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How to Plan a Lord of the Rings Wedding Ceremony

One Wedding To Rule Them All

Here at AMM, we’re all about celebrating unique love stories. So, if you’re considering a theme that celebrates your shared love of a book, TV, video game or movie series for your wedding, you have our full support.

However, choosing the road less traveled presents some challenges. Throughout the process, from designing your wedding invitations to choosing your cake, you’ll find that you need to get creative — but that’s half the fun of it!

This guide will give you some ideas on how to plan a Lord of the Rings themed wedding that is both marvelously “Middle-Earth” and yet tasteful that even your less open minded in-laws won’t be scandalized by your unconventional choice.

As Samwise says, “It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish.” So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

The Preliminary To-Do’s

1. Hire a Wedding Planner

It’s good to be mindful of costs throughout the wedding planning process, but you don’t want to skimp on hiring a wedding planner — especially if you have chosen a unique theme — unless you are prepared to devote a significant amount of time to organizing and planning your special day. Our advice is to parcel out a portion of your budget to a wedding planner that craves a challenge, and is game to tackle a Lord of the Rings theme. Don’t worry if you’re wedding planner isn’t a big fan of fantasy, as long they are experienced in executing unique visions.

An experienced local wedding planner will already know the businesses in your area that will be able to accomodate special requests, like themed cakes, specially-made decorations, and specific floral arrangements, so that the aesthetic of your LOTR wedding comes together seamlessly. You’ll be glad you made the financial investment.

If you don’t want to hire someone full-time, some wedding planners offer consulting services and will give you valuable advice by the hour for a fraction of the price. You can find pros in your area on WeddingWire.

2. Choose a Venue

Another hugely important decision is choosing your venue; it will be the backdrop of all the work you’ll do on your costumes (if you choose to do costumes) and define the ambiance of your big day. This is near the top of your to-do list because your venue must be chosen before you can send out invitations.

We’re guessing you aren’t prepared to have a destination wedding in New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a setting that reflects the same outdoor beauty in your corner of the world. This photo is of a wedding in the redwoods of Big Sur, California.

Since much of the series takes place in nature, it’s only fitting to pick an outdoor setting — unless your dream wedding has more Mount Doom vibes. Depending on where you’re located, your options will vary — but we suggest exploring the option of reserving a space in a public park.

Most counties have web pages dedicated specifically to providing information on getting married in their public parks and how to obtain permits. Not only will this option provide an authentic backdrop, but it’s also the most economical choice — prices of permits are usually no more than a couple hundred dollars and often much less. However, there are some drawbacks to getting married in public parks. Most of them have rules regarding noise and time restrictions, alcohol use and the number of guests that are allowed to attend. Check out this guide on what you need to know before going with this option.

As an alternative, there are plenty of private venues that will give you more control over the space (and ensure no hikers interrupt your ceremony) — just be prepared to pay more for this option. If you’re having a winter wedding, an indoor venue with old architecture would be another appropriate choice. The Knot is a great resource for finding the top rated venues in your area. You can narrow your search results with their handy filters on the left sidebar.

3. Define Your Color Palette

When you’re working around a book/movie theme, it’s tempting to start by purchasing every item you see related to the series online, but disable your quick-buy setting on Amazon right now — you don’t want to go crazy stock-piling LOTR merch and end up with a wedding that looks like you just raided a vendor stall. (Unless that’s your vibe — then, shop ‘til you drop! No judgement here.)

The best way to narrow your aesthetic is to choose your color palette. For a Lord of the Rings theme, earth tones are a good place to start. Bridestory has a comprehensive guide on how to select your colors. Google your favorite scenes from the movies and screen-grab colors from the nature and the characters’ clothing that jump out at you. Once you have narrowed it down to four to six colors that you like using one of the provided formulas (e.g. analogous, complementary, monochromatic, etc.), you can use your palette as a compass to help pick out your wedding party’s outfits and the decor.

But before we get into any of those fun details, there is just one more to-do that needs to be checked off your list.

4. Designing Your Wedding Invitations

Now that you have your venue and color scheme chosen, you’re ready to choose your wedding invitations. These aren’t just notifications to your guests of your upcoming nuptials — they are also a little preview of your wedding and an opportunity to introduce the theme. You have a few options as far as how to approach this.

The first option is to go the traditional route of hiring a professional wedding invitation designer. Your wedding planner will know some reputable stationary designers in your local area that can help you customize your lettering and choose the perfect distressed paper. This is an ideal option, but the most expensive — it can cost in the range of $1000-3000 dollars.

If you’d rather use a premade stencil, there are Etsy sellers that have you covered on this front, like these invitations from Storytime Stationary. When you start the ordering process online, you will be prompted to provide your desired text. The designer will implement your changes manually and send you a draft for your review before making you a final digital version. Once you approve it, you will receive a high quality .jpg file which you can have printed at your local print shop. (This seller also has some beautiful envelopes that pair nicely with the invites.) This option will cost you less than $10 for the digital file, plus whatever the print shop charges you to produce your desired number of invites, as well as the cost of the envelopes.

Or, if you’re handy with Adobe inDesign, you can make your own invitations. There are LOTR fonts available online that are free for non-commercial use. Click the link to start the download, then open the .ttf file. Once it’s done, you’ll see the new font pop up in your regular font lists in your Adobe and Microsoft programs. We will leave the rest of the design to your creativity.

As a wink to your guests that are true LOTR fans, include a line in Sindarin for them to decode. Dafont has a font resembling Twengar script, available for download here. Or, if you want to use the actual calligraphy from the films you can purchase the original fonts here, just $20 for non-commercial use — a small price to pay to use the original fonts and pay respect to the artist, Daniel Reeve.

The Wedding Details

Congratulations! Now that you’ve gotten the preliminary to-do’s out of the way, you can start thinking about the really fun stuff, like costumes and decorations.

Start by checking out what other couples have done to draw inspiration. This couple chose a LOTR theme, but went with a loser interpretation when it came to attire, while this couple didn’t shy away from embracing elaborate costumes.

If you want to be more specific in narrowing down your theme, pick one Elven city or one specific forest. For instance, a hobbit wedding would be different from a Rivendell wedding which is different from a Mirkwood wedding — because they all have different aesthetics. These choices are totally up to you.

As a general tip before we dive in, we recommend that you outsource as much of these details as you can. DIY projects can be fun for a craft-lover, but you may find that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. (Frodo thought he just had to get a ring to Rivendell, but look what happened to him.) The moral of the story? Factor in more time than you think you need.


Middle Earth Attire

Putting together the looks of the bride and groom and the other members of your wedding party will obviously be a crucial aspect of your Lord of the Rings themed celebration, and probably the most fun. This is your opportunity to pay homage to your favorite characters and get decked out Middle-earth style.

You can go with a few different approaches here: recreating costumes that are as screen-accurate as possible, creating ensembles that are inspired by the general costume design in the films, or foregoing cosplay and wearing traditional wedding attire. All of these options are legitimate.

Our advice? Don’t feel limited by the pressure to recreate the movies’ characters with pinpoint accuracy, but rather, draw inspiration from the costume design. Feel free to put your own personal spin on the looks. This is your day! However, we do have some specific ideas that will help get your creative juices flowing.

Let’s start with some ideas for the bride(s). Arwen and Galadriel are both seen in white or cream gowns that make perfect inspiration for bridal attire, and there are sellers online that make high quality versions. This ethereal dress from Elfenkleider is inspired by Arwen’s dress during Frodo’s dream vision of her, while this seller has designed a beautiful brocade number reminiscent of one of Galadriel’s gowns.

For the groom(s), we have a couple of ideas. One would be to pull from Frodo and his comrades’ outfits in Aragorn’s coronation scene (skip to 4:16 to see what we’re talking about.) Here, the hobbits are wearing off-white shirts and different earth-toned vests with dark-colored pants that make perfect semi-formal outfits for the groom and his groomsmen, ideal for a spring or summer wedding. Grab some leather bracers for the groom from Armstreet for that sexy Aragorn look. (Also, it should go without saying that Gandalf’s whole outfit in this scene is an obvious choice for your wedding officiant.)

For a fall or winter wedding, a brown or maroon suit in a material like velvet or corduroy will give off Frodo vibes (in an alternate universe in which Frodo gets a wardrobe upgrade) inspired by this Frodo outfit-of-the-day in which our favorite hobbitses looks a little less tattered than usual. You can order a suit online, like this one from Indochino, which is custom made to fit your unique measurements and specifications. Pair it with a charcoal cloak or a brown overcoat for an extra touch.

When looking for outfits for the bride and groom parties, we recommend searching for keywords like “medieval,” “Celtic,” and even “boho” and “shabby chic,” which will yield results that pair well with a foresty theme without emulating any specific characters. For instance, this Etsy seller Maria Heller Designs, makes fantasy dresses that would be perfect for the bridesmaids.

Of course, if you are looking for more specific costumes than what can be found online, your best bet is to turn make your own. Instagram’s costuming community is a great resource to draw inspiration from. Try searching Instagram by hashtags like #lordoftheringscostumes, #lotrcostumes #lotrcosplay or more general terms like #historicalcostumes and #medieveldress. Some super talented folks that are worth checking out are @silhouettecosplay and @thranduart.official.

Another fun idea (if you don’t mind sharing the spotlight) is to invite your guests to join the cosplay fun. Include a note in your invitation like “Feel free to dress as a denizen of Rivendell, Gondor or Hobbiton.”


There are a handful of online sellers that make tiaras inspired by the circlets seen on the elves throughout the series. Arwen can be seen wearing a couple of different intricate circlets. Refreshing Designs makes a similar one that would be a perfect tiara for the bride, and can be paired with a veil. There are also simpler versions, for an entourage of elven bridesmaids. (For the true nerds, we are going to leave this DIY elven ear tutorial here The choice is yours.)

Arwen’s Evenstar necklace would be another lovely addition to a bridal look, not only because it’s just plain pretty, but also because of its beautiful symbolism, as Arwen gave it to Aragorn to represent her eternal love and devotion. You can find sellers on Etsy that make versions at various price points.

And we would be remiss not to include this website, that makes replicas of, well… the One Ring, for the wedding bands. (These are the guys that made the original used in the film!) The symbolism of the original engraving doesn’t fit as well in the romantic context of a wedding as Arwen’s token of eternal love, but come on — it’s a beautiful piece and it would make for some great joke fodder for your officiant to dish out during the ring exchange portion of your ceremony. (By the way, if you’re in need of a template for your ceremony script, we have some available here.)

Or, if you want a more personalized custom engraving, they offer that, as well.

Visual Elements

Do not underestimate the power of decor. This is your opportunity to sprinkle in those extra homages that will really pull the LOTR theme together.

What are your favorite motifs from the series? You can incorporate these in the ceremony area — in the aisle and at the altar — as well as in your reception, in your table setting designs, and in decor hanging from above. Check out this list that has a ton of helpful examples to to kickstart the brainstorming process.

For instance, we love the idea of having a wedding altar that imitates the Doors of Durin, like this Romanian couple managed to pull off. This would be a big undertaking, for which you’d probably need the help of a woodworking or metal sculpture artist, but what an incredible touch!

If DIY-ing an altar is too lofty of an ordeal, use the design to decorate another area of your wedding.

One other cute way to incorporate the design would be to include a photo booth for guests decorated to look like the Doors of Durin; the riddle inscribed on the doors translates to “speak friend and enter” which seems like an appropriate phrase for your beautiful gathering of friends and family. (Here is one you can buy online– or make your own!) Instead of providing typical props like mustaches and funny glasses, you could have fake beards, little paper swords and axes.

Other details, like mossy centerpieces are easy to DIY. Check out this list of rustic wedding decor ideas that will help bring the nature of Middle-earth to your guests’ tables. White candles, wood elements and tufts of baby’s breath are great additions.

The cake is another glorious opportunity to showcase your theme. While vendors may not necessarily be accustomed to helping couples achieve a cake in the style of LOTR, they can help create ethereal forest-inspired designs. You’ll have to do some research to find the right cake designer — some wedding cake designers may not be as experienced at this — but the right one will be able to create a cake that mimics the majesty and whimsy of the Forest of Fangorn.

Make sure to take screenshots of a few examples and be prepared to point out elements that you like, to make the cake designer’s life easier. Here’s a link to some incredible woodland cakes from Weddingomania.

Well, that does it for our Lord of the Rings wedding guide. The AMM team wishes you and your partner a love as pure and everlasting as Arwen and Aragorn’s. We hope you’re feeling inspired to pursue the fantasy wedding of your dreams — judgemental family members be damned.

How To Design A Wedding Theme -Example: fantasy wedding with Lord of the Rings Woodland Elves aesthetic

To fine tune the tree and woodland design I would use things like:

1. Raise the decorations up.

Make the ceiling and upward lines the main focus. Think living under the treetops or inside the caves and how often eyes search the branches and cave ceilings. Try to create an idea of pillars or tree trunks and use plenty of organic materials like wood and living plants. Decorate the ceiling with vines, lanterns or fairy lights, draping, chandeliers, ribbons or anything that catches the eye.

2. Depending the season, keep the color palette in browns, greens, whites and amber.

Remember, real amber comes in plenty of tones from milky honeys to dark greens. Pick the tone that suits best the season

3. Mimic the amber in details.

The amber itself can be almost clear like glass or flecked or milky and not see through. Think about glassware, lanterns, jewels, see through paper details like place cards, hard candies (salted caramel, anyone?).

4. Lanterns.

That would be one of my main decoration element with amber and greenery. I would put lanterns everywhere. Hang them from the ceiling, use them instead of bouquets for bridesmaids, on or above the tables, on the ceremony spot and by the aisle, on the entrance etc.

5. Greenery, vines and branches with few well picked blooms.

I would forgo big flowery things and keep the bouquets and table centerpieces very green and trailing downwards or creeping up. Different vines and creepers would be my pick for the main element. If the wedding would be in the spring I would pick light, white and small blooms to go with. Something similar that grows in the woodland areas. In summer maybe just few bigger blooms like orchids or very old fashioned cabbage roses or lillies, in the autumn berries and grasses would be the main decor elements. In winter time bare branches with something silvery like lamb’s ears.

“Wed in Middle Earth” – A Lord of the Rings Inspired Wedding Day with DIY Elements

Today I am really excited to be able to share this incredible Lord of the Rings Inspired Wedding Day with fantastic DIY Elements.

Images of the day were captured by Pengelly Photography at Layer Marney Tower, Essex.



Pengelly Photography specialise in reportage, creative and contemporary wedding photography.

They  provide wedding photography services in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk.


I hand over to lovely Bride Katrina to share her story,


How did you meet?

“We met through a social group in Cambridge called Reality Checkpoint – we were both at one of their fortnightly drinks.”

“It felt so natural talking to each other and we really enjoyed each other’s company.”

“I was excited that Rob was from San Diego, my  favourite conference destination, and Rob was amazed that I had heard of one of his favourite musicians, Danny Elfman (who does the music for Tim Burton films).”

“I later asked Rob to join me for dinner before another fortnightly get-together, and the rest is history…”


When did you get engaged?

“n October 2012 we had a twin-city holiday in Barcelona and Nice.”

“Whilst staying in Nice, we took a coach day trip – and we were the only two people who had it booked that day.”

“We stopped off at Fragonard perfumery (and Rob treated me to what would become my engagement perfume), and then visited a medieval village called Eze.”

“We climbed to the top of the hill, which happened to be in the Botanic gardens, where Rob popped the question.”

“We then relaxed with James Bond-style cocktails at the Grand Casino in Monte Carlo.”


Tell us about your wedding planning journey

“We spent nearly a year planning our wedding.”

“I wanted Rob to enjoy the planning, and since weddings are so focused on the bride I suggested picking a theme he would find exciting.”

“Since we both love Tolkein, it seemed natural to pick a Lord of the Rings inspired wedding theme.”

“The challenge then was to create a wedding that looks fairly traditional, but tastefully incorporates lots of elements from Middle Earth.”

“Our chosen venue (Layer Marney Tower) is a Tudor gatehouse, which looks like a castle and fitted perfectly with our theme.”

“During the course of the year, we collected lots of Lord of the Rings artefacts for our centrepieces, but we struggled to find a florist who could understand our vision.”

“Thankfully, I met Clare Luke at a wedding fair in Brentwood, and it was clear that she was very passionate about our theme.”

“She suggested woodland touches, such as ivy and pine cones, to accompany our artefacts which we displayed in bell jars.”

“We also arranged for a harpist (Xenia Horne) to play music that complemented the theme throughout the day.”

“Our beautiful cake was made by Lucie at Wonderland Bakery, who iced our own secret message in elvish script onto the cake.”

“I worked on the initial planning and sourcing the suppliers, whilst Rob was the creative energy behind the theme.”

“He handmade all of our wedding stationery (including beautiful gold-leaf invitations with a real wax seal), as well as the order of service and scented candles for the favours.”

“We really planned every last detail, creating inventories of all the decorations we brought to the venue (21 boxes in total!), and we even had a spreadsheet for our honeymoon!”

“After the wedding we had one day to rest, and set off on our three week honeymoon to Hong Kong, Sydney, and of course New Zealand (to visit the Hobbiton film set).”


When did you get married?

“We got married on 4 October 2013 at Layer Marney Tower, Colchester.”


What was the best bit of your day?

“My dad and cousin arranged a surprise for after the speeches.”

“They played guitar and sang ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz.”

“Since we had planned every last detail of our day, it was wonderful to see that someone had a surprise for us.”

“They sat on the windowsill next to top table and played for us which was lovely.”


What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“After such a long time planning, you won’t believe how fast the day flies by.”

“Try to take a few moments to yourselves as a couple – we went for an evening stroll around the grounds, and it was the perfect way to feel connected with each other and to celebrate our special day.”



Thanks to Kevin at Pengelly Photography for sharing this awesome Lord of the Rings inspired Wedding Day.

Thank you also to Katrina and Rob for sharing their extraordinary creativity and talent for bringing together such an inspired day.

Extra kudos must go to Clare at the Traditional Vintage Flower Company for truly inspired centre pieces, they are just beyond comprehension in their fabulousness.

And I love how the theme even though celebrating days of old has been brought bang up to date, particularly love the wee cupcake favours with the swords…just too cute!


Supporting Cast

Venue: Layer Marney Tower 

Photos:  Pengelly Photography

Floristry: Clare Luke at The Traditional Vintage Flower Company

Transport: came with the venue

Catering: Bouquet Garni (came with venue)

Wedding dress: New Beginnings Bridal 

Brides Circlet: Elnara’s medieval bridal fashions

Bridesmaid dresses: Looking Good 

Groom and Goomsmen’s suits: Moss Bros

Harpist: Xenia Horne 

Cake: Lucie at Wonderland Bakery  (also made the cupcake favours in LOTR style)

Hair and make up: Stacy Kelly 

Live music in the evening: The Hot Shots 

Bride’s hotel night before the wedding: Rye Farm

Groom’s hotel night before the wedding – Marks Tey Hotel Chester 

Chocolate fountain: Kelly’s occasions 

Lots of the LOTR memorabilia and jewellery were official merchandise from the movies, often from Forbidden Planet

DIY: We supplied all the figurines, hand-picked lavender bundles, stationery, table plan, candles, books, my Grandma did the Hobbit hole paintings, we supplied the booze and Hobbity menus and food name cards!


To Contact Pengelly Photography

Website: http://www.pengelly-photography.co.uk/

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01787 377503

Blog: http://www.pengelly-photography.co.uk/ourblog/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PengellyPhoto


Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings Themed Wedding in a Treehouse · Rock n Roll Bride

Amanda and Matt have worked together for years doing weird Health and Safety stuff. “Our eyes met over an arsenic stuffed otter in a museum storeroom,” Amanda told us, “whilst carrying out risk assessments for all the lovely toxic things that the Victorians left behind. It was much like the scene from ‘Lady and the Tramp’ with the spaghetti and meatballs, but with overalls, rubber gloves and face masks. Since then we have travelled the land, looking at such amazingly beautiful things as clinical waste, stinky composting sites and my favourite, the sweet factory making chocolate willies.”

As self-confessed nerds – Amanda with Harry Potter and mystical fairy forests and Matt, retro gaming and Lord of the Rings, an enchanted forest theme was a natural concept for their February wedding. They chose The Treehouse at Alnwick Garden, Northumberland as their venue as a chance to hang out in the trees and party like crazy was a winner from the start!

With a £14,000 budget, the venue was their  biggest expense, and they hired it out for just the evening so they could fit it into their budget. They saved money on second-hand outfits; Amanda wore an Ian Stewart Antoinette gown found via Still White, and teamed it with Irregular Choice Shoes and a vintage faux fur stole from eBay. Her headpiece and earrings were antique gold flowers with iridescent beading, crystals and rhinestones from Enze Bridal via Etsy.

They also DIY’d many element of their day, from a table plan made from Matt’s spare bike parts through cape stands, signposts and table names based on what they love. Tables were based around their favourite fantasy books, they made paper hearts and table confetti from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings books and Matt’s mum hand-painted place names which acted as favours for their guests to take home. They are also both fans of the Great British Bake-Off so had a competition for all their guests to bake something and then everyone voted for their favourite. Prizes from Stand up to Cancer were chosen as Amanda had sadly recently lost a very close friend to the disease.

Amanda’s best friend Emma officiated their wedding (they were legally wed a few days before) in an incredibly personal service with their own custom vows and two friends performing readings – A Lovely Love Story by Edward Monkton and This Is Everything I Have To Tell You About Love by Neil Gaiman. “The sheer excitement and joy at marrying my partner in crime and best friend was my favourite part of the day,” Amanda told us. “It was also the last time before the pandemic hit that we were able to be together with our friends and family, so that felt particularly poignant in the coming months, too.”

Evening entertainment was provided by Emma’s bellydancing group and a Nintendo games system set up in the corner which resulted in some competitive and colourful language! A friend set up a photo booth for them with props which their guests enjoyed too.

“Be really set on what is important to you from the start and what you are willing to compromise and be firm with those who try and tell you differently,” the bride advises. “The day is about you two as a couple. Make sure you do lots of research through Bridal blogs / websites and visit as many venues as you can to really get a feel for what you want.”

Matt added; “for partners – don’t be afraid to get involved, the more you put in the more you will get out of it. Ultimately it’s your wedding and should reflect the best bits of both of you. Also be very understanding of any wobbles, tantrums, tears, stresses etc…. and just remember in time of dire need the answer is usually gin and/or chocolate!”

DIY Lord of the Rings Themed Wedding at Monks Barn Jason Mark Harris


April the Bride: I always know I wanted to wear a floral headpiece so I had this made custom made by Garenofwhimsy with matching hairclips for my bridal party before I went dress shopping. I visited three shops all in one day and found my dream dress at Sophie Grace thanks to Mo.

After trying loads of dresses I had picked out and no luck, Mo said try this one on and that was it. I fell in love with the lace detail and had bespoke alterations to make truly unique and fit me perfectly.


My sister in law Polly and bridesmaid Laura luckily are hairdressers so both worked their magic on the bridal party.

Our makeup was done by Dani who is an artist. I literally couldn’t believe how I looked, I am so happy I went for false lashes too.

I was happy for my bridesmaids to choose their hair and makeup so they were comfortable with how they looked. They looked incedible!

Grooms Fashion

Olly had a version of how he wanted to look on the day, of course making reference where possible to the Lord of the Rings with green tweed suits and red and mustard ties similar to the hobbit waistcoat.
Olly even had Bilbo Baggins acorn cufflinks as a finishing touch, which was a gift from his mum Sharon.

The Venue

Two days after our engagement I was searching for barns. When I walked into Monks Barn I knew it was the most perfect rustic middle earth setting. My only concern was, it was completely DIY! But I am so pleased that didn’t put us off as after two years of planning, making and collecting the barn looked incredible.
We hired rustic tables & barrels from Anthology Vintage Hire and had festoon lighting put up by Oakwood Events to create the feeling of a hobbit banquet.

Colour Scheme/Décor

Autumn is our favourite time of the year so went for warm rich colours.
The theme of our wedding was based around Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Olly has always been a LOTR, fan even proposing to me at his 30th Hobbit birthday party while we were all dressed as Hobbits. I had never seen the films before I had met him and would of never dreamed that I would have had a LOTR wedding but I am just as must a fan now as him. We have just got back from NZ where we visited Hobbiton (Of course dressed as Hobbits)
Some examples of our LOTR DIY décor;
Hobbit Houses
Hobbit Book ring safe to hold our rings
Confetti cones made from pages of the Hobbit book Tables Menus/Names themed with Hobbit names LOTR table plan map
Hobbit Feet Flip-flops
I spent 2 years making and collecting props. I loved every second and having a theme like LOTR made it truly personalised to us.


A friend of the family called Liz beautifully crafted our flowers; she has just retired after 25 years of running the village florist in Yateley.
Our flowers were the highlight to our day. How Liz managed to tie in with my headpiece so perfectly just blew me away and seeing all the flowers in the barn added the finishing wow factor.

Wedding Party Fashion

I fell in love with my bridesmaid dresses on ASOS. It was a bit touch and go if we would manage to get them as they kept going out of stock. But with each of my bridesmaids continually checking we managed to get all four dresses. The colour was the main reason I chose the dark burgundy went perfectly with the colour theme and the long lace sleeves complimented my dress style.


Hurley is a beauIful village with St Mary Church just across the road to Monks Barn this meant our guest just scrolled from one to the other.
I walked down the aisle to breaking of the fellowship song in true LOTR style.


London Trio played while our guests arrived in the barn garden. It was a beauIful day with the violins creating a relaxed atmosphere. We so nearly weren’t going to have any entertainment but it was worth every penny.


To go with the rustic feel we had canapé served on wooden boards then went for a wedding breakfast banquet that guest went up to help themselves. Dessert was served at the table in jam jars and in the evening we went for cheese boards. The service from The Fat Hog team was incredible.


Olly designed our cake when we were discussing with our cake designer Nina I was surprised she understood his vision but when we got her first sketch emailed we know it was going to be an incredible cake.


I booked Jason a week after we got engaged I just know he had to be our photographer. We both loved his atmospheric images and couldn’t wait to have him capture our day both on camera and film.


I spent most weekends making something for the wedding. My advice to any bride is don’t under estimate how long things take to make. Olly kept saying to me we have plenty of time, but I would never of been able to make the things I did if I didn’t have two years prepping.

My favourite DIY project was making all the bunting for the barn and the wooden flower arch that was crafted by Olly’s brother to make a photo booth. Most things had a DIY touch which was another reason why we choose Monks Barns as we had access 3 days before to set up which we couldn’t of done without the help from our family and friends.


Richard designed, with us, our wedding invites and table names. This was the first thing to set the tone of our wedding. The invitations made lots of reference to LOTR but personalised to our Fricker Fellowship.
I loved the back of the invites that had a map of Hurley town but in the style of a LOTR map.
We then made and put in a gold ring in each envelope and sealed with wax stamp of the tree of Gondor.
Our guests loved them, some even went as far to wear the ring!


I went for the Imperial from Christopher Cars for its vintage style. The journey through the countryside with my dad will be a journey I will never forget.

{Watch The Film}

Candice and Alex’s love of ‘all things nerdy’ leads to Lord of the Rings wedding

The idea of a themed wedding inspired by hobbits may cause some raised eyebrows, but the Lord of the Rings wedding of Candice and Alexander elegantly incorporated their favourite story to tastefully transport their guests to Middle Earth.

The Sydney couple, who met at a comic book convention, married on February 10, 2018 with 76 guests in Adams Peak Country Estate. “Among the vineyards and rustic buildings our Lord of the Rings theme suited it perfectly,” recalls Candice, 31. “We spent every little detail incorporating our love of all things Tolkien for our big day.”

From the bride wearing the Evenstar that Arwen wears in the movie, to the White Tree of Gondor topper created for their cake, no detail was left behind in their Lord of the Rings vision. “Using my Pinterest board, I took a lot of ideas and spent a lot of time researching how to bring the LOTR theme into the wedding without having it be tacky or over the top,” explains Candice.

Their Pagan-oriented ceremony meant they were wed by a druid in a hand-binding and wine-drinking ceremony. “My husband [28] loves history, so our celebrant spoke a little about the history of weddings in that era and explained what each ceremony meant. Our guests loved it and we received a lot of compliments on how unique and customised our wedding was.”

Photos courtesy of Jessica Walker Photography.

“All my bridesmaids had one flower colour theme in their crowns,” says the bride. “I wanted all Australian natives and herbs for the flowers. Our crowns were made from rosemary.”

The handsome groom and his three groomsmen were dressed in fawn and green by Bentex Suits.

“I wanted my bridesmaids to carry lanterns full of fairy lights instead of bouquets, so I brought some Ikea lamps and sprayed them gold and asked the florist to make sprays to place on top,” says Candice.

“Set among the vineyards in 40-degree heat we created another world and transported our guests to the realm of Middle Earth,” smiles Candice.

The couple created signature Lord of the Rings themed cocktails, including the “Frodo” and the “Gollum”.

Candice’s tip: “Time will go fast, savour every moment and don’t forget to put out the favours!”

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Photos courtesy of Jessica Walker Photography.

Lord of The Rings Themed Wedding in Temecula California

Catarina and Josh’s Lord of The Rings Themed wedding in Temecula California was so incredibly sweet for so many reasons. For example, they had one of the most romantic first dances I have ever shot – it was in the rain! (Wait till you see those photos!)

Tragically, Catarina’s father passed away prior to their wedding day. They added the most touching details to make sure he was present during the day! She and her mother wore the most beautiful necklaces made of his ashes. Ozzy, the pup Catarina and Josh adopted in honor of her father, was also there to help them celebrate! Keep reading, for a note from Catarina about Ozzy’s significance.

Here is a note from Catarina:

“My dad (William Emerson) was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic at age 11. In his 30s he lost his eyesight as a result of the diabetes. He still wanted to feel/be independent and be able to work, so he decided to get a guide dog from Guide Dogs For The Blind from San Francisco.

His first guide dog was a golden retriever named Desi! Desi was the Einstein of dogs. Desi sadly died of bone cancer at the age of 8. My dad decided to get another Guide Dog and went on to have 3 other Golden Retrievers after Desi died. Smart dogs, but none of them as brilliant as Desi.

My dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in February 2016. After Josh and my engagement in January 2017, I asked my dad what he would think about Josh and I raising a Guide Dog puppy (fully preparing for him to reject the idea) but he agreed and said he thought it would be a great idea. After meeting with the school I requested a golden retriever male in honor of Desi. We were on the waitlist for a golden for 10 months – we brought Ozzy home on December 1st, 2017. My dad spent 23 days with Ozzy before passing away.

Their first look was so sweet! They tucked into the corner to read each other heartfelt letters before the big reveal. Scroll to see his reaction when he saw Catarina! She looked seriously stunning in her princess-worthy Mori Lee gown.

Their castle wedding venue in Temecula California was seriously magical! It fit perfectly with the Lord of The Rings Theme. They did a great job of adding themed accents throughout, like on their invitations, cookies, and reception decor!

Their ceremony was breathtaking and intimate in Enchanted Forest’s stunning outdoor courtyard!

Catarina and her bridesmaids looked like they were straight out of a fairytale in their lavender gowns!

It doesn’t get much more romantic than this first dance! The rain was seriously dreamy paired with the delicate twinkling lights and rolling Temecula hills.

We had such a wonderful time with this sweet couple and definitely formed a special friendship. Andrew didn’t mind hanging out with Ozzy either 🙂

Congratulations Catarina and Josh! Your Lord of The Rings Themed Wedding was seriously stunning!



90,000 Summer Themed Wedding Ideas

Summer theme wedding – what could be more interesting! The abundance of colors is breathtaking, the weather is pleasing, there are many options for themes – in a word, all the conditions for organizing an interesting thematic wedding. There are actually a lot of options for topics, and the choice of a specific one depends on the geography and financial capabilities of the young, their preferences and tastes.

Summer weather and nature provide a wide range of ideas and themes for such events – from national flavor to fantasy options involving elves and fairies.

A thematic wedding assumes the presence of a certain scenario that needs to be taken care of by the host or host. In order to create the appropriate atmosphere and charge guests with the mood, not so many attributes are needed that are completely accessible and not exotic. The correct combination of colors and materials, and a uniform style that can be traced throughout the design and details, will create the desired atmosphere of the chosen theme.

Ideas for themed summer weddings


Travel – this is the format in which a summer wedding can be held.Where and with whom to go – young people will decide, having gathered a brave expedition even for the treasures of the pharaohs, even in the footsteps of Indiana Jones.

If your city has a lake, sea or any body of water dear to your heart, then the trip can turn from land to sea and celebrate on a boat or on a private beach. Summer travel can take place not only outdoors, but also indoors, having the theme of an uninhabited (or inhabited) island, and the conquest of Everest, and space tourism, and aeronautics.It’s only about your imagination and financial capabilities.

Eco style

Perfect for outdoor weddings, or at least spending most of the time there. Eco style demonstrates the spiritual closeness and simplicity of the newlyweds.

Such a wedding has a surprisingly calm and kind atmosphere.

This theme is characterized by warm calm tones, natural materials in all design, an abundance of floral compositions of the softest shades and simplicity of lines.Naturalness in everything, balance and harmony – that’s what you need to take as a starting point when planning a wedding in this theme.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Lovers of the classics and William of our Shakespeare in particular, the idea of ​​such a wedding should like it. Fabulous entourage, magical characters, lights of a mysterious forest … More suitable for a chamber celebration for a small number of guests.

Outlandish costumes for guests can be rented at the theater, or made to order from a variety of scraps of variegated lightweight fabrics.False ears, wide-brimmed hats, sequins and candles will help create a mysterious atmosphere.

There is another reason why this particular idea might be chosen. The very famous march of Mendelssohn, under which not the first generation goes to the altar with emotional trepidation, is a joke of a genius, an overture written by him for Shakespeare’s comedy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” And more specifically – to the part where the enchanted princess marries a donkey.

This piece of music gained real popularity after the solemn registration of the marriage of the Crown Prince of Prussia Friedrich Wilhelm and the British princess Victoria Adelaide.

Elves and Fairies

Dedicated to the fans of the Ring saga – an elven wedding. What could be more exotic and original? The weightless charm of the fairy people, sophistication of attire, grace and charm. Playing the lute and harp and the fabulous surroundings will delight young people and their like-minded people. This theme is also designed to be held outside the city’s stuffiness and bustle.


This theme is the best way to allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of kind and bright magic, tricks and illusions.For this theme, combinations of white with red, purple, green, blue are used. In a word, the entire bright palette should evoke associations with the dome of the circus, in which miracles take place.

Wedding invitations can be arranged in the form of tickets to the circus, and may your show not have lions jumping through a burning hoop, fun and laughter will be provided even before the show starts. Indispensable wedding guests – real magicians and illusionists will turn the evening into something unforgettable.The bride and groom can appear both in the costumes of tamers, and in the more familiar outfit of the newlyweds, this will have little effect on the bright atmosphere.

Folk themes

Perfect for any season, the main thing is to decide on the traditions of which people to focus on. Given the assimilation, thanks to which many, many peoples have mixed into a single whole, this is not an easy task. Bright and unusual outfits for young people, non-standard solutions in the design of the hall, several beautiful and significant ceremonies – that’s all you need to hold a thematic folk wedding.

Video for clarity

90,000 themed wedding

Thematic (stylized) wedding

There are many different ways to make your wedding amazing and unforgettable.Very often, couples in love, and especially brides, want the wedding to be unusual, so that this day will be remembered with something special. The easiest way to do this is to have a stylized or themed wedding.

Stylized wedding

Styling can be very different. It can be stylized by color, for example, a yellow or red wedding, which has recently been very popular not only in America and Europe, but also in our country. When we have a yellow wedding, in addition to the details, identically dressed girlfriends support the style very well.

When it is a red wedding, at the celebration you can see not only equally dressed girlfriends, a lot of red roses and scarlet decorations. The protagonist of the stylized red wedding is the bride and her red dress.

In this case, we stick to our chosen color throughout. Let’s try to explain and take a gorgeous violet color as an example. It is in this shade of purple that the bridesmaids will be dressed, it is in this color that we will sew ties for the groom’s friends, if the guys are in tuxedos, then their butterflies and belts will not be applicable violet.Bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres for men and all floristry will be permeated with this color. Of course, it’s worth starting with invitations so that the style we have chosen will go through all such important details of the wedding in a thin line. A small silk contrasting bow on a card or parcel will perfectly set off any designer paper. As for the decorations, in this case, we will take our floral shade as a “bright spot” against the background of pastel colors, so suitable for a wedding celebration… Cake, fireworks, gifts for guests – a violet will be present everywhere …

Also stylization can be, for example, “Wedding of 1000 Roses”. In this case, we will take all the known varieties of these flowers of love and combine them into a fabulous pink carnival. A million wedding petals and unearthly aromas will accompany you and your guests not only during the celebration, but also after, at the slightest glance at these flowers.
What to say, for example, about the wedding “Black and White Ball” or about the striped wedding, here the name speaks for itself.

Thematic wedding

With regard to a thematic wedding, it can be a Retro style wedding, Oscars, Carnival of Venice, Pirates of the Caribbean, Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wedding of the Nations, Chess, Ball – Masquerade, Hawaiian wedding, “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Wedding of Caesar and Cleopatra”, “The Queen of Spades”, “Wedding in Robin”, “The Great Greek Wedding”, “1001 Nights”, “12 Chairs”, “Hollywood” , Disco wedding, Egyptian wedding and much more …

After choosing the theme or style in which the wedding will be held, we think over everything to the smallest detail.Whatever wedding it is, be it a Chicago 30s style wedding or a wedding in the style of “Alice in Wonderland”, all employees of our agency are assigned to study the “field of activity” and prepare interesting historical facts for the meeting, which we will use at the event.

We have already conducted

“Chicago” three times already, when the idea came to hold “Alice”, our Sveta bought 8 books by Lews Carroll, we read, had fun and at the meeting vigorously discussed this creative fairy tale.Further, at the same meeting, the entire creative group, together with the designers, watched the Disney cartoon of the same name. When Anthony Burton’s film came out, the whole team went to the Atrium for the cinema …

Our weddings are famous precisely for the fact that guests can learn something new about the era, they can remember interesting details of their favorite fairy tale, we allow you to feel the taste of this time or plunge into this atmosphere, forget about everything in the world, live a little gangster or fairytale life…
Remembering all the “Chicago” we can say that every time couples (and there were 3 of them – 2008, 2009, 2010) were very enthusiastic about our ideas, men gladly put “socks” on patent leather shoes and discussed the Thompson machine, holding it in your hands; women wore fishnet stockings, huge heels, hats and red garters – something that in ordinary life would never become part of our brides’ wardrobe … A couple and guests are always ready to find themselves somewhere beyond reality and get carried away by a well-thought-out wedding theme.Very often friends even choose gifts for the bride and groom on purpose, in our practice there was a case when newlyweds were given a real, extremely expensive, rare Patifon …

Of course, the atmosphere of a themed wedding needs to be created from the very beginning, and the beginning of the wedding is an invitation. So invitations must certainly be stylized, and we get them surprisingly well, you can learn more about this in section Wedding Invitations .On the first “Chicago”, which we held back in 2008, each of the guests received a Tubus (“cover” from a cigar) containing a message:
“We invite you and your companion to a secret meeting of the main gangsters of Chicago on the occasion of our wedding celebration, which will take place on August 29, 2008 at the address: .. Beginning at 16.00. Vitaly and Julia “. The invitation also contained Dress code, password and feedback. Since then, a lot has changed and for subsequent weddings (2009 and 2010) invitations in this style were even more interesting and improved.

Anyway, the next after the invitation is themed photo sessions, you can find out about this in the corresponding section Pre-wedding photo sessions and videos . Look, you can see what kind of weddings we had, right? Here you will learn a Gangster wedding, a wedding in the style of “USSR” (Moscow does not believe in tears), and many others …
At the wedding itself, on that very “happiest day in your life” selection of program numbers.

With your permission, we will stop and invite you to section Portfolio , where you will learn more about our capabilities and creative talents, look at the very weddings that we cite as examples here, and many others.

We hope you enjoy watching and reading, and see you soon at Royal Wedding!

If you are impatient at all, we suggest you evaluate one of the thematic weddings held by our agency in recent years.So

30’s Chicago Style Wedding

See you soon at the Royal Wedding Agency !!!

90,000 Thematic wedding – your holiday in Borisoglebsk

What is a theme wedding? This is a wedding, which is based on a certain idea, a theme that runs like a red thread through the whole celebration.Why do you need this very theme? In order to distinguish themselves favorably, to give the holiday a special style and be remembered for a long time by all those present.

When choosing a wedding theme, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:
1. The idea should be close to you. A themed wedding is a great way to show the individuality of your couple, so don’t act on the “this might be interesting” principle. Both of you should be “on fire” with this topic.
2. Consider the interests of the guests. Of course, it is difficult to please everyone, but try so that your idea at least does not cause any sharp rejection in anyone.So, for example, you will hardly be able to convince the elderly contingent that the love of vampires can be very romantic …
3. Realistically assess your capabilities. First of all, the time and financial framework. Obviously, it is almost impossible to organize a lavish royal wedding on a tight budget.

Ideas for themed wedding
Themed weddingCities and countries. If you and your significant other gravitate towards a certain place on the world map, you may well choose it as a wedding theme, reflecting local attractions, traditions, culture, cuisine, etc.d.

Films, fairy tales, cartoons, books. Feel like the main characters of your favorite work … What could be more exciting ?! In this case, it makes sense to warn the guests in advance about the chosen plot of your themed wedding (especially if it is not well known), so that on the right day everyone is “in the subject”.
Old days. One of the most difficult areas, because it takes a lot of effort to recreate the atmosphere of the past. However, this topic is very attractive for newlyweds.Weddings in retro style, royal times, Chicago of the 30s, the era of the USSR are very popular.
Hobbies. A common hobby or common field of activity can be a good topic for a wedding. There shouldn’t be any problems with the props in this case.
Nature and its manifestations. The theme of a wedding can be the season (seasonal weddings), the elements (fire, water), beautiful natural places (forest, field, beach). The choice of the venue for the celebration plays a special role in the preparation of such a thematic wedding.
Travel. The whole wedding can be played out as one big trip (sea, air, automobile). The end point is the edge of serene family happiness. The travel theme gives unlimited scope for the expression of imagination and allows you to give the holiday the necessary dynamics.
Symbols. Sometimes an object is chosen as the leading motive, which is repeated in the decoration of the banquet hall, the bride’s wedding dress, wedding accessories, details of clothing, etc.It can be, for example, a plant, flower, fruit, butterfly or animal.
Colored weddings. A wedding in a certain color looks stylish and expressive. The main thing is to find a good combination. The color scheme can be associative – rainbow, coffee with milk, etc.

How the theme of the wedding can manifest itself

You yourself determine how deeply you can immerse yourself in the chosen theme: whether it will manifest itself at all stages of the wedding day, or only sometimes
remind of itself with separate actions or accents.
So, let’s look at the main points in which you can reveal the wedding theme:

Clothes and accessories. Of course, first of all, you should think about the images of the main characters – the bride and groom, as well as the witnesses and the presenter. It is not necessary to turn a themed wedding into a fancy-dress party, a given theme can be manifested in individual details – decorating a hairstyle, a bouquet with a boutonniere, elements of an outfit. Closest girlfriends and friends can be asked to adhere to a certain dress code.The rest of the guests can be given thematic “insignia” directly on the wedding day – these can be small badges, bonbonnieres, ribbons, scarves, etc.

Ransom of the bride. There are many themed buyout scenarios on the Internet. If none of them suits you, you can choose the most suitable tasks for the groom, stylizing them to the desired theme.

Registration. With traditional registration, it will not be possible to deviate much from the existing norms, but if you order an on-site registration, you will be able to change the format of the ceremony at your discretion.

Vehicle type and design. Depending on the style of the themed wedding, you can choose: a retro car, a luxury limousine, an imposing SUV or another, possibly unconventional type of transportation. You can contact a professional designer who will create a themed decoration for a wedding car according to your wishes. Today in Voronezh there are many firms providing
similar services.

Wedding walk. For a wedding photo session, you should choose the place that suits the chosen style. It is recommended to prepare the props in advance to create thematic photos.

Decoration of the hall and tables. Most of the time guests will spend within the walls of the festive hall, therefore, special attention should be paid to the choice and decoration of the institution in which the banquet will take place.

Entertainment program. Together with the presenter, you need to develop a scenario for the “drinking” part of the celebration.Particular attention should be paid to: opening speech (it will tune the audience to the right wave), competitions (tasks and prizes can also be thematic in nature), show program.

Music . For one topic, it may not be of particular importance, for another, it is of a fundamental nature. In any case, do not get too hung up – guests will get tired of listening to the same motives for several hours in a row.

Menu. Discuss possible options with the administrator of the establishment.The theme of the wedding can manifest itself not only in the dishes themselves, but also in the small details of the festive table: the shape of the canapes skewers, the pattern on the napkins, etc.

Cake. A professionally made themed wedding cake will be remembered by everyone not only for its excellent taste, but also for its non-standard appearance. Our catalog contains contacts of wonderful Voronezh confectioners who are ready for creative experiments!

Wedding little things. As you know, style comes in the smallest detail, so don’t forget accessories such as wedding glasses, ring cushions, wishbook, seating cards and other details.Particular attention should be paid to invitations – they will create the first impression of your themed wedding.

Bonbonnieres . Guests will be very pleased to receive, in addition to positive emotions, something more material as a gift, for example, small compliments in the form of themed bonbonnieres.

Source: www.svadba-inform.ru

90,000 Themed wedding: ideas and options

Everyone wants their wedding day to be remembered by both lovers and guests.Fortunately, the times when a noisy toastmaster, rivers of alcohol, an echoing dining room decorated with balls of incredible colors, and aspic of all kinds on the table were the obligatory attributes of a wedding are over. Today, even a white dress for the bride is not a dogma and not an obligatory element. Every year, the wedding industry offers couples an incredible number of ideas in the design of premises, the style of the celebration, theme options, dress code for newlyweds and guests, a festive menu, and so on.

Trends in this area from year to year are becoming more daring and democratic.But if you analyze the endless stream of fashion trends, you will notice that there are directions that remain in the favorites of wedding organizers and couples for more than one season. Here are several options for themed weddings that do not require large time and financial expenses for organization, will help create an unforgettable holiday atmosphere and will make the celebration a special, individual sacrament.

The main trends of themed weddings

You are the color of my life

Submitting a celebration to a single color motif is one of the simple and effective ways to make the picture of a holiday harmonious.First, you need to decide on the tone that will be present in most elements: in serving, interior decoration, outfits for guests and newlyweds, invitations and floristry. Trends in this year’s palette are greenery (rich olive, yellow-green) and powdery (also called dusty) gamut of colors, especially blue and pink.

There are two ways to go here. The first is to create the presence of color using greenery and flowers of the desired tone. In this case, it will be easiest to make a greenery wedding.Ask guests to choose bouquets of a certain shade as a gift, and have the waiter fill the pre-arranged vases at the beginning of the celebration. Greenery and elements of fresh flowers are easily woven into decorative elements, table setting, can be present in the bouquet and hairstyle of the bride and her bridesmaids.

If you think that living greens and flowers will be too expensive, or some of the guests have an allergy (it is important to think about this point too), then color accents can be easily placed with the help of decorative elements – ribbons, balls with soft lighting, applications, napkins and dishes on tables, curtains and, of course, in the dress code of the couple and guests.By the way, when preparing for a “colored” wedding, it is important to take into account that bridesmaids and invited guests may perceive the announced dress code color differently.

So, for someone a muted beige can become pink, while for someone it is expressed in a shade of bright fuchsia. Don’t limit your guests too much in the choice of toilets – after all, we all have different colors. The optimal solution is to help the bridesmaids choose the right fabric for the outfits, from which each of them can sew something that matches their body type.

Where you are my home

Lush and crowded weddings are becoming less popular. One of the trends in recent years is a family dinner style wedding. The place for such a celebration is usually chosen on the territory of the cottage, sometimes it is a tent or even a spacious and clean barn room, comfortably decorated with glowing bulbs.

Dance floor – right here, in the fresh air (such a wedding, you guessed it, is optimal for the summer period).The photo zone can be made of natural materials so that it fits into the general landscape of the place.

Of course, overly prim outfits are not suitable for such a wedding. The image of the bride is touching, natural, without excessive emphasis on chic and brightness. This is makeup in natural tones, light texture of a romantic dress, loose or slightly “disheveled in styling” hair. But it is important to remember that even in the style of minimalism, it is better to entrust the creation of the bride’s image to a professional, for example, here you can find a wedding specialist who provides services at home.

Makeup artist Anastasia Simakova

The groom will look quite organically without a jacket, it is permissible even to roll up the shirt sleeves. Home cuisine is preferable for such celebrations. Ideal – homemade cheeses and wines to complement your favorite menu.

The main decor of a “home” wedding is a slightly dim light. It will help to create coziness and intimacy of a family holiday, for which the closest ones have gathered. Bunches of fragrant herbs and dried flowers on walls or even serving will fit perfectly.Weightless curtains and a tablecloth made of natural materials will be the perfect setting for a feast. Let furniture and interior items be wooden.

When organizing such a wedding, the main thing is to avoid any multi-color. There are only two important accents: white or beige wood color in the interior and in textiles, draperies – as a symbol of celebration.

Our love is timeless

Vintage is the direction that allows stylists to get all the most beautiful and loved from the chests of the past decades.So, a vintage wedding is the embodiment of the best wedding traditions and no modernity.

Deliberately aged furniture in the interior of the banquet hall, delicate napkins on the tables, candlesticks, rose petals, as if casually scattered everywhere, and an endless train of transparent veil carried by young girlfriends for the bride – these are the sketches for a vintage wedding.

Having come to such a celebration, your guests will plunge into the world of light, flowers and graceful, slightly old-fashioned accessories.At such a wedding, a multi-tiered cake is required, which the couple will cut with a silver device, and let the musicians perform classical melodies (there are, after all, modern dance arrangements for the second half of the evening).

Roses made of fabric on the upholstery of armchairs, lacy umbrellas, a huge old bag with a copper handle – like a box for gifts – this style accepts any ideas, if they are imbued with the spirit of sophistication and antique chic. Mint and muted chocolate colors of outfits and decor fit perfectly into this style.Oh yes, and let the champagne flow like a river!

You are the song of my soul

If you are a creative couple who does not accept the usual canons of solemnity, then a boho wedding is perfect for you. The hippie style, the carelessness of youth, mainly young guests, a lot of music and a casual style of dress – these are the hallmarks of such a holiday.

Boho-style dresses are now offered by all fashionable salons, so dressing appropriately is not difficult.The main feature is that the outfits of the newlyweds and guests should be light and not constraining. Think of the hippie style: flowers in hair, fluttering braids, lightweight fabrics that are not tight, comfortable silhouettes. In the boho style, however, there is a kind of sophistication, it is important to preserve it and not overdo it with color – both in the interior and in outfits.

Music – modern or hippie generations. Now special sites offer a variety of collections for every taste.

The menu is dominated by snacks: such dishes are easy to pick up and eat in one bite, so that you can quickly return to dancing and fun. It is good if there is a presenter for your holiday who will develop a program in the general style of the celebration.

Wedding cake can easily replace cupcakes or pastries, and the feast itself can be organized as friendly gatherings on colored pillows. However, it is worth taking care of good service separately so that the banquet place remains clean all the time.

Fresh flowers, casual decor, ethnic motives, soft fabrics and draperies are integral elements of the boho style. Ideally, if the party is organized in a light, spacious tent with the opportunity to go out into the fresh air.

If your guests are a reflection of your couple and are also passionate about music, ask them to take a guitar or other instruments so that the wedding scenario can develop as naturally and spontaneously as the ribbons in a bride’s hair do.

And I will do everything to turn our life into a fairy tale

Everyone dreams of a fairytale wedding, and wedding stylists put a very specific thematic subtext into this combination of words.A fairy tale wedding can develop according to several scenarios.

The first is a celebration in the forest. Yes, yes, it is proposed to organize a celebration right in the forest glade. If you approach the choice of location in advance and responsibly, then consider that half of the job has already been done: a spacious, picturesque meadow, ideally – overlooking the lake – this is just a fairy tale!

The bride in this scenario is a forest princess. Here, the dress code is dictated only by the imagination. Remember Vasnetsov’s painting Ivan Tsarevich on the Gray Wolf.Here is your finished outfit! Brocade, precious and colored stones, a thin veil, shoes decorated with stones and sparkles – and the image is ready. The groom’s outfit can also be subordinated to a fabulous theme, the main thing is that together you make up an organic picture and everyone is comfortable.

A large wooden table, garlands of flowers and light lamps hanging directly from the tree branches will create a fabulous holiday atmosphere. It is desirable that the table setting and the photo zone be created from materials in tune with the surrounding landscape.Rowan twigs, fir cones, stumps stylized as chairs, moss and flowers around – this is your decor. Live music is also welcomed at such a celebration.

Don’t forget the practicality: For a chilly evening, include blankets and think of extra lighting and heat guns that not only keep guests from freezing, but also protect against insects.

If forest harmony does not attract you enough to organize a wedding among the branches of trees, then a fairy tale can be created indoors.In this case, based on the image of the bride, we create a suitable entourage for the Little Mermaid or, for example, Jasmine.

So, it must be a bright and spacious room. The path along which the newlyweds appear in front of the guests can be strewn with flower petals of the same tone as the bride’s outfit.

Some stylists propose to warn guests in advance about the “fairytale” theme of the holiday so that they choose suitable outfits – and the celebration will turn into a ball of fairytale characters.

The atmosphere should be fragrant with flowers and inspire a sense of wealth. Oriental sweets and champagne on the tables, burning torches in the corners of the hall, thrones for the bride and groom, as well as a lot of sparkles and mirrors in the interior are important touches for your fabulous performance.

By the way, many fairy tales are love stories. Why not reflect this in the celebration scenario?

Fireworks will become a beautiful accent of such a wedding. And let the guests receive small stylized gifts – they don’t leave a fabulous wedding empty-handed.

All these tips are just a skeleton on which you can build your own unforgettable scenario of such an important day for your love. We wish you to find the most original and amazing version of the theme wedding.

Themed wedding in summer – options for organizing a celebration

A wedding is a day that you want to remember for the rest, but not every couple has enough money to order a fireworks show, fakir or famous DJ, but this is a problem! A summer themed wedding is a good way for young people to express their imagination and organize a memorable celebration.This does not mean that your wedding should turn into a masquerade, the main thing is rich imagination and a little grace. Here are some tips for organizing such a holiday.

First, you need to select a topic

She should be close to both newlyweds and be familiar to the guests – no matter how young they like Star Wars, older relatives are invited to the holiday, such a theme at the wedding can make them feel uncomfortable, as if they are separated from the holiday, so it is advisable to consider options equally acceptable and understandable to all

Not sure which topic to choose?

Here are some popular ideas to help you decide at least which direction to go next:


If you want to “play” safely, then we offer you the most popular theme of all – color variations.The main disadvantage of such a theme is that it doesn’t go well with entertainment. But for the holiday atmosphere, it gives more grace and unity that look great in photographs and creates a general atmosphere.


It can be anything from the fairly popular motifs about butterflies and the sea, to the jungle and wild flower meadows (these themes are especially well suited for themed weddings in the summer). Disadvantage – you need a rich imagination to come up with a theme to develop not only as a decorative element, but for a couple of resourceful and cheerful, such a solution can become really successful.


Perhaps the newlyweds are going to spend their honeymoon in the country they dreamed of? Why, then, not to make a wedding on this topic? This is a very grateful topic, because it is very easy to choose music and decor items, and during the wedding it will be possible to acquaint guests with the culture and customs of the country, so the holiday will leave a lot of impressions after itself.

Pop Culture

If only young people participate in the wedding (not necessarily by age, they can be young at heart), the guests will have a really good time and will remember the whole event with the alimony of pop culture for a long time – this can be a favorite film of young people or a computer game.A celebration like this will be playful and provide a ton of creative spaces, perfect for an unconventional couple.


If the newlyweds are interested in history, the celebration can be organized for their favorite historical period or motive. It can be anything from ancient Egypt to the beloved of the young of the twentieth century. Having chosen such a theme, it will be very easy to choose a general holiday mood, because time is a very broad concept, you can take everything from it that looks charming and acceptable.

Tell professional workers about your chosen topic

After choosing a suitable theme, you need to make sure that the wedding host, DJ, photographer and all other people who hire, in order to help you organize an unforgettable holiday, are informed of all your decisions. Then everyone will contribute to the scenario of the celebration, will have the opportunity to prepare professionally and, accordingly, with their good work, activate the general mood of the holiday.

Invite to participate in the preparation of guests

Guests can also be involved in the preparation of the wedding, in the invitation you can indicate a small task related to the topic that they need to do or prepare another small surprise. So guests will feel like a part of the holiday even before it starts, and the more they will be prepared and look forward to the event. For example, you can organize a competition – who will find the most interesting fact related to the theme of the wedding? So, you will not only make the preparation for the holiday an entertaining game, but also encourage the guests to look deeper into the chosen theme of the holiday

Take care of the little things!

Finally, let me remind you that you do not need to spend a lot of money on such a holiday or demand themed costumes from guests.Just a few of the right accents can help create the mood of the theme – a couple of jewelry or clothing items, a joke, a themed piece of music or a game leading the way. It is very important to choose those aspects of the topic that are most acceptable and most interesting to you and stick only to them, otherwise you risk overloading the holiday and making it banal.

When preparing for a themed wedding, a couple should have not only creative thinking, but also the ability to balance on the edge, which gives the holiday charm, but does not make it a costume carnival.

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How does a thematic wedding differ from a wedding conducted according to a standard plan? First of all, the desire of the couple to create their own holiday, unlike any other wedding. This desire influences both the planning of the ceremony and the relationship of the couple with the event organizer.The organization of such a wedding is a complex process in which all the elements must fit both each other and the chosen venue. Organization of a thematic wedding requires a much higher level of organization and professionalism of the event manager.

Professionals say that organizing a thematic wedding is very similar to the work of an interior designer: in order to achieve the best result, you need to take the place of your customers, look at the world through their eyes.Before coming up with a suitable theme for a wedding, you need to talk (and more than once) with the bride and groom about their life, families, traditions, interests, important events. This usually takes a long time. You can also chat with relatives who can give additional information, forgotten funny situations that can also be used.

But you should have a sense of proportion: after all, a wedding is a solemn event, with its own traditions and rituals, and not just a party on a pre-selected theme.

Couples planning a “theme” wedding often want to recreate the place or time that was of great importance to the formation and development of their relationship, for example, a tropical island where they first met, or a restaurant where a marriage proposal was made … During business meetings, the organizer needs to clearly understand why the chosen location for the event is special.

If you need to recreate a certain setting, then here a lot of attention must be paid to decoration, decorations, music, food and various stylistic details.As with organizing a “regular” wedding, a lot depends on the time and budget. However, the key to a successful wedding is working with a team where everyone is an expert in their field, and even better if many of these people have worked together before.

Nothing is impossible for a professional with imagination! For example, recreate the island of Antigua on land for a wedding ceremony for a couple who met while racing on yachts near the island of Antigua. The island feel was created with colors, sounds, materials, fruits and flowers.Tables were covered with bright beach covers and decorated with seashells and starfish, in the center of the tables were crystal containers filled with shells and tropical fish, or tropical flower arrangements in reed vessels.

Couples often want to add variety to a predictable event called a wedding at home. Most often this is a country house. In this case, the size of the premises used is often much less than the number of invited guests.To increase the area, an awning is used, under which a temporary foundation is installed, covered with a carpet to create the illusion of a room.

Between the house and the awning, you can make a small bridge and arrange it as a kind of passage or corridor from one room to another with the help of carpets and lamps. It is often cold outdoors under awnings and heating is required, now they have begun to use tall, elegant heating devices, more like giant candelabra or lamps.

A theme wedding can be organized anywhere and for any couple. The point is to emphasize those moments and focus on those features that make this particular couple special in general and interesting for each other in particular.

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Gangster wedding

Hipster wedding

Travel style wedding

Marine style wedding

Themed wedding ideas

Ideas for themed weddings

Timeless classics are great.A traditional wedding means a snow-white dress, a family banquet, cute and touching rituals, practical gifts from relatives and friends, and a whole archive of photographs that will bring sweet memories for years to come. However, not everyone likes this scenario. It is extremely important for some newlyweds that their holiday is radically different from a series of similar celebrations. Other lovers want to convey their attitude to the world through the stylistics of the event, to reflect common interests, to feel in the role of certain characters.The ideal solution in such cases is a thematic wedding.

Gangster wedding

One of the ways to get away from everyday life, plunge into an alternative reality, try on unexpected images – a wedding in the spirit of Chicago of the 20s of the last century. The entourage, outfits and script should be chosen so that all participants in the celebration feel like members of mafia clans, feel the aroma of an explosive mixture of passion, risk and adventure in the air.

Images of newlyweds and guests

A win-win option for the bride in the image of the venerable gangster’s bridesmaid is a vintage dress that can be lace or satin, short or long.The veil will be replaced by an elegant hat with a veil, a fur cape will add chic, and long pearl threads and fingerless gloves will turn into stylish accents. Fishnet stockings and stilettos are welcome. Particular attention should be paid to makeup and hair. Expressive arrows or smoky-eyes, pale complexion, bright scarlet lips, wave styling are appropriate.

The components of the groom’s outfit can be a white shirt, a striped suit, a retro silk tie, a hat, suspenders, and shoes with rounded toes.The stronger the patent leather shoes shine, the better. The image of the mafioso will be complemented by styling with parting, as well as large cufflinks and a cigar. You can’t do without the real symbol of the gangster of the 20s – a decorative pistol in a holster.

The theme of the wedding should be known to the invitee in advance. Then they’ll have time to track down retro-style felt hats, chain watches, mouthpieces and walking sticks. For women, we recommend furs, vintage evening dresses with a tight cut, veil hats, boas, boas, ornaments on the head in the form of feathers or ribbons.

Banqueting hall

The best option is a restaurant decorated in a retro style. The desired atmosphere will be created by subdued light, black and white colors, posters with views of New York, chic crystal chandeliers. You cannot do without bright “speaking” details, such as cards and dice, bouquets of dollar dummies on tables, and antiques. Stylish accents – peacock feathers in vases and a black piano in the corner of the room. The playing area with poker tables and roulette is also appropriate in the hall.Guests should be seated at separate tables for 4-6 persons.


The performance of an artist playing the role of a card sharper will look harmonious at a gangster-style wedding banquet. The magician will not only demonstrate virtuoso tricks with a deck of cards, but also unexpectedly retrieve weapons, women’s stockings, and alcohol flasks from the pockets of those invited.

Welcome guests at the gangster party are long-legged beauties from the cabaret show, ready to dance the cancan, and the saxophonist.The general concept of the event will include a show-musical in the style of “Chicago”, a performance of a step dancer, Charlie Chaplin’s double, Frank Sinatra’s double. The guest will be delighted by the artist who will perform retro-style cartoons for those present with the words “Wanted” during the banquet.

Fun contests for guests will help create an atmosphere of excitement: shooting balls at cups, tasks that will need to be completed with hands chained in toy handcuffs, competitions on the knowledge of the customs of the mafia, quotes from films about gangsters.Not only ladies, but also gentlemen will enjoy a master class conducted by a professional, during which they will get acquainted with the basic steps of dances popular in the 20s (for example, tango, foxtrot, Charleston).

Bright strokes

• Invitations to the event can be issued in the form of dollar bills or in the style of letters to members of “mafia clans”. A good idea is to order postcards in the printing house, stylized as a playing card, pistol or cigars.

• Before going with his betrothed to the registry office, the groom will have to go through severe gangster tests, during which he will prove that he can shoot, play dice, drink without grimacing.
• As you know, the mafia is a lot of money, chic and polish, which means that the wedding cortege of gangsters should consist of luxurious vintage cars. Alternatively, you can use limousines.

• Guests arriving at the restaurant will be greeted by a ragged boy selling newspapers with the news of the marriage of members of two well-known mafia clans in the city.

• To plunge deeper into the atmosphere of the 20-30s. music in the style of jazz, boogie-woogie, tango, blues will help. Compositions from the movie “The Godfather”, songs by Ennio Morricone, Louis Armstrong, George Gershwin will help guests get used to the characters.
• Pistols can be molded on a traditional wedding loaf. Guests will be surprised by a cake in the shape of a suitcase full of money.

• A color printer can print labels for alcoholic beverages popular in the 1920s and 1930s. last century, and stick them on wine bottles.

• The bride kidnapping ritual can be carried out with hostage-taking and shooting balls or suction cups from toy pistols.

Noble wedding

Newlyweds, whose hearts are attracted by the refined sophistication of the 18th century, the century of elegant ladies and gentlemen, have the opportunity to have a wedding in the noble style.Carriages, balls, delicate silks … Not only the newlyweds, but also the guests of the banquet will be mentally transported with pleasure to the era covered with romantic charm.

Images of newlyweds and guests

The main reason that makes the bride tremble at the thought of a noble-style wedding is the opportunity to wear a luxurious wedding dress with a fluffy layered skirt, an abundance of decorative elements, including exquisite embroidery, a scattering of sparkling stones, and a rich train.An indispensable accessory in those days was considered orange blossom – a flower of an orange (bitter) orange. A hairstyle of the 18th century, a lace umbrella and an elegant fan, an old brooch, and a miniature diadem will help to completely transform into a lady of the era of social receptions and balls. Natural makeup is preferable, implying a radiance of the skin, shadows of natural shades, a slight blush.

The groom should wear a white shirt, vest and tailcoat. A scarf or bow tie can be used as accessories.An interesting option is an elegant hussar camisole with epaulettes. If the wedding is organized in the cold season, then a black coat of a strict cut, a white scarf and gloves will serve as outerwear. It’s great if the guests can find ball gowns and tailcoats. In the absence of these, it is not forbidden to opt for long evening dresses and classic suits. The necessary accents can be set with the help of hats with feathers and walking sticks, pince-nez, top hats for men.

Banqueting hall

The banquet hall should be decorated in the style of a noble living room.Old notes, large candlesticks, a table with props in the style of the 18th century for those who want to take pictures will become the little things that create the right atmosphere. Great if the waiters are in liveries and lush wigs. It is recommended to pay special attention to table setting. Silver cutlery and exquisite porcelain dishes are indispensable components of the solemn and noble appearance of the hall. Velvet fabrics can serve as tablecloths.

The ideal option is to rent a manor house dating from the 18th century with halls in which an elegant interior has been preserved, objects of a long bygone era, frescoes on ceilings and walls, stucco moldings, luxurious crystal chandeliers made of bronze and crystal, stained glass windows with images of old Moscow landscapes, a floor lined with beautiful ornaments, wrought iron balustrades, marble statues.In Moscow, you can rent amazing mansions of the 18th century for weddings:

• the estate “Ostankino”,

• estate “Tsaritsyno”,

• estate of Count Vladimir Saltykov,

• mansion on Myasnitskaya street,

• estate “Kuskovo” and others.


Games and entertainment should be appropriate for the selected historical period. Live pictures, musical pieces, a masquerade ball will be appropriate. It is worth inviting a professional choreographer to the celebration, who can organize the guests at the ball, show them the basic steps of such typical 18th century dances as polonaise, waltz, country dances, minuet, mazurka.Will decorate the entertainment program and the performance of a folklore ensemble and a gypsy group. In the open air, carriage rides and an equestrian show with riders in costumes of a bygone era will be a success.

The dancing bear will certainly become the highlight of the program, buffoons and jesters will not let guests get bored. Will not violate the style of the celebration and the performance of the romance, the performance of the violinist. As wedding contests, you can arrange target shooting, dueling with fake swords, playing forfeits.The gastronomic performance will also look spectacular. For example, a chef can roast a pig on a skewer right in front of the guests. Of course, such a show is more convenient and safer to organize outdoors. The event will end with colorful fireworks or a fire show in the style of the Catherine era.

Bright strokes

• It is advisable to arrange invitation cards for a wedding in the noble style in the form of scrolls. It is desirable to keep the text in the epistolary genre of the 18th century.
• Sleigh (if the wedding is organized in winter in a country estate) or carriage – transport worthy of aristocrats.

• The style of the 18th century will emphasize the bridal bouquet, which will contain things from the past – a brooch from a grandmother’s chest, a satin ribbon, lace. The embodiment of aristocratic severity is a bouquet of captivating freesias.

• Poker tables and bridge are not only a decorative element, but also a lure for gamblers.

• Traditional Russian cuisine should be present on the festive table: game, suckling pigs, roast hare, sterlet, boiled crayfish, pancakes with caviar.Exquisite, originally designed dishes are welcome – beautiful figures made of chocolate, palm trees made of fruits.

• Noble style wedding cake can be decorated with angel figurines, imitation pearl garlands and exquisite flowers.

Latin American style wedding

Passion, emotions, intoxicating love vibes – components of the cocktail called “Latin American wedding”. Temperamental lovers who value romance, a riot of feelings and colors will certainly get extraordinary pleasure from a wedding held in this style.

Images of newlyweds and guests

A newlywed will look authentic in a long dress with an open back. It was this latino-style toilet that the sultry pop diva Christina Aguilera wore for a wedding in 2005. It is recommended to opt for a white toilet, since the folklore outfit shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow runs the risk of merging with the general background. After all, the decor of such a wedding must certainly be colorful and bright.

The bride should opt for the mantilla veil, which is typical for newlyweds in this region.The accessory is a lace or silk veil that is worn over a high comb driven into the hairdo. Shoes or sandals with mind-blowing stilettos are a must. One of the options for the groom’s suit will be black satin trousers and a bright satin shirt with a wide cut. The newly-made spouse will look great in trousers and a bolero jacket in the style of matador.

The dress code for guests is evening dresses with sequins, light cocktail dresses that outline all the curves of the body, flowers in the hair.Ladies should be given colorful fans painted with flowers. Men can wear red suits and black ties, colored shirts and trousers with gold stripes.

Banqueting hall

The predominant colors in the interior of the Caribbean-style premises are orange, red and green and shades of eggplant. Leaves of tropical plants (possibly painted), orange and lemon trees in tubs, garlands of seafood, portraits of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, Latin musical instruments will serve as appropriate decorations for the wedding hall.Rattan and bamboo furniture is perfect for such a holiday. The dance floor should be covered with rose petals. Several candles with an exotic aroma (preferably not too intrusive) will allow guests to more vividly imagine that the holiday is taking place in the tropics.

Banquet room decorations for a Latin American wedding may include items associated with pirate symbols. An interesting idea is to put open chests with antique utensils along the walls, on top of which will be poured glass beads depicting jewelry and chocolate doubloons in golden wrappers.

On the tables, decorated with vintage napkins with lace and flower garlands, you can arrange Cuba Libre cocktails, vases with exotic fruits, and lay out cigars. You should not arrange a feast with dense fatty food, traditional for Russian cuisine. After all, at a Latino wedding, you are supposed to have fun until you drop, dance until the morning. The best option is a buffet table with such appetizers as deep-fried octopus rings, vegetable cuts, pork tubes stuffed with pineapple, tuna billyes, shrimp sauté, salmon in coconut flakes, mango soufflé.


It fits perfectly into the general concept of the bartender show, which involves interactive preparation of original cocktails according to Caribbean recipes. Men will surely be delighted with the opportunity to take a lesson from a real Cuban torsedor, who will introduce them to the technique of rolling cigars. An interesting idea is to invite masters of capoeira, a martial art that combines dance improvisation and acrobatics, to the celebration. During a small master class, guests will try to imitate the movements of the artists.

A wedding with a Latin American flavor simply cannot do without such fiery dances as salsa, merengue, bachata, rumba and cha-cha-cha. Fascinating romances in Latino style will not leave indifferent both the heroes of the occasion and those invited. If the organizers of the holiday manage to find traditional carnival drums, then the guests will be able to compete with each other in the ability to improvise and keep the rhythm. Mexican “pinata”, a papier-mâché star filled with sweets, will serve as decoration and entertainment at the same time.Blindfolded contestants will have to break a vessel to get a treat.

Bright strokes

• To make guests understand that the event involves a certain dress code, it is worth arranging invitation cards in the spirit of the Brazilian carnival.

• For a Latin American wedding, it is recommended to rent a photo booth in which the participants of the ceremony can take pictures in a sombrero, poncho, feather decorations, and a cigar.

• A Latino wedding cake is an imaginative multi-tiered piece of art adorned with white cream flowers.

Oscar-style wedding

If the bride and groom secretly dream of being targeted by paparazzi cameras, see the dazzling glitter of spotlights in their dreams and dream of themselves as Hollywood stars, then the idea of ​​holding an Oscar-style wedding will appeal to them. Such a scenario will also be liked by those who just want to organize an unusual creative event that will be remembered for many years.

Images of newlyweds and guests

The bride, who has chosen the role of a Hollywood star, will have to match the image, which means that the dress must certainly be luxurious.Sequins and rhinestones are not considered expensive enough decorations for the dress of the queen of the ball. An appropriate choice is an outfit made of noble fabrics in shimmering shades. A deep neckline, a cutout on the back or a slit along the leg is encouraged. Of course, using all three techniques to make you look erotic is overkill. A chic woman who knows her own worth will do well with a simple yet elegant hairstyle.

The groom is advised to try on a tuxedo or a classic suit that is in harmony with the dress of his betrothed.A stylish bow tie will complement the look. Guests in evening dresses, tuxedos, tailcoats and formal suits will look quite organic at the Oscar-style celebration.

Banqueting hall

The main element of decoration of the banquet hall will undoubtedly be the red carpet. You can put it at the entrance so that guests feel like Hollywood stars at the very beginning of the banquet. Along the edge of the path, it is necessary to put two-meter gold statues (they are easy to make from cardboard).One or more photographers will portray reporters and gossip journalists. It is worth choosing a room with a stage on which the presentation of playful nominations will take place. It’s easy to create your own Walk of Fame by sticking stars with the names of the bride, groom and each of those present right on the floor of the banquet hall.

The traditional color scheme for an Oscar wedding is a mix of red, white, black and gold. Flowers, stars, cinematic firecrackers, crystal, film reels will serve as decoration elements for the hall.The original idea is to make movie-like posters with images of the newlyweds and their immediate family. To create an atmosphere of glamor, it is recommended to place a beautifully decorated slide of champagne glasses near the entrance, and put several chocolate fountains in the hall. Spotlights and a large screen are encouraged to broadcast a Hollywood-style film about the love story of a bride and groom.


Oscar is the traditional awarding of nominations.At a wedding in this style, it is worth playing for the nomination “Best Couple of the Year” (of course, this title should go to the newlyweds), as well as “For Artistry”, “For Optimism” and others. Guests can be rewarded for their contribution to the life of the bride and groom (“To the groom’s best friend”, “Bridesmaid infecting the bride with cheerfulness”, “Golden mother-in-law”). The names of actors and actresses who have played similar roles in films can be named as competitors. A spectacular move – demonstration of photographs of the winners on a projector, after the presenter opens the envelope with the name of the person who was awarded the nomination.

The most active friends of the newlyweds can act as journalists at the wedding. With microphones in their hands and the words “Press” on their clothes, they will interview those present. Guests will have to answer a number of questions: “You have just received the title of the most understanding and wise mother-in-law. How do you feel?”, “You won the nomination“ Outstanding role in the formation of a new family. How did you manage it? “These reports will be the decoration of the wedding video.

The guests will be amused by Steven Spielberg’s comic letter, which will be read by the presenter from the stage.It’s a good idea to invite artists to the wedding. If the budget of the celebration does not allow paying for the performances of famous singers and musicians, then ordering the actors from the theater of doubles will be the way out. The entertainment program can include a bubble show, a fire show, and a freak show. Spectacular high-altitude fireworks will worthily end the holiday.

Bright strokes

• Invitation cards can be made in the form of classic tickets for a movie show, cinematic mini-crackers.
• Newlyweds are encouraged to attend the wedding banquet in a luxury limousine, as befits the stars of Hollywood.

• Future spouses should take a few lessons from professionals to reproduce the dance of their favorite movie characters from a particular movie.

• A tiered wedding cake can be topped with the traditional HOLLYWOOD lettering, a star on the Walk of Fame, and an Oscar.

Wedding in the style of “Venice Carnival”

The Venice Carnival is a stunning extravaganza, a colorful kaleidoscope, the pattern of which is made up of strong feelings, romantic secrets and unrestrained fun.The style of the famous masquerade ball, held annually in Venice, will come in handy at a wedding organized on a boat, on the banks of a river or lake. However, it is quite possible to arrange a banquet in an overland restaurant, but for a walk after registering at the registry office, it is worth renting a yacht, boat or boats.

Images of newlyweds and guests

It is proposed to decorate the traditional snow-white dress of the bride with feathers, sequins, rhinestones, ribbons and other decorative elements.However, the color of the outfit does not have to be white – a golden or pink dress will turn the newlywed into a real princess. It is recommended to create a work of sewing art for such a holiday from expensive and heavy fabric. The hairstyle may well be high, consisting of intricately styled curls, some of which are worth releasing.

It is not forbidden to combine the groom’s suit with a colored shirt and an original tie. A bright-colored tailcoat or tuxedo is also suitable for a newlywed.Masks on the faces of the newlyweds and all guests are an indispensable condition for a wedding in this style. The simplest goggle mask can be made from a strip of guipure. To make this accessory, you can also use paper, gauze-based medical plaster, leather, pearls, rhinestones, sequins, feathers, fur, lace, beads.

Ladies have the opportunity to wear long fluffy dresses, corsets, bright accessories: hats with sequins, luxurious hairpins, brooches. The highlight of the image will be shoes decorated with colorful feathers.Those who are interested in the history and traditions of the Venice Carnival may want to create a costume for one of the typical heroes of the holiday (for example, Pierrot, Angel and Demon, Wizard, Maid of Honor, Astrologer).

Banqueting hall

Carnival, by definition, presupposes a wide dance program, which means that you need to make sure that there is a spacious area for dancing. In the hall where the banquet will take place, you can create a slight chaos – colored balls on the floor, scarlet ribbons hanging from the ceiling, beautiful candlesticks and candelabra placed in random order everywhere.Walls draped with golden fabrics look gorgeous. You can wrap columns and backs of chairs with ribbons of the color of the sun.

Carnival in Venice begins with figurines of angels descending from the bell tower in Piazza San Marco into the crowd. In the wedding hall, paper or LED angels can float in the air on lines attached to the ceiling. Luxurious antique mirrors or gilded picture frames on the walls, baroque and rococo vases, paper lanterns, dolls in colorful outfits, feathers will contribute to creating the right atmosphere.

Tables should be dominated by Italian cuisine, including gourmet vegetable salads, fish specialties, sparkling wines and tempting desserts. An abundance of fruit in vases and on trays is a prerequisite for a Venetian banquet. Venice was at one time a staging post on the route of the import of spices from Asia to Europe. You can recall this fact by including oriental dishes in the menu. Risotto – rice with green peas, squid, bell peppers, pumpkin and ham – will look appetizing and colorful on the wedding table.


Performances of a mime, a magician, a juggler, a live orchestra, fireworks will fit into the general concept of the holiday. The cartoonist will act as a street artist, ready to portray everyone. The corner of the fortuneteller with a glass ball will look very authentic. The Italian flavor will be emphasized by a serenade performed by the groom to the glory of his beloved.

The desired characters for the holiday are actors in the images of Pierrot, Harlequin and Columbine.The variety of offers from entertainment agencies is amazing. These are animators in Venetian costumes on huge platforms, and a “living” mirror-dressing table, which is a Harlequin doll sitting on a dressing table and talking in the voice of an invisible actor with people who have approached the mirror, and a master class on painting Venetian masks. The traditional Italian puppet theater will enchant not only the little guests, but also their parents. Rag dolls revived in the hands of the master will play funny and sad, satirical and dramatic scenes.

A separate corner should be reserved for the ridotto – a traditional place for those who are tired of dancing and want to drink a cocktail or chat with other guests. A good idea is to invite a makeup artist to the wedding, who will create a fantasy make-up for everyone. What carnival is complete without a grandiose fireworks display? Sparkling scattering of colored lights in the sky will symbolize the great mood of all the participants in the celebration.

Bright strokes

• The wedding invitation can be made in the form of a carnival mask.Thus, the bride and groom will not only inform the guests about the format of the wedding, but also allow them not to waste time looking for the main attribute of the carnival.

• Feathers, rhinestones, and beads will help to transform the bridal bouquet into a masterpiece of the Venetian style. The leg of the composition can be decorated with a golden ribbon.

• A carriage or limousine decorated with flowers and masks is suitable as a carriage for the bride and groom.

• As you know, during the carnival in Venice, classical music concerts are held in the open air right on the city squares.It is great if the participants of the wedding ceremony will also be entertained by an orchestra playing works of Italian composers.

• Confetti, firecrackers and sparklers are indispensable attributes of wedding fun in the spirit of the Venice Carnival.

Cowboy wedding

A cowboy wedding is a dream come true for Western romantics. Fascinating stories of the Wild West are a worthy setting for a banquet in honor of the union of two hot hearts, who are attracted by the romance of endless fields and frantic horse races.

Images of newlyweds and guests

The color scheme for cowboy-style clothing includes black, brown, white, beige and navy blue. The bride will be irresistible in a snow-white skirt with ruffles and lace and a denim corset. Instead of traditional wedding shoes, you should try on stylish ankle boots made of genuine leather. A romantic look will help to create an appropriate hairstyle – slightly tousled curls or French braids. Opt for natural makeup with lipstick, blush and pastel shades.

The groom is invited to put on a sheriff’s suit, attach spurs to his boots. Another option is flared jeans, a plaid shirt, and a brown waistcoat. A pistol in his belt (albeit a water one) is a hint that the newlywed is a gallant guy. Parents of the bride and groom can try on the images of the leaders of the Indian tribe.

Ladies will show off at the banquet in playful denim or chintz dresses, corsets. It’s a great idea to reincarnate as a corps de ballet dancer. Representatives of the stronger sex should give preference to plaid shirts, cowboy hats, jeans.Successful accessories – a red neckerchief, a belt with a huge metal buckle, a lasso. The zest of the image can be the bolo tie, the prototype of which is considered to be the men’s necklaces of the American Indians. A leather cord fastened with a movable decorative clip is a favorite adornment not only of farmers and cowboys in Arizona, but also of former US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.

Banqueting hall

A good solution is to hold a cowboy wedding in the bosom of nature, turning the feast into an open-air picnic with horseback riding, photo sessions against the backdrop of colorful haystacks, shooting at cans.However, a restaurant can also become a platform for a merry celebration in the spirit of a western. It is desirable that the interior and decor of the room be created with the maximum use of natural materials (wooden tables, linen or cotton tablecloths).

When decorating a room, it is recommended to give preference to simple wildflowers, rather than luxurious roses and orchids. Leather boots can serve as vases; horseshoes, wheels from a horse cart, cacti on tables, guns on the walls, wooden signage signs, Indian arrows, and several small haystacks can be used as decorative elements of the banquet hall.Above the stage, you can hang a heart, dressed in jeans, made of balloons. Toy rubber snakes scattered on the floor will enhance the impression of the unusual design of the hall.

Cowboys and their girlfriends will delight tables with dishes such as kebabs, skewered chicken, chops, Mexican tortillas with chicken and corn or cheese and beans. In cowboy hats laid upside down, you should put bowls in which sweets or other treats will be poured. From drinks it is recommended to give preference to white wine, rum and whiskey.


A silent movie about the love story of the newlyweds will inevitably turn into a highlight of the entertainment program. The competition part can include such funny competitions as throwing a lasso on bottles depicting wild mustangs, horse racing, attaching a tail blindfolded to a drawn bull, fighting with bags of hay. Competitions for drinking beer and tequila are best left “for a snack.” Otherwise, the banquet runs the risk of ending too early.

The highlight of a cowboy wedding will be a dance group performing kan-kan, as well as a bartender show. The organizers of the celebration can order a sand show with Indian motives, an Indian puppet show. The performance of the equestrian show acrobats flawlessly wielding the lasso will make the guests freeze with delight.

A separate corner in the hall should be reserved for those who want to talk with friends and acquaintances while drinking sambuca or tequila, smoke a “pipe of peace” (hookah). It is here that a wigwam can be placed, in which the actor in the role of an Indian shaman will predict the future to everyone.

Bright strokes

• Original wedding invitations can be created from cow bells. The names of the guests are painted on the surface of each product. A postcard describing the details of the upcoming celebration is attached to the base of the bell tongue.

• The bride and groom have the opportunity to capture the imagination of the guests, arriving at the registry office on horseback, in a cowboy wagon or in a rare Cadillac.

• Traditionally, country music is played at a cowboy wedding.The atmosphere is enhanced by the sounds of folk guitar, five-string banjo, violin melodies.

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