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Scientific Games expands supply deal with Massachusetts Lottery

Scientific Games (SG) has signed a new, five-year contract to provide the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission (MSLC) with instant games, second chance promotions and digital engagement programs.

The new contract, which may be extended by up to two years by MLSC, is expanded to include consumer digital services to engage players through second-chance game features.

SG currently supplies 96% of the Massachusetts Lottery’s instant games, and in the fiscal ended June 30 2020, its products generated $3bn of the operator’s total $3.6bn in instant game retail sales.

Since the start of fiscal year 2021, which began on July 1, the supplier has helped the operator grow instant game sales by 11.3%, or $99.7m.

SG produced Massachusetts Lottery’s first instant game in 1974, meaning the new contract will see the supplier extend its relationship with the lottery beyond the fifty-year mark.

“The combined expertise of the Mass Lottery team and the teams at Scientific Games has resulted in great instant game entertainment that has generated strong revenues to benefit programs in the Commonwealth,” said Ed Farley, chief marketing officer for MSLC.

“We look forward to continuing this partnership and working to expand player digital engagement.”

John Schulz, SG’s senior VP, lottery instant products, added: “It goes without saying that the Mass Lottery has been the highest performing instant game lottery in the world for many years and continues to set the bar for lotteries around the globe. We are extremely proud of the results of this trusted business partnership over the past four decades.”

“Our second chance and digital services are second to none, and we look forward to further expanding Scientific Games’ services to player engagement in online/mobile channels in Massachusetts.”

Results published earlier this month showed that growth in the supplier’s igaming and lottery divisions was offset by gaming declines in the third quarter of 2020, as revenue for the three months ending 30 September fell by 18.4% to $698m.

The year-on-year decline was caused by difficulties faced in its land-based content business, SG Gaming, for which revenue declined 49.1% to $231m as the industry continues to grapple with novel coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions.

Singapore TOTO

In the Singapore game of TOTO, 6 numbers plus one “additional” number are drawn at random from the numbers 1 to 49. In the Ordinary game, players spend $1 and they choose 6 numbers in the hope of becoming instant millionaires.

A prize pool is established at 54% of sales for a draw. Typically, $2.8 million dollars is “invested” in each game – and games are offered twice per week. This is quite a lot for a country of 5.5 million people…

Plenty of other countries have similar Toto games, usually called Lotto. The more numbers in a game, the worse your chances become.

Summary of the Prizes (Singapore Toto)

Grp Prize Amount Winning Numbers Matched
1 38% of prize pool (min $1 M) 6 numbers
2 8% of prize pool 5 numbers + additional number
3 5.-2`

We chose `3` of the `6` winning numbers and chose `3` numbers from the `43` remaining numbers that did not win. Again, we need to consider the probability of the additional number not being one of our `3` remaining (non-winning) numbers. This probability is `1 − 3/43 = 40/43`. So we multiply by `40/43`.

So there is 1 chance in 61 of getting the Group 7 prize.

Reader’s Question

A reader wrote in to ask:

“In that group 6 (3 + additional number), there are `812` combinations, please help me to know all the possible `812` combinations.”

My reply

We can re-write the fraction as: `(185,115)/(13,983,816)xx3/43 = (12,915)/(13,983,816)`.

So actually there are 12,915 Group 6 winning combinations (the numerator of the final fraction), not 812 (which was obtained by cancelling).

For example, in the 19 Mar 2007 draw, the Winning Numbers were:

2 15 16 19 25 32

The Additional Number was 37

I won’t list out all 12,915 combinations :-), but I will show how to get started.

Choosing 3 of the 6 winning numbers:

2 15 16
2 15 19
2 15 25
2 15 32


There are 20 such combinations: `C(6,3)`

Now with each of these, we would have chosen 3 non-winning numbers, and there are C(43,3) = 12,341 such combinations for each of the 20 winning triples. For example, with the first 3 winning numbers, the non-winning combinations could include:

2 15 16 1 3 4
2 15 16 1 3 5
2 15 16 1 3 6
2 15 16 1 3 7
2 15 16 1 3 8

There are `C(6,3) × C(43,3) = 246,820` such combinations.

Only some of those (3 in every 43 of them, in fact) will include the additional number 37, eg

2 15 16 1  3  37
2 15 16 1  37 38
2 15 16 37 38 39

Other possible Group 6 combinations, using other winning numbers, are:

15 16 19 37 38 39
19 25 32 37 38 39

There are `C(6,3) × C(43,3) × 3/43 = 17,220` of these.-2) = 1\ “in”\ 53.6`.

System Entries

In most Lotto and Toto games, you can buy a “System”. Your chances of winning increase, but of course, you pay more as well. For example:

System 7 means you choose 7 numbers (instead of the usual 6). This gives you 7 times the chance of winning (so it costs 7 times as much), since it is equivalent to buying 7 different 6-number games, or C(7,6). Say you chose 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 as your 7 numbers. You have the following 7 ways of winning if the 6 winning numbers happened to be:

1 3 5 7 9 11
3 5 7 9 11 13
1 5 7 9 11 13
1 3 7 9 11 13
1 3 5 9 11 13
1 3 5 7 11 13
1 3 5 7 9 13

System 8 means you choose 8 numbers and it gives you the equivalent of 28 ordinary bet combinations, so costs 28 times as much, or `C(8,6)`.

Similarly, System 9 gives you `C(9,6) = 84` ordinary bet combinations, System 10 gives `C(10,6) = 210` ordinary combinations, System 11 gives `C(11,6) = 462` combinations and System 12 (the maximum in the Singapore game) gives `C(12,6) = 924` combinations.

The probability of winning with a System 12 is `924` times the probability of winning when you buy 1 game, that is:

`924/(13,983,816)` or `1` in `15,134`.

Reader’s Question

Reader David wrote in to ask about the probability of winning a Group 6 prize when you buy a System 12. He asked what happens when the probability appears to be greater than 1.

What he means is this: For a Group 6 prize, the probability is 1 in 812, so (it appears) a System 12 will give you 924 chances in 812 or 1.138 chances – greater than 1! However, this refers to the high chance in relation to your 12 chosen numbers – not to the total 49 possible numbers.

It just means you can be “almost certain” to get a Group 6 prize when you buy a System 12.

In fact, you would expect to win `924/321 = 2.88` (almost 3) prizes of some sort.

If you win a Group 6 prize with a System 12, you actually get 28 Group 6 shares (28 × $25 = $700) and because you have 3 correct numbers as well, you get
56 Group 7 shares (56 × $10 = $560) so your total prize amount is $1,260 (or a “profit” of $1260 – $924 = $336).

Don’t believe anyone who says any strategy is a “sure thing”. The only sure thing is the “house” (or in many cases, the government) are the real winners.

Which are the “Best” Toto Numbers?

Of course, there are no “best” numbers, but it’s interesting to see which ones occur most frequently.

Toto number frequency

Singapore Toto number frequency

[Latest data: 20 Apr 2021; Data since 9 Oct 2014; Source]

The number with highest frequency (40, at 101 times) has come out 1.8 times as often as the lowest frequency number (45, at 57 times).

The data for the above chart comes from the Toto number frequency chart (at Singapore Pools site.)

An Interesting Problem…

On Monday 11 June 2001, the winning numbers for Singapore Toto were 1,10,19,23,29,45 with additional number 34.

The next consecutive draw on Thursday 14 June 2001 had five of the same numbers from the Monday draw. The winning numbers for this draw were 1,10,14,19,23,34 with additional number 33.

Thus the numbers 1,10,19,23,34 were repeated.

This is very rare and quite amazing. What is the probability of this occurring?


NOTE: At the time, there were only 45 numbers to choose from in Singapore Toto, not 49 as there is now.

Let us start with a similar but simpler game. Say we have 9 numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) and we draw 4 numbers each time. Four numbers have been drawn (say 1,2,3,4) We want to find the probability that two of these four numbers come out again in the next draw.

We divide the numbers into 2 groups:

Category A: 1,2,3,4 (four numbers came out in the first draw)

Category B: 5,6,7,8,9 (five remaining numbers)

Suppose 1 and 2 repeat:











There are C(5,2) = 10 numbers in this group. We choose 2 from the 5 numbers from Category B.

Similarly there is another group in which 1,3 repeat, and another where 1,4 repeat, then 2,3 repeat etc.

Altogether there are C(4,2) = 6 groups (4 is the number of numbers in group A and 2 of them are drawn).

So the probability of the 2 numbers repeating in 2 different draws is:


The TOTO case is similar: In each game, we draw 7 numbers (6 plus one additional) from a pool of 45. We want to find the probability of having 5 numbers repeating.

There are 7 numbers in Category A and 38 numbers in Category B.

The number of ways to have the first five numbers repeating:

We choose 2 from 38 numbers in group B: C(38,2) = 703.

There are C(7,5) = 21 groups, and there are 7 numbers in group A and 5 of them are drawn.

The denominator is C(45,7) = 45 379 620.

The probability is

`(703xx21)/(45\ 379\ 620)=(4\ 921)/(15\ 126\ 540)`

`=3.-6` or `1` in `170\ 600`.

Also the probability of having all the same 7 numbers coming out again is `1/(45\ 379\ 620)`.

The answer for the probability of having AT LEAST 5 repeating numbers in the next draw is

`(14\ 763)/(45\ 379\ 620)` `+(266)/(45\ 379\ 620)` `+1/(45\ 379\ 620)`

`=167/(504\ 218)`


or 1 in 3019.2.

BBi – Maryland Lottery SG

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November 2, 2016 Singapore Pools Online
Betting Services, One Week on, Quiet on All Fronts
October 25, 2016 Singapore Pools Launch
Online Betting Service
October 10, 2016 Government Doesn’t
Encourage Online Gambling, but ‘Recognises Reality’ of it Growing:
September 29, 2016 Singapore Pools Given
Green Light to Offer Services Online
September 28, 2016 The Workers’ Party
Calls on the Government to Disallow Online Betting
September 26, 2016 Petition to Stop
Legalisation of Online Gambling Tops 10,000 Signatures
September 16, 2016 Singapore Pools Looking
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September 15, 2016 Singapore Pools, Turf
Club Await Go-Ahead to Launch Online Services as Early as Next
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“gaming”, with its grammatical variations and cognate expressions, means the playing of any game of chance or of mixed chance and skill for money or money’s worth;
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“public place” means any place to which the public has or may have access and includes any estate, factory or place in which 10 or more persons are employed.
(2)  For the purposes of this Act —

(a) a place in which lottery tickets are offered for sale, sold or distributed shall be deemed to be used for the purpose of a public lottery;
(b) a place shall be deemed to be used for a purpose if it is used for that purpose even on one occasion only;
(c) every person who demises or lets for hire a place shall be deemed the owner thereof.
(3)  The Minister may from time to time by notification in the Gazette —

(a) declare any game, method, device, scheme or competition specified or described in the notification to be a lottery for the purposes of this Act and thereupon it shall be an irrebuttable presumption of law that that game, method, device, scheme or competition is a lottery for the purposes of this Act;
(b) declare any game, method, device, scheme or competition specified or described in the notification to be a game of chance or a mixed game of chance and skill for the purposes of this Act and thereupon it shall be an irrebuttable presumption of law that that game, method, device, scheme or competition is a game of chance or a mixed game of chance and skill, as the case may be, for the purposes of this Act.
(4)  The Minister may from time to time by notification in the Gazette declare articles specified or described in the notification to be instruments or appliances for gaming.

90,000 Scientific Games hits the jackpot with Washington Lottery

Washington Lottery renews Scientific Games contract

Scientific Games Corporation (SG) announced that Washington Lottery has renewed the company’s contracts for instant games, licensed brands and services. SG, the world’s dominant provider of instant games, will continue to develop and deploy instant lottery games.

The agreement is for four years and will last until March 2024. In addition, the company will also supply the Washington Lottery with a new mobile app and player loyalty program.

Scientific Games will provide Washington Lottery with an innovative mobile app.


SG is renowned in the industry for making headlines with a number of important changes. Just this week, the company reshaped its sports betting portfolio with a dynamic team in Gibraltar.

SG has been providing instant play lottery since its inception in 1982. The company currently serves as the main provider of instant games including Lucky for Life and licensed games such as SLINGO and LOTERIA.

Gailin Gray of the Washington Lottery commented, “Our team has worked hard with Scientific Games to responsibly grow year after year in our instant gaming products, which in turn generated more revenue to support education and other government programs in Washington.”

Gray continued, “We look forward to working with Scientific Games for another four years to bring new experiences to our players with the new mobile app, as well as increase their loyalty with entertainment promotions and additional features.”

John Schultz of Scientific Games commented, “It was a great pleasure to serve this outstanding lottery in the Northwest USA.”

Schultz concluded, “We are honored to renew our Instant Play contract so that we can continue to work together to maximize profits for education and other important programs in communities throughout the great state of Washington.”

With a total of nine instant game presses in five manufacturing plants on four continents, SG provides games, technology and services to more than 150 lotteries around the world.The company launched the world’s first secure instant lottery game in 1974.

SG is a global leader in technology-based gaming systems, board games, tabletop products and instant gaming, as well as a market leader in gaming, lottery and interactive gaming products, services and content. SG offers a fully integrated portfolio of technology platforms, robust systems, engaging content and professional services.

Watch our latest events in the video below:


Shubin Igor, 19.10.2014

attractive appearance.

I bought it in an online store, delivered it in a package and left. I was unable to start it immediately after receiving and unpacking it. The seller’s service engineer couldn’t either. I refused to hand over a new generator for repair without a single hour of work and took the money.

The reliability of this generator is zero, well, or maybe someone is lucky.In my opinion, the manufacturer is openly lying about them in writing: the advertisement says: “voltage accuracy is 1%”. In fact, the sellers sent me the answer of one German from Endress to my question about how an accuracy of 1% is achieved when, according to the circuit in the instructions, instead of an AVR, a simple capacitor is installed in it. The German wrote that the accuracy would actually be no better than 5%.

I refused to replace it with a similar one or to re-purchase Endress ESE 506 Duplex.

Yes, it takes about 30 minutes to remove the front control panel to connect the battery terminals.In my opinion, this is a big mistake of Endress engineers. Very uncomfortable.

There are many promises from the manufacturer about “high-quality current as from an outlet” and about high reliability. A very high price, unjustified by anything in the design of the generator. In fact, it is an average quality generator, and a lottery one: it may not start immediately upon purchase, even in the hands of a service engineer.
After much deliberation, I bought Endress ESE 1006 Duplex (already with AVR, and more powerful). The voltage is really stable, within 1%.But the frequency jumps from 49.0 to 52.9 Hz regardless of the load. The lights flicker slightly. At first imperceptibly, but over time it starts to annoy. Well, today, after 8 months and 9 operating hours (it was rarely used), the generator supplied 345 V to the load. The lighting lamps survived, it was lucky that at that moment the refrigerator did not turn on and the UPS of the boiler disconnected the load from the network, switched to batteries.
In general, Endress Duplex is sheer deception and poor quality. Don’t repeat my mistakes – don’t buy.

Win-Win Lottery / / Nezavisimaya Gazeta

Clouds are not a mirage, but a mirage is always a cloud.
Photo by Alisa Ganieva

Mark Kharitonov. Cloud Catcher: Stories. – M .: Vremya, 2008 .– 384 p. (It’s about time!)

Mark Kharitonov – the first winner of the 1992 Booker Prize, today published a new collection of stories “The Cloud Catcher”.Good name, good style. In this book, “everything was connected for a moment: painful, like happiness, pain, warmth, tenderness, unconsciousness and memory, thoughts, fears and groans, the mixed rubbish of an irreversible life, sheets of paper folded for flight, thrown out of the window, covered with signs indistinguishable from here , words that were born once, and those that are being born again now ”(“ Doves and Swifts ”).

What else? Elusive clouds and white birds. Where they come from in the visions of Kharitonov’s heroes, the devil will understand.But one thing is clear: they do not seem to be in vain – the characters “trust in a mirage, just as they trust in unreliable poetry,” because without it, “maybe life cannot be sustained at all.” So they cling to their dreams. Because “in the depths of our souls, almost any of us still settles: you never know what? After all, we really do not know everything in the universe, we cannot consciously perceive with our limited senses some secret interconnections, influences, in modern terms, energies “(” Pushkin’s Spirit “).

There is something shaky in the story itself.Of course, Kharitonov is a master. But often he writes almost on the verge, it seems, one more step – and he stumbles, ruins the story. There is a lot of ambiguous, controversial in the language: the spine, like a bamboo, “senses”, “a dazzling sun emerged from under the clouds.” On the one hand, it seems to be nothing, but on the other, it sounds unpleasant to the ear. Sometimes Kharitonov resembles his own character from the story “The Cloud Catcher”, which gave the name to the entire book. Innokenty is a novice artist, “he was able to draw anything from memory himself, then he tried more and more to reproduce what he dreamed of – clearly, as it happens in reality.These were attempts to capture the moment. ” So Kharitonov writes not so much about ordinary people as about the significance of the moment in their lives. So, the tipsy Babich, the character of “The Seventh Heaven”, got into a conversation on the train with a “charlatan”, a “lottery man”. He declares to him: “And life, if you want to know, does not happen without a lottery.” And go and figure it out, is it true or the merchant is just trying to push his “win-win” tickets. Death in this story occurs unexpectedly, although the author is intriguing from the very beginning. Babich reads a detective story, then talks to a strange lottery man, agrees to play.And then, as if happily avoiding something terrible, incomprehensible. “No, I’ll still live,” he mutters barely audibly and hurries away. At the same time, Kharitonov’s prose contains a lot of space and simplicity. Stories are read almost in one breath.

But sometimes it seems that the writer is not interested in people at all. Rather, he is worried about their visions. For example, Yakov Lvovich, an old man out of his mind, lies in a cold hospital bed, whispering his own words: “All definitions are not about that. In intelligence there is something of a religious attitude.Out of denomination. A free-thinking person simply feels: there is a demand. Something above you. You can’t afford everything. Not entitled”. And he sees incomprehensible white birds. Meanwhile, the doctors have already written off him, only Inga Lazarevna, a former work colleague, still comes.

Perhaps, it is true, our life is only an appearance (this is, if you will, a kind of Khariton’s greetings to Plato). And all that we have is a moment, it, like a grain of sand between the pages, does not mean anything and at the same time is something integral and important in its own way.It’s good to just smoke by the open window or look at “a milky dawn fog, a panorama cut out of rows of cardboard: below is a common whiteness for everyone, but the closer to the tops of trees, roofs, bell towers, the more each individual plan became darker, filled with dense outlines.” (“Grain of sand between the pages”), looking at the clouds, talking to yourself …

There are literary allusions in Kharitonov’s texts. In the story “Session” one interlocutor to another: “You think, I can confirm this, try to draw a conclusion” or “How good, how fresh the roses were” – deliberately put into the title of the story.

But for all its ambiguity, the book is not badly written. Ordinary life is seen by Kharitonov’s characters, if not a miracle, then something wonderful. In any case, they want to be until their last breath. Isn’t this the whole Russian person? He lives, is in a hurry, and everything is not enough for him. And then, closer to the finale, he is horrified and angry, like a character in “Playing with oneself”: “Lord! Can I go through this again? ” But here, how lucky is it, it does not depend on us.

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Raffles Singapore – Luxury Hotel in Singapore

Raffles Singapore

1 Beach Road, Singapore, 189673
Toll Free: +800 1 7233537 Phone: +65 6337 1886 Fax: +65 6339 7650 Email: [email protected]

Short description

Perhaps the most famous hotel in the world.”Once at Raffles, why not visit Singapore?” Certainly.

Not just a hotel, but a symbol; Raffles Singapore is a serene and enchanting colonial-style oasis located in the heart of modern Singapore – exclusive, historic and one of a kind.

Rooms and suites

  • 84 Palm Court & Courtyard Suites Raffles Inc,
  • 12 Personality Suites
  • 5 Grand Hotel Suites
  • 2 Presidential Suites

Room Amenities

  • Sophisticated furniture, oriental carpets on teak floors
  • Original 4-meter ceilings and shared veranda
  • Living room and dining room leading to the bedroom
  • Dressing room and en-suite bathroom
  • Dressing room
  • Large work desk
  • Hypoallergenic pillows
  • Frequent pillows refrigerator bar
  • Adjustable air conditioning and ceiling fan
  • Electronic safe
  • Hairdryer


  • Spacious marble bathroom
  • Separate shower and bathtub
  • double washbasins 9012 m

  • Branded toiletries


  • High-speed, high-quality broadband Internet connection (wired and wireless).
  • DVD Player


  • 24/7 Raffles Butler Service
  • Daily Turndown Service
  • Complimentary Welcome Fruit
  • Express Laundry Service Available
  • Over 90 Cable TV Channels122
  • Over 25 Cable TV Channels Room
  • Daily newspaper delivery
  • Hotel historian
  • Limousine with driver

restaurants and bars

Each Raffles Singapore restaurant and bar combines the best of local culture and cuisine with international cuisine and offers its own unique ambiance and design:

Bar & Billiard – European style lunch buffet is served Thursday through Saturday and a special seafood menu is available for dinner Thursday through Saturday.A sumptuous champagne brunch is offered on Sundays.

Raffles Grill – represents the true essence of haute cuisine, combining classic and modern French cuisine.

Tiffin Room The curry-flavored buffet is a favorite among tourists and Singaporeans alike.

Long Bar Steakhouse – Excellent fried Australian and American beef, quality seafood and a great selection of hot and cold tapas.

Raffles Courtyard – An unforgettable culinary experience surrounded by swaying palms and lush tropical gardens, in the finest outdoor dining traditions.

Empire Café is a cozy combination of a modern hotel coffee shop and an old kopitiam. The eclectic mix of local food has earned a loyal following among locals and visitors alike.

Long Bar – the place where the Singapore Sling cocktail was created. In addition to almost all alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, this bar also serves traditional pub favorites – food or snacks.

Writers Bar – Located in the lobby, this bar is dedicated to writers who have stayed at or wrote about the hotel.

Martini Bar – located in the Bar & Billiard hall and offers over 50 types of martinis.

“Ah Teng’s Bakery” is a cozy cafe offering excellent samples of pastries, biscuits and cakes, as well as hot steamed dim sum.

To book please contact us:

Tel.: +65 6412 1816

Email: [email protected]


Raffles Spa

A welcoming haven of relaxation, Raffles Spa offers exclusive revitalizing treatments in the finest Asian, Middle Eastern and European traditions. Seven treatment rooms, including a VIP suite for guests wishing to experience unique relaxation together.The luxurious VIP suite offers superior treatments and facilities, including a hot tub, steam shower and lounge for a comfortable, relaxing stay.

Raffles Spa Products

Raffles Spa works with professionals in the aromatherapy, naturopathy, Ayurvedic, botanical and marine sciences to offer a range of natural products that are safe for sensitive skin and harmonize body and mind. Raffles Spa only serves guests staying at Raffles Singapore.

Raffles Spa Facilities

  • 6 separate treatment rooms
  • 1 separate VIP treatment room for couples
  • Sauna and steam room
  • Hot tub and outdoor swimming pool

Contact for more information and inquiries us:
Tel: +65 6412 1371
Email: [email protected]


Meeting Room 2 & Meeting Room 3
Meeting Rooms in the Main Building are premium conference rooms for business guests and an ideal venue for seminars, meetings and conferences in an intimate atmosphere.They are equipped with comfortable soft armchairs, high-speed Internet access, and audiovisual equipment, including a flip chart, whiteboard with markers and writing materials.

Capacity: 10 people

Casuarina A + B Suite
Casuarina Suites are named after Somerset Maugham’s collection of short stories, Casuarina. Elegant décor and tasteful furnishings combine maximum style and comfort. Suitable for holding meetings or organizing social events, the hall can be divided into several areas with a common reception and accommodation counter.

The capacity of the Casuarina A suite: from 30 to 120 people depending on the type of accommodation of guests

The capacity of the Casuarina B suite: from 62 to 200 people depending on the type of accommodation of the guests

East India Rooms
The East India Halls are named after Sir Stamford Raffles’ British East India Company, from which Singapore was founded in 1819. Halls “East India” – premium class banquet facilities. Guests can browse, socialize and enjoy light snacks and refreshments in the adjoining palm garden before heading into the East India lounges for special events.

Capacity: from 62 to 150 people depending on the type of accommodation of guests

The Jubilee Lounge
The tastefully furnished Jubilee Lounge is a bright, sunny room, more suitable for heart-to-heart meetings. Elegant arched windows fill the entire side of the living room for maximum sunshine, while the rest of the walls are filled with photographs of people associated with the hotel. The unobtrusive sophistication of the living room creates a mood of romance and privacy.

Capacity: from 19 to 30 people depending on the type of accommodation of guests

Jubilee Room
The elegant design of the Jubilee Hall is an ideal place for corporate events, including presentations, lectures, awards ceremonies, and beautiful wedding celebrations.Equipped with modern theater technology and excellent acoustics, at nightfall, this hall is perfect for a variety of performances, musicals, concerts, dances and films.

Capacity: 388 people

Banquet hall
The elegant design of the banquet hall is perfect for celebrations. Architectural decoration of the main building, arched walkways and glazed casement doors, combined with large chandeliers, carpeted floors and landscape frescoes.

Capacity: 70 to 350 people depending on the type of guest accommodation

The Lawn
Located in the center of Raffles Singapore, The Lawn is decorated with a fountain and is designed in Southeast Asian style. The Lawn blends colonial pedantry with Singapore’s tropical vegetation for a scenic appeal, making it the perfect setting for garden receptions and group events.

Capacity: from 150 to 180 people depending on the type of accommodation of guests

For more information and inquiries, please contact us:

Tel.: +65 6412 1335
Email mail: [email protected]

How to get there

Raffles Singapore is Singapore’s most sophisticated landmark, featuring a charming shopping arcade, romantic courtyards, a Victorian theater and Jubilee, a popular movie and performance venue.Located in the heart of the business and social district, just 20 minutes from Changi Airport and a 2-minute metro ride from the bustling shopping street Orchard Road, Raffles Singapore is within walking distance of Singapore’s International Convention and Exhibition Center – Suntec – and Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay.

Getting to the hotel

Raffles Singapore is easily accessible by:

By plane: The award-winning Changi International Airport serves over 100 airlines with approximately 6,300 weekly flights to approximately 220 destinations in 60 countries.Singapore Airlines is the national carrier of Singapore.

By car: Singapore is connected to peninsular Malaysia by two bridges. The Causeway is very popular and therefore congested. It connects the Woodlands Bridge in northern Singapore and downtown Johor Bahru. Second Link, the second bridge connecting Malaysia and Singapore, was built between Tuas in western Singapore and Tanjung Kupang in western Johor. The less congested Causeway Dam Bridge is used to service some of the luxury bus routes to Kuala Lumpur and is recommended for transportation if you are traveling with your own vehicle.

Taxi: Singapore is one of several countries where you can enter or exit by taxi. Standard Singaporean taxis are not allowed to enter Malaysia and vice versa, but licensed Singaporean taxis are only allowed to go to Kotaraya Mall, and Malaysian taxis, which can operate throughout Malaysia, can depart from Rochor Road in Singapore. In the opposite direction (to Singapore), you can take a taxi from Kotaraya to anywhere in central Singapore or Changi Airport.

By boat: Ferries connect Singapore with the neighboring Indonesian province of the Riau Islands and the Malaysian state of Johor. Singapore has four ferry terminals serving international crossings: Harbor Front, a former World Trade Center located near the south end of the Central Business District; the Tanah Merah ferry terminal on the east coast; and the Changi and Changi Point ferry terminals on the east of the island.

For more information and inquiries contact us:
Tel.: +65 6412 1180

Email mail: [email protected]


90,000 charity lottery “Picasso for one hundred euros” raffles off the original of the famous Spaniard – InoTV

A small still life is exhibited in the Paris Picasso Museum, which will receive one of the participants in the charity lottery, France 3 transfers.To participate, just go to the campaign website and buy a ticket for 100 euros – the organizers promise to spend all the funds raised to help the poor people of African countries.

Would you like to decorate your living room with a Picasso painting? Not these, which are presented in the museum, but this small still life, painted in 1921. Oil painting depicts a piece of newspaper and a glass of absinthe. This painting belongs to the fine art dealer, the major Picasso collector David Nahmad.Its cost is 1 million euros, but you can win it for only 100 euros: you just need to go to this site.

PERI COCHIN, organizer of the Picasso for One Hundred Euros lottery: There are only 200,000 tickets on sale, so this is one chance in 200,000 if all tickets are sold out. Otherwise, only sold tickets will take part in our draw, so there will definitely be a winner.

In the first lottery in 2013, the prize was won by this 24-year-old American who is installing fire alarms.He decided to keep Picasso with him, but is going to sell the painting one day to ensure his old age.

JEFFREY GONANO, first winner in 2013: This was one of the craziest things that happened in my life. I didn’t know much about Picasso before the lottery, now I know a lot more.

This young American woman looks at the 2020 prize at the Picasso Museum and begins to dream.

AMERICAN: Oh, I think I’ll just hang it in my bedroom.

VISITOR 1: € 100 for a Picasso is still very affordable.

There is a charity event behind this strange lottery. In 2013, the first lottery brought in 5 million euros, which went to fund this artisan village in Sura in southern Lebanon. The second is organized in support of the CARE Association: it will help 200 million people from Morocco, Madagascar and Cameroon to get access to drinking water.

VISITOR 2: This is a good way to get people interested in donating.Because at the same time we think that we can eventually, maybe, win a prize, but at the same time, these 100 euros will go to a good cause, so why not do it?

The lucky winner will be announced on March 30th. The draw at Christie’s Paris will be streamed in real time online. The organizers hope to raise 20 million euros.

Air date Mar 13, 2020.

90,000 No, Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Tell You About Winning Facebook Lotteries – Naked Security

Do you really think Mark Zuckberg is going to personally text you in the middle of the night to tell you you’ve won $ 750,000 in the Facebook lottery?

No? Well, you are reading security blogs, so let’s turn our attention to people who don’t, because they are juicy prey that hundreds of fake Zucks and fake Sheryl Sandbergs are targeting.

In addition to fan pages and satire accounts that are in line with Facebook’s policies, the New York Times found 205 accounts impersonating Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sherrill Sandberg on Facebook and Instagram.

At least 51 of the scam stories the newspaper noticed, including 43 on Instagram, were lottery scams.

Cut some slack for those who fell for one of the crooks.One of the victims, retired forklift driver and army veteran Gary Bernhardt, asked us to think: Is it hard to believe that Zuck himself will tell you?

After all, this is a hands-on guy who made it his mission last year to visit every state in the US he has never seen. And during the tour to work on a car assembly line, chat with a firefighter in Indiana, feed a calf, drive a tractor, dine with farmers, and talk to a recovering addict.

Bernhardt told The Times that he got up before dawn, traded messages with someone who was pretending to be a young billionaire. Fook Tsuk told him that in order to receive his winnings, he first needs to send $ 200 to iTunes gift cards.

Bernhardt picked up gift cards at a gas station and sent redemption codes to the fraudster’s account. It was November 2017. By January, he still didn’t have his lottery winnings, but the impostor pounced on him for another $ 1,310.He told The Times that money accounted for about a third of his Social Security checks for three months.

The Times claims these imposter accounts are proliferating despite Facebook groups tracking scams and imposter account complaints that date back to 2010. You can see sample Facebook lottery lotteries on Hoax Slayer and other debunking sites.

Stealing a photo of a famous CEO or COO, or indeed anyone with a photo on the Internet, is pretty straightforward.This is how a variation is prepared for the names of the sheep whose skins the wolves are wearing.

The Times found many variations on the name Mark Elliot. (Tsuk’s middle name is Elliot.) Ditto for Sandberg, or as scammers like to call her and hope you swallow, Sherril Sandbarg, Sherril Sandberg or similar tricks.

A reporter from the times of Jack Nikas came up with these fake accounts, among many others, after Facebook recently said that up to 3% or 60 million of his accounts are fake:

Let’s discuss Facebook’s issue with fake accounts…

After Facebook recently said that up to 3% of its accounts are fake, I wondered how to show that. So, I looked for Mark Zuckerberg impostors … and I found a bunch. Sheryl Sandbergs, too.

– Jack Nicas (@jacknicas) April 25, 2018

The Times reported its findings to Facebook. A day later, the company removed all 96 of the fake Zuckerberg and Sandberg accounts. All but one of 109 fake Instagram accounts were abandoned, but they also went down after the Times was published.

Facebook spokesman Pete Voss thanked the newspaper for its report, although he couldn’t explain why Facebook didn’t find that the scammers’ accounts looked like their top executives, including those that lasted more than eight years.


It’s not easy. We want to get better.

Real photographs and twisted names lend authenticity to ghosts if you’re not looking closely, or if you’re one of the demographics the scammers are targeting.Namely, after interviewing half a dozen recent victims, The Times found that the scam was working with adults, less educated and disadvantaged people.

Imposters’ susceptibility is bolstered by networks of other bogus accounts creating “Facebook claim agents,” a name made to sound like it is certain that there really is such a thing as the Facebook lottery.

The Times spoke to Robin Alexander van der Kieft, who runs several Facebook groups that track fraud.He said the fake accounts, some of which he traces in Nigeria and Ghana by IP address, are sharing his scam victories with each other.

Facebook admitted that all of these fake accounts are a problem. During his recent testimony to the Senate, Zuckerberg told Senator Dianne Feinstein that his team would have to return to her about “tens of thousands of fake accounts” and whether they could be “specifically” attributed to Russian intelligence.

In a January Facebook post, Zuckerberg said the company has nearly doubled the number of people who view content for all kinds of abuse, including impersonation.

The scammed people the Times talked about said it was hard to figure out how to report scammers, and once they did, Facebook was sluggish.

However, if you are targeting, report it. And please don’t laugh at the people you can rent. Fraud causes serious financial and physical hardship.

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