Loose fitting shirts mens: 43 Best T-Shirts for Men 2021


43 Best T-Shirts for Men 2021

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T-shirts have taken what it means to be a wardrobe staple and leveled it up. And up and up and up. When wearing a suit all the time was the norm, wearing a T-shirt was the antithesis: relaxed, unconcerned with professionalism, and comfortable. But now that wearing a suit is a special occasion and not necessarily the everyday standard, T-shirts have become so much more than the post-work shirt of choice.

Now, there are T-shirt styles for every part of life that requires a shirt being worn. There are silky tees that go with suits, slubby tees that go with jeans, and (subtle) graphic tees that go everywhere in between. There are soft T-shirts for sleeping, moisture-wicking T-shirts for running, and solid undershirts for just hanging at home.

Of course, with all of that variety, that means there are a lot of T-shirts to choose from.

A lot. Because even once you have down where you’re wearing your tee, you can change up the fabric blend (pique, slub, or stretch), the neckline (crew or V), the hemline (straight or curved), and the fit (tight, fitted, or oversized). Some tees are better fit for certain outfits and some work with ’em all.

So, we’re helping you narrow it down. We picked the best T-shirt brands, which make the best T-shirts, and chose the best of the best from there. These options have range—color, price, and occasion—as should the T-shirt wardrobe you’re about to build out. Here are the 43 best T-shirts for men to buy now for all occasions, including options from our favorite brands like Buck Mason, Everlane, Todd Snyder, and more.

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Most Worn-In Feel

Forty Five Slub Pocket Tee

Forty Five’s tees are made to feel and fit as if you already owned them forever.  Cut and pressed in Los Angeles’s Fashion District, this front pocket shirt is as soft and breezy as they come. 

Most Flattering T-Shirt

Lululemon 5 Year Basic Tee

Lululemon takes the cake for making the best-fitting and flattering T-shirts. This basic tee especially has just the right weight to make it feel like a real shirt and not something sloppy. This one is not a workout tee per say, but you can’t go wrong with one of those options, either.

Best Overall T-Shirt for Men

Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Tee

Buck Mason’s T-shirts are the kind of shirts that will make even the biggest T-shirt skeptic say, “I didn’t know T-shirts could be like this.” It is expertly constructed and it actually lasts—a quality not easily attributed to tees. 

Best Moisture-Wicking T-Shirt

Outdoor Voices Ready Set Tee

Outdoor Voices is a savior when it comes to tees that need to take on sweating, lounging, and running errands. This tee looks good doing all of them—and won’t let on that you haven’t showered yet.

Best V-Neck T-Shirt

Everlane The Organic Cotton V-Neck Tee

You can never have enough white tees. If you want to stock up on a bunch of tees of all colors and fits, Everlane is one of the best T-shirt brands for men. Go there for your everyday V-necks and crewnecks in your go-to colors.

Best T-shirt Under $10

Uniqlo T-shirt

Uniqlo T-shirts are a staple among the fashion-forward T-shirt wearing. They are exquisitely priced (most less than $10!) and constantly dropping cool colors to refresh your wardrobe. The shirts tend to last only a season, but we don’t mind it if we’ve been sweating in it all summer, too.

Best Budget T-Shirt for Men

H&M Cotton T-shirt

H&M is another great place to stock up, but you can come here for trendier pieces, too. Get a tee in a color you don’t wear all the time or in that oversized fit you’ve been too scared to try.

Best New T-Shirt Brand for Men

Cuts Clothing Curve Hem Tee

If you’re always tugging at the hem of your shirts, consider looking at tees that change it up. Cuts Clothing makes a tee with a curved hem, so it’ll sit nicely in the front and back without getting wedged up on the sides.

Best T-Shirt Collaboration

Champion Basic Jersey Tee in Black

The Todd Snyder + Champion collaboration is the gift that keeps on giving, especially when you’re shopping for the best-fitting T-shirts. These are super soft but not sloppy; they feel fitted but never clingy.

Best Undershirt for Men

Calvin Klein Slim Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt

Calvin Klein is a perennial favorite for all occasions, including and especially as a base layer.

Wear it around the house or as an undershirt that can, if need be, also see the light of day.  

Mr P. T-Shirt

Mr P.’s signature cotton-jersey fabric makes for one good-feeling tee. This is the kind you wear for work or out for drinks. It has a little more weight to it, so it’ll lay nicely with your jeans. 

Best Graphic T-Shirt for Men

Hiro Clark Skyscraper T-Shirt

Sometimes graphic tees are very bad, and sometimes they’re fun! A subtle image makes all the difference. Hiro Clark makes a ton of low-key graphic tees, and a simple palm is never a bad idea. 

Gap Pocket T-Shirt

Hot top: Lightweight tees might sound nice and airy, but they also tend to be the kind of tees that wear thing easily or cling to places you’d rather they don’t. Gap makes the best heavyweight T-shirts for men, which lay nice and flat, and last much longer. 

Kotn Essential Crew

Plain white tees are a lot more interesting when you expand your range of white. This Kotn one leans a little more on the cream side but wears with all other colors, as well as stark white.  

Rhythm Classic Vintage Tee

This Rhythm tee has a little bit of personality to it with some purposeful fading and an excellent fit. Wear it on a date. 

Fruit of the Loom Dual Defense Pocket T-Shirts

Undershirts seem like something you don’t 

need, but let us assure you that a refresh is well worth your time. That means tossing out every last old one and replacing it with these. 

Closed Felpa T-Shirt

Warmer months sometimes feel harder to dress for, but they feel a whole lot easier when you have a plethora of warm weather-appropriate tees to choose from. File this one under Going Out T-shirts.  

Hanes Tagless Undershirt

If you’re not hanging around in Hanes undershirts 80% of the time during the summer, what

are you doing?? Give the ole white ones a rest with a new set of basic colors that won’t wear quite as fast. 

Best White T-Shirt for Men

J.Crew Garment-dyed Slub T-shirt

Best Luxury T-Shirt

Sunspel Classic Cotton T-Shirt

Like graphics, some T-shirt designs come in and out of style faster than you’d want to buy new tees for them. But the best T-shirts design? A simple navy and white stripe. Sunspel makes an expertly fitted one that is worth every last cent. 

Best Workout T-Shirt

Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Tee

You’ll need some tees you can sweat in, too, and Tracksmith makes the most intensely moisture-wicking shirt around. It is made for distance running, but it can also withstand your low-key jogs.

Outerknown The Endless Summer Wave Tee

Outerknown tees belong at the beach, and they’ll give you a little taste of surfer life even when you don’t have access to it. They’re sticklers for eco-friendly and they use a type of cotton that doesn’t suck up as much water as conventional cotton does. 

Wellen Natural Dye Tee

Tie-dye tees are, yes, still here. But you don’t need to go full color wheel to partake. Stick with a variety that features different shades of the same color for a cool but lower-key look. 

Best Boxy T-Shirt

AllSaints Opposition Crew T-Shirt

Everything AllSaints makes is just plain cool, and its T-shirts are no different. The sleeves are a little longer, the fit a little boxier, and the overall aesthetic a little more rock-ish than your regular tee.

Bombas Crew Neck T-Shirt

Bombas makes the single best socks of all time, but the brand isn’t a one-hit wonder. It has since branched into loungewear, making a T-shirt that is equally perfect for lounging about. 

Rag & Bone Base Principle T-Shirt

When it comes to the best quality T-shirts brands out there, Rag & Bone is a perennial favorite. The basic tees are unchanging, just the way we like them. They don’t lose their shape or wear thin around the armpits. 

UNTUCKit No Sweat Tee

Moisture-wicking tees are one of the most important summer wardrobe essentials. This one from Untuckit is meant to hit just where you wouldn’t have to… well, tuck it in.

Brooklinen Prospect Tee

Brooklinen is also branching into award-winning loungewear, and this tee is ideal for doing absolutely nothing in without feeling guilty about it. Hey, it’s important to not feel sloppy even while doing nothing.

Madewell Relaxed Tee

You need a few long sleeve tees for certain occasions, and Madewell’s take is a classic. Wear it with shorts for cooler summer days or while hanging in your backyard.

ATM Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt

When it comes to building out the best men’s T-shirt collection, make sure you have your classics locked down. This simple navy tee will become your lifeline. 

Cotton Citizen T-Shirt

Cotton Citizen is another high-quality T-shirt brand worth investing in. Wear these tees when you could get away with wearing a shirt with buttons but aren’t trying to. This super soft pick is about as fancy as a tee can get.

Best Short-Sleeved Henley Shirt

Faherty Henley

It’s always nice to have a henley on hand, and we’re especially partial to bringing one (or a few) on vacation. This Faherty one was made for beach towns.  

Patagonia Responsibili-Tee Tee

If you’re going to grab a tee, you might as well do some good with it. Extremely earth-conscious Patagonia made this completely recycled one out of plastic bottles and fabric scraps. 

Sexiest T-Shirt for Men

Tommy John Second Skin Moroccan Tee

Tommy John makes the silkiest loungewear, aptly naming this line “second skin.” The notch in the neckline makes it feel a little different—and sexier—than all your other tees.

Best T-Shirt for Men to Wear With a Suit

Vince Regular T-Shirt

Vince makes some high-quality T-shirts that are perfect alternatives to more dressed up shirts. Wear this with a summer suit, with your favorite jeans, or layered under a leather jacket.

AE Super Soft Icon Tie-Dye T-Shirt

American Eagle Outfitters makes some basics at extremely good prices that are also extremely comfortable, like this tee. It is super soft and comes in a range of colors. We’re partial to tie-dye gray.

Rhone Everyday Pima Cotton Tee


Rhone brought its signature SilverTech to this everyday tee, which means it’ll swipe away stink faster than you can sweat it out. Wear this on hot days.

Softwear T-Shirt

Maybe you think you’ve felt softness before. Softwear tees are softer. They are made with siro modal and a little bit of spandex for the ultimate stretch. Wear this for next-level lounging. 

Best Undershirt

Tani SilkCut Crew Shirt

If you’re looking for a tee that can double as an undershirt, this Tani USA pick is it. It’s super soft but form-fitting. Wear it under a sweater or all on its own.

Mack Weldon Pima Long Sleeve T-Shirt

If you’ve been sleeping on Mack Weldon, it’s time to come to. The tees here are ideal for that “I might take a nap or I might go run errands” mood. 

Goodlife Triblend Scallop Long Sleeve T-Shirt

If you’re looking to level up your go-to tees, might we suggest doing so with Goodlife. They’re a little pricier than your standard tee, but not too out there. Get one in your favorite color and sleeve length for testing.

Bleusalt The Men’s Classic T-Shirt

Lightweight T-shirts are hard to make well, and Bleusalt absolutely nailed it. This tee is airy and anti-microbial but far from too thin. Buy it and treasure it.

Adidas Originals Adicolor T-Shirt

You already know and love T-shirts, so they are the perfect vehicle to try out new details. This lavender, slightly oversized tee is the advanced way to pull off a simple T-shirt.

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27 Best Black T-shirts for Men 2021

White T-shirts get a lot of attention, but let’s not forget their equally versatile (and more slimming) counterpart: The exceedingly wearable, deceptively simple black T-shirt. It’s a staple that you can wear to work, the gym, and on a date. Plus, as Justin Vaughan, a perfumer and the founder of incense brand Ponsont, puts it, a black tee is the perfect high-low uniform. “I can just as easily kick it with a farmer in Virginia as I can take a meeting in the city,” he says. As is the story with all basics, the black shirt comes in many variations — and, when shopping for one, it’s important to consider the material, fit, and style. We talked to 29 stylish guys about their favorites, and they recommended cotton-linen blends; recycled T-shirts; V-necks; crew necks with breathable, thin necklines; crew necks with cozy, thick necklines; and more. Below, their 27 favorite black T-shirts.

Photo: Tony Birckhead/2015 All rights reserved

British brand Sunspel’s name never fails to come up when we ask cool guys about shirts. Chris Black loves their polos and Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski (along with other famous men) can’t live without their white T-shirt. So, we weren’t that surprised when three more guys told us Sunspel makes the best black T-shirt too. They include David Prior, the founder of Prior Travel, and Michael Friedberg, a senior marketing manager for Dummies, who says the tee looks as good on its own as it does under a sweater. But what really sets it apart, according to Freidberg, is the “thinness of the little rib at the neckline.” He says the shirt also has “a perfectly well-proportioned sleeve and body length.” This black T-shirt has a third fan in publicist Nick Roberts, the founder of Lawrence & Co. who specializes in menswear (but does not work with Sunspel). “I have to go with Sunspel’s Riviera Crew,” Roberts says. “The long-staple cotton is quite the luxury, and the mid-weight feel gets you through a variety of seasons.” Roberts admits its retail price of $90 “might seem steep,” but says that the T-shirt’s ability to be worn year-round, “the quality of manufacturing, the pedigree of the company, and the fit” make it one worth investing in.

When we interviewed him about the stuff he can’t live without, novelist Rumaan Alam told us he happened to actually be wearing his favorite black T-shirt. “I bought, like, 12, so I always have one waiting for me,” he says of this Everlane style. “They fit really comfortably. They’re not close-fitting in a way that a feminine shirt would be, but they’re not baggy in the way that an athletic-y shirt might be.” “Part of what’s key,” he adds, “is that they don’t go down too long.” Alam is not the only person who buys these Everlane tees in bulk: Stylist Bryant Simmons says the affordable shirts are his go-to because of their shape and simplicity. If the tee is too polished off the rack, he adds that a couple washes can change its whole look. “A fresh one is clean and sharp, but you can wash them to get that cool, downtown look for when you want to bar hop.

Photo-Illustration: retailer

Also recommended by two guys is this truly affordable black tee from Uniqlo (one of a few black T-shirts from the brand on this list, but the only one that got two nods). Brandon Stinchfield, a deputy director of foundations and grants for a nonprofit, told us that after a certain point in his years of buying black Uniqlo T-shirts, he could no longer tell the difference between this packaged dry crew neck and the (slightly pricier) Supima cotton crew neck further down on this list. “Whenever I’m in a Uniqlo, I leave with an armful of shockingly affordable packaged black T-shirts,” he says. “They’re light, durable, and no frills.” One writer of this story (Louis Cheslaw) agrees, adding that unlike pricier T-shirts he’s bought, this one never shrinks, fades, or loses its shape in the wash.

“Yeah, I know. The blank T-shirt used by your favorite Big Cartel brand in 2016 — and also by Kanye for his the Life of Pablo merch — isn’t terribly glamorous,” says Jon Caramanica, pop critic (and former mens’ Critical Shopper) for the New York Times. “But these shirts, made by a 36-year-old Canadian company, have several essential elements: they’re cut wide but not in any way boxy, and with an unflappable crew neck.” The humble Gildan tee is also durable, according to Caramanica, and though they start out stiff, they break in nicely. “Run it through the wash a couple of times and the shirt’s true personality begins to emerge,” he says.

Actor Cheyenne Jackson heard about this tee from Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and now he owns “maybe 20” of them. “I’m a dad and I’m running around a lot, so I live in T-shirts. I like something that isn’t too schlumpy, isn’t too tight, and has some weight to it.” This slub cotton tee, featuring a flattering rounded shirttail, is his favorite. “I’m a bigger guy up top and I love how these fit me in the shoulder; they fit my frame well and I feel good wearing them.” If you don’t like black — or like this T-shirt so much you want to try another color — know it comes in a total of 13 shades.

Jungmaven is another brand that cool people (and Strategist editors) tend to stock up on. The brand makes Ralph Lauren creative producer Yale Breslin’s favorite black T-shirt. “It’s a mix of cotton and hemp and fits perfectly,” he says. “Not too boxy and not too slim.” While Breslin admits that it’s “a splurge,” he also says this is exactly what we asked him for: his best T-shirt. You might think the price would make this a T-shirt you can dress up, but the hemp-cotton blend gives it a slouchier look that’s better for lounging (or working from home).

According to Peter Hunsinger, the founder of sock brand Kane 11, when it comes to black T-shirts, “it’s hard to beat the basics.” Champion, of course, is known for its comfortable sweats, and Hunsinger says this T-shirt that the brand makes in collaboration with Todd Snyder is just as much of a classic as anything from its regular line. It’s another pricier option for a basic black T-shirt, but you’re paying extra for thoughtful details like contrast stitching, a reinforced neckline, and, of course, that vintage Champion logo on the arm.

For a more-affordable Supima cotton T-shirt, Matt Schonfeld, a creative marketing manager at Rowing Blazers, says this “light and breathable” option from Uniqlo has some stretch and is “hands-down the best black T-shirt I own. ” He told us that he bought two of them on his first-ever trip to Uniqlo about six or seven years ago, and those two are still in his weekly rotation of tees. “You can’t really beat this,” says Schonfeld.

“Wearing black is an industry standard on film and photo sets,” says Ghetto Gastro director and editor Jose D. Cota, who likes Rag & Bone’s Base Tee as his go-to for days he’s working. “It’s something I feel good in on fashion sets or around the Ghetto Gastro guys and all their ‘Rick Owens drip’ when we’re traveling the world.” The fit is a big part of the appeal: “It’s a quality shirt that sits just right on my shoulders, but also tapers through the middle without being form-fitting,” Cota says. “I always buy a bunch because you can never have too many.”

If you prefer a V-Neck (and want to stock up), stylist Wouri Vice suggests this three-pack from one of the most classic T-shirt brands out there. “My favorite black T-shirt is Hanes — really,” he says. “But not just any Hanes. It has to be the Luxury Essentials V-neck, which starts out in the deepest of blacks and as it ages takes on the perfect softness and most beautiful faded black ever.” Vice told us that he wears them casually with jeans or with a suit.

“I wear so many black tees that I feel borderline tropical if I so much as branch out into gray palettes,” says musician and EMT Hayden Frank. His favorite of them all is Gap’s Essential V-Neck, which he says is one of the few he can find in a medium-tall size that works with his six-foot-four and slender frame. “If I buy a large, it’s almost the right length, but I’m swimming around in it like scrubs, and if I buy a medium, it fits better in the abdomen, but with the unfortunate side effect of showing off my happy trail to innocent bystanders,” Frank tells us. “The medium-tall Gap V-neck hugs my shoulders and chest and stays slim down past my waistline.” He praises the shirt’s versatility, too, and says it “works just as well at the gym as at the restaurant.”

If nothing bothers you more than a scratchy tee, four guys mentioned the softness of their favorite T-shirts when describing them to us. Pima cotton is known for its extra-soft feel, and Nutshell founder Will D’Agostino says the material really makes a difference in his favorite Mack Weldon tee. “I started getting Mack Weldon shirts because I love their underwear,” he told us. “The classic pima also has a higher-quality feel than you’ll get in a normal cotton (it comes from Peru) and in black is perfect for almost all situations.”

For Days makes two black T-shirts on this list; this first one comes recommended by Antonio Nuño, the co-founder of lifestyle brand Someone Somewhere, who calls this classic crew-neck tee “soft but sturdy at the same time.” He has two words for the fit — “on point” — telling us the T-shirt “works well with almost any outfit.” Nuño adds: “I like the length in particular because it covers your belt and looks perfect beneath an Oxford shirt. ” He’s also a fan of the brand’s sustainable business model. “You can swap any style for a new one for $14, and they will recycle the one you send back.”

For a very luxurious-feeling black T-shirt, writer and FreeTime Media founder Howie Kahn suggests General Issue’s cashmere-cotton blend tee. “My General Issue tee has become maybe the most important piece in my wardrobe: It’s the shirt I wear on planes,” he says. “The shirt’s cotton-cashmere blend gives it structure, so it makes me feel put together like any traveler should.” The tee is soft enough that Kahn has comfortably worn it through both overnight flights and an 18-hour day of delays. It works outside the airport, too. “I’ve worn it under a blazer, under a sweater, under a cardigan, under a hoodie, and alone,” he says. “It’s the rare T-shirt that works in every situation.

For those who like their tees to do more than just clothe them, three guys told us about black T-shirts with functional front pockets that also give the shirts a bit more visual interest. This affordable option comes recommended by lawyer Chuka Ugwu-Oju, who says the price makes the T-shirt a “no-brainer.” But it’s the shirt’s cut that he says is its main draw: “It’s somewhat fitted but isn’t tight at all. It isn’t constricting in any way, but it manages to retain its shape.” The material is on the medium to thin side, which makes it ideal for wearing on its own or layering. “If it isn’t too cold out, I like to pair it with a pair of light jeans or khakis, then throw a big coat over it,” says Ugwu-Oju.

Vaughan says a black T-shirt with pockets is his go-to “because I lose sunglasses easily.” His pick is the Carhartt WIP Pocket T-shirt, which, he specifies, stands out from other Carhartt tees. “The Carhartt WIP T-Shirts fit a little slimmer and are softer than the standard Carhartt K87,” says Vaughan. “They’re soft, hard wearing, and high-low in the best possible way.” Plus, the price is right: “The cost-benefit analysis is sound — I wear some that are over five years old.”

If you’re looking for something with a closer-cut fit, Noah Sylvan, a senior product manager for electronics at Uber, points to this Uniqlo U crew neck. “I’m tall and lanky and it’s hard to find shirts that are long enough and still slim,” he says. “The medium size fits me perfectly — it’s tall enough for me but not so wide that I look like I’m wearing a sack.” According to Sylvan, the shirt has withstood many a wash without shrinking. “ It’s pretty much the only black shirt I own these days and I have tons of them,” he says. “I wear them at least three times a week.”

NYRB Classics production editor Daniel Drake told us he’s had his XTall crew neck from American Apparel for “something like eight years” and, like many of his other pieces from the brand, it has held up quite well. “The fit is still slim without being tight,” he says. The shirt is specifically made for taller men, so those added inches can help for longer torsos, or if you just prefer a slightly longer silhouette.

Online Ceramics designers Elijah Funk and Alix Ross told us that their favorite black T-shirt “hands down” is Everybody. World’s Trash Tee. It appeals both for the cut and for the brand’s focus on sustainability. “Not only does it have a great roomy fit, and a durable but soft feel, it’s made from 100 percent recycled material collected from the waste at cotton factories,” they told us. “We firmly believe in paying workers fairly and using materials made here in Los Angeles, and Everybody.World is at the forefront of ethical and sustainable clothing practices.” It’s also a strong option for anyone who wants a T-shirt with a bit of a throwback feel. “The cut of the tee is also super-dope and reminiscent of boxier tees from the ’90s,” the designer say. “We can’t recommend it enough!”

Composer Nico Muhly, who collaborates with the likes of Sufjan Stevens when he isn’t being commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera, told us that black T-shirts are basically his uniform. Because of that, he has found two go-tos: One is this jersey tee from J. Crew, which has a longer, oversized cut he describes as “just right.”

Muhly’s other, fancier black T-shirt is this (very expensive) one from Rick Owens. While there are plenty of options you can spend far less on, Muhly, who says he’s still wearing some of these shirts he bought back in 2011, makes the case for them this way: The T-shirts are “perfectly proportioned,” he says, and “get better and softer with age and a judicious combination of care and abuse.”

Production designer Greg Jackson also says that “black T-shirts are a part of my daily uniform. ” He told us that he prefers his T-shirts on the looser side, and that this Heavyweight Collection T-shirt is his go-to. “It’s a heavyweight, 100 percent cotton T-shirt with an oversized boxy fit that’s also made in the USA,” Jackson says. “It holds its color for a long time — and if you’re looking for that more fashion forward, heavy-duty fit, but that’s still simple, then this is the one.”

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How Should A T-Shirt Fit?

Just like with polo shirts – if I had a dollar for every poor-fitting t-shirt I’ve seen a man wearing, I’d have two moneybins! So let’s make sure you look amazing in your t-shirts, as well.

When I first start working with clients, I always get pushback when I utter the next sentence, but they later admit I was right when they’re getting complimented all the time.

These rules apply to all men, no matter your age or body type. So trust me on these rules. I’m here to make you look amazing, not like some doofus who’s trying too hard.

Crew necks are pretty standard, but just make sure it doesn’t fit too tight around your neck, or too loosely. If the collar looks stretched out or you can see some of your shoulder when wearing, that’s too loose.

If you’re wearing v-necks, you need to avoid deep v’s at all costs. Man cleavage is just… no. Some brands will have deeper v’s than others, so be wary of how deep it is. Just make sure the bottom point of the “v” doesn’t go past the top of your armpits and you’ll be fine.

The sleeves should hit around mid-bicep and lightly hug your arms. The sleeves shouldn’t be too tight where it looks like your biceps are being strangled. The image below has sleeves that are perfectly hitting the right place and hugging the arm to perfection.

You also don’t want there to be bunch of slack or room around the bicep, either. That just looks cheap and tacky and makes your arms look really small in the worst way possible. If the t-shirt fits well everywhere else, have your tailor slim the sleeves to fit your arms better. I have to do this with clients all the time.

Like I say in all my shirting videos & articles, the perfect fitting t-shirt will be when you can pinch (not pull) between 1 to 2 inches of fabric on either side of your stomach, like the image above. This goes for EVERY SINGLE BODY TYPE. A lot of my larger clients fight me on this… until the compliments start rolling in. 🙂

The shirt should end somewhere between upper to mid crotch. I would rather it be closer to mid-crotch than upper-crotch because this avoids showing stomach when reaching up for things and allows it to be lightly tucked into the front of your belt/pants to break up your proportions – if you want.

See my T-Shirt Essential Article for my favorite t-shirts that every man should own.

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How a Man’s T-Shirt Should Fit (Visual Guide)

This t-shirt fit guide will show you exactly how a t-shirt should fit, regardless of your build.

Just like jeans, t-shirts are essential wardrobe items that every man needs to own.

They’re comfortable, casual and versatile, so you really need to have a few t-shirts that fit well and make you look great.

T-Shirts Need to Fit Properly

Just like any other garments, t-shirts need to fit well. Even a $500 designer t-shirt will look terrible if it doesn’t fit properly.

Call me traditional, but this oversized tee looks horrible. | Source: Farfetch

On one side of the spectrum, you have ill-fitting, worn out tees with obnoxious graphics on them, which make even the most handsome men among us like a sloppy teenagers.

One the other side, you have fitted, high-quality t-shirts in versatile, solid colors or tasteful patterns. These are universally flattering, regardless of age, skin tone or body type.

Clothes that fit = flattering clothes

Needless to say, we’re going for the latter.

Timeless T-Shirt Fit

So how should a t-shirt fit? Glad you asked, let’s talk about the four most important aspects: shoulders, sleeves, torso and length.

Keep in mind, we’re going for the most timeless possible look here – not too tight, not too loose. We’ll talk about other types of t-shirt fit in a later section.

T-Shirt Shoulders

You want to make sure the shoulders aren’t too wide. The best way to do this is find where your shoulder ends and your arm begins, and make sure the shoulder seam doesn’t go too far past that.

It’s okay if it doesn’t land directly on top of your shoulder bone, but make sure the seams aren’t hanging down on your upper arm.

This is a clear sign that the shirt is too big for you.

T-Shirt Sleeves

Moving on to the sleeves, you want to pay attention to both length and width. Your sleeves should end about halfway between your armpit and elbow.

Don’t feel the need to get the measuring tape out or anything like that. Just make sure the sleeves aren’t too close to your elbow (which will make your arms look shorter).

For the width, you want to make sure your sleeves aren’t tenting out away from your arms. This can make it hard for people to appreciate your guns and give them the respect they deserve!

Instead, the sleeves should fit closely around your arm without being tight or restrictive (like a compression shirt you might wear for working out).

T-Shirt Torso

The torso is made up of the chest, the stomach and the hips. You’re aiming for a fitted look – not too tight but not too loose.

If you see tension lines between your pecs, the shirt is too tight, or you simply bench press too much, bruh.

You should be able to pinch about 2-3 inches of fabric on either side of your torso. Any more than that and the shirt might be too loose.

If you can’t pinch at least an inch of fabric on either side, it may be too tight.

T-Shirt Length

The most problematic part of t-shirts for short men is the length. It seems like every t-shirt is made for guys who are super tall and skinny, or morbidly obese pre-teens.

Your shirt should go about two inches past your waistband (or the bottom of your belt), and it should end right around mid-fly.

If it goes all the way to the bottom of your fly, it’s too long and will make you look shorter.

At 5’6″, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a shorter man, but I think we can all agree that we don’t want to look shorter than we actually are.

T-Shirt Fit Types

Since clothing fit is extremely subject to trends, I want to acknowledge that it’s okay to experiment with different silhouettes, as long as you’re doing it intentionally.

There’s a difference between wearing a boxy fit tee because you like the look, and wearing an ill-fitting tee because you don’t know any better.

Timeless Fit Tees

This is the fit I outlined above, and it should be the default for most guys.

It’s universally flattering and won’t go out of style anytime soon. when in doubt, try to achieve this type of fit.

Boxy Fit Tees

At the time of writing, fashion designers are embracing looser fitting clothes. This is partially due to a resurgence of 90s aesthetics, which were heavily influenced by the 1970s.

Boxy tee, wide leg pants, chunky sneakers and a tiny crossbody bag… This is the opposite of timeless.

So wide-leg trousers are all the rage, and boxy fit t-shirts are often seen accompanying these roomier pants.

Personally, I stay away from these trends because I like buying clothes that will look good 5+ years from now.

But, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with looser clothing and boxy tees, so wear what makes you happy!

Muscle Fit Tees

This type of t-shirt fit has more to do with your build, as a slim fit tee will look like a muscle fit tee on super jacked dudes.

Muscle Fit T-Shirt from Barbell Apparel

But any guy with a bit of muscle on his bones can buy a close-fitting shirt (just look for athletic fit t-shirts), and it’s not a bad way to show off your hard-earned physique.

How do your t-shirts fit?

Now that you know how a t-shirt is supposed to fit, it might be a good idea to do an audit of your current shirt collection. Do they fit properly?

If they’re too long, you can get the hemmed. This is a great option if you already have some that you love but that are too long.

Just make sure you go to a tailor who can handle knits (most wedding dress alteration places are safe bets).

Try cuffing your t-shirt sleeves once; you might like the look!

If the sleeves are too long, you can roll them up (cuff them) once or twice.

But if the shoulders are too wide, you can’t fix that, so it’s best to replace the shirt with one that fits properly.

If you’re a shorter guy, here’s a guide to t-shirts for short men.

9 Best Slim-Fit T-Shirts for Men to Buy Online

When it comes to your wardrobe, there’s nothing more classic than a T-shirt. But ask any stylist and they’ll agree: The humble tee is the foundation for effortless style. While there are no shortage of options available, it’s a good idea to focus your search around slim-fit T-shirts—they’ll deliver the most flattering shape and they work well in a variety of outfits.

“A slimmer-fit shirt makes your body look better, plain and simple,” says image consultant and personal stylist Patrick Kenger.



How to Choose the Best Slim-Fit T-Shirt

Wondering what to look for? 100-percent cotton tees, which are generally soft, comfortable, and breathable, are always a solid choice. The sleeves should lightly hug your arms and hit at mid-bicep, and the hem should fall around your pockets, Kenger says. It’s also important to load up on neutrals (white, gray, and navy blue). That way, you can wear your shirts in many different outfits—from layering them under a bomber jacket to pairing them with a suit and sneakers.

Below, you’ll find top options from brands like Uniqlo, Mack Weldon, and more, all across a range of price points and styles. Grab your favorites, and you’ll have your warm-weather style solved.

Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Courtesy Image

Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Uniqlo shirts come highly recommended by Patrick Kenger, and their affordable price point makes them a great option if you’re looking to stock up on tees. Although not advertised as slim fit, they have a trim shape, and the durable cotton fabric and many colors of the U Collection T-shirts make them a long-lasting and versatile addition to your closet.

[$15; uniqlo.com]

Get it Armani Exchange Slim Fit Short Sleeve Pima Cotton T-Shirt Courtesy Image

Armani Exchange Slim Fit Short Sleeve Pima Cotton T-Shirt

Pima cotton gives this tee from Armani Exchange a luxurious feel. The long, silky fibers only get softer with age, and they’ll retain their shape even after many washes. This one is guaranteed to live at the top of your drawer.

[$30; armaniexchange.com]

Get it J. Crew Slim Broken-In Pocket Crewneck T-shirt Courtesy Image

J. Crew Slim Broken-In Pocket Crewneck T-shirt

First introduced in 2004, the Broken-In T-Shirt has been in the J. Crew lineup for a long time, and it’s still a perennial favorite. It’s dyed twice and washed for exceptional softness and a slightly faded color, which gives the shirt a unique vintage look.

[$35; jcrew.com]

Get it Mack Weldon Silver V-Neck T-Shirt Courtesy Image

Mack Weldon Silver V-Neck T-Shirt

Hate doing laundry? This one’s for you. This slim-fit v-neck (it’s also available in a crew neck version) is made from a blend of premium Supima cotton and Silver XT2 antimicrobial fabric, so it’ll stay fresh through days of repeated wear.

[$42; mackweldon.com]

Get it Orlebar Brown OB-T Slim-Fit Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt Courtesy Image

Orlebar Brown OB-T Slim-Fit Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

One of Orlebar Brown’s most popular items, this all-cotton shirt combines a slim fit through the torso with a wide collar for a tailored look that still feels breezy and relaxed. It’s perfect for summer.

[$95; mrporter.com]

Get it Softwear Men’s T-Shirt Courtesy Image

Softwear Men’s T-Shirt

This shirt from Softwear opts for a modal/spandex blend. In other words: It’s soft as hell. The fabric has excellent resistance against pilling and color fading, so this shirt will continue looking great no matter how many times you wear it. Bonus: It’s great as a stylish workout shirt.

[$42; wearsoftwear.com]

Get it Alex Mill Slim-Fit Slub Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt Courtesy Image

Alex Mill Slim-Fit Slub Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

Because of the way it’s manufactured, slub cotton has many tiny lumps, and they create a subtle texture that feels light and soft against the skin. When dyed, the fabric also develops a slightly heathered look that gives this shirt a subtle lived-in look.

[$45; mrporter.com]

Get it Tani USA SilkCut Crew Shirt Courtesy Image

Tani USA SilkCut Crew Shirt

Thinner and softer than silk, the Micro Modal Air fabric dials up the comfort factor in this tee from Tani USA. Form-fitting, moisture-wicking, and surprisingly durable––this miracle material feels like a summer dream.

[$55; taniusa.com]

Get it Organic Basics Tencel Lite Tee Courtesy Image

Organic Basics Tencel Lite Tee

This slim-cut shirt from Organic Basics uses Tencel fabric, which is made from wood pulp that has been processed into biodegradable fibers. The result? A textile that’s even more breathable than cotton, exceptionally comfortable, and sustainable, too.

[$60; us.organicbasics.com]

Get it


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Hugh & Crye

If you’re on a mission to find fitted men’s shirts, you’ve come to the right place! We could go on about how Hugh & Crye shirts are the best, but we’d rather introduce you to the elements of better shirt fitting. That way you can decide for yourself.


The seam where the sleeve attaches to the body of a fitted dress shirt should hit close to the top of your shoulders. Mass brands tend to cut their shirts too large (to fit more people, of course), and so you’ll often see the seam sliding down onto the arm. If the shoulder seam is riding up towards your neck, that’s an indication that the shirt is too tight, and usually due to the shape of the armhole.

Collar (Neck)

Collar size is measured in inches from buttonhole to button when laid flat. The range is often between 14″ and 18″ (think “pencil neck” and “linebacker,” respectively). You should be able to button the collar easily with room for two fingers to fit—any more and it’s too loose, any less and it’s too tight. Note that the collar size can be a bit smaller/larger than your true size if you rarely wear ties or button the top button of your shirts. In other words, don’t sweat the collar size if you’re not going to be using the top button. Here’s a deeper dive into how a dress shirt collar should fit.


The best dress shirts fit comfortably around the chest, under the armpits, and across the upper back, giving you a full range of motion. A fitted shirt will feel snug, but not too tight. Your chest should “fill out” the shirt in a way where your body is discernible under the fabric. Note: If the buttons pull when you’re standing still with your arms down, it’s too tight.


The armhole of a dress shirt—its shape and size—dictates how a shirt will fit in the chest, shoulder, and armpit. Most shirt brands with Small-Medium-Large sizing cut their armholes big, to fit a wide range of body types. If you’re noticing fabric hanging under arm, that’s not good. Your armhole should be contoured in a way that creates a tapered feel under your arm, yet leaves a full range of motion.


Men’s dress shirts should taper from the chest to the waist, following the contours of the body and creating a clean line (i.e., no excess fabric) between the shirt and pants when tucked in. A great fitted shirt often has two vertical back darts centered over the small of your back, which allows the shirt to taper at the waist.


Fitted shirts have a high armhole, allowing for a tapered sleeve that follows the shape of your arms without excess fabric. When buttoned, the cuff should fall right at the base of the thumb (there’s room for some personal preference here). Just like your chest, your arms should fill out the sleeves of your shirt in a way that doesn’t leave excess fabric. Excess fabric in the sleeves will often fold and billow giving an unflattering look.


The shirt hem should be long enough for you to comfortably wear the shirt tucked or untucked. Two ways to look for this: First, when your shirt is untucked and buttoned, the tail should fall just past the back pockets of your pants. Note, we say “pants,” and not jeans, as most guys wear their jeans a little low on the waist. The second way to know whether you have the right length is to tuck in the shirt. When tucked in, raise your arms above your head and see if the tails pop out from your pants. If so, your shirt could be a little too short.

Find Your Hugh & Crye Fit

It doesn’t matter if you’re short, tall, slim, or athletic – a fitted shirt is much more flattering than the alternative. Now that you have a good idea of what fitted dress shirts should look like, find your Hugh & Crye perfect fit, and experience what it feels like to wear a great fitting shirt off the rack.

Regular Fit Vs Slim Fit Shirts

Long gone are the days when men only had one fitting option for dress shirts. The reality is that men appreciate different fits to their shirts. Having more options leads to a greater choice for styles. Yet, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the range of options for shirts. In other blogs we have discussed the difference between muscle fit vs slim fit and tailored fit vs slim fit shirts.

Here is an explanation of the difference between two similar (but very different) fitting options – regular fit vs slim fit. 

Regular Fit Shirts

Regular fit shirts (also known as classic fit) is the most traditional shirt fit. The cut is designed for the masses and doesn’t take into consideration a mans build. The slender or athletic build won’t find this type of fit suitable. It’s often looser on the body, providing a comfortable, classic look. A regular fit has an emphasis on comfort and function rather than appearance. It typically contains extra material in length, and does not taper down the body from chest to the waist. The problem with this being when tucked in creates extra bunching around the waist.

On the other hand, the excess fabric and generous room in the arm hole provides freedom of movement and comfort. As mens fashion progresses and demand being higher for better fitting clothing, the regular fit gets a bad reputation for looking sloppy and baggy. With the variety in shirt fittings nowadays you can understand why this is the case.



Slim Fit Shirts

A slim fit shirt is exactly what it says it is – slim fitting. They’re designed to fit close to the body, usually by tapering the cut through the midsection and waist. However, this also results in there being very little room in the upper body, something that will come as a hindrance to those with a more muscular build.

A slim fit shirt is also more tailored (fitted) around the arms than standard fitting shirts, but can surprisingly be very baggy around the waist. One of the most notable issues with a slim fit shirt is the fact that there’s usually no stretch to the material, so they’re either going to be very tight or too baggy; there’s unfortunately no middle ground. In short, slim fitting shirts are ideal for those who are just that – slim – but they’re definitely not the best choice for those with a more athletic build.

The problem with slim fit is that if the wearer wants to look their best, the shirts will probably still require tailoring. Slim fit shirts offer a greater allowance around the arms, chest, and waist than a tailored fit shirt. They are designed to cater to a wider market than tailored fit shirts, which are ultimately targeted at a more niche audience.


Modern Fit Shirts – What is a Modern Fit Shirt?

A modern fit shirt is more similar to the slim fit shirt. It falls between both. It is cut more trim through the shoulder with a slightly closer fit to the body providing extra room in the chest and arms but not as close to the waist as a slim fit. It is a common conception that measurement wise the modern fit shirt and the slim fit shirt are the same.

TAPERED™ Fit Shirts

So now we know the difference with regular fit vs slim fit. Finding a shirt that fits your body types can be very difficult. After all, people with a muscular/athletic build want a shirt to be both fitted and comfortable, a combination that until recently was almost impossible to find. With the introduction of TAPERED™ fit shirts however, men now have the option for shirts that are fitted, but have enough stretch to provide comfort for all day wear. A perfect fit for a V taper physique. So why not show off all that hard work in the gym with a perfect muscle fit shirt, and be comfortable as well as fashionable? Check out our best seller here. Our Tapered collection also includes muscle fit t-shirts and muscle fit polos.

Fully fitted in chest and shoulders whilst tapering sharply down, giving  tailored look. No more bagginess in the waist. 

Shop Now

Feel the cotton stretch across your back. Four way stretch giving you comfort and control in your lats.  

Shop Now 

Finely fitted in the arms and shoulders. Ultra stretch providing comfort and freedom of movement.

Shop Now 

Perfect for the office. 

With our non obtrusive logo stitched subtly on the wrist makes our TAPERED™ Fit Shirt ideal for formal occasions.


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90,000 how and with what to wear different types of shirts?

we recommend that you read

First of all, we are talking about men’s shirts – the most democratic and, at the same time, the most demanding type of clothing.That is why questions often arise, what kind of shirt with what can you wear, how should it be worn in order to look stylish and beautiful? Let’s figure it out.

How should a shirt sit on a man’s body?

This is a matter of prime importance. Because if a shirt does not fit you correctly, even if it is from an eminent designer and costs several thousand, you will look extremely ridiculous and awkward in it. So, there are three parts to “proper shirt-sitting” (let’s call it that).

Choose a style according to the figure, not to taste

Most men prefer fitted modern models. This is understandable, because they sit quite well, look stylish and emphasize the masculinity of the figure. But, unfortunately, only slender men can afford to wear them.

But figure flaws will be easier to hide with the help of a traditional loose shirt cut. And here the main thing is not to be mistaken: a shirt that is too wide is highly not recommended! After all, it should emphasize your masculinity, and not swell like a sail.Therefore, when trying on a particular style of shirt, pay attention to the fact that it is not too loose for you, but also do not allow too tight and narrow options – in such clothes your movements will be constrained.

Shirt type: classic or sport

In men’s clothing stores you can see a wide variety of shirts of different styles and models – classic, casual, loose, fitted, shortened, etc. But conditionally they are divided into two main types – these are:

  • Classic shirts.They traditionally have a stiff collar for a tie, a longer length to make them more comfortable to tuck into trousers, a more curved hem, and the choice of colors is limited to classic pastel tones. These shirts are worn with formal formal suits.
  • All other shirts are referred to as a generalized type, which is called sports. There is more freedom in the assortment of sports shirts: a soft collar, a wide variety of colors, different lengths, different styles, the presence of pockets (in the classic versions, no more than one pocket is allowed), shoulder straps, a large pattern, and so on.In general, in a word, freedom and flight of imagination of designers.

Size Matters

When you buy a shirt, remember that it will take only a few washes to reach its final size. There are golden rules for the selection of this type of clothing:

  1. Sleeve length – the cuffs should reach to the joint of your thumb and cover the wrist (if we are talking about classics and long-sleeved shirts).
  2. Neck circumference – There should be a finger or two between the buttoned collar and the neck.
  3. Seams on the shoulders – they should be exactly on the line where the shoulder ends and the arm begins. Not an inch to the side!

We have already mentioned the width of the shirt: it should not be a sail, but the shirt should not diverge on your stomach either. Put on something in between, you won’t go wrong.

How to wear shirts of different types and styles?

Perhaps the most difficult thing is to choose which shirt to wear, for what reason and with what?

Strict and classic: rules for wearing a shirt with a suit

Modern trends give men more freedom in the choice of shirts, but when it comes to formal events, even fashion trends are vetoed.A strict classic suit, if the event requires it, categorically cannot be worn with a sports shirt, no matter how restrained it looks. Pick up some classics in different shades (which will match the colors of your suits) into your wardrobe.

It is better to choose a classic shirt for formal events with cufflinks and without pockets. The rules for wearing suits state that the cuffs of the shirt should protrude 1.5 centimeters from under the sleeve, the edges of the shirt collar should be covered with the lapels of the jacket, but the shirt collar itself should also rise one and a half centimeters above the collar of the jacket.A classic shirt must be tucked into trousers.

The type of shirt collar is matched to the type of person and tie. If you want to add modern details to a stern look, then look at the tie with clip pins – very stylish, but at the same time quite discreet option.

To the office and on a date: what rules can you break?

If your office dress code does not require you to wear a classic suit, but it is only recommended to adhere to a business style, choosing a shirt will be much easier.Here, the classics are also appropriate, only it may already be on the buttons (unless you are gathering for an important official meeting).

Even sports shirts are allowed, and even from denim. Only you cannot combine them with a classic suit. Choose less formal trousers, classic jeans (is this allowed in your office?), Tweed jacket, cardigan, vest, etc. Keep a touch of formality, but add a little casualness.

When going on a date, choose a comfortable style.If you like graduation shirts, go for it. Match her with a sweater, a fitted jacket, or a leather jacket. The optimal length of the shirt for release is considered to be up to the middle of the back pocket.

By the way, today, it is allowed to wear a classic shirt, for example, without a jacket, and in combination with informal trousers. And some stylists recommend sports shirts to be worn under a suit, a more fashionable, simplified cut, for example. But it is important to distinguish the fine line between stylish violation of the pairing rules and tastelessness.

Casual – Casual Shirts

Here you can choose any models and styles of shirts, except for strict classics. You can wear them under chinos, jeans, shorts. The main thing is the right combination. So, if you have chosen a shirt with long sleeves, then you cannot wear short shorts under it, choose an elongated model. By the way, in this case, the sleeves of the shirt can be rolled up a little: the cuffs on two turns – it looks casual and stylish.

A shirt with rolled up sleeves will look good with both informal trousers and jeans.

Also, sports shirts can be combined with cardigans, various jackets, sweaters and jumpers, pullovers, etc.

The main thing is to remember, even slight negligence in clothes should be neat and thoughtful.

Types of shirts (for men) – all types of shirts

A must-have item in a man’s wardrobe is a shirt.The opinion that all shirts for men are the same and similar to each other is erroneous. With all the similarity of shirts, fashion designers have managed to diversify products so much that an extensive classification of them can be drawn up.

Two basic types of men’s shirts

All men’s shirts can be divided into 2 basic types – classic and sporty.

Classic type

Classic products are austerity, restraint, versatility. They are sewn from a soft thin fabric.

They do not attract undue attention with their color.For classic shirts, only a single color, a white or light blue shade, soft, calm tones of light colors is considered appropriate. An acceptable deviation from color uniformity is a small, inconspicuous darker stripe on a light background.

Shirts of the classic type to the elements of a formal suit, they are worn with a tie. Therefore, the collars of classic products are rigid. The bottom section of classic shirts is traditionally made curved, shorter along the side seams, convenient for tucking into trousers.

Sport type

Sport shirts are not subject to such strict restrictions. In addition to thin and soft fabrics, denim fabrics are also used in their manufacture. The quality of the fabric is also varied: cotton, woolen, flannel materials.

Tailors of sports shirts are completely free in regards to color. It can be almost anything: light and dark, bright and calm, monochromatic, with various patterns (wide and narrow stripes, cages of different sizes, floral prints, etc.).).

Sports shirts are worn in an informal setting, without a tie, without tucking into trousers, so their collars are soft and the bottom cut is straight

Types of shirts according to their style: (fitted, classic, loose)

Fashion designers offer shirts for men, which differ in the cut of the back and shelves, as well as in the way they sit on the body.

There are 3 main styles of shirts: classic, fitted, loose.

Classic fit

Classic fit (Regular Fit) is cut according to the main body measurements, there is a small gap (1.5 – 2 cm) between the fabric and the canvas.They are worn under a jacket, vest (in an official situation) or a sweater (in an unofficial situation) without feeling uncomfortable. When tucking into trousers, a small fold forms in front of the belt, there are no folds on the back.

Help! Classic style products can be in the wardrobe of any man, regardless of his age and body shape.

Fitted cut

The Slim Fit shirt allows it to fit snugly and emphasize its structure.They are often worn not tucked in, over trousers, and when tucked in, there should be no folds over the belt.

Help! Fitted style is most advantageous for men who go in for sports and have an athletic figure. The main thing is to make sure that the bar with buttons is not stretched and does not diverge, and on the back the canvas does not tightly tighten the muscles.

Loose fit

Custom Fit shirts allow any man to feel comfortable.Stylists recommend wearing them with a jacket, otherwise they look too baggy.

Help! Loose fit can be worn under a jacket or outside.

Modern Fit

Modern Fit is the perfect fit for men who want to look up-to-date. This style is a combination of all the best and most comfortable of the traditional options.

Variety of types of shirts by design

Individual details of the product (collar, pockets, fasteners, etc.)bring great variety to the classification of shirts.

By the cut of the collar

Depending on the cut of the collar, men’s shirts are divided into the following types:

With a classic collar

The classic collar, which was named after the name of the English Duke – Kent, has an average height, fits any tie, unbuttoning is allowed 1 (in some cases 2) buttons. Shirts with such a collar have no limitation in wearing, they are combined with a suit, jacket, jumper.

With French collar

French collar (or shark) – wider, its ends are noticeably separated from each other in different directions.

Tip! It is desirable to combine a shark collar with a tie with a massive knot.

With a butterfly collar

A butterfly collar is a collar with sharp and elongated corners separated by a right angle (45 °). Such shirts are very demanding on the things around them. They only match with a bow tie, which is why their collars have a similar name.Over these exquisite things, only dress coats or tuxedos are worn.

Tip! Instead of a bow tie, shirts with these collars can be combined with a men’s scarf.

With rectangular collar

A variation of the classic crombie collar. Its difference is rectangular ends, as well as a wider size.

With a buckle

The edges of the tab collar are connected by a special fabric buckle with a fastener (button, button).The tab is worn with a tie, while the jumper is hidden under it.

Help! In an informal setting, it is permissible to wear a product with a tab collar without a tie (under a jumper, sweater with a V-neck, etc.). In this case, the buckle must be fastened.

With informal collars

In addition to the listed forms of an important detail of a shirt, designers offer products with informal collars.

In them, the edges of the corners have buttons for attaching shelves to the fabric (batten-down).Such clothes are worn without a tie; of the jackets, the most suitable are those made of dense fabric.

The best choice for a sweater is a shirt with a rigid collar (varno), the edges of which are not lowered to the shelves. This option is also appropriate with a vest.

With a lightweight jacket, with a jacket of the French model, products with a collar consisting of one stand, without corners (mandarin) look good.

In the wardrobe of men who wear fitted jackets, there must be shirts with collars that do not have pointed, but rounded (Eton) edges.

Types of shirts by the presence or absence of pockets

Pockets are an important decorative detail of men’s shirts.

They are closely related to the style and purpose of the products.

  • Official version – no pockets.
  • Semi-official version – 1 pocket is allowed on the product. A shirt is worn with a suit, under a jacket, but it can also be worn separately from a suit.
  • Unofficial version – items with 2 pockets.Clothes with pockets are designed for casual use.

Types of shirts by fastening on the cuffs

On men’s clothes, different ways of fastening on the cuff are used.

  • Regular fastening: Button on one side of the cuff and buttonhole on the other side.
  • French fastener: there are loops on both sides at the edges of the cuff, the cuff is closed with cufflinks.

Types of shirts by fastening

The fastener that connects the two shelves of the product is also not the same.All fasteners differ in the way they are made. Depending on their design, shirts are divided into 3 groups.

With regular fastener

In most garments, the fabric for fastening is cut out together with the shelf and then folded over to the wrong side. Loops are made on one doorway, buttons are sewn to the other.

With placket

The second layer of fabric on fasteners with a placket is provided with the same fold or additional part of the material. In any case, the place of the fastener (bar) is made out with a line.

With a hidden clasp

A more complex type of clasp is a secret (supatny). It got its name because the loops are made on the bottom layer of the strap that covers the buttons. The top layer of this placket completely conceals the buttonholes.

Types of shirts according to the fabric from which they are sewn

An additional parameter for the classification of shirts is the fabric from which they are sewn.

By type of fabric, shirts are divided into:


An eco-friendly, comfortable option that has one inconvenience – shirts quickly wrinkle.Recently, a small amount of viscose has been added to cotton, which allows shirts to look good for a long time.


Natural linen has become a real salvation for men. Linen shirts are indispensable in hot climates in summer, they make you feel comfortable, regardless of high temperatures. The disadvantage of linen is the same – it wrinkles a lot.


Natural silk shirts are not for every day. They belong to the elite things, give a special chic and luxury to their owners.

Made of man-made fibers

Synthetic fibers are often used in the manufacture of men’s clothing. They reduce the price of things, make them available to buyers. However, experts do not advise constantly wearing only synthetics, it is better to combine them with products made from natural fabrics.

Such a variety of shirts allows every man to choose the one in which he will look the most attractive.

classic, fitted, loose, polo, cotton, linen, denim

Regardless of social status and age, a man should have at his disposal such things as classic jeans, suits, pullovers and, of course, long-sleeved shirts for men.

Varieties of men’s shirts with long sleeves

Stylists call a white or blue men’s shirt with long sleeves the basis of a complete wardrobe, as this thing boasts excellent versatility and combinatoriality.

Having included in your arsenal a couple of light shirts, you can create with their help a variety of bows, both casual – with jeans and a bomber jacket, and classic – with a three-piece suit.

Of course, a business man working in an office cannot do without a shirt, but for solemn occasions – a wedding, a birthday, it turns out to be very useful.


Classic shirts (Regular-Fit) are used to create business suits (suit, tie) and have a number of features. However, this does not mean that they cannot be used in everyday life. In a less formal setting, they can be paired with jeans and a cardigan.

Shirts are sewn from thin and soft natural materials such as cotton, silk, oxford. Recently, products from blended fabrics have become widespread.

The classic shirt has a straight cut, quite tightly fits the body on the chest and abdomen. At the same time, she should sit on a man a little freely so that he does not experience discomfort during movements. Bubbles are unacceptable. On the back, under the yoke, there may be several minor folds.

The collar of the shirt is strict, rigid, keeping its shape well. Considering that the shirt is worn with a tie, plastic plates are specially inserted into the collar. The distance from the top button to the end of the collar is no more than 7 centimeters.The tips are slightly spaced apart and slightly cover the tie knot.

Interesting! In addition to the classic, there are other types of collars that differ in shape. For example, “shark” is a fold-down, with tips wide apart; “Butterfly” – a stand with pointed, elongated and spaced sides at an angle of 45 degrees; “Tangerine” – a small narrow stand-up collar without turn-down edges, etc.

As for the pockets, the classic shirt either does not have them at all, or has one chest pocket.It serves as a decorative function and is not intended to hold any items – a pen, a notebook, a telephone, etc.

The clasp can be of three types: regular, on a strap or hidden. The bottom of the shirt is not straight, but slightly curved.


Slim-fit shirts do not lose their relevance. These shirts are called Slim-Fit. They can be worn in tandem with a suit or used as a stand-alone item. A jacket is optional in this case. The shirt looks good with a tie (of any kind) and a bow tie.

In shirts of this type, there are no folds under the yoke, the back is straight. A snug fit is achieved through special seams on the sides at the waist.

There are also certain requirements for a Slim-Fit shirt. First, there should be no folds on the sleeves. The sleeve begins strictly on the shoulder, neither lower nor higher. Secondly, folds, overhanging of the shirt over the belt in case it is tucked into trousers are not allowed.

Tip! It is rather difficult to pick up a fitted shirt, as it is necessary to avoid both excessive fit and too loose fit.

The model of the extra slim fit classic shirt fits the figure quite tightly. This shirt will look good on a man of athletic build, since the product practically repeats the shape of the figure, including the pumped up muscles.


Custom-Fit shirts feature a loose fit. This is a versatile option, as the shirt looks good on any figure. However, you need to remember that the thing must be selected in size, otherwise it will look baggy.

The advantage of a loose-fitting shirt is that it allows you to feel comfortable and at ease, does not restrict movement and allows you to create many interesting ensembles in a casual style. It is usually worn with a jacket.

Polo shirt

Long sleeve polo shirt is a stylish yet very simple wardrobe item. It was invented in England especially for polo players. The model gained popularity in everyday life thanks to tennis player Rene Lacoste.The model is considered universal, as it fits any type of figure. Shirts are sewn from natural, well-stretched fabrics. The ideal option is jersey.

Polo is a mix of T-shirt and shirt. Distinctive features are a stand-up collar, a short, unlike classic shirts, a fastener with buttons or buttons, a patch pocket on the chest.

The length is considered optimal when the shirt covers the pockets of the trousers. This is how the silhouette of a man looks proportional.

Shirts are of two types – with short and long sleeves. The first option is more common, but the second has advantages: a polo with long sleeves can be worn in cool weather and used when creating casual bows. By the way, in countries with hot climates, the dress code allows it to be used as office wear.

Fabrics for sewing men’s shirts with long sleeves

High-quality texture is one of the most important criteria when choosing a men’s shirt.


The main fabric from which shirts are sewn is cotton. It can differ in the structure of the weave of the threads, it is from this factor that the characteristics of the material depend. Cotton is a breathable fabric, this is its main advantage. Cotton products are unpretentious in maintenance, they are easy to wash and iron, in addition, they are distinguished by their aesthetic appearance and are worn for a long time. The disadvantages include the fact that they wrinkle quickly and can shrink during washing.

A smart decision would be to purchase a classic shirt made of mixed fabric. A small amount of artificial fibers is added to the composition, due to which the products are not so prone to wrinkling and are worn longer.

Interesting! Of all types of cotton, the most successful can be called Oxford, which has a characteristic embossed weave. The fabric is dense, durable, and holds its shape well. Informal casual shirts that can be worn without a jacket are mainly sewn from Oxford.


Linen shirt is a great option for wearing in hot seasons. Linen is a natural breathable material, ideal for men’s summer wardrobe. Other advantages of the texture include hygiene, hygroscopicity and visual appeal.

The disadvantages of flax include quick crease, which, however, many stylists consider a fashionable feature, and some rigidity. The more you wash your linen shirt, the softer it becomes.

Shirts made from this texture are worn with jeans, chinos and other informal trousers.


Denim shirts are relevant at all times, regardless of seasons and fashion trends. Almost every man has a denim shirt in his wardrobe, because you can wear it anywhere – to work and walk, to the cinema and to a party. It is not suitable unless for a business meeting or a visit to the theater.

Usually shirts are made of classic denim, there are also stretch models of an adjacent silhouette.

Modern manufacturers offer interesting denim shirts with leather, corduroy and suede inserts.


Warm shirts can be an alternative to a jacket and raincoat. They are sewn from dense fabrics – flannel, calico, denim, corduroy, etc. Fleece is usually used as insulation, which is pleasant to the body and does not let the wind and cold pass through.

Also, manufacturers offer warm and comfortable thermal shirts with camel wool filling – an excellent option for the cold season.It is better to wear it with a turtleneck or a T-shirt to improve thermoregulation.


Knitted shirts are used in the casual style, it is not accepted to wear them in the business style. They can successfully compete with longsleeves and turtlenecks and go well with jeans and trousers, made in a free style. As a rule, polo shirts, which we talked about above, are sewn from soft and comfortable knitwear.

Actual colors of men’s shirts

The color of the shirt depends on the personal preferences of the man, but do not forget that the business style accepts only light shades.But for everyday wear, representatives of the stronger sex can choose shirts at their discretion – bright, colorful, with a print, etc.


The blue color is extremely popular today, the fashion trend has also affected shirts. A stylish blue shirt will be useful for you both for work and for various informal events. This color looks most advantageous in the denim version. A denim shirt is worn with a soft fabric suit, slacks, chinos. Models of burgundy, sand, mustard shades look interesting.

White, black

A strict and solemn white shirt wins in 99% of cases, because it is it that is most often worn with a classic suit. A man working in an office needs to have a few snow-white shirts in his wardrobe to always look neat and elegant.

The black shirt looks extremely stylish and brutal. However, in order not to add too much drama to the image, you should not wear it with a black suit. Ideal: light gray suit, black shirt + black tie.


Plaid shirts are a very stylish solution that can be used to create business and casual looks. With a classic suit and tie, it is better to wear a shirt with a small, discreet print, with jeans, on the contrary, a product with a large contrasting cage will look good.

How to iron a shirt correctly

It is quite difficult to iron a man’s long-sleeved shirt correctly, but it is worth practicing several times how the process will go without a hitch, without a hitch.

Never wear a wrinkled shirt. Do not think that you cannot see her under the buttoned jacket. You yourself will feel uncomfortable, and others will form an opinion of you as an unkempt person.

It will be easier to iron the shirt if it is slightly damp. If it’s dry, spray it with a spray bottle.

Shirts, especially those made of thick thick fabric, are ironed from the wrong side. Set the temperature on the iron as indicated on the product label.If you see that the creases are not smoothed out, turn up the temperature, but be careful not to burn the fabric.

Always start with the collar. Iron it from the inside out from the ends to the middle to avoid wrinkling the fabric. Then turn over and iron the front part.

Next, go to the sleeves. Iron the cuffs first, then fold the sleeve over the board so that the seam is in the middle. Press the pleat so that it starts 2 centimeters from the cuff.

Then begin to smooth the back and yoke by spreading the shirt out over the narrow end of the ironing board.

Smooth the front of the shirt alternately: first the shelf with buttons, then with the loops. Pay special attention to the chest pocket, the areas around the buttons.

Carefully hang the ironed shirt on a hanger, buttoning up the top button, and place it in the closet.


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