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This little blog here is fulfilling my aspiration to inspire women to look and feel their best each day via their clothes.

 Think that’s shallow?  It’s not.  Clothes can seriously dictate how you feel about yourself and can make a statement to the world about how you feel about yourself too.

I should know… I am a mom to two children (ages 13 & 10) and when I first quit my job to work from home I was stuck in a major fashion rut. I didn’t know what to wear when not wearing heels and suits.  I couldn’t find the perfect balance between frumpy or over-dressed for playdates, trips to the grocery store or low-key social events with my peers. So I started this blog as a creative outlet, to inspire myself and now I continue to do it to inspire other women.  The basis of this blog is simple: it’s journey to find your/our personal style together in order to make getting dressed each morning easy and fun while not breaking the budget in the process.

Along the way I’ve worked with some super rad companies that believe the same thing like Old Navy, Target, Boden and American Eagle Outfitters, and HP, Clorox, Naturalizer and Modcloth just to name a few.

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15 ways to be more stylish

The past year or so has proven to be a very unique period of time for everybody. Much of our lives – from where we work and how we holiday to who we can see and what we’re permitted to do – has changed enormously. Within this, less importantly but just as drastically, our approach to what we wear each day has also faced a transformation.

Whether you’ve been living in your loungewear or have been online shopping more than ever before, there have been plenty of changes in our approach to fashion this year. But, one positive of having more time at home on our hands is that we have had an opportunity to evaluate what we really need in our wardrobes – and, now that we are easing back into normal life, we can figure out what should stay, and what should go.

From holding onto old clothes that never get worn to panic buying pieces that won’t have more than one outing, we are all guilty of making less than sensible decisions when it comes to our wardrobes. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here, we break down 15 wardrobe resolutions to undertake now so that you can make space, save money and look the best you ever have.

1. Don’t buy something for just one occasion

We’re all guilty of it. A wedding, a Christmas party, a Friday night reunion in the pub with your friends post-lockdown. Heading somewhere exciting means we inevitably feel like we need something special – and therefore something new – to wear. However, more often than not, as much as we like the piece that we buy, it rarely gets more than one outing.

Instead of purchasing something specific for certain events, try to have a few dressier pieces in your wardrobe that are more versatile. If you go for something simple and more classic, rather than trend-led, you’ll be able to wear it again and again. Accessorised cleverly, it will never feel like the same look.

2. Don’t buy or keep something that doesn’t fit

It’s not uncommon to hold on to items that no longer fit you in the hope that they will again one day. It’s also not uncommon to buy something in a size too small as an incentive to lose weight or because it’s in the sale and they don’t have your usual size. However, holding on to these items – that you can’t physically wear – is one of the worst things you can do if you’re trying to reduce the size of your wardrobe. Be realistic and honest with yourself. If it doesn’t fit you, it’s time to sell or donate it.

Edward BerthelotGetty Images

3. Don’t buy or keep something that doesn’t suit you

As well as holding onto things that don’t fit, many of us keep pieces that we know don’t suit us. Often we’ve bought something on a whim because it’s a big trend or because we saw someone else wearing it and thought they looked amazing – but because it just doesn’t suit us, we’ve never actually taken it out of the cupboard. If a piece of clothing doesn’t make you feel confident and comfortable, it has no place in your life.

4. Don’t buy something just because it’s a bargain

It’s easy to be won over by a big discount, and you should make the most of huge markdowns – especially when it comes to investment designer pieces – but only if that piece is something that you really need to add to your arsenal. Never buy something

just because it’s a great deal. No matter how affordable it was, if you never wear it, it’s a complete waste of money.

Christian VierigGetty Images

5. When you buy something, get rid of something else

An excellent way to keep your wardrobe at a sensible size is to adopt the one-in, one-out policy: every time you add something new, take a piece out (and sell it or donate it to charity). Not only will it keep your rails and shelves from overflowing, it also means you have to be much more confident about what you are purchasing. You’ll never buy something unless you completely love it, knowing that you are going to have to lose something special from your wardrobe.

6. Clothes swap with your most stylish friends

One great way of keeping your wardrobe feeling fresh is to swap pieces with friends. Operate your one-in, one-out policy by getting rid of something that you haven’t worn in months and trading it for a piece your friend has got bored of wearing (but you have always had an eye on). Whether you host clothes-swap parties with a big group or just have a deal with one friend, trading clothes is a great way of having an exciting wardrobe without spending any money or doing any further damage to the environment.

Edward BerthelotGetty Images

7. Don’t go on extravagant shopping sprees

Often we get stuck in style ruts, feel like we hate everything in our wardrobes and have nothing to wear. When this happens, more often than not, we go on a big shopping spree and end up spending huge amounts of money on exactly these trend-led items that end up sitting in our wardrobes forever, never being worn. Don’t let it get to this point. Instead, keep an eye out all-year round for pieces that you love and make a note of the things that you are lacking when you realise it. Think of it as a constant and evolving process, rather than going back to square one every few months. Allowing yourself to buy one really nice piece every month, rather than having two huge shopping sprees a year will likely result in much better thought-out decisions and, as a result, a far more stylish wardrobe.

8. Make an effort to discover new brands

Another reason we get stuck into style ruts is because we get attached to and comfortable with certain shops. It’s great to have your core favourites who you trust and you know last well, but there are always so many new, amazing brands hitting the market that are waiting to be discovered. From high-end designer labels to more affordable mid-range brands, keep exploring all year round. You’ll end up with some truly special, stylish finds (that – bonus – nobody else has).

Christian VierigGetty Images

9. Make some tough decisions

Nobody likes throwing things away. To part with a piece of clothing sometimes means letting go of memories, which can be really tough to do. However, there’s no need to hold on to everything you’ve ever loved, especially if it’s something you haven’t worn for decades. If you really can’t bear to part with something, put it on trial and see how many times you wear it in the next six months. If it doesn’t see an outing, it’s officially time for it to go.

10. Create a uniform

One of the big misconceptions about being stylish is that you should never buy something similar to what you already own. Of course, nobody aims to have an entire wardrobe consisting only of 15 navy blue jumpers and 10 identical pairs of black skinny jeans. However, don’t be afraid to make the most of the knowledge of what suits you. All of the most stylish women in the world have their own uniform – they keep it simple, they know what they look good in and they stick to this formula when they’re choosing new pieces.

11. Know your wardrobe inside out

It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget what’s sitting in our wardrobes – and, for many of us, there will be great pieces hidden away that haven’t seen the light of day for years, or that will have been forgotten about during lockdown. So, before you go ahead and buy something new, make sure that you have a very clear idea of what is in your wardrobe already. If you have a clear-out and declutter, you will know what’s in there and this will prevent you from accidentally buy things you don’t need.

Jeremy MoellerGetty Images

12. Invest in what you already own

So many of us are guilty of throwing pieces away as soon as they are damaged, but just because something is a little worn does not mean it needs to be discarded. Invest in the pieces that you already have in your wardrobe by knowing where to get things fixed in your local area, from a great seamstress to shoe and handbag restoration companies. It is worth spending a little bit of money to get things fixed rather than re-buying the same thing time and time again.

13. Embrace rental fashion

Thanks to a growth in awareness about sustainability, it has never been easier to rent clothes, with huge growth in the number of fashion-rental companies available. Renting instead of buying is a great way of getting yourself a more stylish wardrobe for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can frequently feel that you are wearing something new, which is great for those special occasions, like weddings or parties, where you may previously have bought a one-occasion outfit. Another advantage is that you can be a little more adventurous with what you try – you may step out of your style comfort zone and find great pieces that would have been too afraid to buy.

Hanna LassenGetty Images

14. If you’re not sure about a piece’s wearability, try the hanger trick

At the beginning of the season, place all your hangers in the same direction. Each time you wear a piece, turn the hanger the other way. Very quickly within the season you will see what you wear and what you don’t. Women usually only wear 40 to 60 per cent of their wardrobe, according to Vestiaire Collective co-founder Fanny Moizant, who swears by this hanger trick – see more of her wardrobe detox tips here.

15. Don’t underestimate the power of a capsule wardrobe

To be truly stylish does not take a huge budget or three walk-in wardrobes worth of designer clothes – you don’t need a lot to look good. What you do need though, is to make good, sensible decisions. Buy what you need, buy what makes you feel great and hold on to nothing more. And look after your clothes. You can do it in just 15 pieces. Don’t believe us? See how to build a capsule wardrobe below.

Just think of the space you’ll save.

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Money Is Not An Excuse

Money Is Not An Excuse.

Being a man who takes pride in his appearance has nothing to do with your bank account or social position.

No, dressing sharp has everything to do with your priorities, goals, and habits.

Every day I get an email from someone complaining that they would dress sharp if only they had more money.

This is complete Bull$!&%

Looking stylish is not reserved for people with six-figure salaries.

It’s about you making your presentation a priority, educating yourself by reading/watching videos, making time to assemble your wardrobe, and then having the patience to perfect your outfits.

In fact I know you can dress sharp for $50 or less – shoes included! (the image on the right is an example).

I’ve seen this demonstrated hundreds of time over at men’s style websites like Thrift Store Runway, An Affordable Wardrobe, and Art Of Manliness.


So what advantage does more money give a shopper?

The answer is time.

If all things being equal between two well educated men building their wardrobes, the one willing to spend more could in theory build his interchangeable wardrobe faster.

For a well off banker, lawyer, or business owner who has more money than time – this is why custom clothiers and style consultants are such an asset.

But for most men – any extra money is best saved for a first home or college for the kids.  However with the right education and time well spent – they can dress just as well as their more free spending peer.


The fact is you can dress great for pennies on the dollar if you’re willing to stick to the 3 rules of affordable menswear shopping:

1. Develop Reasonable Expectations
2. Widen Your Shopping Options
3. Invest in a Quality “Core” Wardrobe

Building a quality wardrobe inexpensively won’t happen overnight.

But you can build a head-turning personal style from scratch without ever spending more than a few bucks on most items — as long as you’re smart about it.

So let’s get started…….


1. Develop Reasonable Expectations

Shopping on a budget is about the long haul.

Expect it to take at least 1 year to build a solid wardrobe – 50 hours or about 1 hour a week is sufficient.

Does that sound like a lot?  Well make time for it – you’ll get a much higher return from a strong personal presentation than you will from reaching a high kill death ratio on Call of Duty.

You’ve got to be willing to hold out for the one-in-a-hundred good pieces that are worthwhile additions to the wardrobe.

That can be tough when you’re tired of your current options and want to upgrade your style immediately.  But you’ll need to understand what you can — and can’t — have on a budget if you’re going to stay within costs.


Selection and Styles

We’ll discuss strategies for shopping on a budget in a minute, but here’s the reality of all of them: the selection isn’t as good as it is when money’s not an object.

That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, and it isn’t an insurmountable obstacle. You just have to accept that you’re not going to be able to constantly rotate through the latest hot trends (a good thing) when you’re also trying to save money. The latest thing always costs more than last year’s thing, even if it’s functionally identical.

So if you can’t expect to stay on top of the latest trends, what should your expectations for thrifty shopping be?

You should expect — and hold out for — well-made clothes in good shape that will last you several years or more.

You should also seek out clothes in a classic style that can be paired with pieces from many different styles, rather than only a unified look.

Bargain shopping is all about putting disparate pieces together into a sharp-looking whole.

Don’t count on finding something every time you go looking for clothes. In fact, plan on coming home empty-handed more often than not. But if you can hold back from purchasing anything but the best wardrobe additions, you can expect to eventually have a flexible, versatile wardrobe that can combine in dozens of different ways depending on your needs.

Fit and Adjustment

Affordable clothing, almost by definition, is not going to come tailored to your body. You’re mostly going to be relying on off-the-rack or second-hand items. The fit’s not going to be perfect.

Understand that, expect it, and plan on fixing it. Buy only the clothes that can be adjusted to a personalized fit (or that fit so well they don’t need adjusting, and count yourself very lucky if you find anything that qualifies).

A few minor upgrades by a tailor can be a major upgrade for your wardrobe. If you buy clothes that can be taken in for a perfect fit, you’ll look much better than you would in pricier clothes that you left unaltered.

Be aware that there are some things a tailor can do easily and some things that he or she can’t fix. Easy alterations include:

· minor shortening at the cuffs (jackets, pants, or shirts)
· very slight lengthening at the cuffs/hem (jackets and pants, but only if there’s extra material inside the sleeve/leg)
· shortening at the bottom hem (shorts and jackets)
· adding/removing cuffs (trousers)
· taking in a trouser waist for a skinnier fit
· fixing rips at seams or hemming a ragged edge

More challenging alterations that cost more money or just aren’t possible include:

· widening or tightening the collar (shirts)
· tapering the waist to be narrower (shirts and jackets)
· altering the width of the shoulders
· lengthening a shirt sleeve
· patching holes in the middle of the fabric

Look for the clothes that can be easily adjusted to your body (and that you like) — those are the ones that will give you the best value. You can’t expect to find something in both a style that you like and a size that’s workably close to your own, so be patient in your shopping and reasonable in your expectations, and don’t lower your standards on fit just because you like an item’s look (or vice versa).

Understanding the “Build Your Own” Look

One of the reason expensive stores charge what they do is that they’re not just selling individual pieces of clothing. They’re selling a “look” that a designer, either someone they have in-house or someone whose work they agreed to sell, put together for consumers.

That means that the top stores have everything planned out — not just what sort of suits they’re going to offer, but what shirts they’re going to display with them, what necktie colors and patterns they’re emphasizing that season, and so on.

A wardrobe built piece by piece from bargains and thrift stores over time isn’t going to have that kind of unified style. You’re not going to have a single “look” that comes ready to go straight out of the box.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Most of the really stylish men in the world put their look together from different pieces. That’s how you get to look unique.

But you need to understand from the get-go that you’re shopping for a mix-and-match sort of wardrobe. Versatility is the most prized characteristic a piece of clothing can have. The more things you can wear it with, the more value you’re getting out of your purchase.

So shop with some strict expectations for interchangeability. The best-looking shirt in the world doesn’t do your wardrobe much good if you can only wear it with one of your pairs of trousers and none of your jackets. Skip it, and buy a more neutral shirt that’s less fun on its own but that can be worn with a wide variety of pants, jackets, and accessories instead.


2. Widen Your Shopping Options

Where are you doing most of your clothes shopping these days? Odds are you could expand your options, no matter what you answered.

There’s more than one places to find great bargains. Here are a few that you should keep your eye on as you build your affordable wardrobe:

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores, thrift stores, thrift stores. These are your best friends for value.

You can get some incredible bargains at thrift stores. Most of them have pretty hard maximum prices within their various categories — so, for example, a men’s wool suit with no obvious damage might automatically be priced at $25, regardless of whether it’s a Gap suit that originally cost $75 or a Brooks Brothers that cost $600.

The big disadvantage of thrift stores is, of course, the selection, which is why you need to approach them with reasonable expectations. Be ready to make a lot of trips that don’t turn up anything. Remember, you need to find something that’s both useful stylistically and in your size, or at least close enough that you can adjust it to your size, and that’s just not a set of overlapping needs that’s going to turn up every day.

You can often find the best pickings at thrift stores near the nicest neighborhoods and suburbs. Don’t just limit yourself to Goodwill — lots of private businesses run thrift stores, as well as various charities.

They’re hit or miss, but when they hit, thrift stores are often the best value out there. You can get full suits for a tenth of what they’d sell for in a department store, often ready for you to wear them after $10 worth of adjustments.

Online Shopping

Shopping online as opposed to in brick-and-mortar stores usually gets praised for its convenience, but it can also save you some money — if you’re smart about it.

Most websites these days have online-only deals and prices, usually as short, limited-time offers designed to get you to spend money now as opposed to later.

A lot of them won’t be worth your while. But every one and a while one will, making it worth a bookmark on your favorite brands’ sites. Glance through their sales every day, ignore 95% of them, and strike when you see the sale for something you really want.

Be cautious, however, of the extra costs shopping online can bring. Getting a $45 sweater for $30 and then paying $15 in shipping and handling hasn’t actually saved you any money at all. You’ll want to keep an eye on the return policy as well — when you buy without trying on you often have to make exchanges, and if you’re on the hook for all the return shipping it can start to add quite a bit of cost.

The Sale Rack

Not everything has to be second-hand or an online purchase. Good, old-fashioned clothes shopping can still turn up some real bargains. You just have to be sensible about it.

At most stores, with the exception of aggressive cost-cutters like the “big boxes” (Walmart, Target, etc.), full-price clothing isn’t going to qualify as “bargain shopping.” Fortunately, a lot of retail items these days come in and are immediately marked at a sale price, and then see further reductions if they aren’t selling.

That means a couple of things: first, it means that something with a red tag (or whatever the “sale” color price tag is) isn’t necessarily a bargain. It may even be the original price the retailer planned to sell it as. They can call anything they like a “sale,” whether it’s cheap or not.

But it does also mean that you can get some real deals, especially on anything that’s “clearance.” Those are the items they want out the door and gone for good, usually last season’s wares or older. You can find some pretty good stuff in there for half its original price or less.

“Big Box” and Other Cheap Stores

Generally speaking, you don’t want to be building your core wardrobe at Walmart.

While their prices are great, the quality at the “big boxes” tends to be terrible. The clothes just don’t last that long.

That said, you can take advantage of the ultra-low prices the big box stores offer for a few things: socks and underwear are one obvious place, since they don’t get particularly close inspection and need regular replacement no matter how high-quality they are, and you can always find the occasional T-shirt or sweater that works really well with your personal style as well.

It’s probably worth picking up those sorts of items when you see them, especially if they’re on sale. Don’t plan on being a Walmart shopper for all your clothing needs, but if you enjoy shopping there anyway you might as well keep an eye out.

Family and Friends

This is often the best option for men in remote locations. If you live miles from the nearest town — or in a country where there aren’t any department stores, much less thrift stores — your male relatives may well be the closest source of good-looking clothes.

Hand-me-downs from father to son or older brother to younger are the most obvious family clothing swaps. It’s worth reaching out further than that, though.

If you’ve got access to the internet, or a telephone, or even just a postal system, put the word out that you’re looking to expand your closet, and wouldn’t mind taking old clothes off the hands of any relatives about your size. You may be surprised at what turns up from cousins, uncles, in-laws, and other more distant relatives.

Don’t discount your older relatives either!

Grandparents often have more stuff accumulated than anyone else in the family, and sometimes that stuff includes old suits or jackets that were put away with mothballs. Give them a good airing, get the necessary adjustments, and you’re good to go.

You may even be able to score some outerwear, sweaters, or other gender-neutral pieces from female relatives, though that’s a dicier proposition. And anyone with some basic tailoring skills, of either gender, can help with repairs and adjustments, saving you some cash and a trip to the tailor when you need a seam stitched up or a button sewn back on to turn “shabby second-hand” into “stylishly vintage.”

Saying “No”

The most crucial skill to all these methods is passing things up.

It’s not hard to find deals. Sales are everywhere, some of them good and some of them not. But even the good sales won’t necessarily be on the items that benefit you personally.

Be picky. Refuse to compromise. Only buy clothing that looks sturdy enough to last a while, that suits your personal style, and that can be adjusted to fit your body without looking odd.

If it doesn’t meet all those qualifications, be willing to put even a real bargain back on the table. If you can avoid “settling” for less than the best, your wardrobe will be, well, the best.


3. Invest in a Quality “Core” Wardrobe

Does all this seem to suck the fun out of shopping? Don’t let it.

Bargain-hunting is all well and good to a point. If you’re really good at it (and have a little luck), you can build a boardroom-appropriate business outfit for $50.

But there are a few things worth a little extra investment in, and that’s the “core” items — the things that the rest of your wardrobe is based around.

These are different from man to man, but for most of us it means a couple pairs of trousers and jeans, a couple decent shirts, and a few jackets or sweaters, plus a suit for business occasions.

If you invest in real quality on those core items, it becomes much easier to add accent pieces to them for a good look.

The Timeless Styles

Your style is a matter of both personal taste and professional necessity. Every man’s is different. But there are a few different looks that have always been good ones for men, and always will be, at a couple different levels of formality:

· Suits for business occasions. The matched suit is the wellspring from which all modern menswear flows. It’s what you wear when you want to look your best, and you should have a good one for those occasions.

· Jackets for visual framing. While the number of situations where a man is required to wear a jacket is dwindling, a man still looks good in one almost everywhere. If your wardrobe includes a selection of jackets and blazers you’ll always be ready to throw something on over your shirt in a hurry and look “dressy” at a moment’s notice.

· Collared shirts. The turn-down collar is part of the core look. It’s not mandatory, and there are lots of occasions where you’ll want a T-shirt or some other option without a turndown collar. But you should always have a few plain old collared work shirts and dress shirts ready to go as part of the core.

· Leather shoes. These are a shortcut from “ordinary” to “snappy.” Blue jeans and an old work shirt suddenly become a style statement when you wear them with fancy leather shoes. Try to build a good wardrobe of these as part of your core.

Having those classic menswear elements ready to go puts you in a position where you can dress as conservatively and traditionally as needed on a moment’s notice — and where you can deliberately break the old rules of style to create your own effect just as easily.

When to Spend Big

There are a few occasions where you’ll want to bite the bullet and spend full price for a store item, rather than hunting through sale racks and thrift stores. There aren’t many of these occasions, but when they do crop up, don’t be shy about doing what you have to do:

· Short notice. If you have a big presentation or interview next week and you don’t own a decent suit, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and go get one at whatever price your store is offering. Do it sooner rather than later — alterations can take a couple days, and every suit needs alterations, unless it was custom-made in the first place.

· Unique items. Every once in a while a designer will put out something that is absolutely perfect for your personal style. If it’s something that looks like it’s going to sell fast and isn’t likely to return, it’s probably worth buying at full price. Just save this judgment call for the most perfect and necessary of items — don’t use it as justification for anything but the very best.

· Long-term investments. Things that are going to last not just for years but for decades can represent a pretty big return on investment. Paying full price for a pair of $350 shoes might actually be worth it, if they’re going to be worn multiple times a week and come from a quality shoemaker whose products will last a long time. Similarly, a $1000 suit that lasts thirty years is a better buy than a $250 that wears out in five. Try to make all your big expenses ones with a long lifespan.

Summary: Looking Great for Less

Here’s a quick rundown of all our points on how to look like a million bucks for less than $50:

Develop Reasonable Expectations
· expect to spend a year building your interchangeable wardrobe
· plan on coming home empty-handed more often than not
· know what alterations you can have done cheaply (and what you can’t)
· build your own look, rather than relying on a designer’s vision

Widen Your Shopping Options
· get to know the thrift store, and always look for new ones
· keep an eye on online deals from your favorite brands
· learn to navigate the sales rack — but beware of expensive “sales”
· consider cheap items from “big box” stores for minor pieces
· say “no” to almost everything, and only buy the perfect items

Invest in a Quality “Core” Wardrobe
· know what the timeless men’s styles are — and own them
· be willing to spend a little more on things that will last you
· bite the bullet and pay full price if you’re in a hurry — but try not to often

If you can stick to these guidelines you’ll be avoiding all the shopping traps that skilled retailers set for you. And pretty soon, you’ll look like a million bucks — for a lot less than that.

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A Stylist’s Tips for Dressing Better on a Budget

We all want to dress well and save money. But the darker side of the fast-fashion industry should give us pause.

Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company’s “2019 State of Fashion” report shows that fast-fashion retailers make up the most profitable sector of the industry – but the environmental and human costs are significant. The 2013 Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh – a factory disaster in that killed more than 1000 people – was a rude awakening for lovers of inexpensive clothing. Out of more than 470 people interviewed for the report, nine out of 10 Bangladeshi workers felt their income was insufficient and didn’t meet their needs, and seven out of 10 workers in Vietnam felt the same. And according to Oxfam’s recently released “Made in Poverty” report, some of Australia’s most profitable fashion retailers (such as Cotton On and Kmart) are failing to pay the workers who manufacture their clothes in Bangladesh and Vietnam a living wage.

So what’s the best way to dress well – and ethically – on a budget?

Sydney-born, London-based stylist Xanthe Wetzler has a few ideas. She’s worked with a range of clients and labels (including Net-a-Porter and Reebok), but she knows how to construct a great outfit on a strict budget, and believes the future of fashion is all about bridging the gap between affordable and sustainable dressing.

Start with the basics

Wetzler’s first tip for dressing well? Avoid being a slave to short-lived trends. “High-street designers like Zara and Topshop are blatantly copying from hardworking designers [who are] a lot of the time young creatives who are just starting out,” she says. “[They’re] terrible for the environment and also for your wallet if you think about cost per wear.”

Instead, Wetzler advises investing in high-quality basics that will last for years. She suggests working on creating a “foundation uniform” upon which you can build. “I love the idea of a uniform,” she says. “For instance, some great-fitting jeans teamed with different tees and sweaters, then picking one or two key pieces per season to rotate.”

In addition to the jeans and T-shirts, Wetzler says your uniform should include a classic black blazer, tailored black trousers and “a leather jacket with guts”. The focus should be on cut, fit and tailoring, so take your time finding the right basics.

For footwear, Wetzler suggests spending more on black loafers, brogues or a pair of core white trainers (consider Veja for its recycled leather and vegan options).

Another tip: keep an eye out for what you like, then wait for the seasonal and flash sales. Follow your favourite labels on social media, sign up for their newsletters and check their websites regularly. “All of the luxury-ecom sites – Net-A-Porter, Matches and My Theresa – have amazing sales after each season, so definitely keep your eyes peeled,” says Wetzler.

Start shopping on social media

“There are so many great vintage sellers on Instagram these days,” says Wetzler. She points to @shrimptoncouture for archival pieces and @losfelizshop for everyday, casual and holiday wear. Locally, @morimarket and @thedrobe are curating vintage and second-hand finds that slip easily into your wardrobe.

Peer-to-peer sales platforms are also a great way to find designer items for less, says Wetzler. Facebook groups High End and Ppennylane are noteworthy for their quality apparel and accessories, and it’s not uncommon to score a near-new designer item for a fraction of price. Wetzler also recommends the app Depop, which was founded by Simon Beckerman, the co-founder of Pig magazine and Retrosuperfuture sunglasses. It was originally conceived as a network where Pig readers could buy pieces already featured in the magazine, but grew into a global marketplace for creative influencers to buy and sell pre-owned items.

“I love what this says about the direction that our generation is headed in and also the positive impact that it will have on our planet,” says Wetzler. “It cuts down on the mindless consuming and this whole burn-and-churn mentality that high street fashion has dictated to us over the last couple of decades.”

Where to shop

Wetzler recommends the following retailers and labels for quality at a reasonable price:

Olivia Rose: “Olivia Rose hand makes (per order) beautifully whimsical prairie-girl tops and dresses. She makes all her pieces in Glasgow and sends them out to you within two weeks.”

Uniqlo: “[It] makes the best white tees going around and you can’t beat their 100-per-cent-cashmere sweaters for $100 in winter. They also collaborate with really cool designers like JW Anderson, which means you can cop designers for less.”

Maison Cleo: “A mother-daughter duo who make all of their pieces by hand from their Paris studio. They open their store at a certain time every week and you place your order. I love this model because it means there’s zero waste. Their pieces are also super chic.”

Réalisation Par: “They make the perfect holiday dresses, they get their fit just right too. I’ve made many a purchase over the years and all of my pieces have lasted the distance. The quality control is great.”

The Reformation: “The Reformation offer fantastic linen pieces and party dresses. The company as a whole is carbon neutral and all of the fabric is recycled.”

This article first appeared on Broadsheet on March 26, 2019. Prices and availability may have changed since publication.

How to look less tired: 13 tips to look fresh and wide awake

  • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

  • Are you feeling the effects of a bad night’s sleep and want to know how to look less tired? Leading beauty experts reveal their best-kept tips.

    We all know how not enough sleep can affect the body. Whether it’s repeatedly waking up early or struggling to fall asleep, poor quality slumber can leave us slow, sluggish and feeling exhausted.

    Yet whilst we can often conceal these consequences, sadly our skin cannot – with dark circles under the eyes often the biggest indicator of a bad night’s kip. 

    As celebrity facialist and aesthetician Abigail Oleck notes: “Lack of sleep, stress and tiredness all cause the skin to look dull, as well as accelerating the ageing process. ” Abigail and other beauty gurus swear by a number of  smart skincare swaps to help target the initial tell-tale signs and we’ve shared their results below. 

    1. Try facial massage

    The benefits of facial massage are three fold, especially when enjoyed as part of your pre-sleep or morning routine. It’ll not only help to reduce puffiness, but help you to unwind too. And, when adopted in the mornings, it’ll help boost circulation for wider awake appearance. 

    “At its core, facial massage uses the potent power of touch to help transform a person’s face, giving a sense of deep connection and peace,” says massage expert Beata Aleksandrowicz. “Face massage boosts blood circulation, firms the skin, and tones the muscles. It relieves tension and stress too. It also helps to encourage the flow of lymph and releases endorphins, which is one reason why, after a facial, we look, and feel younger.”

    All you need is a facial oil or moisturiser and five minutes. A quick YouTube search will reward you with a barrage of how-to videos and guides, but the following is a great place to start. 

    “Gently press the flat part of the fingers of each hand into your temples and start to make mindful circles breathing regularly,” advises Beta. “Go slowly and intentionally – you will feel the tension release with every movement. Any soothing strokes that use the fingers of both hands in long brushing motions across the face will also bring a sense of calm. Make sure that your hands are light and you stroke gently.”

    We recommend:

    Sanctuary Spa 10-in-1 Super Secret Facial Oil | £20
    Lightweight and non-greasy, this oil could be used day or night. This plumping oil promises to give skin a radiant and rested look. It smells gorgeous too.

    View at Very

    Biossance 100% Squalane Oil | £27
    Squalane is great for boosting elasticity and bounce in dry skin, to help conceal those signs of a bad night’s sleep. This multi-tasking oil can be used on your hair and body as well.

    View at Cult Beauty

    By Beauty Bay The Jade Facial Roller | £9.95
    Facial rollers make for a nifty alternative to finger-tip facial massage. Pop in the fridge before use to max out on it’s de-puffing powers.

    View at Beauty Bay

    2. Consider your eye cream 

    The skin on our faces is thinnest around the eye area, and really takes the brunt of a bad night’s sleep. While the experts are in agreement that everyone should be treating this delicate skin, they’re divided as to whether this needs to be with a dedicated eye cream, or your normal moisturiser. 

    “A dedicated eye cream will help to reduce the look of puffiness, illuminate the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet,” says Abigail Oleck. 

    “There’s no reason why you can’t use your regular moisturiser around the eye area if you choose to do so, assuming there are no active ingredients which may cause irritation such as exfoliating acids,” adds Dr Anjali Mahto. “However, many people opt to have a separate eye cream because the formulation is often lighter and therefore better for the delicate skin around the eye area. An additional reason why someone may opt for a separate eye cream is you’ll often find ingredients specifically included for their benefit for the area, such as caffeine.” Look out for nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and hyaluronic acid too.

    We recommend:

    Super Facialist Retinol + Anti-Ageing Firming Eye Cream | £19
    Retinol used to be considered too powerful to use around the eyes, but not any more. Tired skin looks smoother and brighter.

    View at Boots

    Weleda Prickly Pear Cactus Hydrating Eye Gel | £14.95
    A joy to use after a long night tossing and turning, this cooling gel immediately soothes tight, puffy eyes.

    View at Superdrug

    E.l.f. Holy Hydration Eye Cream | £12
    A great way to try a dedicated eye cream without breaking the bank. Peptides and hyaluronic acid work hand in hand to rehydrate fatigued skin.

    View at Feel Unique

    3. Rehydrate your skin 

    Dry skin tends to be low in lipids, the fatty acids that help give skin its bounce. “You can tell if your skin is lacking in oil or lipids by the following characteristics: dull, irritated, flaky, and lacking in glow,” explains Abigail Oleck. Not only are these characteristics frustrating and at times uncomfortable, but they serve to make you look tired too. The problem then becomes two-fold, as fatigue can cause you to neglect your skincare regime, exasperating these issues.

    “To remedy this, we need to use products such as hyaluronic acid, take supplements such as Omega 6 and Omega 3 and eat foods such as oily fish, fruit, vegetables and seeds,” continues Abigail. Drinking plenty of water will help too, working from the inside out.

    We recommend:

    Vichy Laboratories Liftactive Supreme H. A. Epidermic Filler | £38
    Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our skin, but its levels deplete as we age. See this as a top-up, restoring lost radiance and bounce for tired skin.

    View at Boots

    CeraVe Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum | £16.99
    Developed by dermatologists, this serum offers a fuss-free way to give thirsty skin a big hit of hydration to prevent skin looking sleep deprived.

    View at Superdrug

    Biossance Squalane + Hyaluronic Toning Mist | £25
    Double-down on moisture by using a hydrating mist before you apply your moistruriser. Especially gorgeous on hot days and early mornings.

    View at Cult Beauty

    4. Rediscover blusher

    If you’re not using a blusher, you’re missing a trick. “Our skin is made up of a multitude of shades and tones,” says Kaytlin Scott, Senior Pro Artist at MAC Cosmetics. “When we apply foundation and concealer we are blocking this variety of tones from being visible. This is why we have highlighter, bronzer, contour and blush: to bring that dimension and life back to our faces! Blusher replicates the natural blood flow we get when our cheeks are flushed and so makes us look perky and youthful.  For a lifted look, apply your blusher starting just behind the apple of the cheeks and blend up to the temples.”

    Powder formulas are the longest lasting, while cream and liquid formulas provide a softer, more diffused pop of colour.

    We recommend:

    Iconic London Sheer Blush | £18
    Once you get used to the watery feel of the formula, this is so easy to use. Just dot on and blend for a bright and rested appearance.

    View at Cult Beauty

    MAC Cosmetics Glow Play Blush | £24
    A bouncy blush that glides onto skin, adding a just-pinched pop of colour. Apply with a brush or your finger tips.

    View at MAC

    Pixi On-The-Glow Blush | £18
    Short on time? No problem. One sweep over each cheek is all you need for added radiance. Perfect when you haven’t had as much as much rest as you need.

    View at Look Fantastic

    5. Consider your concealer

    Slap-dash or heavy-handed concealer application can unfortunately undo all your good intentions, drawing attention to the very dark circles you were trying to hide. Choose a light, buildable formula and apply with a light touch. “Fingers and a light buffing brush are great for under the eye,” says make-up artist Ruby Hammer. 

    In some cases, a flesh coloured concealer won’t be enough to fully disguise purple-toned rings. “A pink, peach or red colour corrector will take away darkness and allow your under eyes to look bright and awake,” advises celebrity make-up artist Bryony Blake. Wear the colour-corrector beneath your normal concealer for maximum blurring potential when you want to look more awake. 

    We recommend:

    Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector | £20. 50
    Psst! This creamy colour corrector is one of the beauty industry’s best kept secrets. Eyes look brighter and well rested in a jiffy.

    View at Look Fantastic

    Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish | £24
    Don’t be put off by the intensity of the shades, all colours sit seamlessly beneath foundation, having effectively blurred dark circles or any other discolouration.

    View at Charlotte Tilbury

    NYX Professional Makeup 3C Palette | £11
    Be your own make-up artist by mixing and matching a combination of colour corrective concealers depending on your sleep-deprived needs.

    View at Look Fantastic

    6. Avoid heavy eye make-up

    When it comes to eye make-up to help you look less tired, less is more. “If you desire a brighter look, the best place to start is swapping your black eyeliner for a soft or reflective brown,” explains Kaytlin Scott. “You will obtain the same definition of the eye, but in a much gentler way.

    “Finish off your eye look with a touch of your highlighter or a light eyeshadow right on the inner corners of your eye, as well as wrapped around the first third of your lower lash line for a bright and open appearance.”

    We recommend:

    Charlotte Tilbury The Classic Eyeliner in Brown | £16
    A more forgiving alternative to harsh black liquid liner, which can make you look more tired – this brown pencil is packed full of pigment that lasts all day.

    View at Cult Beauty

    Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Truffle | £24
    Forget fiddly brushes, this illuminating eyeshadow is best blended with your finger tips. The champagne shade has just the right amount of shimmer for a brighter look.

    View at Bobbi Brown

    Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick in Champagne Flash | £45
    Creamy and luxurious, dot on the inner corners of your eyes for a wide-awake look.

    View at Space NK

    7. Try a lighter foundation 

    Been wearing the same foundation for years? It might be time for a fresh start. High-coverage formulas can look mask-like when you’re tired, so swap for something lighter and dewier. “Heavy matte bases can sit very dry on the skin which will instantly make texture and fine lines look more prominent on the face,” advises Bobbi Brown Pro Artist, Zara Findlay. “You want to look for a base that looks and feels like skin.” 

    Committed to your full coverage foundation? No problem. Just rethink your application instead. “My favourite way of applying a full coverage foundation is with a firm bristle brush and I like to press the product into my skin – especially in areas you want more coverage,” says Bryony Blake. “I then buff it out in the areas that need less coverage. By doing it this way you will get the coverage you want but at the same time it won’t look caked on or too heavy. Beauty blenders are also a popular tool to apply foundation with as you can use a gentle patting motion to apply the product.

    We recommend:

    Barry M Fresh Face Foundation | £7.99
    Dewy and light, this base is perfect for ‘no make-up’ make-up days. It’s available in 20 different shades too.

    View at Boots

    IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ | £32.50
    A cult classic for good reason, this is the secret weapon of rosacea sufferers. It effectively hides any redness or dark circles, without a cakey or mask-like finish.

    View at Boots

    L’Oreal Paris Skin Paradise Tinted Water Moisturiser | £10.99
    Instead of a traditional foundation, this is 70% serum, delivering a hefty dose of hydration and leaving skin with a healthy, rested and radiant glow.

    View at Superdrug

    8. Give fake tan a go

    Brush any negative connotations concerning orange tones or streaks aside, the latest fake tan formulas for your face are almost foolproof. Apply before bed and we guarantee you’ll wake up looking refreshed, even if you don’t feel it. 

    “There are many sensible reasons to get your bronze from a bottle – UV rays being the enemy of healthy skin – but, a good self tan is more than a substitute for carrot oil and frying in the sun,” explains Senior Beauty Editor Fiona McKim. “Tanning was historically unfashionable, rejected by upper classes as it suggested a life working outside, but that’s exactly why I love it today. It speaks of health, outdoorsyness and a lifestyle full of vim and vigour. Perhaps you spent the weekend in an allotment, pulling organic kale from the earth? Maybe you went hiking in the Hollywood hills with a flask full of green juice – who can say? With your trusty self tanner nobody need know you’ve been indoors eating shreddies and watching Peppa Pig since 6am.”

    We recommend:

    Amanda Harrington London Face Illuminating Bronzing Mist | £28
    Hand’s down one of the best fake tans for face we’ve ever tried and is perfect for tired skin. The result is natural, with not even a whiff of orange.

    View at Space NK

    Isle of Paradise Night Glow Self-Tan Face Mist | £15.95
    Scented with jasmine and lavender, this tan smells akin to a fancy pillow spray, helping you to nod off.

    View at Boots

    9. Try a brighter lipstick 

    If in doubt, throw on a bold lip is very much the mantra of the GTK beauty team. Bold pinks really suit both pale and darker skin tones, and orange-toned reds are great if your skin has yellow or olive tones.

    “I think of bold lipstick as very much a ‘watch the birdie’ beauty trick,” says Senior Beauty Editor Fiona McKim. “Essentially everyone is so distracted and impressed by your punchy lippie that almost anything could be happening with the rest of your face and it’s very unlikely they’ll notice.

    “This makes bold lipstick great for hangover days, when you’re knackered or in a rush and need to appear to have made an effort when all you’ve really done is scribble one product on. It’s a little more high maintenance than, say, a smoky eye once it’s on but the effort to impact ratio is still unbeatable.”

    We recommend:

    MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Lady Danger | £17.50
    A cult classic for good reason. Apply, blot and repeat for all-day wear that won’t transfer onto the rim of your glass. Perfect for detracting from a tired appearance.

    View at MAC

    Nars Lipstick in Roman Holiday | £22
    Trust us when we say that this pink looks good on everyone – no matter how much sleep they’ve had. The full-on, Barbie shade has a satin finish for a touch of shine.

    View at Nars

    Trinny London Lip Luxe Lip Colour in Demon | £22
    Apply one coat for a light wash of colour during the day, and build up for evening. The creamy texture is a doddle to apply, even in a rush (or when you’re half asleep).

    View at Trinny London

    10. Don’t forget your mascara 

    Never underestimate the power of that little tube. Mascara will not only make your lashes look longer and darker, increasing fluttery-ness in the process, but make your eyes look wider and brighter. “Even if you don’t have time for anything else, mascara is a must,” says Bryony Blake. “My top tip is to put a little mascara on your bottom lashes as well to really make your eyes pop.” 

    If your lashes don’t have a natural curl, then Kaytlin Scott recommends, “giving your lashes a good few squeezes with lash curlers to instantly open up your eyes.” If you really wanted to commit to the curl, lash treatments like LVL offer a semi-permanent solution, with results lasting between 6-8 weeks.

    We recommend:

    L’Oreal Paris Air Volume Mega Waterproof Mascara | £10.99
    Thanks to the oversized brush and wax-based formula, lashes look longer and fluffier in just a few sweeps. Ideal for wide awake eyes.

    View at Boots

    Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara | £9.99
    The innovative brush uses bristles of 6 different lengths to make sure every single lash is coated – even the tiny fair ones you didn’t even know you had.

    View at Superdrug

    Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara | £25.50
    Doing just as it says on the tube, this long-wearing mascara won’t budge, crumble or smudge during the day – even if you can’t help rubbing those tired eyes.

    View at Bobbi Brown

    11. Use exfoliating acids

    A modern (and less messy!) alternative to gritty, grainy physical exfoliants, alpha-hydroxy acids, otherwise known as AHAs, are chemical exfoliants. “Using gentle chemical exfoliators can help remove the upper layer of dead skin cells and reveal a brighter skin tone and complexion,” explains Dr Anjali Mahto, Consultant Dermatologist at 55 Harley Street. So, instead of looking grey and dull, your skin looks perky and fresh.  

    Glycolic is one of the most commonly used AHAs, and thanks its small molecule size, can penetrate easily into the skin. The results are impressive and instant, making this a satisfying addition to your skincare regime, and a failsafe answer to the quandary of how to look less tired. Glycolic can be too full-on for sensitive skin, so if your complexion is easily irked, try an AHA with a larger size molecule, like lactic, malic or mandelic acid instead. They’ll still effectively exfoliate your skin, just at a slightly slower rate – perfect if you keep waking up early, but want to look more rested. 

    We recommend:

    PSA Heroine Mandelic & Licorice Superfood Toner | £28
    The heroine lacklustre, tired skin was waiting for, this helps to buff away dead skin cells. Blemishes are also reduced in the process.

    View at Beauty Bay

    No7 Laboratories Resurfacing Peel 15% Glycolic Acid | £34
    A weekly treatment as opposed to a daily part of your routine, this punchy peel works in as little as 5 minutes. Skin is left soft, clear and fresh.

    View at Boots

    The Inkey List Lactic Acid | £7.99
    If your new to AHAS, this is a pure-friendly place to start. The mild exfoliant is enhanced with hyaluronic acid to boost skin’s moisture levels.

    View at Look Fantastic

    12. Get started on retinol

    Prolonged periods of insomnia can take its toll on your skin, with fine lines becoming more prominent. Enter retinol (also known as Vitamin A), the potent anti-ageing ingredient. “Scientific studies show that retinoids can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation after 12 weeks of use,” says Dr Anjali Mahto. “They are also useful for those with sun damaged skin and acne (they act as an exfoliant and improve skin cell turnover).” 

    When introducing retinol into your regime, start slowly with a low percentage of around 0.1%, applied once or twice a week. As your skin becomes more tolerant, you can increase both the strength and the frequency. You won’t see results immediately, but will notice your skin gradually becoming smoother and brighter.

    We recommend:

    L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Pure Retinol Night Serum | £24.99
    Using pure retinol, not a complex, this patent-pending formulation has been clinically proven to reduce even deep wrinkles. This includes those that may have been caused by long periods of less sleep.

    View at Boots

    La Roche Posay Retinol B3 Serum | £38
    Sensitive skin is not always well-suited to retinol. This one uses a slow-release technology to avoid any redness or flaking.

    View at Boots

    Medik8 Crystal Retinal 1 | £39
    If you’re serious about adding retinol to your routine to reduce the signs of tired skin, Medik8’s Crystal Retinol range will guide you through the process. Start with the lowest dose, and work your way up.

    View at Medik8

    13. Increase your vitamin C intake

    Not just a must in your diet for healthiest skin, vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant that works wonders on lacklustre complexions. “When applied topically, Vitamin C brightens the skin and helps to reinforce the skin’s natural protection against the sun’s UV Rays and pollution in the air, which can cause free radical damage,” explains Abigail Oleck. “To maximise the effects of your vitamin C, use every AM under your SPF after cleansing.”

    Confusingly, there are lots of different types of vitamin C. “L-ascorbic acid should be considered the “gold-standard” for topical vitamin C,” says Dr Anjali Mahto. “It is most effective at a concentration of 10-20%. However, in higher percentages, it can cause irritation especially in those with sensitive skin. Weaker, more stable derivatives of vitamin C in skincare include ascorbyl palmitate, ethyl ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbyl tetra-isopalmitoyl, and sodium ascorbyl phosphate.

    We recommend:

    The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser | £16
    A pick-me-up in a tub for tired skin, this vitamin C packed serum is also formulated with aloe vera for a soothing treat.

    View at The Body Shop

    Sunday Riley C.E.O Glow Vitamin E + Turmeric Face Oil | £34
    In need of some serious glow after a bad night’s sleep? This serum uses a complexion-boosting complex of ginger, golden turmeric and vitamin C to help you fake a full 8-hours.

    View at Cult Beauty

    REN Radiance Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream | £38
    Hate the feel of oils and moisturisers? This lightweight gel could be the vitamin C for you. 90% of consumers tested agreed skin has a healthy glow after 7 days of use.

    View at Cult Beauty

    16 Affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands

    Building a sustainable wardrobe encourages consumers to be aware of how their fashion choices impact the environment, workers, and animals. Why don’t more people jump on the sustainable fashion train? Price may be one thing holding people back! Ethical and eco-friendly clothing has a reputation for being more expensive. Yet, in order for the sustainable fashion movement to continue growing, it needs to be inclusive of all budgets. Now, more and more affordable sustainable fashion options are emerging.

    When I first discovered sustainable fashion, I was a sophomore in college. Living on a college budget and trying to keep up with fashion trends is challenging enough; adding eco-consciousness to the mix leaves you with pretty limited options.

    So, how can consumers on a budget find affordable eco-friendly clothing brands? First, let’s look at why sustainable clothing tends to be more expensive in the first place.

    Why is sustainable clothing typically more pricey?

    Sustainable fashion is typically more expensive for a number of reasons. A notable example is the higher quality of materials being used in garments. For example, when comparing materials such as organic cotton and conventional cotton, consumers learn that organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides. Since organic cotton uses less chemicals, this crop requires more up-keep. On top of the high quality of materials being used, ethical brands pay their farmers and employees a living wage, which has to be factored into the price of the garment.

    When shopping for affordable ethical fashion, beware of cheap fast fashion brands greenwashing

    When looking for affordable sustainable fashion brands, it’s important to keep your eyes open to greenwashing. Fast fashion giants such as H&M have come out with “conscious” clothing lines. While these affordable brands might be using more eco-friendly materials for a few items, their business model does not support sustainability. Fast fashion brands rely on consumers viewing clothes as disposable and continuously buying into the latest trends. While the fast fashion brand’s eco-conscious claims lead consumers to believe they’re making a sustainable choice, this mass production ultimately still causes harm to the environment.

    How to find affordable sustainable fashion

    When kickstarting a conscious wardrobe, try starting with the basics. Simple swaps such as t-shirts and underwear are typically a more budget friendly place to start. Another wonderful way to celebrate eco-friendly fashion on a budget is by shopping second hand or hosting clothing swaps. With the recent pandemic, many local thrift stores are closed, meaning that this is not an option for everyone.

    Luckily, there is another solution for when you must buy new. Below are 16 of the most affordable sustainable fashion brands rated ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ with a $-$$ price point in the Good On You Directory!

    Dollar General’s makeup makes splash online

    Dollar General’s new makeup line is keeping things inexpensive for customers, but it’s also getting a lot of talk online.

    People all over the web have shared interest over the discount variety store’s Believe Beauty, especially a handful of popular YouTubers and Instagram influencers.

    The company debuted its cosmetic brand in the spring, and since then it has received dozens of reviews on YouTube. One thing all of the YouTubers have in common — they cannot get over the price.

    The brand has more than 140 products — all under $5 — available online and in more than 15,000 of the chain’s stores. Products include lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations, nail polishes and skincare accessories.

    The online reviewers also seemed surprised by the quality of products. Video titles contain shocked phrases such as “WOW!” “Whatttt?!?” “OMG!” and “YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!”

    Many of the videos have thousands of views, and some even have more than 100,000. YouTuber ThaTaylaa reviewed and demonstrated the products for 16 minutes. The video has more than 129,000 views, hundreds of comments and thousands of likes.

    Not only is Dollar General’s new brand receiving free publicity on YouTube, but it even has its own hashtag on Instagram and other social media platforms. More than 3,600 Instagram posts have contained #believebeauty.

    But Dollar General is not the only retailer to introduce an in-house beauty line. Walgreens, Target, Zara and even 7-Eleven have recently added budget beauty products.

    Although most consumers probably know 7-Eleven for their fast food, roadside snacks, frozen drinks and gasoline, the convenience store chain has been offering its $5-and-under Simply Me Beauty products since 2017.

    Several celebrities have also launched their own beauty brands, often publicized through personal social media accounts. Some big-name brands include Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics, Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories.

    Story continues


    With the help of social media influencers, the growing popularity of these budget makeup brands could soon translate into competition for bigger name makeup lines.

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    90,000 Learning to look good after 40 years.

    Every woman is pleased to feel attractive and desirable. However, with age, many ladies give up, stop taking care of themselves, begin to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, which immediately affects their appearance. The whole reason is the lack of confidence that a woman after forty can very well be beautiful. But recent studies prove that if a woman is correct about her age, and applies relative strength to maintain her appearance, then the age of her attractiveness has no limit right up to old age.IA “Express-Novosti” invites you to explore the ways of excellent health after forty.

    Healthy food

    For adult ladies, many diets are simply prohibited, not to mention fast foods, fatty, salty and spicy foods. The age-related slowdown in metabolism makes itself felt. Buns and pies are quickly pumped into fatty folds on the belly and thighs. However, the coarse fiber found in diets and strong detoxification can do as much harm as junk food. The stomach and other digestive organs are no longer able to easily accept and digest aggressive food.A balanced diet is recommended exclusively for the characteristics of your body. It may make sense to switch to stew, low-fat food, cereals, cottage cheese, light soups without broth. It is very useful for adult ladies to use potatoes. But with bread after forty it is better to say goodbye. In addition to being quickly processed into fat, it also causes facial swelling. The same troubles with swelling on the face can be obtained from excessive consumption of dairy products. Even kefir is recommended only a few times a week.Alcohol, coffee and cigarettes, if you have not already ruled out, then remember that nothing ages so much as this malicious trinity. It is they who remove all moisture from the body, thin the skin and lower the overall tone, and with them a good mood disappears and a dull look appears.

    Move and move again

    Not a single procedure from a beauty parlor is capable of bringing so much benefit to the body as simply walking and going up to the floor without an elevator. And daily morning workouts with an open window work wonders in general.Your skin will not be saggy. Flexibility and lightness will appear in the body. Great mood, sparkle in your eyes, a smile for the whole day – all this will give you a small but regular physical activity. It is also important to warn our ladies against overwork. Overvoltage in gyms is very dangerous. It can not only cause depression, but also cause physical harm to muscles and fragile joints. And if you have chronic diseases or other contraindications, then this is not a reason to completely exclude activity, however, its choice should be approached consciously and responsibly.Therefore, consult your doctor about what is right for you, and what the load should be.

    Solve sleep problems

    A woman after forty should sleep from 8 to 10 hours a day. You should not lie in bed for a long time. This reduces the overall tone of the body and discourages. Inadequate sleep makes the face look old. Facial features are sharpened, eyes are hollow. Thus, a sleeping lady immediately looks 5-10 years younger. Sleep should be of good quality. Buy a comfortable mattress, the right pillows.Fall asleep in a supine position. So the face will not “wrinkle” much. Don’t plan important things in the evening, don’t watch the news. On the contrary, read, listen to pleasant music, tie, that is, calm down as much as possible and go to sleep correctly.

    Thorough care of face and body skin

    Modern cosmetology will help to maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time. But some ladies are convinced that beauty is the lot of the rich. However, the market is filled with inexpensive counterparts, and many peels and masks can be made by following recipes for folk remedies that will work no worse than expensive cosmetics.In any case, you need to get an appointment with a beautician who will be able to choose the necessary cosmetics for your skin type and care regimen.

    And remember, when youth leaves, it is followed by luxury and charm that comes exclusively from within. An adult lady is pleasant for her confidence, wisdom and calmness. After all, the main thing for a woman after forty is a healthy body and a calm soul.

    Be the first to read – add the site to your favorite sources.

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    GfK research: top reasons to look good

    How much time do people in Russia and other countries of the world spend on appearance and what motivates them

    A GfK study conducted in 22 countries of the world found that women spend on average almost five hours a week on personal care (bath, clothes, hair, makeup, other procedures), while men devote only a little to their appearance. more than three hours.What motivates people to look good?

    60 percent of 27 thousand people surveyed by GfK admitted that looking good is motivated by the desire to feel more confident; 44 percent want to make a good impression on people they meet for the first time, and 40 percent want to set a good example for their children with their appearance.

    The top 3 reasons to look good in percentage terms turned out to be about the same for men and women. However, the most popular motivating factor – the desire to feel confident – was more often indicated by women (67 percent) than men (52 percent).About the same number of men and women would like to make a good impression at the first meeting and set a good example for their children.

    Men want to be liked, women want to express themselves

    Among men on the 4th and 5th places in the list of “motives” for caring for themselves there were reasons that have a love subtext – a desire to please their “other half”, or to make a good impression on people of the opposite sex or those whom they find attractive (37 and 36 percent respectively).Women, on the other hand, are more motivated by the desire to express their individuality and the feeling of control over themselves, which gives a good appearance (both points 40 percent).

    Top-3 motives change with age

    The desire to feel more confident is the main reason for self-care, according to respondents from all age groups. It is also not surprising that the respondents under 30 years old gave 2 and 3 places to such reasons for caring for their appearance as the desire to make a good impression on someone at the first meeting and the desire to please the representative of the opposite sex or the person who is attracted to them.Respondents over 30 want to show a good example to their children in appearance – this factor was in 2nd place in terms of frequency of mentions in this age group. As for survey participants aged 50 and over, the third place is taken by the desire to please their spouse or partner.

    Italians spend the most time on personal care; Chinese residents – the least 90,042

    By the amount of time spent on personal care (bath, shaving, clothes, hair and makeup), Italians are in the lead: on average more than five and a half hours a week.Argentina and America follow, where a little more than five and a quarter hours a week are spent on bath and cosmetic procedures. They spend the least time on their appearance in China: less than three hours a week; in South Korea, respondents on average take just over three and a quarter hours to take care of themselves.

    Russia is among the European countries where they spend the least time on personal care

    The widespread belief that women spend a lot of time on their appearance does not seem to be borne out in relation to Russia.Among the European countries, whose residents spend the least time on personal care, Russia is in the lead, along with Belgium, the Netherlands, Turkey and the UK. Russian men spend only 3.5 hours a week on getting their appearance in order, women – 4.9 hours. At the same time, for example, for Turkey these figures are 3.2 and 4.6 hours, respectively, for Belgium – 3.9 and 4.6 hours.

    About research

    More than 27 thousand respondents aged 15 and older from 22 countries of the world took part in the GfK online survey.The field phase of the study was completed in June 2015, and the data obtained were weighted to reflect the demographic composition of the online population aged 15+ (in Russia: 16+). Countries that took part in the study: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and USA.

    1 Questions posed to research participants: “This is a list of reasons why people strive to look good.For each of them, indicate whether it is main for you, not too significant or not at all the reason why you are trying to look your best.

    1. To feel confident
    2. Because it is important for my career
    3. Because this is expected of me
    4. To be admired and respected by other people
    5. To please my husband / wife or partner
    6 To make a good impression on the people I meet for the first time
    7.To express my personality
    8. To set a good example for my children
    9. To make a good impression on the opposite sex or people who are attracted to me
    10. It makes me feel like I am in control

    Download (PDF)

    90,000 Self-promotion on Instagram Mass-following and mass-liking phenomena? How does he feel about him?

    ML and MLF today is not a “phenomenon”, but an established full-fledged method of promotion: on Instagram, VK, Twitter. Moving on to the mechanics, the process of mass liking and following is normal for anyone who wants to get more contacts, not just a marketer. LinkedIn is a prime example of this. I think all of us have clicked on promising employers or HR specialists, or vice versa – the candidates we are interested in. MF and ML are completely normal methods for any specialist who wants to attract attention, especially since these tools give visible results.

    We provide extremely cheap advertising contacts – the ability to “reach out”, “reach out” to users who otherwise would be inaccessible solely due to the physical impossibility of reaching large audiences manually.With the help of ML, you can attract a sufficiently large number of potential customers or subscribers to monetize your account. But, in order to get an obvious result, you will have to put several hundred likes a day, and this is difficult to do manually.

    In fact, we are talking about optimizing procedures that can be performed by hand. Search for users who may be interested in your product, add them, write in direct, etc. We make life easier for a large number of specialists who work with Instagram – private entrepreneurs, SMM specialists, digital marketers for extremely reasonable money – this is our business.And he’s honest.

    Punish Instagram for mass-following or mass-liking or not?

    Instagram’s extreme punishment is an eternal ban. According to our statistics, when compared with the situations of 2016-2017, today this measure of influence on users is practically not applied. The rate of perpetual bans among our clients is 0.03%, this is quite within the statistical error, so we are not afraid to voice these numbers. When using MF and ML, there are also temporary locks.

    As for our service, we ourselves offer users to evaluate and choose for themselves the degree of risks with which they are ready to work. The Instaplus.me service allows you to choose the intensity of the promotion: completely safe, normal and very fast 🙂 The latter, of course, can make it unsafe. But, we absolutely honestly warn users about this directly in the application.

    Should we apply mass following and mass liking and if so, how?

    To be extremely objective, it depends on the purpose of the promotion.If a client sets a goal to get hundreds of thousands of subscribers in a relatively short period of time, say six months, then you need to pay attention to other methods, such as mass advertising on popular accounts.

    It should be remembered that MF and ML are not a panacea. It all depends on the specific goals of the business – what you are selling and for whom using your Instagram account. MF and ML allow you to quickly recruit active subscribers, turn them into customers and thus use them for the subsequent monetization of your Instagram account.ML and ML have quite obvious advantages: quick account promotion, the ability to attract exclusively your target audience, high conversion. ML can be used if the goal is to increase the loyalty of subscribers by “liking” their new photos.

    Do not limit yourself to MF and ML only. This is not enough for full-fledged business promotion on the Internet. It is worth paying attention to other areas: PPC, SEO, PR.

    The famous football player Andrey Arshavin gave an interview to Gazeta.Ru

    The best footballer of Russia in the XXI century Andrey Arshavin gave a large exclusive interview to “Gazeta.Ru “. The former player of Zenit St. Petersburg, Arsenal London and the national team spoke about the peculiarities of football old age, estimated the chances of the national team at the 2018 World Cup, criticized Spartak Moscow and told why he does not want to become a coach.

    “I asked the coach: call me Shava”

    – You have scored the most important goals for Arsenal, poker for Liverpool at Anfield Road. But were they fully realized in England?
    – I don’t know how rich my potential is. But if I had something more, then I would somehow have shown myself better. I don’t want to complain about anything. What I could, I showed, I tried. I can say that I treated football, Arsenal and so on professionally throughout my performance in England. There were no complaints against me from this side. Would I like to play better? Sure. Could it? Nobody knows that.

    During the last two or three weeks, while I was in St. Petersburg, I watched a lot of English football.I think it was necessary to move to Foggy Albion as early as possible.

    – Some British newspapers called you Russian Pele …
    – They called me differently there, I was calm about it. And I had never heard of Russian Pele before.

    – Kairat partners, by the way, how do they contact you?
    – They call it Shava. Even Kakha (Kakhaber Tskhadadze, head coach of Kairat since April 7, 2016. – Gazeta.Ru) first wrote a lineup with the name “Andrey” or “Arshavin” on the list-board.But I told him too, they say, write “Shava”, it’s easier and faster.

    – Your words: “At the moment I see no prerequisites for the national team to play in the semifinals of the European Championship or the World Championship.” What result at home World Cup will be a success for us?
    – Leaving the group, because this has not happened for a long time. But, firstly, it is not yet clear which team will gather, there is a year and a half left. This is not so much, but not too little.

    If the national team will show nice football, captivate the fans and give hope, I think this will already be well received.

    Stanislav Cherchesov is a worthy candidate for the role of a mentor. It seems to me that he is a fairly qualified coach.

    – Did he call you after his appointment?
    – No.

    – What problems need to be solved for our football to reach a new level?
    – Globally, players are needed. To have more of them, and the level and competition to be higher, you need good children’s football. What I mean? As many children involved as possible, trained trainers and quality work and training conditions.

    – Is the limit on legionnaires evil?
    – It seems to me that a detailed analysis is needed before I can say for sure. But as a footballer I am against the limit. True, I was asked about the same in Kazakhstan. That’s where the limit is definitely needed. Although I am a legionnaire, and it is not profitable for me.

    – Can we say that because of the limit we are losing talents?
    – I don’t think so. For a talent, this limitation is even better. But for the growth of an athlete, for economic laws and the work of the club, this is worse.After all, the clubs themselves complain that, due to the shortage of quality performers, they have to overpay the Russians “for a passport”.

    – Are large salaries a serious problem in Russian football? Is money ruining our players?
    – Probably yes.

    But I’m not against big salaries. Pay less, the guys will play for less. If someone gives them more, they will go to play for more money.

    I think it all depends on the particular player. They also get good money abroad. I’m not sure if you need to somehow personalize Russian footballers.

    – Alexey Miranchuk will receive a large salary if he agrees with Lokomotiv. Zenit striker Alexander Kokorin also began to receive substantial money early.Should we introduce a salary cap for young footballers?
    – I like the example of hockey player Artemy Panarin, who went to Chicago on a rookie contract. He probably lost money three to four times. In SKA, of course, they would have given him much more than a million. And now he is already signing a contract for $ 12 million. In the first place, Panarin has always had hockey …

    I like the way the KHL works. Its creation and further functioning confirms that a good product can be created in Russia. But Panarin still understood that the NHL was the best. And now he has everything: he plays well and has good money.

    But why does this work in the NHL? Because it works there as a business model. Everything is clear there why they are willing to pay with this – so much, with those – so much. In the NHL, clubs know where they come from. How much they earn, so much they can spend. Our football doesn’t work like that. Today there is crazy money in Rubin, because the leadership of Tatarstan wants to invest it. Russian Railways has problems.But in three days, things could change, right? And if Rubin conditionally spent as much as it earns, he would never even dream of Miranchuk.

    And if all the teams in the Premier League could spend as much as they earn, then in general only Spartak and Zenit would probably compete for gold.

    After all, these clubs have a large army of fans who come to the stadium and buy paraphernalia. Plus Zenit performs in Europe and receives royalties from this.

    In the NHL, the salary cap is a natural question.They do this to keep the business running and everyone is happy. And we do it artificially.

    – Do we need to give up government funding, despite the fact that this can ruin many clubs?
    – Our championship level is falling as it is, after that it will fall even more. Private entrepreneurs of the conventional Tomsk will not be able to pay even the salaries that they pay there now. Consequently, even younger players, their own pupils, will play for Tom.Experienced footballers will either go abroad or move to Moscow clubs, as well as Zenit and Krasnodar. This will be a normal market model, but no one is ready for it. I think it is unrealistic in Russia to make the state money out of football abruptly. Otherwise, there will be a big chasm.

    Of course, we need to move in this direction, to make sure that there is as much private funds as possible or the money that the club earns. And the state, by and large, should invest in children’s football, in the development of football or sports.

    – You are sure that the RFPL level is falling. And when the national championship was stronger – now or in 2008?
    – It seems to me that the tournament has started to decline in terms of the level of players and football since about 2010-2011.

    And how the current Zenit played against Zenit -2008, no one knows. I think there was more money in football back then, so there were more skilled players.

    “Spartak has no margin of safety”

    – Commenting on the ups and downs of the current Russian championship, you said that the current leader of Spartak has a non-champion roster.How, then, do the red-whites lead the standings?
    – In fact, Muscovites show a good, balanced game. Their actions have a structure, you can see what the team wants on the field. At the same time, the class “Spartak” is still not enough. See for yourself: first he beats Orenburg in the championship, then loses to SKA-Khabarovsk in the Cup. However, a great team, even in the absence of a game, due to the skill of the players, must pull out such matches.

    “Spartak” has no safety factor, just the class of players.Any team in any season has matches when the game does not go well, but still the leaders decide the outcome in one or two episodes.

    – There is no feeling that after the winter break the Spartak game can fall apart?
    – I didn’t really think about this question. It seems to me that there are definitely no prerequisites for failure. Team coach Massimo Carrera is not his first day in football. He worked for Juventus for a long time.

    – Does Spartak’s first place surprise you in general?
    – We are simply not used to seeing Spartak in the first place.He hasn’t been there for a long time. Recently at the head of CSKA and Zenit. On the other hand, Spartak has a good stadium and has always had money.

    – Is it time to become champions?
    – That would be logical. There is everything for this, it remains only to add sports results.

    – Zenit lags behind Spartak by five points, CSKA – by eight, the rest – by 12 or more. Can we assume that only Spartak, Zenit and CSKA will participate in the championship race?
    – Army men are unlikely, even if they are within reach.Most likely, the fight for the first place will be led by the red-white and blue-white-blue.

    – What are the differences between Zenit Andre Villas-Boas and Mircea Lucescu?
    – The team has a more versatile direction of attacks and interactions, danger comes from different directions, not like it was under the Portuguese. In the old line-up, much, if not all, was built through the Hulk.

    – His successor Juliano has scored seven goals and provided three assists this season. Has he already become the new leader of Zenit?
    – Juliano is an interesting football player who showed himself brightly. How it will be further – we will see it too.

    – You somehow hinted that you will not be invited to the leading clubs in Russia. Are you completely sweeping aside the options from the second eight?

    – Of course, I definitely won’t go there. I have minimal chances of returning to the Premier League.

    – Have the Premier League clubs come out on you lately?
    – No.

    “To be a coach? I can’t watch so much football! ”

    – According to you, you have no goals to return to the Russian national team.What task do you set for the final segment of your career?
    – I would like to win the championship with Kairat!

    – Your former teammate Roman Adamov about you: “Arshavin has a good mind. He is far from being a stupid person. I think he could make a coach. ” At the same time, you yourself deny the presence of the corresponding qualities and somehow even called yourself “psycho”. Where do you intend to go in the future?
    – Ideally, it would be nice to just stay in football. I don’t know in what capacity.

    Many people tell me that I will make a good coach. But I don’t think so, because I am an unrestrained person.

    That’s why he called himself a nutcase. It is clear that coaches are different: both emotional and calm. But you need to be a psychologist and understand your sport. There are so many nuances! Analytical work is worth a lot. How many football coaches watch! In my life, I probably won’t watch as much football before the game as it is conditionally necessary or considered to be necessary.

    Can you imagine what it would be like to watch five matches of Taraz before a face-to-face meeting ?! You can go crazy! I don’t want to offend Taraz. But I just don’t understand – how does it look? Instead of all this, I would come and say: “Guys, well, we are stronger than them. Let’s play our football! ”

    – Which of the coaches did you work with the most?
    – I was lucky. There were different specialists: Yuri Morozov, Vlastimil Petrzhela, Arsene Wenger, Guus Hiddink, Dick Advocaat. It’s interesting with everyone. They are professionals in their field.

    The very attitude towards the footballers I liked among Dick and Gus, representatives of the Dutch school.

    They give a lot of freedom. I love that neither Gus nor Dick was interested in what you were doing outside the team. In principle, Petrzelu too. I like this approach: we do our professional work well, and no one is interested in your personal life. The main thing is that actions outside of football do not affect the team.

    “Autographs are out of fashion for a long time”

    – You are having a very good season in Kazakhstan. What is the main cultural feature of this country?
    – There are more closed clothes, this is still Asia.The main man is at the table, and the woman obeys. The rest also has its own flavor. I think it is more developed in the south of the country. The north of Kazakhstan differs little from Russian cities. And, for example, I came to Chimkent literally a couple of times, I haven’t been to Taraz at all.

    – Have your favorite dishes from the national cuisine? Beshbarmak or baursaks?
    – I did not eat beshbarmak (chopped boiled meat with noodles with some peculiarities in cooking and serving technology. – “Newspaper.Ru “), because I don’t like the way it looks.

    But I began to use a lot of horse meat, in Kazakhstan it is very common. Horse meat is served in all restaurants and can be easily purchased in the market.

    – Do you listen to local music? What performers do you like?
    – The most popular singer in Kazakhstan is Kairat Nurtas. His song, which he performs with Nyusha, heard most often. This composition sounds really beautiful.

    – Are you often recognized on the street? Do they ask for autographs?
    – They have been out of fashion for a long time, everyone asks to be photographed: either a selfie or a classic.The process follows the standard scheme. In Kazakhstan and St. Petersburg, the fans recognize me in about the same way. But I rarely appear on the street, especially in the last six months. Basically, my route is base-home, home-base. The main thing is that at home matches we have very good support. Our fans are emotional.

    – What place do you think is the most beautiful in Almaty? Where do you like to spend your time more?
    – When you first arrive at the airport, you see the mountains surrounding the city. Especially at first it caught my eye, because I never lived near the foot of the mountains.But over time, it became natural.

    I like to walk in Gorky Park, especially in summer (the original name is “Kazenny Sad”. – “Gazeta.Ru”). You can also meet me in the market, I go there quite often.I also go to Chimbulak, but rarely. And somehow in the morning I went there with my wife, and for some reason there was not a single warm jacket at home. As a result, we froze and quickly returned back.

    – Are there any quality products on the market?
    – Of course, because Uzbekistan is nearby. There are all the same vegetables and fruits that we have in Russia. Only closer and, probably, cheaper, fresher.

    “It’s sad that Borodyuk is out of work”

    – In the Kazakhstan Cup final, “Kairat” lost to “Astana” with a score of 0: 1.What did your team lack?
    – I think that in terms of class, teamwork, experience and skill, the rosters are approximately equal. But the match took place in difficult conditions. It was difficult for the teams to show normal football. The game turned out to be exciting for football players and spectators, but not in the “picture”. When I wanted to look at the fragments in the recording, I didn’t understand anything.

    I believe that the final result was influenced by the experience of “Astana”. Our opponent used his moment by scoring first. After that, “Astana” focused on the defense of their gates and successfully completed the task.

    – The last time Kairat became the champion of Kazakhstan was in 2004. It would be nice to crown your career with the conquest of gold, isn’t it?

    – This is the dream of all club employees. And if you manage to make a golden double, it will be fantastic.

    – You scored eight goals in 25 games last season. Which defenders are the hardest to act against?
    – Astana has the best defense in all of Kazakhstan. In addition, this club plays defensive football.At least against us.

    – Your goal against Taraz (2: 1) in the 22nd round match was recognized as the best of the season according to the club. Do you agree with this assessment?

    – There were many beautiful heads. For example, the ball of our striker Gael Tavamba with the heel from outside the penalty area turned out to be quite good. Plus Baurzhan Islamkhan scored some good goals.

    In the moment with the goal, I acted purely according to the situation. And what did he throw over the keeper … If you ask the goalkeepers of Kairat, I often throw them in training.They even spit and get angry about it. You see, what I trained in class helped me in the match.

    – After losing the Cup final, you threw your medal to the fans in the stands. The student who caught her, Kainar Gabbasov, put up the award for sale on the Internet. Did you do this on emotions?
    – No, I was just going to the under-stands, the weather was bad. People shouted words of support and so on. I threw the medal on the podium so that it would remain with someone as a keepsake.And the fact that, unfortunately, I got to a fan of another team (“Akzhaiyk” – “Gazeta.Ru”) … Well, no luck. If our fan had got it, he would have retained the memory of the match and at least some kind of compensation for the defeat.

    The fact that they want to denigrate this story is, in principle, incomprehensible to me. Selling a medal is a person’s choice. I can’t do anything about it. In addition, of course, to buy it and give it to a Kairat fan. But I don’t plan that.

    – Would you have done the same with the gold award?
    – I don’t know, you have to conquer it first. In principle, I will probably give it up too.

    – For a Kairat fan this time?
    – I don’t know. If there is a reason, I will quit, and then whoever is lucky. It seems to me that this is more honest, because there are a lot of fans. I will probably not be able to single out one of them.

    – You have extended your contract with Kairat until the end of 2017. Have you thought for a long time?
    – De jure, I initially signed a contract with Kairat for two years. Whether I would stay for the next season, it depended on the desire of the leadership. The top officials expressed a corresponding desire. The conditions were agreed at the beginning of the year. Therefore, there are no changes in the agreements.

    – Is the next season at Kairat the last one?
    – Hard to say. Maybe yes, maybe no.

    Nobody knows now.Last season, physically, I felt pretty good. Let’s see what happens next.

    – In what aspect is the Kazakhstani championship inferior to the Russian in the first place?
    – First of all as footballers. But for me the biggest problem is the fields on the road. If they could be improved, it would be easier to show good football not only to Kairat, but to all the players.

    Even in summer in Chimkent, where it is always warm, the field is not properly looked after. For example, in Zhetysu the weather is not much different from Alma-Ata, but the field there is terrible.In principle, this year we were lucky: in Karaganda in the summer it was more or less bearable. Since the first rounds in the championship of Kazakhstan are traditionally held on synthetics, good natural lawns can be prepared, since it gets quite warm early. Although it is very cold in Kazakhstan in winter.

    As for the artificial fields on which I performed this year, these are, for example, Uralsk and Atyrau.

    To be honest, such, if I may say so, lawns should not take place in professional football.But in the absence of the best, of course, you have to play there.

    There are good synthetics in Pavlodar. And I really don’t like Astana. There should be the most modern artificial field that would allow you to play football, and not think about where the ball will bounce or fly after your touches.

    – In one of the interviews to the question “Why did you choose Kairat?” you answered: “Alexander Borodyuk called. I didn’t hesitate for a long time and agreed to come to him. ” How did you react to the departure of your compatriot coach from the team? Was there a desire to use the termination clause?
    – To be honest, Borodyuk’s dismissal was difficult for me emotionally.Everything turned out very unexpectedly, I was in prostration. Indeed, I had thoughts that I should also leave the team and follow him. Not because I felt bad in the team. It’s just that a person called me and suddenly leaves. But you see, I stayed and do not regret anything. When Borodyuk was leaving, he said: “Stay here, play. You will be fine. ”

    – You worked under the leadership of Borodyuk both in the Russian national team and in “Kairat”.What are your impressions of this collaboration? His strong coaching qualities, in your opinion?
    – It seems to me that Borodyuk is a rather demanding person. Also, I would apply the adjective “football” to him. He understands our sport and sees how to use the player correctly, where he is underperforming. That is, he sees all those nuances that, probably, could have escaped the layman.

    Alexander Genrikhovich is a rather open, benevolent and straightforward person.It is convenient for me to work with him both as a second coach and as a head coach.

    – Borodyuk has not worked in Russia since 2014. Is it bad that such an experienced coach is not in demand at home?

    – It seems to me that it would be a blessing for our football to use Borodyuk. His professional qualities mean that he must have a good job.

    You can get acquainted with other news, materials and statistics on page of world football, as well as in groups of the sports department in social networks Facebook and VKontakte .

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    Synthetic addicts are the first to lose their sanity

    Drug addiction is a dangerous chronic disease, the scourge of modern society.Every day a new, and often even more dangerous, drug appears in the world. Of course, every drug addict needs treatment. Experienced specialists – psychologists-narcologists – can help in this. In an interview with RIA VladNews, the psychologist of the drug addiction prevention office Vyacheslav Varushichev told how drug addiction can lead to disability and what kind of “non-peaceful” methods of drug addiction prevention are.

    – Vyacheslav Leonidovich, tell us what brought you to addiction treatment?

    – Circumstances developed so that in 2001 our manager needed a consultant.By that time I already had a higher education, a certain life experience. At that moment, I had a choice – either I could go to the seas, accompany the cargo, or to the addiction treatment as a consultant. But they drink very heavily in the seas, so I decided to take care of my health and go to work in medicine. Albeit for less money, but calmer for health.

    – What are the most drug addicts today? This refers to a substance that drug addicts use more often.

    – In my opinion, and indeed, if you look at the “clients” of the department, then these are drug addicts who use psychoactive synthetic substances.This includes spice, crystals, and all kinds of smoking mixtures. For example, pervaleron. At some point, the UFSKN did not even have time to monitor the flow of substances that were made on its basis: mexipervalerone, betapervalerone and many others. Fortunately, today there is already a law that allows you to quickly determine the illegality of a substance. But, to be honest, all these synthetics are more serious than heroin hydra. At the same time, if everything is more or less clear with heroin, then synthetic drugs appear almost every day new ones.And such substances need not only be feared – you have to run from them as fast as you can! A single use leads to the strongest addiction, which is very difficult to get rid of. From the experience of treatment I know that only one gram of pervalerone is equal in its effect to twenty grams of cocaine. The numbers in this case speak for themselves.

    – And how many are currently using on average per thousand people?

    – It is very difficult to say for sure. The fact is that not all drug addicts get to us, so it is almost impossible to name the exact number.The only thing I can say is that there have been more drug addicts lately. I can repeat the words of Vladimir Samovich – there are more drug addicts, but we began to identify fewer. Less, because they don’t go to hospitals, they don’t see the problem. If a drug addict now ends up in the hospital, then usually he is already at the very edge of the cliff, in the terminal stage. He is already practically disabled. For example, once a woman called, judging by her voice, already elderly, and asked to help her son. “He lies there, he feels so bad, he has ulcers on his head, and his stomach is covered with veins.”If the abdomen is covered with veins, this is a sure sign of acute cirrhosis of the liver. But the ulcers on the head were caused by some serious complication. In such a state, people, as a rule, do not live long.

    – If you take into account those who turn, how many of them are healed? Are there frequent cases of returning to society?

    – In general, everything is very individual. Most of the drug addicts do not even reach us. In some cases, the addict himself simply stops using. We may meet a drug addict somewhere in the city and not know what he is using.For example, there was a case when I saw a “client” of a dispensary among candidates for deputies. And this is only the case when I knew the patient by sight. If we take the ten who have come into our field of vision, about half of them undergo complete rehabilitation. But it’s worth noting that some people quit treatment. There are those who come back for treatment. Again, the situation can vary from case to case. As for re-entering society, or resocialization, it is very good when the patient uses the “golden formula of addiction” – drug support with subsequent blocking of addiction.The main problem is that there are currently no blocking therapies for drugs of the synthetic group. In such cases, it is replaced by rehabilitation. I note right away that the treatment of drug addicts can be, including, anonymous – but only for money. Therefore, those addicts who can afford it (and often they are very wealthy people) choose anonymous treatment. They are not registered, no documents are taken.

    – You mentioned that there was even a candidate for deputy among the patients.And what strata of the population are more susceptible to the harmful effects of drugs?

    – Social status plays absolutely no role. A drug addict can become both a respectable and wealthy person, and a simple student. For example, the problem of drugs in military units stands apart. It’s hard to believe, but even in such a closed system as the army, drug addicts are encountered. Cases of trade there have already been repeatedly recorded, they are reported somehow. These cases are not uncommon. I had a patient, a paratrooper.Tall, handsome, six months ago he quit his job. His illness did not even have time to affect outwardly. But mentally – everything was very serious, he was constantly tormented by hallucinations. In general, adolescents aged 16-18 and people aged 45 and over are more likely to take drugs. These are two age groups, among which there are significantly more drug addicts than in the rest. There is one drug addict famous among doctors, he is already over 70. He, according to him, has been using substances since the age of 14 and lasted so long. Don’t think this is not a drug advertisement, by any means.It was just the way his life turned out.

    – What does the typical addict look like in 2018? What is his psychological portrait?

    – Drug addiction is an individual disease in some way, people can be completely different in behavior. For example, there is a significant difference between drug addicts who first used heroin, and then switched to “crystals”. They still have something left of their “heroin” behavior, they behave differently from those who started their “path” with Pervaleron.I had a patient who talked about his feelings – according to him, he understood absolutely everything, but could not resist his hallucinations. After one attack, he said that he ran down the street in February almost naked and that he felt that if he had stopped running, something irreparable would have happened to him. Therefore, almost all of these runners, who are featured in the news, are most often drug addicts. The mentally ill of these, at best, one in two hundred. Synthetic drugs, in fact, eat up the “social picture” of the addict very quickly.He very quickly loses his job, quickly loses weight, stops caring for himself, turns into a kind of homeless person. Heroin addicts do not allow themselves to do this. They, oddly enough, retain their intellect, while synthetic reason simply evaporates. So the psychic portrait is very dependent on the substance used.

    – Vyacheslav Leonidovich, everyone knows that drugs such as nicotine and alcohol are freely available. Do you think they are safer than illegal drugs?

    – All drugs are dangerous, without exception! And you have to run away from all of them.It is not so easy to fight with alcohol addiction, that with drug addiction. Although, I remember a case when an American came to Vladivostok and came to a rehabilitation meeting according to the “12 steps” system. They are about the same in all countries. When it came to him at this meeting, he stood up and said: “My name is Bob, I am 36 years old and I am very seriously ill, I am an alcoholic.” Then he said that on that day he had an anniversary – he had not drunk for 16 years. I didn’t even understand how a person who has not drunk himself for 16 years considers himself an alcoholic? But, nevertheless, this was his way of freeing himself from such a seemingly legal drug.

    – Which method of prevention, in your opinion, is the most effective?

    – Family, education, sports. These are the most effective things. A healthy lifestyle must be instilled from childhood. Although I have come across not the most peaceful ways of prevention. For example, there is a drug called “lyrics.” At certain times, it could be easily obtained from pharmacies. Lyrica is a neuroleptic that has a strong hypnotic effect. It was most common in Kabardino-Balkaria and Chechnya.But in Chechnya, he did not last long. As you know, Chechens are proud people and do not tolerate such dirty things as drugs. Therefore, at one point, they simply drove this infection out of their house with weapons. Naturally, with weapons. In Kabardino-Balkaria, the struggle was tougher. It was believed that the drug settles in the testicles, so the addicts were simply castrated. At the same time, they sincerely believed that there was no longer a drug in the body. But still, it is better not to resort to such extremes, but to instill the right thoughts and the right way of life from childhood.

    Alexey Dorokhov


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