage for NBC’s “Access Hollywood”.

Her passions include skiing, high heels, cocktails, old movies and working as an ambassador for MTV’s Bullied campaign, and Step Up Women’s Network, an organization which helps underprivileged girls achieve their college and career goals.

After 11 years living in LA, Louise and her family recently relocated back to the English countryside, where she is enjoying renovating their new home.


Book Louise Roe | Editor & TV Presenter

Lifestyle guru and television host, Louise Roe is a trendsetting icon of the fashion and beauty world. She has written content for some of the industry’s biggest names, including Vogue, Elle and In Style, a testament to Louise’s international reputation. When booked for virtual and in-person events, she supplies a touch of star quality and class, to ensure an unforgettable experience for audiences. Louise is the perfect event host and special guest.

Louise is best known for her television appearances. She has presented such popular shows as BBC’s The Clothes Show, Style Network’s How Do I Look and NBC’s Fashion Star, to name a few of her major roles. Reflecting Louise’s celebrity status, she has reported on several pinnacle events, including the 2011 Royal Wedding for E! and Access Hollywood’s red carpet coverage. She also hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards Red Carpet Show for three consecutive years, marking her ability to present awards at corporate events.

As a journalist, Louise has worked with the globe’s biggest publications. She has written fashion articles for Elle, CosmoGirl and Martha Steward Weddings, while as Vogue’s News Editor she commentated on pinnacle events in the world of lifestyle and entertainment. Reflecting Louise’s diverse skills as a creator, she published her non-fiction style guide, Front Roe: How to Be the Leading Lady in Your Own Life, in 2015. The book compiled her fashion and beauty tips, to raving reviews from readers. Louise expands upon the content of her writing at events, to enlighten audiences.

Balanced between her television appearances, writing and public speaking, Louise also runs a lifestyle blog titled Front Roe. On her site, she harnesses the knowledge gained since 2007, to shine a light on common fashion faux pas and predict upcoming trends. Since graduating from Durham University, interning at Elle and presenting for BBC Breakfast, Louise has carved a respectable media career. She continues to thrive in the limelight. At events, she supplies audiences with a backstage pass to the entertainment industry, from her first-hand accounts. Louise is the perfect event host; charming and likeable her natural confidence resonates with audiences.

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Louise Roe house | House & Garden

I hadn’t even got out of the car and I knew the house was the one,’ says Louise Roe of the Georgian farmhouse that she relocated to from Los Angeles earlier this year, with her husband and young daughter. ‘I was crying as we drove up to it as I actually felt that it was our house. My husband was laughing and telling me to stop because tears would probably make it quite hard to negotiate.’ The house was just the second that the couple saw in the flesh on a six week trip back to the UK last summer and after a few months of gentle renovation and redecoration, is now home and has been since the start of the lockdown.

Both Louise and her husband Mackenzie grew up in the English countryside, but have spent the last few years living in the sprawling city of Los Angeles. ‘I think in LA you get used to having a lot of space around you, so we didn’t want to move to London and a smaller house, much as we both love it. We missed walks, wellies, country pubs and wanted that lifestyle here, plus we’re not too far from the city so we get the best of both worlds.’ But there is another element that caused Louise to crave the life she now has – the decoration. Having grown up in English country houses, it’s a look that doesn’t work in LA; ‘it’s cosy, comfortable and lends itself well to real living, whereas LA is predominantly so modern it doesn’t lend itself to messy, real life with kids.

As for the house itself, the Georgian property – Louise’s favourite type of architecture – is ‘very symmetrical and pleasing to the eye from the outside.’ It has a farmhouse feel to it and importantly for the stage that the couple are at with a two-year-old daughter, it’s child-friendly. One of Louise’s favourite things about the house and the architectural style is that it isn’t open plan and there are ‘different rooms for different things’. When they took on the house, Louise and her husband did very little structural work to it, other than raising an archway in the kitchen to prevent Mackenzie from constantly hitting his head. It was more a question of updating the electricity and the pipes and restoring some of the original features that had been lost over the years.

Fashion stylist Louise Roe’s farmhouse kitchen

For Louise, it was important to have a heritage builder work on the house, ‘as they know what tiny bits to save during the process, rather than chucking it all out. ’ In a stroke of luck, she one day saw a builder entering a beautiful, massive Georgian house nearby, ran after him and booked him in for their own house. Questionable method, perhaps, but with a winning result. The building work and decoration took around five months to complete, with all the carpets removed, floorboards polished and reclaimed boards put in where original ones no longer existed. A wall in the snug that had an indent in it was moved to become a straight wall. During the whole process, Louise and her husband rented nearby and were able to pop in most days to have a set of eyes on what was going on. ‘If you’re there,’ Louise explains, ‘you have a voice and you don’t have to undo any work later on.’

The decoration was the part that excited Louise the most. An avid reader of interiors magazines, she had amassed varied references for styles that she wanted to emulate and had an idea of what she wanted to do as soon as they bought the house – ‘I love decorating and was so excited for the move that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. ’ Louise did the decoration herself, though she did seek some advice from Jane Churchill – ‘I love her, she’s a legend’ – and was lucky to have Edward Bulmer himself come to the house and give her guidance on the historical colours that may have been present in the property during its heyday. ‘His knowledge is unbelievable and he even helped us source a ceiling rose which an elderly neighbour who used to live here told us had once existed in the house. It came from Thomas & Wilson, and they told us they hadn’t had a request for that pattern for a very long time as it’s an original Georgian feature.’

The ceiling rose is in the drawing room, the most formal room in the house and Louise’s favourite to spend time in. She put her bureau desk in there – sourced from an antiques shop in Petworth and ‘probably my favourite thing in the house’ – as ‘often rooms without a television in them don’t get used, so I wanted to have a reason to spend my time in here’. The walls are painted in ‘Brick’ by Edward Bulmer, a colour choice that she had decided on when living in LA. She was so sure of it that she reupholstered two cane chairs that she bought at a flea market for $250 in a Lisa Fine textile to complement the walls and planned a blue velvet sofa from the Sofa Workshop opposite that ties it all together.

A Georgian cottage with expertly layered interiors by Ben Pentreath

Colour was a starting point in the kitchen too and Little Greene’s ‘Sage’ was the choice. ‘I felt I had seen too much blue in kitchens and I wouldn’t love it forever, but this green is timeless. I had to remember that it’s not sunny here like it is in LA so I chose a warm green.’ The colour heightens the farmhouse feel of the space, which Louise was keen to emphasise. She worked with British Standard to create a homely, functional and utterly lovely space. She was ‘really keen to have all the appliances hidden so it could feel traditional and old-fashioned’ so the team at British Standard created integrated storage behind cupboard doors. The kitchen opens onto a playroom for their daughter, half painted in a sunny yellow colour called ‘Trumpington’ by Edward Bulmer and half white panelling. Across the hallway is the formal dining room in Farrow & Ball’s ‘Oval Blue’, another key colour consideration for Louise: ‘I love red dining rooms but I’ve seen a lot of them and wanted something different’.

Louise also looked to British Standard for her dressing room, where they built two fitted wardrobes painted in a mulberry gloss tone, picking up on the Ceraudo ottoman in the centre of the room. An antique dresser and dark floorboards complete the elegant space. It leads off the master bedroom, also painted green, this time Farrow & Ball’s ‘Lichen Green,’ which Louise also describes as ‘the perfect green – clearly I just love green.’ Upstairs, the bedrooms are all in different styles; one that particularly stands out is the ‘Mary Poppins’ room, as Louise refers to it. It’s in the eaves, with low, sloping ceilings and beams. Inspired by a shoot she saw years ago, Louise covered the entire room in a red and white Pierre Frey fabric, also using it to upholster twin bed headboards. Another Pierre Frey fabric is used on the blind to the small window, under which she has placed a radiator saved from downstairs. ‘It feels like a fairytale’ says Louise of the space.

Louise and her family moved into the house in March, right as lockdown hit the UK. ‘It’s been such a strange year that the readjustment doesn’t feel that big,’ she says. ‘It’s been a godsend to have moved back when this has all happened and to have been somewhere really grounding for my daughter.’ The family has certainly taken to their new lifestyle with aplomb, growing vegetables in their garden and taking tips from their green-fingered elderly neighbour. During all the stress of moving, renovating and living through a pandemic, it’s the small things that have helped the family settle in; ‘It’s just really lovely to see my daughter pick something from the garden and help wash and cook it. We’ve spent most of our time running around on the lawn and my husband has become obsessed with the garden.’ They may be a world away from L. A., but Louise and her family are home again.

Being Mama: Louise Roe – TheTot

Heading back to work post-baby is never easy, but what if your office is the Oscars red carpet? “Oh my gosh, that was intense!” says Louise Roe, the affable Brit whose business it is to interview A-listers as they enter the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Emmys and Grammys for NBC’s Access. “Honor was six weeks old and I squeezed myself into a gown, complete with breast pads for leakage, and took my pump in my handbag! But it also gave me a real sense of motivation and excitement. I was proud of myself for getting out there and proving to myself I could still do it.”

The thriving Los Angeles implant offers down-to-earth insights into her high-heeled life through the fashion, beauty and wellness advice she shares by way of her blog and debut book, Front Roe. She’s covered awards seasons for a decade, and has hosted NBC’s Fashion Star, Fox Asia’s Fit For Fashion and MTV’s makeover show Plain Jane – a project that placed her on set with British film producer Mackenzie Hunkin, whom she would marry in 2016.

“I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but I wasn’t the girl who ran to coo over every baby, either,” says Louise, when asked if making babies was high on her agenda. “Once we started trying after we got married, I tried not to obsess over it – but I think once you get the idea into your head, you can’t help but start planning and daydreaming about it all.”

Ten months after tying the knot, Louise published a blog post, ‘Surprise – I’m pregnant!’, and, on recalling the day that she herself became privy to this knowledge, just an hour before dashing to the airport for a flight to France, remarks: “It was actually pretty comical, looking back.”

“I took my third pregnancy test of the month, and was very nonchalant because I just didn’t think I was. The only reason I took it was because I felt ill and wanted to take a flu pill, and wanted to be certain that was okay. I even forgot to go back into the bathroom to check the test! So when I saw it, I genuinely didn’t believe it. I made my husband rush out to buy more, and by the time he came back, my manager had popped over to give me something before the trip. She left, and we had about five minutes to find out for sure, react, and then get in the car to the airport! It was all very surreal.”

The months that followed weren’t exactly smooth sailing, with Louise suffering morning sickness in both her first and third trimesters. “Then towards the end I contracted bronchitis and ended up on a ventilator for a few hours – not fun! But for a lot of my pregnancy I did manage to exercise, and that kept me happy and upbeat. Plus my weekly small glass of red wine, which also kept me very happy!”

Honor Florence Crosby Hunkin arrived a week early, in just four hours. “I was at home, in bed, around 4am, and thought I was having Braxton Hicks because the contractions weren’t very intense. But they were frequent!” Louise tried to keep sleeping until, with an almighty pop, her waters broke. “Mackenzie hadn’t packed his hospital bag yet, so I was rolling my eyes at him and squirming around in the car,” she says, and, once they arrived at the hospital, “things moved extremely fast”.

“It was very quickly time to push, and my doctor hadn’t made it to the hospital yet. She was on a bike ride, so she actually cycled to the hospital, and ran in with the helmet mark on her head! Which made us all laugh, something I was not expecting to do at all whilst giving birth. Honor was born about 20 minutes after that and having her placed on my chest was as true to every cliché you hear: just the most heightened, emotional, poignant, miraculous moment in time where everything just stops.”

This was around the time that Louise’s epidural finally kicked in, and so she needed to be carried to the recovery room. “My parents were there, and I can remember asking my mom to make me an egg mayonnaise sandwich, my childhood favorite.” Soon after, their hospital room adorned with Christmas lights and jazz playing through a portable speaker (Mackenzie might have packed late, but he packed well), Louise documented a few first family moments that she would later share with her following in her birth story video.

“My followers are incredible,” she says, crediting this cohort (700k and counting on Instagram) for introducing her to The Wonder Weeks app, and also for emotional support. “One of the best moments from my followers was when I had to go on a business trip, leaving Honor, and I was on the verge of tears in the car. I shared how I was feeling and received the most warm and personal messages of encouragement that I shall never forget.”

Spreading herself across family and work is an ongoing challenge. “It’s something I’m struggling with at the moment and am actually asking a few friends, who run their own businesses and are moms, for advice on,” says Louise. “Looking too far ahead to all I’ve got to do can overwhelm me, so focusing week by week, and realizing that balance is always going to be fleeting, has helped. I also have faith in the idea that Honor will hopefully grow up to be proud of having a working mom.”

On the home front, Louise and Mackenzie are both very hands-on. “We don’t have particular set roles, we just jump in when the other has to work at an event or do a shoot or a trip. Having said that, I love to do bath and bed time while he puts on the music and cooks dinner downstairs.” When asked what supports they’ve put in place to help them pull off the working-parent juggle, Louise responds: “It’s definitely spinning plates!”

“We have an incredible nanny who is with us in the week, and because we work from home predominantly, we get to see Honor all the time, take her to her classes and not miss the doctors appointments. But it can be tough living across the world from your family, I often wish we had grandparents and cousins to call in, just around the corner.”

Closer to her birthplace of Surrey, England, Louise started her career in magazines, writing and editing for Elle UK, InStyle UK and Vogue.com. She’s continued to build her personal brand through her blog, where she encourages women to take care of themselves – no small feat, in the early days of motherhood.

“It is a bubble,” Louise says of those hazy first weeks, “one that goes much faster than you realize. The advice we were given is to just relish in that bubble, don’t have visitors if you don’t want to – we didn’t for 10 days – and who cares if your hair is greasy and you’re in PJs all day? My advice would be to prepare as much as you can, by getting everything you’ll need for the baby and for yourself in advance – meals cooked and frozen, finishing up work projects where possible, house cleaned, nursery set up. And then ask for help. My parents moved in from England for six weeks and they were amazing. But it could be asking a neighbor, boss or friend to do little things for you, it all makes a difference.”

Louise also shares generously about the bodily changes that come part and parcel with growing and birthing a small human. “I wrote about this in great depth, because the little squares on Instagram don’t always tell the full story,” she says. “I was pleasantly surprised at how little pressure I put on myself to get back in shape. I was so immensely proud of my body for doing something so mind-blowing, that the jiggles seemed insignificant in comparison.

“My focus was being healthy, and listening to my body. I breast-fed for six months and have never been so hungry and thirsty! I drank four liters of water a day and ate a lot of hearty food. When my doctor gave me the okay I started exercising again, very gently. I really believe in doing things gradually, and your body knows what it is doing, so you have to trust it.”

Ever the globetrotter, Louise has struggled with breast pumping on the fly (“I’ve ended up squatting on bathroom floors in airports”), while sleep training was another battle – one that she wished she’d started sooner. “I’ve heard from many friends there’s a moment around four to five months when it works really quickly and easily.”

Generally, though, she’s far more relaxed than she’d expected to be. “I definitely worry about her and am a protective mom, but I thought I’d be much worse,” Louise laughs. “I love watching Honor explore and see, hear, taste things for the first time. One thing I wasn’t expecting was how much a baby can make you belly laugh. She has a big sense of humor. At dinner time or bath time we usually both get the giggles, and there’s nothing better.”

Back on the red carpet, parenthood has given this celebrity confidante all the more to chat about. “When I was heavily pregnant I hosted the Emmy’s red carpet for NBC, and the celebrities were definitely extra charming! A lot of them asked when I was due, what I was having, or gave me advice. Parenthood humanizes and bonds people in a really lovely way. If you’re out with a stroller, people chat to you more. It’s the same in meetings, sharing experiences and funny anecdotes, and for working mothers there is an instant, mutual respect.”


20 questions with Louise Roe

Louise Roe

Dress by MORÉ NOIR

Hello gorgeous, Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hello! My name is Louise, I’m a journalist and TV host. I lived in LA for a decade before moving back to the English countryside with my husband and daughter, last year.

How would you define yourself in three words?
Focused, kind, silly

In what ways have you been incorporating self – care into your daily routine?
I try to give my skin a face mask once a week, to play tennis a couple of times a week, and to put the phone away and switch off with a movie at the end of a long day.

What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?
It used to be the travel! Actually, it’s the makeovers. I absolutely love seeing the change in people’s demeanour and reaction when they’ve had a full makeover. It’s often quite emotional for everyone!

Can you tell us about an exciting time in your career?
I once hosted the Oscars red carpet, live, for ABC. We had 31 million viewers, which (thank goodness) I didn’t know at the time. I interviewed every nominee and had my very own stage, it was such a buzz.

What would you title this current chapter in your life?

The happiest I’ve ever been. So much family time and back in England, which I missed.

How do you educate yourself on ways of maintaining healthy skin?
I love learning about clean products, effective ingredients and new things on the market. Also- a huge difference is made from the inside, so I keep hydrated and eat a lot of healthy fatty foods, like salmon and avocado, which make a noticeable difference.

What do you love most about Pixi Beauty?
It works! The pigment stays in place all day, and the colours are beautiful. I’ve tried a lot of makeup in my life so when I find something flattering and affordable, I stick with it.

What are your top 3 favorite Pixi Beauty products?
Vitamin C sheet mask- it instantly makes my skin look plumped and happy, eye reflections palette Reflex Light- the colours are just perfect, I love them. And Other Glow blush- Juicy, it’s this peachy, apricot shade and perfect for Summer.

What does the word empowerment mean to you?
Education, empathy, compassion, courage.

In what ways do you use your platform for the greater good?

That’s very important to me. What’s the point in having followers and a voice if you don’t use it the right way, particularly right now. There are different ways I try to use mine. On a day-to-day level I respond in depth to messages, many of which are from people seeking help and advice. I work with children’s charities Spread a Smile and Step Up, and I’m also hosting a live session giving people tips on how to become a mentor, with a list of links to organizations that help communities in need. I use my blog for more in-depth articles about causes I really believe it.

During these tough times, what has kept you motivated?
I’ve actually felt more creative during this time than I have in years. Maybe because our brains can rest for a second, they’re able to think in ways they haven’t for a while. I’m launching an entirely new business and can’t wait to share more!

How do you remain fit, active, and healthy with stay-at-home orders intact?
I’ve been working out from online classes (I wrote a blog post all about my favourites ) and in the beginning we planted a bunch of fruits and veggies in the garden, which we are now picking to eat! That’s very satisfying, and our daughter loves it.

As a creative in quarantine, how have you found inspiration and ways to create?
I’ve read more books, gone on long walks and watched a lot of old movies that have been on my list for literally years!

What and/or who has had the most influence on your growth and why?
Becoming a mother. It focuses the mind and prioritizes life in a completely new way.

How can you as an individual actively take part in fighting a system of oppression and standing in solidarity with your peers of color to amplify their voices?
There are so many ways, big and small, and personally I think that begins with education. I read Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, along with a few other titles, and am still making my way through different documentaries. Podcasts too. It’s also really important to me to educate our daughter about racism, including what institutional racism means. I’ve been sharing what I’ve found helpful and interesting online, including children’s book recommendations, and some incredible black-owned brands in the fashion, beauty and interiors space too.

How have you found ways to educate yourself and those around you?
As above!

What do you think are ways that others can help society and our surrounding communities?
I believe so much in mentorship. It’s something almost anyone can do (people often think you need special qualifications – but you do not). I was lucky enough to have 2 incredible mentors in my career, and it’s important to pass that forward, particularly to a younger generation in less privileged communities.

In what ways has your life changed due to current events?
We have spent so much time at home – like everyone else – and just appreciate any moments much more now. Going for a coffee with a friend is a huge treat now!

What advice do you have for someone who aspires to create a career like your own?
Contact lots and lots of people for an internship- it’s the best way to start and learn on the job. Always smile and be early to work- work your butt off! Keep in touch with any contacts you meet there, and you’ll be top of mind when a position arises. There are no shortcuts, even though social media might make it look that way- so do lots of research and just go for it. You can do it!

The Tale of Louise Roe & Honor Hunkin

It’s almost impossible to not feed off Louise Roe’s infectious smile or ever-present positivity. Even via our email exchange for this interview, you get the sense that she’s a glass-half-full girl through and through.


It’s not surprising, then, to learn that she has over 700 thousand followers on Instagram and a loyal group of fans who have been with her through every step of her diverse and colourful media career. Whether it’s through her time hosting MTV’s Plain Jane (where she met now-husband Mackenzie), or her hosting duties at awards shows, or via content on her popular blog, Front Roe, Louise has kept her finger firmly on the pulse while maintaining relevance and cred in a somewhat fickle and fleeting industry.

A little over a year ago, Louise welcomed daughter Honor into the world and like most mums, found a new perspective on, well, everything. Although she was somewhat prepared for the sleepless nights, she couldn’t have anticipated the slippery slope that is navigating maternity leave, travel, breastfeeding and having a newborn baby all simultaneously. “My own maternity leave is rather blurry. I was determined to take a little time off, so I did bank a lot of articles for the blog, but simultaneously, you can’t post old content because it’s fairly obvious there’s a huge pregnant belly in there! I tried hard to switch off and had about six weeks in my bubble. At six weeks, I hosted the Oscars red carpet for NBC, which was nerve-wracking and empowering all at the same time. I had leak pads stuffed over my boobs, and I took my pump in my handbag! Luckily my producer was also a new Mum, and incredibly supportive!”

We loved catching up with Louise and talking all things career, motherhood and personal style. Not only is her preference for uniform dressing relatable, so too is her typical day juggling motherhood and work (where a home-cooked meal, glass of wine and early night feature most days of the week).

Keen to hear more? Read on for our gorgeous tale with British-born and LA-based style maven, Louise Roe…

Photography by Mackenzie Hunkin | Go to www.louiseroe.com

Tell us about your move to LA from London – when and why did that happen?

It was ten years ago now, time has flown! I was working in London at Vogue.com, writing news stories and hosting for the online channel of Vogue TV. I flew to LA a few times to cover the Oscars and quickly fell in love with the city. To cut a long story short, I ended up in a pitch meeting to host a makeover show, called Plain Jane, which ended up being my career for the next 5 years and a big success – we filmed episodes around the world with MTV, and the director, is now my husband, Mackenzie.

You have many career titles under your belt – stylist, TV host, writer, influencer… how would you describe what you do day-to-day?

It’s a real mix and I think that’s why I love it, each day is different to the last. I could have an early call time at the studio hosting a live segment, then shoot a brand project for my blog, followed by some baby time at home, then meetings – I have a lot of trips between New York and LA too, which is always fun. 

Did you always know you’d end up combining your love of fashion and writing as a career?

I initially wanted to write and wasn’t so interested in the fashion side. My dad is a journalist and writer, who set up a publishing company in the 80’s, so I was really inspired by that to a) write and b) eventually have my own company. I can remember interning at Elle magazine in London after graduating uni. Seeing everyone’s unreal outfits in the office every day, and going to fashion week for the first time, suddenly ignited a huge love for fashion. And it was then I realized perhaps I could fuse that with writing. 

You met your husband on the set of Plain Jane, a TV series you were working on together, and you now work together on various projects. How does this style of arrangement work – is it hard to separate work from home life?

I wouldn’t swap it for the world and feel exceedingly lucky that we can (mostly) control our schedules and be with Honor more than most parents working full-time, as we work from home. But yes, I’d say the downside is that work and home life overlap to the point where we might end up discussing projects and deadlines as we get into bed. That doesn’t bother Mackenzie at all as he’s so laid back, but it stresses me out and I have a ‘no blogger chat at bedtime’ rule! 

You welcomed baby Honor a year ago, can you tell us how the first year of motherhood has been – it’s often described as one of the happiest yet hardest times…

Yes exactly! So many friends had been really frank with me before I gave birth, I was bracing myself for total exhaustion and all that comes with that. But I have to say, I found pregnancy tougher in many ways. I couldn’t sleep and felt sick for most of it, so when gorgeous little Honor arrived, it was like, ‘ahhhh and here’s the reward! That was so worth it!’ Honor has a big sense of humour – she really gets the joke – so even during tougher moments, she manages to make us laugh. 

How did you find being pregnant?

Ha! As above! I think I realized I’m not one of those earthy mothers who loves being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, there were really beautiful moments, like the first time she kicked, but overall I was pretty over it! I did manage to exercise the whole way through though and have my weekly glass of red (lifesaver), and for that I was very grateful. In fact, I shouldn’t leave out the fact that I was very grateful to be pregnant in the first place. I have a lot of friends going through hell trying to become parents, so I did – and do – feel thankful. 

You wrote an honest piece for your blog on maternity leave in 2018 and what it means now in an age where a lot of mothers are self-employed. How have you defined your own maternity leave?

I have never had a bigger reaction to a piece, even People magazine picked it up, which was awesome! I love that my peers, those with an engaged following, are all entering motherhood around the same time, and voicing issues that previously didn’t get the air time they deserved. We have a long way to go, but it’s brilliant to get the conversation going. My own maternity leave is rather blurry. I was determined to take a little time off, so I did bank a lot of articles for the blog, but simultaneously, you can’t post old content because it’s fairly obvious there’s a huge pregnant belly in there! I tried hard to switch off and had about six weeks in my bubble. At six weeks, I hosted the Oscars red carpet for NBC, which was nerve-wracking and empowering all at the same time. I had leak pads stuffed over my boobs, and I took my pump in my handbag! Luckily my producer was also a new Mum, and incredibly supportive! 

What has been the most surprising thing about motherhood so far?

How it bonds strangers together when you’re out, and also how much she makes me laugh. Proper uncontrollable, belly laughing.

What has been the most stressful thing about motherhood so far?

Sleep deprivation, baby jetlag, and pumping in horrid places.

You’ve spoken publicly about breastfeeding and the less than ideal situations for pumping-on-the-go – what was your experience like working, travelling and having to deal with the realities of feeding, sterilising, storing milk, breast pads, etc.?

Terrible! Another issue I’ve discussed on social media… there are slowly ‘pods’ being put into airports which is good, but when I have been on work trips away from Honor, I was shocked at the lack of private areas anywhere. I would get so stressed out having to go to the loo on the plane for 15 minutes at a time, bringing my own liquid soap and brush, I got the weird looks from the flight staff! 

What sort of mum are you – strict, relaxed, routine, go-with-the-flow?

I think I’m a mix of all three. I thought I’d be really strict but I’m a softie. She’s too adorable.

Has your style changed since becoming a mum?

I was already a big fan of the uniform of T-shirts, high waisted jeans and flat loafers or slides, and that’s what I still tend to wear every day. 

On your days at home with Honor, what do you usually wear?

The above, or a big baggy sweater and denim shorts. Super casual.

What are some of your favourite brands and online stores to shop from for yourself and Honor?

Baby Mori, Rachel Riley, Amaia, Dona Carmen, Peppe, AKID Brand.

You have a strong online presence and obviously rely on Instagram for work. What’s your relationship with social media like?

Good question! Like most people, I love it and find it very inspiring at times, but I also see the darker side. I’m careful how much I put Honor on there, and never show her full face anymore. I just feel more and more protective as time goes by. But I will say, the community of followers I have, is unbelievable. These are women who have followed me since Plain Jane, many of whom are now Mums, and give me lots of advice – it goes both ways! I adore them, truly. 

Describe a typical day in your household…

Mackenzie and I work full time together and we work from home, so it’s a mix of filming, shooting, editing and looking after Honor. Around 5pm, we down tools and play with Honor, bath her and then I’ll put her to bed while Mackenzie cooks. He’s an amazing cook! Most nights we stay in, have a glass of wine and relax… Followed by an early night! 

What is your definition of self-care and how do you make time for it?

It’s a lot harder now being a mummy, as there’s less time for anything in between Honor and work – but I do really believe that even short moments for myself are really important. I try to switch off the screen and read (even just a few pages!) of my book, or I’ll have a massage, or we go out for dinner with friends. Anything that makes me feel distracted, relaxed, or like laughing, is self-care in my opinion. 

What is your attitude towards health and fitness like now?

Working out is one of my favorite ways to relax and stop stressing out. I love spinning, circuits, pilates and usually go 3 or 4 times a week in LA – but if I can’t make it to a class for a week or two then I don’t worry about it. Right now I’m home in England for the holidays and would rather chill with the fam and enjoy Honor, than feel guilty I’m not at the gym. 

You travel a lot for work and play, how do you manage things like routine, feeding, sleep and jet lag with Honor?

We are in the middle of it right now – having just got to England with Honor! She has a nightmare with jetlag, so we try to just go with the flow and not worry about timings too much, especially for the first few days. Most of my work trips Honor stays behind with Mackenzie, and I negotiate keeping them as short as possible. We recently went to Cabo for a wedding and brought Mackenzie’s mum out to play nanny for the week, which was brilliant! 

If you could give one piece advice to new or expecting mums, what would it be?

Don’t go on those mass online forums! I scared myself to death googling things in the night when I was pregnant, and once I saw a comment that you can give birth by pushing too hard when you need the loo, that was enough of that crap. Literally! Instead, ask your doctor, or a friend with three or four kids who knows EVERYTHING. 

Louise’s Little List of Loves

Meet TV Host & Fashion Journalist, Louise Roe

When I was travelling in Europe, TV options were limited- but there was always MTV. Majority of the time they were playing reruns of The Geordie Shore (basically a raunchier version of the Jersey Shore… if that’s even possible), but every once in a while they would put that class act programming on hold for a lil’ show called “Plain Jane“.

Premise: the host, Louise Roe (this babe right here), helps Plain Janes everywhere gain confidence to go on a date with their secret crush. It was addicting, to say the least. Even Zack couldn’t peel his eyes from it (LOL- sorry babe!).

My fave part of the show was when Louise Roe would give the girls makeovers. Her fashion sense is on point, so my ears would always perk up when she started spilling her pro styling secrets. You probably recognize this uber babe from The City (starring as Olivia Palermo’s job replacement at Elle.com), E!’s Fashion Police correspondent (she also covered the Royal Wedding live for E!), &/or NBC reality competition show- Fashion Star (host).

You can see her resume is pretty squared away, but on top of all that she also just wrapped up a book, is a fashion journalist for many top publications, & blogs over at LouiseRoe.com. She’s what they like to call a triple threat, & if there is one thing I love, it’s an entrepreneurial fox who kicks ass & takes names.

So, without further adieu, I am pleased to introduce you to (& pick the brain of), Louise Roe.

Enjoy. xx, E

▸▸ Hi girl, so excited to have you on the blog! Let’s start off w/ a lil’ intro. Who is Louise Roe? Tell us a bit about yourself.
Louise Roe: Thank you – me too! I’m a fashion-obsessed TV host, originally from London. I’ve been living in LA 5 years now, and I love it here. I host a bunch of red carpets for Access Hollywood (Emmys is up next), a makeover show in MTV called Plain Jane, and last year I presented Fashion Star on NBC. So I get to play dress up as a career and that’s pretty awesome.

▸▸ How did you get your start in your career?
LR: I started out writing for magazines in London. I worked at Elle as an intern, InStyle and then ran the news desk at Vogue.com. At that point bloggers barely existed, they were a new, interesting creature!

▸▸ What motivates you in life and/or the world of fashion?
LR: In life, I’m motivated by my family and close friends, by travel, by great books, and by cocktails on the beach at sunset! In fashion, I’m motivated by what I see on the runways, incredible heels, art exhibits and constantly discovering new bloggers.

▸▸ What projects are you currently working on?
LR: I just finished my first book. I wrote 75 thousand words and handed it in on Friday. I’m so proud and exhausted all at the same time. It’s a style guide, out in Spring.

▸▸ Anything you’ve learned on set that you can share?
LR:The days are longer than you can ever imagine, so make sure there’s music and coffee. Keep smiling and have a laugh. What we do is important sure, but it’s crucial to keep a sense of humor about any screw-ups or things that go wrong.

▸▸ What’s your favorite fashion/ style tip?
LR: Tweak every trend so it feels like ‘you’. Outfits should make you feel confident and awesome, not like you’re trying to change image from who you really are.

▸▸ Gotta say, your bod is rockin’— any healthy tips for girls with a hectic lifestyle?
LR: Haha thanks! I take an avocado on every flight, in fact I eat one every day. They go with everything and keep my skin hydrated and nourished.

▸▸ Best kept hair and/or beauty secret?
LR: Dry shampoo! The best secret weapon ever for that voluminous, matte vibe. I love the Tresemme dry shampoo and buy it by the crate.

▸▸ If we emptied your purse right now, what would we find?
LR: A Smythson planner (I’m old school and write my schedule out by hand), a Samsung S4, Benefit’s Erase Paste concealer, Jouer’s lip gloss, a little Vince sweater because I always get cold, and The Scarlet Letter.

▸▸ All time fave shopping spots (online or otherwise)??
LR: I love a bargain at Nasty Gal and Missguided! Asos is awesome, so is Reiss and if I’m splashing out, Intermix.

▸▸ First thing you notice in an outfit?
LR: Shoes.

▸▸ What do you skimp on fashion wise? What do you splurge on?
LR: I splurge on shoes, and I’ll skimp on a top or skirt – that does not have to be designer at all. Well, neither do my shoes, but if I’m gonna splurge, it’s on my feet!

▸▸ Fave beauty &/or fashion trend of 2014?
LR: Messy high ponytails with a really neat, center-part. And Bermuda shorts. Love.

▸▸ The one thing every lady should own, whether fashion or beauty wise?
LR: A tailored white blazer.

▸▸ Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
LR: My Grandpa always said ‘never expect anything’.

▸▸ Your top 5 fashion pieces you are lushing over right now? 
LR: 1. Anything by Mara Hoffman
2. A pair of rose gold Birkenstocks
3. An Edie Parker clutch
4. Kara Ross multi-colored earrings
5. A Max Mara coat with tonal panels– cream, camel & rust. Dying for that coat!

✚ ✚ ✚ Shop Louise’s Lushes ✚ ✚ ✚

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Clematis Louise Rowe (Louise Rowe)

Clematis Louise Rowe (Louise Rowe) – variety with double, semi-double or single flowers, formed simultaneously on last year’s shoots, in May – June. Repeats flowering in August-September, forming only single flowers on the shoots of this year. The flowers are light lilac-pink, with white-pink stamens. The size of the flowers is from 12 to 15 cm. The variety is moderately growing. Height 150-200 cm. It grows and blooms best in places protected from strong sun and wind.Particularly good for planting near fences, gazebos, trellises and other garden supports. Good for container growing.

Planting clematis : When choosing a place for clematis, we subdue the fact that the plant prefers a warm place protected from strong winds, as well as the fact that the flowers love a sunny place, and the roots love shade. Therefore, it is good to plant low-growing flowers or ornamental grasses next to it. For example, hosts are great companions for creepers. Another option is root mulching.Needles, sawdust or straw are perfect as mulch. Good drainage is essential for good growth and development. When landing on the bottom of the pit, you can add crushed stone or broken brick, this is especially true when the groundwater is close.

The planting pit must be filled with humus and compost, who is not against chemistry – add superphosphate (150 g).

To deepen the root collar of clematis a little, by 8-10 centimeters, then moisten the seedling well. Bury only at the level of the root collar.leaving a small hole. And only when the stem becomes woody, drip completely to a height of 10 cm from the root collar.

The plant must be tied to a support, and in the future he will cling to it himself.

Clematis care: Clematis must be fertilized up to 5 times during the growing season. The plant also needs good watering, with an average of every 4-5 days.

Preparation for winter: In late autumn, all clematis are pruned, but pruned differently, depending on which group the variety belongs to.The clematis trimming group is indicated in the variety name.

For the winter, clematis need additional shelter for better wintering.

Propagation by cuttings: Cuttings are cut from the middle part of the shoot. The upper, unripe part of the shoot and nodes with buds are not suitable for this purpose. It is better to cut cuttings with one internode and two well-developed buds in the leaf axils. Leave a stem 3-4 cm long under the knot, and 1-2 cm above the knot.

Golden Palm Branch – Cannes – Kommersant

Traditionally, at the very beginning of the festival, the winners of the Cannes prizes are young actors, in whose work the inclinations of future screen stars can be traced.The main supplier of golden palm branches – the Chopard jewelry house – has established a special Chopard Trophy for the youth film crew. The ceremony is supervised by one of the honored workers of the dream factory. This time it was Australian actress Cate Blanchett.

Chopard Trophy is a product in the form of intertwined pieces of film in a special case, judging by the movements of giving and receiving, a rather serious mass. The award has been awarded for the 14th time, and among the newcomers once awarded were, for example, Audrey Tautou and Marillon Cotillard.

On the stage of one of the halls of the Martinez Hotel, the leading ceremony of the English fashion model and TV personality Louise Rowe, the co-president of the Chopard house Caroline Scheufele, the executive editor of Variety magazine Stephen Gaydos, the CEO of the Cannes Film Festival Thierry Fremo, and, of course, Cate Blanchet, took the stage. Only a member of the jury for the Harvey Wanstein was absent. He also missed the premiere of the opening film “The Princess of Monaco” the day before, the producer of which was originally and preparing the film for last year’s Oscars.It can be seen that something went wrong with him. Those who stood on the stage, of course, acted out a scene, calling Harvey from behind the curtains, but apparently this time “the most influential man in Hollywood” will miss the Cannes Film Festival. Most likely, the scandal with the family of the Prince of Monaco turned out to be more serious than just a publicity stunt. Let us remind you that Albert II and his sisters Caroline and Stephanie boycotted the festival because of their disagreement with the interpretation of events in the film “Princess of Monaco”.

In an incomplete jury, the winners of the Chopard Trophy-2014 were announced.They are French actress Adele Exarhopoulos and American actor Logan Lerman.

Despite his 22 years, Mr. Lerman has already starred in almost two dozen films, including “What Women Want”, “Patriot”, “Butterfly Effect”. I have been entrusting him with the main roles for four years, so you can’t call him a junior.

Mademoiselle Exarhopoulos is a year younger, she has fewer films, but she has an adult prize of the Cannes Film Festival – Palme d’Or. The award was presented to the actress last year for her role in the film “Adele’s Life” and she became the youngest owner of it.

To celebrate receiving the trophies went to the roof of the Martinez Hotel. Among the representatives of Russia, the granddaughter of Mikhail Gorbachev, Ksenia, is the editor-in-chief of L’Officiel Russia magazine. In addition to pink champagne and snacks, the guests were offered a performance by the young Swiss artist Bastan Baker. Since the natural scenery was the view from the roof to the Bay of Cannes, the grandiose fireworks, arranged by one of the owners of the ocean yacht, turned out to be very useful.

Ilya Nagibin

The art of photography

(Berretini) Pietro CartonaFrench master of the end of the XVIII centuryK.Matthews A. Sukhov A. Van HufAarre masterAvstriysky master of the XVIII century (?) Austrian master of the second half of the XV century HeynonenAbel GrimmerAbeldyaev DmitriyAbraham VillartsAbraham GovartsAbraham Daniels HondiusAbraham Cornelis BlumartAbraham SnaphanAbraham Hendricks van BeyerenAbraham HyulkAbraham van DipenbekAbraham van KeylenborhAbraham van RandeAvgust KverfurtAvgust Xaver Karl Ritter von PettenkoffenAvgustin Christian RittAvstriysky (Salzburg?) (?) Austrian master of the second half of the 18th century Austrian master of the second quarter of the 19th century Austrian artist of the first half of the 18th century Austrian artist of the mid-18th century (?) Agnes Richardson Agostino Dzoppo Adam Brown Adam Willarts Adam Frans van der Meulen Adam Elsheimer Adelaide Labillerid-Guillard Montiffand? de VeldeAdrian IsenbrantAdrian Thomas KayAdrian France I BoudewijnsAdrian HannemannAdrian Jans van OstadeAdrian van OlenAdrian van der WerfAdrian de GreifAdrian Johann HanenAkille FuniAkseli Gallen-KallelaAlan Ernest SorrellAlbert Jacobs KeypAlbert Jans KlompAleksander AdriansenAleksandr Gabriel DekanAleksandr KabanelAleksandr KalamAleksandr KeyrinksAleksandr MakovskiyAleksandr MolinariAleksandr PetrovAleksandr RoslinAleksandr Francois DeportAleksis Grim (?) Alexis Joseph PerinonAlessandro ManyaskoAlessandro Turks nicknamed Orbetto or VeronezeAlik Ritchie (Alexander Penrose Forbes Ritchie) Alksenor NaksoskiyAllart Peters van EverdingenAlonso KanoAlber MarcheAlbert Gustav-Aristide EdelfeltAlbert George MorrowAlbert LebourgAlberto PasiniAlbrecht AdamAlma-Tadema, LawrenceAltman N.I.Alfred Verusch-KowalskiAlfred de DreAlfred Isidor RoemerAlfred SisleyAlfred StevensAlfredo MadzeoAmboise DuboisAmede OzanfanAmedeo ModiglianiAngel TomowAngelica Maria Anna Catharina Kaufman in the 1st half of the second half of the XVI. (School of Hans Holbein Jr.) English master of the second half of the 17th century (?) English master of the second half of the 18th century English master of the late 18th century (?) English master of the early 19th centuryEnglish master of the early 17th centuryEnglish master of the first half of the 19th centuryEnglish master of the first third of the 19th century Anders Leonard Zorn VrublevskiyAndzhey LyahovichAndzhey SadovskiyAndzhey TryznoAndzhey FogtAndzhelo KarozelliAndre DerenAndre LotAndre Felix RobertiAndre FuzheronAndrea AppianiAndrea BonayutiAndrea Vaccaro Andrea GvardiAndrea LokatelliAndrea MalinkonikoAndrea MantenyaAndrea Pichchinelli nicknamed BreshaninoAndrea RichchoAndrea Solario (?) Andrea ChelestiAndrea di BartoloAndrea di Vanni dAndrea (?) Andreas AhenbahAndreas Ritsos, shkolaAndreas ShelfhautAndries BlumartAndries Cornelis LensAnisfeld Boris IzrailevichAnna BobolaAnna Dorothea Terbusch-LisevskaAnnelis (Anatole) NelcAnnibale CarracciAnri Antoine de FavannAnri ValenciAnri Victor WolvensAnri Joseph ArpignyAnri Joseph van BlarenbergAnri Georges Adam Henri LebaskAnri MatissAnri Nicola van GorpAnri RussoAnri Fantin-LaturAnri Francois RizenerAnri Charles MangenAnri Edmond KrossAnri le FokoneAnselm Friedrich FeyerbahAntal PetseliAntiko, Pier Jacopo Alor BonakolsiAnto DizAnton VonzamAnton GrafAnton Gunter GeringAnton KernAnton MauveAnton PikAnton Rafael MengsAnton RefrezheAntonello de Saliba (?) Anthony Verstralen (?) Anthony KoksiAntoni MiruAnthony PalamedesAnthony FalatAnthony Jacobus van WeingartAnthony Jans van der CrosAntonius LangeAntonio De BellisAntonio ZankiAntonio LombardiAntonio Maria VassalloAntonio Pereda-i-Prosalgado Francio FrantseiTamaninoAntonio di ArkandzheloAntonis Mor van DasthortAntonis van DeykAntuan VollonAntuan Jean GroAntuan KiyarAntuan KuapelAntuan PenAntuan François Vernet (?) Angel Fernandez de SotoAnello FalkoneAnolo BronzinoApollinary VasnetsovApollony of TrallApollonio di Giovanni di TommazoArent (Abraham?) DipramAri (Adriaan) de VoysAri ShefferAristoklArman GiyomenArman, FernanArmando PitstsinatoArp, HansArt Johans de GelderArt van der NerArtus VolfortArhermArhipenko Alexander PorfirevichArchibald Stevenson ForrestAsmus Jacob KarstensAtanas YaranovAttilio PratellaAttilio SteffanoniAhvlediani Elena DmitrievnaAhenbah, OsvaldB KarpovaBazilius GrundmanBakkiakka (Francesco Ubertini) points RodzherBaldung Hans, nicknamed GrinBaltazar DennerBaltazar Paul OmmegankBaltasare FrancheskiniBarend Cornelis KukkukBari Antoine LuiBarnett FridmanBarria Louis ErnestBartolomeo AmmanatiBartolomeo Bonasha (?) Bartolomeo VivariniBartolomeo LigozziBartolomeo Manfredi (?) Bartolomeo Pedon (?) Bartolomeo Esteban MurilloBart olomeo di Messer BulgariniBartholomeus BrenbergBartholomeus Lodewijks van der Helst (?) Bartholomeus SprangerBatoni Pompeo GirolamoBaccio BandinelliBeggarstaffs (James Pride; William Nicholson) Bedini J.P.Beklin, ArnoldBela UittsBelikov AndreyBenar, AlberBenedetto BuloniBenedetto de Maiano, krugBenua MituarBenua Charles Alexander NikolaevichBencho ObreshkovBenyamin Gerrits KeypBeringer, FolkerBernar ByuffeBernardino Butinone (?) Bernardino LichinioBernardino LuiniBernardino PinturikkoBernardino FungaiBernardo BellottoBernardo DaddiBernardo KavallinoBernardo Strozzi, Bernardo, called Prete Genovese or KapuchchinoBernardo ChuffaniBerngard FrizBernhard KrechmarBero, Jean Bert Thomas (Herbert Samuel Thomas) Bert Heller Bertole Flemal Bertoldo di Giovanni Biz (J.M. Fleming) Bilibin Ivan Yakovlevich Blanche, Jacques Émile Blaise Nicola Lesueur Joseph) Emmanuilovich Bramante Donato Brothers Iñas and Joseph Broche Brown, Hablot Knight (“Fiz”) Bronislava Wilimowska Brunelleschi Filippo Bruno Andreas Liljefors Bruno Yutner Brüllov Karl Pavlovich Boutovein, Rene Bouacier, Jean JulesD.Busti, Agostino, surnamed. BambayyaValanten de BulonValerio KastelloVallander, AlfValdemar Lech GermanValter VomakaValter GettsValter LibudaValter-OttenVasily V. KandinskiyVauter VerskhyurVenetsiansky master XVII vekaVenetsiansky master XVIII vekaVenetsiansky master of the second quarter of the XVI vekaVenetsiansky master end of XIII – beginning of XIV vekaVenetsiansky master of the end XVII – early XVIII vekaVenetsiansky master end of the XVII vekaVenetsiansky master early XVIII vekaVenetsiansky master first half of the 16th century (?) Venetian master of the last third of the 17th century Venetian master of the third quarter of the 18th century Vera Edith Ross (Vera Weekly) Verrocchio Andrea Upper Rhine master of the early 16th century (Follower of the Maikamer Altarpiece) Wieslaw GarbolińskiWestphalian master 11th century Byzantine master Byzantine masterByzantine master of the 10th centuryByzantine master of the last third of the 14th centuryWiiette Leon AdolphVictor II Wolfwoot (?) Viktor Borisov-MusatovVictor MadarasViktor HicksWillem II van NewlantWillem Willems II van de VeldeWillem Willems van der VlietaWillem Hau Ferguson (?) Wilhelm August Leopold Christian KrauzeVilgelm ViderVilgelm Leibl Wilhelm Schubert van LeopolskiyVilgelm ErenbergVinogradov S.A.Vinsent Laurens van der VinneVinsent van GogVintsenty KaspshitskiyVintsents FisherVinchentso GrisolyaVinchentso di Biagio Catena (?) 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Giorgio VazariDzhordzho de KirikoDzhoshua BrevioDzhuzeppe AndzheliDzhuzeppe Antonio PetriniDzhuzeppe BonitoDzhuzeppe VichentsinoDzhuzeppe GambariniDzhuzeppe DzaisDzhuzeppe Kadesh Giuseppe Maria KrespiDzhuzeppe NogariDzhuzeppe NuvoloneDzhuzeppe RuoppoloDzhuzeppe ChezariDzhulio KampiDzhulio Pippi, called Giulio RomanoDzhulio Cesare ProkachchiniDzhuliya Lama (?) Diane (Anella) De Maria Rosado RiveraDimitr BuyukliyskiyDirk VerhartDirk SantvortDirk HelmbrekerDirk Dirks van der LisseDmitry KirovDobrohna Yurchak-SvitkaDomeniko GardzhuloDomeniko KvaloDomeniko PuligoDomeniko FettiDominik SmoutDominikus van TolDona GiyoDonatelloDore Paul GustavDosso DossiDreve, KlodDubovskoy N.N.Dunkan James GrantDenis KonstandurasDyurer AlbrehtEzhi GrabovskiyEzhi Duda-GrachElena A. MosolovaEugeniush ArktEugeniush Stanislav GeppertZhOSSO Henri Gustave (Abdul Karim, Karim Abd’al) Jaime UgetZhak Andre Joseph AvedZhak BleniZhak DyumonZhak KurtuaZhak LazhuZhak DavidZhak Louis Raymond BrakassaZhak François Joseph, nicknamed de Fontaine de SvebahZhak LestenZhak DavidZhakemon-Louis from NivelyaZhan VattoZhan Antoine Antoine Baptiste GudonZhan MonnuayeZhan Baptiste Baptiste NatteZhan SanterrZhan Baptiste Oudry (?) Jean Baptiste Francois Baptiste PaterZhan SharpanteZhan Victor BertenZhan EnnerZhan Jacques Louis Laurent MoneZhan DemarnZhan Louis Michel Moreau ForenZhan LyursaZhan mladshiyZhan Pierre Auguste Dominique EngrZhan NorblenZhan Pierre FrankZhan PyuiZhan RauZhan RestuZhan Jean-François Millet Ma rtenZhan-Baptiste RenoZhan-Baptiste Simeon ShardenZhan-Baptiste YueZhan-Baptiste de ShampenZhan Louis VualZhan Honoré FragonarZhan Francois RafaelliZhan Francois de TruaZhanna Philibert LeduZhanni MikelsZherom Jean LeonZhirardon, FransuaZhozef-Siffredi DyuplessiZhorzh ArditiZhorzh BrakZhorzh DyufrenuaZhorzh RoshgrossZhorzh RuoZhorzh de EspanyaZhuveneZhyul Bastien-LepazhZhyul BretonZhyul Dupre Jules Jacques VeyrassaZhyul KuaneZhyul León FlandrenZaltsburgsky master first half XVI vekaZigvard ShprotteZigmunt ValishevskiyZitman, Cornelis YakominusZlatyu Boyadjiev BrzhevskayaIasent Rigaud KirkIvan (Jean) Albertovich PuniIvan VodevIvan KramskoyIvanovich-PayIgnasio Zuloaga (Zuloaga-and-Zabaleta) Ignatovich BorisIda NappelbaumIeronim YansensIeronimus van der MeyIzak Klas van SvanenbyurgIktinIlya PetrovImre VizkeletiJoanne ApakassJohann LambardosJoachim Antonis EytevalJoachim BeckelaerJoachim PatinirJohann Thomas van KesselJohann van Hansbergen (?) eorg Trautmann (?) Johann Gregor van der ShardtIogann Carl LotIogann Koenig (?) Johann KerbekeIogann LissIogann Ludwig Ernst MorgenshternIogann Melchior VirshIogann Nepomuk RauhIogann Peter HazenkleverIogann Rasso Januarius TsikIogann FalhIogann Friedrich August TishbeynIogann Christian BrandtIogann Christian ReynhartIogann Christian FollerdtIogann Erdmann GummelIozef Anton RombergIozef Georg EttlingerIozef IzraelsIozef Carl ShtilerIon Alyn GeorgiuIos van KrasbekIost Cornelis DrohslotIohann BarduIohannes Christian ShotelIohannes Peter ShufIohannes Jans HakkertIohem Goverts KampheysenIppolit RobiyarIppolito KaffiIsaak LeyzerovIsak Jans van OstadeIsoda KoryusayIspansky master XV vekaIspansky master XVII vekaIspansky master XVIII vekaIspansky master XX vekaItaliko BrassItalyansky master of the XIX century (?) Italian master XVI vekaItalyansky master XVII century (? ) Italian master of the 18th century (?) Italian master of the late 15th century Italian master of the early 17th century (?) Italian master of the first quarter of the 17th century eka (?) Istvan Shegedi SchütsY.R. SvanYozef GautsingerYozef GrassiYozef Hendrik Hubert LisYozef ShvemmingerYozef Eduard van StevensYozef BredalYongelink ZhakYos II van de MomperYos KleveYohan van Huhtenburg (?) KAPPELLO LeonettoKavaler dArpinoKallikratKallimahKallo, ZhakKamillo Gavassetti (?) Camillo ProkachchiniKamil PissarroKandido VitaliKandinskayaKantagallina RemidzhoKarel BreydelKarel DyuzhardenKarel Peters FabritsiusKarel van FalensKarl Van LooKarl Wilhelm Wilhelm BarduKarl HyubnerKarl Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig DreberKarl BekkerKarl MillesKarl MilnerKarl RotmanKarl Fredrik von BredaKarl HermanKarl HoferKarl Christian Vogel von Erich FogelshteynKarl ShteynbekKarl MyullerKarlo DolchiKarlo KarraKarlo Coppola Carlo MadzhiniKarlo MarattaKarlo Francesco Nuvolone nicknamed PanfiloKarlo ChinyaniKarolin MaknernKarolingsky master VIII (?) – Ser.IX vv.Karolingsky master of the German school IX vekaKarol ShveykardKarpo, Jean-BatistKarer Bellez, Albert ErnestKaspar David FridrihKaspar NetsherKastedaKatalonsky master XV vekaKatalonsky master XVI vekaKaffieri Jean ZhakKatsukava Syunkō IKatsukava SyuntoKatsusika HokusayKventin MasseysKvirin Gerrits van BrekelenkamKeystut BereznitskiyKeler, GermanKer Xavier RusselKern, LeonardKefisodot StarshiyKikugava EydzanKiselev A. A. Kitagawa Utamaro I Kitaev Alexander Clas Berchem Clas Cornelis Muyart Clas Molenaer Clause Sluther Clemente Bandinelli Clifford Hooper Row Clifford Ellis Nickname Claude Joseph Vernet Claude Lorrain (Claude Gelle) Claude Mellan Claude Monet-ClaudiensK.Klodyus (Claudius) ZhakanKolar of DueKolomb MishelKoluhKonrad FaberKonstan VautersKonstan TroyonKonstantin Kaspars NetsherKonstantin MeneKonstantin SomovKonstantinopolsky master (Angelus?) Of the second quarter XV vekaKonstantinopolsky master start vekaKonchalovsky XIV, Peter PetrovichKoppo di MarkovaldoKorkin VasiliyKorneli ShlegelKornelis (II) ViskherKornelis BeltKornelis Gerrits DekerKornelis DzhonsonKornelis MasseysKornelis Peters BegaKornelis TrostKornelis Heysmans Cornelis Hermans SaftlevenBonevKrasnopevtsev Dmitry MihaylovichKrasovsky LeonidKraft AdamKresilayKristian KastorKristina RobertsonKristof PaudisKristofano AlloriKristofel LyubenetskiKristofer (Sh.Bule) Cristoforo Munari (Monari) Cristoforo SavoliniKritiyKrog Arnold EmilKrug master ChikagoKuazvo, AntuanKuprin Alexander VasilevichKurt Michal FoutaKustodiev Boris MihaylovichKustu Guillaume IKucherinov MihailKete Munzer-NeymanKetlin DeviKetlin Sabina MannKyun, KnudKortis MoffatLabas Alexander ArkadevichLagrene , Anthelme FransuaLazar BryuandeLazar VolovikLambert SustrisLansere Eugene AleksandrovichLapin AleksandrLaslo (Ladislav) PalLaurana Francescoli Muatyure AntuanLeandro BassanoLebedev Vladimir VasilevichLebedeva, Sarah DmitrievnaLev Bakst (Rosenberg) Levasseur, Henri-LuiLekont, FeliksLelio OrsiLemuan, Jean BatistLentulov Aristarch VasilevichLeon BonnaLeon DetruaLeon LemanLeon LermitLeon Maxim FevrLeon NavezLeon Philibert KutyureLeonardo KokkoranteLeonardo CrownLeonart BramerLeonhard RauschLeopold SurvageLeopold FertbauerLeoharL Epotre, Pierre Lefebvre Valentin Liberich N.Livio Mechus Lindberg Peter Lisberg, Carl Lysippus Lodovico Carracci Lockwood Cedric Morris Lombard master of the 17th century (?) Lombard master of the first half of the 17th century Lombard master of the middle of the 15th century Laurent Blanchard Laurent de La Yer Lord Gerald Bernerson Thorenithraldo Lorenzio Lorenzo Lorenzio Lorenzio BredshouLourens BredshouLourens Kayyatstso LoloshkaLubardaLui Ammi BlanLui Ammi form (?) by Louis Boulogne mladshiyLui ValtaLui Gabriel Moreau starshiyLui GalleLui LegranLui Leopold BualiLui Leopold RoberLui Michel Van LooLui Nicola van BlarenbergLui RobbeLui TokkeLui François Victor VatlenLui ErsanLui Etienne VatleLuidzhi KrespiLuidzhi LuarLuiza Elizabeth Vigee-LebrenLuis de KoleriLuis de MoralesLuka DzhordanoLuka LeydenskiyLuka PennyLuca della RobbiaLucas AchtshellinkLucas Cranach the ElderLucas van JudenLuckus VitasLiege Master of the 12th century (Rainier de Huy?) Ludwig GuttenbrunnLudwig KnausLudwig MunteLudwig von HofmannLudolf Lerardse de Jong (?) Ludomir Slendzinsky Lucien Simon MAXFIELD Perrish Frederk Magalashvili, Katevana Konstantinovna Mademoiselle Riviere Madrid master of the 17th century Madsen, Theodore Maillol, Aristide Mayofis Grigory Makovsky Vladimir Egorovich Makovsky K.E.Maks LibermannMaks FurmanMaksim DetomaMaksimilian Joseph HannlMaksimilian PfaylerMalevany OlegMalevich, Casimir SeverinovichManilio DatstsiMargerit ZherarMari (Johann Marie Antrim) ten KateMari LoransenMarianna Carlevaris (?) Mariano Fortuny-and-KarboMarinus KukkukMarinus Adrianus van ReymersvaleMario TotstsiMariya Robertson MozesMariya Françoise Constance Mayer LamartinerMark Z. ShagalMark Louis Benjamin Vautier starshiyMark , FrantsMarko di Martino da Venezia (?) Marcellis KoffermansMarten PepeynMarten Frans van der HyulftMarten de VosMartin DrollingMartin Ferdinand KvadalMartin ShongauerMartinus NelliusMarchello BachchiarelliMarchello VenustiMaster Prodigal SynaMaster Crispin and Krispiniana (Art van den Bossche) master Landeronskogo diptihaMaster Liechtenstein zamkaMaster MizerikordiiMaster San Jacopo and MuchchianaMaster Northern Greece (Mount Athos ?) second quarter of the 15th century Master of Northern Greece (Thessaloniki?) at the beginning of the 14th century Master of the Court of Solomon (?) Master of the Beguins Master of St. Anne’s Hospital Master of the female sex Figures The Master from Messkirch The Master from Frankfurt (Hendrik van de Vuehlwe) (?) The Master from Hoogstraten The master of the legend of St.George Master of Naughty Children Master of Singing Angels Master of Processions Master of St. Joseph. XIII century Matthias Gerung
Merovingian master of the 5th – 6th centuries Mete, André FernandMechislav Tadeusz JanikovskyMicaela EleuteriadeMichelangelo BuonarrotiMichelangelo CherkvozziMichelangelo CherkvozziMichele DesubleoMichele MarieschiMichele ToziniMichele da Firenze.XVI vMino yes FezoleMinon, ZhanMihail Damascus, krugMihail LarionovMihay MunkachiMihel Sittow (acacia Miguel Zittos), Master Michiel Michiel Jansz van VerstegMihil SimonsMihil MireveltMihil MyuskherMishel DyuplessiMishel van de GallarMois KislingMonogrammist KLMonogrammist PolMonogrammist AVMonogrammist N.Morelse (?) Moretto da Brescia (?) Maurice DenisMaurice LobrMaurice William GreiffenhagenMaurice UtrilloMaurice de VlaminckMosner Indies (Sidney Ransome) Mary Cassett N.L. PeskhirNIKOLSON UilyamNadezhda Petrovna LezheNanteyl, RoberNappelbaum MoiseyNarod SenufoNarod ChokveNarod ChumbaNaumburgsky master XIII vekaNeapolitansky master XVIII vekaNeapolitansky master the first half of the XVII vekaNeapolitansky master mid XVII vekaNeizvestny author XII vekaNeizvestny masterNeizvestny masterNeizvestny masterNeizvestny Master III vekaNeizvestny Master V Master vekaNeizvestny VI vekaNeizvestny master XI vekaNeizvestny master of the XII century.Catalonia (?) Unknown master of the 13th century Unknown master of the 13th century Unknown master of the 13th century Unknown master of the 13th century Unknown master of the 19th century Unknown master of the 19th century Unknown master of the 15th century Unknown master of the 16th (?) Century Unknown master of the 17th century Unknown master of the XVII century Unknown master of the 18th century, England unknown century. Florence Unknown master of the Troyes school. XVI century Unknown master, Byzantium, XIV century Unknown master, Francois Duquesnoy school.(XVII century?) Unknown master. Armenia. XI-XIII centuries Unknown master. Venice. Early 16th century Unknown master. Germany. XVI century Unknown master. Germany. Late 15th – early 16th centuries Unknown artist. Spain. XVI century Unknown master. Netherlands or France. XVI century Unknown master. Saxony. Early 16th century Unknown master. Flanders or Northern Germany. 15th centuryUnknown photographerUnknown artistUnknown artistUnknown artist of the 19th centuryUnknown artist of the 19th centuryUnknown artist of the 17th centuryUnknown artist of the 17th centuryUnknown artist of the 17th (?) Century (?)Courtois (Bourguignon) German craftsman German craftsman (sculptor), 17th century German craftsmen of the 1840s German craftsmen of the 19th century German craftsmen of the 16th century German craftsmen of the 17th century German craftsmen of the 18th century German craftsmen of the 18th century (?) German craftsmen of the second half of the 18th century (?) German craftsmen of the second quarter of the 18th century German master of the late 17th – early 18th century German master of the late 17th century German master of the late 18th century German craftsman of the early 19th century German craftsman of the first half of the 19th century German craftsman of the first quarter of the 17th century German craftsman of the mid-19th century German craftsman of the mid-18th century German craftsman, 15th century (?) German craftsman, XV- XVI centuries.(?) Neri di Bicci Neroccio di Bartolomeo di Benedetto de Landi Nesiot Dutch (Antwerp) craftsman, circa 1520-1530 Dutch craftsman Dutch craftsmen of the 16th century Dutch craftsmen of the 18th century Dutch craftsmen of the second quarter of the 16th century Dutch craftsmen of the late 15th century, Dutch mid-15th-century Dutch craftsmen of the 15th-15th centuries master, circa 1490-1500 Dutch master, circa 1510-1520 Dutch master, circa 1520 (?) Dutch master, circa 1540-1550 Dutch master, circa 1600 Dutch master, c. 1600-1610 Nicolaus de Keyser Nikifor Tsonev Niccolo Pisano LancreNicolas PoussinNicolas Rainier (Renieri) Nicola Toussaint CharletNicolas de LargilliersNicolas VosmareNicholas Gerritz MasNicolas Grigorescu Nicolas Cave (?) AndshutNikolaus KnüpferNicoletto SemitekoloNicolo di PietroNielsen, EricNovelli, Pietro, nicknamed Monrealese (?) Novopolsky S.Nolde, EmilNuzhdenko TrofimNyuverkerk Alfred Emilien Vincent O’Hara deObri BordsliOdilon RedonOkumura MasanobuOleg A. TsingerOleg Nikolaevich TselkovOlga Ignatovich Honore Victor DomeOnorio Marinari (?) Horace VerneOsbert LankasterOskar EdvardsOstin Claire KuperOton FriezOttavio VanniniOtterloOtto BeyerOtto RashOtto van VeenO’Galop (Rossillon, Marius) P.Y. HeysmansPAYL GovardPLANK Georges VulfPRAYD DzheymsPablo PikassoPavlov EvgeniyPal BemPalma Junior (Jacopo Negretti) Palma the Elder (Jacopo d’Antonio Negretti) Paolo VeronezePaolo PaganiPaolo PorporaPaolo FarinatiParis BordoneParmidzhanino (Francesco Mazzola) Pascal Adolphe Jean-BuvrePassinyano Danyang (Domenico Cross) Pauvel de VosPaul BrilPaul KleePaulyus MorelsePaulyus Peters PotterPaulyus Theodorus van BrusselsPedro de Mena? Per the Elder HillestromPerino del VagaPearl SchwarzPerov V.G. Percival Albert Trompf (Percy Trompf) Peter I Nefs Peter Bout Peter Geisels Peter Heinrich Happel Peter Lüdert Dückmann Peter Paul Rubens Peter van der Villige Peter de Kempener III Peter Alexandrovich Nilus Petichov Sergei Vodkin Kuzekhmeny RacebruckPeter II Bruegel (the Younger) Peter ArtsenPeter ClaesPeter Cook van AelstPeter Moulier (Moin) Peter NasonPeter Pauwels Wauverman (?) Peter PetersPeter Peters LastmanPeter Theys (or Thijs) Peter Jans QuastPeter van AnradmentPeter van der Kewein de HoochLate Roman masterPaul NashPaul Tristram HillierPolenov Vasily DmitrievichPolidoro di Renzi (?) PolycletusPaul (Hippolyte) DelarochePaul BarbierPaul BreylantPaul GauguinPaul CezannePaul SignacPaul EllaPolish master of the XVIII centuryPolish master of the XVIII centuryPolish master of the XVIII centuryPolish master of the XVIII centuryPolish master of the XVIII centuryPolish master of the XVIII centuryPolish master of the XVIII centuryPolish master of the XVIII century p Francesco ForentinoPul, Egbert van derPer Alexander VillPer Antoine DemashiPer ArkamboPer Carriere-BellezPer Leone GetstsiPer MinyarPer Narcissus GerenPer Auguste RenuarPer Paul PryudonPer Puvis de ShavannPer SyubleyraPer Francesco MadzukelliPer Francesco MolaPer Francesco di Jacopo FoskiPer Etienne FalkonePer Antoine BoduenPetro Antonio RotariPetro Bellotti (?) Pietro DaminiPetro DandiniPetro Della vecchiaRansinan GerardRaoul DufyRauch, ChristianReginald Edward HigginsRembrandt Harmenszoon van RijnRemigus Adrianus van HanenRenato GuttusoRenzo OrvietoRibaltaRibera, Jusepe de, nicknamed Spagnoletto Ricard Riccardo master of the XVIII century the first quarter of the XVII vekaRimsky master last third XVI vekaRimsky master of the mid XVII vekaRimsko-Tuscan master of the last third of the XVI vekaRipenhauzen, IohannesRihard BrakenburgRihter Svyatoslav TeofilovichRichard Gerald Talbot GayattRichcharelli, Daniele, called Daniele da VolterraRishar ZheranyanRober DeloneRober ZamboRober LefevrRober TurnerRoberto RobertiRoberto FontanaRogir van der VeydenRode, AndreasRoden, OgyustRodchenko Alexander Roger SomvilleRosa BonerRosemary EllisRockwell KentRolland GoldenRoman KramshtykRoman KramshtykRoman master of the 10th – 11th centuriesRomanesque master XI – XII v.Romansky master XII v.Rombaut van TroyenRomuald HaynatskiyRoos Philip PeterRosselino AntonioRossello di Jacopo FrankiRudolf BerganderRudolf DammeyerRudolf DammeyrRudolf KollerRulant Jacobs Savery Russian master of the first half of the XIX vekaRustichi Giovanni FrancheskoRymarenko AleksandrRyud, FransuaSalomon VerverSalomon Leonardus Jacobs van de ReysdalSalomon (?) BraySalvator RozaSalvatore FyumeSandro BottichelliSano di PetroSanti di TitoSanches Perez AlbertoSaryan Martiros SergeevichSassetta (Stefano di Giovanni) Sassoferato (Giovanni Battista Salvi) Svetlin RusevSebastyan BurdonSebastyan VranksSebastyan StassenSebastyano KonkaSebastyano MaynardiSebastyano MatstsoniSebastyano RichchiSevero East Germany and Danzig (Gdansk) Northern Italian masterSeveroitalyansky master XVII century (?) Northern Italian master of the 18th century North Italian master of the second half of the 15th century North Italian master of the first half of the 15th century North Italian master of the first half of the 16th century everoniderlandsky master the third quarter of the XVI Master vekaSeveroniderlandsky about 1570-1580Severtsova-Gabrichevskogo Natalia AlekseevnaSenya di BonaventuraSerebryakova Zinaida EvgenevnaSerzh MendzhiskiSerov Valentine AleksandrovichSesil Charles Windsor OldinSilanionSimon VueSimon OpzomerSimon HolloshiSimon Jacobs de VligerSimone KantariniSimone MartiniSimone PinoniSimone dei KrochifissiSimonno, SharlSirlin YorgSithovSkopasSkorel Yang vanSmit, Arnout (Dutch Master the beginning of the XVIII century) (?) Sodom (Giovanni Antonio Batsii) Solari, KristoforoSofiya RosharSofiya StryenskaSofiya StryenskaStanislav Tadeusz GroholskiyStanislav FialkovskiyStanislav HlebovskiyStanislav Emil BorisovskiyStanislav Emil BorisovskiyStantsione, Massimo (Cavalier Massimo) Steinlen Theophile AleksandrStepanova Varvara FedorovnaStefan GatsevStefano GirardiniStefano TorelliStoyan VenevStenli GerbertSurbaran, Francisco deSyumbaysay HokueySyunkōsay HokusyuTavrisk of ThrallTaddeo Tsukkaro (Tsuccari) Tambiev Artem RomanovichTamm, Franz Werner, p rooted by Dapre Tarakanov A.Tarnovetsky VyacheslavTatti Jacopo, called SansovinoTeo van ReysselbergeTeodor Jean Antoine GyudenTeodor ZherikoTeodor RussoTeramo PyadzhoTino di KamainoTintoretto (Domenico Robusta) Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusta) Tiziano VechellioTobreluts OlgaTom PorvisToma KutyurTomas VeykTomas Villeboyrts BoskhartTomas DauniTomas LourensTomas Hendricks de KeyserTomas HeremansTommazo Salini, called Mao SaliniTomsen, HristianTorii Kiomitsu II [ Kiyomine] Torii Kiyonaga Tuscan master of the late 16th century Totoya Hockey Trahman Mikhail Trayan Bradyan Trentin (?), Angelo Troyanovskaya, Anna Ivanovna Toulouse-Lautrec Henri-Marie-Raymond de William (Mallet) Tru William Bounces William Dobson N. Zorach William ShayP. Walter James Steggles Utagawa Kunimaru Utagawa Kunisada [Toyokuni III] Utagawa Kuniyasu Utagawa Kuniyoshi Affleck F. Barochchi F. Gregory Brown (Frederick Gregory Brown) F. JohnsF. FereFabritsio KlerichiFalk Robert RafailovichFalkone, Etienne MorisFaustino BokkiFederiko AndreottiFeliks VallottonFeliks Francois Georges Philibert ZiemFeliche KazoratiFeliche Fikkerelli nicknamed Ripozo (?) Femistokles background EkkenbreherFerdinand I de BrakelerFerdinand Baltasars Baltasars BolFerdinand Bol (?) Ferdinand Georg ValdmyullerFerdinand HodlerFerents KochmashFerents HeverdleFernan KormonFernan LezheFerrari Luca (Luca da Reggio) FidiyFiliber Louis DebyukurFilip BeynsFilipp BenuaFilipp Jacob Luterbur mladshiyFilipp KaremFilipp Peter RosFilipp FeytFilippo PalitstsiFilippo FalchiatoreFilips AngelFilips Arts KoninkFilips Pauvels VauvermanFilonov Paul NikolaevichFisher German MladshiyFisher Peter MladshiyFisher Peter StarshiyFisher Peter Senior, masterskayaFisher, VilgelmFisher, GeorgFlaman Anselm StarshiyFlamandsky (?) master of the second half of the XVII vekaFlamandsky (?) artist 17th century Flemish master Flemish master 17th century Flemish master second half of the 17th century (?) Flemish master second quarter and 17th century Flemish master of the late 17th – early 18th century Flemish artist of the late 17th century Flemish master of the early 17th century Flemish master of the early 18th century Flemish master of the mid-17th century Flemish master of the third quarter of the 17th century Flemish artist of the 17th (?) century Flaminio Fontana Fletner, Peter Florentine XVI centuryFlorentine master of the first half of the 16th century Florentine master of the first quarter of the 16th century Florentine master of the mid-17th century Floris de Vriendt, Cornelis II Franconian master Francucci (Innocenzo da Imola) France I Floris de Frindt France II Franken Frances III Castells (? ZhurdenFransisko Pradilya-and-OrtisFransua Andre VensanFransua BusheFransua Hubert Drouet mladshiyFransua DyushatelFransua ZherarFransua Joseph DyupressuarFransua LemuanFransua Marius GraneFransua FlamengFransua Fleury RisharFransua de TruaFrants Anton MaulberchFrants Anton HartmanFrants Werner Tamm nicknamed Dupree (?) Franz Gerhard von KyugelhenFrants Carl PalkoFrants KryugerFrants Xavier VintergalterFrants HalsFrants de GamiltonFrants de Paula FergFranz von DefreggerFranz von LenbachFranz von StuckFrench (?) Master of the 18th century French (?) Master of the second half of the 17th century French (?) Master of the middle of the 19th century French (?) Xy French master of the late 18th century French master of the 19th century French master of the 17th century French master of the 18th century French master of the second half of the 19th century French master of the second half of the 16th century French master of the second half of the 16th century School of FontainebleauFrench master of the second half of the 17th century French master of the second half of the 18th century French master of the late 19th century – French master of the late 19th century – French master of the late 19th century century French master at the end of the 17th century French master at the end of the 17th century (Workshop A.F. van der Meulen) French craftsman of the early 19th century French craftsmen of the early 18th century French craftsmen of the first half of the 18th century French craftsmen of the first third of the 20th century French craftsmen of the mid-19th century French craftsmen of the mid-18th century Francesco (Francesco Raibolini) (?) ) Francesco KazanovaFranchesko KazanovaFranchesko KayroFranchesko KontiFranchesko Kurradi (?) Francesco Junior BassanoFranchesko MontiFranchesko Rizzo da SantakrocheFranchesko SolimenaFranchesko TabussoFranchesko Trevisani, called Romano Francesco FontebassoFranchesko Francia (?) Francesco Danton da AnkonaFranchesko di Gentile da FabrianoFranchesko di Simone FerruchchiFred TeylorFrederik Bourgeois de MerseyFrederik GudlFrederik LongeFrederik Schneider MannerFrederik de MusheronFrederika Nappelbaum FreyFrank SpenloveFriedrich August von KaulbachFriedrich Otto GeorgiFriedrich Preller Sr.Fritz (August Friedrich) OverbeckFritz Johan F rederik TaulovFrits HildebrandtFrenk NyuboldFrenk William BrengvinFurne GabrielFyazella, Domenico, nicknamed Sarzana (?) Halina Tsentkevich-MihalskaHans BolHans Vredeman de FrisHans GrundigHans Suess von KulmbahHans MakartHans TomaHans FaybushHans von Aachen Hans von BartelsHans background MareHarlemsky master the first half of the XVII vekaHarlemsky master the first third of the XVII vekaHarold StegglzHarold Sandys UilyamsonHendrik Hendrik Willem Mesdag Hendrik VogtHendrik GoltziusHendrik Cornelis van der VlietHendrik LeisHendrik Martens SorgN.Hristian Wilhelm Ernst DitrihHristian ZeyboldHristian Bendeler Johann (?) Hristo TodorovHuan Carreno de MirandaHubertus van HoveHyu Douglas GamiltonTsadkin, OsipCharlz Green ShouCharlz ShilerCharlz KrombiCharlz SharlendChez (Charles) PirsChezare MontiChezare Tamarochcho (?) Cesare da SestoChellini BenvenutoChigoli (Lodovico Cardi) Chiola, ValerioChipper, Giacomo Francesco, nicknamed TodeskiniChittadini, Pier Francesco, nicknamed MilanezeChu AlmondShERE ZhyulShayhet ArkadiySharbonneSharl Henri Joseph LeykertSharl GerenSharl Joseph NatuarSharl KotteSharl LebrenSharl OgeSharl Raymond Shabrilyak (?) Charles François Grenier de LakruaSharl Francois DobiniSharl ShaplenSharl Emil ZhakSharl Emile Carolus-DyuranSharl de La FossShvabsky masterShveytsarsky master early XVI vekaShveytsarsky master the first half of the 19th century Shipione Pulzone Chodet, Antoine Denis, Steinberg V.Stefan Barabash Shtoss Faith (Vit Stvosh) Shumov Petr Shukhaev, Vasily Ivanovich DeseEberhar KeichlauEgbert van HeemskerkEdward Alexander WadsworthEdward BowdenEdward Henry Gordon Craig (Henry Edward Gordon Wardell) Edward DwurnikEdward McKnight (“Ted”) CofferEdward MunchEdganward Edwinard Culphurne Sludge
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Calendar of significant dates

2021–2030- Decade for Ecosystem Restoration

2021–2030 – Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

2019–2028 – Decade of Family Farming

2018–2028 – Decade of Action “Water for Sustainable Development”

2018–2027 – Decade to End Poverty

2016–2025 – Decade of Action on Nutrition

2015–2024 – International Decade for People of African Descent

2014–2024- Decade of Sustainable Energy for All

2021 – International Year of Vegetables and Fruits


2021 in Russia

2018 – 2027 – Decade of childhood in Russia. Presidential decree of 05/29/2017

On December 25, 2020, Russian President V.V. Putin signed a decree on holding the Year of Science and Technology in the Russian Federation in 2021.

On June 24, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the celebration in 2021 “in order to preserve the military-historical and cultural heritage, strengthen the unity of the Russian people” of the 800th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Nevsky.
On 24 August 2016, Russian President V.V. Putin signed a decree on the celebration in 2021 of the 200th anniversary of the birth of F.M.Dostoevsky.

Year of Architecture and Urban Planning in the Commonwealth of Independent States

Anniversary dates 2021:

1110 years from the date of the conclusion of the First Treaty of Russia with Byzantium (911)

800 years since the birth of the Russian prince, commander Alexander Nevsky (c. 1221-1263)

570th birth anniversary of Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), Spanish navigator

445 years since the birth of the French economist A.Montchretien (1576-1621)

435 years since the manufacture of the “Tsar Cannon” by A. Chokhov (1586). Installed in the Moscow Kremlin

430 years since the completion of the construction of the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow (1591)

310 years since the invention of the piano by B. Cristofori (1711)

290 years since the creation of the Russian Pacific Fleet (1731)

190 years since the creation of the Rumyantsev Museum (1831)

155 years since the founding of the Russian Telegraph Agency (1866)

145 years since the invention of the first telephone set by A.H. Bell (1876)

110 years since the invention of the first knapsack parachute by G.E. Kotelnikov (1911)

95 years since the founding of the publishing house “Soviet Encyclopedia” (1926), since 2004 – “Great Russian Encyclopedia”

95 years since the creation of the All-Russian Society of the Deaf (1926)

85 years since the creation of the sports society “Lokomotiv” (1936)

80 years since the appearance of the field rocket artillery system – “Katyusha” (1941)

60 years since the completion of the construction of the State Kremlin Palace (1961)


295 years since the opening of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg (1726)


January 1 – New Year’s holiday

– Day of the epic hero Ilya Muromets

January 3 – 85 years since the birth of Nikolai Mikhailovich Rubtsov (1936-1971), poet

January 5 – 100th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921-1990), Swiss writer, playwright

– 280 years ago (1741) by the decree of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna Buddhism was officially recognized in Russia

January 6 – 110th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Afanasyevich Kryuchkov (1911-1994), Soviet film actor

January 7 – Nativity of Christ

– 110th anniversary of the birth of Maria Vladimirovna Mironova (1911-1997), actress

January 8 – Children’s Cinema Day

– 130th anniversary of the birth of Solomon Yakovlevich Lurie (1891-1964), philologist, historian

January 9 – 220 years since the birth of Osip (Jozef) Mikhailovich Kovalevsky (1801-1878), Polish and Russian historian

– 140th anniversary of the birth of Giovanni Papini (1881-1956), Italian writer, journalist, poet

January 11 – Day of reserves and national parks

January 12 – 145th anniversary of the birth of Jack London (John Griffith, 1876-1916), American writer

– 85th anniversary of the birth of Raimonds (Raimondas) Voldemar Pauls (1936), Latvian composer, conductor, pianist

January 13 – Day of the Russian Press

– 90 years since the birth of Arkady Aleksandrovich Weiner (1931-2005), writer and screenwriter

January 14 – 110th anniversary of the birth of Anatoly Naumovich Rybakov (1911-1998), writer

January 15 – 130th anniversary of the birth of Osip Emilievich Mandelstam (1891-1938), poet, prose writer, translator and critic

– 115th anniversary of the birth of Nathan Mikhailovich Lurie (1906-1987), writer

January 19 – 110 years since the birth of Anatoly Vladimirovich Sofronov (1911-1990), writer, poet, playwright and screenwriter

January 21 – 80 years since the birth of Placido Domingo (Jose Placido Domingo Embil, 1941), Spanish opera singer, conductor

January 22 – 460th birth anniversary of Francis Bacon (1561-1626), English philosopher, historian and politician

January 24 – 245 years since the birth of Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann (1776-1822), German writer, composer, artist

January 25 – Day of Russian Students.Tatyana’s Day

– 75th anniversary of the birth of Vyacheslav Dobrynin (1946), singer and composer

January 27 – Day of the complete lifting of the blockade of the city of Leningrad (1944)

– 195th anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Evgrafovich Saltykov-Shchedrin (Saltykov, 1826-1889), writer, journalist

– 130th anniversary of the birth of Ilya Grigorievich Ehrenburg (1891-1967), writer, poet, journalist and translator

January 28 – 180 years since the birth of Vasily Osipovich Klyuchevsky (1841-1911), historian, professor, academician

January 29 – 155 years since the birth of Romain Rolland (1866-1944), French writer, playwright


1005 years since the first mention of the Russian monastery of St. Panteleimon on Mount Athos (1016)


February 1 – 90 years since the birth of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin (1931-2007), Russian statesman

February 2 – Day of the defeat of the Nazi troops by Soviet troops in the Battle of Stalingrad (1943)

February 3 – 55 years since the world’s first landing of an automatic station on the moon (1966)

– 130th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Vladimirovich Obruchev (1891-1965), geologist

February 4 – 140 years since the birth of Kliment Efremovich Voroshilov (1881-1969), statesman, first Marshal of the Soviet Union

February 5 – 185th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Alexandrovich Dobrolyubov (1836-1861), literary critic, poet, publicist

– 170th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Dmitrievich Sytin (1851-1934), entrepreneur, the largest Russian publisher, bookseller

February 7 – 175th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Egorovich Makovsky (1846-1920), itinerant artist, graphic artist and teacher

February 8 – Memorial Day of the Young Anti-Fascist Hero

– 830 years since the birth of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich (1190 / 1191-1246), Grand Duke of Vladimir

February 9 – 580 years since the birth of Alishar Navoi (present.name of Nizamaddin Mir Alisher, 1441-1501, Central Asian poet, statesman

February 10 – Memorial Day A.S. Pushkin (1799-1837), 184 years from the date of death

– 110th anniversary of the birth of Mstislav Vsevolodovich Keldysh (1911-1978), mathematician, mechanic

February 13 – 140 years since the birth of Eleanor Farjon (1881-1965), English children’s writer, laureate of the H.K. Andersen (1956)

February 14 – Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day.

February 15 – Day of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan (1989)

February 16 – 190th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Semyonovich Leskov (1831-1895), writer, publicist

February 17 – 115 years since the birth of Agnia Lvovna Barto (1906-1981), children’s poet, writer, screenwriter

– 165 years since the birth of Roni the Elder (Joseph Henri Boex, 1856-1940), French writer

February 19 – 65 years since the birth of Oleg Grigorievich Mityaev (1956), Russian songwriter and performer

February 23 – Defender of the Fatherland Day

– 200th anniversary of the birth of Alexei Mikhailovich Zhemchuzhnikov (1821-1908), poet, satirist, creator of the image of Kozma Prutkov

February 24 – 235 years since the birth of Wilhelm Grimm (1786-1859), German philologist, writer

February 25 – 180th anniversary of the birth of Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), French painter, graphic artist and sculptor

February 27 – 190th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Nikolayevich Ge (1831-1894), artist-painter

February 28 – 155 years since the birth of Vyacheslav Ivanovich Ivanov (1866-1949), poet, philosopher, translator and teacher


105th anniversary of the adoption of the Charter of the Russian Botanical Society in St. Petersburg (1916)


March 1 – Day of Remembrance of the paratroopers of the 6th paratrooper company of the 104th regiment of the Pskov Airborne Division, who heroically died in the Argun Gorge on March 1, 2000.(from 31.01.2013)

– 160 years since the abolition of serfdom in Russia by Emperor Alexander II (1861)

– World Cat Day

March 2 – 90 years since the birth of Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev (1931), statesman and public figure

March 3 – World Writers Day

March 5 – 310 years since the establishment by Peter I of the Senate as the highest state body for legislation and public administration (1711)

March 7 – 1700 years from the day Sunday was declared a non-working day (The oldest decree of Emperor Constantine the Great) (321 BC))

Pancake week. Wide Maslenitsa – from March 8 to March 14 in 2021

March 8 – International Women’s Day

– 115th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Arturovich Rowe (1906-1973), film director

– 80 years since the birth of Andrei Alexandrovich Mironov (1941-1987), actor

March 10 – 95th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Sergeevich Zatsepin (1926), composer

March 12 – 85 years since the birth of Virginia Hamilton (1936-2002), American children’s writer, laureate of the International Prize.H.K. Andersen (1992)

March 14 – 135 years since the birth of Vladimir Andreevich Favorsky (1886-1964), graphic artist, artist, set designer and teacher

March 15 – World Consumer Rights Day

March 17 – 165 years since the birth of Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel (1856-1910), artist, graphic artist and sculptor

March 21 – World Poetry Day (since 1999)

– World Earth Day

March 22 – World Water Day

March 23 – 200th anniversary of the birth of Alexei Feofilaktovich Pisemsky (1821-1881), Russian writer

March 24 – 130 years since the birth of Sergei Ivanovich Vavilov (1891-1951), physicist, statesman and public figure

– 115 years since the birth of Claudia Ivanovna Shulzhenko (1906-1984), singer

March 25 – 150 years since the birth of Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar (1871-1960), artist, art critic, restorer

March 26 – 110th anniversary of the birth of Tennessee Williams (1911-1983), American playwright, prose writer

March 27 – International Theater Day

– 240 years since the birth of Alexander Khristoforovich Vostokov (Ostenyuk, 1781-1864), Slavic philologist, poet

– 140th anniversary of the birth of Arkady Timofeevich Averchenko (1881-1925), writer, satirist

– 150th anniversary of the birth of Heinrich Mann (1871-1950), German writer, public figure

– 110th anniversary of the birth of Veronica Mikhailovna Tushnova (1911-1965), poet and translator

March 28 – 245 years since the founding of the Bolshoi Theater (1776)

March 29 – 85 years since the birth of Stanislav Sergeevich Govorukhin (1936-2018), film director, screenwriter, producer and public figure

March 30 – 275 years since the birth of Francisco Goya (1746-1828), Spanish painter and printmaker

– 245 years since the birth of Vasily Andreevich Tropinin (1776-1857), portrait painter

March 31 – 425 years since the birth of Rene Descartes (1596-1650), French scientist, philosopher

– 95th anniversary of the birth of John Roberts Fowles (1926-2005), British novelist, essayist


115 years since the establishment of the I State Duma in Russia (1906)


April 1 – April Fool’s Day

– 590th anniversary of the birth of François Villon (1 April 1431 or 19 April 1432 – after 1464), French poet

April 2 – Geologist’s Day

– International Children’s Book Day

– 105th anniversary of the birth of Oleg Leonidovich Lundstrem (1916-2005), jazzman, composer and conductor

April 6 – 185th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Vasilyevich Sklifosovsky (1836-1904), scientist, surgeon

April 7 – World Health Day

April 9 – 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867), French poet, critic and translator

April 11 – International Day for the Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camp Prisoners

April 12 – World Aviation and Astronautics Day.60 years since the first manned flight into space (1961), (noted by UNESCO)

April 15 – 135 years since the birth of Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilyov (1886-1921), poet, prose writer and translator

April 16 – 120th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Pavlovich Akimov (1901-1968), director, set designer, artist and publicist

April 18 – Day of Military Glory of Russia. Day of the victory of the Russian soldiers of Prince Alexander Nevsky over the German knights in the battle on Lake Peipsi (Battle of the Ice, 1242)

– International Day of Monuments and Historic Sites

– 110th anniversary of the birth of Hervé Bazin (1911-1996), French film critic, historian

April 19 – 110 years since the birth of Georgy Mokeevich Markov (1911-1991), writer, screenwriter, playwright and journalist

April 21 – Day of Local Self-Government

– 205th birth anniversary of Charlotte Brontë (1816-1855), English writer

– 95th birthday of Elizabeth II Windsor (1926), Queen of England

April 22 – Earth Day

– 255 years since the birth of Anne Louise Germaine de Stael (1766-1817), French writer, publicist

April 23 – – World Book and Copyright Day

– 120th anniversary of the birth of Leonid Vladimirovich Zankov (1901-1977), teacher, psychologist

April 27 – World Day of Twin Cities

– 230th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Morse (1791-1872), American inventor, artist

– 130th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Sergeevich Prokofiev (1891-1953), composer, pianist and conductor

April 28 – 95th birthday of Harper Lee (1926-2016), American writer

April 29 – International Dance Day

– 335 years since the birth of Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev (1686-1750), historian, statesman


125th Anniversary of the First Film Show in Russia (Petersburg, 1896)


May 1 – Spring and Labor Day

May 2 – Orthodox Easter.Resurrection of Christ.

– 160th anniversary of the birth of Vasily Vasilyevich Rozanov (1856-1919), writer, philosopher

May 3 – International Press Freedom Day

– Sun Day

– 70 years since the birth of Tatyana Nikitichna Tolstoy (1951), writer, TV presenter and publicist

May 4 – 140 years since the birth of Alexander Fedorovich Kerensky (1881-1970), politician, statesman

May 6 – 165 years since the birth of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Austrian psychologist, psychiatrist and neurologist

May 7 – Radio Day

– 310th anniversary of the birth of David Hume (1711-1776), English philosopher, psychologist, economist and historian

– 160th anniversary of the birth of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), Indian writer, poet, composer and artist (celebrated by UNESCO)

May 9 – Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War

May 12 – 100th anniversary of the birth of Farley McGill Mowat (1921-2014), Canadian writer, biologist

May 15 – International Family Day

– 130th anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov (1891-1940), writer, playwright, theater director and actor

– 110th anniversary of the birth of Max Frisch (1911-1991), Swiss writer and playwright

May 17 – 150 years since the birth of Anna Petrovna Ostroumova-Lebedeva (1871-1955), artist, engraver and watercolorist

May 18 – International Museum Day

May 20 – 110 years since the birth of Anna Maria Gertrude Schmidt (1911-1995), Dutch writer, poet, laureate of the International H.K. Andersen (1988)

– 65 years since the birth of Grigory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili – Boris Akunin (1956), writer, literary critic, translator and public figure

May 21 – 550th anniversary of the birth of Albrecht Durer (1471-1528), German artist, engraver and graphic artist

– 100th anniversary of the birth of Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov (1921-1989), physicist, public figure and human rights activist

May 23 – 130 years since the birth of Per Fabian Lagerkvist (1891-1974), Swedish writer, Nobel Prize laureate (1951)

– 100th anniversary of the birth of Grigory Naumovich Chukhrai (1921-2001), film director, screenwriter and teacher

– 70th anniversary of the birth of Anatoly Evgenievich Karpov (1951), chess player and public figure

May 24 – Day of Slavic Literature and Culture

– 335th birth anniversary of Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit (1686-1736), German physicist

May 27 – All-Russian Day of Libraries

May 28 – 135 years since the birth of Vladislav Felitsianovich Khodasevich (1886-1939), poet, translator, Pushkinist, literary historian and critic

– 45 years since the birth of Alexei Yuryevich Nemov (1976), Russian gymnast, 4-time Olympic champion

May 30 – 175 years since the birth of Peter Karl Gustavovich Faberge (1846-1920), jeweler


110 years since the opening of the 1st All-Russian Congress on Library Science (1911)

105 years since the start of the offensive operation “Brusilov Breakthrough” (1916)


June 1 – International Children’s Day

June 3 – 145th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Nilovich Burdenko (1876-1946), surgeon

June 4 – International Day of Children – Victims of Aggression

– 200th anniversary of the birth of Apollon Nikolaevich Maikov (1821-1897), poet

June 5 – World Environment Day

June 6 – Pushkin Day in Russia.222 years since the birth of the Russian poet and writer A.S. Pushkin (1799-1837)

– Day of the Russian language (Celebrated by the UN)

June 8 – Social Worker’s Day

– 95 years since the birth of Oleg Vasilyevich Koshevoy (1926-1943), head of the underground organization “Young Guard” in the fascist rear

June 9 – International Day of Friends (unofficial)

– 360 years since the birth of Fyodor Alekseevich Romanov (1661-1682), Russian tsar, brother of Peter I

June 11 – 245th birthday of John Constable (1776-1837), English romantic painter

– 210th anniversary of the birth of Vissarion Grigorievich Belinsky (1811-1848), literary critic

June 12 – Day of Russia

June 13 – 190th anniversary of the birth of James Maxwell (1831-1879), English physicist, mathematician and mechanic

– 160th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Naumovich Granat (1861-1933), Russian publisher

June 14 – 210th birth anniversary of Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896), American writer

– 130th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Melentievich Volkov (1891-1977), writer, playwright, translator and teacher

June 15 – 85 years since the birth of Mikhail Mikhailovich Derzhavin (1936-2018), theater and film actor, TV presenter

June 17 – 110th anniversary of the birth of Viktor Platonovich Nekrasov (1911-1987), writer

June 18 – 340 years since the birth of Feofan Prokopovich (1681-1736), scientist, writer, translator, philosopher, church leader

June 19 – 235 years since the birth of Fyodor Nikolaevich Glinka (1786-1880), poet, writer, Decembrist

June 20 – 100th anniversary of the birth of Anatoly Markovich Markusha (1921-2005), writer, fighter pilot

June 22 – Day of Remembrance and Mourning, 75 years since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and the defense of the Brest Fortress (1941)

– 165th birthday of Henry Ryder Haggart (1856-1925), English writer

June 23 – International Olympic Day

June 25 – 130 years since the birth of Sergei Mikhailovich Bondi (1891-1983), philologist, literary critic, Pushkinist

– 1950 years since the birth of Alexander Mikhailovich Zhemchuzhnikov (1826-1896), writer, poet, creator of the image of Kozma Prutkov

June 26 – International Day Against Drug Addiction

June 27 – Youth Day

June 29 – 115 years since the birth of Elena Yakovlevna Ilyina (1901-1964), writer

June 29 – 110 years since the birth of Ivan Danilovich Chernyakhovsky (1906-1945), military leader


35 years since the opening of the Goodwill Games in Moscow (1986)


July 1 – 375 years since the birth of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716), German philosopher, lawyer, historian, linguist, diplomat, mathematician and physicist

– 120th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Alexandrovich Lugovsky (1901-1957), poet

July 5 – 120 years since the birth of Sergei Vladimirovich Obraztsov (1901-1992), theatrical figure, actor, director and publicist

July 6 – 225th anniversary of the birth of Nicholas I (Nikolai Pavlovich Romanov, 1796-1855), the Russian emperor

– 75th anniversary of the birth of Sylvester Stallone (1946), American film actor, director, screenwriter

July 7 – 80 years since the birth of Igor (Garik) Mironovich Guberman (1936), prose writer and poet

July 8 – All-Russian Day of Family, Love and Fidelity

– 400th anniversary of the birth of Jean La Fontaine (1621-1695), French poet, fabulist

July 10 – Day of Military Glory.Victory of the Russian army under the command of Peter I over the Swedes in the Battle of Poltava (1709)

– 150th anniversary of the birth of Marcel Proust (1871-1922), French writer

July 11 – World Chocolate Day

July 15 – 415th anniversary of the birth of Rembrandt Harmes van Rijn (1606-1669), Dutch painter, engraver and graphic artist

July 17 – 175 years since the birth of Nikolai Nikolaevich Miklukho-Maclay (1846-1888), traveler, ethnographer, anthropologist and biologist

July 18 – 210th birthday of William Makepeace Thackeray (1811-1863), English satirist

– 200th anniversary of the birth of Pauline Viardot-Garcia (1821-1910), French singer, teacher and composer

July 19 – 125th anniversary of the birth of Archibald Joseph Cronin (1896-1981), English writer

July 20 – International Chess Day

July 22 – 95 years since the birth of Sergei Alekseevich Baruzdin (1926-1991), Soviet writer

– 75th anniversary of the birth of Mireille Mathieu (1946), French singer

July 23 – 195th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Nikolaevich Afanasyev (1826-1871), collector and researcher of Russian folklore, historian and literary critic

July 24 – Day of Equal-to-the-Apostles Saint Grand Duchess Olga of Russia

July 26 – 165 years since the birth of Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), English playwright, critic, publicist.Nobel laureate (1925)

July 27 – Memorial Day M.Yu. Lermontov (1814-1841), 180 years since the death of the writer

– 110th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Ivanovich Kuznetsov (Grachev) (1911-1944), military intelligence officer, partisan

– 85th anniversary of the birth of Maris-Rudolf Eduardovich Liepa (1936-1989), Latvian ballet dancer, teacher and actor

July 28 – 215 years since the birth of Alexander Andreevich Ivanov (1806-1858), painter

– 150th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Nikolaevich Bulgakov (1871-1944), philosopher, theologian, economist and theologian

July 30 – 510th birth anniversary of Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574), Italian architect, artist and writer

– 110th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Alexandrovich Vasiliev (1911-1975), writer, poet and journalist


55 years since the creation of the Russian Academy of Education (1966)


August 1 – Railroad Day (first Sunday in August)

August 2 – Day of the Airborne Forces of Russia

August 5 – 95 years since the birth of Per Valø (1926-1975), Swedish writer, author of detective stories

August 6 – 165 years since the birth of Apollinarius Mikhailovich Vasnetsov (1856-1933), artist and art critic

August 6-7 – 60 years ago (1961) by the Vostok-2 spacecraft, piloted by the pilot-cosmonaut G.S. Titov, the world’s first space flight lasting more than a day was completed

August 8 – 120 years since the birth of Nina Nikolaevna Berberova (1901-1993), poetess, writer of the Russian diaspora

August 9 – World Day of the World’s Indigenous People

– Day of Military Glory of Russia. The first in Russian history victory of the Russian fleet under the command of Peter I over the Swedes at Cape Gangut (1714)

August 12 – International Youth Day

– 340 years since the birth of Vitus Ionassen (Ivan Ivanovich) Bering (1681-1741), navigator

– 190th anniversary of the birth of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (Hahn, 1831-1891), religious thinker, writer, publicist, occultist and traveler

August 15 – 250th anniversary of the birth of Walter Scott (1771-1832), English writer, poet, historian and lawyer

– 90 years since the birth of Mikael Leonovich Tariverdiev (1931-1996), composer

August 16 – 145 years since the birth of Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin (1876-1942), artist, book illustrator and theater designer

August 17 – 110th anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Moiseevich Botvinnik (1911-1995), Soviet chess player

August 21 – 150 years since the birth of Leonid Nikolaevich Andreev (1871-1919), prose writer, playwright, journalist

August 22 – Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation

– 280th anniversary of the birth of Jean François de Halo La Perouse (1741-1788), French navigator

August 23 – Day of Military Glory.The defeat of the Nazi troops by the Soviet troops in the Battle of Kursk (1943)

August 25 – 185th anniversary of the birth of Francis Bret Garth (1836-1902), American writer and poet

August 27 – 150th anniversary of the birth of Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945), American writer and public figure

August 30 – 150th anniversary of the birth of Ernst Rutherford (1871-1937), English physicist

August 31 – 210th anniversary of the birth of Théophile Gaultier (1811-1872), French prose writer and poet, journalist, critic, traveler


155 years since the founding of the Moscow Conservatory.P.I. Tchaikovsky (1866)

90 years since the opening of the Central Puppet Theater. S.V. Obraztsov in Moscow (1931)

80 years since the beginning of the Battle of Moscow (1941)


September 1 – Knowledge Day, Peace Day

September 2 – Day of Military Glory of Russia – Day of the end of World War II

– 95th anniversary of the birth of Evgeny Pavlovich Leonov (1926-1994), actor

September 3 – 80 years since the birth of Sergei Donatovich Dovlatov (1941-1990), writer and publicist

September 7 – 80 years since the birth of Vladimir Nikolaevich Krupin (1941), writer, publicist and teacher

September 8 – International Literacy Day

– Day of Military Glory of Russia.Battle of Borodino of the Russian army under the command of M.I. Kutuzov with the French army (1812)

– Day of Remembrance of Victims of the Siege of Leningrad

September 11 – Day of Military Glory of Russia. The victory of the Russian squadron under the command of F.F. Ushakov over the Turkish squadron at Cape Tendra (1790)

September 12 – Memorial Day of the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky

– 100th anniversary of the birth of Stanislaw Hermann Lem (1921-2006), Polish writer, philosopher, futurologist

September 14 – 85 years since the birth of Alexander Semenovich Kushner (1936), poet

September 17 – 180 years since the birth of Fyodor Mikhailovich Reshetnikov (1841-1871), writer and essayist

September 19 – 110th birthday of William Gerald Golding (1911-1993), English writer

September 21 – Day of Military Glory.Victory of Russian regiments led by Grand Duke Dmitry Donskoy over Mongol-Tatar troops in the Battle of Kulikovo (1380)

– 155th anniversary of the birth of Herbert George Wells (1866-1946), English writer

– 105th anniversary of the birth of Zinovy ​​Efimovich Gerdt (1916-1996), actor

September 22 – 230 years since the birth of Michael Faraday (1791-1867), English physicist and chemist

September 23 – 85 years since the birth of Edward Stanislavovich Radzinsky (1936), writer, playwright, screenwriter and TV presenter

September 24 – 100th anniversary of the birth of Lydia Borisovna Libedinskaya (1921-2006), writer, translator and memoirist

September 25 – 250th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Nikolaevich Raevsky (1771-1829), military leader

– 115th anniversary of the birth of Dmitry Shostakovich (1906-1975), composer, teacher and pianist

– 110th anniversary of the birth of Mark Naumovich Bernes (1911-1969), singer and film actor

September 26 – Day of European Languages

September 27 – World Tourism Day

– Day of the teacher and all preschool workers

September 30 – 130th anniversary of the birth of Otto Yulievich Schmidt (1891-1956), mathematician, geographer, geophysicist and astronomer, polar explorer


100 years since the founding of the Russian Academy of Artistic Sciences (1921)


October 1 – International Day of Older Persons

– 230 years since the birth of Sergei Timofeevich Aksakov (1791-1859), writer, literary and theater critic, memoirist

October 5 – International Teachers’ Day

October 8 – 150th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Maksimovich Poddubny (1871-1949), wrestler, athlete, circus performer

– 90 years since the birth of Julian Semenovich Semenov (Lyandres, 1931-1993), writer, screenwriter, publicist, journalist and poet

October 9 – 95 years since the birth of Evgeny Alexandrovich Evstigneev (1926-1992), actor and teacher

– 90 years since the birth of Boris Nikolayevich Nikolsky (1931-2011), writer and journalist

October 10 – 160th anniversary of the birth of Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930), Norwegian polar explorer, scientist, political and public figure

October 14 – 180 years since the birth of Savva Ivanovich Mamontov (1841-1918), entrepreneur and philanthropist

October 17 – 190th anniversary of the birth of Afanasy Prokopyevich Shchapov (1831-1876), ethnographer, historian and publicist

– 90 years since the birth of Anatoly Ignatievich Pristavkin (1931-2008), writer and public figure

October 9 – Day of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum.210 years since the founding of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum (1811)

– 90 years since the birth of John Le Carré (David John Moore Cornwell, 1931), English writer, author of detective stories

October 16 – World Food Day (since 1979)

October 21 – 125th anniversary of the birth of Evgeny Lvovich Schwartz (1896-1958), writer, screenwriter, playwright and journalist

October 22 – 205th anniversary of the birth of Ferenc (Franz) Liszt (1811-1886), Hungarian composer, pianist, conductor and teacher (celebrated by UNESCO)

October 24 – United Nations Day (UN)

– 110th anniversary of the birth of Arkady Isaakovich Raikin (1911-1987), artist and theater director

October 25 – 140th anniversary of the birth of Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), Spanish and French artist, sculptor, ceramist and designer

– 95 years since the birth of Galina Pavlovna Vishnevskaya (1926-2012), opera singer, actress, theater director and teacher

October 28 – 270th anniversary of the birth of Dmitry Stepanovich Bortnyansky (1751-1825), composer, conductor and singer

October 30 – Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression

October 31 – Halloween


115 years since the beginning of the Stolypin agrarian reform (1906)

110th anniversary of the patenting of neon advertising by the French physicist Georges Claude (1911)


November 2 – 115 years since the birth of Daniil Leonidovich Andreev (1906-1959), poet, writer and philosopher

November 3 – 220th anniversary of the birth of Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835), Italian composer

November 4 – National Unity Day.Day of the liberation of Moscow by the forces of the people’s militia under the leadership of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky from the Polish invaders (1612).

Victory Preserving Holy Russia

– 75 years since the founding of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – UNESCO (1946)

November 9 – 85 years since the birth of Mikhail Nekhemievich Tal (1936-1992), chess player and grandmaster

November 11 – 200th anniversary of the birth of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky (1821-1881), writer

– 120th anniversary of the birth of Evgeny Ivanovich Charushin (1901-1965), writer, sculptor and illustrator

November 16 – International Day for Tolerance

November 17 – 120th anniversary of the birth of Lev Semenovich Vygotsky (1896-1934), psychologist

November 18 – 75th anniversary of the birth of Vyacheslav Alekseevich Petsukh (1946-2019), writer

November 19 – 310 years since the birth of Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov (1711-1765), scientist, philologist, poet and historian (celebrated by UNESCO)

– 100th anniversary of the birth of Emil Veniaminovich Braginsky (1921-1998), writer and screenwriter

November 20 – 105 years since the birth of Mikhail Alexandrovich Dudin (1916-1993), poet, translator and journalist

November 22 – 220 years since the birth of Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl (1801-1872), writer, linguist, ethnographer and doctor

November 24 – 195th anniversary of the birth of Carlo Collodi (Lorenzini, 1826-1890), Italian writer and journalist

November 25 – 95th birthday of Paul William Anderson (1926-2001), American science fiction writer

November 27 – 320th anniversary of the birth of Anders Celsius (1701-1744), Swedish astronomer and physicist

November 28 – Mother’s Day in Russia (last Sunday in November)

– 140th anniversary of the birth of Stefan Zweig (1881-1942), Austrian writer, playwright and journalist

– 115 years since the birth of Dmitry Sergeevich Likhachev (1906-1999), philologist, culturologist and art critic


255 years since the founding of the London auction house “Christie’s” (1766)

75 years since the launch of the first nuclear reactor in Europe in Moscow (1946)


December 1 – World AIDS Day

– Day of Military Glory.Victory Day of the Russian squadron under the command of P.S. Nakhimov over the Turkish squadron at Cape Sinop (1853)

– 305th anniversary of the birth of Etienne Maurice Falcone (1716-1791), French sculptor

– 125th anniversary of the birth of Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov (1896-1974), military leader and statesman

December 3 – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

– Day of the Unknown Soldier (since 2014)

December 4 – 125th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Semenovich Tikhonov (1896-1979), writer, poet, publicist and public figure

December 5 – Day of the beginning of the Soviet counteroffensive against the German-fascist troops in the battle near Moscow (1941)

– 160th anniversary of the birth of Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin (1861-1939), artist, teacher and writer

– 120th anniversary of the birth of Walt Disney (1901-1966), American film director, animator, actor, screenwriter and producer

December 9 – Day of Heroes of the Fatherland in Russia

December 10 – Human Rights Day (as proposed by the UN)

– 200th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov (1821-1878), poet, prose writer and publicist

December 11 – 90 years since the birth of Yuri Vitalievich Mamleev (1931-2015), writer, playwright, poet and philosopher

– 165 years since the birth of Georgy Valentinovich Plekhanov (1856-1918), philosopher, theoretician of Marxism

December 12 – Constitution Day of the Russian Federation

– 255 years since the birth of Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin (1766-1826), writer, journalist, publisher, historian and critic

– 200th anniversary of the birth of Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880), French writer

– 80 years since the birth of Vitaly Methodievich Solomin (1941-2002), actor, director and screenwriter

– 70 years since the birth of Fyodor Filippovich Konyukhov (1951), traveler, writer, artist and priest

December 15 – International Tea Day

December 16 – 155 years since the birth of Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), painter, one of the founders of abstract art

December 18 – 100 years since the birth of Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin (1921-1997), circus and film artist, TV presenter

December 21 – 125th birthday of Konstantin Konstantinovich Rokossovsky (1896-1968), military leader

December 23 – 90 years since the birth of Lev Konstantinovich Durov (1931-2015), actor, director, teacher and publicist

– 85th anniversary of the birth of Yuli Chirsanovich Kim (Yu.Mikhailov, 1936), poet, playwright and bard

December 24 – Day of Military Glory. The day of the capture of the Turkish fortress Izmail by Russian troops under the command of A.V. Suvorov (1790)

– 120th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Alexandrovich Fadeev (1901-1956), writer, public figure and journalist

December 25 – 300th anniversary of the birth of William Collins (1721-1759), English poet

December 27 – 450th anniversary of the birth of Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), German astronomer, mathematician and mechanic

Anniversaries of newspapers and magazines

160 years (1861) of the magazine “Around the World”
90,051 100 years (1921) to the newspaper “Trud”
90 051 95 years (1926) of the magazine “Knowledge is Power”

90 years (1931) to the magazine “Banner”
90,051 85 years (1936) of the Literaturnoye Obozreniye magazine

75 years (1946) of the journal “Bulletin of Moscow State University”

65 years (1956) to the magazine “Our Contemporary”
90 051 50 years (1971) of the magazine “Man and Law”

Worst Celebrity Outfits at Emmy Awards

The outfits of the mother of dragons and the beauty of The Avengers have become some of the most ridiculous, but not the only ones!

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The 70th Emmy Awards ceremony took place in Los Angeles.Stars of the first magnitude entered the carpet in the hope of receiving the coveted award.

The EG.RU portal carefully examined the outfits of famous beauties and prepared a selection of the most terrible dresses.

7th place – “nudity” from the Mother of Dragons

Game of Thrones fans are not at all surprised by scenes with elements of eroticism, but the audience of the Emmy Awards ceremony was clearly not ready for this, so Emilia Clarke’s dress from Dior was included in the list of the worst.

Fashion critics could not forgive the Mother of Dragons a corset made of the finest lace, which did not cover anything at all.

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6th place – cute little liar Lucy Hale has grown up

The actress, who played a teenage girl in the TV series Pretty Little Liars, has shown herself not in the best light on the carpet of the Emmy Awards. Hale’s outfit is simply amazing – stylish, sophisticated, perfectly tailored.But here’s a huge cutout ruined everything …

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5th place – an outfit not for the special agent “SHIELD.”

The beautiful Scarlett Johansson appeared at the ceremony in a chic dress from the French haute couture house Balmain. The texture and color of the fabric were critically acclaimed, but the cut was not.

Too many naked parts of the body: both a deep neckline and a high cut.It was necessary to dwell on one detail.

4th place – Louise Rowe in prison uniform

Remember Van Gogh’s Walk of the Prisoners? Against their background, the British TV presenter Louise Rowe would look great, but not on the red carpet.

Moreover, the cut of the dress is more like a beach dress than an evening dress.

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3rd place – Zuri Hall puzzled

The top of producer Hall’s dress has already been compared to the tentacles of an octopus.

At the same time, the skirt did not cause any complaints, but the corset completely spoiled the impression.

2nd – Millie Bobby Brown leaps from the best to the worst

At this year’s Mtv Music Awards, actress Millie Boby Brown was named one of the most stylish stars. But on the red carpet of the Emmy Awards, she could not repeat her success.

The ridiculous costume disfigured Millie’s slender figure, turning her into a clumsy tub.It’s a pity!

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1st place – Tracey Ellis Ross came to the ceremony in a blanket

The American actress came to the ceremony in a Valentino dress that was too big for her. The top constantly covered Tracy’s face. Anyway, it all looked ridiculous and bad. Our rating is two!

The project “Opening the doors to the beautiful”

Target audience: pupils of TsVSNP – adolescents from 8 to 15 years old.

Relevance and significance of the project: modern libraries pay great attention to the aesthetic, spiritual and moral development of children and adolescents through the introduction to the world of literature and art. The educational role of art is enormous. Art contributes to the knowledge of the surrounding world, moral formation and development of man, spiritual growth, social improvement. It is art that is capable of creating in the mind of a person a verified and stable system of value coordinates, directing it towards creation and creativity.The means for the prevention of asocial behavior in adolescents is the formation of spiritual and moral culture in adolescents.

Project goal: cooperation with the Center for Temporary Detention of Juvenile Offenders of the Russian MIA Administration for the Kaliningrad Region (TsVSNP).

Tasks of the project: spiritual, moral and aesthetic education of adolescents, broadening the horizons and cultural space of the pupils of the TsVSNP, rapprochement with books, reading.

Ways and methods of project implementation: The most effective are the following forms of work: conversations, multimedia presentations, quizzes, loud readings, master classes.

Project implementation period: from 2019.

Expected results of the project. The topics of the classes are varied. The pupils of the center will get acquainted with the work of Russian artists, with the profession of puppeteer and watch excerpts from puppet shows, answering quiz questions, learn the secrets of the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom, and plunge into the world of films by the famous Steven Spielberg.In 2021, the Kaliningrad region celebrates its 75th anniversary, the children will get acquainted with the biography and work of Kaliningrad artists.

Calendar plan for 2021

9000 Stay human. Cultural life of besieged Leningrad “: to the Day of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi siege

Residents to the World Oceans Day

2 906eda

, multimedia presentation


Event name

Brief description



Conversation, multimedia presentation


” Unusual


multimedia presentation


“Revived a fairy tale”: to the 115th anniversary of the birth of film director A.Rowe

Conversation, multimedia presentation


“Famous artists of the Amber region”: E. A. Lis and M. G. Pyaskovsky multimedia conversation

9000 9000


“In Defense of the Russian Land”: the image of Alexander Nevsky in the history of art

Conversation, multimedia presentation



Conversation, multimedia presentation


“There is such a profession – to play with dolls”: to the 120th birthday of the puppet theater director S.V. Obraztsova

Conversation, multimedia presentation


“Inspired by Russian nature”: to the 165th anniversary of the birth of Russian artist A.M. Vasnetsov


“Voice-over”: to the 95th anniversary of the birth of E.P. Leonov and the 105th anniversary of the birth of Z.E. Gerdt

Conversation, multimedia presentation


“Social realism and the theme of labor in the paintings of the first Kaliningrad artists”

362 Conversation November

“Animals and birds E. Charushin “: to the 120th anniversary of the birth of the graphic artist, writer EI Charushin

Conversation, multimedia presentation


” Living many lives “: from the 75th birthday of American filmmaker S.

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