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From left to right: Madewell, Everlane, H&M. Photo: Courtesy of the retailers

You don’t have dress go head-to-toe goth to appreciate a good black T-shirt. Like black jeans and black dresses, the T-shirts are pretty much universally flattering, but since there are a gazillion options to search through, we asked a varied group of stylish women which plain black T-shirts they own and covet. Whether you’re looking for something boxy and cropped, slinky and slightly transparent, or the perfect tee to tuck in to high-waisted jeans, we’ve got you covered.

com/strategist/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/[email protected]” data-word-count=”102″>Everlane tees have shown up a lot on the Strategist (for men and women) because for the money they’re an incredibly good deal. Chelsea Scott, a fabricator in Brooklyn, counts it as one of her two faves. “My two favorite plain tees lately are the boxy cut from Everlane and the V-neck from Madewell.” Women — this writer included — love the slightly cropped but still modest cut of the box-cut tee, and Scott — who admits to being a black tee expert — appreciates its lasting quality. “The Everlane is more of a square fit and feels like it’ll last forever.”

Scott’s second-favorite black T-shirt is this V-neck from Madewell. “Madewell tees are so soft and work perfectly with a simple, toned-down outfit.

“As someone who wears black pretty exclusively (typical New Yorker, I know), I’m picky when it comes to my black T-shirts,” says writer Mary Anderson. “It needs to breathe (i.e., cotton) so that I’m not sweating bullets when I step off the train, but also to give some shape (i.e., some synthetic materials). The H&M ones last surprisingly long, and for about $15 I can buy three to four at a time and replace them as needed.”

Three separate women we talked to recommended black T-shirts from & Other Stories. Risa Miyamoto, who works as a makeup artist, said, “I like this T-shirt because of the fabric, which is super silky and soft and hugs my body softly without being too tight.

I like wearing not-too-tight T-shirts that are very lightweight with a cooler temperature compared to cotton.”

Editor’s Note: This shirt is no longer available, but there are other black & Other Stories shirts


Designer Chelsea Lee is partial to the cotton tee from & Other Stories. “I love this one because it has the perfect rolled sleeve, which is difficult to achieve. It’s the right amount of relaxed without looking ill-fitting.”

com/strategist/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/[email protected]” data-word-count=”29″>And prop and fashion stylist Lily Hetzler suggests a tee with a slightly longer sleeve for its vintage appeal. “I’m super into this one for the ’60s Euro/French fit.”

Strategist associate editor Katy Schneider is a self-proclaimed T-shirt addict who takes a quality-over-quantity approach to stocking up. One of her favorites is the RE/DONE x Hanes 1950s Boxy Tee: “This is the tee you imagine you could find at a vintage store for $15 dollars, but will not. You’ll never regret owning this.”

“If you’re plus-size (size 14 and above) like I am,” says Revelist associate editor Nicola Dall’Asen, “Eloquii is a must-know brand for basics.

It’s chock-full of simple items with flair such as this black tee, which adds just a touch of professionalism to an item that would normally be considered rather casual. I think that’s mostly due to the on-trend high neckline.”

Another V-neck came recommended from Cat Kron, a Los Angeles–based art critic who has a policy of only wearing V-necks tees. “J.Crew’s linen V-neck tee doesn’t cling but falls off your frame effortlessly (as if you were Lauren Hutton). The nubby, linen material makes it feel dressy enough for tailored pants, but it’s ‘machine-wash, air-dry’ dressy, which I love.”

“I love this tee,” says educator Terrill Caplan of her semi-sheer standby.

“It is so soft and comfortable. I’ve always liked the oversized-T-shirt look and this is perfect. Over time, mine has even gotten holes, but there’s no thought in my mind of getting rid of it.”

“I like my black tees to be longer and looser because the more fabric you have to work with, the more versatile,” says Hayden Lewis, a graduate student in social work at Tulane University. “I think you can do more with black than with white, so I have it in a large to get the most bang out of my buck.” Lewis alternates between wearing this tee as a T-shirt dress and a tied tee. “I like to tie it in a knot in the back to make it fitted and shorter.”

High-school history teacher Felicia Kang is devoted to her James Perse tee. “I love this one. Sorta pricey, but I got it discounted. Hangs really well. I wear it with jeans, but you can easily dress it up. Come to think of it, not sure where it is right now. Maybe I lost it in my move.”

If you’re looking for the Toms of black T-shirts, this just might be it — and more. “The company plants a tree with every purchase and I like the length of the sleeves,” says Danielle Swift, an artist who works as a project manager for a digital retouching studio.

This isn’t your typical T-shirt, but when Dall’Asen isn’t wearing vintage black band tees, she likes to kick up her basics. “I think a solid black. off-the-shoulder shirt is a must for any feminine-dressing person’s wardrobe. It’s so basic that it doesn’t present any severe styling challenges (just tuck it in to whatever and go), but at the same time it adds a little extra romance to an outfit no matter how you wear it.” She also notes that it helps her love her broad shoulders. “I have really broad shoulders, and having items like this that slouch off of them sort of forces me to show off and adore a body part I’ve historically preferred to hide.”

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27 Best Black T-shirts for Men 2021 | The Strategist

White T-shirts get a lot of attention, but let’s not forget their equally versatile (and more slimming) counterpart: The exceedingly wearable, deceptively simple black T-shirt. It’s a staple that you can wear to work, the gym, and on a date. Plus, as Justin Vaughan, a perfumer and the founder of incense brand Ponsont, puts it, a black tee is the perfect high-low uniform. “I can just as easily kick it with a farmer in Virginia as I can take a meeting in the city,” he says. As is the story with all basics, the black shirt comes in many variations — and, when shopping for one, it’s important to consider the material, fit, and style. We talked to 29 stylish guys about their favorites, and they recommended cotton-linen blends; recycled T-shirts; V-necks; crew necks with breathable, thin necklines; crew necks with cozy, thick necklines; and more. Below, their 27 favorite black T-shirts.

Photo: Tony Birckhead/2015 All rights reserved

British brand Sunspel’s name never fails to come up when we ask cool guys about shirts. Chris Black loves their polos and Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski (along with other famous men) can’t live without their white T-shirt. So, we weren’t that surprised when three more guys told us Sunspel makes the best black T-shirt too. They include David Prior, the founder of Prior Travel, and Michael Friedberg, a senior marketing manager for Dummies, who says the tee looks as good on its own as it does under a sweater. But what really sets it apart, according to Freidberg, is the “thinness of the little rib at the neckline.” He says the shirt also has “a perfectly well-proportioned sleeve and body length.” This black T-shirt has a third fan in publicist Nick Roberts, the founder of Lawrence & Co. who specializes in menswear (but does not work with Sunspel). “I have to go with Sunspel’s Riviera Crew,” Roberts says. “The long-staple cotton is quite the luxury, and the mid-weight feel gets you through a variety of seasons.” Roberts admits its retail price of $90 “might seem steep,” but says that the T-shirt’s ability to be worn year-round, “the quality of manufacturing, the pedigree of the company, and the fit” make it one worth investing in.

When we interviewed him about the stuff he can’t live without, novelist Rumaan Alam told us he happened to actually be wearing his favorite black T-shirt. “I bought, like, 12, so I always have one waiting for me,” he says of this Everlane style. “They fit really comfortably. They’re not close-fitting in a way that a feminine shirt would be, but they’re not baggy in the way that an athletic-y shirt might be.” “Part of what’s key,” he adds, “is that they don’t go down too long.” Alam is not the only person who buys these Everlane tees in bulk: Stylist Bryant Simmons says the affordable shirts are his go-to because of their shape and simplicity. If the tee is too polished off the rack, he adds that a couple washes can change its whole look. “A fresh one is clean and sharp, but you can wash them to get that cool, downtown look for when you want to bar hop.

Photo-Illustration: retailer

Also recommended by two guys is this truly affordable black tee from Uniqlo (one of a few black T-shirts from the brand on this list, but the only one that got two nods). Brandon Stinchfield, a deputy director of foundations and grants for a nonprofit, told us that after a certain point in his years of buying black Uniqlo T-shirts, he could no longer tell the difference between this packaged dry crew neck and the (slightly pricier) Supima cotton crew neck further down on this list. “Whenever I’m in a Uniqlo, I leave with an armful of shockingly affordable packaged black T-shirts,” he says. “They’re light, durable, and no frills.” One writer of this story (Louis Cheslaw) agrees, adding that unlike pricier T-shirts he’s bought, this one never shrinks, fades, or loses its shape in the wash.

“Yeah, I know. The blank T-shirt used by your favorite Big Cartel brand in 2016 — and also by Kanye for his the Life of Pablo merch — isn’t terribly glamorous,” says Jon Caramanica, pop critic (and former mens’ Critical Shopper) for the New York Times. “But these shirts, made by a 36-year-old Canadian company, have several essential elements: they’re cut wide but not in any way boxy, and with an unflappable crew neck.” The humble Gildan tee is also durable, according to Caramanica, and though they start out stiff, they break in nicely. “Run it through the wash a couple of times and the shirt’s true personality begins to emerge,” he says.

Actor Cheyenne Jackson heard about this tee from Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and now he owns “maybe 20” of them. “I’m a dad and I’m running around a lot, so I live in T-shirts. I like something that isn’t too schlumpy, isn’t too tight, and has some weight to it.” This slub cotton tee, featuring a flattering rounded shirttail, is his favorite. “I’m a bigger guy up top and I love how these fit me in the shoulder; they fit my frame well and I feel good wearing them.” If you don’t like black — or like this T-shirt so much you want to try another color — know it comes in a total of 13 shades.

Jungmaven is another brand that cool people (and Strategist editors) tend to stock up on. The brand makes Ralph Lauren creative producer Yale Breslin’s favorite black T-shirt. “It’s a mix of cotton and hemp and fits perfectly,” he says. “Not too boxy and not too slim.” While Breslin admits that it’s “a splurge,” he also says this is exactly what we asked him for: his best T-shirt. You might think the price would make this a T-shirt you can dress up, but the hemp-cotton blend gives it a slouchier look that’s better for lounging (or working from home).

According to Peter Hunsinger, the founder of sock brand Kane 11, when it comes to black T-shirts, “it’s hard to beat the basics.” Champion, of course, is known for its comfortable sweats, and Hunsinger says this T-shirt that the brand makes in collaboration with Todd Snyder is just as much of a classic as anything from its regular line. It’s another pricier option for a basic black T-shirt, but you’re paying extra for thoughtful details like contrast stitching, a reinforced neckline, and, of course, that vintage Champion logo on the arm.

For a more-affordable Supima cotton T-shirt, Matt Schonfeld, a creative marketing manager at Rowing Blazers, says this “light and breathable” option from Uniqlo has some stretch and is “hands-down the best black T-shirt I own. ” He told us that he bought two of them on his first-ever trip to Uniqlo about six or seven years ago, and those two are still in his weekly rotation of tees. “You can’t really beat this,” says Schonfeld.

“Wearing black is an industry standard on film and photo sets,” says Ghetto Gastro director and editor Jose D. Cota, who likes Rag & Bone’s Base Tee as his go-to for days he’s working. “It’s something I feel good in on fashion sets or around the Ghetto Gastro guys and all their ‘Rick Owens drip’ when we’re traveling the world.” The fit is a big part of the appeal: “It’s a quality shirt that sits just right on my shoulders, but also tapers through the middle without being form-fitting,” Cota says. “I always buy a bunch because you can never have too many.”

If you prefer a V-Neck (and want to stock up), stylist Wouri Vice suggests this three-pack from one of the most classic T-shirt brands out there. “My favorite black T-shirt is Hanes — really,” he says. “But not just any Hanes. It has to be the Luxury Essentials V-neck, which starts out in the deepest of blacks and as it ages takes on the perfect softness and most beautiful faded black ever.” Vice told us that he wears them casually with jeans or with a suit.

“I wear so many black tees that I feel borderline tropical if I so much as branch out into gray palettes,” says musician and EMT Hayden Frank. His favorite of them all is Gap’s Essential V-Neck, which he says is one of the few he can find in a medium-tall size that works with his six-foot-four and slender frame. “If I buy a large, it’s almost the right length, but I’m swimming around in it like scrubs, and if I buy a medium, it fits better in the abdomen, but with the unfortunate side effect of showing off my happy trail to innocent bystanders,” Frank tells us. “The medium-tall Gap V-neck hugs my shoulders and chest and stays slim down past my waistline.” He praises the shirt’s versatility, too, and says it “works just as well at the gym as at the restaurant.”

If nothing bothers you more than a scratchy tee, four guys mentioned the softness of their favorite T-shirts when describing them to us. Pima cotton is known for its extra-soft feel, and Nutshell founder Will D’Agostino says the material really makes a difference in his favorite Mack Weldon tee. “I started getting Mack Weldon shirts because I love their underwear,” he told us. “The classic pima also has a higher-quality feel than you’ll get in a normal cotton (it comes from Peru) and in black is perfect for almost all situations.”

For Days makes two black T-shirts on this list; this first one comes recommended by Antonio Nuño, the co-founder of lifestyle brand Someone Somewhere, who calls this classic crew-neck tee “soft but sturdy at the same time.” He has two words for the fit — “on point” — telling us the T-shirt “works well with almost any outfit.” Nuño adds: “I like the length in particular because it covers your belt and looks perfect beneath an Oxford shirt.” He’s also a fan of the brand’s sustainable business model. “You can swap any style for a new one for $14, and they will recycle the one you send back.”

For a very luxurious-feeling black T-shirt, writer and FreeTime Media founder Howie Kahn suggests General Issue’s cashmere-cotton blend tee. “My General Issue tee has become maybe the most important piece in my wardrobe: It’s the shirt I wear on planes,” he says. “The shirt’s cotton-cashmere blend gives it structure, so it makes me feel put together like any traveler should.” The tee is soft enough that Kahn has comfortably worn it through both overnight flights and an 18-hour day of delays. It works outside the airport, too. “I’ve worn it under a blazer, under a sweater, under a cardigan, under a hoodie, and alone,” he says. “It’s the rare T-shirt that works in every situation.

For those who like their tees to do more than just clothe them, three guys told us about black T-shirts with functional front pockets that also give the shirts a bit more visual interest. This affordable option comes recommended by lawyer Chuka Ugwu-Oju, who says the price makes the T-shirt a “no-brainer.” But it’s the shirt’s cut that he says is its main draw: “It’s somewhat fitted but isn’t tight at all. It isn’t constricting in any way, but it manages to retain its shape.” The material is on the medium to thin side, which makes it ideal for wearing on its own or layering. “If it isn’t too cold out, I like to pair it with a pair of light jeans or khakis, then throw a big coat over it,” says Ugwu-Oju.

Will Zhang, a product and merchandizing strategist for Allbirds, is our second For Days fan. “I love a thicker fabric for a tee,” he says, adding that “the fabric on this ’70s tee lends itself to a boxy silhouette, which makes it easy to tuck in for an effortless look.” Beyond its fabric, Zhang says it’s also ideal for those who want a little extra neck coverage without being too restricted: “The detail that makes this unique is the collar, which is wide-rib but not quite a mock neck,” Zhang says.

Vaughan says a black T-shirt with pockets is his go-to “because I lose sunglasses easily.” His pick is the Carhartt WIP Pocket T-shirt, which, he specifies, stands out from other Carhartt tees. “The Carhartt WIP T-Shirts fit a little slimmer and are softer than the standard Carhartt K87,” says Vaughan. “They’re soft, hard wearing, and high-low in the best possible way.” Plus, the price is right: “The cost-benefit analysis is sound — I wear some that are over five years old.”

If you’re looking for something with a closer-cut fit, Noah Sylvan, a senior product manager for electronics at Uber, points to this Uniqlo U crew neck. “I’m tall and lanky and it’s hard to find shirts that are long enough and still slim,” he says. “The medium size fits me perfectly — it’s tall enough for me but not so wide that I look like I’m wearing a sack.” According to Sylvan, the shirt has withstood many a wash without shrinking. “ It’s pretty much the only black shirt I own these days and I have tons of them,” he says. “I wear them at least three times a week.”

NYRB Classics production editor Daniel Drake told us he’s had his XTall crew neck from American Apparel for “something like eight years” and, like many of his other pieces from the brand, it has held up quite well. “The fit is still slim without being tight,” he says. The shirt is specifically made for taller men, so those added inches can help for longer torsos, or if you just prefer a slightly longer silhouette.

Online Ceramics designers Elijah Funk and Alix Ross told us that their favorite black T-shirt “hands down” is Everybody.World’s Trash Tee. It appeals both for the cut and for the brand’s focus on sustainability. “Not only does it have a great roomy fit, and a durable but soft feel, it’s made from 100 percent recycled material collected from the waste at cotton factories,” they told us. “We firmly believe in paying workers fairly and using materials made here in Los Angeles, and Everybody.World is at the forefront of ethical and sustainable clothing practices.” It’s also a strong option for anyone who wants a T-shirt with a bit of a throwback feel. “The cut of the tee is also super-dope and reminiscent of boxier tees from the ’90s,” the designer say. “We can’t recommend it enough!”

Composer Nico Muhly, who arranges for the likes of Sufjan Stevens and the Metropolitan Opera, told us that black T-shirts are basically his uniform. Because of that, he has found two go-tos: One is this jersey tee from J. Crew, which has a longer, oversized cut he describes as “just right.”

Muhly’s other, fancier black T-shirt is this (very expensive) one from Rick Owens. While there are plenty of options you can spend far less on, Muhly, who says he’s still wearing some of these shirts he bought back in 2011, makes the case for them this way: The T-shirts are “perfectly proportioned,” he says, and “get better and softer with age and a judicious combination of care and abuse.”

Production designer Greg Jackson also says that “black T-shirts are a part of my daily uniform.” He told us that he prefers his T-shirts on the looser side, and that this Heavyweight Collection T-shirt is his go-to. “It’s a heavyweight, 100 percent cotton T-shirt with an oversized boxy fit that’s also made in the USA,” Jackson says. “It holds its color for a long time — and if you’re looking for that more fashion forward, heavy-duty fit, but that’s still simple, then this is the one.”

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The 17 Best Oversized T-Shirts for Men in 2020

Yes, oversized T-shirts for men are back. But don’t worry: We’re not about to tell you to start dressing like Soulja Boy circa 2007. Thankfully, the oversized tees we’re talking about are not of the quintuple-XL, Elizabethan-gown-length variety that all ringtone rappers were required by law to wear in their music videos. Instead, like the Dickies and Vans everyone’s wearing again, the raddest tees in 2020 take direct inspiration from ’90s skateboarders: boxy and baggy and strangely flattering, cut from crisp, weighty cotton that’s anything but sloppy. Since you can suddenly find these bigger, badder T-shirts everywhere from the mall to the runway, we took the liberty of searching out the nine best versions from across the fashion spectrum for you to cop right now.

The Best Vivid Oversized T-Shirt

Entireworld organic cotton boxy T-shirt

The fit (just slightly oversized, a good way to ease in to the trend) and fabric (comfy organic cotton) are both on point here, of course—it wouldn’t have cracked a Best Stuff list otherwise. The biggest selling point on this Entireworld slapper, though, is probably the palette: Beyond this minty fresh number, this exact shirt comes in a baker’s dozen of fetching hues and a whole bunch of breezy stripes. Stock up for summer.

The Best Heavy-Duty Oversized T-Shirt

Everlane heavyweight relaxed crew

If you like a little extra heft to your tees, this is the one you want. It’s cut from thick 6.2 ounce cotton, so you won’t have to worry about anything unwanted showing through on an unexpectedly breezy day or be concerned it won’t survive more than a couple of rounds in the washing machine.

The Best Next-Level Oversized T-Shirt

John Elliott University tee

It’d be easy to pigeonhole John Elliott as “that slouchy basics dude”—but if that was the L.A. designer’s whole schtick, we’d just tell you to buy some tees at PacSun and call it a day. What helps Elliott transcend those labels—the reason his stuff is beloved by everyone from LeBron to Whoopi to your pals right here at GQ—is his staggering attention to detail. The proportions are exacting: a little extra length, but not so much that it feels like a sleep shirt; a roomier neckline that doesn’t dip into unfortunate scoop-neck territory. Toss in the soft-as-hell recycled (!) cotton and that exquisitely lived-in washed black, and you’ve got yourself a slouchy tee truly worth splurging on.

The Best OG Oversized T-Shirt

Carhartt K87 workwear pocket T-shirt

The workwear stalwarts at Carhartt were ahead of the game on this whole oversized tee movement: their weighty, boxy K87 model has been a go-to among power-tool-bearing professionals and in-the-know skateboarders alike for ages. Thankfully, the label hasn’t chosen to price gouge now that the silhouette is in vogue—so you can still pick one up for just $17 a pop.

The Best Sculptural Oversized T-Shirt

COS relaxed cotton jersey sweatshirt

The most voluminous silhouette on this list—but also the most structured, thanks to a burly sweatshirt-like fabric. It’s minimalist, sure, but also distinctly luxe and artful and elevated. In other words, you can show up to all manner of fancy places in this thing, and no one’ll ever wonder why you’re “just” wearing a tee.

The Best Affordable Oversized T-Shirt

Uniqlo U oversized crew neck T-shirt

Another day, another Christophe Lemaire banger for Uniqlo U. Three things this shirt has that none of the others we’ve mentioned do: a handy phone-sized chest pocket; a tennis-shirt-inspired split hem; and a pricepoint lower than what you spent on lunch at Sweetgreen yesterday.

11 More Tees We Love

Dickies short sleeve pocket tee

Partial to Dickies over Carhartt? They make some killer tees, too.

Acne Studios oversized cotton-jersey T-shirt

The Swedes really know their way around a big, clean-lined basic.

Noah recycled cotton tee

Noah’s heavyweight tees are crafted from 100% recycled cotton.

Missoni multicolor striped logo T-shirt (was $270, 35% off)

Bigger tees mean more surface area for Missoni’s eye-popping stripes.

Armor-Lux 71990 classic tee

About as universally flattering as any shade of yellow can get.

Club Monaco short sleeve boucle crew

Thanks to its nubby texture and elastic hems, this tee fits just like that sweater polo you’ve been wearing non-stop since the quarantine started.

Story Mfg. Grateful tie-dyed organic cotton-jersey T-shirt

Advanced-level tie-dye.

Rick Owens black heavy jersey T-shirt (was $650, 64% off)

You really thought we were going to talk giant tees without a single mention of Rick Owens?

Banana Republic supima cotton boxy T-shirt

Even Banana Republic’s getting in on the oversized action these days.

120% slim-fit striped linen T-shirt

Drapey and breezy and perfect for summer.

Visvim jumbo T-shirt

Is any T-shirt really worth $580? Only one way to find out.

Women’s T-Shirts: Oversized, Cropped & More

Go beyond basic with women’s t-shirts at American Eagle. We make ‘em in the best colors and softest fabrics so you can improve your tried-and-true jeans and a t-shirt vibe. Upgrade your style with new long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, graphic tees, music t-shirts, basic t-shirts, tank tops, and more. With all the fits, colors & designs you can think of, AE t-shirts have got you covered 24/7. Find your new favorite cropped t-shirt, oversized tee, and classic fitting t-shirt only at American Eagle, and start thinking outside the box when it comes to layering.


If your outfit of the day calls for a solid base layer then suit up in plain t-shirts made in basic colors. Long sleeve tees look good under denim jackets, and short sleeve shirts are just-right under flannels, sweaters, and cardigans. AE women’s tops come in scoop neck, mock neck, crew neck, and V-neck styles, and in tons of colors that go with everything in your closet! Dress your t-shirt up for your next date with a high-waisted skirt and heels, or go for a casual jeans and tee look that’s just right for running to class or grabbing coffee with friends. Choose distressed tees for an edgy vibe, or go for a non-distressed version for a more classic look.

Our women’s t-shirts are on trend for every season. From striped designs to bold graphics, ripped details to classic cuts, bright colors to more laid-back hues, we’ve got it all. We make them in fitted styles and more drapey fits so you can have the look you want. Pair a relaxed women’s graphic tee with a light wash jean for a throwback vibe, or wear a fitted long sleeve shirt with a maxi skirt for a look that’s good for the office. Try a bodysuit with high-waisted shorts, or graphic tee with ripped jeans.  Bold stripes and tipping add a fresh touch to these iconic staples that go with all your favorite AE women’s jeans.

Whatever the weather, whatever the season, whatever the outfit… AE women’s shirts & tops have got all the fits you need to get the job done. They come in super soft fabrics like Soft & Sexy, use just-right prints and colors, and have comfy fits you can count on. Update your women’s t-shirt vibe with a little help from AE, and stock up on cold-weather faves like oversized t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and graphic tees. Find your new favorite tops for layering, and wear them with denim jackets, flannels, sweaters, hoodies, and more to create the look you want, when you want.

12 Best Black T-Shirts for Women

Edward BerthelotGetty Images

The search for the perfect black tee has come to an end. We’ve searched far and wide to find you the best black t-shirt in every style, from the ultimate bodysuit and the perfect cropped black tee to the V-neck that gives back. Lest you forget, the humble t-shirt is the building block for the devil-may-care looks you so desire—it’s the quintessential throw-on-and-go piece. Sure, everyone knows a t-shirt half-tucked into your favorite pair of jeans is an off-duty go-to. But it’s time to give your tees the attention they deserve by layering them under a flirty slip dress, pairing them with some leather hot pants and sexy stilettos, or sporting one with an unexpected detail to bring new life to a tried-and-true classic. The perfect t-shirt is a versatile secret weapon that will carry you through every season, so scroll on down and find the next best addition to your wardrobe.

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Best Muscle Tee

Eva Padded Shoulder Muscle T-Shirt The Frankie Shop thefrankieshop.com


The t-shirt seen ’round the world! It feels like every celebrity, street-style star and influencer got their hands on this shirt recently. Update your standard sleeveless shirt with this shoulder-padded muscle-tee and go full biker babe with a pair of leather jeans. 


Best Bodysuit

Essential Stretch-Cotton Jersey Thong Bodysuit Commando net-a-porter.com

Commando is known for making buttery jersey-cotton you’ll never want to take off. Plus, this tee does double duty as a bodysuit that’ll always give you that clean-lines, t-shirt tuck under a satin skirt. 


Best Boxy Tee

RE/DONE x Hanes 1950s Boxy Crop Tee RE/DONE shopbop.com


Re/Done’s cropped tee is light-weight and cut loose and boxy, hitting perfectly at your hips. Wear with a pair of low-slung jeans to show off a little midriff and your assets.  


The Tee That Gives Back

Ruby Organic Cotton-Jersey T-shirt Ninety Percent net-a-porter.com


Isn’t doing good better than looking good? With Ninety Percent you don’t have to choose between the two. This brand gives 90 percent of their profits back to charity. You can also choose the specific charity by plugging in the reference number online.


Best Designer Tee

Printed Cotton-Jersey T-shirt SAINT LAURENT net-a-porter.com


This Saint Laurent loose-fitting graphic tee can be paired with a micro mini skirt, toweringly high heels, and your favorite shoulder bag to live out your Parisienne supermodel fantasy.


Best Cropped Tee

Foundation Crop T-Shirt The Group by Babaton aritzia.com


This Artizia cropped tee is a great basic to have in your wardrobe. Whether it’s your go-to on the weekends with high-waisted leggings or with a pair of boyfriend jeans under and blazer, this affordable tee is a no-brainer. 


Best Sustainable Tee

Organic Linen Jersey V-Neck Tee Eileen Fisher eileenfisher.com


Eileen Fisher’s organic jersey tee is responsibly made without any harmful chemicals or dyes, and minimal amounts of water and energy are used. When it comes to the end of it’s life, you can bring the shirt back to any Eileen Fisher store—no matter how stained, torn or used—to be recycled and repurposed into something new. 


Best Knotted Tee

Knotted T-Shirt

The devil is in the details. Bring new life to a tried and true classic with this affordable knot detail tee. I mean, any basic under $10 is worth trying! 


Best Scoop Neck

Le Scoop T-Shirt FRAME nordstrom.com


Frame’s high-quality and relaxed tailored fit make this plunging scoop-neck a opportunity to show off your summer tan and that fabulous necklace you’ve been dying to wear.  


Best Fitted Tee

Essential Crewneck Top

Vince is the go-to for luxury basics. This fitted tee can be mixed and matched all year long and is the best option for when you need to feel put together yet comfortable.


Best 3/4 Length Tee

The Pima Micro Rib Scoop-Neck Everlane everlane.com


Everlane’s 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt is slightly fitted and great for a a tailored look. Wear with a pair of wide-leg trousers and your favorite pair of heels for a great business casual outfit. 


The Velvet Tee

Stretch-Velvet T-shirt James Perse net-a-porter.com

Trade in your lived-in cotton-jersey tee for this James Perse velvet short sleeve t-shirt.  The crew neck and flattering relaxed fit makes for the perfect modern upgrade to your regular 0ff-duty look. 

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AMERICAN FIGHTER Letter Print Summer Street Style Loose Black T-Shirt

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  • Type: Graphic T-Shirts
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  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Length: Short Sleeve
  • Neckline: Round Neck
  • Material: Cotton
  • Bust(cm): S:104, M:108, L:112, XL:116, 2XL:120, 3XL:124
  • Length(cm): S:71, M:73, L:75, XL:77, 2XL:79, 3XL:81
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90,000 womens without a pattern, polo, long, with what to wear a black T-shirt, how to make a pattern on it

In any woman’s wardrobe, there are basic things that can be worn to work, and for a walk, and on a date. A black T-shirt is one of those things. It goes well with almost anything.Choosing the right bottom and accessories for a black T-shirt, you can easily create a casual or festive look. Both young girls and ladies of elegant age can afford it.


If you think that a woman’s T-shirt differs from a man’s maximum in that it is fitted, you are greatly mistaken. Designers did not sit idle, and today T-shirts are presented in many different models. Any girl will be able to choose the one that suits her both in shape and in style. The following models are most popular today.


Last year it became fashionable and does not lose popularity. Best of all, these models look from fine fabrics – natural cotton or silk, viscose and knitwear. They are worn with trousers and large jewelry.Long T-shirts with an asymmetric cut look original. The wide, bright belt will accentuate your waist.

Long Sleeve

These T-shirts are called longsleeves. They can also be worn in cool weather. With them, it is easy to create a variety of images from formal business to romantic. They are sewn from soft, elastic fabrics that do not hinder movement.


Black T-shirts with short sleeves, often without a pattern, are the most common options. They are comfortable and practical. Depending on your type of figure, you can choose fitted, semi-fitted or loose. Depending on your height – top or elongated.

Polo shirt

The black polo shirt is extremely popular this year. It goes well not only with jeans, but also with a business suit. There are models with different sleeve lengths.

No drawing

Black T-shirt is a practical and comfortable thing.The black color is slimming, there are almost no stains or dirt on it. Plain thin T-shirts without a pattern are versatile. If you choose a black T-shirt without a pattern, then with the help of various accessories you can create any look.

In addition, you can independently decorate your T-shirt with an original pattern or print, turning it into a stylish and unique item.


Black T-shirt with print looks bright and stylish. You can choose a T-shirt with inscriptions, numbers, various patterns, rhinestones, embroidery or appliqués.

Many companies offer T-shirts with their own logos. You can choose a drawing that is funny, romantic or even patriotic. Rhinestones look especially impressive on a black T-shirt.

A T-shirt with an inscription will highlight your style or mood. She can be romantically sweet or sarcastic, frivolous or philosophical.When choosing a T-shirt with an inscription in a foreign language, do not forget to translate the phrase so as not to get into an awkward position.

An original idea – paired T-shirts with unusual designs or inscriptions.

The latest trend is the black polka dot T-shirt.This simple yet refreshing print will add lightness and style to your look.

How to choose?

  1. Check the seams first. They should be straight, neat and free of protruding threads. The cut of the T-shirt should be symmetrical.
  2. Decide on the fabric. Cotton, linen, viscose – each fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Find the right fit. Consider your body type and preferred style.

If you have good taste and you like various accessories and jewelry, it is better to take a T-shirt “simpler” – without a picture or small inconspicuous drawings, inscriptions. These shirts are more versatile and easier to combine. If a scrupulous selection of accessories is not for you, then choose models with bright prints, shiny rhinestones and original inscriptions.Such a T-shirt will be self-sufficient in itself and will not require additional accents.


Various companies and fashion houses offer their collections of black T-shirts for every day or for the day.


Nike offers a range of sporty black T-shirts in a variety of styles. A cropped oversized black T-shirt with a large logo on the chest or an original cut, an elongated sleeveless T-shirt with a barely visible logo at the bottom and a transparent back – you can choose the model to your liking.

All T-shirts are made from 100% cotton, which perfectly wicks moisture away and allows the skin to breathe.This will allow you to look stylish and feel good whether you train or walk.


The Adidas company sews sports and street models of jersey T-shirts. Bright, contrasting, pleasant to the body, they can be tight-fitting or loose cut, with short or long sleeves.T-shirts have good hygroscopicity and ventilation and are perfect for lovers of a healthy lifestyle.


Armani sew T-shirts from natural cotton with the addition of elastane, so that they are not only pleasant to the body, but also fit well and are more wear-resistant. You can choose a simple black T-shirt with a barely visible logo, or you can decorated with prints – bright drawings, lettering, rhinestones or sequins.

How to draw a drawing on a black T-shirt?

Do you have an old black T-shirt at home that you don’t wear? Is it lightly rubbed or faded? You can turn it into a completely new, interesting, unique thing! With your own hands and effortlessly. Just draw on it.

With bleach

What you need:

  1. T-shirt itself.
  2. Rubber gloves.
  3. Bleach.
  4. Wooden stick.
  5. Small rubber bands (office supplies are better).
  6. Large glass decorations, various balls or shells.

Next, we prepare the drawing. There are several types of drawings that can be made.

Bright print
  • To create such a pattern, you need to spread the T-shirt on a flat surface with the back up.
  • Next, a wooden stick is placed in the center of the T-shirt and twisted clockwise so that the T-shirt curls up as shown in the photo.
  • Carefully remove the stick and use the elastic bands to secure the T-shirt so that it retains its shape.
Chaotic print

Crumple the T-shirt randomly and secure with elastic bands where the patterns will be located.

Print “Eye

Gently pull the center of the shirt up. Fasten the resulting triangle with rubber bands.

Print “Marine”

Secure any glass beads, balls or shells with elastic bands over the entire surface of the T-shirt. Fasten tightly so they don’t fall out when you start painting.

To paint the T-shirt you need to do the following:

  1. The T-shirt must be washed and dried before you begin.
  2. Mix the color. Dissolve bleach in cold water at a ratio of one part bleach to two parts water. Be sure to wear old clothes that you can throw away if bleach gets on them, and rubber gloves.
  3. Dip the T-shirt in the resulting dye so that it is completely covered with water.
  4. When the water turns black and the T-shirt becomes less black, gently remove it from the water. Remove the elastic bands from the shirt and rinse it in cold water.
  5. Machine wash, dry and iron.


Another option to decorate your T-shirt is silk screen printing. This is more time consuming and costly, but the result will make everyone gasp.If you or your family members have ever developed photographic film, the method will sound familiar to you. Look on the Internet for detailed instructions and go for it.

Simple drawing

If the previous methods seem too complicated for you, you can simply paint your T-shirt with acrylic paints or special textile markers. You can cut out stencils for yourself, or you can draw “by hand”. There is an abundance of videos on the Internet with step-by-step instructions on how to do this. And believe me, you don’t need to be a brilliant artist, everything is much simpler than it seems.

With what to wear

Black T-shirt will go well with any outfit. It goes well with any item. However, here too there is a point that cannot be ignored.Many informal subcultures prone to gloom have long embraced this wardrobe item, so when wearing a black T-shirt, try not to look like a goth or emo (unless, of course, that was your goal).

Clothes of light or bright colors will help to get rid of gloom. If you are a slender girl and are not afraid to draw attention to your hips, choose light jeans or white skirts.

An excellent summer option to complement a black T-shirt with a suit or jacket in light colors.

If you absolutely want to wear your T-shirt with black trousers, a skirt or jeans – add brightness to your look with accessories. A bright bag and matching shoes or a scarf are perfect. A great option would be large jewelry or bright prints on the T-shirt itself.

A great summer casual look – a black T-shirt with denim shorts. And when going to a party, combine your T-shirt with a miniskirt of any color.

In cooler times, a T-shirt with khaki trousers will look very stylish. You can put a cardigan or jacket over your shoulders.

For a business style, the look with a pencil skirt will be the most effective. In this case, the T-shirt is tucked into the skirt.

A romantic look will turn out if you combine a black T-shirt with a long skirt in pastel colors, better from flowing fabrics, and a scarf to match. Don’t forget the accessories.

Long black T-shirt can be worn as a dress. Draw a belt around the waist and add embellishments. If you are embarrassed to expose your legs, you can wear leggings underneath.

Spectacular images

  1. A slim fit black short sleeve T-shirt and a stylish denim miniskirt for a casual level of dress.In such an outfit, you can go for a walk or to a disco.
  2. A simple black T-shirt with a bold white print that pairs wonderfully with white shorts. Looks fresh and expressive in summer. Complement the outfit with a large original pendant and you will look simple but stylish.
  3. Black T-shirt with an original cut with a plunging neckline looks very impressive with a bright white collar piping. With white trousers, you get an expressive outfit that will adorn both a young girl and a stylish adult lady.A small decoration on the neck will accentuate the neckline, and black glasses will add color.
  4. Black oversized T-shirt with glitter print and life-affirming lettering is an eye-catcher in itself. In combination with skinny jeans and original stiletto heels, you get a catchy and expressive image. A few large, eye-catching decorations will make it completely finished. To a disco or a date? It’s up to you to decide.

Loose T-shirt with black lettering


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90,000 to the office, for a walk, to school, on a date – Women’s online magazine Cherry


The black T-shirt is a classic.It is combined with almost all the clothes available in the modern girl’s wardrobe. Black is always stylish, fashionable and by no means gloomy if things are combined correctly. Therefore, in this article we will consider what to wear with a black T-shirt for a girl.

Combination with other items of clothing

Every self-respecting fashionista should have a black T-shirt in her wardrobe, and maybe even more than one.

There are a lot of varieties of this wardrobe item.

These can be free-flowing T-shirts made of lightweight fabrics, or tight-fitting T-shirts made of synthetic fabrics.

They can have large or small inscriptions, as well as prints, rhinestones and appliques.

Everything that comes to mind for the owner of a fashionable wardrobe and model designers.

Combinations with jeans

You can combine a black T-shirt with jeans and trousers, and with skirts of any length and style, and even with shorts and dresses.

A black T-shirt with straight-cut jeans is considered a classic combination.

In this case, high-heeled shoes can be chosen as shoes, you get a stylish city bow.Or you can replace the shoes with comfortable sneakers, and the style will change dramatically. This outfit is perfect for walking in nature.

For lovers of simplicity and brevity, it is good to combine a black T-shirt with black skinny jeans and high boots. As a bright detail, you can make a juicy manicure or choose a bright backpack. For more comfort and warmth, you can throw a trendy extra-long cardigan over your shoulders in light gray.

Combinations with pants

Black T-shirt can be combined with trousers almost indefinitely.The combination of a black loose T-shirt half tucked into bright capri pants looks very stylish.

High-heeled shoes will make your look very feminine and give the owner of a fashionable bow a special charm.

With classic straight-leg trousers and a jacket, a black T-shirt will look just great. It can be complemented by a strict business suit, adding some bright accessories and shoes of juicy shades.

Combinations with skirts

It’s a similar story with skirts, you can endlessly combine a black T-shirt with various skirts.A short miniskirt and a black oversized T-shirt can be complemented with a stylish elongated cardigan and chunky high-soled boots. The bow is very stylish and modern, perfect for meeting friends or going to the movies.

And you can combine a black T-shirt with a beige pleated skirt and create a gentle, airy image of a city girl. The outfit can be complemented with trendy ballet flats or comfortable shoes.

And by replacing ballet flats with leather ankle boots, and throwing a leather biker jacket on top, you can add aggressiveness to the outfit.

A fashionable and stylish look can be created using a long fluffy tulle skirt and a solid black long-sleeved T-shirt.

For contrast, fashion designers are advised to choose interesting beige ballet flats with decorative elements. Such a relaxed bow will not leave others indifferent.

For a visit to an exhibition or a restaurant, you can choose a medium-length pencil skirt with a complex asymmetrical pattern, striped or checkerboard and complement it with a black tapered T-shirt that reveals the shoulders.

In combination with classic pumps, the outfit will look simply amazing and will make representatives of the opposite sex turn around.

Combinations with shorts

For young girls enjoying life, a black T-shirt with a print or lettering in combination with skinny dark gray denim shorts will do.

As footwear, you can choose high-top sneakers and complement them with golfs or stockings.

The girl will look stylish and you can use the outfit not only for walking with friends, but also for going to college.

There are a lot of combinations of various elements of wardrobe with black T-shirts and fashion designers do not get tired of coming up with more and more new sets. One thing is clear that any self-respecting fashionista should purchase one or more black T-shirts in her wardrobe.

What else to read

90,000 Pregnant Meghan Markle is seen walking with little Archie: new photos of Prince Harry’s wife

Meghan Markle is known not only as the star of the series “Force Majeure” and the wife of Prince Harry.The celebrity is also a loving mother who is preparing for the birth of her second child, and at the same time manages to spend time with her eldest son. New photos of Prince Harry’s family will be shown on Joinfo.com.

Meghan Markle in the lens of paparation

The former actress was photographed walking with Archie. Meghan is dressed in simple jeans, a black T-shirt, a loose and long brown jacket, and simple light-colored open-heel shoes with very low heels.

Apparently, the Duchess currently prefers comfortable things that will not interfere with her during pregnancy.However, the wife of Prince Harry does not forget about the precautions – Megan had a thick mask on her face, covering her nose and mouth.

The loose jacket was unbuttoned, and therefore did not hide the changed figure of the celebrity. Meghan’s big belly was very noticeable, and fans were somewhat concerned that a woman in her position is carrying her eldest son, who will turn two on May 6, 2021.

Unfortunately, fans of the star family could not decide who the eldest son of the couple looks more like.Some claim that he has the eyes of his mother, while others, on the contrary, see in the boy’s face the characteristic features of Prince Harry and his relatives.

Photos of Meghan and Archie were taken after Prince Harry returned to his family after his grandfather’s funeral. The aristocrat was in a hurry to reunite with his wife and son, and even missed an important holiday of his British relatives.

Main Photo: Getty Images

New in Chess Classic Semifinal 1: Nakamura beats Mamedyarov

Hikaru Nakamura defeated Shakhriyar Mamedyarov on the first day of the New In Chess Classic semifinals, all four games in their match were productive.The other semi-final was also very dramatic, Magnus Carlsen took advantage of Levon Aronian’s blunder in the third game, but Levon was able to recoup in the fourth, although it seemed that Magnus was able to avoid the worst and the game should end in a draw.

You can watch all the games of the playoffs of the New In Chess Classic, the fifth stage of the $ 1.5 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, using the selector

And you can also watch the broadcast in English:

Don’t miss the special offer from New in Chess magazine, for more details check out chess24.com / deals.

On the first day of the semifinals, 6 out of 8 games ended effectively.

Carlsen 2: 2 Aronian

From the first game of this match it was clear that the audience would have a lot of fun.

The g-pawn move seemed desperate, but Levon said he wanted to have some fun.

Every time I play against Magnus, I try to do my best. This time I wanted to have fun, although of course I tried my best.I took a chance, and although my play in the first game was very dubious, I said to myself: why not, I can afford to play this way once.

Magnus had a big advantage, but 20.Be2? has become a serious inaccuracy

20… Nxd5! 21.Qxd5 Qxe3 + 22.Kh2 Qxe2 winning a pawn and completely changing the game, but Magnus found a good plan, he began to advance the b-pawn and weakened the d6-square, and then was able to strike.

30.Nxd6! Rxd6 31.Qxe5 + , and although White still had no pawn, the black king was exposed, so Black had nothing but a draw.

The second game was relatively calm, and in the third game we saw a very interesting opening variation, as a result of which Magnus began to “play black”, although he had white.

However, he gradually found a harmonious formation and exerted some pressure, but it seemed that the game would end in a draw. Having considered the options, Magnus decided not to force the draw and play a little more.And it paid off.

Here Levon could simply repeat the moves by 42… Qc5 +, but Magnus seduced Levon with a transition to a pawn endgame, where at first glance Black could play to win. Levon played 42… Qxd2 + 43.Kxd2 and here he made a seemingly logical move 43… f6? – but as Peter Leko noted, if Black wanted a draw, he would have kept the queens on the board.

The moves 43… f5 or 43… Kg7 still gave a draw, and after the move in the game Black’s position was lost

The game ended so 44.Kc3! e5 45.fxe5 fxe5 46.Kb4! and black surrendered

It may seem that one of the black pawns should go to the queens, but after 46… e4 47.Kc3! (not 47.Kxb5 e3! and the pawn goes to the queens) the white king manages to stop the black pawns.

It was an unexpected defeat for Levon, and he needed to pull himself together and beat Magnus Carlsen in the final game of the day … which, to the displeasure of the world champion, he did.

Firstly, I am not very happy with the result, I am very upset that I could not keep the lead.I don’t think I deserved to win the match today, but after winning the third game it was a shame to ruin everything.

Magnus played the Hedgehog system, but soon everything went wrong, the world champion was in a difficult position. However, he was one step away from making a draw, but made a mistake 57 … Ba5? and this error was decisive.

58.Re8! , a chance that Levon missed a move earlier, with this move he drove the black king into a mating net.Now White had to put the pawn on g5 and Aronian immediately began to threaten this on 58 … Bc7 he answered 59.h5! , and despite Magnus’s best efforts, the white pawn landed on this key square after 9 moves.

Magnus had nothing better than to give up his rook for a pawn (68 … Kg7 69.Bc3 +!), So he decided to admit defeat. He summed up:

This match is a bit like the match with Radjabov, on the first day I did not feel that I was playing well, so the score 2: 2 is quite normal, I will try to play better tomorrow, but I am a little disappointed that I lost the last game.

Nakamura – Mamedyarov: Dejavu

Hikaru’s tweet before this meeting recalled that he first played against Shahriyar Mamedyarov in 2005.

In the first game of the match, Hikaru won a pawn, but made it much more difficult for himself by exchanging all the pawns on one side of the board. Then a position appeared on the board that was incredibly similar to a position from their game, which both would hardly forget. Hikaru then lost to Mamedyarov in 2014 at the Tromso Olympics and because of this defeat, the US team lost the match.

Then Mamedyarov won the f7-pawn, and Nakamura resigned, but this time Hikaru took the f7-pawn and won easily.

Hikaru took the lead, but did not lose for 23 games in a row at the New in Chess Classic tournament, but this did not prevent Shakhriyar Mamedyarov from striking back in the second game. He made it in a very difficult opening, which was played for the first time in the game between Ding Liren and Veselin Topalov in 2018.

Hikaru played like Dean until 17 … Bg4 and only after 18.Qc2 deviated, playing 18… Qe7 instead of 18… gxf4, a move that the Chinese chess player spent 1 hour 17 minutes on. The maneuver 23.Bh7 + , 24.Bf5 provoked the losing move 24… Ng7 .

Mamedyarov first tied the knight on e5 with the move 25.Bg3! and after 25… Bh5 continued to build up pressure 26.Qc3! And Hikaru’s reply 26… Rae8 was followed by the decisive blow 27.Ne6!

After any continuation Black would lose material and Hikaru chose 27… Rxe6 28.Bxe6 f6 , and White still has an extra exchange and a strong attack. Move 33.g4! was the final touch, one move later, Hikaru had to admit defeat.

Shakhriyar gained a psychological advantage, but in the next game he made a gross mistake, allowing the white knight to create chaos and devastation in the black camp.

In the fourth game, Shahriyar only needed a win, but he was hardly disappointed that Nakamura played the same variation as in the second game.This time, however, Hikaru corrected the mistake and played 18 … exf4 . But a move later he again deviated from Dean’s game in 2018 19… Nd5 , and 20.fxg5? (20.Rb3!) Was already a mistake on the part of Shakhriyar.

Hikaru thought for almost 9 minutes, which was not a good sign for Shah, as it meant that he made a move so dubious that the computer did not show it in the analysis. And then Nakamura simply took the rook 20 … Nxc3! There was no refutation of this move, and although Mamedyarov had some fleeting chances of making a draw, he was defeated in the further game.

Shah must now win on Friday in order to tie-break the match and fight for a spot in the final, while the chances are even in the Carlsen-Aronian match. You can watch all games at chess24 starting at 20:00 Moscow time.

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